Richard Herring: Happy Now?

Richard Herring: Happy Now?


Richard Herring examines the nature of happiness and whether becoming a father has brought him contentment in this podcast to accompany his 2016 stand-up tour.


Episode 2

Happy Now? #2: Comic Sans. Richard takes us through his visits to Leeds, Salford and Liverpool and the unexpected thrill of playing to packed out houses. There's a clip of a routine about tortoise-mouthed George Clooney that is no longer in the show and an attempt to embarrass Richard's niece. Plus they put a shrek in it. Check out the tour listings at and contribute to the AIOTM kickstarter campaign at
09/03/16·21m 0s

Episode 1

Happy Now? #1: Wardrobe Malfunction. The 'Happy Now?' tour has begun and Richard gives his thoughts on how it's going so far and reveals the truth of the boring and dangerous life on the road. Taking us through the glamorous locations as Sutton Coldfield, Leicester, London and Sheffield, he explains how the writing process for this show has differed from his others, and plays some clips from the shows where things have gone wrong. How many times does he accidentally have to show the audience his pants before he admits it's all deliberate, how will the populace of Sheffield who all make their living stripping take to Herring muscling in on their territory, and what happens if you forget to plug in your show laptop? It's a rambling start to a series which will hopefully make it to the end of the tour this time. For all tour details and ticket links check out
19/02/16·28m 0s


Richard is about to embark on yet another tour, this time with his twelfth stand-up show, Happy Now?, and in this introductory podcast he explains what the show is about and what he hopes the podcast will add to it. It's just a little intro to what will hopefully be a weekly look at life on the road. If you have any questions, comments or stories then email Richard at What madness is to come between now and June?
03/02/16·15m 0s
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