Baines plus One

Baines plus One

By Samantha Baines

Podcast from award winning comedian Samantha Baines (BBC Radio, The Crown, Call the Midwife, Sunny D). Samantha delves into the lives of TV names and comedy stars to see how many secrets she can reveal. Samantha also presents on BBC Radio London.


with Writer and Actor Frog Stone

Frog Stone, writer and co-star of hit BBC4 TV show "Bucket" joined Sam - who features in "Bucket" Episode 1 - in the Studio this week. Frog told us all about the development of her career from am-dram performances in village halls in the north west of England, to Cambridge Footlights and beyond. The Plus One Game saw Frog putting a call-out to commissioning editors with her TV show concept “First Hates!”and revealing some behind the scenes gossip from the TV industry. @samanthabaines @frogstoneuk
30/05/1749m 7s

with Comedian and Writer John-Luke Roberts

The fabulous John-Luke Roberts dropped into the studio today. John-Luke has been a writer for TV shows such as Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You and co-wrote the sit-com "Bull", starring Robert Lindsay and Maureen Lipman. Conversation ranged from John-Luke’s start in comedy to the merits of his moustache and nose-job. John-Luke enthralled us all with his Henry VIII themed poem and we had Plus One’s and the usual weird news headlines. @samanthabaines @jlukeroberts
30/05/1750m 15s

with My Dad Wrote A Porno's host Jamie Morton

Jamie Morton, host and creator of the podcast smash hit "My Dad Wrote a Porno" was Samantha Baines’ guest in the studio today. Inevitably the conversation turned a bit smutty as we learnt all about the origins of Jamie’s podcast, heard some Rocky Flintstone EXCLUSIVES and got an insight into Morton family dynamics. Samantha and Jamie swapped stories about sibling rivalry and inadvertent attempts to dispatch with their sisters and Sam shared an interesting story about the 'grabbing a cervix' moment in Belinda Blinked. @samanthabaines @uncleegor @mydadwroteaporno
04/05/1754m 51s

Sophie Willan, comedian (Up Late With Rylan, Alan Davies As Yet Untitled)

Comedian and writer Sophie Willan landed in the Hoxton Radio studio to chat with Sam this week. Sophie talked about her childhood and growing up in Bolton, learning to twerk in the clubs and dancehalls of Bolton, before progressing to acting, comedy and writing. @samanthabaines @sophiewillan
03/05/1750m 52s

Harrie Hayes, comedian and actress (Pop Sludge, Wasted)

Actor, writer and performer Harrie Hayes dropped into the studio to chat with Sam today. We explored Harrie’s career in comedy and acting and how Harrie upset the vegan community… and how she plans to make amends. There was also talk of intriguing Plus Ones at a Zazu Fete and a party to celebrate the next prime minister. Poems and headlines also featured. @harriehayes @smanthabaines
28/04/1751m 43s

Marcel Lucont, comedian (character)

Marcel Lucont joined Sam in the Hoxton Radio studio today. Marcel brought some French pedantry to proceedings in the quick fire round and regaled us with a ghostly story from his Edingburgh show. We also had an intriguing true life tale from Sam about her experiences performing on a yacht in the Med. @samanthabaines @MarcelLucont
10/04/1755m 16s

Kelly Convey, comedian

Kelly rapped poetically on the theme of pronunciation and misnaming whilst Sam got serious on the theme of London terror attacks. We had a new Twitter poll on favourite Kellys and the usual news headlines and Plus One Game. @samanthabaines @kellyconveycmdy
29/03/1754m 50s

Eleanor Conway, comedian

Comedian, Eleanor Conway dropped into the new Hoxton Radio studios today. Eleanor’s comedy routine draws heavily on the extremes of her life from briefly working in the adult film industry to running away with her dealer – all this occurred before she got sober and turned her talent to comedy. We had all the usual stuff too – News, Poems and Plus Ones. @samanthabaines @eleanorconway
20/03/1746m 38s

Omid Singh, comedian

Conversation flowed from smelly beards to Edinburgh Fringe to re-enacting film scenes to new Pokemon movies when American comedian Omid Singh dropped into our new studio at Spitalfields market. As always we had the funniest news stories, best poems and new Plus One round. @samanthabaines @brownman3000
15/03/1750m 19s

X-Factor finalist Freddy Parker at London Fashion Week

Sam interviews the X-Factor Finalist Freddy Parker at London Fashion Week in this mini Baines Plus One.
28/02/178m 8s

Loren O'Brien, actor and comedian

Loren O'Brien reveals her biggest lie was diagnosing herself with the wholly imagined condition of a “black spot” on the brain as an excuse for avoiding work - a lie that wasn't without its consequences. Loren redeems herself by providing a studio demonstration to answer the old philosophical riddle of, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Plus Ones, News and Poetry also feature. @lorenobrienLO @Samanthabaines
24/02/1747m 46s

Anna Caro, City Impro performer

In the studio with Sam today was improvisation comedian and performer Anna Caro promoting the 2nd annual Shoreditch Improv’ Festival. Anna told us all about the art of improvisational comedy and her unlikely meeting with Shia LaBeouf in Australia and its subsequent broadcast on the giant screen outside the Sydney Opera House. We had our usual poetry, news and quick fire rounds and our new Plus One game. More details about the Shoreditch Impov’ Festival here. @cityimpro @samanthabaines
18/02/1744m 30s

Sarah Bennetto, comedian

Melbourne born comedian Sarah Bennetto dropped into the studio this week. A quick blast of Bronski Beat had Sarah confessing her favourite musical genre to be "Danceable Misery" whislt Sam declared hers to be "Drunk Dancing Sloshed and Losing Control" . Sarah was the guinea pig for our new "Plus One' section. Among Sarah's proposed "Plus Ones" were Arnold Schwarzenegger, a vampire and Joan Collins... Sarah goes on to reveal the smell of Joan. @samanthabaines @sarahbennetto
13/02/1750m 5s

Jayde Adams, comedian (8 out of 10 cats, Sky Arts)

Jayde Adams, reveals the long trajectory from perpetual 9th place pre-teen freestyle disco dancer to award winning Comedian. We hear about Jayde’s Edinburgh show ’31’ and the challenges of perfecting a performance. There’s the usual weird news headlines and epic poetry performances from both Jayde & Sam. You can find out more about Jayde’s schedule at
08/02/1756m 24s

Viv Groskop, comedian and journalist

Journalist and comedian Viv Groskop gets political and throws out the idea that perhaps Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are in fact fictional characters. Viv also reveals her secret desire to emulate the career of Jane McDonald and become a professional cruise-ship crooner – in spite of her poor vocal abilities. Sam and Viv take on the news headlines but as a professional journalist Viv wasn’t entirely impressed - concluding that Big Data isn’t always as big as it pretends or life hacks all they are cracked up to be. @samanthabaines @vivgroskop

Lewis Reeves, actor (Crazy Head, Misfits, Unforgotten)

Lewis Reeves stand-up comedian and star of E4 sci-fi comedy Crazyhead in which he plays the loveable fool Jake was Sam's gurest in the studio on this week. Tips were exchanged for getting ahead of the Christmas present buying and wrapping and Lewis explained how his bum was banned from London Underground. Twitter posed the question “Why did you betray Alex?” A reference to Lewis’s contribution to the FIFA computer game as Gareth Walker – a role that led to Lewis becoming a social media target. @lewisreeves1 @samanthabaines @hoxtonradio
13/12/161h 2m

Lauren Pattison, comedian

Decked out in her sparkly, sequinned, sea-creature jacket, up-and-coming comedian Lauren Pattison provided a gastronomic insight into the quality and virtues of the fish and chip shops of the north east of England. Sam and Lauren talked about the process of building up a routine from fifteen minutes to a full hour and finding comedic inspiration from the faux-pas of promoters. There was our usual poetry slot – Sam rhymed on the subject of fatty five pound notes and Lauren improvised on the theme of things in her head. Lauren also told us about her first published poem about the pain suffered by the beheading of Jelly Babies. Find Lauren on Twitter @laurenpattison or on Instagram @lauren_pattison. @samanthabaines
05/12/1646m 9s

Kate Phillips, actress (The Crown, Wolf Hall, Peaky Blinders)

Kate Phillips, gorgeous star of The Crown, Wolf Hall, War & Peace and Peaky Blinders, joins Sam on this week's show. Conversation flowed from on set mishaps to appropriate chocolate storage techniques, Kate’s sporting achievements to the shape of Tudor sewing needles. Kate wrote a fantastic poem, which Samantha followed with a few verses on the recent Toblerone re-szing scandal. The show ended with Sam and Kate giving away some important spoilers about The Crown and where the Netflix series is headed next! @samanthabaines @katejphillips

Alistair Williams, comedian

Eating healthy and the benefits of salt on chocolate ice cream were among the topics of conversation when Sam met comedian and presenter Alistair Williams on this week's show. There was also a question of whether or not Mother Theresa was a vegetarian. The headlines brought us the idea of dwelling in London’s latest phallus shaped skyscraper and a dodgy Halloween outfit. Catch up with Alistair on instagram where he resides as @thehealthycomic or you can find out more at @samanthabaines @thehealthycomic
04/11/1645m 52s

Ellie Taylor, comedian and presenter (Snog Marry Avoid, Live at the Apollo)

Sam’s guest this week was comedian and actress Ellie Taylor, who arrived in the studio made-up with a lipstick homage to the final BBC Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown and showing off her ultra-flexible thumbs. We talked Podcasts and Radio, self-promotion and the challenges of being a funny woman… “talent plus hard work plus opportunity = you’re ready” was Ellie’s formula for success. The news headlines brought up a tattooing tragedy and Sam revealed the story of her own tattoo… a tale of overcoming anxiety in a Thai Bar. Catch up with Ellie’s show “Infidelliety” as it tours the country more details at Or follow her blog at @Samanthabaines @EllieJaneTaylor
31/10/1653m 53s

Raised By Wolves' Helen Monks, actress and comedian

Sam's guest this week was the multi-talented actress, comedian and playwright Helen Monks. Conversation ranged from the hazards of bed bugs, fat suits, rollercoasterphobia and accidental on-screen vomiting. Sam faced a challenging question about Boris Johnson,Nigel Farage and Donald Trump and Helen told us all about her play about homelessness in Stratford - 'E15'. More info at There was the usual poetry slot and Helen surprised us all by revealing that she is a former poet laureate... of Birmingham. @samanthabaines @helen_monks
15/10/1651m 11s

Jess Nesling and Natalie Durkin, actresses

On Baines Plus One this week Sam was joined by Jess Nesling and Natalie Dirkin, producers of the Standing Ovariation comedy event, Conversation flowed from decomposing bodies to cottage cheese, to leotards, to accidentally kicking children. With an abundance of poems for National Poetry Day, bonkers news headlines and a choral homage to train delays, this was a packed show in anticipation of the Standing Ovariation event happening on the 7,8,9 of October at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell at 7.30pm, Get your tickets now:… @samanthabaines @SOvariation
14/10/1650m 57s

Amy Howerska, comedian

On Baines Plus One, Sam had a quick chat with her producer Kate Lennon about the 2016 Funny Women Awards and what it takes to be a good producer. Then this week’s guest, comedian Amy Howerska Tina Turner’d into the studio, and Sam chatted to her about Religion, David Bowie and comedy careers. There were pork pie poems, naughty news headlines and funny chats about ruining children’s lives in a comedic way. Tune in every Thursday 12pm – 2pm on Hoxton Radio. @samanthabaines @howerska
10/10/1654m 22s

Bilal Zafar, Edinburgh Award nominated comedian

Best Newcomer Nominee Bilal Zafar talks awards, dating and comedy with award winning actress and comedian Samantha Baines.

Luke "Pickle Boy" Molloy, comedy promoter

On Baines Plus One this week Sam had comedy producer, promoter and pickled egg lover, Luke Molloy! Conversation flowed from Luke’s magnificent beard to his obsession with pickled egg’s, S Club 7 to his secret talent of being the UK’s junior weightlifting champion at 15 years old! Luke brought in a pickled egg for Sam to try (she wasn’t a fan, check it out on Periscope), discovered that you cannot pickle an egg in your own urine and there were poems about sexist science. Luke is launching a brand new comedy night, Pickle Boy Comedy on Wednesday 21st September at Howling Hops Tank Bar in Hackney so head along! More Information at @samanthabaines @pickleboycomedy
16/09/1658m 51s

Felicity Ward, comedian (The John Bishop Show, ABC)

On the last show before Sam heads to the Edinburgh Fringe we’ve had the splendiferous award-winning comedian, Felicity Ward. In true Radio 4 style conversation flowed smoothly from curly hair to pescetarianism to fridge feng shui to anxiety attacks! Jump and click play to hear all about Felicity’s AMAZING introduction to TV and comedy, details of her brand new show ‘50% More Likely to Die’ and her upcoming UK tour! @SamanthaBaines @FelicityWard

Matthew Crosby, comedian and member of sketch group Pappy's

Baines had one third of award winning sketch group, comedian Matthew Crosby as her plus one this week. Chat about nipple sizes strangely dominated the show, even leading to a twitter poll on the subject (currently small nipples are winning). The comedy pair chatted sketch group vs stand up, Pokemon Go and writing for TV vs writing for radio. There were clothing and gaming based poems of the week as well as some mild balloon anger. Enjoy @samanthabaines @matthewcrosby

Sofie Hagen, comedian and host of The Guilty Feminist and Made of Human podcasts

Today on Baines Plus One Samantha was joined in the studio by the wonderous Sofie Hagen and they talked about Oysters, Pokemon Go and vomiting! Baines quizzed Sofie on her new show Shimmer Shatter and Sofie revealed her love of app-based colouring in. Both poems this week were themed around the brilliant (or not so brilliant) Pokemon Go which it turns out Sam might be allergic to. @samanthabaines @sofiehagen
20/07/161h 7m

Paul Clayton, actor (Peep Show, Wolf Hall) and director

This week actor and director, Paul Clayton star of Peep Show, Coronation Street, Him and Her and countless other TV appearances joined Samantha Baines in the studio for the latest Baines Plus One. Sam made a series of discoveries about Paul’s hidden talents including his secondary career as a bingo caller, fire eating skills and Paul’s fashion designer extraordinaire, which he utilises modifying period costumes for humid filming conditions. Listen to the full show to hear poems from both Sam and Paul, find out about Paul’s recent acting work in ‘very very hot’ Bucharest and how to be grumpy properly. @SamanthaBaines @claytoncast
07/07/1655m 20s

Desiree Burch, comedian

The fantastic Desiree Burch stopped into the studio for the latest edition of Baines Plus One with Samantha Baines. Take a listen to hear Desiree’s views on progressing comedy, British drinking practices and her love of non trendy music. Be sure to also check out Baines’ poem of the week, which was inspired this week by KFC’s phone charger meal packaging, ‘The Watt Box’. @SamanthaBaines @destheray
01/07/1655m 51s

Ria Lina, comedian

Comedian, actress, writer and unexpected Doctor: Ria Lina joined Baines in the Hoxton Radio studio this week on Baines Plus One. Ria who is not married to T4's Steve Jones, talked about her foray into science at University, her specialist knowledge on cold-sores and her new Edinburgh show about her untimely death. There was three poems of the week, the alternative news and motherhood chat in this week's podcast offering. Check out Ria Lina this July on Radio 4! @ettieboo @samanthabaines
29/06/161h 4m

Eshaan Akbar, comedian

On this splendid edition of Baines Plus One, Samantha was joined by So You Think Your Funny finalist Eshaan Akbar. Conversation danced from hymn talk to novel writing and onward to the power of hold music & messages. Jump in and click play to hear all about Eshaan’s approach to comedy, details of his Edinburgh shows and an excellent auto corrected poem! @SamanthaBaines @eshaanakbar
19/06/161h 3m

Sooz Kemper, comedian and singer

Multi-talented award-winning musical and character comedian Sooz Kempner joined Samantha in the studio for this week’s Baines Plus One. Sooz wowed us with her Christina Aguileria and Judy Garland impressions and the ladies chatted musicals, 90’s boy bands and combat trousers. Baines and Sooz also had a peek at this weeks headlines, discussed custard pie throwing, snail brains and naked bike rallies, as well as performing a poem of their own creation! @soozuk @SamanthaBaines
16/06/1656m 39s

Shazia Mirza, comedian (Have I Got News For You, The Wright Stuff)

Comedian, panelist on the The Wright Stuff and science teacher of the past Shazia Mirza popped into the studio to join Samantha for this week’s Baines Plus One. Hear the truth behind and the strange comparisons between being a comedian and teaching science to naughty school kids, alongside the pros and cons of performing to a Guardian reading audience. Baines and Shazia also glance over this week’s news, chat lift anger, nose picking and the mysterious powers of mayonnaise. @shaziamirza1 @SamanthaBaines
02/06/1655m 2s

Hamza Jeetooa, actor (Silent Witness, Capital, Being Human)

Silent Witness actor, film-maker and sixth form ‘student of the year 2006’ Hamza Jeetooa joined Samantha Baines for a packed Baines Plus One show. Hit play to catch Hamza’s top acting tips, hear about the pair’s time at the Central School of Speech and Drama and a fab David Beckham impression. @SamanthaBaines @HamzaJeetooa
27/05/1651m 18s

Seann Walsh, comedian (Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo, Russell Howard's Good News)

Baines was joined by Live at the Apollo star Seann Walsh for a nice long chat on this week’s Baines Plus One. In fact Seann turned the tables on Baines, quizzing her on her very own quick-fire quiz round (as Alan Partridge) before tackling a more in depth interview. Hit play to hear Seann’s take on writing for Edinburgh, hair care and ‘Desert Island... Curries’. @SamanthaBaines @SeannWalsh
19/05/161h 6m

Lynn Ruth Miller, comedian

This week 82 year old comedian Lynn Ruth Miller popped into the studio as Samantha Baines’ plus one. Click play to hear Lynn Ruth’s man related guilty pleasures, painting tips and how to accomplish anything! We also say a friendly hello to Paul McCartney ‘Hi Paul!’ and compare Britain’s Got Talent vs. America’s Got Talent – Lynn Ruth’s been on both! @SamanthaBaines @LynnRuth
16/05/1655m 51s

Laura Lexx, comedian

Heckler quashing comedian Laura Lexx joins Baines to chat sexism in stand up, getting into comedy as a student & the pointlessness of marathon running. Press play to learn the correct pronunciation of ‘xx,’ why failing in comedy can be good and the story behind Lexx’s viral heckle video in a holiday edition of Baines Plus One. @LauraLexx @SamanthaBaines
05/05/1657m 46s

Tania Edwards, comedian

Mock The Week writer and comedian Tania Edwards lets us know what it’s like to live in a ketchup free home, the pros and cons of doing stand up whilst pregnant and a twitter crash course @taniaedwards @samanthabaines @HoxtonRadio
22/04/161h 3m

Susan Harrison, comedian and Olivier Award winning improviser

Comedian/improv master the Olivier Award-winning Susan Harrison popped into the studio for a show packed full of great chat, a sideways look at the news and of course the poem of the week – Susan’s was from the perspective of a dog! Take a listen to the whole show and find out about the struggles that both Susan and Baines grapple with when asked to categorise themselves, Susan’s Bafta nominating CBBC work and how much the drinks cost at the Laurence Olivier awards after party. Susan also does an ace ‘girl trapped down a well’ impression and poses Baines the question; Neighbour’s Harold Bishop or Eastender’s Nasty Nick. @SueHarrison123 @SamanthaBaines
15/04/1656m 4s

Jess Regan, actress (Doctors)

Award-winning actress, Jessica Regan - aka Dr Niamh Donoghue on BBC's Doctors, was Samantha Baines' fabulous guest-host on Baines Plus One. Sam and Jess chatted everything from burning leotards at drama school to Jess winning at the British Soap Awards... Oh hiiiiii, Best Newcomer 2015! Halfway through the show, we heard the shocking announcement of Alan Rickman's death. Jess shared her memories of meeting Alan training at RADA and his wonderful support of the drama school. There's also the week's alternative news, Poem of the Week and The Guest Quest for you get your ears round! @SamanthaBaines @ItsJessRegan
15/04/1653m 0s

Tiernan Douieb, comedian and host of The Partly Political Broadcast podcast

In this packed episode of Baines Plus One we get to know London based comedian Tiernan Douieb. Have a listen to hear the pros and cons of writing topical material and how Tiernan got into stand up learning from Kent’s doctor of comedy. We also find out about Tiernan’s new podcast ‘Partly Political Podcast’ in which he interviews experts on current news stories and Baines took the chance to mull over a few of this week’s more unusual news stories with her guest, headlines include ‘Chimpanzees Turn To Religion’ and ‘Sex Toy Bomb Scare’. Hit play to hear the full interview in glorious podcast stereo... @SamanthaBaines @TiernanDouieb
08/04/1655m 40s

Joe Bor, comedian

This week Baines' was joined by comedian and film maker Joe Bor. Take a listen to the podcast to hear conversations on getting into comedy, cats in boxes and Joe's two bumholes. @josephbor @SamanthaBaines

Dane Baptiste, comedian and star of Sunny D

Baines' plus one this week was comedian Dane Baptiste, writer and star of BBC3’s Comedy Feed Sunny D, as well as Live at the Apollo. Dane scored a whopping 9.5/10 in the new Guest Quest, and continued to impress in the studio, with his extensive knowledge of rats, rabies, and the fundamental difference between aqua and hydrophobia! He also gave a Baines Plus One exclusive when he revealed the name of his 2016 show: ‘GOD’, which stands for Gold, Drugs and Oil - everything that’s stopping humans from reaching a higher fundamental plane. You can catch Dane with his current tour, ‘Reasonable Doubts’, for full details: @DaneBaptweets @samanthabaines
01/04/1636m 19s

Jena Friedman, The Daily Show writer and comedian

This week its a short version of Baines Plus One with the brilliant comedian Jena Friedman. Jena and Sam chat stand up comedy, Making a Murderer, directing and working for strange men. @SamanthaBaines @JenaFriedman
25/03/1626m 42s
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