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Wernham Blogg - The Office & Extras Podcast

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The podcast with 4 seedy little men discussing the UK edition of the TV show The Office and Extras. Twitter: @WernhamBlogg


Extras Christmas Special

After 18 months, your favourite "bunch of saddos" (according to Emily Whitford of the Guardian) welcome you back to our humble podcasting abode to bring you blow by blow analysis of the Extras Christmas special. We look at all the key issues  ... Was Darren Lamb really such a bad agent ? Was fame the mask that ate into Andy's face ? Is Tre Cooper just an alpha dickhead or a necessary and deserved truth bomber for Millman? And most importantly what does the ending mean and why on earth does it take place in a Citroen 2CV??
23/12/232h 30m

Extras S2 Episode 6 - Jonathan Ross

The boys are back with their 30th episode  to discuss the finale of Series 2. Andy finds fame by association with Jonathan Ross and is bolstered to give Darren an ultimatum. Darren is trying his best but its like bloody Piccadilly Circus in here!!
25/07/221h 33m

Extras S2 Episode 5 - Ian McKellen

How do we podcast so well? This week the boys discuss the Ian McKellen episode for the duration of the podcast. In a last ditch attempt for credibility Andy falls foul of his own insecurities as he is forced to choose between saving his career and being a gay acting all gay. It's so gay.
02/03/221h 36m

Extras S2 Episode 4 - Chris Martin

What's Chris Martin doing as the title for the BAFTA episode?! It's MENTAL.  This week the boys discuss the eagerly awaited all star BAFTA special and Andys struggle to gain the respect of his peers.  Can we get a move on with this please, we need to get off... Dannys doing drumsticks. 
17/01/221h 23m

Extras S2 Episode 3 - Daniel Radcliffe

This week the boys discuss episode 3 where millman faces the full force of the British media and how you might deal with an attack from an angry dwarf!
19/12/211h 30m

Extras S2 Episode 2 - David Bowie

Yes Linda.  I like that!  When the Whistle blows makes its debut and while the man on the street may be fickle, surely David Bowie will love everything about it. The Boys discuss what happens when Andy is confronted with the embodiment of true artistic credibility and an old friend of the podcast pops round for a chat!
12/12/211h 31m

Extras S2 Episode 1 - Orlando Bloom

After a long Covid19 hiatus (too long baby)  the boys are back to discuss the opening episode of series 2!  Andy Millman struggles with the reality of making not quite the sitcom he wanted with an enforced Keith Chegwin cameo, whilst Maggie has a surprise encounter with Happily on the Wold's most famous son, Orlando Bloom. 
05/12/211h 32m

Stephen Merchant Special Episode

Its all kicking off in here... The legend that is Stephen Merchant has hit rock bottom (yes he has...) by agreeing to an interview with Wernham Blogg! We discuss his whole career, Office, Extras, Outlaws, XFM and much more... in a 90 minute special!  Dont worr, we can get everything done in that time ... so ships in the night let's get down to business!
28/11/211h 26m

The Office 20th Anniversary Special with Ricky Gervais - Part 2

The boys count down  the top 3 moments from the listener vote, and conclude their exclusive interview with Ricky Gervais. Plus a very special anniversary quiz from Danny, and a discussion about The Office’s legacy after two decades.
08/07/211h 32m

The Office 20th Anniversary Special with Ricky Gervais - Part 1

The boys make their triumphant return for a very special episode celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Office, featuring a listener-voted countdown of the sitcom’s greatest moments and an exclusive interview with the Brentmeister General himself, Ricky Gervais!
08/07/211h 22m

Extras S1 Episode 6 - Sir Patrick Stewart

Oh you cow I love ya podcast! This week the boys discuss the series 1 finale as the tables start to turn. Andy gets his big break, Greg gets his comeuppance and as for Patrick Stewart... hes already seen everything.
25/11/191h 19m

Extras S1 Episode 5 - Samuel L Jackson

This week the lads have really found the Joker in the pack as they discuss episode 5 and have a chat and a laugh with the real superstar of the episode... Steve Speirs!
11/11/191h 32m

Extras S1 Episode 4 - Les Dennis

Its about time we had a bit of luck... here the boys get their analysis end away with an absolute stunner of an episode as we analyse Les Dennis' life changing star turn while also hoping not to let our public down delving into the brilliant Bunny side plot
28/10/191h 20m

Extras S1 Episode 3 - Kate Winslet

We're podcasting ourselves stupid and we're blooding loving it! In episode three the lads discuss Kate Winslet's naughty cameo alongside the classic Gervaisian topics of disability and religion. Love to Sam Mendes!
13/10/191h 3m

Extras S1 Episode 2 - Ross Kemp

If you come near us looking for a podcast, we will unleash hell! The boys look at episode two, discussing whether it would have made a better opening episode to the series, and who would really win in a fight between Ross Kemp and Vinnie Jones
30/09/191h 19m

Extras S1 Episode 1- Ben Stiller

Hi nerd! The boys are back with the first episode of their new series on Extras. Ben Stiller guests in episode one... or is it?
16/09/191h 2m

Big Keith Special

Time for a very special episode. This time around the boys are joined by actor Ewen Macintosh who plays Keith In the Show... under strengths he's put "podcast guest"
28/03/1957m 53s

Christmas Special - Part 2

Ah, do it again! The episode analysis draws to a close as the Office hosts a Christmas party, Brent finds a blind date and Dawn decides to never give up. But the boys discuss whether they were fans of the happy ending, and what they think happened to the characters once the cameras were turned off. Cause, you know, life isn't about endings is it? It's just a series of podcasts.
28/01/191h 55m

Christmas Special - Part 1

Shagadelic baby groovy oh yeah! The Office Christmas specials get off to a less than festive start as Brent finds that fame isn't what he thought it would be, and Tim is conflicted over Dawn's imminent return.
20/01/191h 48m

S2 - Episode 6- Interview

It's like our work here is done. Series two comes to an end with Brent facing redundancy and Tim finally rolling the dice. Will they get a one or will they get a six? Wernham Blogg says "no comment!"
10/12/181h 15m

S2 - Episode 5 - Charity

Who says podcasts have to be depressing!? Brent is in his element as Red Nose Day arrives in the office, but Neil has finally had enough? Meanwhile Tim and Dawn grow closer... I knew they were up to summat.
03/12/181h 10m

S2 - Episode 4 - Motivation

Maybe if you just sit down? Episode five sees Brent giving his legendary motivational speech. But has he opened the door for a new career after Wernham Hogg? Or has he proven that he can't cut it?
26/11/181h 16m

S2 - Episode 3 - Party

You don't see podcasts like those much nowadays! Trudy's party brings the branches together as our characters find their relationships drifting apart, and Neil shows his true colours when Finchy arrives. So what have we learnt from this?
19/11/181h 11m

S2 - Episode 2 - Appraisals

It's been a wash-out. Episode two sees the characters taking a long hard look in the mirror as it's time for the thieir appraisals. But will the Swindon lot force Brent to be honest about himself? Do you want the options again?
11/11/181h 4m

S2 - Episode 1 - Merger

You will never listen to a podcast like this again. Fact! The boys are back with the first episode of series 2, and Brent may have finally met his match when Neil and the Swindon lot arrive.
04/11/181h 4m

S1- Episode 6 - Judgement

We must remember to thank them! Series one draws to a close as both Brent and Tim both make fateful decisions. But hopefully... they won't remember.
05/10/181h 22m

S1- Episode 5 - New Girl

This week the theme of sexism returns as Brent is found awkwardly straddling the roles of pervy boss, prudish moral guardian and leering drunkard
28/09/1856m 34s

S1- Episode 4 - Training

This week the boys try to faze each other as they discuss the Training episode. Is this the best episode ever?... ooh, don't you know? 
14/09/181h 11m

S1- Episode 3 - The Quiz

Let's get on with the quiz. Episode three looks at workplace bullying and Tim's existential crisis. And that's crufts.
07/09/181h 2m

S1- Episode 2 - Work Experience

Get a New Rulebook! Episode two sees the boys invetigating sexism in The Office (Which they hate)
31/08/181h 1m

S1- Episode 1 - Pilot

The boys get together to discuss the very first episode of The Office. They're like Vic and Bob... and two extra ones.
23/08/181h 12m
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