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Delve into tales of history, nature and adventure with the award-winning National Trust Podcast. From wild landscapes to heritage sites and historical legends, unearth fascinating stories about people and places in the UK. In our upcoming series, travel to the 1930s to unmask the eccentric Ferguson’s Gang, find out how the felling of the Sycamore Gap tree impacted the community, and discover what life was like for the people who toiled deep in a Roman gold mine. Look out for new episodes in spring 2024. To learn more about podcasts from the National Trust go to This podcast is made by the National Trust, Europe’s biggest conservation charity. Looking after history, nature and beauty for everyone to enjoy.


S7 Ep128: Dam Engineers Revisited for Christmas

For the past few years Holnicote Estate, Exmoor National Park, has been home to furry inhabitants engineering a solution to local flooding, and developing a habitat not seen in the UK for centuries.   In this episode we revisit the site to check in on its charismatic residents. And discover the exciting news of a growing brood of babies, just in time for Christmas.   Learn more about Holnicote Estate and take a 360 degree tour of the beaver enclosure, which features trail camera footage of the beavers’ everyday lives. For more information about beavers visit  Thank you for listening to Series 7 of the National Trust Podcast and look out for the launch of our new series in early 2024. You can contact the National Trust audio team at 
14/12/23·25m 14s

A History of Drag

Growing up, Drag Queen Misty Monique thought it was a bit unfair that at the weddings she went to, men wore suits while women could wear a variety of outfits and costumes.  Discovering drag opened a whole new world of expression and also a means to entertain.   Misty heads to the stage at Smallhythe Place, Kent, where she uncovers the history of drag and its roots in British theatre and pantomime. And she even puts on a show of her own.   To find out more about Smallhythe Place please visit:   Thank you for listening to Series 7 of the National Trust Podcast. Look out for special episodes soon. And we’ll be launching a new series in early 2024.    If you’d like to get in touch with feedback, or have a story connected with the National Trust, please contact us at 
12/10/23·20m 28s

S7 Ep126: The Last Voyage

Embark on the last voyage of an Anglo-Saxon burial ship and learn how its discovery changed our understanding of a civilisation.  In 1939, archaeologists uncovered a “ghost ship” under the acidic sandy soil of Sutton Hoo, in Suffolk. Now, presenter James Grasby reimagines the last journey of that vessel, and who was aboard, as it was hauled from the water and dragged to its final resting place some 1,400 years ago.     Information and resources Free guided tours of the Royal Burial Ground are available daily from February to October. You can book onto a tour with the Visitor Welcome team when you arrive at Sutton Hoo.  The replica ship is being built by the Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company. To follow the progress of the project and how you can support it, please visit The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company are using authentic Anglo- Saxon ship building methods in their build and are supporting the Heritage Crafts apprenticeship programme. This programme is aimed at tackling the heritage skills shortage and is made possible thanks to a £6.2 million gift from the Hamish Ogston Foundation. The programme is open to people of all ages and provides the skills and experience to embark on a career that will make a significant contribution towards protecting and preserving the nation’s heritage. Find out more:
21/09/23·24m 36s

S7 Ep125: The Cedar Children

In March 1939 a group of 23 children and their two adult guardians stepped off a coach in Waddesdon village, Buckinghamshire. The arrivals were Jewish refugees who had escaped Nazi Germany, where they had been forced to leave behind their homes and loved ones. With support from their sponsors James and Dorothy de Rothschild and the local community, the children began a new life in England. Presenter Diane Kenwood uncovers an extraordinary story of survival and hope in one of history’s darkest periods, and with the help of their families retraces the steps of the Cedar Children. Resources The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) Read more about the Kindertransport: Explore the AJR’s interactive UK Holocaust map:  Visiting Waddesdon Find out more about the history and visiting experience at Waddesdon house and gardens:  The Jewish Country Houses project Read about the Jewish Country Houses research project led by the University of Oxford: A major publication based on the Jewish Country Houses research project is currently being prepared for publication in 2024 by Profile Books in association with the National Trust The Country Houses, Jewish Homes mobile exhibition will be on display at the following National Trust properties in autumn 2023. Upton House –  'Country Houses, Jewish Homes' | National Trust Ightham Mote – Exhibition: Jewish Country Homes | National Trust  The consultant for this episode was Marcus Roberts, founder of JTrails - Jewish Heritage Routes:     You can contact the National Trust audio team at
07/09/23·30m 44s

S7 Ep124: A Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching

Go on a modern-day adventure at the 320-million-year-old Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire. Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs, druids and Victorian day-trippers as you explore this rugged landscape on a geocaching treasure hunt. For more on geocaching you can explore the official site: or find plenty of places to explore with family and friends at To find out more about Brimham Rocks please visit: And if you’re a little too far away from our audio geocache but would still like to hear it please visit If you'd like to get in touch with feedback, or have a story connected with the National Trust, you can contact us at
24/08/23·20m 37s

S7 Ep123: A Garden Fit for Bridgerton

Join a tour of a garden designed for pleasure, as we relive its party heyday.  Claremont in Surrey once played host to events described as the lovechild of a festival and a Palace garden party.  Presenter James Grasby uncovers the best spots, the shenanigans they elicited, and the most incredible views. Find out more about Claremont Landscape Garden and download a map to follow the route taken by James and Curator Rebecca Wallis: Discover National Trust places used for Film and TV: With thanks to Author David Coke and Hannah Greig, Professor of History at Royal Holloway, University of London. If you'd like to get in touch with feedback, or have a story connected with the National Trust, you can contact us at
10/08/23·20m 0s

S7 Ep122: Escape to Adventure Island

Journey to a tiny island renowned for adventure. Brownsea Island, off England’s southwest coast is the birthplace of the Scout movement and where history and the outdoors collide for a favourite British pastime, camping. Join presenter Jo Dyson as she spends the night in a tree tent and discovers what this unique island has to offer after dark. This podcast is supported by Vango, connect with nature in a sustainable way with the National Trust camping collection. The collection is available to purchase at A minimum of £50,000 from the sales of the collection will be given to support the National Trust’s vital conservation efforts. Discover unforgettable locations in Britain’s Wild corners with the Wild Escapes book, written by Sian Lewis. You can purchase a copy here:  If you’d like to book a stay at the Brownsea Island campsite, you can do so here: 
27/07/23·21m 12s

S7 Ep121: The Secret Sky Garden

Take a tour through time as we explore the rich past and promising future of Castlefield Viaduct – a Victorian railway bridge transformed into a green oasis along the Manchester city skyline. Find out more about visiting Castlefield Viaduct:  Visit the "About" section of the webpage to read about supporting the Castlefield Viaduct project:  Discover more National Trust audio programmes:
13/07/23·21m 36s

125 Treasures | The Horse on the Staircase

Revisit a favourite episode from our mini series 125 Treasures. Join actor Alison Steadman and explore the story behind Hambletonian, Rubbing Down, a painting by George Stubbs at Mount Stewart in County Down.  Delve into the world of horse racing and uncover the hidden criticisms of this treasure's past owner. This mini series shares it's name with a National Trust book, to find out more and to browse other reads in our collection please visit: To find out more about Mount Stewart please visit: If you'd like to get in touch with feedback, or have a story connected with the National Trust, you can contact us at
22/06/23·26m 2s

S7 Ep119: Spooky Nights and Glowing Lights

Discover how the rolling hills of Stockbridge Down in Hampshire give up their secrets after nightfall. Join Ranger Kate Martin on the trail of a mysterious species you might be surprised to meet in the UK, and uncover why this high vantage point was a perfect spot for grisly goings on. For more audio programmes from the National Trust, visit
08/06/23·18m 46s

S7 Ep118: Winging it in the City

Meet the buzzing birding community in the unlikely location of Leeds city centre. This podcast episode is supported by CJ Wildlife, caring for nature and bringing joy to your garden. Their National Trust Garden Wildlife Range is available for purchase at A minimum of £190,000 from sales of the range will be given to support the National Trust’s vital conservation efforts.   Find out more about birdwatching and creating a wildlife garden  Meet the University of Leeds peregrines and watch the live webcam Thank you to Paul Wheatley, Les Arkless, Linda Jenkinson and Mary-Beth Whittingstall for contributions to this episode.
18/05/23·20m 42s

S7 Ep117: Cherry’s Lost Blossoms

Hear the story of how an eccentric Victorian and a potato helped save Japan’s lost blooms, visit an international Hanami party in London and wander through an underwater flowering meadow. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of blossom.  This episode is supported by Blue Diamond Garden Centres. Celebrate the unsung heroes of the tree world with the National Trust Native Tree Collection, available to purchase in store and from National Trust Native Tree Collection | Blue Diamond. A minimum of 10% of the retail selling price will be given to support the National Trust’s conservation work and ambitions to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030.  Find the best places to see blossom:  And share your blossom experience on social media with #blossomwatch
01/05/23·23m 28s

Introducing: National Trust Kids’ Podcast

Get set for adventure with the National Trust Kids’ Podcast. Join a host of colourful characters in stories exploring the world around us, from going wild outdoors to uncovering scientific marvels.  Dive into our first story, Ranger Rae and the Wildlifers. When some humans get in a pickle on a kayak, Ranger Rae and a band of animal heroes rush in to help with the rescue. Discover the wonderful world of the waterways and get to know one charismatic critter with the unique skills needed to help in an aquatic quest.   Listen to Ranger Rae and the Wildlifers, from the National Trust Kids’ Podcast, available on your favourite podcast app and at the link below. We’re trying out special audio adventures for 5-8 year old and their families as part of a pilot project in 2023. And we’d love to know what you, our valued listener, think. Please share your feedback with the National Trust podcast team at 

116: Special: Seasons by the Sea

Experience life on Blakeney Point in Norfolk as it transforms throughout the year. From the mass arrival of seal pups in winter to the noisy feathered-frenzy of summer, discover how a remote stretch of shingle coastline is home to some of the UK's most unique wildlife. Please follow our seal-spotting guidance Find out more about visiting Blakeney National Nature Reserve   Read about the Sea Mammal Research Unit’s work    If you'd like to get in touch with feedback, or have a story connected with the National Trust, you can contact us at
13/04/23·21m 50s

115: Special: The Children’s Country House

A disco ball, a pirate ship and portraits with speech bubbles are perhaps not what you’d expect to see when visiting a historic property, but at the UK’s first Children’s Country House, anything could happen. Join Curator James Grasby, as he explores this place filled with surprises at every turn. Find out more about visiting the Children's Country House at Sudbury  Listen to more episodes of the National Trust Podcast and other audio series at If you'd like to get in touch with feedback, or have a story connected with the National Trust, you can contact us at
30/03/23·19m 15s

S6 Ep114: Deserts, Deception and Decay

A covert and secretive wilderness lies just off the Suffolk coast.   Endangered plants and animals make their home alongside eerie abandoned buildings, with rumours of strange goings-on having shrouded this place for years.   Uncover the truth about the dangers lurking beneath the surface at one of our most unusual places, Orford Ness.   Look out for a new series of the National Trust Podcast in spring 2023.   Until then you can find out more about National Trust audio series at: If you’d like to share feedback on our podcasts with us, or would like to tell us about your story connected with the National Trust, please contact: For more information on visiting Orford Ness go to:
01/12/22·21m 14s

S6 Ep113: The Tale of Beatrix Potter

Many of us grew up reading about Peter Rabbit and Mrs Tiggywinkle, but how much do you know about the woman behind the stories?  In this episode we explore the lesser-known sides of Beatrix Potter. Discover how her love of natural science, fascination with fungi and knack for sheep farming formed the author we know and love. From a young age, she loved animals and nature. So she started writing and drawing to share that passion.  Do you have an exciting idea but not enough time and space to make it a reality? If you’re aged 16–25, we’d like to hear your big idea and give you the chance to bring it to life at Isaac Newton’s home, the world’s centre of gravity. Find out more about the competition: Listen to more episodes of the National Trust Podcast and other audio series at  If you'd like to get in touch with feedback, or have a story connected with the National Trust, you can contact us at 
16/11/22·25m 16s

S6 Ep112: Dust Detectives

Just beneath our feet lies a hidden world of ancient curiosities and undiscovered treasures.  But laying your hands on them and figuring out exactly what they are requires some extra special underfloor sleuthing to sort the rubbish from the rarities. An archaeological adventure awaits in the story of the Dust Detectives… Thank you to Anna Forrest, Matthew Champion, and Dr David Skinner DPhil (Oxon) for contributions to this episode. Among the music featured is a performance of early Tudor Choral song by Dr Skinner’s Choir ‘Alamire’. For more episodes and information please visit  To find out about Oxburgh Hall please visit 
03/11/22·24m 19s

S6 Ep111: A Wild Night Out

There’s a midnight party happening deep in the woods. Meet the ravers, movers and shakers as they emerge from slumber to rule nature’s nightclub.   To explore Cragside by daylight listen to Episode 110: The Inventor's Playground.  Find out more about staying overnight at a National Trust place here:  Browse all our podcast series here:   With extra thanks to Bat Conservation Trust; Kosta Manser from the University of Bristol; Dave Chesmore from the University of York.
20/10/22·20m 0s

S6 Ep110: The Inventor’s Playground

Buckle up for a safari through a land where nothing is at it seems, and uncover the story of an audacious Victorian inventor known as the Magician of the North. To explore Cragside after dark listen to Episode 111: A Wild Night Out. Discover all the National Trust's audio series here: Read about Cragside's Douglas firs and more in 50 Great Trees of the National Trust
06/10/22·23m 24s

S6 Ep109: The Treasure on the Wall

If historic houses are the treasure boxes that keep the jewels within them safe, what happens when the box starts to fall apart? Find out how one precious item was left hanging when the walls around it crumbled, until conservators devised a rescue plan.  A contribution from the sale of every roll of Little Greene wallpaper will be made in support of the National Trust’s conservation work. See their heritage wallpaper designs here: 
22/09/22·23m 42s

S6 Ep108: A Beginner’s Guide to Paddleboarding

Hiking, running, and cycling can be great ways to get from A to B for the environmentally conscious traveller. But for a truly alternative mode of transport why not embrace the power of the paddle? Discover more about paddlesports at National Trust places here:  Some National Trust locations which are accessible by water may not be featured on this list. Please check with individual properties about their facilities.  We hope this episode has inspired you to begin your own paddleboarding adventure. However, this podcast is not a comprehensive guide.  It’s important to research dos and don’ts to stay safe when you take to the water. Here are some useful resources to get you started:  For further inspiration, National Trust book Slow Adventures features Psyched Paddleboarding and lots of other ideas for your next wild expedition. 
08/09/22·20m 27s

S6 Ep107: Tŷ Mawr Wybrnant - Cartref y cyfieithydd

Mae'r Gymraeg yn un o ieithoedd byw hynaf Ewrop, ond pa ran chwaraeodd ffermdy bychan ger Penmachno yng ngoroesiad yr iaith hyd heddiw? Ymunwch a Betsan Powys wrth iddi fynd ar siwrne i Dŷ Mawr Wybrnant i ddysgu mwy am Esgob William Morgan, un o gewri'r genedl sy'n cael ei adnabod gan lawer fel gwaredwr yr iaith Gymraeg. Click here to hear this story in English
04/08/22·27m 42s

S6 Ep106: Not Lost in Translation

Speaking and reading the language of your country of origin is something many people take for granted. But for many in the country of Wales, being able to engage with these elements of Welsh heritage takes on a much greater significance. That's because if it wasn’t from a very special man and a very special book, these elements of Wales' culture could have been lost to the sands of time.  Click here to hear this story in Welsh
04/08/22·32m 42s

S6 Ep105: On the Fringe of Extinction

At Knole house in Kent, there’s an endangered red list species lurking amid the antique furniture. And after remaining at the property for hundreds of years, the house team are doing all they can to ensure its survival for the future. To find out more about Annabel Westman's book, Fringe, Frog and Tassel you can click here 
28/07/22·25m 49s

S6 Ep104: Wales' Seaside Butterflies (Revisited)

After 5 years of climate change and fluctuating weather, we catch up with the highs and lows of our fluttery friends.
30/06/22·13m 31s

S6 Ep103: The Beatles' Beginning

If you stumble upon 20 Forthlin Road, without knowing its history, you may assume it’s an unremarkable house, on an unremarkable suburban street. But it’s when you meet its former resident you realise, there’s much to this house than meets the eye.   Four teenagers from Liverpool started meeting up to make music together. They went on to become the Beatles. Do you have an exciting idea but not enough time and space to make it a reality? If you’re aged 16–25, we’d like to hear your big idea and give you the chance to bring it to life at Isaac Newton’s home, the world’s centre of gravity. Find out more about the competition: For more podcasts from the National Trust please visit To find out about visiting Forthlin Road head to
16/06/22·28m 10s

S5 Ep102: Christmas Special: The Stranger at Attingham Park

What started as a family trip out took a surprising turn when a mysterious encounter changed the course of National Trust member Sally’s life.   To discover more audio from the National Trust go to
16/12/21·18m 11s

S5 Ep101: Black Hiking

As a Black Brit from London, for Sean going out for a hike used to feel like an alien concept. However, after 4 years working at the Trust, he’s now developed a love for all things Wilderness. His sister, like many others, has never been for a hike in her life. Can Sean convince her to embrace the outdoors on her first ever hike or will she be on the first train back to London? If this podcast has inspired you to venture into the great outdoors, you may find this list of walking groups and outdoor resources helpful
12/10/21·31m 1s

S5 Ep100: A Beginner's Guide to Bikepacking Pt2

Jo and Katherine continue their bikepacking adventure along the Cornish and Devon coast. This time, they’re given some unexpected assistance, come face to face with some curious creatures and visit one of the Trust’s most Quirky properties. You can find terms and conditions for our our bikepacking competition here:
26/08/21·22m 23s

S5 Ep99: A Beginner's Guide to Bikepacking Pt1

You’ve probably heard of backpacking and/or bike touring, but BikePacking is a combination of the two that makes for an exciting and exhilarating way to explore the great outdoors. In this episode join Jo Dyson on her two day bikepacking adventure along the North Cornish Coast.
05/08/21·23m 19s

S5 Ep98: Wicken Fen (Revisited)

Three years after her first visit to Wicken Fen, Ranger Kate Martin catches up with wildlife photographer Richard Nicoll, for whom lockdown has presented some unique photographic opportunities.
22/07/21·20m 20s

S5 Ep97: Shaw's Corner (Revisited)

In this episode we catch up with Shaw’s Corner, a  property we visited in Season 2, to find out how things have changed since we were last there and how the house team have being tackling the challenge of Covid 19.
01/07/21·24m 22s

S5 Ep96: Dam Engineers

Exmoor National Park is known for its rolling hills, green pastures and flowing rivers, but these natural features also pose an ecological threat. To engineer a solution, our area rangers have sought the help of a rather mischievous workforce.   To discover more audio from the National Trust go to
03/06/21·23m 27s

S5 Ep95: Wellbeing Walks

Try to think of the most idyllic woodland your mind can imagine; the dappled sunlight, chirping birds and babbling brooks. Now image you could visit this paradise, without ever leaving your home. Imagine no more, welcome to Wellbeing Walks!   To discover more audio from the National Trust go to  
20/05/21·16m 21s

Introducing: 125 Treasures | The Elephant in the Room

Join Actress Alison Steadman as she explores some of the most intriguing objects in the National Trust’s collections. Listen to 125 Treasures, a new 5-part miniseries by visiting
06/05/21·20m 41s

S5 Ep93: Operation Hillside

While the stories of our houses are well researched and archived, now and again we discover the alternate past of a place we thought we knew. Volunteer Mavis Laird understands this well, as she unknowingly stumbled upon the fascinating story of the secret past of Hughenden Manor.
15/04/21·20m 57s

S5 Ep92: The Dior Of Decor

In the first episode of a brand-new series of the National Trust podcast. We take a look at the fashion and photography of Rainham Hall’s Anthony Denny; a name you’ve probably never heard, but one that’s likely influenced the clothes you wear, how you decorate and furnish your home and even the food you eat. 
01/04/21·23m 58s

S4 Ep91: Counting the Farne Island puffins - Revisited

Whilst we continue to prepare for the launch of Season 5, we’re revisiting some of our favourite episodes.  This month we brave the North Sea and head to the remote Northumbrian Farne Islands. Whilst there, we encounter one of Britain’s most entertaining bird species, and learn just what it takes to secure their feathery future.
18/03/21·13m 16s

S4 Ep90: The Juicy Details of Apple Grafting - Revisited

While we prepare for Season 5 of the National Trust Podcast, we’re revisiting episodes from the archives. This month, as it's February, we’ve chosen an episode that celebrates a rather unusual symbol of love.   Back in 2018, we sent our Senior Producer Sean Douglas, to the National Trust’s annual apple grafting festival at the Cotehele Estate, to see if he could cultivate his very own symbol of love.   
09/02/21·13m 28s

S4 Ep89: Caring for the Country’s Rarest Plants – Revisited

While we’re on a break busily preparing for season 5, we’re taking this opportunity to listen back to some of our favourite episodes. This month it’s ‘Caring for the Country’s Rarest Plants’ from Season 3. In this episode Alan Power, former Head gardener at Stourhead, navigates his way to the Trust‘s secret Plan Conservation Centre to see exactly what it takes to look after some of the planets most important plants.    We’d also like to know what you think of the podcast so we can make Series 5 the best series yet.  You can help us do this by filling in our short survey, which you can find at
21/01/21·20m 50s

S4 Ep88: A Mystery Guest at the Beatles Childhood Homes - Revisited

Whilst we break for the holidays and prepare for the launch of series 5, we’re revisiting some of our favourite episodes from the archives. This month it’s ‘A Mystery Guest at the Beatles Childhood Homes’ from Series 3. In this episode, a famous mystery guest joins a public tour of John Lennon’s childhood home. So, can you guess who the mystery man is before he is revealed? Listen to see if you’ve got what it takes.   Four teenagers from Liverpool started meeting up to make music together. They went on to become the Beatles. Do you have an exciting idea but not enough time and space to make it a reality? If you’re aged 16–25, we’d like to hear your big idea and give you the chance to bring it to life at Isaac Newton’s home, the world’s centre of gravity. Find out more about the competition: For more podcasts from the National Trust please visit To find out about visiting Forthlin Road head to
24/12/20·8m 50s

S4 Ep87: Taste Along With Wainwright

In our first taste along episode, Ranger Kate Martin and her mystery guest experience a Lake District walk in an intriguingly new way.   If you’d like to taste along with Kate, you’ll need some fruit chews, mac & cheese, mint bubble filled chocolates and some cream soda.    We are currently planning and producing episodes for season 5 of the National Trust Podcast. To help us improve the show we’d love your feedback. So to help us shape future episodes of this podcast we’d be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to fill in our end of season survey: Extracts from this episode were taken from Alfred Wainwright’s Pictorial Guides to The Lakeland Fells.
19/11/20·27m 56s

S4 Ep86: Behind the Scenes of Reopening

After one of the most challenging years, the Trust is starting to nurture the green shoots of a new normal. Let us take you behind the scenes to witness the events and people that made our reopening possible. For more audio programmes from the National Trust, visit
18/09/20·21m 10s

S4 Ep85: Nature's Tasty Secrets

Edible nettles, sweet shop flavoured berries and deadly carrots are just some of the culinary, and not so culinary delights, Ranger Kate Martin encounters when she meets Fred the Forager for a late summer stroll.   This episode aims to inspire you to explore nature in a new way. And should not be used as a reference for instructions on how to forage. Fred is an expert with decades of experience. If you would like to experience foraging for yourself we recommend you join a reputable course and only forage under expert guidance.   For more audio programmes from the National Trust, visit
04/09/20·22m 0s

S4 Ep84: 100 Years of Mystery

While many of us are familiar with Agatha Christie’s characters, just how well do we know Agatha the person? As we celebrate 100 years of Christie publications, we take a look back at the woman behind the books, through the eye of her grandson, at her beloved Greenway House. Listen to more audio programmes from the National Trust at
27/08/20·12m 39s

S4 Ep83: A Portrait of The National Trust

In 2017 Teleri Fielden started her National Trust shepherdess scholarship deep in the valleys of Snowdonia. We revisit her three years on to find out if the early mornings, harsh winters and constant rain have dampened her spirits or given her the drive to prove she’s got what it takes. Listen to more audio programmes from the National Trust at
25/08/20·18m 1s

S4 Ep82: The Great Anthropause

While we were all indoors during lockdown, stories of our wild neighbours bouncing back emerged across the globe.   In this episode, podcast producer, Sean Douglas visits the Isle of Wight to investigate reports of wildlife taking over the island while humans were away. We also explore whether there will be a long-term positive impact on how we co-exist with the nature around us.   Find out more about how scientists are tracking wildlife during the great 'anthropause' in Nature journal.    Listen to more audio programmes from the National Trust at
07/08/20·18m 44s

S4 Ep81: Pips in Space Feat. Tim Peake

From small seeds grow mighty oaks. This a phrase that astronaut Tim Peake knows well. In this episode we’ll explore how nature inspired and enabled man’s (and woman’s) most epic adventures. For more audio programmes from the National Trust, visit Do you have an exciting idea but not enough time and space to make it a reality? If you’re aged 16–25, we’d like to hear your big idea and give you the chance to bring it to life at Isaac Newton’s home, the world’s centre of gravity. Find out more about the competition:
23/07/20·18m 20s

S4 Ep80: Meet The Silver Surfers

Zoom, Whatsapp, Instagram and TikTok are no longer just Millennial buzzwords. For many senior citizens social media has become a part of daily life.   Negotiating our new world over the past few months has meant many of those who may have traditionally shunned technology are learning new skills. In this episode, over-60s share how their lives have been transformed by tech, from keeping in touch with loved ones to adventuring to far-flung parts of the world. 😊 💪🌈   Advice on coping with lockdown, including using technology and the internet, can be found at Age UK. For more audio programmes from the National Trust, visit
02/07/20·22m 3s

S4 Ep79: Midsummer Magic and Mayhem

For millennia, midsummer has been steeped in tales of mystery and magic. It inspired the construction of great temples, the lighting of bonfires and was even said to have caused people to act in strange and surprising ways.   In this episode, we explore the meaning behind the legends of the longest day of the year. And we discover why so many people feel a mystical connection to this time of year.   This year to limit the speared of COVID-19, Stonehenge and Avebury will be closed for solstice and we’d respectfully ask that you stay away from these sites and the surrounding areas on that day.    You can watch a live stream of the solstice on English Heritage’s social media channels. And if you’d like to experience the solstice in nature, please watch from your garden or from a viewpoint local to your home.   For more audio programmes like this from the National Trust, visit
18/06/20·19m 35s

S4 Ep78: The Ice Shelf Garden

In this episode we’re bringing you another story to inspire you during lockdown.    Paul Zabel, an engineer and novice gardener, was sent to work in his first greenhouse in one of the most extreme locations on Earth.    At the end of his isolation, as Paul eased his way back into society, he realised he had discovered some valuable life lessons which we could learn from as we go through the same motions.    For more podcasts from the National Trust, visit:
04/06/20·17m 22s

S4 Ep77: DAWNS and the Dawn Chorus

In this episode we continue to bring you ideas and advice on how to keep in tune with nature during lockdown. This time Andy Beer, author of Every Day Nature, gives us his top tips on how to grow a deeper understanding of the dawn chorus and to get better acquainted with your favourite feathered neighbourhood songstress.    You’ll also learn how to get involved with DAWNS, one of the Trust’s most ambitious musical mass participation events happening in the early hours of 16 May. To sign up go to DAWNS to For more podcasts from the National Trust, visit:
07/05/20·14m 57s

S4 Ep76: How Gardens Heal

When faced with heartache, music journalist Alice Vincent found a surprising remedy in her tiny balcony garden at her London flat.   A complete gardening novice, Alice made the most of the little space and resources she had. What started as a distraction became an obsession and Alice slowly built a small urban sanctuary teeming with greenery and heady blooms.    She quickly came to realise the almost magical healing power of planting and growing. A new and life-changing kind of love story blossomed…   In this episode, Alice explains how even the most unlikely spaces – from concrete yards to windowsills - can be transformed into beautiful ‘micro-gardens’. And she shares her personal experience of the positive effect of gardening on our wellbeing. You can follow Alice on Instagram @noughticulture    To read Alice’s top tips for gardening in small spaces, go to:        For more podcasts from the National Trust, visit:
30/04/20·18m 0s

Things That Go Click in The Night | A Beginner's Guide to Astrophotography

In this episode, presenter Jo Dyson heads to the Lake District for a night of camping and stargazing. But unfortunately for Jo things don’t quite go to plan. Jo swaps her tent for a tripod to try her hand at some astrophotography on a night time stroll. Jo turns to astrophotographer, Steven Hanna for a masterclass in photography. Listen to discover how you can use your camera to shed light on the secrets of the night. To get inspired about other amazing places for a star gazing adventure, visit: Please note, this episode was recorded before UK restrictions to stem the spread of coronavirus. Please check current guidance before planning any activities. For more podcasts from the National Trust, visit: Podcast: National Trust Podcast Episode: S4 Ep75: Things That Go Click in The Night Introduction: - The episode explores the wonders of astrophotography and capturing the night sky. - Hosted by Jo Dyson and featuring Lewis Robertson, a National Trust ranger, and Steven Hanna, an astrophotographer. Main Topics Discussed: 1. Disappointment with Cloudy Skies: - Jo Dyson expresses disappointment at not being able to see any stars due to cloudy skies. - Lewis Robertson explains that clear skies are ideal for stargazing and astrophotography. 2. Location for Stargazing: - Lewis Robertson mentions that while remote areas are better for stargazing, it is not necessary to go to extremely remote places like Wasdale. - The episode takes place in the Lake District, known for its dark sky areas. 3. Introduction to Astrophotography: - Steven Hanna, an astrophotographer, joins the episode to teach astrophotography techniques. - Due to the lack of stars, the focus shifts to capturing the lake, clouds, and mountains in long-exposure photographs. 4. Equipment and Techniques: - Steven Hanna uses a Sony mirrorless camera with a wide-angle lens to capture the night sky. - He explains the process of focusing the camera on stars and adjusting shutter speed for different exposures. - The episode showcases the stunning detail and reflections captured in long-exposure photographs. 5. Composing Astrophotography Shots: - Steven Hanna discusses how to compose shots as an astrophotographer. - In areas with less scenic surroundings, it is recommended to fill the frame with stars. - In beautiful areas, incorporating the landscape with the night sky creates stunning images. 6. Using Apps for Stargazing: - Steven Hanna introduces the Sky Guide app, which allows users to see what stars are behind the clouds in real-time. - The app helps astrophotographers plan their shots and visualize the night sky. 7. Light Painting: - Steven Hanna demonstrates light painting, a technique where torches are used to create trails of movement during long exposures. - Jo Dyson and Lewis Robertson participate in creating light trails, adding a creative element to the photographs. Key Takeaways: - Clear skies are essential for stargazing and astrophotography. - Remote areas provide better opportunities for stargazing, but it is not necessary to go to extremely remote locations. - Long-exposure photography can capture stunning details and reflections in the night sky. - Composing shots as an astrophotographer involves filling the frame with stars or incorporating the landscape with the night sky. - Apps like Sky Guide can help astrophotographers plan their shots and visualize the night sky. - Light painting is a fun technique that adds creativity to astrophotography. Guests: - Lewis Robertson: National Trust ranger - Steven Hanna: Astrophotographer
02/04/20·18m 12s

S4 Ep74: A Beginner's Guide to Winter Walking

With its icy winds, relentless hail and plunging temperature, are you prepared for a winter mountain walk? Armed with a map, compass and warm flask, presenter Jo Dyson embarks on a walk to experience the remote and barren beauty of the Lake District.    Jo meets the Wasdale Mountain Rescue team to learn how to stay safe on a mountain walk and discovers why the winter months are a surprisingly rewarding time to explore the outdoors.     To find out more about staying safe in the mountains and beyond, go to and for more podcasts from the National Trust go to 
19/03/20·19m 38s

S4: Bonus: A Toast to Blossom

As spring approaches and trees across the UK burst into blossom, why not make this special time of year a regular date in your nature calendar?
12/03/20·5m 20s

S4 Ep73: Drama at the Back to Backs

Britain’s answer to a housing crisis caused by the industrial revolution, Back to Back houses were once a prominent feature of northern towns. An early type of social housing, the Back to Backs became known for their poor conditions, with their cramped design and bad sanitation. But what was life really like for the people that lived there?    Join us as we visit the last remaining Back to Back houses in the UK. Listen as we take an immersive look into the lives of the families that called these places home.   To find more podcasts from the National Trust go to and to find out more about the Birmingham Back to Backs go to
05/03/20·22m 15s

S4: BONUS: A Promise for Nature

Nature is under threat! So we’re calling on the public to take one small step to protect the natural world. This leap day we’re asking you to make a promise for nature. So how will you use your extra 24 hours to make a difference?  
28/02/20·4m 1s

S4 Ep72: SPECIAL: Fixing the Plastic Problem

This week, we bring you a special episode from our Countryfile Live 2019 podcast. This new series brings you some of the best moments from debates at the BBC’s Countryfile Live event at Blenheim Palace. In this episode, Countryfile presenter Tom Heap and a panel of experts consider how we might fix the plastic problem.   If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe to the rest of the series on your favourite podcast app or at 
30/01/20·35m 29s

S4 Ep71: SPECIAL: 50% Renewable, episode one

The beginning of this year marks the start of a year-long celebration of our 125th anniversary. This January we’re bringing you two special episodes from the podcast series we’re launching on sustainability. The series ‘50% Renewable’ explores how the National Trust is working towards meeting 50% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2021.   If you enjoy this episode, you can subscribe to the rest of the series on your favourite podcast app or at    In next week’s special episode we’ll be learning about the problem that is plastic pollution.
16/01/20·22m 15s

S4 Ep70: Musical Time Machines

Tucked away off a busy street in London lies a sanctuary for endangered sounds. The Benton Fletcher Collection at Fenton House and Garden is a rare treasure that boasts restored and working early keyboard instruments, some of which are nearly 500 years old.    Guided by the Keeper of Instruments, National Trust curator, James Grasby finds himself transported to key moments in our musical past and learns what it takes to preserve these exquisite instruments and their unique sounds.   We'd love to know what you think of our podcasts, so please do give us your feedback, via social media or drop us a line at:
12/12/19·17m 23s

S4 Ep69: Wild Swimming at 'Miami Beach'

Wild swimming isn’t just for summer. As winter approaches, the hardiest swimmers enjoy the benefits the off-season brings.   In this episode, Coastal Officer Kate Martin heads to Carding Mill Valley where she’s introduced to the Shropshire Wild Swimmers and Dippers. She’s challenged to a “refreshing” dip and discovers how open waters bring a sense of freedom to your mind, body and soul.     To find out more about enjoying wild swimming safely, go to:   We'd love to know what you think of our podcasts, so please do give us your feedback, via social media or drop us a line at:
21/11/19·15m 39s

S4 Ep68: A Lesson in Sensory Walking

Time spent in the great outdoors can be an immersive experience. But how often do we stop and take the time to really absorb the sounds, touch and feel of nature?   Walker Julian Jackson senses things differently to most people. In this episode, he shows us how to create a deeper connection with the natural world.
07/11/19·22m 44s

S4 Ep67: Halloween Special: The Secrets in The Walls

In Tudor times disease and death were never far away, as were other more mysterious terrors that many claimed were lurking in the dark.   In this Halloween special, curator James Grasby visits 500-year old Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire, to find out how the Tudors protected their homes against evil.    James meets house staff who reveal strange relics of our past and he comes face to face with a mystery that lay hidden in plain sight for centuries until someone looked closer.   Guided by folklore experts, James journeys beyond the veil to the stranger side of history.    And he discovers why Halloween’s roots are more ancient than we might think. We'd love to know what you think of our podcasts, so please do give us your feedback, via social media or drop us a line at:
31/10/19·20m 42s

S4 Ep66: Adventures in Motherhood

National Trust places are great to spend time at with those we know and love, but they can also be places where new friendships are born. In this mini episode we follow Joanna and Rachel, two mothers that met at a charity-run buggy walking group at Stourhead, as they embark on one of the National Trust’s most unique adventures. We'd love to know what you think of our podcasts, so please do give us your feedback, via social media or drop us a line at: This episode of the National Trust podcast was made possible by Cotswold Outdoor, recommended outdoor retail partner for the National Trust 
21/10/19·10m 24s

S4 Ep65: The Secret World of Treetops

Taking time away from his expeditions to the Amazon, professional tree climber James Aldred leads presenter Jo Dyson on a treetop adventure in the slightly less exotic garden at Tyntesfield in Somerset. Jo realises that tree climbing is not just for kids and discovers that we are all more connected to trees than we might think. Read about Treetops at Tyntsfield and more in 50 Great Trees of the National Trust
03/10/19·19m 23s

S4 Ep64: SPECIAL: People’s Landscapes, episode one

In this special episode we bring you part one of our People’s Landscapes podcast series.    It’s Northey Island, 991 AD. Viking raiders clash in bloody battle with the Anglo-Saxon army defending their land. Dr Eleanor Barraclough, lecturer in medieval history at Durham University, explores how this violent incident resulted in a mashup of cultures we can still see today.    People’s Landscapes is part of a National Trust programme telling the stories of places that have shaped the nation, marking the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre.    If you enjoyed this, you can listen to the whole series here: 
26/09/19·23m 31s

S4 Ep63: The Heritage Question

As thousands of places across the UK open their doors for Heritage Open Days, we head to Blackpool to explore what heritage means to us as individuals and as a nation. In this episode, National Trust curator James Grasby goes behind the scenes to witness the thrill of the Blackpool Illuminations – a spectacle that’s firmly rooted in the past but continues to shape our heritage today.
12/09/19·19m 50s

S3 Ep62: Memories from Ned’s Mountain

In this mini episode, we’re back at Divis and the Black Mountain to meet Ned Clarke who has walked on the mountain for thirty years. Hear what it’s like to live side-by-side with these giants and discover how the mountain has been an escape in times of trouble. Listen to Ned’s moving story in the final episode of this series.
18/04/19·11m 28s

S3 Ep61: Battling the elements on Divis Mountain

In the penultimate episode of this series, we take a bracing walk with ranger Kate Martin as she battles against howling winds and biting rain to the summit on Divis Mountain, 1,500 feet above Belfast. As we cross this wild landscape we’ll discover blanket bogs that are as dangerous as they are healing, ruins that hold the secret to 2,000 years of life and death, and awe-inspiring views of the city and hills beyond.
04/04/19·19m 40s

S3 Ep60: The Juicy Details of Apple Grafting

This week we’re at the annual apple grafting weekend at Cotehele. We’ll uncover the mysteries of apple grafting and learn how you can grow your very own Crimson Queen, Pendragon and even a Pig’s Nose. All will be revealed in this mini episode.
21/03/19·12m 53s

S3 Ep59: Caring for the country’s rarest plants

This week we’re at the Trust’s most secretive location: the Plant Conservation Centre. Join us as we go beyond the locked gates of this well-guarded site to find out how we protect our rarest and most historically-significant species of plant. Along the way we’ll brush shoulders with famous trees that have lined the pages of literature, and try our hand at grafting.
07/03/19·20m 37s

S3 Ep58: A Mystery Guest at the Beatles’ Childhood Homes

In this mini podcast, we’ll meet the man who welcomes visitors from around the world to John Lennon’s childhood home, and hear about his encounter with one very famous daytripper. Four teenagers from Liverpool started meeting up to make music together. They went on to become the Beatles. Do you have an exciting idea but not enough time and space to make it a reality? If you’re aged 16–25, we’d like to hear your big idea and give you the chance to bring it to life at Isaac Newton’s home, the world’s centre of gravity. Find out more about the competition: For more podcasts from the National Trust please visit To find out about visiting Forthlin Road head to
21/02/19·8m 9s

S3 Ep57: Backstage at the Beatles’ Childhood Homes

Join us in Liverpool as we step inside the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. We’ll take you on a trip down Penny Lane to visit the houses where John and Paul grew up, fell in love with rock and roll, and wrote some of the Beatles’ first songs. Four teenagers from Liverpool started meeting up to make music together. They went on to become the Beatles. Do you have an exciting idea but not enough time and space to make it a reality? If you’re aged 16–25, we’d like to hear your big idea and give you the chance to bring it to life at Isaac Newton’s home, the world’s centre of gravity. Find out more about the competition: For more podcasts from the National Trust please visit To find out about visiting Forthlin Road head to
31/01/19·22m 58s

S3 Ep56: Mysterious Military History in the Surrey Hills

We’re delving into the military history of Box Hill in Surrey in this mini podcast, with a behind-the-scenes tour of an old fort that was used to protect London from invasion in the late nineteenth century.
17/01/19·8m 42s

S3 Ep55: Escaping the city at Box Hill

In this episode we’re at Box Hill, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just a short train ride from Central London. You’ll hear what makes this corner of Surrey so special for the cyclists, walkers and children that flock here every year, and discover how getting out into the countryside might be easier than you think.
03/01/19·21m 24s

S3 Ep54: Bodnant Garden’s Four-legged Friends

In this mini episode we’re back in North Wales exploring the sights, sounds and scents of Bodnant Garden with a group of dog-walkers and their four-legged pals.
20/12/18·5m 59s

S3 Ep53: A Winter Garden in Wales

This week we’re in the foothills of Snowdonia National Park for a crisp winter stroll through the world-famous Bodnant Garden. Join us to explore dramatic waterfalls, romantic dells and towering trees, and hear from the gardeners who care for this exotic and ever-changing landscape. Find out more about this horticultural gem:
06/12/18·19m 53s

S3 Ep52: SPECIAL: Women and Power, Episode One

As there are five Thursday’s in this month, this week we’re giving you a bonus episode. To fill the gap until our next regular episode on the first Thursday of next month, we thought you might like to hear the first episode of a mini series we launched earlier this year called Women and Power. Women and Power looks at the Trust’s links to the suffrage movement and is narrated by broadcaster and Journalist Kirsty Wark.  To learn more about this series go to:
29/11/18·21m 14s

S3 Ep51: Lawrence of Arabia’s Famous Friends

In this mini episode we’ll hear about the famous friends of T.E. Lawrence. From artists and writers like Thomas Hardy to fellow soldiers from the army, Lawrence welcomed an array of visitors to his rustic retreat. Learn how he entertained them, and gain a new perspective on his life from one of his relatives who helps keep his story alive today.
15/11/18·8m 36s

S3 Ep50: A Tour of Lawrence of Arabia’s Woodland Retreat

In this episode we’re at Clouds Hill, the rustic retreat of T.E. Lawrence. Nestled among pine trees in the Dorset countryside, this dilapidated cottage is where Lawrence of Arabia fled his new-found fame, following his adventures in the desert during the First World War. We’ll take you on a tour of the intimate spaces where he entertained friends, listened to music, and kept his beloved motorbike.
01/11/18·19m 0s

S3 Ep49: The konik ponies of Wicken Fen

In this mini episode we follow the wild ponies that roam Wicken Fen. Introduced to the fen 100 years ago, these hardy animals graze the land, enabling plants and wildlife to thrive. Later we investigate the smaller creatures that call this ancient landscape home, including dragonflies and water voles.
18/10/18·9m 58s

S3 Ep48: A Walk Through Ancient Wetlands

We’re at Wicken Fen in East Anglia for a walk through the National Trust’s oldest nature reserve. We’ll set off on foot, exploring the multi-use trails that allow easy access to this other-worldly landscape, before venturing down the narrow waterways on boat. Along the way, we’ll discover how a place created thousands of years ago is still providing a crucial home for thousands of animals, birds and plants today.
04/10/18·20m 56s

S3 Ep47: Memories of Glendurgan

In this mini episode we meet one of Glendurgan’s longest-serving volunteers. Sylvia describes her memories of this special place - from navigating the mind-boggling maze as a child, to sharing her love of the garden with visitors today.
20/09/18·6m 43s

S3 Ep46: A Tropical Garden at Glendurgan

In this episode we’re at Glendurgan Garden to discover its unusual microclimate, centuries-old history and fiendish maze.   Join us on a journey through this tropical Cornish paradise – where lush rolling valleys meet the sea, and exotic plants grow alongside native wildflowers. We get to know the Fox family, who laid down the plans for the garden back in the 1820s, and still live in the house today.
06/09/18·19m 10s

S3 Ep45: SPECIAL: Music from the White Cliffs

In this special episode, we join composer Michael Price as he records his new classical album in some of the Trusts most unlikely places. Michael Price is best known for the scores he creates for film and popular television shows like Sherlock Holmes. For his latest album, Tender Symmetry, he’s swapped the comforts of Abbey Road studios for the varied acoustics of several Trust places. In this episode we join Michael and his team on the last day of recording at Fan Bay in Dover.
27/08/18·19m 59s

Secrets of a Design Icon: Exploring the home of William Morris

In this mini episode, we’ll discover the secret creations hidden behind a wardrobe in William Morris’s former home.
16/08/18·7m 38s

S3 Ep43: Patterns and Politics: William Morris at Red House

We’re at Red House in South East London, once home to one of Britain’s most celebrated designers of the 20th Century, William Morris. Famous for his iconic floral wallpaper designs, Morris’s prints and patterns are still in fashion today. But his story doesn’t end there – among other things, he was also a poet and a political figure - fascinated with all things medieval. Join us to explore the house where Morris’s creativity blossomed, and uncover the intriguing twists and turns in the life of this prolific printmaker.
02/08/18·19m 45s

S3 Ep42: Counting the Farne Island puffins

We’re hopping on a boat to the remote Farne Islands off the Northumbria coast this week to take part in a special count of one of the nation’s favourite seabirds: the puffin. We’ll hear how a hardy team of rangers conduct the five-yearly survey and find out what the future holds for these much-loved birds.
19/07/18·9m 11s

S3 Ep41: Walking with wildlife in Northumberland

We’re off to the Northumberland coast this week for a bracing and beautiful walk along Long Nanny beach. Join ranger Kate Martin as she strolls over sand dunes and past a freshwater stream, exploring the wildlife that calls this spectacular shoreline home. Learn to identify the birds that breed here each year – including ringed plovers and rare little terns - and hear from the dedicated staff who camp out under the stars to protect them.
05/07/18·21m 49s

S3 Ep40: Sheringham's Military Past

In this mini episode of the National Trust Podcast, we take a look at Sheringham Park’s military past.
21/06/18·8m 43s

S3 Ep39: Repton’s vision at Sheringham

This week we’re at Sheringham in Norfolk to discover 1,000 acres of glorious parkland, woods and clifftops. Learn about the designer who sculpted the landscape, Humphry Repton, and meet the staff and volunteers who keep his vision alive today. We’ll take you on a stroll through Sheringham’s magnificent rhododendron gardens as we unearth the colourful history of these exotic flowers – from the adventures of the plant hunter who sourced them to their starring role in the Upcher family’s 1950s champagne parties.
07/06/18·25m 6s

S3 Ep38: Thinking outside the box Nostell Priory

n 2018, Nostell will hear the 300-year-old Harrison clock chime for the last time. This mini episode celebrates the ticks, tocks, and bongs of a clock made by a man who changed the world. The clock is the product of ‘out-the-box’ thinking, and suitably, it is exhibited at Nostell Priory out of it’s case with all it’s inner-workings exposed to visitors.
17/05/18·9m 22s

S3 Ep37: Chippendale at Nostell Priory

In the first episode of the new series, we’ll explore how the rich owners of Nostell used furniture, architecture and interior design to elevate their status. At the centre of the story is a local man named Thomas Chippendale, known today as "The Shakespeare of Furniture”. Through exploring his exquisite craftsmanship and the magnificent interiors that he designed and sourced - we get to know a man of talent, ambition and business nous.
03/05/18·24m 6s

S2 Ep36: Greenway's Literary Legacy

In this Episode, James Grasby meets Greenway's writer in residence, Roselle Angwin, and Community Involvement Officer, Carly Mays, to learn how the former holiday home of crime-writing extraordinaire, Agatha Christie, continues to inspire writers today.
08/02/18·5m 3s

S2 Ep35: Greenway's military past

In this episode James Grasby explores the intriguing military past of Agatha Christie's home in Greenway, Devon. A stronghold throughout history, the house and grounds feature many relics – most notably from the Second World War when the site was requisitioned for use by the 10th Flotilla of the U.S. Coast Guard, in the preparations for D-Day.
01/02/18·6m 34s

S2 Ep34: Authors of the National Trust: Agatha Christie at Greenway

Agatha Christie called Greenway in Devon 'the loveliest place in the world' and treasured it as a holiday home for her and her family. In this episode James Grasby explores house and gardens that inspired some of Poirot and Miss Marple’s most famous tales. 
25/01/18·23m 10s

S2 Ep33: A Place To Create

In this mini episode, we’ll be heading to Allan Bank – the former home of William Wordsworth – to see how the place continues to inspire and nurture today’s creative minds.
18/01/18·5m 44s

S2 Ep32: Culinary Time Travel

In this mini episode, James goes back in time - via the kitchen - to sample the foods that a young Wordsworth might have enjoyed. 
11/01/18·7m 20s

S2 Ep31: Authors of the National Trust: Wordsworth’s Homes

This week, join James on a journey into the homeland of Romantic poetry, in the Lake District. We’ll explore the places that inspired of one of the nation’s best loved poets, William Wordsworth. 
04/01/18·19m 59s

S2 Ep30: The Magic of Shaw's Writing

In this mini episode, Producer Michael Friend explores his deep personal connection to George Bernard Shaw's writings, at Shaw's Corner in Hertfordshire.
28/12/17·5m 18s

S2 Ep29: Shaw on Stage

In this mini episode we meet Evelyn Ellis – a key member of the Shaw Society – a group celebrating the work of George Bernard Shaw with performances at the playwright's country home in Hertfordshire.
21/12/17·6m 32s

S2 Ep28: Authors of the National Trust: Shaw's Corner

This week we visit the Hertfordshire home of Bernard Shaw, one of the most photographed and quoted men in the world. Podcast: National Trust Podcast Episode: S2 Ep28: Authors of the National Trust: Shaw's Corner Introduction: - Hosted by James Grasby - Explores the homes and lives of famous authors associated with the National Trust - In this episode, James visits Shaw's Corner, the home of George Bernard Shaw, a renowned playwright and philosopher Main Topics Discussed: 1. Introduction to George Bernard Shaw: - Known for his plays, political activism, and intellectual contributions - Considered one of the most famous and influential writers of the 20th century - Shaw's plays often had a socialist and political background, aiming to make larger points 2. Shaw's Life Before Shaw's Corner: - Shaw's early life and career as a playwright in London - His interest in theater and its ability to reflect society - Became a mega personality and influential figure through his plays and public speaking 3. Shaw's Corner and its Significance: - Located in Hertfordshire, England - Surrounded by tranquil greenery, it was Shaw's home for the last 40 years of his life - Shaw chose this house and village for its association with writers, artists, and craftspeople 4. Shaw's Interests and Legacy: - Shaw's love for music, particularly the piano, which brought joy to his home - His disdain for traditional customs, as seen in his use of a curtain as a doorstop - Shaw's desire for his house to be a living shrine, preserving his legacy - Outdoor theater performances held at Shaw's Corner to honor his work Key Takeaways: - George Bernard Shaw was a multi-talented individual, known for his plays, political activism, and intellectual contributions. - Shaw's Corner is a significant place that reflects Shaw's interests and legacy. - Shaw's love for music and his unconventional approach to life are evident in his home. - Shaw's desire to leave a lasting legacy and change the world through his work. Guests: - Fiona Hall: Visitor Experience Manager at Shaw's Corner - Michael Friend: Theatre Producer working with the National Trust Conclusion: - James Grasby expresses his fascination with Shaw's life and contributions. - Encourages listeners to visit Shaw's Corner for a sensational experience. - Teases the next episode, which will explore Wordsworth's Cumbrian Houses. - Invites feedback and suggestions from listeners. Additional Information: - The episode includes snippets of interviews with Fiona Hall and Michael Friend. - The episode features actors performing Shaw's work at Shaw's Corner. - The National Trust website provides more information about Shaw's Corner. - The podcast can be subscribed to on iTunes or any preferred podcast app.
14/12/17·21m 42s

S2 Ep27: A Walk Back in Time

In the last of our episodes from Formby we join Kate on her home turf as she reveals some of the secrets hidden in Formby’s shape shifting dunes.
07/12/17·6m 6s

S2 Ep26: Formby's Red Squirrels

In this mini episode, we accompany Formby’s squirrel feeders on their morning rounds, as we learn of the challenges they face maintaining the area’s red squirrel population.
30/11/17·6m 32s

S2 Ep25: Walks of the National Trust: Formby

For this episode of the National Trust Podcast, we head north west as we explore the walks that criss-cross the pine forests, dunes and golden sands of Formby Point, Liverpool. Whether you’re seeking secluded beaches, rare sightings of endangered species or want to get better acquainted with Liverpool’s past, Formby has something for everyone.
23/11/17·21m 17s

The Tale of Two Dragons | Welsh Myths and Legends | Mini Episode: Beddgelert

You’ll be familiar with the red dragon that proudly adorns the Welsh national flag. But how did it get there and what’s its significance? All will be revealed…
16/11/17·4m 33s

S2 Ep23: Wales' Seaside Butterflies

Meet Sabine Nouvert, a National Trust Ranger in Beddgelert who’s been working on a rather unusual project: conserving seaside butterflies in inland Wales!
09/11/17·5m 10s

S2 Ep22: Walks of the National Trust: Beddgelert

Episode 5 of the National Trust Podcast heads to picturesque Snowdonia in North Wales. Join Kate in the village of Beddgelert, located at the base of Mount Snowdon and a gateway to some of the UK’s most exciting walks. Find out how the Trust is making some of this spectacular landscape more accessible.
02/11/17·21m 17s

S2 Ep21: The Mermaid Pool

Kinder Scout's magical mermaid pool is steeped in legend. The pool, an icy body of water nestled within the folds of Kinder Scout’s rugged terrain, has been associated with beautiful mermaids and Celtic water rituals for millennia.
26/10/17·4m 9s

S2 Ep20: Peaks and Perils

Paul Besley, author and Mountain Rescue volunteer, shares stories from his 40-plus years of walking in the Peaks. In this mini-episode, he explains just why Kinder Scout’s pleasures keep him coming back, and warns of its perils.
19/10/17·6m 25s

S2 Ep19: Walks of the National Trust: Kinder Scout

In the first of our ‘walking’ podcasts, presenter and National Trust ranger Kate Martin takes listeners on a pilgrimage to Kinder Scout, in the Peak District – the birthplace of the 'right to roam' movement and a landscape that has come to symbolise walking freedoms in the UK.
12/10/17·19m 55s

S2 Ep18: The Shamrock Garden

If you venture into Mount Stewart’s shamrock garden, you’ll find an intriguing mythical tale clipped into its ornate hedges. In this mini episode Neil Porteous, Mount Stewart's head gardener, unravels the mystery of the figures in the topiary.
05/10/17·5m 45s

S2 Ep17: The Colour Purple

The colour purple is often associated with power, royalty and wealth, which may be one of the reasons it is so prevalent in the gardens at Mount Stewart. In this episode of the National Trust Podcast, we learn why there is more to purple than meets the eye
28/09/17·4m 55s

S2 Ep16: Gardens of the National Trust: Mount Stewart

This week we’re at the uniquely exotic Mount Stewart, County Down. Described as the ‘scratch and sniff’ garden, Mount Stewart is a multi-sensory experience that is not to be missed. In this episode we explore the style, motivation and vision of the garden’s creator, Edith, Lady Londonderry, and learn about the ingenious techniques the Trust is using to keep her garden legacy alive today.
21/09/17·26m 17s

S2 Ep15: The Sleeping Wood

In this mini episode, we explore ‘The Sleeping Wood,’ a secluded, disorientating and illicit corner of the gardens at Stowe, Buckinghamshire. Listen and find out the secrets and mysteries that still linger in its winding paths today.
14/09/17·5m 34s

S2 Ep14: Stowe's Grecian Valley

In this mini episode from Stowe, we meet Ranger Isabelle Thompson, to learn about the conservation and ecology of the grasslands within Stowe’s picturesque Grecian Valley.
07/09/17·7m 16s

S2 Ep13: Gardens of the National Trust: Stowe

In this episode of the National Trust Podcast, we’re at Stowe. We marvel at the unbroken views and ornate temples of this Capability Brown inspired landscape, while digging into the past to understand the people and the politics that have given Stowe its distinctive style and character
31/08/17·22m 54s

S2 Ep12: The Sweet Sound of Birdsong

Do you know your buzzard from your blackbird or your bullfinch from your barn owl? Join Josh Turner, Cliveden’s resident birder, as he acquaints us with some of Cliveden’s feathered residents. In this mini episode from Cliveden, you’ll hear the sounds and learn about the sights that await you once you venture into some of the more secluded spots.
24/08/17·4m 44s

S2 Ep11: The Secrets of The Sancy Diamond

In this Cliveden mini episode, we learn of the mysteries and myths surrounding the world famous Sancy Diamond. This 55.23 carat diamond has travelled the world, passing through the hands of aristocrats, kings, queens and even the British Royal Family. The diamond also spent some time with the Astor family at Cliveden House.
17/08/17·4m 53s

S2 Ep10: Gardens of the National Trust: Cliveden

In this episode of the National Trust Podcast we’re at Cliveden, Buckinghamshire. Set high above the Thames, the grounds of Cliveden House are home to a world famous parterre, Japanese Garden and topiary-lined long walk. Around every corner you’ll find stories of mystery, decadence and the fame and misfortune of Britain’s political elite. We take you behind the scenes of the Trust and shed light on some of the techniques our staff and volunteers use to keep the gardens at Cliveden looking spectacular all year round. In our two Cliveden mini episodes we unlock the secrets of the Sancy diamond, and get you better acquainted with some of Cliveden’s feathered residents.
10/08/17·23m 45s

S1 Ep9: Garden Cuttings - No Dig

With tricky clay soil – our gardeners in the veg garden at Sissinghurst explain how no dig gardening has worked deliciously well to provide fresh vegetables to our restaurant… even when it’s snowing outside! We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey:
15/12/16·5m 52s

S1 Ep8: Garden Cuttings - Meadows

Alan meets Josh Sparkes – one of our gardeners at Sissinghurst and self-proclaimed meadow obsessive. He explains how a return to traditional practises has revitalised the wildlife at Sissinghurst. Scythe at the ready! We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey: PLANTS AND TREES IN ORDER OF REFERENCE Leucanthemum vulgare – Oxeye daisy Lychnis flos-cuculi – Ragged robin
08/12/16·6m 15s

S1 Ep7: Sissinghurst

Alan visits Sissinghurst in Kent, previously home to poet and novelist Vita Sackville-West and her husband, diplomat Harold Nicolson. Working from ruins, the couple’s personalities collided and combined to create this dramatic, world-renowned garden. It comes complete with 300 varieties of rose, an area that’s planted to sparkle at twilight, and a castle tower with views to take your breath away. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey: PLANT LIST Sweet chestnut coppice woodland – Castanea sativa Azalea mollis The Himalayan blue poppy – Meconopsis betonicifolia Polyanthus – various Pleached lime trees - Tilia platyphyllos ‘Rubra’ Fritillaria imperialis Tulips – various Narcissus – various Alba rose – various Bourbon rose – Mme. Lauriol de Barny, Souvenir de la Malmaison Centifolia rose – various Damask rose – various Gallica rose – Tuscany Superb, Cardinal de Richelieu, Belle de Crécy Moss rose – Général Kléber Peony Iris Eremurus – various Phlox paniculata 'David'
01/12/16·24m 25s

S1 Ep6: Garden Cuttings - Festive Decorations

With Christmas on its merry way, we learn from the volunteers at Croome on how to make the perfect festive wreath from your own garden at home. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey: PLANTS AND TREES IN ORDER OF REFERENCE Eucalyptus Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia Pyracantha Holly – Ilex aquifolium Yew – Taxus baccata
24/11/16·5m 55s

S1 Ep5: Garden Cuttings - Walled Gardens

National Trust works in partnership with land owners and tenant farmers all round the country. Alan meets the owners of the walled garden at Croome Court who have turned this wild and derelict space into a beautiful and productive garden for us all to enjoy. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey:
17/11/16·5m 42s

S1 Ep4: Croome

Alan visits Croome in Worcestershire – the first landscape that Capability Brown got his capable hands on. With a diverse history – from a secret RAF base, to a home for Hare Krishna devotees, Croome’s seen it all; and we hear about the challenge of restoring it back to Brown’s 18th century vision. How can you take inspiration from the evergreen shrubbery and transform your garden into a winter wonderland? And what is it about Croome that attracts all kinds of feathered friends? We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey: PLANTS AND TREES IN ORDER OF REFERENCE Daphne – Daphne odora Portuguese laurel – Prunus lusitanica Common holly – Ilex aquifolium Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis Sage – Salvia officinalis Winter jasmine – Jasminum nudiflorum Guelder rose – Viburnum opulus Witch hazel – Hamamelis Heather – Erica Common broom – Cytisus scoparius Pine - Pinus
10/11/16·21m 43s

S1 Ep3: Garden Cuttings - Pelargoniums

The walled garden at Stourhead is home to a superb collection of pelargoniums, from the geranium family. Alan Power and Emily Utgren discuss how they protect and manage these beautiful plants, and what they tell us about the estate’s history. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey: GERANIUM CAKE RECIPE Serves: 8 Cook Time: 50 minutes Prep Time: 25 minutes Effort: easy INGREDIENTS 6-8 rose geranium leaves 240 g butter 240 g caster sugar 4 eggs 140 g self-raising flour, sieved 120 g semolina Caster sugar, for dusting Fresh cream and rose petals, to serve METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 180C/gas 4. Grease and line a 23cm spring-form cake tin with baking parchment. Lay the geranium leaves around the base of the tin, upside down, stalk-end pointing towards the centre of the tin. Cream together the butter and sugar until very pale and fluffy, and then gradually beat in the eggs, a little at a time. Fold in the flour and semolina. Spoon the cake mixture into the tin, taking care not to disturb the leaves. Bake in the centre of the oven, for about 45-50 minutes, until the cake is firm but springy to the touch. Take the cake out of the oven, release the spring clip and carefully remove the sides of the tin. Turn the cake gently over onto a cooling rack set over a plate, bottom side up and carefully remove the base of the tin and the baking parchment. Leave until completely cold, dust with caster sugar, and serve with fresh cream and rose petals. PLANTS AND TREES IN ORDER OF REFERENCE Pelargonium tomentosum - mint chocolate scented Pelargonium triste
03/11/16·5m 48s

S1 Ep2: Garden Cuttings - Compost

The first of our little extra “Cuttings”. Autumn is the perfect time to build a compost heap. Join the staff at Stourhead to learn the science behind “cooking” the perfect organic compost. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey:
27/10/16·4m 45s

S1 Ep1: Stourhead

Beginning the series on his home turf, Alan takes a walk around Stourhead in Wiltshire, one of England’s greatest landscape gardens. Its fabulous tree collection make autumn a favourite time of year for visitors, volunteers and staff alike. We find out what the walled garden tell us about life in the 18th century, and how dormice are thriving on the Stourhead Estate. We'd love to know what you thought of this series to help us make more of them in the future. Please let us know in our survey: PLANTS AND TREES IN ORDER OF REFERENCE Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia Agapanthus africanus Variegated Tulip Tree – (Liriodendron tulipifera aureomarginata) Poplar trees / Trembling Poplar – European Aspen) Birch – Betula Cherries – Prunus Taihaku Red Maple – Acer rubrum Willow – Salix alba ‘Britzensis’ Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum Handkerchief tree – Davidia involucrata seedlings – for tree nursery Katsura trees – Cercidiphyllum Guelder Rose – Viburnum opulus Rowan – Sorbus aucuparia, commonly known as the Rowan or Mountain-ash Whitebeam – Sorbus aria
20/10/16·22m 38s
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