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By Breaking Banks - The #1 Global Fintech Podcast

The #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Every week we explore the personalities, startups, innovators, and industry players driving disruption in financial services; from Incumbents to unicorns, and from the latest cutting edge technology to the people who are using it to help to create a more innovative, inclusive and healthy financial future.


Episode 511: Fintech Visionaries Reimagining The Future of Finance & Hot Takes: Fintech on Fire

In This Episode This week we feature the first of a three part series focusing on fintech visionaries reimagining the future of finance. In the first segment host Brett King connects with Mariam Ogunbambi, Chief Client Officer at Engine by Starling, the technology arm of Starling Bank and Bronwyn Francis, SVP, Advisors Business Development, Mastercard. Starling Bank, as many of you know, is Britain’s first digital bank, a true fintech success story. Engine is the platform that powers Starling and is now being provided to banks globally as a Software-as-a-Service solution to help them innovate, digitally transform or launch new digital offerings in their own markets, offering the opportunity to keep up with the pace of change and chance to replicate some of the Starling Bank magic. It's an interesting first segment in this special series! Then, it's time for some more Hot Takes! This time, Fintech on Fire live from MX's Money Experience Summit in Las Vegas. We have three bold panelists eager to tackle hot questions and even hotter wings. For every question and hot take, our panelists Mary Wisniewski, Neff Hudson and Wes Hummel will join Jason Henrichs in eating progressively spicier chicken wings. These hot sauces are guaranteed to bring out some honest and entertaining reactions. It's another Hot Takes hot session!
28/09/23·1h 26m

Episode 510: Future of Money and Web3

In This Episode This week we start with a special segment as we head to SIBOS 2023 in Toronto and prepare for a panel discussion for the Future of Money. We look back over 10 years, pulling clips from prior Future of Money panels, the flagship session for SWIFT Innotribe for many years. Next week we will bring you the highlights from this year's Future of Money panel. It's a two-parter, so stay tuned!  Spoiler alert: as we look back there wasn't much that the various panelists got wrong, in some cases the timing was off, but in most they were spot-on as they discussed the digitization of the banking sector and the explosion of banking through the world.   Then host Brett King connects with award-winning author and tech investor Alex Tapscott to discuss Alex's new book Web3: Charting the Internet's Next Economic and Cultural Frontier.  Referred to as an essential introduction and guide to navigating the next internet revolution, the book and discussion covers everything from the metaverse and NFTs to DAOs, decentralized finance, and self-sovereign identity. The Web and the Internet are entering a new age where individuals own their own identities and can securely trade assets like money, securities, intellectual property and art peer to peer.  Web3 promises to shake up business, it is the internet's new frontier. Enjoy the episode!
21/09/23·45m 16s

Episode 509: Making A Difference: Roger That and Discovery Fund

In This Episode It is always exciting when one can do good by combining personal experience, knowledge, need and work to create something for the benefit of many. This is exactly what Citizens Bank of Edmond President and CEO Jill Castilla did with Roger (think military term indicating message received). Listen as Jill and Jason Henrichs discuss how the bank launched a digital bank for military recruits -- entry-level recruits many of whom enter basic training without bank accounts. The lack of an account can delay training start date and a recruit's first paycheck, and financial stability, predatory lending and financial literacy can be threats to military readiness. It's a fascinating success story. Then, as it is FinovateFall, we feature a Finovate conversation between 'MC' Greg Palmer and Elizabeth McCloskey, TruStage Ventures, where they cover the fintech funding landscape specific to Credit Unions and DEI Initiatives.
14/09/23·43m 22s

Episode 508: When Does a Fintech Become a Bank

In This Episode When does a fintech become what they set out to disrupt?  Is it when they start offering bank-like products?  Get a banking license?  Is it when they go all-in and buy an actual bank?  In this episode sister pod, Breaking Banks Asia Pacific, asks whether this is good, bad, or something else for competition. The Asian Banker founder Emmanuel Daniel says fintechs struggle to maintain their innovative edge when they get sucked into the bid to become a bank, and Wise’s Surendra Chaplot believes you can be bank-like and still forge a path that is sensitive to customer needs. What do you think?
07/09/23·40m 15s

Episode 507: Innovation, Disruption and Geopolitcal Risk

In This Episode This week FinovateFall Master of Ceremonies Greg Palmer and host of's Finovate podcast gives a taste of things to come as he shares two conversations with FinovateFall keynoters Luke Williams, NYU Stern School of Business Professor and Author of Disrupt, and Manas Chawla, Founder of London Politica. No spoiler alerts here, so you'll need to listen to the episode and come to FinovateFall NYC September 11 -13th to hear Luke talk about Disrupt and Innovation, and Manas talk about Geopolitical Risk and Gray Rhinos.
31/08/23·35m 25s

Episode 506: Fintech Running Just as Fast As It Can

In This Episode John Pitts, head of Policy at Plaid, and Jason Henrichs were recently talking about open finance and the Interagency Guidance on Third Party Due Diligence -- no doubt these are hot topics in your house like they are in ours -- and the idea to record some Hot Takes  came to life. In the time it took to ship out Breaking Banks hot sauce, the Federal Reserve Bank decided to do its own hot take and create a supervision program for “Novel Activities.” Jonah Crane, partner at Klaros Group, former regulator in residence at the Fintech Innovation Lab and longtime regulator at the US Department of Treasury joined in on the fun and Dara Tarkowsi, partner at Actuate Law and host of's Tech on Reg podcast accepted the challenge to co-host with Jason for the first half. Then, if that wasn’t hot enough, in the second half, Frank Rotman, co-founder of QED Investors, 5x Forbes Midas Touch investor and Jason talk about building in the upcycle vs. building in the now cycle. Frank brings the heat and great insights!
24/08/23·1h 21m

Episode 505: Women in Fintech: Leaning in on The Metaverse & Climate Change

In This Episode The Metaverse Economy: How Finance Professionals Can Make Sense of Web3 is Arun Krishnakumar and Theo Lau's new book. Listen as Brett King connects with Theo Lau, frequent guest and Founder, Unconventional Ventures. The metaverse is evolving, the way the metaverse is now, is not close to where it will be. The book is designed to equip fintech professionals with an in-depth understanding of the emergent economic models in the Metaverse and across Web3, and also understand the risks associated with the Metaverse and help these professionals prepare for what lies ahead in this immersive environment. The concept of community in the metaverse is important, we don't want to leave people behind. Then Brett and Jason Henrichs shift the subject to talk about recent fires in Greece (sadly we can also add Maui to the list), the Impact of these fires and the EU response to climate change with author and influencer Dr. Leda Glyptis. July 2023 just scattered the record for the hottest month, per NASA, since 1880. There is no denying that climate change is here. Some of these extreme events are naturally occurring, others man-made, but the number and extent of these occurrences is increasing and there are concerns of irreversible desertification. Banks and regulators need to be front and center, and take more of a stance. In natural disasters the financial system sometimes breaks down -- financial inclusion and financial access are concerns. Major systemic banks in Europe are asking themselves the hard questions, not just taking superficial steps. The cost for these extreme weather events is growing exponentially, economics are in play. Covid made people realize there are no boundaries, it's everyone's problem. Climate change also doesn't stop at borders, a similar degree of focus and urgency is needed. Will Europe lead?
17/08/23·53m 7s

Episode 504: What’s Up With VC Investments

In This Episode Rising interest rates caught many by surprise. We saw some banks fail, Fintech venture funding dropped 50% year over year. IPOs were pulled. M&A for banks and fintechs are in limbo. Many say this is nothing short of an innovation nuclear winter unlike anything we've seen before. For others, this state of the world seemed vaguely familiar before a decade plus of Zero Interest Rate Policies. Except, it isn't just a reversion to the mean. There are many structural differences from 2008 and 2000 before that. It feels familiar, but are we really entering the Twilight Zone of Fintech? Is it a dystopian future or will there be an unexpected twist? Listen as Jason Henrichs hosts another HOT (yes, we added some spice!) episode with Rahul Baig, Managing Director, Head of Venture Capital Coverage at Wells Fargo, Sarah Hinkfuss, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and Amias Gerety, Partner at QED investors. There was plenty of hot sauce to go with the Hot Takes and debates. Amias even shares his secret recipe for the homemade sauce he was sipping.
10/08/23·57m 4s

Episode 503: Snark Tank Explained & Biometric Payments

In This Episode This week Brett King and JP Nicols are joined by the infamous Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors and Forbes' Author of Fintech Snark Tank. Listen as they talk about Ron’s latest Forbes articles that have created some buzz! From The Checking Account War Is Over (And The Fintechs Have Won) to The Banking Crisis Has Only Just Begun, they have lots to discuss before they get into what banks need —  is it Innovation or is it Invention or Just Growth?  Then Greg Palmer host of's Finovate podcast begins his FinovateSpring Best of Show winner spotlight series with a conversation on the future of biometric payments with Deepak Jain, Founder & CEO, Wink. Additional best of show interviews can be found on
03/08/23·49m 24s

Episode 502: Better Tomorrow & Biometric Signatures

In This Episode Welcome to this week's episode of Breaking Banks where we feature pieces from cohosts and sister podcasts NextGen Banker and Tech on Reg. First, David Reiling, host of NextGen Banker, interviews Sheel Mohnot cofounder of Better Tomorrow Ventures, discussing Sheel's first foray into the fintech world with a non-profit and why he’s dedicated his career to making the consumer experience better. Spoiler alert, they also talk about his recent viral wedding in the Taco Bell metaverse. Then we shift to Biometric Signatures: The Digital Dotted Line, and Dara Tarkowski’s conversation with Matthew Gibson Co-Founder of Syngrafii. From virtual signing rooms to remote pens and more, they cover the digitization and compliance of signatures and the changed landscape of biometric signature capabilities.
27/07/23·56m 40s

Episode 501: A Financially Safer World & Fintech4Good

In This Episode Live from Guatemala, Brett connects with execs from Plus TI at the Monitor Plus Conference to talk about financial crime and how AI, data sharing, real-time monitoring and the balance of human and machine learning can prevent fraud, boost bank business and benefit customers. Then, close to 90% of the world’s carbon emissions come from coastal and marine ecosystems, but there is ambiguity on how exactly to measure, manage and take advantage of its protection towards the creation of credits. In this segment from Breaking Banks Europe, host Roberto Capodieci connects with Cerulean Ventures Co-Founder, Jahed Momand. Listen as they talk carbon credits and dive into unlocking the blue carbon credits marketplace.
20/07/23·57m 3s

Episode 500: Celebrating 10 Years of Breaking Banks

In This Episode Today we feature a special anniversary episode of Breaking Banks with hosts Brett King, Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols looking back over 10 years and 500 episodes of Breaking Banks. Listen as the team reflects on highlights and their favorite moments, throughout you’ll hear from some special guests and hosts. Thank you to our loyal listeners for helping to make us the #1 global fintech podcast. Here’s to 500 more and continuing to chronicle fintech innovation around the globe.  Cheers!
13/07/23·1h 14m

Special Episode – Finovate: Financial Insights & Breaking Banks Anniversary Trailer

In This Episode Next week is the 500th episode of Breaking Banks. Every week since 2013 we've been featuring the innovators, players and personalities working towards a more innovative and inclusive financial future. We received so many comments on this special milestone we feature several in the second half of today's show. Be sure to tune in next week, as you do every week!, as hosts Brett King, Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols cover industry changes, highlights and their favorite moments over the past 10 years. But first we start this episode by featuring sister podcast Finovate's interview on better understanding the competitive landscape with Financial Insights.
06/07/23·36m 29s

Special Episode — Back By Popular Demand: Fintech’s Getting Spicy

In This Episode Host Jason Henrichs gets spicy, and sheds a few tears, with industry experts Alex Johnson, Creator, Fintech Takes and Amy Radin, Author and Executive Advisor to Enterprises and ScaleUps in this episode of Breaking Banks. The wings are spicy and so is the conversation as they cover current economic challenges, the crypto meltdown, BNPL, value creation, down rounds for neobanks, and everything next! This episode is HOT!
29/06/23·1h 4m

Episode 499: Apple’s Future Vision

In This Episode This week on Breaking Banks a crossover episode from The Futurists featuring the dynamic duo of  Robert Scoble and Brian Roemmele — prior Breaking Banks guests, tech evangelists, sought-after specialists, and highly regarded futurists. Listen as they dive into the implications of Apple’s Vision Pro with hosts Brett King, Katie King, and Brian Solis. They riff and discuss what it all means for computing, experiences, even detailing the experience of wearing the Vision Pro, the breakthroughs Apple had to make to get this far, and what likely comes next.
22/06/23·1h 11m

Episode 498: Meet Breaking Chains Crypto

In This Episode Meet Breaking Chains Crypto, a new podcast In the Breaking Banks/ family of podcasts that is hosted by Yield App. BreakingChains Crypto covers the news, rumors and developments in Crypto, DeFi, Web3 and what makes the industry tick. Breaking Chainsbrings an insiders perspective on the true secrets and developments, what really makes a difference in the industry, and how the most exciting coins, tokens and verticals to emerge from the industry will change the world. In this episode, Rhys and Lucas Kiely, Yield App’s Head of Web3 and CIO, along with Ajit Tripathi, strategic advisor at Polygon Labs, discuss the current landscape and share reasons why they think the battle of the L2s is only just starting, how Chat GPT – whileincredibly useful – has striking similarities to a Big 4 consultant, and why South Korea has shown evidence that it is fertile ground forproducing some notable degens.
15/06/23·1h 1m

Episode 497: Highlights From Finovate Spring & Spotlight: KakaoBank

In This Episode This week it's a Breaking Banks and FInovate podcast mashup as fintech luminaries opine on Finovate Spring (San Francisco). Listen as respective hosts Brett King and Greg Palmer, also VP and Director of Fintech Strategy, The Finovate Group dish with Mary Wisniewski, Editor at Large, Cornerstone Advisors; Alex Jimenez, Managing Principal, Financial Services Consulting; Theodora Lau, Founder, Unconventional Ventures and Deva Annamalai, Founder/CEO of  RightFrame Consulting, a Bespoke Fintech Payments Consulting firm, and talk trends, highlights, surprises, opportunities and make a few predictions along the way. Then Brett speaks with KakaoBank CEO Daniel Yun. KakaoBank, a South Korean neobank, is one of the most successful challenger banks out there today. Started in 2017 with a small team and through joint venture, it had 1 million customers within its first few days. Today, KakaoBank has 26 million customers and is one of the most profitable challenger banks globally. There's much to celebrate as it looks to the future and ways to innovate, expand and continue its success.
08/06/23·59m 5s

Episode 496: Leaders and Leadership

In This Episode With 80% of Americans never defaulting on a loan but less than half having a prime credit score, today we spotlight an episode of sister podcast and NextGen Banker host David Reiling's conversation with accidental banker and Leaders in Lending host, Jeff Keltner, also SVP Business Development at Upstart as they talk about using AI or predictive algorithms to improve access to affordable credit with less risk to banks, and how this technology uses larger sets of data to help understand the real risk. Tech doing its magic and continuing to make an impact. Then we turn to another podcast and Finovate host Greg Palmer's conversation with Jacqueline Baker, author, podcast host and leadership consultant, about her recent book, The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You. To lead it's imperative to see yourself as a leader right out of the gate. There are of course always headwinds, but everyone can be a leader, and with four levels of leadership there are many opportunities. Interestingly many of the best leaders are those that have leadership thrust upon them. You may be our next great leader! Enjoy the episode!
01/06/23·47m 42s

Episode 495: Legal implications of AI

In This Episode Society has grown more complex and polarized, with this comes an increased likelihood of complicated disputes. How is the legal industry evolving to deal with a hyper connected society? Dr. Cain Elliott, Head Legal Futurist, Filevine and advisor to chatbot and  generative AI platforms connects with The Futurists hosts Robert Tercek and Brian Solis to delve into the legal issues around AI, not only regulatory but inside corporations with respect to how AI should be managed. With the profession digitizing to move faster and operate more efficiently, AI will have a significant impact from automation of legal functions to smart contracts. Listen as they cover the broken business model of legal services, the political and regulatory barriers to change and the transformative potential of legal tech.
25/05/23·1h 6m

Episode 494: Regional Spotlights: South Africa & LatAm Making Strides

In This Episode This episode begins with a special Breaking Banks mashup as Brett King and Breaking Banks Europe's Matteo Rizzi connect with Andres Perez, Co-Founder and Director, Fintech Association of South Africa, a young non-profit born from the race to digitization, not a battle between banks and fintechs. The three year old association is dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth and development of fintech in South Africa, and is enjoying nice traction. A population of 43 million, South Africa is in a unique position with 96% of its population financially included. Recent investments and strong support indicate that there's opportunity to be had in South Africa's unique ecosystem. is helping champion responsible innovation, and the ability to make more of an impact through collaboration. while developing and upholding best practices and standards that prioritize consumer needs and data privacy. Then Brett turns the focus to LatAm with a model problem that will be increasingly looked at around the world as he speaks with Yoel Gavlovski, CEO and Co-Founder,, a Miami-based startup and Fintech Americas winner that is focused on an alternative approach for credit scoring and lending targeted to emerging economies. For financial institutions seeking to increase credit origination to the underserved who have thin credit files, or low to no credit reference information, is finding different ways to get more information on clients, transforming data and using advanced analytics to turn these clients into low risk creditworthy borrowers. Prediction as a Service, adding capacity for FI's for better lending, using large learning models, has increased inclusion for many who would previously have been rejected. How's this for a stat: in performance analysis, since implementation, 20% of the people who previously would have been rejected, have now been included with no added risk to the lending institutions.

Episode 493: It’s All About Relationships!

In This Episode Relationships are important, in all aspects of life. The nature of relationships is changing -- trust is a big factor in any relationship. Just like with partnerships one needs to be reliable, consistent, relatable, and credible, and there needs to be interest from all parties. In this episode, Brennan Andrews, Marketing Director, Dart Bank and James White, General Manager, Banking, Total Expert speak with Jason Henrichs about relationships in banking. They touch upon how during this downturn banks may need to rely on things like relationship lending & pricing to keep customers loyal. What is old is new again. Banks need to get back to building strong relationships with their customers, a solid relationship can be a competitive advantage and knowing your customer makes it easier to provide personalized financial wellness. It's time to be proactive and predictive, unlocking the power of data to rethink value and how best to deliver it. It's back to basics and competing on more than just rate. Personalization, if wrong can be worse than doing nothing, it all comes down to solid relationships! Then, vendors can be great partners, an opportunity for financial institutions is the optimization of these relationships. In our second half, Jason connects with Cyrene Wilke, Horicon Bank's CIO and Patricks Sells, True Digital Co-Founder on the topic of vendor selection and partnerships. You may be surprised to hear that success is not always about picking the right partner, sometimes it's as simple as progress over perfection as no one benefits from analysis paralysis. Traction is good. Risk and compliance do of course factor into vendor selection. Banks need to be innovative, but aware of the rules. You can do great things but need to do it in a safe manner. The number of vendors banks work with, transactionally and symbiotically, adds to complexity, but the network effect can be beneficial as banks aim for best in breed and look to approach things from different perspectives. Relationships are key and banks also need to collaborate and learn from each other. It's a delicate dance.
11/05/23·57m 46s

Episode 492: London Bridges & VC Now

In This Episode This special episode of Breaking Banks begins with a mashup interview with the new Lord Mayor of London, Nicholas Lyons, Brett King and Emerge Everywhere host Jennifer Tescher. The Lord Mayor of London is the mayor of the City of London and the leader of the City of London Corporation, a municipal governing body covering the historic center of London and the location of much of the United Kingdom's financial sector. As ambassador for the UK's Financial & Professional Services, and accorded precedence over all individuals except the sovereign, he retains traditional powers, rights and privileges, and some ceremonial duties. Look for the Lord Mayor of London at the coronation of King Charles III. As a top global financial center, The Lord Mayor of London wants to help companies grow, scale, and stay in London and the UK.  With London's fintech success, he's focusing on tech innovation across the board -- green tech, biotech, life sciences, renewable tech -- encouraging start-ups and looking to create more investment from the UK system as well as access to funding. He's thinking 30 years ahead, framing options for the growth economy, and looking at the painful divide in society and widening gap in numeracy, financial literacy and financial inclusion --  initiatives he's working hard to address in his mayoralty. Part of the answer lies in fintech, with London all about building bridges and partnerships. Then Brett continues the investment theme with a conversation with Alex Sion, Managing Director, Motive Partners, mentor of hundreds of start-ups and lecturer on innovation, fintech and digital strategy having co-founded a neobank himself and having led innovation efforts at Citi and JP Morgan Chase. They discuss current challenges for banking and what has happened in the startup world particularly in fintech where Silicon Valley Bank was a big supporter and validator, and what the next chapter looks like. It’s all things fintech from a VC perspective.
04/05/23·1h 4m

Episode 491:  Connections: Open Payments for Urban Transportation & FaaS

In This Episode How many closed loop city transit cards do you have lying around? If you are a traveller you have lots of these souvenirs as every city has its own transit card or way of doing things, Can open payments and better payment systems improve public transportation and bring the unbanked into the financial ecosystem? Aaron Klein, Senior Fellow, Policy Director, Center for Regulation and Markets, Brookings Institute, not to mention former US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and US Dept of the Treasury, and Gillian Gillett, Program Manager, California Integrated Mobility, California Dept of Transportation (CADOT) think so. Listen as they share latest research and interesting insights, to include California's adoption of new payment rails for urban transport, with host Brett King. The faster the payment, the faster we move, with implications for EVs and business. Digital inclusion remains important as is reforming how we charge for micropayments. Our connect theme continues as we look at Fintech as a Service (FaaS) and Brett catches up with NayaOne, CEO, Karan Jain, former Westpac exec. NayaOne is helping transform how banks bring new products to market. They need only 'Connect Once' as the platform enables FI's, fintechs, regulators, and industry bodies to collaborate with a pre-vetted fintech marketplace. A 2020 PwC global study showed that 75% of banks are investing in developing a more customer-focused business model by collaborating with fintechs. Banks want these partnerships, but not everyone realizes innovation the same way. Banks need to be fintech friendly and ready. Culture is important and action needs to match words if banks want to be at the leading edge and make an impact for their customers.
27/04/23·1h 3m

Episode 490: What’s Next for Software-led Payments & Go Big or Go Home

In This Episode Today's episode checks in on the embedded finance story, how software platforms are embedding payments and financial services into their software offerings. Listen as Brett King speaks with Becky Kopplin, Payment Strategist and Product Leader at Qualis Partners and Matt Downs, Group President, Worldpay for Platforms, FIS about what software-led, embedded payments are and how they compare with other integrated payment models. The trio cover the difference between embedded finance and embedded payments and how they affect banks, how cloud business management platforms make deeper payment workflows so attractive and where trends will take us next. The ability to offer embedded payments in context and at the moment when you need it, making it as easy as possible are key elements of success (and experience), and will help banks become increasingly more relevant in this digital age.  Brett closes by interviewing New York Times best-selling author Diana Kander about her latest book, Go Big or Go Home. In today's hyper competitive and rapidly changing world, to succeed Kander and co-author Tucker Trotter suggest creating memorable experiences to help you land business and to ensure you are not instantly forgettable and regretfully mediocre. Whether a start up, established brand, or something in between, thoughts will be provoked. For more information, visit
20/04/23·1h 2m

Episode 489: Artificial Intelligence Can Create Real Liabilities for Leaders & Can ChatGPT Speak Bank

In This Episode Artificial intelligence offers both risks and rewards for business leaders. On the one hand, AI has the potential to improve business operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation. AI can be used to automate repetitive tasks, analyze vast amounts of data, and provide valuable insights that can inform strategic decision-making. However, there are also risks associated with AI, such as the potential for biased or inaccurate decision-making, the possibility of job displacement, and concerns around data privacy and security. Leaders must carefully consider these risks and rewards when implementing AI in their organizations and ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to mitigate potential negative impacts. Is there more to it than that? After all, that introduction was actually written by the AI-powered chatbot called ChatGPT, so maybe it had some built-in bias. To dig deeper host JP Nicols speaks with a human, Al Cowger, who is an attorney and author of the book One Nation Under Algorithms: The Threats of Algorithms and AI to Civil Rights, Legal Remedies, and American Jurisprudence. Al has a new article coming out in a technology journal at Case Western Reserve University entitled Corporate Fiduciary Duty in the Age of Algorithms, where he looks at the growing use of algorithms and artificial intelligence and the potential threats and new liabilities they may create for business managers and board members. In our second half, the promise of conversational AI has so far been a disappointing series of chatbots helping banks reduce cost but doing little to inspire customers or improve the service experience. Can ChatGPT help the sector do better? Breaking Banks Asia Pacific hosts Rachel Williamson and Simon Spencer, resident AI expert, tackle the subject, ask ChatGPT, and offer a use case of a Singapore-based insurtech firm that is using big data and AI to help deliver their products.
13/04/23·1h 9m

Episode 487: Finding Your Feet On Ground That’s Constantly Shifting: The 2023 Global Innovation Report

In This Episode No matter your sector, innovation is transforming the financial world. The impact is hitting fast and hard. At times, innovation may seem like a nice to have, especially in an uncertain market environment, but it’s clear that innovation is having a significant impact on businesses around the world. In today's episode of Breaking Banks, host Brett King speaks with Melissa Cullen, Global Head of Strategy, Product and Commercialization at FIS Banking Solutions; and Tony Warren, Global Head of Strategy and Solutions Management at FIS Capital Markets Solutions about findings from FIS' 2023 Global Innovation Report.  Listen as they discuss what the world's leading financial institutions and companies think about Embedded Finance, ESG and DeFi, as well as implications of Generative AI. Innovations are appearing faster than ever. With so much disruption -- and opportunity -- the industry must be all the more agile to turn the change to their advantage. Shownotes: The full report can be accessed here:
31/03/23·56m 47s

Episode 488: Deposits: Hot or Not

In This Episode It's another spicy episode of Breaking Banks featuring Jason Henrichs and custom hot sauce fans Kiah Haslett, Managing Editor, Bank Director and Alex Johnson, Creator, Fintech Takes. The three are back at it and always game for taste testing and discussing hot issues in financial services. Along with the sauce, we offer an entire episode onDeposits.  Are they hot or not!? Every bank wants and needs deposits, there are several types of deposits, some riskier than others. Banks need to update deposit strategies and determine their value proposition. With tech making it easy to move deposits, and every bank competing for them, lack of strategy can be dangerous. Deposit strategy and betas are coming up in discussion around SVB andSilvergate...deposit strategy, it’s something every institution needs to think about. Enjoy the deep dive!
29/03/23·55m 9s

Episode 486:  The Future as Seen at SXSW & Successful Strides in Financial Inclusion

In This Episode Today's special episode of Breaking Banks comes to you live from Fintech House @SXSW. Listen as guest host Dara Tarkowski, Managing Partner, Actuate Law and host of Breaking Banks' sister podcast Tech on Reg speaks with Mike Bechtel, Chief Futurist at Deloitte Consulting and David Reiling, Chairman and CEO, Sunrise Banks; Author, Fintech for Good; and host of's NextGen Banker. These are wild times, it helps to have a futurist with a background in anthropology to put things in perspective. Where are the opportunities in evolving technology, what's hype and nonsense? At times we are so busy wondering if we can do something, that we don't always think if we should. Intentionality and mindfulness are good things, and mild chaos is where opportunity lies, where niches and new angles can be discovered. In 2013 there were 2.7 billion unbanked people in the world. Today the number stands at 1.3 billion. Huge strides have been made in the last decade vs. the last hundred years. Listen as Brett King connects with Kosta Peric, Deputy Director, Financial Services for the Poor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the second half of the show. It's important for everyone to be part of the economy -- an economy that includes everyone benefits everyone. Listen as they discuss global advances in banking and payments, digital public infrastructure, and the importance of mobile wallets and identity. Game changing innovation at work!
23/03/23·54m 53s

Episode 485: Canaries in the Banking Coal Mine?

The banking industry is entering a perilous new phase, and new developments are happening quickly so we’re dropping this episode early. The second largest bank failure in history came suddenly with Silicon Valley Bank being shut down by regulators on March 10. This comes just two days after Silvergate bank announced it was closing “voluntarily”. Joining our resident recovering banker and host JP Nicols are Kiah Haslett, managing editor at Bank Director, and John Maxfield principal at Maxfield on Banks, who has written extensively on the history of banking and bank failures. They examine where this all fits in the history of bank closures, why it happened, and where the risks and opportunities are from here. John argues that while scarcity is the primary constraint in most industries, for banking it’s abundance. Was a decade and a half of low to zero interest rates too much of a good thing? What’s the role of Fed interest rate hikes? JP and John debate if banks being too boring is riskier than being too “innovative”, Kiah muses about the role of faster money movement, and she’s ready for more hot wings after all of these hot takes, but we’ll save that for a show that Jason hosts.
13/03/23·56m 35s

Episode 484: FinHealth: All About Fresh

Financial health is a composite of an individual's financial life, whether they are spending, saving, borrowing and planning in ways that enable them to be resilient and pursue opportunities. In today's episode we look at finhealth from a different angle. Listen as Jason Henrichs speaks with two leaders bringing financial health, financial services and healthcare, to the next level. MA-based, non-profit, About Fresh and its Co-Founder and CEO, Josh Trautwein and Jennifer Tescher, President and CEO, Financial Health Network and host of's Emerge Everywhere. Cool things are happening at the intersection of fintech, healthcare and food accessibility all with the goal to provide better health outcomes for everyone. Today we spotlight About Fresh's Fresh Connect, a platform that enables healthcare providers to connect patients to the food they need to be healthy. With the help of a debit card, doctors prescribe free fruits and vegetables. Once enrolled in the program, the debit card enables the patient to purchase produce and healthy items at stores, farmers markets, mobile marts and online where they already shop. HIPAA compliant, the system recognizes eligible healthy foods at checkout, covering the cost. This tech enabled food prescription program is helping to transform patient care, improve health outcomes -- healthcare teams can measure impact via frictionless payment technology --and provide access to healthy foods, overcoming challenges of food deserts and even branch deserts.  Good things are happening in FinHealth!
09/03/23·38m 16s

Episode 483: Sneak Peek Finovate Europe

This week on Breaking Banks we feature sister podcast Breaking Banks Europe as they take a sneak peek at Finovate Europe, March 14th and 15th in London. As with other Finovate conferences, get your votes ready! There will be demos aplenty, listen to learn about this year’s enhancements, stellar all-star panels, conference sustainability efforts and different networking opportunities, startup booster and… “HOT OR NOT?” Curious? Breaking Banks Europe host Francesca Aliverti connects with Greg Palmer, VP and Master of Ceremonies, Finovate conferences, not to mention’s Finovate podcast host, and Theodora Lau, Unconventional Ventures, who started her speaking career several years back on the stage at Finovate. Make plans to attend in London....if we don't see you there, make sure to listen here!
02/03/23·38m 0s

Episode 482: The Great Transition & Lessons of History and Hope

The personalization of finance is here. Listen as Brett connects with Emmanuel Daniel about his book "The Great Transition" where Emmanual, founder of The Asian Banker and global thought leader in the future of finance, outlines the transition that the finance industry will go through from its platform stage today into the personalization of finance. Personalization will have a profound effect on how institutions, markets and society will function in the network age. He introduces the term ‘financialization of everything’ to describe how entire economies will interact with cryptocurrencies, blockchain and new trends in gaming to shape the personalization of society. Predicting the future of finance. Then, in 1992, John Hope Bryant brought a bus full of largely White corporate leaders to witness the disinvestment in South Central LA. This was the first big move for Operation HOPE, Inc., a nonprofit that John, Chairman and CEO, founded to empower underserved communities through financial literacy. In this episode from sister podcast Emerge Everywhere, John Hope Bryant and Jennifer Tescher, President and CEO, Financial Health Network, discuss everything he’s learned in the 30 years since that first bus tour – including the importance of financial inclusion and building Black wealth.
23/02/23·1h 1m

Episode 481: MUCH Needed Tool & Financial Fairness

Making lemonade out of a lemon....being sued is not necessarily a bad thing, in this case it spurred the development of a personal financial management tool that is helping many clear debt and learn to budget. Gone are spreadsheets and lessons from our elders on how best to budget. It sometimes takes a village and a community, as users share tips and stories so that everyone wins. Listen as Jason Henrichs connects with Carmen Perez, CEO and Founder, Much, about her journey and inspiration in creating a budgeting app to help others win with money management. Much is changing the way people think about money and helping users take control of their financial journey. Then we spotlight sister podcast NextGen Banker. The digital banking world is no doubt convenient. Delicia Hand wants to make sure it’s fair, too. David Reiling, host of NextGen Banker, speaks with Hand, the director of financial fairness at Consumer Reports, who helped put together a framework that evaluates how well digital financial products are working for consumers. Delicia talks about the framework — which includes principles like privacy, inclusivity and transparency — as well as how working on Capitol Hill during the Great Recession framed her perspective on developing financial policy.
16/02/23·46m 31s

Episode 480: Blueprints For Equitable Outcomes

Dreams becoming reality. This episode spotlights champions leading the way forward towards an inclusive financial ecosystem for the Black community. In the first segment, Jason Henrichs connects with Kenya McKnight-Ahad, the CEO and Founder of Black Women's Wealth Alliance, BWWA. BWWA resulted from combining Kenya's background in economic development with her desire to engage with Black women about how to empower themselves financially. Kenya's focus on improving the lives of others by illuminating and encouraging the creation of generational wealth, as well as her passion for entrepreneurism and community building, has created health & wellness opportunities for Black women, providing wealth education, business support services, small grant program, career services, and a building, ZaRah where Black women can flourish. Kenya worked with Mary Stoick, SVP Director of Tax Credit Lending, Sunrise Banks to make ZaRah happen. Sunrise Banks is truly more than just a bank, it helps in fulfilling dreams. BWWA is well on its way with its new incubator space and furthering of Black community building. Then meet Damon Jenkins, SVP and Regional Market President, Twin Cities for First Independence Bank and Bryan Toft, CRO, Sunrise Banks. First Independence Bank's mission is to deliver financial services with an affinity for under-served and minority communities, and Sunrise Banks is focused on creating financial empowerment for all as a socially-responsible community bank. Together they discuss how banks have fallen short of true inclusivity. Banks need to be close to their community and not tone deaf to how their practices affect the people they serve. The trust gap is real and everyone's experiences are different. Connection is important for trust, banks need to both meet people where they are and do a better job communicating how banking can be beneficial for building wealth. In building cultures of inclusivity, there is the need to understand the issues, problems and how best to solve them, this is important inside the bank and out. Social responsibility and banking on values can create partnerships, opportunities to combine resources and help more people faster, creating systemic change, building futures and equitable outcomes, The future of Black finance is bright.
09/02/23·1h 7m

Episode 479: Fintech Musings From The Firepit

Live from AOBA (Acquire or Be Acquired Conference)! As bank leadership and executives focus on strategy & growth, explore paths to creating more value and the evolving competitive landscape, Jason Henrichs, Alex Johnson and Mary Wisniewski take time out to gather around the firepit to problem solve and offer up some spicy takes and take-outs. Banking is complex, redflag those that don't recognize that. Competition, economic challenges and friction can garner results, leading to business opportunities and new business models for those looking to differentiate and innovate. As banks continue to fight for deposits, the trio cover fintech partnerships, affinity groups, fees - those that cost and the idea of subscription, debt - both a trap and tool, and how some critical parts of banking are just plain squishy!
02/02/23·53m 9s

Episode 478: Jack Be Nimble in Skinny Jeans & Meet Breaking Banks APAC

In This Episode Rising competition, changing customer expectations, and the fight for talent are top of mind these days. With possible regulatory changes and economic fluctuations, it’s essential that banks remain focused and agile. Brett King, Jason Henrichs, James White, Banking Industry Principal, Total Expert, and Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors and Forbes' Fintech Snark Tank author engage in a lively discussion on the value of agility in banking. Tomorrow’s winners will be proactive, finding innovative ways to remain nimble, to make sure that their financial institution stays on the right track. Then meet Breaking Banks' newest sister podcast, Breaking Banks Asia Pacific and host Rachel Williamson as she looks at open banking in India. Open banking is opening the door for millions of people to take part in the formal banking sector, be it an individual opening a bank account or a small business getting a loan. Rachel and Smita Aggarwal, Global Investments Advisor, Flourish Ventures, with 30+ years experience as a banker with some of India's biggest banks, discuss how new business models are being built in a region of empowered citizens who are more data rich than economically rich. #opportunity #financialinclusion
27/01/23·46m 52s

Episode 477: Breaking Traditions & Future of Money and Identity

The U.S. can be a tough and complex regulatory environment. Listen as Brett catches up with Peter Hazlehurst, Co-Founder and CEO, Synctera. Peter's background with Uber Money, consumer payments at Google and experience creating financial products for banks, fintechs, and large tech companies has helped create an end to end platform to enable fintech builders to create products with embedded banking and card issuance. Aside from the need for regulatory clarity, they cover KYC, global identity verification and portability (can Apple and Google help?) and some interesting specialized neobanks. Then, Brett King and his The Futurists co-host Robert Tercek, connect with payment tech expert David Birch, author of “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin”, "The Currency Cold War", and "Identity is the New Money" about all things identity and digital all gets very interesting indeed!
19/01/23·57m 27s

Episode 476: Bank Mergers in the Garden of Good and Evil

In this Episode: As the costs of meeting customer expectations and competitive pressures continue to rise, more banks are considering mergers and acquisitions to gain scale and stay relevant, but there are deep structural regulatory constraints that can often be an impediment. Everything from the way geographic boundaries are defined, to the way competition is measured to the way products and services are evaluated have mid-twentieth century origins that don’t seem well-suited for today’s financial services landscape. As we lead up to Bank Director’s Acquire or Be Acquired (AOBA) conference, Kiah Haslett, Managing Editor for Bank Director magazine, joins us to walk through some of the increasingly outdated modes of analysis, some of the ways regulators are planning updates, and what “good” and “bad” mergers look like. We also debate whether it’s all enough to achieve the stated goals of maintaining competitive markets for the good of the public, and Kiah draws on her experience as a soccer referee to show a few yellow cards to the industry.
12/01/23·55m 43s

Episode 475: Outlook 2023 with Industry All-Stars

It's an epic episode as Breaking Banks kicks off its 10th year. This week we offer you a megamix and extended play as Jason Henrichs, Brett King and JP Nicols chat with 10 industry all-stars about what is next in financial services. Big predictions from big names! Henri Arslanian, David Birch, Leda Glyptis, Theo Lau, Liz Lumley, Jim Marous, Ron Shevlin, Paolo Sironi, Chris Skinner and Mary Wisniewski. Cheers to 2023!!
05/01/23·1h 23m

Episode 474: Ringing Out 2022: What did we get right? What did we miss?

For the last show of 2022 we end the year by looking back at how we started it. Brett, Jason, and JP made some 2022 predictions, listen to find out just how clear their crystal balls were. Spoiler alert: None predicted the crash in crypto prices or bankruptcy filings by some of the biggest platform players, global price spikes, or Twitter being taken private by Elon Musk, but we did get a few things right. The hosts all agreed on the need for financial institutions to better vet and manage fintech partnerships and the need to have a viable strategy beyond traditional M&A. Jason saw fintech valuations coming back to earth, a slow down of the fintech funding frenzy, and some early cracks in the foundations of interchange. Brett was looking forward to advances in AI, AR and VR. All were cautiously optimistic on the sufficiency and efficacy of the technical and compliance infrastructure to support the global growth of crypto and defi. Join us next week for a forecast megamix for 2023 and a celebration...2023 marks 10 years of Breaking Banks!
29/12/22·56m 7s

Episode 473: OK, Zoomer: Banks aren’t Ready for Generation Z

Banking leaders aren’t confident that they have the tools in place to effectively serve Generation Z customers, those born between 1997-2012. David Stillman, Founder of GenGuru and co-author of Gen Z @ Work says this lack of confidence is well-founded. He draws on his decades of research to talk about the challenges of meeting the needs of five different generations of customers, why Gen Z doesn’t want work/life balance, and how Gen Xers can avoid making the same mistakes with Gen Z that the Boomers made with Millennials.
22/12/22·55m 7s

Episode 472: Timing Is Everything

In venture timing is everything, it can make you or crush you. Listen as host Amber Buker speaks with former entrepreneur, CEO, current investor, active board member for public companies, and General Partner, Ken Denman, Sway Ventures about his varied career. He thoughtfully shares executive, strategic and operational insights from his experiences, and touches upon his love of looking around corners. In a tough market like today, you need to give yourself a runway (24 months may be the new 12 months!), figure out the North Star and keep your eyes wide open as to what the future holds. Great companies are built in downturns.
15/12/22·38m 56s

Episode 471: Can You Hear Me Now? Regulators Speak Up

Regulatory scrutiny as it relates to banks and fintech partners is starting to get hot as regulators get more vocal. This week on Breaking Banks, Jason Henrichs covers this and more with his guests Kirsten Muetzel, Chief Risk Officer, Fundid; Keith Evans, VP, VMO, First Northern Bank; and Clayton Mitchell,  Principal, Crowe LLP.  Listen as they discuss the regulatory complexity of creating fintech partnerships, vendors as partners and the value of these partnerships as financial institutions work their way down the Yellow Brick Road. Then, Dara Tarkowski, host of's Tech on Reg speaks with Resolver's  Amanda Cohen, Director of Products about Reg-Tech and risk management. Resolver is changing the landscape of risk management by analyzing risk data in context to use risk as strategy in business development. By leveraging this type of tech, modern businesses are now able to keep a pulse on the regulatory market and transform into risk-intelligent entities.

Episode 470: Dystopian vs. Utopian

Host Jason Henrichs kicks today's episode off with song — it's not to be missed and neither are the conversations with Michael Kitces, Nerd's Eye View and then Theodora Lau, Unconventional Ventures. The markets are a bit frightful and there is strain on individuals and financial service providers. Our guests address the role of technology and empathy. Michael covers the role tech plays in financial planning. Much has been said of robo-advisors but there are parts of the process and the trusted advisor relationship that can't be digitized. Tech makes you efficient but advice delivery, expertise and deep financial advisor relationships can't be automated. Tech doesn't supplant the human, it augments the human relationship, the right combination changing individual trajectories. Money is emotional and current situations have people stressed. Theo addresses empathy. People need help managing money; many don't have the right data, tools to take action, and lack discipline. Debt is going up and, with record inflation, savings are dwindling. A recent Tik Tok trend shows younger generations budgeting the way the Greatest Generation did...a.k.a. the envelope method. How do we help people understand implications before it's too late? We need to keep learning, Tech and empathy-- opposite ends of the spectrum -- are they at odds?
01/12/22·1h 6m

Episode 469: Seven Generations of Economic Opportunity

In honor of Native American Heritage Month and Day (11/25) we have an incredible episode hosted by Amber Buker and Jason Henrichs. First, Amber speaks with Dawson Her Many Horses, SVP & Head of Native American Banking about Wells Fargo's new report on Indian Country’s Once-In-a-Seven Generation Opportunity. Wells Fargo is a leading provider of capital for the native american and Alaska native markets banking 4 out of 10 federally recognized tribes in the US, equating to roughly $3B in credit commitments and $3.9 billion in deposits. Incredible but often invisible opportunities exist to partner with tribal economies. Then Jason sits down with Amber to talk about what inspired her to start Totem. You need only listen to the founding story and Amber's interest in aligning opportunities with mission to understand. What better way to help others than by starting an identity-focused bank! Totem, a truly mission driven company, supporter and advocate for native culture with a goal to create pathways to financial inclusion for Native Americans through digital banking — closing gaps in service in this market, taking friction out of the system and creating value. Banking by and for Native Americans, the fastest growing racial demographic on the 2020 census (160% population jump vs. 2010). Yakoke (Thanks in Choctaw) for listening, enjoy the episode!
24/11/22·58m 20s

Episode 468: Rapping Up M20/20 ’22

The party goes on....or does it? Are we back to normal before things went crazy? Jason kicks this episode off with a conversation with Jason Mikula, Fintech Business Weekly. They dive into one of JH's favorite topics....interchange! Listen as The Jasons discuss payments, rewards, mobile wallets and the rise of commerce players (Walmart and Amazon) becoming more fintech focused with what they do. Then JP connects with Nick Chandi, CEO and Co-Founder, Forward AI created to solve SMB cash flow problems. It's difficult for small businesses to share their accounting data with banks and other financial players to speed access to secure financing. Forward AI’s API enables SMBs to connect in an easy way to share data and bridges a gap for financial institutions, lenders and other fintechs to help SMBs stay financially healthy.
17/11/22·41m 21s

Episode 467: Improving Access to the Global Economy

This week JP Nicols continues exploring the risks and opportunities in the global economy and how to balance fraud and friction with these live recordings from Money 20/20 in Las Vegas. We start in Latin America, with Sergio Almageur. Founder and CEO of Yaydoo, which simplifies finance with its B2B payment automation tools and helps small businesses manage invoices, payables, receivables, and cross-border payments. Then we connect with Misha Esipov from Nova Credit and discuss how they’re addressing the challenges of immigrants and expats getting credit in the U.S. Listen to learn how to unlock opportunities for those historically excluded from the credit system and companies looking to serve them, and how Nova Credit recently partnered with HSBC to provide the bank with global access to its cross-border credit data product.
10/11/22·44m 17s

Episode 466: New Paradigms for Fintech Investing & The Good Future

If you want to play the game, learn the players. Listen as Amber Buker records live from the MoneyPot podcast booth at M20/20 with Kelsey Weaver, a Founder, Investor, Bank Board Member and Philanthropist, and Siya Vansia, SVP, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, ConnectOne Bank. The OG Fintech Girl Gang members share insights on what fintechs need to do as investment dollars tighten and how bank investors are creating new paradigms that recognize value is not the same as valuation. Then, futurist and humanist Gerd Leonard joins Brett King and Robert Tercek to talk about a positive future, one that is inclusive, sustainable and purpose driven. What kind of world do we want? As talk turns to putting things in action and global perspectives, they cover tech & reboots, regulation, NFTs and crypto.

Episode 465: Balancing Friction and Fraud in the Global Economy

Everyone talks about reducing friction, but could there be too much of a good thing? New research shows that in processes like account opening making it too easy actually reduce’s the customer’s confidence. Today’s theme is about balancing fraud and friction in the global economy… in identity verification, onboarding, payments, payroll, and more.  First JP Nicols talks with Michael Ramsbacker, Chief Product Officer from Trulioo, then Eynat Guez, Cofounder and CEO of Papaya Global joins the show.These are the first of several interviews from Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, where we’re recording live. In coming shows you’ll  hear more interviews from Jason Henrichs. Amber Buker, and Chloe James with other experts and entrepreneurs.
27/10/22·38m 44s

Episode 464: Second Wave BaaS & “Deep Tech”

A boutique bank with a big vision! Seattle Bank's Josh Williams, EVP Chief Banking Officer and Head of Partnerships speaks with Jason Henrichs about Seattle Bank's forward-leaning approach and how they are leveraging tech to guide BaaS partnerships. Call it BaaS' second era, they talk about the next iteration of BaaS, embedded finance, and what banks have to get right if they want to compete in the space. Seattle Bank is keeping its eye on the puck and where it's going as they continue to solve client and market problems. Then, "Deep Tech" is transforming every industry. Tricia Martinez, Managing Director Techstars, Industries of the Future Acceleratorcovers Deep Tech. What is Deep Tech? Tech that addresses deep engineering and science driven problems such as AI, biotech, with potential to revolutionize industry and problems our world is up against. As an example we connect with’s Co-Founder Furkan Eris. powers and increases the engagement of forward thinking companies with the goal to use data to empower everyone. Trust and human connection is so important in financial services, as things go more digital, how do you ensure effective communication, improve management and assessment, and make the most of your team, with the goal to get the best out of everyone? Forward-thinking tech!
20/10/22·41m 10s

Episode 463: Future of Work & Future Work

Work practices have changed. Attracting and retaining talent is more critical than ever. There are three pillars in helping generate meaningful work behavior -- character, leadership and culture -- all three so important. Listen as Brett King speaks with Making Meaningful Work authors Daniel Szuc and Jo Wong about how these pillars and soft skills are needed to make work more human. With digital nomads adopting different working styles, how do you create culture? The three M's will help with that! Then, sustainability and climate are key initiatives for our global community. David Reiling, host of's Next Gen Banker, covers these in the second half of the episode as he speaks with Marilyn Waite, lead of the Climate Finance Fund, a $75 million philanthropic platform covering the markets of China, Europe and the United States. Fintechs can play a key role in these initiatives, they'll get into that as well as positive change, Carbon Accounting Financials and hopes for tomorrow's banker.
13/10/22·59m 30s

Episode 462: Innovation IRL

Back to life, back to reality . Or at least back to "in real life." Conferences are back. Finovate had its largest show ever in New York City and the Provoke team is crisscrossing the globe to speak, record and fight. That's right, fintech fight club made another appearance at Finovate with Lindsay Davis of Atomic squaring off against Mary Wisniewski from Bankrate. The best fight yet and it's available at This week far fewer punches but Jim Marous, Chloe James and Jason Henrichs talk about all things Finovate. One of the key takeaways from the return to in person is the awkward "how do I end this conversation" in real life vs. online. Jason demonstrates how much easier it is online by hanging up on Jim! Then Chloe connects with Sam Kilmer, Cornerstone Advisors and James Robert Lay, Digital Growth Institute. With current volatility what wins deals and how has deal-making changed? New patterns, new approaches and opportunities to transform banking for good. We hope to see you in person soon too!
06/10/22·54m 44s

Episode 461: You Can’t Cut Your Way to Greatness: Where to Invest?

Opportunity abounds for those willing to go after things differently. Being a fast follower doesn't work, fintech is compromising the model and traditional infrastructure is being pushed on. It's time to solve hard problems! After crisscrossing the globe to speak at industry events, meet with leaders and record, the Breaking Banks hosts are all at their mics to talk about global trends in innovation, fintech and broader tech, and the effect on incumbent banks and challenger banks. They offer a mix of insights and perspectives on what they're seeing, where they think things are going and what industry leaders should do as we head into the 4th quarter and strategic planning season for 2023 and beyond!
29/09/22·45m 5s

Episode 460: The Regulatory Complexity of Banking as a Service

Some like it hot and that would include the regulators. The acting comptroller of currency has been very public about unseen risks and unintended consequences that can disrupt the financial system. Kiah Haslett, Managing Editor at Bank Director and Alex Johnson, creator of Fintech Takes and host Jason Henrichs break it down while eating hot wings. This episode is hotter than the Trinidad Scorpion sauce that almost made Jason cry.
22/09/22·1h 4m

Episode 459: Building Trust & Expanding Reach

Building trust with those who never opted-in and those who opted-out of the system is central in today's conversation with three founders from two neobanks that are making a difference, Obsidian Bank's Damon Kirk and Steven Farrar, and Totem’s Amber Buker. Each neobank has it's unique needs and challenges, but there is commonality. Obsidian Bank serving the Black Community and Totem the Native American community. The segment is enlightening, each is an active participant in the community they serve, For Us By Us! Then, Jason Henrichs connects with Asra Nadeem, Draper University -- it's not a college or university -- it's an accelerator for entrepreneurs. They talk about Draper's mission, programs and success as well as Draper Startup House's participation in Fintech Islands (Barbados, startup event), spotlighting founders of a diverse group of early-stage fintechs. The fintech ecosystem in the Caribbean is relatively new but evolving rapidly, the islands representing a substantial market opportunity and an attractive environment for building new fintechs and the expansion of existing companies globally.
15/09/22·54m 10s

Episode 458: Vulnerability & Thriving on Overload

Interested in both a positive, beneficial relationship with information and excelling at work and other ventures? Listen as Ross Dawson and Brett King discuss Ross's latest book, Thriving on Overload, and cover topics like flourishing in an accelerating world. Achieve superior outcomes in all aspects of your life by developing 5 powers that together enable extraordinary performance:  purpose, framing, filtering, attention, and synthesis. Become an information master! But first, fresh from Fintech DevCon, Jason Henrichs speaks with Jared Jones (Ecosystem Lead, Moov) about the importance of vulnerability, even for developers in our space, and the need to humanize tech.
08/09/22·56m 43s

Episode 457: Payments: Australia Making its Mark & The Book of Crypto

In Episode 444, we feature a segment on what makes Australia a great environment for fintech innovators. Our series continues with this episode’s focus on payments. First, Brett connects with Paul Byrne, CEO of Zai, a paytech company boldly transforming the future of financial services, powering mid-market and enterprise level business customers, and automating payment workflow so executives can focus on running their businesses. Then Brett speaks with Damian Kassabgi, Head of International Public Policy at Block, parent company of Afterpay, a phenomenal Australian success story. Damian’s business acumen and strong grasp of public policy offer a valuable combination that makes for an insightful conversation. Finally, Brett connects with Henri Arslanian at Consensus 2022 to discuss Henri’s latest book, The Book of Crypto: The Complete Guide to Understanding Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets.
01/09/22·52m 8s

Episode 456: Think Like A Brand & The Metaverse is a Branding Statement

Learn about 5 practical strategies to unlock innovation, connect with customers and grow. In this week's episode Jason Henrichs and Jim Marous, The Financial Brand, interview Allison Netzer and Liz High about their book Think Like A Brand Not A Bank. Maybe you don't necessarily put the customer first. Great brands get great returns every time. Then Brett King takes over the mic with his The Futurist co-host Robert Tercek as they speak with Glenn White about the Metaverse as a Branding Statement. In the digital domain, marketing is technology. Glenn White builds advertising systems for brand managers inside game worlds. In this segment, Glenn explains the complex strategic decisions that govern how brand advertising will evolve in the Metaverse.
25/08/22·58m 41s

Episode 455: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

In This Episode In this episode, host JP Nicols connects with Greg Palmer of Finovate about new entrants in the fintech space, companies spotlighting new launches who are eager to share their tech and what they can do for our industry at Finovate Fall. Finovate is all about showcasing cutting-edge banking and financial technology, supporting new companies and new ideas, particularly those not exactly in the mainstream now but looking to tackle upcoming challenges. We finish with Fintech Fight Club Cage Match Edition with MC Greg Palmer, referee JP Nicols, and fintech fighters Wade "Moov and Groove" Arnold, Lindsay "Knockout" Davis, Ambika "The Bay Area Bruiser" Sharma, and Ron "The Shiv" Shevlin. It's a battle of ideas and perspectives...pros and entertaining and thought-provoking format. Enjoy the match!
18/08/22·49m 34s

Episode 454: Transhumanism: Enhancing The Human Condition

In This Episode In this week’s episode Brett King and Robert Tercek, Brett’s The Futurists cohost, interview two-time presidential candidate, entrepreneur, journalist and futurist, Zoltan Istvan. We dive into how the species might evolve to adapt to living with AI, a changing climate and even to life off-planet. It's controversial, dynamic and the philosophy and ethics of humanity are front and center in the debate. We’ll see you in the future!
11/08/22·59m 0s

Episode 452: Crypto In the Bank Boardroom & Delight First, Deliver Second

Today, Brett King and David Birch connect with two executives from FIS about bank board-level conversations they are having. Listen as Himal Makwana, SVP Head of Product Strategy & New Initiatives and Fiaz Sindhu, VP Mid-tier and Community Banks cover discussions andstrategies for banks to be competitive in the crypto space, how bank clients are engaging with crypto today, and how banks can be moreinvolved in the sweeping changes that crypto and blockchain are having on tradfi. Then Amber Buker speaks with Parker Graham, CEO of Finotta, a fintech helping banks personalize their mobile experiences with financial journeys that take the friction out of cross selling. Parker's background as former tackle with the Baltimore Ravens and then aprivate banker provides a colorful backdrop to his founder story. Parker formed Finotta after a sharp pivot from wealth tech, reemergingjust months later with a key customer and new funding.
28/07/22·58m 10s

Episode 451: AWS Bets Big on Black and Women Founders & Harmonizing Taxes

This week on Breaking Banks hosts Jason Henrichs and Brett King catch up with DIVINE, Victor D. Lombard CEO & Founder, about his new startup Solvent, an AIO financial empowerment and wealth building platform for the system impacted, and Denise Quashie head of AWS Impact Accelerator for Black Founders, with Solvent one of 25 in this cohort, where black founders get the resources, training, tech and support needed to scale their startup faster, the accelerator works with startups in and out of the fintech space. Then Jason connects with Ben Borodach -- Co-Founder and CEO, April Tax and Ronen Assia, Managing Partner, Team8 Fintech on ways to make taxes, well, less taxing.
21/07/22·51m 55s

Episode 450: Neobanks: End of an Era? Not So Fast

Techcrunch reports fintech accounted for 21% of all venture capital dollars raised in 2021. When things go up, they also have a Newtonian way of coming down. The same article says that 10% of all layoffs in Q2 came from the fintech sector. Neobanks such as Chime, Nubank, Klarna and Revolut were rocketships that now have pulled IPOs and taken massive valuation haircuts. Does this signal the end of neobanking? Ron Shevlin, Chris Skinner and Jason Henrichs debate what's next for the neos. In the second half, Amber Buker, former partner at Alloy Labs where she led strategic insights, decided a global economic meltdown was the perfect time to start, wait for it, a neobank. Tune in to hear it isn't crazy as it sounds. She even convinced Alloy Labs Alchemist fund to invest. That's both a disclosure and vote of confidence. This week on Breaking Banks - is it the end or the end of an era?
14/07/22·54m 31s

Episode 449: Down but not out: the future of DeFi and TradFi

This week we have a particularly spicy guest... Simon Taylor, writer of Fintech Brainfood, one of the best weekend reads on all things fintech, formerly head of ventures at 11FS and now Head of Strategy and Content for Sardine. Despite the time difference, Simon and Jason Henrichs dig into some real brainfood with some Hot Wings and Hot Takes on the future of fintech, why Web3 matters and why the intersection with KYC and risk management practices could completely upturn traditional finance. In the second half, Chrissy Oelke who spearheads UX at Horicon Bank and Jason talk about Horicon’s journey towards personalization. The genesis of this conversation was a panel Chrissy and Jason did for Total Expert. Here Jason takes the opportunity to understand Horicon Bank's why behind the decision to embark on a user experience overhaul, the challenges they've faced and the road ahead.
07/07/22·54m 8s

Episode 448: Payments: Australia Making its Mark & The Book of Crypto

In Episode 444, we feature a segment on what makes Australia a great environment for fintech innovators. Our series continues with this episode's focus on payments. First, Brett connects with Paul Byrne, CEO of Zai, a paytech company boldly transforming the future of financial services, powering mid-market and enterprise level business customers, and automating payment workflow so executives can focus on running their businesses. Then Brett speaks with Damian Kassabgi, Head of International Public Policy at Block, parent company of Afterpay, a phenomenal Australian success story. Damian's business acumen and strong grasp of public policy offer a valuable combination that makes for an insightful conversation. Finally, Brett connects with Henri Arslanian at Consensus 2022 to discuss Henri's latest book, The Book of Crypto: The Complete Guide to Understanding Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets.
30/06/22·52m 38s

Episode 447: Fintech’s Getting Spicy

Host Jason Henrichs gets spicy, and sheds a few tears, with industry experts Alex Johnson, Creator, Fintech Takes and Amy Radin, Author and Executive Advisor to Enterprises and ScaleUps in today’s episode of Breaking Banks. The wings are spicy and so is the conversation as they cover current economic challenges, the crypto meltdown, BNPL, value creation, down rounds for neobanks, and everything next! This episode is HOT!
23/06/22·1h 4m

Episode 446: The CFPB Wakes Up A Dormant Rule

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a press release on April 25th that it was invoking a dormant authority that allows it to examine nonbank companies posing risks to consumers. That’s pretty broad and seems pretty scary. Listen to Dara Tarkowski, host of the Tech on Reg podcast, and Jason Henrichs break down the legal realities and implications in the first half before being joined by Lindsay Davis of Atomic and Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes to riff on the potential industry impact.
16/06/22·55m 38s

Episode 445: Fuel-ing Finance from the Ukraine & Fueling Faster Payments

In today's compelling episode host Jason Henrichs speaks with Alyona Mysko, CEO and Founder of Fuel, a Ukrainian company. Fuel, a cloud-based financial department, helps startups by acting as their finance function, navigating what can be tough waters, so CEOs and CFOs can focus and make smart business decisions and projections. Figuring a scalable business model is hard enough - now imagine being a fintech company figuring the business for scaling Saas and ecommerce startups while in an actual - not metaphorical - warzone, with the attendant real worries of keeping team members and family safe. Then, what do faster payments mean for the future of fintech? Greg Palmer, host of sister podcast Finovate, speaks with Dwolla's CEO, Brady Harris about open banking, innovations and developments in payments, quicker access to funds, and A2A. How we move money continues to evolve.
09/06/22·42m 31s

Episode 444: Rise of Embedded Finance in Australia & Digital for Good

In this episode Brett King returns to his roots to explore investment opportunities in and from Australia, how Australian capability can act as a launch pad for global innovations and investments within the fintech and insurtech ecosystems. Our guests Simone Dossetor, Insurtech Australia, CEO; Ben Smith, Railsbank, Chief Operating Officer (APAC) and Christie Downs, CEO & Co-Founder, handdii, cover how the rise of embedded solutions creates new financial services distribution models in the fintech and insurtech markets. Listen as Railsbank, which expanded into Australia, and handdii, an Australian claim fulfillment and property repair startup that expanded into the U.S., share their journeys.Then Brett interviews Chris Skinner, CEO of the Finansier and independent commentator on the financial markets about his latest book, Digital for Good: Stand For Something or You Will Fall. The book focuses on how technology and finance can work together to address the environmental and social issues we face today and make a better world.
02/06/22·59m 55s

Episode 443: Keens versus the Stewards

In this weeks mashup Breaking Banks and The Futurists podcasts interview pioneering technologist Brad Templeton. In a discussion ranging from the creation of the commercial internet,  the battle for our future, to ethical AI and the likely roll out of autonomous vehicles, we cover a lot of ground. But at the heart of this discussion is how technology is reframing society and why those looking to the past are likely to be left behind.
26/05/22·58m 2s

Episode 442: Looking To The Future

In today's episode of Breaking Banks, we feature two of our sister podcasts, each with an eye to the future.We start with Jennifer Tescher's EMERGE Everywhere. Jennifer sits down with Shamina Singh, Founder and President of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, to discuss the quest for a more sustainable and equitable future, and how she's developing solutions to make the global economy work for everyone. Then, we introduce you to the newest podcast in the Breaking Banks' family, The Futurists with hosts Robert Tercek and Brett King, as they take you into the future with renowned thought leaders who are creating the future of tomorrow. In this piece we spotlight PJ Manney, a leading thinker focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence in respect to ethics and how humanity will adapt. See you in the future!
19/05/22·1h 2m

Episode 441: The Three Trillion Dollar Economic Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight

Businesses founded by women deliver high revenue, and it's no secret, closing the gender equity gap would lead to an increase in GDP. There are a lot of economic reasons to support gender equality, but what exactly does it mean, and how can leaders go about creating change so that we can all reap the benefits of elevating women? Host Amber Buker dives into this and more in today's episode. First, Amber explores investing through a gender lens with Heidi Patel. Heidi began her career in traditional finance and did a tour in corporate VC before finding her passion in impact investing. Heidi serves as the Managing Partner for Rethink Impact, a fund that supports women-run companies in sustainability, ed tech, digital healthcare, and economic empowerment. Then, Amber is joined by gender economist, Katica Roy. Katica is CEO and Founder of Denver-based Pipeline Equity, an award-winning SaaS company that leverages artificial intelligence to drive economic gains through gender equity.  Katica shares compelling statistics and some Incredible insights you won’t want to miss.
12/05/22·1h 6m

Episode 440: Innovation To Be Celebrated: No Slaps Allowed Fintech Awards!

Today Jason Henrichs speaks with Fintech Futures about their first ever Banking Tech Awards USA, to celebrate the outstanding achievements and successes of the US' best and brightest in the financial technology sector. He goes in depth with independent judges, Mary Wisniewski from Bankrate and Lisa Moyle, VC Innovations UK about what they noted as they judged the various categories. It will come as no surprise that the list of categories has grown, and with that overall entries. It isn't just startups that are leading innovations, there are lots of established banks, community banks, and new banks coming in hot! It's an engaging episode with so many delivering at pace, and with greater personalization and understanding of the needs of consumers. Innovation is indeed evolving!
05/05/22·28m 34s


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a press release on April 25th that it was invoking a dormant authority that allows it to examine nonbank companies posing risks to consumers. That's pretty broad and seems pretty scary. Listen to Dara Tarkowski, host of the Tech on Reg podcast, and Jason Henrichs break down the legal realities and implications in the first half before being joined by Lindsay Davis of Atomic and Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes to riff on the potential industry impact.
29/04/22·55m 38s

Episode 439: Journeys: A Large Bank’s Innovation Journey & VC with Cowboy Ventures

In today's episode, Jason Henrichs connects with Jo K Jagadish to discuss TD's innovation journey. As EVP, Head of Corporate Products, Services and Innovation, Jo centers TD product design efforts on customers, even corporate customers, figuring pains, gains and jobs to be done, rather than finding solutions and looking for a problem. Design thinking is leading the way and enabling TD to think small and then scale large to benefit customers and the financial institution. Then, host Amber Buker shares an engaging conversation with one of Forbes' 30 under 30 (Venture Capital 2022) and co-Fintech Girl Gang member, Jillian Williams. Jillian is a Principal at Cowboy Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm where she applies her deep expertise in fintech and SaaS startups. Jillian started on the fintech investing path via a stop at Barclays before fintech was cool! Listen as she shares her journey and the intellectual rabbit holes she's falling down lately thinking about the future of finance.
28/04/22·52m 18s

Episode 438: Getting into the Weeds with Regent Bank

In this episode, Breaking Banks host Amber Buker speaks with Keri Cain, SVP at Regent Bank. Personal experience shapes us all, but Keri's experience and unique perspective is helping many and also Regent Bank build a new business line as architect of Regent's multi-state cannabis banking operation. It's a compelling episode, her background in retail, unique perspective and personal experiences having shaped how she leads the way forward at this not-so regional bank in Oklahoma.
21/04/22·53m 10s

Episode 437: Cyber Perspectives from a former FBI Agent & Mindfulness Coach

In this week's episode of Breaking Banks host Amber Buker speaks with James Turgal, VP Optiv. As a former Assistant Director of the FBI Information and Technology Branch he's worked it all. Cybersecurity and ransomware are top of mind, learn how collective defense and one act of collaboration can have an exponential effect on combating cyberthreats. Thereafter, we take a deep breath and connect with Lisa Warner, President, AMP Creative who from the Learning & Development space shares how mindfulness is the cornerstone of a human firewall. Combine the practice with full body decision-making and you will make it difficult for cybercriminals to hack your brain!
14/04/22·56m 32s

Episode 436: China’s CBDC Dominance

In this special presentation from Breaking Banks, a very comprehensive report on China's Central Bank Digital Currency trial. With global experts including Richard Turrin, Henri Arslanian, Ruth Wandhöfer and Dave Birch, interviews of citizens using the digital currency on the ground and recent coverage across mainstream media, this is the single most important episode on CBDC development we've ever attempted. We hope you enjoy this special production from the team at Breaking Banks.
07/04/22·1h 2m

Episode 435: Secret Sauce for Deeper Relationships & What’s So Nifty About NFTs

The key to deep relationships and customer success? Host JP Nicols and Joe Welu, CEO and Founder, Total Expert have an insightful conversation. CRM and the process are often misunderstood but done properly can lead to an incredible customer journey and deep relationships that help customers, while also enabling you to cross-sell the right offerings to give customers what they need — offering the right products at the right time. Cross-selling can be an ugly word, but banking and lending platforms working together to better understand the customer, and vision into the information, can deliver the perfect customer journey and a lifelong relationship enabling customers to accomplish goals, meet needs and important life milestones. Human first, not product first. Improve communication and engagement. Data to insights to action leads to outcomes. In our second segment we look at NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are presently all the rage, they were a hot topic at SXSW. Is this newest blockchain application the future of collection and distribution of digital assets or just more hype? Blockchain professor, Lamont Black, of DePaul University joins Breaking Banks' sister podcast Tech on Reg host Dara Tarkowski to discuss just that. What is an NFT? What do you actually own? How will the regulators treat this new asset? Commodity? Security? Substituted value? It depends.

Episode 434: Rethink What You Deliver: SX Roundup & Wild Ride in WA

We start this week's show with a PSA for those unable to make it to Austin and SXSW.  You need only listen to host Jason Henrich's recap to feel the energy and understand the value of looking at fintech through a different lens, the chance to discover burgeoning tech startups, and rethink opportunities for financial services. In our second half, host Amber Buker connects with top leadership from First Federal Bank, Matt Deines, CEO and Christopher Riffle, COO/CDO, for a compelling interview about First Fed Bank's wild ride since converting from a thrift in 2015. The PNW bank has undergone big transitions over the last several years, from a leadership change and brand refresh to developing new lines of business and a unique joint venture with Quin, a digital wellness platform that offers benefits like "lifestyle protection." Study the bank's culture and DNA for take-aways and ideas that banks, and anyone, needing to pull off big transitions should consider.
24/03/22·44m 32s

Episode 433: Global Payments Report & Fintech and Ukraine

Host Brett King begins this week's episode with a conversation with Jim Johnson, President of Worldpay, FIS' Merchant Solutions arm. They discuss insights and ways to fuel the potential of every business around the world, enabling smarter commerce by focusing on key take-aways from Worldpay's Global Payments Report, an annual report which analyzes consumer behavior online and in-the-store in over 41 countries. Worldpay, serves more than a million merchants around the world – including the biggest brands you can think of. It accepts over 300 payment methods in more than 125 countries across markets covering 99% of the world’s GDP. The report is all about trends and how consumers are paying for things in their home country. Buy-Now-Pay-Later was ID'd as the fastest growing payment method online and in-store, and with the return to the store, the point-of-sale market has grown 13 percent globally in 2021, rebounding from the impact of COVID-19 more rapidly than expected. You can find the report, which covers other trends such as crypto, CBDCs, embedded finance and real-time payments, at Learn where the industry is now and where it is headed. Brett ends this week's show with a conversation with Penny Crosman, Executive Editor, Technology at American Banker, who joins Brett to talk about the current situation in the Ukraine, what's happening with respect to fintech and share examples of what companies and leaders are doing, raising money and rising to the challenge. There's a huge developer community in the Ukraine, hear how industry colleagues are supporting those still working. There are wildcards to consider but the industry does take care of its own.
17/03/22·58m 24s

Episode 432: From Fine Wine & Fintech to Solo Cups & Solo GPs

Just as red wine is said to be good for the heart, this episode is good for the industry. With a glass of fine red wine, host Jason Henrichs raps with Lindsay Davis, Forbes Contributor and Head of Markets, Atomic about where the fintech industry is, among other things. Money and investment continue despite the various challenges of working in a hybrid world. All validation of the fintech space and this industry near to our heart. If it takes money to change money, you need only look to JPMC which has increased fintech investment from $1B to $7B in just a few has its own blockchain, a virtual branch, continues to add branches and is looking at the metaverse. Business models are changing, as is Jason's drinking vessel to a red solo cup. Solo GPs (General Partner) are on the rise, what does that mean? Spray and pray, will there be a flurry of funding and innovation? The thirst-quenching episode ends with a view of the future and discussion on untapped markets, you'll need to listen to hear what's been identified. You’ll find Jason at SXSW, grab him for a beverage and look at your digital roadmap 7 to 10 years out, bring sneakers and a water bottle!

Episode 431: Building a Financially Inclusive World; Then Get Ready For The Future

Today we feature two episodes from our Provoke family of podcasts. We start with Jennifer Tescher, host of EMERGE Everywhere and her special guest, Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. In this segment we hear about Her Majesty's passion for financial inclusion which began as a child in Argentina, navigating the impacts of hyperinflation on families and desire to act. In her role as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA), she champions access to affordable and safe financial services for communities around the world, especially underserved groups. Through close collaboration with public and private sector partners, her work has driven real progress for financial health. In our second segment, NextGen Banker host David Reiling speaks with Deloitte's chief futurist, Mike Bechtel. Mike makes predictions about the future based on current trends, but in making predictions about tomorrow, grounds himself in the past. Listen to learn how companies can prepare for the future while also tempering their expectations based on experience. He gives insights into what he feels will drive the technology of tomorrow – “going beyond the screen,” and how corporate leaders can devise a plan to keep up. The banker of the future will “lead with need.”

Episode 430: London Calling & Razzle-Con

This week on Breaking Banks host Brett King interviews the 693rd Lord Mayor of the City of London, Vincent Keaveny. With his mission to invest in a better tomorrow, the head of London Corporation discusses his role in supporting Fintech in the U.K., driving investment, ESG (with his personal emphasis on the S), COP26/27, and his special role in the service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It’s an engaging piece from across the pond. Thereafter JP Nicols and Brett speak with author, advisor, and regular commentator on digital financial services David Birch about the modern face of fraud. With Razzlekahn con, a $500 Walmart gift card helped unravel a $4.5 billion crypto money laundering scheme that challenged investigators for years. The face of fraud now has many visages and the devil truly is in the details. Enjoy the episode!
24/02/22·55m 41s

Episode 429: DAOs & Payments Fraud and Friction

What is a DAO? Brett King kicks things off this week by interviewing Marcello Mari, CEO, SingularityDAO. DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) are gaining traction as the industry looks at company mechanisms and operations and tries to heavily automate them in the blockchain and crypto world, Think of corporations as elements of computer code built from the ground up vs. prior classification as legal institution and you are on your way. Then, host Jason Henrichs squares off with Kate Fitzgerald, Senior Editor, Payments, American Banker and Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors and Forbes Contributing Editor about Fraud & Friction and PayPal's recent admission of 4.5 million bogus accounts sitting on their books. With fraud on the rise, listen as the panel discusses the role of marketing incentivizing account growth, bots, synthetic accounts, and handmade fraud. Are SuperApps a solution?
17/02/22·54m 25s

Episode 428: Open Finance For All

Leading edge execs Ginger Baker, Plaid's Head of Financial Access and Adam Blue, Q2's CTO chat Open Finance, platformization and the opportunity that Plaid-Q2's recent partnership offers to smaller regional banks and tens of millions of customers with host Brett King. The pandemic increased awareness of problems associated with inequality and amplified the need to expand services and access to more diversified accounts and people. Open Finance is helping to bring solutions for inclusion and access to credit for the underbanked and those less well-served, with banks as the primary, recognizing that people's responsible behavior may not always look traditional. Lean in to learn how these partners are working to land their universal access initiative.
10/02/22·55m 30s

Episode 427: Reframing the Branch and the Industrialist Dilemma

In today's episode, Brett King starts us off with an interview with Auriga's Mark Aldred about next gen branches. Branches need to continue to adapt -- change their nature and the economics in parallel with offering better mobile and digital engagement. The in-branch journey is more than design, the bank of the future right sizes and incorporates behavior and technology -- inside and outside -- to be smarter and better as banks rethink branch role. Economics are important, listen to Italian bank, Banca Carige, who has lowered operational cost 38%. Customers can have their desired journey, physical and digital, and branches can be brand embassies. We follow with Amber Buker's fast-moving conversation with Robert E. Siegel, Lecturer in Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business about the Industrialist Dilemma. What is the Industrial Dilemma? It all boils down to the need for a mix of both digital and physical products, and how leaders can innovate to combine the two and create a more holistic customer experience. Even digital natives need physical presence.
03/02/22·55m 46s

Episode 426: Meet CHUCK

Everyone is talking about CHUCK. But who or what is CHUCK? CHUCK is none other than the newest payment method collaboratively developed by a consortium of community banks, for community banks, mid-sized institutions and credit unions, yes, credit unions! Listen as Amber Buker speaks with DJ Seeterlin, CIO, Chesapeake Bank and Julie Thurlow, CEO, Reading Cooperative Bank, two stakeholders who had a hand in creating CHUCK, and Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors, as they introduce CHUCK to the banking market. Community banks want a more active role in P2P, CHUCK will allow just that! P2P is the first use case, other solutions planned, and CHUCK comes with a light lift and economic feasibility for adoptive banks. It's not a winner take all situation with other payment networks. Customers benefit from more choice and bank reach will help to cover the digital divide. Use CHUCK through your trusted bank app and connect to a variety of disparate payment systems -- no need to worry about shadow balances. fintech wallets or payment rails. Get your bank back into the payment ecosystem and help customers get a clearer understanding of money in accounts and apps. Nice to meet you CHUCK!
27/01/22·46m 54s

Episode 425: Fintech Investment and Growth Opportunities

BankProv's EVP and COO Joe Mancini speaks with host Amber Buker about innovations at this nearly 200-year-old MA-based bank which is anything but traditional—it is helping lead the industry forward with its tech first approach and focus on emerging markets supporting crypto currency, offering full-service banking to crypto-related businesses, BTMs, BaaS and alternative energy. But first, JP Nicols continues our look back to look forward with an informed conversation with Greg Palmer, VP Finovate, Director of Fintech Strategy, Informa Connect and host of Finovate podcast. With $1 out of every $5 of VC funding going into Fintech we now have herds of unicorns.  As things become more top of mind, there's opportunity and the increased competition will only drive innovation and solutions so everyone has a better financial future. Listen as they cover embedded finance, back-end and core solutions, customer experience and services to make customer life better.
20/01/22·52m 17s

Episode 424: Everything’s Coming Up FinTech

What drove the explosive growth of fintech in 2021, and can 2022 top it? Brett King, Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols think so, and they have some ideas on how. From M&A to SuperApps to Defi to emerging markets, here are the things leaders need to pay attention to in the coming year.
13/01/22·55m 29s

Episode 423: 2022 Year of Small Business(es) Globally

Three visionaries leading payments and financial services forward are spotlighted in today's episode with hosts JP Nicols and Amber Buker. Hany Fam, Founder and CEO, Markaaz whose mission is to connect every small business on the planet with a game changing platform that protects and helps businesses grow with a trusted network of suppliers so small business clients can focus on THEIR mission -- growing customers and revenue. Then John Sun, Founder, Spring Labs, who is looking to a future of secure data exchange to unlock data's value for a more inclusive, efficient and secure global financial ecosystem for all, to include 'thin file' or 'credit invisible' consumers, by creating incentives for institutions to provide data not previously factored into the credit reporting ecosystem. Finally, Itamar Jobani, Co-Founder, PayEm, a spend and procurement platform designed to take the pain out of monthly reimbursements, managing requests and invoices, while billing and sending payments globally and in a wide variety of currencies. A little something for everyone to start the year off right!
06/01/22·59m 58s

Episode 422: Vision: Impact

As 2021 comes to a close we share recent conversations with several innovators filling unique needs. Nathaniel Harley from MANTL and Jesse Wedler from Capital G, a growth stage fund backed by Alphabet, on modernizing bank infrastructure and digital account opening in 3 minutes or less, started for neobanks but pivoted to fill a void for larger, established financial institutions. Jimmy Chen, Founder & CEO of Propel on its new app to help low-income Americans better manage government benefits and take control of their financial health. Last, Javier Rodriguez Soler, Global Head of Sustainability and President of BBVA USA on BBVA's recent partnership 500 Global, a platform to identify disruptive and sustainable technologies for financial services, as BBVA continues its focus on ESG. Opportunities abound as we head into the new year!
30/12/21·56m 52s

Episode 421: World of Experience

Fintech is a digital business and Covid has helped propel change and adoption. In today's episode we do a deep dive into Embedded Finance Experiences, the next phase of growth for embedded finance with host Brett King and industry leaders and innovators Nigel Verdon, Railsbank, CEO and Co-Founder; Steven McLaughlin, FT Partners, Founder and CEO; and Amit Siwal, Sezzle, CPO EU. Listen as they discuss deeper and richer financial experiences, from their different perspectives, that can seamlessly be part of your brand's customer journey. Consumers are increasingly interested in accessing credit, loans or investment from brands they love and trust, not necessarily tradfi and legacy finance. Listen as these leaders chart the future and figure how you'd like to engage!
22/12/21·58m 5s

Episode 420: Promise of DeFi

In today's episode host Brett King connects with Ajit Tripathi. our key correspondent on all things crypto and DeFi, and Donna Parisi, Shearman & Sterling to paint a picture of the current DeFi landscape and opportunities for business. There's work to be done but opportunity to be seized as DeFi offers everything TradFi does with less cost and more inclusivity for all institutions and customers. Jason Henrichs closes out the episode with a conversation with Sanjiv Kalevar, OpenView as he details a future where banks have full choice and more flexibility in the financial infrastructure market, and discusses innovation in financial services through product lead growth, a simple concept, but hard to come by, where the product makes the customer (think enduser) successful.
16/12/21·57m 27s

Episode 419: Digital Adoption: Present and Future Growth

Everyone is betting on an Open Banking future, they are no longer resisting. Consumer behavior supports this with Fintech now having more users in the US than Netflix! In today's episode we check in with our friends from Plaid, John Pitts, Global Head of Policy and Raja Chakravorti, Financial Institutions Mid Market Lead. It's been a fantastic year in the digital ecosystem, the year when for big players Open Banking and digital financial services went from being a question to an answer. Next step is to make sure everyone benefits from digital transformation, from the biggest banks to smallest customers at the smallest institutions, it needs to work for everyone. The wave has crested. Listen to learn what's ahead for financial institutions, consumers and policy watchers!

Episode 418: Big Ideas Come in Different Packages

Listen as Breaking Banks delivers more insights from Money 2020 when JP Nicols interviews Curt Queyrouze, CEO & President, TAB Bank. TAB has a unique origin story offering banking services to a highly specialized community. They were doing "mobile banking" before it was a thing.Next, Roger Gu, Co-Founder, GM of Cards and Rebecca Sheehan VP Solutions Strategy Travel & Mobility from Emburse share ways banks can better compete by offering virtual corporate cards to humanize and simplify expense reporting and proactively help customers manage spend.Finally, Phillip Ashley Klein, CEO & Co-Founder, FinLync addresses new opportunities within corporate financial services based on the understanding that treasurers and CFOS are consumers too! Discussing how real-time business data and cash visibility can immediately benefit customer credit limits and put working capital to good use for corporations.Enjoy the show!
02/12/21·51m 8s

Episode 417: Special Interview: An Always-On Smart World

Today, Host, Entrepreneur and Author Brett King sits on the other side of the Breaking Banks microphone and discusses his latest book, The Rise of Technosocialism: How Inequality, AI and Climate Will Usher in a New World which is co-authored with Dr. Richard Petty, Policy Advisor, Entrepreneur and awarded Academic with guest hosts Amber Buker and Ron Shevlin, author of Fintech Snark Tank, Forbes. The 21st century is going to be the most disruptive, contentious period humanity has ever lived through. It will challenge our most sacred ideologies around politics, economics and social constructs. It will force humanity to adapt in ways we can't yet imagine. Brett King, Futurist once dubbed the King of Disruption, talks about 4 possible futures, three futures chaotic and divisive, with one possible outcome, Technosocialism, an inclusive, planned and emerging society where broad prosperity is possible. Listen to this provocative interview. Humanity is at it's best when we work together!Food for thought this Thanksgiving!
24/11/21·49m 39s

Episode 416: Can Fintech Save the Planet?

Financial inclusion, micro-finance, climate change and sustainability - hot topics these days - are aptly covered in today's episode when Jason Henrichs interviews Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women's World Banking, the NGO that wants to use financial innovations to get bank accounts for 1 billion unbanked women around the world; and JP Nicols speaks with Arnaud Auger, Deputy Head of BNP Paribas C.Lab Americas (BNP's Innovation lab) as he shares insights on fintech for climate change and how to empower BNP Paribas’ clients on this challenge and their journey to sustainable finance. Is it possible to measure your carbon footprint via your banking app? Automatically align your portfolio with your values? Listen to learn more.
18/11/21·43m 23s

Episode 415: NextGen Opportunities

Host Brett King leads us off this week with news and a chat with Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-Founder, RailsBank. Railsbank has some exciting news for consumers. Thereafter we go back to M2020 and learn from industry leaders. David Reiling, Chairman and CEO, Sunrise Bank, a socially responsible bank, and also host of our NextGen Banker, on trends he’s noted at M2020 -- BaaS, Crypto. Real-Time Payments, Identity, Data Privacy, Corporate Responsibility. DEI to name a few. Last, an insightful segment with Matt Wallaert, Head of Behavioral Science at frog on how banks can propel change and adoption with behavioral science. Desire, energy and curiosity are not just for the young and hip, leaders need to to encourage curiosity for change and innovation. All behaviors on table for change. Banks can’t afford to NOT mess up.
11/11/21·1h 11m
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