The Sunday Times Magazine Podcast - A new weekly podcast going behind the scenes of The Sunday Times Magazine’s biggest interviews.

The Sunday Times Magazine Podcast - A new weekly podcast going behind the scenes of The Sunday Times Magazine’s biggest interviews.

By The Sunday Times

What makes an unmissable celebrity interview? We reveal how we get access to the biggest names and discuss what to do when your editor orders you to ask toe-curlingly invasive questions. Hosted by editor Eleanor Mills with Matt Rudd and Ellie Austin



Jacqueline Gold Special: Rampant Sexism and Women on Boards

Jacqueline tells Eleanor Mills why, 20 years after she took over as Chief Executive of Britain's best know lingerie brand, it's "tragic" how slowly the fight for boardroom quality is progressing
12/05/1826m 3s

Easter special: how to live well - and be happy - in an uncertain world

The best-selling author and psychologist Jordan Peterson tells Eleanor Mills why, in 2018, the Easter story is as relevant as ever and explains his formula for good life
31/03/1816m 42s

Ask About The Affair: Annie Lennox

In today’s magazine, Annie Lennox (reluctantly) discusses the Oxfam sex scandal and why she won’t be stepping down as an ambassador for the charity. How do you get celebrities to answer questions they’re determined to avoid? 
04/03/1816m 51s

Episode 36 - How to do a sex scene in 2018

We visit an "intimacy workshop" to discuss onscreen sex post-Weinstein. Plus, how are the family of Emma Kelty, the former headteacher who died in the Amazon, coping four months after her death?
13/01/1820m 54s

Episode 35 - How to avoid annoying January health fads

It's a magazine rite of passage - the January "new year, new you" issue . But how do you put together a fun, fitness special that doesn't just bang on about losing weight? Eleanor Mills and the team have tried to do just that...
07/01/1816m 9s

Episode 34 - How the Magazine covered 2017

Editor Eleanor Mills is joined by Matt Rudd and Ellie Austin to review the past 12 months. From a summer of terror attacks to the Grenfell fire to that Harry Styles cover interview, they explain how, in such a busy - and at times bleak - year, the Magazine decides which stories to cover. Plus, any guesses which is our most-read story of the year?
31/12/1720m 10s

Episode 33 - When you work at a magazine, Christmas begins in July

Editor Eleanor Mills and the team discuss why this week's festive issue has been months in the making. Plus, how will Jeremy Clarkson cope with his first fag-free Christmas?
24/12/1712m 6s

Episode 32 - Damien Hirst; Lynn Barber on mortality

Magazine editor Eleanor Mills and the team discuss Damien Hirst - and why it has taken so long to get the bad boy of art in the Magazine. Plus, why does Lynn Barber want to choose when she dies?
17/12/1719m 3s

Episode 31 - The untold story of Grenfell

Eleanor Mills explains why she was determined to revisit the Grenfell community, six months after the devastating fire. Plus, as The Last Jedi hits cinemas, Matt Rudd tries to convince his (sceptical) colleagues Eleanor Mills and Ellie Austin that Star Wars is the greatest film franchise of all time
10/12/1716m 54s

Episode 30 - Generation Wired; Prince Andrew and the new-look royal family

How do you stop children being glued to their screens? Eleanor Mills and the team discuss the most comprehensive report on kids and tech to date. Plus, we go behind the scenes of our (tricky) photo shoot with Prince Andrew and unpick what Harry and Meghan's engagement means for the rest of the royal family
03/12/1719m 26s

Episode 29 - Our nightmare week with Morrissey

How difficult is it to photograph Morrissey? Pretty difficult, it turns out. Eleanor Mills and the team pull no punches in explaining how The Smiths frontman kept our photographer waiting in New York for four days and why today's Magazine interview with the controversial singer almost completely unravelled 
26/11/1717m 37s

Episode 28 - How to raise happy girls & The Grand Tour

Eleanor Mills and the team discuss the impact of social media on the mother-daughter relationship plus, as The Grand Tour returns, are Clarkson, Hammond and May getting too old for their death-defying antics?
19/11/1723m 36s

Episode 27 - Would you take a refugee into your home?

The Magazine’s Eleanor Mills, Matt Rudd and Ellie Austin discuss the big stories from this week's issue, including the London family who took in a young Iranian man. Plus, as the former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown publishes her tell-all diaries, what does it take to be a magazine editor in 2017 — and is it all The Devil Wears Prada?
12/11/1722m 16s

Episode 26 - Food special: The Wetherspoon Controversy & Celebrity Chefs

Last Sunday Twitter erupted in anger after our restaurant critic Marina O'Loughlin gave JD Wetherspoon the thumbs down. Eleanor Mills and the team discuss the reaction. Plus, the decline of the celebrity chef
05/11/1718m 35s

Episode 25 - The Best of The Sunday Times Magazine Podcast

Highlights from the past six months' episodes including Richard Branson's attitude to women, how to secure an interview with Hillary Clinton and is Love Island feminist TV?
29/10/1727m 1s

Episode 24 - Bowe Bergdahl & Celebrity Interviews

Eleanor Mills and the team discuss why it took two years to publish today's world exclusive Bowe Bergdahl cover story. Plus, what makes a brilliant celebrity interview?
21/10/1722m 13s

Episode 23 - Jenson Button & The secret life of restaurant critics

Editor Eleanor Mills introduces the Magazine's new restaurant critic, Marina O' Loughlin, and explains the tricky process of finding someone to step into AA Gill's shoes. Plus, Nick Rufford on the big revelation from his Jenson Button interview
13/10/1719m 54s

Episode 22 - Hillary Clinton, The Great Storm

Editor Eleanor Mills and the team explain how they landed this week's exclusive Hillary Clinton interview and 30 years after the Great Storm, Matt Rudd reflects on a night of chaos
07/10/1719m 47s

Episode 21 - Love Island, Richard Branson and Bear Grylls

Editor Eleanor Mills and the team discuss the talking points from this week's magazine including Richard Branson's fallout with Trump and how Love Island became must-watch feminist TV
30/09/1725m 54s

Episode 20: Rio Ferdinand and Matt Lucas

Magazine editor Eleanor Mills and the team discuss the talking points from this week's magazine including Matt Lucas on cultural appropriation in comedy and Rio Ferdinand on grief
23/09/1721m 47s

Episode 19: Dawn French, Camila Batmanghelidjh

Editor Eleanor Mills takes you behind the scenes of her cover interview with a surprisingly angry Dawn French, plus Camilla Cavendish on Camila Batmanghelidjh and the Kids Company saga
16/09/1728m 0s

Episode 18: Back to Damascus

Acclaimed travel writer Colin Thubron reflects on his recent return to Damascus fifty years after his original trip.
09/09/1720m 52s

Episode 17: Robbie Williams

Eleanor Mills talks to Krissi Murison about meeting Robbie Williams. Robbie has been telling Krissi about his struggles with food, his marriage and his visits to a sperm bank.
02/09/1712m 43s

Episode 16: Brain Tumour

Eleanor Mills talks to Sarah Pullen, whose son Silas died from a brain tumour. Her story moved and inspired readers when it was in the Sunday Times Magazine. Sarah tells Eleanor about Silas and brings the story up to date talking about grief and how her family has coped with the death of a child. Sarah also reads from her book "A Mighty Boy"
02/09/1728m 4s

Episode 15: Tech Special - welcome to the future

Trevor Phillips and Eleanor Mills discuss tech's "White Guy Problem" plus Danny Fortson is live from Silicon Valley.
26/08/1726m 28s

Episode 14: Princess Diana - The Legacy

Andrew Morton reflects on how his explosive biography Diana: Her True Story rocked the monarchy and The Sunday Times royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah analyses Princess Diana's continued influence on the royal family twenty years after her death.
19/08/1724m 56s

Episode 13: Food Special

This week, it's our summer food special. Deputy editor Krissi Murison takes us behind the scenes of her very frank cover interview with Jamie Oliver and food editor Francesca Angelini is the first journalist to go into the Bake off tent to meet the new cast.
05/08/1721m 51s

Episode 12: Inside North Korea

Our writer Chris Ayres on the spy fiction-style murder of Kim Jong Nam - half brother of North Korea leader Kim Jong Un - in Kuala Lumpa airport earlier this year. He cross examines the two young assailants, one of whom became globally famous for wearing a "LOL" t-shirt during the attack, and the bloody politics of North Korea's first family. We are then joined by Dr Jim Hoare, a former diplomat who set up the UK embassy in Pyonyang, who discusses the centuries-old history of dynastic struggle in Korea, and the wider geopolitical context of North Korea in a Trump-era. Lastly we have Jihyun Park, who twice defected from North Korea and made it to Britain. She spent six years as a slave in China and was later interred at a North Korean gulag, before travelling across Eurasia to London. Plus we have Bake-Off winner Candice Brown's latest recipe for Fluffy Chocolate Hazelnut Pear Pancakes. Follow the podcast contributors on Twitter @eleanormills @km_km_km_ @ayreslive @JihyunPark7 @gabriel_pogrund
29/07/1720m 50s

Episode 11: Books Special

Columnist and author India Knight and our literary editor Andrew Holgate on the books you should read this summer - plus Candice Brown's recipe of the week Join us as we search for the perfect summer read on this week's podcast. The Sunday Times literary editor Andrew Holgate is joined by our columnist India Knight and food editor Frankie Angelini. From the Soviet Union and solitude to ancient Rome and modern romance, they discuss the books which you should bring with you on holiday. Magazine editor Eleanor Mills also speaks to our recipe writer, the bake-off winner Candice Brown, who shares her mouthwatering recipe of the week: a mixed berry cassis sorbet. Follow the podcast contributors on Twitter: @EleanorMills @aholgate @indiaknight @angelinifl @CandiceBrown
22/07/1720m 51s

Episode 10: Tough Love Special

The podcast that takes a deep dive into some of the features on the magazine. This week: our advice columnist Emma Barnett on how she answers readers'questions plus Candice Brown's recipe of the week.
15/07/1725m 57s

Episode 9 Game of Thrones: Behind the Phenomenon

Historian Dan Jones and our columnist Josh Glancy discuss how a fantasy series with dragons became a global smash-hit
08/07/1721m 34s

Episode 8 - How they live: Britain's Haredi Jews

A rare insight into the secret life of Britain's Haredi Jewish Community through the voices of rebels and rabbis.
01/07/1726m 14s

Episode 7: The Harry Potter Effect

The publisher Katie Bond masterminded the Harry Potter marketing campaign. She reflects on the creation of a phenomenon. Plus more of Paul Blanchard's podcast recommendations.
24/06/1723m 28s

Episode 6: The Real John McEnroe

Matt Rudd takes you behind the scenes of his cover interview with the tennis heavyweight. Just how angry was he?
17/06/1720m 55s

Episode 5: Social integration and terrorism; marital infidelity

Sarfraz Manzoor discusses how Britain can stop diversity becoming dangerous
10/06/1724m 23s

Episode 4: Camilla Long meets Caitlyn Jenner

Camilla Long takes us behind-the-scenes of her eventful interview with Caitlyn Jenner plus Lynn Barber on what happened when she took in an asylum seeker.
27/05/1721m 7s

Episode 3: Brian May, Mike Tyson and India Knight on smash-hit TV

Deputy Editor Krissi Murison discusses her cover interview with Brian May and Chris Ayres reaveals all about his surreal afternoon at Mike Tyson's mansion. Plus India Knight on why cinema is dead.
20/05/1732m 31s

Episode 2: Harry Styles: Behind the Interview

The Sunday Times Magazine deputy editor, Krissi Murison, reveals all about her lunch date, sorry, interview with Harry Styles and historian Tom Holland takes us behind the scenes of his new Isis documentary.
13/05/1732m 47s

Episode 1: The Making of The Rich List 2017

In the first episode of our brand new podcast, Sunday Times Magazine editor Eleanor Mills takes us behind the scenes of the UK's definitive guide to wealth. We hear from Rich List compiler Robert Watts, who has spent the past 12 months scrutinising the bank balances of the UK's 1,000 wealthiest people as well as Sunday Times writers John Arlidge and Ellie Austin who were dispatched to interview some of the biggest names on the list. The Magazine's deputy editor and all-round pop guru, Krissi Murison, is also on hand to tell us who is worth more - Adele or One Direction.
05/05/1723m 42s


Eleanor Mills and the Sunday Times Magazine Team preview the content you can expect from the Sunday Times Magazine podcast.
04/05/171m 3s
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