Telling it like it is with Lisa Johnson

Telling it like it is with Lisa Johnson

By Lisa Johnson

Do you want to design a life and business you love while gaining freedom to make profits from your passion? If so, this is the podcast for you. I'm Lisa Johnson, success coach for online entrepreneurs. I want you to grow your business, I want you to have that financial freedom by taking action. I want you to build that dream life. So if you're wanting this I will be talking about all of this in my podcast, plus interviewing guests for extra insight too. I'm not about the fluff with my coaching. I'm not about the woowoo. I am here to tell it like it is.


Episode 8 - Money Talk with Dominique Mullally

Llsa talks to wealth coach and strategist Dominique Mullally about why the numbers are so important. They also delve deeper into some of the untruths in the online world when it comes to financials.
06/05/19·27m 8s

Episode 7: The Pursuit of Excellence in Coaching with Charlotte Hopkins

Lisa chats to Charlotte Hopkins, who is making it her mission to help coaches become the best they can be and have a quality mark to prove it. 
08/04/19·26m 49s

Episode 6: Marketing Strategies That Work With Leon Streete

In this episode Lisa talks to marketing strategist and best selling author Leon Streete about why you need a marketing strategy and how to go about getting one
07/03/19·19m 44s

Episode 5: Growing Huge Audiences with Kimra Luna

In this episode Lisa delves into exactly why Kimra was so successful in building an audience of over 150,000 so quickly. Kimra also talks about her personal story and the impact that talking about it can have on your business.
23/01/19·22m 11s

Episode 4: Dispelling The Selling Myths with Jessica Lorimer

Lisa chats to Sales Coach Jessica Lorimer about some of the myths we hear around selling, how to start bringing money in as a new business and how to be visible online.
12/12/18·21m 38s

Episode 3: Changing Your Message with Janet Murray

Lisa chats to Marketing and PR Strategist Janet Murray about how to go about updating your branding and message to sell your services more easily.
20/11/18·28m 22s

Episode 2: The Law of Distraction

Lisa delves into the common coaching teachings of Universal Law and manifesting and tells you why it can do more harm to your business than good.
02/11/18·20m 11s

Episode 1: 5 things to get you to 6 figures

In this solo episode, Lisa introduces you to the podcast and tells you the 5 things that she did to make sure she hit 6 figures in profit in her coaching business in the first 6 months of business.
01/11/18·19m 38s
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