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The podcast of the independent Manchester United fanzine United We Stand. Influential, incisive, irreverent and proudly independent, UWS tells it like it is.


United We Stand podcast 634. From Newport away.

With Newport/MUFC fans, in the United end and talking tickets. Iln association with ImproveEasy, who are helping United fans save money on their energy bills by installing home improvement measures such as FREE solar panels, FREE boilers and FREE insulation. Text the word EASY to 60777 to see if you qualify.
29/01/24·40m 3s

United We Stand podcast 633. Neil Wood

The former United pro, then coach of players like Garnacho and Mainoo has a decent chat with United We Stand. Brought to you in association with https://improveasy.com/consumer/eco/
23/01/24·50m 12s

United We Stand podcast 632. Wigan away.

From Wigan away in the FA Cup. 
09/01/24·49m 45s

United We Stand podcast 631. From Forest away.

Support our sponsors. Improve Easy. Solar, Boilers, Insulation.  https://improveasy.com/ Shopify https://www.shopify.com/uk?utm_source=podcast&utm_medium=audio&utm_campaign=uk-all-na-awareness-2q23-en&utm_term=united&utm_content=united Drink AG1 https://drinkag1.com/campaign/immunity/ctr?utm_content=11-Sports__a8350__o37&utm_term=cac__a8350__o37&utm_medium=partnerships&utm_source=podcast&utm_campaign=unitedwestand_d35ct__a8350__o37 Picture: Nicolas Mills.
02/01/24·58m 48s

United We Stand podcast 630. Around the 3-2 game v Villa.

Featuring FC United, MUST and a great comeback. 
27/12/23·43m 17s

United We Stand podcast 629. From West Ham away.

The lads were up at 4am for the trip to East London.  This podcast brought to you in association with https://improveasy.com/
23/12/23·50m 19s

United We Stand podcast 626. Bournemouth

From outside Old Trafford. And here's the link to subscribe to the mag  http://www.uwsonline.com/subscribe.php
10/12/23·37m 27s

United We Stand podcast 625. Chelsea at home.

With some very special guests.
07/12/23·40m 0s

United We Stand podcast 624. Newcastle United away.

Subscribe to the ten issues (10 months) of United We Stand mag. Deadline for the Ten Hag interview issue is Monday. http://www.uwsonline.com/subscribe.php
03/12/23·43m 50s

United We Stand podcast 621. On the Glazers

With business journalist Chris Blackhurst. And Luton fan Kev. 
17/11/23·53m 21s

UWS podcast 620 from Copenhagen

A trip to Denmark. 
10/11/23·31m 3s

UWS podcast 617. Copenhagen, Charlton and city.

We've got some belting guests on this United We Stand podcast. 
25/10/23·57m 1s

UWS podcast 614. Galatasaray at Old Trafford.

Home fans, away fans. Tickets, anger, defeat.
04/10/23·36m 3s

UWS podcast 613. Palace 0-1.

We speak to all kinds of characters and football people around Old Trafford. Some of them might cheer you up. 
01/10/23·42m 10s

United We Stand podcast 611. Burnley away.

We make the short trip to Burnley.
25/09/23·32m 1s

United We Stand podcast 610. From Munich.

On the road with the reds in Bavaria. 
22/09/23·37m 27s

UWS podcast 609. From Brighton at home.

Recorded around Old Trafford for the Brighton defeat. Thanks to everyone who bought the new issue of United We Stand. 
17/09/23·33m 57s

United We Stand podcast 608. Arsenal away.

With journalist Mark Ogden, The Gooner and reds in the away end. 
04/09/23·36m 9s

United We Stand podcast 605. Wolves at home.

With various Reds, the 1958, Binnsy, Botswana and the sellers. 
15/08/23·40m 31s

UWS podcast 604. Dublin.

With travelling Mancunians, Dubliners and Basques. 
09/08/23·49m 30s

United We Stand podcast 603. From Las Vegas.

Meeting more characters from MUFC's fanbase.  Warning: There is nothing in this podcast for Transfer Junkies.
31/07/23·37m 37s

UWS podcast 602. From San Diego

With all kinds of Reds on the pre-season tour.
27/07/23·37m 59s

UWS podcast 601. From New Jersey.

With reds from around the US and Facundo from Uruguay. 
24/07/23·33m 1s

UWS podcast from West Ham away.

With West Ham fans and angry Reds.
08/05/23·44m 43s

UWS podcast 592. From Brighton away.

With travelling Reds, Brighton fans and recording from the away end as United lose yet again away to a decent side.
05/05/23·47m 45s

UWS podcast 591. Villa at home

We join the protests outside Old Trafford and speak to United fans from all over about what they want. 
01/05/23·23m 46s

UWS podcast 588. Sevilla away.

With locals, reds and more. Covering the sale of MUFC too.
22/04/23·33m 42s

UWS podcast 587. Sevilla at home.

With some steaming Sevilla fans, reds in the Stretford, UWS lads and the '58.
14/04/23·48m 52s

UWS podcast 583. With Thomas Zilliacus, who has bid to buy MUFC.

An exclusive interview with the Finnish businessman about his plans. 
27/03/23·35m 40s

UWS podcast 577. A trip to Wembley

A bus from Manchester, a Dutchman, a Geordie and much more. 
27/02/23·55m 36s

UWS podcast 576. Barcelona at home.

From Old Trafford around the big European match.
24/02/23·43m 11s

UWS podcast 575. With Jim O'Neill on the bids for MUFC.

Jim O'Neil is a red, was a red knight and is a British economist. An expert in finance, he discusses the various bids to buy Manchester United.
20/02/23·49m 51s

UWS podcast 571. Palace at home.

Featuring an interesting Palace fan and plenty of Red voices after a nervy win.
05/02/23·35m 8s

UWS podcast 568. From Forest away.

A trip to Nottingham. We spoke to fans, players and journalists.
26/01/23·38m 21s

UWS podcast 567. From Arsenal away.

Another long day in the capital.
23/01/23·33m 41s

UWS podcast from Palace away.

With travelling Reds and a smart Palace fan. 
19/01/23·46m 33s

United We Stand podcast 565. From Old Trafford around the derby.

Blues, Binnsy, Brazilians, Protests, Predictions and Pride.
15/01/23·38m 30s

UWS podcast 564. Charlton at home (obviously).

With Charlton's manager on the pitch, a Moss Side legend, Brazilians, a bit of wind and many more.
11/01/23·42m 39s

UWS podcast 563. Everton in the cup.

Reds (and an Evertonian) from Old Trafford. 
07/01/23·40m 28s

UWS podcast 561. Wolves away.

From Molineux. Enjoy.
01/01/23·33m 32s

UWS podcast 560. From Old Trafford around Forest 3-0.

Reds, regulars, rain, Sammy McIlroy, Nat the Brazilian. Enjoy. 
28/12/22·39m 15s

UWS podcast 558. Cadiz & Seville.

Andy Mitten joins travelling United fans and journalists in Andalusia for the two friendly games against Cadiz and Real Betis. 
11/12/22·42m 12s

UWS podcast 557. Jim O'Neill.

Here's the link to subscribe to the next ten issues of United We Stand mag http://www.uwsonline.com/subscribe.php
24/11/22·40m 25s

UWS podcast 554. Villa away. And match ratings below.

07/11/22·39m 49s

UWS podcast 549. From Fleetwood and Old Trafford.

We speak to Fleetwood's owner, Spurs fans, Manchester United fans and more on a memorable couple of days for Manchester United. 
20/10/22·46m 17s

UWS podcast 542. From Moldova & Transnistria. Ft Martinez, London fan club.

We also meet Chisinau reds; travellers from Manchester who had drinks with the Sheriff officials and more.
18/09/22·38m 42s

UWS podcast 488. Gdańsk.

30/05/21·39m 34s

United We Stand podcast 483. Granada Reports.

"We'll just go there and enjoy ourselves."
10/04/21·42m 43s

UWS podcast 473. Recorded in Manchester and Liverpool with special guests inc Jamie Carragher.

Andy Mitten speaks to Jamie Carragher and Ben Thornley at Old Trafford and Marine, plus readers questions. 
12/01/21·44m 11s

UWS podcast 469. WBA 1-0.

22/11/20·49m 20s

UWS podcast 458

21/08/20·47m 15s

UWS podcast 457. Cologne.

11/08/20·38m 41s

UWS pod 449.

01/06/20·41m 46s

UWS podcast 448.

24/05/20·52m 24s

UWS podcast 442. Vidic

19/03/20·36m 5s

UWS podcast 435. Bruges

20/02/20·31m 49s

UWS podcast 418. AZ home.

13/12/19·24m 16s

UWS podcast 417. city 1-2

08/12/19·31m 13s

UWS podcast 407. Belgrade

26/10/19·47m 58s

UWS podcast 403. AZ away.

04/10/19·45m 16s

UWS podcast 402. Arsenal

01/10/19·57m 46s

UWS podcast 399. Astana

20/09/19·22m 57s

UWS pod 385 Jim White

01/07/19·31m 33s


14/06/19·47m 46s

podcast 383.

12/06/19·27m 1s

UWS podcast 368. PSG away

07/03/19·51m 45s

UWS podcast 344.

12/11/18·31m 15s

UWS podcast. Chelsea 2-2.

21/10/18·52m 54s

UWS podcast 329. Watford

16/09/18·31m 9s

UWS podcast 326

20/08/18·46m 35s

UWS podcast 320.

24/07/18·36m 55s

UWS podcast 319

20/07/18·47m 46s

UWS podcast 313. Watford.

14/05/18·47m 30s

UWS podcast 307 WBA 0-1

16/04/18·34m 19s

UWS podcast 299. MUST.

01/03/18·40m 23s

UWS podcast 294. Munich

07/02/18·45m 12s

UWS podcast 291. Yeovil

27/01/18·42m 49s

UWS podcast 279

11/12/17·30m 39s

UWS podcast 257. Basel.

13/09/17·48m 25s

UWS podcast 249. Skopje.

08/08/17·32m 31s

UWS podcast 249. Dublin.

04/08/17·43m 34s

UWS podcast 248. Oslo.

01/08/17·40m 47s
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