Heston's Journey to the Centre of Food

Heston's Journey to the Centre of Food

By Heston's Journey to the Centre of Food

Take a trip with the world's most creative chef, as he takes a forensic deep dive inside our food.  Exploring the amazing hidden secrets and wonderful depths locked within our simplest ingredients.


6: The Wonder of Beef

Join Heston and his long time TV Producer Jay, as they take a trip inside the amazing history and science of beef.   From roast to steak Heston shares all the knowledge he has built over his career as one of the world's most inquisitive chefs.   A deep dive into how to choose, cook and serve the most iconic of ingredients right down to the molecular level...plus the story of how beef won Britain the Olympics and where best to eat Puffin.
03/08/2043m 27s

5: Awesome Onions

Heston takes a deep dive inside the amazing world of onions.   Exploring our long culinary relationship with them, his tips on how best to cut and cook them and some special onion memories.
27/07/2026m 42s

4: Perfect Potatoes

Join Heston as he deep dives inside the humble potato to reveal its amazing hidden depths.  From how to cook the perfect chips to calculating the ideal 'dry matter' inside a potato, injecting chips with ketchup to getting kicked out of supermarkets for measuring his spuds, this is potatoes Heston style.
20/07/2040m 46s

3: Splendid Strawberries

Dive inside the ultimate summer taste, the Strawberry, as the world's most creative chef reveals amazing details hidden inside this wonderful fruit.
13/07/2038m 23s

2: Terrific Tomatoes

Heston deep dives inside the humble tomato to reveal why we love them so much.  Exploring the link between breast milk and ketchup, the origins of pizza and why we're throwing away the best bits of our tomatoes.
06/07/2031m 29s

1: Amazing Eggs

Heston and his long time TV Producer Jay take a deep dive inside the humble egg.  Heston reveals wonderful new depths to this simple ingredient he has discovered over the past 25 years of cooking.  Exploring what is happening inside an egg on a molecular level and revealing his tips on how best to cook them.
29/06/2031m 11s

Heston's Journey to the Centre of Food - Trailer

Join Heston on his new adventure to explore deep inside our humblest ingredients, starts Monday June the 29th

The best raisin you'll ever eat!

Heston shows you how to control your mind to eat like never before and explains the booziest way to stay cool
29/01/1923m 47s

Heston gets all touchy feely

Heston rubs brooms, forks and fur on his head to discover the power of touch to change taste!
22/01/1931m 29s

Inside Heston's crazy food lab

Eating fungi out of a caterpillar's bottom and change the flavour of milk with your nose
14/01/1922m 55s

Time travel with Heston

Heston eats whale scabs, shows a multi-sensory wine experiment and takes us back 700 years for lunch
08/01/1934m 40s

Heston's Willy Wonka magic

Sweets glorious sweets, Heston shares his amazing Willy Wonka style creations and shows us how to make chocolate sweeter using salt!
01/01/1925m 59s

Heston's Christmas Special

Unwrap reindeer milk, toilet breaks in Siberia, posh sweets and gold Xmas puds with the master of Christmas magic
18/12/1833m 19s

Heston's Exploding Coffee Experiment

The dangers of white chocolate and anchovies, cocoa bean testing and an interactive coffee experiment.
11/12/1830m 41s

How to Eat with your Ears

Join Heston on a multi sensory experiment to change the taste of your food using sound.
04/12/1830m 23s

Heston plays with your tongue

Let Heston take you on a tasty tour of your tongue in the world's first multi-sensory podcast
27/11/1827m 33s

Heston's Jedi wine tricks

Change the taste of wine with the power of your mind in the world's first multi-sensory podcast.
20/11/1826m 35s

Heston's Pod & Chips Trailer

Get ready to dive into the magical mind of Heston - starting Tuesday 20th November!
29/10/181m 28s
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