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Hosts Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey grill your favorite LGBTQ+ celebrities on what they’re loving, and who they’re loving. These queer-centric conversations spotlight our guests’ pop culture obsessions and personal experiences with dating, sex, and love.


Is She Flirting? With Paula Pell and Janine Brito

Married couple of legends Paula Pell (Girls5Eva! SNL!) and Janine Brito (Also Girls5Eva! Standup!) join us from their home on the outskirts of Undisclosed, NY to talk about the discreet joys of Reddit before bed, the excellence of CBS soaps and NBC’s Wednesday night Chicago suite, the tragedy of Lottery Dream Home, the truth of lesbian sex, the allure of Peggy Bundy, a Twitter meet-cute, and a janky Make-a-Wish wish fulfillment made right. 
19/07/241h 1m

A Comedy Revolution with Page Hurwitz

Comedian/producer Page Hurwitz takes time out of a summer day in Provincetown to talk about OUTSTANDING: A Comedy Revolution, the Netflix documentary she directed. In keeping with the spirit of the doc, we talk about the LGBTQ+ legends of standup (Lily Tomlin! Sandra Bernhard!), the unsung heroes (Robin Tyler!), the guys who white-knuckled it through the intense homophobia of the ‘80s (Todd Glass! Scott Thompson!), and the big show at the Greek that brought them all together. OUTSTANDING is streaming globally on Netflix now, and it is not to be missed. 
12/07/241h 2m


The first champion of Canada’s Drag Race and current star of Max’s We’re Here joins us from distant and beautiful Toronto to share her thoughts on the origins and definitions of Gay Pop, run-ins with JoJo Siwa, life on the road, the new cop of Drag Race All-Stars, the summer of Sabrina Carpenter and Chappell Roan, the Pussycat Dolls songs with special significance, the real-time downfall of Justin Timberlake, life as a Canadian kids’ show host, coming out to family via Drag Race, falling in love off of Grindr, and why we’re all more powerful than we think. Catch Priyanka on tour this summer and fall!
05/07/2447m 17s

HOT BOY SUMMER! with James Arthur M.

The TV personality and host of the hit podcast Red Flags Everywhere swings by to talk tears at the Janet show, the indelible mark the Love Will Never Do video leaves on a gay boy, the queer beauty of X-Men ‘97, the importance of movie trailer avoidance, the coldness of red carpet Angelina Jolie, the hotness of red carpet Angela Bassett, SoCal Sobriety and so much more. 
28/06/2452m 22s

A Great Gay Episode with Ryan Fitzgibbon

Founder of Hello Mr. magazine and editor of A Great Gay Book Ryan Fitzgibbon joins us from his adopted hometown of Tulsa to talk about how Tulsa came to be his adopted hometown, plus: Hacks and We’re Here, the summer pop double whammy of Dua Lipa and Charli XCX, 1973’s Lavender Country, coming out via a design assignment in Michigan and then moving to the Castro, the revolutionary act of creating a magazine for gay men that actually features gay men, and the three most tantalizing words we’ve ever heard: Queer Bourbon Week. 
21/06/2428m 46s

A Rolex and a Bathrobe with Marcellas Reynolds

On the release of Supreme Sirens, the third gorgeous book in his Supreme series, author/TV host/documentarian/bon vivant/Egyptian-in-his-heart Marcellas Reynolds joins us to talk about the divas who’ve inspired him, the proper usage of slides, flops and Crocs, Mickalene Thomas at the Broad, a fortuitous run-in with Issa Rae, a shooting of shots with Andy Cohen, a salting of his game by Sutton Stracke, modeling for an iconic brand, the Murder She Wrote/Columbo/Perry Mason trifecta of comfort, and the subtle sexuality of Robert Blake. Get Supreme Sirens where books are sold, and please use the hashtag #IStandyWithAndy in all your social media interactions until further notice. 
14/06/2442m 14s

The Best of Both Worlds with Christian Weissmann

Actor and Professional Published Poet Christian Weissmann stops by to talk about his new book Her, Him and I. Plus: pre-publication jitters, juggling college and a career, the PowerPoint presentation that convinced his parents to let him move to Los Angeles at 13, Girls vs Sex and the City, being IN but not OF the Oakwoods, the proper scheduling of a Coachella weekend, working with a legendary friend on the Saved By The Bell reboot, Billie Eilish, Chappell Roan, the importance of protecting the innocent in poetry, AND his upcoming reading at Chevalier’s in Los Angeles June 13!  
07/06/2445m 7s

A Lil Bit Country with Colton Underwood

Former Bachelor and current dad-to-be Colton Underwood takes us to paradise this week to talk about his podcast Daddyhood. Also: the exorbitance of Erewhon, the appeal of AppleTV+, the superiority of Stagecoach, the occasional ignorance of the Instagram commenter, the importance of therapy, the challenges of surrogacy, the bright side of blackmail, the bagging of a perfect husband, the transformational love of a failed foster pup, and…Spermageddon. 
31/05/2436m 14s

Open Books with Morgan Walsh

Actor, writer, and co-founder of Open Books Morgan Walsh drops by to chop it up with Dave and Matt about ghosts, marriage, and her organization’s tireless efforts to provide school libraries with LGBTQ+ affirming literature. 
24/05/2447m 30s

Hollywood Pride with Alonso Duralde

Esteemed film critic, podcaster, and author of your new favorite book HOLLYWOOD PRIDE Alonso Duralde is here to chat with the boys about film history, meeting his husband, and so much more.
17/05/2438m 22s

The Denim Wall with Matt & Dave

It’s just Matt & Dave this week, catching up on major life events like Miami Beach Pride, dorks at the Equinox, the miraculous benefits of cold plunging, the tantalizing teases of season three of And Just Like That, the beauty of a Gap in-store playlist, an impending Under The Tuscan Sun situation, and the binge-worthiness of the full series of Who Killed The Video Star: The Story of MTV. 
10/05/2445m 27s

Shaman On The Third Date with Zachary James

Hades in the West End production of Hadestown Zachary James joins us from Soho to talk musicals, mystics, and an intense early date with his fiancé. 
03/05/2434m 54s

God Shots with Zee Machine

Pop/rock/electronic/soul singer-songwriter and legend in the making Zee Machine takes a break from nebulizing to talk about a childhood spent all over the world, a musical arrival in the Boston club scene, a plum spot at WeHo Pride, the gay revolution of 2009, the brilliance of Bonnie McKee, the importance of sobriety, and how life sounds in the pop girly year of 2024. Check Zee out at WeHo Pride on Sunday, June 2!
26/04/2442m 6s

Getting Into It with Clayton Farris

You know, sometimes a guest comes in and gets on down to the good, emotional stuff right out of the gate. And so it is with the hilarious actor/comic/Vine & IG superstar Clayton Farris this week! No spoilers! Just listen and achieve emotional catharsis with us. 
19/04/2450m 37s

LOL LOL OMG LOL with Steve Yockey

Steve Yockey, creator of The Flight Attendant and showrunner of Netflix’s much-anticipated Dead Boy Detectives, joins us on Eclipse Day to talk The Traitors, iconic Celebrity Big Brother moments, coming out to Mom at the IKEA cafeteria and to Dad three times, extreme teenage poetry, and the everlasting relevance of Sue-Ellen Ewing.
12/04/2437m 57s

I Vogued At My Prom with Darren Hayes

This week, we are truly, madly, deeply excited to have pop music legend Darren Hayes in the house to talk Madonna at the Forum, U2 at the Sphere, and Beyonce on a horse. Also: life one year after divorce, his relationship with his partner in Savage Garden, hiding a wife during his pop peak, marketing a record from the closet, and what happens when you go to a dinner party, Madonna is there, and she demands that you tell a joke. 
05/04/2454m 16s

Just a Little Spritz with Ben V. Greene

Who says you can’t be smart and joyful? Certainly not Ben V. Greene, the author of My Child Is Trans, Now What: A Joy-Centered Approach to Support. Ben joins us from St. Louis to cruelly bad-mouth Imo’s Pizza, and also talk about the significance of science fiction, the work of Becky Chambers, the brilliance of Our Flag Means Death, The Fosters and Dispatches From Elsewhere, the conundrum of Dave Chappelle and Pretty Little Liars, the underground Facebook group that was his lifeline, the farce-fueled courtship that led to marriage, and the importance of a good squirt bottle in the home.
29/03/2447m 39s

Stepping Into the Sun with Kathy Smith

Fitness titan, trailblazer, and icon Kathy Smith (who is also Matt's former boss) joins Matt for a very special 1-on-1 conversation on aging, mindfulness, her multi-step morning routine, the latest groundbreaking research on exercise, her legendary career, and SO much more. Don't miss this intimate chat on all things wellness with a true media maverick. Learn more about Ms. Kathy at www.kathysmith.com.
22/03/2455m 2s

WHERE IS SHE with Pete Zias

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to bring back a very recent guest, we will not hesitate. And to discuss Madonna at the Forum AND the Kate Middleton Mystery, there is simply nobody we would rather hear from than the great Pete Zias. Hear the heartbreaking story of a bottle uncaught, enjoy some royal theories, know that Luther Vandross is involved. And see Pete in Drew Droege’s Messy White Gays, in New York City April 7-9 at the Soho Playhouse!
15/03/2447m 59s

A Brief Conversation with Armistead Maupin

The legendary author of the essential Tales of the City series joins us from London, where a pot roast awaits him, to talk about whether the magic of ‘70s San Francisco can ever exist again, why Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under are his current comforts, the PBS gay kiss that rocked the world, the Early Frost/Our Sons/Consenting Adults TV movie moment that examined gay life strictly in terms of how hard it is on your mom, and whether his character Brian’s 1976 prediction that he and his friends would be 50-year-old libertines in a world full of 20-year-old Calvinists has actually come to pass.
08/03/2449m 30s

The Taste of Things with Alan Poul

The producer and director of My So Called Life, Six Feet Under and Tales of the City joins us to talk about the devastation of All of Us Strangers, the importance of Juliette Binoche, the drama of the Barbra memoir audiobook, growing up with Maude and Mary Tyler Moore, how WandaVision brought the MCU into his little gay boy heart, the gay bar scene in Japan, the role they wanted Laura Linney for on Tales, the polarizing episodes of Six Feet Under, what it’s like to show up halfway through My So Called Life, and whether Tino ever did show up. 
01/03/2444m 21s

Making Taylor Finally Feel Seen with Victor Carlesi

Comedian, baker, painter, pet portraiteur, Taylor Swift-recognized Taylor Swift song intro re-enactor, One Directioner, runner and satchel-wearer Victor Carlesi to talk unseasonable Chicago temps, the meaning of Madison Beer, the secret of a Nick Jonas voice, Zayn as bias-wrecker, the importance of a comment by the world’s most powerful and Celine Dion-resistant entertainer and the crucial behind-the-scenes role Selena Gomez may have played in the affair, his unconventional journey in stand-up comedy, his potential future as a registered nurse, and why it’s so important to him that he remember to send biscotti to Dave, Matt, and Producer Renee. These are his words and not ours! Follow him on Instagram at @victorcarlesi. 
23/02/2450m 46s

Deep Cut Cities with Brent Sullivan

The genius comedian Brent Sullivan joins us from DTLA to talk travel, traditional family atheism, Hinge, Air Disasters, and Christian rock.

JUST US BOYS with Matt & Dave

It’s a family affair, as Matt & Dave finally reconnect in a fresh new year that’s already 10% over. And what a year it’s been: new dogs, old Swans, hometowns, Ordinary Joes, Mean Girls, Los Angeles driving challenges, movie theater bag crinkulations, 8th grade financial literacy courses, We Are The World, and a full hailstorm of names to drop. 
09/02/241h 2m

My Inner Ursula with Ginger Minj

Drag Race All Star Ginger Minj is here to share her Ursula origin story, her hot takes on the current Drag Race cast, and her efforts to connect with Ron DeSantis. Don't miss her show "The Broads Way" at Green Room 42 in NYC February 10-12, and grab your copy of her memoir "Southern Fried Sass" now! 
02/02/2428m 57s

BONUS: Entering His Masc Era with Matt McConkey

We have a special bonus treat for you this week! This is my episode of the new podcast, Tell Me Everything, hosted by the fabulous Liam Gareau. Every week, guests bring on their 3 favorite things from pop culture. I brought The Wizard of Oz (can you believe nobody else had yet?!), The Leftovers, and the documentary, Beckham. It was such a fun chat talking about these things that mean so much to me. If you enjoy, you can check out the show's instagram @tellliameverything for more content, and make sure to follow the show wherever you get your podcasts! Episode Description: We’re back, back, BACK AGAIN! Divas, did you absolutely miss us? We missed you! We’re in a brand spankin’ new year, which can only mean one thing…we’ve got a brand spankin’ new episode! On this week’s show we have the absolutely divine, Matt McConkey (Homophilia). And babes, I mean it when I say he really delivers the goods. On this week’s show, Matt brings us THE WIZARD OF OZ (hello, queer cannon!), THE LEFTOVERS, and the documentary, BECKHAM. I hope you’re all kicking things off right in 2024, dear listeners. I know we are!
31/01/241h 7m

The Power of Love with Andrew Haigh

Writer and director of the instant classic All Of Us Strangers (and Weekend, and HBO’s Looking, and much more) Andrew Haigh takes a break from a packed awards season to talk about the joyous queerness of mid-‘80s pop music, the useful loneliness of the queer experience, the link between parental love and romantic love, and- AFTER A BREAK, DON’T SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED- what’s going on in this beautiful, devastating movie. Also: Max Richter, Hercules and Love Affair, and Harry & Meghan.
26/01/2459m 39s

Taking Fear Off The Table with Stan Zimmerman

He’s written for The Golden Girls, Roseanne, and Gilmore Girls to name but three, and now Stan Zimmerman is here to talk about his new book The Girls: From Golden to Gilmore. Plus: life as an 11-year-old network executive, creating a Russian Roseanne, Love, Sidney, the importance of journaling, the healing power of live theater, the dream Lifetime sitcom that wasn’t, and Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas, the dream Lifetime movie that was. 
19/01/2453m 54s

Getting Embodied with Lio Mehiel

Icon in the making Lio Mehiel joins us to talk about their new movie MUTT, streaming now on Netflix. Also: FX’s The Bear and the Buffalo Wild Wings trauma it resurfaces, life as a child Broadway star, Maya Hawke as Nepo Ideal, feeling desirable, and making a film with moments that have never been seen on screen before. 

Matt Doyle on Becoming Frank Sinatra

Happy New Year, Homophiacs! We're ringing in 2024 with Tony-winner Matt Doyle, who shares tales of crying in Patti Lupone's arms backstage, getting the stamp of approval from Tina Sinatra, meeting his soon-to-be-husband Max Claytor in line at Starbucks, and battling anxiety on Broadway.
05/01/2447m 8s

Yass, Jesus! with Daniel Franzese

Please join us in giving icon Daniel Franzese a warm holiday welcome to the World of Wonder fam! To celebrate his podcast "Yass, Jesus"! joining the WOW Podcast Network, Danny literally takes us to church, with spiritual sermons on everything from his experience with conversion therapy to the gayest stories in the Bible. 
29/12/2350m 10s

It's a Wonderful Knife with Michael Kennedy

Our pal Michael Kennedy is back for a holiday horror spectacular! We go deep on the gift of sobriety, his unique path to screenwriting success, the recent drama surrounding the Scream movies, and much more. His new movie, It's a Wonderful Knife, is a total blast. And it's now available on Shudder, AMC+, and VOD!
22/12/2335m 9s

We Live Here with Melinda Maerker & David Clayton Miller

This week, we're joined by filmmakers Melinda Maerker & David Clayton Miller. We get into everything from religion to parenting to all the good shows that start with a "B." Don't miss Melinda and David's must-see new documentary, "We Live Here: The Midwest," streaming on Hulu starting December 6th.
15/12/2335m 13s

Wellness Check with John Hill

Broadway veteran, Sirius XM host, and Bravo royalty John Hill is here at last. He gives great chat on his holiday plans, Housewives, pickleball, mental health, his relationship with Sir Andy Cohen, and The Artist's Way. Don't miss his solo musical, Wellness Check, at NYC’s The Green Room 42 on December 11 and in Los Angeles December 22.
08/12/2344m 33s

BravoCon with Brian Moylan

Returning champion and fan fave Brian Moylan is back for what is either his 5th or 37th appearance on Homophilia! Brian has done his homework, as always, and you're welcome! He's here to dish on his adventures at BravoCon in Vegas, from hanging with Housewives to Grindr chats. Plus: NYC glory hole memories!
01/12/2345m 1s

Bryan Safi Is BACK

Here’s something to be grateful for: Our beloved Bryan Safi has returned to regale us with skin care tips, holiday hacks, and so much more. We finally ask him the questions we keep forgetting to ask. And, as always with Bryan, the answers are explosive. We hope to the gods you’re already listening to him on “Ask Ronna with Ronna (and Bryan)” and “Attitudes.” 
24/11/2340m 58s

Drew Droege is the King of the World

Are you ready to go for it? Friend of the show, living legend, and current toast of New York City Drew Droege returns to talk about his role as Celine Dion’s recollection of Frances Fisher as Kate Winslet’s mother in the off-Broadway sensation Titanique!! (First exclamation point is in the actual title of the show, the second is an expression of our own excitement!) Also, life in New York City, Spamalot, Merrily We Roll Along, the full-scale emotional devastation of All Of Us Strangers, and so much more. (Note to you from Dave: this episode was recorded before I had seen Titanique!, which now I have, and which you must.) 
17/11/2341m 24s

Queer for Fear with Nay Bever

It's still Halloween over here at Homophilia, especially since we're graced by Nay Bever! She's an artist, writer, horror queen, and co-producer/series consultant for QUEER FOR FEAR (now streaming on Shudder and AMC+). We talk old horror, new horror, relationship horror... and we just have a real nice time. And so will you. 
10/11/2342m 17s

Liam Gareau Tells Us Everything

Writer, delight, and host of the excellent new podcast "Tell Me Everything" Liam Gareau joins Matt for a deep and dishy 1-on-1 therapy session/gossipy hang/spiritual exorcism. Liam shares his brilliant takes on the enduring power of Linda Ronstadt, sloughing off the old "struggling artist/waiter" identity, how to have the perfect breakup, the meaning of Madonna, and SO. MUCH. MORE. Subscribe to "Tell Me Everything" wherever you get your pods!
03/11/2350m 23s


It’s a family affair as Matt & Dave talk Teen Witch, Britney’s memoir, and an unexpected Trolls 3 promotional opportunity…and then, as in any productive therapy session, things get deep and honest and enlightening when you least expect it.
27/10/2352m 43s

A Homosexual Smile with Pete Zias

Messy White Gays actor, The Grind dancer, and long-standing dream guest Pete Zias joins us from a hotel room lit by candlelight and the setting October Brooklyn sun to talk about his absolutely crucial Instagram Live show (and podcast!) Total Trash. Plus: Britney’s memoir, Jamie Lynn’s Dancing With The Stars flop, a life informed by tabloids, the dominance of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal across all four sections of USA Today, the view from the pit at the 1997 Video Music Awards, fraternization among the dance company of the gayer later-‘90s reboot of The Grind, the celebrities who wandered into his section at Bloomingdale’s to find out what jackets were, his final verdict on the JonBenet Ramsey case, the unhinged nature of Los Angeles’ Look Cinemas, his secret life as a teenage capital-P Pranker with a skeleton key to the high school, what exactly the hell is going on with Jada Pinkett-Smith, why Will Smith is gay and Liberace is not and Tarbie will have her day, and the importance of pizzazz. Watch Total Trash at Pete’s IG (@petezias) on the Monday nights when he feels like doing it. 
20/10/2349m 57s

I Believe In Unibrows with Kyle Turner

The author of The Queer Film Guide joins us to talk queer horror, Cruising, May December, Gregg Araki, Bringing Up Baby, De-Lovely, why the original Scream films are better, why standup within movies generally stinks, the meaning of the Saw series, getting into To Wong Foo at age 7, Dylan Adler, Jes Tom, the new RHONY, The Golden Bachelor, and the brilliant evil of both Milf Manor and Mary Cosby.
13/10/2341m 33s

The Gift of Queer Kids with Heather Dubrow

Actress, ally, and Real Housewife of Orange County Heather Dubrow joins us to dish on her castmates, her new home in LA, and her scheduled breakdown in Cabo (with an assist from Richard Marx). In our surprisingly candid conversation, Heather opens up about the gift of having queer children, the fear that comes with returning to acting, her longtime friendship with Jenny McCarthy, and the pain of being this season's scapegoat. We also chat about Terry's recent health scare, with a special cameo from Dr. Dubrow himself. 
06/10/2341m 3s

Scream Popcorn Pants with Johnny Sibilly

Hilarious, handsome, and the star of most of the shows you watch Johnny Sibilly joins us to talk about getting offline, standing in your power even when you are standing next to Oprah, nearly sharing a B-Day with Beyonce, crush playlists, Olivia Rodrigo leading the children back to an Ashlee Simpson moment, a strike routine that involves morning Housewives consumption, Shannon Beador’s Pee-Wee Hermanesque DUI, consciously uncoupling and becoming friends with an ex, and the ways he vets a potential new boyfriend. Listen, and it could be you. 
29/09/2336m 29s

Good Strong Words with Sarah Tapscott

Comedy writer (The Sex Lives of College Girls, New Girl, Kroll Show, hey, go on IMDB and pack a lunch) and sculptor of tiny foods Sarah Tapscott joins us at the exact right hour of the morning for maximum coffee sweats to talk about Celsius, the WGA strike as a second Covid, her dog Professor Gordon Meringue, writing poetry, coming out in your 30s and the sequel to your adolescence that that entails, Muna, Tegan & Sara, boygenius, Orlando (the book and play, not the city in Florida nor yet the Tilda Swinton film), Stone Butch Blues, and a story about a skinned knee and a piano tuner that will really stay with you. 

Getting Post-Genre with LP

On the eve of the release of their sixth album Love Lines, LP joins us from vacation in the Cayman Islands to talk about the importance of Jeff Buckley, the not-badness of the new Rolling Stones single, the bewildering but undeniable appeal of Post Malone, snorkeling vs. paddle boarding, Leonard Cohen, their thoughts on religion, and life in a Rihanna songwriting camp. Grab a frozen cocktail and dive in. 
15/09/2324m 25s

A Friendly Ghost with Price Peterson

TV writer, Gay Twitter legend and sweet, sweet baby Price Peterson brings us up to speed with the WGA strike, the dangers of picketing for a pale person, the tragedy of striking-writer self-owns, learning how to write for TV by recapping TV, the intimidating specter of Ryan Murphy, the breakneck pace of The Vampire Diaries, the escapist properties of John Waters and Dean Koontz, the cultural significance of Chris Farley and Melanie Hutsell, the sexy menace of Christopher Pike novels, the clairvoyance of Nasim Pedrad, the downmarket charm of the early Abbey, and…the new guy in his life. 
08/09/2333m 22s

We Know How To Do Hard Things with Matthew Lopez

Tony winning writer of The Inheritance and co-writer and director of the smash gay Amazon Prime Video romcom Red White & Royal Blue Matthew Lopez joins us from his home in London to talk about growing up with his nose in a book, Mark O’Connell’s "A Threat of Violence," the biographies of Mike Nichols and Walt Disney, the impact of "Around The World In 80 Days," the Latinx representation in the RW&RB’s source material, being the only one on set who’s allowed not to know what he’s doing, scaring the straights, and the movie-star prospects of Rachel Maddow. PLUS: Matt’s on-the-scene reporting from Watch What Happens Live, some parting thoughts about season two of And Just Like That, and some staying thoughts about the future of And Just Like Matt. 
01/09/2336m 40s

Reaching For Hope with R. Eric Thomas

TV writer, columnist, and author of the hilarious new collection Congratulations! The Best Is Over Now R. Eric Thomas joins Matt & Dave to talk about the challenges of maintaining a gay bag for frogs, waking up in Vegas with Katy Perry, ambivalence about aliens, the importance of Octavia Spencer, Britney and her Buzzballs, a literary friendship with Ann Patchett, strike life, Newsies, and the rules of writing about real people. Keep up with him at his newsletter: https://letter.rericthomas.com/
25/08/2350m 50s

Abandoned in Chelsea with Brian Derrick

Political strategist and stone fox Brian Derrick is here to talk about Oath, the platform he founded to allows users to maximize the impact of their political donations. Plus: a clear and digestible breakdown of the Trump situation, the life of a gay Catholic school boy in ‘90s Ohio, the French teacher with a little je ne sais quoi, cultural Catholicism and its long-term ramifications, life in the time of “if it offends, it trends," how to get through Thanksgiving with people who don’t share your views, why it’s Joe in ’24 and how that’s a good thing, alien conspiracies, The Three Body Problem, and Jack’s Mannequin. Go to Oath and stretch that donation dollar: https://oath.vote/
18/08/2345m 24s

On Fire with Jess Rothschild

Hot Takes & Deep Dives co-host Jess Rothschild joins Dave and Matt (most recently seen on Watch What Happens Live) to talk about her fascinating new podcast Finding Fire Island. Also: new Real Housewives, Madonna in this and all moments, Real World Homecoming, And Just Like That, and the importance of the Meat Rack. 
11/08/2357m 7s

A Talent For Flossing with Isaac Mizrahi

Designer but more importantly cabaret sensation Isaac Mizrahi joins us from a TK home in Bridgehampton to talk about RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, yerba mate, dreading summer, learning from failure, the magic of not having a plan, the thrill of live performance, the social hierarchy of a Manhattan performing arts high school and the vowel-rich and therefore crossword-friendly names he encountered there, the Jewish spirit of New York City, the desire for a Barbie, the importance of a kooky aunt with a fun gay friend, and his new podcast Hello, Isaac. Check him out at 42 Below August 3-6! He’s the top.  
04/08/2334m 47s

Going Where The Love Is with Garrison Starr

Singer/songwriter/icon in the making Garrison Starr joins us fresh off her Grand Ole Opry debut to talk about the secret magic of Los Angeles, the power of Sinead O’Connor, the joy of playing the Lilith Fair, the pain of being outed in college, the struggle to trust yourself, the importance of picking yourself up, and the authentic Mexican cooking at Baja Fresh. Check out her work with My Sister My Brother, and get ready for their new EP, out in September! 
28/07/2344m 28s

College Radio For The Eyes with Bret Berg

*Recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strike Founder of Museum of Home Video— aka the best thing on the internet— Bret Berg is here to talk about how the whole thing came together, and why it’s his form of therapy (and should be yours). Also: Asian night market videos, WikiHow, the enduring appeal of Charo, commercials for bathhouses, bummer gay movies, Robin Byrd, Huell Howser, David Lynch’s Dune, growing up in ‘90s Los Angeles, coming out via William S. Burroughs, the challenges of 2000s-era archivism, the midlife joys of weed, and the absolutely critical importance of Ben & Arthur. Check out museumofhomevideo.com and join their Patreon!
21/07/2352m 52s

Theater Camp with Noah Galvin

*Recorded before the SAG-AFTRA strike Noah Galvin is here to dish about his time on The Real O'Neals, his engagement to Ben Platt, his hilarious new film Theater Camp, and much more.
14/07/2339m 57s

Reclaiming Hoops with Trace Lysette

Actress and star of the must-see movie Monica Trace Lysette is here to talk Somebody Somewhere, Henry Louis Gates on PBS, Kathryn Hahn’s Tiny Beautiful Things (or something?) The Jets, Remy Ma, Latto, the importance of a good playlist for a day shooting hoops, FloJo nails, the rollercoaster of awards buzz, the power of kooky writing workshops, and what stories she wants to tell next. 
07/07/2344m 40s

Run Now with Kate Black

Author/professor/policy expert/political strategist and ally for the ages Kate Black is here to talk about the state of American electoral politics, the five steps of getting involved in your own community to advocate for what you believe in, and Kelly Clarkson’s Chemistry. Also: becoming a born-again tidy person, donating a kidney and all that that entails, the challenge of triathlons, the quiet bravery of keeping your head down and continuing to swim, the joys of the Midwest, the cost of diapers, June Diane Raphael as life-changer, how to support LGBTQ+ candidates, why we’re still stuck with the language of hyper-masculinity, and how we’re feeling about the 2024 election. PLUS: the true story of Michael Patrick King on Matt’s new podcast And Just Like Matt!  
30/06/2355m 17s

Judicious Partying with Jake Shears

Straight-up legend Jake Shears broadcasts from a rare week off in Laguna Beach to talk about his brilliant and summer-defining solo album Last Man Dancing, and: spontaneous New Orleans house parties, Jessie Ware, Alison Goldfrapp, Padam Padam, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the gentle heaviness of Queens of the Stone Age, life as a gay teen in Seattle the year Nirvana broke, Dan Savage as mentor, the magnetic pull of Emerald City, what he looks for in a man, and a surprising semi-celebrity crush (who we have independently researched and can verify could get it). 
23/06/2329m 46s

Sweet Filth with Jeff Hiller

On the heels of the announcement of a season three for Max's Somebody Somewhere, the show’s charming co-star Jeff Hiller comes back home to Homophilia, where he has always felt a deep sense of belonging. We talk about his upcoming memoir, the challenges of urban wildfire smoke, the trap of self-deprecation, the enduring popularity of the idea that the world is getting worse, the essential bro-ness of improv, the significance of an original Broadway cast recording to a certain kind of boy, the importance of in-unit laundry, and why Vanessica cannot work with a dark wig. 
16/06/2341m 19s

I’m Sorry, F Off with Matt Baume

Activist and author Matt Baume joins us to talk about his excellent book on queer representation in sitcoms Hi Honey, I’m Homo!. Also: devastatingly elegant kiss-offs to the ignorant and angry, catching up on the classics, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the rise of PlutoTV, Boober from Fraggle Rock as gay icon, cinemaphobia, the genius of Bewitched, All In The Family and Soap, the problem of Jody, the joy of a progressive family, and the place where the hottest men on television can reliably be found: reruns of Supermarket Sweep. 
09/06/2343m 48s

Byron Lane Returns!

Friend of the show and author of the just-released and critically-acclaimed Big Gay Wedding Byron Lane is back! The first order of business is holding space for one another in the wake of the Kim Cattrall And Just Like That news, and speculating on its personal, local, and global implications. But there is time for other topics, and these include: finally getting around to reading Kavalier & Klay, gay weddings real and fictional and big and small, auspicious meetings on Tinder, testicular odd couples, Carrie Fisher, Tilda Swinton, the responsible side of New Orleans and the sleazy side of Catholic confession, our evolving relationships with the concept of Pride Month, and how TV can teach us how to write a novel. 
02/06/2341m 51s

Defenestration with Rob Forman

Writer and Co-Chair of the LGBTQ+ Writers Committee at the WGA West Rob Forman joins us to talk about the upcoming Pride Picket at the Warner Brothers lot on June 1. (Be there! Bring donuts!) Also: Succession, gay love on Ted Lasso, getting fucked out of a window on The Great, the formative one-two punch of Princess Leia and Buffy Summers, the moment that was the WB, grade-grubbing and its social implications, the spectrum of queer characters on The Magicians, and the importance of a strike boyfriend. For more information on the WGA strike, go to wgastrike.org, and for more info on the Pride Picket, follow Rob on Twitter and IG at @robsforman. 
26/05/2343m 41s

Just Us Boys

It’s a family affair this week, as Matt and Dave talk a glittering Eurovision, celebrified pickleball drama, Succession theories, Vanderpump conspiracies, and the pros and cons of revisiting exes. This episode is NOT sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, but what a great opportunity that would be for the legendary carmaker, whose 2023 EQS 580 combines luxury with eco-consciousness.  Subscribe to Matt's new limited-run podcast: And Just Like Matt here or wherever you listen to podcasts. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/and-just-like-matt/id1688052599?i=1000613321675
19/05/2357m 52s

The GREAT Mollie Merkel is here!

The GREAT Mollie Merkel is here to dish about having a shocking amount of siblings, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Growing up on a corn/pumpkin/Xmas tree farm. The origin stories of her character videos. Being an elite athlete before transitioning to comedy. The quiz her girlfriend gave on their first date. And whether or not she (and Dave) should finally start playing pickleball. 
12/05/2348m 37s

Honoring Mike Nice

This week, we're joined by Deanna Cheng and Drew Pokorny to pay tribute to our late friend Michael Hannus, aka Mike Nice. Matt reveals their "Golden Eagles" origin story, and Drew and Deanna recall their days performing sketch comedy with the funniest man they've ever known. Dave also shares his own experience of meeting Mike at Matt's wedding, and a moment he captured that Matt will treasure for years to come. Prepare for lots of laughs (and more than a few tears) as we unpack the strange nature of grief and salute this incredible human. Fly high, Eagle. 
05/05/231h 30m


Once in a very rare while, we are forced to stop the podcast presses and slide in a breaking news update. America, this is one of those whiles: trailers for AND JUST LIKE THAT and Pedro Almodovar’s gay western STRANGE WAY OF LIFE have dropped, and we could not let this episode drop without our thoughts. Plus: Dave’s take on the Pedro Pascal Esquire cover, Matt and his girlfriends’ manatee madness in Miami, and a full recap of Miami Beach Pride. Bienvenido a this episode.
28/04/2348m 10s

Hutch Queens with Zach Zimmerman

It IS hot in here, because this week, we are visited by Zach Zimmerman: comedian, humorist and author of the hilarious memoir Is It Hot In Here (Or Am I Suffering For All Eternity For The Sins I Committed On Earth). We talk about his evangelical upbringing, his reality-star-in-waiting mother, Christian music concerts, secular music awakenings, summer stock three-ways, sex pamphlets, and The Price Is Right.  (Also: the devil will reach you through the music of The Beach Boys, so be on alert for that.)
21/04/2355m 12s


Comedian and co-host of the brilliant podcast Straightiolab Sam Taggart comes through to talk about his new live show Club Comic, PLUS: sad girl music, snobbery, straight culture, and sex journals.  Listen to Sam's podcast, StraightioLab from iHeartMedia and Will Ferrell’s Big Money Players Network, every Tuesday: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/263-straightiolab-97815943/ 
14/04/2345m 14s

Miami Beach Pride with Jazzmun and Dr. Erica Jayne Friedman

We’re ramping up for Miami Beach Pride with Advocate Grand Marshal Jazzmun and social psychologist Dr. Erica Jayne Friedman. We’re talking Whitney Houston, the ballroom scene, Miami clubs, and self-care in the face of so many bills attacking Florida’s trans community. To catch Erica’s panel on April 12th, Jazzmun at all the Pride events, and hang with Dave and Matt, go to www.miamibeachpride.com. 
07/04/2339m 1s


Legendary legend Fenton Bailey joins us to talk about his new book Screen Age: How TV Changed Our Reality, From Tammy Faye to RuPaul’s Drag Race. Plus: the Succession-esque drama of the Redstone family book Unscripted, the joys of bold wallpaper, the personal breakthrough of playing Titania in a high school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the camp of Batman, the excess of the ‘80s, the shocking truth of his morning ritual, the lucky break of meeting a business partner in film school, the significance of David Bowie and T Rex, the reality of Las Vegas as a city in drag, and the challenge of producing RuPaul’s Drag Race in these stupid times.  
31/03/2347m 14s

Listening to Ari Shapiro

The host of NPR’s All Things Considered and author of the new memoir, The Best Strangers In The World Ari Shapiro joins us to talk about The Last of Us, his early choice for music of the summer Nakhane, coming out at 16, Wilson Phillips, U2, Phil Collins, the long history of anti-drag laws, a meet-cute at Little Shop of Horrors, parkour, Pink Martini, designated worriers, and so much more. 
24/03/2337m 15s

Connexxions with Ronnie Woo

Model, celebrity chef, and author of the upcoming cookbook DID YOU EAT YET Ronnie Woo joins us to talk Julianne Moore, disciplined indulgence, greens that aren’t boring, the life of a private chef, a connection on Connexxion, a kitchen mishap out of a romcom, the dating life of a model, and the risks of a white carpet for a dog owner.
17/03/2330m 21s

Finding The Words with Colin Campbell

Ally for the ages Colin Campbell is here to talk about the tragedies that inspired Grief: A One-Man Shitshow and the new book Finding The Words. Also: Wednesday, high school drama club, Cyndi Lauper and the Grateful Dead, director-on-director action, his late daughter and son as lesbian warrior and ally, and espadrilles.
10/03/2338m 12s

MAJOR Revelations with Drew Droege

Homophilia homofavorite Drew Droege comes back to talk about the return of his top-notch podcast Minor Revelations (which you should support via this IndieGogo (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/drew-droege-s-minor-revelations#/). Also: The Last of Us, Hitchcock’s Rope, Lifetime’s Rodeo Drive, Museum of Home Video, the unique beauty of SNL’s terrible sixth season, bad news at El Compadre, subconscious shame, fun flings, meeting people in real life, morning radio, and the secrets of a proper glow-up.
03/03/2345m 41s

Ding-a-Dong with Jonathan Harvey

Legendary playwright/screenwriter of queer classic Beautiful Thing (and writer for Coronation Street, if you please) Jonathan Harvey joins Matt and Dave to talk about his youth as a "little camp queen,” The Sound of Music on the big screen, borrowing records from the Liverpool Record Library and twirling in the window, the UK’s Eurovision dominance in the ‘70s, the significance of Mama Cass, being outed by his trashcan, finding love on Twitter, his hit sitcom Gimme Gimme Gimme (available on YouTube and not to be missed), working with Kathy Burke and Olivia Colman, and his upcoming Eurovision-themed musical A Thong For Europe, opening in Liverpool this spring.
24/02/2349m 51s

Of an Age with Goran Stolevski

Writer/director Goran Stolevski joins us to unpack his new film Of an Age, a romantic drama about an intense 24-hour romance between two young Aussie men. We go deep on his creative process, from writing short stories to finding his dream cast, and chat about young love, musical inspirations, and meeting his husband.
17/02/2328m 1s

Don’t Let This Happen To You with Peter Mac

Award-winning Judy Garland tribute artist and author of the upcoming memoir Don’t Let This Happen To You Peter Mac joins us to talk all things Judy, the value of dodging the daily news, The Facts of Life, Tootsie, imitation as flattery vs imitation as battery, the enduring mystery of Joey Luft, a surprise Mickey Rooney endorsement, meeting one’s soulmate at a Wizard of Oz brunch, and quite frankly the best name-drop in Homophilia history.
10/02/2337m 46s

Jogging Out of the Closet with Justin Noble

Show-runner of HBO Max’s brilliant The Sex Lives of College Girls Justin Noble gets into all of it: Agatha Christie and a cappella, Charli XCX, catfishing, and Craigslist hookups at casinos, gay villains and getting punched at a Morrissey show, which shows got coming out right, an anticlimactic engagement, and embracing cringe. Get into it.
03/02/2351m 3s

FERVENCY! With Kerri Colby

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14 superstar Kerri Colby swings by to talk about her new show Kerri Cares, out now on WoW Plus! Also: Euphoria, Mean Girls, the gay specificity of Beyonce’s Renaissance, working through trauma through the medium of beats (and therapy), a drag jump-start from Gigi Goode, spirituality and soulspace, the feminine nature of the universe, stoned existentialism, and crazy RuPaul’s Drag Race tea from the past, present and future. AT SKYLIGHT: JOHN HENDRICKSON presents LIFE ON DELAY with DAVE HOLMES https://www.skylightbooks.com/event/skylight-john-hendrickson-presents-life-delay-dave-holmes EVERYDAY RADIANCE by Heidi Rose Robbins https://www.heidirose.com/everydayradiance THE GALENTINE'S DAY PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT https://www.janeclub.com/pickleball?fbclid=PAAaaFJCArqodFbwu43ZZOJAoX3YQo8UV_J7taScBifTrtTY1jBcJuReOfjUA MIAMI PRIDE BUZZ https://www.miamibeachpride.com/
27/01/2352m 19s

TV on the Radio with Ali Adler

Television writer/producer and author of How To Fuck A Woman Ali Adler joins us on a rare break from getting yelled at by her teenage children to talk about Prince Harry’s Spare, the joys of trash television, being cool in an uncool area of the country, auspicious career opportunities on the Playboy Channel and 90210, inspiring a character on The L Word, competing on MTV’s Remote Control, basing Santana’s abuela on Glee on her own grandmother, dating, friendship, and how it all started when she snuck a TV-enabled radio into bed.
20/01/2345m 44s

I Am Mine with John Butler

Writer/director/friend of the show John Butler (Handsome Devil! Papi Chulo! Amazon’s The Outlaws!) makes a return appearance from a similarly rainy Dublin, for a conversation that goes to unexpected, beautiful and nameless places. Along the way, we dive into: standup specials, Colm Toibin, Bronski Beat, Heartstoppers, Barbarian, Edmund White, being along vs. being lonely, a unique and rarely-discussed form of queer love and grief, the special magic of Irish Sea, and, you know, GOD.
13/01/2357m 30s

Elizabeth Laime is Very Wealthy

Legendary podcaster, friend of the show, and married heterosexual Elizabeth Laime stops in to talk about her new podcast The One Sure Thing, a whimsical dive into death and dying. Also: Thot Shit, mountain cabins, our time on Earth as a cosmic puberty, meeting a sociopath at Rage, grief as love unexpressed, how bereavement makes Stepmom and “I Can See Clearly Now” hit different, and getting signs from the other side. Also, we cannot stress this enough, she is very very rich.
06/01/231h 1m

Anarchy and Adam Sandler Tearjerkers with Brittani Nichols

At last! Abbott Elementary writer and general positive force Brittani Nichols joins Dave and Matt to talk about life as the one cryer in the writers’ room, the upcoming plot point she will not spoil, the efficacy of the movie Click as an emotional release, the once-fruitless quest for queer representation in mainstream movies, the podcast A Tradition of Violence, and how to get involved locally so that you do not lose your damn mind globally.
30/12/2243m 51s

The Magic of North Hollywood with Johnny Manuel

It’s a super-slayer event, as God-tier singer Johnny Manuel joins Matt and Dave from his new home of Sydney, Australia, where it is very early in the morning, and also July. We talk about his new EP Younger Skin, finding a husband on Grindr, crushing America’s Got Talent after getting discovered at a NoHo bar, living the gay dream of Eurovision, Bulgarian fame, Whitney, Patti, Donny, and the life of a young gay artist on N’Sync’s Pop Odyssey tour.
23/12/2236m 13s

Crowding in the Kitchen with Blair Beeken

She's the Chicago Queen, the Princess of Pickleball and the writer behind the smash hit Wondery podcast Fed Up... Blair Beeken is HERE!
16/12/2244m 25s

Wrap Her Up with Mitch Silpa

The incomparable Mitch joins us to discuss Two Old Queens Who've Only a Moment to Catch Up, how Elton and George Michael set the precedent 35 years ago, frat lyfe, hotel lyfe, being at varying stages of readiness to move in with a boyfriend, and his show with Drew Droege, It's Mitch & Drew and We've Never Felt Younger.
09/12/2254m 55s

Ho Ho Ho with Jinkx & BenDeLaCreme

Two bonafide legends take a break from rehearsing their holiday tour to talk to us about wait why are you still reading this WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW, IT’S JINKX MONSOON AND BENDELACREME. Dive in!
02/12/2255m 55s

Your Favorite Character Actress with Eric Williams

The great Eric Williams of That's A Gay Ass Podcast joins us to talk suburban St. Louis, having a straight twin and the bar mitzvah drama that entails, cross-country moves, character actresses, and gay-ass weddings. 
25/11/2257m 41s

The Catholic Closet with Brian Gallivan

Writer, producer, creator of CBS' The McCarthys, and overall genius Brian Gallivan joins Matt and Dave this week. It is a reunion of sorts, as Brian and Dave lived on the same hall in the same dorm at Holy Cross back in the last century. They talk about it! (They talk A LOT about it! You are invited to replace the words “Holy Cross” with whatever repressive school environment you might have found yourself in!) Also: Taylor Swift, Derry Girls, pickleball, the pressure of the closet on a Catholic boy, coming out in Ireland, creating a network sitcom, and…Holy Cross.
18/11/2249m 4s

The Return of Clea DuVall

Actor, genius and showrunner of Amazon FreeVee’s (100% FRESH, EXCUSE ME) High School Clea DuVall joins us to talk ‘90s indie girl crushes, escape rooms, haunted houses, and the overdue but inevitable Mindy Cohnessance.
11/11/2247m 42s

OUR WORLD IS A FAMILY with Miry Whitehill

Founder of Miry’s List and legit hero Miry Whitehill joins Matt and Dave to talk about welcoming refugee families, and how to take care of yourself while you try to save the world. Listen and DONATE!
04/11/2253m 11s

The Divine Power of Dogs with Katya Lidsky

The world’s leading Empowerment Mentor for Dog People joins Matt and Dave to talk Better Things, Blackbird, Night Flight, recovering from bulimia with the help of a special dog, and how her lesbian aunt showed her how to be free. Plus: the Kathy Hilton thing EXPLAINED.
28/10/2245m 7s

Talkin’ Politics with Ben Sheehan

As we prepare for another Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes, politics-knower, book-writer, and straight guy Ben Sheehan joins Matt and Dave to talk about how not to freak out, where to focus your time and energy (and donations), what the Independent State Legislature Theory is, why there are no stupid questions, and how we can change his mind about there being no stupid questions. Also: oil cleansers.
21/10/2252m 4s

Supreme Moments with Marcellas Reynolds

Model, stylist and superstar Marcellas Reynolds joins Matt and Dave to talk about his new Vogue documentary series Supreme Models, plus Mahogany, Atlanta, his reality TV history, how someone else’s throuple changed the course of his life, and the hidden value of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Plus: a cameo appearance that leaves one of our hosts speechless.
14/10/2251m 36s

Truly Asshole, with Matt and Dave.

A family-only episode this week, as Matt and Dave reluctantly address the Bros discourse, and eagerly take your questions. We cover self-esteem, Self Esteem, The Pike County Massacre, What Makes This Song Stink, Danielle Ponder, and whether or not to have kids. Dive in! See Bros! Or don’t! We’re not the boss of you.
07/10/2236m 5s

The Oakwoods Mommy Mafia with Brock Ciarlelli!

It's the end (and the beginning) of Bros week here at Homophilia, and we are joined by Bros’ own Brock Ciarlelli! He shares his recent Netflix comfort binges of Dahmer and Will and Grace, his early days navigating the Los Angeles audition jungle with his mom, working on The Middle, and meeting his partner on Raya. Plus: pickle ball and a porn awards career breakthrough.
30/09/2243m 21s

“Gay Banter” with Matt & Dave

This week, the boys fly solo with Adam Levine’s DMs, Matt’s pivot into women’s soccer, Dave’s trip to his very Catholic college’s gay homecoming tailgate, our potential new name, that kinder, gentler ‘90s homophobia, JT LeRoy, JC Chasez, and why Vineyard Vines needs to be eradicated.
23/09/2236m 20s

“Who’s the Piggy” with Blake Lee and Ben Lewis?

Matt and Dave talk to gay Hollywood power couple Blake Lee and Ben Lewis about the Emmys, high-end grocery stores, What We Do In The Shadows, what Ben did in the shadows of a Toronto gay club when he was 16, the pressures of the closet on a relationship, the Kermit-Miss Piggy power dynamic, the lies we tell our parents, and the gifts Blake’s parents gave school administrators to keep him from getting thrown out. Also: Dave has a Catholic college queer homecoming to get to.
16/09/2248m 30s

The Active Room with Cameron Hawthorn

Summer is nearly over and Homophilia is back in action with country singer/songwriter Cameron Hawthorn. In this heartfelt chat, Cameron opens up to Dave and Matt about the inspiration behind his music, his coming-out process, and his days in a Christian fraternity. And of course, Beyonce's Renaissance is discussed, because it must be.
09/09/2242m 35s

Roger Q Mason

If you need a lift of your spirit and a shot to the heart, this episode is for you. Dave and Matt are graced by Roger Q Mason to talk about their new play, Lavender Man. They also discuss biases in the queer community, the evolution of their gender expression, accountability culture, and their family history of clairvoyance.
12/08/2244m 24s

Rasheed Newson

Author of the new novel My Government Means to Kill Me and co-showrunner of Bel Air, Rasheed Newson joins Matt and Dave to talk fatherhood, daytime soaps, and the rise of the frosted tip twink of the ’90s.
05/08/2241m 48s

Fin Argus

In the middle of this very hot and very queer summer, Dave and Matt get to talk to talented actor and musician, Fin Argus. From being a member of Kids Bop to their role on the new Queer As Folk, Fin discusses their love of music, particularly Jason Mraz, and attachment to Laurel Canyon. Make sure to check out Fin's new single "Exposure" which drops on August 5th!
29/07/2234m 35s

Ronna Glickman (& Bryan Safi)

The incomparable Ronna Glickman (and parenthetical Bryan Safi) join Dave and Matt this week for a cool, casual chat about Dave's recent trip to Ireland and Duckie, the Funny Girl cast drama, boundaries, Hulu's The Deep End, and Ronna's clairvoyance.Listen to the Ask Ronna (& Bryan Safi) podcast! and check out http://arsocial.club !!
22/07/221h 1m


Get ready for your 80's summer fantasy, because this week's guest is dance music artist Tanzer! Dave and Matt geek out with her about the greats: Kate Bush, Kylie Minogue, Xanadu, and the “disco dramarama” that is Tanzer's new music. Also: Dave's mind-blowing vacation in Ireland, and Tanzer finally watches the greatest new wave musical of our time: Starstruck.
15/07/2246m 55s

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Returns!

Actor and 2022 Tony Award winner Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Dave and Matt this week to discuss his role in Take Me Out on Broadway, being in NYC during this year's Pride, avoiding sports as a kid, and learning to appreciate them with kids as an adult.
08/07/2236m 15s

James Scully

We've got another very hot summer episode with a star from Fire Island. James Scully tells Matt and Dave about working on the short-lived Heathers, his role in the film Fire Island, being obsessed with Broadway as a kid, and his beau and previous guest, Julio Torres.
01/07/2250m 18s

Kulap Vilaysak and SuChin Pak

Sign up for the pure luxury of this episode as Kulap and SuChin join as this week's guests to discuss trips to Paris and Gucci collabs. They also talk with Dave and Matt about the whirlwind days of VJ-ing for MTV, how the Backstreet Boys age, and the new Beyonce single.
24/06/221h 11m

Ana Ortiz

Hope everyone is enjoying Pride month because we are! Ana Ortiz joins this week to discuss being a gay icon, growing up in the catholic church, Real World Homecoming: New Orleans, and her work on the new season of Love, Victor.
17/06/2247m 39s

Vicky Luu

Happy Pride! This week, Dave and Matt are joined by the delightful Vicky Luu to talk comedy and sperm. Specifically: sperm donors, having a baby as a lesbian couple, Vicky’s days as a production assistant and the process that led her to comedy writing success with Marry Me and Superstore. Plus: Backstreet’s back, and so are crowds and fetish fairs.
10/06/221h 7m

Julio Torres

This week Dave and Matt are joined by author and comedian Julio Torres to talk about his new children’s book, "I Want To Be A Vase." Other topics include Top Gun, The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans, True Blood, and Los Espookys.
04/06/2236m 12s

THE Wedding recap

It’s just family this Top Gun: Maverick weekend, as the guys reflect on some significant recent life events: a wedding (Matt), a night with New Kids on the Block (Dave), and Covid-19 (both of them). Also: thoughts on Heartstopper, Harry’s House, and Real World Homecoming: New Orleans.
27/05/2249m 53s

Jonny McGovern

This week's guest is glamorous, hysterical, and an expert on TikTok dick prints. Jonny McGovern joins Dave and Matt to discuss touring with Dita Von Tease as the MC, his nightlife go-go days in downtown NYC, and his incredible podcast Gayest Of All Time.
20/05/2240m 42s

Jonathan Adler

This week's guest is the talented and prolific Jonathan Adler, joining Dave and Matt to discuss Willow Pill from Drag Race (and his star-studded Drag Race text thread), spiritual bankruptcy, his journey from a potter to an interior designer, and how camp and the gay sensibility drive culture forward.
13/05/2245m 3s

Danny and Melissa from The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans - Part 2

Danny and Melissa from The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans are back to talk to Matt and Dave all about the effects of reality Tv and social media on their day-to-day lives. They cover what it's like to watch yourself on TV and then figure out how to heal from the experience, and how to not lose yourself in the drama of followers and audience opinions.
06/05/2243m 43s

Danny and Melissa from The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans

This is the first part of a fantastic episode with Danny and Melissa from The Real World: New Orleans, where they dig into the realities of reality TV, such as life after the end of the show, dealing with being in the public eye, and even managing mental health along with fame.
29/04/2239m 28s

Pajama Party

This one is just a chat with your hosts because lately, we've been catching up with incredible guests (and more guests to come), but we need to hear what's going on with Matt and Dave! They cover ghost stories, vintage Playboys, roller discos, and Miami Pride.
22/04/2238m 14s

Gary Janetti

The legendary sitcom writer Gary Janetti joins Matt and Dave to discuss his new book Start Without Me. We go deep on Gary's invisibility in high school, his love of The Wizard of Oz, and his disdain for weddings. Plus: Matt at Miami Beach Pride and the looming psychodrama of The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans.
15/04/2247m 37s

Gregory Bonsignore

There will be no talk of The Slap in this episode. However, there will be talk of Dave's trip to a billionaire's private island. And this week’s guest Gregory Bonsignore brings a short reading of his new book That's Betty, and a deep examination of our Golden Girls fascination, and the show’s contribution to queer culture. Everyone shares stories of the first person they came out to, and who's keeping up with their exes. Pull the cheesecake out of the fridge and join us on the lanai.
08/04/221h 3m

Joel Kim Booster Returns!

All-time legendary guest Joel Kim Booster joins Matt and Dave to discuss his new film Fire Island, his favorite gay places on earth, the significance of Robin Byrd, and…how he met his new boo. Babies, let us bang your box.
01/04/2258m 8s

Jeremy Glazer & Brant Rotnem

On this week's episode of Homophilia, Matt and Dave are joined by Brant Rotnem and Jeremy Glazer of Hidden Canyons, the first-ever minute-long LGBTQ soap opera. Brant and Jeremy discuss the impetus behind Hidden Canyons, the journey making a micro soap, and what they've learned working and acting together as a couple. PLUS: exclusive, too-hot-for-television details from Matt’s bachelor party and Dave’s weekend in a senior living facility.
25/03/2251m 23s

Stephen Guarino

On this week's episode of Homophilia, get ready for some DRAMA! And by drama, we mean touching conversations with Stephen Guarino. Matt and Dave talk with Stephen about his career, a new love in his life, and all the good gay clubs in Florida.
18/03/2256m 9s

Fawzia Mirza

On this week's episode of Homophilia, guest Fawzia Marzia joins to talk about rewatching Grey's Anatomy from start to finish, pandemic missed connections, being the life of the party, her obsession with Jem and the Holograms, and her new award-winning LGBTQ+ micro-series, Hidden Canyons.
11/03/221h 8m

Danny Pellegrino

“Everything Iconic” Host Danny Pellegrino joins Matt and Dave to talk pop culture, nostalgia, his undying devotion to Jessica Simpson, and the experiences that helped inspire his new book, How Do I Un-Remember This?
04/03/221h 2m

Tan France

On this week's episode of Homophilia, we are lucky enough to have style icon and TV star Tan France (Queer Eye, Next in Fashion, author of Naturally Tan). Dave and Matt talk with Tan about fame, fashion, fatherhood, and more. Join us for this fantastic episode!
25/02/2255m 8s

Chris Baker

Dave and Matt talk with Chris Baker about his campy and hilarious movie The Estate, now on Hulu. Chris talks about his experience writing the comedy thriller, starring as an anti-hero, and the importance of creating queer films. Dave and Matt also dig into Chris's own coming out story and meet-cute with his husband.
18/02/2253m 5s

Jeff Hiller

In the middle of a bomb cyclone in NYC, Jeff Hiller joins Dave and Matt this week for a hilarious episode all about Jeff's long list of IMDB credits, his love of Broadway shows and old school sitcoms, and of course his role in the new comedy, Somebody Somewhere on HBO Max. Dave and Matt also ask Jeff about his connection with church and astrology, as well as how he met his husband by meeting online dates in classic, but now maybe closed, NYC bars.
11/02/2256m 52s

Georgia Pritchett

Georgia Pritchett is a prolific TV writer who has created evil but often likable characters. Dave and Matt ask Georgia about her work on Succession, her affinity for specific characters, and learning how the rich see the world. Georgia highlights her love of therapy in her own life, even while writing tragic therapist patient relationship in The Shrink Next Door. They also ask about her new book, My Mess Is a Bit Of a Life, a memoir about her life with anxiety and working in a male dominated industry, out on February 8th.
04/02/2256m 42s

Michael Patrick King - Part 2

We're returning with part two of the interview with Michael Patrick King, Executive Producer/Writer/Director of "Sex And The City" & "And Just Like That." On this episode, MPK answers very important questions about Samantha, how they kept big details in the show a secret, and his mother's friendship with the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker.
28/01/2248m 13s

Michael Patrick King - Part 1

And introducing... Michael Patrick King! The Executive Producer/Writer/Director of "Sex And The City" & "And Just Like That" graces Dave and Matt for the first half of an incredible two-part interview. Dave and Matt ask MPK about growing up Catholic (and the backyard religious epics he staged with his sisters) and his experiences with acting, stand-up, writing, and directing. And, of course, they reflect on the growth of our most cherished friends: Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. Don't miss Part 2 next week!
21/01/2248m 48s

Cheyenne Jackson

The lovely and thoughtful Cheyenne Jackson joins Dave and Matt this week, a little bit late in the afternoon from the Warner Bros studios to talk about waking up early to see the sunset with his twins, recently deciding to focus on more joy in his work, and learning from the greats, such as Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Leslie Jordan. Cheyenne also discusses being an openly gay man cast as a romantic lead, finding a neighbor and mentor in Jerry Orbach, manifesting his dreams by just saying yes, coming out at 19 to his small town Christian family, learning how to be comfortable in his own body, and how he met his husband and deciding to start a family together.  
14/01/2251m 9s

Harvey Guillen

The brilliant and insightful Harvey Guillen joins Homophilia this week to greet the new year with Dave and Matt! Harvey talks about his love of acting and performing, including his role on FX's What We Do In The Shadows, for which he actually auditioned on accident. They discuss the coded queerness of the characters on the show and the importance of their representation.  Dave and Matt ask about Harvey's pathway to WWDITS, as well as his love of Britney Spears and binge watching the Real Housewives. Harvey also talks about dating while filming in Canada, and what he might be looking for in a partner. Enjoy this delightful and thoughtful episode!
07/01/2247m 21s

Claybourne Elder

Wow, it's New Years and we have a fantastic episode for you to close out 2021. Claybourne Elder, from Broadway's Company and the upcoming show, The Gilded Age. Dave and Matt bring up House Of Gucci and the many Italian accents to sort through in the film, while Claybourne discusses his recent binging of Disney movies. Claybourne also talks about his pathway to Broadway, from studying in France as a teenager without asking his parents, to being the youngest in a mormon family of 8. Dave asks about Company, in which Claybourne plays the role of Andy the flight attendant, which is an incredible show on Broadway right now that everyone should go see!
31/12/2159m 49s

Sam Sanders

Happy Holidays from the Homophilia crew! This week, as a holiday treat, Sam Sanders joins Dave and Matt to discuss their feelings about the year, how quarantine has turned into a peaceful state of living for Sam, and his growing obsession with Dua Lipa. Our hosts ask Sam about growing up without Christmas and haircuts, being a band kid, coming out later in life, and his views now on religion and personal spirituality. And of course, Dave and Matt ask about how Sam met his partner and how communicating on and off the mic helps the relationship thrive.
24/12/2159m 10s

Parvesh Cheena

This week's Homophilia features the brilliant Parvesh Cheena! Matt, Dave, and Parvesh get into quick thoughts of the And Just Like That premiere, as well as binging through Drag Race for the entire pandemie. Parvesh details his time in theater in high school, growing up in the midwest, the days of keeping MTV on all the time, doing improv with our very own Dave Holmes, staying away from Facebook, being grateful for quality animation, and meeting his partner on good old Scruff.
17/12/211h 2m

George Ramsay

It’s a very refreshing week with George Ramsay on this episode of Homophilia. Dave and Matt ask George about breathwork, something Dave has been practicing and loving as of late. They all discuss how George began his career in breathwork, and what is happening in your body while practicing. George also talk about the experience of being closeted in North Carolina, leaving his career in teacher to pursue wellness, and how the practice has changed his life. Dave and Matt also ask George about being a die hard fan of Britney from the beginning, and how he met his partner. Finally you can look forward to a small preview of breath work from George to use during stressful times over the holidays. You can sign up for the Open app at o-p-e-n.com and use George’s code “GEORGE30” to try for free!
10/12/2138m 52s

Heidi Rose Robbins

Get ready to feel a little more connected to the stars with the amazing Heidi Rose Robbins. Discussion begins with a poem about slowing down, then Dave and Matt discuss their own experiences working with their own astrology and charts, then ask Heidi about her history with astrology in her life starting with her father. They discuss the state of the world now and how we’re being tested by Saturn and how it’s a fertile time for creativity. Heidi describes the rise of her community, her background in theater, parenting teenagers, and her books Twelve Love Letters.
03/12/2152m 17s


Emmy-Winning Queen and Artist Raven joins Dave and Matt on this episode to talk about watching drag race from all over the world and what its like to be part of that community, the non-traditions of thanksgiving, his inspiration from the 80’s for his drag style, his opinions on social media, his relationship with Ru and doing her makeup, making the move from on the stage to behind the scenes, winning an Emmy for it, and his signature perfect nose. Finally make sure you check out Painted With Raven on WOW Presents Plus!
26/11/2156m 56s

David Pevsner

The fearless and brilliant David Pevsner joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about his life from the midwest to NYC, starting with being bullied as a child, learning to harness his own power against the negative, living in NYC in the 80's, performing on Broadway, his experience with sex work, his onlyfans of nude photography, embracing your body and breaking age stigmas, his favorite showtunes, and his new book Damn Shame.
19/11/2156m 11s

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

The down-to-earth Drag Race All Stars Winner Silky Nutmeg Ganache joins Dave and Matt this week for a genuine conversation about life, love, self care, and long baths. Silky discusses her start in the drag world along with her career in pageants, how she incorporates religion into her life, her work speaking at colleges about action and self empowerment, her recent moves towards building her own empire such as a new self care kit, and an extensive list of qualities of her future partner.
12/11/2142m 59s

Tommy Hobson

The kind-hearted and sometimes sweaty Tommy Hobson joins Dave and Matt this week on Homophilia to talk about his new film Ghost Of The Ozarks, getting into acting at 5 years old, being a Sweat Cycle instructor, attending Yale for Drama and learning to not be so perfect. Dave, Matt, and Tommy also talk about the ideal workout playlist, which must include Whitney and Prince.
05/11/2157m 13s

Connor Franta

The kind, sweet, and wise for his age Connor Franta joins Matt and Dave this week for a fantastic interview about coming out and coming up on Youtube. Connor regales our hosts about his childhood in a small town in the midwest, as a rambunctious kid, and his relationship with catholicism, including attending a college with an actual monastery. Finally, Dave and Matt ask Connor about his new book, "House Fires", a collection of narratives, poetry, and original film photography.
29/10/2145m 28s

Alan Cumming

The iconic Alan Cumming guests on this episode of Homophilia to discuss with Dave and Matt the reopening of Club Cumming in NYC, how he spends time reading in his tree house, how he met his current husband, about aging gracefully and valuing age, his ideas on writing about trauma openly, how body image in queer culture has changed, a new documentary about transness in other culture Two Eyes, and about his new book “Baggage: Tales from a Fully Packed Life."
22/10/211h 1m

Daryn Carp & Liz Culley

Hosts of Scissoring Isn't a Thing podcast and pop-culture experts, Liz Culley and Daryn Carp team up with Dave and Matt this week for a full on queer podcast host fest. Both Liz and Daryn discuss how they met their partners, their absolute love of reality TV, and working in reality TV including what it's like to be around crazed reality TV fans. Speaking of which, Dave and Daryn spend a bit of time analyzing Bachelor in Paradise, while Matt gets to gush over his recent trip to Salt Lake City and Real Housewives sightseeing. Finally, Liz and Daryn help to talk out the basics, such as how long do lesbians' nails need to be, should you masterbate to fall asleep, and finally, that scissoring isn't a thing.
15/10/2154m 51s

Joe Dombrowski

Joe Dombrowski jumps on with Matt and Dave to talk about his current tour, his appearance on Ellen, how he started in stand up comedy, his love of cult documentaries, and meeting his partner on Tinder. Joe also speaks to his absolute love of teaching and doing so during the pandemic.  Finally, Joe discusses what it's like having ADHD as a teacher and comedian, and his own education experience with it.
08/10/2156m 28s

Russell Brown

Join us this week with the thoughtful and kind Russell Brown of Poke Acupuncture in LA. Along with discussing his practice and inspirations, Russell also talks about his recent vacay to Provincetown, meeting his partner the very first week of Grindr, and his background in the film industry. Russell brings astute insight to his work within the wellness industry and some of the ways it can lead to misinformation. You will be enthralled by this interview!
01/10/2154m 1s

Britta Lundin

Author and Fan Fiction aficionado, Britta Lundin is here this week to discuss her newly released book, Like Other Girls, a YA novel about a group of girls who have joined the high school football team. Dave and Matt also ask Britta about why the WNBA is the best show on television, the world of X-Files fan fiction in the 90s, and how Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You is definitely queer. They also discuss writing for teenagers now, in both novels and Britta's work on Riverdale, along with what it's like to adopt a new baby during quarantine. Finally, listen to find out what characters they "ship" from huge fandoms, such as Edge and Bono!
24/09/2152m 19s

Kalen Allen

Savvy and talented Kalen Allen joins us this week for an incredible interview. Matt and Dave ask Kalen about his career philosophy as a digital content creator, moving from YouTube to television and beyond. They discuss the Sex and The City reboot, underrated Disney Channel shows, the impressive Raven Symone, Kalen's experience on the Ellen show, and what he looks for in a guy. Kalen even brings a little scoop about a new project he's working on. Stay Tuned!
17/09/2149m 21s

Kylie Sonique Love

The delightful Kylie Sonique Love joins Mat and Dave to talk about her big win for season 6 of All Stars! She discusses what it was like to return to Drag Race and have a second chance at showing her incredible talent. Kylie and our hosts also cover her move to Las Vegas from LA, her love of acting, falling asleep to the Brady Bunch, and how she approaches dating life. Finally, Kylie tells the story of her dog becoming a father to some miracle puppies!
10/09/2136m 46s

Will Speck

The sublime Will Speck serves as this week's guest, calling in from the set of his upcoming movie! As Writer and Director of movies you love, such as Office Christmas Party and Blades of Glory, Will gives us a peek into his history in filmmaking starting at NYU, winning student Academy Awards, listening to cassette mix tapes, and eventually making it out to LA. Matt and Dave ask Will about his experience being an adoptive Dad and raising a very cool teenager. Finally, Matt asks Will about someone we all absolutely love, Jennifer Aniston.
03/09/2150m 59s

Tia Kofi

British Queen and artist, Tia Kofi joins Matt and Dave this week from across the pond to discuss the upcoming Manchester Pride celebration, her thoughts on the recent series of Drag Race All Stars, along with her own suggestions for the show. Tia talks about her newly released single, "Outside In", the dating scene after Drag Race, how to be a fan of Harry Potter without indulging JK, and studying theology in school. Finally, Tia and our hosts figure out who's paying for the tequila shots!
27/08/2147m 27s

Jaclyn Moore

Gracing us with her presence this week, Jaclyn Moore joins Matt and Dave from New Orleans! She discusses her work in the new and refreshed Queer As Folk, as well as the media that alights her artist brain, such as Sondheim, Mike White, and Pro Wrestling. Matt and Dave ask about the dating scene in New Orleans and the vibrant queer community there, where Queer As Folk will be taking place! Matt, Dave, and Jaclyn discuss how "Art Isn't Easy" and how to enjoy bad work from people you admire.
20/08/2139m 2s

Justin Kirkland

Talented and hilarious Justin Kirkland, Culture Writer for Esquire, has arrived as guest this week to discuss legs, fraternities, and Dolly Parton. First, Dave and Justin start out by reviewing the new Netflix doc, Pray Away. Then must address the breaking news of Britney Spears finally being free (sorta). Matt and Dave ask Justin about his Cher-loving Dad, how he met his current partner on vacation in Europe, his podcast dedicated to Dolly Parton (My Year with Dolly), old episodes of Roseanne, Lorde's new single, and Shonda Rhimes Master Class.
13/08/2148m 45s

Andy Cohen

Everyone is hot and bothered that dream guest Andy Cohen is here! Andy talks to Matt and Dave about his daily routine, interviewing Dolly Parton, Matt's exquisite neck, St. Louis Missouri, Game of Thrones, The Handmaid's Tale, The Prince, White Lotus, Kiki Lounge on Sirius XM, MacGruber, Matt's version of Plead the Fifth, Ex Rated on Peacock, dating, body image, crushes, being a late bloomer, fatherhood, and Andy's 550 name.
06/08/211h 1m

Mike Doyle

The utterly charming Mike Doyle joins Matt and Dave in an epic battle against the wifi in this episode. Despite all internet dropping odds the fellas prevail to discuss Asbury Park (the more sensible Fire Island), The America's Test Kitchen, Dula Peep (Dua Lipa), Taylor Swift's Folklore, Elite, circuit attire, how Mike met his husband Brett and getting married one week after tr*mp was elected, being the CEO of Ketchum (a global public relations firm) and Mike's work with Master Card for the Trans community, and being on the board of GLAAD.

Babs Gray Returns!

The second-to-none Babs Gray is back to give Matt and Dave up-to-the-minute updates on Britney! Babs shares how her new podcast Toxic: The Britney Spears Story came to be, the pivot from comedy to journalism, how Babs met her partner, getting back up on stage after the pandemic, being part of the Emmy nominated Framing Britney Spears, and what she and Dave will be wearing to the Emmy parties.
23/07/2140m 58s

Ben Siemon

The delightful Ben Siemon is here to chat with Matt and Dave about murder podcasts, The White Lotus, Enlightenment, Hacks, Dave, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, being a theater kid, commercial audition horror stories, social media algorithms, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Britney Spears, slime ball Matt Gaetz, how Ben met his husband Justin, the story of their elopement, the future of improv shows and theaters, deciding whether or not to have kids, and Ben's new cats.
16/07/2156m 25s

Chris Stedman

The brilliant Chris Stedman joins Matt and Dave to chat about his absolutely compelling new podcast Unread, the timing of the Free Britney movement, Julie, The Turning, Filter, Queen of the Damned, Humanism and being a humanist, meeting his boyfriend on Twitter, and how he's processing the loss in his life.
09/07/211h 14m

Nikki Levy

Gem of a friend Nikki Levy is here to chat with Matt and Dave about her new audible show Owning It, going to the same fertility center as Lance Bass, the benefits of recording from home, getting out in the new world, Mare of Easttown, Veneno, Casey Wilson's Wreckage of My Presence, co-dependent moms, Nikki's embryo transfer, Matt and Dave's stance on kids, morning pages and The Artist Way, pandemic married life, how Nikki met her wife, being a creative versus being an executive and the right to change your mind.
02/07/2156m 53s

Glen Weldon

All-around dream guest Glen Weldon is here to chat with Matt and Dave about the gay undertones of Luca, Anthony Mackie's take on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, We Are Lady Parts, Hacks, Girls5Eva, Hot White Heist, Glen's podcast recommendations and highlights from his new book NPR's Podcast Start Up Guide, behind the scenes of Pop Culture Happy Hour, working in PR and getting into writing, how Glen met his husband of 22 years, recording at home, leaf blowers, self-discovery, high school, and how Glen got his signature arms. Grab Glen's new book, NPR's Podcast Start Up Guide this Tuesday, June 29th!
25/06/2156m 57s

200th Episode with Jake Wesley Rogers!!!

It's Homophilia's 200th episode!!! Inevitable legend Jake Wesley Rogers joins Matt and Dave to discuss spending PRIDE month in Missouri, Don Henley's The Boys of Summer, Stevie Nicks, John Mayer's Sob Rock, being surprised by art, using tarot as a gateway to mindfulness, Christina Aguilera, Adele, Lady Gaga, Regina Spektor, My Chemical Romance, having a mom who was an on-air DJ, coming out at 12 and again at 16, dating a preacher's son, homeschooling in high school, being on America's Got Talent, Jake's new singles Momentary and Middle of Love, discovering the dating apps after a 5-year relationship, when to ask Jake what he's reading, and a promise that there IS an album.
18/06/2145m 26s

Gina Yashere

The hilarious and fascinating Gina Yashere joins Matt and Dave to discuss her time living in North Hollywood, High On The Hog, Breeders, House Hunters, Gina's home renovation debacle, Downtown Julie Brown, 80s & 90s hip-hop, Gina's connection with her grandma, coming out, enduring heinous racism and misogyny at her day job, getting into stand-up comedy, how Gina met her girlfriend Nina, Bob Hearts Abishola, and writing her memoir Cack-Handed: A Memoir (available TODAY!!!)
11/06/2147m 15s

Jonathan Parks-Ramage

Bundle of love Jonathan Parks-Ramage joins Matt and Dave to discuss mispronunciations, Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Basic Instinct, Single White Female, Fatal Attraction, Sliver, Total Eclipse, alternative movie endings, erotic thrillers, coming out at 13-years-old, getting bullied by a jock and the lesbian teacher who put him in his place, early fashion choices, high school romances, going to CCM for Musical Theater, Masque (gay bar in Dayton Ohio), getting the note to "share not Cher", berets, quitting musical theater, evangelical church, how he met his partner Ryan O'Connell, and Jonathan's book Yes Daddy aka the first Homophilia Summer Book Club selection of 2021!
04/06/2151m 59s

Clea DuVall

Mega-talent Clea DuVall joins Matt and Dave to discuss reentering the world, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Survivor, escape rooms, the mafia game, solving puzzles, Facts of Life, middle and high school memories, PJ Harvey, Pixies, The Cure, Bikini Kill, L7, But I'm a Cheerleader, having a reporter try to out her, coming out, Happiest Season, HouseBroken (debuting May 31st!), eloping and being married!
28/05/2149m 23s

Brian Moylan is BACK!

Homophilia favorite, Brian Moylan is BACK to tell Matt and Dave all about his new book The Housewives: The Real Story Behind the Real Housewives (AVAILABLE MAY 25th!), Vulture's new The Housewives Institute Bulletin, Housewives dish in general, Friends: The Reunion, James Corden, nemeses, people who jot down their personal beefs in book reviews, Brian's challenges with Bravo, BravoCon costumes, Adonis (party in London), settling down with his husband during the pandemic, dirty massages, and plans to attend the next Eurovision! Check out Dave's Friday Forty show TONIGHT (5/21) at dynastytypewriter.com

Zeke Smith

The truly delightful Zeke Smith joins Dave and Matt to discuss Palm Springs, Drag Race, the Grandes, easing your way into the new world, water aerobics, Survivor sanity techniques, Ted Lasso, We're Here, loving Harry Potter and now hating Harry Potter, transitioning, growing up in Edmond Oklahoma, therapy, meeting and falling in love with his partner Nico, dating apps, cruising, having a religion degree from Harvard, his current relationship with religion, and Zeke's amazing new comedy pilot!
14/05/2150m 18s

Tig Notaro

The incomparable Tig Notaro is here to talk with Matt and Dave about what was good about 2020, moving past "just griping" in therapy, trending on Twitter, Tig's new movie Army of the Dead, being sexy as AF fuck, turning 50, being vegan and getting vegan certified, what is a ham, her wife Stephanie, Under a Rock with Tig Notaro, Crip Camp and of course top-notch Jennifer Aniston stories. Be sure to check out Tig's podcasts! Don't Ask Tig and Tig and Cheryl: True Story
07/05/2151m 7s

Charlie Carver

The incredibly handsome and smart Charlie Carver talks with Matt and Dave about Charlie's time in London during the pandemic, working through childhood trauma with his brother, being a twin and working together, The Leftovers, his relationship with religion growing up, coming out, getting slapped at an Emmy party and getting closure, coming out around the same time as his dad, The Boys in the Band, getting permanently banned from a dating app because they thought he was a fake account and predictions for the new world.

Ts Madison

Earth angel Ts Madison joins Matt and Dave to discuss Miss Mary, straight people and their conditional acceptance of LGBTQ, how Miss Mary came back into Ts's life, getting sick and making healthcare available to Transgender people, religious social constructs, RuPaul, The Crying Game, the list of rules you're given at birth, how Ts and Matt met, The Ts Madison Experience, Zola, the conversation Ts had with her dad, the new administration, and an update on Ts's love life.
23/04/211h 8m

Nigel Campbell and Big Freedia!

After Matt and Dave unpack the latest with Colton Underwood, they introduce a double feature that's going to be tough to beat. BOTH the incredible Nigel Campbell and Big Freedia are here!
16/04/211h 6m

Norman Korpi

BUCKLE UP! Norman Korpi, Queer icon, cast member of The Real World (season one) and The Real World: Homecoming, IS HERE. Norman takes Matt and Dave on a roller coaster ride of emotions as he dishes about fan mail sent to his cousin's bakery, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pasties (Michigan meat pie pastry), being on the cover of OUT magazine, being labeled as Bi and controlling your own narrative in the '90s, behind-the-scene stories from the first season of The Real World and The Real World: Homecoming, Becky, metaphysics, dating horror stories, opportunistic people, hardships, Norm's artwork and Chocolate Bunny paintings, current dating updates, and why he's not sure he's Dancing with the Stars material.
09/04/211h 8m

Nick Axelrod-Welk

The incredible Nick Axelrod-Welk (Co-Founder of Nécessaire, Into The Gloss, and Co-Host of Eyewitness Beauty Podcast) is here! The guys take a deep dive into all things products and regimes, then they discuss childhood beauty memories, how Nick got into the skincare business, creating a unisex brand and becoming ubiquitous, Nick's number one marketing tip, ADHD, Murder on Middle Beach, Unorthodox, Jeffrey Epstein, boarding school, Adderall, Nick's new baby Evie, "fancy conversion therapy", the evolution of psychiatry, how Nick met his husband, and OnlyFans! Got questions? Email us at homophiliapod at gmail dot com !
02/04/211h 9m

Lawrence Chaney

It's Homophilia's inaugural episode on the World of Wonder Podcast Network and Matt and Dave are thrilled to welcome the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Lawrence Chaney! Lawrence dishes about what went on behind-the-scenes while shooting, what it's like to record three different endings, finding out she won AFTER everyone else, her friendship with Ellie Diamond, Lady Gaga's Chromatica, UK Hun?, tackling your inner saboteur, what school was like in Scotland and England, standing up against bullies, the difference five years makes, Joan Rivers, dating apps, finding the ONE person that gets it, and gobbles! 
26/03/2158m 51s

Bridger Winegar

The delightful Bridger Winegar is here to discuss Bridger's morning routine, The Dog of the South, reading tips, Ted Cruz's stand up, cutting out the imaginary bullshit, Sopranos, It's A Sin, Real Housewives of Salt Lake and Bridger's inside dish on the show, Mormonism, Levain Bakery, Girl Scout cookies, being required to become an Eagle Scout, Weezer, being in Weezer's Beverly Hills music video, navigating being gay with Mormon family members, how Bridger met his boyfriend on Tinder, dating horror stories and Matt's Weezer concert story!
19/03/211h 13m

Evan Ross Katz

The brilliant Evan Ross Katz is here to discuss seancody dot com, the evolution of porn, The Flight Attendant, I Care A Lot, Survivor, thoughts on Jeff Probst and Chris Harrison, and the Real Housewives franchise and how worked up fans get, the separation of news and entertainment, AOC, Woody Allen defenders, Mia Farrow, rural towns versus living in NYC, thoughts on trying to predict a post-covid world, meeting his partner on Grindr, Evan's partner's (Anna Lytical) mission to help more queer people learn tech, microgreens, being a bully in high school and how Evan's evolved since, and thoughts on the Free Britney movement!
12/03/211h 10m

Page Hurwitz

The delightful and charming Page Hurwitz is here to chat with Matt and Dave about working with Dave last March before they were sent home for a YEAR, losing her step-dad to COVID, reminiscing about what we initially thought was overkill (masks, canceling PRIDE etc.), theorizing where we would be if we didn't half-ass COVID precautions, Page's upcoming documentary Sail of the Century, the false-hope of a recount in 2016, the hilarity of NOT canceling the Four Seasons Landscaping event, how to make policy compelling television, Blown Away, Feel Good, The Prom, Comedian Gianmarco Soresi's Shelf Life, Page's latest idea called Les Groove and upcoming show The Upshaws.
05/03/2158m 23s

Margaret Cho Returns!

This week the one and only Margaret Cho is back to discuss make-up brushes on the cats, how easy it was to unplug Trump and how archaic it feels to hear from him now, former friends who've gone full Q-Anon, conspiracy theories, The Clown and the Candyman, Chicken Hawk, Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, RHOSL, how Margaret handles being a queer icon, being sex-positive during a conservative time, Beach Bunny, The Galileo 7, Phoebe Bridgers, Billie Eilish, BTS and everyone's biases, hating yourself in the 90's, photos from the early to mid-2000s lost on a hard drive, thoughts on younger Margaret and aging, waiting for election results, The Servant, pony play, dating younger, sex clubs and the foods they serve, Top of the Pops, liking movies with problematic creators, Star Struck, Over the Moon, and the horrific attacks on Asian Americans.
26/02/211h 4m

Shea Couleé

The incomparable Shea Couleé joins Matt and Dave to discuss freezing temps in Chicago, the benefits and challenges of face masks, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, Shea's favorites on Drag Race US and UK, being an early adopter of the Free Britney movement, Justin Timberlake's apology, coming out at 15 and parents asking "are you sure?", liking church but hating the teens, what life looked like before Drag Race, Shea's first look, auditioning for and finally making it on Drag Race, the power of compartmentalizing, accepting that not everyone is built for advocacy, predictions for the future of white supremacy, thoughts on her mask controversy, how Shea met her boyfriend, and thoughts on marriage.
19/02/2156m 54s

Darryl Stephens

DREAM guest Darryl Stephens joins Matt and Dave with AN EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT that will heal your soul, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Also: feeling a bit better with this new administration, QAnon remaining crazy and dangerous, Armie Hammer, The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr, The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, the disappointing Golden Globe nominations, Matt and Darryl's time doing The Boys In The Band, behind the scenes stories about Noah's Arc and B Positive, lessons from past relationships, learning how to trust people, and how Darryl met his partner. Plus, again: BIG NEWS.
12/02/211h 10m

Em Schulz

The delightful Em Schulz joins Matt and Dave this week to discuss Desperate Housewives, Below Deck, the Saved By The Bell reboot, Em's paranormal and true crime podcast And That's Why We Drink, haunted dolls, ghost tours and how Em got their start in paranormal activities, the afterlife, paranormal experiences growing up, the wild thing a medium said to Dave right before a show, Billy Joel, Queen, Shania Twain, being a teen during the early 2000s, keeping in touch with high school friends, starting fresh in L.A., toxic exes, how Em met their girlfriend, and overcoming their fear of commitment.
05/02/2145m 49s

Sam Pancake

The truly hilarious and enchanting Sam Pancake joins Matt and Dave to discuss L.A.'s latest lift on the lockdown, what making "friends with the void" looks like and how to cope with loneliness, growing up in West Virginia, understanding what parents were trying to do as an adult, the passive insane ways people avoid saying "gay", self soothing techniques as a kid, butching it up, taking on a mean girl persona to fit in, losing so many people to AIDS, healing, Sam's sober journey, losing a tooth in front of Megan Mullally, genre movies and behind the sceen stories, Shelly Winters, Cloris Leachman, Faye Dunaway, Steve McQeen, airport movies, Genre magazine, the beginning of Sam's career, dealing with hurt people who hurt people, reliable fuck buddies, how to be slutty during this pandemic, and the power of treatment and therapy (https://wila.org/ )
29/01/211h 30m

Alec Mapa

The hilarious Alec Mapa joins Matt and Dave discuss Alec's podcast Alec Mapa: Hot Mess with Matthew Dempsey Psychotherapist, how you're not required to achieve during this time, thoughts on Gays Over Covid, reminding yourself and others that Instagram isn't real, M. Butterfly, Alec paying his dues after his big break, how he met his husband, everyone's reviews and reflections about this week's inauguration and their hopes for the future, reminiscing about how close social gatherings used to be, Bridgerton, Downton Abbey, Raise By Wolves, I May Destroy You, Game of Thrones, Pretend It's a City, the Everyone Is Gay on TicTok New York Times Article, gay pop, Dave's time being a VJ and if he'd do it in 2021, Tom Cruise, Sting, hosting the GayVN Awards and the "merch" Alec got.
22/01/2159m 41s

John Milhiser

Actual ray of hilarious sunshine, John Milhiser, joins Matt and Dave to discuss parents getting the vaccine, making his own ice cream aka Mumsy's Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream, Ocean City New Jersey, his viewing technique for re-watching Sex in the City and what you learn watching it that way, Sex in the City stories theories and the reboot, The Masked Dancer, not loving The Housewives franchise, how John maintains his kind sunny disposition, Dave's experience writing for GayVN Awards Show, John's first gay porn story, how John came out and met his boyfriend, night drinks, House Hunters, being the youngest in the family, fraternity life, meeting his sketch group Serious Lunch, and mimicking your older siblings.
15/01/2153m 13s

Isaac Mizrahi

This week the legendary Isaac Mizrahi joins Matt and Dave to discuss cute glasses, NYT crossword and obituaries, criticism and not being able view/listen to your own work, A Little Night Music, St. Louis, Ann Reinking, dying in your sleep, Unzipped, the 90s and abs, working on your craft and knowing your history, Rosemary's Baby, The Red Shoes, Uncovering THE NAKED CITY, Greta Gerwig, how you don’t *have* to go back home and make things right - fuck your family, I.M. Memoir, dating in the 80s and 90s, meeting his husband while walking his dog, living in separate homes or rooms than your significant other, and Isaac's show Isaac@CafeCarlyle TONIGHT!   Get tickets for tonight’s show: https://events.broadwayworld.com/event/isaaccafecarlyle-1-8-8-pm-et-on-demand/
08/01/2158m 33s

Tom DeTrinis and Drew Droege

The hilarious Tom DeTrinis and Drew Droege join Matt and Dave to dish about 2020 highlights, scuff, baking, wirecutter, toasters, microwaves, Promising Young Woman, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and the trouble Matt’s mom has gotten into googling it, things moms say, Hamilton, theater criers, Sunday in the Park with George, The Princess and the Frog, Cats, the insane experience a theater teacher tried to teach Dave, A Face in the Crowd, Coming To America, The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Happy Birthday Doug, Making Friends, old tech rehearsal stories, the cost of education, growing up catholic and catholic high school stories, early L.A. stories, tumultuous relationships, the actor’s secret, lessons from the pandemic, Two Old Queens, and New Year’s resolutions.
01/01/211h 6m

Sandra Bernhard

This week the iconic Sandra Bernhard joins Matt and Dave to discuss what a typical day in quarantine looks like, Deadline: White House, Jeopardy, Joe’s Pub shows, Kylie Minogue’s Say Something, The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, The Reagan’s, The Undoing, football, tennis, Without You I’m Nothing, I’m Your Woman, being creative this year, missing the studio and performing live, Sandyland, spirituality, how Sandra met her partner, post-COVID vacation plans and the separation of the intellectual and anti-intellectual.
25/12/2048m 52s

Matteo Lane

The hilarious Matteo Lane joins Matt and Dave this week to discuss how gyms are disinfecting, Fortnite (from the very beginning), what the internet should be called, not getting the news from the news, drawing, Top of The Pops, Mariah, the Divas of the early aughts, Matteo’s opera background, Maria Callas, Barbra Streisand, Cleo Laine, Judy Garland and Renée Zellweger in Judy, Liza and Liza impressions, long distance love in the pandemic, not traveling this year, choosing career over dating, and being a workaholic.
18/12/2055m 17s

Judy Gold

This week Matt and Dave welcome the one, the only Judy Gold to the show to discuss The Queen’s Gambit,  Rachel Ray and Maddow, Maude, Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, other people's homes, what’s it like having Judy Gold as your mom, summers in Provincetown, the generational difference in coming out and why it’s crucial to know the history, how she met her partner Elysa, analyzing comics, the serendipitous timing of the pandemic, everyone in Judy’s life getting COVID, Peloton, practicing the piano, what it’s like in NYC right now, rage at this administration, and being more civic-minded.
11/12/201h 3m

Michael Kennedy

This week Matt and Dave welcome the fantastic Michael Kennedy (co-writer of Freaky, available TODAY on demand!) They discuss Micheal’s new dog, quitting his day job, Married with Children, The Haunting by Bly Manor, Hannibal, Scream Two, how his movie Freaky came to be and the steps that lead to it, imposter syndrome, sobriety, dating sober and the difference in the people you choose, how he got into the horror genre and the connection to being bullied, and the thing Dave can't stop thinking about when he watches horror movies.
04/12/2055m 57s

Rakesh Satyal

This week Dave throws some finger hearts to the BTS ARMY before welcoming the delightful Rakesh Satyal to the show. They chat about quarantining in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, The Queen’s Gambit, The Undoing, The Sopranos, how the Bachelor franchise might have lead to this current administration, Out Of This World, Ralph Macchio, Steve Burton, talking about your crushes with your partner, Hamilton! Ohio, Holiday plans, how Rakesh met and decided to marry his husband, what dating the wrong guy looks like, dating in the age of the text, and being a theater kid.

Rumaan Alam

We're gutted to tell you that Matt's beloved dog Faye passed this week. Matt reflects on Faye's perfect contributions to the show over the years and shares how much he appreciates everyone's condolences. To help alleviate the grief, the brilliant Rumaan Alan is here (in a previously recorded session) to discuss remote learning with his kids, navigating working from home, Boston Adventure by Jean Stafford, Lot by Bryan Washington, Her Body and Other Parties: Stories [amazon.com] by Carmen Maria Machado [amazon.com], the Freedom app and other ways to stay off your phone, imposters running rampant, ballet Instagram, Rumaan’s novel Leave The World Behind and the Netflix adaptation in the works, meeting his husband on a blind date, their adoption process and the community that surrounded them, how he’s navigating the news right now, and what will childhood look like for kids who have never known the closet.
20/11/201h 1m


Matt and Dave are back for another episode and it is one for the books! After they answer YOUR questions Matt and Dave welcome the incomparable Shamir to the show! They discuss coping with the election, the vibe in South Philly right now, being an introvert, Girlfriends, Emily in Paris, We Are Who We Are, Teena Maria, Luther Vandross, Reba, The Who, insomnia, straight men, situationships, the journey to self-releasing records, bipolar disorder, and what he's working on next!
13/11/2058m 15s

Stephen Beresford

The brilliant and hilarious Stephen Beresford joins Matt and Dave this week to discuss autumn in London, loving lockdown for writing purposes, putting on and losing 8 kilos in quarantine, what kilos are, being a jock, the Saxon Kings and Queens annotated book Stephen gave Dave, living in a converted 19th-century school, non-sexual throuples, sponsoring a penguin, Stephen's bout with COVID, avoiding American politics, Coach (Stephen's Boston Terrier), writing Three Kings, how Stephen came out to his mom, hating school and wanting to join the circus and some world-class writing advice.
06/11/201h 6m

Will Young

Homophilia uses this last episode before the election to officially endorse their pick for the next POTUS and it will SHOCK YOU. (It won't.) Then, the delightfully charming Will Young joins Matt and Dave to chat about spending quarantine in Will's childhood home, what the pandemic looks like in the UK, Wu Assassin, Below Deck, Nina Simone, Bowie, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, and Sam Fender, Will's new book To Be A Gay Man, not having any gay role models growing up, winning Pop Idol, looking for an American anglophile who is in touch with their feelings and can do a single pirouette, the US and UK divide, getting dumped with an emoji, falling in love with writing and a Julia Roberts story for the record books.  Pre-order Will's new book here: https://www.shopthelastbookstore.com/book/9780753554258
30/10/201h 9m

Rob Halford

This week Matt and Dave are joined by the legendary Rob Halford (Grammy winner/lead vocalist of Judas Priest and author of his new autobiography, Confess [shopthelastbookstore.com].)  They discuss being quarantined in Phoenix, dressing up in PPE to grocery shop, music being like water for Rob and how his taste hasn't mellowed, missing Judas Priest's 50th anniversary because of the pandemic, The Umbrella Academy, the leather scene, how he met his partner Thomas, how relationships help us understand ourselves, Rob's clean and sober journey, how he came out, and who would play Thomas and Rob in a Lifetime movie?
23/10/2058m 11s

David Rapaport and Jeff Greenberg

A two-for-one show last week AND this week!? A DOUBLE double feature?! How lucky can we get? This week two of the best casting directors in the biz join Matt and Dave to chat about the iconic shows they've cast. Jeff Greenberg (Emmy Winner, Modern Family, Cheers, Frasier, Top Gun...) and David Rapaport (Gossip Girl, Riverdale, The Flash...) are here!
16/10/201h 23m

Joey Graceffa and Irene Tu

Talk about a double-feature! We've got Joey Graceffa (YouTuber, vlogger, actor, and the author who gave you Rebels of Eden, In Real Life, and Children of Eden) AND Irene Tu who you've seen at SF Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and Comedy Central’s Clusterfest and on TV shows like Take My Wife and Funny How?
09/10/201h 12m

Rain Valdez

Well, first up Dave is teaching an online personal essay workshop at Dynasty Typewriter starting Oct. 7th, so we should all definitely sign up for that (link below.) THEN the prolific and incredible Rain Valdez joins the guys to discuss doing your own COVID nose test, at home workouts, thoughts on networking in a post COVID world, Schitt's Creek, Veep, Ugly Betty, creating/writing/crowdfunding/producing and starring in Razor Tongue, what it was like to get nominated for her first Primetime Emmy Award, not wanting to be the party pooper or disrupter, zoom dinner dates, and how worthiness starts with yourself- which is really hard, but possible! Dave's Essay Writing Class: https://www.dynastytypewriter.com/whats-your-story BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE” SEGMENT! Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com Rate, review and subscribe to the show here:https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496
02/10/2051m 49s

Sam Jay

Stand-up comedian Sam Jay joins the guys to talk about Star Wars, late 90's / early 00's teen movies, dating guys before coming out as a lesbian, and more! Plus, Dave and Matt break down this year's very weird VMAs.
30/09/2049m 25s

Vicky Vox

Everyone's favorite, Vicky Vox, joins Matt and Dave to chat about it all this week! They discuss plants, carnival fish, tarot card readings, Real Housewives of Potomac, absence of remorse on reality shows, Charlie Sheen, DWV group, guided meditations, Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean, psychic abilities, asking for the world to stop, Iowaska, going to rehab in high school and horrific high school harassment, pushing through tough times, AOL instant messenger, teaching musical theater, spending a year in Nebraska, and how Vicky came to be!
25/09/201h 3m

Rachel Mason

The guys are back this week with fresh new dos thanks to Dave's backyard pop-up salon plus the gem who brought you the Emmy nominated Circus of Books documentary, Rachel Mason, is here to chat about it all. They discuss how Emmy speeches are working this year, the history of Circus of Books, poppers, Outcry documentary, Escaping NXIVM podcast, cults, Dancing With The Stars contestants, Victorian piano music, finding new music, favorite venues, nostalgia for band drama, comedians on social media, hypothesizing the party scene post COVID, Buck Angel (Rachel's partner), discrimination, and potential new documentaries on the horizon! BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE” SEGMENT! Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com Rate, review and subscribe to the show here:https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496
18/09/201h 4m

Gaby Dunn

This week has absolutely everything you need: Matt and Dave's literary corner, Dave's meet-cute story and the prolific Gaby Dunn. The guys chat with Gaby about her Patrick Swazye tattoos, Idina Menzel, Adele Dazeem, Fried Green Tomatoes, Chris O'Donnell, being better than everyone else in high school, Rent, Star Trek, Meow Mix, Cubbyhole, Julius' Can You Ever Forgive Me?, meeting Gaby's partner (fomer guest Mal Blum!), conventional beauty and expanding beauty ideals, confidence, poly people during the pandemic, Zoom sex parties, medical emergencies during the pandemic, and plans to have cocktails on the front lawn.  BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE” SEGMENT! Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com Rate, review and subscribe to the show here: https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496
11/09/201h 17m

Sam Lansky

This episode is filled to the brim with treats and surprises. Dave addresses Zoom pause critiques, Jonathan and Alex from https://www.stonewalldems.org/vote-at-home make a surprise appearance, and Lucus V. in PA sends in a top-notch meet cute. ALL THIS before Matt and Dave get to this week's fantastic guest, Sam Lansky! Sam is here to tell the guys everything that happened between his first book The Gilded Razor and his new book Broken People.  BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE” SEGMENT! Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com Rate, review and subscribe to the show here: https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496  Order Sam's new book, Broken People, here:https://bookshop.org/books/broken-people-9781335013934/9781335013934
04/09/201h 10m

Laci Mosley

The Scam Goddess herself, Laci Mosley, joins Matt and Dave today!!! Did she scam her way on the show? Who cares! She's such a delight it would be an honor if she did. (She didn't.) Matt, Dave and Laci dish about LA parking tickets and getting your car towed, working and auditioning during COVID times, secret hair styling, not liking rules, Legendary, Selling Sunset, Justin Hartley, the Scam Goddess theme song, COVID scams and how to flip it on scammers, Laci's "Leg 2020" campaign, RNC, making racists famous, writing jokes about family, sleepover discoveries, dating apps, and the helpful observation Laci's mom made. BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE” SEGMENT! Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com Rate, review and subscribe to the show here: https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496
28/08/201h 13m

Byron Lane

He's here! Byron Lane, the author of Homophilia's Summer Book Club selection: A Star Is Bored, is here! The guys get into it all including good chemo attitudes, The Umbrella Academy, the Moulin Rouge and The Bodyguard soundtrack, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead, Big Business, releasing a book during a pandemic, being Carrie Fisher's assistant, how A Star Is Bored came to be, spending quarantine in Palm Springs, Bryon's play Tilda Swinton Answers An Ad On Craigslist, how Bryon proposed to his boyfriend, writing inspiration from Chuck Palahniuk, He-man, getting diagnosed with cancer, growing up in Louisianna, recording morning announcements in High School, and maintaining a friendship with Carrie Fisher. PLUS, A reading from A Star is Bored! BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE" SEGMENT!Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com Rate, review and subscribe to the show here: https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496  Buy Byron's book here: https://www.byronlane.com/bio
21/08/2057m 11s

3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Alex English!!!

Happy 3 Year Homophilia Anniversary to you and yours! Whether you've been here from the start or just found us we're so happy to have you along for the Homophilia ride! To celebrate this week's Anniversary Dave's mom is mailing him printed-out emails, listener Matt has a band bus themed My First Time, and the guys are introducing a new listener segment: MEET-CUTE (send your meet-cute story to Homophiliapod@gmail.com.) Then the hilarious and wonderful Alex English joins the guys to chat about "trash days" in quarantine, doing Two Joysticks and a Couch with T-Pain, video games, I May Destroy You, Love on the Spectrum, Queer as Folk and the expectations and beliefs it created, coming out to pastors dressed like wizards, growing up in Detroit, Noah's Arc, moving to NY, breaking into stand-up, and of course dating.  BE PART OF THE NEW “MEET-CUTE" SEGMENT!Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting how you met your partner and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com Rate, review and subscribe to the show here: https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496
14/08/201h 5m

Jim Rash

Hope you like laughs because that's pretty much all this episode is thanks to today's hilarious all-star guest, Jim Rash. The guys discuss laptop betrayals, Watchmen, Drag Race, Caveday.org, protests, Pride Parade, The Facts of Life, voice actors, being a floater in high school, Drakkar Noir, fashion in the late 80's, Hard Rock Cafe, getting a "quick shrimp" at City Walk, Sports Team, Talking Book, getting snippy with Alexa and Alex Trebek,  bedtime routines, and the Jim Rash coming out story! BE PART OF THE NEW “MY FIRST TIME" (#fleshhunger) SEGMENT!Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting your first time and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com GIVE HOMOPHILIA A NEW LOGLINERate, suggest a new logline and subscribe at https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496
07/08/201h 10m

Kayleigh Llewellyn and Sam Feder

Congrats all around to this year's Emmy nominees, including Matt and Dave who were basically nominated by affiliation. This week the guys listen to another riveting My First Time #Fleshhunger story before welcoming not one, but TWO all-star guests. This is the double feature of the summer! First up the guys chat with Kayleigh Llewellyn about her amazing show In My Skin (on Hulu and BBC3). Then, Matt and Dave talk with Sam Feder about his brilliant documentary Disclosure (on Netflix).    BE PART OF THE NEW “MY FIRST TIME" (#fleshhunger) SEGMENT!Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting your first time and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com GIVE HOMOPHILIA A NEW LOGLINERate, suggest a new logline and subscribe at https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496 [podcasts.apple.com]
31/07/201h 29m

John Benjamin Hickey

First and foremost how is everyone holding up after seeing Zac Efron's "dad bod"? Dave and Matt hope you're ok and have a brand new My First Time (#FleshHunger) to lift your spirits. Then, the incredible John Benjamin Hickey is here to chat with the guys about surviving COVID completely alone, living in East Hampton, Babylon Berlin, The Waltons, directing Plaza Suite (starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick), postponing a full year, the future of Broadway, dream casting Tiger King, Brady Bunch, Rich Man, Poor Man, Making Love, being more afraid of being an actor than gay, meeting Andy Cohen on the 976 line, meeting John's partner at a brunch, creating a queer community through work, spending more time with your partner now than ever before, growing up in Plano, TX, and how handling COVID *can* be an amazing gesture of love. BE PART OF THE NEW “MY FIRST TIME" (#fleshhunger) SEGMENT! Tap out a story or send a short audio recording recounting your first time and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com GIVE HOMOPHILIA A NEW LOGLINE Rate, suggest a new logline and subscribe at https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496 [podcasts.apple.com]
24/07/201h 10m

James Arthur

It's here! Matt and Dave debut the very first listener "My First Time" (#fleshhunger) story. (Send yours to homophiliapod@gmail.com) Then the hilarious and truly wonderful James Arthur M. joins the guys to discuss moving to San Francisco on the day it shut down, Umbrella Academy, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, working at Marvel and being a Blerd (a Black Nerd), X-Men, Jem and the Holograms, keeping an eye on Britney, Chromatica, Future Nostalgia, getting discovered as a go-go dancer by Heklina, choreographing for Bay Area Flash Mob, being confused for other celebrities with the same name, Days of Our Lives, two rules for dating, the benefits of a break-up, kids, and learning computer programing. BE PART OF THE NEW “MY FIRST TIME" (#fleshhunger) SEGMENT!Send us a story or a short (2-3 minutes) audio recording recounting your first time and we’ll read/play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com GIVE HOMOPHILIA A NEW LOGLINERate, suggest a new logline and subscribe at https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496 Sign up for James's free dance class happening every Saturday at 2 pm PST: http://mjamesarthur.com/  And listen to James's podcast, Minority Korner, here: https://maximumfun.org/podcasts/minority-korner/
17/07/201h 6m

Ross Mathews

Matt kicks off this week's episode with his "My First Time" time story! (Send yours to: homophiliapod@gmail.com) Then, quite possibly the most delightful person on earth, Ross Mathews, joins the guys to dish about everything. They discuss how to be an extrovert in quarantine, Too Hot to Handle, suggestions for Love Is Blind, forgetting what human touch feels like, RuPaul's Drag Race, Celine Dion, a bone-chilling story about Barbara Walters, growing up in Mount Vernon, Aladdin, what it takes to date well (it's confidence), being the unofficial mayor of Palm Springs, significant break-ups, thoughts about kids, and plans for post quarantine.   BE PART OF THE NEW “MY FIRST TIME” SEGMENT! Send us a short (2-3 minutes) audio recording recounting your first time and we’ll play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com   GIVE HOMOPHILIA A NEW LOGLINE Rate, suggest a new logline and subscribe at https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496  Listen to Ross's book Name Drop on Audible! https://www.audible.com/pd/Name-Drop-Audiobook/1797101463?qid=1594330085&sr=1-1&ref=a_search_c3_lProduct_1_1&pf_rd_p=e81b7c27-6880-467a-b5a7-13cef5d729fe&pf_rd_r=SNSG38EE7M6XVVYDG2Q4
10/07/2055m 30s

Beth Malone

BIG episode today! Thank God Dave survived his first nasal COVID test because he and Matt have big plans for YOU. There are now not one, but TWO ways for listeners to be part of the show! First, the guys are introducing a new segment called “My First Time” where-in you send us stories of your first time and we play it on the podcast. It's only fair for the guys to go first, and Dave kicks it off with a doozy. The second way to be on the show? Toss the guys a new logline in Apple Podcast reviews. The current logline, "Hosts Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey grill LGBT celebrities on what they’re loving, and who they’re loving" is pretty good, but we think you can do better.   And that’s all before we get to today’s incredible guest, tony nominee Beth Malone! Beth delights the guys with all the ways she tried to not realize she was gay before she met her wife. They also chat about Beth's guilty Colorado quarantine, her new pup Molly Brown, binging Game of Thrones, the power of language, Kristy McNicol, Jodie Foster, Jo on The Facts of Life, Brandi Carlile, Dolly Parton, what it was like to be part of Broadway's sudden shutdown, and how Beth met her wife.   BE PART OF THE NEW “MY FIRST TIME” SEGMENT! Send us a short (2-3 minutes) audio recording recounting your first time and we’ll play it on the show! Email: Homophiliapod@gmail.com   GIVE HOMOPHILIA A NEW LOGLINE Rate, suggest a new logline and subscribe at: https://podcasts.apple.com/bs/podcast/homophilia/id1267538496
03/07/201h 17m

Brandon Ash-Mohammed

This week Matt and Dave welcome the hilarious Brandon Ash-Mohammed! The guys discuss zoom stand-up comedy, Disney +, rewatching old Lindsay Lohan movies, quarantine routines, predictions for the future of stand-up comedy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Madonna, Toronto COVID regulations and protests, Second City scandals, meeting your boyfriend on Grindr, living out security guard fantasies, first boyfriends, why Brandon quit stand-up for three years, improv for anxiety, and why recording Canada's first-ever queer Black comedy album (Capricornication!) was the best and worst night of his life.  Order Brandon's album here: https://howlandroarrecords.com/shop/capricornacation-brandon-ash-mohammed. The first month of sales goes to: Black Lives Matter Toronto, SOY Toronto and 2 Spirits
26/06/2057m 9s

Brandon Kyle Goodman

Matt and Dave swap reports from this year's Pride Parade before they welcome this week's guest: the incomparable Brandon Kyle Goodman. The guys discuss Real House Wives of Atlanta, Lafayette from True Blood, Sister Act 2, the new Lady Gaga album, Anita Baker,101 Dalmatians, Korey (Brandon’s dog!), going to boarding school in Georgia, finding your husband on Tinder, and the emotional toll of unpacking trauma.
19/06/2048m 54s

Michael Urie

Dave and Matt are back this week with an intro about... everything. PREVIOUSLY RECORDED: The delightful Michael Urie joins the guys to chat about Dead to Me, growing up in Plano Texas, Julliard, thoughts about typecasting, Ugly Betty, older siblings paving the way, and what it was like to be part of Broadway's COVID shut down. PLUS Michael gives everyone the scoop on this year's Pride Plays, which are streaming every Friday in June! For more info on Pride Plays, check out: https://playbill.com/prideplays.  Tonight's play, one in two, was created by Donja R. Love and was directed by Malika Oyetimein. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Lj6D82lSs
12/06/201h 10m

Carson Kressley

This week, by all accounts, has been hard. Matt and Dave begin by finding comfort in one of the few places there is still hope: granola. Luckily, Carson Kressley is here to brighten everyone’s spirits with tales from his farm. The guys also discuss wardrobes, Madonna, skincare, New York City in the ‘90s, how fame affects dating, and of course, RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 12.
29/05/2052m 36s


This week the one, the only Shangela is here to talk with the guys about bunkering with family during COVID, the time she and Dave filmed a pilot together, Drag Race, HBO’s We’re Here, and why social media makes it difficult to date.
22/05/2055m 1s

Eureka O'Hara

After a quick corona check-in with each other, Dave and Matt chat with Eureka O'Hara (RuPaul's Drag Race) about their drag beginnings, gender fluidity, and the current season of Drag Race. Also, they get into the challenges of dating, COVID or no COVID!
15/05/2037m 49s

Scotty Bowers and Matt Tyrnauer (re-release)

Original air date: September 20, 2018. The man, the myth, the legend, Scotty Bowers, and director Matt Tyrnauer (“Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood“) spill scandalous sexy old Hollywood tea on Anthony Perkins, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and more! Plus: going to the first gay bars in Los Angeles, working with Masters and Johnson, and picking up on people’s types. Also, Dave and Matt talk about their trips to London, and Dave’s adventure to Tom Tom.
08/05/201h 4m

R. Eric Thomas and Todd Masterson

Writers R. Eric Thomas and Todd Masterson join Dave and Matt for back-to-back interviews on a jam-packed Homophilia! First, they chat with Eric about his new memoir Here For It, revisiting The Wiz, marrying his husband the pastor, and the Cinderella story that led to him writing for Elle. Then, they catch up with Todd Masterson about Coscto kombucha, rising to Insta-fame with ‘Gay Fat Friend,’ reverse-educating his parents and more.
01/05/201h 57m

Bob the Drag Queen

Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8, Bob the Drag Queen, joins Dave and Matt to talk making masks at home, dating pre and post-Drag Race fame, and the most powerful moments from shooting the new HBO series We’re Here. Plus, “getting gay,” afterlife predictions, Kai Kai, and more.
24/04/2044m 34s

Jonathan Van Ness

The one and only Jonathan Van Ness (Netflix’s Queer Eye, Getting Curious) joins Matt and Dave to talk binging survivalist television, the Gay of Thrones origin story, and hair care tips for home-isolation. Plus, becoming the first male cheerleader at his high school, spreading body positivity, spending quality time with quarantine buddies and more.
17/04/201h 1m

Greg Rikaart and Caleb Hearon

Soap star Greg Rikaart joins Matt and Dave to talk Drag Race reactions, landing his role on The Young and the Restless, and co-parenting (while recovering from coronavirus). Then, comedian and writer Caleb Hearon discusses growing up in Missouri, getting quote-tweeted by Chrissy Teigen, gay spaces in Chicago, and more.
10/04/201h 25m

Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni

Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni join Dave and Matt to talk about pop culture in quarantine, the origin of their collaboration, and making their Quibi show Gayme Show! authentically queer. Plus, meeting longtime boyfriends, hooking up at a Betty Who concert, NYU dean dancing videos, and much more.
03/04/201h 3m

Chris Bryant

Comic and gamer Chris Bryant joins Dave and Matt to talk about diversifying the video game industry, handling homophobia abroad, and having a complicated relationship with his hometown. Plus, being diagnosed with autism (and dating someone else on the spectrum), being open about mental health, and learning how to use Twitter for good.
27/03/2059m 1s

Addie Weyrich

Comedian, actor, and writer Addie Weyrich joins Dave and Matt to talk meeting the dog of her dreams, formulating her "Fox & Friends" videos, taking on toxic masculinity in conversation, and using the “DEARMAN” technique. Plus, being single and focusing on friendships, Are You The One? (Season 8), and taking hope from a couple she matched with on Tinder.
20/03/201h 3m

Jake Borelli

Actor Jake Borelli (The Thing About Harry) joins Dave and Matt to chat about playing fan Survivor in Griffith Park, the coinciding of coming out in real life with his character’s coming out on Grey’s Anatomy, and what goes into his Raya profile. Plus, the two big heartbreaks in his life, looking for someone with curiosity, and why a tire pressure gauge is sexier than you think.
13/03/2044m 51s

Jordan Barbour

Theatre actor Jordan Barbour joins Dave and Matt to talk about going on the “charm offensive” and maintaining levity over seven hours with Broadway’s The Inheritance, working collaboratively with playwright Matthew Lopez, and obsessing over The Circle. Plus, embracing polyamory, carving his own path in his career and romantic life, and complicated feelings about religion and spirituality.
06/03/2048m 47s

Chris Sapphire and Karyn Blanco

Chris Sapphire and Karyn Blanco of the Netflix reality series The Circle join Dave and Matt for special back-to-back interviews on this week’s Homophilia! First, Dave and Matt talk to Chris about getting his feet wet in the reality arena, what it means to try God’s way, and ushering in newfound fame from the show. Then, they chat with Karyn about behind-the-scenes human interactions we didn’t see, fellow contestants from The Circle she keeps in touch with, and opening up opportunities for conversations in the lives of viewers.   Check out Chris and Karyn on The Circle streaming now on Netflix.
28/02/2042m 10s

DeAnne Smith

Comedian DeAnne Smith joins Matt and Dave to talk handsome vets, L Word character takes, and getting to go to a Queer Slowdance with her comedy hero. Plus, finding out she’s in a relationship (today!), falling in love with a high school sweetheart, marrying a mime for residency in Canada, and other globe-spanning stories from DeAnne’s romantic past.
21/02/201h 1m

Peter Paige

Showrunner/director/actor Peter Paige joins Matt and Dave to talk getting started with high school theater, nearly landing the role of Jack on Will & Grace, and jumping on the hit series Queer as Folk. Plus, taking a year off from dating, top rom-coms, looking for love in your 40s, and the thrill of casting amazingly talented leads for his new film The Thing About Harry.
14/02/2055m 56s

Jonny Beauchamp

Actor Jonny Beauchamp (Katy Keene) joins Dave and Matt to chat about landing the role of Jorge Lopez (with a little help from Nicki Minaj’s Moment 4 Life), airport miracles, and geeking out over dance bio series Fosse/Verdon. Plus, bringing lifelong dreams to fruition, trusting things to make sense later, and looking for someone who works hard at their own lane.
07/02/2051m 53s

Mal Blum

Musician Mal Blum joins Dave and Matt to talk visiting Vanderpump Rules landmarks, being wooed by their now-partner Gaby Dunn, that amazing Courtney Love/Madonna interview, and coming out once at fourteen and again in college. Plus, why we shouldn’t be afraid to reproach our elders and how to deal with jealousy and catching feelings in a non-monogamous relationship.
31/01/2057m 43s

Mano Agapion

Comedian Mano Agapion joins Dave and Matt on this week’s Homophilia to dish about fav characters to watch on The Circle, formative trash TV crushes, meeting his boyfriend of 4 1/2 years, adventures in Japan’s “queer country,” dealing with body dysmorphia, and so much more!
24/01/2050m 41s

Marcos Luevanos

TV writer Marcos Luevanos (Charmed) joins Matt and Dave to chat about the power of magic intuition candles, the push to get Shannon Doherty involved in the reboot of Charmed, and finding serendipitous closure after a breakup. Plus, getting ‘found out’ at fourteen while attending an all-boys Catholic school, hooking up in the bathroom during sixth period, and navigating a relationship with conservative Republican parents.
17/01/2050m 23s

Josh Thomas

Actor/comedian Josh Thomas (Please Like Me, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay) joins Matt and Dave to discuss watching every episode of Seinfeld in the last year, the pros/cons of cloning an aging pet, dating while famous, and not being afraid to self-deprecate. Plus, Josh goes into the autobiographical elements of Please Like Me, his reaction to the gay marriage referendum in Australia, and his new show on Freeform, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.
10/01/201h 1m

Live from London Podcast Festival 2019 w/ Martin Rossiter, Kayleigh Llewellyn, and Brian J. Moylan

Live from the London Podcast Festival, Dave and Matt are joined by rock star Martin Rossiter, comedian Kayleigh Llewellyn, and writer Brian J. Moylan to dish on Real Housewives updates, Ben and Arthur (and other trash classics), favorite childhood films, and relationship origin stories. Plus, Brian tells his saddest R-rated story about trying to get laid in the UK.
03/01/201h 7m

Jill Gutowitz

Writer and humorist Jill Gutowitz joins Matt and Dave to discuss the ‘step on me’ energy of Big Little Lies, getting emotional after a Wild Rose viewing, and pushing past the reductive nature of dating apps. Plus, reconciling different takes on Taylor Swift with her girlfriend, re-teaching herself how to get excited about being in a relationship, and powering through panic attacks at 30,000 feet.
27/12/191h 9m

Robin Lord Taylor

Actor/director Robin Lord Taylor joins Matt and Dave to talk about being inspired by Tim Curry and Clue, Joni Mitchell sightings, freaking out at a Madonna show with best pal Billy Eichner, and meeting his husband on a Frito-Lay commercial audition. Plus, growing up in a liberal subset of Iowa, theater as a therapeutic escape, the most life-changing elements of working on Gotham, and much more.   Check out THE MANDELA EFFECT, now in select theaters and on VOD December 6th.
20/12/1956m 19s

Brandon Rogers

Youtuber, comedian, & actor/director Brandon Rogers joins Matt and Dave to chat about screening his own films in high school, the agony of retail culture, blowing up on Vine (without being credited), making genuine friends and family in the YouTube community, and being inspired by Joan Rivers to say “yes.” Plus, flirty Instagram DMs, coming out without judgment, living for constructive feedback, and why a dry sense of humor is absolutely essential in a partner.
13/12/1953m 32s

Shakina Nayfack

Actress Shakina Nayfack (Manifest Pussy, Transparent) joins Matt and Dave to talk about revisiting Rent as an adult, table reading for Difficult People, and challenging the conversation surrounding body parts. Plus, Shakina’s incredible first date with her boyfriend, bringing her own perspective to Transparent's Musicale Finale, and learning how to treat spiritual life as a key to mental health.
06/12/1943m 25s

Jarett Wieselman

Netflix’s Jarett Wieselman joins Dave and Matt to discuss a visit to Austin City Limits, embracing the label #mediagay, heading the lifestyle section at In Touch at the age of 26, and accidentally outing his own dad as a kid. Plus, reality tv as a first foray into understanding gayness, looking to date someone with a dog, and how coming out to a girlfriend can bolster the friendship.
29/11/1958m 15s

Jacob Tobia

Activist, producer, and author Jacob Tobia (Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story) joins Matt and Dave to talk about the complexities of sexual liberation, overcoming externally programmed desires, pushing into the nuances of trans identity, and more. Also: why gender-nonconformity is basically one big Lava Game, the power of “sissy” as a uniting label, creating spaces to heal gender-based trauma, and the dream of becoming your own phenomenon.
22/11/1956m 57s

Mary Lambert

Singer-songwriter Mary Lambert joins Dave and Matt to talk about Paula Cole and Tori Amos influences, living without a sense of smell, favorite wines and wineries, and learning to improvise musically at an early age. Plus, healing and caring through music, auditioning church communities, meeting her partner on Tinder, and future family plans.     Check out Mary’s new album Grief Creature here.
15/11/1953m 30s

H. Alan Scott

Writer, comedian, and podcaster H. Alan Scott (You’re Making It Worse podcast) joins Matt and Dave to talk about obsessing over Gayle King, forced merriment, drag persona Sadie Pines, and why Mormon baptisms are the hottest. Plus, converting to Judaism, looking to traumatic touchstones for perspective, getting robbed in Berlin, and H. Alan’s new film Latter Day Jew.       This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com/HOMO).
08/11/1958m 20s

Joel Kim Booster

Comedian and ultimate friend of the show Joel Kim Booster joins Matt and Dave to talk about where you can catch the rest of Sunnyside, personal trainer drama, and the relationship fallout from his last appearance. Plus, finding satisfaction with throupling, spinning orgies out of thin air, overcoming individualized loneliness, being attracted to your therapist.   Check out Joel's new podcast Urgent Care with Joel Kim Booster and Mitra Jouhari here. Got a question for Joel and Mitra? Call 323-334-0371 or email urgentcarepod@gmail.com.
01/11/1952m 9s

Drew Droege

Actor and comedian Drew Droege joins Dave and Matt to chat about who he’s playing in Justin Sayre’s camp-horror soap opera Ravenswood Manor, why everyone should see Parasite over Joker, Drag Race challenge ambitions, and why “manufactured” really means “boring.” Later, Drew talks about navigating Scruff, enjoying living single, and his solo show Happy Birthday Doug.   This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO) and hims (www.forhims.com/homo)
25/10/1956m 16s

Shantira Jackson

Writer and performer Shantira Jackson joins Matt and Dave to talk about Airplane Repo, newscasting in Florida, best bits from A Black Lady Sketch Show, and Shantira’s early improv days. Plus, writing for Busy Tonight, connecting romantically over poetry, Banana Republic secret tricks, and being a good bunny stepmom.
18/10/1949m 39s

Dano Cerny

MTV Music Video Award nominated music video director (and Matt’s ex!) Dano Cerny joins Dave and Matt to talk about working with The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Sia and more, his evolution as a filmmaker, and the music videos that inspired him. Also, growing up a child actor, tales from the VMA red carpet, and Dano’s love-hate relationship with his boyfriend’s cat. Plus, Dano and Matt recount their romantic past in a Homophilia first!   This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com/homo).
11/10/1950m 55s

Travis Coles

Actor and comedian Travis Coles (David Makes Man) joins Matt and Dave to chat about watching every episode of Riverdale, top musicals, and all things Jurassic Park. Then, they get into the latest Willow album, Travis’s Spotify search history, and EVERYTHING about their experiences working with Oprah. Plus, Catholic school guilt, looking for a way to feel seen, and coming out (accidentally).
04/10/1952m 51s

Nia Clark + Morgan Walsh

On this Mo’Mophilia, Nia Clark joins Matt & Dave to discuss her work as a National LGBTQ+ Mentor for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America Organization. She shares about her journey through foster care, taking autonomy over her body as a trans youth, and viewing people holistically. Then, ally Morgan Walsh explains her role in Gender Nation - a non profit 501c3 she co-founded with Keiko Feldman - which is committed to donating uplifting and inclusive LGBTQ+ affirming books to school libraries. They also discuss We Are The World, The Cher Show on Broadway, and raising a queer child.  Learn more about Gender Nation here - http://gendernation.org/
30/09/191h 41m

Tuc Watkins

Actor Tuc Watkins sits down with Dave and Matt to talk about working on the spectacular 50th anniversary revival of The Boys in the Band and the upcoming movie, his first ever speaking roles on Growing Pains and Saved by the Bell, and taking the focus off himself as a dad. Plus, coming out on the Marie Osmond show, the perfect LA Tinder date, and breaking the “one actor per family” rule with his boyfriend and co-star Andrew Rannells.    This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO) and Shame On You podcast.
27/09/1953m 28s

Hannah Pearl Utt + Jen Tullock

Screenwriters Hannah Pearl Utt and Jen Tullock join Matt and Dave to discuss writing, directing and starring in their new film “Before You Know It,” being raised in fringe communities, and the process of casting co-stars Judith Light and Mandy Patinkin. Plus, perfectly made movies about love, where Hannah and Jen draw their inspiration, emulating “All About Eve,” Sundance romances, and coming out as a theist.     This episode is sponsored by hims (www.forhims.com/homo).
20/09/1945m 19s

Erin Foley

The brilliant comic Erin Foley joins Matt and Dave to talk about why gay cruises are the best crowds, fav couples on Bachelor in Paradise, and her new comedy album “Deep Dive.” Plus, the first joke she told onstage, being in a relationship that makes her want to be the best version of herself, the awkwardness of coming out to a Catholic family, and finding her own personal church in the world of sports.    Check out Erin’s podcast Sports Without Balls here.     This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com/homo) and TodayTix (www.todaytix.com/homo code: HOMO)

Dewayne Perkins

The very charismatic stand-up comedian and writer Dewayne Perkins talks with Matt & Dave this week about forcing himself to become a morning person, his first-ever acting jobs, and the incredibly strange timing of getting his writing gig on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Plus loving Ariana Grande before she was huge, getting fashion dissed and turning off his fandom, finding what works in a LDR, and the most important and sometimes anti-climactic moments of Dewayne’s life.
06/09/1936m 3s

Oscar Montoya + Tony Rodriguez

Actors, improv performers, and podcast hosts Oscar Montoya and Tony Rodriguez join Matt & Dave for this week’s Homophilia! They talk about what’s on their playlists right now, dancing or sitting at concerts, and the attractiveness of Rick Moranis. Oscar divulges about his Are You The One crush, Tony shares his realizations on dating, and what they present on dating apps. Also #HiImTrash, Tinder vs. Grindr, and coffee dates being too business-y.     This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO)
30/08/1950m 10s

Roz Drezfalez + Alexander Chee

First, Roz Drezfalez joins to talk about her new podcast GHOSTED! - which is all about, you guessed it, ghosts! They discuss her own experiences, the difference between a ghost and a succubus, and the fun in believing anything is possible. Plus, they talk Drag Race, Real Housewives, and Lisa Rinna's hustle.  Then, author and professor Alexander Chee joins Matt & Dave to discuss his book, HOW TO WRITE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOVEL: ESSAYS. They chat about Princess Margaret, X-Men, young summer love, and how Oprah is always right.
23/08/191h 31m

Chris Kelly

Performer and writer Chris Kelly (The Other Two) talks with Matt & Dave this week - discussing sleeping habits, Heidi Rose Robbins the beauty of astrology, and strange psychic readings. Plus male friendships on Love Island and R.I.P Xtuber Josh. Chris shares some background on Justin Theroux’s apartment in The Other Two, the Instagay community’s response to the show, his meet-cute with his boyfriend, and high-school cast parties.      This episode is sponsored by hims (www.forhims.com/homo).
16/08/191h 23m

Michael Anderson + Daisy Eagan

This is a double-interview episode! First, producer and SVP of Music for KIDZ BOP Michael Anderson stops by to talk with Matt and Dave on this week’s Homophilia. They discuss predicting charts, laundering gayness, Judge Judy, and the Kidz Bop tour. He also shares about his relationship with his husband of 15 years, and how they met in an AOL chat room. Then actor and Broadway prodigy Daisy Eagan joins the guys to talk about her and Matt’s time in Jersey Shoresical, the new Aladdin movie, and Dave not seeing any Disney renaissance classics. She describes her relationship with her ex-boyfriend/current partner, as well as the complications of long-distance dating. Plus - Dave asks the tough question of “are you drinking pesto or a smoothie?”  This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com/homo).
09/08/191h 38m

Mark Patton

Actor, interior designer, and painter Mark Patton joins Matt on this week’s Homophilia to discuss his role in the new documentary Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street exploring the homoerotic Nightmare on Elm Street 2. They discuss his wonderful relationship with costar Robert Rusler, being gay in Hollywood in the 80s, and how he related to his character Jesse. They also talk about his life in Mexico, why he said goodbye acting, and who are the homophobic gatekeepers in the entertainment industry. Then, co-directors Tyler Jenson and Roman Chimienti join for the second half of the interview to discuss how this documentary came together.
02/08/191h 7m

Scott Evans

Actor and #1 Helen Hunt fan Scott Evans joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about onscreen nudity, filming the first daytime soap sex scene, his love of short guys and the movie Twister! Plus, Abercrombie bags on his NYU wall, middle + high school girlfriends, and being in his first year-long relationship.  This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO) and Away (www.awaytravel.com/homo code: HOMO).
26/07/1957m 17s

Jordan Firstman

Filmmaker, performer and writer Jordan Firstman joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about being on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, meditation retreats, falling in love with his voice teacher, and dealing with "no". Plus, instacrushes, Washcloth the dog, and meeting his boyfriend / friend of the show, Charles Rogers! This episode is sponsored by Openfit (text HOMOPHILIA to 303030).
19/07/191h 14m

Bright Light Bright Light

Pop music maker and DJ Bright Light Bright Light joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about opening for Elton John, gross LaCroix flavors and being gorgeously single. Plus, The Cheeky Girls, being on the road for 10 years, and Matt and Dave share their 4th of July earthquake and Big Sur stories! This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com/homo) and hims (www.forhims.com/homo).
12/07/1952m 6s

Casey Wilson (Is Not Gay)

It’s the 100th episode of Homophilia! To celebrate, Dave and Matt welcome Casey Wilson to the studio. She doesn’t technically identify as LGBTQ, but she’s an esteemed ally and a beloved burgeoning gay icon. Casey reflects on her musical theatre roots, her connection to the queer community, and the magic of the right mood stabilizer. Plus, Dave and Matt introduce their spin-off miniseries, coming to Stitcher Premium July 9!
05/07/191h 2m

Big Dipper

Ultimate big boy of rap, Big Dipper, joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about Topo Chico popsicles, community theater, squeegeeing your body and more! Plus, losing your virginity to a professor, college jerk-offs and Dave breaks down Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" for Matt.   This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), Harry's (www.harrys.com/HOMO), and Upstart (www.upstart.com/HOMO).
28/06/191h 2m

Nancy Fichman and Jennifer Hoppe

Partners in work (and formerly in life) Nancy Fichman and Jennifer Hoppe (Nurse Jackie, Damages) join Dave and Matt to talk about getting sober, assuming everyone's gay, and still talking to each other like girlfriends. Plus, getting stalked, acting with Steve Buscemi and Diane Keaton impressions.
21/06/1945m 1s

Silas Howard + AB Cassidy Live from BuzzFeed

It's a special double episode of HOMOPHILIA this week with director, screenwriter and actor Silas Howard joining Matt and Dave to discuss Pose and more! Also, it's a special live interview at BuzzFeed with Provincetown Film Festival darling and comedian AB Cassidy. Plus, Dave and Matt talk about their Pride weekends and Dave's foray into dj-ing! This episode is sponsored by OpenFit (text HOMOPHILIA to 303030) and Talkspace (www.talkspace.com/HOMOPHILIA code: HOMOPHILIA).
14/06/191h 31m

Nina West Live at DragCon 2019

Drag queen Nina West joins Dave and Matt live from DragCon 2019 to talk all about the revisionist history amongst the Drag Race girls, Miss Piggy and Miss Yvonne as inspirations and the Nina West Foundation! Plus, surviving extreme homophobia in college, crying at the booth and Dave and Matt take questions from the audience! This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO), Harry's (www.harrys.com/homophilia), and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMOPHILIA).
07/06/191h 7m

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer, true star of stage and screen, joins Dave and Matt to talk about his upcoming film Papi Chulo, his Southern Baptist upbringing, riding on Brad Paisley's tour bus and meeting his husband at a very intimate BBQ. Plus, binging all of Game of Thrones with a broken leg, Boys in the Band and Dave's NKOTB experience.  This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), Original Grain (www.originalgrain.com code: HOMO), and Upstart (www.upstart.com/HOMO).
31/05/1956m 10s

John Cameron Mitchell

The one and only John Cameron Mitchell joins Dave and Matt to talk about his new rock musical podcast Anthem: Homunculus on Luminary, its origins as a Hedwig and The Angry Inch sequel, finding your tribe, "resting pitch face" and more! Plus, needing a Grindr intern, passing the torch as artist and a revelation about John's first job in the industry.  This episode is brought to you by Original Grain (www.originalgrain.com code: HOMO).
24/05/191h 5m

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott, star of the new season of Fleabag, joins Dave and Matt to talk about his unintentional positive effect on priest porn, Judge Judy, the term "openly gay," and Dave's monk crush. Plus, taking the advice of Esther Perel, being filthy vs making love, and his burden becoming his gift.  This episode is sponsored by Talkspace (www.talkspace.com/HOMOPHILIA).
17/05/191h 3m

Karen Tongson

Author, professor and cultural critic Karen Tongson joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about "Why Karen Carpenter Matters", norm porn and eating burgers naked on a beach in the South of France. Plus, meeting her wife in an Angelina fashion, being too tired to blow up your life and Dave downloads Matt on Jacob Wohl's hilarious scandal attempt.  This episode is sponsored by ModCloth (www.modcloth.com code: HOMO).
10/05/1958m 53s

Frank DeCaro

Writer, performer and new author Frank DeCaro, (Drag: Combing Through the Big Wigs of Show Business) joins Dave and Matt this week with his "hublicist" in tow to talk all about parties with Donatella Versace, gossiping with Karl Lagerfeld, having schtick in a long term relationship, and more! Plus working on The Daily Show, living with a human IMDB and loving The Prom on Broadway! This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO), Upstart (www.upstart.com/HOMO), and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO).
03/05/191h 10m

Kevin McHale

Actor, singer, dancer and all around amazing human Kevin McHale (Glee) joins Matt and Dave to talk about still listening the radio, sneaking into Hollywood clubs, and being in a boyband. Plus, consciously uncoupling from a long term boyfriend, scoring artist passes to Coachella, and first time butterfly feelings. Also, check out Kevin's new music video HERE! This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), Robinhood (www.HOMOPHILIA.robinhood.com), and the National Network of Abortion Funds (www.bowlathon.nnaf.org).
26/04/191h 5m

Punkie Johnson

Comedian Punkie Johnson joins Dave and Matt this week to get hot about the 90210 reboot, go deep on Grey's Anatomy, talk about meeting her wife in high school, and more! Plus getting your toenails clipped by your spouse, messed up reasons to have a baby, and Dave breaks down all of Coachella for Matt! This episode is sponsored by ButcherBox (www.butcherbox.com/HOMO code: HOMO), Talkspace (www.talkspace.com code: HOMOPHILIA), and the National Network of Abortion Funds (www.bowlathon.nnaf.org).
19/04/1958m 56s

Charles Rogers

Director, writer, producer and now podcaster Charles Rogers (Search Party [tbs.com], The Problem with Charles & Casey) joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about pre-teen boners watching Wild America, growing up on the Mexico / Texas border, gay summer school and more! Plus, the "will they won't they" between Charles and his boyfriend, coming on couches and Dave shares his new favorite Facebook Live obsession.  This episode is sponsored by ModCloth (www.modcloth.com code: HOMO), True Crime Obsessed (www.truecrimeobsessed.com) and the National Network of Abortion Funds (www.bowlathon.nnaf.org).
12/04/1959m 58s

Jen Landon

Actress Jen Landon (As the World Turns) joins Dave and Matt this week to talk soap lines, dreams of joining the WBNA, endearing hypochondria and more! Plus, wanting to make out with Dana Scully, the pressure not to be out, and Matt + Dave get excited for a secret Celine Dion show.  This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO) and the National Network of Abortion Funds (www.bowlathon.nnaf.org).
05/04/191h 7m

Brian Justin Crum

Singer and cat o' nine tails fashion icon Brian Justin Crum joins Dave and Matt to discuss sewn in weave braids, Léon + Kim Petras and meeting his boyfriend at Gold's Gym. Plus, a boner grab tattoo, channeling Britney and Dave talks about his LA marathon experience! This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), hims (www.forhims.com/HOMOPHILIA), and Robinhood (www.HOMOPHILIA.robinhood.com).

Sydnee Washington

Comedian Sydnee Washington joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about being a hot crunchy mess, having a whole-ass girlfriend and Bitcoin boobs. Plus, getting your soul taken on a couch, stealing Barbie clothes and digging deep on Rebbie Jackson's "Centipede"! This episode is sponsored by BlueChew (www.bluechew.com code: HOMO) and EveryPlate (www.everyplate.com code: HOMO6).
22/03/1959m 29s

Lance Bass

Lance Bass (!!!) of *NSYNC fame joins Dave and Matt live from SXSW to talk about the new Lou Pearlman ponzi scheme documentary "The Boy Band Con", Dave and Lance meeting on TRL (on Dave's first day!) and coming out in People Magazine. Plus, Lance's first relationship while still being in the closet, getting a Facebook poke from his now husband, proposal interruptions, a live q&a and so much more!
15/03/191h 5m

Sam Greisman

Writer and prince of gay Twitter Sam Greisman joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about Pete Davidson's attractiveness, tracking Lindsay Lohan, class-wide cocaine problems and more! Plus, gay fraternities, Ariana Grande's BDE and we Skype with Matt in Vancouver to talk about his pilot, the MJ documentary and the passing of Luke Perry.  This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO).
08/03/191h 10m

Liza Treyger

Comedian Liza Treyger sits down with Dave and Matt this week for a late-90s pop throwback chat about her love of the Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, and more! Plus, having an incredible foursome, witchy therapy and Matt calls in from the set of his new pilot in Vancouver!  This episode is sponsored by BlueChew (www.bluechew.com code: HOMO) and Robinhood (www.HOMOPHILIA.Robinhood.com).
01/03/191h 4m


Actor, model and drag superstar, Willam joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about being in the Oscar-nominated A Star Is Born, breaking the rules on Drag Race, hooking to make money and MUCH more. Plus, getting emancipated at 16, meeting guys from AOL chat rooms, and Michael Douglas' hotness. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), Every Plate (www.everyplate.com code: HOMO6), ModCloth (www.modcloth.com code: HOMO), and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO).
22/02/1958m 43s

Sherry Cola

Comedian, actress and writer Sherry Cola (Good Trouble) joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about the keto diet, pep flags, playing a queer character on her show Good Trouble, fielding off 99+ message requests and more! Plus, Dave and Matt share the story of a true (mild nudity-filled) friendship milestone.  This episode is sponsored by Blinkist (www.blinkist.com/HOMO) and Care/of (www.takecareof.com code: HOMO50).
15/02/1954m 38s

Blake Mitchell

Adult film star Blake Mitchell joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about his lonely video, meeting his now-boyfriend on Instagram, getting outted in Kentucky, and wanting children in the near future. Plus, wanting to win an Oscar, dating as a porn star, and Dave and Matt break down the new Ben Platt music video! This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO) and BlueChew (www.bluechew.com code: HOMO).
08/02/1959m 34s

Max Mutchnick

Emmy Award winning producer & creator of Will & Grace, Max Mutchnick, joins Matt & Dave this week to reveal how Will & Grace really got back on the air, hosting President Bill Clinton at his house and a memorable encounter with Kevin Spacey. Plus, meeting his husband at a drag show, loneliness, and getting hit by the gay hammer. This episode is sponsored by Robinhood (www.homophilia.robinhood.com), Blinkist (www.blinkist.com/HOMO), and Blue Chew (www.bluechew.com code: HOMO).
01/02/191h 14m

Billie Lee

The beautiful Billie Lee (Vanderpump Rules) joins Dave and Matt this week to talk all things Vanderpump, Never Been Kissed, an intense stalker situation, and speaking your truth. Plus wanting to settle down, the witches of Weho, and of course Regenix.  This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), Homesick Candles (www.homesick.com code: HOMO), Blinkist (www.blinkist.com/HOMO), and EveryPlate (www.everyplate.com code: HOMO6).

Tre'vell Anderson

Director of Culture & Entertainment at Out Magazine, Tre'vell Anderson joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about Widows, Nikki Minaj + Cardi B, gender non-conformity and being a church queen. Plus, exes with extracurricular activities, wearing a pink poncho to a funeral, honking butts and more!  This episode is sponsored by Robinhood (www.HOMOPHILIA.robinhood.com), hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO), and Blinkist (www.blinkist.com/HOMO).
18/01/191h 14m

Dr. Chris Donaghue

Psychotherapist, sex therapist, host and author of the new book Rebel Love, Dr. Chris Donaghue joins Dave and Matt this week for an open conversation about his sexually explorative upbringing, being "non-labeled" and getting into a pornogamous relationship. Plus, Dave and Matt talk about their holiday breaks with hometown gay bars and watching The Favourite with their moms! This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO) and Candid Co (www.candidco.com/HOMO).

Beth Lapides

Comedian, author, and host Beth Lapides joins Dave and Matt for the beginning of 2019 to chat astrology, never dating, and her show Uncabaret. Plus, being married to someone gay-identifying, gay men going down on women, and more!
04/01/1950m 9s

Andrew Fleming

Iconic director and screenwriter Andrew Fleming (The Craft, Hamlet 2) joins Matt and Dave this week to talk dinner parties with Dolly Parton, working on her new Netflix series, and tearing something down to build something beautiful. Plus, living life like a telenovela, how to have a good threesome, sharing custody of a corgi and more!  This episode is sponsored by Wizard Pins (www.wizardpins.com code: HOMO).
28/12/1844m 7s

Sabrina Jalees

The absolutely hilarious Sabrina Jalees is back solo on HOMOPHILIA to dive deep with Dave and Matt on waxing, colonics, proposing to her wife with floating grapes, deep breaths and "butt fears". Plus, the story of her surfer sperm donor, getting pregnant, her son's on-screen debut with Cher and more! This episode is sponsored by Robinhood (www.HOMOPHILIA.robinhood.com), Candid Co (www.candidco.com/HOMO), and Calm (www.calm.com/HOMOPHILIA).
21/12/181h 27m

Tom Lenk

The one and only Tom Lenk joins Dave and Matt this week for a nonstop incredible convo about the best sexy times, gay casting issues, method acting for a hook-up, snowboarding straightness and SO much more! Plus reverse dates, London Spy, and seeing Wicked with your mom. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO) and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO).
14/12/181h 31m

Matt Rogers

The truly sweet, perfect and hilarious Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas) joins Matt and Dave this week to dive deep about the Ariana Grande "thank u, next" video, going from friendless to Prom King, losing his virginity to his manager at a clam bar, and more! Plus, getting in trouble at Miraval Spa, Justin Timberlake in a tank top, and Trump being a gay bitch.
07/12/181h 15m

AB Cassidy

The hilarious AB Cassidy joins Matt and Dave to talk about the real life "showmance" with their now girlfriend, going to weight loss boarding school, autistic cats, gender fluidity and more! Plus It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shawn Mendes, and pets vs significant others!  This episode is sponsored by Modcloth (www.modcloth.com code: HP) and Calm (www.calm.com/HOMOPHILIA).
30/11/181h 5m

Lane Moore

Hilarious comedian and author Lane Moore (How To Be Alone [t.co]) joins Matt and Dave this week to talk goth looks, fuckbois, being a hopeless romantic, meeting people thru her show Tinder Live, and more. Plus, Timothy Olyphant's hotness, having boyfriends and girlfriends that look the same, and Matt and Dave go deeeeep on boy bands! This episode is sponsored by Robinhood (www.homophilia.robinhood.com) and StoryWorth (www.storyworth.com/HOMO).
23/11/181h 10m

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The incredible Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) joins Matt and Dave this week to dive deep in to all things musical theater, judging on Drag Race, meeting his husband at Equinox, and always being the one that got dumped. Plus, shoplifting, Catholic leather queens, and Dave and Matt chat Thanksgiving plans! This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO), and Candid Co (www.candidco.com/HOMO).
16/11/181h 9m

Sam Kieffer

Earwolf's own Sam Kieffer joins Dave and Matt to dig in deeper about his recent coming-out, crushing on Pee-Wee Herman, working out issues with a dominatrix, Henry Caville hotness and more! Plus, Matt and Dave talk about their "firsts" and Dave tells a *shocking* story you don't want to miss!  This episode is sponsored by Calm (www.calm.com/HOMOPHILIA).
09/11/181h 8m

Brian J Moylan

The one and only Brian J Moylan is back in the (new!) studios with Dave and Matt to update everyone on his latest Fire Island escapades, getting married in an open relationship, being called a "Daddy" and soooo much more. Plus, Love Island hotties, friendly "woofs" from Scruff, and hung Uber drivers! This episode is sponsored by Green Chef (www.greenchef.us/HOMO).
02/11/181h 20m

David Russell

Pop music scholar and manager to Sia(!!!) David Russell joins Dave and Matt this week to dive in deep about all things pop music, Kim Petras, Madonna and so much more music fun. Plus, managing an international long distance relationship, erasing the stigma of HIV and surviving high school bigotry. This episode is sponsored by Chappy, Robinhood (homophilia.robinhood.com), and PrettyLitter (www.prettylitter.com code: HOMOPHILIA).
26/10/181h 14m

DeRay Mckesso

Civil rights activist and Crooked Media podcaster DeRay Mckesson joins Dave and Matt this week to talk all about This Is Us, Real World dreams, and Sia "Carpool Karaoke". Also, wanting someone who loves joy, being single and having a public life, and that infamous Patagonia vest. Plus, Dave preps for his big marathon and Matt and Dave answer your questions! This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), Chappy, hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO), and Care/of (www.takecareof.com code: HOMO),
19/10/181h 19m

Rhea Butcher

Incredible human and hilarious comic Rhea Butcher sits down with Dave and Matt to talk all about skateboarding, working on the relationship with yourself, coming out multiple times, and emotional drop-bys. Plus, sexual and gender fluidity, how to give a good handshake, and Matt and Dave do the ultimate A Star Is Born breakdown.  This episode is sponsored by Chappy and Sony Pictures Classics.
12/10/181h 34m

Henry Goldblatt

Editor-in-chief extraordinaire, Henry Goldblatt of Entertainment Weekly joins Matt and Dave live from the Outlier Podcast Festival to talk all about his "Must-List" like Love Island, Melrose Place, the Slow Burn podcast, and more. Plus, slutty periods, coming out by way of New Order, dot-com parties, and celebrity publicist matchmakers!
05/10/1857m 50s

Adam MacLean

We're going deep into the Homophilia vaults for a special interview with the one and only Adam MacLean (PostShame.org) to talk about owning your past, a conscious uncoupling birthday, penis portraits and more! Plus, Dave talks co-hosting the new Bravo show Play by Play, his upcoming appearance on Watch What Happens Live! and Matt reacts!  This episode is sponsored by Robinhood (HOMOPHILIA.robinhood.com), Audible (www.audible.com/HOMO or text HOMO to 500500), and PrettyLitter (www.prettylitter.com code: HOMOPHILIA).
28/09/1848m 59s

Scotty Bowers and Matt Tyrnauer

The man, the myth, the legend, Scotty Bowers, and director Matt Tyrnauer ("Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood") spill scandalous sexy old Hollywood tea on Anthony Perkins, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and more! Plus: going to the first gay bars in Los Angeles, working with Masters and Johnson, and picking up on people's types. Also, Dave and Matt talk about their trips to London, and Dave's adventure to Tom Tom.  This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO) and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO).
21/09/181h 16m

John Early

The hilarious and iconic John Early (Search Party) joins Matt and Dave this week to chat all about late 90's Lisa Kudrow movies, Britney Spears, tiny gymnasts and more. Plus pining for someone, enjoying the only relationship that has made sense, and being "that guy" in Ladybird. This episode is sponsored by Calm (www.calm.com/HOMOPHILIA) and Shameless.
14/09/181h 24m

Dennis Hensley, Robin Tran

It's two-guest time on this week's Homophilia! First, Dennis Hensley joins Matt & Dave to play the hilarious TMI party game: "You Don't Know My Life". Then, comedian Robin Tran joins the guys to talk about accidentally meditating, coming out on FB messenger, and finally smiling in women's clothes.  This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO) and Calm (www.calm.com/HOMOPHILIA).
07/09/181h 22m

Blair St. Clair

The beautiful and talented Blair St. Clair joins Dave and Matt to talk all about classic TV shows, America's Next Top Model reruns, being a small town kid with big dreams, and more! Plus, having instant click with a partner, Dave and Matt's biggest pop culture blind-spots, and Blair touches on the recent drag race drama. This episode is sponsored by PrettyLitter (www.prettylitter.com code: HOMOPHILIA) and Shameless.
31/08/181h 2m

Sina Grace

Writer and illustrator Sina Grace (Iceman) joins Matt and Dave this week to reveal his Naked & Afraid tactics, break down Lindsay Lohan's new endeavors, and explain his many unique tattoos. Plus, male plastic surgery, pop-culture overlap in relationships, and more! This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO), RXBAR (www.rxbar.com/HOMO code: HOMO), and Dollar Shave Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO).
24/08/181h 8m

Nico Santos

Star of television and film Nico Santos (Crazy Rich Asians, Superstore) joins Matt and Dave this week in the studio (with mom in tow!) to talk all about being in his first(!) relationship, Grand Designs and Voltron on Netflix, and growing up with a live-in hairdresser. Plus, how Nico booked Crazy Rich Asians, his boyfriend's amazing baking, and Nico's mom gets on mic!  This episode is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO).

Live from JFL w/ Bryan Safi, Joel Kim Booster & Sabrina Jalees

Homophilia is live from the JFL Comedy Festival with a full line-up of old and new favs! Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade), Joel Kim Booster (Conan), Sabrina Jalees (Search Party, The Comedy Lineup) join the guys to talk about Canada's Got Talent, clown hairdressers, Mamma Mia 2's elusive timeline and more! Plus, Drake drama, touching faces on drugs, and going through a divorce.  This episode is sponsored by Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO).

Dan Savage

The one and only Dan Savage (Savage Lovecast, Savage Love) joins Matt and Dave this week to dive super deep into non-monogamy and what it means to be monogamish, being a Broadway show queen, and meeting his husband on the dance floor. Plus pot edibles, rimming questions at 8:00am, and Dave "stalks" Grocer Joe!
03/08/1857m 14s

Scott Thompson

Sketch comedy legend and best Canadian Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall) joins Dave and Matt this week to gush about the Kardashians, figure out who is a Muffin, Horse or Bird, and reveal secrets from the oldest bathhouse in LA. Plus, coming out in the 80's, small batch poppers and Dave + Matt both agree Mamma Mia 2 is the best movie of all time. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO), and Dollar Shave Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO).
27/07/181h 13m

Jon Lovett

Writer and ultimate political podcast pro Jon Lovett (Pod Save America, Lovett or Leave It) joins Matt and Dave this week to dig into Trump's recent double negative "fun", comfort video games, and listening to Wicked on repeat. Jon also reveals his ultimate coming out tactic, why he doesn't talk politics at night and his fav prestige TV shows. Plus, Matt dishes about the Bruce Willis Roast, Dave takes a shower in a sink, and more! This episode is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO).
20/07/181h 16m

Stephanie Allynne

Hilarious actress and writer Stephanie Allynne join Matt and Dave this week to remember LOST, magazines, and kid songs from childhood. Plus, Tennessee town stories with wife Tig Notaro, not being prude, and feeling like you're in middle school all over. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO) and Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO).
13/07/181h 9m

Our Lady J

Writer, producer and recent Grand Marshall of SF Pride (!) Our Lady J joins Dave and Matt this week for all the Dolly, Whitney and Tori talk, growing up in and leaving Amish Country, being trans in the online dating world, and finding Christianity in a new way. Plus, Nanette love, Handmaid's Tale fears, and Dave + Matt dig into the Drag Race finale.

Steven Canals

Co-creator / executive producer of FX's Pose, Steven Canals, joins Matt and Dave this week to talk Tinder honesty, tinted moisturizer, and making the leap from education to screenwriting. Plus Minority Report memory moments, being a perpetual re-watcher, and Dave gets the James Van Der Beek inside scoop from Steven! This episode is sponsored by Gunpowder & Sky and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO).
29/06/1858m 49s

Live! From the Provincetown Film Festival w/ Christine Vachon

Matt and Dave are live from the Provincetown Film Festival with iconic film producer Christine Vachon (Carol, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Far From Heaven, Still Alice)! They get into her long experience in filmmaking, the looseness of identity back in the day, and moving in with her partner after 3 or 4 dates. Plus, an audience q+a, Hereditary heat and Matt and Dave get into what happened after the recording.  This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO), Gunpowder & Sky, Dollar Shave Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO) and Phlur (www.phlur.com code: HOMO).
22/06/181h 8m

Drew Droege

Actor, comedian, writer, and all-around incredible human being Drew Droege joins Dave and Matt to talk about Bears In Space parking lot parties, the unlikely pairing of Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson, and getting sponsored by Scruff. Plus, Drew gets personal with his solo show “Bright Colors and Bold Patterns,” the sting of being called a thespian, and feeling comfortable enough to put the dating energy out there.
15/06/181h 6m

Tony Tripoli

Comedian, writer and producer extraordinaire Tony Tripoli joins Dave and Matt to talk all about the late, great, kind and talented Joan Rivers, escapades in Cuba, and looking for someone to lose control with. Plus, living in Phoenix, choosing wrong on The Bachelorette and Soup Plantation / Blaze Pizza love! This episode is sponsored by The Boys in the Band (www.boysintheband.com).
08/06/1857m 36s

Tiq and Kim Milan

This week on HOMOPHILIA, Tiq and Kim Milan join Dave and Matt for our first ever interview with a couple (and a baby!). They get into The Walking Dead, moving to Canada, and tiny baby passports. Plus proposing after two weeks, exchanging over 3000 messages on Facebook, and how to be with your partner 24/7.   This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: HOMO) and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO).
01/06/1856m 42s

Ryan O'Connell

The fully hilarious Ryan O'Connell (Will & Grace, Babe? Podcast) joins Dave & Matt this week to talk about muscle tee meet-cutes, dick docks, lazy sex workers and more! Plus dating the same guy as your girl best friend, disability for dummies, and Dave & Matt recap their adventures at DragCon! This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA) and Dollar Shave Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO).
25/05/181h 24m

Dusty Ray Bottoms

Matt and Dave are live from DragCon this week with the glam and already iconic queen, Dusty Ray Bottoms! Dusty reveals how she got into drag, meeting (and standing up!) her fiancé, plus the dark and difficult transition from growing up in Kentucky to life in New York. Plus how she got her name, drinkin' (before) the job, cocaine condoms and more! You absolutely don't want to miss this incredible interview.  This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA).
18/05/1847m 49s

Julie Goldma

The hilarious Julie Goldman joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about being misgendered, still loving someone through a divorce, and being the "wife" in a relationship. Plus, what to do if you're propositioned by witches for a threesome, getting "butch pregs", and gay blog heat!  This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA) and Tripping.com (www.tripping.com/HOMO).
11/05/181h 11m

Bruce Daniels

Stand-up, actor, writer and overall amazing multi-hyphenate Bruce Daniels joins Dave and Matt this week to talk Ina Garten, being in the middle of a lesbian divorce, raising a sports-loving son, and guy-girl threeways. Plus wheel-related hook-up stories, Dave breaks down Stassi's boyfriend on Vanderpump Rules, and Bruce reveals the existence of a long-lost Jennifer Aniston movie to Matt! This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA) and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMO).
04/05/1858m 2s

Karamo Brown

Father, activist and Queer Eye host Karamo Brown joins Matt and Dave in the studio this week to talk about becoming a father in an unexpected way, everyone's last music searches, and communication and honesty in a relationship. Plus, explaining what you want with Beyonce, breaking down Studs, and Matt remembers he went to Cabo!  This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA), Dollar Shade Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO), and The Boys in the Band (www.boysintheband.com).
27/04/181h 3m

Amy Spalding

Amy Spalding (The Summer of Jordi Perez​ ​and the Best Burger​ ​in Los Angeles)​ joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about flirtation mode, binge-watching ER, and meeting people on LiveJournal. Plus, looking for someone chiller than you, the difference between looking for men vs women, and Dave reveals his feelings on game night! ​ This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA).
20/04/181h 1m

Ira Madison III

Writer, critic, podcast host, and ultimate soap opera connoisseur Ira Madison [itunes.apple.com] joins Dave and Matt this week to talk about ALL of the soaps, sells Dave on Real Housewives of New York, and tells a story of an aborted threesome during Schitt's Creek. Plus, Ira contemplates three suitors, Dave talks about meat faces, Matt plays "The Situation" and more! This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA), MIT Press (www.mitpress.mit.edu/HOMOPHILIA), and Tripping.com (www.tripping.com/HOMO).
13/04/181h 17m

Isis King

Actress and model Isis King joins Dave and Matt this week to talk spirituality and church, life in a shelter before Top Model and manifesting a husband. Plus, looking for more trans love stories, dealing with Tinder and Matt asks Dave for some advice! This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA) and hims (www.forhims.com/HOMOPHILIA).
06/04/181h 7m

Margaret Cho

Comedian, musician and overall incredible woman Margaret Cho joins Dave & Matt this week to talk about ayahuasca, Wild Wild Country & cults, the comedy renaissance, and her love of Taylor Swift. Plus more on dating men and women, polyamory, getting married in Vegas, and Matt gives Dave his birthday present! This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA), Dollar Shave Club (www.dollarshaveclub.com/HOMO), and Away (www.awaytravel.com/HOMO code: HOMO).
30/03/181h 13m

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

Amazing actor, podcaster and model Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (UnREAL, Conversations With Others) joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about judging on Drag Race, practicing meditation, and leaving work at work in a relationship. Plus being a queer superhero / action star, Dave's run in with Andy Cohen and Wacha, Love, Simon chats, and more! This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (code: HOMOPHILIA) and Tripping.com (www.tripping.com/HOMO)
23/03/1859m 34s

Wilson Cruz

Actor, activist and icon Wilson Cruz  (My So-Called Life)​ joins Matt and Dave this week to talk Harvey Fierstein, not saying hello with your asshole, and showing up in relationships. Plus, love as verb, hot lugers and Dave tries gin for the first (!) time!  This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (code: HOMOPHILIA).
16/03/181h 7m

Barbara Gray

Comedian, writer and podcastress Barbara Gray [twitter.com] (Lady to Lady [t.co], Britney's Gram [itunes.apple.com]) joins Matt & Dave this week to talk all about being bi, the Backstreet Boys, and of course Britney. Plus declaring your sexuality, the "leave behind", a painful story where the ghosting is definitely not the worst part, and sooooo much more. This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (www.chefsteps.com/joule code: HOMOPHILIA) and Hims.
09/03/181h 7m

Todd Glass

This week, the incomparable Todd Glass (Act Happy [youtube.com], The Todd Glass Show [itunes.apple.com]) joins Dave and Matt in the studio to talk about everything from Dr. Phil to Family Guy, flowers and fire pits, and opening up about the struggles of coming out, identity and so much more. Plus, a discussion on the words "cute" and "boyfriend", and going deep on the process of self-definition.  Mack Weldon (code: HOMO) and Tripping.com.
02/03/181h 35m

Trixie Mattel

The fabulous Trixie Mattel of Drag Race fame visits the Homophilia studio to spill some All-Star tea, reveal her Drag Race fantasy team, and dish about her dating life. Plus, the difference between drag and Drag Race, a dick in the dark, and Dave breaks down the now infamous Fergie National Anthem.
23/02/181h 10m

Richard Lawson

This week Richard Lawson (All We Can Do Is Wait) joins Dave and Matt to talk about reciting Clueless, exchanging AOL screen names, and nerdy professor types. Plus, coming out in high school, keeping up in conversation and Matt releases a *very* special statement.
16/02/181h 4m

Jimmy Fowlie

The hilarious Jimmy Fowlie joins Dave and Matt this week to talk all about Vanderpump Rules, getting back together with exes, and Kathy Griffin. Plus, Dave gets excited about seeing Dua Lipa, Matt and Jimmy bond over bushes, and Jimmy talks about his La La Land one-woman show experience. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (code: HOMO) and Tripping.com.
09/02/181h 8m

Patti Harrison

The hilarious Patti Harrison joins Matt and Dave this week to talk all about her favorites (Finding Nemo! The Comeback! Black Mirror!), dating art bros, and being "ambushed by kindness" by her (first real!) boyfriend. Plus Dave gives Matt his birthday gift and Patti talks about her adventures on Words with Friends.

Jeffery Self

This week, the incredible and newly married Jeffery Self (Search Party, A Very, Very Bad Thing) joins Matt and Dave in the studio to talk all things pre-wedding, breaking up on social media, checking your pants at the door, and more! Plus, Dave and Matt go deep on Justin Timberlake, the Jessicas and more.  This episode is sponsored by Roman and Casper Mattresses (code: HOMO).
26/01/181h 21m

Fortune Feimster

Sweet superstar Fortune Feimster (The Mindy Project, Champions), joins Dave and Matt this week to talk all about her recent engagement, going to "gay grad school", and rubbing arms with straight girls. Plus, Dave gushes about HQ trivia, Matt breaks down "Riverdale", and everyone learns about putting their phones "on discreet".  This episode is sponsored by Tripping.com and Sony Pictures Classics' Call Me By Your Name.
19/01/181h 11m

Louis Peitzman

Writer, theater / pop-culture expert, and Homophilia's very own horror aficionado Louis Peitzman joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about BSB erotica, his ultimate Top 5 lists, plus his adventures in being friends with benefits. Plus, Louis spills his very revealing moment with Timothée Chalamet, Dave explains 50 Shades of Gray to his mom, and more!
12/01/181h 1m

Brian Moylan

2018 starts off saucy when guest Brian Moylan (Vulture, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) comes in hot with his "Brian Moylan Sex Stories"! With Fire Island glory holes, anonymous men in masks, and other tantalizing tales, you definitely don't want to miss a second of this episode. Plus, Ninja Warrior hotties, exclusive Erika Jayne insights and so much more!
05/01/181h 25m

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (World of Wonder[worldofwonder.net]) join Dave and Matt this week as Homophilia's first double guests! They chat about handling working and romantic relationships, raising children, and of course all things drag! Plus, Dave and Matt's 2018 goals, Rupaul's Drag Race All-Stars gossip and more!
29/12/1751m 36s

Justin Simien

Dave and Matt join the incredible Justin Simien (Dear White People) on the set of Dear White People: Season 2 to talk about coming out (multiple times), Buddhism, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and so much more. Plus, cricket crackers, crying at the end of Coco, and Christmas plans.  This episode is sponsored by Chappy, Dollar Shave Club, and Sony Pictures Classics' Call Me By Your Name.
22/12/171h 16m

Lena Waithe

Emmy Award winner Lena Waithe (Master of None, The Chi) joins Matt and Dave to talk about her recent Thanksgiving engagement (!!!), her character on Master of None, and some deep cut Jennifer Aniston insight. Plus chats about Mary Tyler Moore, The Last Jedi and Common. This episode is sponsored by Chappy and HelloFresh (code: HOMOPHILIA30).
15/12/1759m 44s

James Adomian

Comedian, impressionist and Earwolf favorite, James Adomian (The President Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!) talks with Matt and Dave about morning radio, old cartoons, and his favorite earthquakes. Plus, how he met his boyfriend at a diner counter, trying to become Catholic and seeking gay role models.  This episode is sponsored by Sock Fancy (code: HOMO).
08/12/171h 12m

Solomon Georgio

Comedian Solomon Georgio (Homonégro Superior) sits in with Matt & Dave this week to gush about Karen from Finance, Taylor & Kesha's new albums, and the incomparable Grace Jones. Solomon also goes deep about his first relationship, growing up as 1 of 7 kids, and being non-confrontational.  This episode is sponsored by Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (code: HOMOPHILIA), Sock Fancy (code: HOMO), and Dollar Shave Club.
01/12/171h 5m

Matt Bellassai

People's Choice Award winner, podcast host and author, Matt Bellassai (Everything Is Awful) joins Matt and Dave this week to gush about Harry Styles, Will & Grace and aging boy bands. Plus, a deep dive on friend break-ups, vanilla cornfed boys, and a story about hiding in a literal closet.  This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (code: HOMO), Joule: Sous Vide by ChefSteps (code: HOMOPHILIA), and Sock Fancy (code: HOMO).
24/11/171h 8m

Samantha Ronson

DJ and singer/songwriter Samantha Ronson joins Matt & Dave for an eye-opening conversation about dating in the spotlight, watching all the TV, and coming to terms with your spot on the Kinsey scale. Plus, Samantha dishes on the dating app Raya, and everyone works through their feelings on Taylor Swift.  This episode is sponsored by Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps (code: HOMOPHILIA), Showtime's Shameless, and HelloFresh (code: HOMOPHILIA30).
17/11/171h 25m

Justin Sayre

The peerless Justin Sayre (Eggplants, Peaches & Tears) joins Matt and Dave this week to gush about Outlander, Judy Garland and a hookup-based system for navigating the NYC subways. Plus, Justin tells the "perfect Hollywood story,” Matt breaks down Jonathan Cheban's new name, and more!  This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon (code: HOMO), Joule: Sous Vide (code: HOMOPHILIA), and Showtime's Shameless.
10/11/1755m 52s

Joel Kim Booster

Comedian and writer Joel Kim Booster (Model Minority) joins Matt and Dave this week to talk cargo pants at the gym, Olive Garden, and American Ninja Warrior. Joel also reveals a secret about what he was up to on Election Night, and why he cried in a changing room at H&M. Plus, Matt and Dave break down the Kevin Spacey situation, and more.  This episode is sponsored by Showtime's Shameless and Joule: Sous Vide (code: HOMOPHILIA).
03/11/171h 11m

Mara Wilson

The amazing Mara Wilson (Where Am I Now?) joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about Halloween costumes and traditions, growing up with all boys, her first on-set celebrity crush, and the good ol' Kinsey scale. Also, Mara talks about the bisexual girl "reputation", coming out publicly, and her love of coming of age teen dramas. Plus, Louis Pietzman calls in with some expert insight on the homoerotic horror classic, Nightmare On Elm St Part II!  This episode is brought to you by by Showtime's Shameless.
27/10/171h 18m

Louis Virtel

Writer, producer, and former Jeopardy contestant (!!!) Louis Virtel (Throwing Shade) chats with the guys this week about all the game shows, making your own shirts, and the Jesse's (Metcalfe & Bradford respectively). Plus, Louis talks about never having a boyfriend, the allure of the tall dark and handsome guy, and more! This episode is sponsored by Hello Fresh (code: HOMOPHILIA30).
20/10/1753m 40s

John Butler

Director John Butler (Handsome Devil, The Stag) joins Matt and Dave this week to chat about playing in a gay football league, fake accents, and freshman year stories. The conversation gets deeper around relationships with closeted married men, confronting oneself, and developing an addiction to telling the truth. Plus, another gay Catholic comes out and gets hives! Three makes it a trend.
13/10/1757m 32s

Riley Silverman

Comedian and writer Riley Silverman (Intimate Apparel) guests this week to talk about transitioning, newfound groupies and fans, going deeper down the Kinsey scale, and of course, Star Trek and Doctor Who. Plus, Dave talks sex clubs and Matt reveals his love song writing past! This episode is sponsored by Bombfell.
06/10/171h 4m

Rory O'Malley

Tony-Award nominee and current King George III in Hamilton, Rory O'Malley joins the guys this week to dive deep into his Catholic school upbringing, surviving a long (long) distance relationship, and having Matt Bomer as a classmate. Plus, the guys chat Real World, Gaga, and answer a very interesting listener text question.  This episode is sponsored by Thursday Boot Company (www.thursdayboots.com code: FREESHIP2DAY) and Audible (www.audible.com/HOMO).
29/09/171h 12m

Travon Free

New Emmy winner Travon Free (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) opens up to Matt and Dave about the overwhelming experience of being bisexual, his break-up before Emmy night, plus meeting the "Stranger Things" kids! The guys also answer one of your advice calls, and break down "mother!" vs "IT".
22/09/1757m 33s

Liz Feldman

Liz Feldman (This Just Out) joins Matt and Dave to tell the story of how she met her wife, visualizing the partner you want, coming out to her parents, and more. Dave also shares with Matt his new obsession with drag queen DeAundra Peek's hit, "What Is Love?".  This episode is sponsored by Thursday Boot Company (www.thursdayboots.com code: FREESHIP2DAY).
15/09/1755m 13s

Bryan Safi

Throwing Shade's Bryan Safi joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about Jenny Jones, "Trading Spaces" fails, marriage, plus a boy band member's shocking NYE wardrobe. Also, Dave recaps his impromptu regional theater experience, and the guys give advice to their first voicemail caller! This episode is brought to you by Empire Labs (www.cloneawilly.com code: HOMOPHILIA).
08/09/171h 5m

Guy Branum

The amazing Guy Branum (Talk Show the Game Show) joins the guys to talk about losing your virginity, deep horrible crushes, and binge watching every season of Survivor in 2 months (yes, EVERY season). Plus, Matt talks acupuncture and Dave shares his love of "Lisa D from CT"! PS, call us if you need advice! 424-248-8978
25/08/1759m 14s

Eliot Glazer

Eliot Glazer (Broad City) joins the guys this week to do a deep dive on the Golden Girls, sudden long term relationship endings, and Teri Polo, Teri Polo... & more Teri Polo. If you have love, sex, coming out, or any kind of life questions / issues, give us a ring!: 424-248-8978.
18/08/1749m 1s

Cameron Esposito

On the premiere episode of HOMOPHILIA, Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey welcome the amazing Cameron Esposito (Take My Wife, Queery) to the studio to talk about bad break-ups, poorly-timed tattoos, her wife Rhea's tiny hat, and more on what they're loving & who they loving.
11/08/1745m 45s


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