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Catfish and Cocaine is a weekly podcast hosted by a group of friends in Austin, TX. You'll get raw and unscripted/spontaneous conversation around sex, dating, careers and everything in between. Contact us at *** "If our ratings don't match how awesome podcast is, it's just a troll thats messing with our ratings. Apple is aware and working on it. We are kind of excited that we reached troll status though! Thanks for your support ! ******


Episode 21| "Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?"

With our dating updates we focus on J coming to semi-terms about her relationship with OG Bobby Johnson, and being open to meeting someone new. This week we are going to dive into the topic of dating a good girl/bad girl. Do guys really want the good girl, or are they secretly more excited about being with someone a little more wild? We also ask the ladies what they prefer, and the responses may surprise you!
13/09/181h 48m

Episode 20| "The Cheating Scale!"

Hi everyone! Due to popular demand we are going into detail regarding the ultimate relationship killer, cheating. We break down the levels of cheating (there are levels) and which ones are definite dealbreakers. If you suspect your significant other of cheating, is it within your right to dive into their social media to find out the truth? Enjoy the show!
06/09/181h 47m

Episode 19| "Dry Humpgate!"

This week our topics went out the window, so we are throwing out the disclaimer right now. We do have a very special guest in the house, A's sister A-squared! The podcast this week can only be explained by a pie chart that includes: 70% dating updates, 20% enhancing your sexual experience, and 10% laughter.
31/08/182h 15m

Episode 18| "Shark Week: Ladies Beware!"

Well listeners, do we have a treat for you! We have amazing dating updates from B, who definitely had some explaining to do. We then put the men in the hotseat with questions from our listeners. There was a lot of sweat and backtracking as you can probably imagine. Hope you enjoy our first Q&A podcast!
23/08/181h 51m

Episode 17| "Am I Dating a Pirate? "

We switched it up a bit this week listeners! We of course let y'all know what's going on in our dating world, and we're happy to say everyone is moving in a positive direction. Next, the ladies take a step back and let the men ask them questions. B and N want answers from the ladies around commuication, bedroom attire, and why we don't feel the need to finish the job. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!
16/08/182h 12m

Episode 16| "Between the Sheets "

We're back! The C&C crew is extremely excited to reconnect with everyone, as it's been way too long. We have our favorite Houston guest Swole in the building, so you knw it's going to get a little crazy. There are some dating updates, most notably A is finally excited about a man. No one saw that coming. Then we dive right into our juicy topic of the night, the bedroom. We discuss our likes, dislikes, things we would like to try, and our most embarrassing moments between the sheets. It's a juicy one so hope you all enjoy!
09/08/181h 43m

Episode 15| "Dates on Dates on Dates "

This week we have a shorter episode, focused on our dating life. A went out with a very handsome man, B got passed a prospect from N, and J is leaning towards giving OG Bobby Johnson a chance. Thanks for tuning in, and remember we are off for the next two weeks!
19/07/1850m 46s

Episode 14 | "No Role Modelz "

Well this week we have a special guest, Swole in the house! The guys talk through a potentially sticky dating situation from the night before, and the ladies definitely have some feedback. We then focus on the idea of role models, specifically if we think that Beyonce' is a good role model. We then reveal our own celebrity dating crushes, and there were some surprising crushes to say the least. Stay tuned!
12/07/181h 45m

Episode 13 | "Hide & Don't Seek"

We started the week on a different note, with the crew reflecting on their views of dating and how the podcast may have changed their outlook. Next we talk about keeping secrets while dating. Have we ever dated someone who hid a pretty big secret only to come out later? Also, how/when do we reveal our own secrets to potential mates?
06/07/181h 41m

Episode 12 | "Worth the Risk? Office Romance!"

Dating updates kick off with N reminiscing that one time he was almost murdered before a date. Also, J realized that garage sale Idris may not be second date material. We dive into office romances, and boy does the crew have a few stories to tell. We touch on the sexual harassment in the workplace, what experiences have we had in our careers and how have we pivoted in uncomfortable situations.
28/06/181h 32m

Episode 11 | "Let’s talk about SEX!"

It seems like the crew had some fun dating last week. J and A have been dipping in the same sexy man pool, which had a few shady moments. All we can say about K is Vegas, Vegas, Vegas...sigh. B's dating life is souly (pun intended) cemetary based it seems, as he has progressed to invading crypts. Our topic this week touches on sex! We focus on how we learned about sex growing up, and our first time. We then dive into the real question, how do we know we are actually good at sex? Could we be going through our years thinking we are amazing when we aren't really that great? Thanks for listening!
21/06/181h 42m

Episode 10 | "Positive Vibes"

The guys have a few dating updates to share, and K gives us a rundown on her 48 hours in Vegas. Our topic of the evening focuses on positivity. What significant events happened in our lives that caused a positive change? As we look back at our past relationships, do we consider ourselves positive or negative influences?
14/06/181h 35m

Episode 9 | "It's Quittin' Time "

Well our dating life is looking real slim this week, so we jump into our main topic - knowing when it's time to quit. The crew talks about when they realized it was time to pull the plug, and also when they decided to stay anyway. We then jump off topic to talk about cheating and side chicks. Do women have a responsibility to other women and/or themselves to step back when a man is spoken for?
07/06/181h 33m

Episode 8 | "Who's Wearing the Pants? Gender Roles "

We get a little rowdy this week as we dive into our topics. Dating has gone well for a few of us, and they highlight their accomplishments for the week. We then try (hard) to dive into our topic of the week - gender roles in a relationship. How does a change in gender roles affect the relationship, if at all. Then we segue into a deep look into A's perspective on relationships and love that was definitely unexpected. Enjoy!
31/05/181h 42m

Episode 7 | "We Gonna Do This? Moving In Together"

We start the week off with ghosts from N's past, and B grave digging. Topics this week focus on taking the next step in a relationship. When is the right time to move in with your significant other? How do you split the bills, if you do at all? Also, what to do about pets if they aren't loved by both? We didn't forget about the royal wedding though, we loved it! @catfishandcocaine on instagram
24/05/181h 30m

Episode 6 | "Fights, Friends, and Family"

This week we are going to get deep! Dating updates include real life catfishing, and how to start to rebuild from scratch. From there we start to evaluate our past relationships and lessons learned. Are arguments a healthy part of a relationship? When you see your relationship turning sour, should you lean on your friends and family for guidance? @catfishandcocaine on instagram
17/05/181h 32m

Episode 5 | "First Date Hits & Misses"

This week we will finally get some insight into the dating life of B, spoiler alert he's growing up! Next, the ladies attended a Bumble event at the W with mixed results. Finally, we start to dive into our topics for the week: dressing sexy, sharing your past, and the perfect first date.
10/05/181h 20m

Episode 4 | "To Wrap or Not to Wrap?"

This week we tackle first date ideas and hear from the crew what they consider an ideal first date. We go straight from first dates to getting down and dirty. What does the crew think is a good amount of sex to have with your significant other? When is it okay in a relationship to not wrap it up? Also, can you still slide into your exes dm's when you are dating other people?
07/05/181h 43m

Intro | "Meet the C&C Crew"

Friends, get to know the five individuals who make up the Catfish and Cocaine crew. We made short and sweet bios to give you a glimpse of our relationship history, personalities, and of course our drank of choice.
07/05/187m 43s

Episode 3 | "Ghosted at Gloria's "

We will start the week of right with some dating updates, including how A got ghosted for the first time ever! We then discuss the elephant in every relationship, money. Are we okay with having higher incomes than our significant others? Finally we hit on dating outside of our race. Is it still taboo and who has done it.It's going to get real!
26/04/182h 14m

Episode 2 | "They Know They Lyin' "

Guess who's back? The Catfish & Cocaine crew are back again to discuss this week's topics, starting with our current dating life. N is finally ready to court a lady, and the room is split whether A should go on a second date with a musically challenged man. We then move to the topic at hand - cheating. The group talks about their experience cheating and being cheated on, with K spilling all the tea around her own experience.
19/04/182h 6m

Episode 1 | "Mind, Body and Soul"

Episode 1, We discuss our dates for the week, bring extra people into the bed room, "what size" the ladies of the podcast prefer in the bedroom , the freakiest things we have done in the bed room and so much more@
12/04/181h 51m
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