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Undeniable power. Unbelievable stories. Unlikely origins. Kingpins follows the rise and fall of rulers of the underworld. Every Friday, we examine the leaders of organized crime rings, and how money and power corrupted and changed their communities. What makes a kingpin or queenpin, and how can we stop them? Kingpins is part of the Parcast Network, and a production of Cutler Media. New episodes release on Fridays.


Welcome to the Family: The Kennedys

They’re a powerful political dynasty with no shortage of tragedies, scandals and controversies. Ahead of the 60th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, revisit the most shocking moments in the Kennedy family history — from conspiracies and cover-ups to assassinations and affairs — in this Parcast limited series.  All 12 episodes are available January 19th. Listen free, only on Spotify.
19/01/211m 23s

Superstitions Special: New Year’s Eve Festivities

The clock’s winding down on the final moments of the year and people around the world are putting their charms and traditions to work, shoring up good fortune for the future. But it’s not always our own personal luck that’s on the line… In this story, a night of superstitions weaves together the fates of merrymakers eager for fresh starts.  This episode is presented by Superstitions, a Spotify Original from Parcast. Follow Superstitions free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
31/12/2035m 9s

LA County Sheriff’s Gangs Pt. 5: The East LA Banditos

In East LA, a group of deputies named the Banditos stand accused of running the sheriff’s substation like a gang, institutionalizing a culture of fear and retaliation. And while they’re intimidating civilians and colleagues alike, they may be protected by the very top of the department.
24/12/2042m 55s

LA County Sheriff’s Gangs Pt. 4: The Compton Executioners

The Compton Executioners allegedly control every aspect of life at the LASD Compton substation. Gang members have been accused of assaulting fellow deputies and even killing civilians, claiming, often without evidence, that they were acting in self-defense. And although they’ve faced several lawsuits, somehow, the Executioners have evaded prosecution — and any accountability.
17/12/2043m 48s

LA County Sheriff’s Gangs Pt. 3: Wild West Roots/Jump Out Boys

By the 1850s, Los Angeles was one of the most dangerous places to live in the West. Extrajudicial killings, unchecked racial violence, and vigilante groups like the Los Angeles Rangers prevailed. This “Wild West” culture seeped into and was propagated by the Sheriff’s Department — and it hasn't gone away.
10/12/2040m 51s

LA County Sheriff’s Gangs Pt. 2: The Lennox Grim Reapers

The community of Lennox in Los Angeles is just one square mile, but it has an enormous problem. Alongside violent gang activity, there’s a secret organization adding terror to the neighborhood. Their symbol? The Grim Reaper. Their ranks? Los Angeles sheriff's deputies.
03/12/2043m 19s

LA County Sheriff’s Gangs Pt. 1: Little Devils & Lynwood Vikings

Deputy gangs have been embedded in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department since 1971. In the first of our five-part collaboration with Parcast series Secret Societies, we delve into the earliest of these violent gangs that shaped the current culture within the LASD.
26/11/2045m 27s

Unsolved Murders Crossover: Agents Dale Kearney & Ray Sutton Pt. 2

Today we’re bringing you a special two-part episode from another Spotify Original from Parcast. If you enjoy it, check out Unsolved Murders on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!  In 1930, two prohibition agents were murdered in Colorado. Despite strong leads in both cases, a series of missteps and the end of Prohibition brought their investigations to ruin.
20/11/2041m 34s

Unsolved Murders Crossover: Agents Dale Kearney & Ray Sutton Pt. 1

Today we’re bringing you a special two-part episode from another Spotify Original from Parcast. If you enjoy it, check out Unsolved Murders on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!  In 1930, two prohibition agents were murdered in Colorado. Despite strong leads in both cases, a series of missteps and the end of Prohibition brought their investigations to ruin.
20/11/2038m 45s

Dictators: The Rise & Fall of a Roman Emperor

They’re natural-born leaders, hungry for absolute power. Every week on Dictators, delve into the minds and motives of history’s most infamous rulers — people who rose through the ranks toward radicalism, eliminating anyone who stood in their way. This week, track the rise and fall of Nero, an emperor who led Rome to destruction. Hear a clip from Part 1 here, then head to Dictators for the rest of the episode. Dictators is free to listen on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
16/11/2013m 37s

“Granny Evil” Pt. 2: Kath Pettingill

After two Melbourne constables were gunned down in 1988, police identified the Pettingills as prime suspects. The case against the notorious crime family grew, but changing testimonies, family betrayals, and the idea of a police vendetta complicated the trial.
13/11/2049m 4s

“Granny Evil” Pt. 1: Kath Pettingill

She was a young barmaid who rose to be the ruthless matriarch of a Melbourne crime family in the 1980s.
06/11/2045m 47s

“The Acid King” Pt. 2: William Pickard

After the 1988 bust of his Mountain View LSD lab, William Pickard turned to academics and convinced his colleagues he was done cooking acid. In truth, he set up a new lab in a retrofitted Cold War silo and started making LSD by the kilo — becoming the drug’s largest producer in the history of the U.S.
30/10/2045m 32s

“The Acid King” Pt. 1: William Pickard

What happens when a chemistry genius meets 1960s counterculture? After wunderkind William Pickard began taking psychedelics, he became convinced it was his duty to share his experience with the masses… and he started cooking acid.
23/10/2049m 59s

True Horror: Top 10 Haunted Crime Scenes

Parcast Network is spinning a web of new shows and special programming to celebrate our favorite season. Follow us into the darkest depths of history, mystery, and the human mind — starting with this episode of Crime Countdown! Hosts Ash and Alaina are ranking the top 10 haunted crime scenes, including an Irish castle with a deadly trap door and the home of a ghostly bride.  If you enjoy this episode, search Crime Countdown to find more passionate takes on top-ten rankings. Listen free on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!
21/10/2041m 20s

“Whitey” Pt. 2: James Bulger

Racketeering, gun running, contract killing… For two decades, “Whitey” Bulger was the crime king of Boston. But when the walls started to close in around him in the 1990s, he fled — leading to one of the longest manhunts in FBI history.
16/10/2048m 18s

“Whitey” Pt. 1: James Bulger

On the brutal streets of South Boston, James "Whitey" Bulger knew that survival meant leaving nothing off the table. After doing time for bank robbery in 1956, Whitey didn't plan on rejoining the underworld. But a bloody Irish gang war put Whitey on the path to Boston gangland supremacy. And he would do anything to hold onto that power... even ratting to the FBI.
09/10/2048m 32s

“Merchant of Death” Pt. 2: Viktor Bout

By the end of the 1990s, Bout’s fingerprints were on almost every conflict in Africa. After 9/11, he saw an opportunity to capitalize on the turmoil in the Middle East—and earned another nickname: The Lord of War.
02/10/2037m 5s

Solved Murders: The Story of Helen Potts

Listeners, we’re excited to bring you an episode from one of our favorite podcasts, Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries. Every Wednesday on Solved Murders, we explore the days, months, and even years leading up to the closure of a seemingly uncrackable case. This is part 1 of our episode on Helen Potts, a young girl who gets tangled up with a playboy medical student, with deadly consequences—but not for the reasons you might first suspect.  If you enjoy this episode, be sure to check out part 2, available now free and only on Spotify. Follow Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries for more true-crime stories every week!
26/09/2035m 54s

“Merchant of Death” Pt. 1: Viktor Bout

When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, there was a surplus of weapons and cargo planes collecting dust. One Russian government worker, Viktor Bout, saw the potential of all that discarded equipment. Within a few short years, Bout became one of the most infamous arms dealers in the world.
25/09/2043m 42s

“Lord High Executioner” Pt. 2: Albert Anastasia

During the 1930s, Albert Anastasia was the leader of Murder Inc., the mafia’s crew of contract killers. But after World War II, he shot his way to the top to become the boss of one of New York’s Five Families. Unfortunately for him, the Feds were more determined than ever to keep the notorious killer in prison for good.
18/09/2045m 4s

New! Incredible Feats with Dan Cummins

Humanity’s most daring achievements are coming together in the new Spotify Original from Parcast! Every weekday, Incredible Feats introduces you to a new story of jaw-dropping physical strength, mental focus, and bizarre behavior. Join comedian Dan Cummins as he profiles the people who turned the impossible into the incredible, breaking records and making history along the way.  Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode, and stay tuned for episodes on daredevils, ultramarathoners, performance artists and more! To find more Parcast Network originals, search “Parcast Network” on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
14/09/205m 12s

“Lord High Executioner” Pt. 1: Albert Anastasia

By the time he immigrated to America just after World War I, Albert Anastasia knew that if he wanted to climb the ranks of New York's underworld, he would have to get his hands dirty.
11/09/2043m 43s

“Prince Prosperous” Pt. 3: Khun Sa

Forced out of Thailand by his Thai benefactors and the Americans, Khun Sa retreated back to Burma. Once again, he wasted no time in rebuilding his empire and making deals with the Burmese military dictatorship. But in the early 1990s, the various Southeast Asian countries decided that they had had enough of Khun Sa, forcing him to make one final deal.
04/09/2039m 7s

“Prince Prosperous” Pt. 2: Khun Sa

Suddenly under arrest, Khun Sa was forced to rebuild his empire from behind prison walls in Manderlay. He solidified his position as one of the leading drug lords in the Golden Triangle with a daring escape, rebranding himself in the process as a Shan nationalist fighting for separation from Burma.
28/08/2036m 34s

New Parcast Original: Medical Murders

We all know that medical professionals are trained to give exceptional care. But in the new Parcast Original, Medical Murders, you’ll discover a disturbing diagnosis… that not every doctor wants to extend your life. Every Wednesday, meet the men and women who used their expertise to develop sinister specialties. Host Alastair Murden examines the formative years and motives of history’s most infamous killer doctors, dissecting their medical backgrounds with expert analysis provided by practicing M.D., Dr. David Kipper.  Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode of Medical Murders! Then search Medical Murders to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!
26/08/2014m 51s

“Prince Prosperous” Pt. 1: Khun Sa

By the early 1950s, the teenaged Khun Sa was already a militia leader in war-torn northeast Burma (present-day Myanmar). Over the next decade, his power as a warlord only increased. When the Burmese government came to him with an offer of allyship, he set himself up to become the “Opium King” of the Golden Triangle.
21/08/2039m 45s

“The Cocky Watchman” Pt. 2: Curtis Warren

In 1993, Warren handily beat a drug trafficking charge brought against him by British authorities. He spent the next three years rebuilding—and expanding—his empire, importing and exporting drugs all over the world, until Dutch authorities helped bring him down.
14/08/2042m 55s

Introducing Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers!

Uncover the dirty dealings of history’s most badly behaved presidents in the NEW Spotify Original from Parcast, Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers. Every Tuesday through the 2020 election, Ashley shines a light on the darker side of the American presidency… From secret love affairs and all-night ragers to blackmail schemes and excessive drug use, she’ll expose the personal and professional controversies you may never knew existed.  Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode of Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers!  Then search Very Presidential to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!
11/08/2014m 17s

“The Cocky Watchman” Pt. 1: Curtis Warren

After a five-year stint in prison, Curtis Warren emerged stronger, sharper, and more connected. By 1989, he was selling cocaine and ecstasy in Liverpool, and building a network that included the biggest names in the Turkish mafia, Moroccan cartel, even the Triads…
07/08/2042m 48s

“El Chapo” Pt. 3: Joaquín Guzmán

With the Federation dissolved, his son murdered, and law enforcement closing in, El Chapo fled to where he knew he’d be protected: the mountains of Sinaloa. When he finally decided to re-enter society, a special forces unit was ready.
31/07/2039m 56s

“El Chapo” Pt. 2: Joaquín Guzmán

From inside prison, with his partners on the outside running logistics, El Chapo turned the Sinaloa Cartel into one of the most successful drug cartels of the 1990s and 2000s. And when he made a daring escape, he only added to his growing folklore.
24/07/2039m 34s

“El Chapo” Pt. 1: Joaquín Guzmán

Before he became the most powerful drug cartel leader in the world, building tunnels to evade authorities and growing his power even from inside prison, Joaquín Guzmán Loera was a small-town marijuana farmer in Sinaloa, Mexico.
17/07/2040m 40s

Introducing Crime Countdown, A Parcast Original Series!

True crime fans: There’s a new Parcast original on the roster, and it’s packed with passionate opinions on the worst serial killers, creepiest cults, coldest cold cases, and all things criminal… Every Monday, co-hosts Ash and Alaina from the hit podcast Morbid rank ten true crime stories centered around a common theme—debating each case and their rankings with a hint of humor to lighten the mood. Enjoy this exclusive clip from our first episode of Crime Countdown! Then search Crime Countdown to find more episodes, free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!
13/07/2013m 35s

“Sammy the Bull” Pt. 2: Salvatore Gravano

Now a made man, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano believed he was destined for success. But as the 1980s rolled around, he became disenchanted with the leadership of the Gambino crime family. And after throwing his support toward the more media-happy John Gotti, he had a crisis of faith that led him to make the ultimate betrayal.
10/07/2043m 16s

“Sammy the Bull” Pt. 1: Salvatore Gravano

A fierce fighter, Salvatore Gravano proved to members of the Colombo family and the Gambino family throughout the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s that if there was ever someone fully dedicated to La Cosa Nostra, it was him.
03/07/2043m 54s

“Chicago’s Finest?” Pt. 2: Richard Cain

He saw himself as an enigmatic spy and went so far as to try to play both sides of the FBI and the CIA. Richard Cain’s later career in international espionage in the 1960s nearly crossed paths with Fidel Castro before once again returning to the mayhem of Chicago—and the mob.
26/06/2039m 49s

“Chicago’s Finest?” Pt. 1: Richard Cain

He was an infamous Chicago police officer and mobster in the 1950s and 60s. The mean streets of Chicago shaped a young Richard Cain during the Great Depression, and landed him on the radar of mob boss Sam Giancana.
19/06/2041m 19s

“The Aryan Brotherhood” Pt. 2: Barry Mills

At the start of the 1980s, Barry Mills wanted to turn the Aryan Brotherhood into more than just a prison gang; he envisioned a nation-wide criminal syndicate that trafficked in drugs. Little did he realize that as his empire was booming, the Federal government was monitoring his every move.
12/06/2045m 13s

Introducing SOLVED MURDERS: TRUE CRIME MYSTERIES, A Parcast Original Series!

To commemorate its fourth anniversary, Parcast and the team behind Unsolved Murders are taking a closer look at what it takes to catch a killer. In the new series Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries, you'll follow the clues and uncover the missing pieces to some of history's most gripping cases. Every Wednesday, join hosts Carter and Wenndy as they explore the days, months, and even years leading up to a killer being caught. Each episode plays out like a classic murder mystery—where the final reveal is nearly as shocking as the murder itself. Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries is only available on Spotify. Enjoy this exclusive clip from the first episode on the infamous “in cold blood” murders of the Clutter Family. If you want to listen to the full episode, follow Solved Murders: True Crime Mysteries, free and only on Spotify.
10/06/2014m 34s

“The Aryan Brotherhood” Pt. 1: Barry Mills

In the mid-1960s, as prisons throughout Southern California were in the midst of desegregation, prison gangs began to form as means for protection across racial lines. One of the gangs was the white nationalist Aryan Brotherhood. And it would go on to be co-lead by a man who very few people knew named Barry Mills.
05/06/2047m 57s

Kingpins Daily: El Chapo

Today, we’re taking a look at a quote from Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán. The once-leader of the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico, Guzmán used his crime syndicate to sell billions of dollars worth of drugs.
31/05/207m 14s

Kingpins Daily: Karen Gravano

Today’s quote comes from Karen Gravano, daughter of gangster Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Gravano was an underboss in the Gambino crime family, helping John Gotti consolidate power in mid-1980s New York City.
30/05/207m 12s

“Before the Medellín Cartel” Pt. 4: Jung & Rivas

Greed and ambition would end up getting the better of both George Jung and Carlos Lehder Rivas, turning them from brothers into enemies. Despite their perceived invincibility, it was this rivalry that would ultimately bring them down in 1987.
29/05/2045m 9s

Kingpins Daily: Joe Profaci

Today’s quote comes from Salvatore Profaci, an influential captain in the famous Colombo crime family, based in New York City.
28/05/205m 2s

Kingpins Daily: Jimmy Hoffa

Today’s quote is from union organizer Jimmy Hoffa. When mafia hitman Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran was looking for work, an associate arranged a phone call with the infamous union man.
27/05/205m 56s

Kingpins Daily: John Dillinger

Today’s quote is from notorious bank robber John Dillinger. Dillinger had no illusions of righteousness. He knew that robbing banks was not only a crime, but a very public one.
26/05/206m 52s

Kingpins Daily: Benjamin Ruggiero

Today’s quote is from Benjamin “Lefty” Ruggiero. Ruggiero was a notorious thug, and is thought to have murdered 26 people during his 30 years working for the New York Mafia.
25/05/206m 1s

Kingpins Daily: Lucky Luciano

Today’s quote comes from Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the father of the American Mafia. After Prohibition, and a bloody gang war that turned New York City into the Wild West, Luciano seized control of the underworld.
24/05/206m 35s

Kingpins Daily: Giovanni Falcone

Today, we’re remembering the words of Italian judge Giovanni Falcone. He spent most of his professional life trying to overthrow the dangerous Sicilian Mafia.
23/05/207m 38s

“Before the Medellín Cartel” Pt. 3: Jung & Rivas

By 1987, Carlos Lehder Rivas and George Jung had scraped together a cocaine smuggling empire fit for kings. Yet as profits grew, the two partners found themselves at odds—diverging away from each other to fulfill their own desires for power and prosperity.
22/05/2042m 37s

Kingpins Daily: Jhon Jairo Velasquez

Today’s quote is from hitman Jhon Jairo “Popeye” Velásquez, of the Medellín drug cartel. Velásquez was Pablo Escobar’s right hand man throughout the ‘80s, until his arrest in 1989.
21/05/207m 30s

Kingpins Daily: Sam Giancana

Today’s quote is from Sam Giancana, the mafia boss who controlled the Chicago Outfit from the 1940s to the 1960s. As one of the most powerful mafiosos in the nation, Giancana was a prime target of Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s crusade against organized crime.
20/05/206m 45s

Kingpins Daily: Meyer Lansky

Today’s quote is from Meyer Lansky, otherwise known as the “Mafia’s Banker.” An associate of famed mobster Lucky Luciano, Lansky established a sprawling gambling empire.
19/05/207m 34s

Kingpins Daily: Al Capone

Today’s quote is from American businessman and gangster, Al Capone. During prohibition in the 1920s and ‘30s, Capone was more than just a criminal—he was a celebrity.
18/05/206m 29s

Kingpins Daily: Arnold Rothstein

Today’s quote comes from one of the most influential gangsters ever: Arnold “the Brain” Rothstein. A notorious gambler who allegedly fixed the 1919 World Series and helped build a bootlegging empire at the dawn of Prohibition, Rothstein wasn’t known to kill men to get ahead.
17/05/205m 55s

Kingpins Daily: Carlo Gambino

Today’s quote is from Carlo Gambino, the leader of the Gambino crime family. Though he was deeply involved with the mob for more than five decades, Gambino only faced a total of 22 months in prison.
16/05/207m 13s

“Before the Medellín Cartel” Pt. 2: Jung & Rivas

After meeting in a Connecticut prison in 1974, George Jung and Carlos Lehder Rivas began to build what was to become a moderate cocaine operation, smuggling drug shipments from Columbia into the U.S. However, after a few nail biting trial runs, the duo realized they were on the brink of creating an empire that would make them rich.
15/05/2043m 45s

Kingpins Daily: Eliot Ness

Today’s quote is from American Prohibition agent Eliot Ness. His dedicated service defending the 18th Amendment earned him a reputation as an incorruptible man—living in extraordinarily corrupt times.
14/05/207m 39s

Kingpins Daily: Mickey Cohen

Today’s quote comes from a 1930s and 40s Jewish crime boss Meyer “Mickey” Cohen, who worked for Al Capone and Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel before making a West Coast empire of his own.
13/05/206m 55s

Kingpins Daily: John Gotti

Today, we’re going back to the formative years of New York’s most ruthless crime boss, John Gotti. Growing up poor in blue-collar Brooklyn, Gotti quickly learned the only currency he had was fear.
12/05/207m 22s

Kingpins Daily: John Stanfa

Today’s quote is from Giovanni “John” Stanfa, the Sicilian-born mobster who served as the boss of the Philadelphia crime family during the early ‘90s.
11/05/207m 30s

Kingpins Daily: Frank Sinatra

Today’s quote is from none other than the beloved crooner Frank Sinatra. Throughout his life, Sinatra remained friends with many prominent gangsters. He is also suspected of using his mafia connections to give JFK a leg-up in the 1960 election.
10/05/208m 17s

Kingpins Daily: Willie Moretti

Today’s quote is from gangster Guarino “Willie” Moretti. Though he was known as Frank Costello’s “muscle” he had a sharp sense of humor. And when he testified in the Senate’s Kefauver Hearings in 1950, Willie brought that humor with him.
09/05/206m 33s

“Before the Medellín Cartel” Pt. 1: Jung & Rivas

In the late 1970s, George Jung and Carlos Lehder Rivas would team up to become one of the most infamous trafficking duos in the history of American cocaine. Before they could become professionals though, both men would start from humble origins, padding their resumes out with marajuana trafficking and forays into organized crime.
08/05/2043m 42s

Kingpins Daily: Willie Sutton

Today’s quote is from bank robber Willie Sutton, known for his gentlemanly manner and for escaping jail multiple times. His crimes eventually earned him a spot on the FBI’s most wanted list.
07/05/206m 7s

Kingpins Daily: Otto Berman

Today, we return to a saying you’ve likely heard once or twice before. What you might not know is who coined it: New York math whiz turned mafia accountant, Otto “Abbadabba” Berman.
06/05/205m 22s

Kingpins Daily: Stephanie St. Clair

Today’s quote is from 1920s and 30s underworld boss, Stephanie St. Clair. During that time, she was engaged in a fierce rivalry with Arthur Simon Flegenheimer, more commonly known as mobster Dutch Schultz.
05/05/206m 9s

Kingpins Daily: Pablo Escobar

Today, we’re recalling an odd moment in the life of Colombia’s “King of Cocaine,” Pablo Escobar. According to his son, when the family was once holed up in one of Escobar’s hideouts in the mountains of Medellin, his father resorted to drastic measures to keep the family warm.
04/05/206m 23s

Kingpins Daily: Henry Hill

Today’s quote is from mafioso-turned-informant Henry Hill, an associate of the Lucchese crime “family,” as many Italian mafia outfits are called.
03/05/206m 26s

Kingpins Daily: Niccolò Machiavelli

Our first quote is not actually by a criminal—it’s from The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli, written in 1513. But the book’s principles lie at the heart of every mobster’s philosophy.
02/05/206m 19s

“The Torture Gang” Pt. 2: Charlie Richardson

By the 1960s, Charlie Richardson had London's criminal underbelly in the palm of his hand. This was all thanks to his acumen as a shady businessman and his “Torture Court,” where he judged and punished his enemies. And just as he was ready to go straight, his enemies would have something to say.
01/05/2049m 39s

Sneak Peek: DAILY QUOTE, A Parcast Original Series!

Whether you’re jumpstarting the morning, searching for that midday pick-me-up, or trying to finish the evening off strong… Daily Quote offers some of history’s most inspirational quotes whenever you need them—365 days a year. In this 2-3 minute podcast, you’ll be given a quote that will motivate, uplift, and renew your outlook on life. You’ll also dive deeper into the context surrounding the quote—learning more about its origin and the meaning behind it. Enjoy this sneak peek of Daily Quote ahead of its launch on Monday. April 27th! In this exclusive episode, we highlight the poignant words of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. For more pathways to positivity, subscribe to Daily Quote free on Spotify!
26/04/203m 43s

NEW: “The Torture Gang” Pt. 1: Charlie Richardson

We are thrilled to bring you a brand new episode of Kingpins today and for the foreseeable future. We thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. As a child in post-World War II South London, Charlie Richardson learned quickly that the path out of working class life was crime. It wouldn't be long before Richardson was running a criminal empire—and instituted his infamous “Torture Court” to keep London's other criminals in line.
24/04/2044m 23s

“New York’s Finest” Pt. 2: Joseph Petrosino

By 1905, Joseph Petrosino and his Italian Squad were at war with the nefarious Black Hand. As murder, extortion, and bombings plagued the Italian neighborhoods of New York, Petrosino knew that if he wanted to bring down this dead organization, he would have to get creative.
17/04/2039m 24s

“New York’s Finest” Pt. 1: Joseph Petrosino

In the mid-1880s, immigrant Joseph Petrosino joined the NYPD as one of the few Italians on the force. Over the next two decades, he proved himself to be one of the most famous detectives in the city. But at the dawn of the 1900s, Petrosino would find himself up against a new kind of threat...called the “Black Hand.”
10/04/2044m 4s

Introducing SUPERNATURAL WITH ASHLEY FLOWERS, A Parcast Original Series!

Join Parcast and Crime Junkie’s Ashley Flowers as they dive deep into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world’s most bizarre true crime occurrences in the new series, Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. Every Wednesday, Ashley digs into a different mystifying crime—where the most fitting theory isn’t always the most conventional. Was there a special committee formed under President Truman to recover and investigate alien spacecraft? Sort through the details with Ashley and decide for yourself in this exclusive clip from our episode on the “Majestic 12.” To finish this episode, subscribe to Supernatural with Ashley Flowers free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
08/04/2015m 33s

The Yamnaya

In 3000 BCE, coins and paper money hadn't been invented yet. But this was when history's first large-scale pot dealers, known as the Yamnaya, began selling drugs in China and Western Europe—and in the process, changed the course of human evolution.
03/04/2046m 15s

Parcast Classic: Haji Bagcho

Due to the unfortunate spread of COVID-19, Parcast has decided to halt recording for the time-being. This is a precautionary measure taken to ensure the safety of our hosts and staff. In the meantime, we're excited to share one of our classic episodes that we know you'll enjoy! By the time he stood trial in 2012, 70-year-old Haji Bagcho had been moving drugs for nearly five decades, and was responsible for 20% of the entire world's heroin supply. But he didn't climb to the top on his own...he had some help from both the CIA and the Taliban.
27/03/2045m 43s

“The Mob’s Enforcer” Pt. 2: John Alite

When John Gotti Senior went to prison in 1992, his son, Junior, tried to keep control of the Gambino Family. But it became apparent to Albanian-American John Alite that his old friend was unfit to lead. Within a few short months, the one-time friends were at war with each other.
20/03/2043m 47s

Introducing SUPERNATURAL WITH ASHLEY FLOWERS, A Parcast Original Series!

Most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts. But sometimes, the facts don’t lead to a logical explanation, and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown…Join Parcast and Crime Junkie’s Ashley Flowers as they dive deep into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world’s most bizarre true crime occurrences in the new series, Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. Every Wednesday, Ashley digs into a different mystifying crime—where the most fitting theory isn’t always the most conventional. Join Ashley in this exclusive clip from the first episode as she takes on the mysterious “Lead Masks Case.” To finish this episode, subscribe to Supernatural with Ashley Flowers free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
16/03/2014m 36s

“The Mob’s Enforcer” Pt. 1: John Alite

In the 1980s, John Alite grew up in Queens with a promising career in baseball. But when that career was shattered in college, he returned to his neighborhood and started selling drugs to make money. In no time at all, he was running cocaine and doling out beatings for the Gambino Family.
13/03/2048m 2s

“Hell’s Angel” Pt. 2: Sonny Barger

With the Hell's Angels making inroads as a drug dealing empire, Sonny Barger was on top of the world... until his Angels started getting booked on homicide charges.
06/03/2048m 23s

“Hell’s Angel” Pt. 1: Sonny Barger

In 1963, at the age of twenty-five, Sonny Barger sat at the top of the burgeoning empire known as the “Hell’s Angels.” The outlaw biker club, known for drinking, fighting, and dealing drugs, rose to national infamy alongside the counterculture movements of the 1960s.
28/02/2046m 49s

Exciting Announcement

Kingpins listeners… we have some exciting news! Kate has a new co-host, Alastair! If he sounds familiar, it is because he hosts other Parcast shows like Villains and Con Artists. Continue to tune in every Friday to listen to Kate and Alastair on Kingpins!

Kingpins Rewind: “Diamond Jim” Pt. 1: Vincenzo Colosimo

On the last Sunday of every month, Parcast Rewind replays a classic episode of Kingpins that you might have missed!  He had come from nothing, and yet had risen to become Chicago’s most feared and respected crime lord. Everybody knew “Diamond Jim,” and not just for his jewelry and that flashy three-piece suit he always wore. By 1914, Jim Colosimo controlled more than a 100 businesses in Chicago’s Red Light District.
23/02/2044m 36s

“The Untouchables” Pt. 2: Eliot Ness

With Al Capone finally behind bars, Eliot Ness needed a new fish to fry. His move to Cleveland, Ohio ended up reshaping his career in the police force, with a very unexpected ending.
21/02/2045m 23s

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Every Monday through Friday, Parcast Daily filters through all of your favorite Parcast shows to highlight one timely and relevant episode premiering each day. You might hear about a calculating killer on Female Criminals, delve into the minds of history and fiction’s greatest bad guys on Villains, or spiral down into intrigue and speculation on Conspiracy Theories. Whatever your tastes, you’ll always get something new on Parcast Daily. Enjoy this exclusive clip from our featured episode: “Bohemian Grove Pt. 1.” To finish this episode, subscribe to PARCAST DAILY free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
19/02/2014m 55s

“The Untouchables” Pt. 1: Eliot Ness

As Prohibition amplified chaos in the streets of Chicago, federal agent Eliot Ness took to targeting the city's own mob royalty—Al Capone—in hopes of quashing the bootlegging that lined the pockets of gangsters and crooked cops.
14/02/2047m 47s

“The Zimbabwean Mastermind” Pt. 2: Paul Le Roux

At age thirty-three, Paul Le Roux had his hands in everything from gold to guns to illicit drugs. By early 2009, his pharmacy network, RX Limited, was bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars. But it was his doomed tuna fishing venture in Somalia that eventually led to his downfall.
07/02/2041m 37s

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Sure, you’re a fan of true crime—but are you ready to put your skills to the test and be crowned an undisputed expert? Then try your hand at our new trivia podcast, Killer Knowledge. Every Tuesday, two competitors go head-to-head to correctly answer multiple-choice true crime questions. Whoever gains the most points after 20 questions, wins! It’s all the murder, mystery, and suspense you’ve come to expect from Parcast, now in a fast-paced, interactive format. Play along in this exclusive clip from our pilot episode about the mysterious circumstances surrounding D.B. Cooper, and see how well you measure up! To find out who wins, follow KILLER KNOWLEDGE free on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!
04/02/2013m 22s

“The Zimbabwean Mastermind” Pt. 1: Paul Le Roux

He was an expert computer programmer and an early adopter of the internet. In the mid-2000s, Paul Le Roux made millions through online prescription drugs and helped contribute to the current opioid addiction crisis.
31/01/2040m 17s

Kingpins Rewind: Frank Lucas Pt. 1

On the last Sunday of every month, Parcast Rewind replays a classic episode of Kingpins that you might have missed!  Frank Lucas found his way into the New York City underworld, and under the wing of a man known as the Harlem Godfather, emerged as one of the most powerful drug kingpins of all time.
26/01/2052m 3s

“Queenie” Pt. 2: Stephanie St. Clair

As the other Harlem policy bankers fall at the hands of Dutch Schultz, Stephanie St. Clair stood firm. Unfortunately for St. Clair, Schultz had political muscles and members of the NYPD on his payroll.
24/01/2038m 34s

Listen First! DICTATORS, A Parcast Original Series!

They are natural-born-leaders with a never-ending thirst for power. Through force and deceit, they rise through the ranks towards radicalism—eliminating anyone who stands in their way. Every Tuesday, delve into the minds, and motives, behind some of the world’s most infamous leaders in Parcast’s original series, DICTATORS. Each dictator is analyzed in 2-part episodes... with the first giving insight into their rise to power, and the second chronicling the impact of their downfall. In this special clip from our first episode, learn about Benito Mussolini’s transformation from Italian “Superman” to despised despot. To finish this episode, subscribe to DICTATORS free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
21/01/2019m 0s

"Queenie" Pt. 1: Stephanie St. Clair

When she was just a teenager, Stephanie St. Clair immigrated to the United States from the French West Indies without a penny to her name. By the 1920s, with $10,000 mysteriously in her hand, she opened up her own numbers racket and became one of the most successful racketeers in Harlem.
17/01/2042m 59s

"Queen of Ivory" Yang Feng Glan

Known as the “Ivory Queen,” Yang Feng Glan was a Chinese smuggler who helped move nearly 2-tons of illegal ivory out of Tanzania throughout the 2000s.
10/01/2047m 22s

Listen First! SECRET SOCIETIES, A Parcast Original Series!

They’ve been around for thousands of years…orchestrating some of history’s most controversial events. And if not for their radical actions, you may never have even known they existed. Every Thursday, take a journey through hidden passageways and become a member of Parcast’s diabolical series, SECRET SOCIETIES. Each society is explored in 2 episodes—exposing the people and context responsible for its founding, and analyzing the psychology behind their beliefs. Enjoy this exclusive clip from the first episode on Yale’s mysterious “Skull and Bones” fraternity. To finish this episode, subscribe to SECRET SOCIETIES free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
09/01/2015m 1s

Best of 2019: “Freeway” Pt. 2: Rick Ross

Here’s one of our listeners’ most requested episodes of 2019: By 1983, Rick Ross had risen to become the reigning kingpin of South Central LA. But when he made a deal with a new supplier named Danilo Blandon, he ended up getting into much more than he’d bargained for.
03/01/2049m 12s

Best of 2019: “Freeway” Pt. 1: Rick Ross

Here’s one of our listeners’ most requested episodes of 2019: In the 1970s, cocaine was seen as a “rich man’s drug” — reserved for the wealthy elites in the Hollywood Hills. That is, until 1979, when 19-year-old Rick Ross found a way to market it to the masses in South Central LA.
27/12/1945m 39s

Jeffrey Dahmer Special Pt. 3

Parcast Exclusive! DAHMER: A SERIAL KILLERS 3-PART SPECIAL While on probation after an early release from prison in March of 1990, Jeffrey Dahmer continued his wave of sadistic violence. A chance event would finally lead to his arrest, and a media spectacle would bring Dahmer to the masses.
23/12/1950m 20s

Jeffrey Dahmer Special Pt. 2

Parcast Exclusive! DAHMER: A SERIAL KILLERS 3-PART SPECIAL It was a murderous rampage that could have possibly been stopped. Although Jeffrey Dahmer failed numerous times to turn his life around, his multi-year killing spree also went ignored by his family, neighbors, sentencing judges, and court-appointed therapists.
23/12/1941m 2s

Jeffrey Dahmer Special Pt. 1

Parcast Exclusive! DAHMER: A SERIAL KILLERS 3-PART SPECIAL You know the name, but do you know the whole story? Jeffrey Dahmer—one of history’s most notorious serial killers, and our most requested episode, is now the subject of an exclusive 3-part special event. You can now listen to all 3 episodes within SERIAL KILLERS, and all of Parcast’s true-crime related feeds. He was one of the most infamous serial killers of the 20th century, murdering 17 young men between 1978 and 1991 through a variety of cruel and unusual methods. But how did Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the era's most monstrous killers, get his start?
23/12/1938m 12s

LAPD Gangster Squad

To surveil the seedy underworld of organized crime in the 1940s and 50s, a special undercover unit of the LAPD was created to track the city's most notorious gangsters, including Mickey Cohen and Jack Dragna.
20/12/1952m 57s

“Boss of All Bosses” Pt. 2: Carlo Gambino

He ruled his family with an iron fist. But among his peers, Carlo Gambino was considered so fair that when he became head of the Commission, he earned the title “Boss of All Bosses.” Throughout the 1960s and ’70s, no criminal decision passed without his say.
13/12/1946m 3s

Only on Spotify! FAMOUS FATES, A Parcast Limited Series!

Discover the stories of incredible people whose grandiose lives were matched only by their shocking demise in Parcast’s new limited series, FAMOUS FATES. With 5 episodes released every Wednesday, each group will center around a common theme, such as Hollywood Icons, Influential Women, Music Legends, and more.  Check out this exclusive clip chronicling the impact of larger-than-life Hollywood icon, John Candy. To finish this episode, subscribe to FAMOUS FATES, free and only on Spotify.
11/12/199m 45s

“Boss of All Bosses” Pt. 1: Carlo Gambino

After growing up surrounded by the Sicilian mafia in the early 1900s, Carlo Gambino immigrated to America and put the knowledge to use. In an endless hail of bullets, Gambino solidified his status and reputation in the underworld.
06/12/1942m 1s

“Crazy as a Bedbug” Pt. 2: Bugsy Siegel

In 1940, after the charges against Siegel were dismissed for the murder of Harry Greenberg, he reinvented himself in the deserts of Las Vegas and began his sordid affair with Virginia Hill.
29/11/1950m 58s

Listen First! SPORTS CRIMINALS, A Parcast Original Series!

They’re sport’s greatest heroes… displaying superhuman-like abilities to overcome intense pressure. But when it comes to the downfalls of fame, money, and ego—they’re far more human than super. Every Thursday, Parcast’s original series SPORTS CRIMINALS keeps score on the darker side of sports. Each episode chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of some of sport’s biggest names. Enjoy this exclusive clip from the first of two captivating episodes on disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding. To finish this episode, subscribe to SPORTS CRIMINALS free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
24/11/1916m 26s

“Crazy as a Bedbug” Pt. 1: Bugsy Siegel

No man was feared in New York during the 20s and 30s more than Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. After teaming up with Meyer Lansky, Bugsy made his bones carrying out vicious murders for the mob.
22/11/1947m 44s

“Billionaire Boss” Pt. 2: Dawood Ibrahim

Even while he was on the run, Dawood Ibrahim continued to rule Mumbai's underworld with an iron fist. But as his riches increased, so did his appetite for violence. And in 1992, his operations expanded into terrorism.
15/11/1936m 33s

Listen First! MYTHICAL MONSTERS, A Parcast Original Series!

Dragons, serpents, giants, and demons… they aren't merely foils to a hero. They are primal symbols reflecting ancient truths. The Parcast original series, MYTHICAL MONSTERS, tells the stories of these legendary beasts, and explores what they represent to mankind. New episodes released every Monday. And now you can hear a special clip from the episode on the demonically-menacing Gargoyle. To finish this episode, subscribe to MYTHICAL MONSTERS free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
13/11/1915m 23s

“Billionaire Boss” Pt. 1: Dawood Ibrahim

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dawood Ibrahim, a young Muslim-born Indian would rise from a small time street thief to gang leader, bringing a more businesss-like—and ruthless—approach. And in the process, he would become one of the richest kingpins in history.
08/11/1943m 24s

Par for the Crime: POLITICAL SCANDALS, A Parcast Original Series!

Check out Kate's new show POLITICAL SCANDALS! Every Tuesday leading up to the 2020 election, it counts down the 52 most controversial events in American history—uncovering the crimes and deceptions by some of our most infamous elected officials. And now you can hear a special clip from the first episode on the cutthroat circumstances surrounding the election of 1800. To finish this episode, subscribe to POLITICAL SCANDALS free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
03/11/1913m 8s

“The King of Cocaine” Pt. 4: Pablo Escobar

As the 90s approached, it was time for El Patron’s last stand. Many innocent Colombians would die in Pablo Escobar’s war against extradition before he finally reached a compromise with the government.
01/11/1947m 36s

“The King of Cocaine” Pt. 3: Pablo Escobar

From multi-millionaire Colombian Congressman to political pariah—once Pablo Escobar’s criminal history was exposed, all bets were off. As his facade of legitimacy in the early 80s washed away, he vowed to take back control using the weapons he knew best: coercion, bribery and violence.
25/10/1949m 47s

Listen First! VILLAINS, A Parcast Original Series!

Bad guys. Black hats. Evildoers. They are the bane of every hero’s existence…and the subject of Parcast’s dastardly new original series, VILLAINS. Every Friday, VILLAINS dissects the greatest foils from history and fiction—uncovering origins, analyzing impacts, and exploring the complexity of character and motive.  In this clip, we explore the creation of an iconic, modern-day psychopath of the silver screen—Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. To finish this episode, subscribe to VILLAINS free on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
22/10/1918m 19s

“The King of Cocaine” Pt. 2: Pablo Escobar

With a violent childhood and mantra of “smuggling, bribery and murder,” witness the beginnings of Pablo Escobar’s cocaine empire in Medellín in the 1970s, and how he expanded it exponentially by joining forces with other Colombian drug traffickers.
18/10/1953m 15s

Bonus: Today In True Crime - Arlis Kay Perry

On this day in 1974, 19-year-old newlywed Arlis Kay Perry was murdered inside Stanford Memorial Church.
13/10/1913m 17s

“The King of Cocaine” Pt. 1: Pablo Escobar

Before becoming “El Patron” and trafficking 80% of the world’s cocaine market, Pablo Escobar was nothing more than a petty criminal on the streets of Medellin.
11/10/1951m 30s

"Dread Pirate Roberts" Pt. 2: Ross William Ulbricht

By 2013, the DEA, FBI, DOJ, and Homeland Security were all after Ross Ulbricht, aka "The Dread Pirate Roberts." His drug website, The Silk Road, trafficked millions worth of drugs every week. So far, Ulbricht remained anonymous, thanks to Tor and the cloak of the Dark Web. Little did he know, the users he thought were his friends were federal agents in disguise.
04/10/1955m 56s

"Dread Pirate Roberts" Pt. 1: Ross William Ulbricht

In 2011, Ross Ulbricht created The Silk Road, aka "The Amazon of Drugs." Hosted on the dark web and financed by Bitcoin, it was an anonymous marketplace where anyone could buy or sell anything without leaving a trace. Drugs, guns, hacking software, human organs -- the free market utopia quickly made Ulbricht a millionaire. And made him a top target for the DEA. Sponsors! Bombas - Get 20% off your first purchase at
27/09/1955m 2s

All Kingpins Episodes Now Available!

Thank you for being a loyal listener! We’re excited to announce all Parcast Network episodes older than 6 months are now available for free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.
24/09/191m 54s

All Kingpins Episodes Now Available!

Thank you for being a loyal listener! We’re excited to announce all Parcast Network episodes older than 6 months are now available for free on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. 
23/09/191m 54s

“Mr. Nice” Pt. 2: Howard Marks

After being able to hide on the lam for years, Howard Marks was finally caught and forced to answer for his crimes. However, a convincing lie about his supposed involvement with MI6 ensured Marks’ release and allowed him to continue smuggling cannabis well into the 1980s.
20/09/1951m 10s

Introducing: SPORTS CRIMINALS, a new Parcast Original!

In our new show SPORTS CRIMINALS, we break down the crimes and careers of the most controversial sports figures in history. From kidnapping and murder to widespread corruption scandals, we give you the play by play of what lurks in the shadows of the sports world. New episodes come out every Thursday!  In this clip we introduce the incredible rise and precipitous fall of Oscar Pistorius, who captured the attention of the world by participating in the 2012 Olympic games as a double-leg amputee. To finish this episode, subscribe to SPORTS CRIMINALS on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!
17/09/1921m 4s

“Mr. Nice” Pt. 1: Howard Marks

During the 1970s, Howard Marks became one of the biggest cannabis smugglers in Europe. Through a series of networks, which included contacts in the IRA and the Mafia, he was able to bring in upwards of 30 tons of cannabis into the UK and the United States. But after years of anonymity, a single bust in Las Vegas would put him on the DEA’s radar.
13/09/1952m 16s

“Gaspipe” Pt. 2: Anthony Salvatore Casso

Mafia life came with plenty of rules, and Anthony Casso loved that. He was a criminal, but an honorable criminal, and his dedication to the Mafia lifestyle took him to the top of the Lucchese family hierarchy. In the mid 1990s, as he faced threats from inside and outside the family, the pressure got to him, and he started to make mistakes. He was taking his violence too far.
06/09/1944m 17s

“Gaspipe” Pt. 1: Anthony Salvatore Casso

Anthony Casso was born in Mafia territory in South Brooklyn, and the money-making, wily intelligence, and violence that the "the life" demanded came naturally to him. It was no surprise that he started to climb the ranks of the Lucchese Family as they hit the height of their power in the 1980s.  Parcasters - Watergate forever changed the way Americans look at the presidency, but could there be more to the story? Find out today on Conspiracy Theories! Subscribe to Conspiracy Theories on Spotify to listen now!
30/08/1946m 49s

“Bobby Tuna” Pt. 2: Robert Platshorn

By the 1970s, the Black Tuna Gang, led by Robert Platshorn, was running the marijuana game out of Miami. But, as internal strife grew out of control and the feds closed in around them, Platshorn's life was headed for a downfall.  Sponsors! Bombas - Visit and get 20% off your first purchase.
23/08/1954m 6s

Introducing: TODAY IN TRUE CRIME, a new Parcast Original!

Crime never takes a day off, and neither do we. In our new podcast, TODAY IN TRUE CRIME, every day, we flip back the calendar and examine a true crime event from the same date years ago.In this clip, we look back at August 19th, 1970, when John Norman Collins was convicted of the murder of 21-year-old Karen Sue Beineman. Subscribe to TODAY IN TRUE CRIME for a new story every day!
19/08/1916m 55s

“Bobby Tuna” Pt. 1: Robert Platshorn

In the late 1960s, Robert Platshorn was one of the most successful independent salespeople in the country. When a colleague offers to bring him into the marijuana business, Bobby just couldn't resist. Soon, he's off to Columbia to start his own smuggling outfit - which would become known to the FBI as "The Black Tuna gang." Parcasters - When Darwin published his thesis on human evolution, it was highly contentious. When John Scopes introduced the theory into his lesson plan, criminal charges were brought against him. Learn about this historic trial on our other podcast NOT GUILTY.
16/08/1949m 21s

“Queen Pin” Pt. 2: Jemeker Thompson

In 1984, Queenpin Jemeker Thompson lost her husband Daff, when he was shot to death while playing dice. She would successfully run her empire without him, but it would all come crashing down, thanks in part, to her own son. Sponsors! Native - For $20 off a suitcase, visit and use promo code KING during checkout!
09/08/1950m 27s

“Queen Pin” Pt. 1: Jemeker Thompson

In 1977, when she was only 15 years old, Jemeker Thompson entered the world of drug-dealing by dipping her toes into the weed business. And with the help of her boyfriend, Daff, she would expand into the cocaine business, and become one of the foremost narcotics distributors in Los Angeles at the time. Parcasters - This week on The Dark Side Of, we move on from Hollywood and start our exploration of the music industry. Our first episode details the myth of the 27 Club, you won't want to miss it! Subscribe to The Dark Side Of on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
02/08/1951m 57s

Introducing: CON ARTISTS, a new Parcast Original!

From counterfeit goods, to fake love interests, and even major financial fraud, you will find it all in our new show. In this Parcast Original, we examine the swindlers behind the scam, and the victims manipulated by their deceit. In CON ARTISTS you will learn about the art of the hustle, and the ways you can spot a con. In this clip, we explore the massive Ponzi scheme orchestrated by fraudster Bernie Madoff. Subscribe to CON ARTISTS on Spotify or wherever you listen to Parcast to listen to the rest of this episode!
29/07/1919m 39s

“The Brotherhood of Eternal Love” Pt. 2: John Griggs

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love reached new heights after the proliferation of their potent LSD tablet "Orange Sunshine." They spread their psychedelic gospel far and wide, even attracting infamous drug advocate Timothy Leary to their ranks. But all of their success would bring on unwanted attention from none other than the federal government. Parcasters - Don’t miss all of our special Summer of ‘69 episodes by subscribing to Parcast Presents: Summer of ‘69, on Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts!
26/07/1952m 4s

“The Brotherhood of Eternal Love” Pt. 1: John Griggs

Just before the Summer of Love, 22-year-old John Griggs discovered LSD and had an epiphany – he would serve as the Hippie Messiah and guide the world to psychedelic revolution. John set out to the beaches of Southern California where he founded a psychedelic cult and international drug ring, while blazing the trail for the recreational use of psychedelics at the height of the hippie era. Parcasters - Don’t miss all of our special Summer of ‘69 episodes by subscribing to Parcast Presents: Summer of ‘69, on Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts!
23/07/1955m 27s

“Scarface” Pt. 2: Al Capone

1926, Al Capone has risen to become the sole leader of The Chicago Outfit, and one of the most feared men in the country. As his enemies fall one by one, finally the United States Government gets involved.  Parcasters - This week on Conspiracy Theories, we wrap up our exploration of the mysterious Denver International Airport. You won’t want to miss these shocking episodes! Available now on Spotify or wherever you listen to Parcast Originals!
19/07/1954m 25s

“Scarface” Pt. 1: Al Capone

As Prohibition and unsustainable economic growth spread across America in the early 1920s, a new wave of organized crime rose to meet the growing demand for illegal liquor. Among the many young immigrants enticed by a life of crime was Alphonse Gabriel Capone, a smart and violent Italian-American who would soon become the most infamous gangster of all time. Sponsors! Pair of Thieves - Get 20% off your first order at
12/07/1949m 48s

“Black Caesar” Pt. 2: Frank Matthews

In the dawn of the 1970s, Frank Matthews was at the top of his game. But growing attention from the FBI causes Frank to consider whether he should quit while he's still ahead. Or maybe, he could just... vanish.  Parcasters - When conservation advocate Joy Adamson turned up dead, the authorities initially suspected one of her lions. Little did they know one of her disgruntled employees would be much more dangerous! Listen to her story on Assassinations, available now on Spotify or wherever you get your Parcast Originals!
05/07/1945m 26s

“Black Caesar” Pt. 1: Frank Matthews

Throughout the late 1960s, Frank Matthews rose from petty thievery in Durham, North Carolina to become one of the premier narcotics traffickers in New York City. But his mysterious life of luxury caught the attention of his neighbor - NYPD Detective Joe Kowalski. Parcasters - This week on The Dark Side Of we dig into the trial of Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, and the media frenzy that followed. You might think you know the story, but the truth is much darker! Available now on Spotify or wherever you listen to Parcast!
28/06/1943m 10s

“Freeway” Pt. 2: Rick Ross

By 1983, Rick Ross had risen to become the reigning kingpin of South Central LA. But when made a deal with a new supplier named Danilo Blandon, he ended up getting into much more than he’d bargained for. Parcasters - Catch up on our most recent episode of Crimes of Passion, where we explore the Sutton-Taylor feud, a back and forth battle between former Confederate soldiers, and the lawmen tasked with bringing them to justice. Available now on Spotify, or wherever you listen to Parcast podcasts!
21/06/1949m 12s

“Freeway” Pt. 1: Rick Ross

In the 1970s, cocaine was seen as a “rich man’s drug” - reserved for the wealthy elites in the Hollywood Hills. That is, until 1979, when 19-year-old Rick Ross found a way to market it to the masses in South Central LA.  Parcasters - For more information on this don't miss our Conspiracy Theories episode on the Crack Epidemic! Available now at
14/06/1945m 39s

“El Azul” Pt. 2 Juan José Esparragoza Moreno

As an endless sequence of cartel leaders rose and fell, El Azul, miraculously managed to keep himself alive and free. After nearly five decades in the drug trade, a string of indictments in the 2000s threatened to end his streak of luck. Parcasters - Colleen Stan was locked away by her captor for 7 years, her perseverance to live is unmatched. How did she get through the ordeal? Find out today on Hostage at
07/06/1948m 9s

“El Azul” Pt. 1: Juan José Esparragoza Moreno

From the late 1960s to the 2010s, the Mexican narcotics trade evolved from a Wild West of independent traffickers into a network of massive, highly-organized cartels. Only one man successfully weathered all five decades: Juan José Esparragoza Moreno.  Sponsors! Pair of Thieves - Get 20% off your first order at
31/05/1946m 36s

"The Wolf of Widnes” Pt. 2: Shaun Attwood

After instigating a war with the Italian Mafia while high on a cocktail of psychedelic drugs in the early 2000s, former stockbroker Shaun Attwood realized he was in over his head. Shaun's resulting incarceration led him to a mission of education and advocacy. Parcasters - On Espionage this week we cover one of the longest embedded spies in U.S. history, Larry Wu-tai Chin, who sent documents to the Chinese government for over 30 years! Available now at
24/05/1943m 32s

Introducing: THE DARK SIDE OF, Kate's new podcast!

Hollywood is one of our most celebrated institutions, but do you know the dark shadows draped over its early years? In this new Parcast Original, we reexamine unknown and overlooked histories of society's beloved cultural touchstones. Every multi-episode series will take on a new topic, from the music industry, to sports, and even dating and romance.In this clip, we introduce the complicated story of Hollywood's founding as a religious utopia. Subscribe to THE DARK SIDE OF on Spotify or wherever you listen to Parcast to listen to the rest of this episode!
21/05/1918m 28s

"The Wolf of Widnes” Pt. 1: Shaun Attwood

In 1996, this British-born stockbroker quit his day job trading stocks and switched his focus to trading ecstasy. Within a year, Shaun Attwood controlled the majority of the ecstasy market in the American Southwest. But his business sense and English charm couldn't protect him after a run-in with his enterprising rival.  Parcasters - Just like criminal masterminds, emperors hold tremendous power and control. In Ancient Rome, the only way to get the seat was to take it! Check out Assassinations to hear our most recent episode on Caligula and his violent end, on Spotify or anywhere you listen to Parcast! (
17/05/1946m 34s

"The Lord of the Skies" Pt. 2: Amado Carrillo Fuentes

Under his leadership, the Juarez Cartel became one of the most powerful narcotics enterprises in Mexico - but it also caught unwanted attention from authorities on both sides of the border. In 1997, the caution and creativity that launched the "Lord of the Skies" to success would also prove to be Amado Carillo Fuentes’ downfall. Sponsors! Pair of Thieves - Get 20% off your first order when you go to
10/05/1943m 59s

"The Lord of the Skies" Pt. 1: Amado Carrillo Fuentes

The nephew of one of Mexico's first major drug kingpins, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, learned the narcotics trade from the best and brightest. By the time he took control in Ciudad Juarez in the late '80s, he knew exactly what to do - and what not to do - to ensure his reign didn't come to a premature end. Parcasters - Criminal organizations are built on trust, but occasionally a mole will infiltrate the group. How do spies achieve this? Find out on Espionage! A new episode released today at
03/05/1944m 51s

Not Guilty, a new Parcast podcast!

In this new podcast, we dive into cases resulting in acquittal or exoneration, examining the crimes, trials, and verdicts that make us ask the question: what defines guilt? If you enjoy true crime, courtroom drama, and high stakes storytelling, you won’t want to miss an episode of NOT GUILTY. Subscribe today on Spotify, or wherever you get your shows!In this clip we introduce the unsolved murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley, and the suspicious actions of her husband, actor Robert Blake.
29/04/1917m 36s

“Mad Dog” Pt. 2: Vincent Coll

After a hit job gone awry in 1932, 23-year-old Vincent Coll found himself in the crosshairs of the New York Police - as well as several of the most powerful organized crime outfits. Instead of accepting an early retirement, he kept pushing his luck and stirring up trouble, even as nearly every crime group in the city wanted him dead. Parcasters - Check out our new show today! We cover the most intriguing exoneration and  acquittal cases in Not Guilty, now available at
26/04/1937m 3s

“Mad Dog” Pt. 1: Vincent Coll

When mobsters wanted a particularly ruthless job done in the 1920s and 30s, their go-to man was Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll. Vincent would kidnap or kill anyone, from Hell's Angels leader "Big Frenchy" DeMange to Broadway singer Rudy Vallee.  Parcasters - Did you catch Unexplained Mysteries yesterday?  You won’t want to miss the case of the disappearing genius, Physicist Ettore Majorana, a supposed time traveler! Available now at
19/04/1940m 24s

ESPIONAGE, a new Parcast podcast!

Hi Kingpins fans! If you love political intrigue, history, and clandestine operations, you're going to love our new podcast, ESPIONAGE. In this clip, we introduce the story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, American citizens who spied on behalf of the Soviet Union, giving them access to technology that would alter the balance of the Cold War. To hear the rest of this episode, subscribe to ESPIONAGE on Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! Thank you for all of your support!
15/04/1915m 4s

“The Cocaine Godmother” Pt. 3: Griselda Blanco

As Griselda's closest ranks of family and associates turn into a list of enemies and rivals, she flees from Miami to California to escape the heat. But even as the law started to close in on Griselda's operation in the mid-'80s, she wasn't going to go down without a fight. Parcasters - You won’t want to miss our new show, Espionage! Subscribe today for the most incredible spy stories you have ever heard! Available now at
12/04/1945m 41s

“The Cocaine Godmother” Pt. 2: Griselda Blanco

After a DEA investigation forced Griselda Blanco to flee New York City in 1975, she returned to her hometown of Medellin, Colombia to run her cocaine operation from the shadows. There, she met a protege who would soon become her deadliest rival: Pablo Escobar. Parcasters - The US government needed a way to turn public opinion in favor of conflict with Cuba during the Cold War. You know about the Bay of Pigs incident, but do you know about Operation Northwoods? Check it out now:
05/04/1944m 28s

“The Cocaine Godmother” Pt. 1: Griselda Blanco

The woman who would become one of Colombia's first major cocaine traffickers in the 1970s got her start as a criminal at age 11, kidnapping neighborhood children for ransom. This brand of ruthlessness and violence would become Griselda Blanco’s signature whenever she was crossed, even by her own husbands. Parcasters - Check out our new show, Survival! In our first episode we covered Shin Dong-hyuk’s escape from a North Korean internment camp. Available now at
29/03/1939m 51s

Heroin Godfather: Haji Bagcho

By the time this 70-year-old Afghan kingpin stood trial in 2012, Haji Bagcho had been moving drugs for nearly five decades and responsible for twenty percent of the entire world's heroin supply. He didn't climb to the top on his own: he had some help from both the CIA and the Taliban. Parcasters - Thank you so much for listening! Check out Extraterrestrial if you’re looking for a another perspective on things at
22/03/1945m 43s

“Black Mafia Family” Pt. 2: Demetrius and Terry Flenory

Even while he was building his nationwide drug empire, Demetrius Flenory never gave up on his childhood dream of becoming a hip-hop artist and producer. After a shooting at an Atlanta nightclub in 2003, the law started closing in and his chances of going legit started slipping away. Parcasters - All caught up with Kingpins? Try out our new show, Crimes of Passion! Check it out:
15/03/1946m 20s

“Black Mafia Family” Pt. 1: Demetrius and Terry Flenory

Growing up in poverty in Detroit, brothers Demetrius and Terry Flenory started dealing drugs to keep the family afloat before they were even old enough to drive. In 1989, Demetrius moved to Atlanta to expand his cocaine empire nationwide. He became a fixture of the city's nightlife scene, catching the attention of rappers like Young Jeezy...and DEA agents like Jack Harvey. Parcasters - To learn about an iconic event in American history, check out our our new episode on John McCain on HOSTAGE, wherever you get your shows. Listen now at
08/03/1942m 10s

“Cali Cartel” Pt. 4: The Rodríguez Orejuela Brothers

As Colombia descended into chaos in the late 1980s, the Orejuela Brothers knew there was only one way to save the Cali Cartel from crumbling: get rid of Pablo Escobar for good. They didn't anticipate that by bringing down their rival, they'd only be setting the stage for their own inevitable fall.
01/03/1947m 30s

“Cali Cartel” Pt. 3: The Rodríguez Orejuela Brothers

The Brothers infiltrated the streets of New York City and built the infrastructure for one of the United States’ largest cocaine rings in the 80s. Never getting caught by a local or federal enforcement officer, the Orejuela brothers thought they could continue their operation unscathed. However, more was happening behind-the-scenes than they ever knew.  Parcasters - Brotherly love brought the Cali Cartel to the heights of the drug running world, learn more about criminal siblings with our new show CRIMES OF PASSION. Listen now at
22/02/1946m 30s

“Cali Cartel” Pt. 2: The Rodríguez Orejuela Brothers

At the height of their power, Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela were bringing in one million dollars a week by smuggling cocaine into New York City. In the 1980s, a war broke out between the Cali Cartel and the Medellin Cartel. Officials struggled to track down the notorious kingpins. Parcasters - Be sure to check out our newest podcast Extraterrestrial! It’s out of this world!  Listen at
15/02/1944m 58s

“Cali Cartel” Pt. 1: The Rodríguez Orejuela Brothers

The two brothers that made up half of the Cali Cartel in Colombia, Gilberto and Miguel Orejuela became the leaders of one of the world’s most successful cocaine cartels in the 1970s. Most of the cocaine in New York City at the time was delivered by this massive operation that stretched from Bolivia to Peru.  Parcasters - Be sure to check out Parcast’s newest show Extraterrestrial! Listen at
08/02/1946m 48s

“Diamond Jim” Pt. 2: Vincenzo Colosimo

One of the most powerful men in Chicago, Big Jim’s businesses ranged from brothels and opium dens to upscale dining. His political influence in the early 1900s helped shape the way American organized crime operated for decades to come. Nobody could take down Big Jim… but that doesn’t mean they didn’t try.  Parcasters - Take a trip from Chicago to New Hampshire and learn about the alien abduction of Barney and Betty Hill on our new show Extraterrestrial. Listen at
01/02/1943m 39s

Extraterrestrial: Hill Abduction Pt. 1 - a new PARCAST show!

We hope you are excited as we are for this sneak peek episode of our new podcast, Extraterrestrial where we try to answer the question: are we really alone?If you enjoyed this preview and want to listen to the second half of the episode, search and subscribe to EXTRATERRESTRIAL wherever you listen to podcasts now to continue listening! 
28/01/1912m 58s

“Diamond Jim” Pt. 1: Vincenzo Colosimo

He had come from nothing, and yet had risen to become Chicago’s most feared and respected crime lord. Everybody knew Diamond Jim, and not just for his jewelry and that flashy three-piece suit he always wore. By 1914, Jim Colosimo controlled more than a 100 businesses in Chicago’s Red Light District.  Parcasters - Once you’re finished with “Diamond Jim” you’ll want to learn about fate of Chicago native Alan Berg on this week’s episode of Assassinations. Listen now at
25/01/1944m 36s

“King Larry” Pt. 2: Larry Hoover

Imprisoned in 1973 for drug crimes, he continued to oversee Chicago’s Gangster Disciples from his prison cell. Hoover used his time in prison to educate himself on politics and history. The Pontiac Prison Library provided a place for him to formulate a new plan: take the Gangster Disciples from street gang to political powerhouse. Parcasters - Hear Hercules as you’ve never heard him before on this week’s episode of Mythology!
18/01/1943m 35s

“King Larry” Pt. 1: Larry Hoover

The leader of one of Chicago's most dangerous gangs in the 1970s, Larry Hoover was only 23 when he was sent to a maximum-security prison. The police thought they’d taken one of Chicago’s most dangerous gang leaders out of the game, but they’d only given him a new territory to reign, and 3,200 new inmates to recruit. Parcast News - Be sure to check out Parcast’s first fictional crime show MIND’S EYE at!
11/01/1945m 6s

“Mr. Murder Capital” Pt. 2 - Rayful Edmond III

This powerful Kingpin was responsible for the drug epidemic that gave D.C. the reputation as the “murder capital” of the U.S. Edmond’s infamous trial in 1989, required the jury to sit behind bulletproof glass for their protection.
04/01/1941m 57s

“Mr. Murder Capital” Pt. 1: Rayful Edmond III

He was the youngest drug lord in D.C. history and began selling drugs at the ripe old age of 9-years-old. By the mid-1980s,  Rayful Edmond III controlled 60 percent of the drugs that came into the city and was making $300 million annually. But this would only be the beginning of his legendary reign.   Sponsors! Audible -  Listen to “Evil Has A Name” only on Audible. Listen now at
28/12/1844m 58s

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We have a holiday gift for you… Parcast’s first fictional crime show AD-FREE! In Mind’s Eye, a serial killer is back and homicide detective Kate McClay fights against psychology, unsolved crimes, and even her own family... The scariest monsters are those hiding inside our own minds. Continue the story of Mind’s Eye NOW by listening to the next episode - “Lost Forever.” Search and subscribe to MIND’S EYE anywhere you listen to podcasts, or at
24/12/1830m 1s

“Gangster Queen of Philadelphia” Pt. 2: Thelma Wright

After her husband's murder in 1986, Thelma stepped in and took over a nationwide drug operation, moving cocaine and heroin from LA to Philadelphia. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. Wright enjoyed the lavish lifestyle the drug trade afforded, but would soon learn the consequences of engaging with the criminal underworld. Parcast Network - Check out our new show Mythology at
21/12/1839m 38s

“Gangster Queen of Philadelphia” Pt. 1: Thelma Wright

For years, this queenpin watched from the shadows while her husband built a drug empire. After tragedy struck in 1986, Thelma was thrust into the center of the action navigating a bi-coastal drug trade between Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  Parcast - Check out our brand new podcast Mythology at
14/12/1843m 38s

“Cara de Piña” Pt. 2: Manuel Noriega

He rose from nothing to become the drug-smuggling, secret-selling, military dictator of Panama throughout the 1980s. However, it turns out he had a great deal of help from the American CIA. Sponsors! Audible - Get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month by going to or text KINGPINS to 500 500.
07/12/1847m 14s

"Cara de Piña" Pt. 1: Manuel Noriega

How did Manuel Noriega rise from nothing to become the drug-smuggling, secret-selling, military dictator of Panama? He had a great deal of help from the American CIA.
30/11/1849m 28s

"American Gangster" Pt. 2: Frank Lucas

After the death of his boss, Bumpy Johnson in 1968, Frank Lucas is ready to capitalize on the open market. Originally a small-time dealer on the streets of Harlem, he becomes one of the most successful heroin dealers of all time. Sponsors! Parcast - Rate, review and subscribe to our new show Assassinations which premieres November 19th!
23/11/1857m 14s

"American Gangster" Pt. 1: Frank Lucas

Moving from North Carolina to New York City, Frank Lucas engaged in petty crime and pool hustling before he began smuggling drugs using coffins of dead American servicemen in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He cut out the middleman and bought heroin directly from the source.  Sponsors! Parcast - Rate, review, and subscribe to our new podcast Hostage!
16/11/1852m 3s

"The Ojinaga Fox" Pt. 3: Pablo Acosta Villarreal

This vicious leader had very little regard for human life as if it stood in the way of his business. Pablo Acosta Villarreal commanded a 500 person operation on both sides of the border before his downfall and death in 1987.  Sponsors! Parcast - Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to our new podcast Hostage!
09/11/1845m 49s

"The Ojinaga Fox" Pt. 2: Pablo Acosta Villarreal

He repaired schools, paid medical bills for the poor and elderly, in exchange for one thing: control. The whole town protected him. But who was the man that brought him down? Sponsors! Parcast - Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to our new podcast Hostage!
02/11/1847m 41s

"The Ojinaga Fox" Pt. 1: Pablo Acosta Villarreal

In the early years of the Mexican drug world, there were no cartels - there were only kingpins. The border region was a lawless desert governed by bloody shootouts, crooked cops, and folk-hero bandits. And to rule an old-fashioned frontier, it takes an old-fashioned outlaw.  Parcast - Subscribe to our new show Hostage! Head to now so you don’t miss an episode!
26/10/1844m 4s

"The Iceman" Pt. 2: Richard Kuklinski

After 13 years as a Mafia hit man, he found himself in the crosshairs of the New Jersey Police. There was only one thing left to do: slaughter every last one of his friends before they got the chance to turn on him. Parcast - Subscribe to our new show Hostage! Head to now so you don’t miss an episode!
26/10/1852m 40s

"The Iceman" Pt. 1: Richard Kuklinski

He killed over a hundred people before the police had even heard his name. So when the Mafia needed a body to drop without getting their hands dirty, there was only one man to call. Richard Kuklinski was quick, vicious, and utterly invisible.  Parcast - Subscribe to our new show Hostage! Head to now so you don’t miss an episode!
26/10/1855m 19s

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