The Walk

The Walk

By Panoply / Naomi Alderman / Six To Start

A thriller in which you, the listener, are the hero. The Walk begins in Inverness station, Scotland. Through a case of mistaken identity, you, "the walker," are given a vital package that must be couriered to Edinburgh. But as you're about to board the train, terrorists blow it up and set off an electromagnetic pulse! None of the cars or trains are working - you'll have to walk - but now the terrorists are on your trail because they want the device you're carrying, and the police are after you as a suspect in the bombing. To survive, you'll have to join up with other escapees from the city - but how many of them can you trust, and are they really who they say they are?


1.31 - Day of Reckoning

It’s the day of reckoning.  Your plan to preserve the fate of humanity involves a lot of carnage, so when an alternate, less fatal option presents itself you decide to give it a shot.  However, the plan must be executed perfectly or you won’t live to see the world you’ve risked your life to save.  This is your last chance, and everything is on the line.
26/04/18·26m 50s

1.30 - World Domination

On this long, treacherous journey, too many people have destroyed their devices for your exit plan to work.  But as the scope of Soleil’s play for world domination comes to light, you realize that failure is not an option.  As determined as you are, there are others even more hellbent on Soleil’s demise, and they won’t let anything - or anyone - get in their way.
23/04/18·21m 40s

1.29 - Avatars

If there’s anything more terrifying than Soleil, it’s a whole army of her human avatars.  Luckily, there’s a device access point a lot closer than you thought, but getting to it and carrying out the mission might require you to take a few lives.
19/04/18·22m 27s

1.28 - Seeing Things

You’re all sick and seeing things.  In search of a cure, you realize you’re not the first to be infected and you definitely won’t be the last.  A woman from Charlie’s past offers to help you put off Soleil’s plan while you scramble to find an antidote for all this madness.
16/04/18·23m 25s

1.27 - Robots

There are some people you meet who you just can’t shake, and you certainly shouldn’t trust, but they might have information you need and you’re running out of options.  Suddenly, your interpersonal conflicts are dwarfed by a monster robot and a swarm of mechanical snake grass.  What the hell is going on?
12/04/18·24m 41s

1.26 - A Lost Message

A lost message from a deceased comrade casts doubt over your whole operation.  You know you’re meant to stop Soleil, but what if it means killing Charlie, too?  If only you had time to parse what it all means - but you have to make decisions fast, and you’re headed south to London.
09/04/18·24m 35s

1.25 - Soleil's Scorn

Just when you think you know Soleil’s modus operandi, she shocks you with yet another deadly surprise.  Is she after revenge?  Hell hath no fury like Soleil’s scorn and her tactics are only getting more menacing - even Charlie can’t keep up with her.
05/04/18·25m 20s

1.24 - Reunion

A device carrying couple save you from a near-death scenario and reunite you with an old friend who almost lost her life, too.  Debate continues around the methods and motives of the inscrutable Soleil, meanwhile her spies and traps may be leading you right into the enemy’s camp.
02/04/18·25m 3s

1.23 - The Sisters

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your victims.  The sisters are still at odds, but it’s becoming clear they’re both looking out for themselves, not you.  At least you’ve still got your device as life insurance, right?
29/03/18·23m 49s

1.22 - No Gun

A technical error forces you to confront your biggest enemy.  Your survival may be mutually dependent, but how can you trust anything they say?  There’s only one way to find out.
26/03/18·22m 56s

1.21 - Trapped

Everything you’ve been through thus far has led you right into the The Burn’s cold embrace.  Maybe if you’d paid more attention to Emma and her conspiracy theories, you’d have seen it coming.  Doesn’t matter much now - you’re trapped and the future looks bleak.
22/03/18·23m 23s

1.20 - It's Personal

The Burn’s plans are more sinister and far-reaching than you could have imagined, and the damage is getting personal and seriously affecting team morale.  You may have located the source of their power, but that isn’t making it any easier to stop them.  The stakes are only getting higher and you’re on the clock.
19/03/18·24m 15s

1.19 - The Treatment

You’re on a mission to destroy The Burn’s lethal technology, but an old enemy and a distressed civilian both desperately need your help.  Charlie insists you haven’t got time to save everyone, but you’ve left quite enough damage in your wake.  Shouldn’t you try to do some good, even if it means putting yourself at risk?
15/03/18·24m 5s

1.18 - Commonality

You walk into a headquarters of a suspected terrorist group... and it turns out you have a lot more in common than you thought.  Or at least you both want to stop The Burn, albeit for different reasons.  If you choose to believe their story you’ll inherit a powerful ally and a whole new set of problems.
12/03/18·23m 49s

1.17 - The Town

You find a town with power, food, and the most generous people you’ve ever met.  Either you’ve entered the twilight zone, or it's all a very elaborate trap.  Either way, you can bet Soliel’s got something to do with it.
08/03/18·24m 17s

1.16 - Dogs

Charlie’s been holding out on you about yet another device carrier, but you’ve discovered him just in time to help bust Paul out of the slammer.  Nonetheless, you’re still wanted and it’s not long before the police are on your trail again - and this time they’ve brought dogs.
05/03/18·22m 49s

1.15 - Skydiving

Someone who knows something about Charlie and her sister is a few steps ahead of you. And your helicopter ride to Geneva turns out to be more of a skydiving trip - but not everyone jumps voluntarily. Where have you landed? And where’s Paul?
01/03/18·24m 5s

1.14 - Blood

Charlie isn’t much help when you’re in uncharted territory, and she also can’t explain the mysterious pictures you find or the blood on the floor.  Meanwhile, Emma can’t forgive Charlie for the blood on her hands. You’ve got an escape plan, but first, a funeral.
26/02/18·23m 45s

1.13 - An Old Acquaintance

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Charlie pulls the trigger in a last resort effort to get you out of a tight spot, but now it feels like you're back at square one.  An afternoon pit stop brings you an old acquaintance who’ll be your new traveling buddy - and you’re off to Geneva.
22/02/18·24m 39s

1.12 - The Enemy Within

You’re so close to Edinburgh, you can taste the grilled cheese!  But Stanton is so close to figuring out exactly what happened on the day of the explosion that a trusted comrade reveals themselves to be an agent of the enemy.  Looks like you’re taking a detour.
19/02/18·24m 16s

1.11 - An Uninvited Guest

You still don’t know who's selling you out.  Building anxieties, past allegiances, and doubts about the mission give everyone a motive to betray and a reason to lie.  An unwanted visitor interrupts your inquisition and surprises you with a bit of news from the real world: you’re all wanted criminals.  Might as well finish the job before you go down.
15/02/18·24m 40s

1.10 - Face to Barrel

It was only a matter of time until you fell right into The Burn’s lap, and now you’re face to barrel with an old ally turned nemesis. Or could the traitor be among your own ranks? You’d better find out before The Burn finds you again.
12/02/18·23m 2s

1.09 - Jumping at Shadows

None of the “safe houses” Charlie keeps guiding you to seem to be that safe, and the paths in between them are even more perilous.  Could this latest house be haunted?  Everyone is trying keep a level head about a series of mysterious happenstances, but the challenges of uncertain terrain only magnify your constant state of dread.
08/02/18·23m 38s

1.08 - The American

While running an errand, you and Emma pick up a clueless American traveler running from a local gang.  It might’ve been the right thing to do, but now he’s asking way too many questions.  Lawrence has got some unanswered questions, too, and he doesn’t trust anyone but you to confide in.  Maybe he’s onto something.
05/02/18·21m 25s

1.07 - Capture

The threat of those flyers catches up with you sooner than expected.  Your capture reunites you with some old friends, but one of them is in critical condition and your captors force you to keep moving.  With the likelihood death more palpable than ever, it’s hard to keep faith that you’ll make it through this journey together, or even at all.
01/02/18·22m 32s

1.06 - Alive or Dead

On your solo walk, Charlie tells you about her sister, whom she suspects is a high-ranking member of The Burn.  After finding Lawrence and getting back on track, you come across some conspicuous messages urging you to turn yourselves in to government forces and warning that there’s a bounty on your capture.
30/01/18·23m 51s

1.05 - Wolves

As if evading The Burn isn’t enough stress, now blood-thirsty wolves are after you.  After so much running you need some rest, but just when you thought you could catch a break for a few days a surprise attack means you’ve got to get on the move again, and this time without your travel companions.  At least you’ve still got Charlie in your ear, but even she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
25/01/18·20m 58s

1.04 - Refuge

Charlie is doing her best to guide you to safe refuge on your dangerous journey, but the limitations of satellite technology make it harder and harder to communicate.  Somehow you find your way and some supplies, but The Burn is (literally) hot on your trail and willing to use any means necessary to stop you - even if it means sabotaging themselves.
23/01/18·22m 28s

1.03 - Beware of Good Fortune

Beware of good fortune - there are traitors at every turn eager to take you down.  Stanton was able to save you this time, but you can never be too careful.  Everyone you meet is a potential enemy.  Better to stay one step ahead.
18/01/18·23m 11s

1.02 - The City Limits

The city limits are controlled by military officers and checkpoints.  While you and your found cohort of survivors work together to create a distraction and slip through the barrier, alliances begin to form and questions of true identity arise.  How long can you keep your secret, and who can you trust?
18/01/18·23m 5s

1.01 - Your Mission

You have one mission: transport a mysterious package on a train from Inverness to Edinburgh.  But when The Burn intervenes and a bomb goes off at the station, the police are on the hunt for a terrorist and you’re the number one suspect.  The entire city is on lockdown but you have to get out before they find you - the survival of the human race depends on it.
18/01/18·21m 56s

Introducing The Walk

A new immersive fiction podcast from Panoply created by award-winning author Naomi Alderman. Releases 18 January.
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