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Round the Houses with Sarah Beeny

By Round the Houses with Sarah Beeny

Fabulous and fascinating personalities give Beeny unprecedented access to the inside of their homes, and their lives.


7: June Sarpong

For the season finale of Round The Houses, Sarah's firmly in the heart of Zone 1 in London, meeting the fabulous June Sarpong in her equally amazing (temporary) home, The Library in Covent Garden. June goes right back to the beginning for Sarah, talking about her family's dramatic move from Ghana to Walthamstow when she was 5 and how she became Kiss FM's teen presenter star after doing work experience there aged just 15. She reflects on the opposition from some of her family about her choice of career - and how she won them over with her success. June also explains why it's so difficult for British people to adapt to the dating style in the US, and jokes that drove her back to London after nearly a decade in LA and New York.  June also talks frankly about her views on having a family and about why she froze her eggs in her early 30s. This is the final episode of series 1 of Round The Houses! If you've enjoyed listening please do leave a review on Apple Podcasts and tell your friends about it too.
12/11/1838m 33s

6: Pearl Lowe

This week Sarah's in beautiful Somerset at the fabulous country home of Britpop star turned clothing and interiors entrepreneur Pearl Lowe. Pearl's passion for her home is palpable from the minute Sarah opens the door, and listeners join her on a tour of her impressive country manor with its dozen or so bedrooms and views of rolling fields. While admiring its velvet clad baths, Victoriana-inspired black floral wallpaper and spectacular Shaker-style kitchen, Sarah talks to Pearl about her sobriety after long-term addiction, the reality of having your personal life unwillingly splashed across the NME every week and domestic bliss in the countryside with her husband, Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, and their children. Pearl also looks back at the homes she's had before, and reflects on how a near miss with this house years ago ended up with her living here today.
05/11/1833m 25s

5: Lynn Bowles

Venturing to South West London this time, Sarah Beeny is in the home of legendary - and now former - Radio 2 travel reporter and BBC Wales presenter Lynn Bowles. Lynn reflects on her long and fascinating career bumping into the likes of Andy Williams and Dolly Parton in the hallowed BBC corridors, being shipped off to boarding school aged just 5 and the joys of a Welsh garden. There's a bit of a surprise in store for Sarah too, as it turns out Lynn's house might not be her forever home...
26/10/1832m 53s

4: Tim Lovejoy

This week Sarah Beeny visits the home of presenter - and fellow podcaster - Tim Lovejoy. A television stalwart, Tim has made the transition from producing shows like The Big Breakfast to being in front of the camera and presenting primetime programmes like Soccer AM, Something for the Weekend and now Sunday Brunch. He discusses with Sarah how being ahead of the curve with his ideas can sometimes be a frustrating experience and talks frankly about how his lower moments in life have led to him changing his approach to making a home. He also explains why he loves a longform interview and how his podcast Dear Lovejoy has allowed him to explore this fully. Tim reveals the real reason behind him leading a very minimalist lifestyle - and how he balances his love of decluttering with bringing up his (messy) children.
22/10/1836m 8s

3: Jo Wood

Sarah Beeny is in Camden Town talking rock'n'roll, divorce and the power of an organic lifestyle with model, TV personality, entrepreneur and recent survivor of Celebrity Island Jo Wood. As the former wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, Jo lived in New York, LA and London with him before their divorce in 2009. Her home - a beautiful four storey townhouse - is a tribute to her amazing unique style and everything has a tale to tell: from shelves made of reclaimed wood from Southend Pier, antique dolls originally made by her mother and an entire room full of fabulous Ossie Clark, Jean Muir and Biba dresses dating back to the 1960s. Jo reflects on balancing wild parties with Ronnie and their friends with the school run, how her divorce meant she had to be truly independent for the first time - and how her children reacted to her new-found love of partying in her 50s.
15/10/1841m 42s

2: Joe Sugg

In this week's episode of Round The Houses, Sarah Beeny gets an exclusive tour of the sensational penthouse belonging to the King of YouTube: vlogger, influencer, author, digital entrepreneur - and now Strictly contestant - Joe Sugg.  Joe's impressive duplex apartment is complete with five terraces, panoramic views across London, a true showstopper of a bathroom  and a foosball table too. He's candid with Sarah about how it feels to grow up in public, what might be next for the YouTube generation, what his internet existence means for his love life...and spills the beans on just how committed some of his fans really are. We discover his journey from roof thatcher to self-made millionaire - and with this apartment being his first rung on the property ladder at only 27 it looks like Joe Sugg is just getting started.
08/10/1831m 14s

Julian Clary (feat. Noel Coward's ghost)

In the very first episode of Round The Houses, Sarah Beeny is off to leafy Kent to nose around the home of actor, presenter, comedian, author, Celebrity Big Brother winner and NATIONAL TRINKET (HIS WORDS!) Julian Clary.  Julian takes Sarah on a tour of his HOME, the Grade II listed Goldenhurst Farm, parts of which date back to the 15th century. He discusses growing up with his ‘double act’ parents and struggling with his sexuality in a strictly religious school, separating his showbiz persona from real life, moving to the countryside after over 20 years in Camden and being a newlywed in his late 50s. We discover how his interior tastes have come a long way from spray-painting the walls of his housing co-op to the incredible historic home he's spent over 10 years renovating, bit by bit.
01/10/1833m 37s


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