Journey to the Centre of Food

Journey to the Centre of Food

By Journey to the Centre of Food

For curious food lovers everywhere, jump onboard for a trip to discover the wonders of our simplest ingredients and to the furthest reaches of culinary imagination.


102: Superhero Brands Origin Stories

Discover the unexpected, peculiar and funny origins to some of the best loved brands on the planet.  From Nachos to Coke, Digestives to Mustard, explore the stories behind the foods we all love. 
18/07/2239m 15s

102: Stranger Things (To Eat)

Take a trip back in time to explore the weirdest dishes ever served, as Jay and James are joined by Food Historian Marc Meltonville to delve into the strangest techniques, ingredients and ideas ever presented for dinner.  
11/07/2237m 4s

101: Extraordinary Places to Eat with Food Blogging Star Chef Dennis

Jay and James are joined by one of the world's most successful food bloggers this week, to explore some of the most extraordinary food experiences the world has to offer with Chef Dennis.  From camel milk to Gooseneck Barnacles and ice cream floats, it's a globe trotting trip across the food world.  Plus they explore how you become a food blogger and the future of food teaching in schools.  
04/07/2245m 56s

100: The Sordid Secrets of your Spice Rack

Join the guys as they take a trip deep into your spice rack, to discover the blood soaked history of our most popular spices.  From invasions to modern day organised crime it's an amazing, often unexpected story.  Plus they delve into the new 'rare' spices, that are now worth as much as gold. 
27/06/2246m 29s

99: Dinner of the Three Emperors - Cooking for Princes and Tsars

This week the guys are introducing another hugely influential chef into their Hall of Fame, this time Adolphe Dugléré, pupil of Careme, a man who has both a fascinating life story and a big impact on how we cook today.  Master of the kitchen he is most renowned for the incredible Dinner of the Three Emperors, a truly remarkable piece of cooking.  So don you tallest chef's hat and join a trip back to the 19th century France. 
20/06/2240m 0s

98: The Oldest Hangover Cure in the World & The Top 10 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

Join Jay and James as they delve into healing foods on the podcast.  Exploring both the good and bad of dining cures.   Firstly they chat about James' recent dining experience flying first class, before opening the history books to explore hang over cures from both ancient Rome and ancient Egypt.  Before then holding a quiz to see if James can guess the top 10 healthiest foods on the planet.  
13/06/2241m 6s

97: Time Travelling in a Pub

Join Jay and Marc live from a very noisy pub, as they delve into the fascinating history of the mainstay of British life that is the magnificent PUB!  From its murky beginnings in people's living rooms to the open plan 'gastro' world we see today, it's a unexpected journey that says as much about the Brits as it does about the pub itself.  So grab your pint glass, pull up a stool and come pub time travel
06/06/2236m 22s

96: What The Royal Family Really Like to Eat + Inside the World's Most Expensive Restaurant

In celebration of the jubilee the guys delve behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace to discover the guilty food pleasures of the royal family.  Plus they delve inside the menu of the world's most expensive restaurant, coming in at a whopping £2500 PER PERSON.   They also delve inside the mysteries of Manchester Tart and their school dinner memories.   
30/05/2243m 58s

95: The Remarkable Story of the World's Most Famous Chef

Take a trip inside the life of Escoffier, arguably the most influential chef ever, as the guys induct him into their 'chef hall of fame' and reveal his incredible life story, full of glamour, innovation and controversy, that sounds like a Hollywood movie.  
23/05/2238m 4s

94: The Top 8 Worst Foods in the World

Get ready to binge, as Jay and James discover what are the very worst foods that we can eat, entering the remarkable realm of 'ultra processed foods' and counting down the top eight most sinful - what's on the list may very well surprise you!  So loosen your belts and get ready for a walk on the wrong side of food.
20/05/2251m 46s

93: The Wonders of Irish Cooking with Anna Haugh

Jay and James are joined by the delightful owner of Myrtle restaurant and Irish cooking Queen, Chef Anna Haugh, for an insightful chat into everything from the perfect ingredients in an Irish stew to spotting rancid butter in Michelin Starred restaurants and finding joy in cooking wherever you grow up.  Dive in for a wonderful trip to the cooking delights of the emerald isle.  
29/04/2252m 23s

92: The Chef Hall of Fame - New York Edition

This week the guys take a trip to New York to put forward their first suggested entrant for their new 'Chef Hall of Fame'.  Stepping back to the glory days of the city to explore one of the most glamorous restaurants in the world and its charismatic head chef Charles Ranhofer.  From inventing new dishes to hosting the famous and powerful of the time, he's a fascinating character with a big story in an amazing town. 
04/04/2239m 19s

91: The Most Extraordinary Food Experiences in the World (well some of them anyway)

This week the guys are again joined by Marc Meltonville as they take a trip inside some of the most remarkable food experiences they've be lucky enough to have.   From the depths of the rainforest to the middle of the ocean, the top of mountains to inside royal palaces, this is a trip into the amazing breadth and wonder that food can bring.  
28/03/2246m 11s

90: Mind Your Tudor Manners - How Not to Annoy Henry the 8th

Sit up straight on the podcast this week, as the guys are getting a lesson in historical table manners from expert Marc Meltonville.  Learning how to eat 'properly' at the table of Henry the 8th.  From the origins of 'keeping elbows off the table' to the importance of not farting the 'wrong way', this is how to fit in when hanging out at the royal palace.  So grab your napkin and best serving knife and take a seat for a lesson in manners, Tudor style.  
21/03/2246m 19s

89: The Devil Wears Papaya! Secrets of the Food Magazine World

Delve inside the world of food magazine magic on the pod this week, as the guys are joined by one of Britain's most respected and talented food magazine editors, to explore how she transforms food from the plate to the pages of a magazine.  From the tricks used on photographing the food to how they select the stories that grab your attention, how they spot trends to the best way to deal with complaints.  Plus Jay and James are presented with another terrible food TV idea.  
14/03/2252m 47s

88: Is This The End of the Celebrity Chef?

This week Jay and James chart the rise and fall of the celebrity chef, from the very first to possibly the last, in a bid to answer the question, is the time of the celeb chef over?  Along the way they will discover the selling power of the big cookery names over the years, how some of the best have fallen away and what the next wave of celeb cooks might look like.  They also celebrate their 100th episode by looking into James' new gig on local radio and  ahead to future shows.  So grab your autograph book and jump in for some celebrity chef adventures.
07/03/2253m 32s

87: The Oldest Cookbook in the World + Dinner with Darwin

The guys welcome in historian Marc Meltonville to delve inside the oldest cookbook in the English language, exploring the recipes and ideas from 1390, including medieval salads that will surprise you and a meat dish that will shock you.  Plus they invite in Darwin and Galileo to try and win a spot at their dream dinner party.
28/02/2246m 15s

86: How to Start Your Own Vineyard + Secrets of English Wine with Wine Masters Susie and Peter

Jay and James are joined by the delightful 'First Couple' of wine, Master of Wine Susie and Peter, to discuss everything from the amazing explosion in English wine producers to the nostalgic Blue Nun and Babycham brands.  Plus they'll be exploring what it takes to start your own vineyard (clue you'll need some cash!) and how you become a master of wine.  So grab your glass for a journey to the centre of wine.
21/02/221h 2m

85: Mexican Food Magic + Inside the Billion Pound Hotel and Cooking for the Queen

This week the guys are joined by the fabulous Chef Fernando Stovell, Mexican cooking genius and host of Master Chef Mexico, to explore all the hidden secrets of Mexican food.  From using ants, worms and crickets to using lava cooking implements and top tips on chilli selection, it is a delicious delve into a rich and delightful cuisine.  Plus Fernando will be revealing what it's like to cook for the Queen and other heads of state and celebrates and James will be taking us on an exclusive trip inside the new Dubai Billion Pound hotel he is helping build a restaurant inside.  So grab your sombrero for a journey to the centre of Mexican food.  

84: The Unexpected Origins of American's Food + Why Weightlifters Need to Eat More Bugs

Grab your baseball hats, we're heading to America!  Jay and James are joined by Frank Clark, Master of Historic Food at Colonial Williamsburg, the incredible living history town that's more like WestWorld than a museum, to explore the beginnings of American food.  From the hidden influence of Africa to the impact of British gentlemen and grumpy French chefs, it's an unexpected journey back to a time we know so little about.  Plus they'll be exploring new discoveries about Panda's eating habits and revealing how weightlifters really should be eating more bugs.
07/02/2247m 26s

83: Eating Rations - WW2 food with Winston Churchill

Welcome to WW2, as the guys sit down with Winston Churchill (and the rest of Britain) during the dark days of the 1940s, and delve into what rationing tasted like, with resident historian Marc Meltonville.   From fake Crab Sandwiches to Mock Duck, cases of Champagne to incredible increases in flatulence, this is an eye opening trip into how our ancestors ate as the bombs fell.   Grab a tin hat for a journey to the centre of rationing.  
31/01/2245m 38s

82: Is Food TV Dead?

Join Jay and James this week as they discuss the past and future of food television.  From Fanny, to Jamie, Ramsey to Masterchef, they pull back the curtain to reveal how food TV shows are first put on screen and analyse the legacy of the biggest shows from the past 80 years.  Then they look into their crystal balls to try and figure out what the future of food television might look like and if there even is one!   So grab your remote and settle back for a journey into food television.  
24/01/2240m 49s

81: The Murky, Magical, Mysterious World of Truffles + The Most Incredible Dining Table Ever

Joining Jay and James this week is Mr Truffle, one of Britain's leading truffle experts and the perfect person to explain the dodgy, delightful and delicious business of truffles.  From spending 60k on a single white truffle to trading thousands on them in nighttime car park deals, where to find them in the forest to the right time to hunt them , it's an amazing trip inside this hidden world.  Plus two famous ladies join the Dream Dinner Party, one with the most amazing table you'll ever encounter.  
17/01/2251m 39s

80: The Restaurant Crisis, How Can We Survive it? With Chef Cyrus Todiwala

This week the guys step onto the front line of the restaurant world, to discover the scale of the crisis facing the industry today, with Chef Cyrus Todiwala.   One of the most respected, successful and experienced chefs in Britain, Cyrus reveals the issues facing the food industry and how, as the owner of the Cafe Spice Namaste group, he is adapting his business to survive.  Plus they take a trip back to Cyrus' food origins in India and delve into some of his award winning food work, including the remarkable 'Clink' prison cooking initiative.  
10/01/2244m 37s

79: The Sordid, Sensational, Sinful Story of Gin + the Purest Glass of Water on the Planet

Join the guys to see in the new year with a large glass of gin, as they welcome back food historian Marc Meltonville to delve into the remarkable story of this infamous drink.  From coded recipe books to deadly ingredients, the most ridiculous law breaking, drinks service you've ever heard of to how the drink almost brought down the British Empire, it's an amazing delve into the colourful origin of gin.  Plus they'll be exploring the best hangover cures and discovering where on earth you can get the purest glass of water.  Cheers! 
03/01/2255m 57s

78: Food TV Secrets + Dinner with Elvis

Join Jay and James for a festive peek behind the curtain of food television.  With thousands of hours of food TV creation between them they spill the beans on how some of our favourite shows are made and what goes wrong when doing it.  Plus more guests apply for the dream dinner party including Elvis and Pavarotti.  
27/12/211h 1m

77: How to Make Michelin Starred Dim Sum - Plus Marmite flavoured Toothpaste

The guys are joined by two Michelin Starred chef Andrew Wong this week, to discover how he has built his award winning Dim Sum restaurant, the best way to make a Chinese chef swear at you, the story behind his Salted Duck Custard Bun and how he became inspired to push the boundaries of Chinese cooking in Britain.  Plus the mystery of Oomite is solved.  
20/12/2150m 7s

76: Eating in Ancient Rome with Julius Caesar

Grab your toga is week as the guys take a trip back for a dinner with Julius Caesar, as they are joined by food historian Marc Meltonville to discover how people ate two thousand years ago.  From fast food stalls on the edge of Pompey to the dining table of the Emperor himself, this is a surprising trip into just how good Roman food was and what we'd want to eat an appearance from a very phallic god!  Also they invite some more guests to their dream dinner party.
13/12/2148m 38s

75: Christmas Dinner with Queen Victoria + more Napoleon and Catherine the Great get a dinner party invite

On this episode the guys are again joined by food historian extraordinaire Marc Meltonville to discover the fascinating origins of our Christmas dinner traditions and pull up a plate alongside Queen Victoria.  From why we eat turkey to the  plum porridge origins of our Xmas pud, the lost tradition of booze fuelled carol singing to how Scrooge really was very inconsiderate with his gifts, come take a festive trip back in time, to see you Christmas dinner in a brand new way. 
06/12/2156m 11s

74: The Kitchen On The Edge of the World with Valentine Warner + Dinner with Dictators and a Saucy Quiz

The guys are joined by the amazing chef and food explorer Valentine Warner this week, to explore his new Kitchen On The Edge of the World food venture in the arctic circle, delve into his passion for foraging and discover some of his secrets of his nature inspired spirit making.  Plus they'll be looking into the dining habits of notorious dictators as they try to select some guests for their dream dinner party and you can pit your wits against James' devilish food quiz, as he makes things saucy.  
29/11/2154m 57s

73: Cooking With Fire, Scandi Master Chef Niklas Ekstedt + Eating Ants on Toast and Fizzy Drink Origins

Guest host today is the Michelin starred fire master Niklas Ekstedt, live from Sweden.   Exploring the origins of his unique cooking style, how to make ice cream with wood, techniques for fire cooking, his past exploits eating ants on toast and how to know when your restaurant is on fire!  Plus the guys will again be 'cooking the impossible' with Porcupine and Turtle and exploring the unexpected origins of some famous fizzy drinks.
22/11/2158m 54s

72: The Rare Tea Lady + Eating Wooly Mammoth and reading tea leaves

The guys delve into the wonderful world of tea this week, with world renowned expert 'Rare Tea Lady' Henrietta Lovell.  From the most expensive tea in the world to the sordid history of British tea origins, how we fell out of love with 'proper tea', to the chemistry of the perfect cup, this is an in-depth trip inside everything about tea...they even have a chance to read the tea leaves too!  Plus once again they are 'cooking the impossible', trying to figure out what Mammoth would taste like.  

71: The spice master, Chef Vivek Singh + Top 5 Famous Foods Invented by Accident

The guys are joined by one of Britain's finest chefs, Vivek Singh, Exec Chef of the Cinnamon Club group of restaurants, to explore his early struggles in the business, his tips for creativity and his spice secrets.  Plus they induct another item into the 'Gadget hall of Fame' and you can try your luck at guessing the famous foods that were invented by accident, in this week's quiz.
08/11/2159m 23s

70: The Incredible Story of Beer

On this weeks episode the team welcome guest host Marc Meltonville, food historian and beer expert, to explore the history of our favourite liquid.  From how it was made thousands of years ago, to the birth of the pub, the wonderful and varied types of ale over the centuries to the myths of beer vs water, plus the incredible story of the Great 'Beer Flood of London' (prepare to be washed away).  Grab your pint glass, sit back and pour yourself a large journey to the centre of beer. 
01/11/2143m 38s

69: Dinner with Henry the 8th - Tudor food secrets

Take a trip back to the court of Henry Tudor on the show this week, as Jay and James welcome in guest host and Food Historian Marc Meltonville, to explore what was eaten in the royal palaces, the ingredients being used and the power that the food had over the whole country.  Also they vote in another useless kitchen gadget to the hall of fame and try to figure out where food trends come from.
25/10/2154m 28s

68: Booze Special How to Drink like James Bond with Guest Host Olly Smith

You deserve a bottle of wine!  Join Jay, James and special guest host Olly Smith as they delve inside celebrity drinking habit, including Gary Barlow, Pink and Steven Seagal, explore how best to drink yourself into becoming 007, pick avocados with Tom Sellek and explore the biggest alcohol cloud in the universe.  
18/10/2152m 30s

67: Dinner at Stonehenge and Eating T-Rex

On this show the guys take a trip back in time, as they welcome in special guest archeologist Ed Simons to explore amazing new findings about how people ate at Stonehenge, they induct three new gadgets in the 'rubbish kitchen gadget hall of fame', and they set out to cook the impossible, by discovering what T-Rex would taste like 85 million years ago.
11/10/2146m 31s

66: Kitchen Gadgets - the good, the bad and the useless

Join Heston, Jay and James as they crack open the kitchen cupboard and have a rummage through the remarkable variety of wonderful and rubbish gadgets we all have hidden there.  From Spiralisers to electric Knives, Melon ballers to apple de-corers, this is a joyous trip inside everything good and bad about kitchen gadgets. 
04/10/2138m 26s

65: Dinner on a Nuclear Sub and Attacking Rude Diners - Mailbag

Delve into another mailbag with Heston as he explores everything from fried chicken and ice cream sandwiches to dining on a submarine, stories of trying to attack rude diners to the best way to eat Scandinavian fermented fish.
20/09/2143m 30s

64: Ovens

Join Heston and he gets all hot and bothered talking about ovens.  From hundred thousand pound creations to the humble home oven, Agas to Fat Duck specials, take a deep dive inside this most important of kitchen devices to discover how best to maximise yours and the adventures Heston has had with his over the years.
13/09/2134m 13s

63: Fancy a Curry?

Join Heston, Jay and James as they delve into the wonderful world of curry.  From Heston's adventures in the spice markets of India to fond memories of the British curry house, they explore the unexpected history and unique cooking techniques of curry, whilst also trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of the hot towels.   A spicy adventure into Britain's favourite food.
06/09/2135m 33s

62: How To Build A Kitchen

Grand Designs Heston style.  In this episode we explore all Heston's thoughts on the best way to build both a professional and domestic kitchen.   From a £12 million pound masterpiece to a normal home kitchen, we look at what it takes to make the best space to cook in and how Heston's previous kitchen experiences have shaped his cooking completely.  So grand your tool belt and get ready to rethink your culinary space. 
30/08/2150m 35s

61: Eating the World's Most Disgusting Food

The big day has arrived, as Heston, Jay and James finally try and eat the most disgusting food on the planet.  Before they tuck into their fermented fish, they explore other gross dishes eaten around the world and discuss how our minds can bend the idea of 'disgusting' within our eating.  Then it's time to open their cans and try Scandinavia's finest, an experience none of them will forget!
23/08/2133m 3s

60: Creating Heston's New Cook Book

This week we take an exclusive trip inside Heston's experimental food lab, to witness how he is creating his new cook book.  Hearing from the team helping him build it, discovering what the book will be all about, and delving behind the scenes of Heston's creative process to change how we all think about cooking and eating.  
16/08/2136m 59s

59: Knives

Join Heston and he opens his knife roll to present his ultimate guide to knives.  From selecting the best to his tips on cutting and caring for your knives and some of the history and science behind them, this episode cuts right to the heart of it.  
09/08/2136m 35s

58: Future Food - Hiccup curing lollies, zombie bananas and junk food body modifications.

Set phasers to stun as Heston heads to the future once more, delving into the latest stories of how we may all be eating and drinking in the next decades.  From fruit and veg created to be more nutritious to short-circuiting our bodies to allow us to eat more junk food, this is a step into the future with the world's most inventive chef.  
02/08/2134m 27s

57: Heston's Ultimate BBQ

Heston gets his coals hot as he explores the wonderful world of BBQ and shares all his tips and hints.  From using hay in cooking to the best way to cook ribs and how to avoid burnt sausages and burgers.  Celebrate the summer with a BBQ Heston style.  
26/07/2136m 12s

56: Having Heston round for Dinner + Far too fancy Restaurants + Japanese Mochi

Heston opens the mailbag on this weeks episode, as he delves into all your questions.  From debating the good and bad of garlic to exploring cornflake ice cream, the perils of having Heston over for dinner to the worst experiences in fancy restaurants and the wonders of Japanese Mochi.
19/07/2141m 54s

55: Choc Wars continue with Canada

Heston and the team enter a new country into the 'best choc bars' competition, with Canada throwing its finest treats into the fray.  Plus discovering the secrets behind how After Eights are made and new entries into the best food movies list.  
12/07/2145m 47s

54: Big Mushroom Jim

Heston and the guys welcome on a very special guest this week, Mushroom scientist Mushroom Jim Fuller, to take a deeper dive than ever before inside the amazing world of mushrooms.  From Heston's overdose experience with fungi to the power of mushrooms to control us all and Jim's controversial cooking tips, this is a remarkable insight into the mysterious and delicious world of fungus.  
05/07/2140m 29s

53: Best Food Movies

Join Heston for a trip onto the silver screen, as the guys step through their favourite foodie flicks from the past decades.  From Willy Wonka to Ratatouille, Big Night to Indiana Jones, delve into the best films to make you love food.
28/06/2150m 4s

52: The Wonder of Cherries + Milking Pigs!

Heston and the guys finally finish what they started last week and delve into the wonderful world of cherries.  From Heston's special Fat Duck dishes to the ultimate Black Forest Gateaux and the debate over the difference between cake and gateaux.  Plus questions about drinking pig's milk are answered.
21/06/2133m 2s

51: Cooking Mice, Making the Vegetarian Fat Duck Menu and Drinking Pig's Milk

Join Heston, Jay and James for an episode about cherries...that never actually talks about cherries!  Instead they discuss the merits of Spanish cooking, why Heston thinks we should all try mouse, how the vegetarian Fat Duck menu was created and the mystery of why no-one drinks pigs milk. 
14/06/2137m 24s

50: Building the World's Biggest Ice Cream + bread and chocolate flavour pairing

Join Heston for a summertime celebration episode, where he delves into his ice cream van memories and reveals the secrets behind building the world's biggest ice cream.  Plus 1934 sandwich recipes and white bread and chocolate flavour pairings.  
07/06/2144m 11s

49: Extreme Dining on Everest + Mormon jello salad and worst food ideas ever

Joining Heston and the guys this week is world famous explorer Johan Ernst Nilson, veteran of Everest, Mont Blanc and many other expeditions  around the world, to explore the importance of food in the most extreme conditions of the world.  Also the team dig into another strange food pairing from America involving jelly and cheese and Heston sets a new challenge to find the world's worst food inventions.  
31/05/2137m 37s

48: Breakfast Cereal - World's most sugary, fried breakfast flavouring and Special K's dirty secret

Join Heston for a dive into a bowl of breakfast cereal, as he delves into his fond memories of the multipack, the sugar secrets of our favourite brands, making parsnip and bacon and egg flavoured cereals and fighting over the toys in the bottom of the box.  A snap, crack and pop-tastic journey deep inside our breakfast treats.  
24/05/2137m 34s

47: Dutch rice delights, food that smells of poo but tastes good + hand soap for dinner and tipping perils - May Mailbag

Join Heston as he dives into all your questions and ideas on the mailbag episode.  From Vegemite and ketchup sandwiches to Heston's table tennis obsession, inside the Madrid Ritz to foods that smell of poo but taste good, take a trip deep inside our relationship with cooking and eating.  
17/05/2147m 6s

46: Heston's Ultimate Picnic + Cooking for Prince Philip and Scotch Egg Secrets

Grab your hamper and join Heston and the team as they head off for a picnic.  Delving deep into the perfect picnic treats, including Heston's special pork pies, the secrets of his 'runny-centre' scotch eggs and scaring the Queen with liquid nitrogen.  
10/05/2152m 44s

45: US vs UK Chocolate Bar World Series + Cola crisps & deep fried Elderflower

Heston and the team are taking a trip across the pond today, as they pit the best of American chocolate bars against Britain's finest.  Delving into Hersheys, Reeses and many more in a 'World Series' of chocolate bars.  They'll also be discussing the merits of fried Elderflower blossom, cola crisps and the mystery of the 'Grab and Go'.
03/05/2147m 2s

44: Journey Inside Rice + How to Cook a Perfect Steak and Mixing Peanut Butter and Celery

Join Heston, Jay and James as they take a trip inside the world's most eaten food Rice, to discover the secrets of this versatile and ancient ingredient, from Sake to curry, sushi to Rice Krispies and beyond.   Plus the team discover a new flavour pairing and Heston passes on tips for cooking steak. 
26/04/2139m 21s

43: Service Please! + Biltong, chilli tear gas and dunking apples in eggs

Join Heston as he crosses to the front of house, to explore the world of service. From Basil Fawlty up to 3 Star standards, the team discuss the best and worst of service and the power this has to effect the dining experience.  Plus they delve into chilli growing for tear gas, flavour combinations with eggs and Heston's love of Biltong 
19/04/211h 6m

42: The Wonders of Water plus Jellyfish, Chicken Feet and Swearing at Rice.

Join Heston for a remarkable journey inside his new passion project, the understanding of water and its power to control our lives, cooking, eating and emotions.  From experiments swearing at rice to drinking water flavoured by lightening it's a brand new way of seeing our most important substance. Plus James explores stealing dresses from the V&A and the team explore eating jellyfish, chicken feet and fertilised eggs.
12/04/2152m 39s

41: Fancy Some Crisps? + sonic win aging and full house of reds solved!

Join Heston, Jay and James and they journey to the centre of crisps.  From Frazzles to Walkers, Salt and Shake to the origins of the crisp itself, they explore everything from the multi-sensory power of the world's noisiest crisp bag to the latest in flavouring spraying technology and how to fool your mind to make crisps taste crunchier.   Heston reveals his own experiments making crisp flavours and the debate of the difference between crunchy and crispy rages.  Plus sonic win aging, cheese and ginger combined and the elusive 'full house of reds' search is solved!
05/04/2151m 28s

40: Some like it hot! Heston's Chilli adventure.

Take a trip with Heston deep inside our hot addiction - Chilli.  To discover its power over us, why we love it so much and what the hottest chilli in the world tastes like.   From Heston's curry memories to brain scanning chilli eating, it's a spicy journey.  
29/03/2151m 25s

39: Space Food

Join Heston and Jay as they relive their adventures making food for Tim Peake and the International Space Station.  From flying in the 'Vomit Comet' to tinning a bacon sandwich, exploding space ships to testing tea on a fairground ride, this is a food adventure literally out of this world.   Plus Heston sets a special 'disgusting food' challenge to listeners and the 'full house of reds' quest continues.  
22/03/211h 3m

38: 3D printing food, Heston's creativity secrets and growing wine in space - March Mailbag

Join Heston as he answers all your questions in another mailbag episode.  From the latest coffee trends to future cooking technology, trying to find the most unhealthy foods, to eating in virtual reality, its a episode packed with ideas.  
15/03/2154m 47s

37: I Want Candy

Welcome to the American sweetshop, as Heston and the guys sample the best (and worst) that American Candy has to offer.   From Tootsie Rolls to Toxic Waste, Taffy to peanut chocolate, come take a deep dive into a world of pure candy.  Plus a special delivery of Panini football stickers arrives!
08/03/211h 2m

36: Heston Smells

From wet dog to petrol, banana to the scent of meteorite, join Heston as he chats with renowned food scientist Harold McGee about the power of smell, exploring his remarkable new book 'Nose Dive' and delving deeply into the amazing world we can unlock with our noses.    
01/03/2148m 32s

35: Adventures in Milk

Get your goldtops ready for a special delivery from milkman Heston, as he delves into the mysterious world of milk.  From the science behind why it froths to the secrets of the perfect milk skin, how to cook with it to drinking it straight from the udder, this is Heston's journey to the centre of milk.  
22/02/2149m 11s

34: The Food of Love

Join Heston for a valentines treat as he delves deep into the world of food romance.  From the science behind aphrodisiacs to phallic cakes, rude Romans to sexy smells, come and explore the fascinating links between food and love.  
15/02/2142m 17s

33: Time for a Coffee

Join Heston as he takes a voyage inside the world of coffee.  From the perfect blend to how not to order in Italy, the secrets of frothy milk to the ideal type of water, this is a fully caffeinated journey to the centre of coffee.

32: Cabbage and Chocolate - The Return of Flavour Pairing

Join Heston as he again delves into the fascinating world of flavour pairing, this time testing out the suggestions of listeners from across the world. From Kangaroo and Mango to Lager and Twirl, Banana and Tomato to Cabbage and milk chocolate, this is a tasting unlike anything Heston has done before.
01/02/2135m 25s

31: I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Join Heston as he shares all his ideas, memories and insights into the wonderful world of ice cream.  From the Viennetta factory to Harrods ice cream parlour, Victorian ices to the latest in nitrogen ice cream making, come on a journey to the centre of ice cream.  
25/01/2152m 45s

30: Heston's School Dinners

From Spotted Dick, Spam and pink custard to a future of eating worm covered pizzas, Heston and the team discuss their memories and what revolutionary changes could be made for the next generation of school dinner eaters.  So grab your tray, get in line, stand up straight, and get ready for a serving of school dinner, Heston style.     
18/01/2147m 20s

29: Tuna and Nutella Sandwich? - the Amazing World of Flavour Pairing

Join Heston as he reveals the science and magic behind the mysterious world of flavour pairing, an area of culinary creation that has led to some of his most amazing dishes.   And how he fares when experimenting with blue cheese and chocolate and banana and parsley combinations.  
11/01/2137m 50s

28: Future Food - Robots, lasers and talking bottles

Jump into Heston's Tardis as we take a trip to the future, diving inside the latest stories and ideas from the world of food.  From bottles that tell you when you're thirsty to lasers that zap our weeds and spray on packaging, this is time travelling Heston style.  
04/01/2139m 40s

27: Eng Vs Aus - The Chocolate Bar Ashes

Join Heston, Jay and James as they dive into all the weird and wonderful chocolate bars from Australia, trying all the most popular and pitting them against the best of British in the first ever chocolate bar ashes tournament.  Plus some genuine (ish) bacon sandwich science.  A chocolate coated new years special from Journey to the Centre of Food.

26: Fancy a Chocolate? + Tea Dunking Sandwiches and Aussie Masterchef.

In this Xmas special Heston explores the joys of a box of chocolates, as he delves into the history, science and secrets of the iconic Quality Street Christmas chocolates.  Plus he tries the Swedish tradition of dunking sandwiches in tea and reveals stories of his recent adventures on Aussie Masterchef and the French show Top Chef.  
21/12/2042m 4s

25: All Aboard Heston's Sleigh for the Xmas Mailbag

Heston delves into all your questions, from ultimate Xmas Pudding tips to his own disasters on the big day, best crumble ideas to the debate on just how long it's ok to leave up a Christmas tree (far too long in Heston's case!) this is all your Christmas questions answered by Santa's favourite chef.
14/12/2040m 56s

23: Fancy a Mince Pie?

Join Heston as he dives into the festive world of mince pies.  Discover the meaty secrets behind the original pies, how they (maybe) helped start a civil war, how to make the best filling and pastry and how Heston ended up on a little donkey searching for Frankincense. 
07/12/2034m 19s

24: You deserve a Bacon Sandwich

Join Heston, Jay and James for a journey to the centre of the ultimate comfort food.  Heston explores how the humble bacon sarnie has possibly influenced human evolution, its similarity to the effects of taking drugs and how its appeal might even be linked to our prehistoric the red sauce vs brown debate ignites once again.   
30/11/2040m 54s

22: Who'd like a Biscuit?

To dunk or not to dunk, that is the question! Join Heston, his long time TV producer Jay and Fat Duck Producer James as they travel inside the wonderful world of biscuits.   What is the best dunker?  Which is the oldest biscuit in Britain?  How do you make the perfect biscuit?  What odour molecules are released when we eat biscuits that make us love them so much?  And why do us Brits love a dunk?    All this and more as Heston journeys to the centre of the biscuit.   
23/11/2050m 27s

21: All Aboard Heston Airways for Airplane Food and Musk Sticks

Come fly the tasty skies as Heston delves into the science of making ultimate airplane food.  From nasal douching to bacon sandwiches in space and breast milk it's a uniquely Heston journey.  Plus Heston and Jay get their first taste of the Aussie treat Musk Sticks and it's not what they expected.
16/11/2049m 39s

20: Wibble, Wobble, Jelly on the Plate

From vibrators to pigs heads, onion rings to flaming ice creams, you never knew just how big the world of jelly was.   Heston take us all on an amazing journey into this wobbly world of culinary creation.  
09/11/2048m 32s

19: Who Fancies a Glass of Wine? (plus the greatest chocolate bar debate continues!)

Join Heston and his long standing TV Producer Jay as they delve into the wonderful world of grapes to discover one of the most expensive glasses of wine in the world, how rot can taste delicious and how to make grapes out of blown sugar.  Plus the 'best chocolate bar ever' debate gets more entries that launch a few arguments.   
02/11/2046m 49s

18: Who Wants A Nice Cup of Tea?

Join Heston and long time TV Producer Jay as they explore the wonderful world of tea.  From the most expensive in the world to the perfect dunking biscuit, special Fat Duck brews to the secrets behind PG Tips, this is a cup of tea Heston Blumenthal style. 
26/10/2031m 47s

17: Heston's Greatest Chocolate Bars

Join Heston and his long term TV Producer Jay, as they step through the history of our most iconic chocolate bars and Heston reveals the secrets behind them before unveiling his top 3 chocolate bars ever.  Inspired by Roald Dahl this is a history lesson for the sweet of tooth, you won't want to miss.  
19/10/2047m 43s

16: Apple Adventures

Join Heston and Jay as they explore the wonderful world of Apples.  Heston shares everything from scrumping, scrumpy, his perfect Tarte Tatin recipe, magical sugar blown fairytale apples and Fat Duck dried apples tips, all against the back drop of a crazy French rainstorm.
12/10/2036m 53s

15: Magic Mushrooms

Join Heston and his long time TV Producer Jay as they explore the amazing world of mushrooms.  From the 'Humungous Fungus' to the world's most expensive truffle, trying to eat magic mushrooms to grumpy hunters, this is Heston's journey to the centre of mushrooms.  
05/10/2046m 27s

14: Drinking Blood, the World's most Expensive Chicken and a Snoring Bulldog - Mailbag Episode

Join Heston as Jay puts all your questions to him.  Anything goes on the mailbag episode as Heston reveals what he eats at home, the drink he's always wanted to have, who inspired him to cook and where to get the best Xmas treat in the world, plus more.     
28/09/2047m 26s

13: Heston's Sweet Shop Menu Secrets featuring John Hurt

Join Heston as he reveals all the stories and secrets behind his magical Fat Duck Sweet Shop.   From white chocolate playing cards to edible sweet wrappers, capturing the smell of the sweet shop to a special appearance from John Hurt, this is an episode for anyone who fondly remembers their childhood sweet shop adventures.  
21/09/2052m 7s

12: Eating Baby Powder - Fat Duck Menu Secrets Pt-5

Discover how to transform a smell and an idiom into a magical dessert, as Heston reveals the inspiration and techniques behind one of the Fat Duck's most multi-sensory dishes 'Counting Sheep'.   A wonderful journey to the centre of comforting flavours, smells and tastes and a reveal of just what a difference a fluffy spoon can make.   
14/09/2037m 2s

11: The Sound of the Sea - Fat Duck Menu Secrets - Pt 4

Join Heston and his long time TV Producer Jay on a trip to the seaside, as Heston explains all the secrets and stories behind the remarkable Sound of the Sea, one of the iconic dishes of the Fat Duck.   Discover the power of sound to alter how you perceive food, how you make sand taste nice and how a dish can send people into tears of nostalgic joy.   
07/09/2044m 46s

10: Fat Duck Menu Secrets - Pt-3 - Crab Ice Cream

Heston shares the secrets behind the remarkable Crab Ice Cream, a dish that changed his whole approach to cooking and evolved the culinary world.   In this 25th anniversary special Heston shares the stories behind its inspiration, creation and cooking.  
31/08/2028m 11s

9: Tasting a Smell - Menu Secrets of the Fat Duck Part 2

To celebrate 25 years of the Fat Duck, join Heston as he reveals the stories and secrets of the FD menu and unpacks the techniques and inspiration behind this magical experience. In this show Heston takes long time TV Producer Jay inside the remarkable Quail Jelly dish, that sees diners eating the smell of the forest!
24/08/2048m 44s

8: 25 Years of The Fat Duck - Menu Secrets Pt 1

Join Heston as he takes on an exclusive journey inside the 25th anniversary of his iconic restaurant The Fat Duck, revealing the secrets and stories behind his most cherished dishes in a special series of podcasts.   This week discover the magic behind Aerated Beetroot, Nitro-Poached Green Tea and Lime Moose, Orange and Beetroot Jellies and Red Cabbage Gazpacho with Mustard Ice Cream.   By walking in Heston’s footsteps, you will discover for yourself the story of the Fat Duck, with all its ground-breaking originality, experimentation and innovation.
17/08/2043m 40s

7: Burger Magic

Join Heston as he reveals his secrets for how to make the perfect summer BBQ dish, the burger.   An adventure that goes from Genghis Khan to the streets of Germany, New York to Wimpy in London and covers everything from Heston's 'secret sauce' recipe to his quest for soft buns!     A journey inside the iconic burger in a way only Heston can.  
10/08/2048m 38s

6: The Wonder of Beef

Join Heston and his long time TV Producer Jay, as they take a trip inside the amazing history and science of beef.   From roast to steak Heston shares all the knowledge he has built over his career as one of the world's most inquisitive chefs.   A deep dive into how to choose, cook and serve the most iconic of ingredients right down to the molecular the story of how beef won Britain the Olympics and where best to eat Puffin.  
03/08/2043m 27s

5: Awesome Onions

Heston takes a deep dive inside the amazing world of onions.   Exploring our long culinary relationship with them, his tips on how best to cut and cook them and some special onion memories.  
27/07/2026m 42s

4: Perfect Potatoes

Join Heston as he deep dives inside the humble potato to reveal its amazing hidden depths.  From how to cook the perfect chips to calculating the ideal 'dry matter' inside a potato, injecting chips with ketchup to getting kicked out of supermarkets for measuring his spuds, this is potatoes Heston style.    
20/07/2040m 46s

3: Splendid Strawberries

Dive inside the ultimate summer taste, the Strawberry, as the world's most creative chef reveals amazing details hidden inside this wonderful fruit.  
13/07/2038m 23s

2: Terrific Tomatoes

Heston deep dives inside the humble tomato to reveal why we love them so much.  Exploring the link between breast milk and ketchup, the origins of pizza and why we're throwing away the best bits of our tomatoes.  
06/07/2031m 29s

1: Amazing Eggs

Heston and his long time TV Producer Jay take a deep dive inside the humble egg.  Heston reveals wonderful new depths to this simple ingredient he has discovered over the past 25 years of cooking.  Exploring what is happening inside an egg on a molecular level and revealing his tips on how best to cook them. 
29/06/2031m 11s

Heston's Journey to the Centre of Food - Trailer

Join Heston on his new adventure to explore deep inside our humblest ingredients, starts Monday June the 29th

The best raisin you'll ever eat!

Heston shows you how to control your mind to eat like never before and explains the booziest way to stay cool
29/01/1923m 47s

Heston gets all touchy feely

Heston rubs brooms, forks and fur on his head to discover the power of touch to change taste!
22/01/1931m 29s

Inside Heston's crazy food lab

Eating fungi out of a caterpillar's bottom and change the flavour of milk with your nose
14/01/1922m 55s

Time travel with Heston

Heston eats whale scabs, shows a multi-sensory wine experiment and takes us back 700 years for lunch
08/01/1934m 40s

Heston's Willy Wonka magic

Sweets glorious sweets, Heston shares his amazing Willy Wonka style creations and shows us how to make chocolate sweeter using salt!
01/01/1925m 59s

Heston's Christmas Special

Unwrap reindeer milk, toilet breaks in Siberia, posh sweets and gold Xmas puds with the master of Christmas magic
18/12/1833m 19s

Heston's Exploding Coffee Experiment

The dangers of white chocolate and anchovies, cocoa bean testing and an interactive coffee experiment.
11/12/1830m 41s

How to Eat with your Ears

Join Heston on a multi sensory experiment to change the taste of your food using sound.
04/12/1830m 23s

Heston plays with your tongue

Let Heston take you on a tasty tour of your tongue in the world's first multi-sensory podcast
27/11/1827m 33s

Heston's Jedi wine tricks

Change the taste of wine with the power of your mind in the world's first multi-sensory podcast.
20/11/1826m 35s

Journey To The Centre of Food - Trailer

A voyage of discovery for curious foodies everywhere
29/10/181m 7s
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