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Football Daily presents the Extra Time podcast. Joe, Chris, & Patrick take a topic they're passionate about and deconstruct it, discuss the week in football, and ramble on interminably. It's technically content. Please rate & review!


68: Is van Dijk the Best Premier League Defender Ever?

Hello Extra-Timers, and welcome to this week's episode, which features Dave Jackson in his podcast debut and relative veteran Henry Hill, making his second appearance. These West London boys join Patrick van Straaten to discuss the return of the Premier League, Vincent Kompany's claim that VVD is the best PL defender ever, and whether Leon Bailey would be a good Leroy Sane replacement. Then it's onto lockdown past-times, including the now obligatory Cooking Corner (TM) with Patrick van Straaten. Enjoy!
03/06/2041m 36s

67: Premier League Bottom Half XI

This week Dougie and Patrick collaborate to build an XI out of the teams in the bottom half of the Premier League, taking time to discuss some of the division's unheralded stars and which lower-half heroes could hope for moves to bigger sides this summer. Then there's a debate over how high the team could finish.
26/05/2036m 19s

66: Has Cancelling Ligue 1 Killed French Football?

This week Patrick is joined by podcast debutant Henry Hill (not from Goodfellas) to discuss the controversy over the end of the French league season, and Lyon taking the French football authorities to court because they finished 7th (lol). They chat over what this means for the division and which players could leave cheaply this summer, before Patrick defends himself against his haters following his review of Joker on Twitter. Henry rounds things off with his movie hot takes, and to everyone's shock, he and Patrick agree that everyone else is stupid and wrong.  By the way, isn't it crazy that there are frozen pizzas called "Goodfella's"? Is that apostrophe enough to flummox copyright law? If you are a lawyer please let us know on Twitter how such a thing is possible. You know what, if you read all this, hit me up on Twitter and I'll give you a shout-out on the next episode (if I remember).
19/05/2037m 41s

65: Bundesliga Predictions, Sane to Bayern, and Jorginho to Juventus

On this week's Extra Time, Patrick is joined by Mike Atkins and Zac Djellab to discuss the return of the Bundesliga and make predictions for the end of the season. Then we move on to Leroy Sane's cut-price move to Bayern, and Zac gives us the Chelsea perspective on Juve's interest in Jorginho. We also chat over dream international team and manager match-ups, and Patrick complains about Dubai again.
13/05/2046m 54s

64: Champions League for €50m? The Summer's Best Bargains

This week on Extra Time, Patrick and Dougie discuss this summer's transfer market, the financial difficulties facing the big clubs, and then discuss how ambitious teams like Arsenal and Valencia can go about building a CL-ready side for next season. We discuss the best free transfers, the biggest players with expiring contracts, and the release clauses worth triggering across Europe. If you want to know who your team should sign this summer, start here.
05/05/2037m 10s

63: How To End The Season

What's up podheads, welcome back to the 4th or 5th episode of the coronavirus podcasts. How is everyone doing? This week, I (Patrick) am joined on the show by Mike Atkins and Michael McCubbin to talk about the various options for ending the season, what their benefits and difficulties are, and which ones would make Liverpool fans angriest. Remember the podcast is now available on FD's Youtube if you prefer to consume it that way, and if you're over 18 and like beer, why not sign up with Beer52 at beer52.com/extra and bag yourself 8 beers for just £5? Might as well drink through all this.
28/04/2031m 42s

62: The Best Premier League Team of the 2010s Draft

On this episode of the Extra Time podcast, Patrick van Straaten is joined by Chris Hamill and Zac Djellab to draft competing teams made up of the best players to appear in the Premier League over the last decade. Zac and Chris didn't understand at first because they didn't read the script, but the idea got clearer after I drafted Luis Suarez. Head to Twitter to vote on which team turned out best (hint: it's not Chris'). This week's episode is brought to you by Beer52. Head to Beer52.com/extra to pick up your first case of 8 craft beers for just £5! It's a lockdown, you might as well drink. That's not their slogan, we made that up.
21/04/201h 3m

61: Ndombele to Barca, Real Madrid go wild, and Sancho out

On this week’s episode of Extra Time, Patrick and Dougie discuss some of the biggest transfer rumours to hit the headlines this week. First, we turn our attention to Real Madrid, who are apparently keen to rebuild their frontline with moves totalling nearly half a billion euros for Jadon Sancho, Erling Haaland, and Kylian Mbappe. But are those the right moves? Is Pogba right for their midfield? Will they have to sell Asensio or Hazard to make it work? Then we look at how Dortmund might respond to Sancho leaving. Paper talk suggests they’re already targeting Valencia’s Ferran Torres as a replacement, but there are question marks over his experience. Next up is Barcelona’s interest in Tanguy Ndombele, who could be on his way out of Tottenham after falling out with Jose Mourinho. Could he be the man to complement Frenkie de Jong in the middle of the park? Finally, we do a quick yes/no round-up of the other major rumours including Kingsley Coman also to Barca, Luka Jovic to Arsenal, Jack Grealish to Everton, and what Atletico, Chelsea, and Man United might do in the market.
16/04/2026m 52s

60: The Worst Man United Player Ever - Joe's Life In Football

This week we bring you a special episode, taking you inside Joe Thomlinson's head (fresh from a haircut he gave himself with a beard trimmer). From his earliest memories of the game to the unexpected players he loves and hates, we talk about his ups and downs as a Man United fan, and I get in a lot of digs about how terrible United are now. Let us know if you like the format, and who you'd like to see interviewed next.
09/04/2040m 15s

59: Summer Transfers Would You Rather & Visiting the Future

Welcome to the first quarantine transmission of Extra Time, which is now also available on YouTube! This week Patrick van Straaten and Chris Hamill do some Would You Rather with the summer transfer window, chatting over which players Europe's superclubs should be looking to sign and which they should avoid. We also discuss cutting your own hair, and going back in time. This episode is sponsored by Harry's. If you'd like to claim your trial set for just £3.95, including a razor handle, 5-blade cartridge, foaming shave gel, and travel cover, just go to Harrys.com/extra.
03/04/2033m 45s

58: Coronavirus Update

Hey Extra Timers, it's Patrick van Straaten with an update on the podcast during coronavirus. We're going to try to find a way to get new episodes to you, but we're just working out how to do it and what you might want us to cover while there's no football happening. Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @Patrickbvs, if you've got any suggestions, but mostly just stay safe and wash your hands.
20/03/202m 21s

57: Coronavirus Sucks But Atalanta Slap

Crack open an ice-cold bottle of Corona and enjoy this week's episode, in which Patrick van Straaten, Mike Atkins, and Zac Djellab discuss coronavirus and its impact on the end of the season, with the possible cancellation of various leagues and Euro 2020 looming. Then we pretend the Champions League results matter and that there'll actually be a winner. Wash your hands!
12/03/2055m 32s

56: The Best Bargain Players in Europe

With FFP in the spotlight and everyone haemorrhaging cash, Patrick, Joe, and Dougie do some sofa scouting to find players available for under £20m across Europe. Dougie cheats a lot
05/03/201h 4m

55: Mourinho Already Done at Spurs, Chelsea-Bayern, and Animal Attacks

This week sees a debut on the podcast, with Sam Obaseki joining Patrick van Straaten and Mike Atkins. We greet him by making him discuss his beloved Chelsea's battering at the hands of Bayern, his beloved Mourinho's third-season syndrome after three months at Spurs, and the time he was frightened by foxes. One of our best Anything But Football segments ever. Our sponsor this week is BOTB. Head over to BOTB.com/extra for a chance to win a car every week!
27/02/201h 1m

54: Man City Banned - Can They Recover?

Zac Djellab, Dougie Critchley, and Patrick van Straaten discuss Man City's Champions League ban, and what it changes for their finances and transfers, as well as the new Premier League top 5 race. We examine the club's insistence that they did nothing wrong, but also that the evidence UEFA has that they did something wrong was stolen, and if they did do anything wrong it probably shouldn't be wrong in the first place, and also that it's a witch hunt. Plus some Pep slander and #UnpopularOpinions about how maybe taking money from slave states might not be totally cool. Enjoy!
20/02/201h 6m

53: Broken Barcelona, A Look Ahead to the Champions League, and The Oscars

This week, Patrick is joined by Zac Djellab and Mike Atkins to take a quick tour of the week in football, including Barcelona's attempts to sign literally any striker following the injury to Ousmane Dembele, and next week's exciting UCL ties. Then it's a trip to Hollywood for Patrick's weekly Florence Pugh and Little Women propaganda. This episode is brought to you by Beer52.com, a monthly subscription service which delivers eight delicious craft beers to your door, and Extra Time listeners can get their first crate for just £4.95, the cost of postage. Not only that, you get two extra beers, a copy of Ferment magazine, and a snack for free! All you need to do is go to www.beer52.com/extra to sign up. One per household. New customers only. Part of a monthly subscription with no minimum commitment. If you choose to stay, you will be delivered ten craft beers, Ferment magazine and a snack with free delivery for just £29. Full terms at beer52.com/terms.
13/02/2056m 24s

52: How to Fix Atletico Madrid (and West Ham)!

This week, Patrick, Joe, and Dougie sit down to solve the problems at one of Europe's biggest clubs, Atletico Madrid, and also at West Ham for some reason. We cover their seasons to date, some of the areas they might need to improve, and a selection of players worth targeting for Diego Simeone, and, um, David Moyes, I guess. Enjoy!
06/02/201h 6m

51: Transfer Tedium, Grealish's Future, and Sex Education

Patrick is joined by Mike Atkins and Zac Djellab for a round-up of "all the news" from the worst transfer window ever. We then chat about Jack Grealish and where he'll end up this summer, before a quick discussion of Sex Education season 2 and how we're all going to die of coronavirus.
30/01/2050m 10s

50: Extra Time Meets: Adam Rooney

Michael McCubbin sits down with Salford City striker Adam Rooney to discuss transfers from a footballer's perspective, his former managers, and Salford's aims this season.
23/01/2048m 42s

49: European Transfer Special!

Joe, Patrick, and Mike Atkins sit down to chew over 9 European clubs and their transfer needs heading into the back half of the season. There's a lot of rudeness about most teams.
16/01/201h 14m

48: Transfers To Save Your Club's Season

Chris, Joe, and Patrick sit down to find transfer targets for every* Premier League club. That's it. *Ok, only 9 clubs. But that's a lot.
09/01/201h 33m

47: Extra Time Meets: David Jones

Chris sits down with presenter and journalist David Jones to revisit the key moments of his career - from his apprenticeship at The Derbyshire Times, to securing Monday Night Football on Sky Sports.  The idea of this series is to lift the lid on jobs in football. Hopefully you find it useful! A big thanks to David for his time.
26/12/191h 8m

46: Ancelotti to Everton, Serie A: Still Racist, and Haaland Decides

On the final regular podcast of the year, Patrick, Mike Atkins, and Joe sit down to discuss Everton's expected appointment of Carletto, Serie A's let's say misguided anti-racism campaign, and why no-one should ever join Manchester United unless they've got a mortgage to pay. Then we roll into our best and worst of the decade, where we don't talk about Brexit. It's pretty good! And when Alex Iwobi makes the team of the year, I expect apologies from all of you in my mentions. Happy Christmas!
19/12/1945m 17s

45: The Football Daily Christmas Calendar

Chris and Patrick sit down to chop up 2019, looking back at the year in football, and going off on some ill-advised tangents. It's two hours of high-quality* entertainment*. Do you remember the drunk episodes of Stat Wars? It's basically like that, but we were sober. Enjoy! *not really *not at all
12/12/192h 4m

44: Arsenal's Next Manager, The Ballon d'Or, and The Best Films, TV, and Music of 2019

This week Patrick is joined by Joe and George to discuss the beginning of the #LjungbergEra and the frontrunners for the full-time Arsenal manager role, why Messi is the greatest and Ronaldo is not, and the best music, film, and TV of the year, in which Joe picks pure 5am ratchet club bangers. Does anyone say ratchet anymore? Listen to find out.
05/12/1956m 33s

43: Europe's Surprise Packages!

This week Dougie, Mike and George discuss shine a light on some of Europe's under appreciated performers in the big five leagues. Prepare for some obscure chat!
28/11/191h 8m

42: Chaos at Spurs, European Review, and I'm A Celeb

This week, Dougie is joined by Mike and Zac to discuss Pochettino leaving Spurs, Mourinho joining Spurs, why England will win the Euros and why I'm A Celebrity is the best show on British television. Oh, and a little sprinkling of Sonny Snelling.
21/11/1944m 33s

41: The Biggest Underperformers in Europe!

This week on the pod, Chris, Dougie and a jet-lagged Joe discuss what's gone wrong at some of Europe's biggest clubs (and Spurs).
14/11/191h 5m


From this week, SV:ET will be going weekly! But that's not all. From now on, the podcast will go out on a Thursday, not a Sunday. And because Sunday Vibes: Extra Time doesn't really make sense if it doesn't go out on a Sunday, expect a new title and new art very soon. You don't need to do anything. Just wait for weekly football content to download itself to your phone, like those videos you promised your parents had nothing to do with you when you were 14. Thanks for your support!
10/11/192m 15s

39: How To Save A Team From Relegation!

This year's Premier League relegation battle looks especially tight, so on today's episode Joe, Chris, and Patrick pick a team each and work out to help them beat the drop. No guarantees.
03/11/191h 15m

38: Premier League Team of the Decade!

Dougie, Joe, and Patrick create their best XI of 2010 - 2020! It's controversial (because Dougie is an idiot).
20/10/191h 3m

37: What The Heck Is Going On In La Liga?!

Joe, Pat and Chris delve into the 19/20 La Liga season and try to make sense of a really weird start.  What's going on with Barcelona? Should Real Madrid fans be worried? What 'smaller' team will be a dark horse this season?
06/10/191h 18m

36: The Best Underdog Teams In The Champions League

Everyone knows about the likes of Barcelona, PSG and Liverpool, but what 'smaller' teams could prove to be dark horses in this year's Champions League?
22/09/191h 1m

34: Young Players That Could Replace Your Club's Ageing Legend!

With some high-profile club's superstars approaching their twilight years, Pat, Joe & George pick three players, 23 or younger, that may be able to fill their sizeable boots
25/08/191h 16m

33: Premier League Predictions: Top 6, Best Signing, Biggest Flop & More...

With Premier League football returning this weekend, Chris, Dougie and George get their predictions in and some of them are SPICY!  Be sure to check out www.theathletic.co.uk/sundayvibes for a discounted subscription to some of the best football journalism around!
10/08/191h 21m

32: The Evolution Of Lionel Messi | Extra Time Meets Ted Knutson

Chris & Pat are joined by StatsBomb CEO Ted Knutson to discuss Lionel Messi's evolution, Arsenal's transfer business & Chelsea's transfer ban.
28/07/191h 42m

28: How To Replace Your Clubs Superstar! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

When a big player like Eden Hazard leaves your club they can seem irreplaceable but Chris, Joe & Pat have the answers for the best method to move on to better things.
07/07/191h 24m

27: How To Fix Arsenal Next Season! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Dougie is joined by Arsenal fans Pato & George Wright to discuss the ever depressing topic of how Arsenal can rebuild for next season!
23/06/191h 42m

26: Players Your Club Should Avoid Signing! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Joe, Chris & Pat take a deep dive into why your club should avoid making a mistake in the transfer market...
16/06/191h 15m

25: How To Fix Your Club This Summer! | Sunday: Extra Time

Joe, Chris & Zac have broken down the transfers your club need to make this summer to ensure they survive going into the 2019/20 campaign!
09/06/191h 49m

24: The Bargain Transfers Of The Summer! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Joe, Dougie & Pat countdown their 3 bargain transfers to watch this summer. Tweet us your shouts - @FootballDaily
26/05/191h 28m

23: The End Of Season Awards | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

The Premier League season has come to an end so it's time we look back and relive some of the moments from an eventful year...
19/05/191h 6m

22: Wonderkid Team Of The Season! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Joe, Pat & Dougie are creating their XI of the season containing players under the age of 23\. Expect Mbappe & expect a few interesting inclusions!
05/05/191h 32m

21: Free Agents Your Club Need To Sign | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Welcome back to the Extra Time podcast! This week Joe, Pat and Zac look at the best players who will be available for free this summer and where they should go.
14/04/191h 38m

20: How To BREAK Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga Dominance | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99, get your Pass now and catch this weekend's biggest Premier League clashes including Fulham v Man City & Liverpool v Tottenham http://nowtv.uk/FDPod #ad
31/03/191h 41m

19: Breaking In To Top 6 XI | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Welcome back to the Extra Time podcast! You've asked for this a shed load of times, so here it is: a team comprised of players from outside the top 6, that could break into the top 6! A jet-lagged Chris and Dougie are joined by Patto - with the latter two acting as chief scouts to Hamill's Sporting Director. Let the games begin! Top 6 XI: 00:00:35:03 Facts: 01:34:01:07
24/03/191h 42m

18: The Managerial Merry-Go-Round: Who Should Go Where & Why | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Joe, Pat and Zac make their predictions on the big managerial moves that could rock the footballing landscape in the near future!   Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99, get your Pass now and catch all of today's Sky Sports action, including Fulham v Liverpool and a host of other top Premier Leagues clashes this month http://nowtv.uk/FDPod #ad
17/03/191h 57m

17: Best Teams To Never Win A Trophy | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99, get your Pass now and catch all of today's Sky Sports action, including Arsenal V Man Utd and a host of other top Premier Leagues clashes this month http://nowtv.uk/FDPod #ad
10/03/191h 54m

16: Footballers Who Are Wasted At Their Clubs | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99, get your Pass now and catch all of today's Sky Sports action, including Everton V Liverpool and a host of other top Premier Leagues clashes this month http://nowtv.uk/FDPod #ad
03/03/191h 48m

15: Billionaire Owners Who Could Change The Game! | Extra Time

Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99, get your Pass now and catch all of today's Sky Sports action, including Man Utd V Liverpool and a host of other top Premier Leagues clashes this month http://nowtv.uk/FDPod #ad
24/02/191h 32m

14: How To Solve A Problem Like Chelsea | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

We're back with another 'How To' and this time Joe, Dougie & Zac sit down to tackle the plethora of problems at Chelsea. After that, Joe brings three problems to the table for Row-Z before Zac plays 'Facts With Rafa Benitez.' If you enjoyed this episode make sure to subscribe to the podcast, rate it 5 stars and leave a lovely review!  Anything But Clickbait: 00:00:45, Row-Z: 01:22:53, Facts With Rafa Benitez: 01:26:34
17/02/191h 35m


Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99, get your Pass now and catch all of today's Sky Sports action, including Man City V Chelsea and a host of other top Premier Leagues clashes this month http://nowtv.uk/FDPod #ad
10/02/191h 22m

12: Winter is Coming: The Best & Worst of The January Transfer Window | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

January is a funny old time isn't it? The renewed optimism, the fraught tension of losing your talisman, fans of the chasing pack clamouring for a mid season saviour. It's a kaleidoscope of madness. And, on this week's episode, the boys unpick it with their hallmark, in-depth charm (Chris ran out of time. Apparently you need a PHD to work out the ongoing drama that is Leeds).  The good, the bad and the ugly at the 'business end' of the season - all in 2 hrs. Enjoy!
27/01/191h 41m

11: How To Develop The Next Superstar Player | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

► Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99\. - http://nowtv.uk/ytsvfdaily Joe, Chris & Dougie discuss the best academy's in world football & what you need to grow a young player in to a world class footballer!
20/01/191h 34m

10: How To WIN The January Transfer Window! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

► Stream on the go with a NOW TV Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for just £5.99\. - http://nowtv.uk/ytsvfdaily Happy New Year everyone, the transfer window is wide open and we have found the perfect way for your club to catch the biggest W and have a stress free 2019!  & Dougie makes his debut to replace the departing Pato.
13/01/192h 6m

9: Football Daily's End Of Season Awards! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Merry Christmas FD gang thank you for your support enjoy our last podcast of the year with our award ceremony celebrating the best and worst of 2018!
23/12/181h 16m

8: Teams That Should Be Performing Better In Europe! | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Why are some big teams struggling to succeed in Europe? we look at clubs like Arsenal & Valencia and get deep about what is going wrong for the European Underperformers... Let us know your thoughts on Twitter! @FootballDaily
16/12/181h 57m

7: Fallen Giants: The Mess At Inter Milan | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

We've covered AC Milan so we're now turning our attention to the blue & black side of Milan. Joe, Chris & Pat go deep to find a solution to the mess of this once great team, Inter Milan.  If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to subscribe to the podcast, rate it 5 stars and leave a lovely review!
09/12/181h 33m

6: How To Save A Premier League Club From Relegation... | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

We're back again with another 'How To' and we turn our attention to the bottom of the Premier League table and morph into Harry Redknapp & Tony Pulis.  Let us know your thoughts on Twitter! @FootballDaily
02/12/181h 58m

5: How to Solve A Problem Like Bayern Munich | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

The 'How To' series is back by popular demand and this week the boys take on faltering Bayern Munich. Would their suggestions help the Bavarians topple a resurgent Borussia Dortmund? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter! @FootballDaily
25/11/181h 42m

4: From Domestic Obscurity to European Glory: How To Build A Super Club

So, you enjoyed Episode 1 & 2 but said we weren't "challenging ourselves" with United and Real Madrid. Cheeky blighters. Subsequently, we've "taken over" at three clubs (from three different leagues) who are on the cusp(ish) of European football in a bid to get them to the promise lands; whether it be Europa or the UCL. Admittedly, it was a lot more difficult... Hit us up on Twitter with any ideas for future episodes!
18/11/181h 51m

3: Fallen Giants: The Mess At AC Milan | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

On today's episode of Extra Time; Chris & Patrick look at how AC Milan have become a fallen giant. Also, with Joe away, PVS kicks something ugly out of the beautiful game. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to subscribe to the podcast, rate it 5 stars and leave a lovely review! Anything But Clickbait: 00:00:30 Row-Z: 00:45:02
14/11/1853m 20s

2: How To Solve A Problem Like Real Madrid | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

On today's episode of Extra Time; Chris, Joe & Patrick attempt to fix Real Madrid in 4 simple steps. Hamill also attempts to kick something ugly out of the beautiful game and Patrick takes on Rafa in 'FACTS.'If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to subscribe to the podcast, rate it 5 stars and leave a lovely review!
03/11/181h 27m

1: How To Solve A Problem Like Manchester United | Sunday Vibes: Extra Time

Joe, Patrick & Chris sit down to discuss how they would fix the problems at Manchester United in 'Anything But Clickbait.' Next up, PVS & Joe bring two problems to the table for Row-Z and finally Chris plays 'Facts With Rafa Benitez.'If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to subscribe to the podcast, rate it 5 stars and leave a lovely review! Anything But Clickbait: 00:00:23Row-Z: 01:06:31Facts With Rafa Benitez: 01:17:13
31/10/181h 32m
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