The Santa Daily

The Santa Daily

By Fun Kids

Santa Claus is telling us what he’s doing in the lead-up to December 25th and is chatting about all the things he likes most about his favourite time of year. (Hint: Mince pies.)

We're also hearing what's happening in the world of Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, including bits from their brand new pantomime.


Merry Christmas! (Dec 25)

A huge happy Christmas day to you all!  Thank you for making The Santa Daily part of your routine. Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
25/12/23·1m 45s

Rudolf's bright red nose (Dec 24)

The sleigh is being loaded with presents, and despite a moment of panic due to Rudolph's nose initially appearing less bright, a quick polish restores its usual glow.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
24/12/23·4m 48s

Christmas sing-song (Dec 23)

The festive cheer is palpable with only two sleeps left till Christmas! Santa and the elves are in high spirits, singing Christmas songs and attempting to recall the lyrics of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas. Can you remember them all?  Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
23/12/23·4m 34s

Getting ready for the big day (Dec 22)

The North Pole is buzzing with excitement. The reindeer are having a special treat day, lounging while watching Christmas movies and indulging in their favourite snacks!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
22/12/23·7m 56s

Mince Pie Bake Off (Dec 21)

That there are only four sleeps left till Christmas, marking the annual Mince Pie Bake Off at the North Pole! While Santa is too preoccupied with Christmas preparations to participate this year, he's excited to be the judge, indulging in tasting the scrumptious mince pies baked by everyone... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
21/12/23·7m 51s

Forecasting clear skies (Dec 20)

Santa's updating listeners on the elves' preparation for Christmas Eve by monitoring weather forecasts to optimise the reindeer's flight path and ensure a comfortable journey for both the reindeer and Santa himself! Everything is falling into place smoothly, thanks to the tireless efforts of the hardworking elves... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
20/12/23·7m 43s

Planning the route (Dec 19)

Mrs Claus is going over the plan for Christmas Eve. It's very important to follow it to the letter because if we don't, we can get behind schedule and the worst case scenario would be that Santa doesn't make it every country in the world! Thankfully that has never happened and nor will it ever thanks to Mrs Claus' organisation.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
19/12/23·8m 13s

Sustainability Claus (Dec 18)

Santa reports from his sleigh, detailing its modern upgrades: a music system for carols, heated seats, and a digital photo album of Mrs. Claus! The sleigh runs primarily on solar power and wind, showcasing the elves' innovative strides toward eco-friendliness... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
18/12/23·8m 17s

Santa's Christmas playlist (Dec 17)

The incessant nature of catchy songs is on Santa's mind today! He's compiling a Christmas playlist for the sleigh ride on Christmas Eve, including classics like "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree," and "All I Want for Christmas."Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
17/12/23·4m 46s

The true meaning of Christmas (Dec 16)

In this episode of the Santa Daily, Santa's countdown continues with only 9 sleeps left until Christmas. We're all excited! Santa's sharing a heartwarming message about the true essence of gifts, emphasising the importance of kind words, loving gestures, genuine smiles, and helping hands in making the world a better place.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
16/12/23·5m 0s

Santa's high-tech suit (Dec 15)

Santa's sharing his enthusiasm for his new high-tech red suit, specially designed by the elves to regulate temperature in varying climates! No matter where you live, he will visit you on Christmas Eve, even those without chimneys, using his magic key!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
15/12/23·7m 56s

The best Christmas film ever (Dec 14)

What's your favourite Christmas film? In today's episode, Santa shares this weekend's Christmas movie selection...  Elf and Home Alone emerge as the final choices for the film lineup, satisfying Santa and his companions' preferences.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
14/12/23·8m 5s

Santa Paws (Dec 13)

Santa recounts the chaos in the toy factory caused by Santa Paws' over-enthusiastic tail wagging, which knocked over the Christmas tree! Despite the mishap, the tree was restored to its upright position with everyone's help... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
13/12/23·8m 13s

Christmas all over the world (Dec 12)

We're flying all over the world in today's episode of The Santa Daily! Joyeux Noel. Feliz Navidad. Papa Noel or Pierre Noel. Kris Kringle. Father Christmas – as well as Santa.  We're finding out how the big day's celebrated all over the planet.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
12/12/23·8m 29s

How to wrap Christmas presents (Dec 11)

It's Sugarplum and Sparkle's annual How to Wrap Christmas Presents workshop – and what a fabulous job they did of it too, even if Snowball did go walks for a bit... We're also hearing the very first episode of the Fun Kids Pantomime this year – Out Whittingtoned! Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
11/12/23·8m 38s

How do reindeer fly? (Dec 10)

The reindeer are undergoing their checks ahead of the big day! Santa's answering a question from Emma about how his reindeer fly. Sprouts for buoyancy and a little bit of Christmas magic might have something to do with it...Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
10/12/23·4m 41s

Santa's real (Dec 9)

Santa's sharing your jokes and addresses a listener's question from John in London, who asks if Santa is real. The producers with him at the studio in the North Pole can confirm that, yes, Santa is indeed real and not a hologram or computer-generated image... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
09/12/23·4m 54s

Get stuffed (Dec 8)

Christmas dinner! Mrs. Claus's preference is a traditional turkey. But there's also other dietary preferences in the North Pole; some vegan and vegetarian elves will be tucking into a Wellington and nut roast.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
08/12/23·5m 0s

Stockings by the fireplace (or wherever you like!) (Dec 7)

Santa's hanging his stockings on the fireplace! Stockings were originally used to leave small gifts like toys or fruit, nowadays, larger gifts are placed under the tree!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
07/12/23·4m 46s

Trees (Dec 6)

With only 19 sleeps until Christmas, Santa's sharing the excitement of putting up the Christmas tree! We find out about Mrs. Claus's beautiful decorations and various international traditions of tree decoration, such as using fruits in France and shells in Australia!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
06/12/23·5m 2s

It's the most wonderful time of the year (Dec 5)

Santa's sharing his love for Christmas songs like Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, and It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Did you know that Santa only has 36 hours to complete his mission and travels at an astonishing speed of 77 kilometres per second, employing anti-sound technology to avoid sonic booms?Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
05/12/23·5m 0s

Naughty or nice? (Dec 4)

Santa's been reading all of your letters including one from Ben who's been donating his unused toys to charity! We also find out how GPS helps Santa navigate millions of destinations efficiently and learn about some of the advanced electronics, including laser sensors and a naughty-or-nice sensor, on his sleigh...  Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
04/12/23·5m 22s

Claus' Christmas lights (Dec 3)

Santa talks about the cold weather in the North Pole and Mrs. Claus' opinion on Christmas lights. The big man also answers a question from Isabella about whether he will be bringing gifts this year, assuring listeners that nothing will stop him and the reindeer from delivering presents to good girls and boys!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
03/12/23·4m 49s

Santa's getting punny (Dec 2)

Santa's sharing some Christmas jokes and puns that he and the elves have been enjoying. We also discuss the aerodynamics of Santa's sleigh including the importance of reducing drag and creating an aerodynamic shape for efficient travel. Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
02/12/23·5m 30s

Crack open the advent calendar! (Dec 1)

Santa Claus is back and counting down the days until Christmas with a tour of wrapping department and the massive warehouse where presents are stored! We're discussing the science behind Christmas, revealing fascinating numbers such as the number of children Santa delivers gifts to, the amount of milk and mince pies he consumes, and the distance he would need to walk to burn off those calories... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
01/12/23·5m 43s

The Santa Daily starts December 1st

The Santa Daily is back! Follow this podcast right now so that you never miss an episode. Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
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