Ten To The Top

Ten To The Top

By BBC Radio 2

Can you make it all the way to the top in Radio 2's mid-morning music quiz with Vernon Kay?


My Oh My !

Susan from Sherborne St John and Danny from Bradford take on the quiz and its very tense!
19/07/2414m 13s

It's on the tip of my tongue..

Richard in Cheltenham and Mark in Walsall aim to get a run on today's quiz!
18/07/2412m 36s

Give a whoop for Wednesday…

When Rosanna in London takes on Victoria in Burton upon Trent in a quest for that prize!
17/07/2414m 24s

A wrestler and a fisherman walk into a bar...

Former wrestler Damien Passmore takes on keen fisherman Christian Hawksworth!
16/07/2414m 19s

Sing-a-long Monday..

Lexi in York and Gareth in Malvern didn't make a song and dance about it but who was No.1
15/07/2413m 48s

Whamm! Bam! Kapow!

Comic Fan Ben From West Yorks takes on animal fan Lisa from Lancashire for that top prize
12/07/2414m 32s

Even Stevens...

Maggie in East Kilbride takes on Cheryl in West Sussex in a nail biting quiz.
11/07/2416m 12s

It's tough at the (Ten To The) Top!

Lynn from Bovington and Mark from Royal Tunbridge Wells go head to head
10/07/2412m 52s

Hacker T Dog v Lauren Layfield

Going tail to tail in the ulti-mut 'pup' quiz, anything is paws-ible...
09/07/2417m 9s

Motivational Monday...

It’s your time to apply, Stewart in Linthorpe and Adrian in Accrington did just that!
08/07/2414m 0s

Another quiz goes down to the wire

Joss in Chard takes on Randa in Stockport in a close-fought battle
05/07/2415m 8s

Who Will Emerge Victorious Today?

Rachel in Romford and Lesley in East Sussex are aiming for big points!
03/07/2413m 21s

Another close-fought quiz with Vernon Kay

Steve in Leicester and Kenny in Fraserburgh go toe to toe in Ten To The Top
03/07/2413m 46s

Another brilliant day of quizzing with Vernon Kay

Conor from Twickenham and Carl from Owestry take it down to the wire in Ten To The Top
02/07/2413m 10s

A high-scoring start to the week with Vernon Kay!

Chris in Halifax and Emma in Manchester are hoping to start their week with a win!
01/07/2413m 0s

Tent To The Top...

Liam and Nichola take on the quiz from the middle of the Glastonbury festival.
28/06/2415m 3s

Is today your day?

Gary in Surrey and Alan in London gave it a go but who got the big prize?
27/06/2413m 35s

Get your pens and paper ready...

...as Meg in Coventry takes on Nic in South Wales for a midweek battle of music minds.
26/06/2413m 26s

Home From Home...

Music enthusiasts Paul from Bradford and Steve in Lancaster take on the mighty quiz!
25/06/2413m 39s

Sunny Monday!

David from Dumfries and Joanne in Whitney go up against the quiz who'll come out on top?
24/06/2414m 13s

Got What It Takes? Come and try your luck!

Sandy from Bristol and Karen in Tiverton, did just that. But how did they get on?
21/06/2414m 43s

When will you play your joker?

Ben In Crediton and Scotty in Ross on Wye take on the quiz but who will reign supreme?
20/06/2413m 25s

How To Play

Gary Davies introduces you to Radio 2's brand new mid-morning music quiz, Ten To The Top!
06/03/233m 20s
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