The TipOff

The TipOff

By Geral Lowe

GamePlanMindset presents 'The Tipoff' for students, athletes, and everyday individuals striving to change their current situation. 'The Tipoff' aims to equip you with the necessary skill development and technical knowledge on how to execute daily in every situation.


Episode 39 A Letter To My Mentor

On Today's episode, Coach Lowe addresses the value of relationships in our life. Sometimes we must understand that its bigger than basketball.
29/04/1916m 59s

Episode 38 Dead Squirrel Theory

On Today's episode, Coach Lowe discuss the challenges of being stuck and we all experience those moments. Nike said it best, Just Do It. Keep your eyes on the prize and go after it relentlessly.
22/04/1913m 22s

Episode 37 Mamba Mentality

On today's episode Coach Lowe breaks down the system of the successful and the importance of developing a mindset that empowers Permanent Beta.
15/04/1918m 26s

Episode 36 March Madness

On today's show, Coach Lowe discusses bracket busters, Cinderella stories, and why March basketball is so fascinating. It is also equally important to prepare for March Madness in your own life.
08/04/1918m 26s

Episode 35 Book ClubTGR

On Today's episode, Coach Lowe addresses how our Ghost of Fear cripple us from achieving all that we desire. Napoleon HIll writes in his amazing book Think and Grow Rich how we can achieve anything we focus our mindset on.
01/04/1912m 5s

Episode 34 Rear View Mirror

On Today's Episode, Coach Lowe helps you understand the importance in glancing at your past and gazing at your future.
25/03/1911m 26s

Episode 33 Seasons of Life

On today’s episode, Coach Geral addresses the value of respecting all seasons and including those seasons in which we wait for answers.
18/03/1914m 32s

Episode 32 Road Trip

On today’s episode, reminiscing of NAIA basketball… the importance of the memories, the culture, and character built.
04/03/1912m 50s

Episode 31 Shot Clock Violation

On today’s episode, the shot clock violation is all about time managers versus time creators'.
25/02/1915m 9s

Episode 30 Attitude of Gratitude

On today’s episode, we discuss the importance of counting your blessings.
18/02/1915m 43s

Episode 29 Silent Hustle

On today’s episode, coach warrants his listeners to understand that what is done in the dark is what separates you from the rest.
11/02/1913m 47s

Episode 28 The Vision

On today’s episode, the Game Plan Mindset vision is thinking on purpose, changing behaviors/habits, and maximizing moments.
04/02/1912m 40s

Episode 27 Mastery vs. Manipulation

On today’s episode, there is a very fine line between 10,000 hours of investment versus 1 hour of trickery… you can't fake results.
28/01/1912m 33s

Episode 26 Get Back on D

On today’s episode, its time to stop all the complaining about your past situations because it is hurting your current opportunities.
21/01/1912m 25s

Episode 25 Next Man Up

On today’s episode, your opportunity is coming – don’t hate for it, wait for it.
14/01/1911m 31s

Episode 24 K.Y.O.S.

On today’s episode, Andre Iguodala and his understanding of his strength has made him a better player.
07/01/1913m 15s

Episode 23 New Day New Year

On today's show, Geral welcomes all followers into the New Year with fresh new thoughts.
01/01/1913m 54s

Episode 22 Amoeba Defense

On today’s episode, the importance we discuss the importance of creating strategies and implementing systems.
24/12/1813m 21s

Episode 21 Head on A Swivel

On today’s episode, situational awareness and how most individuals struggle with the transitions of life and how to address it.
17/12/1811m 41s

Episode 20 BookClub

On today’s episode, we review the book ‘The Startup of You’. Permanent Beta
10/12/1813m 14s

Episode 19 Post Game Rant

On today’s episode, Coach Geral talks about kids of today's game, parental commitments and monetary investments.
03/12/1816m 25s
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