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A podcast dedicated to deciphering and celebrating pop culture's greatest (and not-so-greatest) Whos and Thems. Everything you need to know about celebrities you don't. Hosted by Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber.


Jedward, Milano Di Rouge & Cheyenne Jackson?

Have we talked about the magical Irish duo Jedward before? I can't imagine we haven't, but we're doing it AGAIN because the twins (not lovers, actual brothers) are quarantining with none other than Tara Reid. Yes, THE Tara Reid! Plus: mid-quar backlash when a Bachelor alum takes a controversial roadtrip from Los Angeles to Arizona to get her hair done (and Amber Rose gets #spon Botox), #Benana shares a shirt, Meek Mills' girlfriend Milan Harris aka Milano Di Rouge plays a fun trick (on her fans) and Cheyenne Jackson shows off an unusual scar.
26/05/201h 9m

Pauly D, Sandy Garossino & AAA Batteries?

Oh look, another episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show where we take your questions, comments, and concerns at 619.WHO.THEM! This week we recorded for two hours, and cut our conversation down to roughly 65 minutes (not counting Caller You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie) because of way too many tangents. What's left is, we must admit, a little all over the place. There's more BanAna chatter! More Alison v. Chrissy commentary! (Read this.) Grimes's mother, Sandy Garossino! DJ Pauly D's quarantine beard! We even fall into multiple music holes, thanks to calls about The Corrs and a very important Swedish singer named Bosson. (Remember Miss Congeniality?) The final call is about AAA batteries, people. What we're trying to say is... we had a blast recording this one. Your calls keep us alive.
22/05/201h 11m

Megan Blake Irwin, Froy Gutierrez & Gilles Marini?

Bebe Rexha wants you to try taco-scented nail polish. #Benana wants you to know that they're desperately safe and in love. Megan Fox wants you to know that she may or may not be dating Machine Gun Kelly (yes, him again). Megan Blake Irwin wants you to know she loves her fiancé, Skeet Ulrich (and modeling.) The Daily Mail wants you to know that Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez are living in Emilia Clark's £22,000 Venice, CA apartment. Every single tabloid wants to you to know who Gilles Marini apparently? We want Rita to know that it's OK to be bored right now, and we want you to know that you can call us at 619-WHO-THEM. We can't wait to hear from you.
19/05/201h 6m

Olivier Sarkozy, Rose Byrne & Piccolini Cuscino?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take comments about Ben Affleck's shirt and necklace, Abigail Spencer's most important role, the OTHER Jason "Leigh," a wrestling fan's theory about John Cena's girlfriend, and the correct pronunciation of cruller. (We still don't know it, by the way.) Then, onward to questions, which include: What's up with Mary Kate and Olivier Sarkozy's divorce?! Why was everyone mad at Rose Byrne TWICE in one week?! What on EARTH is Piccolini Cuscino and why does Robert Pattinson want us to cook it?! Finally, what happened between Alison Roman and Chrissy Teigen and how does Bobby think it's going to be resolved???  As always, thanks for listening, and be sure to call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we may address it on a future episode! <3
15/05/201h 6m

Abigail Spencer, Amanda Palmer & Emily Giffin?

It's an episode overflowing with relationships—those ending, those beginning and those confirming what we all already knew (before they were actually confirmed.) #Benana get Claires-inspired necklaces, Lena and Cynthia go Instagram story official, Heather Graham and Mystery Man stroll in matching masks, Emma Stone may have already gotten married (Zzzzzz), Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer break up...on Patreon (...and GoodReads)?, Ray J and Princess Love officially file for divorce and fully unrelatedly: OK! Magazine hates John Krasinski... We're just not sure why. See you on Friday! Make sure you call us if we missed anything: 619-WHO-THEM.
12/05/201h 13m

X Æ A-12 Boucher-Musk, Anastasia Beverly Hills & Jason Lee

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take comments about Gigi Hadid's age (sorry), and Steadman (hello Who Dat), and Jason Lee (he's not the "only" one, as he claims). Next up, we attempt to figure out how to pronounce X Æ A-12 Boucher-Musk (thanks to help from listeners like you), discuss the strange appeal of Noah Centineo's incoherence, figure out why Machine Gun Kelly and Jeff Lewis are fighting, and discover that Constanța, Romania is a place not one, not two, but THREE legends call home. In conclusion: hey Jessayyyyy, ooOoOoOoOooh. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns.
08/05/2059m 31s

Amandla Stenberg & Yvonne Orji (ft. Who Dat?)

We're so lucky to have Who Dat? back again again — in case you forgot, that's our special series on Black Whos (and sometimes Thems, let's be real), featuring Aminatou Sow and Shani Hilton. We're talking Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti (who allegedly HAD A BABY), the iconic Rashida Jones (plus Black AF & her co-star, Kenya Barris), Tia/Tamara (and Tahj) Mowry, Amandla Stenberg, #VERZUZ, Tiffany Haddish's dictator BFF, Westworld (but mostly Thandie Newton and Tessa Thompson), Yvonne Orji and our collective fav: Kid Cudi aka Scott Mescudi #JusticeforHowtoMakeitinAmerica #RastaMonsta Subscribe to the Los Angeles Times, preorder Big Friendship from your local bookstore and follow both Amina and Shani on Twitter. Then leave us a message at 619-WHO-THEM and we'll see you back here on Friday!
05/05/201h 15m

Sean Patrick Thomas, Jordan Connor & Neapolitan Ice Cream?

On today's Who's There, we begin with Britney Spears burning down her home gym and end with a years-long journey towards confirming the Who/Them status of Neapolitan Ice Cream. Between those two HUGE topics, we also discuss the celebrities on Drag Race, Lea Michele's pregnancy, an extremely fun charity sweepstakes, and why Gayle King is the best friend anyone could ever have. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a question, comment, or concern and we may address it on a future episode... even if we're 2.5 years late. <3
01/05/201h 16m

Katherine Langford, Jay Cutler & Josephine Langford?

Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Finn Wittrock, Max Greenfield & Wes Bentley—hm, what do they call have in common? More importantly, if they were placed side-by-side could you tell them apart? Our first mid-pandemic celebrity divorce stuns the nation (but not E! News, who knew it was coming) and Julianne Hough and her husband quarantine separately—he's podcasting with Gavin DeGraw, while she hangs out with Prince Caspian aka Ben Barnes. Plus, Haylie Duff does printer #spon that blew our minds, What Lucy Hale Eats in a Day, why sisters Josephine and Katherine Langford refuse to acknowledge each other, Kaia Gerber gets herself stuck in a love triangle (with Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart... maybe) and we talk tabloids! Tabloid talk!
28/04/201h 12m

Gina Gershon, Kirsten Storms & The Giant Baby?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take your comments about Ansel's nude, Alia Shawkat's bike, LA's Dunkin sitch, and Naturi Naughton's impact. Next up, we take your calls about Gina Gershon's new boyfriend, The Guy, Kirsten Storm's soap career (and love for java), and Andie MacDowell's refusal to obey the law. But not before discussing the most important new Who of the week: Giant Baby. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we may play it on a future episode!
24/04/201h 2m

Teddy Riley, Goody Grace & Neymar Jr.?

Today two global citizens will discuss about everything from celeb streaming set-ups (hint: the celebs are ramping up production, in mostly shameful ways.) A Teddy Riley v. Babyface #VERZUZ battle ends up a mess, while the Global Citizen Festival gives us 3 Keith Urbans, 1 Nicole Kidman. We have good news (TikTokers break up) and bad news (Jeannie & Jeezy get engaged!) Plus, Kate Beckinsale is dating a 22 year old named Goody Grace and Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr.'s mother is dating a 22 year old TikToker. We wonder what Lauren Jauregui is up to, check out the celebrity fan fiction in this week's tabloids and #STAYHOME. R.I.P. Kitty Purry.
21/04/201h 10m

Louisa Jacobson Gummer, Georgia Groome & LaToya J. Jackson?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take a LOT of comments (including an extremely important one about Kelly Ripa's What I Eat In a Day Video), followed by a few questions about our beloved Ana de Armas Updates, Rupert Grint's better half, Georgia Groome, LaToya Jackson, LaToya **J.** Jackson (yes, there are two LaToya Jacksons), and... frozen food brands. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we may address it on a future episode!
17/04/201h 8m

Kiely Williams, Grace Gummer & Auli'i Cravalho?

You coming to the #dojacatisover party? Don't worry, we'll explain what it means when you get here. Plus, #Benana finally find some masks (kind of), Blac Chyna tells Cameo to shove it (by charging $950 for a FaceTime), the Cheetah Girls / 3LW feud comes to a head on Instagram Live, Brielle Biermann gets redpilled, Zach Braff gets mistaken for Anne Hathaway's ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri (by her dad), The River Wild spawns a marriage (and quick annulment), Gemma Collins discovers ASMR, Moana comes out as bi on TikTok and Star magazine writes quite compelling fan fiction about Jen and Brad quarantining together.
14/04/201h 12m

Tara Reid, Aimee Carrero & the Busby Quints

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take comments about famousbirthdays.com (sorry we missed your big day, Busby Quints), Gayme Show (sorry we got your host wrong, Dave Mizzoni), the *other* "Care Package" (sorry we didn't promo your mixtape, Omarion), and Molly Shannon (sorry we've never seen Santa Clause 2, caller). Next up, we answer questions about Jessica Simpson's bff, Laura Prepon's bunker oatmeal, Wayne Brady's next door neighbor, Tyra Banks's food diary... and more! As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave us a message, and we may address it on a future episode. <3
10/04/201h 8m

Omarion, Arielle Charnas & Drita D'Avanzo?

Did you know Lindsay Lohan chose right, literally right now, to drop her comeback single? (And that DJ Steve Aoki just dropped track featuring... Zooey Deschanel?) There are NO RULES anymore, so we're digging into gossip items like, "Margot Robbie shows off her low key lockdown look as the actress goes grocery shopping in LA with husband Tom Ackerley" and "Gisele Bundchen is in full zen mode as she urges the world to join Global Meditation to spread love, peace and harmony amid coronavirus pandemic." Oh boy! Plus, does the recent "adventures" of influencer named Arielle Charnas signal the end of the influencer? And when will people stop caring about the Kardashians? (Never.) Plus, we dig into the (paper!) tabloids for "Tab Talk" and play a new game called "Famous Birthday Game" based on the wackadoo rankings at our favorite website, famousbirthdays.com.
07/04/201h 13m

Michelle Trachtenberg, Leslie Jordan & The Indigo Girls

On today's Who's There, our weekly call in show, we celebrate Meghan's big movie premiere (that's Meghan Markle, in case you thought I was talking about Megan Hilty), learn a little more about Alexa Chung, and take questions about Michelle Trachtenberg's love for June Carter Cash, Leslie Jordan's love for Instagram video, Bindi Irwin's love for People Exclusives, and Lindsey's love for The Indigo Girls. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns.
03/04/2058m 33s

Mia Goth, Dalton Gomez & Jane Seymour?

Don't you hate it when that "mystery blonde" turns out to be...Mia Goth? Page Six forgets what Shia's ex-wife looks like, US Weekly goes deep on Ariana Grande's new Real Estate Agent boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, Brody Jenner shacks up with a TikToker named Daisy Keech, Robbie Williams apologizes to Jane Seymour for a 1997 episode of MTV Cribs? (Why?) Plus, we play a new game "amid the Coronavirus pandemic" (that's actually the name of the game, too) and the tabloids go absolutely batty. (Well, more batty than usual.) #Benana As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns.
31/03/201h 2m

Tommy Dorfman, Orson Fry & Ellens Burstyn and Barkin?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take comments about... I already forgot. Hold on let me check the doc. Oh right: Kirstie Alley's house, the Mason-Dixon line, a mom's clever use of "Ashokan Farewell," and the difference between Ellen Burstyn and Ellen Barkin. Moving on, we field questions about Tommy Dorfman (which leads us to Hanya Yanagihara somehow), Tala Alamuddin, Morgan Stewart's new relationship with Jordan Mcgraw, and... Priyanka Chopra's instantly iconic clap. (Not to be confused with "applause.") As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns. We may address them on a future episode!
27/03/2055m 50s

Bad Bunny, Sophie Turner & Rebecca Lobie?

Charlie Puth is spreading facts, Waka Flocka's suited up (for what?), Sam Smith is sobbing, Sophie Turner is shading (Evangeline Lily), Bella Hadid is posing with a burrito over her boob. Just normal Whos doing normal things out here—excuse me, in here. Plus, the Daily Mail Australia spotlights Steve Irwin's "hot niece," aka Rebecca Lobie, Bad Bunny shows off his (good) booty (and his quarantine girlfriend!), Kirstie Alley's 25 Things from February brings us a touch of forgotten joy and won't someone please tell Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas to get back inside already? COME ON!
24/03/201h 14m

Jodie Sweetin, "Imagine" & Arizona Zervas

On today's Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take comments about The Bachelor, Victoria Justice, Johnny Flynn's famous half-brother, and Ginnifer Goodwin (from her fan club president), followed by questions about Instagram's wild culture right now (hello Gal Gadot), the cancelation of Eurovision, Jodie Sweetin's podcast, and a 1-2-3 punch about Emily Oberg, Arizone Zervas, and Montana Tucker. At this point we'll talk about anything. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns.
20/03/201h 16m

Kaley Cuoco, Elliot Brown & Julie LaPlaca?

Today's episode can really be summed up by the following Daily Mail headlines: "Rebel Wilson cuts a casual figure in a Givenchy grey hoodie as she heads to the shops to stockpile food amidst coronavirus pandemic", "RHONY star Luann de Lesseps stocks up on paper towel as she joins panic shopping crowds in the Hamptons amid coronavirus outbreak," and "'I hope he takes it with a sense of humour!' Shania Twain reveals that Brad Pitt DOES 'impress her much' despite the iconic lyrics from her hit song claiming otherwise'" I wish we were kidding. All this and more! (More = Kaley Cuoco's iconic Starbucks #spon, Dakota Johnson's iconic Architectural Digest Open Door tour, this season of The Bachelor comes to a swift and merciful end, JoJo Siwa allegedly gets a boyfriend and Ezra Miller. Ezra! Miller!
17/03/201h 12m

Johnny Flynn, Topher Grace & Broccoli Rabe?

Another episode of Who's There! Our weekly call-in show! I'm using exclamation marks here because we want everything to seem fine! Johnny Flynn is not Wyatt Russell! Victoria Justice is not a flop! Rosie Huntington-Whitely is not missing! Broccoli rabe is not broccoli! Call 619.WHO.THEM to leave your questions, comments, and concerns, and we may address them on a future episode! Cool!
13/03/201h 7m

Caroline D'Amore, Sandra Lee & the FTC?

Happy (two days after) International Women's Day! How did you celebrate? Did you read all about Mischa Barton reportedly getting kicked off The Hills for being too boring and replaced by Pizza Heiress Caroline D'Amore? No? How about Ben Affleck likely dating his co-star, (the aforementioned) Ana De Armas? Or the FTC celebrating IWD by sending warning letters to influencers about their diet tea Instagram #spon? Plus, a #yikesyikesyikes where Jared Leto almost falls off a climbing rock, Lindsay Lohan joins Cameo and a very special IWD-themed game.
10/03/201h 17m

Loren Gray, Calista Flockhart & Mira Sorvino/Mena Suvari?

Mira Sorvino / Mena Suvari? Orville Peck / Anderson Paak? Jamie Lynn Spears / Jamie Lee Curtis? These confusing celeb pairings are confusing us even more—and yet you won't stop calling with them! On this week's Who's There? (where you call in with your comments, questions, concerns at 619-WHO-THEM) we got calls about Loren Gray (the TikToker in Taylor Swift's music video), famous Harrys, Calista Flockhart (and what's she's up to), Channing Tatum's Who tendencies and upcoming dog movie, DOG, and the E-Trade Baby. YES, ONE OF YOU CALLED ABOUT THE E-TRADE BABY.
06/03/2050m 42s

Khloe Kardashian, Aldis Hodge & Hot Pocket Heiress?

Five things to know about today's Who? Weekly. 1: We open with a conversation about The Invisible Man (spoilers, but not really...) 2: We spend a lot of time describing bottles of Febreze. 3: We learn what societal shift ultimately led to the creation of a "Hot Pockets Heiress". 4: We discover that The Shade Room has a spinoff for teens. 5: We consider investing in Sofia Vergara's son's extremely vague new business
03/03/2058m 25s

Katie Lee, Leo Riley & Logan Lerman?

On today's Who's There, our weekly call-in episode, we'll be discussing Billy Joel's ex Katie Lee, Alexanda D'Addario's ex Logan Lerman, and John C. Reilly's son Leo. Why? Because... 'Cause all I ever wanted was calls Hey, hey-uh (Ooh-ooh) Hey, hey-uh (Ooh-ooh) Hey, hey-uh All I ever wanted was calls Hey, hey-uh (Ooh-ooh) Hey, hey-uh (Ooh-ooh) Hey, hey-uh (Higher, higher) [Chorus] I want your stupid calls, calls I want your stupid calls, calls (Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
28/02/2057m 49s

Lili Reinhart, SZA & Tones and I?

Gigi Hadid said WHAAAT to Jake Paul on Twitter? You'd have to be an irrelevant ass to not care! We figure out where that "Dance Monkey" song came from (Hint: it's Australia), why SZA's pissed about her Rolling Stone cover, who exactly Will Arnett's (now pregnant) girlfriend is, why Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin felt the need to "redo" New Year's Eve, if JustJared thinks that Lili Reinhart's new dog is actually a man, if Brittany Snow's bachelorette party was indeed "Pitch Perfect-themed", and play an incredible question-asking (and answering!) game.
25/02/201h 6m

Jordan Fisher, Roddy Ricch & Mountain Time?

Ah, another episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show where we take your questions, comments, concerns, and rants about time zones. On today's episode, we discover that OTHER people have name dyslexia (Terry Crews vs. Terry Gross??), learn about Matt Healy's iconic mother (she's a co-host of the UK's Loose Women), debate whether Jordan Fisher or Noah Centineo will become a bigger Them, listen to Roddy Ricch's Bieber-beating smash hit "The Box," and come to terms with the fact that we'll never understand Mountain Time. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a voicemail and we may address your call on a future episode!
21/02/2053m 40s

Orlando Bloom, Mya & Tokyo Toni?

It's an episode filled with love! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's (alleged) pregnancy, Tokyo Toni's Instagram Live nuptials, Mya marries a "mystery man" who is revealed to be...herself? Plus, Brielle Biermann's lips are back, Orlando Bloom's tattoo mishap, Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina start a lifestyle brand, FKA twigs bags another cool dude (The 1975's Matt Healy, allegedly), and a GAME about the most disgusting things Jonathan Cheban has eaten (and put on his Instagram) after he blocked Who? Weekly. What more could you ask for?
18/02/201h 0m

Snail Mail, Elijah Allan-Blitz & Kabbalah?

If there's a better way of celebrating Valentine's Day than by listening to calls from strangers about tax law, confusing Helen Hunt with Holly Hunter, a Gen Z'er who goes by Snail Mail, Brie Larson's extremely hot new boyfriend (and his surprising connection to Maria Bello), and Kabbalah, I don't know what it is! So enjoy the most romantic day of the year by listening to the Whoiest calls of the week. IMPORTANT LINKS MENTIONED IN TODAY'S EP: Emalie Marthe on the fall of Kabbalah as a celebrity fad Caroline Framke on the corporate feminism at this year's Oscars Melody stealing Nicole's thunder Sam Hunt saving music Christina Aguilera introducing us to the concept of a lotus As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave your questions, comments, and concerns.
14/02/2059m 51s

George MacKay, Presley Gerber & Victoria F.?

You're telling me two Whos got face tattoos this week? You're telling me people are confusing Olivia Munn for Olivia Wilde in person? You're telling me someone from The Bachelor was called out for modeling 'White Lives Matter' merch? You're telling me Bindi Irwin's fiancé didn't fall into the Croc pit? You're telling me Luke Evans went Instagram official with new new boyfriend Rafael Olarra? You're telling me Parasite swept the Oscars? You're telling me that Most Markelous Headline finally got a cursed theme song? That's what I'm telling you!! Call 619-WHO-THEM for comments, questions, concerns and complaints. And thanks to today's sponsor, Katy Keene. Check it out Thursdays 8/7c on The CW.
11/02/201h 6m

Trace Lysette, Tom Bernthal & Jon Bernthal?

It's Friday, which means it's time to take! your! calls! At 619-WHO-THEM, as always. Today we have comments about fonts, robots, Jessica Simpson, and grammar! Next up, we take questions about Rumer Willis's furniture-selling strategy, Jameela Jamil's Notes app strategy and Sheryl Sandberg's engagement announcement strategy. (As mentioned in the episode, see Trace's tweets here and Ericka's tweets here) Crunch, crunch!
07/02/201h 2m

Jessica Simpson, Michael Polansky & Natalie?

TGIT(uesday)! Sure, it's not Friday but you do get a brand new Who? Weekly episode, so how could it be that bad? It's not as bad as Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters' 12 day marriage, or as bad as "Rachel Lindsay and LaLa Anthony indulge in fast food treats at Bootsy On The Water Party With McDonald's And Post Malone"? The Super Bowl brings us a plethora of Wholeb events, so thank you sports!) It also brought us Lady Gaga's new lover—who may or may not cure cancer. Jessica Simpson's got a new memoir, Zac Efron's back with an old flame, Princess Love & Ray J are NOT together as of publishing and Gavin Rossdale won't give Natalie a blender. WHY NOT, GAVIN?
04/02/201h 3m

Artem Chigvintsev, Megan Pormer & Ashley Nicolette Frangipane?

Sometimes you gotta catch up with old friends: like, the Bella Twins are pregnant AT THE SAME TIME? Colton Haynes HAS NEVER HEARD OF AMAZON (until recently, when he used it to buy pillowcases)? LANY is HUGE in the Philippines? Jade & Tanner LOST their $1 fantasy sports winnings? Sputnik News is RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA? Oh boy, your calls are informative this week. Plus, Megan Pormer—who is she? And did Halsey aka Ashley Nicolette Frangipane do 9/11? We didn't ask it, you did.
31/01/201h 2m

Alana Mayo, Diane Warren & the #DollyPartonChallenge?

Though This Is Not a Grammys Podcast™, we spend the opening of today's episode chatting about Music's Big Night. Or was it just big for Billie Eyelash, Bebe Rexha, Shania Twain, and the mall where Lana Del Rey bought her dress? Unclear. Next, we chat about the #DollyPartonChallenge (what was Natalie Portman thinking?) and Lena Waithe's extremely interesting surprise wedding slash surprise divorce, and what that means in a post-Michelle Williams/WhatsHisName world. And, after explaining Julianne Hough's exorcism (and friendship with "Dr." John Amaral), we take a quick listen to the Chrissy Metz song that might win Diane Warren her first Oscar ever. And then there's Rita and a new friend: SputnikNews.com. Call us with your comments, concerts and questions and maybe you'll hear yourself on this week's Who's There?: 619-WHO-THEM.
28/01/2051m 53s

Hana Cross, Jon Peters & LANY?

Before we forget, let's link to some incredible art we play not once but TWICE in today's episode: Nicki Minaj - Starships ("Pachelbel - Canon in D" Version). It's iconic. I nearly cried. Moving on... Welcome to another episode of Who's There! Today we begin with some enlightening comments about Roman Abramovich, Paris Hilton's lasagna, and the Rock's father. Next, we move on to question's about Leighton Meester's terrible (if well-intentioned) #spon, DUA & ANWAR & NICOLA & BROOKLYN & HANNA & PAUL (all caps intentional), and Pamela Anderson's creepy new husband, Jon Peters. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a voicemail and we might address it on a future episode.
24/01/2055m 31s

Stavros Niarchos III, Dasha Zhukova & Bianca Butti?

Does Stavros Niarchos III ring a bell? Anyone who is anyone (who also read ONTD in 2009) will remember that name, and guess what? He's back! And newly married to an art/fashion influencer named Dasha Zhukova whose origin story will shock you. Will Channing Tatum and Jessie J get back together? One gossip blogger seems to think so... Plus, our Most Markelous Headline of the Week does NOT disappoint—it involves a Pilates guru! Amber Heard got a medical boot and a new girlfriend named Butti; Jen and Brad's SAG run-in has the tabloids screaming for dear life and Rita shows off her "leggy pins pins." As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave us a voicemail, and we may play it on a future episode. Crunch crunch!
21/01/2048m 11s

Camila McConaughey, Nikkie de Jager & 'Cooking With Paris'?

On today's episode of Who's There, our weekly call in show, we find out the difference between the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers (wait, is there one?), the difference between Camila McConaughey and Camila Alves (wait, is there one?), the difference between being born into the family of landed gentries and nepotism (wait, is there one?), and the difference between redwood trees in the Pacific Northwest and Redwood trees in New Zealand (wait, is there one?). We also take questions about Minnie/Adam Driver, Nikkie de Jager, The Home Edit, and Paris Hilton's instantly iconic new cooking show, appropriately titled Cooking With Paris. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave us a voicemail, and we may play it on a future episode. Crunch crunch!
17/01/2057m 19s

Jade Roper Tolbert, Nathan Schwandt & Paige Turley?

Which new Love Islander once dated Lewis Capaldi? Which two Bachelor alum first found love on Bachelor in Paradise and now maybe found $1 million in a fantasy football league? (Well, unless they cheated.) Did Real Housewives Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards... secretly hook up? Then we'll bring back a classic segment—MOST MARKELOUS HEADLINE OF THE WEEK—because we desperately need it and finish by diving deep into the break up of YouTube's Jeffree Star and his now-ex boyfriend, Nathan (and why we seem to care.) All in a day's work. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might address your call on a future episode. Go ahead! Call us!
14/01/2057m 33s

Megxit, Baby Cybertruck & Ana De Armas?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we'll be discussing two famous-ish women named Eliza Doolittle (one fictional, one real), Taron Egerton's very special party, all the drama surrounding Meghan and Harry (aka Megxit), Julianne Hough's strained relationship and burgeoning dance-cardio empire, the baby Cybertruck growing inside Grimes' stomach, and whether or not you should know who Golden Globe nominee Ana De Armas is. (You shouldn't, by the way, but you will soon enough.) There's also mention of Quentin Tarantino's who-y new wife, Daniella Pick!! Guess what: she's Eurovision-adjacent! You love to see it. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might address your call on a future episode!
10/01/201h 20m

Taron Egerton, Brielle Biermann & Amanda Pacheco?

It's award show season, and we're starting off with the Golden Globes—Who got praised? Who got snubbed? Who got Who'd and who... tried to sing the nominations? Oh brother! From Taron to Awkwafina to Chet Haze/Hanks and every Brosnan son along the way, we'll give you our best recap. Then we welcome Raddix Madden to the world, Brielle Biermann "dissolves" her lip injections with acid (and her ex gets married), Linda Perry wears her signature hat to a party after she splits with Sara Gilbert, Erin Foster gets married and her dad David helps Meghan Markle with real estate, Jordyn Woods finds a new BFF and "ladies man" Wilmer Valderrama get engaged! Make sure to call 619 WHO THEM with your questions, comments and concerns, and maybe you'll hear it on the next episode.
07/01/201h 9m

Thomas Kail, Eliza Scanlen & Temple Grandin?

Big week at 'Who's There?', so let's just straight get to the topics: Why "Masterpiece" describes Lindsey's song and Madonna's 2011 Oscar snub; Why people were tweeting about Ally Brooke on New Year's Day; Why Lindsay Lohan called in to CNN from Oman (on NYE?!); Why (white) Michelle Williams is engaged... again; Why you do NOT need to know who Eliza Scanlen is and! Why Temple Grandin may not know who Juno Temple is (or maybe she does?!) That's it! See you Tuesday! Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might address your call on a future episode!
03/01/2057m 15s

Rande Gerber, Joseline Hernandez & Angelina Pivarnick?

Should old WHO-quaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should old WHO-quaintance be forgot and old lang syne? Before you sing that song tonight, we have a brand new episode for you featuring: darkness in the Daily Mail (first, Royal Family BFF & photog Janina Gavankar accuses them of 'shoppin and then the Saga of Randy & Cindy & Pete & Kaia), Channing & Jessie J break up🥴🥴🥴, Joseline's return to reality TV, Google's search trends (and why they're Who-y), Jersey Shore's Angelina & 90 Day Fiancé's Ashley fight at a Sugar Factory... plus, Hugh Hefner's son Cooper... joins the air force? OK!
31/12/1955m 42s

Mavis Beacon, Kerrygold Butter & Whonukkah?

We're not taking any breaks this holiday season, so you're getting a brand new episode of Who's There! Having said that, we decided to play some of the most, excuse us, unplayable (and perhaps unforgivable) calls in lieu of more topical fare. For example, does JoJo Siwa know who Greta Thunberg is? Is Kerrygold Butter a Who or a Them? And how about this one about ranking every type of French fry from Who to Them? Lindsey even wrote and recorded a song about Hanukkah! It's really special. And by special I mean bad... but in a good way! Happy Holidays, all! Call 619.WHO.THEM and we may feature your call on a future episode!
27/12/1957m 44s

The 2019 Who, Me? Awards!

The only thing worse than CATS this holiday season... it's the 2019 Who?Me Awards! We're talking major Wholigan fan service and a round-up for the wacky year that was 2019, Who? Weekly style. (AKA if you're a new listener, this might be a bit much so FAIR WARNING!) We've got celebrity hosts (lol), new categories (lol) and a bonkers walk down memory lane that'll remind you of all the countless hours you've spent this past year listening to our perfect podcast. We love you and thank you! Happy Who?Mes!
24/12/1949m 37s

Kumail Nanjiani, Miranda July & @MarthaStewart48?

Well, what do you know, another episode of Who's There! Today is considerably less deranged than last week's... or is it? Honestly, I never know these days. The important thing is that you'll come away having been educated about a wide variety of essential topics like the relationship status of Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne, the relationship status of Margaret Qualley and Miranda July, the hunk status of Kumail Nanjiani, Martha Stewart's pseudo-feud with Antoni Porowski, the ballad of Brother Nature, and the lyrics to the Mad About You theme song. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM and we might answer your call on a future episode.
20/12/191h 3m

Derek Blasberg, Nicole Scherzinger & Rachel True?

Sure, we've mentioned Derek Blasberg before, but do we really know who he is? If someone were to come up to you at a party and claim to be Derek Blasberg and his plus ones, would you believe them? (It's OK! You're not alone.) At the same party, what if you ran into Nicole Scherzinger and Sam Smith doing poppers? Or saw J. Law, who was celebrating renowned glassblower artist Paul Arnhold‘s 35th birthday? And the next party that night was producer Jennifer Klein's famous pamper party with a slew of generous #sponsors? Maybe on the flight home (you're at Art Basel Miami) Rachel True asked for you to move over, but you really love sitting in the middle seat? (Which is weird, but whatever.) Plus, a Daily Mail photo caption game that'll test your puzzle-solving skills. And Rita! As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns and we may feature them on Friday's call-in episode!
17/12/191h 2m

Ms. Juicy, Lewis Capaldi & Jennifer Love Hewitt?

We need somebody to heeeeeal, somebody to knoooooow, somebody to haaaaaave, somebody to WHO? Sound familiar? If not, it's OK! We'll cover the singer of this (^slightly altered^) tune AKA "America's Sweetheart" Lewis Capaldi. Plus: the utterly meme-able Miss Juicy, the world of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Instagram, nepotism's newest contributionThe Mandelorian's Jake Cannavale, the WHOs and THEMs of fast food chains and most importantly, Your Calls! Don't forget to call us: 619-WHO-THEM and leave your questions, concerns and comments.
13/12/191h 0m

The Peloton Wife, Ryan-Mark Parsons & K.T. Tunstall?

Today on Who? Weekly, the podcast where you'll learn everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't, we chat about the Golden Globe nominations (briefly, don't worry) and move on to more important things, like actor Monica Ruiz (aka The Peloton Wife), American reality star Teddi Mellencamp (Meg Ryan's one-time almost-stepdaughter), British reality star Ryan-Mark Parsons (he likes McDonald's), Scottish singer K.T. Tunstall (suddenly she saw), grocery store chain Lidl (pronounced "lee-dull"), and Rita Ora's new "relationship" with Jude Law's son Raff[erty]. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns and we may feature them on Friday's call-in episode!
10/12/1953m 38s

Fisher Stevens, Dakota Johnson & Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Last week someone called the hotline and said, simply, "Every week this podcast gets more deranged." We took that as a compliment. But also... as a directive! As such, today's episode of Who's There is loads of... fun? Yeah, fun. After taking comments about the real names of both Fisher Stevens and Lea Michele, we tackle Jason Derulo's tackle and Chrishell's battle with ex-husband Matthew Morrison. Next up: questions! Dakota Johnson v. Ellen (with a cameo from Producer Jonathan Norman) Gabrielle Union v. America's Got Talent (with a cameo from Ellen Pompeo) Jason Mamoa v. Chris Pratt (with a cameo from Mananalu canned water) And, finally, a game of Who or Them, which is so ridiculous I can't even get into it here. OK, fine, I'll get into it. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a seasonal Them. But Flinstones Vitamins? You'll have to listen to find out. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns and we may feature your call on a future episode. And if you want MORE Who? Weekly content, consider subscribing to our Patreon! Just $5 a month gets you 2 bonus episodes a month and a weekly newsletter. We love you all, as always.
06/12/191h 16m

Lacey Chabert, Alicia Witt & Romany Malco (ft. 2019's Xmas Movies)

With 91(!) original made-for-TV-adjacent Christmas (OK: sometimes featuring Hanukkah) movies coming to screens near you throughout the holiday season, we're asking: WHERE DID ALL THESE WHOS COME FROM? WHY IS EVERY JOB EITHER A "WEALTHY WIDOW" OR CEO? HOW IS CANDACE CAMERON BURE NOT A BILLIONAIRE BY NOW? We're running through the line-up via two iconic games—tune in and hear us try to figure out how to make the Perfect Hallmark Christmas Movie. P.S. the story about Xmas movies that Lindsey can’t remember the origin of is here! Sorry!
03/12/1954m 5s

That Girl Lay Lay, Lauren Daigle & Baby Yoda?

What better way to wake from your food coma than with an all-new episode of Who's There tackling big issues like: the bigges Whos at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, appendicitis-induced fame, trickle-down name-onomics, Anna Paquin's big moment in The Irishman, and the supreme question of our time: is Baby Yoda a Who or a Them? As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a question, comment, or concern and we might address it on a future episode! Why? Why? Why called Joe, haven't you?
29/11/1956m 26s

Alisha Wainwright, Alia Shawkat & Lil Jon?

They're just friends! Did you hear me? JUST FRIENDS! THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS! The mags are shouting from the rooftops that these two celebrities are just friends—who? Justin Timberlake & Alisha Wainwright and Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat... Who maybe should get together for a Thanksgiving double date? I mean, because they're all just friends. Two people who may become just good friends soon? Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley—they're breaking up. Jason Derulo and Lil Jon are showing off (the D and in Vietnam, respectively), Shay Mitchell needs to flip the photo, Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti need to call the cops and Sam Hunt needs to surrender his driver's license. Vroom, vroom!
26/11/191h 0m

FKA Twigs, Patricia Bragg & Gallbladders?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we discuss the following topics: Argo; Lindsey's relationship with Boston; Katy Perry's relationship with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar; How to pronounce "Gyllenhaal"; Whether or not FKA Twigs has seen High Life; Princess Love being unable to flee Las Vegas; THE WHOS AND THEM OF ORGANS... What's wrong with us. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we might address it on a future episode! <3
22/11/191h 2m

Olivia Culpo, Mohamed Hadid & Bristol Palin?

Who. Is. Olivia. Culpo. Is this a question we'll ever be able to answer? God knows we've tried in the past, and we'll try once again in this episode. Will we figure it out? Who knows! And that's not the only thing we'll try to figure out: Why won't Mohamed Hadid take down his structurally unsafe cliffside mansion? What happened to Derek Hough's appendix? Which actor made Dove Cameron feel "not OK"? How did Demi Rose Mawby's modeling skills stack up on the runway? And why did Kaia Gerber buy Pete Davidson a confetti cake? Plus, a divorce that left us shook (lol) and Rita meets the Prince. Yes, the actual Prince.
19/11/191h 0m

Austin G. Wilson, Kiernan Shipka & 'Once'?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we answer questions, comments, and concerns covering a wide variety of topics, from the fact that Jen Gotch is forever connected to crying at work, to Mike Posner's finished run, to a certain guest's famous husband. There are also headier, more complicated questions, like "What is the relationship between People magazine and NBC Universal property The Voice" and "Who the hell is Demi Lovato dating and what does he have to do with Dogtown and Z-Boys?" Oh, there's also something about the movie/musical Once, but you'll have to listen to find out why. Honestly I already forgot why we brought it up. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we might address it on a future episode! <3
15/11/1957m 49s

Katie Cherry, Chanel West Coast & Deelishis?

We're everywhere today—lucky you! First, Ben Affleck's new girlfriend Katie Cherry, who is she? (Is she really best friends with Tara Reid? Does she really have beauty and brains?) Will they stay together forever or split—like Finn Wolfhart's band, Calpurnia (R.I.P.) or Reba and her geologist boyfriend, Skeeter, OR (allegedly) Nina Dobrev and her now(maybe)-ex Grant Mellon? Why is Sharon Stone suing Chanel West Coast neé Dudley? Who is Flavor of Love alum's Deelishis' new boyfriend? And finally, a full breakdown of Daily Mail's coverage of Amal Clooney's almost-fall on cobblestone... and her sister's actual-fall on cobblestone, just a few years earlier! Is it one of the best Daily Mails we've ever seen? Tune in to find out.
12/11/191h 1m

Alexandra Grant, Georgina Rodriguez & the Metric System?

On today's episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we go so long (sorry) that we had to edit down 2.5 hours of recording to one hour and 15 minutes. (To hear the cut segments you'll just have to subscribe to our Patreon.) Why? Because this episode is ALL OVER THE PLACE in the best possible way. There are calls about documentaries! Calls about Chelsea Clinton! Calls about Scott Eastwood! Calls about Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend! Calls about Keanu Reeves's girlfriend! And some of those calls devolve into conversations about Charlie's Angels and the Metric System! A game of Who or Them? even takes us to the best tweet of all time (which I won't spoil here). Look, I don't know how we get where we get, but the journey is always fun for us. (And we hope it is for you.) As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we may play it on a future episode. Crunch crunch, y'all!
08/11/191h 18m

You Must NOT Remember This (ft. Karina Longworth)

After her iconic Who's There? call-in, we've invited none other than "You Must Remember This" host Karina Longworth on today episode to chat all things Old Hollywood. Is there anyone else who thinks about what exactly happened to Natalie Wood on that boat more than us? We don't think so!!! We'll chat the Whos and Thems of her new season of "You Must Remember This" and then play a brand new game, one that we'll all (hopefully) forget soon after. Join us, won't you?
05/11/1955m 9s

Peter Cook, Summer Walker & Kelsey Calamine?

On today's extra-long episode of Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we take comments about Meghan Markle and Rita Ora and Vanessa Hudgens and Vanessa Hudgens AND Vanessa Hudgens, followed by questions about Peter Cook (blech), Leelee Sobieski (she paints now), Summer Walker (fast-track to Themdom), and someone named Kelsey Calamine who is famous because she looks like... Lucy Hale? Oh, and the last call is from Richard Curtis -- yes, the writer of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill and Love Actually and About Time -- and he uses a very iconic sign off that will... well, just listen. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message, and we may address it on a future episode. Love y'all! DQ! That's what I like about Texas!
01/11/191h 16m

Lizzo, Ray J & Meghan, Duchess of Sussex? (ft. Who Dat?)

The wait is OVER: 'Who Dat?' is back. Our pals and Black Who experts Shani Hilton and Aminatou Sow join us in Manhattan for a catch-up on all things Who. Sure, we spend a lot of time on Meghan Markle (We gotta!), but we're also talking Safaree (and his ex, the new Mrs. Petty), Lizzo, Ray J, Tinashe, Lori Harvey and... everyone in between. Join us!
29/10/191h 1m

Jen Gotch, @Michael & Dairy Queen?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show where we answer your questions, comments, and concerns, we chat quickly about Selena Gomez's new song (mouth noises) and Kesha's new song (instantly iconic) before taking comments about the Paddington Pooper, Dairy Queen (aka Dennis Quaid), and the ubiquitous Pokemon Go spon. After those six hours fly by, we move on to questions, and hoooooo boy are these a doozy. First up is an exploration of a mysterious man who's friends with seemingly every Who we've ever talked about. He goes by @Michael on Instagram, and, yes, we found him. (With the help of a very talented friend.) Then we pivot to Australia's Masked Singer, where Lindsay Lohan has somehow found herself asking Cody Simpson about furniture. Finally, we talk about Jen Gotch, the Ban.do founder who would like you all to start crying at work. Call 619.WHO.THEM to leave us a voicemail, and we might address it on a future show! Until Tuesday, crunch crunch.
25/10/191h 0m

Morgan Stewart, Jaime Pressly & Roxy Jacenko's 'Paddington Pooper'

Australia's got a mystery on its hands. WHO is the jogger caught on CCTV leaving poops up and down posh New South Wales neighborhood, Paddington? PR maven Roxy Jacenko knows, but she's keeping mum, while radio personality Jackie O ads her 2 cents... er... two bob. (She's regular!) Plus, Rachel McCord calls the paps to her gyno appt (and they show up!), Jaime Pressly (not Jamie King!) gets in trouble for saying her eldest son is her "favorite", Bachelor alum Amanda Stanton is dating Rich Kids of Beverly Hills alum Brendan Fitzpatrick (aka Morgan Stewart's ex), Dennis Quaid is engaged to a UT (PhD) student named Laura and Rita's NOT in Greece. She NOT in Greece.
22/10/191h 3m

Stormi Jenner, Gina Rodriguez and Richard Curtis?

Rise and shine, Wholigans! It's time for another edition of Who's There, our weekly call in show during which we respond to your questions, comments, and concerns! This week's topics include Stormi Jenner's least favorite song, Gina Rodriguez's worst performance ever, the truth about Stumptown, the "truth" about Julianne Hough's dogs, the scourge of Who-filled Pokemon GO ads flooding your social feeds, and - drumroll please - whether or not Richard Curtis is a Who (featuring a call from someone who desperately needs to know). As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave us a voicemail and we may play it on a future episode! <3
18/10/1958m 43s

Joe Giudice, SimiHaze & Maddison Brown?

Today we have people who didn't quite pay their taxes (Joe G. & the Chrisleys), what exactly is going to happen to them and (most importantly) how the tabloids are covering it. (Hint: NOT WELL!) There's also the absolutely cursed relationship between David Harbour and Lily Allen (now complete with PDA pap shots), and the less cursed friendship between Kendall Jenner and her not-boyfriend Fai Khadra (and his twin DJ sisters, SimiHaze.) Julianne Hough's dogs both die on the same day, to which we say... Our most heartfelt condolences, but something seems up. Liam Hemsworth dates an actress named Maddison with two Ds. Safaree makes a dildo. Ed Sheeran tries to build a chapel. Rita goes to Russia. Plus, we play "I Don't Know Her" and it's great!
15/10/191h 10m

Colleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy & Cobie Smulders?

Hold the phone! It's a brand new Who's There? and we're cleaning the inbox. And because most of your calls demand it, we're taking on the UK WAG drama head-on: Who is Colleen Rooney? Who is Rebekah Vardy? What does WAG even stand for? To whom are these women selling tabloid stories? Is Instagram the hottest place to solve a crime? And you're telling me Colleen and Wayne Rooney's basement isn't actually flooding? Put on your floppy Sherlock hat, locate your Detective Latoya Jackson magnifying glass and grab a long-ass pipe because we're turning on Murder on the Orient Express, except it's not the 2018 remake with Josh Gad... It's actually good #WAGathaChristie  Today's episode is brought to you by The CW. Watch new episodes of Batwoman on Sundays at 8/7c and Nancy Drew on Wednesdays at 9/8c, or stream both for free on The CW app. Don't forget to call 619-WHO-THEM to leave us queries, comments and compliments.
11/10/191h 9m

Cody Simpson, Laurene Powell Jobs & Sugarpova?

Today on an EXTRA LONG Who? Weekly, we discuss a host of important topics, from Hailey and Justin Bieber's Notebook-themed wedding (at a plantation), to the lawsuits filed by Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry against the UK tabloids, to -- you guessed it -- the literal translation of the movie Long Shot's Italian title: Non succede, ma se succede... We also cover Miley Cyrus's oat-sowing, Ben Affleck's potential revival of Good Will Hunting, and the questionable origin story of Maria Sharapova's new candy venture. And BEFORE YOU MENTION IT, yes, there's some sort of weird clicky thing going on with Lindsey's audio this week. Blame the travel mic!! It won't happen again!!!! As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns, and we might address your call on a future episode of Who's There, our Friday show.   Today’s episode of Who? Weekly is brought to you by the CW. Watch new episodes of Batwoman on Sundays at 8/7c and Nancy Drew on Wednesdays at 9/8c, or stream both for free on The CW app.
08/10/191h 9m

Greta Thunberg, Erica Mena & Sat Hari Khalsa?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we learn a little more about Ben Shattuck (spoiler: he's rich as H E L L), a little more about John Stamos's Big D (it's a LEFTOVER), a little news about Celebrity X Factor (the girl from LOVE ACTUALLY Is in it), a little something about Erica Mena and Safaree (the little something is a baby), and a little too much about someone named Sat Hari Khalsa (she's obsessed with ozone, which is a Them gas). Oh! And during a game of Who/Them, we find out that Greta Thunberg's mother is... an icon in her own right? As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a question or comment and we might play your call on a future episode! (Or you could just tell us some off the record goss, because that's fun for us.)
04/10/191h 2m

Evan Peters, Seann William Scott & The Veronicas?

There's drama in the skies, thanks to The Veronicas (Quantas) and Aubrey O'Day (American Airlines), but if you ask us... something's fishy. We'll dig into two instances of Whos in-air, before revealing who Halsey's new boyfriend is... OK, I can't keep secrets from you, it's Evan Peters! John Stamos gives his wife Caitlin McHugh the D... But it's NOT what you're thinking. (Unless it is and... you should go to jail.) Plus, NO ONE can figure out who Seann Williams Scott just married (and honestly would we care if it wasn't such a mystery? NO!), Antonio Banderas loves his dull girlfriend and Glenn Powell's perfect mom trolls his 'haters' on Twitter.
01/10/1955m 20s

Ben Shattuck, Sean 'Sticks' Larkin & Michelle Williams

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we learn even more about Thomas Middleditch's **ALLEGED** romantic life and the WB frog (he has a name, by the way), then take questions about A) the similarities (and very important differences) between Jenny Slate's new fiancé, Ben Shattuck, and Jennifer Lawrence's new fiancé, Cooke Maroney, B) Lana Del Rey's presumably (but not definitively) problematic boyfriend Sean Larkin, C) the Whoiness of the Friends cast, and D) Michelle Williams being black, not white, which you should all be able to tell from her profile photo!!!! As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns.
27/09/1952m 56s

Thomas Middleditch, Jeff Lewis & Ozark?

Apparently no one watched The Emmys this year, so why are we talking about it? Will it get people to watch Fleabag, or to know that Ozark exists? Here are some names: Julia Garner, Jharrel Jerome, Luke Kirby. Other names we're discussing today: Mel B & Jessie J (They're in a feud?), Noah Centineo ('Memba him? His beard is blonde now), Jeff Lewis (His radio show got him in trouble), Thomas Middleditch (He told Playboy that he's a swinger) and Andrew Rannells (His new boyfriend came out on the one season Marie Osmond talk show on Hallmark.) What a line-up! Rita wore a skimpy black bikini!
24/09/1955m 19s

Soleil Moon Frye, Sailor Brinkley-Cook & The WB Frog?

On today's episode of Who's There (our weekly call-in show), we follow up a handful of comments about Blue Women, Felicity Huffman (who is, in fact, a blue woman), Joe Kerry, and UPN with questions about Millie Bobby Brown's skincare video, Soleil Moon Frye's new gig, and Sailor Brinkley-Cook alleged involvement in a Dancing With the Stars-related conspiracy theory. There's also an extended (too extended??) conversation about The WB Frog. Memba him? Unfortunately we do. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message and we might address your call on a future episode! Love y'all!!!
20/09/1956m 39s

Keke Palmer, Joe Keery & 'Lauren Michael'?

R.I.P. Priscilla Presley's horse, and R.I.P. Joe Keery's iconic haircut. On today's episode of Who? Weekly we dig into things like Hustlers and how much we love to see it, celebrities talking about 9/11 on their social medias and how much hate to see it, Felicity Huffman's jail sentence and how many days she'll actually serve, Saturday Night Live's Lauren(?) Michael(?) and literally WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE. Plus, the biggest news of all: Which adorkable Bones-adjacent actress is dating one half of The Property Brothers?
17/09/1953m 0s

Flume, Tracee Ellis Ross & Independent Women Pt. 2?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call in show, we take your COMMENTS (on the College Admissions Scandal movie, Zooey Deschanel, Adrian Grenier, and Flume), QUESTIONS (about Twitter's favorite topic of the week, Kelly Clarkson's new goddaughter, and the new Charlie's Angels song), and cap it off with a game of WHO OR THEM (ft. Tracee Ellis Ross, John Slattery, Blue Man Group, and MORE).  AS ALWAYS, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns, and we might respond on a future episode! Or we'll just text you back. That's fun sometimes. <3
13/09/1958m 44s

Eva Chen, Zooey Deschanel & Wyatt Russell?

Burning Man... New York Fashion Week... Did they even happen if no Whos attended? (Or if the Whos that did attend were... Jenelle & David from Teen Mom? And Target-loving Instagrammer Eva Chen?) Iggy Azalea gets stung by a hornet, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are spotted near each other (sending JustJared into cardiac arrest) and we're watching the chaotic trailers for Lifetime's The College Admission Scandal and Escaping the NXIVM Cult. Plus, Zooey breaks up, Jonah gets engaged, Wyatt Russell... marries someone who looks A LOT like his mother, Goldie. We play a round of "I Don't Know Her" and Rita joins the UK panel of The Masked Singer. We're so happy for her.
10/09/191h 9m

Garcelle Beauvais, Maura Tierney & Dr. Monica L. Monica?

Today's EXTREMELY HIGH ENERGY Who's There will hopefully make up for Tuesday's EXTREMELY SUBPAR ENERGY episode (blame getting up early on Labor Day weekend) and we have you to thank for it. It's a wonderfully wild collection of calls, from warnings about the dangers of champagne corks to desperate pleas from Pittsburgh residents to respect Rooney Mara's family. There's a call about how Eva Longoria's obsession with hyaluronic spans language barriers, a call about how Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finally hired its first black cast member, and -- perhaps most importantly -- a call about Maura Tierney that really takes us on a journey through iconic actresses with extreme needs a cigarette energy. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message for us and we might play it on a future episode! You're all the best. We mean it.
06/09/1956m 52s

Margaret Qualley, Theo Campbell & Simona Andrejic?

Did Lindsey forget to write the episode description and title? Yes. Will that stop you from listening to this new episode of Who? HOPE NOT! We've got new romances (Margaret Qualley & Pete Davidson?) and... a lot of injuries? Zip lines, champagne bottles, subway tracks—the Whos are out here getting hurt and saving lives. Plus, is one Hemsworth brother dating another Hemsworth brother's ex? If the Gossip Cop says no, we say... probably!
03/09/1959m 59s

Lea DeLaria, Haylie Duff & Ty Pennington?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show during which we take questions, comments, and concerns, we discuss so many topics: from stomachs to penises, Best Food's to Hellmann's, and, uh, Gwyneth Paltrow to Lea DeLaria? (You'll enjoy that last one, we promise.) Moving on, we tackle Haylie Duff's partnership with the canned food industry (also known as Big Can), Ty Pennington's real first (and second? and third?) name(s), Julia Stiles's mysterious absence on the poster for Hustlers, and what Liv Tyler keeps in her attic. Oh! Also? Lizzo has officially gradWhoated. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message for us, and we might play it on a future episode.
30/08/191h 11m

Lara Spencer, Ellie Kemper & Christina Hendricks?

Magic Mike, Chippendale's... or both? Lindsey's back from Vegas with a full report on the two male revue—one of which starred a very special Jersey Shore Who, who came all the way from Staten Island. Plus, GMA's Lara Spencer offends the royals, Ellie Kemper steals our mayo #spon, a Bachelorette couple actually get (legally) married, Gemma Collins launches the best podcast we've ever heard (other than this one) and Christina Hendricks reveals her iconic connection to cinema. Seriously. Are you DYING for us to talk about last night's VMA's? Call 619-WHO-THEM and we'll see if we can figure out this year's show on this week's Who's There!
27/08/191h 9m

Normani, Megan Mullally & The Great Instagram Hoax of 2019?

Today on Who's There, the podcast where you'll learn everything you need to know as told by all the callers you don't, we discuss Eva Amurri Martino's latest stumble, Rita Ora's notable appearance in a very popular game, Australia's acute understanding of Brooklyn neighborhoods, the latest hoax to grip Instagram celebrities young and old, Normani's journey towards Themdom, and two topics you should all take with a large grain of salt: the "breakup" of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, and the "feud" between Debra Messing and Megan Mullally.  As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, concerns, and super good gossip we can't play on the air. Have a great weekend!
23/08/1954m 34s

Todd Chrisley, Josie Canseco & Guggi?

Have you found yourself confused about the Chrisleys? Who they are and why exactly do they "know best" if they're currently embroiled in a tax fraud scandal? Why are all these Bachelor guys involved? All great questions—that's why we have a timeline of exactly what went down and who exactly is in trouble here. Plus, Brody Jenner's new fling (a "nepotism model" named Josie Canseco), how the Hot Felon and TopShop Heiress split and why Lady Gaga was mistaken for... a 60-year old artist named Guggi? Guggi-Gaga.  As always, call 619.WHO.THEM and leave a question, comment, concern, correction, or hot goss. Make sure you also check out The Real World Atlanta on Facebook Watch, Postmates ($100 of free delivery with our code, WHO) and Bombas—get 20% off your first purchase!
20/08/191h 7m

Bishop Briggs, Marlee Matlin & Ronald Reagan?

Today's episode of Who's There is incredibly special to us, and not only because it features an extensive conversation about the trailers for Little Women and Last Christmas (hey! we had a call!) -- it features a detailed and hilarious call about one of cinema's most iconic former Whos, Ronald Reagan, from none other than Karina Longworth! You know we love You Must Remember This, so it was an actual dream to have her answer a question when we found ourselves drawing a blank. (P.S. she has a BOOK coming out that you can pre-order here!) But enough about us being starstruck! Today's episode also features calls about Geena Davis's ongoing "divorce" mess, Mike Posner's rattlesnake bite, Gossip Cop's recent miscarriage of justice, Marlee Matlin, and someone named Sarah McLachlan, but not that Sarah McLachlan. As always, call 619-WHO-THEM to leave a question, comment, or concern and we might answer it on a future episode!
16/08/191h 8m

Liam Hemsworth, Cayley Stoker & Elijah Allan-Blitz?

You're saying "hello" to a brand new episode of Who? while Olivia Jade is saying "bye-bye" to USC—and it's about time #close #source #says. Miley is saying "bye-bye" to her new'ish husband Liam Hemsworth, who has no comment about photos of her hanging out / making out with the not-actually-ex-wife of Brody Jenner, Kaitlynn Carter. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are saying "hi-hi" (sorry) to each other, as in they're dating, while Tarek El Moussa is seeing someone from Selling Sunset (naturally), while he and his ex (that's Christina Anstead now, thx) continue to have a HGTV show together? OK! Leona Lewis got married at Sting's, Elizabeth Olsen is engaged to someone, Lilo's hanging out with a Saudi prince and Page Six is freaking out—plus, Jenna Dewan does "Showtime" on the NYC subway. Why haven't Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue ever been pictured together? It's a mystery for the ages. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM and leave a question, comment, concern, correction, or hot gossip.
13/08/191h 12m

Laura Prepon, Tyler Cameron & Dakota Johnson's Gap?

Today on Who’s There, we spend far too much time talking about ConEdison (yet again), but manage to swerve into new topics like Laura Prepon (actor slash YouTuber), Tyler Cameron (reality TV star slash alleged object of Gigi Hadid’s affection), and Dakota Johnson’s gap (Chris Martin’s favorite dental feature, allegedly).  Thanks for listening! And as always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and concerns.
09/08/191h 2m

Willa Ford, Lily Allen & Randy Cronk

As Wendy Williams recently said, "Clap if you've ever wanted to kill somebody!" That has nothing to do with today's episode, but I can't stop thinking about it. Today's episode is all about the Whos—Fan Bingbing's #exclusive chat with the Times, the wave of celebs who are married but not-actually-legally-married (including Brody Jenner & Kaitlynn Carter, Vanderpump Rules' Katie & Tom, Cara Delevingne & Ashley Benson and Geena Davis and her ex, Reza), Kathie Lee's new man #Cronk, Milo V's dog movie publicity tour, JVN and Antoni's "satirical couple account" , Willa Ford's career as an interior designer, Lily Allen out with David Harbour 😩, Joshua Jackson wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row(!) alongside gf Jodie Turner-Smith and... Does Diane Keaton know who Rita Ora is? The answer may surprise you. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM and leave a question, comment, concern, correction, or hot gossip.
06/08/191h 4m

Orville Peck, Damian Hurley & Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Annnnnd we're back to our regularly scheduled programming! Today on Who's There, we take comments about two very famous British rock stars, a Da Brat and LisaRaye connection we missed, and the truth about Bindi Irwin's mother's accent. Those are followed by an extremely helpful speculative update on the Lori Loughlin case from a LAWYER, and these New Whos: the masked gay singer named Orville Peck, the son of Elizabeth Hurley named Damien, the grandson of Jack Nicholson named Duke, and a very important life hack regarding someone named Maggie Gyllenhaal. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM and leave a question, comment, concern, correction, or hot off-the-record goss! For a chance to win two tickets aboard a VIP cruise to the Bahamas this summer, simply post your Bud Light summertime photos using the hashtags #RealEnoughtoGetaway and #BudLightContest on Facebook and Instagram. See budlight.com/realenoughtogetaway for more details. Visit brumate.com and add code WHO to get 15% off your first order! Go to thirdlove.com/WHO now to find your perfect-fitting bra and get 15% off your first purchase!
02/08/1954m 28s

Antoine Fuqua, Lori Harvey & Chandler Powell?

Lindsey decided not to attend Jana Mongeau & Jake Paul's wedding at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, but the two did end up 'getting married'... at a Sugar Factory in Las Vegas. Was it real or fake? (Does it matter?) Director Antoine Fuqua & Eddie Murphy's ex Nicole Murphy were caught in a more-than-friendly kiss (despite him being married), Diddy might be dating his son's ex-girlfriend (who might also be Steve Harvey's stepdaughter???), Bindi Irwin's People-exclusive engagement photos are literally ssssssstunning, Armie Hammer did some weird stuff on social media (again), Leo's girlfriend Camila Morrone "clapped back", Riverdale heartthrobs Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse break up maybe but also maybe not, Constance Wu is the iconic diva we need and Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner lost a dog to NYC traffic. R.I.P. Waldo Picasso. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, concerns, and comments. Support our sponsors by checking out The Real World Atlanta on Facebook Watch and downloading Best Fiends on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
30/07/191h 13m

Says Who? 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates (ft. Clare Malone & Clio Chang)

On today's episode, we're trying something new that we've decided to call Says Who? We can't be experts in every field of Whos, and that's where Says Who? comes in. In these episodes, we will invite various experts on the show to explain the Whos of their given field. This week, that Whoniverse is... politics. Yeah, yeah, we said we don't like talking about politics on this show, but with a list of Democratic Presidential Candidates as ridiculous as the ones we have this year, how could we resist? So we were honored to have Clare Malone, Senior Political Reporter at FiveThirtyEight and host of the 538 Politics podcast, and Clio Chang, writer and politics contributor at Jezebel, on to tell us alllllll about the Whoiest Democratic hopefuls. As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, concerns, and comments. But also, let us know the categories you'd like us to invite experts to discuss in a future episode of Says Who!
26/07/1950m 56s

Peppa Pig, A$AP Rocky & Digital Fur Technology?

Looking for a 10-min breakdown of the trailer for Tom Hooper's Cats and the innovation of its digital fur technology? Look no further than today's brand new episode of Who? Weekly. We've got just-crust pizza as requested by Jadakiss! We've got Lance Bass getting the Face App treatment in the Daily Mail! We've got more of The Wiggles divorce drama! We've got DJ Hannah Bronfman's wine snafu! We've got A$AP Rocky in jail...in Sweden (#freeA$AP)! We've got a feud between Peppa Pig and Iggy Azalea! We've got Jenny McCarthy applying CBD cream poolside #spon! We've got Australian influencers, animal activist(???) Katherine Schwarzenegger, Andy & Wendy, global warming and much, much more! Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsors The Real World on Facebook Watch and Postmates (use the code WHO).
23/07/191h 2m

Austin Butler, Charlotte Lawrence & Megan Thee Stallion?

Today's new episode of Who's There is so jam packed with calls that we didn't even have time for opening banter! There is, however, enough time for Lindsey to call Bobby out for the fact that transitions occur on his terms only. Can you say TENSION?!?!?!?! Anyway, this week's calls will teach you about all kinds of things like the Ukrainian flag, Mackenzie Davis, Rita Ora's collaboration with an *entire* city, Hot Girl Summer, Adrienne Bailon's abandoned Instagram, Vanessa Hudgens's soon-to-be extremely famous boyfriend, and someone named Charlotte Lawrence. Honestly I already forgot who she is but it has something to do with music? Or Scrubs? What can I say, I'm no Superman. Don't forget to call 619.WHO.THEM to leave us questions, comments, and concerns, and we might play your call on a future episode! Enter the VERY COOL new Bud Light contest: for a chance to win, simply post your Bud Light summertime photos using the hashtags #RealEnoughtoGetaway and #BudLightContest on Facebook and Instagram. See budlight.com/realenoughtogetaway for more details! You can check out our personalized collection at Everlane.com/WHO. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on your first order. And Wholigans get 25% off a Calm Premium subscription at Calm.com/WHO.
19/07/1948m 53s

Florence Pugh, Lashana Lynch & The Pattern?

Happy Midsommar! (Does that mean "mid-summer" as I am assuming it does?) It's time to speculate on the rising star of the horror flick's star, Florence Pugh—does it help or hurt that she's dating Zach Braff? How about Channing Tatum getting freaked out by a new astrology app that might be listening to him (or paying him for #spon)? Does budding Them Shawn Mendes allegedly dating budding Them Camila Cabello help their Them statuses? Would you buy a Miss Honey-inspired jumpsuit from Leighton Meester? How about a rumor that Brad Pitt is becoming a full time beekeeper? (Would you buy that?) And who is Lashana Lynch, aka the maybe-new 007? Is she more or less important to you than Miranda Kerr calling out her husband and son's dry skin problems? So many questions! Tune in to find out. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsors Billie and Away.
16/07/191h 0m

Megan Rapinoe, Apryl Jones & the Garlock Fault?

Today on Who's There, we begin with three comment calls! One is about the fleeting nature of Clear Blue pregnancy tests (despite the permanence of their accompanying Instagram posts), while the following two update us on Sarah Jessica Parker's cryptic comment that was apparently misquoted by Us Weekly. The remainder of the show features calls about a lesser known fault in California, the host of Love Island USA, the spawn of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, a pseudo-feud between Apryl Jones + Moniece Slaughter, and the word "Fuckships." We also update listeners on Joss Stone's creative project and play a game of Who/Them that includes a VERY wild story about Bobby's run-in with Olympia Dukakis. Per usual, it's a jam-packed episode. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsors Quip, Lumen5 and the Real World on Facebook Watch.
12/07/191h 1m

Halle Bailey, Sebastian Stan & Molly Moorish?

Tell me you didn't read "Halle Berry" when they announced that The (new) LIttle Mermaid would be someone named "Halle Bailey"?????? Who is she, again!? (We'll get into it.) Plus what's Wendy Williams up to? Does Gwyneth Paltrow realllly not know who Sebastian Stan is? (And would you remember which Marvel movie you were in if you were in more than one?) How Liam Gallagher's un-estranged (sp?) daughter Molly Moorish somehow caused even more drama with his brother Noel. Finally, Anwar Hadid & Dua Lipa make it "official"—kinda, and Rita bares her toned abs. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsors Bud Light, Hello Fresh and the Real World on Facebook Watch.
09/07/191h 0m

Scooter Braun, Danielle Brooks, & Criss Angel?

Happy Fourth of July Weekend, y'all! Today on Who's There we take calls about the big ol' Scooter Braun/Big Machine/Taylor Swift/Scott/Scott/Scott/Scott mess and Danielle Brooks's instantly iconic #spon pregnancy announcement -- but not before a lengthy comment section involving A) Criss Angel, B) Teena Marie, and C) an incredibly important celebrity call. You won't want to miss it. Also: we play Who or Them! In which category will Brené Brown land? You've got to listen to find out. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsors Bud Light, Third Love and the Real World on Facebook Watch.
05/07/1951m 53s

Marianne Williamson & Bip Ling?

Warning! We're talking politics today. We just can't help ourselves—first, a wackadoo stand out from the Democratic debate named Marianne Williamson. Then, a rumor about Boris Johnson ripples through the web (and introduces us to a new fav foreign MySpace-era influencer named Bip Ling.) Can you say yar?  Plus, Camila, Dua, Katherine and... Melissa Rycroft? Shay Mitchell is 'pregnant' with a press release, and Rita Ora celebrates Prime Day UK (with a giant paycheck.) Call 619-WHO-THEM to leave a message, and we might respond to your call on this week's 'Who's There?'! And check out today's sponsors The Real World on Facebook Watch and Brümate.
02/07/191h 1m

Mary Steenburgen, Sebastian Maniscalco & Jessie Buckley?

Today’s episode of Who’s There may have the weakest sign-on and sign-off in the show’s three-year history, but everything else is pure gold thanks to all the tremendous calls we got over the past week. We learn even MORE about Nuts 4 Nuts and our favorite unfinished Scottish monument, go on a rant about Yankee Candle Company (Them with Who-y scents), and then dig into all-new Whos like queen of impactful anesthesia Mary Steenburgen and future Oscar performer Jessie Buckley. We also tackle MTV’s strategy of appealing to millennials by booking a Boomer Them, and Milo Ventimiglia’s latest attempt at Gradwhoating: starring in a movie about a dog voiced by Kevin Costner. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsors Calm, Zola & the Real World on Facebook Watch.
28/06/1952m 37s

Meghan King Edmonds, Thylane Blondeau & Teairra Mari?

Can you believe we thought today's episode didn't have enough stuff? (1+ hours later: Wellllll, I guess it has enough stuff.) Here's the stuff we're getting into: the Pioneer Woman's daughter('s underage drinking), Jim Edmonds and his "Baseball Madame", Blac Chyna and the "frenemy cake", Hailey Bieber's beauty trademark woes, the "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" Thylane Blondeau, Bethenny Frankel vs. Sunny Hostin, Elin Nordegren ('memba her?), Dame Judi Dench's new orangutans, Teairra Marí 3-wheeled DUI and the tightrope-walking Flying Wallendas. Call 619-WHO-THEM to leave a message, and we might respond to your call on this week's 'Who's There?'! Check out today's sponsors Arm & Hammer Cloud Control cat litter, Everlane & Quip.
25/06/191h 9m

Hunter Biden, Samantha Mumba, & Eugene Yang?

Welcome to another episode of Who's There, America's favorite call-in show focusing on asbestos, Parthenon replicas, and Hunter Biden's new girlfriend! This week, we take comments about--you guessed it--asbestos, Parthenon replicas, and Hunter Biden's new girlfriend...PLUS Samantha Mumba's best song, Eugene Yang's (second) big reveal, and the absolute best smell in all of New York City. Call 619.WHO.THEM to leave a message, and we might respond to your call on a future episode! Support the sponsors of today's episode by picking up Cloud Control cat litter, Dave.com/who, and SnoweHome.com/who.
21/06/1955m 33s

Rachel Brosnahan, Ella Bleu Travolta & Christina Milian's Beignet Truck?

The rumors are true: Cetaphil® Announces Partnership with Award-Winning Actress, Rachel Brosnahan. Don't adjust your brightness settings, you read that correctly: Makers of the #1 and #2 Best-Selling Facial Cleansers Team Up with the Star to Lead a Dialogue Around Sensitive Skin. Did I copy that from the press release? Maybe. Did Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell scare some poor pregnant woman to promote their Walmart baby line? Yes. Is John Travolta's daughter Ella Bleu making a run for Hollywood stardom? Of course. Did Olivia Munn get a new gig as missing dog detective? Kind of. Is Cassie's new boyfriend/future baby daddy a total hunk? YEP.  Plus, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson might have broken up, Kerry Katona eats a burger topless on the beach, Christina Milian opens a beignet truck and Rita wears a wild pair of half-pants.  Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsors Away, Phlur (promo code: WHO) & the Real World on Facebook Watch.
18/06/1956m 45s

Nicole Curran, Asbestos, & Sister Rita?

Welcome to another episode of Who's There, where we take your calls, go on tangents about mobsters named Claire, and say, "Me in Greece," way too many times in a 50-minute period. This week, we take calls about thrilling subjects like asbestos-tainted makeup, Beyonce's non-nemesis, a place called Cuttyhunk, Clay Aiken's baby's surprising surrog-aunt, and the nuns (dead & alive) who are still fighting against Kathryn Hudson, the pop-star slash drama lover better known as Katy Perry. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsor the Real World on Facebook Watch.
14/06/1957m 38s

Irina Shayk, Stassie Baby & Matthew Koma?

On today's Who? Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt get married (!), Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper break up (!!), Zedd and Hilary Duff's husband Matthew Koma duke it out in the Notes app (!!!), Marcia Cross gets real about anal cancer (!!!!), Kelen Coleman gets bit by a dog in Bulgaria (and doesn't tell anyone!!!!!), January Jones gets problematic on an anxiety-themed meme Instagram page (!!!!!!), Kylie Jenner throw her BFF Stassie "Baby" Karanikolaou a Handmaid's Tale-themed birthday party (!!!!!!!), Kevin Smith sideswipes Ashley Tisdale's car (!!!!!!!!), and Reese Witherspoons daughter's boyfriend looks just like...her...dad (!!!!!!!!).  Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsor Dunkin.
11/06/191h 0m

Nat & Liv & Andrew Scott?

It's another episode of Who's There, which means we're taking your questions, comments, concerns, and goss. This week, we revisit conversations about problematic explorers and Antarctic domes, then take questions about these new Whos: Nat & Liv (of E! fame), Andrew Scott (of Fleabag fame), David Bromstad (of CoffeeMate fame), and end with an extremely contentious game of Who/Them. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsor Dunkin.
07/06/1949m 57s

Cara Delevingne & Ashley Benson's SEX BENCH?

Hello from Nashville where: people did show up for our show (thank you!) and we did attend an incredible #spon Maren Morris concert brought to us by...wait for it...Tyson. But that's not important. What's important is a brand new episode about: Ansel Elgort's selfies, Mandy Moore's ascent to the "top" of Everest, the origins of Leon Leonwood (or "LL" if you're nasty) Bean, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson's SEX BENCH (Daily Mail's caps, not ours), Tom Petty's daughter and wife's feud over salad dressing, Foodgod Jonathan Cheban's horrifying face-cake and Rita Ora's brand new song with Tiësto. Also: her feet. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsor Dunkin.
04/06/1953m 29s

Who's There: Phoebe Bridgers/Waller-Bridge & Taylor Dome?

This week on Who’s There, we—BUY TICKETS TO OUR NASHVILLE SHOW—sorry, excuse me, that was unnecessary. Let’s start again. This week on Who’s There, we take an angry call from St. Louis, an interesting call from a sci-fi fan, a tongue-twisting call from a PhoeBri fan, an enlightening call from a resident of Brazil, and a hilarious calls about a person AND place named Taylor Dome. As always, call 619-WHO-THEM to leave a message for us and we may respond to it on a future episode. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsor Dunkin.
31/05/1945m 59s

Cliff Wife & Moby?

How was your Memorial Day? Hopefully you and your wives did NOT fall off a cliff. One wife did, Cliff Wife, and we'll be telling you her story on today's episode. Other wives we'll be discussing today? Royal Wife (Meghan Markle's latest Lifetime movie—that she's not actually in), Moby's Not-Wifes Natalie Portman and Lizzy Grant (aka Lana Del Rey) who—let's be clear—both did not even date him, Helena Bonham Carter's new Wife aka yung beau Rye Dag Holmboe *spellcheck goes wild* and Australian-Bachelor-Wife, Heather Maltman (who is surely about to be huge in China.) Plus, this week's "What's Rita Up To?" involves a MILLION DOLLAR JEWEL FLUB. Yes, that's our Who? Wife aka Rita Ora. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes.
28/05/191h 0m

Who's There: Teresa Palmer & Paul Walker Decals?

After taking a week off to discuss Eurovision (#JusticeForSweden), we're back with another episode of Who's There to discuss your questions and comments. Today's journey takes us from Hasan Minhaj (he's a Them to South Asians), to Hulu (where Ben is Back), to St. Louis (where there aren't any Rite-Aids), and then into the murky waters of queer (or queer-adjacent) Janelle Monae drama, which leads us allllll the way to Australia, where Teresa Palmer is busy selling us powder that probably does nothing. And how did we go on this journey, you ask? Why, we drove our Honda Civic with two Paul Walker decals on the back! (Just listen to the episode to figure that one out.) Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes.
24/05/1951m 55s

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway & Ginnifer Goodwin of Los Angeles?

Fun fact: Ginnifer Goodwin's birth name is Jennifer Michelle. Another one? She carries an iPhone AND a flip phone in her bag. What else is in this episode? Updates on Eurovision (Who won?), James Charles v. Tati v. Jeffree Star (Who won?) and the Game of Thrones finale (Who won?) The inappropriate gift Future gave his son, (Baby) Future. A Coca Cola bottling heir's private plane gets caught with 5,000 cannabis plants and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And why the media is not quite getting that Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her new Shaman boyfriend are a match made in heaven. Plus, Rita's in Cannes! Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes. You can also support us by checking out today's sponsor Dunkin.
21/05/1955m 32s

Eurovision 2019: Hatari & John Lundvik?

In lieu of Who's There, we're spending the entirety of today's episode talking about the biggest event of the year! OK, fine, the biggest event of the season! OK, fine, the biggest event of the month! OK, fine, the biggest event of the week! OK, fine, the biggest event of the weekend! You happy? Eurovision 2019 is happening RIGHT NOW and the final is THIS WEEKEND, so you'd better catch up and pick a fave by Saturday afternoon. Throughout our music-heavy journey, we gush about our faves (Iceland and Sweden and Greece), our least faves (Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Australia), the hunks (Italy and Azerbaijan), and the vloggers (France). OH! We also talk about the new Nicki Minaj meme because "Roman Holiday" would definitely win if America were A) in Eurovision, and B) allowed to enter seven-year-old songs. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes.
17/05/1949m 2s

Tati Westbrook & Constance Wu?

Do the names Tati Westbrook and James Charles mean anything to you? If not, boy, do we have an episode for you. (And if they do mean something then, boyyyyy, do we have an episode for you.) A feud for the ages!—or, ages 8-16—but if you're not a tween or teen, then let us explain everything to you. Then, Constance Wu fully chomps off the hand that feeds her and from across the pond Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison develops an unusual Doritos-based nighttime eating disorder. Plus, we saw the Rita Ora vehicle, Detective Pikachu, and we have THOUGHTS. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes.
14/05/191h 2m

Who's There: Jessica Cornish & Charles Entertainment Cheese?

This week, we remember the Alamo (thanks to Phil Collins's generous donation), try to forget the Met Gala, receive potential proof that Ava Max is a Wholigan, gush over Regina King's sister's name, listen to Kiefer Sutherland's latest country single, revisit his iconic failed engagement to Julia Roberts, question why Channing Tatum calls Jessie J by her government name, learn about the OTHER Jessy J, and dig into the biography of one Charles Entertainment Cheese, more commonly known as Chuck E. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might play your call on an upcoming episode! Want more stuff? Go join our Patreon for bonus content—like a weekly newsletter and exclusive bonus episodes.
10/05/191h 3m

Jacki Weaver (vs. Anjelica Huston) & Lara Bingle Worthington?

Yes, we're recording this episode mere hours before the start of the Met Ball. Do we know Rihanna isn't going? Yes. But will Rita step up and take her place as Met Ball Queen? Uh, yeah, sure! This year's theme, "Camp", however, goes perrrfectly with our topics today: Pete Doherty's hedgehog bite? Camp! Lori's not-so-graceful exit from When Calls The Heart? Camp! Megan Barton Hanson kidnaps and then loses another hamster? Camp! Jon Gosselin DJs a Chili's Cinco de Mayo? CAMP!!! Lara Bingle (Worthington)'s linen #spon? Camp! Jacki Weaver claps back at Anjelica Huson? You better believe that's camp.  As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
07/05/191h 0m

Who's There: Ava Max & Lake Bell?

Today's episode of Who's There starts off with a long rant about panel behavior (don't ask, just listen), takes a left turn into an introduction to our new favorite Albanian pop queen with an asymmetrical wig (?), and ends with us deciding on a very fun new name for Lake Bell fans. (We won't spoil it here, it's just too perfect.) Also featured are calls about Dr. Phil's dog, Christian Emiliano, as well as the difference between Leslie Mann and Lesley Manville. Oh, and how could I forget a game of Who or Them, featuring people like Peter Gallagher, Amy Sedaris, Raffi, and... Goofus? As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
03/05/1954m 16s

Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs & "Fofty" Cent?

We're really losing it with these episode titles, aren't we? Today we'll explain why Ariana Grande, Olivia Munn, Michael Che and Lizzo are all angry with "bloggers"—bloggers! Also why Blac Chyna has not graduated from Harvard (yet) and why the Duggars renamed their deviled eggs with something more holy.  Plus, this "Fofty" drama and how it spawned our new favorite meme thanks to 50 Cent, Lala Kent and her "man" Randall Emmett. #MoneyByMondayRandall
29/04/1956m 22s

Who's There: Jordan "Dr. Phil's Son" McGraw & #FreeBritney?

Happy Friday everyone! Happy ME! Day, too! (I am writing this hours before Taylor Swift's new song/video drops, so I have no idea what we think of the song yet, but I can assume we think enough for it to be a big deal.) But that's too Themmy, so let's move on to the Whos. On this week's episode of Who's There, we take a call from a dentist about Shay Mitchell's tooth, a call from a very smart Roman history expert on Simon Cowell's ghost, a call from a friend about celebrity divorce attorneys, a call from a Broad City fan about Abbi and Ilana, a call from a The Wife stan about Glenn Close's Notre Dame tribute, a call from a concerned Britney Spears fan about #FreeBritney, and a call from... uh... Dr. Phil(?) about Dr. Phil's aspiring pop star son, Jordan McGraw. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
26/04/1951m 40s

(Adele's Ex) Simon Konecki & (Michelle's Ex) Phil Everum?

Cuffing season's over and everyone's breaking up: Adele and her husband, Michelle and her husband, the two accapella lovers from Pitch Perfect—acca-no! And David Pecker's American Media Inc. is selling the Enquirer—but does it matter? (What matters is the rag's new owner's daughter's bat-mitzvah theme.) Shay Mitchell's tooth fell out because of a bagel sandwich? (Do we really believe this?) Danny Amendola's pissed his ex Olivia Culpo smooched Zedd (yes, Zedd) at Coachella, Ewan McGregor's daughters (and Tyler Blackburn) are bisexual and Patrick Schwarzenegger is bumming me out. Plus, is the Pratt sibling feud merely promo for The Hills reboot? And who is YBN Cordae? As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
23/04/1957m 31s

Who's There: The Gay Ghost Haunting Simon Cowell & David Adefeso?

We're trying this thing where we provide GRABBIER episode titles for you all and, uh, I think this is our best yet! I mean, would you rather listen to "Who's There: Antinous & David Adefeso" or "Who's There: The Gay Ghost Haunting Simon Cowell & David Adefeso"? (If you say the former, UNSUBSCRIBE NOW.) (Kidding, never ever ever do that.) Anyway, Simon Cowell's house is probably being haunted by the thotty gay ghost of some hunky Roman named Antinous. What's his unfinished business, you ask? He neeeeeeeeeeeeds to become a gay influencer on Instagram! OooOoOOoOOOOo, is there anything spookier?! Moving on, we've got some corrections per usual, a little chatter about Judaism per usual, gay shit per usual, and a lengthy investigation of Tamar Braxton's new boyfriend who may or may not be solving the student loan crisis. If so, we stan. If not, watch out Tamar!!! As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
19/04/1941m 53s

Vanessa Hudgens Presents: A Very Special Coachella Episode

Another year, another trip to Indio, California for Coachella! All hail Queen Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella's patr(é)on saint, who showed up flower crown in hand to celebrate the yearly festival of music—OK: mostly outfits, Instagrams and #sponsored content. That's why we're playing a new game called: Gamechella. From Emrata to Olivia Culpo to Kiernan Shipka and most of the (Beverly Hills) Housewives, everyone was there to party at the iconic....'The Levi's Brand Presents Neon Carnival With Bondi Sands And POKÉMON: Detective Pikachu'. What? Sure! Plus, updates on Operation Varsity Blues, Wendy Williams' triumphant divorce announcement and Rita's charity work. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
16/04/1957m 54s

Who's There: Brandon Flynn, Richard Madden & a Black Hole?

Will we ever talk about politics on this podcast again? Is Dakota Johnson actually pregnant or is she just using a child's grocery cart? Are Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn a THING or are they just smoking marijuana cigarettes together? Is there a better way to call out a cheater than by tagging them on Instagram?!?! Is the first photo of a Black Hole a Who or a Them?!?!?!?!? What about Katie Bouman?!!!!!! And finally, will we ever stop fighting about nougat?!????????? All these questions (and more) are answered on today's truly bonkers edition of Who's There. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
12/04/1946m 17s

The Whos of 'The View' & Pepe Muñoz?

Today we're turning this thing into a book club podcast and digging deep into our new fave: Ladies Who Punch. The incredible behind-the-scenes look at The View is everything we ever wanted to know—and more! We'll give you the rundown on our favorite moments—Star Jones' #spon-studded wedding, Rosie v. Elizabeth and a Very Special Game called, "The Whos of The View" all about the ladies you've probably forgotten. Plus, Celine Dion's new BFF, Pepe, is gay and why Rita's covering The Counting Crows. (Seriously though, if you like this episode you'll LOVE this book.) As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
09/04/1956m 22s

Who's There: Rita Wilson & Pete Buttigieg?

Where to begin with today's episode? It's begins on a sad note, with a brief chat about Nipsey Hussle, followed by a look into the recent scandal involving former Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara and an actress named Charlotte Kirk. Moving on, we tackle Rita Wilson--specifically whether or not her recent star on the Walk of Fame makes her a Them--and wade into extremely rough and hard to pronounce political waters for a brief chat about Pete Buttigieg? He's gay! He's gay. Did you hear he's gay? Finally, during a game of Who or Them, we tackle our most divisive subject yet: NOUGAT. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
05/04/191h 0m

Lil Nas X & Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley?

A whopper of an episode as we all long for the days when these things were 30 minutes long. Well, sorry nostalgia, because we have shit to discuss. For starters: What's going on with Wendy Williams? Colton Haynes? Nico Tortorella's memoir? Emrata's husband's unpaid rent? (Plus, a game Bobby has named "Rata or Nata?") Tori Spelling's new mommydrama, Nic Cage's upcoming annulment, Isabella Cruise's new role in the world of Scientology, why England is riled up about a woman named Cholmondeleys (pronounced "Chumley"), and how Lil Nas X got kicked off the country charts (and why that's fucked up!) Plus, Rita got asked out by a Eurovision star? Of course she did.  As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
02/04/191h 8m

Who's There: Mel B & Ant Anstead?

Ring ring! It's another episode of Who's There, and this week we take calls about Lizzie Holmes' fiancé Billy Evans, Lizzie Gilbert's thoughts on bats, the geography of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, why Garrett Hedlund is so forgettable, Christina El Moussa's new last name, and the Spice Girls who took Girl Power to a whole new level. Oh! We also gave Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne a couple name: Campayne. As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, don't forget to support us on Patréon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes—and come see us LIVE! in Nashville, Boston & DC.
29/03/1943m 9s

Rawvana & Kelly Rohrbach?

What did Cat Marnell overhear (and then tweet and then delete) while on a train in Switzerland about Leonardo DiCaprio ex Kelly Rohrbach and her boyfriend, Walmart heir Steuart Walton? Why are fans of a vegan YouTuber named Rawvana very, very upset? (Hint: It has to do with veganism!) Did Catherine Zeta Jones nail airport chic in a lilac suit and fedora hat as she arrived in New York with a TROLLEY full of suitcases? Are Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner spending time together as friends or as...something more? Is author Elizabeth Gilbert finally normalizing her Eat, Pray, Love lifestyle? And can someone please tuck in Tammy Hembrow's tag for her? Thanks.
26/03/1956m 33s

Who's There: Joss Stone & Lauren Cohan?

Today's episode is a wild ride, and I feel like that's saying a lot. After addressing your scores of calls reminding us that USC is NOT a state school, we dig into Shane Dawson pulling a Miranda Lambert, aka taking part in a distraction engagement to another YouTuber. Later, we take calls on Joss Stone's profoundly strange world tour as well as an even stranger story from her past (circa 2008). Later, we take a call about our SECOND-favorite Whiskey Cavalier star, Lauren Cohan, and fall into the confounding hole that is the "Personal Life" section of her Wikipedia. Last, we introduce you all to Cory Booker's one true love: coffee.  As always, call 619.WHO.THEM to leave questions, comments, and facts about Joss Stone that we missed, and we may use your call in a future episode.
22/03/1941m 25s

Elizabeth Holmes & Lily Singh?

I'm in love with the shape of [Ed Sheeran's] pool! (Trust us, it's a pool.) First, an #OperationVarsityBlues update (or #OperationVarsityWhos, but you get it) all about What The Flicka? and where The Flicka it went! (R.I.P. mommy mugs). And is this the end of Hallmark's iconic "When Calls The Heart"? Next, Elizabeth Holmes—a Silicon Valley them with the Who'iest of tendencies—whose "voice" we'll never forget. And a new face in late late late night: the YouTube-famous Lily Singh. Speaking of YouTube... Did Shane Dawson fuck his cat?(uhhh) Is Dirty John's Terra Newell our new favorite influencer? Is Dido thankful for her jeans? Does Rita Ora now have two songs called "R.I.P."?
19/03/1949m 32s

Operation Varsity Blues? #whomergency

As much as we'd love to do a typical Who's There, we just HAD to focus today's full episode on the scandal to end all scandals: Operation Varsity Blues [cue I_Dont_Want_Your_Life.mp3]!!! The story that rocked our nation (or world?!) involved a Desperate Them (Felicity Huffman), a vlogging Who (Olivia Jade), a When Comes the Heart star (Lori Loughlin), a billionaire with a famous first name (Mossimo Giannuli), and, weirdly, the star of a beloved 90s film (James Van Der Beek). So grab a bag of YummyPop and strap in, because this episode is going to be as jam-packed as an SAT prep course.
15/03/1943m 35s

Zandy Reich & Bethenny Frankel's Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Happy Belated International Women's Day! Sorry we forgot to post, we were busy celebrating by... wait, how do you celebrate it again? Maybe the tabloids can help us figure it out. Plus, Emily Ratajkowski Nails the Mid-Winter Ab Reveal (or whatever that means) and Farrah Abraham (yes, that one) is Penthouse's new book critic. Jaime King clutches a parenting book while in Beverly Hills... one year after she was attacked by a crazed man in the same city (Daily Mail's words, not ours) and Bethenny has leaky gut syndrome! We'll ask WebMD about that in a sec! As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, and don't forget to support us on Patreon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes. Plus, this week we'll be doing a daily show on SiriusXM radio, so head to siriusxm.com/whoweekly and for a free three month trial.
12/03/1950m 2s

Who's There: Poosh & Billy Porter?

First came Goop. Then came Preserve. Preserve died, but Goop thrived. And now, finally, we have Poosh. What is Poosh? Your guess is as good as mine, but it has something to do with Kourtney Kardashian sitting naked on a bathroom counter while drinking tea and typing on her laptop. Is that helpful? No? Oh well. Also on today's episode, the pre-Pose work of Billy Porter (Broadway Them, real-world Who), Wendy Williams' frustrating return to television, and whether or not Samoas and Tagalongs are Whos or Thems. * As always, call in at 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and comments, and don't forget to support us on Patreon for a jam-packed weekly newsletter and fortnightly bonus episodes! <3
08/03/1950m 19s

Bre Tiesi-Manziel & James "Arg" Argent?

Congratulations to Bre Tiesi-Manziel and her friend Khloe for running the fastest half marathon ever! They literally broke the world record! Oh wait, hold on...Scratch that. I guess the two runners cheated in the Run Like a Diva half? Damn. At least Rami Malek got that Mandarin Oriental #spon (Did it turn him back to a Who?) And speaking of iconic #spon, Bebe Rexha's Lay's remixes are here and they are incredible. *crunch, crunch* Plus, Gemma dumps her boyfriend for filming her snoring and Priyanka Chopra (allegedly) writes (maybe) an email (this is fan fiction).   Come see us in Detroit and Chicago this weekend! Tickets for sale right here.
05/03/1949m 27s

Who's There: T-Pain & Miranda Lambert vs. Saddle Tramp Brand?

We're almost too excited to talk about the comments we answered on today's episode, because leatherworker extraordinaire Saddle Tramp Brand (Breann Beasley) called in to talk about the journey that turned her into the foremost Miranda Lambert Truther on the internet. BUT BEFORE THAT, we take comments about Rami Malek's Them status, Aaron Carter's disrespectful Google search, the Ferrero family, and T-Pain's Masked Singer triumph. BUT COME ON, THIS IS ALL ABOUT SADDLE TRAMP BRAND! Follow her on Instagram @saddletrampbrand and buy her leather goods here!!
01/03/1948m 27s

Lucy Boynton & Jordyn Woods?

We've saved two very, very important topics for today. First: Oscars! Second: Jordyn Woods! I know, you're already foaming at the mouth ready for our hottest takes. Is there anything even left to say? (Plus, Mr. "Hot Cop" Lambert updates, Shookus is back and why we can't stop talking about Michael Bolton.) Give us an hour and we'll give you your lifeeeeeeeeeee.
26/02/1957m 34s

Who's There: Nate Silver & Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Don't let the title worry you, this is not a political episode. We just had to mention our shoutout on the 538 Politics Podcast (Nate Silver, Who, thinks our podcast seems "fun") and the iconic dot Sara Huckabee Sanders left on her Notes App announcement that her boss was about to declare a national emergency. Nightmare!!! But enough about them. We also take calls about Lee Radziwill, Zedd fans, Lizzo, the truth about Body Vibes, and what the HELL is going on with Wendy Williams. There's also a long rant about Pauly Shore, and I don't even remember why!!! One more thing: Richard Kind is NOT a Them. Come on.
22/02/1947m 10s

Brendan Mcloughlin & Lee Radziwill?

Why the now-iconic, now-viral Meghan Trainor press release that's going around the web might be even more familiar than you think, why Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Skarsgard let Architectural Digest into their Brooklyn home to see all 14,000 of their fireplaces, why Miranda Lambert revealed she married a hot cop only days after she dumped salad on someone in Nashville (and why did Busy Phillips have the inside scoop on it all), why Brody Jenner was lucky to be alive after a hoverboard accident, why Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy are a match made in heaven, why Avril Lavigne's new'ish boyfriend is a billionaire('s son) and why the New York Times decided to drag Lee Radziwill in her very own obituary. All those questions answered, and more! Plus Rita! Damn, what a steal. Don't forget to call in with your own questions and/or comments at (619)-who-them. Come see us on tour! And for bonus Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
19/02/1947m 6s

Who's There: Lizzo & Adrienne Bailon Houghton?

"I do my hair toss, check my nails. Baby how's this episode? It's good as hell." Wow, I instantly regret trying to repurpose Lizzo lyrics for use in this show description! So let's get through this as quickly as possible. Today on Who's There: calls about Greta Van Fleet, Lisa Vanderpump, Lizzo, scammy stickers, and how Adrienne Bailon Houghton likes her tuna sandwiches. We even take a call about Alita: Battle Angel! If only Lindsey knew who she was. Oh, I almost forgot: this is also the episode during which Bobby realizes he's a Zedd stan. Extremely cool! Don't forget to call in with your OWN questions/comments at 619.Who.Them. Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
15/02/1949m 8s

Gus Kenworthy & Dina Lohan?

It's post-Grammys, and we're talking the most Who? category aka Best New Artist—yes, there is a game. Rexhars, come get your girl because she's going off on an audience that doesn't know the lyrics to "Meant to Be" (hh, have you been in a CVS lately?) Dina Lohan is probably getting Catfish'd, Meghan Trainor walked down the aisle to her own song (of course she did), the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are at it again (in ways we can barely understand), Prince Phillip finally gave up his driver's license (thank god), American Media and the National Enquirer are now getting called out by Jeff Bezos (oh boy), Sean Penn writes a op-ed that no one asked for (other than Bradley Cooper, maybe) and Gus Kenworthy lands a roll that doesn't involve the Olympics. Now if we could only remember his sport... Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
12/02/1954m 35s

Who's There: Sir Pippin Close & Michael Bolton?

We have spent so much time talking about The Wife on this podcast that it's sort of surprising that it took us this long to mention Pip, aka The Wife's Son. Did you know Glenn Close has a dog named Sir Pippin Close, aka Pip? And, if so, did you know he has his own Instagram account? Well you do now, so follow it. But this episode isn't just about Pip Close (as much as we'd like it to be), there's also chatter about Michael Bolton falling asleep on an Australian morning show, Jennifer Lawrence's now-FIANCÉ Cooke Maroney, and comments about Enigma (Rita was there) and Ariana Grande's tattoo (it was worse than we thought). Then, duh, a round of Who or Them. Did I mention I'm writing this while watching Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime performance? Because I am. Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
08/02/1947m 10s

21 Savage & The Fiji Water Girl?

Back from our west coast jaunt (plenty more dates on sale to come see us live!), we're exhausted but ready to discuss the Hottest Whos in the game. For example: Super Bowl? Anyone? No? OK! How about Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale holding hands while leaving the club? And Halsey's West Hollywood date with a British guy named Yungblud? Speaking of Brits, have you heard that 21 Savage might be one? (Fuck ICE!) And the World Record Egg was cracked. (Fuck EGG!) Plus, why Caitlyn Jenner can't launch a skincare line because of her dang daughters, and Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell are defffffinitely hooking up. Finally, the Fiji Water Girl is suing (yikes) aaaaand Rita should've done the Super Bowl Halftime show. OK FINE WE SAID IT! Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
05/02/1938m 49s

Who's There: Maggie Rogers & Jensen Ackles?

This episode is wild. From Sliding Doors chatter (AGAIN?? Will it ever end???) to Jason Mraz's Build-a-Bear, to our RENT LIVE thoughts, to why every person of a VERY specific demographic is listening to Maggie Rogers, to whether or not someone named Jenson Ackles is a Who or a Them. PLUS: two Caller You're Doing Amazing Sweeties... after the ad. P.S. It's FEBRUARY 1! [Sarah Jessica Parker voice] Rabbit, rabbit! Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
01/02/1944m 57s

Sara Dinkin & The Virgin Mary?

Did we record this podcast before the airing of RENT Live!?* Yes, sorry, but we'll weigh in later this week, promise. We're talking Oscars—specifically A Star is Born's wild campaign) and SPEAKING OF: Andy Cohen's ASIB-themed baby shower featuring almost every Housewife...except Lisa V. & Bethenny F.? Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart's new girlfriend's blog is definitely worth a look, and we're obsessed with our new favorite influencer: Mary. Yes, The Virgin Mary. (Thank you @Pontifex!) Plus, why Prince Phillip needs to get off the road and R.I.P. Megan Barton Hanson and Wes Nelson's relationship and, probably, their hamster. Oh ya! Remember when Rita was on Drag Race? We do. *Lindsey says that Vanessa Hudgens is Italian. That is not true, and she regrets the error. Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
29/01/1944m 3s

Who's There: Suge J. Knight & Andy King?

Another call-in episode! Look, we didn't expect to make so many references to Sliding Doors when first mentioning it, but this is the way podcasts go. We roll with the punches: we listen to angry calls about blonde Gwyneth, we reference Jean Tripplehorn, we talk about falling down the stairs—multiple times. But enough about Sliding Doors! Today's episode introduces us to Suge Knight's son (who is now claiming Tupac is alive), catches us up with Keri Hilson (she's fine, and in a new movie with Kelly Rowland), and recaps the Fyre Fest documentary that starred Andy King, the Michael Clayton of the Fyre Fest universe. Oh, and we talk about celery juice, matcha, and Scott Foley. Questions? Comments? Call 619-WHO-THEM. <3 Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
25/01/1945m 53s

Terry Fator & Alexis Skyy?

What do a Las Vegas ventriloquist named Terry Fator and Kardashian attic ghost Rob have in common? Well, nothing really other than: DARKNESS. We'll get into it—how Rob's DM-sliding has Blac Chyna throwing drinks at his new WCW, Alexis Skyy. And how Summer Bunni (remember her?) fits into all of it. There's Jessica Simpson's "swollen piggies", Milania Giudice's new (age-appropriate) bop, Patti Clarkson's fight against "fake news" (thanks to her PR team) and Love Island's Megan Barton Hanson feud with her boyfriend Wes Nelson's Dancing on Ice skate partner, Vanessa Bauer.  Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
22/01/1950m 22s

Who's There: Caroline Calloway & Tarragon?

It's Who? Weekly's 3rd anniversary—can you believe it? To celebrate, we'll take your calls about finally recognizing Nina Dobrev, James vs. Josh Charles, and why Molly Sims attends every award show. (The answer will not surprise or shock you!) Plus, Caroline Calloway... yes, finally. And herbs. And Gigi Hadid vs. Postmates. And Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. It's all happening.  Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
18/01/1947m 51s

Lauren Sanchez & The Egg?

Today's Who? Weekly covers oft-ignored categories of Wholebrities: helicopter pilot Whos, alien Whos, and Whos surrounded by protective shells that are susceptible to cracking. I am, of course, talking about Lauren Sanchez (the girlfriend of Jeff Bezos), Jeanine Mason and Nathan Parsons (aka the stars of Roswell, New Mexico), and World_Record_Egg (aka the most-liked Instagram photo of all time). Also featured on today's episode: Tom Hardy's affinity for Forrest Gump, Katherine Schwarzenegger's upcoming presidential run, and the WORST two songs on Rita Ora's Phoenix. For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
15/01/1945m 27s

Who's There: Emma Chamberlain & Jona Weinhofen?

This week we answer calls from teens(!) and Australians(!) and we talk about teens and Australians. Two of our favorite topics, honestly. First, a YouTuber named Emma who may or may not be dating another YouTuber named Ethan (...Dolan. Remember him?) We learn why exactly Iris Apatow was at Taylor Swift's NYE party, what hy-ya-luron-nic acid actually does, (no thanks to Eva Longoria!), and what's going on with Allison Williams. Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker: are they a thing? New Jersey needs to know. Plus, the origin story of "Come to Brazil" (we're coming!!!!) and a FIRE ROUND of Who or Them.  Come see us on tour! And for more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more.
11/01/1954m 16s

(Escape From) Dannemora & The Wife?

I don't know about you, but I completely forgot the Golden Globes were happening until like 4 hours before the Golden Globes started. This meant every big surprise was especially surprising because, you know, I never had the chance to build up and then lose my excitement for the night. So when Patti won, I screamed! When Glenn won, I screamed harder! And when the Fiji Water Lady revealed herself, I sold everything I owned and moved to the woods in order to isolate myself from society and write a great American novel about the Fiji Water Lady. Where was I? Not sure. Speaking of "not sure," who is Dannemora? Why does someone named Kominsky have a method? And is The Wife a Them now? All those answers–and plenty of hyaluronic acid–can be found in today's episode. For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
08/01/1954m 59s

Who's There: Abigail Anderson Lucier & 'The Masked Singer'

Taylor Swift's Halloween meets New Year's Eve party: Was it fun? You'll have to ask one of the 5-7 people who we can confirm were there, including: Her pal Abigail, Gigi, Ryan & Blake, someone's agent, someone's stylist and...Joe Alwyn? (STILL UNCONFIRMED). Most important, there was a very lonely cheese plate. Plus, a story about Wendy Williams that you definitely need to hear, a brand new show on FOX that has us in love with reality singing competitions again, some tips on how to explain influencers to your confused boss and a brand new WHO/THEM LIGHTNING ROUND: Rachel Weisz? John Boyega? Jennifer Tilly? Sandra Oh? Abbi & Ilana? William H. Macy?????? For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
04/01/1950m 30s

Keisha Lance Bottoms & Tristan Evans?

Can you believe 2018 is over?! And more importantly, can you believe we're still doing this after almost three years?! I can't. But enough about time, there are Wholebrities to discuss, and 2019 looks to be a banner year for them. On today's episode, we discuss one iconic celebrity BFF who has decided not to mind the gap, what Titanic and Sofia Richie have in common (sort of), the most shocking breakup of 2018, and Ashanti's "Foolish" obsession with a very specific deodorant brand. We even take a minor detour into the world of politics by way of a more palatable subject: mac & cheese. Finally, we play everyone's favorite (???) game: Last Weekly. Happy New Year, y'all! May it be as fabulous as Harry and Sally's. Fun fact: we cut like half an hour from this episode for the sake of keeping it under 45 minutes long, but those segments will be in the next Patreon episode.
01/01/1942m 45s

The 2018 Who, Me? Awards

It's time for the 3rd annual Who, Me? Awards, presented by Dropbox and Outdoor Voices (truly), all our pals over at Patreon and Y-O-U. Yes, you! Our end of the year extravaganza (Oscars, who?????) is a look back at 2018: the Whos, the Thems, the misguided weekly segments (R.I.P. This is Not a Westworld Podcast)—everything that's made us Think and Feel and LOL. So slap on your award show glam and join us for our version of Hollywood's Biggest Night. Or, you know, WHO-llywood's Biggest Night. Close enough. For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. We're also going on tour next year! Get tickets here and come see us.
28/12/1841m 46s

Who's There: RedFoo & Jack Dorsey?

In this week's Who's There, we spend far too much time discussing the trailer for the new Men In Black movie (it's called Men In Black: International for some reason) after which we discover the following things: Camryn Manheim is a John Mayer fan. Camryn Manheim's real first name is Debbie. The Love Advent Calendar STILL exists, it just rebranded. Jack Dorsey didn't fulfill his side of a bargain with Azealia Banks. The LMFAO boys are uncle and nephew. Ian Somerhalder loves visiting Fern Gully. In other words, it's business as usual. Oh snap! For more Who? Weekly content (and a bonus episode this week!), subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
21/12/1846m 45s

Kayti Edwards & Jack Donnelly?

What do Julie Andrews' step-granddaughter and Malin Ackerman's new, 'floating' husband have in common? Well, nothing, other than the the fact that they are BOTH in this brand new episode of Who? Weekly. Who else? An entirely new (and honestly, terrifying) segment called Yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes. The #truth about a tipsy fan who confused "confused" Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. Remy Ma and Papoose welcome their 'Golden Child'—finally! Why January Jones ex gave her a necklace made out of...her own...dog's....baby....teeth??? Blac Chyna loses her license or something, and did Mr. & Mrs. Bieber both get lice? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out. For more Who? Weekly content (and a bonus episode this week!), subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
18/12/1854m 40s

Who's There: Milo Manheim & Kate Harrison?

Before we begin, let's get this out of the way: Vox Lux Sux. Don't see it. Don't! Or see it! Whatever. We aren't a movie podcast. We're a Wholebrity podcast, so let's move on to this week's calls, which cover a Love Island breakup (and speedy reunion), Shakira's spiral into alleged Who crimes, Camryn Manheim's son Milo, the iconic URL Camryn Manheim secured, Camryn Manheim's to The Net, the woman Chloe Grace Moretz was spotted smooching, whether Regina Hall is a Who or a Them, Hallmark movies about mail, and – dun dun dun – why Teri Hatcher was at George H.W. Bush's funeral. Enjoy! For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
14/12/1851m 10s

Miranda Kerr & Jillian Dempsey?

*Chandler voice* Could this episode BE any longer? Lucky you, this one's filled to the brim with everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't. What do you need to know? That Miranda Kerr is in position of a 'stolen' crystal baby grand piano, given to her by a Malaysian scammer. That Kirk Cameron ran his sister Candace (Cameron Bure) over with a go-kart. That the Golden Globes nominees were announced and there were so many Whos: Denzel's son, someone from Degrassi, 2 Maisels and Olivia Colman! That the Love Advent Calendar has gone MISSING. That Patrick Dempsey is selling his wife Jillian's vibrating gold facial bar on Instagram????? That a Bachelor contestant already released a Notes app apology, and a DWTS showmance has already soured. That RHONY's Ramona is smooching the ex husband of another RHONY. That Pharrell loooooooves his AMEX. That we're playing a game called "Gossip Cop Cop" (you'll love it) and that Rita Ora is up to something. She always is! For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
11/12/1856m 15s

Who's There: Summer Bunni & Jessica Simpson's Word Processor?

You know how we always get things wrong? It's part of our charm. (We hope.) But sometimes you, our beautiful, loyal listeners *also* get things wrong. Case in point: the two calls we got from our listeners who thought Toni Braxton was dating Michael Keaton. (She's dating Birdman the co-founder of Cash Money Records, not Birdman the character from the terrible movie of the same name.) But let's not start off on the wrong foot: this week's VERY fun episode covers things we got wrong about Taissa Farmiga and Jameela Jamil + a bunch of other new topics, including: Lukas Haas, the film Witness, a woman named Summer Bunni, and–most importantly–the fake feud between two Thems (Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman) and one Who (the app Jessica Simpson used to start it). For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
07/12/1845m 40s

Toni Braxton & Nazanin Mandi? (ft. Who Dat)

Aminatou Sow and Shani Hilton are BACK and we have so much to catch up on. For example, why is everyone turning on Jameela Jamil? (I thought we liked her? Is airbrushing illegal now?) And who is Nazanin Mandi, Miguel's new wife? And our very own Royal Correspondent (who happens to be Shani) answers the tabloid's #1 question of the month: Are Kate and Meghan really feuding? Is this all a stunt? Are we as infatuated with Nick Jonas and Priyanka "Quantico" Chopra as the rest of the world seems to be? Plus, Toni Braxton on Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' and...more Halsey—so many of the same topics we can't stop talking about that we...completely forget to introduce new Whos. Oh well! You'll love it anyway. Special thanks to BuzzFeed and Camila Salazar for production help. For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
04/12/1856m 12s

Who's There: Olivia the Dog & Brockhampton?

Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show, we answer a variety of questions about people (like Stacy Keibler), places (like tanning salons), things (the Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable), and animals (like Olivia the dog). We also threw in a call about Elizabeth Debicki, about ten rapid-fire "Who or Them" inquiries, and several minutes talking about a little film called The Wife. You're so welcome. For more Who? Weekly content, subscribe to our Patreon. There's a weekly newsletter, extra episodes, and so much more. You know you want to. We're also going on tour! Buy tickets here.
30/11/1848m 24s

Kelly Dodd & Princess Beatrice?

Emily Ratajkowski wants to know why people focus on what she's wearing. (Maybe it's because she's a model, but what do we know!!) Princess Beatrice wants to hang out with new boyfriend, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (although his ex-fiancé might not be so into it) and Neil Patrick Harris does not want to hang out with DWTS winner, Bobby Bones. Nico Tortorella and 'spouse' want to spend Thanksgiving naked, and Paris Hilton wants to spend Thanksgiving away from her now-ex-fiancé, Chris Zylka. (Zylka wants to spend his acting.) Kelly Dodd wants to bang chocolate-cover cherries, and Brooke Shields wants to give you some 300 year old salad dressing. Tom Holland? Well, he just wants to eat pumpkin. And Rita Ora? She wants you to know that her new album, Phoenix, is out! Finally!
27/11/1858m 49s

'The Princess Switch' & Brendon Zub?

It's the most wonderful time of the year: deranged-yet-entirely-watchable Hallmark/Lifetime/Netflix Christmas movie time! In today's very special episode (Who's There will return next Friday), Lindsey and Bobby discuss the Vanessa Hudgens/Vanessa Hudgens masterpiece The Princess Switch, and play two games based on this season's slate of basic cable cheer. These films prove Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabert are the two most talented people in the biz. Today's episode of Who? Weekly is brought to you by ReBe New York! Get 20% off your next order by using promo code WHO.
23/11/1853m 45s

Hobo Johnson & Tamar Braxton?

Have you seen Jonathan starring Ansel Elgort & Ansel Elgort? How about The Christmas Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens and Vanessa Hudgens? Have you heard about Hobo Johnson? (Probably not, but your teenaged kids/pals have.) Did you know Frankie Muniz's house was flooded because his cat successfully pawed at the faucet? Or that Tamar Braxton abruptly quit Snoop Dogg's play mid-performance because she wasn't delivered her sandwich? Maybe you knew that Hailey Bieber (yes, she's Bieber now!) accidentally followed a Selena Gomez fan Instagram account. Oops! Or you RT'd Armie Hammer when he went off on celebs performatively mourning Stan Lee...If you didn't, where you been? Don't worry we'll catch you up. (What you won't hear is a cut segment on Alexandra Daddario, that is, UNLESS you're Patreon supporter.)
22/11/1850m 47s

Who's There: Calum Turner & Michael Stuhlbarg?

It's call-in time! Oh, how we love hearing all your beautiful voices. (Most of the time.) Just kidding! Just kidding. Honestly, the only time we groan is when you call about Alexandra D'Addario. OK, stop me before I truly go off on a tangent. This week, the commenters discuss the many crimes of Grindelwald (or whatever those bankers are called), defend Kaitlyn Bristowe's honor, and introduce us to a woman named Asia who was only in the Pussycat Dolls for like seven seconds. Later, we dig into Calum Turner and his obvious path towards stardom, Debi Mazar's interaction with a ghost who boiled her turtle, and Leah Remini's appearance on our favorite Who-y talkshow hosted by a Them: Red Table Talk. Oh! And then there's Michael Stuhlbarg. Is he a Who? A Them? You'll just have to listen. Call 619.WHO.THEM and we might address your comment/question on the next show!
22/11/1848m 4s

Rhea Wahlberg & Christmas Abbott?

Three songs enter the ring: Ashley Tisdale's "Voices in My Head," Cheryl's "Love Made Me Do It" and Dinah Jane's "Bottled Up" and only one leaves. Annnnd what exactly did Noah Centineo say to one of the writers from Busy Tonight? (I guess, more like, what did he not say to her?) Plus, Mark Wahlberg's wife Rhea is a blogging and bag-making legend who hates when her kids play Fortnite (but loves Dunkin Donuts!) and what happens when a Big Brother star rams her car into her baby-daddy's new girlfriend's Honda? Oops! Shadowhunter's won the People's Choice Award for 'Best Show,' but do you know what won 'Most Hypeworthy Canadian'? Did you know that was a category? Ezra Miller's goats, Kailyn Bristowe's new ex-fiancé and why Pusha-T thinks he's fooling us. Pusha, you're not fooling us!!!! Nice try!!!!
22/11/1850m 19s

Who's There: Ricky Alvarez & Kaya Jones?

Lindsey and Bobby are more than happy to write an ensemble romcom called "ELECTION DAY" that can take place in the Gary Marshall (R.I.P.) universe, so please give us that chance. Moving on, we take calls about Hennessy Carolina's role in Nicki/Cardi's feud, a new show called Kevin Can Fuck Off (will we sue? maybe), why Danielle Jonas couldn't attend Priyanka Chopra's bachelorette party, "Ricky" from "Thank U, Next," Rami Malek (Who or Them?), Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens's fake Netflix twin, and a Trump-loving former Pussycat Doll named Kaya Jones. Oh my GOODNESS, this episode is jam-packed! Some might call it... The Greatest Show.
22/11/1853m 19s

Comments by Celebs? (ft. Julie Kramer & Emma Diamond)

If you listen to Who? Weekly, you know that one of the things that we are just fascinated with is the changing dynamics of celebrity reporting. Sure, we'll love Us Weekly and the Daily Mail forever—where are the cool and new and even strange places that people are getting their Who? news. Well, today on the pod we've got one of those places. It's your favorite Instagram account: COMMENTS by CELEBS. Co-founders Julie Kramer & Emma Diamond tells about #thealgorithm and which celebs might be sucking up to them with their quips? ;) Oh and they've got a podcast, too, so check that out.
22/11/1846m 27s

Who's There: Zoë Kravitz & Little Mix?

Today on Who's There, we answer these deeply important questions: What REALLY happened to PeteAndAriana fan Instagram? Who was missing during the Today show Halloween spectacular? Who will light Tinashe's candle? Why do people suddenly care about Little Mix? Is Zoe Kravitz a Who or a Them? At what point does being in the New York Times Crossword mean you're a Them? (Hint: U.K. Singer Rita)
22/11/1843m 7s

Ross Lynch & Joy-Anna Duggar (Boo! Weekly)

Boo! It's a very spOooOOooOOOoky episode of Who? Weekly—just in time for Halloween (or, uh, WHOlloween!), which may be our favorite (w)holiday because no one loves a costume more than a celeb. We're celebrating All Hallow's Eve with some dead stuff: the unlucky soul given the axe (murder?) by Modern Family and the Whos of Netflix's Sabrina. (Plus, why Lindsey never wants to talk about pop star, Kim Petras!) We'll also celebrate by broaching some of the very dark topics we would much rather avoid: Queer Eye Antoni's new boyfriend, Casey Anthony's new boyfriend, whatever's going on with Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley, Joy-Anna Duggar, Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans (and her husband, David). Finally: a game! Did Julianne Hough do blackface again? You'll have to listen and find out. P.S. Did you know we have a Patreon now? Come get some extras.
22/11/1847m 35s

Who's There: Jocelyn Chew & Mr. Mucus?

What's the deal with Diddy's new girlfriend, and why does Minka Kelly care so much about mucus buildup?
22/11/1848m 53s

Princess Eugenie of York & Hailey Rhode Bieber

Boy, do we have some catching up to do. First, R.I.P. GRANDSON. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are no more...just as Bobby predicted. They weren't the only ones at the center of bad news: Diddy and Cassie called it quits after 11 years, Tinashe got voted off Dancing With the Stars (!!!) and Joe Giudice is reportedly getting deported (you know, after he gets out of jail.) There was also good news: Meghan Markle announced her pregnancy... on Eugenie's wedding day (oop), while Gaga got engaged to named Christian Carino (memba him?) and Jessie J is dating CHANNING TATUM. Holy shit. Strap in.
22/11/1851m 26s

Does Helen Mirren Know Who Busy Philips Is? (ft. 'I Don't Know Her')

Just because someone is on a vacation, doesn't mean we stop bringing you the best Wholeb entertainment in the whole damn world!!!! Today we have THREE games for you—one around the best Twitter account on the web, that's right, @KLGandHoda ('Hoda or No-da?') and another to celebrate Bella Thorne's 21st birthday (Good form!!! We think.) Then, no Very Special Games Episode would be complete without multiple rounds of 'I Don't Know Her', in which ask questions like, 'Does Helen Mirren KNOW who Busy Phillips is?' and 'Does Dakota Johnson know who Ally Maine* is?' As far as What RIta's Up To? You'll have to hold on til next week ;) *Not a real person.
22/11/1837m 12s

Who's There: Dr. Aida Tekla & Noble Gases?

After providing definitive (or not-so-definitive) proof that Dakota Johnson is (or isn't) pregnant and sharing a selection of the many, many, many calls we received about A Star Is Born, we take on some of the week's biggest questions, like: Is "The Cure" an Ally song? Did you know "Halsey" is a jumble of another name? What is Kat Dennings up to, and why does it involve a binder? Where is Charlotte Church? And, finally: Is Dr. Aida Tekla a real person?
22/11/1834m 8s

Sully Bush & K. Michelle? (ft. A Star is Born)

The day has finally come. The final "Bradley Cooper Presents 'A Podcast Segment is Born' Starring Lady Gaga' because IT'S TRUE! we've seen A Star is Born. Did we love it? You'll have to tune in to find out. You'll also have to tune to find out why Meghan Markle's sister was in England, how Sully Bush ruined Barb's wedding, why the New York Times is still talking about Neri Oxman, which former Cheetah Girl got married at Wayne Newton's house, whether Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are expecting *eyes emoji* and who K. Michelle is (and why her doorbell is iconic.) We've got that hair. body. face. for you!
22/11/1848m 57s

Who's There: Lily-Rose Depp & Patricia Bündchen?

This week on Who's There, we accept several calls about Lil Xan's hot Cheetos saga, and why it probably wasn't exaggerated in the slightest! (Hot Cheetos are no joke, per MORE THAN ONE doctor!) Moving on, two sort-of-French young actors are dating... maybe! But maybe not. Can you guess them? Next up, ANSEL is TONY, but who will be Maria? Unclear. Then we spend some time talking about Gisele Bündchen's fraternal twin sister Patricia, and what we suspect her #1 job is, thus leading us to the new term Bündchen's Münchkins.
22/11/1834m 26s

Laura Lee & Roger Mathews?

JUST THREE MORE SLEEPS! ...Until we see A Star is Born. What else even is there to talk about? Oh, right: Saturday Night Live's full pivot to Pete Davidson Night Live, a bunch of YouTubers giving apologies again and again and (really!) again. Rashida Jones' 'secret' pregnancy with the guy from Vampire Weekend (and other 'secret' pregnancies, and why we're putting 'secret' in quotes.) Plus, devastating news about JWoww (Jennifer Farley) and her hubby, Roger (Matthews)—divorce! Why Elon Musk's drama goes alllll the way back to Azealia Banksand why Grimes might be an undercover agent? (Just a conspiracy we're trying to start, sorry.) DID YOU KNOW Jordin Sparks is a Pokémon fanatic from wayyyyy back and do you think she's more famous than Eevie? Plus, Joe Alwyn. Yep: Joe Alwyn.
22/11/1844m 34s

Who's There: Tory Lanez & Gritty?

Another episode of Whhhhhhhhhhhhh.....? Whooooooo......?? Whooooooo's?? Whoooooooo's Thhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee??? Who's There! Who's There. You got it! This week, we get into a surprisingly heated and impassioned discussion about Dunkin' (nee Dunkin' Donuts), which is followed by a delightful call about Tinashe's "amazing" first performance on DWTS. Later, we answer calls about FKA Twigs' intercom (and new ex-wife(?) Mia Goth's MIA status), our new queen Gritty (who should definitely do drag), Tory Lanez and his many quickly extinguished feuds, as well as the sudden spike in art that either: A. begins with "The Good," or B. is about Drew Barrymore. What's up with that?
22/11/1843m 51s

Amy Smart & Courtney Act?

Do you love pears? Well, you'll be happy(?) to hear that actress and Known Pear Lover, Amy Smart, is the new spokesperson for USA Pears and she is doing her very best to represent pears while also selling her own brand of 'smart' mattresses. Yes: mattresses. Kourtney Kardashian isn't selling her own brand of mattresses, but she is dating her sister's 20 year old friend-slash-model-slash-actor, Luka Sabbat, or so says a source to Us Weekly. Vietnam's version of The Bachelor had a fun twist, and speaking of bisexuals, E! across the pond is getting a "bisexual Love Island" hosted by Celebrity Big Bro winner, Courtney Act. Plus, Kelly Ripa does NOT eat her fingernails and RITA RELEASED THE FIRST SINGLE OFF HER NEW ALBUM, PHOENIX.
22/11/1835m 17s

Who's There: Jake Wilson & Slick Woods?

Well, well, well. What did you call in about this week? Lucky us, you wanted just the Good Stuff from The Emmys, like: Is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actually any good? And: Is Issa Rae a Who or a Them? Plus, non-Emmys things, like: Who are all these women in this incredible Cher music video? (Yep, that IS Betty Who.) And do we really have to pronounce Ariana Grand-dee and Chrissy Tie-gen's names correctly? Wait, who was that model that went into labor at the Rihanna fashion show? Plus, Is Allison Williams missing?
22/11/1833m 22s

Zak Bagans & Mark Burnett?

While typing this description I realized we forgot this week's segment of Bradley Cooper's A Podcast Segment Is Born starring Lady Gaga, so for that... we apologize. Oops. What we remembered, however, is considerably more interesting. Did you know Tinashe is going to be on Dancing With the Stars this season! We're so excited, but worried she won't find room for the fire truck. Other topics: Fan Bingbing (still ?????). Post Malone (cursed). Zachary Bagans (the guy responsible for cursing him). Richard Gere's decades-long friendship to the Dalai Lama (iconic). Alejandra Silva (pregnant). David Harbour (our new nemesis). Whether or not Nancy Sinatra (Them) knows Mark Burnett (Who).
22/11/1841m 3s

Who's There: Bonnie Aarons & Devon Windsor?

NOTE: Today’s Caller You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie is absolutely iconic and worth your time… it’s also Piper Perabo-related. Moving on, today’s calls are strangely Olivia Culpo-centric, with some new Whos peppered in—such as Bonnie Aarons (The Nun), Devon Windsor (the blonde model), Jenna Cooper (an unsympathetic Bachelor In Paradise contestant) and Jordan Kimball (a sympathetic Bachelor In Paradise contestant). As always: call 619.WHO.THEM with your questions and concerns.
22/11/1840m 4s

Rah Ali & Evan Ross?

Let's get down to business. First: a Very Special Call about "A Star is Born" all the way from Toronto!!! Then, we break down the Cardi vs. Nicki fight and how it was maybe really all about someone else, a stiletto expert slash armed security officer named Rashidah Ali. Do you even know how devious former head of CBS, Les Moonves, is? We can't stop thinking about it (or Julie Chen, for that matter.) Plus, Olivia Wilde, Shane Black and...Jacob Tremblay? Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra "choose" a couple name we can get behind, KJ Apa watches The First Wives Club one, both Bobby and Lindsey watch 1-2 episodes of E!'s Ashlee + Evan and tell you if you should do the same. Plus, Rita nearly has a wardrobe malfunction.
22/11/1839m 56s

Who's There: Jameela Jamil & Fedez?

This week on Who's There, we begin by finding out that fans of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardobe movie DO exist (and they have THOUGHTS). Next up: an update on Fan Bingbing that features major Them Jackie Chan somehow?! Tax evasion is the real deal, y'all. Anyway, we go on to cover The Blonde Salad and her new husband Fedez (he's an Italian rapper), Vanilla Ice's experience on the Contagion plane, Contagion (the movie), Christina Milian and her husband M. Pokora, and, finally, a one-two punch of political news featuring Jameela Jamil and Piper Perabo. Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts! THEN... rewatch Contagion. It's amazing.
22/11/1848m 24s

Randall Emmett & Geoffrey Owens?

The rumors are true! We're turning our A Star is Born fandom into a new segment called "Bradley Cooper Presents A Podcast Segment is Born Starring Lady Gaga" — for all your pro-A Star is Born, anti-First Man update needs. Will we do this for the entire month leading up to the movie's premiere? We literally can't help ourselves. We also can't help ourselves from talking about Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan (Oops and R.I.P.), a forced meme called #DoTheLilo, celebrities that attended Burning Man (mostly just Heidi Klum), Lala Kent's new fiancé (and the THAMPS-y jeweler who sold them her new ring), Halsey & Gerald, Dominic & Gemma, Teresa & Keef, the "job shaming" of Geoffrey Owens and...25 things you definitely didn't know about Shay Mitchell.
22/11/1851m 11s

Who's There: Burning Man & Audrina Patridge?

Haaaaaa ah ah ah ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Lady Gaga] This week on Who's There Torrey & Pecker C.S. is underground... [Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper] We're faun James McAvoy now... [bling, bloom, bling]
22/11/1846m 50s

Lil Xan & Noah Centineo?

Lindsey's back from Africa, Bobby's back from watching The Wife starring Glenn Close and here we have a *brand new* episode of your favorite podcast (a date late, apologies!) What'd we miss? Well, (someone named) Lil Xan and (younger Cyrus) Noah Cyrus at the VMAs, for one. We missed a brand new hunk named Noah Centineo, star of To All The Boys I've Loved Before. We missed Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves getting kicked off Celebrity Big Brother for something scandalous. We missed Demi Lovato's former "drug dealer" talking to TMZ non-stop. We missed Instagram influencer Johnna Holmgren poisoning people with her foraging-based cookbook (now off shelves). And we missed what Meghan Trainor has in her bag! Plus, we missed you.
22/11/1847m 46s

Who's There: Rodrigo Alves & Patricia Clarkson? (Flashback Friday!)

After over two years of Who's There, this is our FIRST TIME entering the archives for an entire episode. So here's how it works: we listen to all of your calls every week (it's practically a full-time job), then narrow them down to our first round of favorites. Of those, we use roughly 75% for each episode of Who's There. But what about the remaining 25%?! This week, we revisit those great calls we've never answered, including ones about Laura Linney, Patricia Clarkson, Rupert Grint, Rodrigo Alves, The Wiggles, and...uh oh...Alexandra D'Addario.
22/11/1839m 6s

Shauna Sexton & Gemma Chan?

Hey kids, how were the VMAs? We don't know because we're coming to you from the past with this week's episode—don't worry, we've got the "things people are talking about" otherwise: like Crazy Rich Asians! Sharp Objects! (lol) Sweetener!? Queen!? Kirstie Alley on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother! Are people still talking about Elon Musk and Grimes and Azalea Banks? How about the fact that Rita's the captain now? You'll see what we mean.
22/11/1848m 33s

Who's There: Tammy Hembrow & Life With MaK?

First of all, thank you to EVERYONE who came to our final show of 2018 last night at The Bell House in Brooklyn! It was incredible, as were our very special (dare I say iconic?) guests Mariah Smith, Orin Heidelberg, Matt Bellassai, and Jessica Williams! You all are the very best and we're so lucky to have had you! But enough with the sentimental introductions. This week we take calls about the very intense love connection involving Denise Richards, Nicolette Sheridan, Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, and (ahhhh) Michael Bolton. Then, we move on to questions about a fitness influencer/model named Tammy Hembrow (she collapsed at Kylie's 21st birthday, but don't worry, she's fine), Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson's new romance, and the world's #1 ASMR queen Life With MaK. Call the hotline 619.WHO.THEM for comments and questions! **taps nails on seltzer can**
22/11/1836m 59s

Denise Richards & Hannah Stocking?

We start with a bit about AMI's David Pecker—the guy who owns not just Us Weekly, but our beloved Closer, plus In Touch, Life & Style, OK!, Star and Radar Online. Yikes. There's something fishy about the cover of another one of his pubs, Men's Journal, and we'll explain why. (Sorry about the politics talk, but sometimes we gotta dig in.) Plus, the weirdness around Denise Richards joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, "Liam's TWO Cheryl Lookalikes" (thx Daily Mail!), all of the teens we didn't know at the Teen Choice Awards, why St. Tropez is OVER and did Blac Chyna's caboose, well, vamoose?
22/11/1846m 52s

Who's There: Ari Melber & Fan Bingbing?

“Men, we have a problem. We have to get these astronauts from this circle to that circle, and we only have 8 hours to do it.” Every movie about NASA has this scene, even ones starring Claire Foy! Oh, sorry for starting off his episode description with something confusing. Hmm. Let’s put things simply: today we talk about Lance Bass (again), bean bags (again), Vanessa Kirby, Ari Melber, Alexandra D'Addario (100th time's a charm), Maye Musk, Tracy Chapman, and a very famous actress named who may or may not be missing because of tax evasion.  Enjoy! And call 619.WHO.THEM.
22/11/1848m 32s

Carys Zeta Douglas & Barbara Palvin?

UPDATE: Weird pauses have been fixed! Carys Zeta Douglas thought her father was a pancake maker; Hayden Panettiere thought her ex-husband, boxer Wladimir Klitschko, was a doctor (and he probably is); Nick Jonas thought his time at the St. Ives Mixing Bar in NYC was just about lotion; Kourtney Kardashian thought no one would notice she did #spon for the opening of a new sugar-filled Sugar Factory in Atlantic City (but, alas, we did.) Plus, which Spouse brother is attached to a Hungarian model, known for her past dalliances with the likes of Lewis Hamilton (race car driver) and Nick Jonas (lotion user.) All that and more (about Rita) on today's brand new episode.
22/11/1847m 21s

Who's There: Joe LoCicero & Doug the Pug?

Oh my GOODNESS we messed up on Tuesday. For the first time in Who? Weekly HISTORY, we forgot to tell all our lovely listeners what Rita Ora is up to! And after answering that age-old question, we move onto less important calls (just kidding, we love all your calls equally) about fantastic topics such as Joe LoCicero, Samantha Markle, Doug the Pug, Jonathan Van Ness, Dove Cameron, Finneas O’Connell, and -- drumroll please -- cold bean bag chairs. I promise it will all make sense in the end.
22/11/1847m 57s

Phil Elverum & Caleb Stevens

It's alright, it's OK: Ashley Tisdale is working on a new album. "It's official," she tweeted. But you know what's not (Instagram) official? Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's rumored engagement! Sources say yes, it's true, but we say... Where are the receipts? We also say AHHHHHHHHH regarding a feud between two teenagers: Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa. And we say AWWWWWW to news of a secret marriage between Michelle Williams (actress) and Phil Elverum (singer). Plus, Carole Radziwill is dropping out of Housewives, and VIcki Gunvalson loves her new face! Come see us in Brooklyn on August 16th at The Bell House!
22/11/1849m 6s

Who's There: Billie Eilish & Will Malnati?

So many calls this week! Or maybe the same number of calls as usual? Who knows. The point is, the calls are GREAT, and they cover incredible, essential topics like: Lily James' performance in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Billie Eilish, Jessica Keenan Wynn's (aka Young Christine Baranski's) performance in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Will Malnati, the utter bliss you feel after seeing Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Ryan Lochte, the genius of Ol Parker, director and writer of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and Rita Ora (obviously.)
22/11/1839m 40s

Samantha Markle & 'Love Island'?

...And we're back! Samantha Markle might be joining Celebrity Big Brother and Bristol Palin will be joining Teen Mom. (Set your DVRs immediately.) Adam Brody is allegedly a slumlord (allegedlyallegedlyallegedly) and Jill Scott's husband would like his fie hotel robes back please?????? Plus, Lindsey explains 'Love Island' and Elle Macpherson is literally dating the guy who started the anti-vaxxer movement? Elle!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!
22/11/1838m 3s

Who's There: Pabllo Vittar & Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic?

Let's get the business out of the way up top: come to our LIVE SHOW next Tuesday at the Bell House! Tickets are available here (or on our website, WhoWeekly.us) and we PROMISE you a good time. And now, today's episode of Who's There. This week, we take some very kind calls about 1. Tallulah Bankhead being disrespected, 2. Jerry O'Connell's show being renamed, and 3. a Very Important Black Who we forgot to elaborate on. Moving on to the newbies: Brazil's most iconic contemporary drag queen Pabllo Vittar, the girl who plays both young Amy Adams AND young Jessica Chastain (and probably young Bryce and young Isla if she's lucky) Sophia Lillis, and Croatia's president who is NOT Coco, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. Oh! And straws. Of course we talk about straws. Call 619-WHO-THEM to leave a question/comment of you own!
22/11/1841m 9s

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters & Karrueche Tran?

First thing's first: TWO LIVE SHOWS IN NYC REMAIN THIS SUMMER (JULY! AUGUST!) IF YOU DON'T HAVE TICKETS, GET THEM! Now for today's brand new episode: Gerald (Eazy) & Demi (Lovato), Billy (Bush) & Sydney (formerly Bush), Tom (Sandoval) & Tom (Schwartz). Tim Tebow's new girlfriend is Miss Universe, AKA Cosmopolitan cover girl, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Henry Cavill made a boo-boo; Karrueche Tran made it into the pages of Paper magazine. Plus, we finally figure out who invented the Post-It.
22/11/1851m 15s

Who's There: Dave Osokow & "La Copa de la Vida"?

Can you believe we're back to our regularly scheduled, non-Who-specific programming? As much as we loved talking about Bryce Dallas Howard for half an hour (we really could have gone on for at least a full day), it was time to answer a full set of calls—and your most recent ones have NOT disappointed. This week, we discuss Ryan Rottman, Jerry O'Connell's new talk show, the Whoiest star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and dig into the life of party/sunglass brand promoter, Dave Osokow--also known as DaveOPhilly. Here! We! Go! (Ale, ale, ale.)
22/11/1840m 40s

Jay Cutler & Ryan Rottman?

Is Jay Cutler some sort of Sports Them? Maybe. But in his new co-starring role on Very Cavallari, he's most definitely a Who. Bobby quizzes Lindsey on E's newest reality show even though she didn't actually watch it. Plus, everything we missed while talking solely about Bryce Dallas Howard: Biebs & Hailey Baldwin, Katherine McPhee and her gay boys David Foster, Halsey and Gerald Eazy, Tinashé's love triangle (ft. Ben Simmons & Kendall), "Good luck on your blog", Lucy Hale and two guys, Cheryl & Liam...Oh my god, it's just too much.
22/11/1844m 4s

Who's There: Bryce Dallas Howard?

Today's episode is focused on a single call. (And that call is NOT about Jessica Chastain.)
22/11/1828m 58s

Joyce Bonelli & Tokyo Stylez (T.H.A.M.P.S.)

You asked, and we delivered. Here's your special EXCLUSIVE all-T.H.A.M.P.S. episode. ICYMI: That's the term we made up for the people who orbit our favorite Whos, the Trainers, Hairstylists, Agents, Makeup Artists, Publicists & Stylists, everyone who makes the magic happens. (Yes, the magic.) We'll talk about some of the most notable. Who are YOUR favorite THAMPS? Did we miss anyone? Give us a call at 619-WHO-THEM.
22/11/1845m 3s

Who's There: Gabi Grecko & Kaitlyn Bristowe?

619-WHO-THEM: Put that number in your phone if you want to comment on Lindsey's problem with idioms, Bobby's opinion of Steve Aoki (and DJs in general), ask about very old men who marry younger women famous for her involvement in a NYPD corruption scandal, and scrunchies sold by former Bachelor contestants.
22/11/1834m 56s

Jarrod Woodgate & Scott Eastwood's Podcast?

The rumors are true: SCOTT EASTWOOD HAS A PODCAST! And, don't worry, we listened to (about) one episode. We'll share with you exactly what to expect from Clint's son's new endeavor. Plus, the final(?) chapter(?) of our Podcast Within a Podcast™, spoiler-free "This is Not a Westworld Podcast," because (THANK GOD) the second season of Westworld has come to a confusing end. Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie got married to the delight of Game of Thrones watchers, a "clingy" Australian named Jarrod Woodgate shilled for Heinz pasta sauce, Colton Haynes discovered Benihana, Aussie rag New Idea reported(?) that Scientology is trying to recruit Bindi Irwin, Katherine Heigl disrespected some gravestones and Chord Overstreet is STILL A WITCH.
22/11/1842m 33s

Who's There: Jenny Mollen & Jason Mraz?

619-WHO-THEM: That's the number you wanna call to air your grievances, state your Who/Them opinions and, most importantly, ask us who the HECK people are. This week we're tackling your calls about Tinashe's Instagram, a comedian(?) named Jenny Mollen, Jason Mraz's bi(?) sexuality, the stars of Netflix's Set It Up #notspon, Casa Zeta Jones' latest Instagram posts and Brazilian Thems. Do they exist? You'll have to tune in to find out.
22/11/1839m 21s

Gloria James & Pusha T? (ft. Who Dat?)

Breathe a sigh of relief, because everyone's two favorite guests--Aminatou Sow and Shani O. Hilton--are BACK for another installment of Who Dat. They tell us everything we need to know about the [black] celebrities we don't, namely: Gloria James, Lambo, Tinashe, Pusha T, Ben Simmons, Corey Gamble, Doria Ragland, the Smith family, and, of course.........Chris Pine.
22/11/1854m 0s

Who's There? Tom Bateman & Kaitlynn Carter

Emma Roberts and Orlando Bloom: Who or Them? We have two Wholigans calling in with some rather convincing arguments. Then, Drake reunites with his former Degrassi classmates (and guess who stole the spotlight?) and Neil Patrick Harris and Rachel Bloom continue their "feud"—made even more confusing, as NPH asks strangers to send him gifts on Twitter? We'll try and figure that one out. And Daisy Ridley (who?) is dating someone named Tom Bateman (whoooo?) Got something to say? Call us! 619-WHO-THEM.
22/11/1837m 27s

Matthew Koma & Rachel Bloom?

It wouldn't be Who? Weekly without another episode of This Is Not A Westworld Podcast [cue the music], so today's episode begins with a brief recap of this week's installment of everyone's least favorite show about robots who are stuck in a maze in several timelines or whatever. AND there's a twist! Next up: Rossworld -- as in Diana Ross! As in Evan Ross Katz! As in Ashlee Simpson! As in [scrapbooks]! (I promise this will make sense.) Then there's Teresa Giudice very orange new hobby, Hilary Duff's baby daddy (Matthew Koma) and his fun connection to a very special superstar, and a recap of all the DrAaAaAaAAAmmmAAAA that went down at the Tony Awards. What's Rita up to, you ask? She wants to sleep with John Mayer. Relatable!
22/11/1836m 30s

Who's There: Cooke Maroney & Liza Koshy?

We're all busy people. So let's just get down to business: Cooke MaroneyLiza Koshy & David Dobrik (NOT Liza Minnelli and David Gest)Yolanda Hadid's rooster, RoccoEmma Roberts: Who or Them? A bit more on Pete (Davidson) & Ariana (Grande, duh) ..and that that damn Maroon 5 video
22/11/1841m 36s

Janina Gavankar? (ft. Janina Gavankar)

Today's episode is longer than usual, but for good reason: we spoke with Janina Gavankar. You might remember her as the friend to Duchess Meghan who tried to high five a palace guard at the Royal Wedding. Or maybe you remember her as Papi from The L Word! Or from her work in video games like Far Cry 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront! Or The freaking Mysteries of freaking Laura! But after this interview you'll probably remember her best as an iconic Who? Weekly guest. Janina graciously shared stories about the road to the Royal Wedding, the importance of being in the ~~database~~ before a big event, and how the tabloids treated Meghan's friends after the engagement was announced. But beyond last month's soirée, she shares her contentment with being a Who, her involvement in the tech industry (did you know she was the first actor to join Twitter?!), her dream of joining the Blue Man Group (not to mention the EXTREMELY rude rule that is preventing her from applying), and gets real about why her beloved character may or may not be part of The L Word reboot. So take a listen. She's not just a Who, she's a Wholigan.
22/11/1851m 16s

This is Not a Westworld Podcast #3

Today's episode isn't quite ready yet, but that doesn't mean we're gonna leave you hanging! The people wanted another terrible edition of "This is Not a Westworld Podcast" and that's what you're gonna get. Oh god, how do you summarize a show you can barely understand? Tune in to find out! (And come back tomorrow for a brand new full length episode of Who? Weekly.)
22/11/1810m 15s

Who's There: Isaiah Silva & Jacob Elordi?

We could spend this episode description telling you about the clip of Melora Hardin singing No Doubt. We could tell you about Rachel Leigh Cook's history as an audiobook narrator. Hell, we could tell you about Nick Jonas dating Priyanka Chopra! Or the wild drama surrounding Isaiah Silva and Sam Lutfi! But we're not going to tell you about all that. No, we're going to focus on the fact that this episode is NOT a Westworld podcast. It just plain isn't! So please stop assuming that it is, even though we now have a weekly segment called This Is Not a Westworld Podcast.
22/11/1842m 27s

Jared Haibon & Kasey Dexter?

Fresh off a glorious long weekend (Memorial Day, to be specific, for our international community!), the celebrities are at it again. Our new mainstay, Janina Gavankar told Town & Country magazine that she was passionate about her pal Meghan Markle's privacy...then spilled the beans. Bachelor alums Ashley I. (yes, her!) and Jared H. finally got together (for the #spon?) Jennifer Garner got some ants. Kim and Kanye went after Rhymefest. Plus, Niall (sp?) and Hailee (sp)? are maybe more than friends #nialee and Ramona Singer's ex-husband's ex-mistress opened up to...Becky in Boca?
22/11/1838m 44s

Who's There: Jennifer Katharine Gates & James "Arg" Argent?

The theoretical giant red prop phone we call Who? is just ringing off the hook this week! So many good calls, and just not enough time. Here's a sneak peek at who you're talking about: Royal Wedding guests the Canadian Mulroneys (or, Mul-ROONEYS, as you claim), plus Janina Gavankar and The L Word and Casamigos. Plus, Sam Hunt? Why are Charlie Puth and Nasim Pedrad hanging out and why does the internet think Bill Gates daughter looks like Rachel Leigh Cook? Wow! What an action-packed show.
22/11/1836m 30s

Jessica Mulroney & Clayne Crawford?

Beginning an episode without a Most Markleous Headline of the Week was rough, but you know what? We powered through anyway--mostly because there was Royal Wedding news to get through (hello Janina Gavankar!) so it didn't actually feel like our second-favorite recurring segment had ended. Anyhoo, this week, we talked about Canadian socialite (and Meghan's best friend) Jessica Mulroney and why her husband is a lot like Billy Bush, someone named Clayne Crawford who's feuding with a Wayans brother, and why you'll never be able to look at Flonase the same way again.
22/11/1833m 0s

Who's There: Topes Calland & Grimes?

WOW: only one more sleep until the Royal Wedding! In celebration, we're answering your calls, which include queries like "Whyyyyyyyy is Grimes dating Elon Musk?" and "How could she?" and also things like "Why is Hilary Duff harassing her neighbor on Instagram Stories?" and "Who is that guy, anyway?" Plus, "Did you know Kevin Can Wait was cancelled?" and "Did you know 2009 Eurovision winner Alexander Rybek has an anger problem?" (Yes & yes, sadly.) Finally, "Why were David Foster and Fred Savage all at a Rob Lowe book event?" and "Do they know each other?" and "Who was that mystery blonde kissing Timothée Chalamet at Cannes?" and "Do you care?"
22/11/1855m 19s

Netta Barzilai & Eurovision 2018?

Today’s episode begins with the FINAL Most Markleous Headline of the Week and transitions into a VERY LONG SEGMENT ENTIRELY ABOUT THE WHOIEST ANNUAL SINGING SHOW ON THE PLANET: EUROVISION.  YES: Lindsey and Bobby flew to Portugal to attend.  NO: This isn’t spon. YES: There’s also a Rita segment (because, yikes, “Girls” is a mess.)
22/11/1853m 24s

Tim Chung & Nicole Tuck?

There are only a few installments left of the Most Markleous Headline of the Week, and boy did one of Meghan's extremely rude half-siblings go for the gold this week. In other news: a part-time model and part-time LAPD officer named Tim Chung may or may not be the father of Kylie's baby (he's not), DJ Khaled refuses to pleasure Nicole Tuck, whom we somehow have never discussed until now, and the marriage of the century just ended in divorce. (Will someone please send Colton Haynes flowers on our behalf?) We also play a fun game of The Blinds.
22/11/1844m 21s

Who's There: David Charmet & Kristin Cavallari?

We have seasonal allergies and you have LOTS of questions about your favorite (and least favorite) Whos and Thems. Why does everyone hate Kristin Cavallari's new cookbook? (It's not for the reason you might think.) Brooke Burke and David Charmet get a divorce—but, wait, who are they again? Plus, Katy Perry meets The Pope and gets spiritual with her new-old boyfriend, also a new-old Who, Orlando Bloom. Finally: Who is Caitlyn Jenner's new gal pal, Sophia Hutchins and where did she come from? All that and more. OK, not much more, but definitely more.
22/11/1854m 43s

Jeff Allen McManus & Weston Coppola Cage?

ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE ROYAL WEDDING! You can watch it LIVE at 7AM on SATURDAY, MAY 19 with YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST HOSTS (I'm talking about us btw) as part of this year's Vulture Fest. For ticket info, just check our feeds because you know we're going to promote the hell out of it. Anyway, this week we discuss Meghan Markle's FIRST wedding of 2018: the one on Suits! Yep, she was written out of the show with a wedding. (We watched the episode, but still have no idea what Suits is about. I think something about lead? Whatever.) Speaking of weddings: ZANDY! LEA! THE GHOST OF COREY! Speaking of weddings again: WESTON CAGE! SOMEONE NAMED HILA ARONIAN! But enough about them, because our big story of the week is more important. Did you know Miranda Lambert's trail of exes is helping to create one of the most captivating current celebrity gossip stories? There are weird names for days, messy social media behavior, and cold calls to the out-of-the-loop FATHERS of certain parties. Who knew?
22/11/1842m 55s

Who's There: Lauren Hashian & TimmyThick?

Do you have what it takes? Beauty, brains...and heart? That third dimension is what we're talking about today ft. the hearts of Michelle Williams (not that one) and her brand new controversial husband Chad Johnson (again, not that one). Oh, Jemima Kirke is selling Girls DVDs at her Brooklyn yard sale. Be sure to grab us one! Then there's The Ballad of TimmyThick, an Instagram star who may or may not be a Harvard sociological experiment? Plus, The Rock's girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, had a baby and since no one is putting in the real work to find out who this iconic Masshole is, well, we will.
22/11/1846m 39s

Romee Strijd & Zach Quittman?

We never thought we'd say this, but we're talking about Romee Strijd again. Don't remember Romee Strijd? Well, [WIND SOUND] she's an instagram model who [WIND SOUND] definitely loves wind energy and [WIND SOUND] may or may not love the environment. Also on deck this week: Meghan Markle was owned once again by people who screengrabbed all her now-deleted Instagrams, Paula Patton started dating a guy named Zach Quittman and he's already basically her manager, and Kevin McHale came out via Ariana Grande single. What fun! [WIND SOUND]
22/11/1835m 21s

Who's There: Woah Vicky & Bryana Holly

Strap in, we have a dark episode for you today. Not quite spooky, but we dug into the online personas of a few teenagers and let's just say... WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? Bhad Bhabie, Woah Vicky and Lil Tay got in a fight(?) in Hollywood(?) and it was bleak. Also bleak? The Shorty Awards, where Adam Pally caused controversy. And John Cena and Nikki Bella's break up :( :( :( Not bleak? A new "secret" baby! Nicholas Hoult and Bryana Holly's! Plus, Cardi B's sister, Hennessey and a SCOOP about ScarJo's YummyPop.
22/11/1847m 44s

Who-chella 2018 & Pia Miller?

We know you're all still talking about Beyonce's performance, but this is NOT the place for such Themmy conversation. WE are here to talk about Who-chella Queen Vanessa Hudgens, Instagram model Sommer Ray (who has an affinity for butt fringe), someone named Romee Strijd (she looks like literally everyone), and a host of other horrifically dressed Coachella attendees whose names I've already forgotten. But it's not all palm trees and SPF this week. Did you hear about Pia Miller and her fiance, that guy who created a brand of macadamia nut milk? What about Eva Amurri Martino's Dunkin Donuts sponcon??? Or Olivia Munn's ACTUAL boyfriend, actor Alex Gonzalez???? NO??? Well, there's so much for you to learn. As Shania Twain says, life's about to get good.
22/11/1838m 41s

Who's There: Tessa Thompson & Neri Oxman?

Do you know what today is? It's FLAME FRIDAY! But it's not just any *ordinary* Flame Friday, it's THE FLAME FRIDAY THAT HAPPENS TO BE THE DAY TINASHE'S "JOYRIDE" DROPS! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. (Not that we've heard it yet.) And now, the calls: There are comments about Boss Baby and Jerry O'Connell, inquiries regarding the Whos in Khloe Kardashian's current drama, a question about Brad Pitt's new girlfriend Neri Oxman, a Who/Them about Tessa Thompson, and--this is a huge deal--a revelation about Anne Heche's love for one of the best and whoiest apps: Smule. You've got to listen to the end of this episode, folks.
22/11/1843m 15s

Jacinta Kuznetsov & Elizabeth Hurley?

R.I.P. the young relationship of Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham—the heir to the Spice Girls fortune was spotted smooching some other lady in Los Angeles. Who else kicked the bucket this week? One of the Property Brothers (the hot one?) and his girlfriend, Jacinta. But there is good news in this world! Paul Hollywood met a bartender at his wife's birthday party and they moved in together. And Paris Jackson hung out exclusively with Chris Brown at her 20th birthday party. OK maybe there isn't any good news this week. Elizabeth Hurley's nephew showed up to Easter with a fresh knife wound....oh my god...and Shay Mitchell maybe never took any of her iconic #Shaycations at all????????? What is this world coming to??????????????? P.S. Don't forget to buy tickets to our shows at The Bell House! Do it!
22/11/1847m 31s

Who's There: Charly DeFrancesco & Hayley Kiyoko?

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDSEY! Second things second: LORDE AND JACK ANTONOFF WERE SUPER WEIRD AT THEIR LIVE SHOW, AND WE WERE BOTH THERE TO SEE IT IRL. Remaining things third: Olivia Culpo's mom is nice, the French do not understand Mandy Moore, Marc Jacobs got engaged to an underwear model named Charly DeFranceso in a Chipotle to a flash mob, Jenna Dewan Tatum is now Jenna Dewan again, a straight man barely knows the difference between Kaley Cuoco and Haley Kiyoko, and Chris Pine's new girlfriend has a name we honestly can't remember.
22/11/1848m 24s

Camila Morrone & Iain Lee?

Our first Tuesday episode (feels good!) and our 200th episode (feels really good!) on the same day? There must be something in the air...Maybe it's the spirit of ghost-Diana congratulating us as she prepares for Meghan's big day? (We'll have to see if the Psychic Twins can get us in touch.) Or maybe it's Leonardo DiCaprio's very first girlfriend who can speak! Her name's Camila Morrone and you won't BELIEVE who her "stepfather" is. Or maybe you will. Plus, Iain Lee fell in a well, Hot Felon and Chloe Green are PREGNANT and Kristin Kreuk definitely left that sex slave cult before they did anything totally bad. Ahh! Mandy Moore is waiting for us at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, so we gotta run! Thanks for listening!
22/11/1846m 38s

Who's There: Sanaa Lathan & Michael Avanetti?

First of all, Sanaa Lathan is NOT a Who, especially to people who appreciate good romcoms and--as our caller says--are tomboy lesbians. But did she bite Beyoncé?! Maybe! We'll probably never know. More questions: Who the hell is Michael Avanetti, are you attracted to him, and why is he friends with Patrick Dempsey? What band is Heidi Klum's new 28-year-old boyfriend Tom Kaulitz in? Why is Olivia Culpo famous? (Apart from being the best Instagram caption writer of all time?) All that + a beeeautiful Caller You're Doing Amazing Sweetie on this week's Who's There!
22/11/1838m 21s

Baskin Champion & Paris Jackson?

Can Lea Michele read? Is Candace Cameron Bure edgy? Will you remember the name "Baskin Champion" after this week? I'll let you mull over those pressing questions as you press PLAY on today's brand new episode of Who? Weekly featuring all of the above plus, the week's Most Markleous Headline and your thoughts on Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne hook up? Does watching the iconic film Carol in bed mean you're in a gay relationship? Maybe. Oh, and Cressida Bonas! I just wanted to type her name.
22/11/1845m 5s

Who's There: Aubrey O'Day & Bethany Meyers?

There's a lot to cover today. Like, did you know Jerry O'Connell once ate clam chowder an airport at 5:30 am? While you digest that information, how about Aubrey O'Day's affair with Donald Trump Jr.? (We should've see the signs!) Plus, why would anyone buy Eddie Redmayne's watch of choice? And who attended the city hall nuptials of Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers ? (Hint: It was very private.) Bad news? Well, Fifth Harmony is no longer. Good news? Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is going to be New York's next governor (if we're lucky.)
22/11/1849m 10s

Jerry O'Connell & Chord Overstreet?

Big week, folks. Hahahaha, just kidding. Jerry O'Connell (who may or may not have been cursed by Chord Overstreet's great great great great great great great great great great witch aunt back in the day) has been filling in for Wendy Williams all week, and plenty of fans have no idea who the hell he is. Understandable! He couldn't even get into the VIP area when he met his wife, Rebecca Romijn. (Formerly Romijn-Stamos.) Meanwhile, Chord Overstreet may or may not be a witch, and now he's dating Emma Watson. Oh, BENJAMIN MAISANI and Anderson Cooper broke up! (I don't know why his name is in all caps, but it was like that when I clicked paste.) Plus, we play a game based on Logic's real name. Did you know he has five of them, including one number?
22/11/1835m 42s

Who's There: Billy Magnussen & Sister Catherine?

EXCLUSIVE: a Kevin Can Wait Update (alleged) that'll BLOW your mind (alleged)! Is that not EXCLUSIVE enough for you? How about Billy Magnussen: who is he and why is he everywhere? (EXCLUSIVE: we know why.) Also EXCLUSIVE? Teri Hatcher isn't homeless and she doesn't live in a van. (EXCLUSIVE: She has a YouTube series. Really.) Craving more EXCLUSIVES? Well, Katy Perry didn't kill a nun. She didn't! She didn't. And Jessie J (EXCLUSIVE) is still on that Chinese reality show.
22/11/1834m 17s

Cloris Leachman & Livia Giuggioli?

Here's a weird one: today's episode begins with a chat about Dennis Quaid, the influence his girlfriend Santa Auzina is having on his style, and every time living legend Cloris Leachman has been a "grandma" in film. How did we get there? Honestly I don't even remember, but I do remember Leachman's nine most iconic character names ever. They are: The Elder AmyGrannyGrandma AlbertsonOld Woman on Plane and BusGrandmotherGrandmaGreat Gam GamGrandma MerleGrandma PalmerMemaw What else? Oh! Colin Firth's wife Livia Giuggioli has an alleged stalker, Olivia Munn is NOT dating her friend's ex-husband for the second time in two months, Farrah Abraham is dating Rebel Wilson's ex, and Rita Ora won a lawsuit.
22/11/1843m 30s

Who's There: Marina Acton & 138 Water?

Oh boy, today's Who's There? sends us on a deep, deep dive. First, Kim Kardashian's new "BFF", a woman named Marina Acton who appeared on her Instagram with a single to promote. Who is she? Where did she come from? (The answers will SHOCK YOU!) Plus, something called 138 Water that has all the celebs...accidentally posing for promo shots? Or are they being paid? And what even IS alkaline water anyway? (It's bullshit.) Oh, and the finale of The Bachelor happened and it was fully insane.
22/11/1845m 5s

Annalisa Azaredo & Diana Roque Ellis?

We were up late watching the Oscars (shout out to The Shape of Water and Jodie Foster's crutches!) so we're gonna keep this description short:Armie Hammer's wife (known Wholebrity/bakery owner Elizabeth Chambers) is suing a woman named Diana Roque Ellis.Nick Jonas may have fallen in love with a woman named Annalisa Azaredo. She has--hold on to your butts--brains AND beauty!!!!!Rita Ora started a fashion line called Roara.Watch Life Sentence Wednesday, March 7th at 9/8 central only on The CW.
22/11/1842m 48s

Who's There: Eiza-Gonzalez & Bria Vinaite?

Happy Thursday! Today's very special episode of Who? Weekly (jk they are all special) features topics like Bria Vinaite, who is she? And Eiza Gonzalez, who is SHE? Plus, Rachel McAdams' baby daddy, who is HE? (And is she even pregnant?) Is cloning Who-y or Them-y? (Or just an excuse to talk about Barbra Streisand again?) Could you name any of the Sex and the City love interest actors actual IRL names off the top of your head? Go!
22/11/1841m 35s

Sebastian Bear-McClard & Lesley Manville? (ft. Richard Lawson)

OH MY GOD THE OSCARS ARE IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!! Do we even care anymore? Ehh, SORTA--which is why we're only devoting 2/3 of the episode to this Sunday's big night. To help out, we have Vanity Fair film critic and award show expert Richard Lawson in to talk about the biggest Wholebrity nominees. Will Timothee Chalamet ever be a Them? What about Tiffany Haddish? Would Saoirse Ronan be a Them already if her name were Sarah? What the hell is a "boutique Who"? Find out the answer to all these questions--plus an update on Emily Ratajkowski's new husband and the latest talent Rita Ora has shared with the world (changing clothes on a plane)--in today's episode.
22/11/1849m 51s

Who's There: Letitia Wright & Antoni Porowski?

619-WHO-THEM, let's answer your calls. Everything from Fergie's unusual National Anthem at the sports game (which? who cares!) to what actually happens on When Calls The Heart (which, don't worry, we'll never mention again.) Then: the Whos and Thems of Black Panther and the Whos (yes, just Whos) of Netflix's Queer Eye.
22/11/1847m 57s

Chris Fischer & When Calls the Heart*?

*Bobby originally called this show, "When Comes the Heart." We regret the error. Kinda. Per usual, the tabloids did NOT do their due diligence upon learning that Amy Schumer got married to a Wholebrity chef named Chris Fischer, so it was up to us to find out everything we could about him. Sure, it's not much, but it's something. The most important thing we learned about Chris Fischer? He went to preschool in a literal chicken coop. Moving on, even MORE relationship news. Justin Theroux ('roux' rhymes with 'no' not 'you') is now a Who once more, thanks to his recent split from Jennifer Aniston. (But were they ever actually married to begin with?) Idris Elba is engaged to a Canadian who may or may not have an Instagram account. And--oops, never mind--we cut the segment about Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. (Lucky you.) Later:Julianne Hough dyed her hair.Lori Loughlin is trapped in the 20th century.Tara Lipinski loves almond milk.Bethenny Frankel thinks basil, cilantro, and parsley are interchangeable herbs.Rita set a record.* *tied a record
22/11/1839m 37s

Who's There: The ShibSibs & Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir (ft. Margaret Lyons)

On this VERY SPECIAL Winter Olympics episode, we're changing things up by asking a real pro, Olympics expert and New York Times television critic Margaret Lyons to help field your calls because, well, we really don’t know anything about the Winter Olympics apart from “ADAM RIPPON IS OUR KING.” Lucky for you, Marge knows it all. Who to watch! What sports to DVR! Who we're going to be stanning for next week! Go team!
22/11/1843m 27s

David Harbour & Matthew Hussey?

If you want to, we can save you... We can make you listen to us discuss things like Big Brother, Brody Jenner, Kristin Cavallari's new store, Camila Cabello's new boyfriend(?) and a brand new Who? Weekly enemy. Yes, we've decided to take on an enemy. Plus! A tweet from E! News that we're obsessed with (see above for a hint) and that time Lindsey saw Fifty Shades Freed.
22/11/1847m 0s

Who's There: Alexis Ren & Daniel Brühl?

619-WHO-THEM: Will we answer your call this? Well, did you call about [Armie Hammer's wife] Elizabeth Chambers-Hammer? How about Instagram model-slash-iPhone-game-spokesperson, Alexis Ren? Maybe we answered your call about the time you did virtual reality featuring the talents of Rachel Platten, or maybe it was one about Netflix's new raaandom feature film drop, Cloverfield Paradox (#notspon)? Plus, turns out you CAN die from pooping and the Nick Lachey curse continues!
22/11/1844m 34s

Jason Warrior & Bekah Martinez?

Happy Day After Kylie Jenner Announced Her Baby On Super Bowl Sunday! This week, we are talking about Meghan Trainor's newest enemy, Jason Warrior, who got mad at her during an episode of The Four. (Do you know what The Four is? We don't.) Next up, Katherine Heigl got a coveted new job, Jonah Hill has a new girlfriend, and Princess Eugenie's future grandmother-in-law has some not-so-kind words to say about her fiancé. And even though it's only February, we are pretty sure the Saga of Bekah Martinez (a.k.a. Bekah M. a.k.a. Rebekah Martinez) will be one of the most memorable Who stories of the year.
22/11/1837m 28s

Who's There: Douglas Friedman & The Clermont Twins?

Honk honk! All aboard the Cincinnati trolley. It's me, 98 degrees guy Nick Lachey! I've done other things, too. But today I'm gonna tell you what the people are calling 619 WHO THEM to ask about. A brand new cast of America's first foray into Celebrity Big Brother? You don't say! Why didn't anyone call me. They certainly called such Whos as Mark McGrath and Ross Mathews! Next, the Claremont Twins...why? After that, Paddington 2? Thoughts? Plus, and celebs who meet on planes Josh Duhamel (him again?) does a Taco Bell ad. Oh! Some guy named The Fascinator. Who he? Next stop: Whoville. Stand clear of the closing doors.
22/11/1841m 52s

Carlotta Kohl & The Pasta?

It's not about the pasta, it's about Jack Antonoff's new girlfriend Carlotta Kohl. It's not about the pasta, it's about this new Zandy Reich/Lea Michele conspiracy theory. It's not about the pasta, it's about Taryn Manning's feud with Chaunielle Brown. It's not about the pasta, it's about the Best New Artist nominees at the Grammys. It's not about the pasta, it's about Rita Ora causing an asset avalanche.
22/11/1840m 32s

Who's There: Rory Farquharson & Troye Sivan?

Have you ever been as thoroughly moved as Bobby was while watching Jessie J perform "Domino" on a Chinese reality show? I bet not. We try and figure out why exactly she was there, plus: Malia Obama's new boyfriend(?), Rory Farquharson and a former YouTuber-turned-singer who made his Saturday Night Live debut. And how Nick Lacey cursed the city of Cincinnati's streetcars. (Oh! I almost forgot...Mark McGrath?)
22/11/1839m 33s

Cherry Seaborn & Meghan the Okapi?

The club isn't the best place to find a Wholeb so this 'cast is where you go! (Sorry.) On today's episode, a risk analyst named Cherry Seaborn decides Ed Sheeran is the most rational decision for her, Dakota Johnson gets attacked by a skunk (or does she???????), Brandi Glanville gets mad at TMZ because of something Gerard Butler did, North Dakota keeps giving Josh Duhamel money, and an Okapi gets a name. PLUS: Rita Ora released a new song, but it broke her winning streak. So did the fact that she gets kidnapped in the final 50 Shades movie.
22/11/1836m 19s

Who's There: Mandy Teefey & PC Peterson?

Congratulations to PC Peterson (of NYC Prep) and Quentin Esme Brown (of idk) on their sexless marriage! The two got hitched in Vegas with Tiffany Trump as their flower girl and who else was in attendance? A bunch of other Whos you might've heard of! A totally normal and fun weekend activity, if you ask us. Plus, some Doug Jones "fish goss" and Selena Gomez's mom, Mandy, commented on Instagram, while Melissa Joan Hart sold turkey on HER Instagram. Oh! And January Jones is dating Nick Viall. From The Bachelor. Yep.
22/11/1840m 15s

Jwan Yosef & Alberta Ferretti

Nobody wants to be lonely, nobody wants to cry. These Whos are longing to hold you, so bad it hurts inside. ... Because we don't feel like rewriting additional lyrics from "Nobody Wants to be Lonely," let's just quickly run down this week's topics: Ricky Martin's new husband, Katherine Heigl's blog, a turkey named Mena Suvari, and--drumroll please--Seal being disrespectful towards Rita.
22/11/1832m 7s

Who's There: Adam Rippon & Barbara Meier?

Still recovering from this past weekend's Golden Globes? So are we. (And so is literally every celebrity gossip mag.) It was a LOT—and don't even get us started on that Winona Ryder L'Oreal ad... Actually, you know what? Get get us started. We talk about the Globes—including The Ad and the women who didn't wear black, Blanco Blanco and Babara Meier (whose names will be forgotten soon enough), a new figure skater on the scene named Adam Rippon (who is already our personal favorite), the Bachelor Winter Games (????) and who was more popular in high school: Ansel Elgort or Timothee Chalamet. I think we all know the answer to this one.
22/11/1845m 28s

Baron Davis & Haley Giraldo Williams?

We’re following last night’s mostly terrible (with the exception of Oprah’s speech and BLL/Lady Bird winning) Golden Globes with updates on two important romances we’ve yet to cover on the show: Laura Dern & Baron Davis, and Robin Wright and...uhhh we already forgot his name. Next up, the Whos of the Golden Globes, and a quiz about Mister and Miss Golden Glo—oh wait, they’re called “Golden Globes Ambassadors” now.
22/11/1843m 33s

Who's There: Schapelle Corby & Keven Undergaro?

More Australian stuff, you say? Well, you're in luck! Today's Who's There? has not just one, but two, Aussie stories: an update on Olivia Newton John's "missing" boyfriend (we just can't get enough of this guy) and convicted drug smuggler turned pop star legend Schapelle Corby!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, non-Aussies like Paris Hilton's new fiancé, Chris Zylka, and Maria Menoudos' new fiancé, Kevin Undergaro.
22/11/1846m 6s

The 2017 Who, Me? Awards!

It's time for the second annual Who, Me? Awards! (AKA the WhoMes!) Celebrate the new year (and nurse your hangover) with this special episode featuring an original song by Bobby, appearances from your favorites Whos (or not), a performance by Tinashe, and PLENTY of big prizes like Boyfriend of the Year, #SPON of the year, The Best Thing We Didn't Know About Her, and The Barbara Corcoran Entrepreneurship Award. We can't wait to introduce you to even more Whos in 2018!
22/11/1843m 21s

Who's There: Daryl Sabara & Lily James?

Hello! We're back again with more of YOUR comments (Ed Sheeran: not Irish; Lil Pump; didn't go to Harvard) as well as YOUR questions about a meme turned Rihanna BFF named Lil Mayo, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby-mama, Daryl "Future Husband" Sabara and the cast of 2018's Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.
22/11/1841m 15s

Who's There: Lil Miquela & Lil Pump?

Why is New Mexico such a Who? Why is Roswell the only Them of U.F.O. sightings? Why is Erinn Hayes hanging out with Mandy Moore at an El Cantinero in Los Angeles? All good questions! Let us attempt to answer them for you. Plus, Instagram star Lil Miquela, Soundcloud rapper Lil Pump and B*Witched. Yes, B*Witched. (Yes, we know that Samantha Mumba is Irish too, but Lindsey forgot to mention her.)
22/11/1844m 7s

Roswell, New Mexico & Pete Davidson?

Because Lindsey recorded from the great American southwest, today's episode begins with a lengthy discussion of all things Roswell: from the Whoiest celebrities on the UFO museum's wall to the forgotten made-for-TV movie ROSWELL starring Kyle MacLachlan, to the beloved UPN/The WB series that starred Shiri Appleby and Katherine Heigl. Why, you ask? Why not! After catching you up on the LOVE ADVENT CALENDAR videos you almost certainly missed, it's time to chat about Pete Davidson's Themmy new tattoo, Jason Priestly punching his way into the narrative, Dasha Zhukova's whirlwind romance with (GASP) a former FRIEND, and a very quick rundown about Anna Faris's new boyfriend. Plus, we introduce a new segment that will be in every episode until May 19th (the day of the Royal Wedding): The Most Markleous Headline of the Week.
22/11/1835m 54s

Who's There: Cellino & Barnes & Caroline Rhea?

*sung to the tune of Cellino & Barnes' iconic jingle* "Cellino & Barnes, are they Whos or Thems, call 619-WHO-THEM" OK, it's not AS catchy, but it works. Other things that (still do) work: Nia Vardalos, Caroline Rhea, the new hosts of the Great American Baking Show. Things that don't work? "This is Me" if you play it during a spin class, Bitcoin, Twitter Moments (if you're trying to figure out what's actually going on) and when you call and try and correct us on our "Lady Marmalade" (2001 remake) knowledge. Honey, it just won't work!
22/11/1836m 56s

Betsy & Edei?

This week's episode accidentally centers on (or stumbles around) two mononymous musicians named Betsy and Edei. One of them is Bobby's new fave, and the other is James Marsden's fave of two years. Which one's which remains unclear, but the point is: drop your last name and you have an above-average shot at becoming either of those things. Also: Lea Michele is OK, Jennifer Meyer is GREAT, and The Greatest Showman is [THOUGHTS EMBARGOED BY TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX].
22/11/1836m 10s

Who's There: Jesse Metcalfe & Brenda Song?

It's Thursday and time to ask..."Who's! There!" This week: more on Princess? Duchess? Meghan Markle, a mysterious photo of Kristin Chenoweth, Kathy Bates & Sarah Hyland, our Celebrity Big Brother (U.S.!) dream cast, Katherine McPhee's wedding crashing antics and are Laurie Metcalf and Jesse Metcalfe related? (No.)
22/11/1837m 15s

Karl Cook & Cressida Bonas?

Enough about Harry and Meghan! Let's talk about the REALLY big engagement news of the week: Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco! We're so happy for her, not only because she Weird Scienced herself a fiancé who loves horses and Instagram as much as she does, but because his last name is Cook and her last name is the Italian word for cook. In other tangentially related Royal Engagement news, Cressida Bonas is FINE and JustLifeQuotes is the Who version of Bartlett's. Oh, you'd prefer news that's ENTIRELY unrelated to the Royal Engagement? Scott Eastwood is an airline spokesman now. Happy December@
22/11/1841m 36s

Who's There: Abbie Cornish & Lucas Hedges?

Does Queen Elizabeth II know who Troian Bellisario is? Has Queen Elizabeth II ever watched Suits? Does Queen Elizabeth II know that Abbie Cornish has a rap career? Has Queen Elizabeth II seen any of the two Lucas Hedges films that have come out in the past two months? Do straight people (Queen Elizabeth II) know who Colby Keller is? Is Queen Elizabeth II worried that Gigi Gorgeous doesn't know what the word "surrogate" means? Does Queen Elizabeth II think that 2003's 'Pieces of April' is a Katie Holmes or Patricia Clarkson vehicle?
22/11/1842m 44s

Stassi Schroeder & Candace Cameron Bure & Candace Cameron Bure

This week's episode is all about Stassi Schroeder's recent podcast blunder and Candace Cameron Bure's new Hallmark movie in which she plays identical twin sisters who love coffee. Oh, and Barbra Streisand's new Netflix special about Willy Wonka and climate change...or something. And Meghan Markle's dogs! Sound like a strange assortment? Blame Thanksgiving. And then blame Candace Cameron Bure...twice.
22/11/1834m 6s

Who's There: Beanie Feldstein & Marshmello?

Happy Thanksgiving! Feel free to use us as an excuse to escape your family dynamic for some "me time", but be sure to give thanks for US along with your feast. On today's call-in extravaganza: Jonah Hill's sister Beanie Feldstein, BTS and K-pop at this year's AMAs, the lady who wanted Charlie Manson's corpse (did she get it????), a DJ named Marshmello, why Brie Larson ditched her real name AND...Does Obama know what Rivderdale is? Great question.
22/11/1837m 3s

Tiny Knowles & Clinton Kelly? (ft. Who? Weekly Live!)

Sorry for the delay, but we're BACK after an accidental long weekend with an abridged, half-hour edit of our AMAZING, 90-MINUTE, FINAL SHOW OF OUR FALL 2017 TOUR! We hope the sounds of laughter from the Bell House audience improves your listening experience, and we also hope it makes you feel a little jealous. The most important topics of the week? The most special guest at Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's wedding, Ewan McGregor's divorce, Clinton Kelly's feud, and the middle name that absolutely WILL NOT FIT in a Daily Mail headline. Thanks again to our tour sponsor, Of a Kind, and to everyone across the country who came to see us in person! It's been wonderful, and you are all the best.
22/11/1832m 55s

Who's There: Allison Mack & Timothée Chalamet?

It's that time of the week once again, time to hear your thoughts, time to take your calls. What was it you're wondering about? Well, The Greatest Showman—and other of the Who'iest movies fulla Thems. Plus, Call Me By Your Name and Timothée Chalamet—did you know he's ACTUALLY AMERICAN? (Lindsey didn't.) Then, the Whos and Thems of holidays goes by a way simplier rule than you'd think and have you heard about the sex cult run by a Smallville star? Honestly, it's better if you didn't. And Derek Hough wrote a song.
22/11/1841m 52s

Kelly Rizzo & Patrick McDermott?

AUDIO NOTE: We recorded this in Lindsey's parents' dining room, so chill about the echo-y audio quality in advance and give our kind hosts a little RESPECT. We'll begin by thanking everyone in Boston for coming to our show over the weekend. It was SO much fun and Bobby was thrilled to make SO many Good Will Hunting jokes. This week's episode contains the following news, in order from least important to most important: Lisa Bonet/donkey news, Kelly Rizzo/Bob Sagat news, Diddy/Foodgod news, Olivia Newton-John/Patrick McDermott news, Candace Cameron Bure news, MORE Candace Cameron Bure news, and Rita news. What I'm trying to say is that today's episode is exceedingly important!!!! But so is every episode.
22/11/1838m 49s

Who's There: Demi Rose Mawby & Dacre Montgomery?

On today's Who's There?—the Harmonizers weigh in, we learn some history(???) about boats(???) from Bobby's beloved and the origin story of the name "Chrishell" and a Wholigan encounters Nick Swardson. Plus, why is the Daily Mail obsessed with Demi Rose Mawby? Why is America obsessed with the burgeoning romance between Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams? Why is "Grandma" back at the Big Apple Circus? And, most importantly, why is Kate Mara calling us? (...Or is she?)
22/11/1841m 40s

Chiara Ferragni & The RMS Carpathia?

It's another episode of your favorite history podcast, Who? Weekly! After a shaky start (and a very brief Kevin Can Wait Update™), we discuss the Whos and Thems of ships. Is the Mayflower a Who or a Them? How about the QE2? The Carpathia? The poop cruise? But enough about the sea. Other topics include: Chiara Ferragni (aka The Blonde Salad), a new Lifetime movie starring David Foster's girlfriend, Erykah Badu's amazing interview with Ezra Miller, and a BRAND NEW (and hopefully recurring) game about standom.
22/11/1834m 39s

Who's There: Raff Law & Trevor Donovan?

This week on Who's There, Lindsey and Bobby check in after a tour stop in our nation's capital to discuss people you've absolutely never heard of: like Jude Law's son Raff! In addition to Mr. Law, we discuss Pierce Brosnan's iconic Mamma Mia song, Anthony Rapp, Trevor Donovan, and what the hell happened to Sean William Scott. (Spoiler: nothing dramatic.)
22/11/1832m 32s

Charlie Heaton & Chrishell Stause?

ATTENTION WASHINGTON DC PALS: if you're around tonight and wanna have a good time, come on by the Who? Weekly show! Yes, that's tonight, Monday 10/30. Now that we've got that promo out of the way, did you know anyone 'Who' is anyone was at Matthew Morrison's Halloween bash? It's true. Another exclusive event? Colton Haynes' wedding!!! which did indeed happen. Other things that happened? Tamar Braxton's divorce, Cardi B's engagement and another wedding: Chrishell! Strause! Plus a Stranger Things kid tried to bring cocaine into America. Which one? We'll let you guess.
22/11/1846m 1s

Who's There: Samara Weaving & Frito Pie?

Hello from San Francisco! We're back out west and fresh from last night's flawless show. On today's Who's There? Lindsey talks about Judaism for a unnecessarily long time and Bobby, in return, talks about frito pie for EVEN LONGER. You'll learn so much! Plus, Post Malone, Samara Weaving (is she related to Hugo????) and don't you ever just feeling like discussing Christine Baranski? We do.
22/11/1836m 37s

Keyshia Ka’oir & Matthew Hussey?

ATTENTION SAN FRANCISO RESIDENTS:Buy tickets to our live show THIS WEDNESDAY at whoweekly.us/livePlease tweet us @WhoWeekly if you have suggestions for fun things we can do this week, or else Bobby will just give Lindsey a tour through filming locations from Milk and Zodiac. And now, notes on today's show. After a Kevin Can Wait Update™, we discuss Karlie Kloss's new talk show called MOVIE NIGHT that is neither about movie night OR a talk show. What is it, then? No idea! That's a question for her friend Matthew Hussey. Moving on, we chat about her literal opposite, followed by a chat about Gucci Mane's iconic wedding to Keyshia Ka’oir.
22/11/1837m 56s

Who's There: Katharine McPhee & Why Don't We?

If I can be honest with you guys, it's very late and I'm very tired from staying up to finish editing the podcast. Basically: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got engaged, there are two new boybands climbing the charts, someone's boyfriend really loves Katharine McPhee, "Who is Bella Thorne?" was an answer on Jeopardy! and there's a huge 27 Dresses CONSPIRACY on Wikipedia.
22/11/1835m 21s

Kaia Gerber & Millie Bobby Brown?

Hellooooo from the windy city! That's Chicago (FYI), and after 72 long hours hanging out at the bean and touring most of the locations from My Best Friend's Wedding, we're taking a break to play an epic match-up of "I Don't Know Her." It's been a while since we've played, and we're ready to make some tough decisions. Then, WHAT'S RITA UP TO? (A: What ISN'T she up to, really.)
22/11/1823m 19s

Who's There: Georgina Chapman & Theresa Caputo?

One day they'll give us 1-800-WHO-THEM, but for now you'll have to remember that it's a 619 (Thanks, San Diego!) area code so you don't get some sort of sex line. (Or so we've heard!) Thank god enough people remembered the correct number, because today we're talking about Elizabeth Gillies (#spon), why A Walk to Remember is *actually iconic* (but is it tho?), Nikki Blonsky from the movie Hairspray, why Becky G was dragged off a Fifth Harmony concert stage (#cursed), Georgina Chapman and why how much we'd pay to see Long Island medium Theresa Caputo at a casino. (A: Not much.)
22/11/1838m 25s

Brandon Flynn & Tay Strathairn?

After beginning the episode with a story about the two Whos (and two Thems) Bobby encountered on a recent flight, we move on to the following topics:Sam Smith's new boyfriendGrace Gummer's new boyfriendSofia Vergara's requestMandy Moore's endoscopyJude Law's sweatpantsRita Ora's balloonsI assure you that these topics are all profoundly interesting. Today’s episode of Who Weekly is brought to you by the new series, Dynasty. Watch it  this Wednesday at 9/8 central on The CW.
22/11/1837m 41s

Who's There: Colin Jost & Tana Mongeau?

Your thoughts on Pioneer Woman (Anne Ma-)Ree Drummond? (Yes, that's her real name!) We'll start with those. Then, exactly why Shania Twain has NOT met Brad Pitt—he truly does not impress her...much, why Josh Gad's tweets are suspect, if Mandy Moore's dye job changed her career trajectory, if Bella Thorne is *actually* dating YouTuber named Tana Mongeau and blah blah blah who the hell cares about Colin Jost. Join us!
22/11/1840m 27s

Ree Drummond & Eva Marcille?

Despite Bobby's irrational frustrations with Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman), her appearance on last week's People cover has made her impossible to ignore. And after sharing some fun facts about her and Ladd (can you believe both of them have double letters in their monosyllabic names?!?!), we provide you with a Kevin Can Wait Update™, discuss Eva Marcille's big return to reality TV, and provide proof that breaking up with Heidi Klum is hazardous to one's wellbeing. SPON TIME: Today’s episode of Who Weekly is brought to you by the new series, Dynasty, premiering next Wednesday, October 11th, at 9/8 central on The CW.
22/11/1837m 35s

Who's There: Kevin Hunter & Bill Skarsgård?

Q: Did the blinds about the (alleged) triple Kardashian pregnancy THREE YEARS AGO? A: Depends on how devious you consider Kris Jenner to be. Plus, Wendy Williams becomes the center of a major Daily Mail investigation, we decipher the Skarsgårds from the Sarsgaard and Scheana Shay does groundbreaking #spon for a lawyer. One more double-sided Q: Does Donatella Versace know who George Bush is? Does George Bush know who Donatella Versace is?
22/11/1839m 12s

KJ Apa & Fergie's Unidentified Smoothie?

After opening the episode with a VERY special unboxing segment (yes, we understand unboxing is an ineffective concept on a podcast), we bring you a politics-adjacent Kevin Can Wait Update™, followed by big stories on: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Fergie's smoothie, and--unfortunately--Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. Turns out Reed got pregnant because Somerhalder threw her birth control pills in the toilet, but before you get outraged...read her Notes App screenshot. (We were unable to provide audio from Nikki and Ian's interview because the podcast it came from mysteriously deleted the episode...hmm...) And then there's Rita, who was so busy this week singing covers, releasing music videos, and wearing fanny packs on her shoulder.
22/11/1835m 41s

Who's There: Sophie Monk & Lil Peep?

Did you watch The Emmys? Wondering who that announcer was? Well, you're not alone. That guy! Plus! So much more, including: Emmy winner Ann Dowd, rapper Lil Peep (yes, the guy with the plentiful face and neck tattoos who is ALLEGEDLY dating Bella Thorne), singer Dua Lipa, the break up of Hayden and Rachel and brand new Aussie Bachelorette, Sophie Monk. (Australia, tell us, do you claim her?)
22/11/1837m 22s

Francia Raisa & Taylor Goldsmith?

Fresh off the first shows of our Fall 2017 Tour (HAVE YOU BOUGHT TICKETS YET?!), we get right back into it with a discussion about some very important, very new Them-adjacent Whos: Francia Raisa (the woman who gave Selena Gomez her kidney) and Taylor Goldsmith (the man who gave Mandy Moore his heart). Also in this episode: Shawn Mendes's favorite scent, a Kevin Can Wait Update, some HUGE Rita Ora news, and the fight that left Mario Lopez's phone shattered in a Las Vegas gym.
22/11/1832m 9s

Who's There: Eric Decker & Justin Bobby?

Knock, knock? It's been a while since I've done that joke, right? It's time for another Who's There? on the first day of our Big Fall Tour. (See you tonight in Brooklyn, ya'll!) First, you (yes, YOU) get down to the bottom of why John Stamos was at that random Nina Dobrev-hosted lake party. Then, last night's telethon. Did you watch it? Lindsey did. Plus, what it feels like to wake up after surgery and realize that Eric & Jessie: Game On is the only show left on TV. And do Stephen Dorf and Elle Fanning keep in touch?
22/11/1832m 51s

Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Paul Hollywood?

We're back from a vacation that wasn't with a brand new episode! After a quick Kevin Can Wait Update, we talk about your FAVORITE Bachelor ever, Arie Luyendyk Jr.! Or maybe he's your LEAST favorite Bachelor ever! Or maybe you don't even remember him! Or maybe you swore off watching every entry in the Bachelor franchise!!! The point is, this Arie guy is dull. Also in today's episode: a Property Brother was conned out of $80,000 worth of magic tricks before he was a Property Brother, Paul Hollywood made a dumb decision, and Margot Robbie didn't know her. See you Thursday! And DON'T FORGET TO BUY TICKETS TO OUR TOUR! WhoWeekly.us/LIVE
22/11/1834m 10s

Who's There: James Blunt & Chord Overstreet?

Anyone feel like they didn't hear ENOUGH about Kaley Cuoco's partnership with / love of Panera's new Beverage Station? Well, lucky for you, there's a lot more where that came from. Beyond Kaley's love for low-cal beverages, we've got an explanation of why James Blunt appears to be *everywhere*, why even a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD didn't get Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" video, if Swipe Up is the new Link in Bio, and why John Stamos was hanging out with Nina Dobrev and Chord Overstreet at an '80s Labor Day party.
22/11/1840m 31s

Casa Zeta-Jones & Abigail Anderson?

Look, we know Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Them, but her new line of home goods, aptly named Casa Zeta-Jones, is *absolutely* a Who. After exploring her minimal--though immensely satisfying--internet presence (have you ever SEEN an Instagram grid as good as hers?!), we move on to stories about Derek Hough's love for veganism, the way Us Weekly covered Abigail Anderson's wedding (Spoiler: they don't show the bride's face), and play a special Labor Day game of 'Labor Day or Labor Nay'.
22/11/1830m 51s

Who's There: Rachel McCord & Louise Linton?

First we tips from Fame Game author and all-around celebrity expert, Rachel McCord, by reading her website. Then, we use those tips to investigate the recent (and past!) scandal's of Louise Linton—yes, the Instagram getting-off-the-plane lady. Plus, did LOST produce any Thems? And we discover the most important thing that happened surrounding MTV's VMAs this year. (No, it wasn't any of the actual awards.)
22/11/1834m 21s

Autumn In the Vineyard & Julia Michaels?

Well well well, Bobby finally sat down and watched not ONE but TWO movies about an unexpectedly romantic season in a vineyard over the weekend, and has plenty to say about the experience. We chase that full-bodied cabernet sauvignon with a little chatter about Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's 100% totally real engagement, Jessie J's love of Cheetos, Dylan Sprouse's (the non-Jughead Sprouse) hypnotic non-admission of guilt, and--after a rundown of this year's Whoiest VMA nominees--the most UPSETTING Rita Ora story of 2017. Are you ready for Summer in the Whoniverse?
22/11/1836m 34s

Who's There: Sarah Harding & The Sugar Factory?

We're back after last week's technical difficulty—which may have been caused by the eclipse? What else was caused by the eclipse? The sudden resurgence of Bonnie Tyler (and her back-up band, DNCE). Plus, some bonus goss for our weekly Kevin Can Wait Update; CBB's Gemma Collins and Sarah Harding, Jenna Bush's brief stand-up comedy career and a disgusting candy store called The Sugar Factory.
22/11/1836m 55s

Who's There: Gianluca Vacchi & Max & Harvey?

Fam, did y'all watch the Teen Choice Awards? Cool, cool, cool. We didn't either. Not one second of it—not that it'll stop us from talking about it. Congrats to Musers(?) like Max & Harvey for...showing up? And to every cast member of Pretty Little Liars (but not Chad Lowe). On today's episode: Italian playboy Gianluca Vacchi, future college classmates Brooklyn Beckham and Sailor Brinkley Cook, Who? Them? Dick Wolf and What's Rachael Leigh Cook Up To?
22/11/1838m 42s

Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder & Jeremy Meeks?

Did you hear the news? Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder had a baby! Did you hear the other news? They named it Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder! Did you hear the other *other* news? They're taking "one month of silence" without visitors or phones, so it looks like we won't be hearing from them! (We doubt they'll make it more than a couple of days.) Also featured in today's episode: The Kevin Can Wait Update (a new weekly feature), Jeremy Meeks, (the hot felon who has a scorned wife and a billionaire girlfriend), and RITA—whose album was delayed *yet again*.
22/11/1833m 24s

Who's There: Melora Hardin & Trisha Paytas?

On today's call-in edition of Who? Weekly—we're shook over The Bachelorette finale (but mostly by her #spon); we're shook over how Anna Faris and Chris Pratt released their break-up news (Are iMessages the new Notes app?); we're shook that YouTube legend is living in the Celebrity Big Brother house; and we're shook by the breakout star of The CW's The Bold Type. (HINT: She's an icon and a legend.)
22/11/1832m 55s

Erinn Hayes & Joanna Krupa?

We couldn't help ourselves. Today's episode begins with even more chatter about Erinn Hayes, the ***FORMER*** star of Kevin Can Wait who was cruelly killed off by bigwigs at CBS who think America would prefer Leah Remini. (They're not wrong, but we're still sad about Erinn.) Later, the smelly pu...vagina story heard 'round the world--or at least in the general vicinity of Bravo--has finally come to an end. Next up, Lindsey makes Bobby play a game about two very recent Wholebrity weddings. And finally, Rita was allegedly chosen by teens.
22/11/1830m 33s

Who's There: Carl Lentz & Poppy?

First, the new Jessica Biel USA show that has us asking...Why are we seeing the poster for this wherever we go? Then, speaking of new TV shows, we get the full rundown (from a local!) of MTV's Laguna Beach knock-off, Siesta Key. Plus, who's Poppy and why is the internet obsessed with her? And why is Justin Bieber cancelling his world tour to hang out with a sexy preacher named Carl?
22/11/1833m 1s

Charli XCX's 'Boys' & Gravity Blue Smith?

Welcome to the world, Gravity Blue Smith! We're so pleased to have you here. As your first duty on this planet, we're gonna go over all the Boys in Charli XCX's brand new music video "Boys". (It's a lot of boys, am I right?) Get yourself some breastmilk to go, because it's going to be quite the ride. Then, do you know who Deidre Ball is? Don't worry, I didn't either until this week. We're so proud of you and hope you grow up to be what Cindy Adams would call "a non-person"!
22/11/1844m 33s

Who's There: Jake Paul & Tiffany Haddish?

First, an A-Block like you've never experienced (and never will again, hopefully)...Doctor Who-Gives-a-Fuck, am I right? Don't answer that. Then, Girls Trip breakout star Tiffany Haddish, Jake Paul, a breakdown of the "Whoiest name", Bella Thorne v Bella Hadid and Kardashian hanger-ons Scotty Cunha and Simon Huck inspire us to invent a new acronym: THAMPS. You'll have to listen to hear what it means!
22/11/1841m 33s

Matt Bellassai? (ft. Matt Bellassai)

Two Monday interviews in a row? You're so lucky. Also, we were *so* on vacation, but more on that in the intro. (Which, by the way, doesn't sound GREAT because idyllic cabins aren't great for recording, so please forgive us.) Joining us in this episode is iconic wine drinker, complainer, podcast host, author, and Harry Styles fan Matt Bellassai! He talks to us about what it's like to be a Who with a VERY unique internet fandom, the Whos and Thems of celebrity wine brands, and--how could we forget--Christy Carlson Romano. Later, we chat about Rita and share sartorial evidence that she listens to Who Weekly.
22/11/1841m 7s

Who's There: Olivia Jade Giannulli & Kyle Christie?

From Full House offspring to someone's god-sister getting the DO NOT DATE HIM warning of a lifetime, welcome to yet another episode of Who's There, in which we take your calls and try not to get stuff wrong. Today: Can you name any members of Imagine Dragons? Can you name the new Doctor Who? (Hint: It's a woman.) Can you name anyone in the 1999 film, "The Blair Witch Project"? We don't talk about that last thing, I was just wondering if you could.
22/11/1827m 51s

Lauren Collins? (ft. Lauren Collins)

In honor of Canada's 150th birthday (you don't look a day over 100, queen!), today's episode features the star of legendary Canadian export, Degrassi, Lauren Collins! That's right: PAIGE. Lauren chats about Canadian whos, how often she's recognized in America, and her most famous former classmate, Aubrey Drake Graham.
22/11/1842m 28s

Who's There: Oliver Hudson & Genghis Khan II

R.I.P. Ghenghis Kahn (the original), who died what we learn is a horrible death. On to more cheery topics, Lele Pons (Remember her?) tried to donate her weave to Locks of Love and Christopher Nolan "has no idea" who Harry Styles is...err...was...before he cast him in Dunkirk. Plus, are there Them bands with all Who members? And when was the exact moment in time when YOU realized that Oliver Hudson was Kate Hudson's brother? Find out in this week's Who's There!
22/11/1840m 50s

Lindsay Shookus & William Lynch?

Instead of boring you with dozens of Shookus puns, let's just get right to the point: this week we discuss Ben Affleck's new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus (specifically why she reminds us of Nina Katz), Khloe Kardashian's favorite florist (he's a Cleveland teen), and Julianne Hough's wedding--WHICH FINALLY HAPPENED. Plus: we play a "game" about celebrity dog names. Oh, and one more thing...Rita's writing a movie.
22/11/1833m 9s

Who's There: Nikki Blonsky & WhoSay?

Back from a long holiday weekend, and we missed a Nikki Blonsky Instagram livestream? WHAT? Catch up with us on that journey, as well for details on Brie Larson's music career, which Haim sister is Bobby's favorite (HINT: it's the Who-iest one), Suki Waterhouse's latest starring(!) role, the Whos and Thems of nuts and what exactly is WhoSay and why do some celebs still use it?
22/11/1839m 21s

Who's There: Hassan Jameel & Acacia Brinley?

This week on Who's There? it's true, we're catering to YOU. First, more on Rihanna's new hook-up, Hassan Jameel, and whyyyyy that explains her 'feud' with Naomi Campbell. Then, who remains a Who post-Pretty Little Liars? Is it...all of them? Some of them? A newly-mommy'd mommy vlogger named Acacia Brinley who does some of the most impressive Instagram #spon we've ever seen. James Packer gets himself into some trouble with the Israel government? (And Mariah has no idea what we're talking about.) Ed Westwick got a new girlfriend and her name SOUNDS familiar? Anyone? Bueller? Teresa Giudice Vagina Monologues?
22/11/1840m 53s

Lonzo Ball & Rachel Lindsay (ft Who Dat?)

Amina and Shani are back this week for another installment of Who Dat, and there's SO much to cover. From the basketball player whose last name is literally Ball and whose company branding looks like the Better Business Bureau logo to whether or not Blair Underwood is a Them. (SPOILER: HE IS DEFINITELY A THEM, YOU MONSTERS!) P.S. if you know the person in charge of Rachel Lindsay's Instagram account (or of you're Rachel Lindsay herself), please get in touch with Amina IMMEDIATELY. Today's episode is brought to you by Care/of. Go to TakeCareOf.com now and get a personalized recommendation for vitamins and supplements, and use offer code WHO at checkout to get 50% off your first month’s order
22/11/1843m 37s

Who's There: Drake Bell & Braison Cyrus?

Today on Who's There? A shocking twist in the Bachelor in Paradise saga—even we didn't see this coming. Plus, Drake Bell and Josh Peck fight it out on social media, Callie Hernandez, Miley Cyrus' brother Braydon (and do we HAVE to talk about him?), why Lindsey can't finish a book (HINT: it has to do with her discovering Terrace House on Netflix) and...Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.
22/11/1828m 30s

Jordan Gavaris & Bachelor in Paradise?

After beginning the show with the first (and hopefully last) instance of Lindsey discussing the plot of The Boss Baby, we dive into two instances of Whos and Who? Weekly being brought up to ACTUAL Whos Ansel Elgort (he'll be a Them soon enough) and...Jordan Gavaris. Moving on, Lindsey explains what's going on with Bachelor In Paradise, Bobby explains why he thinks Ty Burrell pooped his pants in Times Square as opposed to peeing them, and Rita wears stripes.
22/11/1842m 55s

Who's There: Kate Bosworth & The Kaplan Twins?

The Whos...the Thems...the fabric of our lives. ~Zooey Deschanel...and Kate Bosworth...and us on this week's Who's There? featuring all of the above. Plus, art world Whos, The Kaplan Twins, Kaitlyn Isham and Cheryl Maitland, a list of Gay Thems who are Straight Whos (according to Bobby) and the correct way to pronounce "Degrassi" — SHOCKING HINT: Lindsey got it wrong.
22/11/1837m 59s

Diana Madison & Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo?

You probably heard about that big interview with Amanda Bynes (her first in years)--maybe you eve heard about her referencing that iconic "MURDER MY VAGINA" tweet!--but did you actually WATCH it? If so, you may have wondered who the hell Diana Madison was. We sure did, and do our best to explain who she is on today's episode. After that, we discuss Jessica Chastain's new whosband, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, and play a special HGTV version of I Don't Know Her. Then, as always, Rita, who is rocking both curls AND sideboob.
22/11/1830m 51s

Who's There: Max Minghella & Sean Giambrone?

Hugh Sheridan? Asher Angel? Max Minghella? Jimmy Brooks? (Yes, that last one is a *bit* misleading.) Today's show is chockfull of your questions and our sometimes-answers. For example, why are Tim Meadows and Catt Sadler (???) in an extremely confusing car ad? Did Jennifer Lopez know who Bethenny Frankel was pre-A Rod? And find out exactly what Cory Monteith's brother doing in Canada...You don't wanna miss it.
22/11/1843m 14s

Hannah Bronfman & Austin Swift?

We're sorry for missing last Monday's (we were trying to identify Wholebrities IRL), but are happy to be back to our regular schedule. And lemme tell you--it's a doozy. After a brief update on Bella Thorne's form, we move on to what may have been the wedding of the, or at the very least the wedding of this particular lunar cycle. Hannah Bronfman, a Who we've somehow never discussed before, married someone who shares not one, not two, but THREE of her jobs. If that's not true love, I don't know what is. Also on today's show: The protesters at Rebel Wilson's defamation suit were incredible, Rob Kardashian doesn't know her, and Austin Swift is #notgonnahappen.
22/11/1836m 49s

Ashley Iaconetti? (ft Ashley Iaconetti)

The long-awaited Ashley I. episode is here! If you're not familiar, today we're getting some behind-the-scenes goss from Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum, Ashley Iaconetti—whose iconic cry faces delighted audiences across the globe. Plus, a stories about Who-spotting in Los Angeles and haaaaaaaave you heard Rita's new single? (...BUT WHAT ABOUT CARLY RAE JEPSEN'S?)
22/11/1846m 5s

Who's There: Emily VanCamp & Aziz Ansari?

It's that time of the week once again, time again to answer your calls. You wanna know what's the deal with HGTV and which Shonda Rhimes shows are Whos and Thems. You wanna know if Aziz Ansari gradWHOated. You wanna know if Emily VanCamp is marrying her co-star (and who he is). There are so many things you wanna know, and we have some (a few? maybe?) of the answers. Oh! And to check out the famed Twin Peaks spreadsheet, Who? Peakly, head on over to the Who? Weekly Facebook group.
22/11/1837m 45s

Busy Philipps? (ft Busy Philipps)

Today we have an EXTRA SPECIAL and EXTRA LONG interview with actress Busy Philipps about her nearly 20-year career in Hollywood (during which she starred in beloved shows like Freaks & Geeks and Cougar Town), those incredible Instagram stories (including one surprising reason she does them), why Tom Hanks is the greatest, and what most fans usually scream at her. (SPOILER: It's not, "Hey Busy! I loved you in Dawson's Creek!")
22/11/1857m 55s

Who's There: Joe Alwyn & Logic?

WHO is Taylor Swift's [alleged] new boyfriend? WHAT is [allegedly] the worst museum of all time (and why are there so many Thems visiting it?) WHY are they letting Housewives' Bethenny Frankel into the Shark Tank? (Oh, and we recorded a bit about actress Alexandra Daddario but it was too boring so we cut it. Sorry, Alexandra Daddario!)
22/11/1834m 45s

Eurovision 2017 & Avi Kaplan?

We took a break from listening to "Yodel It," the best song from this year's Eurovision contest, to talk about...this year's Eurovision contest. How do non-American's watch? Which country won? Does any of this matter? (The answers to those questions are: Logo, Portugal, and ABSOLUTELY.) Anyway, after a lengthy Eurovision chat, we move on to more important things, like Sabra hummus and Pentatonix. I know this episode sounds like a nightmare, but trust us. Better yet: trust Lea Michele.
22/11/1843m 18s

Who's There: Hunter Daily Salomon & Activated Charcoal?

Again, with the Chrises! Apparently, even Chris Pine knows that everyone can't tell the difference between him and the rest of them. We're not alone! Plus, we learn some disturbing information about Paris Hilton's brother and Paris Hilton's sex tape partner, get an apology from across the pond, figure out exactly what activated charcoal is and why people are obsessed with it all of a sudden and ask our dads about what's going on with Morning Joe and his new fiancé-slash-co-host, Mika.
22/11/1836m 29s

Betty Who? (ft. Betty Who?)

HUGE GUEST ALERT. Have you ever asked yourself, "Who the fuck is Betty Who?" Then you're in luck, because this week we interviewed Australian pop star (and our name twin) Betty Who about being recognized in VERY specific neighborhoods, writing the perfect pop song, and her favorite whos from Down Under. Later, we play a game called Australian or Notstralian (self-explanatory, I'm sure), and discuss Rita's recent Instagram with the one and only Ed Sheeran. (Oh, we also begin with a VERY heartfelt apology.)
22/11/1846m 35s

Who's There: Jordan Fisher & Lauren Bush Lauren?

From the smoke-filled bathrooms of the Met Ball to the preteen-filled bathrooms of the Radio Disney Music Awards, this week's edition of Who's There is truly for everyone. Plus, did you know there's a Who named Lauren Lauren? (first AND last!), a Who named Isla Fisher? (she hikes!) and a Them who got an exciting new job (his last name rhymes with free-quest!)
22/11/1834m 41s

#Fyre Fest & Danielle Jonas?

Hey guys, I just wanted to address Fyre Festival...Even though this was not my project what so ever, nor was I informed about the production or process of the festival in any shape or form, I do know that it has always been out of great intent and they truly wanted all of us to have the time of our lives. I initially trusted this would be an amazing & memorable experience for all of us, which is why I agreed to do one promotion...not knowing about the disaster that was to come... Today's episode is NOT brought to you by the National Pork Board.
22/11/1838m 20s

Who's There: Britt Robertson & Chad Lowe?

Much like Pitbull, Who's There is officially worldwide: We've got calls from China(!), Australia(!), Brooklyn, New York(!)—and everyone's got something to say. Is Rita really "big in China"? Remember Chad Lowe? How does one tell apart Joel Kinnaman, Charlie Hunnam and Jai Courtney? Have you heard Amber Heard and Elon Musk's relationship portmanteau yet? (It's good.) Is Jack Antonoff a Who? And who is Britt Robertson? All this and a very, very special announcement.
22/11/1834m 40s

Meghan Linsey & Jamie Otis?

This week Bobby revisits his childhood fear of brown recluse spiders when he and Lindsey learn all about Meghan Linsey, namely...A.) who she is, and B) why there's a giant hole in her face. Next up, we chat about two Cyruses, but can you guess which ones? (Hint: they're not Billy Ray, Miley, or Noah.) Finally, we explore one of Us Weekly's best 25 Things installments in months. So raise your hand if you're excited about this episode! (Bobby and Lindsey raise their hands.)
22/11/1829m 19s

Who's There: Noah Cyrus & Tobey Maguire?

Damn, y'all are smart—on today's Who's There? we learn Cockney rhyming slang for "feet", the "power" of Jim Toth and exactly how Nikki Bella and Sarah Michelle Gellar are connected (hint: it's thru Freddie Prinze Jr.). Then, questions about Noah Cyrus' music (Is it good?), Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' (Who?) and Tobey Maguire (Him?). Plus, unrelated rambling about Lady Gaga's new single, the film 'Music & Lyrics' and what Heidi and Spencer should name their new baby.
22/11/1837m 6s

Debby Ryan? (ft. Debby Ryan)

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with living wholebrity Debby Ryan! You might remember her from Disney Channel shows like "Jessie" and "Suite Life On Deck" (some of us call it "The Boat"), news about the CW pilot she just filmed, or maybe from that time a lot of people assumed she died last year! (It was Debbie Reynolds! R.I.P.) The point is, we had a great time chatting with her about what it was like to become famous at such a young age, and how she responds when confused adults politely ask who she is. After that, we fill you in on everything "Feet-Toe Ora" is up to at WHOchella.
22/11/1846m 54s

Who's There: Chad Mountain & Nikki Bella?

We get the update on Jen Aniston's hair care line, hear about a childhood crush on Chris K. from NSYNC (yep, that one) and a nine year old calls to ask about...Emma Stone? Plus, Britney Spears' new boyfriend (who), Scott Porter's genetic testing (who), Chad Mountain's vacation (who) and the Thems of Wrestlemania.
22/11/1839m 27s

J.D. Scott & Sutton Foster?

This week, we talk about the elusive third Property Brother who may or may not have anything to do with property, odd sponcon from Broadway Them/Off-Broadway Who Sutton Foster, Bella Hadid's obsession with Postmates, and the whoiest Jewish holidays. OK, I have to stop writing this description because my deviled eggs are here.
22/11/1835m 29s

Who's There: Josh Gad & Gregory's Coffee?

Today on Who's There, one of our oldest-listening and most treasured fans calls in to explain why Jennifer Aniston will NEVER be a Who, and boy is she convincing. Next up are some calls about coffee (who the hell is Gregory, anyway?), a famous talking snowman (AKA Josh Gad), and our favorite sibling of Tyne's. (It's Tim. Sorry to all other Daly sibs.)
22/11/1830m 0s

JoJo Siwa & Christine Lakin?

While you recover from your post-Big Little Lies hangover (Congrats you crazy Derniacs!), join us for a little Who sleuthing. Who is JoJo Sivan and how does she rank on the list of JoJo? (...Before Fletcher or after?) Plus: Are David Spade and Naya Rivera reallllly dating? (The answer may surprise you!) and what do Kathy Griffin, Colton Haynes and Lisa Rinna (now) have in common? Jodi Sweetin and two other TGIF stars make a show about...being only semi-famous and we engage in a little Wholigan Mulligan.
22/11/1838m 42s

Who's There: Chris Zylka & Danny Moder?

From Whos who play Thems ("Famous in Love", anyone?) to Whos who date Thems (take, Paris Hilton and her new beau, Chris Zylka) and everyone in between. This week: Why is everyone talking about Father John Misty all of a sudden? Who are all these people on The View that we don't recognize? Does believing that the Earth is flat make you more of a Who or a Them?
22/11/1840m 42s

Ashley Tisdale & Austin Forsyth?

We're back from a week-long vacation (during which neither of us took an actual vacation) because it's our CIVIC DUTY to tell you about the fact that Ashley Tisdale is promoting the Ryan Reynolds/Jake Gyllenhaal movie LIFE on her Instagram page. Is it brilliant, mesmerizing sponcon? Yes. Was she paid to post it? Questionable. We'll also chat about the gift cards on a Duggar's public wedding registry, Liam and Cheryl's new baby, and RIta's brand spanking new panic room. Who the hell is she hiding from? You've got one guess.
22/11/1832m 55s

Who's There: Jax Taylor & Tavi Gevinson?

Today, the day our beloved Us Weekly was sold to American Media Inc., is a sad one. Is there a bright side? Maybe not, but Colton Haynes got engaged, Armie Hammer loves to tie sexy knots and Tavi Gevinson is doing #spon con for an apartment building! All that and more on today's Who's There...Who's There? Who's There!
22/11/1839m 47s

Jordan Peele & Porsha Williams (ft. Who Dat?)

It's another episode of Who Dat, and the first recorded IN THE SAME CITY. This week, Shani and Amina talk to us about not recognizing Key and Peele, a recent incomprehensible subplot on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Chance the Rapper, and a strange new photo of Ciara, Little Future, and hands that may or may not belong to Russell Wilson.
22/11/1855m 41s

Who's There: Dan Stevens & Watsky?

After being absolutely OBLITERATED by a fan for confusing Nina Dobrev with Ashley Greene (something for which we will NEVER apologize), we answer calls about Miley Cyrus's little sister Noah, our favorite sexy buffalo Dan Stevens, and the artist who may or may not have inspired Lorde's latest single "Green Light."
22/11/1826m 56s

Nate Ruess & #JulesBEACHelorette?

In case you didn't realize, this weekend was a big one. None other than Julianne Hough spent a weekend with her best Whos (and 3 Thems?!?) in Cabo for her bachelorette party! #WeDontLaichHimWeLoveHim #HastaLaVistaHough #JulesBEACHelorette. Unfortunately we were NOT invited so we'll have to do a little sleuthing just to figure out who everyone is (and how they all know Rita Wilson?) That, plus a new Dancing With The Stars line-up and Rita's 2 year-old cleavage on today's big episode.
22/11/1837m 42s

Who's There: Domino Kirke & Grey Poupon?

It's about that time again to find out............Who's There! This week you're asking about: Domino Kirke and "Lonely Boy", Bill Paxton (R.I.P.), Bella Thorne's brand new basketball boyfriend whose name I've already forgotten, the insatiable thirst of Allison Williams and CONDIMENTS. I mean, long live mayonnaise, but can a condiment really be a Who? Find out.
22/11/1837m 8s

Remy Ma & Sofia Boutella?

Though nothing else seems to matter after Moonlight's surprise win at the Oscars last night, Who? Weekly's heart will go on. This week, we discuss the years-long beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, photos of Lea Michele falling off a paddle board, and whether or not Rita has *actually* been kidnapped.
22/11/1828m 26s

Who's There: Shailene Woodley & Roku?

On this week's Who's There: Do British like James Corden? (ft. an Actual British Person!) Is Shailene Woodley a Who or a Them? (And does she still eat clay?) Which is the Who'iest streaming system and why can't Bobby say "Roku" properly? Plus, does Robert DeNiro's recently shitty films demote him to Who status? And we'll go over Whos and Thems of the Sc*ent*l*gy landscape (at least, according to Wikipedia and Leah Remini). Please don't come after us, Xenu.
22/11/1833m 15s

Spencer Pratt? (ft. Spencer Pratt)

A very special, super-sized episode featuring none other than Spencer Pratt – suuuuuure, you might recognize that name, but Spencer's an expert on all things Who. What's it like to set up your own paparazzi shoots? To realize you're more famous in England? What's it like TO BE FAMOUS in England (and no longer as famous in America)? Plus: crystals, Heidi, Jonathan Cheban, poetry and.................What's Rita Up To?
22/11/181h 5m

Who's There: Joy Villa & Simon Konecki?

Hope you didn't forget the mess/joy that was last weekend's Grammy Awards, because we're taking your calls and you had a LOT of questions about what went down. Like, who was that chick in the Trump dress and how'd she even get an invite? And what's the deal with James Corden, anyway. Plus, did you know that there's a red carpet that happens BEFORE the red carpet? Well, there is and we watched it. We're not sorry.
22/11/1841m 26s

Sailor Brinkley Cook & Alexa Ray Joel?

This week we're talking about Alexa Ray Joel (the daughter of Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel), Sailor Brinkley Cook (the daughter of Christy Brinkley and Peter Cook), and why it's probably hard being the daughter of someone who can literally walk on water. PLUS: Splits we're sad about, splits we're not sad about, and our probably-untrue theory about why Joanna Krupa Instagrammed a photograph of herself in the bathtub. (SPOILER: It involves Brandi Glanville.)
22/11/1829m 52s

Who's There: Danny McBride & Brooke Hogan?

Is Us Weekly secretly for sale? Is Danny McBride secretly a Who? Is John Malkovich secretly a Them? Is breaking both of your legs actually funny? We'll answer these questions and more on this week's episode of Who's There? Plus, what's Brooke Hogan up to these days? And five things you MUST KNOW about Kenny G. Today's episode is brought to you by the new series Riverdale, now airing on Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.
22/11/1839m 13s

Ruby Rose & David Henrie?

Pour yourself a nice, detoxifying glass of charcoal water, because it's time to learn more about your favorite Whos! This week, Ruby Rose tells Willie Geist about how normal Taylor Swift is, someone named David Henrie gets married to the state of Delaware (I think), and we realize how passionate we are about the life and career of Leelee Sobieski. You'll love today's episode, or the star of How I Met Your Mother's name isn't Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders. Today's episode is brought to you by the new series Riverdale, now airing on Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.
22/11/1840m 5s

Who's There: Armie Hammer & Aja Naomi King?

Oh man, the calls are good this week. From Tim Daly's broken legs to a Twitter romance set up by none other than Chrissy Teigen – we've got everything on Who's There. Also: Who's Who on the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood cover? And is Armie Hammer actually named after Arm & Hammer? And which Michelle Williams is Who'ier? Today's episode is brought to you by the new series Riverdale, now airing on Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.
22/11/1836m 9s

Michelle Collins? (ft. Michelle Collins)

We're thrilled to welcome friend and beloved Who, Michelle Collins, to the studio!!!! (Yes, we have a studio now...) But first, can we talk about that godawful Us Weekly cover? And Derek Hough is NOT dating Jennifer Lopez, so please, we beg of you, stop asking. Then, Michelle discusses 5 Things You Must Know About Her and we play a brand new game called Bag of Lies. Today's episode is brought to you by the new series Riverdale, now airing on Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.
22/11/1842m 17s

Who's There: Tyne Daly & Lucy Vives?

On this week's Who's There, a caller and her sister attend the DC Women's March and have an encounter with a celebrity they SHOULD HAVE KNOWN (how dare they!), another asks if Greta Gerwig is a who, a them, or...something in between...and we spend more airtime on Josh Kushner than he deserves. Today's episode is brought to you by the new series RIVERDALE, which premieres Thursday, January 26 at 9/8c on The CW.
22/11/1834m 53s

Sean Spicer & Anwar Hadid?

Hope your Inauguration Day was depressing (Sorry, Jill Zarin) and your #womensmarch was inspiring (Sorry, Taylor Swift). Who? Weekly is back at it again and we have the ACTUAL things you need to know about Press Secretary Sean Spicer – no matter what "alternative facts" people try and tell you. Plus, Anwar Hadid and Nicola Peltz hook up, Suki Waterhouse and Diego Luna hook up and Derek and Julianne Hough hook up........lmao just kidding!!!! They just went dressed as Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds to a Who's La La Land-themed birthday party. Not weird or creepy at all. This week's episode is brought to you by Riverdale, a new series premiering Thursday at 9/8 central on The CW.
22/11/1844m 39s

Who's There: Olivia Munn & Olivia Wilde?

On this week's edition of Who's There we take some really good comments (Night Nurse is a Marvel character? Who knew!) and answer some tough questions. For example, who is Anya Taylor-Joy? And why is Rob Schneider allowed to tweet? Plus, dissecting those Fab Fit Fun boxes every Who has promoted on their Instagram and how to tell the difference between Olivia Munn and Olivia Wilde. (It's very hard.)
22/11/1840m 56s

Brandi Glanville, Dean Sheremet (and a Fireworks Show by Grucci)?

"Sing us a song, you're The Piano Guys!" ...is maybe what you would say if you were heading to the inauguration next week. While you're there you could hear the vocal stylings of such Whos as Toby Keith, RaviDrums, The Frontmen of Country and Lee Greenwood. Plus, the romance other Whos including, Aly Raisman and Colton Underwood, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell and Kirsten Dunst and...Landry. And does your kitchen rule? Find out!
22/11/1839m 47s

Who's There: Hilarie Burton & Jonathan Bennett?

The calls are in and they are PISSED that some girl didn't know who Garth Brooks was. We're still recovering from the Golden Globes and apparently so are you...So, did you know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton love each other? That Jonathan Bennett was gay? That Eva Amurri Martino just cannot keep a nanny? Plus, your You've Got Mail 2 pitches are rolling in...
22/11/1842m 12s

Simon Helberg?

Did you watch last night's Golden Globes? Did you figure out who Damien Chazelle was? No? Good. We have a quick rundown of what might've happened last night and Who might be the ones people will talk about tomorrow: Ruth Negga? Isabelle Huppert? Lily Collins? Simon Helberg? Plus: Jake Bugg, Wendi Deng's new boyfriend, Sabrina Carpenter and Nick Viall.
22/11/1834m 5s

Who's There: Mahershala Ali & Chris Gaines?

As they say: New Year, New Who. We're back, it's 2017 and we still have no idea who anyone is. The concept of the podcast soldiers on, and we take calls (and comments!) from our fantastic listeners, including old things like: Who is Bebe Rexha? and new things like: Who is Mahershala Ali? And insane things like: Who is Garth Brooks? This episode is brought to you by Squarespace and BioClarity. Start your free trial today, at Squarespace.com and enter offer code WHO to get 10% off your first purchase. Get your first month of BioClarity for only $9.95 plus free shipping by entering the code WHO.
22/11/1844m 53s

The 2016 Who, Me? Awards!

Who's the best Who who took a vacation with their family? Who's the best Who who posted an Instagram video? Who's the best Who who became our biggest fan? Find out the answers to all those questions during the first annual Who Me? Awards! PLUS we discuss Keke Palmer's thoughts on Bella Thorne, and Rita Ora's financial non-crisis.
22/11/1829m 7s

Who's There: Bryan Tanaka & Made-for-TV Christmas Movies?

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, garbage Lifetime movies playing on TV – it must be nearing Christmas, when all the Whos (and sometimes Thems!) sign on the dotted line to appear in made-for-TV movies. (Someone's gotta pay for all those Hatchimals, am I right?) We figure out exactly how many Christmas movies Lacey Chabert has starred in (SIX!!!!!!!!), who Mariah Carey's new boyfriend is, which harmony in Fifth Harmony is ditching and if that means they are now Fourth Harmony? ...Or no harmony? This is already confusing. Today's episode is brought to you by The OA, now streaming on Netflix.
22/11/1834m 25s

Jackie Evancho?

After discussing 2016's most-Googled woman (SPOILER: it's not Cindy Margolis anymore), Lindsey and Bobby move on to the latest--and fakest--Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian drama, the Who at the heart of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, and the exact dollar amount that "Water For Elephants" author Sara Gruen spent on 156 Hatchimals. PLUS: we play I Don't Know Her for the first time in far too long. Today's episode is brought to you by The OA, now streaming on Netflix.
22/11/1841m 47s

Who's There: Tarek El Moussa & Lala Kent?

This week on Who's There: We're sick of being required to learn about HGTV Whos and their personal drama (what's the difference between Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop, anyway?), Lala Kent is sick of Vanderpump Rules (will anyone know she's even gone?), and Bobby gets yelled at for missing the ANTM premiere (even though he has a VERY GOOD excuse). Today's episode is sponsored by Netflix's "The OA," which begins streaming Friday.
22/11/1829m 15s

Malika Haqq & Ronnie Ortiz-Magro?

Happy...Premiere Week of America's Next Top Model? It's practically a national holiday now that our girl Rita's hosting. More on that before tonight's flagship episode. Plus: the new Bachelor contestants (and their strange obsession with The Little Mermaid), a whole slew of new Who couples (Whoples?), a brand new Who baby (Whoby?), the brand new Spider-Man trailer featuring Zendaya (and Some British Guy) and Lindsey sends a very important LinkedIn request. This episode was brought to you by Netflix's The OA. Check out @The_OA on Instagram (and @whoweekly on Twitter) for a special sneak peek.
22/11/1845m 2s

Who's There: Kelsea Ballerini & Garrett Clayton?

Whether you watched Hairspray Live! on NBC last night, or skipped it and did something productive for once in your life, today's episode of Who's There? is for you. Let's talk Grammys ("Best New Artist," anyone?), the Whos & Thems of Saturday Night Live and figure out what the heck the Love Magazine Advent Calendar is once and for all.
22/11/1840m 27s

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje? (ft. Who Dat)

We got Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Whos, Thems...YOU NAME IT! Amina and Shani AKA "Who Dat?" are back and we have a lot to catch up on. Adrienne Bailon's new husband, Themvertising, This Is Us, Yasiin Bey, the Whos and Thems of Africa...Let's just say you have no idea what you're in for.
22/11/1845m 38s

Who's There: Kathie Lee Gifford & Todrick Hall?

You rang? On this week's brand new Who's There: Lady Gaga's hat, Tila Tequila's racism and Taylor Swift's latest BFF. Plus, all you have to know about the Whos and Thems of Stars Hollow and Andy Cohen's boyfriend, Clifton Dassuncao.
22/11/1835m 9s

Glennon Doyle Melton?

Do you call yourself a love warrior? Is Oprah one of your closest friends? Did you just divorce your husband to start dating a world-famous soccer star? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, you might be Glennon Doyle Melton. If you answered "What the hell are you talking about?" to any of those questions, you need to listen to this week's episode and learn about Glennon, why Jack Falahee came out as straight, and how Tony Bennett met his wife (spoiler: she was inside someone's uterus). Plus, we play a BRAND NEW (and potentially terrible) game called Stars Are Blind!
22/11/1834m 39s

Who's There: Ezra Miller & Steve Bannon?

Did you know that there is a prolific romance novelist named Heather Graham? Lindsey and Bobby didn't. That, plus more of your wonderful comments. Then: Who is Steve Bannon? And why does he make money every time I watch Seinfeld on TBS? Who is Ezra Miller and is Ryan Seacrest a Who or a Them?
22/11/1840m 52s

Dream Kardashian?

Welcome to the world, Dream Kardashian! There's so much for you to learn. First of all, Vanderpump Rules' Mike Shay is *not* missing, he promises. And YouTube person Calum McSwiggan, see, he was lying about that night, so we have an update for you. Plus Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey is back (with his wife) and we've discovered the World's Most Boring 25 Things You Don't Know About Me. All for you, Dream Kardashian. We're so happy you're here.
22/11/1829m 33s

Who's There: Rizzoli & Isles and Franklin & Bash?

It's our civic duty to answer your calls, so answer them we shall. Today: more chatter on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a Chloe Grace Moretz Social Media Update, Lindsey's favorite show (is it Rizzoli & Isles????), Kaley Cuoco does BDSM, the Supreme Court Justices (ranked Who>Them, duh) and that time Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence SHARED A LOLLIPOP. Yuck.
22/11/1833m 57s

Lucian Piane?

As you gear up for Election Day, let us help you distract yourself with the frivolity of Whos: the now-single Paulina Slagter, the conspiracy theorist Lucian Piane, the "P"-bodied Wendy Williams, the tea-drinking Farrah Abraham, the return of Vanderpump Rules and a very special election-themed version of "I Don't Know Her".
22/11/1841m 53s

Who's There: Meghan Markle & MattyB?

What do a potentially royal Who and a 13 year old rapping Who have in common? Well, aside from being Whos...They're both people you called in an asked about this week on Who's There! Plus: Lindsay Lohan's new accent, Pilot Jones (and his involvement with Rob & Chyna), and Mel Gibson's equestrian girlfriend. Did you know that Lucy Hale's real name isn't Lucy? Tune in to find out what it is!
22/11/1838m 45s

James Packer?

Happy WHOlloween y'all. Did you dress up this year? Something sexy? Something spooky? Something....problematic? In today's episode we talk James Packer (whoooo) vs. Mariah Carey (oh, right), Lindsay Lohan's hilariously Who tendencies and the demise of Vine (and its stars!) Plus: our favorite Whos and their Wholloween costumes, Rita.
22/11/1833m 32s

Who's There: Diane Kruger & Baby Ariel?

What happens when you put Diane Kruger, Amber Tamblyn and a Musical.ly star in a room together? Well, they would all ask, "And whoooo are you?" because even they would be confused. Our beloved callers this week are asking about those three plus, the fall TV line-up (Jimmi Simpson? Justin Hartley? Mike Colter?) Ronan Farrow and the afterlife.
22/11/1840m 26s

Gregg Sulkin?

#GrabHerByTheBrain, won't you? Just kidding – we'd NEVER grab your brain without consent. Instead, let us fill your brain with the most useless information about Whos and Thems. This week: Gregg Sulkin (remember him?), Jennifer Meyer, Laura Perlongo's new baby, Perrie Edwards, and... Mr. Sunday. Who is Mr. Sunday? Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out.
22/11/1833m 35s

Who's There: Violetta Komyshan & Brooke Candy?

Your calls will not go unanswered! This week on Who's There: James Marsden (Who or Them?), the Cooking Channel (Who or Them?), Violetta Komyshan (Who is she?) and Brooke Candy (Ditto.) Plus: Haylie Duff's America is an actual TV show. We swear.
22/11/1825m 46s

Ken Bone?

Is our national nightmare over? Can we finally put undecided-voter-turned-meme Ken Bone to rest? Hopefully this week's Who? Weekly will be the last we ever speak of this red sweater'd, indecisive man. Don't worry, we've also got a Billy Bush update, Meghan Trainor's new Whofriend, a Glee-Mumford marriage, Joe Jonas' rude-ass AMA, Colton Haynes' candle line(?) and Lo Bosworth's vagina...products. Yes: her vagina products.
22/11/1833m 41s

Who's There: Tiffany Trump & Alaska Thunderfuck 5000?

While Billy Bush's #thiccthighs crumble beneath him, it's Thursday and we're ready to take your calls. What did you call about? True crime, drag queens and Tiffany Trump's music career.
22/11/1838m 23s

Billy Bush?

Anyone remember #BillyBushThiccThighs? Do they haunt your dreams like they haunt ours? Turns out Billy Bush wasn't done embarrassing himself and our nation. That means his thighs are back in the news! Plus: Who is Leila George? Who are Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan again? Zendaya's got a new app? And what's Rita up to?
22/11/1833m 18s

Who's There: Peyton List & Peyton List?

On this week's Who's There? we unpack Jonathan Cheban for Australians, chat about Evan Rachel Wood and Ben Foster, and decipher which Peyton List is which (there are literally TWO of them). Plus: Scientologists and 9/11 Truthers.
22/11/1838m 5s

Colleen Ballinger?

This week were living for Daily Mail, who mixed up two Whos (we feel you!) and spotted a Them in...an unexpected place. Colleen Ballinger AKA Miranda Sings is getting a divorce (or is she?) and Halsey is getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Or something. Plus: Joe Simpson is a photographer now and no one remembers Stacy Keibler except for Us Weekly. EXCLUSIVE: We bring back "Good Form, Bella Thorne" and find out what Rita's up to.
22/11/1837m 23s

Who's There: Bigi Jackson & Barbara Corcoran?

*plays Jock Jams music* Are...You...Ready!!!!!!! for another episode of Who's There – the one where YOU dictate what we talk about. This week we get the Real Deal from across the pond on The Great British Bakeoff from our Whom? Correspondent, Jonno. We also talk Rob & Chyna (again), Blanket "Bigi" Jackson, Shark Tank and tell you whether or not Marion Cotillard is a Who or Them. Plus: Lindsey's amazing game where Bobby (and you! at home!) guess which #Brangelina tabloid headline belongs to which tabloid.
22/11/1833m 8s

Piper Perabo?

What's in her bag? The bag of Piper Perabo, that is. Who is she? We'll figure that out for you. We'll also figure out why people are freeeeeaking out about The Great British Bakeoff and why England only has two TV channels (unverified, but feels true). Plus, a live Who birth streamed on Facebook Live and our favorite Country Who got hitched!
22/11/1837m 25s

Who's There: Evan Lowenstein & #KnotOnMyPlanet?

R.I.P. #Brangelina, Long Live Who? Weekly!!!!!!! Let's talk the only good thing that happened at the Emmys and Rob & Chyna's extremely depressing reality show. Plus, a listener calls in and explains something sports-related (nice!) and we update you, our listeners, on the Who/Them status of the former members of One Direction. Also, what's the Who'iest charity? #CanUKnot
22/11/1838m 29s

Naya Rivera?

Another week, another amazing publicist. This time it's Naya Rivera's – who managed to get the tea she spills in her new book all OVER the goddamn place. With a name like Savvy Shield, what else would you do other than win Miss America? Plus, a Vine star feud for the ages and the agony of a DJ due called The Chainsmokers. "Soul Sister", someone named Law Slagsvol and Rita's debut in the "50 Shades of Grey" trailer – if you blink, you'll miss it.
22/11/1831m 57s

Who's There: Hari Nef & The Great British Bake Off?

We're taking your calls and that means we're talking The Great British Bake Off, Hari Nef, Kate Upton and the TODAY Show. Plus, more about Billy Bush's thick thighs (!), Bobby's run-in with his arch nemesis (!!) and how to use Siri to determine a Who (!!!).
22/11/1837m 35s

Marilu Henner?

Did you miss us? Love lost (Taylor and Tom Hiddleston!), love found (Elizabeth Gilbert and Rayya Elias?) and love...truly we don't know ("Minka Kelly, Wilmer Valderrama ‘Stopped Dating’ After Brief Romance Rekindling"). Meanwhile, we totally missed the Who-y line-up of this season's Dancing With the Stars, the time Molly Sims barfed on the highway and...Burning Man. Kinda.
22/11/1842m 47s

A Very Short Vacation Episode

We love you, we'll miss you, but this week we're taking a small vacation from the Whos. Don't worry: we'll recommend some good podcasts for you to listen to while we're away. Wait, but how will you know what Rita's up to? Hm, well, guess you won't. See you next Monday!
22/11/187m 28s

Who's There: The VMAs?

A few days late, sure, but people are still wondering: WHO WERE ALL THOSE PEOPLE AT THE VMAS? Seriously, that red carpet was elbow-to-elbow with Whos, and we're here to pick through 'em all (and answer YOUR questions) on who was....Who.
22/11/1843m 47s

Emily Ratajkowski?

We'll have you your Very Special MTV VMAs episode this Thursday (call in with questions, if you got 'em!), but for now we're tackling WHAT is happening on the cover of last week's Us Weekly (Hint: "Bachelor in Hades" is what we're calling it), Mark Steines and his new wife, Julie Freyermuth (and her dog, Norbert), Chrisley Knows Best(???) and Emily Ratajkowski. Plus: RITA.
22/11/1830m 52s

Who's There: Bronte Blampied & Jinger Duggar?

The Who? Weekly hotline is heating up!!!!!!! We're hearing all your calls and this week we're tackling some of the FAQ of the week: firstly, that huge Bella Thorne news. Come on, you know it. Also, who the HECK is Bronte Blampied and is that a real name? Plus: Jinger Duggar, "OG" Maci Bookout and whooooo is the "Alicia" on the cover of September Vogue?
22/11/1843m 36s

Brittany Farrar?

What happens when a Bachelorette "winner" has an ex-girlfriend...who he cheated on...who has the receipts? Quite a few now-deleted Instagrams later, we have the scoop. Also: A Very Special Ryan Lochte Update, Does Britney Spears know who Colton Haynes is? (Spoiler: No!!!!!!!) and #BillyBushThighsThicc.
22/11/1832m 58s

Who's There: Awkwafina & Gigi Gorgeous?

Welcome back! We're taking YOUR calls today, on everyone from Ocean 8's Awkwafina to YouTube's Gigi Gorgeous. Plus, the guy who keeps Justin Bieber alive and the girl who may or may not be dating him. Plus: Is Australia a Who? Can countries be Whos? Can someone tell Ryan Lochte to cut it out? (That last question isn't in the episode; it's just some good advice.)
22/11/1842m 50s

Ryan Lochte?

It's a Very Special Olympics episode! Prematurely grey-haired national treasure Ryan Lochte may swim like a Them, but he does literally everything else like a Who. Plus: is your favorite Olympic sport a Who or a Them? Who is Rachel Platten doing ads for now? Do you know what "slalom" means? And can you guess who was caught in sexy lederhosen? Of course you can.
22/11/1837m 3s

Who's There: Jai Courtney & Justin Trudeau?

Jai Courtney, Justin Trudeau, and the most important question of our time: is Josh Charles a Who or a Them? follow that with the *second* most important question of our time: can you tell the difference between Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney?
22/11/1834m 2s

Kendu Isaacs? (ft. Who Dat?)

Long time, no #whodat, you say? We agree. Call Your Girlfriend's Aminatou Sow and BuzzFeed's Shani Hilton are back to tell us all about what we've missed: the R/DNCs, Keke Palmer's meme, Tweet and her new pastor boyfriend, Rudy Huxtable's mess, Oprah's new BFF Colson Whitehead, Mary J's future ex Kendu Isaac, the Whos on Obama's birthday party invite list and... The Olympics. Plus: Bone apple tea. You'll see.
22/11/1859m 10s

Who's There: Charlotte McKinney & Charizard?

Charlotte McKinney, Doutzen Kroes, Nicola Peltz and something we've all been asking ourselves in the past few weeks: which Pokémon are Whos and which are Thems? Plus, why Jesse Tyler Ferguson is Bobby's nemesis and who are the Internet's boyfriends (and what does it mean to be one?)
22/11/1840m 1s

Troian Bellisario?

Troian Bellisario, you in danger, girl. (Also, who are you?) Chloë Grace Moretz's speech at the Democratic National Convention finally gives us something worth voting for. Tyler Posey is NOT gay, despite what his Snapchats may have promised. A brand new quiz featuring Wholeb baby names and the new cast of Celebrity Big Brother. Plus, Rita!
22/11/1836m 15s

Who's There: Whitney Port & Jeffree Star?

That godawful acapella DNC video? Don't worry, we're going there. Also: Jeffree Star vs Kat Von D, Brie Larson becomes Captain Marvel, What is a Whitney Port and...the world of baby Whos and Thems.
22/11/1852m 23s

Who? Weekly LIVE!

We had our very first live show last week, thanks to the fine people of IRL Club and The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. If you were there, we love you. If you weren't there, don't worry, we've got a great recap of all things Who? Weekly LIVE! featuring the talents of Mariah Smith (Keeping Up With The Kontinuity Errors) and Allie Jones (500 Days of Kristen). Plus, Rita! And live laughter!
22/11/1854m 38s

Who's There: Rick Rubin & Martha Hunt?

The biggest star of this week? The Notes app, duh. Taylor Swift's Notes app, to be more specific. On this week's Who's There? you asked about the Whos surrounding the whole Kim-Kanye-Taylor mess and answered. Also: Portia de Rossi, ranking the Chris(es) and...AISHA TYLER.
22/11/1836m 53s

Mike Pence?

*opens Notes app* .And you thought we couldn't handle politics. A wholitician visits Chilli's, a Playboy playmate does a bad Snapchat, a Dancing With The Stars couple reveals the gender of their Dancing With The Stars fetus, a 72 year old knocks up a 29 year old, an actress wants to breastfeed her child...FOREVER. Plus: Rita can't exit a helicopter. *closes Notes app*
22/11/1840m 11s

Who's There: Tyler Shields & an Urban Sweat Lodge?

This week you ask us: Who is Tyler Shields? Who are the older Hadid sisters? What do you call a place where Whos hang out? (A: It's a Where.) Then, we rank Spice Girls from Who to Them and find out what Nando's is.
22/11/1829m 8s

Mischa Barton?

Abandon your Pokémon Go for 30 minutes, please, what we have here is a brand new episode of Who? Weekly!!!!! Mischa Barton and Kaley Cuoco express themselves in Instagram, a Vanity Fair profile of Margot Robbie doesn't help us AT ALL and we debate whether Ciara (who recently had sex, did you hear?) is a Who or a Them. Plus: Rita is *still* in the running to be the host of America's Next Top Model. You heard us.
22/11/1828m 32s

Who's There: Halston Sage & Harley Gusman?

Who's there? Well, an episode 95% about Taylor Swift's July 4th celebration because we're nothing if not thankful that you, the listeners, called in to ask WHO THE HECK everyone was. Whos, Thems, a depressed Ryan Reynolds: we have the answers. Also, a quickie on The Other Chris Evans and the Who'iest sponsorships.
22/11/1833m 22s

Karlie Redd?

To cap off your July 4th weekend, we're chatting Karlie Redd (and the world of Love and Hip Hop), Elizabeth Gilbert (and her store of trinkets), Lo Bosworth (and her can of pumpkin) and Haylie Duff (and her container of cream cheese). Plus, a brand new 'Good Form, Bella Thorne' (complete with theme song!!!!) and Rita went on a Nando's date...with Professor Green.
22/11/1839m 14s

Who's There: Calum McSwiggan & Poot Lovato?

REVEALED!!!!!!! Find out the identities of Calum McSwiggan, Sky Ferreira, Bill Simmons and Poot Lovato. Plus: Bobby does an impression of Billy Zane in Titanic and we are made aware of The Curse of Becky G. God help us all.
22/11/1831m 2s

Jonathan Cheban?

Don't worry, Martha, we got you. We dig deep into the life of Jonathan Cheban (and how to actually pronounce his last name), mourn the relationship of Iggy and Nick, figure out what Brexit is (and why it matters so much to Lindsay Lohan). Also: Glastonbury, Austin Mahone, Corey Bohan and RITA RITA RITA.
22/11/1844m 48s

Who's There: Jamie Chung & Hofit Golan?

Once again, it's YOUR turn to ask about Whos & Thems. This week: Jamie Chung (and her equally Who husband), the women of Orange is The New Black (yes, and Matt McGorry), the truly confounding family tree of Erin & Sara Foster and the Whos and Thems of the pet world.
22/11/1829m 6s

Ross Mathews?

Another week, another Who feud. Who will come out on top: Ross Mathews or Billy Eichner? We finally reveal to the world who Taylor Swift's new Who-bf, Tim Hiddlestone (sp?), is. Plus, 5 Things You Need to Know About Dove Cameron and a very, very special Save The Date.
22/11/1843m 29s

Who's There: Audra McDonald & Phoebe Price?

Ring ring, it's Who? Weekly calling. Another week, another special episode just for your questions and comments. Who is Audra McDonalds and why won't the Tonys shut up about her? Jeremy Jordan? Phoebe Price? Alexa PenaVega? Plus: a family fight about the Jonas brothers!!!! Oh god.
22/11/1820m 31s

Noah Galvin?

This week on Who?, Bobby goes in on Noah Galvin while Lindsey takes on Lip Sync Battle. We both discover the mystery behind who Lion Babe is and decipher who exactly performed on The Bachelorette this week. We also welcome Caroline Goldfarb of podcast This Week Had Me Like to play "I Don't Know Her" and we find out, duh, What Rita's Up To.
22/11/1848m 59s
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