That Peter Crouch Podcast

That Peter Crouch Podcast

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Peter Crouch, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark are back with their guide on how to be a professional footballer.

Episodes include insight on everything from dressing rooms, transfers, keeping on the good side of your manager and where to sit on the team bus - plus your footballer confessions. #backstronger


That SHYSTERS Awards Ceremony

Making a return to the Samrat, Peter, Chris and Tom host the inaugural Shysters celebrating the best acts of ‘housery’ nominated by the listeners. There’s a very special guest to kick things off, Clive Tyldesley is your MC for the evening and Chris has pulled out all the stops when it comes to the entertainment. There’s ten awards, some chat from the toilet and the Laouts are flowing on what is a fitting end to the series.
26/05/2152m 16s

That Nominations Episode

Peter, Chris and Tom lay out their plans for the SHYSTERS awards ceremony and go through the best listener messages for the final time this series.Ryan Shawcross, anti-doping officials and David Blaine all feature and there’s an update on something that had gone quiet, until now.
19/05/2147m 48s

That Mark Noble Episode

West Ham legend Mark Noble joins Peter, Chris and Tom to discuss Eggy Boff, playing under David Moyes and the Premier League Captains’ WhatsApp group. The boys discuss West Ham’s ‘Parched’ and there’s an important statement regarding the end of series awards.
12/05/2152m 17s

That SHAFTAs Launch Party

Peter, Chris and Tom get together to plan the inaugural SHAFTAs which will take them back to the Samrat and aims to celebrate ingenious acts of skulduggery in all walks of life. They name their categories, go through a few more nominations and lay out plans for the entertainment and ceremony itself.
05/05/2144m 35s

That Patrick Bamford Episode

Leeds' Patrick Bamford joins the pod as the first guest since Crouchy and the boys visited Kensington Palace. Chris and Tom try to work out how they’d cope working with Marcelo Bielsa and Patrick helps the boys to launch the big series finale.
28/04/2148m 15s

That Messages Episode

After reaching uncharted territory this series it’s time to reset. Crouchy and the boys want to devote this episode to best contributions from the listeners. You’ll learn about footballers’ favourite game that nobody knew about, how Fridays become sacred for players and a strange 30 seconds in Pete’s living room.
21/04/2153m 0s

That Club Staff Episode

Crouchy shines a light on the more unfashionable roles at a Premier League football club including the press officer, the physio and the assistant manager. Chris makes a huge pledge to Peter, and Tom suggests an old Stoke team-mate to take up a role that nobody knew needed filling until this podcast was recorded.
14/04/2154m 52s

That Hotels Episode

Crouchy tells us what really happens when an entire football team pitches up at a hotel. From issues with wi-fi, strict managers banning things from the kitchen and players who crash weddings, here’s your guide to staying in hotels as if you’re a professional footballer. Chris and Tom discuss more Dragons Den ideas and Peter thinks we’ve found ‘the one’.
07/04/2152m 5s

That Set-Pieces Episode

Deemed by some as an ‘ugly’ way to score a goal, it’s our job to highlight the beauty of a set-piece. Crouchy describes how much work goes into them, the different roles everyone plays and how best to exploit them. Chris updates us on more Dragons debating the best player in the world and Tom has a plan for the ‘Crouch Olympics’
31/03/2150m 43s

That Centre-Forwards Episode

This is the episode where Crouchy hopes to persuade Tom, Chris and everyone listening that playing up front is the most difficult position to play.The long-awaited billboard is finally in position - though not without a few issues - plus the boys analyse more potential money-spinning ideas from listeners.
24/03/2148m 38s

That Rivalries Episode

There are rivalries everywhere in football; local derbies, competition for places and battles between managers all contribute to the game’s biggest rivalries. Crouchy discusses why strikers all legitimately hate each other and what it is like playing in a game where two huge rivals are on the pitch. The boys also hear from the Dragon’s Den about some business opportunities.
17/03/2151m 56s

That Stats Episode

Peter Crouch details how stats and analysis have become ingrained in football, which results in players taking a huge interest in how their data is interpreted. The boys analyse some of Crouchy’s own stats including the controversial XG or ‘expected goals’ and we get more details on the pod’s new billboard which is designed and produced by Crouchy himself.
10/03/2147m 10s

That Entourage Episode

Crouchy and the boys discuss the key players in a footballer’s entourage. From mates on the payroll to family members helping out, you’ll hear about it all. Plus the vital role of a ‘Player Liaison Officer’ is finally given the credit it deserves. What would footballers do without them?
03/03/2147m 35s

That Youth Team Episode

Crouchy describes what a young player goes through in order to make it to the top, how David Ginola helped out and why garage tunes were so important.The boys set themselves a new implausible challenge and want some help submitting architect drawings to Mike Ashley.
24/02/2149m 59s

That Milestone Episode

The boys are back with their fifth series of the pod and take the opportunity to catch up after six months apart. Crouchy had his 40th birthday, so there's discussion about how a footballer should celebrate such a milestone and the boys try to work out when Peter was at 'Peak Crouch'. After completing the 4th and 5th Round FA Cup draws, Crouchy reveals what really goes on behind the scenes and makes clear his ambition to progress to higher profile draws. Gianni Infantino, are you listening?Fiona Bruce is on the pod to help kick start the new series and poses one of the toughest questions Crouchy has ever faced, plus there's a new pod slogan to help with the nation's future return to the pub.
17/02/2145m 54s

Big News - Series Five incoming

It's been a long time coming but the boys are back (stronger) with an announcement about Series 5 and Crouchy promises to bring a bit of 'sunshine' into everyone's life.
10/02/219m 32s

That Prince William Episode

In a scenario almost impossible to imagine at the inception of this podcast, the boys head to Kensington Palace to eat Samrat samosas with the Duke of Cambridge. Slightly overawed and in inappropriate clothing, they hear from the future king of the realm about his love of Aston Villa, whether he could get the England manager sacked and if he would consider Crouchy for his six-a-side team. In return he offers beer, decent whisky and a special delivery from a podcast favourite.
29/07/2047m 18s

WFH: Pub Finale (brief) update

A week before the pub finale, this update from Crouchy may not give you confidence that he can deliver - but have we ever let you down before?
22/07/202m 4s

WFH: Moats, Lucinda Pool and Mr Tumble

Can the boys get back in the pub? Should doors be abandoned? And should Crouchy invest in a moat? Plus find out if we have found the nation's youngest Ian.
15/07/2035m 50s

WFH: With Theo Walcott

Crouchy's former England teammate Theo Walcott joins the pod. Hear about why a camcorder played such a big role in his first World Cup squad and why he had to turn down a role in a Harry Potter film.
08/07/2045m 43s

WFH: Beckham, Sweden and Bango

Among the perils of working from home, Crouchy reveals why Wayne Rooney went in goal for David Beckham, his escapades during a Swedish summer and there's news of a Bango in Angola
01/07/2037m 37s

WFH: With Sean Dyche

Crouchy's old gaffer reveals how he signed Peter for Burnley whilst at a festival, discusses the time he gave Danny Dyer a team-talk and the boys attempt to make up a new name.
24/06/2043m 7s

WFH: With Louis Theroux and Liam Gallagher

Louis Theroux & Liam Gallagher help the boys return from their mid-season break. There's discussion on American swingers, rock 'n roll athletes and a Premier League manager's XI. Crouchy launches a campaign to save the name 'Ian', reveals why 'Iains' are 'no good' and there's a vital clue as the boys push to get Banksy involved in the pod.
17/06/2038m 22s

WFH: The 16th Chapel

Many thought it could never be done, but all of Crouchy's hard work during the break has paid off. The Roy Keane gallery is now a reality. The boys take stock of their achievement and wonder whether the art world will ever be the same again.
09/06/205m 30s

WFH: With Tony Pulis

Tony Pulis joins the pod to chat the reason behind the cap and how he discovered Rory Delap’s long throw. Plus the plans for the Roy Keane gallery take the next step.
21/05/2035m 10s

WFH: Banksy, the 'pre-assists' and Capello returns

Crouchy is adamant football doesn't need the concept of a 'pre-assist', the boys discuss their dumping technique and Will Hughes ensures the return of Fabio Capello to the pod.
19/05/2033m 10s

WFH: With Harry Redknapp

Crouchy's former gaffer joins the boys to become the first manager on the pod. They chat Harry's hobbies, signing Tony Pulis and his dream to buy a football club.
14/05/2042m 25s

WFH: Football's Faceless Men

We know Crouchy takes the art of scoring goals very seriously but what happens when the 'Faceless men' try and take them off you? Plus there's more Roy Keane gallery entrants.
12/05/2033m 24s

WFH: With Andy Robertson

'Robbo' becomes the first outfield player on the pod. There's tales about his first job at M&S, the fastest player in the Premier League and his battles with Lionel Messi.
07/05/2039m 51s

WFH: The Roy Keane Gallery

Susie Dent and Annie Mac are helping the boys work from home for another pod where they discuss football's top five 'hackers', more linguistic dilemmas and Big Sam's sofa.
05/05/2028m 32s

WFH: With Ben Foster

The Watford 'keeper details how he went from Cafe Rouge to Manchester United. There's chat about Tony Pulis, Fabio Capello and the moment you know your United career is over.
30/04/2034m 26s

WFH: Crufts with Capello

There's another shirt from Crouchy's collection plus Theo Walcott’s first World Cup, Gary Neville’s Liverpool builders, how Fabio Capello is helping train the new dog and a linguistic conundrum.
28/04/2026m 37s

WFH: With Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel tells Crouchy which 'keeper never dived in training, reveals the Pod's first foreign 'Parched' and the surprises lurking behind Nigel Pearson's tough exterior.
23/04/2036m 49s

WFH: Marking the 'mid-goal space'

It's the sort of pod where anything goes and the topics up for discussion include germ beards, dogs, bumping into Nicklas Bendtner and learning how to mark the 'mid-goal space'.
21/04/2025m 54s

WFH: Brum Ref and the D.R.E

Crouchy continues his referee rehabilitation and invites Premier League official Andre 'Dre' Marriner onto the pod. There's a new game inspired by poetry and a challenge for the listeners.
16/04/2024m 0s

WFH: Free The Ketchup

As the boys settle into a new series and life in lockdown, Crouchy tackles your questions on ketchup and Brazilian/Fat* Ronaldo. There's a promise made about not cutting hair plus a revelation about the contents of your fridge. *delete as appropriate
14/04/2026m 55s

That Series 4 Announcement

The boys are #BackStronger with plans for a new series of the pod and as soon as Crouchy is able to work his laptop, there will be plenty of surprises in series four.
07/04/209m 34s

That Parched Episode

The long awaited reveal of 'Parched' is upon us. Chris Stark has help from Rio Ferdinand, Sean Dyche, Lucy Benjamin, Loyd Grossman and many more as the identity of ‘Parched’ is finally revealed. After months of the nation guessing which Premier League footballer it could be, now everyone can be let in on football's best kept secret.
25/03/2033m 1s

That Isolation Episode

It's a strange time as the boys hook up for a podcast and a virtual beer. There's plenty to catch up on though; what is scampi? Who is Parched? And why are Radio 4 listening in?
18/03/2018m 43s

That Trophies Episode

Some trophies are beautiful. Others are not. Why? Crouchy, Tom and Chris throw out theories and in the process stumble onto some dark secrets involving scampi, force-fed geese and Wilson Palacios. Meanwhile Crouchy tells us about the real Steven Gerrard, Tom tells us about the time he babysat the League Cup and Chris tells us why Ben Foster is better than everyone else realises.
11/03/2042m 36s

That Headers Episode

Who better to talk to about headers than the man who has the Guinness World Record for the most headed goals in Premier League history? Except maybe that isn’t a world record, and maybe everything we knew about headers was wrong, and all our assumptions about Cristiano Ronaldo are wrong too, as well as our protocols on when to wink and when not to wink, and what it means to only be invited to the evening part of a wedding. It’s that sort of episode.
04/03/2041m 30s

That Team Bonding Episode

Who pinged what off Harry Kewell’s helmet? Why are Crouchy, Nwankwo Kanu and a herd of feeding elephants forever linked? Who is friendliest out of Fiona Bruce, Bruno Martins Indi and Tony Insurance? Somehow all these mysteries and more are solved in an episode loosely based around team bonding.
26/02/2044m 17s

That Mike Dean Episode

In a coup for the pod, a fourth chair is added to the circle for the first time and filled by none other than the king of referees, Mr Mike Dean. Collective minds and preconceptions are blown away as Mike reveals what the men in black wear to their Xmas fancy dress party, what really happens on Ref Camp and how many chickens he would have to see off per day in his old day job. Meanwhile Crouchy goes on an unexpected emotional journey that leaves him a changed man.
19/02/2046m 8s

That Mid Season Break

A quick update on what the boys have been up to during their week away from the pod, with promises of exciting things to come and a vow to come #BackStronger.
12/02/201m 40s

That Injuries Episode

What noise is it acceptable to make when being injured? Should you really laugh when an official goes down? And is it worse for a gentleman to be winded or hit in the unmentionables? The boys answer these seismic questions and more while designing the first Robot Ref and discovering an extraordinary new facet to the complex character of Wayne Rooney.
05/02/2045m 56s

That Agents Episode

Is voicemail as a concept dead? Are Christmas cards actually an insult? Is launching fireworks out of an orifice ever acceptable? Somehow the boys manage a revelatory discussion on the role and tricks of football agents while also answering these and other unexpected questions.
29/01/2045m 9s

That Tackles Episode

The art of tackling is one celebrated on these shores more than anywhere else, so how do Premier League stars perfect it? The boys analyse Crouchy’s ‘red mist’, discuss whether Paul Scholes deserved his reputation for bad tackling and the ‘Great Shinpad Debate’ rears its head again. There’s a tale involving rubber gloves, a mouse and some curtains plus speculation about Arsene Wenger in a Blackburn bush.
22/01/2045m 50s

That Holidays Episode

Diving into the murky infinity pool that is footballers and their holidays, the boys make a remarkable discovery about Crouchy’s linguistic skills before uncovering unsettling rumours about David Moyes, Neil Diamond and Louis Saha’s penchant for mixed doubles. An extraordinary woman pulls off an extraordinary trick and a chance dip into Crouchy’s phone contacts reveals more than could possibly be expected.
15/01/2044m 42s

That Captains Episode

What makes a great leader of a sporting team? As they attempt to find the answers, the boys stumble into a world of punitive fines, tedious logistics and general outsourcing to Gary Neville. There are surprise appearances from football’s own Dre and a mysterious brown-noser known only as Parched, while the unveiling of a new pod-listeners’ standardised greeting raises significant logistical concerns.
08/01/2047m 14s

That Retirement Episode

Delighted to be #backstronger, the boys gather to chew over Crouchy’s retirement from actual football, and discover his secret fish-buying obsession as well as the true meaning of a Double-Dyche. Meanwhile a discussion on the meaning of smell gets dangerously out of hand, while Peter makes a rash promise involving Andy Murray’s knighthood. It's all the insight you've been missing, but with a lighter flavour.
01/01/2050m 24s

That Planning Meeting

In this brief taster of what is to follow, the boys get back together to plan the imminent arrival of Series Three, only to quickly realise that quality planning is well outside their remit. Chris introduces a problematic idea involving ladies’ toilets, Tom comes up with a pod-based alternative to New Year’s Eve and Crouchy promises something he may not be able to deliver.
11/12/199m 11s

That Crouchfest Episode

To the astonishment of all involved, the long-awaited and frequently doubted Crouchfest actually comes to fruition, and in ways no-one could ever imagine. Join almost 3,000 happy pod listeners as Crouchy, Tom and Chris put on a show at a sold-out O2 in London that makes the Samrat Christmas special look like a poetry reading in Ealing library. We have Liam Gallagher and a host of superstars from the world of music, a coachload of referees, London’s biggest round of drinks and a man dressed as Tony Pulis. Nothing in the world of That Peter Crouch Podcast will be quite the same ever again.
19/06/1957m 19s

That Penalties Episode

Crouchy tells us what it takes to convert a spot-kick under intense pressure, the time he stole one from Gerrard as well as discussing alternatives to shootouts with Chris and Tom
12/06/1947m 29s

That New Baby

Peter Crouch has got some exciting news, and there's an update on Crouch Fest.
04/06/193m 43s

That Fitness Episode

Find out why elite male footballers wear 'sports bras' and all about the strangest pre-season tasks as Peter Crouch tells us what it takes to be at the top of the game.
29/05/1947m 6s

That Half Time Episode

Peter Crouch takes us inside the dressing room for the most intense fifteen minutes of a match day. Chris and Tom discover the running battle between kitmen and linesmen, players' toilet etiquette at half time and also learn about the art of 'snapping it off'.
22/05/1946m 49s

That Week Off

We can't bring our usual pod, but we can discuss more refs in public and Crouchella...
15/05/195m 53s

That Training Ground Episode

Peter tells us what it's like on your first day at training with Steven Gerrard at Liverpool. Following that nerve wracking experience, you'll discover why Crouchy is a soup connoisseur, plus what goes on in the manager's office.
08/05/1945m 0s

That Champions League Episode

Nothing is off limits in this episode all about big European trips and matches. Crouchy reveals what it's like to play in a Champions League final, while Chris and Tom discover a revelation about footballers and their pants. Plus, why Rafael Benítez was stationed in a Spanish pit lane and you'll learn more about the competition's iconic anthem.
01/05/1943m 12s

That Refs Episode

Having recently podded in Crouchy’s house and a rather soulless local hotel, Peter, Tom and Chris relocate to the pub and immediately feel much better. The identity of the Premier League players notorious for buttering up referees is uncovered, Crouchy reveals whether he would “take contact” to win the World Cup for England and the lads find out which basic laws of the game they are blissfully misinterpreting. Meanwhile, the global search for a nice Karl with a ‘K’ continues with a number of promising leads.
24/04/1948m 18s

That TV Episode

Peter, Chris and Tom discuss everything on tele; box-sets, pundits and when analysis goes wrong. Crouchy also reveals what happened on his punditry debut in India, his love for Match of the Day and his deep distrust of anything robotic.
16/04/1949m 41s

That Dreams Episode

We asked for your dreams and boy did you respond! From travelling through space with Ron Vlaar to eating watermelon with Frank Lampard, Crouchy, Chris and Tom try to decipher all of our listeners’ weird and wonderful dreams. They’ll also discuss whether dreams play any role in manager’s tactics and why Peter’s got a qualification in Leisure and Tourism.
09/04/1947m 8s

That Subs Episode

Find out what really happens on a Premier League substitutes’ bench with Peter, Tom and Chris. We hear why getting benched is similar to getting dumped, the games that substitutes play while the match is going on and why being on the bench isn’t as glamorous as you might think. Crouchy also reveals why he’s become an ‘angry benchman’ in recent years.
03/04/1950m 48s

That Overhead Kicks Episode

Peter, Chris and Tom marvel at the greatest overhead kicks they’ve ever seen.Bale, Zlatan, Ronaldo and Trevor Sinclair all get a mention as Crouchy tries to explain how you do it and what it feels like to score one on the biggest stage.
27/03/1946m 34s

That Houses Episode

Peter Crouch celebrates the start of Series Two by inviting Tom and Chris to his house, aka the Croucho Club. It has unusually big doors and sofas, and Tom and Chris feel very small. We hear extraordinary tales of a £50,000 garden slide, midnight games of volleyball lit by car headlights and why footballers are unable to buy curtains without third-party help, plus try to guess the identity of the Manchester City player who lived in teenage squalor in just one room of his six-bedroom mansion. The boys are then joined by Peter’s wife Abbey, who reveals what it’s really like to live with a millionaire footballer.
20/03/1947m 22s

That Samrat Episode

From Dev to Cut Throat Pete, Dion Dublin to Miss Chang – nothing is off limits on this special episode at the local curry house. Be prepared for the strangest night of the year.
19/12/1854m 56s

That Cars Episode

From the sublime to the ridiculous, Crouchy talks Hummers, a convertible Renault Megane and reveals how he became a ‘Master Driver’. There’s discussion about players who share lifts and the pranks played on team mates’ cars at the training ground. (This episode contains some strong language and adult humour)
05/12/1848m 12s

That Kits Episode

As a taller man it's fair to say Crouch has had his struggles with football kits. We'll discover what strips he loved as a youngster and what really goes on at a club kit launch. There's plenty of chat about shocking kits from past and present and how important squad numbers are to a modern professional. (This episode contains adult humour and some strong language).
28/11/1850m 8s

That Goalies Episode

The life of a goalkeeper is a strange one, so we've dedicated an episode to those who try and stop Crouch from scoring. He'll talk about how and why the art of goalkeeping has dramatically changed, the art of scoring one-on-ones and why all goalies fancy themselves as an outfield player. Everyone remembers David James, right? (This episode contains some strong language and adult humour).
21/11/1849m 10s

That Confessions Episode

Peter Crouch tells us what it’s like when you’re a footballer facing a stadium full of abusing fans plus, how one bad chant can affect a player. There’s stories about Michael Duberry and Graeme Souness and Crouchy tells us what’s it like when Old Trafford boos you in your first few appearances for England. (This episode contains adult humour and some strong language).
14/11/1850m 28s

That Celebrations Episode

There's more to footballers' celebrations that Peter Crouch's 'Robot' and this episode covers everything from supporters in the stand to those players who just don't know what to do after hitting the back of the net. If you've never heard the story of how 'The Robot' started you'd never guess, but Crouch details who was involved, where he came up with the idea and how it came to be on the Old Trafford pitch in 2006. (This episode contains adult humour and some strong language.)
07/11/1852m 25s

That Fashion Episode

Footballers tend to have a lot of spare time and a lot of cash, so why do they get it so wrong so often? Crouch talks everything from haircuts and strange endorsements to a suit fitting with David Beckham. We’ll re-live some of his own questionable fashion choices and learn all about those maverick team mates who love to push the boundaries. (This episode contains adult humour and some strong language).
31/10/1848m 57s

That Tactics Episode

From crazy formations to bizarre instructions from a manager, Peter Crouch takes us inside the baffling world of tactics. He tells Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce what Rafael Benitez, Tony Pulis and Harry Redknapp are like on the training ground and the scariest player Crouch has ever come up against.
10/10/1852m 28s

That Team Bus Episode

From breaking up riots in Africa to troublesome trips in Turkey, Peter Crouch tells us what it’s like for a footballer on a coach. He reveals how they’ve changed over the years and which managers run the tightest ships.
03/10/1843m 54s

That Nights Out Episode

Peter Crouch takes us behind the velvet rope and into the VIP booth as he reveals what it's really like to go out drinking with a professional footballer. There's tales of a young Crouch venturing on his first nights out and his best advice when it comes to sweet talking a doorman, dressed as a 'weird animal'.
25/09/1846m 43s

That England Episode

What happens on a night out with David Beckham, hours after making your England debut? Peter Crouch reveals all and tells us how Sven tried to sooth himself after games. Find out how his international career came to an end and why ‘Michelle from the FA’ plays such an important role.
19/09/1848m 56s

That Transfers Episode

Peter Crouch tells us what it’s like to be a player on the move on deadline day, arguments with chairmen and disagreements with managers. Plus, how players try and get one over on TV reporters and journalists.
19/09/1848m 33s

That Dressing Rooms Episode

What goes on in a dressing room full of millionaire footballers? Peter Crouch tells Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark tales of which team-mate to avoid following into the toilet and why the kit man is the most important man at a football club.
18/09/1843m 54s

That Peter Crouch Preview

Peter Crouch - goalscorer, dancer, and now podcaster. The former England striker gives Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce an insight into how to be a footballer, with lessons in everything from dressing rooms, transfers, getting free stuff and where to sit on the team bus.
12/09/185m 6s
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