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For The Many

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LBC presenter Iain Dale and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith untangle the world of politics and media. Expect plenty of jokey banter and informed speculation. For advertising opportunities on this podcast email:


478. The Handy Bookshelf - with Jo Phillips

Iain's co-host this time is political commentator Jo Phillips, who first got Iain into radio. As well as discussing their friendship and how they met, they tackle the enormous news of Biden dropping out and whether Kamala Harris could win in November. Also, the Leeds riot, whether the government will spend big on public sector pay, universities pleading poverty, anti-tourist protests in Europe, what next for the Conservatives and loads more too!
22/07/241h 10m

477. For the Many Live! in Broadstairs - with Gyles Brandreth

Iain is reunited with Jacqui Smith for For the Many Live! from the Kent coastal town of Broadstairs, and joined by the one and only Gyles Brandreth.Get your tickets for future For the Many Live shows at this autumn's party conferences in Brighton, Liverpool and Birmingham at
20/07/241h 52m

476. Younger Man, Older Woman - with Harriet Harman

Iain is joined by Harriet Harman, who retired from the Commons at the recent election after more than 30 years as an MP. They discuss the contents of this week's King's Speech and how the new Labour government is faring so far, the fall-out from the attempt to assassinate Donald Trump and his choice of J.D. Vance as his running mate, plus Taylor Swift's efforts to tackle poverty in Britain.
18/07/242h 18m

475. My Ding-A-Ling - with Thangam Debbonaire

Iain and guest co-host Thangam Debbonaire discuss her defeat to the Green Party in the general election - and the need to accept that defeat gracefully - along with the job Wes Streeting has ahead of him in tackling the problems within the NHS, the toxic culture of politics and the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, plus Thangam's new tattoo and what she's learnt about football during Euro 2024.
15/07/241h 34m

474. Two Balls - with Shelagh Fogarty

Shelagh Fogarty joins Iain for the first PJ-era episode of 'For the Many'. They discuss all the fall-out from Labour's first week in power, whether Joe Biden should drop out of the US Presidential race, the NATO Summit in Washington... and whether it's coming home this week.The next episode will feature former Labour MP Thangam Debonnaire as Iain's guest co-host.
11/07/241h 47m

473. Thank You for All You Did

Over the weekend, For the Many's own Jacqui Smith was granted a peerage and appointed as Universities Minister in Sir Keir Starmer's government. Hours after beginning her new role at the Department for Education, Jacqui popped by to see Iain and record her farewell epsidoe of the podcast.
08/07/241h 1m

472. A New Day Has Dawned...

Iain and Jacqui delve into the election results - Labour get a landslide, the Tory Party's decimated, but what does it all mean? Why did it turn out this way? What happens next? Our duo provides the best analysis, as ever.
05/07/241h 3m

471. D-1: And Now The End Is Near

In the last episode before polling day, Iain and Jacqui discuss the 'part-time PM' attack on Starmer, The Sun giving their support to Labour, wheeling out Boris Johnson, how polling day works, how the candidates will be feeling and much more too... including a few awards!

470. D-3: Madam Chairman

Iain and Jacqui discuss the Guardian reporting Jacqui might be the next NHS boss, warnings about a Labour supermajority, Iain stirring up trouble about Peter Mandelson, the French elections, Biden's debate performance and much else besides!
01/07/2445m 51s

469. D-7: Labour to ban con-doms!

Iain and Jacqui discuss the final leaders' debate, further betting developments and whether the Tories are being further damaged, Trump set to face Biden on CNN, Starmer in hot water for 'singling out' Bangladeshi asylum seekers, Ed Davey wanting to ban smoking but legalise cannabis, video doorbells, non-doms/condoms, David Tennant and much much more!
27/06/241h 39m

468. D-9: Has Farage Blown it?

Iain and Jacqui discuss the latest in betting scandals, Iain's hour with Neil Kinnock, Farage's comments about the Ukraine war, Julian Assange leaving the UK, banning conversion therapy, the England team's performance and loads more besides.
25/06/2438m 16s

467. D-13: Ringing the Devil's Doorbell

Iain and Jacqui discuss Starmer's position on Jeremy Corbyn, the youth hustings on Iain's LBC show, campaign donations, betting, poster wars, Walter Mittys, the Titanic and much more besides!
21/06/241h 23m

466. For The Many Live! from Cambridge with historian Mary Beard

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! in Cambridge with fantastic historian and author Mary Beard.
20/06/241h 38m

465. D-15: How to Eat a Mr Whippy

Iain and Jacqui discuss a controversial poster, Sunak's performance with Nick Ferrari, John Caudwell, the meaning of 'working people', Ian McKellen's fall, the SNP manifesto and more.
19/06/2446m 49s

464. D-17: Leading Britain's Cow

Iain and Jacqui discuss Reform UK's 'contract' launch, the licence fee, net zero, Jacqui losing her phone, Rosie Duffield and Lord Cashman, and the police ramming a cow - and more!
17/06/2441m 38s

463. D-21: Charity Threesomes

Iain and Jacqui discuss Labour's manifesto, Sunak vs Starmer on Sky, politicians pretending to be poor, Andrea Jenkyns stepping out of line, Jacqui's trousers and loads more besides.
13/06/241h 38m

462. D-23: Jacqui's Handyman

Iain and Jacqui discuss the Conservative manifesto, more drama in Tunbridge Wells, Farage attacked again, Jacqui's experiences on the #LabourDoorstep, Hunter Biden and energy drinks!
11/06/2436m 46s

461. D-24 Libdemifesto

Iain and Jacqui discuss the release of the Liberal Democrat manifesto, Rishi Sunak’s return from two days away from the campaign trail, the problem of prison places, Labour’s new childcare policy and the resignation of Douglas Ross as Conservative leader in Scotland.
10/06/2438m 4s

460. D-27: Back for Good

Iain and Jacqui discuss Iain's complicated couple of weeks, Rishi Sunak's D-Day blunder, TV debates, Conservatives giving child benefit to richer people, whether Labour will recognise a Palestinian state, who's winning so far on policy and loads more.
07/06/241h 37m

459. D-30: Farage gets milkshaked

Jacqui and Grant discuss Nigel Farage being 'milkshaked', the TV debates, a defence triple lock, Trump convicted, a migration cap and what the polls are saying - plus loads more.
04/06/2452m 30s

458. D-35: The Purge

Jacqui and Grant discuss the Labour Party and Diane Abbott, taxes, votes at 16, the differences and similarities between the main parties, the influence of the smaller parties and much more!
30/05/2440m 19s

457. D-37: Iain makes a big announcement

Iain and Jacqui talk Starmer the 'socialist', Ed Davey falling into a lake, Diane Abbott's relationship with the Labour Party and much more. Plus, Iain makes a big announcement...
28/05/2430m 18s

456. D-38: Sunak defends his national service plan

In this election update, Iain and Jacqui discuss the first few days of the campaign, national service, Rishi Sunak taking a day off, Starmer's speech re-introducing himself, the PM on TikTok, MPs announcing they're stepping down, Nigel Farage's comments and plenty more.
27/05/2433m 47s

455. For The Many Live! from Fowey with Johnny Mercer

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature with Conservative Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer.This was recorded on Saturday the 18th of May, before Rishi Sunak called the general election.
25/05/241h 38m

454. Things Can Only Get Wetter

Iain and Jacqui discuss all things general election. What happens now? What will be the deciding themes, the biggest policies, the key moments to look out for? Why did Sunak call it now? Will there be TV debates and do they matter? Everything you need to know and more! Smut quota: Largely sensible, I promise.From next week, For The Many will bring you an election update on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays - and you'll get your full weekly episode as normal!
23/05/241h 35m

453. Sloppy Seconds: Party Conferences

Jacqui and Grant (Iain still on holiday) explain how party conferences work, who benefits from them and what the point of them is.Plus questions on nationalising public services, ignoring Welsh issues and car crashes.
21/05/2445m 19s

452. Comparisons with a Marrow

Jacqui and Grant reunite as Iain holidays in Aberdeen with Fiona Bruce. They discuss Keir Starmer's 'first steps', Rishi Sunak's warning of a dangerous world, suspension from the Commons at arrest rather than charge, the fallout from Natalie Elphicke's defection, Baroness Hazarika getting a cheeky message from Gordon Brown and loads more besides. Smut quota: Middling in the main!
16/05/241h 3m

451. Sloppy Seconds: Student Politics

Iain and Jacqui explain their involvement in, and the importance of, student politics - as well as a few of the current controversies.Plus questions on memories of the death of John Smith, campaign financing, initiation ceremonies and much more!
14/05/2453m 54s

450. Heavy Petting

Iain and Jacqui discuss the fallout of the Mayoral elections, John Swinney becoming SNP leader, the Garrick Club opening up, Natalie Elphicke's defection, Monty Panesar's long week, Labour's small boats policy and Eurovision controversy - plus loads more! Smut quota: Fair to Middling.
10/05/241h 7m

449. Sloppy Seconds: Responding to a terror attack

Iain and Jacqui explains what happens when the government and the media hear about a terror attack.Plus questions on whether the Tories should fear Reform UK, why council elections are split up and the secret to long-lasting relationships.
07/05/2456m 24s

448. Poll Dancers

Iain and Jacqui discuss the local election results (so far!), what they might mean for a general election, whether Susan Hall is in with a chance, Jacqui getting teary over Redditch and loads more - dive in! Smut quota: Low-to-Middling
03/05/2456m 0s

447. Sloppy Seconds: Local Elections

Iain and Jacqui explain the wide range of local elections coming up on Thursday.Also, questions on self-sabotage, whether the east of England is being ignored and whether party political broadcasts work.
30/04/2456m 16s

446. Handbags at Dawn

Iain and Jacqui discuss Humza Yousaf’s problems, the Rwanda Bill becoming an Act, defence spending, rail renationalization, the US Ukraine vote, the departure of Huw Edwards from the BBC, the death of Frank Field and calls for the Met Commissioner’s resignation. Smut quota: Low... with the odd exception.
26/04/241h 4m

445. Sloppy Seconds: Cross-Party Friendships

Iain and Jacqui explain the benefits and challenges of having friends from a different political party!Also, questions on how to find out your MP's views, why there are so many ministers, proscribing the IRGC, whether five year parliaments are too long and loads else.
23/04/241h 6m

444. Trussed Up

Iain and Jacqui discuss Iain's interview with Liz Truss, the Iranian attack on Israel, Angela Rayner, freedom of movement, the smoking ban policy, Mark Menzies and loads more! Smut quota: Graham needn't worry too much.
19/04/241h 2m

443. Sloppy Seconds: Calling An Election

Iain and Jacqui explain the process of calling an election - and what happens next!Also, questions on new parliamentary candidates, banning smartphones for children, Owen Jones leaving the Labour Party and more.
16/04/241h 4m

442. Dirndl and Lederhosen

Iain and Jacqui discuss Labour going after tax dodgers, William Wragg, Cameron paying Trump a visit, protesters outside Starmer's house, whether Angela Rayner's in danger, Harold Wilson's affair and loads more. Smut quota: Middling.

441. Renowned Banker

Iain and Jacqui discuss aid workers killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza, calls for arms sales to cease, a new MRP poll looking bad for the Tories, Iain's new job, a change to the format, 25 years of the minimum wage, ID cards, a naughty Cross Question moment, the Michael Jackson musical and lots more besides. Smut quota: Largely decent.
05/04/241h 15m

440. Short but Sweet

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith rejoice in the afterglow of their Dublin show as they discuss the week’s news, including the possibility of Johnny Mercer being jailed, the failures of Michael Gove as Housing Secretary, the pensions triple lock. The England football shirt and the NHS British Social Attitudes Survey. Smut quota: Zero
29/03/2452m 4s

439. For the Many! Live in Dublin (to be sure)

Iain and Jacqui enjoyed a lovely weekend in Ireland’s capital, which culminated in a near sellout ‘For the Many Live! At the Laughter Lounge comedy club. The resignation of Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach provided the ideal background to the show and they were delighted that the Minister for Public Expenditure, Paschal Donohoe, and mentioned as a possible successor to Varadkar, joined them as their special guest. Iain tested Jacqui on her knowledge about Ireland, its history and politics and they talked woth Paschal about the latest trends in Irish politics, the EU and his interest in UK politics. All in all, a fabulous evening in front of a brilliantly engaged audience. Jacqui and Iain are already planning another event in Dublin in 2026! Smut quota: Zero.Get your tickets for future For the Many Live shows in Fowey, Cambridge and Brighton at
26/03/241h 52m

438. Morning Glory (So It Is)

Iain and Jacqui discuss plots against the PM, Rachel Reeves's pitch to businesses and whether everybody loves Thatcher, Putin's electoral 'victory', Ed Balls vs Quentin Letts, Vaughan Gething becoming the new Welsh first minister, whether all-male clubs are wrong - and loads more besides. Smut quota: Reasonable.
21/03/241h 9m

437. Blowing Bubbles

Iain and Jacqui discuss the racism row around Tory donor Frank Hester, redefining extremism, MPs getting a pay rise, the Princess of Wales's photoshopping, Theresa May stepping away, the Red Lion reopening and loads more besides. Smut quota: Wild in parts.
15/03/241h 59m

436. Fiscal Drag Queen

Iain and Jacqui discuss when the next election will be (could it be May?!), the Budget, Jacqui's travels, Carolyn and Caroline, Super Tuesday, Michelle Donelan's libel case, Mandelson fat-shaming Starmer, Celebrity Big Brother, the end of TalkTV and Sunak reorganising the dishwasher. Smut quota: Middling.
08/03/241h 36m

435. Peggy Lee

Caroline Flint sits in whilst Jacqui continues her sojourn. Iain and Caroline discuss Islamophobia in the Conservative Party, whether Speaker Hoyle is in trouble, the Rochdale by-election, Angela Rayner's housing, Bruce Springsteen, Lee Anderson, prisons, election presenters and much more besides. Smut quota: Outrageous from the start. Those of a sensitive disposition should skip to 9 minutes in.
01/03/241h 37m

434. I Want Something Bigger

Carolyn Quinn sits in whilst Jacqui wanders around India. Iain and Carolyn discuss the bedeviled Mr Speaker, Prince William speaking out on Gaza, the formidable Yulia Navalnaya, photo shoots, Cuba, Tom Baldwin's book on Starmer and loads else. Smut quota: Mucha diversión.
23/02/242h 14m

433. Behind The Sausage Curtain

Iain and Jacqui discuss Labour's tricky week, the recession, Trump sounding off about NATO, Piers Morgan moving to YouTube, the sad death of Steve Wright, Republicans vs Lord Cameron, protests outside MPs' homes, Valentine's Day and chocolate appendages. And our pair get interviewed by Radio Ulster live on the podcast! Smut quota: Ample.
16/02/241h 48m

432. Down The Plug Hole

Iain and Jacqui discuss Labour's u-turn on green investment, Sunak getting into hot water at PMQs, Liz Truss and the PopCons, the dental crisis, Jacqui's row with a broadcaster, another political podcast on the scene, Biden's gaffes and loads more besides. Smut quota: Off the scale!SPOILER WARNING: The movie Saltburn is discussed in graphic detail.
09/02/241h 55m

431. Political 'Movements'

Iain and Jacqui discuss Labour's position on banker bonuses, Iceland's Richard Walker abandoning the Tories, the Northern Ireland deal, Biden's foreign policy, safety of MPs after Mike Freer steps back, Paul Waugh, the UNRWA and sweary politicians. Smut quota: F****** s**********.
02/02/242h 6m

430. The Problem With Cloven Hooves

Iain and Jacqui discuss Sir Simon Clarke sniping at the PM, what happens in Westminster if Trump returns, Jacqui's spat with Carol Vorderman, measles on the rise, conscription and Sarah Champion's campaign to free the lemurs. Smut quota: Like a sunny afternoon at Chester Zoo.
26/01/241h 32m

429. Man with a Plan

Iain and Jacqui discuss Rishi Sunak's victory over Rwanda (but will it be short-lived?), the resignation of 30p Lee, Trump winning in Iowa, Iain's eyes, Davos, taxes vs borrowing, Rishi Sunak's style, banning Hizb ut-Tahrir and lots more. Smut quota: California Dreamin'.
19/01/241h 17m

428. Justice Prevails

Iain and Jacqui discuss the Post Office scandal and the exoneration of the victims, Jacqui's glucose levels, upcoming elections, dog whistle politics, the very young French PM, Joey Barton's comments online, Iain getting certain signals on a train and loads more. Smut quota: Middling.
12/01/241h 53m


Even more brilliant bits from For The Many in 2023. Lots of fun, lots of politics, lots of innuendo. All the stuff you need to start your year with a bang... so to speak!
05/01/242h 8m


Iain and Jacqui run through their picks for the famed For The Many Awards for 2023. Sit down, get the popcorn out and strap in!
29/12/231h 8m


Some of the choicest morsels from the year that was 2023. Iain and Jacqui discuss a whole host of topics. There are laughs, tears and plenty of smut. Do enjoy!
26/12/232h 13m

426. That'll Be Fifteen Pounds Please

Iain and Jacqui discuss the Christmas number one, Michelle Mone, junior doctors striking, Rishi Sunak at the Liaison Committee, Network North, predictions for 2024, a stingy nan and loads more besides. Smut Quota: Copious.
22/12/231h 6m

425. That's a Hard One

Iain and Jacqui talk the Rwanda Bill, Harry hacking, Mark Drakeford, a two-state solution, the heroism of David Davis and loads more besides! Smut quota: Fair to Middling.
15/12/231h 20m

424. You're So Vain

Iain and Jacqui discuss Starmer's thoughts on Thatcher, cutting legal immigration, the Rwanda plan causing chaos in Westminster, toilet breaks, the rising licence fee, the COVID inquiry and loads more. Smut Quota: Lower this week, as the duo records from an ITV green room.Listeners, please submit your choices for our Best Of episode to, citing the episode number, title and timecode of your favourite bits!
08/12/231h 5m

423. Death and Destruction

Iain and Jacqui discuss COP28, the row over the Elgin Marbles, the death of Henry Kissinger, Alistair Darling, Shane MacGowan and Dean Sullivan, Royal troubles, Ursula von der Leyen's comments on Britain rejoining the EU, strife in the Lib Dems, Jonny Reynolds, Christmas Number Ones and their appearance in Northampton. Smut quota: Very low unless you find Iain's sniffles a turn-on.
01/12/231h 23m

422. The Graceland of Malvern

Iain and Jacqui discuss the Autumn Statement, a hostage deal in Israel and Gaza, immigration figures rising, the Dutch election, Cliff Richard on Elvis Presley, the Home Secretary saying 'shit' and loads more. Smut quota: Middling.
24/11/231h 12m

421. Devil Woman

Iain and Jacqui discuss the latest battle between Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman over Rwanda and stopping the boats. They chat more about the reshuffle, Labour’s problems over Gaza, the Autumn Statement, Nadine’s book, Cliff Richard and, er, Muffwash. Smut quota: Must do better.
17/11/231h 25m

420. Daddy's Home

Iain and Jacqui reconvene (during Iain's holiday!) for an emergency recording, breaking down the cabinet reshuffle which saw the return of David Cameron and the sacking of Suella Braverman! Smut Quota: Stop it! This is serious business!
14/11/2333m 2s

419. Parisian Bedbugs

Iain and Jacqui discuss Suella Braverman's response to the planned pro-Palestine marches, the King's Speech, Iain's visit to Number 10, Jacqui's visit to Paris, the COVID inquiry, the AI summit and loads more. Smut Quota: Normal Service Has Been Resumed
09/11/231h 52m

418. Nappy Valley

Zoe Williams sits in whilst Jacqui takes a well-earned birthday break in bedbug-ridden Paris. Iain and Zoe discuss the situation in Gaza, the COVID inquiry, Keir Starmer's leadership, kids going to school in nappies, the King's visit to Kenya, internships, AI images of Iain and much more. Disagreement quota: High!
02/11/231h 46m

417. Copy That!

Iain and Jacqui discuss Keir Starmer's position on Gaza, calls for a ceasefire, Jeremy Hunt's future, Rachel Reeves's book, British values and much more besides. Smut quota: High in parts!
27/10/231h 47m

416. Malvern Waters

Iain and Jacqui discuss the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, the results from the recent by-elections, Richard Madeley, culture wars, Peter Bone, the BBC and terrorists and much more.
21/10/231h 49m

415. For The Many Live! from Liverpool with Rosena Allin-Khan

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Labour Conference with Labour MP and former Shadow Mental Health Minister Rosena Allin-Khan.
17/10/231h 43m

414. Tears of Sadness

Iain and Jacqui discuss the horrific terror attack in Israel and the response since, the Labour Party Conference, Keir Starmer getting glitter thrown at him, Euro 28, The Reckoning, Lisa Cameron's defection from the SNP and much more.
13/10/231h 32m

413. Silly Plucker

Iain and Jacqui chat all things Tory Conference: Hurricane Suella, Farage, lies about meat taxes, Sunak's speech and decisions on HS2, A-levels and smoking. They also get into the Rutherglen by-election, Bailey on Brexit, Speaker McCarthy getting kicked out... and loads more. Smut quota: Middling.
06/10/231h 29m

412. For The Many Live! in Manchester with Mark Harper

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Conservative Party Conference with Transport Secretary Mark Harper.
02/10/231h 57m

411. For The Many Live! in Bournemouth with Layla Moran

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Liberal Democrat Conference with Lib Dem Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran.
27/09/231h 45m

410. Beate Uhse ist nicht mehr da

Iain and Jacqui discuss Rishi Sunak going soft on net zero, Starmer in Paris, Russell Brand, whether HS2 should be finished, train strikes and the party conferences and much more besides. Smut Quota: Low.
21/09/231h 4m

409. Ginger Nuts

Iain and Jacqui discuss dangerous dogs, Shadow Culture Secretary Thangam Debbonaire never going to a football match, the rise of male-dominated podcasts, the death of Mike Yarwood, the pensions triple-lock, the fate of Tobias Ellwood, pollution vs house building and much more besides. Smut quota: Plentiful.
15/09/231h 52m

408. OnlyFanstastic

Iain and Jacqui discuss Gillian Keegan's f-bomb, crumbling concrete, the escaped prisoner, Labour's reshuffle, Britney Spears and loads more! Smut quota: Ample.
08/09/231h 11m

407. Getting The Hang Of It (Again)

Iain and Jacqui discuss the new Defence Secretary, Nadine Dorries' resignation letter, cleaning up the police, competing with other podcasts, Jacqui's biceps and plenty more besides. Smut quota: Middling.
31/08/231h 24m

406. For The Many Live! from the Edinburgh Fringe with Kate Forbes

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Pleasance at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre with SNP MSP and former party leadership contender Kate Forbes.
29/08/231h 10m

405. For The Many Live! from the Edinburgh Fringe with Peter Tatchell

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Pleasance at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre with human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.
25/08/231h 13m

404. For The Many Live! from the Edinburgh Fringe with Ian Blackford

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Pleasance at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre with the SNP's former Westminster Leader Ian Blackford.
22/08/231h 14m

403. For The Many Live! from the Edinburgh Fringe with Sir Ed Davey

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Pleasance at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre with Leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey.
18/08/231h 14m

402. For The Many Live! from the Edinburgh Fringe with Mark Drakeford

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Pleasance at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre with First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford.
15/08/231h 15m

401. Jacqui's Hotel Room

Iain and Jacqui discuss Lee Anderson's foul mouth, voters changing their minds, Labour and the Bibby Stockholm, the Edinburgh Fringe, women's football, information cockups and loads more! Smut quota: Middling. High in parts, as it were.
10/08/231h 31m

400. Quadrigentis Maaate

On this, the four-hundredth episode, expect an emotional rollercoaster. Iain and Jacqui talk Trump, botox, the Prime Minister's trousers, saying maaate to a mate, the Bibby Stockholm barge, sex shops, grief (expect tears), King Arthur (expect cackles), the Women's World Cup, and what Iain did on a pure white sofa after an M&S ready meal. Smut quota: Strap in!
04/08/232h 3m

399. Master Clickbaiter

Iain and Jacqui discuss all things NatWest, 'Green crap', the consultation on ticket office closures, Labour's position on gender identity, Israel, dodgy lawyers, Sunak's tweets and Oppenheimer. Smut quota: Middling!
27/07/231h 52m

398. Silver Socks Skedaddle

Iain and Jacqui talk Farage's account, by-elections, ten years of gay marriage, Tobias Ellwood in Afghanistan, rip-off degrees, Starmer and the child benefit cap and so much more. Smut quota: Outrageous from the very beginning.
20/07/231h 25m

397. In the Public Interest

Iain and Jacqui discuss the BBC and its reaction to The Sun's story on Huw Edwards, Joe Biden’s visit, the NATO summit, the public sector pay offer and much else. With added Woody! Smut quota: Low.
15/07/231h 11m

396. Sir Keir’s Oral Skills

Iain and Jacqui discuss whether Keir Starmer is right to want more arts, music, drama and oracy on the school curriculum, the NHS at 75, cars, trains, ticket offices, Rishi’s attendance at PMQs, becoming emotional over cars, HS2, Wes Streeting, MPs’ salaries and the New Conservatives. Smut quota: Low
07/07/231h 37m

395. Headlines Schmeadlines

Iain and Jacqui discuss Putin and Wagner, Hancock at the Covid Inquiry, the death of Margaret McDonagh, the Tory London mayoral race, Ben Bradshaw’s yoga advice, saving, flights to Rwanda, Thames Water, a possible Labour reshuffle, the Privileges Committee second report, Glastonbury and Iain’s first haircut in ten years. Smut quota: much lower than last week, thank God.
30/06/231h 17m

394: THE WEDNESDAY EDITION: Manspreading & Mansplaining

Iain Dale answers listener questions and doles out some well meaning advice, including to someone who’s having a gay affair with a married man, someone who wants him to rank the Irish Taoisigh, another who wonders if it’s still possible the Red Wall will remain Conservative and another listener who worries about moving in with his girlfriend.
28/06/2348m 57s

393. A Word from Woody and John

Iain and Jacqui discuss the Commons Privileges Committee vote, the Jingle and Mingle party, the Covid Inquiry, inflation and interest rates, Windrush, Ben Wallace, the refugee boat in the Med, the Titan submersible, four by-elections and much else besides. Smut quota: Far too high right from the beginning and right at the end.
23/06/231h 37m

392. THE WEDNESDAY EDITION: Swingers, Obsessions and Meddling

Iain answers your questions on whether politicians get to see their family, how to keep a happy marriage, whether hardbacks are a rip-off and how to stop a dog being jealous.
21/06/2343m 52s

391. 90 Days

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Privileges Committee report into Boris Johnson, the tragic events in Nottingham, reforming the laws on abortion, mortgage costs, the arrest of Nicola Sturgeon and the deaths of Silvio Berlusconi and Glenda Jackson. Smut quota: Middling
16/06/231h 39m

390. THE WEDNESDAY EDITION: Sex addiction, the Hamiltons & Naked Attraction

Iain Dale takes your questions on all sorts of issues ranging from relationship advice, politics, sex addiction and much more besides. Smut level High.
14/06/2359m 11s

389. Emergency Pod – A Quitter Not a Fighter

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith react to the news that Boris Johnson is to quit Parliament with immediate effect, following on from Nadine Dorries announcing the self same thing. They start the recording just as Tory MP Nigel Adams became the third Tory MP to cause a by-election. They also discuss Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list and the criminal indictment of Donald Trump.
10/06/2346m 35s

388. Sing When You’re Winning

Iain and Jacqui discuss West Ham's victory, the nightmare of NHS admin, small boats, Caroline Lucas stepping down at the next election, Rishi in Washington, Harry in the High Court, Jamie Driscoll blocked and a new addition to the Dale family!
09/06/231h 33m

387. THE WEDNESDAY EDITION: Does this work?

Iain answers your questions on whether the Conservatives can catch up, how to reduce inequality, how much class can impact a relationship, whether Labour are right to block left-wing Jamie Driscoll from running to be North East Mayor and what's happening to Washington D.C.
07/06/2337m 4s

386. WhatsApp Mystery

Iain and Jacqui discuss the mystery behind the Government’s legal challenge about the release of WhatsApp messages to the Covid Inquiry, Iain announces the temporary return of the Wednesday bonus podcast (but sans Jacqui), they talk about Joe Biden’s latest fall (makes a change from Iain), the future of inheritance tax, spooky dreams, Phillip Schofield, EVs and Labour’s tax plans.
02/06/231h 40m

385. Oops I Did It Again

Iain and Jacqui discuss Iain's fall (it gets a bit teary!), the important work done by carers, Suella's speeding, Phillip Schofield's apology, Boris back in the headlines and plenty more besides! Smut quota: Middling.
27/05/231h 24m

384. Near-Catastrophic Episode

Iain and Jacqui discuss effluent in the rivers, National Conservatism, car chases through the streets of New York, building on the green belt, RAJAR figures, who should be able to vote and much else besides! Smut quota: Low to Middling... until the very end!
19/05/231h 31m

383. Pens and Swords

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith cast a furrowed brow over the week's news, as they reflect on the Coronation, the fallout from the local elections, Imran Khan's arrest, Liz Truss's trip to Taiwan and much else besides. Smut quota: Middling, with too much swearing.Buy tickets for Iain and Jacqui's Edinburgh Fringe show at
12/05/231h 8m

382. Eyes to the Right

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith read the runes of the local election results, discuss Keir Starmer’s pledges, the state of Iain’s eyes, the drone attack on Putin, Kevin Costner’s divorce and Jacqui’s busman’s holiday to Gothenburg. Smut quota: Low to middling.
05/05/231h 32m

381. Corey's Revenge

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the crisis in Sudan, Diane Abbott’s expulsion from the PLP, Andrew Bridgen’s expulsion from the Conservatives, police numbers, Jacqui’s burgeoning love-in with Jonathan Gullis, Prince Harry in the High Court, the local elections, Sinn Fein leader Michelle O’Neill attending the Coronation, Iain’s eye troubles and much more besides. Smut quota: Middling.
28/04/231h 41m

380. For The Many Live! from Cardiff with Adam Price

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at The Gate Arts Centre in Cardiff with Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price.
26/04/231h 51m

379. Non-Dom

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith talk about the resignation of Dominic Raab, legalising drugs, maths teaching, inflation, blue ticks and Iain's Instagram impersonator. Smut quota: Middling.
21/04/231h 53m

378. For The Many Live! from London with Brandon Lewis

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at The Hippodrome in London with former Justice Secretary Brandon Lewis.
14/04/232h 10m

377. Drizzle

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the arrest of Peter Murrell, Donald Trump’s appearance in court, the barge to house asylum seekers, the idiocy of Scott Benton MP, trouble at the CBI, grooming gangs, Stevenage woman, Jacqui’s train travails, the death of Nigel Lawson and the gender pay gap. Smut quota: Very high at one point…To book tickets for Iain and Jacqui’s Edinburgh shows click here book For the Many Live in Cardiff with Adam Price MS click here
07/04/231h 26m

376. Jacqui’s Handyman

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith turn their attention to how to house asylum seekers, NHS satisfaction rates, Humza Yousaf becoming Scottish First Minister, Green Day, anti-social behaviour, local elections, Jeremy Corbyn not being allowed to stand as a Labour candidate, King Charles in Germany, the lobbying sting and the death of Paul O’Grady. Smut level: Low.
31/03/231h 35m

375. Fishy Mars Bars

Iain and Jacqui discuss Boris Johnson's appearance before the Privileges Committee, Louise Casey's report into the Met, mediation for child custody cases, the pension age, Rwanda, inflation, interest rates, the third anniversary of lockdown, the SNP leadership contest and much more besides! If you're squeamish, stop listening two minutes before the end! X-rated content.
24/03/231h 23m

374. The Dangers of Blankets

Iain and Jacqui run the runes over the budget, the NHS pay deal, the fallout from the dispute between Gary Lineker and the BBC, the perils of sex education, octopus farming and much more besides. Smut quota: Higher than usual. Sorry Graham.
17/03/231h 38m

373. For The Many Live! from Norwich with Sir Norman Lamb, Baroness Gillian Shephard and Keith Simpson

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at The Halls in Norwich, with former Lib Dem Health Minister Sir Norman Lamb, Conservative peer Baroness Shephard and former Conservative MP Keith Simpson.
13/03/231h 51m

372. For The Many Live! from Leeds with David Davis

Iain and Jacqui host For the Many Live! at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds, with special guest David Davis, Conservative MP and former Brexit Secretary.
05/03/231h 48m

371. Come on, Nadine!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Shamima Begum court case, Keir Starmer’s big speech, the NI Protocol, Joe Biden in Poland, defence spending, Iain’s trip to America, the new football regulator, the asylum system, the decline of marriage, banning student/professor relationships, the death of John Motson, Moonlighting/Bruce Willis, Damian Green, vegetables and much more!Buy For the Many Live! tickets at
24/02/231h 54m

370. Sturgeon meets her Waterloo

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Nicola Sturgeon’s shock news, the disappearance of Nicola Bulley, Centrica profits, whether Boris Johnson could make a comeback, the axing of Lilt (is nothing sacred?), pelvic thrusts, the death of Raquel Welsh, 99 red balloons from China and whether you should smear poo on a theatre critic.
17/02/231h 37m

369. I’m blunt, I am

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the reshuffle and its consequences and debate the merits (or otherwise) of appointing Lee Anderson to be deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. They look at whether fighter jets should be sent to Ukraine, how aid can be sent to Syria after the earthquake and lots more from the week’s news. Smut from the start.
10/02/231h 31m

368. Ich bin ein Berliner

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the sacking of Nadhim Zahawi, the anniversary of Brexit, the state of the economy, interest rates, the return to the political fray of Liz Truss and Boris Johnson, prepay meters and what to get up to in Berlin of a night. For details of For the Many Live! events go to
03/02/231h 24m

367. Full of Falafel

Jacqui Smith records the podcast from Beirut, while Iain Dale has struggled up the A11 to Norfolk. They discuss the current state of Lebanon, the plight of Nadhim Zahawi, Jeremy Hunt’s speech, HS2, the 'trans' rapist, the Government’s lack of support for women going through the menopause, tanks to Ukraine, Nadine Dorries’ new TV show, Matt Hancock’s I’m a Celebrity fee and much more besides.
27/01/231h 16m

366. Bubba and Rude

Iain and Jacqui discuss levelling up, wearing seatbelts during photo ops, why the Germans are reluctant to send tanks to Ukraine, strikes, police reform, the Church of England and gay marriage, the blocking of the Scottish GRR Act, Nadhim Zahawi’s tax issues, Jacinda Ardern’s resignation, the delights of Davos, Lee Anderson MP and foodbanks. They touch on the sad death of Iain’s dog, Bubba. Oh, and Andrew Bridgen will be delighted that he gets a mention too. Smut quota: Berlin sex clubs are mentioned…
20/01/231h 16m

365. Return of the Jacqster

Jacqui Smith returns to the fray and she and Iain Dale discuss the various strikes affecting the country, the state of the NHS, Joe Biden, Andrew Bridgen, Andrew Tate, sending tanks to Ukraine, Rishi Sunak visiting Nicola Sturgeon, Prince Harry’s book and the prospect of an agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol. Smut quota: Almost zero.
13/01/231h 24m

364. Spare

Jacqui Smith is away so Love Island's Amy Hart stands in to co-present with Iain Dale. They discuss the battle of the speeches between Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer, the strikes, Prince Harry's revelations and much more besides. Watch out for tasteless jokes, but no smut.
06/01/231h 28m


Iain and Jacqui's For the Many awards for 2022!
31/12/221h 12m


All of the best bits of 2022...
24/12/221h 53m


All the best bits of 2022...
24/12/221h 26m

362. Glad Tidings we Bring

In their final live podcast of 2022, Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith tuck into a veritable Christmas Smorgasbord of political analysis and gossip, covering strikes, Harry and Meghan, equal pay for women footballers, Is Elon trying to destroy Twitter, anti smoking laws in New Zealand, voter ID, MPs going bankrupt and Iain’s strange dream about Vladimir Putin. Smut from the start.
17/12/221h 40m

361. Jacqui’s Hen Party: The Truth

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith reveal new dates for For the Many Live! and the name of who will stand in for Jacqui in the first episode of 2023. TheY discuss the Anne Sacoolas sentencing, strikes, making public sexual harassment a crime, the new SNP leader, the World Cup, Yvette Cooper on migrants, House of Lords reform, MPs accused of misconduct, what happened on Jacqui’s Hen Party, Michelle Mone, Matt Hancock, the German plot, the most boring towns in England and Iain reveals some sad news. Smut quota: Too high at one point.
11/12/221h 50m

360. Take Two

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss China ‘s Covid protests, Lady Susan Hussey, private schools, Turkey shortages, census stats, the Chester by-election. The Saj, the World Cup, Iain in Norfolk and his new car. Smuth quota: One disgraceful moment. Or possibly two.
03/12/221h 45m

359. Plop!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, the bullying allegations against Dominic Raab, Ukraine and Poland, the US midterms, the World Cup and Iain’s bid to be Mayor of Norfolk. And the return of the nun joke.
18/11/221h 44m

358. Five Years Old!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the arrest of LBC reporter Charlotte Lynch, the resignation of Gavin Williamson, The Crown, the US midterms, Matt Hancock in 'I'm a Celebrity', the nurses' strike, the state of the NHS, Kwasi Kwarteng's first interview, the death of Sir David Butler, Boris Johnson's resignation honours list and the podcast's fifth anniversary. Smut Quotient: Middling.
12/11/221h 27m

357. Hatt Mancock Down Under

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the new Home Secretary and her incendiary remarks on asylum seekers, Matt Hancock’s trip to the Australian jungle, the rise in interest rates and its consequences, politics in Northern Ireland, regional accents and accent discrimination, Jaccqui’s 60th birthday, the US midterms, the suspension of Andrew Bridgen, the Qatar World Cup, Milky Ways and Bounties and Roshi Sunak attending Cop 27. Smut quota: Low
05/11/221h 35m

Introducing: Sweeney Talks...

Hey listener, we’ve got a new LBC podcast that we think you’d like called Sweeney Talks with old-school reporter, John Sweeney. John is trouble. He's taken on Vladimir Putin, challenged Donald Trump, and after months of uncovering hard truths in Ukraine, he’s back. John is never silent about what he’s experienced. Sweeney talks, and in this podcast, so do his guests. John speaks to people like him, who are not prepared to be part of the silent majority. They refused to toe the line, and have found themselves in trouble. Big trouble. Activists, agitators, heroes… or villains. You decide. Listen and subscribe to Sweeney Talks on Global Player. Go to Global Player for exclusive bonus episodes where John offers candid reflections on what he's discovered during each interview, what surprised him and what we can learn from it all. Download it from the App Store or go to
02/11/221m 47s

356. The Ri-shuffle

Iain and Jacqui discuss the latest government reshuffle: who's in, who's out and what's next?
27/10/221h 11m

355. The Adults Are Back in the Room

Iain and Jacqui Smith record an emergency edition of the For the Many podcast as Sir Graham Brady announces that Rishi Sunak is the new leader of the Conservative Party.
24/10/2232m 39s

354. Out with Truss. In with, er, who?

Iain and Jacqui discuss the resignation of Liz Truss, the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history. But who should come next?
20/10/221h 33m

353. Lizzy Dripping

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the latest crisis in government as Liz Truss sacks Kwasi Kwarteng and appoints Jeremy Hunt. They also talk about Alicia Kearns, the new chair of the Foreign Affairs select committee, Labour party selection contests, and Jacqui gets an early birthday present. Smut content: A smattering
15/10/221h 46m

352. Cheating with Beads

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the week’s news in a bumper length episode. They talk about events at the Conservative Conference, Lizz Truss’s trip to the Czech Republic, a rapprochement with Emmanuel Macron, energy issues, cheating at chess using ‘anal beads’, women’s football, the publication of Iain’s new book ON THIS DAY IN POLITICS, Eurovision in Liverpool and the scandal of Jacqui not being on the new Peers list. Smut level: Middling

351. For the Many Live! from Birmingham with Penny Mordaunt

Iain and Jacqui host Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt at a For the Many Live! at the Conservative Party Conference. Recorded at Rosie’s Bar and with special guest Oleksei Gonchorenko, the Ukrainian MP for Odesa.
05/10/221h 53m

350. Trusstershambles

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith cast their beady eyes over the fallout from the Mini Budget and Liz Truss’s terrible week. They talk about events in Russia and Iran, as well as the Molly Russell Inquest and internet regulation. They talk about the Labour conferences, polls and the appalling comments made by Labour MP Rupa Huq. Smut content: Middling but high right at the end.
01/10/221h 22m

349. FTM Live! in Liverpool with Jonny Reynolds MP

The Hot Wateer Comedy Club in Liverpool hosted an uproarious evening of political chat, bantz and laughs with Iain Dale Jacqui Smith and Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds during the Labour Party Conference in front of a live audience. Warning. This episode is riddled with smut. Not suitable for under 16s.
28/09/221h 39m

348. Sex Strike

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget, Fracking, the health announcement, Liz Truss in the USA, the Labour conference, the vegan sex strike, Vladimir Putin’s speech, the resignation of Vera Baird as Victims Commissioner, the violence in Leicester, a four day week, Iran and a possible tourist tax in Wales. Smut from the start.
24/09/221h 21m

347. It’s What She Would Have Wanted

Iain and Jacqui get back to their normal ways this week and review the week’s news. They start by talking about the royal milestones of the week but then move on to talking about Liz Truss’s government, bankers’ bonuses, obesity, the fiscal statement, the war in Ukraine and much else besides. They try not to include any smut but miserably fail. You have been warned.
17/09/221h 58m

346. God save the King

Iain and Jacqui discuss the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the accession of King Charles III and how the country has reacted to the events of the last few days. They give their own personal memories of meeting The Queen and King Charles as well as answering questions from podcast listeners.
10/09/221h 44m

345. FOR THE MANY LIVE: Geoff Norcott & Rosie Holt

FOR THE MANY LIVE: Geoff Norcott & Rosie Holt at the Edinburgh Fringe
07/09/221h 9m

344. Truss No One

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith return from their holidays with a vengeance. They concentrate on the Tory leadership election and the cost of living crisis but also talk about the death of Mikhail Gorbachev, the Privileges Committee, new Westminster sex pest allegations, the Pakistan floods (does Iain have a “North Sea” moment?), the Brexit Festival, the Redditch by-elections, the state of Iain’s knees, whether Jacqui has ever kissed a Tory and the etiquette of meeting an ex for the first time in 27 years. Smut quota: Minimalist.
03/09/221h 38m

343. FOR THE MANY LIVE: Kaye Adams

FOR THE MANY LIVE: Kaye Adams at the Edinburgh Fringe
31/08/221h 9m

342. How big are your marrows this year?

Grant Tucker and Caroline Flint stand in for Iain & Jacqui, discussing all the biggest news stories of the week - smut included!
27/08/221h 50m

341. FOR THE MANY LIVE: Anas Sarwar & Douglas Ross

FOR THE MANY LIVE: Anas Sarwar & Douglas Ross join Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale at the Edinburgh Fringe
24/08/221h 7m

340. When Uncle Iain & Auntie Jacqui are away... Grant Tucker & Rachel Cunliffe come to play!

Grant Tucker & Rachel Cunliffe stand in for Iain & Jacqui while they're on holiday.
20/08/221h 47m

339. FOR THE MANY LIVE: Matt Forde

FOR THE MANY LIVE at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Matt Forde
17/08/221h 7m

338. FOR THE MANY LIVE: Jane Garvey & Fi Glover

FOR THE MANY LIVE: Jane Garvey & Fi Glover at the Edinburgh Fringe
13/08/221h 9m

337. Two Snorts

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the week’s news and discuss the Tory leadership contest, the terrible economic news, China and Taiwan, England winning the Women’s Euros, whether gay sex is a sin and… moles. Smut quota: Middling to high. We apologise for the occasional cutout of Jacqui’s line, but it turned out to be quite funny (if you like to hear a grown woman repeatedly swear).
06/08/221h 35m

336. It Could Have Been Worse…

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the week’s news in politics and beyond. They discuss the latest in the Tory leadership contest, the sacking of Sam Tarry, the Commonwealth Games, the Women’s Euros, the deaths of Sir Christopher Meyer and David Trimble, the end of Neighbours and Noah Keate’s graduation. And as a special bonus we have Oliver Turner’s review of the smut-ridden race to be the top Tory drag queen. Much corpsing ensues, given that it includes stories of Sue Knackers, Jizzy Trust, Penny Frigate and Kemi Badknockers, among others… You have been warned. Smut quota: Middling Find out more ticketing details for For the Many Live! events in Edinburgh and at the party conferences at
29/07/221h 44m

335. Boris Protects Beavers

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Tory leadership, the heat, the Covid inquiry, protecting beavers, Iain’s railcard and the Womens’ Euros. Smut quota: Middling
22/07/221h 42m

334. I am Sixty, Going on Seventy

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith talk about Iain turning 60, the Tory leadership latest, events in Sri Lanka and Italy and the effects of the heatwave. Smut quota: Low
16/07/221h 32m

333. Length, Girth & Boris

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith record what could be their longest podcast ever (we’re not sad enough to scroll back and compare). After Thursday’s emergency pod, they turn their attention to the Tory leadership candidates and analyse all the different candidates. They speculate on Boris Johnson’s future, why he would have met Aleander Lebedev on his own, and also talk about the assassination of Shinzo Abe. They conclude by discussing Iain’s 60th birthday next Friday. Smut quota: High. You have been warned.
09/07/222h 28m

Emergency! Boris Ousted

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith are reunited for an emergency podcast to discuss the events of a momentous day in British politics which has seen Prime Minister Boris Johnson resign.
07/07/2254m 45s

331. Iain's Producer Saves the Day!

Iain's Producer, Corey, stands in for Iain while he recovers from Covid.
02/07/221h 16m

Coming Soon : The Followers

Hey For The Many listeners, here’s a brand new podcast we think you’d like, called The Followers. Shelagh Fogarty began her LBC career as a guest presenter in 2014, and her balanced and calm presenting style soon earned her a permanent role. Heartbreakingly, it was this calm approach which led to the most harrowing ordeal of Shelagh's life, when a man stalked her for nearly 2 years. In 2017, Shelagh began to notice the same face appearing in crowds, on the tube, outside her work. She dismissed it at first, but then the appearances became more and more frequent and noticeable - he was there when she met friends, when she travelled across London, at her local train station, and even when he followed her home.??The Followers is a 5-part LBC podcast series where Shelagh talks about the disturbing stages she went through during her stalking: dismissing it, fearing it, and feeling powerless as she was forced to live a limited life. The podcast also included conversations with experts and victims, looking at how societal views, misogyny and popular media tropes may be enabling stalkers to commit crimes without intervention.? Shelagh wanted to tell her story and to speak with various experts to understand more about obsessive and controlling behaviour, to deal with what happened to her on a personal level and to help others identify the behaviour that can lead to stalking. All 5 episodes will be available from July 4th exclusively on Global Player. Download it now from the App store or go to If you think you or someone you know is being stalked, please call the police or the National stalking helpline on 0808 802 0300
28/06/226m 52s

330. The One Where Chris Golds Steps In

LBC News presenter Chris Golds steps in for Iain Dale as he battles covid (brave little soldier!) Chris & Jacqui discuss all the week's latest news! Chris & Jacqui discuss all the week's latest news including the rail strikes, inflation rises, Carriegate & more! Smut quota: Low
24/06/221h 18m

329. Emily Thornberry’s Birdsong

Jacqui is away so Iain Dale and Emily Thornberry discuss the week’s news, including the government’s Rwanda policy, the resignation of Lord Geidt, the extradition of Julian Assange, cost of living, rape disclosure rules, Indyref2, the two by-elections next week, dress codes in the heat and why the Eurovision Song Contest should be held in Islington next year. Or Cardiff. Smut quota: Low
18/06/221h 52m

328. Mystic Iain Strikes Again

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Boris Johnson’s victory in the vote of confidence, the Platinum Jubilee Weekend, Cost of Living Housing, the Northern Ireland Protocol, Iain’s interview with Sir Cliff Richard, Love Island and what it’s like to copresent with Andrew Marr. Smut quota: Middling to low. To book tickets for Iain and Jacqui’s Edinburgh Fringe shows visit
11/06/221h 34m

327. Fluffing Tattooists

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Boris Johnson’s leadership travails, the return of Borgen, Jacqui’s plumbing problems and Iain’s latest travails on the A11. Smut quota: Middling Book tickets for For the Many Live! shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and at the party conferences at
04/06/221h 42m

326. The Greased Piglet Escapes

Iain Dale & Jacqui discuss the Sue Gray report, Rishi Sunak’s energy cost rescue plan, the inisterial code, the Texas shooting, Claudia Webbe, Tony Blair’s big Macron-esqu conference, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and much else. Smut quota: Low to middling.
28/05/221h 31m

325. Jacqui’s Geography Lesson

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the latest events in the world of politics, while sat in Dressing Room 9 at TV Centre. They pull apart the latest Partygate developments, talk about the arrest of a Conservative MP and its implications and much more besides. Smut quota: Zero. Ish.
21/05/221h 5m

324. Calm Down, Calm Down

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith trawl through the weeks news including Keir Starmer threatening to resign, the Queen’s Speech, Civil Service cuts, the Northern Ireland Protocol, Sweden and Finland joining Nato, Eurovision and the Wagatha Christie trial. Lots of laughs too, as usual. Smut quota: Lowish.
14/05/221h 42m

323. The late Jacqui Smith

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the fallout from the local elections, the police investigation into Keir Starmer, knackeredness, the Netflix series Heratstopper, The Queen, Covid deaths and much more besides. Smut Quota: Higher than expected.
07/05/221h 44m

322 PART 2. Bonus: Iain &Jacqui Co-Present LBC Election Night Live

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith host LBC’s live local elections show for a marathon 8 hours. They bring a dose of the For the Many podcast humour and smut (well, a little bit) to the show. Guests include Andrew Marr, Ben Kentish, Theo Usherwood, Gareth Knight and a host of politicians from all four main parties.
06/05/223h 22m

322 PART 1. Bonus: Iain &Jacqui Co-Present LBC Election Night Live

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith host LBC’s live local elections show for a marathon 8 hours. They bring a dose of the For the Many podcast humour and smut (well, a little bit) to the show. Guests include Andrew Marr, Ben Kentish, Theo Usherwood, Gareth Knight and a host of politicians from all four main parties.
06/05/223h 22m

321. Anatomy of Several Scandals

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith are reunited to discuss the week’s events in politics and much more. They talk about the various scandals occurring in Westminster, Angela Rayner and the Mail on Sunday, Ukraine, Iain’s interview with Nadine Dorries, they preview the local elections, Piers Morgan’s first week on TalkTV, Jewish Bakeoff, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s note and much more besides. Smut quota: Low.
30/04/221h 37m

320. For the Many – Live at the Hippodrome!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith perform a live version of the For the Many podcast on the Magic Mike Stage at the Hippodrome in London’s Leicester Square with a little help from Grant Tucker and their star guest Wes Streeting MP. They were joined by 320 For the Many podcast listeners. If you would like to buy a ticket for a show on the rest of their 2022 tour in Edinburgh, Brighton, Liverpool and Birmingham or their Christmas Show at the Hippodrome in London on December 17th, visit
22/04/222h 7m

319. So Many Questions…

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Boris Johnson’s fine and sending refugees to Rwanda and answer a lot of your questions. Smut quota: Non existent.
16/04/221h 25m

318. Going Nuclear

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss war crimes in Ukraine, the Energy strategy paper, Mrs Sunak’s woes, the first For the Many Live! Event, refugees, Changing solicitors, the French election, the cancellation of the LGBT+ conference and Eric Pickles at the Grenfell Inquiry. Smut quota: Middling but off the scale at the end.
08/04/221h 18m

317. U Turn If You Want To

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Ukraine, The scars, the Ockendon Report, Trans issues, Gay Conversion Therapy, the Cost of Living, Partygate and much more besides. Smut quota: Lowish
03/04/221h 17m

316. Rid of the ‘Rona

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s political events including the Chancellor’s Spring statement, Ukraine, P&O, Child Q, the death of Madeleine Albright, the Taliban girls school ban, Covid and much else besides. Smut quota: Higher than normal due to Jacqui’s filth.
26/03/221h 30m

315 : Jacqui & ‘Rona

Iain Dale and a rather ill Jacqui Smith discuss latest developments in Ukraine, P&O, Boris Johnson’s Saudi trip, Covid developments, the freeing of Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe, Hoax phone calls, Beavers in London and West Ham! Smut quota: Lowish
18/03/221h 41m

314. Iain & Jacqui’s Car Share

In the style of Peter Kay’s Car Share, Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith natter on about their life experiences during a two hour drive from North Norfolk to London on Sunday 13 March. Expect a lot of laughs and some highly inappropriate content.
14/03/222h 1m

313. Norfolk ‘n Good

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith spend rather a long time discussing the war in Ukraine and its consequences, the refugee crisis, Oligarchs, the report into John Bercow and bullying, the cost of living, defence spending, Covid, along with their usual meanderings. And they answer a shed load of your questions. Lots of laughs in this episode, a smattering of smut and a bit of emotion at the end. Enjoy your two and a half hour episode and watch out for a bonus episode on Wednesday!
12/03/222h 32m

312. Unity is Strength

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the events in Ukraine, the unity of the western response, sanctions, Oligarchs, Germany and refugees. They discuss the merits of Gavin Williamson’s knigthood, the Birmingham Edrington by-election, Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart’s new podcast, the death of Shane Warne, Iain’s new book and his award nomination from the Broadcasting Press Guild. Smut Quota: Pathetically low.
05/03/221h 46m

311. Ukraine & Its Consequences

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss all matters Ukraine. Only one subject in town this week. Smut Quota: Zero
26/02/221h 31m

310. Storm Jacqui

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss the storms, Ukraine, Prince Andrew, Angela Rayner’s shooting comments, the Winter Olympics and the Post Office computer scandal. There are tears too. Smut quota: High
19/02/222h 12m

309. Khan Gets Dick Out

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the resignation of Cressida Dick, Jacqui’s encounter with Nigel Farage, Kurt Zouma, Ukraine, Covid, Economic Growth, Neil Coyle, John Mjaor, Gillian Keegan, Keir Starmer being jostled, the NHS recovery plan, the mini reshuffle, Iain’s forthcoming appearance on Eggheads and the For the Many tour. Smut quota: Low
12/02/221h 30m

308. Away Day in Hawarden

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith talk about Boris Johnson’s week of travails, Levelling Up, the Energy Crisis. Raith Rovers, Northern Ireland, Ukraine and much more besides, and they’re joined for the Q&A by podcaster Richard Sefton. Smut quota: Low to middling
05/02/221h 58m

307. Dick Out

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Metropolitan Police’s intervention in the Sue Gray inquiry and what it means for Boris Johnson, the latest on Ukraine, the government’s Way to Work plan, the resignation of Lord Agnew, Joe Rogan and the For the Many Live event, which has sold out. Smut level: Low to middling
29/01/222h 4m

306. Read ‘Em and Weep

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s news in politics including the so-called Pork pie plot, Christian Wakeford’s defection, David Davis’s killer question, the art of whipping, Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, the future of the BBC, the death of Meat Loaf, interviewees’ verbal tics and age discrimination on Tinder. Make sure you listen to the end to hear how Oliver Turner has been leaked some of the contents of Sue Gray’s report, including what really happened on April 16th in Downing Street. Smut quota: Disappointingly low.
22/01/222h 10m

305. Sorry, Not Sorry (Part 2)

In their longest podcast ever (well, it’s been a busy news week!) Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss more parties at Number 10, Boris Johnson’s apology, Sue Gray, the Metropolitan Police Parties, Jacob Rees Mogg insults Scotland, Keir Starmer at PMQs, Chinese Whispering Barry Gardiner, Prince Andrew, Russia/Ukraine talks in Geneva, NHS Waiting lists. Iain on Eggheads, Michael Gove getting stuck in a lift, Jeremy Corbyn’s new party, VIP PPE, Cricket and Iain joining Tiktok. Smut quota: Low. (PART 2)
16/01/2241m 18s

305. Sorry, Not Sorry (Part 1)

In their longest podcast ever (well, it’s been a busy news week!) Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss more parties at Number 10, Boris Johnson’s apology, Sue Gray, the Metropolitan Police Parties, Jacob Rees Mogg insults Scotland, Keir Starmer at PMQs, Chinese Whispering Barry Gardiner, Prince Andrew, Russia/Ukraine talks in Geneva, NHS Waiting lists. Iain on Eggheads, Michael Gove getting stuck in a lift, Jeremy Corbyn’s new party, VIP PPE, Cricket and Iain joining Tiktok. Smut quota: Low.
16/01/221h 46m

304. Geidt & Venom

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith spend two hours in a very meaty episode discussing their Christmases, Lord Geidt & Boris Johnson, the latest Covid developments, the Gay Cake, Molly Mae Hague, Keir Starmer’s big New Year’s speech, the Colston 4 Verdict, the Cost of Living, Tony Blair’s knighthood, Joe Biden’s speech, the Kazakhstan protests, Novak Djokovic, Prince Andrew, Geoff Hoon and, er, selling farts in a jar. Smut quota: Low
08/01/222h 1m

303. The For the Many Awards 2021

Iain & Jacqui's For the Many Awards 2021
01/01/221h 19m

302. The Best of For the Many 2021

A compilation of the best bits of For the Many 2021. Enjoy!
25/12/212h 20m

301. A Momentacious Edition

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the big political issues of the week including the North Shropshire by-election, the new Covid regulations, the Tory rebellion, Christmas parties, Adam Boulton’s last show, Katie Price’s sentencing and Iain’s interview with Kathleen Stock. Smuth quota: Low
18/12/211h 48m

300. 300 Not Out: The Graham Gooch Memorial Episode

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale mark the 300th episode of the For the Many podcast with their characteristic mix of political insight and humour. They discuss the Downing Street parties, the Prime Minister’s refurbishment difficulties, Labour’s poll lead, the North Shropshire by—election, the new Omicron variant and the reintroduction of Covid restrictions, the Stephen Port case, the FCO select committee evidence, Jacqui’s confrontation with Peter Bone, Owen Jones getting a CBE, Iain’s trials with his electric car and much else. Smut quota: Middling
11/12/212h 2m

Introducing Hunting Ghislaine: The Trial

Hi For the Many listener. We’ve got a new podcast we think you’ll enjoy! Last year LBC’s Hunting Ghislaine podcast was listened to over 4 million times. Now, John Sweeney is back with a weekly podcast updating you on all the latest news and commentary from Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial in New York. This podcast is exclusive to Global Player so if you don’t have it, download it now from your app store or visit Once you have Global Player, search for Hunting Ghislaine: The Trial.
07/12/211m 20s

299. Normal Service Will Be Resumed

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the week’s news including the Old Bexley & Sidcup by election, Keir Starmer’s reshuffle (including a special guest appearance), Covid latest, Snogging, Liz Truss’s tank and Richard Burgon on Cross Question. Please forgive a few technical mishaps! Smut quota: Middling
04/12/211h 35m

298. Length & Girth

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith respond to a complaint about the shortness of last week’s episode to record one of record length, with just the right mix of political commentary, analysis and humour. So they say. They discuss the deaths in the English Channel and the spat between Britain and France, the new Covid variant, Boris Johnson’s CBI speech, No 10 v No 11, I’m a Celebrity, Sir David Amess’s funeral, Geoff Hoon, Stella Creasy and her baby in the Commons, Nick Fletcher MP’s male role models and much more besides. Smut quota: Middling
27/11/212h 16m

297. Mole Issues

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s political events by answering listeners’ questions throughout. Smut quota; Almost zero
20/11/211h 3m

296. The Trials of Jacqui’s Scarf

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss parliamentary scandals, COP26, Migrants, Iain’s new book The Presidents, Covid rates across Europe, Compulsory vaccinations for NHS staff and why Portugal is banning employers from texting staff after hours plus some very funny Nun (monk) jokes. Smut quota: Middling to high.
13/11/211h 31m

295. Five Times a Day

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s news including the Owen Paterson saga, Cop 26, Fish wars, Kent Police, Covid, the Virginia Gubernatorial result, Iain’s trip to Genk and much more. Smut Quota: Middling to low.
06/11/211h 44m

294. Hinge & Bumble

In this bumper episode of For the Many, Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Budget, war with France, Cop26, Ecigs on the NHS, all things Meta, Angela Rayner, whether the new BBC political editor should be a Brexiteer, the new Geoff Hoon autobiography, raw sewage, the coming out of Josh Cavallo, Iain’s trip to Genk, Andrew Mitchell’s new book, Jacqui’s new chief of staff, Cliff Richard and the Rajar audience figures. Smut quota: Low to middling.
30/10/212h 2m

293. Masking Up Again

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Select committee report on Covid, Covid cases and restrictions, Hancock’s new job (or not), Boilers, the death of Colin Powell and much else besides. Smut quota: Middling.
23/10/211h 22m

292. Remembering Sir David Amess

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the horrific assassination of Sir David Amess MP and its consequences for politics and MPs. They pay tribute to him and his dedication to his constituents. It’s a very emotional episode of the podcast and at the end Iain reads out tributes to Sir David and the positive work MPs do from For the Many listeners.
16/10/211h 13m

291. A Face Like a Slapped Arse

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the week’s news including the Tory conference, the energy crisis, the death of James Brokenshire, MPs’ pay, the Facebook outage, Flu, essays for money to be illegal, the Newcastle United takeover and much else besides. Smut quota: Middling
09/10/211h 43m

290. Chased by Boars

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the sentencing of Wayne Couzens, the position of Cressida Dick, the Labour conference, the fuel crisis, the new Green Party leaders, the German election result, James Bond, Jacqui’s new job, Iain’s Michel Barnier interview and much more besides. Smut quota: Unacceptably high.
02/10/211h 31m

289. Testing Negative

Iain Dale conducts a lateral flow test live on the podcast – it’s negative, by the way. He and Jacqui Smith discuss the petrol queues, the Labour conference, German elections, the murder of Sabina Nessa, Boris Johnson’s trip to America, Paloma Faith and Andrew Neil. And there’s a very good nun joke too! Smut quota: Middling
25/09/211h 21m

288. Shuffling the Pack

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s events including the government reshuffle, Jacqui’s appearance on Pointless Celebrities, Aukus, their nun joke going viral, the M25 protests, Shamima Begum, speaking at party fundraisers, weight & measures, Andrew Neil leaving GB News and the triumph of Emma Raducanu. Smut Quota: Middling.
18/09/212h 7m

287. Jacqui to join Only Fans?

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the week’s news and discuss Cressida Dick’s future, Social Care reform, Triple Lock, Abba tickets, Gavin Williamson’s little local difficulty, Priti Patel’s war with France, Covid booster jabs and vaccine passports, David Starkey on Cross Question, Phone in on bisexuality, the 9/11 anniversary, Dominic Cummings Only Fans page, Afghan women, the government’s new LGBT business champion, Emma Raducanu and Jacqui’s ‘graduation’. Smut content: Extremely low.
11/09/212h 2m

286. Thruppling With Wes

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith reunite after a month apart, and they have a lot to discuss including Afghanistan, Abba’s big announcement, Jabs for children, Social care funding, the leaking of the Queen’s funeral plans, Piers Morgan being cleared by Ofcom, the German Election, Hungary’s racist football fans, the Canadian election, the start to the Football season, the Green party leadership debate on LBC and much else besides. Smut quota: Middling
04/09/211h 54m

285. The Wes Streeting Fit & Well Mix

Iain Dale welcomes guest host Wes Streeting to the podcast. They discuss events in Afghanistan, the Unite election result, the Green Party leadership contest, Only Fans’s reverse ferret, Wes’s plumbing difficulties and his 10 by 10 initiative. Smut content: Low
29/08/211h 52m

284. Imbeciles & Flinty Mattresses

Iain Dale and Caroline Flint take a trawl through the week’s news agenda, concentrating on Afghanistan but also turning their attention to the SNP/Green coalition in Scotland, the death of Austin Mitchell, a report on the apparent decline in swearing, Ed Balls’ new cookbook, the banning of porn on ‘Only Fans’ and, er, Harriet Harman’s hair. Smut quota: Lowish
22/08/211h 23m

283. Geronimo’s Last Stand

This week Jacqui welcomes Grant Tucker who spills the beans about sharing a flat with Iain. They discuss Plymouth, Afghanistan, Climate change, tensions in government and Prince Andrew as well as making some alpaca-loving enemies when discussing Geronimo. Grant can remember what A Level grades he got, but neither are impressed by Gavin Williamson. Smut levels: medium.
13/08/211h 25m

282. The Choirboy and the Whip

Jacqui welcomes Tim Montgomerie to fill Iain’s big shoes (small opportunity for smut) and they discuss Tim’s time advising Boris Johnson and where it all went wrong; teenage political crushes; Alok Sharma’s airmiles; travel traffic lights and whether Jacqui will get a holiday away from the caravan she is filling with young men; Latin and Jack Grealish. Smut quota: Lowish.
07/08/211h 34m

281. The Munchies

Iain and Jacqui discuss the latest Covid issues, a cowering Sajid Javid, Boris Johnson’s crime announcement, the Olympics, holidays, the Unite LBC hustings and much more! Smut quota: Middling. Next week it’s Jacqui with Tim Montgomerie.
31/07/211h 19m

280. Playing Nurses

Iain and Jacqui discuss the NHS payrise, the Police Federation’s no confidence in Priti Patel, Dawn Butler being expelled from the House of Commons, the Olympics and much else besides. Smut quota: Middling to low.
24/07/211h 14m

279. Flicking the Bogey

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the aftermath of the Euros, the foreign aid vote, ‘freedom day, Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ speech, floods, the National Food Strategy, golf, Sian Berry, GB News, Iain’s new book and the sudden death of Guardian columnist Dawn Foster. Smut quota: Low-ish
17/07/212h 13m

278. La Cream Pearling & Sugar Kane

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale discuss the Euros, with a new list of footballer drag queen names, the lifting of Covid restrictions, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the BBC, Jacqui’s Jet2 experience and Iain’s trip to the Buxton International Festival. Smut quota: Middling
11/07/212h 7m

277. Starmer & Spen

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith talk about the Batley & Spen by-election result and its consequences, the aftermath of Matt Hancock’s resignation and Sajid Javid’s appointment, the Euros, lockdown lifting, Angela Merkel, the Gove marriage split and the Princess Diana statue. Smut quota: Middling to low.
04/07/211h 49m

Introducing 'I've Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan'

Hi, For The Many listener, We’ve got another brand new podcast we think you’ll enjoy. ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ is a new weekly show hosted by Peter Frankopan. As well as being a best-selling author (Silk Roads), Professor of Global History and Oxford and voted as one of the World’s Top 50 Thinkers, Peter uses this podcast to speak with some incredible guests looking at topics from around the world that help understand and explain the past, present and future. Guests include former Director of the FBI James Comey and Chinese artist & activist Ai Weiwei. This is a taster of what you can expect from the show. If you like what you hear please search for I’ve Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.
01/07/212m 42s

276. Hatt Mancock

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Matt Hancock’s troubles, the Royal Navy and the Russians, the sentencing of Derek Chauvin, Keir Starmer’s back office reshuffle, social care, John Bercow, a new royal yacht, rape convictions, periods, Euro 2020, Batley & Spen and much more besides. Smut quota: It gets worse as it goes on…
26/06/212h 2m

275. Sloppy Seconds

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the delay to the lifting of lockdown restrictions, the Chesham & Amersham by election result, Batley & Spen, the Euros, the launch of GB News, events in Northern Ireland, Dominic Cummings, Nick Watt and the future of Cressida Dick. Smut quota: Middling to high. Sorry.
19/06/212h 1m

274. The Indestructible Relationship

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss the G7, lifting of lockdown, Gareth Southgate, Euro 2021, the Queen’s Portrait, President Smackron, the Honours List, Matt Hancock & Dominic Cummings and Jacqui’s appearance on Cross Question. Smut content: Lower than last week.
12/06/211h 50m

Introducing 'If It Bleeds It Leads'

Hi For The Many fans – we have a new True Crime podcast we think you’ll enjoy called ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ Could you be a criminal? What separates the way you think, from the criminal mind? Join the world’s leading professor of criminology, Prof. David Wilson and star of Silent Witness Emilia Fox as they discover what’s really going on behind some of the most notorious crimes. What do you do with have-a-go heroes who try to stop you robbing a bank? What's it like inside an escalating prison riot? And how do you deal with Britain’s most infamous hitman telling you he's been ordered to kill you? In this podcast series you’ll hear from offenders, the police, crime experts and investigators as we delve into the workings of the criminal mind. Here’s a sneaky peak and the first Episode drops on Monday 14th June. If you like what you hear search for ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts.
11/06/212m 57s

273. Tan Lines Surprise

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith ruminate over trips to Portugal, the spread of Covid, money for schools, foreign aid, the political situation in Israel, Keir Starmer on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories and much else besides. We would like to apologise for the unusually high level of smut in this episode. Sorry Graham.
05/06/211h 25m

272. Friends Reunited

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s events and have a lot of laughs along the way. This week they talk about Dominic Cummings, Rob Roberts MP’s suspension from the Commons, the Batley & Spen by-election, the Ryanair flight hijacking by Belarus, mismessaging on Covid, the George Floyd murder one year on, the Tory islamophobia report, the Usman Khan inquest, Arlene Foster, Lord Geidt’s report, the Friends reunion, UFOs, the British podcast awards, Blue light glasses and the Playoff final/Champions League final. Phew. Smut quota: Lowish
29/05/211h 51m

271. Plant Based Burgers

Iain and Jacqui review the week’s news and cover the Martin Bashir scandal, Israel and Gaza, the different meanings of Amber, burgers and much more besides. Smut Quota: Middling.
22/05/211h 34m

270. Poots Alors!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the fallout for Keir Starmer from last week’s elections, they fall out over Voter ID, discuss the situation in Israel and Gaza and what the election of Edwin Poots as DUP leader might mean. Iain reveals his Love DC text and they discuss whether David Cameron can recover his reputation. And on behalf of all For the Many listeners they send their love and support to Wes Streeting, occasional host of the podcast, who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Iain reveals his latest Spotify playlist and Jacqui laments the demise of Debenhams. Smut quota: A smattering.
15/05/211h 41m

269. Steer Karmer

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith examine the political situation following last Thursday’s elections. And believe it or not they don’t have a cross word.
10/05/211h 5m

268. For the Many Live 2: Long Corbyn

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith hosted their second For the Many Live event and it’s their longest podcast ever. They discuss the first batch of results from Thursday’s elections and the Battle of Jersey and answer a lot of questions from listeners. Smut quota: Middling to low. You can also watch this episode on Iain Dale’s Youtube Channel.
08/05/212h 37m

267. Tinted Eyebrows

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith record their longest ever podcast to compensate their dear listeners for the loss of the Wednesday podcast! This week they cover the latest developments in the decoration of Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat, the resignation of Arlene Foster, the anniversary of Tony Blair’s election victory in 1997, next Friday’s live podcast, Tony Blair’s hair, next week’s local elections, the opportunities for micro local businesses post Covid, Noel Clarke, John Snow leaving Channel 4 News and Iain’s latest travails on the A11. Smut quota: Low. Graham will be pleased.
01/05/212h 19m

266. Vacuum of Integrity

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith have a lot to discuss after Jacqui’s caravan break last week. They get straight into the latest political developments on Greensill and James Dyson’s lobbying of the government. What’s Dominic Cummings up to? They discuss Covid in India, the end of the Number Ten Briefing Room, the Derek Chauvin verdict, the Post Office fraud scandal, the collapse of the European Super League, Johnny Mercer leaving the government, St George’s Day, will Jacqui apply to be the new HS2, Iran chairing the UN Committee on Women, who is mostly likely to be the Mayor of the West Midlands, Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance on LBC, Line of Duty, Tom Swarbrick’s golf swing, Southwark LibDems and having a baby at 73. And a very happy birthday to Aaron Barrie. Smut Quota: Middling
24/04/212h 6m

265. Return of the Flint

With Jacqui Smith away, Iain Dale and Caroline Flint discuss the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, the Greensill scandal, Ukraine, Shirley Williams, Astra Zeneca, Caroline’s work as a vaccine volunteer, local elections and Labour’s poll ratings, the joys or otherwise of photoshoots, and Iain describes the trauma he experienced when his Jack Russell went missing. Smut quota: Very low.
17/04/211h 58m

264. Required Decorum

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh and the deaths of three politicians, but don’t worry, it gets a bit more cheerful after that. They also talk about the riots in Northern Ireland, the worrying border conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Alan Duncan’s diaries, the Astra Zeneca decision, Ursula Von der Leyen’s seating issues, David Cameron and Rishi Sunak and Iain’s new obsession with Spotify. And who should replace Jacqui when she’s at her caravan next weekend. Smut quota: Appropriately low. But not quite non existent. They tried their best…
10/04/212h 16m

263. BONUS: Drag Names Compilation 1

BONUS EPISODE: A compilation of drag names by listener Oliver Turner | Prime Ministers, The Cabinet, The Shadow Cabinet, Lib Dems & World Leaders
07/04/2119m 45s

262. Do you believe?

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss religion and Easter (what could possibly go wrong?), whether they’ve won Euromillions (they haven’t), 300 years of Prime Ministers (Jacqui’s lack of knowledge is shocking), Keir Starmer’s first year (6 out of 10, says Iain) and the best Drag Queen corpsing session yet (thanks Oliver Turner!). Smut quota: Very low.
03/04/211h 41m

261. Au Revoir to the Wednesday Podcast

In the last Wednesday podcast for the time being (Saturdays continue as normal!) Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale discuss the lifting of lockdown, the Commission on race, why vaccine take up among some ethnic minorities is so low, David Cameron’s lobbying activities and Joe Biden’s dog. Smut quota: Disappointing middling for the final Wednesday podcast. We’ve let ourselves down, the podcast down, but thank you for all you do.
31/03/211h 9m

260. Cunning Cats

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Alex Salmond’s new party, the EU vaccine blockade, Lockdown powers, Chinese sanctions, Mondeos, Batley Grammar, flags and musicals. Smut quota: Middling
27/03/211h 58m

259. Pansies in the Hot Tub

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Bristol protests, the vaccine latest, a year of Covid, Boris Johnson’s greed comments, Prince Harry’s new job title, the death of Barbara Hosking and Lord Tony Greaves and a few other things too. Smut quota: Low to middling
24/03/211h 34m

258. Knickers at Work

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Nicola Sturgeon’s woes, the vaccine rollout and the EU’s position, the Hartlepool by election, the BBC moving to the regions, Iain winning a Parliamentary Book Award, World Happiness and Joe Bidens stumble(s). Smut quota: Low to middling
20/03/211h 45m

257. We’re Very Sorry, But…

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith announce the end of the Wednesday podcast after Easter, discuss the Astrazeneca suspension by 17 EU countries, David Davis’s speech on the Salmond?Sturgeon crisis, the Policing Bill and the aftermath of the Women’s vigil, the Number Ten 10 TV room, the Integrated Review and the Hartlepool by election. Smut quota: Middling. NOTE: Iain's audio quality is slightly distorted due to some technical difficulties.
18/03/211h 9m

256. Jacqui’s Recital

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss violence towards women, their failure to win the Podcast of the Year award, Margaret Beckett’s insult to Laura Pidcock, British exports to the EU, a new Covid wave on the continent, the naked protest at the French Oscars and they ask, what next for Nigel Farage? Smut Quota: Too high for a Saturday
13/03/211h 49m

255. Senior Moments

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith reveal they’ve missed out on yet another podcast award, they discuss the consequences of the Harry and Meghan interview, Piers Morgan’s departure from Good Morning Britain, Joe Biden’s senior moment, the PAC report on track & Trace, Charles Michel’s untruth about Britain banning vaccine exports and much else besides. Smut quota: Higher than usual.
10/03/211h 34m

254. Toilet Break

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale review the budget, the proposed NHS pay rise, levelling up, Priti Patel’s bullying payoff, Schools reopening, Downing Street spending money on refurbishment, the royal interview and much else besides. Smut quota: A little higher than a normal Saturday. We’re very sorry.
06/03/211h 59m

253. Addicted to Coke

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss someone impersonatin Iain on Instagram, Rishi Sunak’s coke addiction, the budget, the latest Salmond/Sturgeon shenanigans, Pontins’ anti-Irish discrimination, cutting famine aid to Yemen, the jailing of Nicolas Sarkozy, Trump at CPAC, the success of Zoom and why they won’t be doing a charity sky dive. Smut quota: Lowish
03/03/211h 5m

252. Statues of Lenin

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale discuss Alex Salmond’s evidence yesterday, vaccine priorities, JVT’s message, Labour’s new defence policy, the CIA report into the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Shamima Begum ruling, next week’s budget, Lady Gaga’s dogknapping, narcissism and, er, Yorkshire puddings. Oh, and they’ve been nominated for another award. Smut quota: Lowish
27/02/211h 56m

251. Hole in One

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown, they discuss Matt Hancock’s comments on PPE, Alex Salmond’s accusations, Tiger Woods’ crash and the increasing number of women on company boards. This episode contains a nun joke. You have been warned. Smut quota: Middling.
24/02/2158m 45s

250. Our Universal Service

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith celebrate their 250th episode of the For the Money podcast by recording for more than 2 hours 10 minutes. Plenty of incentives to stick with it to the end, though! As well as covering all the political news of the week – Covid, Keir Starmer’s big speech, comings and goings in Number 10, Matt Hancock’s court case, Uber, IR35, Harry and Meghan, the Duke of Edinburgh and coming out of lockdown – we also learn about the dangers of wearing a bra holster and Jacqui’s tidying habits. Or lack of them. Smut quota: Low to middling.
20/02/212h 13m

249. Sending Jacqui into Space

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the latest Covid and vaccine developments, they discuss Princess Latifa’s plight in Dubai, free speech in universities, the Munich Security conference, the hunt for a British astronaut and a new book about Jeremy Heywood. Smut quota: Low
17/02/211h 26m

248. Soggy Crackling

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith set the world to rights by discussing if we’ll have to learn to live with Covid, quarantine, holidays, whether the Home Office is fit for purpose, the NHS white paper, Donald Trump’s impeachment, Iain’s talk to Swindon Labour Party, Boris Johnson’s hair, the Number 10 Photographer, whether letters should remain private, the joys or otherwise of outdoor sex and Iain reveals why he spent the morning in tears. Happy Valentine’s Day! Smut Quota: Lowish
13/02/211h 51m

247. Leaving Dirty Underpants in the Kremlin

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith recount their experience of going viral and then discuss border closures, the latest Covid figures, apprenticeships, trade union membership, cladding, Alex Salmond and much else besides. Smut quota: Middling.
10/02/211h 11m

246. Page Three Boy Speaks!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss vaccines, the prospects for economic recovery, the goings on at Hanforth Parish Council, Keir Starmer’s woes, Kemi Badenoch’s tweets, why they hate doing their VAT returns, local elections, West Ham’s victory over Aston Villa and, er, Celebrity Sumo. Smut quota: A little too high for a Saturday.
06/02/211h 40m

245. Projectile Vomiting Capers

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith pay tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, discuss the leaked Labour strategy paper, the sacking of SNP MP Joanna Cherry, racism in football, Myanmar and Russia. Iain asks for advice on buying an electric car, and Jacqui reveals a shameful episode in her ministerial past. Smut quota: Low
03/02/211h 21m

244. For the Many Goes Zoom!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith host their first ever live edition of the podcast on Zoom, with an audience of 1500 listeners watching on the night the EU had to backtrack on plans to create a hard border in Northern Ireland. They discuss the EU Vaccine dispute, Macron’s comments on the AZ vaccine, Sir Desmond Swayne, Boris in Scotland, the withdrawal of the government’s “sexist advert” and much else. Smut Quota: Low to middling. You can watch this episode on Iain Dale’s Youtube Channel
30/01/212h 4m

243. C+ For Effort

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith are in reflective mood on the day after it was announced 100,000 people in the UK have died with Covid. They discuss the EU vaccine rollout, or lack of it, cutting the size of juries, Holocaust Memorial Day, unemployment and the Channel 4 series ‘It’s a Sin’. Smut quota: Middling in the second half.
27/01/211h 23m

242. Coals to Cumbria

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the vaccine rollout, why members of the BAME community seem reluctant to have the vaccine, Joe Biden’s first few days in power, the prospect of a new coalmine, new railway lines, the Chips Channon Diaries and much more besides. Smut quota: Middling to low.
23/01/211h 48m

For The Many Live Zoom Event!

Iain Dale announces a live For the Many podcast on Friday 29 January at 7.30pm. Register for your Zoom ticket at
21/01/212m 3s

241. A Game For All the Family

Iain Dale and Jacqui discuss Joe Biden’s inauguration, presidential pardons, the latest Covid developments, Opposition Day motions and he joys of power naps. Smut quota: Medium to low.
20/01/211h 16m

240. Black Eyes and Kissing Cousins

Iain and Jacqui review the week’s news with sections on vaccines, travel bans, fish, workers’ rights, Angela Merkel and much else besides. Smut quota: Lowish
16/01/211h 28m

239. Toad in the Hole

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Priti Patel, enforcing Covid guidelines, the vaccine rollout, Donald Trump, Marcus Rashford and free school meals, the abolition of the Brexit select committee and their joint liking for Toad in the Hole. Smut Quota: Middling
13/01/211h 13m

238. Everyone Needs Good Neighbours

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith give us the benefits of their thoughts on Donald Trump and the events on Capitol Hill this week, and Iain reveals the true story of how high neighbours snitched on him enjoying a bit of Trance music. They also talk about lockdown and the vaccine rollout as well as Alex Salmond’s accusations against Nicola Sturgeon. And Page 3 Boy treats us to two jokes. Smut Quota: Non existent. Sorry.
09/01/211h 53m

237. Lockdown: The Sequel

Iain and Jacqui are back with a New Year’s bang with a bumper length edition. They discuss lockdown, vaccines, closing borders, exams, Brexit, Trump, parliamentary boundaries, local elections, what they read and watched over Christmas and much else. Smut quota: Low until the last three minutes.
06/01/212h 3m

236. The For the Many Awards of 2020

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith dole out their much coveted awards for 2020, with their characteristic wit and humour. Well, that’s what it says here. Find out who their sexiest politician of the year is, who wins the award for Best interview, Moment of the year, and much much more. A cracking way to start 2021.
02/01/211h 14m

235. Best of Smut 2020

Iain and Jacqui's best bits of 2020
30/12/202h 37m

234. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Iain & Jacqui's People of 2020

Iain & Jacqui interview Rory Bremner, David Miliband, Keir Starmer & Ann Widdecombe to discuss the people of 2020
25/12/2045m 34s

233. Ball or Aerosol?

On the eve of Christmas Eve Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale start loading your Christmas stocking with 90 minutes of festive banter, frivolity and the odd bit of political commentary. They discuss the state of the Brexit free trade talks, the likelihood of another national lockdown, Vaccinations, Nigella’s Christmas recipe, the appointments to the House of Lords and the prison system. Smut Quota: Middling.
23/12/201h 34m

BONUS: A new theme tune?

A new theme tune for the new year?
20/12/202m 40s

232. Projectile Vomiting in Caroline Flint’s Car

Jacqui Smith is away on Strictly duties so Caroline Flint deputises again. She and Iain Dale discuss the latest Covid developments and speculate on the likelihood of a last minute Brexit deal. They talk about drug deaths in Scotland, what they’re getting up to for Christmas and answer a lot of questions from listeners. Smut Quota: Virtually non existent. Graham will be pleased.
19/12/201h 33m

231. Home for Christmas

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith give their views on Christmas restrictions, the tier system and veer off into some Ronnie Corbett style stories, before getting back on track to discuss the progress on a Brexit free trade deal. It’s a more or less smut free podcast, until the last twenty minutes. Graham should then switch off, as they both disgrace themselves. Smut Quota: Very High
16/12/201h 23m

230. Hoovering up the body hair

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith evaluate the prospect of no deal with the EU, look at the latest Covid developments, look at the year since the December 2019 general election, discuss Donald Trump’s loss in the Supreme Court, Jacqui’s re-entry into Strictly, the death of Dame Barbara Windsor, Iain’s skip delivery, Jacqui’s dream about body air, her panting lurcher and manicured eyebrows. Smut quota: Very low.
12/12/201h 26m

229. Tiers at Christmas

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss vaccinations, Brexit, the unthinkable thought that journalists might break Tier 3 rules (the very thought) and they answer your questions. Smut Quota: Middling getting higher towards the end.
09/12/2051m 42s

228. Packed Lunch

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the progress, or lack of it, in the EU free trade talks, before moving on to more on vaccines and Covid. They both have a rant at Lloyds Bank and discuss deportations to Jamaica and the death of Valery Giscard D’Estaing. Smut quota: Medium
05/12/201h 27m

227. German Humour

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the House of Commons vote on Covid restrictions, vaccination passports, the Welsh alcohol ban, the collapse of Arcadia and Debenhams and Scottish independence. And as it’s Wednesday there are even more laughs than usual.
01/12/201h 3m

226. A Total Letdown

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith talk about the new tier system, Christmas arrangements, the Autumn Statement, the (lack of a) Free Trade Agreement, the possible collapse of Arcadia, Nicola Sturgeon, Diego Maradona and they ask their listeners for nominations for a Best of For the Many 2020. Smut quota: A bit too much for a Saturday.
28/11/201h 32m

225. Short But Sweet

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith talk Christmas, Rishi Sunak’s autumn statement, Shamima Begum and the Covid vaccines. And there’s a special message from Page Three Boy. Smut content: High.
25/11/2051m 33s

224. One Night in Bangkok

In a bumper two hour edition, Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith chew over the week’s political news and spend a lot of time dissecting the Priti Patel bullying scandal, as well as discussing what happens when lockdown ends in England, what the government might announce about Christmas arrangements, Defence spending, Public sector pay, International Men’s Day, bad book reviews, Amazon delivery times, Iain’s interview with Chris Bryant, The Crown and episode two of Naked attraction. And there are some brilliant questions including one about how Iain and Jacqui caused a car crash in Thailand. Smut quota: Middling
21/11/202h 4m

223. Rearranging Downstairs

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s readmission to the Labour Party, COVID vaccines, Brexit, road pricing, electric cars... and Iain’s back problems. And they play agony aunt and uncle to their listeners. Smut quota: Quite unacceptably high.
18/11/201h 22m

222. Shut the door on your way out

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review another momentous week in politics. They concentrate on the departures of Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings from Number Ten, the presidential transition, the death of Peter Sutcliffe, the Brexit free trade talks and the publication of Iain’s new book, THE PRIME MINISTERS. Smut content: For a Saturday, high. They’ve let themselves down. Again.
14/11/201h 36m

Introducing Hunting Ghislaine with John Sweeney

Hi For The Many fans LBC have a new podcast we think you’ll enjoy - Hosted by legendary reporter John Sweeney, Hunting Ghislaine is a 6 part series about Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of a disgraced billionaire and the former partner of a super-rich paedophile who killed himself while awaiting trial for sex trafficking. After hiding for almost a year, she now finds herself facing multiple charges for helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually exploit and abuse under-age women which could lead to her spending the rest of her life in jail. In this new podcast series, Hunting Ghislaine, reporter John Sweeney investigates a fairy story which happens the wrong way round, of how a princess ends up accused of being the monster and no-one at all ends up happily ever after. First Episode available 19th November. Listen on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts
13/11/201m 5s

221. The Wednesday Podcast is Back!

Due to no public demand whatsoever, Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale have decided to record a second podcast each week on a Wednesday, ostensibly to help their bereft listeners survive the second lockdown. Frankly it’s because they have got bugger all else to do. They do discuss Biden and Trump, Covid and the resignation of the FA Chairman Greg Clarke (not that one). And then it all gets a bit silly. Smut Quota: Middling to High. It’s Wednesday. Deal with it, Graham. (Not that one).
11/11/201h 8m

220. Papped!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss in detail the ramifications of what is happening in the United States and what Donald Trump will do next, the latest developments in Covid, the new For the Many face coverings (on sale at, Jacqui’s post Strictly comedown, and while she is recording the podcast Jacqui is papped through her window! And they make an announcement about the future of the podcast. The Wednesday podcast is to return! Smut quota: Low
07/11/201h 46m

219. BONUS: Strictly Over

In a special bonus edition of the podcast Jacqui Smith tells us about the weekend’s events which saw her voted off Strictly Come Dancing. It all gets a little bit “totes emosh” on occasion and Jacqui takes us on her emotional rollercoaster, what the experience has been like, and what it has meant to her. Get your Kleenex ready.
02/11/2035m 38s

218. Will Wednesday Podcasts Return?

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith avoid discussing Strictly (mostly) – as there will be a special bonus podcast tomorrow evening. Instead they spend most of this two hour edition talking lockdown and Corbyn, with the odd thought on the US election and the French terror attack thrown in for good measure. And you get to Iain practising his Welsh. What could possibly go wrong? Smut Quota: Low
01/11/201h 58m

217. Pointless Victory

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith bask in the glory of their victory on ‘Pointless Celebrities’ and Jacqui updates us all on her debut on Strictly Come Dancing. That takes up the first twenty minutes of the podcast before they move on to discussing lockdown in Wales, Free School meals, Angela Rayner’s ‘scum’ comments, test & trace, Emmanuel Macron’s response to the French terror attack, the Pope’s views on civil unions, the US election and devolution. Smut Quota: A little higher than normal. Sorry.
25/10/201h 43m

216. Tits Out, Stomach In

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith spend the first twenty minutes of the podcasts discussing Jacqui’s entry into Strictly Come Dancing and then they turn their attention to the three big political issues of the week – the latest developments in the Covid crisis, the diminishing prospects of a free trade agreement with the EU and developments in the US election campaign. They also spend an hour answering listener questions. Smut Quota: Low to middling. Note: For the next few weeks the podcast will be available from Sunday evenings.
18/10/202h 5m

Introducing 'What Next?' with Lionel Barber

Hi For The Many fans LBC have a new podcast we think you’ll enjoy - Hosted by Lionel Barber, the former Editor of the Financial Times, What Next? focuses on life after COVID-19 and sees the multi-award-winning journalist and author discover how the world is adapting to the pandemic, what needs to change and, most importantly, what lessons we have learnt that will shape our lives for the future. Each week, Lionel will be speaking to some of the biggest leading influential figures in the health, politics, business, technology, arts and environment world, such as former Prime Minister Tony Blair; Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation; ITV’s Chief Executive Dame Carolyn McCall and many more. Follow Lionel on Twitter: @lionelbarber. Listen and subscribe now on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts

215. Diva!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss new Covid new restrictions, Allegra Stratton’s appointment as the PM’s spokeswoman, Nicola Sturgeon’s political troubles, the latest developments in the US election, the government’s careers app, Darren Grimes and MPs’ pay. Smut quota: Middling
10/10/201h 24m

214. Spin Cycle Defcon 5

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, his debate with Joe Biden, the idiocy of people who break Coronavirus rules (yes you Jeremy Corbyn, Stanley Johnson and Margaret Ferrier!), the latest from Strictly, Jenny Murray’s last Woman’s Hour, Priti Patel’s latest brainwave and National Poetry Day. Smut Quota: High at the start, low elsewhere.
03/10/201h 29m

213. Frothy Coffee

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Rishi Sunak’s Winter Economic Plan, Student ‘incarceration’, office romances, Trump and the transferral of power, Ben Wallace’s comments on an ‘illegal war’, the disappearance of Priti Patel, Iain needing a passport to get into Kent, Harry & Meghan’s comments on the US election, Diane Abbott’s book and Jacqui gives us an update on her ‘Strictly’ activities. Smut Quota: Low. Ish.
26/09/201h 36m

212. Emergency Smutcast

In this welcome return of the Wednesday podcast Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale turn their beady eye on Boris Johnson’s address to the nation and ask whether the measures taken to limit the spread of Coronavirus really go far enough. They also discuss Sir Keir Starmer’s virtual Labour party conference speech, and they lighten the mood at the end with a conversation about ‘bushiness’. Graham should stop listening at approx. 30 mins. Smut Quota: High at the end.
23/09/2037m 48s

211. Second Spike

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Internal Markets Bill, ask whether a second spike of coronavirus is about to happen, the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Jacqui’s wardrobe fitting for Strictly Come Dancing and much more besides. Smut Quota: Non existent. Graham will be pleased.
19/09/201h 11m

210. Better Late Than Never

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the latest round of Brexit shenanigans, the Rule of Six, UKIP’s new leader, Rugby, the Proms and the Japan trade deal. Smut Quota: Lowish
13/09/201h 48m

209. Strictly Not a ‘Strictly’ Podcast

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith start of this week’s podcast by discussing the news that Lady Smut will be contestant in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing show. So that’s the first twenty minutes done and dusted. They then move on to their normal fayre of political analysis, gossip and intrigue. This week they discuss Tony Abbott’s appointment as a UK trade adviser, Tim Davie’s first major speech as BBC DG, the XR protests, the rising number of coronavirus cases, and they preview the new James Bond film. Smut quota: Iain: Low, Jacqui: Can’t help herself.
05/09/201h 45m

208. Totes Emosh

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s political news including possible tax rises, the new BBC Director General, developments in Belarus, the return of Parliament and the appointment of a new cabinet secretary. They also get a little emotional when answering a listener’s question. And they break some sad news… Smut Quota: Middling to high. Sorry Graham.
02/09/201h 34m

207. LibDem Advice Surgery

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith dole out some well meant advice to the new LibDem leader Sir Ed Davey, scratch their heads about Chris Grayling’s resignation, talk local government reorganisation (don’t worry, not for long) and Jacqui wonders how on earth Iain’s partner John has put up with him for 25 years. Smut quota: Low.
29/08/201h 27m

206. She’s Back!

Jacqui Smith returns from her holiday’s full of vim and vigour and tries desperately to convince Iain her services are worth retaining, following the popularity of her three stand-ins. They discuss Face masks, returning to school, Gavin Williamson’s continuing travails, Belarus, the BBC and the Proms and answer a lot of your questions. Smut Quota: Low to middling.
26/08/201h 45m

205. The Caroline Flint Show

Jacqui Smith is still on her holidays (she’s back next week) so Iain is joined by former Labour MP Caroline Flint to discuss the week’s news events and much else besides. It turns out to be the longest edition of the For the Many podcast ever – two hours and ten minutes of pure, unadulterated joyful political commentary and entertainment! Do listen to the end as you won’t want to miss some very revealing anecdotes from both Caroline and Iain. In the first part of the podcast they discuss Joe Biden, Gavin Williamson’s week, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, evictions, Floridian genetically modified mosquitos and the possibility of a new news channel to rival Sky. Smut quota: Low
22/08/202h 10m

204. The Wes Streeting Show

With Jacqui Smith away, Iain Dale invited Labour MP and For the Many podcast Superfan Wes Streeting to sit in the hot seat. They discuss the A Level grading fiasco, Public Health England and the Democrats National Convention, as well as taking on a whole host of listener questions. Smut quota: Disappointingly low for a Wednesday.
19/08/201h 9m

203. The Denise Headley Show

Jacqui Smith is on holiday so Denise Headley joins Iain to chew over the week’s events. They discuss the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, the new Quarantine measures, the reaction to the A Level results and what the government should do next. They answer listener questions too. Smut Quota: Non existent (Graham will be pleased).
15/08/201h 44m

202. Arrivederci Jacquelina!

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Channel migrants, Kamala Harris, bleak economic figures, Dawn Butler and Ben & Jerries. They also talk about Jacqui’s imminent summer holiday and who will be replacing her on the next three episodes. Stand by for some quality corpsing too. Smut quota: Medium
12/08/201h 16m

201. On White Horses

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the news of the last few days and talk about the latest Coronavirus developments, the weird interviews given this week by Trump and Biden, and the likelihood of a Japan-UK trade deal. They answers lots of your questions and reminisce over 1970s television. Smut Quota: Lowish
09/08/201h 46m

200. Not Out

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the explosion in Beirut, the latest developments on Coronavirus, the death of John Hume, Peerages and whether the Tory MP being questioned over sexual assault should have the party whip withdrawn. Smut quota: Middling to low.
05/08/201h 16m

199. The Caravan Rocks

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the latest emergency lockdown in the North West, Donald Trump’s election rigging tweet, Charlie Elphicke’s conviction and much else besides. Smut Quota: Low (with one transgression).
31/07/201h 22m

198. Loving Brandi Carlile

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith turn their attention to Wiley’s antisemitic tweets, the LibDem leadership contest, the Spanish quarantine, the government’s new obesity strategy and BAME representation in the boardroom. And they answer your questions in their own inimitable manner. Smut quota: Middling.
29/07/201h 19m

197. Fat Chozzers

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the government’s new obesity strategy, face coverings, Aston Villa’s chances of avoiding relegation, Wiley’s Twitter shame and how worried the Tories should be about Scotland. And a lot of other nonsense too including the size of Jacqui’s new bed. Listen to the end… Smut quota: Lowish
25/07/201h 53m

196. The Putin Kompromat

The now award winning Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss their Civility in Politics Award before discussing the entrails of the ISC report into Russian activity in the UK. They talk about Labour’s decision to reach a settlement with 7 former employees and Panorama journalist John Ware. Jacqui gets emotional over Aston Villa’s hopes of retaining their Premier League status and they answer a shed load of listener questions. Smut quota: Middling to high.
22/07/201h 26m

195. Eat Out to Help Out

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith indulge in some post watershed chat about the week’s political events including the Intelligence & Security Committee shenanigans, Boris’s Back to Work speech, the plight of the Uigher Muslims, Russia and the vaccine, Liam Fox’s bid to be WTO chief, the EU rescue package, the LibDem leadership contest and the death of civil rights campaigner, John Lewis. Smut quota: Middling
18/07/201h 48m

194. Runny Custard

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Huawei, Face Masks, Paedophile hunters, Sir Keir Starmer’s first 100 days and PMQs. Smut quota: Possibly a little too high
15/07/201h 25m

193. Dreaming of Layla

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith ask whether the wearing of facemasks should be made mandatory. They ask why Donald Trump would intervene on Roger Stone’s behalf and commute his sentence and bemoan the retail job losses on the UK High Street. They discuss the membership of the Intelligence and Security Committee and the non publication of the Priti Patel report. They then talk about the use of personal pronouns and a few other things besides: Smut quota: Very low, apart from at the end.
11/07/201h 29m

192. Snort, Snort

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith analyse Rishi Sunak’s Summer Statement and ask the all important question: Can someone who is 5’7” become Prime Minister? They lament that the party conferences have all been cancelled and they discuss the imminent demise of the BBC’s Politics Live programme and ask how the BBC can seriously call itself a public service broadcaster if this happens. And Iain panics when he learns his books have gone out of stock. Smut quota: Middling to high right from the start.
08/07/201h 31m

191. Hong Kong Phooey

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith turn their attention to Hong Kong, lifting lockdown, David Starkey and televised press conferences in Number Ten. And Jacqui insists on talking about The Clap…. for the NHS… Smut Quota: Low
04/07/201h 45m

190. Build, Baby, Build

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Leicester lockdown, Boris Johnson’s big speech in Dudley, job losses and Richard Madeley’s mea culpa on domestic violence. Smut quota: Middling
01/07/201h 18m

189. Rebecca Who?

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith examine the entrails of Rebecca Long-Bailey’s political career and ask if Keir Starmer did the right thing by sacking her. They talk about why some people think lockdown is over and the consequences of abandoning social distancing. They ask if Robert Jenrick is safe in his job and Jacqui bemoans the cancelling of Glastonbury (Iain doesn’t). They discuss Parler, a new rival to Twitter and at the end of the podcast they indulge in the best corpsing you’ll ever hear, in reaction to Alison’s question. Enjoy: Smut Quota: Middling.
27/06/201h 52m

188. Twice a Week

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the lockdown measures which are being lifted, the Reading terror attack, the Windrush and Brexit anniversaries, and ask who should be the three Jokers in a pack of prime ministerial playing cards. Iain and Jacqui wish to apologise for the lack of a question from Noah Keates. Smut Quota: Medium to high
24/06/201h 25m

187. Blue Rim, Red Rim

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale discuss events in the week’s political debate including the relaxing of the 2 metre social distancing rule, the failure of the Tracing App, Black Lives Matter, Why Trump hates Bolton (has he ever been there?!), and the return of Premier League football. Smut Quota: Lowish
20/06/201h 21m

186. Jacqui’s Front Door

Iain and Jacqui discuss free school meals and the abolition of the Department for International Development before moving on to answer lots of listener questions like: Might they one day get married? Have either of them ever had a strong accent? The podcast ends rather abruptly when Jacqui hears a man knocking on her front door. Smut quota: Medium
17/06/201h 8m

BONUS: Getting Together

In this podcast for the Jo Cox Foundation, Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale talk about the Great Get Together weekend, their own friendship and why public discourse is at an all time low.
17/06/2036m 17s

185. Bubbling with Support

Iain and Jacqui discuss how Jacqui is deploying her own support bubble, the terrible GDP figures announced this week, the Black Lives Matter protests, whether Little Britain and other shows should be censored, the return of Denise from Enfield and whether Britain and the EU will, in the end, come to a free trade deal. Smut Quota: Ish
13/06/201h 53m

184. Jacqui on 33 1/3

Iain and Jacqui discuss the Black Lives Matter protests, PMQs, British Airways and they answer your questions. There were a few technical difficulties in the first half which resulted in Jacqui being played at 33 1/3 RPM (younger listeners should ask their parents). Smut quota: Middling
10/06/201h 12m

183. Denise

Iain and Jacqui talk about facemasks, China and Hong Kong, Donald Trump’s reaction to the killing of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter protests, Madeleine McCann and the new BBC Director General. Iain also relates how Denise from Enfield came to co-present his LBC show on Thursday. And there are lots of your questions. Smut quota: Middling
06/06/202h 2m

182. Revelations

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale take on their usual Wednesday role of Agony Aunt and Uncle to the nation. However, they commence by talking about Coronavirus, PMQs and events in America. Jacqui reveals all (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration) about the new man in her life, and they both have a couple of corpsing moments, due to the hilarious emails they are getting from you, the dear listener. Smut Quota: Middling to high.
03/06/201h 21m

181. Hong Kong Fooey

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith cast their beady eyes over the latest Coronavirus developments and wonder whether we are lifting lockdown too quickly. They discuss Hong Kong and the terrible events in Minneapolis and how Donald Trump has worsened the crisis. They talk about the latest controversy hitting Newsnight, and answer more questions than ever. And Iain reads out possibly the longest poem ever written by a reader. Smut Quota: Lowish with the odd fall off the tightrobe of double entendres. Sorry Graham.
30/05/201h 55m

180. Paddington Glitter

Iain and Jacqui spend most of the podcast answering your questions on everything from Dominic Cummings to career advice and Gin recommendations. Given Iain doesn’t drink, he wasn’t very interesting on that one, until Jacqui mentioned Gin with glitter in it. It went downhill from there…
27/05/201h 16m

179. Not So Classic Dom

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith host an emergency edition of the For the Many podcast in which they spend half an hour discussing the latest developments in ‘Domgate’ and speculate on whether his press conference did more harm than good.
26/05/2031m 59s

178. Cummings & Goings

Iain and Jacqui discuss Dominic Cummings and whether he can stay in his job as Boris Johnson’s chief adviser. They talk about the debate about schools reopening, the climbdown by Boris Johnson over the NHS surcharge and whether Parliament should return without remote access. They start off by talking about Jacqui’s appearance on the DumTeeDum podcast and Mental Health Awareness Week. They wish to apologise for the lack of corpsing moments, and for the fact there are only two moments of smut during the whole podcast. They promise to up their game on Wednesday.
23/05/201h 29m

Windy Gussets

Iain and Jacqui get highly excited about the LibDem leadership contest, they debate the situation in care homes, the NHS surcharge for immigrants, the row between Sadiq Khan and the government and the TFL bailout and just how good is Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister of Scotland.
20/05/201h 26m


Iain and Jacqui discuss whether schools should reopen or not and all the latest coronavirus developments, as well as answer even more questions than usual, even if they do get diverted down some rhetorical alleyways on the way. It’s one of their more thoughtful podcasts…. Until someone asks which cartoon characters they fancy. Yabbadabbadoo!
16/05/201h 53m

Surprise Package

Iain and Jacqui discuss the government’s announcements on lockdown and whether mixed messaging is a ‘thing’. They answer a lot of your questions and at the end of the podcast Jacqui receives a surprise package from her Hermes delivery driver. It’s probably their chattiest podcast yet. Lots of laughs and the odd meaningful moment.
13/05/201h 24m

We’ll Meet Again

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss mugs, VE day celebrations, lifting the Coronavirus lockdown, quarantining new arrivals into the country, Adam Boulton, whether the Electoral Commission is fit for purpose and Iain’s new tractor. Smut quota: Very low
09/05/201h 36m

Snorting Jacqui

Iain and Jacqui discuss three resignations, Keir Starmer’s first PMQs and all the latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis. They answer your agony aunt questions and speculate who their most likely murderers would be. Smut quota: Medium.
06/05/201h 18m

Mugs & Jugs

Iain and Jacqui celebrate the arrival of the For the Many mugs and then turn their attention to the latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis. They talk about whether Health Secretary Matt Hancock fiddled the figures to achieve his target of 100,000 tests a day, whether we should wear face masks and the prospects of lockdown being lifted. Jacqui talks about her singing in a virtual choice, while Iain reveals why he is gripped by a new Australian political documentary. Smut Quota: Medium
02/05/201h 54m

The Stork Delivers

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale discuss Priti Patel, Dominic Cummings, Coronavirus, the new Johnson baby and whether Boris Johnson should take paternity leave. Iain says no and Jacqui says yes. They also answer a zillion of your questions in a bid to inform and entertain in their unique matter to take your mind off all your troubles! Smut Quota: Medium
29/04/201h 3m

Plops & Parps

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale have a bit of a falling out over Dominic Cummings (but they do it nicely, obvs) and they discuss all the latest politics surrounding Coronavirus. Iain talks about his new job as media critics for Reaction.Life and they discuss the merits or otherwise of mushy bananas. Lots of your questions answered too. Smut Quota: Medium (sorry).
25/04/201h 47m

Front door, back door

Iain and Jacqui debate the latest developments on the Coronavirus crisis and answer a multitude of your varied Dear Auntie Jacqui and Dear Uncle Iain questions. To the best of their ability. Listen out for a very long corpsing moment, and also for their advise on consuming an Arctic Roll or a Viennetta. Seriously. Top quality political analysis, this. Smut Quota: Not quite as high as last Wednesday, but not far off.
22/04/201h 5m

Islands in the Stream

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith put the world to rights on Coronavirus, a Brexit extension and Keir Starmer, and they answer more questions from their devoted listeners. They break into song (sorry about that) and Iain tells a listener’s dirty joke only to find that Jacqui often tells the same joke herself. Smut Quota: Medium
18/04/201h 40m

Corpsing Aunties

Iain and Jacqui discuss the lastest Coronavirus developments and Labour’s leaked document on anti-semitism before taking on the role of Agony Aunt and Uncle to the Nation. You have been warned. Smut Quota: Off the scale
15/04/201h 10m

Car keys in the bowl

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith pore over the latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis and analyse Keir Starmer’s front bench appointments, as well as answering loads of very incisive questions from you, the dear listener. Smut Quota: Medium to High (Again)
11/04/201h 32m

Dear Auntie Jacqui

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the plight the Prime Minister is in in intensive care and whether there is a power vacuum at the top of government. They conclude there isn’t. And they spend 45 minutes answering questions from listeners with, shall we say, a little too much candour at times. Smut quota: High
08/04/201h 1m

Dogs On The Bed

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the election of Sir Keir Starmer as leader of the Labour Party and wonder whether he can rebuild its electoral fortunes. They talk about all the latest developments on Coronavirus and answer a shedload of listener questions in their unique and ribald way. Smut quota: disappointingly low to middling.
04/04/201h 35m

Eating a Crème Egg

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith reprise their roles as Agony Uncle and Aunt to the nation in these difficult times. They review the latest developments on Coronavirus then take listener questions and give tips on how to survive self-isolation – some of them more helpful than others. Smut Quota: Medium to Highish

Jugs & Duvets

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith analyse the implications of Boris Johnson getting the Coronavirus and question the role of the media in this crisis. They also answer a lot of listener questions. Smut Quota: Middling
29/03/201h 24m

Snatch, Lift, Jerk

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith go into agony aunt and uncle mode on their new midweek podcast. They discuss latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis and how they’re coping being at home all the time. They then answer listeners’ questions including what to do if your wife gets a piece of Special K stuck? Smut Quota: Middling to high.
25/03/2059m 5s

Dungeons & Gimp Masks

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale talk extensively about the Coronavirus crisis but intersperse the seriousness with their characteristic humour, laughs and a lot of smut. Seriously. Well, someone needs to lighten the national mood, don’t they? And these two prove they’re up to the task… Smut Quota: Off the scale
21/03/201h 34m

What Gloria Gaynor Said

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis and the budget. Jacqui isn’t impressed by Chris Grayling’s new job and they discuss a very creepy photo of Iain. Smut quota: Low
14/03/201h 25m

Muffled Applause

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith analyse the government and public response to the Coronavirus crisis, they wonder whether Priti Patel can survive and express surprise at the way the Democratic primaries have turned out. They talk ‘tampon tax’ and ‘For the Many’ mugs, as well as answer listener questions. Smut quota: High, from the beginning
08/03/201h 21m

Priti Vacant

This emergency extra edition of the For the Many podcast sees Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale reacting to the breaking news of the resignation of Sir Philip Rutnam as Permanent Secretary of the Home Office. Jacqui shares her insights as a former Home Secretary, while Iain assesses the political fallout. Smut quota: Absolutely zero.
29/02/2019m 2s

Blowing Horns

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith talk about the Labour leadership and Jacqui reveals who she will be voting for. Will she betray the sisterhood? Listen and find out. They discuss the developing Coronavirus situation, the report on paedophilia in Westminster, changes in university application procedures and the appeal court decision on Heathrow expansion. Plus they both reveal how much it would take for them to get their kit off on TV. Brace yourselves. Smut quota: A bit too high for comfort.
29/02/201h 26m

Mugged Off

Jacqui Smith returns to the podcast after her sojourn in India and reveals what going on a singles holiday is like. She and Iain then discuss the death of Caroline Flack, Priti Patel’s bumpy week, the government’s new points based immigration system, Michael Bloomberg’s terrible presidential debate performance, the dangers of hiring ‘weirdos’, #WheresBoris and they discuss the latest developments in the Labour leadership contest: Smut quota: Fair to middling
23/02/201h 23m

Classic Dom

Iain Dale and Ayesha Hazarika dissect the cabinet reshuffle and wonder if Dominic Cummings has completed his takeover of the political side of the government machine. Iain talks for the first time about his walkout from the Good Morning Britain studio and they discuss the latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis, the New Hampshire Primary and the deportation of foreign criminals. And Ayesha falls of her chair. Smut quota: Medium
14/02/201h 18m

Jazz Hands

Jacqui Smith is away! So Iain Dale & Ayesha Hazarika discuss the latest developments on Donald Trump’s impeachment and the US Presidential race. Ayesha declares her love for Nancy Pelosi and Iain rolls his eyes. They talk about the Labour leadership, the impending government reshuffle, Tracy Brabin’s bare, naked shoulder and Diane Abbot’s tweet on the Bercow bullying allegations. Smut quota: High. From the start.
08/02/201h 3m

Scented Candles

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith look back on Brexit Day and wonder what will be different. They analyse the cuts to BBC News, the seriousness of the Coronavirus, the coming cabinet reshuffle, the Iowa caucuses, Huwawei, HS2 and Iain wonders if Jacqui has ever ‘walked like an Egyptian’. And Jacqui looks forward to her holiday in India. Smut quota: unusually high. We’re sorry.
02/02/201h 28m

Snatching Victory

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the Coronavirus, the prospects of the four remaining Labour leadership candidates and how they will each mark our exit from the European Union on Friday. They look at the BBC after Tony Hall, why Victoria Derbyshire’s show has been axed and the future funding of the Corporation. They talk about HS2, Holocaust Memorial Day and the importance of maiden speeches. Smut from the very beginning!
26/01/201h 44m

Foot Long German Sausage

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith talk about royal developments (not because they want to), ask which of the candidates for the Labour leadership have had a good or a bad week and wonder why the LibDems won’t have a new leader until July. Jacqui takes on her critics over the Manchester grooming sex abuse scandal and they answer the question: to bong, or not to bong.
19/01/201h 37m

Whispering Barry Gardiner Memorial Edition

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith pour over the week’s news and debate the royal goings on, events in Iran and the Labour leadership contest. Jacqui reveals what she will do if a certain candidate wins and Iain gives Jess Phillips some well meant advice. They discuss the consequences of Samira Ahmed’s employment tribunal win for the BBC and look forward to their appearance on Pointless Celebrities this week.
12/01/201h 9m

Happy New Beaver

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith reveal how they spent Christmas and the New Year, discuss the growing crisis over the assassination of the Iranian military leader General Soleimani, and they spend the rest of the podcast answering a wealth of your questions on subjects like the Labour leadership, Dominic Cummings, football and which country they’d like to be British Ambassador in. Smut quota: Low
04/01/201h 13m

Review of 2019

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith look back at a year which saw a change of prime minister, a general election, protests in Britain, France and Hong Kong, Donald Trump impeached and a Brexit deal done and ready to put in the over. Sort of. So not much to talk about then… Smut quote: Low
31/12/191h 13m

Awards of 2019

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith dish out their end of year awards to the politically deserving and undeserving. They empty their sack of awards doling out Worst Minister of the Year, Sexiest politician of the year and much more besides. What better way to celebrate Christmas than listening to two people who genuinely believe giving is better than receiving? Smut Quota: High, at the start!
24/12/191h 5m

Yuletide Ladyparts

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the week’s post-election events including the Queen’s Speech, the passing of the Brexit Bill, political appointments, the Labour leadership race and they reveal how they will be spending Christmas day. They also discuss the impeachment of Donald Trump and why people send homophobic hate mail. Smut Quota: Low
22/12/191h 19m

Heaving Chests

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss the momentous result of the general election and Jacqui loses not time into ripping into Jeremy Corbyn. They look at the consequences for British politics over the next five years and wonder how Labour can rebuild. They talk reshuffles, Brexit and identify the potential candidates for the Labour leadership. They talk about their run-in with Grace Blakely on Good Morning Britain and answer a lot of listener questions. Smut quote: Low
15/12/191h 59m

DAILY TRAIL: Campaign Trail comes to an end

In this episode Shelagh and Iain discuss Nigel Farage's comments saying Britain will face another Brexit crisis in the spring if Tories win. Nicola Sturgeon attacks Boris Johnson saying he is the 'greatest threat to Scotland of any Tory PM in modern times' And the leader of Plaid Cymru has called for a law to stop politicians lying to public.
11/12/1927m 59s

For The Many: Once Over Easy

In their final podcast before polling day Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the election events of the past few days. They wonder why Boris Johnson behaved as he did over the child at Leeds Infirmary and talk about Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth falling victim to a leak by a supposed friend. They give their predictions for the result on Thursday and preview LBC’s election night show. Smut Quota: Low.
11/12/1939m 13s

DAILY TRAIL: That non punch

Shelagh and Iain discuss the “fake news” surrounding the Conservative's after party sources wrongly claimed that a Cabinet minister’s aide was punched outside the hospital where a four-year-old boy was photographed lying on the floor.
10/12/1911m 54s

DAILY TRAIL: Bobot and lessons in being human

In this episode Shelagh and Iain discuss the extraordinary moment where Boris grabs a reporter’s phone so he didn’t have to look at a photo of a sick child that was featured on the front page of the Mirror. Plus, the PM hints that the BBC Licence Fee may go. Elsewhere on the campaign trail, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell sets out Labour’s first 100 days in power which includes, mass nationalisation a budget to save the NHS. They also discuss politicians not being able to break away from campaign mode.
09/12/1932m 32s

For The Many: Knocking Up

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss the latest events in the election campaign including the final debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. Jacqui relates her experience knocking on doors in Workington and they both tell their stories about being a candidate on polling day and then making a concession speech at the count. Smut quota: Zero
08/12/191h 5m

DAILY TRAIL: Boris picking and choosing interviews

In this episode Shealgh Fogarty is joined by LBC's Matthew Thompson. They dicusses Boris defending his decision not to do Andrew Neil interview. Tony Blair and John Major appear alongside each other to urge tactical voting and the leaked document on trade deal impact on Northern Ireland dismissed by the Tories.
06/12/1919m 4s

DAILY TRAIL: Brexit Exit for MEP's & Andrew Neil still waiting for Boris

In this episode, Shelagh and Iain look at whether the wheels are starting to come off Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party with the loss of four MEP’s? Boris Johnson refuses to commit to doing an interview with Andrew Neil. Is Sajid Javid right or wrong when he says Labour are to blame for the rise in homelessness and seventy Labour staffers give statements to antisemitism inquiry. Plus would Jeremy Corbyn stand down if he loses this election?
05/12/1924m 59s

For The Many: Nice Beaver

Jacqui Smith & Iain Dale discuss the NATO summit, Justin Trudeau’s faux pas, the LibDem XR protest, the New Statesman refusing to endorse Corbyn and Jeremy Corbyn’s irritating habit… Jacqui reveals she wished she hadn’t contested the 2010 election and they both relate how it feels to lose an election.
05/12/1935m 34s

DAILY TRAIL: Trump labels Trudeau 'Two-Faced'

Did diplomacy fail when Justin Trudeau was caught on camera laughing behind the President’s back at Buckingham Palace? And was it diplomatic for the President to call him ‘two-faced’? Shelagh reveals for the first time ever that she supports Trump, plus what can we read into the President cancelling his press conference at the Nato summit?
04/12/1917m 31s

ELECTION: Sadiq Khan responds to London Bridge Attack & where’s Moggy?

In this episode Ann Widdecombe tells us what offers she had from Number 10 to stand aside. Michael Gove is quizzed over that confusing number of new nurses they plan for the NHS. Sadiq Khan is asked what went wrong at London Bridge that led to the deaths of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones and Labour’s Barry Gardiner is put on the spot about Labour’s Brexit position
04/12/1931m 29s

Iain Dale introduces Rule Britannia with Tom Swarbrick

If you're enjoying this podcast, then you should listen to Rule Britannia! Join LBC's Tom Swarbrick as he interviews leading experts, politicians and industry influencers to gather a weekly round up of the most important world news and hidden topics that you won't have heard about. Find out just what goes on behind closed doors and how today's decisions will affect Britains future. Coming soon. Search for Rule Britannia, subscribe on Global player or wherever you get your podcasts, now!
04/12/191m 56s

DAILY TRAIL: Columbo, Trump and Ronnie Corbett

In this episode Shelagh and Iain examine the words coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth as he held nearly an hour long press conference here in London. Should we trust him when he says he’s not interested in the NHS? And as Columbo would say, just one more thing....Is the President correct when he says that he predicted Brexit the day before Brexit happened?
03/12/1923m 13s

DAILY TRAIL: Politicisation of London Bridge & Donald Trump's Arrvial

In this episode Shelagh and Iain look at the politicisation of the terror attack at London Bridge and whether it was inevitable that the debate would form part of the campaigns? Also what impact will Donald Trump have on the election when he touches down in the UK? Plus Shelagh and Iain work out their UKIP names.
02/12/1927m 49s

ELECTION: Boris Johnson Interview with Nick Ferrari

In this episode, you can hear the full unedited interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson where he is questioned over the NHS, Donald Trump and his comments about single mothers. Also when was the last time Boris had a Greggs sausage roll?
02/12/1959m 14s

For The Many: The Bravery of Crowds

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith review the London Bridge terror attack and try to work out what effect, if any, it might have on the election campaign. They review the latest polls and debates and review the performances of the 7 politicians who took part in Friday’s BBC debate in Cardiff. Smut Quota: Very Low
30/11/191h 1m

DAILY TRAIL: London Bridge Incident & Boris on LBC

In this episode having just come off air Shelagh discusses with Iain the importance of factual reporting during on going incidents such as London Bridge. They also look to the seven way TV debate and whether Channel 4 was right to use an ice scuplture as a stand in for Boris?
29/11/1923m 32s

DAILY TRAIL: Whats a billion Between Friends

Today Iain Dale is joined by LBC's Senior Reporter Matthew Thompson. The pair talk about the IFS, Women in politics and Northern Ireland.
29/11/1922m 29s

For The Many: Thin Gruel

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith turn their attention to a rather thin Tory manifesto, Labour’s promise to the WASPI women, Jeremy Corbyn’s car crash interview with Andrew Neil and whether the NHS is for sale to America. Jacqui explains her reverse advent calendar and they pay tribute to Clive James. Smut quota: Non existent
28/11/1941m 18s

DAILY TRAIL: Is The NHS Up For Sale?

Shelagh and Iain focus their attention on labour, saying the NHS is up for sale! Labour aren’t free yet as the pair reflect on the interview with Andrew Neil and Jeremy Corbyn. Also, they pay their respects to the late Gary Rhodes, Jonathan Miller and Clive James.
27/11/1922m 42s

DAILY TRAIL: Chief Rabbi Intervention & Register to Vote!

In this episode Shelagh and Iain examine the intervention by the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who highlights the anxieties over Mr Corbyn’s fitness to govern. Have religious leaders always been vocal in general elections? Plus Tuesday the 26th November is last day to register to vote, with over 2 million registering already, what impact will this have on the election result?
26/11/1920m 11s

DAILY TRAIL: Skinnyfesto's and Baaaaaaa

Shelagh and Iain turn their attention to the Tory manifesto and Jo Swinson's comments on Andrew Marr's programme about trans women. We also learn something very interesting about Iain's mum.
25/11/1926m 51s

ELECTION: Swinson on Prince Andrew and candidates failing to know their manifesto

In this episode Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson shares her views over that Prince Andrew interview. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is asked about the Conservative Press Office fake fact check account. Nigel Farage reveals who he will be voting for and two Lib Dem candidates fail to know the detail of their manifesto.
25/11/1932m 19s

For The Many: Fluffy Bunnies

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith examine the latest election developments including the Labour and Brexit Party manifestos, the BBC Question Time debates, why some politicians are being hidden from us in this campaign, and much more besides. They also play ‘fluffy bunnies’ (yes, really) and Jacqui explains some unfortunate happenings at her yoga class. Smut quota: Middling to low.
24/11/191h 36m

DAILY TRAIL: Brexit Party Manifesto & Social Care

In this episode Shealgh & Iain look at the Brexit Party's 'contract with the people' and what each of the parties stance is on social care.
22/11/1919m 55s

DAILY TRAIL: Labour Manifesto & Priti Patel's Poverty Comments

In today’s episode, we look at the Labour Manifesto Launch and Home Secretary Priti Patel’s comments that Government is not to blame for poverty. Also what brings Iain close to tears? Download to find out!
21/11/1921m 8s

For The Many: Fact-checking Teabags

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale delve into the latest election campaign developments, including the ITV leaders debate, the CCHQ factchecking farrago and trawl over the entrails of the ‘Camelgate’ scandal. Smut quota: Lowish
21/11/1937m 48s

DAILY TRAIL: CCHQ Twitter Warning & Lib Dem Manifesto

In today’s episode, we look at the fallout from those TV debates and the warning to CCHQ Press Office over their Fact Check Twitter account. We also look at the Lib Dem manifesto launch which includes frequent flyer levy’s and Boris Johnson's pledge over national insurance contributions.
20/11/1923m 38s

ELECTION: Farage Payback, Nuclear Deterrents and Lib Dem Pacts

In this episode Eddie Mair grills Nigel Farage on the Brexit party candidates he stood down and whether or not he will pay them back. Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry responds to Nick Ferrari’s question on whether Jeremy Corbyn would ever use a nuclear deterrent. Should we be concerned about foreign meddling in this General Election? Former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale defends the postponement of the report into Russian interference. Will the Lib Dem’s form a remain pact with Labour? Lib Dem Deputy Leader Ed Davey is asked to explain and Green Party Candidate Caroline Lucas admits to long haul flights.
18/11/1932m 49s

For the Many: Game, Set & Snatch

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith cast their beady eyes over all the developments in the election campaign. Will Labour’s free Broadband be an election winner or will people be sceptical about ‘free stuff’ and the cost to the taxpayer? They preview Tuesday’s ITV head to head debate between Corbyn and Johnson and then turn their attention to the Tump impeachment hearings, the Prince Andrew interview, as well as pay tribute to Frank Dobson, who died last week. They end by talking about the new series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’, ‘The Crown’ and ‘The Man in the High Castle’. Smut Quota: Medium
17/11/191h 31m

For the Many: Unhappy Endings

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith turn their attention to the latest developments in the election campaign and debate whether Nigel Farage’s decision not to stand candidate in Tory seats will have any impact on the final result. They look at the arguments about flood defence policy and the various candidate problems each of the parties has been experiencing. Smut Quota: Medium to High
14/11/1939m 50s

LBC Election 2019: Informing Your Choice at the Ballot Box

For the next few weeks up to the General Election, For The Many will be changing it's name to LBC Election 2019. You will still be able to enjoy two episodes of For The Many each week along with the best bits of LBC’s election coverage. Over the campaign period, LBC’s biggest names including Iain Dale, Eddie Mair, James O’Brien and Nick Ferrari will be regularly grilling politicians from all the parties and this will be the place that brings all those key election moments. You will also hear those LBC callers putting those in power on the spot. Hosted by a different LBC Presenter each week, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a trick during this election campaign so that you will be better informed at the ballot box.
13/11/191m 3s

Election, Schmelection

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale analyse the candidate woes that both main parties have experienced this week, but they do find a little time to talk about policy. A very little. They look at Tom Watson’s motivations for not standing in this election and examine the latest opinion polls. Jacqui’s a little sniffly this week. Remember, throughout the election there will be two episodes a week of the For the Many podcast, usually on Thursday and Sunday mornings. Smut quota: Low
10/11/191h 13m

A Mass Debate

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith analyse the first few days of the election campaign. They rate the performances of the main parties and their leaders, talk about TV debates, the travails of the Tory campaign and there’s the odd bit (well, two bits actually) or Jacqui Smith inspired smut. What more could you ask for from a bonus podcast!
07/11/1941m 6s

Jacqui’s Spin Cycle

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss all aspects of the beginning of the general election campaign, where the parties are in the polls, how the Brexit Party may affect the result, who’s had the best start to the campaign, Nigel Farage’s LBC interview with Donald Trump, . They also turn their attention to the Grenfell Tower report, the government’s failure to publish the ISC report, the election for a new Speaker, Rod Liddle, Any Questions, booing journalists and why Asda is treating its workers so badly. They also answer a shed load of questions in amongst which they both corpse. Smut quota: Medium to High
03/11/191h 43m

Jezza’s Election Dilemma

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss the likelihood of a general election and speculate on whether Jeremy Corbyn is at odds with his party over the issue. They talk about the death of 39 Chinese nationals in a container truck in Essex, the LBC Rajar figures, Jacqui’s trip to Beirut and Boris Johnson’s failure to appear before the Liaison Committee. And Iain wants your money, and announces some new theatre dates. SMUT QUOTA: Almost non existent. Sorry.
25/10/191h 4m

Puff the Magic Dragon

Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale spend much of the podcast discussing Boris Johnson’s deal and the ramifications of the Letwin amendment. Suffice today, there’s not too much agreement this week! They also discuss Dame Louise Ellman’s resignation from the Labour Party and the Rugby World Cup, as well as revealing a bit too much (in Iain’s case) in questions. Smut quota: Low
20/10/191h 6m

Beirut Babes

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith record an earlier than usual podcast because she’s off to Beirut for the weekend and Iain’s in North Devon. Well that’s their story anyway. In this hour long episode they discuss the prospects of an EU deal and whether the Boris/Leo meeting might be a breakthrough moment. They discuss diplomatic immunity in the light of the Harry Dunn tragedy, the conflict between Turkey and Syria, and the prospect of gay couple on Dancing on Ice and Strictly. Oh, and the big news of the week featuring Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy can’t be avoided. Smut quota: Too high
11/10/1958m 8s

The late Jacqui Smith

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith record this week’s (shortish!) episode live at Podcast Live at The Light in central London. They discuss Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal proposals, Rory Stewart leaving the Conservative Party, Tom Watson’s culpability in the Henriques report, the future of Thought for the Day and they pay tribute to Peter Sissons.
06/10/191h 4m

Surprise, Surprise

In the longest episode ever Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith discuss the seismic political events of the week and try to make some sense of what has happened, and in the last half an hour they welcome a much loved surprise guest from the world of political media. They start by discussing the Supreme court decision, the use of language in politics, the Labour and Tory conferences, John Major, David Cameron’s book, Naga Munchetty and the return of Spitting Image. Smut quota: Medium
29/09/191h 57m

Labour’s Circular Firing Squad

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith discuss Labour’s shambolic start to its annual conference and speculate as to the real agenda behind the attempt to oust Tom Watson. They review this week’s Supreme Court hearing, discuss Boris Johnson’s visit to Luxembourg and his confrontation at Whipps Cross hospital, which provokes another of Iain’s disgusting anecdotes. They also cover David Cameron’s book and Iain comes to regret seeing if Jacqui is in the index, as well as Thomas Cook, John Humphry’s departure from Today and they recall their experiences of Freshers’ Fairs. Smut quota: Medium
22/09/191h 40m

The Longest Podcast Evah!

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith turn their attentions to a multitude of subjects including defections to the LibDems, John Bercow’s imminent departure, legal battles over Brexit, David Cameron’s new book. Amber Rudd’s resignation, the fall in rape convictions, Gareth Thomas telling the world he is HIV positive and most important of all that Snickers is reverting to its original name of Marathon. They answer a lot of your incisive questions but there’s a disappointingly low level of smut this week.
15/09/191h 39m

Mr Johnson’s Difficult Week

Iain Dale & Jacqui Smith cast their beady eyes over the week that Jeremy Corbyn outfoxed Boris Johnson. They speculate about what may happen over the next month as well as analyse the effect of the withdrawal of the whip from 21 Tory rebels, as well as the defections to the Liberal Democrats. Iain tells Jacqui he will not be going back into politics and explains what it was like to be on this week’s BBC Question Time panel. Smut quota: Medium
08/09/191h 25m

For the Many is Prorogued

Iain Dale and Jacqui Smith spend an hour explaining what proroguing parliament means and why people have become so excited about it, and they do it with barely a raised voice. It can’t last. They also discuss Ruth Davidson’s resignation, sacking SPADs and in questions they reveal what their student accommodation was like and which musical instrument could soothe the nation’s mood. It is at this point that the conversation degenerates into the usual cesspool. You have been warned.
01/09/191h 33m

Mr Johnson’s 30 days

Iain and Jacqui award exam style grades to Boris Johnson for his first month as prime minister and analyse his track record so far. They do their own review of HS2 and cast a weary eye over Dorothy Byrne’s Mactaggart lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival. And they answer lots of your questions.

No Woman, No Cry

Iain is without any female companionship in this episode, what with Jacqui Smith rocking her caravan in Wales and technology defeating Jess Phillips. So he makes as good a fist of it as he can and in the words of The Beautiful South, carries on regardless. He discusses the possibility of a government of national unity, Jo Swinson’s first three weeks and then answers a lot of listener questions. Back to ormal next week, though. Thank God. Smut quota: Almost non existent.
18/08/1936m 0s

Edinburgh Melons

Iain and Jacqui cast their beady eyes over Boris Johnson’s first two and a half weeks as prime minister, and discuss the latest state of Brexit. They talk prisons and answer your questions on the Edinburgh Fringe and who might replace the holidaying Jacqui on next week’s podcast. Smut level: Medium
11/08/191h 2m


A rather shortened version of the podcast this week, entirely down to Iain’s lack of ability to notice his hard drive was full. Normal service will be resumed next week. At least we think it will!
04/08/1919m 56s

BoJo MoJo

Iain and Jacqui cast their beady eyes over the first four days of Boris Johnson’s premiership, plus a word or two about the new LibDem leader Jo Swinson and the sentencing of Carl Beech. #MoreDan joins them for the Q&A.
28/07/191h 35m

The Plumber Calls

Iain and Jacqui review the latest developments in the Tory leadership, they bid a fond farewell to Andrew Neil and discuss the worrying developments in the Strait of Hormuz. They discuss Iain’s various bits of media tartery and Jacqui reveals perhaps more than she had intended in answering a question on… well, you’ll just have to listen to find out.
21/07/191h 19m
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