Get It On with Dawn O'Porter

Get It On with Dawn O'Porter

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A weekly podcast from writer and presenter, Dawn O'Porter. Each week Dawn talks to someone interesting about why they wear what they wear. What does the way you dress say about you?


Dear Dawn: Should my kids be political?

It's Friday, so that means another episode of 'Dear Dawn' in your feeds, you lucky things. This week I answer whether your children should make a fashion statement at school against the 2022 World Cup and how to be comfortable, festive and glam when you're six months pregnant. Head over to my Patreon if you'd like to ask a question.
25/11/22·7m 37s

S2 E3: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

What a treat to chat to the human glitter ball that is Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Sophie is an incredible human. Disco queen, almighty pop star, mother of five and quite honestly one of the kindest and sweetest people I know. How she made time for this chat I have no idea. We chat vintage, stage outfits, mum uniforms and much much more.
22/11/22·42m 54s

Dear Dawn: What should I wear to a work Christmas party?

You lucky things! I'm bringing you an EXTRA episode each week. Every Friday I'll release a 'Dear Dawn', where I answer your fashion quandaries. Head over to my Patreon if you want to ask me something.
18/11/22·10m 46s

S2 E2: Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson is known for her chic style. It was so fun to find out how she's come to always looking so well turned out, and also a relief to know that trackie-loving girl from Huddersfield is still in there somewhere.
15/11/22·40m 42s

S2 E1: Keith Lemon

I wont lie, I was a little nervous to interview Keith Lemon about clothes. Turns out, he has a lot to say and was my dream guest. From making his own clothes, to owning pieces once worn by a rock legend, Keith lemon is now my quite unexpected fashion icon.
15/11/22·37m 9s

Season 2 - Coming November 15th!

There is nothing I love more than discovering why someone puts on the clothes they do to face the world each day. In this podcast that’s exactly what I find out. I don’t believe anyone ever just gets dressed. Whether it’s a tracksuit or a ball gown, our clothes reflect a moment in time. Where we are, who we are with and how we feel. What we wear says so much about who we are, and it’s been a joy to get under the layers of my brilliant guests and I cannot WAIT for you to listen, get 15th November in the diary! 
08/11/22·1m 7s

S1 E31: Lliana Bird

Dawn chats to Lliana Bird about dressing crazy, the joy of pajamas and Choosing LOVE.
18/03/17·30m 40s

S1 E30: A vintage special with Kate Tegmeyer

Dawn chats to a vintage skeptic, Kate Tegmeyer, about day to day dressing, then hit a local vintage shop to find some treasures.
12/03/17·24m 24s

S1 E29: Jennifer Westfeldt

Dawn chats to writer, director and actor Jennifer Westfeldt, about dressing girly, dressing slummy and the fantasy of being more risky.
04/03/17·24m 52s

S1 E28: Amy Huberman

Dawn chats to actress and writer, Amy Huberman, about getting your height wrong for most of your life, terrible 90s jeans and what to wear when you write.
23/02/17·32m 39s

S1 E27: Caroline Flack

Dawn chats to TV presenter, Caroline Flack, about being a twin, the agony of corsets and, errr, the pencil test...
16/02/17·29m 2s

S1 E26: Matt Iseman

Dawn chats to comic, host of American Ninja Warrior, and star of Celebrity Apprentice, Matt Iseman. About Boy George, orange plaid shorts and dressing to impress Arnie!
09/02/17·26m 7s

S1 E25: Aisling Bea

Dawn chats to comedian Aisling Bea about doing Pilates with earrings in, ethical fashion and burning sensations in your knickers.
03/02/17·34m 43s

S1 E23: Mamrie Hart

Dawn chats to Mamrie Hart about great boobs, great legs and selling used panties on the Internet.
26/01/17·30m 41s

S1 E23: Kelly Oxford

Dawn chats to writer Kelly Oxford about the rave scene, changing hair styles and how what a woman wears doesn't have to dictate how she behaves, Hopefully. When talking about teenage daughters.
18/01/17·27m 22s

S1 E22: Sarah Solemani

Dawn chats to actress and writer, Sarah Solemani, about femininity not compromising feminism, and always being ready to jump in a pool at a party.
09/01/17·27m 19s

S1 E21: Penny Lovell

Dawn chats to Hollywood stylist, Penny Lovell, about dressing women for red carpets. How it isn't worth caring about what people say, and how it's fun to push boundaries.
31/12/16·32m 35s

S1 E20: Jane Porter

In this special Christmas episode, Dawn chats to her sister Jane about their style journey.
26/12/16·31m 25s

S1 E19: Angela Scanlon

Dawn chats to Irish superstar Angela Scanlon about fashion, the controversy of leggings, and then Dawn threw her vagina in her face.
19/12/16·25m 36s

Polly Vernon

Dawn chats to writer Poly Vernon about retweeting compliments, the joy of freebies and how lamé is an attitude!
12/12/16·35m 25s

S1 E17: Alan Carr

Dawn chats with Chatty Man, Alan Carr, about dog walking clothes, bonkers suits and what the hell he's going to wear for his wedding.
05/12/16·20m 57s

S1 E16: Fay Ripley

Dawn chats to actress and cook book author Fay Ripley, about her big fluffy minge, George Micheal's pubes and wearing perfume.
29/11/16·32m 14s

S1 E15: William Banks-Blaney

Dawn chats with 'Vintage King' William Banks-Blaney about why we need to listen to old people, dressing fabulous women and eating Thai Green Curry out of giant china cabbages.
21/11/16·27m 39s

S1 E14: Dawn French

Dawn chats the the legend that is Dawn French about size, fringe and how you can't arse about without showing your arse.
14/11/16·33m 15s

S1 E13: Edith Bowman

Dawn chats to British broadcaster, Edith Bowman, about stripy tights, pink Champagne and dressing for yourself.
07/11/16·27m 34s

S1 E12: Live with Mel C, Gok Wan & Jo Elvin

Dawn interviews Mel C, Gok Wan and Jo Elvin on stage at a live event in London, sponsored by Morena Morena. They talk about style in the spotlight, style in private, and the outfits that define them.
31/10/16·52m 11s

S1 E11: Jo Elvin

Dawn chats to Glamour Magazine UK editor, Jo Elvin, about self confidence, demystifying fashion and, um, farts.
23/10/16·27m 45s

S1 E10: Bella Younger

Dawn chats to the creator of 'Deliciously Stella' about hoarding, RARving, and steeling your grans clothes.
16/10/16·19m 18s

S1 E9: Gizzi Erskine

Dawn chats to cook, author and style guru, Gizzi Erskine, about her transition from heavy metal to the 60s and how it might be time to lose the bouffant.
10/10/16·27m 26s

S1 E8: Chris O'Dowd

Dawn chats to her husband Chris O'dowd about Hawaiian shirts, being told off at the Cannes Film Festival, and how if you don't like what he's wearing, he'll just beat you up.
02/10/16·28m 27s

S1 E7: Dermot O'Leary

Dawn chats to British broadcaster, Dermot O'Leary, about ditching waistcoats, roll necks, riding scooters in suits and how 38 is the age when he finally felt grown up.
26/09/16·24m 11s

S1 E6: Jason Segel

Dawn chats to actor and writer Jason Segel about dressing like a grandpa and his imminent new scent.
20/09/16·18m 51s

S1 E5: Amanda Palmer

In this episode Dawn chats to Rockstar, Amanda Palmer, about nudity, self expression, armpits and how it's about so much more than just 'f*** it'.
08/09/16·29m 3s

S1 E4: Ilaria Urbinati

In this episode Dawn chats to top Hollywood stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, about the politics of dressing people for red carpets, how men don't have to be boring, and how it doesn't help anyone to say yes when they mean no. Edited by Christopher Sousa.
01/09/16·31m 44s

S1 E3: Jameela Jamil

Dawn chats to DJ, TV host, designer, writer and actress, Jameela Jamil, about the fashion industry, looking like a giant poo and the perils of having huge jugs and a flat bum.
24/08/16·29m 29s

S1 E2: Gemma Cairney

Dawn chats to DJ, writer and activist Gemma Cairney about hilarious clothes. Warning, Dawn LOVES this woman.
18/08/16·28m 48s

S1 E1: Jo Whiley

Dawn chats to British radio legend, Jo Whiley, about her style and the pressure of being cool.
10/08/16·26m 28s
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