I Like Films with Jonathan Ross

I Like Films with Jonathan Ross

By Radio Wolfgang

I Like Films is a new podcast from Jonathan Ross, who unsurprisingly, turns out to really like films. He likes talking about films, talking to the people who make films, and of course, watching films. Listen as Jonathan meets the movers and shakers at the forefront of the cinematic world, hearing all about their latest releases, and what life is like in the motion picture industry.


15: Simon Amstell

Jonathan talks to the marvellously entertaining comedian Simon Amstell - still perhaps best known for hosting Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and creating Grandma’s House. Soon to be best known for his tremendous films. They chat about his latest movie Benjamin. And lots of other stuff.
26/03/1935m 14s

14: Jordan Peele

This week Jonathan talks with Jordan Peele, Writer /Director of the amazing Get Out. They discuss his latest movie, Us, and Jordan’s new job as host of the Twilight Zone.
19/03/1932m 13s

13: Roddy Doyle

Jonathan chats to Irish novelist and screenwriter Roddy Doyle ( The Commitments ) about his new movie Rosie. They also talk about film actors on stage, what music to listen to when writing and why he finds The Matrix unwatchable. 
12/03/1936m 30s

12: Stephen Merchant

Jonathan chats with Writer, Comedian, Actor and now Director, Stephen Merchant. They start with his hit movie Fighting with My family, which inevitably leads to wrestling, whether or not Stanley Kubrick is over-rated and working with The Rock. Enjoy!
06/03/1948m 0s

11: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Jonathan chats to Chiwetel Ejiofor ( Dirty Pretty Things, 12 Years A Slave, Dr Strange, Serenity) about his work in those movies and his directorial debut; The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Also covered - why Chiwetel loves Jaws but hates horror films!
20/02/1936m 23s

10: Joe Cornish

Jonathan catches up with Joe Cornish, director of the massively under-rated ‘Attack the Block’ about his latest movie, ‘The Kid Who Would Be King, his unfilmed Antman project with Edgar Wright, how it feels to get up early after a life-time of getting up late and their mutual love for both Bob ‘Bobo’ Hoskins and Sylvester ‘Sly’ Stallone.
12/02/1937m 54s

9: Barry Jenkins

Jonathan chats to Barry Jenkins, Oscar-winning Director of Moonlight, about that Oscar mix-up, his new movie If Beale Street Could Talk, and conquering your fear of flying….
29/01/1931m 37s

8: M. Night Shyamalan

Jonathan and Night talk about making movies on a budget, the art of writing, use of colour and…puberty!
23/01/1934m 0s

7: Samuel L Jackson

Jonathan catches up with Samuel L Jackson to talk about making films, getting old and watching Kung Fu movies.
15/01/1930m 47s

6: Robert ' Back To The Future' Zemeckis

Jonathan talks to Robert ‘ Back To The Future’ Zemeckis about his life in film and his new movie Welcome To Marwen starring Steve Carell and Lesley Mann.
01/01/1937m 48s

5: Ben Wheatley

Jonathan has an in depth conversation with British director Ben Wheatley. From his days at Art School to Dr.Who.
19/12/181h 10m

4: John C. Reilly, Phil Johnson and Rich Moore

Jonathan chats to the star of the film John C. Reilly and Disney directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnson about the ins and outs of animation. From The Rescuers to The Disney Princesses, Sarah Silverman and Stan Lee. Sit back and enjoy this retro rollercoaster, " Ralph Breaks The Internet Special."
11/12/1856m 4s

3: Tilda Swinton

Jonathan chats to Tilda in a rare interview about her latest film Suspiria,smoking pipes, androgyny, David Bowie, surprising views on theatre and positive thoughts on ageing.
04/12/1836m 1s

2: Luca Guadagnino

Episode 2 Jonathan Ross spends some time with director Luca Guadagnino ( Call Me By Your Name, A Bigger Splash and Suspiria) They discuss remaking a cult horror classic, the all female cast, Tilda Swinton inhabiting three skins, the sonic signature and Luca's love of interior design.
27/11/1832m 32s

1: Spike Lee

Episode one features legendary filmmaker Spike Lee talking about his latest film BlacKkKlansman along with his past works, gun laws, anti-semitism and Dave Chapelle.
06/09/1839m 30s

I Like Films - The Trailer

I Like Films is a movie based podcast from Jonathan Ross called so because he really likes films. He likes talking about films and talking to the people who make films. This podcast welcomes the biggest actors, directors and producers to talk about their latest releases but also their lives in film. First up Spike Lee!
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