Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

By Earwolf and Kevin Pollak

An award-winning actor, Kevin Pollak (The Usual Suspects, Casino, A Few Good Men) was named by Comedy Central as One of the Top 100 Comedians of All Time. Here, he interviews celebrated actors, writers, directors, comedians, and masters of the tech universe. New episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays.

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396. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale discusses life as a pre-teen actress, as well as the jump to fame hyperspace from High School Musical. She also shares everything weird and wonderful that happens in that thin, rare air of success.This episode is brought to you by Billions on Showtime.
12/03/191h 18m

395. Brian Posehn

Comedian and actor Brian Posehn journeys from Sacramento to the SF Bay Area for stand-up comedy, and ultimately joins forces with alt comics in LA. Stories from the Bob & Dave show are crazy amazing as well.
05/03/191h 4m

394. Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman shares his humble beginnings, and the tricky path that led to his current standing as one of the top touring stand-up comedians in the country. 
26/02/191h 35m

393. Jon Taffer

Host and undeniable master of his domain Jon Taffer shares his origin story, as well as bizarre details from his hit show "Bar Rescue".
19/02/191h 10m

392. Matt Walsh

UCB co-founder and "Veep" co-star Matt Walsh IS a damn funny fella. He shares a more serious side, and Kevin gladly takes the trip.
12/02/191h 22m

391. Katie O’Brien and Katy Colloton

Katie O'Brien and Katy Colloton share hilarious and, damn it, inspiring stories about their path to co-creating and co-starring in the hit TV Land series "Teachers".
05/02/191h 18m

390. Constance Zimmer

The forever extraordinary and gainfully employed Constance Zimmer tells Kevin what kind of sweet hell she's been through along her path.
29/01/191h 34m

389. Joe Manganiello

Star of the thrilling crime podcast "The Angel of Vine", Joe Manganiello shares tales from his early days in Pittsburgh, as well as the making of this new audio hit.
22/01/191h 39m

388. Mike Zegen

Mike Zegen spills all he's learned and enjoyed from playing "Joel Maisel" on the multi-award-winning Amazon series, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel".
15/01/191h 27m

387. Alfred Molina

Award-winning actor Alfred Molina shares tales, from being shown the ropes by Harrison Ford for his first gig on Raiders of the Lost Ark, to improvising in Boogie Nights, "That's Cosmo. He's Chinese." And much, much more...
08/01/191h 16m

386. Chris Fairbanks

Comedian Chris Fairbanks joins guest host Samm Levine for a lively chat about hip replacements, anger issues, and Canadian reggae singers.
01/01/191h 8m

385. Clark Wolfe

Actress, host, podcaster and personality Clarke Wolfe stops by to chat with guest host Samm Levine about geek culture, trusting your gut, and why New York isn't for everyone.This episode is brought to you by BETDSI ( code: CHATSHOW).
25/12/181h 2m

384. Peter Segal

Wildly successful comedy film director Peter Segal talks about how to achieve his creative goals while directing huge comedy stars like Adam Sandler and others.This episode is brought to you by BETDSI ( code: CHATSHOW).
18/12/181h 11m

383. Chris Elliott

Long-time genius Chris Elliott shares more insights into his particular brand of humor than is legally allowed in most states.
11/12/181h 27m

382. Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy Pardo and guest host Samm Levine talk about throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, Wikipedia, and Jimmy's latest podcast, "Playing Games".
04/12/181h 14m

Kev’s Fav - Jon Favreau

This year's generous helping of Thanksgiving leftovers includes a bona fide Chef! Venture back with us to the year 2013, when Kevin sat down with actor-turned-everything Jon Favreau!
27/11/182h 3m

381. Paul Lieberstein

Paul Lieberstein is best known to comedy fans for playing the dry, oft-annoyed character "Toby" on NBC's "The Office". Paul's written, directed, and stars in a wonderful indie film "Song of Back and Neck", and Kevin has a LOT of questions about it.
20/11/181h 27m

380. Ben Lee

Kevin chats with Australian musician and composer Ben Lee about his career, which started as an oddly-famous 14-year-old punk rocker...
13/11/181h 37m

379. Jenna Laurenzo

Kevin finds out what it's like to be a first-timer as a film Writer/Director and star from Jenna Laurenzo, whose film "Lez Bomb", about a young woman coming out to her parents during Thanksgiving, opens this weekend.
06/11/181h 17m

378. Jon Dore

Comedian Jon Dore chats with guest host Samm Levine about their shared past, Canadian holidays, and Jon's new Comedy Central special, "Big Questions, Huge Answers".This episode is brought to you by The Athletic (
30/10/181h 5m

377. Wayne Federman

Friend of the show Wayne Federman stops by to chat with guest host Samm Levine about his new podcast, being a USC professor, and HBO's "Crashing".
23/10/1856m 14s

376. Danny Pino

Danny Pino chats with Kevin about growing up in Miami with Cuban parents and four brothers, breaking through playing a sociopath on "The Shield", and now working on FX and Kurt Sutter's runaway hit, "Mayans M.C.".
16/10/181h 14m

375. Ione Skye

Ione Skye shares her English roots and her California upbringing, as well as the deets on Lena Dunham's new HBO comedy, "Camping", in which Ione co-stars.This episode is brought to you by John Coltrane’s Both Directions at Once ( code: 20offcoltrane).
09/10/181h 6m

374. Kurtwood Smith

Kurtwood Smith was ruthless in RoboCop, then fatherly in That '70s Show, but Kevin LOVES his new show Patriot. It's old pros chatting about their path to today.
02/10/181h 17m

373. Jason Sudeikis

THE Jason Sudeikis spills 17 years of life and laughs in just under 107 minutes, and your love of him will runneth over too!
25/09/181h 47m

372. Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith shares her fascination with small town crime and her podcast Small Town Dicks, AND shares the difference between her and Lisa Simpson's voice!
18/09/181h 29m

371. Thomas Lennon

THE Thomas Lennon returns to the Chat Show, and this time, it's personal... and, of course, damn hell funny.This episode is brought to you by MyBookie (
11/09/181h 4m

Mark Normand

Kevin welcomes the unstoppable talent of comedian Mark Normand to have a proper chat. Mark tells of his pre-teen life living in the French Quarter, and friends... it gets weird. But, you know, "ha-ha" weird.This episode is brought to you by MyBookie.
04/09/181h 3m

Justin Willman

World-class magician Justin Willman sits down with guest host Samm Levine to discuss the importance of playing kids' birthday parties, performing at the White House, and his new Netflix series "Magic for Humans".This episode is brought to you by MyBookie.
28/08/181h 8m

Tony Shalhoub

With multiple Emmys (nominated again for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”), and a recent Tony Award, Tony Shalhoub may be loved by us all, but here he explains how the youngest of ten children makes it out of Wisconsin alive, let alone has a shot in the big leagues of showbiz. Oh, and “Mrs. Mailsel.”
21/08/181h 21m

Rob Riggle

Guest host Samm Levine chats with Rob Riggle about comedy, military service, and his upcoming projects "Night School" and "Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy".
14/08/181h 12m

Karen Kilgariff

Murderinos! Karen Kilgariff shares ALL you need to know about her insanely popular podcast, My Favorite Murder... Also, Karen and Kevin talk early stand-up struggles. 
07/08/181h 6m

Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn sits down with guest host Samm Levine to talk about proper acting training, as well as his work on "Grace and Frankie" and "Mystery Science Theater 3000".
31/07/181h 38m

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Bona fide movie star Jonathan Rhys Meyers chats with guest host Samm Levine about his new film, Damascus Cover. They also discuss Match Point, The Tudors, and world history.

Jade Catta-Preta

Actress/comedienne Jade Catta-Preta sits down with guest host Samm Levine to discuss breaking into show business, cancelled TV shows, and performing stand-up in Portuguese.
17/07/1857m 13s

Steve Agee

Guest host Samm Levine and the delightful Steve Agee attempt to answer fan questions, chat about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and discuss their personal favorite roles.
10/07/181h 34m

Casper Van Dien

Guest host Samm Levine is joined by Casper Van Dien (and his lovely wife, Jenny Van Dien) to discuss Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow, and street names in New Jersey.
03/07/181h 29m

Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman, hilarious stand-up ("Just Keep Livin'?") and talented writer ("The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"), charms Chat Show with her honest bent on this here life.This episode is brought to you by Pitney Bowes C200 (
26/06/181h 21m

Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks ("Life in Pieces") returns to chat with Kevin, and this time... it's personal.This episode is brought to you by LightStream (
19/06/181h 5m

Ask Kevin Anything

This week, Kevin and Jaime answer Chat Show fan questions from Twitter and Instagram.
12/06/181h 9m

Kev's Fav - Bill Hader

Step back in time with us to Kevin's chat with the immensely talented Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live, Trainwreck), currently starring in his critically-acclaimed HBO series, "Barry".
05/06/182h 17m

357 Kurt Braunohler

The unique and always hilarious comedian and writer Kurt Braunohler shares more than Kevin bargained for...This episode is brought to you by LightStream (
29/05/181h 11m

356 Mark O’Brien

Mark O'Brien recalls a successful career on Canadian TV, the dream of making it in America, and being cast in "Halt and Catch Fire" ten days after landing in LA.
22/05/181h 19m

355 Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker talks about working on HBO's "Westworld", as well as how to crush life in the face.
15/05/181h 12m

354 Scott Thompson

"Kids in the Hall" alum Scott Thompson spills all, while welcoming us all to the triumphant return of Mr. Buddy Cole.
08/05/181h 5m

353 Maria Bamford

Comedienne/Actress Maria Bamford sheds light on the darkness of thoughts and actions, as well as her Trump restraining order.This episode is brought to you by Zyppah ( code: KPCS).
01/05/181h 4m

352 Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis

Guest host Samm Levine talks with Schmoes Know (Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis) about their love of movies, trivia, and how they created an internet empire.
24/04/181h 15m

351 Mary Lynn Rajskub

Kevin chats with the lovely and wildly (if not weirdly) talented Mary Lynn Rajskub, to talk all things funny, freaky, and life's odd left turns.
17/04/181h 20m

350 Tim Meadows

Join guest host Samm Levine as he chats with Tim Meadows about his Detroit improv roots, his journey to SNL, and why Mean Girls is practically a Christmas movie.
10/04/181h 17m

349 Selma Blair

The forevermore lovely AND entertaining Selma Blair shares all with Kevin, from Guillermo del Toro to playing house with Nic Cage.
03/04/181h 13m

348 Whitney Cummings

Live from Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth Theatre: Whitney Cummings is a force of talent, strength and success that is damn near unparalleled. She's also freaking hilarious!This episode is brought to you by Just For Men ( code: Regrowth25).
27/03/181h 46m

347 Jason Antoon

The hilarious Jason Antoon makes a triumphant return. No longer just an ol' pal, he's now co-starring in the VERY popular "Claws" program.
20/03/181h 27m

346 Billy Ray

Journalist and radio host Mark Thompson guest-hosts for Kevin. His guest, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Billy Ray, shares insights into the writing game; from The Hunger Games to Captain Phillips to the new Terminator reboot.This episode is brought to you by Audible.
13/03/181h 1m

345 James Heaney

A Kevin's Stars of Tomorrow episode with comedian James Heaney! His stories of being mugged are priceless! Yes, more than one...This episode is brought to you by Just For Men ( code: Regrowth25).
06/03/181h 39m

344 Thomas Ian Nichols

Join guest host Samm Levine for his chat with actor Thomas Ian Nicholas (Rookie of the Year, American Pie). Thomas chats about sneaking in for a second Rookie of the Year audition, some American Pie scenes that didn't make the cut, and how to properly float a pitch over home plate.
27/02/181h 29m

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