True Crime Asia

True Crime Asia

By Melissa Powers

Join us each week as our host walks you through one crime from one country in Asia.


Episode 6: Knife Assassination in China

In episode six, Melissa walks us through the history of the Uighur separatist movement in China, a religious assassination, and... concern trolling?
06/02/1824m 21s

Episode 5: Pakistan's Mummy - Princess or Murder Victim?

In episode five, Melissa visits the case of the "Persian Princess" - a mysterious mummy found in Pakistan.
13/01/1823m 39s

Episode 4: Military, Murder, South Korean Burger King

In episode four, Melissa talks about the U.S. military presence in South Korea and how it ties into one of the country's most notorious murder cases.
23/12/1720m 39s

Episode 2: India's JonBenet Ramsey (The Noida Whodunit)

In episode two, Melissa goes through a famous case of double murder in India.
15/12/1629m 45s

Episode 1: Singapore's Occult Murders

In episode one, Melissa tells a tale of murder from her home country of Singapore. This is the heinous story of Adrian Lim.
07/11/1625m 33s
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