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Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, as they delve deep into TV, Film, Nerd Culture, and everything in-between.


Episode 134 - Mindhunter S2

Mindhunter Season 2 ReviewAs most of you know, we are huge David Fincher fans and could not wait for season one to drop last year. It was a huge creative success, so we were waiting with bated breath as to how season two would shake out. Season two focused heavily on the Atlanta child murders in the late 70s early 80s and moved away from being interview focused. Was that the right move or should it have been more of the same?Listen to hear our take.
20/08/1946m 15s

Episode 133 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Tim in Hollywood ReviewWe are big Tarantino fans here at Nerd Nuptial but that doesn't mean we're fans of everything he's ever done. "Classic" Tarantino is a mainstay in our household. So when we were walking into the theater for this one, we were hoping for a return to form. Thankfully, we got that and a whole lot more.We start the episode with Fleabag and Stranger Things 3. What did you think of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?
29/07/191h 10m

Episode 132 - Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ReviewIn the latest MCU Spider-Man adventure, we travel beyond New York to several different European locations. Parker is still mourning the death of his mentor and struggling with the passing of the torch. The movie asks the question of whether or not Parker can handle it and Parker has no problem reminding the audience that he's only 16.In this episode, we review the strengths and weaknesses of this second solo Spidey outing for the MCU. Does it deliver the joy of Homecoming or does it stretch itself too thin in order to grow the character?
08/07/1957m 42s

Episode 131 - Black Mirror S5

Black Mirror Season 5, Fight Club, and Wonder Woman 5KWe pack a lot of episode in this week trying to make up for lost time. We start the show with how The Girl ran a Wonder Woman themed 5k. Then we move onto how we got to see Fight Club in 35mm at The Music Box downtown (and how it might not ever happen again for anyone due to the Disney buyout).Finally, we review the latest season of Black Mirror. Tekken sex, Polar Bears, Topher Grace, mouthy Alexa. Season 5 has it all.
10/06/191h 2m

Episode 130 - Disney+ and Star Wars

Live-action Star Wars shows coming to a streaming box near you!"The Mandalorian" and Rogue One Prequel are coming to Disney+ in the near future. The first of their kind and we at Nerd Nuptial are very excited. A rumored third live-action show is coming as well ... but what could it be?In this episode, we discuss what we'd like to see and what we hope they stay away from. Knights of the Old Republic? Rebels prequel? Some completely original? Listen to find out.
20/05/1948m 45s

Episode 129 - Avengers: Endgame Review

Avengers: Endgame ReviewWe're a week late with the rest of the world but hopefully,​ that just gives more people to not get spoiled by our review. We give our spoiler-free​ impressions first and then, of course,​ give a warning before we get into spoiler territory. We loved Infinity War, got tingles when the movie ended, so Endgame had big Thanos sized shoes to fill. Did it live up to the hype or did it fizzle out like Doctor Strange's charisma? Listen to hear our review.
06/05/191h 17m

Episode 128 - Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 OverviewDiscovery's second season has now finished and it's time to talk about it! We've been watching with the beginning and there have been some definite improvements since season one. However, this does not mean it's been all roses and sunshine. Kicking off with a bang, "Brother" knocked our socks off. But did it get any better after that? Listen to hear us talk about what worked and what didn't. What was fascinating and what was a waste of time.
22/04/1959m 25s

Episode 127 - Joker and Batman

The New Joker Film and Batman Celebrates 80 YearsBatman recently turned 80 years old and he is still saving Gotham and putting bad guys behind bars. DC has pulled out all the stops in their celebrations but none so satisfying as releasing the first teaser trailer for Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" movie.Separate​ from the DCEU, this standalone film will explore the origins of this iteration of the Joker as well as the depths of his inevitable madness. Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push. We discuss the trailer, Joker, and the Batman mythos as a whole.
08/04/1957m 28s

Episode 126 - Love, Death + Robots

Love, Death + Robots, Arrested Development, and Triple FrontierThis was a great weekend for Netflix releases. It felt like it was almost geared specifically for us. David Fincher produced an anthology series based mostly on animation all centered around love, death, and you guessed it, robots. Arrested Development limps to a finish with season 5 part 2 and Triple Frontier was an extremely surprising breath of fresh air.Listen to hear our thoughts on all three and we absolutely want to hear yours!
18/03/1943m 47s

Episode 125 - Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ReviewIn spite of the fanboy neckbeards trying to "review bomb" a film for having an outspoken female lead, Captain Marvel seems to be connecting and finding its audience. We had our reservations on seeing it in the theater because the trailers seemed uninteresting. However, we got to see it opening night and had a great theatrical experience. Listen to our spoiler-free review and more importantly, listen to The Girl talk about how representation matters for her and our little girl.
11/03/191h 8m

Episode 124 - Spielberg vs Netflix

Oscar Reactions and the Spielberg/Netflix FightLast week we weren't able to record and discuss our Oscar reactions so we're making up for it this week. We also discuss Steven Spielberg's decision to try and implement rules that would disqualify streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, from competing for Academy Awards in their current forms. Is this a symptom of an old man yelling at clouds or does he have a point in trying to protect the theater-going experience?
04/03/1942m 51s

Episode 123 - The Oscars Pre-Show

The Oscars are a week away and we have something to say about itSo many people have given up on the Oscars, let me rephrase, so many people have said they have given up on the Oscars but you know they still check. Even if you don't watch, you check the next day or keep track on Twitter.​ So that's what we're talking about this week. When did we get into the Oscars, when did we stop watching, and what do we think of this year's Best Picture nominees.
18/02/1952m 31s

Episode 122 - Spider-Man on Film

The many different cinematic versions of Spider-ManA lot of people have complained that we have just too many versions of Spider-Man on film. Too many dead Uncle Bens and too many "great power" speeches. But we keep going back to the theater for more. So what is the appeal of a cinematic Spidey? Has it only gotten better or worse?In this week's episode, we discuss every iteration of Spider-Man on film and its merits. What's your favorite version?
04/02/191h 2m

Episode 121 - Star Trek: Discover Season 2

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 episodes "Brother" and "New Eden"This season of Star Trek: Discovery opened with a bang and it did not disappoint. There was a lot to love about season one but sadly there was a lot to bring you down. They needed that time to find their footing and if these first to episodes are any indication then they have.Listen to hear a Trek fan's perspective as well as a non-Trek fan's perspective. What did you guys think?
28/01/1946m 58s

Episode 120 - Revisiting Black Mirror

Watching the Top Ten episodes of Black Mirror on NetflixIf you search "Top Ten episodes of Black Mirror" on Google, you get tons and tons of opinions but just from one person. On IMDb, they have an aggregated list of the top-rated episodes. This week Tristan and The Girl tried to watch all of them and this episode is them giving you their opinions on each one. Some were story based, others were concept based. They only get spoilery towards the very very end. Listen and let us know which one is your favorite!
14/01/191h 5m

Episode 119 - Upcoming in 2019

What we're looking forward to in 20192019 looks like it could be an amazing year in entertainment. So many fun, interesting, dark, and/or twisted things are being released. Avengers, MIB, Tarantino's new film, the Scorsese epic, and so so much more. Listen to hear what we can't wait to watch.What are you looking forward to?​
08/01/1947m 46s

Episode 118 - Best Films of 2018

Tristan and The Girl pick their top-ten lists for 2018This has been a great year for cinema as well as a great year for genre films. Tristan and The Girl crammed as many 2018 films in as possible in the homestretch. Last year they watched a total of 21 2017 films and this year they upped that number up to 39. They tried to balance enjoyment with technical achievement but which ones won the top spots? Listen and find out.After you listen, check out their complete lists.Tristan's List: Girl's List:
31/12/181h 7m

Episode 117 - Listener Questions 03

We answer your questions on the air for the third time!We've done this type of episode two times before and it gets more and more fun whenever we do it. Listeners sent in questions via Twitter, email, and Facebook. We didn't have time to answer all of them but we tried to get a wide array.In this episode, we discuss the best of 2018, Ripley's first movie, and what movie watching habits get on each other's​ nerves.
17/12/1844m 50s

Episode 116 - Missing Frames: Boogie Nights

Missing Frames: Nerd Nuptial Edition - Boogie NightsWe're stealing the Missing Frames format made famous by THE Shawn Eastridge. The Girl has never seen the modern classic Boogie Nights. So in the episode, we discuss what she knows of the movie, what she expects to see and then we pause the show, watch the film, and the talk about our thoughts. Boogie Nights deals with the world of pornography in the 70s so adult themes are discussed.Make sure to head on over to and give Shawn a listen.
03/12/1841m 24s

Episode 115 - Outside Your Comfort Zone

Can you watch too much of a good thing?We started the show thinking that we were going to talk about how you can fall into a rut watching the same old Christmas movies over and over but we ended up in a different place. We reviewed what we've been watching lately and ended on First Reformed staring Ethan Hawked. As we looked at our film diary of 2018 we realized that not a lot of new material was there and that a lot of rewatches happened. What are we missing out on? What stories are not being heard? Could we be missing our new favorite movie because we're too scared or disinterested in going outside our comfort zone?Listen to hear our thoughts on the matter and to challenge your own entertainment rut.
26/11/1844m 56s

Episode 114 - The Girl in the Spider's Web

We finally got a sequel to our beloved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Sort of ... not really.Opening weekend we got to see Sony's follow up to their 2011 release of Dragon Tattoo. Except it was 7 years later and with a different cast and different director so ... hooray? In this episode, we talk what worked and to a larger extent what didn't. Like how Lizbeth shouldn't be Batman or James Bond.We start the show with our review of Outlaw King staring Chris Pine on Netflix. We also feature a Nerd Party exclusive interview with Chris Pine himself.

Episode 113 - House of Cards Season 6 Review

House of Cards Season 6 ReviewWe are huge House of Cards fans, it was our all-time favorite show. Sadly, we have to emphasize "was". Seasons 1 and 2 contain stellar content. Season 3 was a misstep. Season 4 is one of the best seasons of television ever. Season 5 was a complete waste and here we are at season 6. We all know the drama behind the scenes with season 6 and the exit of the lead. They had to rewrite, reshoot, and remake a lot of the season AND on a shortened timeline. A hard thing to ask of any creative team. Did they pull it off? Listen to hear our thoughts on the show's final bow.

Episode 112 - Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 reviewWith a franchise that all spawned from one film that premiered in 1978, this new sequel ignores everything but the original. Much like what Neil Blomkamp wanted to do with Aliens, David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis do with Halloween. 40 years later Michael Myers breaks out of the hospital and goes after Laurie Strode once more. But this time, Laurie is ready. The Girl and Tristan aren't really into horror films but the original Halloween holds a special place in their hearts. Listen as they talk about the franchise and how much fun this current iteration was to watch.
22/10/1859m 15s

Episode 111 - First Man Review

Our Review of First Man with Ryan GoslingWe got to see First Man opening weekend and it was quite the immersive experience (especially when you're forced to sit in the front row). It was interesting to see the director and lead actor team up again since La La Land but did it always hit its mark?On top of our review, we discuss the new media we've been exploring this week including DC's streaming exclusive "Titans", the new season of "Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father", "Death of Superman", and the home release of Marvel's "Ant-Man and the Wasp".
16/10/1848m 54s

Episode 110 - Star Trek and A Star is Born

Star Trek, Aquaman, Forever, A Star Is BornWe talk and review a whole bunch this week. Star Trek: Discovery released a new trailer for Season 2 at New York Comic-Con and it introduces the new Spock. Aquaman had a 5 minute extended look released around the same time. "Forever" on Amazon Prime was a pleasant surprise starring Maya Rudolph. We round out the show with Lady Gaga's and Bradley Cooper's smash hit "A Star is Born" remake. Listen to hear us take in all the new and exciting media.
08/10/1846m 5s

Episode 109 - Joker and Manic

We discuss the Joaquin Phoenix "Joker" news as well as give a spoiler-free review of Netflix's "Maniac"These past few weeks have been pretty exciting in regards to geek news and at the top of that last for us has been the images and video released in regards to the new "Joker" film. We know that Joaquin Phoenix will be our new Joker and that he starts out as "Arthur". The film will be directed by Todd Phillips, the director of the Hangover Trilogy, but don't let that turn you off, lets give him the benefit of the doubt.We end the show with our review of Netflix's "Maniac" which had every episode directed by Cary Fukunaga. This show stared Emma Stone and Jonah Hill and gave a very interesting (yet respectful) look into mental illness and the lengths people will go to find relief.
24/09/1846m 20s

Episode 108 - X-Files, Star Trek, & Nerd Goals

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of The X-Files, discuss The Girl watching Star Trek, and talk #NerdGoals The day of this episode release is the 25th anniversary of The X-Files. It's absolutely insane that much time has passed and technically the show is still going on; for better or worse. We reminisce about our first memories of the show and how it was the first show we watched together from pilot to finale.Long time listeners will remember that The Girl is not the biggest Star Trek fan but lately it has been her idea to watch some Next Gen. Truly beautiful to behold. We round out the show with our "Nerd Goals". Nerdy things in life we haven't achieved yet or accomplished. Like doing the LOTR walking tour or watching all of AFI's top 100 movies.What are some of your nerd goals?
10/09/1840m 32s

Episode 107 - Ozark, Jack Ryan, and Sharp Objects

We caught up on a lot of television and let you know if these shows are worth giving a shot. Ozark Season 2 with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney dropped this weekend on Netflix and Jack Ryan with John Krasinski from The Office dropped on Amazon Prime. Before that happened, Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams finished its run on HBO. We had to take off last week due to illness but that gave us the chance to catch up and explore all this television and a whole lot more.Take the time to listen to our spoiler-free review of each show. We also do a retro review of Dan Harmon's Community.
03/09/1851m 11s

Episode 106 - Fictional Characters. Real Emotion.

Why do we cry for imaginary people? Why does fiction stir our emotions? As nerds, we spend a lot of our personal time invested in people who aren't real. We watch lives unfold that have never been lived. We cry over the deaths of people who have never been born. Why?In this episode, we discuss the times we have been emotionally invested in fictional characters as well as how it can be a powerful stress reliever as well as an unhealthy substitute for life. This conversation takes a lot of twists and turns and you might not guess where it ends up.Have you ever found yourself emotionally invested in fictional characters?
20/08/1853m 32s

Episode 105 - Star Trek's Picard

The Sir Patrick Stewart announced at Star Trek Las Vegas that he is reprising his role of Captain Picard The last time we saw Captain Jean-Luc Picard was in 2002 with Star Trek: Nemesis. That was the last time we visited the 24th century and ever since then, we've only gotten prequels in the franchise. This past weekend, it was announced that we are heading back to that era with old baldy himself: Picard. All that we know is that it will be set 20 years after Nemesis, Picard is no longer a captain, and the events of his life has changed him. Whatever that means.In this episode, we talk about our reactions to this news as well as this current revival culture that we're living in. What do you think of a new Picard series?
06/08/1834m 34s

Episode 104 - Mission Impossible: Fallout

We got to see Mission Impossible: Fallout starring Tom Cruise on opening weekend and here is our review! In preparation for the release of Mission Impossible's sixth outing, we marathoned all of the previous ones (except for two because who needs that?). Sitting high at an unbelievable 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, Fallout was a hell of a thrill ride. But before you think we're just going to fawn over it like every single other outlet you've seen in the past week, think again. This movie was a lot of fun but there are some definite things to discuss in terms of cinematography, timing, and above all: runtime. ?What did you guys think of Mission Impossible: Fallout??
30/07/181h 8m

Episode 103 - Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford had his 76th birthday recently and Nerd Nuptial wanted to celebrate.Ford was a big influence on both Tristan and The Girl's pop culture lives as well as media tastes. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Blade Runner, just to name a few. The man owned the box office in the 80s. This week they discuss how they grew up on his movies and what his performances mean to them.They start the show talking about Sharp Objects, It (2017), and A Quiet Place.
16/07/1847m 39s

Episode 102 - Star Wars Live!

We discuss our experience seeing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra play Star Wars: A New Hope Live This week Tristan and The Girl share their experience with seeing Star Wars with a live orchestra for the first time. Tristan fooled The Girl into thinking they were going to a work cocktail party and she was pleasantly surprised. They start the show with listener mail/reviews and discuss how the nerd community brings us together and exposes us to issues we wouldn't otherwise see.
02/07/1835m 52s

Episode 101 - Airplane Mode

What is the media you HAVE to have before you switch over to Airplane Mode? After taking two weeks off, Nerd Nuptial is back on the airwaves. Tristan was traveling and that screwed up the schedule. However, that did get both of them thinking about what you keep in your nerd wallet on an airplane.As we all know, you have to have your devices in Airplane Mode while in the air. So that means you have to download your books, movies, comics, music, and TV BEFORE that happens. Tristan and The Girl discuss what are the musts before a flight.What do you always have on you when you fly?
25/06/1829m 30s

Episode 100 - Ask Me Anything II

We do another "AMA" and talk desert island movies, favorite books, and marriage challengesThis is our one-hundrenth episode! We are so excited to bring you this episode, not only because our listeners are fantastic and made this possible, but because we also get to answer your questions.This is our second "Ask Me Anything" session. You submitted the questions and we answered. We talk about many things including how life has changed now that we're parents, what our "nerd-cation" would be, and what challenges our marriage has faced.We start the episode with our reactions to Arrested Development Season 5 and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4.
04/06/1852m 4s

Episode 099 - Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Our review of Disney owned Lucasfilm's second standalone "Solo: A Star Wars Story" After Disney bought Lucasfilm, everyone was scared that we were going to get some watered down versions of that galaxy far far away. That didn't happen right away, we got divisive films but definitely watered down. Once Rogue One dropped, people saw the callbacks as just that, callbacks. A love letter to the fans saying "we paid attention". After Solo came about and there was even more callbacks as well as connectivity, the Disney influence was made clear with a Marvel model of connectivity. After a disappointing box office weekend, people are speculating if it was because of the fan rage after The Last Jedi or because this is a story that nobody asked for. Was this our First Avenger or our Ant-Man? Listen to find out what we think.
28/05/1856m 37s

Episode 098 - Deadpool 2

The Merc with a Mouth is back along with our review of Deadpool 2 We loved the first Deadpool and so we were pretty sure that we were going to enjoy the sequel. Even though it took me (Tristan) a second watch to fully get on board, that was the case with this one. Cable was announced to be in the sequel even before the first film was over. Josh Brolin has been working hard this year with Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Sicario 2 coming out later this year. He brings some gravitas to the Deadpool universe and while interesting, might be a little misplaced. If you like the first one then you'll love this one. If you didn't get onboard with Deadpool from the get-go, this won't change your mind. We start the show talking about our first CMX theater experience and how Deadpool was the best testing ground.
21/05/1840m 0s

Episode 097 - Spoiler Culture

Riding High on Infinity War, We Talk Spoilers and the People Who Spoil We enjoyed Infinity War so much that we've been feeling a Marvel high even a week afterward. We did a review last week so we won't be doing that again but it did get us thinking about spoilers. Thankfully, neither one of us got spoiled with Avengers but we know a lot of people who did. What is it about people who do this on purpose? Also, where is the line? Are people too sensitive? Is it worse with our over-connected world? Listen as we swap stories and theories.What was the worst spoiler you ever heard?
07/05/1843m 49s

Episode 096 - Avengers: Infinity War

Ten years of Marvel has lead us to Avengers: Infinity WarIf you haven't been living under a rock then you have heard about the latest Marvel installment in the MCU: Avengers: Infinity War. It has broken box office records by having the best weekend return ... ever. We saw it opening night and was on the edge of our seats the entire time. The opening of the show is spoiler free and then halfway through the episode, we hit spoiler territory. You will be warned so feel free to listen even if you haven't seen the film.What do you think of the latest Avengers? Where is it on your MCU list?
30/04/181h 18m

Episode 095 - Isle of Dogs, Lost in Space, and The Greatest Showman

Isle of Dogs, Lost in Space, and The Greatest Showman ReviewWe had the grand opportunity of finally being able to see Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs" now that it is in wide release. There were a lot of disappointed kids in the theater who thought they were going to see a happy go lucky minion-esque comedy. To be honest, that made it even funnier. No subterfuge, this was a great and beautiful film. Listen to our thoughts and to why we thought this was one of the director's better outings.We open the show with our review of Netflix's "Lost in Space" reboot and "The Greatest Showman" on home release.
16/04/1848m 11s

Episode 094 - Married and Working

What would it be like to be famous, married, and working together? A la Blunt/Krasinski The Girl and Tristan often think about what it would be like to work together on a huge project like a movie. When seeing the advertisements for "A Quiet Place", they got a little jealous of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski being able to work together in a creative way. In this episode, they discuss the projects they've worked on together in the past and what it must be like to be married and working. They also talk about what segment of their lives would make of for a great film like "The Big Sick".They open the show with an announcement about the network's current legal situation as well as a GoFundMe to help with it.
09/04/1845m 21s

Episode 093 - Season Two's

We talk season 2 of Westworld, Santa Clarita Diet, and Lemony Snicket's Last week we took some time off in order to finish watching Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 but in that time we were able to watch a few other things. Westworld Season 2 trailer came out, Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 dropped. That's why we labeled the podcast episode the way we did. Listen to hear our thoughts on all these programs and a whole lot more. We start the episode with a story of how Tristan stapled his hand to a set.
02/04/1842m 33s

Episode 092 - Tomb Raider

Review of the 2018 film 'Tomb Raider' Lara Croft has been with us in one form or another since 1996. Some of us have grown up on her video games, comics, novels, and sometimes awkward action figures. With 17 console games in the bank with another one on the way, we've had two Angelina Jolie movies and now one Alicia Vikander film. The film currently sits at a 49% on Rotten Tomatoes and is not having the strongest of openings. The critics seem to be split down the middle and it's safe to say that this was not the rejuvenation of the franchise that Warner Bros. was hoping for. Your favorite Nerd Nuptial saw the film over opening weekend and are thankful that they had some free passes.
19/03/1838m 58s

Episode 091 - Hardcore Sci-Fi

What constitutes 'hardcore' science fiction and why is it needed? There is great science fiction out the from Metropolis to Blade Runner 2049. But what makes a science fiction film hardcore science fiction? One could argue that the science is more of the cornerstone of the story or that it's more deeply rooted in 'realistic' science. Besides just hardcore sci-fi, we also talk our favorite science fiction films in general and why we're drawn to the genre. We also catch everyone up on what we've been watching.What are some of your favorite hardcore sci-fi films?
12/03/1843m 49s

Episode 090 - Annihilation Review

A Review of Alex Garland’s “Annihilation”Last week we reviewed the blockbuster and sensation that is Marvel’s Black Panther. This week we are reviewing a much quieter release. Alex Garland’s “Annihilation” has flown mostly under the radar despite its active social media campaign. Paramount sold the international distribution rights to Netflix and that, of course, was not a sign of faith in the project. So what does it mean?Annihilation is a small film masquerading as a larger one and it shows. This is not necessarily a bad thing and the film is full of surprises. This week we discuss the merits and failings of this director's unique take on science fiction.
26/02/181h 3m

Episode 089 - Black Panther Review

Black Panther is finally in theaters and here is our take!After a 9-month advertising campaign from Marvel and Disney, the world was finally ready to see Black Panther. A breakout character from Captain America: Civil War, fans wanted more. After limited release, the film had a coveted 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. After only four days of release, the move made 361 million dollars worldwide and dropped only 3% on RT. Regardless of what you thought of the movie, this has made an impact; culturally as well as financially. ?Your favorite Nerd Nuptial is here to take on the King of Wakanda. There is so much to love about this film but did it live up to the hype? Was it even possible to live up to that kind of hype? Listen and find out.?
19/02/181h 2m

Episode 088 - Altered Carbon

Super Bowl Movie Trailers and our Altered Carbon ReviewThe Super Bowl has come and gone and no matter who you rooted for, it left some cool movie trailers in its wake. Like the commercials, some were better than others. We go through the list of what came out and gauge interest. The main topic of the episode is Netflix's "Altered Carbon". Based on a novel by Richard K. Morgan, this cyberpunk show asks about when your body isn't your own. While this show overall was quite messy, the concept was interesting enough to finish. Listen to our take on the morality, politics, and social issues of this sci-fi program.
07/02/1859m 57s

Episode 087 - Not Done With Nostalgia Yet

Are we really tired of nostalgia in TV and Film like Vice says?Vice released an article that had the headline: "People are finally getting sick of nostalgia in TV and Movies". The top of the article had a picture of The Last Jedi and Jumanji. Two films that have reached a billion dollars at the box office or at least close to it. Financial success is by no means a measure of quality but it at least shows that "nostalgia fatigue" is really only in the minds of those who feel it and is not with the masses. If you actually read the article, however, it goes on to say that Jumanji is successful nostalgia because it doesn't carry any baggage of the first one like Star Wars and Star Trek. That's what this Nerd Nuptial is about this week. Are we actually tired of nostalgia in our entertainment and what does that even mean? Rehashing old stories or leaving beloved characters alone?
29/01/1843m 0s

Episode 086 - Catching Up on Streaming

Mrs. Maisel, American Gods, and 11. 22. 63 With nothing on the horizon except for Black Panther to excite us, we had to look at our existing catalog. Spending more time with Prime, an accidental Starz subscription, and an inevitable Hulu account led us to three shows. Maisel took a few Golden Globes home, American Gods was a Fuller startup, and 11.22.63. brought out the history buff in us both. None of these are exactly current (with a minor exception to Maisel), but if you're anything like us, it takes you awhile to get to what's hip. There are so many hours in the week to binge so here is our review of those shows you will eventually get to.
22/01/1842m 48s

Episode 085 - 2018 & Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery Midseason Premiere Review and Upcoming 2018 Film and TVFor Nerd Nuptial, Star Trek: Discovery has just been "OK" and not much else. That is until the midseason finale last year. The episode definitely showed that the show was finding its footing and this latest episode solidified it. That is except for one very key unfortunate trope that was utilized.Before we review Star Trek, we talk about what movies and television shows we are excited to see coming up in 2018.What did you think of the latest Star Trek episode?
08/01/1851m 21s

Episode 084 - Best of 2017

We discuss our top ten film list of 2017 as well as our favorite shows 2017 has come and gone and it has been a divisive year for film. Culturally as well as at the box office. Not as many people went to the theater in 2017 but that doesn't mean we were lacking in some damn fine cinema. Both Tristan and The Girl give their lists but they are of course not the same. Listen to hear their reasoning and also to hear what didn't make the cut. Tell us your top films of 2017 by commenting below or going to
01/01/1855m 27s

Episode 083 - The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ReviewThis has been a rough week for your favorite Nerd Nuptial. Ripley was hospitalized for the flu but she is home and all better now. For those of you who are listeners and follow us on social media, we appreciate all the well wishes that were sent our way. We had to give up our preview showing tickets as well as our backup opening night tickets because we were at the hospital. But we were able to find some decent tickets for a Sunday night showing. The Last Jedi was a wild ride but the fan reaction seems to have been mixed. Did Rian Johnson pull it off or was this just a mess of too many storylines and too many boxes to check? Listen to hear what we thought and let us know what you experienced.
18/12/171h 14m

Episode 082 - Listener Questions

Listeners submitted questions asking about our relationship as well as adviceLast episode we opened to floor to the listeners to ask whatever questions they wanted. Whether it was about our relationship, being nerdy, or even just general advice. Listen to the episode to hear some of the nerdy questions we got.
04/12/1737m 34s

Episode 081 - Checking Mother Boxes

Justice League Film ReviewThe Justice League has united and we have seen it first hand onscreen. Regardless of the mixed reviews (which are slowly becoming less mixed), your favorite Nerd Nuptial team went to go see the movie opening day. Many people said it was horrible while even some of the more favorable reviews admitted to the plot being a mess but still enjoying the characters. We went into the theater just hoping to have a good time even if the movie might be subpar. What is our stance? Did we defy the critics and love it dearly? Or did we ride the wave of negativity that the movie might have earned? Listen to find out.Also, listen to hear the story about how Tristan almost got into a fist fight in the theater. We open the show withe a review of Steven Soderberg's "Mosaic".
20/11/171h 6m

Episode 080 - Friend from Work

Review of Marvel's Thor: RagnarokThor's history with Marvel has been divisive, to say the least. Many people agree that he is a great character but that his stand-alone films leave something to be desired. A lot of people would say the same thing about the Hulk. In Ragnarok, we get both in all their comedic glory. That's right, Thor enters the world of science fiction comedy.Does this film deliver or is it just Guardians of the Galaxy 3?
06/11/1750m 9s

Episode 079 - Stranger Things 2

Review of Netflix's Stranger Things 2Just in time for Halloween, we're back in Hawkins, Indiana. The whole gang is here: Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Nancy, Steve, Johnathan, Joyce, Hopper, and of course, Eleven. We also have a few new faces to grace the streaming screen. Last year, season one took America and the world by storm. It was THE show to talk about and you felt like you were a part of the in-crowd when you talked about it. There were several questions at the end of season one: What's the deal with Hopper's box? Where is Eleven? Did Will spit up a baby Demogorgon? Season two ventures to answer ... some of those questions.This week we talk all about season two. What we liked, what made us uncomfortable, and what was a complete waste of time. Listen to find out if season two gave us the payoff that the audience thought it deserved after waiting over a year.
30/10/171h 26m

Episode 078 - Mindhunter Review

Review of the New David Fincher Show "Mindhunter" on NetflixWe're big fans of David Fincher here at Nerd Nuptial and we're even bigger fans of David Fincher teaming up with Netflix (see House of Cards). So when we heard that Fincher was developing a new show with them AND it was going to on serial killers, needless to say, we were excited. Mindhunter follows two FBI agents as the interview serial killers around the country and try to see how they think. This takes place in the 1970s before it was commonplace for the FBI to profile and anticipate crime instead of just responding to it. Mindhunter is a graphic show so please keep that in mind before you watch. We start the show with our spoiler-free impressions.
16/10/1746m 19s

Episode 077 - Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049A sequel made decades after the iconic original. Blade Runner by Ridley Scott staring Harrison Ford came out in 1982 and its sequel Blade Runner 2049 was just released. We’re living in an era where prolonged sequels are becoming a mainstay. Terminator, Tron, Star Wars, and now this.Blade Runner changed the landscape of science fiction in film and solidified Ridley Scott as a sci-fi master after Alien. Denis Villeneuve is no stranger to science fiction with his massive hit Arrival and soon we’ll be getting his Dune remake. With Harrison Ford returning and Ryan Gosling leading the way, is this film a hit? Or is the whole not greater than it’s many great parts. Listen and find out.
09/10/1756m 30s

Episode 076 - Star Trek: Discovery Review

Star Trek: Discovery ReviewWe’ve been waiting for this for 12 years and that time has finally come. Star Trek has returned to television … sort of. Star Trek: Discovery is here and we couldn’t be more excited here at Nerd Nuptial. Tristan is a lifelong Star Trek fan and The Girl is just hoping for a good show. The first part of the episode was recorded just minutes before the premiere where we talk about our hopes and our own personal excitement for the show. We break, watch the show, and come back to finish our thoughts. Did we like it? Did it live up to the hype or did it let us down? Listen and find out.What did you think of Star Trek: Discovery?
25/09/171h 12m

Episode 075 - Nerd Identity

Is putting away your nerd stuff a sign of growing? The entire purpose of this show is to talk about what it's like to be married AND nerds. Sometimes those two identities can conflict. Last weekend we finally pulled the trigger and took out all of our movies, figurines, art, etc and made that room a full fledged nursery. I have to admit it was an emotional crisis at times. Is this a sign of getting older? Are we boxing up our nerd identity and turning it in for a new one? Listen to hear us discuss this as well as some of the movies we've been catching up on including Logan Lucky by Steven Soderberg.
11/09/1751m 6s

Episode 074 - Shut Up, James Cameron

Why James Cameron should shut up and what we're looking forward to this FallYou most likely have heard about James Cameron opening his mouth and criticizing Wonder Woman and the work of Patty Jenkins last week. You can probably guess where we fall in our stance on the debacle. However, don't judge us prematurely. We criticized Wonder Woman plenty in our review which you can listen here. It's how Mr. Cameron chose to criticize the film and what it has meant to so many women and young girls around the globe. After that, we discuss what we're excited to see this Fall in the realm of TV and film. We start the show with our late to the party review of Master of None.
28/08/1735m 46s

Episode 073 - Defending Ozark

Marvel's Defenders Premiere and Ozark Season OneDaredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. They are all Netflix originals that were leading up to this show. The Defenders. Marvel approached their Netflix properties much like they tackle their movies. Just how Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, etc all lead up to the Avengers, this was leading to what this Nerd Nuptial just watched. We open the show discussing what worked and what didn't of the first episode. Later, we move on to another Netflix property, Ozark. We talked about this last week but only about the first episode. Thankfully, we've been able to watch the entire season and thankfully it did not disapoint.What did you guys think of the Defenders? Too much build up with not a lot of payoff? Let us know in the comments.
21/08/1752m 58s

Episode 072 - Out of Chicago

What makes a good series premiere?/Ozark openerGreat shows can have them and even horrible shows can have them. Great openers and pilots come in all shapes and sizes. A well-developed series premiere needs to establish the protagonist as well as the premise of the show. But that doesn't always lead to a fruitful series run. This week we open the show with discussing some of our favorite beginnings and what makes them stellar. Then we move onto the new Netflix show "Ozark" starring Jason Bateman.Does it pass the Nerd Nuptial test of amazing series openers? Listen and find out.
14/08/1749m 27s

Episode 071 - Put Your Toys Away

Why did we never put our nerdy toys away?Sometimes people are walking contradictions and nerds are no different. We are a generation of people who never put their toys away. We have figurines on our desks at work, posters in our office, and bumper stickers on our cars. But sometimes we hide our nerdiness. We are out and proud but at the same time don't always broadcast it unless someone asks us.In this week's episode, The Girl and Tristan discuss what it was like growing up as a nerd and what kind of merchandise we had as children. We also talk about how that translates to today and what is socially acceptable to display and what is not. Are you out and proud or are you still in the nerd closet with some people?
31/07/1737m 43s

Episode 070 - Dunkirk and SDCC

Dunkirk Review and SDCC Trailer ReactionsFor our 70th episode, we get to talk about our reaction to seeing Dunkirk in 70mm film. Christopher Nolan is one of the best filmmakers currently working in Hollywood. Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy, and Interstellar are his latest hits and Dunkirk is taking critics and audiences alike by storm.The evacuation of Dunkirk was considered a successful failure because they lost the battle but saved 300,000 lives. The movie itself showcases three storylines, the air, the sea, and the beach. This was a well-made film but some aspects seemed lacking. Listen and find out what we mean.What did you think of Christopher Nolan's latest film?
24/07/1752m 55s

Episode 069 - Apes Together Strong

War for the Planet of the Apes ReviewWe've been waiting for this sequel for years. Some say the journey began with the original Planet of the Apes film in 1968. But really it kicked off in 2011 with the surprise hit of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. "Rise" is technically a reboot of the franchise but it can be seen as the beginning of a prequel trilogy much like Star Wars the Phantom Menace. Rise shows the birth of Caesar, a genetically enhanced chimpanzee who leads an army of apes out of captivity while a "simian flu" eradicates most of the human race. The apes thrive, however, and this is told in the sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Things don't stay rosy war begins at the end of the film.In this iteration, we see an older and more war-torn Caesar. He's just trying to keep his family safe but the war keeps pulling him away from those he holds dear. This week we discuss what absolutely worked in this film and sadly what didn't.What did you think of the film?
17/07/1747m 21s

Episode 068 - Baby Driver Review

Review of Edgar Wright's "Baby Driver""Baby Driver" is out and the film has captured the hearts and minds of many across the globe. The film debuted at a coveted 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and dropped only 3 points after reaching a wider release. Clearly, critics and audiences alike love this film. Your Nerd Nuptial is in a high-speed chase to get down to the bottom of worked in Baby Driver as well as what didn't. The episode begins with a preview of what the next two weeks of the show will look like.What did you guys think of Baby Driver?
10/07/1739m 31s

Episode 067 - Okja Review

Review of Netflix's Latest Film OkjaWe finally got some viewing time this week and we decided to go deep into the Netflix catalog. We watched Moana, tried Glow, and gave Bojack Horseman another try. But the main thing we are talking about this week is Bong Joon-ho's "Okja". A film about a CGI Super Pig is one that tugs at the heartstrings even if it doesn't sound like it would. A commentary on the meatpacking industry as well as our tendency to develop relationships with non-humans. Listen to our review for our response to the film and we don't get to spoiler territory until later in the episode. We start the episode with our reaction to catching up to Veep on HBO.
03/07/1747m 9s

Episode 066 - Not in My House

Movies you weren't allowed to watch growing up.This is a truly universal experience that all of us have gone through. Your friends have rented a movie or are on their way to go see something and you rush to your parents to them and they say one of the worst single syllable words in the English language, "no." You're heartbroken. You're downtrodden. What do you do? Do you watch it? Do you respect your parent's wishes? Or do you just lie your way through the conversation and tell your friends, "Oh, I've totally seen that and it was awesome."This Nerd Nuptial has plenty of stories to tell when it comes to movies and TV they weren't allowed to watch. What are some films you weren't allowed to watch growing up?
26/06/1744m 50s

Episode 065 - Tastes Change

Sometimes the ones we love can alter our tastes in TV and FilmTristan and The Girl celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary by not going to The Mummy and save you the review! They instead talk about how, over the course of their relationship, their tastes have changed and have influenced each other in unforeseen ways. How has your significant other influenced you, if at all? Do you watch more musicals? More dumb comedy? More romantic comedies? Let us know!
12/06/1735m 41s

Episode 064 - Wonder Woman Review

Review of DC's latest film: Wonder WomanOne of the highest rated superhero films of all time is Wonder Woman. The savior of the DCEU is here and she has come in full force. Regardless of what you thought of Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman, they were not well received. So far, Wonder Woman is by a landslide. The toughest female superhero was directed by a female as well and a lot was unjustly riding on this. When a man makes a bad superhero film, it doesn't stop them from making another. If this would have tanked, people would have pointed fingers at the gender in front of and behind the camera. Thankfully, no one has to worry about that.Listen to our very honest review of this enjoyable film that does have some issues here and there.What did you think of Wonder Woman?

One Nation Underwood

House of Cards Season 5 ReviewYour Nerd Nuptial pairing wanted this season so bad we could taste it. We pined over every single scrap of news just to see what we could find out. Well after 2 days of binge watching, we saw the entire season. Boy, do we have some opinions on it.Was it a poor repeat of season 3 or did we break new ground with where it took our First Lady?
01/06/1756m 4s

Episode 063 - Xenomorphin' Time

Alien: Covenant ReviewAs we promised, we were finally able to deliver our Alien: Covenant film review. It's been a week since the movie's release and the reception has been mixed. On Rotten Tomatoes the general consensus is "Alien: Covenant delivers another satisfying round of close-quarters deep-space terror, even if it doesn't take the saga in any new directions." It's hard to argue that sentiment but Tristan and The Girl will definitely try in this week's episode. Is this latest installment too much of the same or right on with the winning formula?
29/05/1752m 6s

Episode 062 - Twin Peaks of Insanity

Twin Peaks Revival review and all the absurdity that comes with itAfter a 25 year hiatus, David Lynch and his Twin Peaks television show returns but this time on Showtime. Whether you liked it or hated it, Twin Peaks made you feel something. Could be boredom, could be elation, could be pure unadulterated anger at David Lynch for making you question your humanity. Season Three of the show came back in what could be construed as full force in its absurdity and melange of setpieces that don't quite mean anything...yet. Listen as your Nerd Nuptial breaks down the first four episodes in this (pretty much) spoiler free review.We also talk about Ryan Murphy's Feud as well as Tina Fey's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season Three.What did you think of the new Twin Peaks?
23/05/1749m 24s

Episode 061 - Sound of Regime

The Handmaid's Tale/Favorite ScoresThis episode is in two parts. The opening is all about Hulu's original series The Handmaid's Tale and the main topic is about us talking about our favorite film scores.The Handmaid's Tale tells a chilling story of what a fascist regime would look like in our own backyard. Women's rights don't exist and fertility is something rare in the world. We discuss story structure and how episode one might betray your interest but episode two plants the seeds of revolution.After that, we move onto happier things like music in film. We focus on composed music and the people who compose it. What are some of your favorite film scores?
08/05/1749m 9s

House of Cards Season 5 Trailer Reaction

House of Cards Season 5 Trailer ReactionTristan and The Girl give a quick reaction to the House of Cards Season 5 trailer.What did you think of the trailer?
01/05/1716m 42s

Episode 060 - Minnesota Nice

Fargo Season 3 Premiere and Our Thoughts on the ShowFargo was an amazing film made by the Coen Brothers in the 90s and nobody really could have guess that a TV show based off of the same themes could perchance surpass the original, but here we are. Fargo the FX network original is a show filled with murder, betrayal, detective work, mob bosses, heists, hitman, and the "Minnesota Nice" mentality. Season 3 premiered with Ewan McGregor in the lead playing twins and in this podcast we discuss our thoughts on seasons 1 through 3. We start the show with a frank discussion of the rediculousness of the Netflix documentary "Casting JonBenet".
01/05/1751m 46s

Episode 059 - Second Chances

Giving movies and TV a second chanceWhy should you ever go back to a movie after you watched it and hated it? Why should you ever go back to a TV show after it burned you? We ask ourselves these questions and sometimes the answer is a just a plain and simple "maybe it will be better this time?" The Girl and Tristan talk about the movies and TV shows that they went back to and liked a second time around. They also discuss movies that they gave another shot and it was still a swing and a miss. They start the show reviewing Mass Effect Andromeda.
24/04/1748m 6s

Episode 058 - A.I. in My House

The Last Jedi Trailer and A.I. in CinemaIn this episode, Tristan and The Girl start off the conversation with The Last Jedi trailer. The new Star Wars teaser trailer dropped on the day of recording and the Internet was all aflutter with the possibilities for new content from that galaxy far far away. Did it satisfy all those nerd needs or was it found wanting?They then transition into a discussion that was meant to be AI in movies but then went to a more fundamental discussion of would you want AI in your house.What do you guys think? Would you want an AI in your daily life?
17/04/1757m 5s

Episode 057 - Big Little Lies

Review of HBO's Big Little Lies and Netflix's The DiscoveryThis episode is hot off the press! Moments after the airing of HBO's Big Little Lies series finale, this Nerd Nuptial turned on the mic and started talking about it. Seven episodes in total and no time felt wasted. The entire show was teasing a murder but everyone was guessing at to who was murdered and who did the murdering. HBO brought some heavy hitters like Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Laura Dern to the mix and the performances did not disappoint. But was the ending all it was cracked up to be?We start the show with our review of the gloomy Netflix original movie about suicide and the afterlife, The Discovery.
03/04/171h 8m

Episode 056 - Fantasy Vacation

The best fictional locales that you would want to visitWhatever your fandom is, you would probably want to go to one of the many locations in it. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dune...well maybe not Dune. Immediately, as you're reading this, you're thinking of some right now.The Girl and Tristan talk about a long list of places they would like to visit (some more absurd than others). Why they make the list they start to realized that it's more the people you would interact with and not so much the location itself. What would the forest moon of Endor be without the Ewoks? Just forest. They start the show talking about the new Justice League trailer and watching Rogue One again.
27/03/1741m 48s

Episode 055 - Romance on Film

Our Favorite Romantic Pairings on FilmWhat makes a great couple on film? Is it relatability? Believability? Or just an entertaining story? We have countless stories in movies of people who meet at the beginning and then take the entire story to get together. Other times they start together and struggle for one reason or another. But why do we keep coming back for more? Why do we invest so much of our own emotions is these fictional people we only experience for two hours at a time?The Girl and Tristan look back at some of their favorite romantic pairings on film and try to figure out why they mean so much to them. They start the show with a listener suggestion of explaining how their wedding was nerdy.
20/03/1746m 19s

Episode 054 - Go Big or Go Home

Santa Clarita Diet Review and our reaction to Lego BatmanThis Nerd Nuptial has a lot of time on its hand's thanks to Tristan being on paternity leave. After seeing Logan The Girl and Tristan got the itch to see another film and decided to go see The Lego Batman. After that, they decided to start Santa Clarita Diet.Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a realtor power couple who have an unexpected circumstance of her becoming undead. They try to balance life, kids, PTA, and eating people. It’s part absurd, part satire, and a whole lot of fun in parts. We discuss what worked and what didn’t.Tristan starts the show with a prudish rant of what TV has become.
13/03/1736m 55s

Episode 053 - Logan Movie Review

Was Logan a misstep or is it proof that we don't need anymore X-Men films?Logan was heralded as smaller and more intimate while at the same time amping up the violence. We have gotten a lot of X-Men films over the past 17 years and Hugh Jackman has been in almost every single one. He originated this character on film and he is saying that Logan is his last. we've heard this kind of talk before but hopefully, it's true this time. What did you guys think of Logan? Do we need anymore X-Men films?
06/03/171h 6m

Episode 052 - Best and Worst Day

Doctor Strange, Arrival Review, and an ending to our baby storyNerd Nuptial is back and we have an hour long episode this week where we discuss the home video releases of Marvel's Doctor Strange and Paramount's Arrival. Watching these two movies came after trying to arrive at a new normal with the birth of Ripley. We open the show with an ending to our baby story and how we are adjusting to being new nerd parents.

Living Up To The Name

The Girl had a baby!
06/02/177m 41s

Episode 51 - Bed Rest Binging

What makes a show "Binge-worthy"The Girl is super pregnant and was just put on bed rest. Now she is trying to find things to binge so she doesn't get bored. This week we ask ourselves what are some great shows to binge watch. Some are good to watch week to week and some a great to try to achieve in one sitting. What aspects of the show contribute to this? Is it the story arc or the episodic ones?What are some shows you recommend for The Girl to watch during her bed rest?
30/01/1746m 2s

Episode 050 - The Deliberate Pope

The Young Pope Review - Mixed w/ House of Cards and LoganAfter a failed maternity photo session and Tristan unjustly getting irritated with a retail worker, this Nerd Nuptial team decided to catch up on trailers and also The Young Pope. Jude Law plays a 40-something pope who's in league with Diane Keaton at the Vatican. Who is this young pope? Is he conservative? Is he liberal? What's his game? The Girl thought it was slow and Tristan found it deliberate. Listen to find out if they'll continue with this pontiff's power struggle.They also discuss the House of Cards announcement trailer, Logan's second trailer, and how Tristan didn't pack the camera bag!
23/01/1744m 10s

Episode 049 - Unfortunate Episodes

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix ReviewWhile balancing baby plans, work, baby showers, and all while still trying to binge watch, Tristan and The Girl were able to watch Lemony Snicket on Netflix this week. You might remember the books, you might remember the movie that came out in 2004 with Jim Carrey. This is a whole new ball game when it comes to episodic streaming and the people behind the scenes don't let you forget it. In this eight-episode series, the Baudelaire children lose their parents and get shipped off from guardian to guardian while trying to avoid the evil Count Olaf. Is it's inherent repetitive nature too much to handle? Is it a kids show or is it for adults? We discuss this and a whole lot more so listen and find out.What did you guys think of the show?
16/01/1749m 56s

Episode 048 - Perpetual Hope

Most Anticipated Movies in 20172016 has come and gone and it kinda was a crap year for blockbusters. 2017 looks better but that's what we said about 2016 in 2015. But movies, in general, are like of DC movies: all about a perpetual hope that it will be good this time around. We mainly talk genre films but that intersects action, superhero, musicals, and of course sci-fi.We start the episode with a quick review of some of our favorites from 2016.What are you looking forward to the most in 2017?
09/01/1759m 41s

Episode 047 - Holiday Favorites

Holiday favorites growing up and how they've changed over the yearsYour Nerd Nuptial is a little late today but it has been delivered! Just like Santa and his presents. We recorded this while away on vacation and in The Girl's old childhood bedroom, believe it or not. So we thought we would talk about our favorite Christmas films growing up and what they are today. What were some of your favorite holiday films growing up?
26/12/1630m 21s

Episode 046 - Rogue One Review

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ReviewWe've been looking forward to this one for a long a galaxy far far away. In our usual fashion, we watched the movie and then raced home to podcast about it. Jyn, Saw, Cassian, Krennic, the whole gang was on the big screen and boy was it different. Different for the most part, but oh so familiar at the same time. Rogue One had an easier time than Force Awakens because it didn't have to compete with 30 years of fandom baggage. Speaking of fandom, were there too many callbacks or just the right amount? We discuss this, music, character development, and a whole lot more this week.What did you think of Rogue One?
19/12/1655m 43s

Episode 045 - Rogue One and a Half

The Future of Star Wars StandalonesRogue One is coming out this week! It's finally here. The first live-action standalone theatrical Star Wars release is coming in force and it won't be the last. We already have a Han Solo standalone coming out in 2018 and an unnamed one coming out in 2020. Some say that will be a Boba Fett story but is that the best use of that slot?In this episode, we discuss what we would like to see in the future and what we don't. Your Nerd Nuptial tackles the future of Star Wars and how Kathleen Kennedy no longer returns our
12/12/1643m 36s

Episode 044 - Snake Girl Got a Gun

Westworld Season Finale ReviewHBO released a winner this year in Westworld. It was only 10 episodes but the creators utilized every single minute but still found a way to keep you wanting more. Spoilers ahead so listeners please beware. In this episode of Nerd Nuptial, we discuss the last episode of the season and what we liked as well as what we thought could have been done better. We start the show with why were so late on this week's delivery. What did you think of the finale? Did you like where the Hosts ended up? Was the Maze all that you thought it would be?
06/12/1646m 54s

Episode 043 - All You Have to Do is Call

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ReviewWe've been waiting for this for a long time and it's finally here. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released on Netflix and your Nerd Nuptial pairing is on the case to give you a review. We watched it over the weekend all in one sitting and boy do we have some opinions. Was it worth it? Was it a better ending to the journey than we got in season 7? Should the Palladino's have been the ones to give us the revival? All these questions and more are discussed.We start the show the with discussing what we've been watching including Mascots, Telltale Batman, and Westworld.What did you think of the revival?
28/11/161h 18m

Episode 042 - Finding a Franchise

Sequels are nothing new and they aren't going away.We tend to complain a lot about sequels and how that seems like that's all we're getting right now. But the first sequel came out in 1916, so why are we acting like this is a new thing? Is it because we're being inundated by franchise films every single weekend? Is it because there is nothing new under the sun? Is it studios not wanting to take any risks? We talk about all this and a whole lot more.We also discuss how the Suicide Squad Extended Edition was just that.
21/11/1642m 41s

Episode 041 - The Anti-Shuffle

Why Vinyl Scores are Worth the ListenCall us hipsters, we don't care, but we love that vinyl sound. Your Nerd Nuptial crew discusses all the great and fun things about listening to vinyl from the artwork, trying to find that special release and the simple act of sitting and enjoying the needle hitting the record. We just recently got Mondo's release of The Fountain and can't wait to listen.We start the show with our thoughts on The Crown from Netflix.What do you think, CD or VInyl?
14/11/1646m 59s

Episode 040 - God Save the Queen

Review of the first episode of the Netflix original "The Crown"Sometimes you get to binge watch and other times you don't. This is one of those times. Your Nerd Nuptial crew was only able to watch one episode of the Netflix series "The Crown," but of course they still have something to say about it. They talk Elizabeth's future, John Lithgow's performance, and what could Margaret possibly be up to?They start the show with an update on the status of the network and it's glowing future.
07/11/1635m 25s

Episode 039 - The Slutty Cowboy

Westworld Review and Quitting Walking DeadWestworld episodes 5 "Contrapasso" was released yesterday and the Nerd Nuptial team was there to watch it live. In this podcast we review the episode as well as discuss Westworld as a series overall. There's a lot of mystery and very few answers which is nothing new to Lost fans. However, like Lost, it is a lot of fun to talk about as well as speculate. Who is the Man in Black? Where will Delores' arc take us? Why does Teddy look so much like Cyclops? We discuss these things and a whole lot more on this week's Nerd Nuptial.We open the show with a frank discussion on why we're finally quitting The Walking Dead.What do you guys think of Westworld so far? Is it too clever for it's own good or right on track?
31/10/161h 1m

Episode 038 - I Put a Spell on You

Recent Trailers and our Halloween FavoritesAll of October we have been talking Halloween. Favorite TV shows, movies, and everything surrounding the season. With our last October show we talk about the movies we have watched so far and which ones we have left. Our list is a little lighter in tone than most. You won't find The Thing, Nightmare on Elmstreet, or anything like that here. However, you might find signing witches, singing barbers, singing skeletons, and singing transvestites. Mix in some quirky zombies and a dash of Haley Joel Osment and you have a perfect marathon.We start the show talking about the new Logan trailer as well as the latest Rogue One trailer.What is your favorite Halloween film?
24/10/1659m 26s

Episode 037 - Jungle Gym of Horror

Store-bought Costumes vs Homemade and Favorite Halloween EpisodesIt's our third Halloween episode here on Nerd Nuptial and we couldn't be more excited. We open the show with a listener's question about the differences between a UK and US Halloween. This leads into our most embarrassing Halloween moments as well as having store-bought vs homemade costumes.We end the show with a conversation about our favorite Halloween specific sitcom episodes.What are some of your favorite sitcom episodes centered on Halloween?
17/10/1651m 5s

Episode 036 - Somebody's Lil' Monster

Halloween Costumes Then and NowOne of the best things about Halloween growing up was definately dressing up. From Princess Leia to Batman, Tristan and The Girl have done a lot of geek outfits. Tune in and hear stories of them discussing what it was like to be the only one as a mishapen Tin Man or Batman with a jacket. They also talk albout the grand plans they have for their future little girl and what that will intail for upcoming Halloweens.What has been your favorite costume?
10/10/1641m 59s

Episode 035 - Our Level of Scary

Why We're Excited for HalloweenOctober is here and you know what that means! Fall colors, warm sweaters, and lots and lots of scary movie marathons. Your Nerd Nuptial duo loves the season and can't wait to discuss why the love the Halloween holiday with you. This is not a discussion of their favorite scary movies or what they are going to marathon, but rather what excites them about the season. They also discuss why they loved Halloween as children (outside of the candy) and why they might have stayed away from scary movies in general.What excites you most for this Halloween?Tell us at email us at
03/10/1648m 20s

Episode 034 - Not Dolls. Action Figures.

Representation Matters Onscreen and in LifeEven though we're a day late, the Nerd Nuptial pairing is back and ready to deliver this week's show. Whether it's onscreen, on TV, or especially in life, representation matters. They start the show talking about Rey's action figures and then move onto representation for young girls, specifically one they have in mind. They finish the episode with the trend #DescribeYourselfWith3Fictional characters.What are your 3 fictional characters?
27/09/1645m 35s

Episode 033 - Dating Normies

Dating Life for NerdsThe Girl and Tristan were asked a question by the hosts of Words with Nerds about nerd dating life. Did The Girl always date nerds? Did Tristan fool other girls into thinking that he was "normal"? Listen and you'll hear them answer these questions and a whole lot more. As well as talk about the benefits of dating someone like you.They start the show with a story about Tristan trying to reason with an unruly child.In your nerd dating life, do you hide who you are?
19/09/1656m 32s

Episode 032 - And I'm Listening

Review of One Mississippi and Our Favorite SitcomsLast week on Nerd Nuptial, we talked about what makes a great sitcom. The response from you guys was so great that we decided to continue our conversation but focus on our favorite sitcom shows of all time. Munsters, Addams Family, Frasier, That 70s Show, Titus, and Parks and Recreation. These are just a few of the shows we discuss this week. ?They start the show with a review of of Tig Notaro's new show, "One Mississippi."What are some of your favorite sitcoms?
12/09/161h 1m

Episode 031 - Cue the Laughter

Being Raised on Sitcoms Then and NowIf you're a fan of this show, you most likely were raised on sitcoms in one form or another. Tristan and The Girl are no different. They reminisce about the glory that was TGIF, the choices we have today versus multicam and single cam, and how certain tropes keep getting recycled over and over. Some people seem to snub their nose at multicam sitcoms but The Girl and Tristan believe they have their place in history as well as in the present. That 70s Show, How I Met Your Mother, to Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and all the way back to Sanford and Son. Listen in and cue the laughtrack.They start the show discussing Captain America: Civil War home release.What are some of your favorite sitcom tropes?
06/09/1652m 53s

Episode 030 - BWAAAAM

Christopher Nolan RetrospectiveThe Girl once took Tristan aside when they were dating and said "My two favorite directors are David Fincher and Christopher Nolan". He kissed her on the spot and vowed to marry her one day. Flash forward ten years later and they are still together and talking about those two directors.They start the episode talking about how they celebrate David Fincher's birthday every year then move into an analysis of all of Nolan's movies. Christopher Nolan is a prolific director with a distinct style all his own. Drawing influences heavily from Kubrick and Malick, Nolan develops his movies into event films that draw you into the world he creates. Come with us as we go from the first to the latest of Christopher Nolan’s filmography. What’s your favorite Nolan movie?
29/08/161h 6m

Episode 029 - The Girl 2.0

Favorite Badass Female Characters and a Special AnnouncementWe've been lucky in our lifetime to have some amazing and complex female characters in cinema and television.  Hollywood still has a long way to go when it comes to female representation but this week we discuss our favorite characters. You don't have to be a fighter or have a gun in your hand to be considered "badass" on our list.  Political thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, are genres that all have room for amazing and complex women characters. On top of all of these amazing female characters, The Girl and Tristan have a special announcement. Listen to find out. Also, give us your list of favorite strong female characters.
22/08/1653m 44s

Episode 028 - Lack of Cartoons

How Technology Affects a Nerd NuptialWhile on vacation, Tristan and The Girl record live from their hotel room on the lake. They sat down and hit record without knowing where the conversation was going to go. What ended up happening was an exploration of how technology can affect a marriage and also the importance of taking time for each other. Is it easy for you to spend too much time on the phone? When you pick something to watch do you think of your significant other while you do?How do you carve out time for your own nerd nuptial?
15/08/1636m 50s

Episode 027 - Chilled Grape Soda

?Suicide Squad ReviewThis is the moment we've all been waiting for: Suicide Squad has been released. It is no secret that The Girl and Tristan are hardcore DC fans. When it comes to DC vs. Marvel they always throw down their loyalty and stand firm but did this push the limits? It's no secret that this movie has gotten horrible reviews and a vicious critical response. Did the critics go overboard? Did David Ayer have too much pressure to go big or go home? Regardless of all of that was it still entertaining? Listen and find out.?What did you think of Suicide Squad?
08/08/1658m 16s

Episode 026 - Stevie Wants Your V-Card

Review of Netflix's Stranger ThingsNetflix has been known to produce fantastic material in the past. In fact, Tristan and The Girl's favorite show is a Netflix original. But no one saw this coming when Stranger Things was released and the world was wowed by it's quality. In this SPOILER filled review, Tristan and The Girl discuss what they loved about this 1980s horror/sci-fi throwback.What did you think of Stranger Things? Should there be a season 2?
01/08/1652m 3s

Episode 025 - Frontier Done Pushed Back

Star Trek Beyond Movie ReviewIt's finally here and Nerd Nuptial gets to talk about it. In this very SPOILER filled review, The Girl and Tristan take on the challenge of balancing epectation vs reality as well as fan service vs mass appeal. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are left with nothing but their wits and the help of a black and white badass. Was this movie all flash and no substance? Did Justin Lin and JJ Abrams deliver where Star Trek Into Darkness fell short? Listen to find out.What did you think of Star Trek Beyond?
25/07/1651m 3s

Episode 024 - But I am the Chosen One

Favorite Male/Female Platonic PairingsWe see so much of the "Will they or won't they" trope, but how much do we see the platonic pairing? This week on Nerd Nuptial, Tristan and The Girl discuss their favorite pairings that have no romantic interest in one another. They traverse the avenues of TV as well as film and also talk about the apparent lack of the female mentor.What are some of your favorite male/female non-romantic pairings?
18/07/1642m 44s

Episode 023 - I Have Done Thy Mother

Movies based on books and the hipsters who hate them40 to 50% of all movies made are based on books. How crazy is that? So when you have half of all movies that come from the leather bound world, you need to talk about it. That is just what The Girl and Tristan do in this week's episode. Sometimes you can read a book and then get disappointed in the movie. Other times it can be the reverse. The Nerd Nuptial duo go through several examples of how books into movies can be a rife minefield of surprise and disappointment.?What's an example of a book turned movie that surprised you?
11/07/1653m 24s

Episode 022 - Serial Not Cereal

Serialized Storytelling vs Episodic TelevisionThe Girl and Tristan love their serial TV, that's no secret. But has something been lost with the serial push by HBO, AMC, and other networks? The latest Star Trek show has been revealed to be an ongoing story. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Lost, Mad Men and so many other of our greatest shows in the past ten years have been one long story. TV has become more like film and film has become more like TV.Will episodic television ever really go away? Does it need to? These are all questions that are discussed in this week's Nerd Nuptial. Is there a side you lean towards?
04/07/1648m 46s

Episode 021 - Into the Light

What's the last movie you want to watch before you die?So often we hear about the "Last Meal" but this week on Nerd Nuptial we talk about what our "Last Film" would be before we die. Tristan and The Girl both have very different thought processes on how this would work and some of their decisions might surprise you. They both end up in different places but the journey sounds awfully familiar.What's your answer?
27/06/1656m 55s

Episode 020 - That's Cold, Georgie

Happy Belated Father's Day!Celebrate Father's with Nerd Nuptial this year. The Girl and Tristan go back to their library and pull a list of movies that feature great (and not so great) movie dads. They start off the show remembering the late Anton Yelchin.Who are some of your favorite movie dads?
20/06/1653m 53s

Episode 019 - Her and Her Whales

Recommending Movies and TV and it's Inherent DangersWe all have done it and will continue to do it. All of us have had it done to us. That is recommend movies/TV to our friends and family and paid for it. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. Who's fault is it when something isn't enjoyed? The watcher or the recommender.We start the show with The Girl's journey into the original Star Trek films.What was recommended to you that you fell in love with or hated?
14/06/1649m 43s

Episode 018 - Poor Nic Cage

Guilty Pleasure MoviesWe all have them but we rarely admit that we do. Even rarer is admitting what they actually are. Tristan and The Girl go down the list of all time Guilty Pleasure movies and some of the revelations might surprise you.The episode starts with a wish list of what would be ideal to see in the next Batman solo film.What are your guilty pleasure movies?

Episode 017 - Robin Hood Was Hot

Growing up with Disney!So many of us have grown up with animated Disney films and The Girl and Tristan are no different. On this week's episode they go through what it was like to see those clamshell cases on the shelf and which Disney films they loved as children. They also discuss the universal appeal of the Disney astethic and how it's grown since 1937.Which animated Disney films connected with you as a child?
30/05/161h 3m

Episode 016 - Enterprising Young People

Star Trek Beyond!No matter how you feel about the new Star Trek movie or the JJ-Verse as a whole, it gets people talking. We are in full swing of the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise and what better way to honor it than release a new movie?! Not to mention a brand new show starting production. In this episode, Tristan and The Girl analyze the new Star Trek Beyond trailer and the universe it's set in as a whole.What do you think of the new trailer?
23/05/1656m 16s

Episode 015 - Divided We Fall

What We Don't Agree OnIt is absolutely crazy how many of you have submitted this topic. So many of you want to know what Tristan likes that The Girl does not and vice versa. We go down the list of television shows, movies, books, video games, and so much more on what we don't agree on. We also try to convert one another on air so tune in to find out on what. Plus, The Girl reveals her true feelings on Star Trek.What divides your household?
17/05/1655m 29s

Episode 014 - He Killed My Martha

Captain America: Civil War Review is here!The Girl and Tristan actually went to the theater and saw Captain America: Civil War. As soon as they saw it, they rushed home and started to podcast about it. It's no secret that the Riddell household is a DC household but some of their viewpoints might surprise you.Listen to this week's latest Nerd Nuptial to find out if the hosts are #TeamCap, #TeamIronMan, or even #TeamBatman.Which side are you on?
09/05/1653m 34s

Episode 013 - Break It's Legs

High Rise review and Dystopian Genre DissectionThe Girl and Tristan watched Tom Hiddleston in High Rise over the weekend and boy do they have opinions about. Watching that movie got them thinking about Dystopian Fiction and the Post-Apocalyptic genre in general. Why are we drawn to disaster? Why is it so interesting to watch us fail?Tell us what you love about the genre in the comments.
02/05/1643m 33s

Episode 012 - In Fincher We Trust

David Fincher RetrospectiveIt was only a matter of time until Tristan and The Girl devoted an entire episode to Director David Fincher's work. Love him or hate him, he has a definite style and has had a huge impact on the industry. Join us in our complete retrospective of Fincher's films.What is your favorite Fincher film? Better yet, what is your ranking?
25/04/161h 11m

Episode 011 - Scene of the Crime

Doctor Strange, Kimmy Schmidt, and the effect of movie TrailersThe Girl and Tristan explore the all too familiar style and themes of Marvel’s Doctor Strange trailer and also talk about how fun it is to let the craziness of Kimmy Schmidt wash over you.They wrap up the show with a conversation of how movie trailers effect us and how we as nerds effect them in return.What are some of your favorite trailers?
18/04/1648m 48s

Episode 010 - Start a Petition

Rogue One, Walking Dead, Nerd Rage, and Force Awakens!The Girl and Tristan cover a wide variety of topics this week. They open the show with The Walking Dead season finale, move on into the new Rogue One trailer, dabble in a little in Nerd Rage, and then tie it up with Force Awakens and the future of the franchise.Are you excited for Rogue One? How did you feel about the Walking Dead finale?
10/04/1650m 17s

Episode 009 - Shawshankable

“Shawshanked” The condition of having been sucked in by a highly watchable movie while channel surfing or walking past a TV. Originally derived from The Shawshank Redemption.The Girl and Tristan discuss what movies they could watch over and over again. As well as what they think makes a movie “rewatchable.”They start the show with some Suicide Squad rumors.What movies do you get sucked into on a regular basis?
04/04/1655m 49s

Episode 008 - Puff the Magic Kryptonite

Batman v Superman Review!Love it or hate it, this movie has got people talking. That is exactly what The Girl and Tristan are doing in this episode. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and so much more is discussed. Who liked it and who hated it? Find out this week.What did you think of DC’s latest?
27/03/161h 10m

Episode 007 - Ripley Riddell

Favorite FranchisesThe Girl and Tristan discussed their favorite movies from their relationship last week and now they have moved onto franchises. Sequels, trilogies, quadrilogies, and more! All of types get discussed and why they mean so much to them.What are some of your favorite franchises?
21/03/1649m 1s

Our First Podcast - Repost from The Nerd Party

Repost from The Nerd Party (now The Senate Floor) - Originally released on 1/26/16.The first podcast that Tristan and The Girl ever made together wasn’t with Nerd Nuptial. It was with The Nerd Party. Here they talk about their reactions to the first X-Files Revival episode “My Struggle.”Think of this as Nerd Nuptial’s first #ThrowbackThursday.
17/03/1646m 14s

Episode 006 - Time Warp

Movies for UsSome people have “Our song,” Tristan and The Girl have “Our movie.” The nerdy couple jump in the Way Back Machine and discuss the origins of their relationship and how certain movies helped shape their experiences.Do you have a movie that’s just yours with your significant other?
14/03/1644m 57s

Episode 005 - Fatal Wound

House of Cards Season 4 ReviewIn this very SPOILER filled review, Tristan and The Girl tackle one of their favorite shows. The Netflix behemoth comes back in full force with some new characters as well as some familiar faces. Listen to what the nerdy couple had to say about it as they recorded live-to-tape the instant the credits rolled.What did you think of this latest season?
05/03/1655m 44s

Episode 004 - Sharks Love Blood

House of Cards is coming!The Girl and Tristan love House of Cards and so should you. They discuss what they like from the previous three seasons and what they hope to see in season four.They open the show with Oscar reactions. What do you want to see in season 4?
02/03/1652m 26s

Episode 003 - Oats are Expensive

Better Call Saul Season 2 is up and running!As you know, The Girl and Tristan are huge Breaking Bad fans and the spinoff show, Better Call Saul, is not a disappointment. Here they discuss the first two episodes.They start the show with joyous news about the Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead.Are you digging Better Call Saul so far?
25/02/1643m 28s

Episode 002 - My Science

X-Files Wrap Up!The X-Files revival is over so The Girl and Tristan finish what they started. They discuss all six episodes with where they excelled and where they fell flat.They start off the show with discussing “The Deadpool” effect and how it could alter ratings for future superhero movies.What did you think of the X-Files revival?
25/02/1658m 51s

Episode 001 - Axe to the Face

You asked for more and so we’re giving it to you. Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, on the first ever spinoff of The Nerd Party.This week we discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead “No Way Out.”Say “I do” to married nerd life.
17/02/1639m 13s
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