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Where Zoom goes next

Coming up today: Vicki takes a look at the wild rise of Zoom, Amit fills up on discount fast food and Natasha explains the hygiene theatre coming to a workplace near you soon
07/08/2052m 15s

These coronavirus vaccines are the closest to becoming reality

Coming up today: Matt Burgess advises on how to up your lockdown running game, I examine the latest covid vaccine progress, and Matt Reynolds tackles the UK’s big cat mystery
31/07/2050m 45s

We’re stuck in a lockdown work from home purgatory

Coming up today: Matt Burgess on Covid-19 hackers, Amit looks at how musicians are taking on Spotify (again) and Natasha explains why we’re all stuck in a work from home purgatory.
24/07/2048m 24s

Is coronavirus airborne?

Coming up today: Matt Reynolds explains how coronavirus may actually be airborne, Matt Burgess looks at a grim future for Huawei and Vicki tells us all to wear face masks
17/07/2055m 57s

The failure of antibody tests

Matt delves into the failed promise of antibody tests, Amit explains how to eat lots of hot dogs and Vicki reminds us all what a train is
10/07/2050m 50s

Has Covid-19 created more plastic waste?

Coming up today: the plight of museums, the surge in plastic and why cinemas are engaged in an elaborate game of post-lockdown chicken
03/07/2048m 39s

Why mask shaming is a big deal

Coming up today: the rise of mask shaming, the hunt for coronavirus heads to the sewers and how climbing became the next big competitive sport
26/06/2048m 53s

The era of the coronavirus super-spreader

Coming up today: coronavirus super-spreaders, how Beijing crushed a spike in cases and the death of the great British office sandwich
19/06/2046m 42s

DuckDuckGo takes on Google

Coming up today: ducks, eels and simulated shouting.
12/06/2053m 40s

How Sweden bungled its coronavirus response

Sweden's coronavirus response, anti-vaxxers and the pandemic collide and we explain how pubs can reopen safely
05/06/2050m 58s

Your weird coronavirus summer holidays

The case for infecting healthy people with coronavirus, a big week for SpaceX and we explain how weird your summer holidays are going to be.
29/05/2057m 30s

How coronavirus attacks your body

What we now know about how coronavirus attacks your body, how the school shutdown will affect kids for years and why we’re entering the golden era of nepotism
22/05/2044m 37s

The WIRED podcast pub quiz

Coming up today: the first ever WIRED podcast pub quiz. Fun not guaranteed.
15/05/201h 0m

The big coronavirus contact tracing app debate

Coming up today: coronavirus treatments, we dig deeper into contact tracing apps and look at the surprising science of playing sport behind closed doors
07/05/2052m 3s

Coronavirus is making you hungry for skin

Coming up today: why we’re all hungry for skin, why everyone is getting in a flap over apps and some depressing economic news
01/05/2050m 31s

The coronavirus startup crisis

Coming up today: we explain why coronavirus is hitting startups so hard, investigate the crisis facing Airbnb and its hosts and find out how researchers have cracked a secret paedophile code
24/04/2047m 10s

Why you’ve been having so many weird lockdown dreams

Coming up today: how blood could be key in the fight against coronavirus, we explain how to level-up your Zoom pub quiz experience and explain why you’ve been having so many weird lockdown dreams
17/04/2050m 13s

How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy tore through the web

How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy tore through the web, the UK’s worrying police state creep and how a volunteer army is stitching to fix the UK’s scrubs shortage
09/04/201h 1m

The next year under coronavirus

The next year under coronavirus, the takeaway food conundrum and we delve into the zoom privacy fears
03/04/2044m 0s

How a blood test could help us crack coronavirus

The UK locks down, wedding planners pivot to crisis comms and our take on Disney+
27/03/2053m 31s

How to cope with social distancing

How to cope with working from home, the behavioural science behind handling a pandemic and an opportunity to witness our rapid descent into news overload madness
20/03/2055m 26s

The problem with coronavirus stockpiling

The latest COVID-19 update, the perils of stockpiling, and true crime on YouTube
13/03/2032m 13s

Coronavirus myths, busted

Part two of our investigation into Airbnb scams, we bust some major coronavirus myths and take a detailed look at gender neutral toilet design.
06/03/201h 0m

Inside a huge Airbnb scam

Coming up today: we reveal a huge Airbnb scam running riot on the streets of London
28/02/2052m 4s

It's time to let go of our most ambitious climate target

McDonalds shakes up delivery apps, climate target doom and investigating where coronavirus came from
21/02/2047m 5s

How Nike broke running

Coming up today: how the NHS plans to tackle its carbon emissions, Nike's controversial running shoes, and coronavirus hits MWC
07/02/2045m 50s

Netflix has a Goop problem

Everything you need to know about coronavirus, we explore the weird world of The Goop Lab and skewer the corporate greenwashing hype
31/01/2050m 0s

How Jeff Bezos got hacked

How Jeff Bezos got hacked, how tomatoes got hacked, and how to hack flexible working
24/01/2044m 15s

How Slack ruined work

Troubled waters in the Panama Canal, WitchTok, and strong opinions on Slack.
17/01/2037m 15s

The way you use WhatsApp is wrong

Britain’s nuclear energy crunch, an unusual cancer study and Matt Burgess’s bizarre WhatsApp habit
10/01/2034m 20s

How to win at Veganuary

How you can make a success out of Veganuary, how science is trying to understand the global insect collapse, and we discuss how you can get your digital life in order in 2020
03/01/2045m 5s

Why we should all work shorter hours in winter

Why we should all be working shorter days in winter, the Arctic power struggle between China and Russia and the super-exciting, must-listen WIRED quiz of the year extravaganza.
13/12/191h 0m

WIRED Book Club: Super Pumped, by Mike Isaac

Has Uber changed?
11/12/1935m 22s

The big problem with your SUV

The collapse of Isis on Telegram, the wild rise of novelty Christmas advent calenders and the big problem with big cars
06/12/1945m 19s

Uber's London meltdown

A bad week for Uber in London, why everyone should shut the hell up about plastic pollution and why I decided to ditch Google from my life
29/11/191h 1m

Google's Stadia failure

Dead mammoths, dead celebrities and we explain why Google Stadia has entered the gaming industry with more of a whimper than a bang
22/11/1946m 13s

The climate crisis hiding in your office

Labour’s bold broadband plan, why space is about to get even more lonely and the climate crisis hiding in your office
15/11/1940m 40s

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

Apple TV+ comes to the small screen, the stressful world of wedding spreadsheets, and are any of us getting enough Vitamin D?
08/11/1932m 42s

The Biggest Apple Launch Ever

The biggest apple launch of all time, the latest DeepMind AI breakthrough and Twitter sasses Facebook
01/11/1941m 23s

WIRED Book Club: Factfulness, by Hans Rosling

How do our instincts distort our worldview? Can you tell when data is being manipulated to tell a specific story? And is the world really as bad as it seems?
28/10/1936m 13s

The myth of the quantified baby

The uneasy rise of YouTube’s viral chiropractors, the myth of the quantified baby and why the government’s green numberplate scheme is hypocrisy at its absolute finest
25/10/1944m 0s

The myth of the quantified baby

The uneasy rise of YouTube’s viral chiropractors, the myth of the quantified baby and why the government’s green numberplate scheme is hypocrisy at its absolute finest
25/10/1942m 34s

Boilers, porn and planes

We look at the UK's now-cancelled porn block, the big boiler problem and the logistics of a 20-hour flight
18/10/1945m 4s

What’s really inside CBD oil?

How Brexit broke the English language, we look at what’s really inside CBD oil and run the maths on a remarkable sub-two-hour marathon attempt
11/10/1949m 9s

The vaping backlash is on

After deaths in the US, there's a backlash against vaping; the rise of short form video; and the tricky future of Uber
04/10/1936m 58s

Google’s quantum leap

Google’s made a quantum computing breakthrough, Operation Matterhorn, and Uber’s kind-of licence renewal
27/09/1931m 21s

The fight against food fraud

Can nature documentaries help the environment? The criminal world of food fraud, and our pick for video game of the year
23/09/1930m 37s

Should your pets be vegan?

Vegan dog food, the ongoing fight against loot boxes in games, and how voter registration levels could affect an election
13/09/1933m 27s

Japan's high-tech toilets are finally conquering the West

High tech toilets, police facial recognition, and swapping Netflix binges for weekly TV viewing
06/09/1935m 55s

WIRED Book Club: YouTubers, by Chris Stokel-Walker

How does the YouTube algorithm really work? Who is making money off the video platform? And why are so many people tuning in to watch an eight-year-old take toys out of boxes?
02/09/1934m 20s

Why you shouldn't feel good about carbon offsetting

The wild rise of the spammy PPI industry, China’s private space race and what you can do to offset your carbon footprint
30/08/1932m 16s

Why do critics hate Netflix's movies?

Measles in the UK, Facebook’s not-so-private take on privacy, and Netflix struggles to catch its big movie break
23/08/1932m 10s

DeepMind's plan to solve science's trickiest problem

TikTok causes trouble in India, supplements for ravers, and we go behind the scenes at DeepMind
16/08/1941m 34s

How inspirational quotes took over the web

Coming up today: a bluetooth-connected e-cigarette, video assistant referees come to the Premier League and how motivational quotes took over social media
09/08/1937m 2s

The physics of Elon Musk's new super-rocket

Coming up today: Elon Musk's new engine, the UK tries to give up smoking and is workplace wellness really the key to happiness?
02/08/1933m 37s

Why you're so grumpy when it's hot

Fake fish, another heat wave, and a film about a quite literal power struggle
26/07/1936m 10s

FaceApp is not as worrying as you think

Human skulls do a roaring trade on Instagram, should you be shopping at plastic-free shops, and why is everyone freaking out about that app that makes you look old?
19/07/1937m 52s

WIRED Book Club: Superior: The Return of Race Science

What does biology say about human differences? How does science become racist? And what even is race?
19/07/1936m 2s

The strange world of food portions

GDPR hits British Airways, the tricky politics of lithium mining, and does anyone believe a packet of crisps contains more than one portion?
12/07/1931m 14s

The return of Netflix's Stranger Things

Europe’s heatwave, police and facial recognition, and Stranger Things
05/07/1933m 30s

The hunt for an Alzheimer's vaccine

The hunt for an Alzheimer's vaccine and Uber's controversial new update
28/06/1926m 31s

What is Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency really about?

Facebook’s cryptocurrency, sleep-tracking wearables, and the UK’s porn block hits another roadblock.
21/06/1936m 21s

Why men aren't donating enough blood

Coming up today: why men don’t give blood, Zuckerberg deep fakes, and we go to the Arctic Circle
14/06/1936m 30s

Has Black Mirror lost its way?

Apple’s new take on logins, Amazon’s dangerous videos and we watch the new season of Black Mirror
07/06/1942m 25s

WIRED Book Club: Lost in a Good Game

Why do we play video games? Can violent games cause real-world aggression? When does a gaming habit become an addiction?
07/06/1940m 23s

How big beef destroyed the planet

Coming up today: big beef, dodgy DNA tests and outsourcing decisions to algorithms
31/05/1938m 52s

Elon Musk's wild space internet plan

Coming up today: Huawei’s very bad week; Elon Musk’s space internet; and a psychedelic experience without the psychedelics.
24/05/1938m 21s

Minecraft's future is augmented reality

Coming up today: Minecraft goes AR, WhatsApp gets hacked and could taking tiny amounts of LSD boost your brain?
17/05/1940m 30s

Jeff vs Elon: the billionaires' space race is heating up

The UK’s coal-free week, Jeff Bezos’s space plans, and our verdict on Pokémon Detective Pikachu
10/05/1937m 55s

The controversial Caster Semenya verdict

Facebook gets a redesign, the controversial science behind the Caster Semenya verdict and the latest edition of the world famous WIRED Book Club
03/05/1952m 25s

What's the point in Mark Zuckerberg's podcast?

Coming up today: Mark Zuckerberg launches a podcast, Samsung pulls its folding phone and we argue about the best sci-fi film of all time
26/04/1947m 40s

The UK’s porn block explained

Coming up today: the UK’s porn block is finally (almost) here; everything you need to know about the Extinction Rebellion protests and we take a look at Twitch’s bold, noisy move into the world of karaoke
19/04/1949m 35s

How scientists captured the first image of a black hole

The UK takes aim at online harms, we get our first glimpse at a black hole and Vicki sleeps with a robot
12/04/1954m 8s

Inside North Korea's elite hacker army

Coming up today: Inside North Korea’s elite hacker group, we mourn the death of Google+ and explain why the clocks changing will soon be a thing of the past.
05/04/1948m 34s

Why Apple TV+ isn't a Netflix competitor

Everything you need to know about Apple’s Netflix rival, the startup darling disrupting the NHS and the third edition of the WIRED Book Club
29/03/191h 3m

Google's grand gaming plans

Google’s bold vision for the future of gaming, we explain why you need to change your Facebook password right now and take an in-depth look at an obscure piece of legislation that made Facebook what it is today
22/03/1912h 53m

Inside Amazon's 'autism cure' problem: Podcast 409

Coming up today: Boeing grounds its troubled planes, we investigate dodgy books on Amazon, and the World Wide Web celebrates its 30th birthday
15/03/1950m 27s

Can DNA tests help us make the perfect dog? Podcast 408

Coming up today: why you need to change your phone number right now, the rise of transparent influencers and how DNA testing could create more top dogs.
08/03/1951m 4s

The weird spread of the Momo Challenge: Podcast 407

Coming up today: the weird story of the Momo challenge; Revolut insiders reveal the human cost of a fintech unicorn’s wild rise; and we explain how a network of peadophiles was using YouTube to prey on children
01/03/1947m 48s

Facebook's anti-vaxxer problem: Podcast 406

Coming up today: Facebook’s anti-vaxxer problem, Citymapper’s plan to take over transport, and the second WIRED Book Club
22/02/1952m 38s

Keeping a secret from Google: Podcast 405

Coming up today: the gooey, disgusting fight against super gonorrhoea; why your bank card could soon miaow like a cat and we get incredibly angry at Google and Facebook. Again.
15/02/1945m 15s

Jeff Bezos's blackmail masterclass: Podcast 404

Coming up today: Jeff Bezos, what we can learn from France’s big tech tax plan and we go inside the weird and disturbing world of YouTube’s child ASMR stars
08/02/1945m 16s

Why you're not a morning person: Podcast 403

Apple and Facebook square off, we learn how to train a dragon and we find out why you’ll never be a morning person
01/02/1942m 0s

The truth about standing desks: Podcast 402

Standing desk myths, busted, the latest on the Chinese CRISPR baby scandal and how skyscrapers are fighting back against YouTube’s daredevil rooftoppers
25/01/1941m 9s

How to think about algorithms: Podcast 401

How the demise of HMV shows the way forward for the high street and it’s finally time for the first WIRED Book Club in-depth discussion extravaganza
18/01/191h 5m

How to KonMari your digital life: Podcast 400

The problem with YouTubers promoting mystery boxes, hacking the European elections and how to Marie Kondo your digital life
11/01/1944m 11s

How Netflix built Black Mirror's interactive Bandersnatch episode: Podcast 399

Netflix's Bandersnatch episode is the first large-scale interactive film. This is how it was created
04/01/1936m 27s

Our villains of 2018: Podcast 398

We continue our look back on 2018 in tech and pick our super evil villains of the year
21/12/1846m 5s

Our heroes of 2018: Podcast 397

We pick our heroes of 2018 and look back on all the big stories from the first six months of the year in science, tech and business
14/12/1839m 42s

The CRISPR gene-edited baby scandal: Podcast 396

We explain what you can really do to be more environmentally friendly and investigate the biggest scientific scandal of the year
30/11/1847m 5s

Google takes on the EU's war on memes: Podcast 395

Google fires a warning shot at the EU, why Twitter can’t stop Elon Musk scammers and we explain why France’s digital nationalism is part of a growing trend.
23/11/1843m 40s

The truth about that Iceland advert: Podcast 394

On the WIRED podcast this week: why the weight of the kilogram is changing, the difficulty of moderating Mumsnet, and what really is going on with that Iceland advert.
16/11/1842m 49s

How electric scooters are changing cities: Podcast 393

On the WIRED podcast this week: Electric scooters come to London, How China’s answer to Uber overcame its violence problem, and the bendy phone future is finally here...
09/11/1844m 6s

Did the Google walkout work? Podcast 392

On the WIRED podcast this week: Google staff members walkout in protest over sexual misconduct, Tony Blair on big tech and medical cannabis is now legal in the UK. Sort of.
02/11/1842m 55s

Does Red Dead Redemption 2 live up to the hype? Podcast 391

On the WIRED podcast this week: The Berlin neighbourhood that said no to Google, India’s WhatsApp fake news problem, and our verdict on Red Dead Redemption 2.
26/10/1839m 41s

Why you can't stop watching true crime shows: Podcast 390

On the WIRED podcast this week: the UK’s proposed porn block, why crunch time in the gaming industry is such a problem, and we explore what makes true-crime TV series such compelling viewing.
19/10/1849m 45s

The collapse of Russia's space empire: Podcast 389

Coming up today: inside Candy Crush’s renewed plan for world domination, our verdict on First Man and we look at the collapse of Russia’s once mighty space empire
12/10/1850m 34s

The Facebook hack is way worse than you think: Podcast 388

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: everything you need to know about the massive Facebook hack, we go inside the weird and wonderful world of YouTube’s ASMR video makers and find out about the high-stakes race to save the banana from oblivion
05/10/1852m 43s

If aliens call, what should we say? Podcast 387

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the global fight over whether we should try talking to aliens or not (and what we’d say), the next big thing from LEGO and the sad sight of space being colonised by boring billionaires, not brilliant scientists.
28/09/1851m 29s

How realistic is the BBC's Bodyguard? Podcast 386

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: how the police can make better use of AI, look at all the Alexa stuff Amazon announced this week and find out what life is really like for bodyguards
21/09/1845m 24s

Why a four-day work week makes sense: Podcast 385

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the scientific and economic case for a four-day working week, the EU’s war on memes continues and we deliver our verdict on all the good stuff Apple announced this week.
14/09/1847m 32s

Tracking the Salisbury novichok suspects: Podcast 384

We look at why airport security didn't catch the Salisbury novichok suspects, look at the fake controversy around Nike and Colin Kaepernick and explain why museums are in desperate need of a high-tech makeover.
07/09/1842m 16s

Netflix's plan for global entertainment domination: Podcast 383

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: inside Netflix’s multi-billion dollar plan for world entertainment domination; the weird and wonderful internet lore of Slender Man and the English education system gets disrupted
24/08/1846m 53s

How tech is redefining death: Podcast 382

Coming up today: how emerging technologies are changing our definition of death, why the war on ticket touts is finally being won, and more than you ever wanted to know about open data and buses
17/08/1844m 29s

Should Facebook have banned Alex Jones? Podcast 381

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: Silicon Valley no-platforms Alex Jones, the almighty scrap over what we call meatless meat and we look at Hollywood’s latest plan to take on Netflix
10/08/1853m 7s

Busting smartphone battery myths: Podcast 380

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: we bust the biggest battery myths around, take a look at PUBG’s struggle to become an esport and look at the fightback against the bitcoin energy guzzlers.
03/08/1842m 57s

The human cost of Amazon Prime day: Podcast 379

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: loon balloons, we go inside the ghost town of the alt-right web and take a look at the human cost of Amazon Prime day.
27/07/1847m 8s

All that's wrong with Elon Musk's non-apology apology: Podcast 378

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: Everything that’s wrong with Elon Musk’s non-apology apology, everything you need to know about water pipes and why the EU’s latest Google fine could put us on a path to all out regulatory war.
20/07/1854m 1s

Why can't women play in the men's World Cup? Podcast 377

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the latest on the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal; why can’t women play football alongside men, and we take a look at the technology that helped make the Thai cave rescue a success.
13/07/1848m 12s

The physics of taking the perfect World Cup penalty: Podcast 376

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the physics and psychology of World Cup victory, how smartphone data is being used to deport migrants from Europe and how a new app hopes to make dating safer.
06/07/184h 8m

Uber's biggest legal crisis: Podcast 373

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: our pick of the best games at E3 2018, the stats that show England could win the World Cup and the inside story on the lawsuit that could fundamentally change not just Uber, but the entire gig economy.
15/06/1856m 9s

Is WeWork really the future of work? Podcast 372

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: how WeWork became the world’s most hyped startup, we look at why gaming has become hooked on loot boxes and deliver our verdict on all the big news from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.
08/06/1855m 10s

The problem with Solo: A Star Wars Story: Podcast 371

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the little-known Chinese firm taking on Uber at its own game, the psychological tricks that make the London underground feel faster and why Star Wars has a class problem.
01/06/1845m 47s

Happy GDPR day! Podcast 370

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: Tesla’s Model 3 troubles, could theme parks be the future for VR, and why you’re getting so many emails about GDPR
25/05/1844m 2s

Yanny or Laurel? Science explains: Podcast 369

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the science that explains why you hear Yanny or Laurel, Snapchat’s worrying pivot to Facebook and we call time on PGP email.
18/05/1836m 24s

Google Duplex: creepy or cool? Podcast 368

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: Google’s new human-mimicking AI assistant: creepy or cool? And how the next version of Android P is going to try and get you to look at your phone less. A lot less.
11/05/1842m 6s

What Facebook's dating move really means: Podcast 367

On the WIRED UK podcast this week, the collapse of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook’s move into dating, and some potentially positive news about the state of climate change. Maybe.
04/05/1834m 42s

Amazon goes after your kids: Podcast 366

On the WIRED UK podcast Amazon tries to get ‘em young with an Echo for kids, and how we look at some of the problems with how the world has responded to the Toronto attack
27/04/1842m 23s

Fix your smartphone addiction: Podcast 365

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the future of aeroplane design, what’s the deal with tiny horse and we try to beat our smartphone addictions
20/04/1852m 57s

Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg go to Congress: Podcast 364

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: the definitive review of Mark Zuckerberg’s two-day theatrical epic at the US Congress
13/04/181h 1m

Silicon states: big tech's government takeover: UpVote 26

First social life, then politics – now Silicon Valley is disrupting the state itself. Can it survive the shock? Or panel has some concerns: but also pick their favourite government innovations
11/04/1844m 37s

Tech's gender pay gap revealed: Podcast 363

Coming up today: we explore the gender pay gap in UK tech, take a trip on the world's biggest cruise ship, and catch up on Facebook's data crisis
06/04/1831m 34s

James Dyson on the future of design: Podcast 362

Coming up today: The creepy problems with children’s YouTube, Ready Player One is set for release, and we chat with James Dyson.
30/03/181h 1m

How to fix Facebook: Podcast 361

On the WIRED UK podcast this week: everything you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal and we explore the big problem facing the clean meat industry.
23/03/1858m 47s

Remembering Stephen Hawking: Podcast 360

Britain First gets banned from Facebook, the UK threatens to unleash cyber on Russia, and we remember the life of Stephen Hawking through his own words.
16/03/1850m 27s

Celebrating female innovators: Podcast 359

Coming up today: why the UN’s biometric database of refugees might be a bad idea; we work out the likelihood of you getting hit on the head by China’s out of control space station, and celebrate International Women’s Day.
09/03/1837m 45s

How Peter Thiel and Hulk Hogan broke Gawker: UpVote 24

When Gawker outed billionaire investor Peter Thiel, he decided to drive it secretly out of business. How? With Hulk Hogan and a sex tape. Ryan Holiday tells the incredible story – and explains why this case shows the need for more conspiracies.
08/03/1844m 24s

The case for saving Maplin: Podcast 358

Coming up today: a blissfully brief MWC rundown, we explain why Sky has partnered with Netflix, mourn Maplin and investigate why British police have started using AI to help them make custodial decisions.
02/03/1846m 44s

The great KFC chicken crisis of 2018: Podcast 357

We look at the KFC chicken crisis of 2018, look at the new AR app from Brian Eno and meet the couple that cost Google £2.1 billion.
23/02/1831m 20s

The British couple that cost Google £2.1 billion: UpVote 23

When Adam and Shivaun Raff found that Google was downgrading their website in search results, didn't get mad, they got even. They describe their 12-year-long fight for justice – and why, despite it all, they're "having a blast"
21/02/181h 8m

Fighting Isis with AI: Podcast 356

Coming up today: fighting Isis with AI; the numbers behind the latest cryptocurrency hacking trend, and we explain why PUBG is the perfect game for n00bs.
16/02/1840m 36s

Inside Facebook's alt-alt-right: Podcast 355

Coming up today: SpaceX success; fatberg facts; why the government’s got it wrong about the gig economy, and we go inside Britain’s Facebook-loving, alternative alt-right.
09/02/1852m 39s

Elon Musk's flamethrower, Strava leak: Podcast 354

Coming up today: the perils of using a GPS fitness tracker on a top-secret military base; we track Airbnb’s spread across London; and ask a simple question: why are people buying Elon Musk’s novelty flamethrowers?
02/02/1845m 59s

Taking on Silicon Valley's tech bros: UpVote 22

Journalist Sarah Lacy battled Uber for years – so when the tech firm was accused of sexual harassment, she wasn't a bit surprised. She describes that fight, and how to change Silicon Valley's endemic sexism, in a new book: A Uterus is a Feature, Not a Bug
31/01/1817m 54s

18 predictions for 2018: UpVote 21

What big tech trends should we look out for in 2018? Analyst Azeem Azhar shares his predictions, from crypto to AI
17/01/1844m 50s

Meltdown and Spectre; digital scanning animals: Podcast 350

Coming up today: a giant security flaw, scanning millions of dead creatures and Iran’s social media block
05/01/1837m 58s

Nick Clegg on AI, Brexit and life in politics: UpVote 20

The newly-knighted former deputy prime minister is no longer an MP – so he's formed a think tank to intervene on technology
03/01/1850m 51s

Our top stories from 2017: Podcast 349

Coming up today: our favourite stories from 2017 as we bid farewell to a tumultuous, nightmare of a year.
22/12/1736m 26s
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