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Fun Kids Radio's Interviews

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Sophy Henn, Author of 'Pizazz', Chats To Bex!

Bex is joined by author of 'Pizazz', Sophy Henn!
12/08/209m 7s

Dr Dani Rabaiotti On The Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast

As featured in the Ecology Special of the Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast.
08/08/2016m 11s

Dr. Lindsay Turnbull On The Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast

From the Ecology Special of the Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast.
08/08/2010m 55s

The Brothers McLeod Chat To Bex!

Bex is joined by the writing / illustrating duo that is The Brothers McLeod! She hears about their brand new book, but also she has a surprise in store for them ... Check out the video on the Fun Kids website for more!
05/08/2010m 1s

Robin Stevens, Author Of 'Murder Most Unladylike' Series, Catches Up With Bex!

Robin Stevens video calls Bex to celebrate the launch of the final book in her 'Murder Most Unladylike' series, 'Death Sets Sail'. They reflect on the series, and look out for the big reveal!
04/08/2016m 50s

Hector Bateman-Harden On Trophy Hunting For The Science Weekly Podcast

Hector Bateman-Harden is not only 10-years old, but he's a wildlife campaigner too! Dan chats to him about the illegal world of trophy hunting. This featured in the Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast.
01/08/205m 52s

Sir Tim Smit, Founder of the Eden Project, Chats To Bex!

Bex is speaking to Sir Tim Smit. This is from our brand new Activity Quest podcast! Tim's the founder of the Eden Project and is telling us all about it and ways we can all help save the planet.
31/07/206m 44s

Anna Fargher, Author of 'Umbrella Mouse To The Rescue', Chats To Bex!

Bex is joined by the author Anna Fargher to chat about her brand new book, 'Umbrella Mouse To The Rescue'.
28/07/209m 3s

Dr. Yoseph On Ecology In The Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast

This interview is from the Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast - an Ecology Special.
25/07/207m 19s

Dr. Dan Forman On Ecology in the Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast

This interview is from the Fun Kids Science Weekly Podcast - an Ecology Special.
25/07/2010m 56s

Bugs Bunny Celebrates His 80th Birthday On The Breakfast Show!

Sean is joined by Eric Bauza, the voice of Bugs Bunny, to celebrate the character's 80th birthday!
24/07/205m 36s

Alex English, Author of 'Sky Pirates', Joins Bex!

Bex is joined by author Alex English to hear about the fantastic adventure story of 'Sky Pirates'.
23/07/207m 33s

Efraim Leo Is Conor's Next Big Thing!

All this week, Efraim Leo is Conor's Next Big Thing on Fun Kids, with his song 'One Of Them Girls' - Conor gave him a call to tell him the news and hear about the track!
21/07/208m 35s

Big Top Academy's Cast Chat To George!

The stars of Pop's Big Top Academy Ava Ro (Ella) and Madison Brydges (April) hopped on a Zoom call with George!   You can watch Big Top Academy along with all your favourite POP shows, as part of POP Fest, airing from Friday 17th July to Sunday 30th August. You can find POP on Freeview 206, Sky 616, Virgin 736 and Freesat 603.
21/07/209m 26s

Kylie Cantrall, Star of Gabby Duran & the Unsittables, Chats To George!

We are joined by the star of the brand new Disney show; Kylie Cantrall of 'Gabby Duran & the Unsittables!
15/07/2011m 26s

Grace Davies, Conor's Next Big Thing, on Fun Kids!

Conor calls up his Next Big Thing for this week, Grace Davies, to hear all about her new track 'Just A Girl'.
14/07/207m 48s

Maria Kuzniar, Author of 'The Ship Of Shadows', Chats To Bex!

Bex is joined by the wonderful Maria Kuznair to hear about her brand new book, 'The Ship of Shadows'.
14/07/207m 34s

Sophie Kirtley, Author of 'The Wild Way Home', Chats To Bex!

Bex is joined in the studio by author Sophie Kirtley to hear about her brand new book, 'The Wild Way Home'.
09/07/2010m 47s

Cressida Cowell Joins Bex In The Club!

Bex is joined by author and Children's Laureate, Cressida Cowell, to hear about her Creativity Summer Camp!
07/07/209m 4s

Gabriel Bateman, Star Of 'Think Like A Dog', Chats To George!

George hops on a Zoom call with child star Gabriel Bateman to hear all about the new classic, 'Think Like A Dog'!
07/07/208m 36s

The Award-Winning Shaun Tan & Anthony McGowan Chat To Bex!

Bex speaks to the winners of the CLIP Carnegie and Kate Greenway Children's Book Awards, Anthony McGowan and Shaun Tan.
30/06/208m 17s

'Artemis Fowl' Actress, Tamara Smart, Chats To Dan!

Dan hears exclusive behind-the-scenes snippets about filming 'Artemis Fowl', from someone who was there! From the acting team's daily routines, to working with green screen, to stunts!
24/06/2011m 37s

Author Elle McNicoll Speaks To Bex!

Elle McNicoll has a brand new book out called 'A Kind Of Spark' - Bex hears all about it!
09/06/2011m 51s

Puppeteering Experts From The Angel Theatre!

Bex hears from the puppeteering experts of the Angel Theatre, including on how to make your own!
22/05/202m 30s

It's Pippi Longstocking's 75th Birthday!

On Pippi Longstocking's 75th birthday, Bex is joined by Johan Palmberg who is the great-grandson of its author, Astrid Lindgren.
21/05/206m 42s

Derek Landy, Author of the 'Skulduggery Pleasant' Series, Chats To Bex!

Derek Landy is the author of the hugely successful series, 'Skulduggery Pleasant'! Bex dialled into his home to hear about the brand new book.
14/05/2012m 11s

Paula Harrison, Author of 'Kitty', Chats To Bex!

Bex is joined by Paula Harrison! Paula is the author of the 'Kitty' series, including the brand new 'Kitty and the Treetop Chase' - Bex hears all about it!
13/05/208m 9s

L. D. Lapinski, Author of 'The Strangeworlds Travel Agency', Chats To Bex!

Bex chats to debut author L. D. Lapinski about her brand new book (and the start of a new series!) 'The Strangeworlds Travel Agency.'
07/05/207m 39s

Sarah Allen, Author Of 'What Stars Are Made Of', Chats To Bex

Bex is joined virtually by the author Sarah Allen. Sarah has a brand new book out 'What Stars Are Made Of', and Bex hears all about it!
06/05/206m 49s

Asher Knight, Conor's Next Big Thing, Tells Us About His Song!

'Without Us' is the brand new track from Asher Knight, and it's also Conor's Next Big Thing! Conor called him up to tell him the good news.
05/05/205m 40s

Anthony Horowitz Chats To Bex!

There's a brand new book out in the Alex Rider series! Anthony Horowitz chats to Bex about 'Nightshade'.
30/04/2011m 37s

Jenny Pearson, Author of 'The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates', Chats To Bex!

Bex is joined by Jenny Pearson, the author of a brand new book ('The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates') which will transport you on an incredible journey!
28/04/207m 21s

Konnie Huq Chats To Dan!

Konnie, also stuck at home, chats to Dan about her brand new Youtube channel, the latest book in the 'Cookie' series, and gives some tips and staying entertained at home.
17/04/206m 40s

Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick Chat To George!

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are the star voices of the brand new film, 'Trolls World Tour'. George got the chance to ask them a few questions!
02/04/206m 8s

Judith Eagle, Author of 'The Pear Affair', Chats To Bex!

Judith Eagle is a brand new author in the Fun Kids Studio, and she brings with her brand new book 'The Pear Affair'.
19/03/208m 3s

Serena Patel, Author of 'Anisha, Accidental Detective', Chats To Bex!

Serena Patel joined Bex in the studio to tell her all about her brand new book, 'Anisha, Accidental Detective'.
17/03/207m 56s

Kirsty Applebaum, Author of 'The Middler', Chats To Bex!

'The Middler' is a brand new book from Kirsty Applebaum! Bex gave her a call to hear all about it ...
12/03/209m 23s

Jasbinder Bilan, Author Of 'Asha and the Spirit Bird', Chats To Bex!

Bex welcomes Jasbinder Bilan into the studio - she has a brand new book out, 'Asha and the Spirit Bird', which is award-winning!
10/03/2010m 17s

Tom Holland Chatted to Conor at the Red Carpet Premiere of 'Onward'!

'Onward' is the brand new, exciting film from Pixar featuring the voice of Tom Holland! Conor met Tom had its red carpet premiere to hear more about it!
06/03/201m 59s

Jacqueline King, Author of 'Cake For The Gestapo,' Chats To Bex!

'Cake For The Gestapo' is a brand new book from Jacqueline King, following the story of a group of friends, based in the Nazi occupation of Jersey. Bex hears all about it!
04/03/209m 30s

'Onward' Producer Kori Rae Chatted To Dan!

'Onward' is the brand new, exciting film from Disney and Pixar! Dan spoke to the Producer, Kori Rae, all about it.
25/02/208m 16s

Young Audio Award 2020 Nominees Announced!

Did you submit an entry to the Young Audio Awards? Listen in to hear if you secured a nomination.
25/02/203m 38s

Celina Sharma

Celina Sharma is Conor's Next Big Thing all this week so he got her on the phone to have a chat about her single CHALO and how she's adapting to life in the UK
21/02/206m 4s

BONUS: The Space Programme

Subscribe to The Space Programme by searching for it wherever you're listening to this or by tapping here: The Space Programme is a brand new radio drama from the UK's children's radio station, Fun Kids. Listen to it wherever you get your podcasts and hear it first, 4:30pm every Friday on Fun Kids.
21/02/209m 31s

'Call of the Wild' Stars Harrison Ford & Omar Sy!

Listen to Bex chat to the stars of the brand new film 'Call of The Wild', Harrison Ford & Omar Sy!
19/02/203m 42s

Sonic The Hedgehog On The Fun Kids Breakfast Show

Sonic The Hedgehog dropped by the Fun Kids studio to help Sean and Robot on the Breakfast Show. The guys talk all about Sonic's new film, read your birthday shout outs, discuss what Robotnik's problem is, and Sonic answers your questions! Sonic The Hedgehog (the movie) is out now in cinemas!
14/02/2011m 33s

The Stars of Dolittle!

Conor popped along to the red carpet premiere of the brand new Dolittle Movie. In the movie, Dr. Dolittle lives alone in a massive manor with loads of animals. Suddenly, Queen Victoria becomes sick and the doctor and his animal friends have to go to an island to try and find a cure. Conor spoke to the stars, Harry Collet, Carmel Laniado and of course Robert and Downey Junior and Susan Downey to find out more about the movie.
07/02/204m 58s

The Young Audio Awards Are Back!

Are you involved in radio or podcasts in your school or at home? You have the chance to win at the Young Audio Awards! George joined Sean on the breakfast show to tell him all about it! Applications close on Friday 31st January - visit to learn more and enter!
28/01/204m 0s

Sam & Mark Tell Dan All About Brand New 'Crackerjack!'

Dan popped in to see Sam & Mark who are busy preparing for the first episode of 'Crackerjack!' He hears all about the relaunch of the show, plus puts their knowledge to the test!
17/01/2010m 37s

John Cena Chats All Things 'Playing With Fire' with Conor!

Conor puts the questions you submitted to WWE star John Cena, plus hears about his brand new film.
30/12/195m 58s

Astrid Aurell Chats To Conor About Changing The World!

Astrid Aurell is on a mission to change the world this Christmas - Conor chats to her!
25/12/194m 9s

Snail & Whale Is On The West End!

Bex chats to cast member, Tim Hibberd, to hear all about it!
24/12/197m 3s

Frankie Morland Chats To Anna Louise!

Frankie Morland is on a mission to save the world - Anna Louise hears all about it!
22/12/195m 28s

John Foley Chats To Bex!

John Foley is the author of the brand new 'The Bear In The Fifth Floor Flat' - he joins Bex in the studio to tell her all about it.
05/12/198m 45s

Girls Aloud Star Kimberly Walsh Gives Dan A Call!

Kimberly Walsh chatted to Dan all about a brand new fund to promote community spirit! Plus, she catches him up on her recent musical adventures and 'The Lodge'!
04/12/194m 59s

Tom Fletcher Chats To Bex About 'The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch'

'The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch' is a brand new book from Tom Fletcher! Bex went to meet him, to hear all about it plus his upcoming animated film adaptation!
03/12/198m 42s

Julian Clary Joins Bex In The Studio!

Bex is joined by Julian Clary in the studio to hear all about his brand new Christmas book, 'The Bolds' Christmas Cracker'.
29/11/197m 15s

Samantha Baines, Author of 'Harriet Versus The Galaxy', Chats To Bex!

Samantha Baines joined Bex in the studio to tell her all about her brand new book in which Harriet can understand aliens using her hearing aid!
28/11/197m 59s

David Walliams Chatted To Bex!

Bex had a sit-down with the wonderful David Walliams to hear all about his upcoming projects!
27/11/192m 17s

Jeff Kinney Chats To Bex!

'Wrecking Ball' is the brand new book in the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series! Bex chatted to author Jeff Kinney all about it.
26/11/197m 51s

The Showstoppers Chat to Dan!

The Showstoppers are an incredible musical performance, which is completely improvised based on what you (the audience!) want to hear! Dan hears all about it, plus puts them to the test with his own song request!
26/11/197m 20s

'Frozen 2' Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee Chat To Bex!

Bex spoke to the masterminds behind the brand new Frozen film! She hears about their behind-the-scenes moments, including what they want you to look out for!
22/11/195m 0s

Steve Cole Has Co-Written 'Mr Dog and a Hedge Called Hog' with Ben Fogle!

Bex chats to Steve Cole about his brand new book, which he's co-written with intrepid explorer Ben Fogle!
21/11/195m 56s

Jack & Tim Are Conor's Next Big Thing!

Jack & Tim are a Next Big Thing first - they're a father-and-son band! Conor gave them a call to hear about what they've been up to.
19/11/198m 0s

Ben Miller Chats To Bex All Things Balloons & Black Holes!

Ben Miller joined Bex in the studio to chat all about his brand new book 'The Boy Who Made The World Disappear'! Plus, he tackles her 'Black Hole or Balloon' quiz!
19/11/1911m 34s

Ann-Marie Howell Announces the 2019 Wildverse Poetry Competition!

Ann-Marie Howell announces the winners, runner-ups and also reads the winners' poems on-air! To hear the runner-ups poems read by Ann-Marie, make sure to visit the Fun Kids Book Club Podcast.
15/11/195m 33s

Zara Larsson Chats To Conor!

Conor went to visit Zara Larsson to hear all about 'Invisible' - her brand new song that features in the Netflix Christmas film 'Klaus'!
14/11/195m 28s

Laura Ellen Anderson Chats To Bex!

There is a brand new book out in the 'Amelia Fang' series! Laura Ellen Anderson had a chat with Bex to tell her all about it!
13/11/195m 43s

The Wonderland, Of 'Almost Never', Chat To Conor!

'Almost Never' are back for Series 2! Conor caught up with the Wonderland boys to hear about what we have to look forward to, plus they introduce one of their brand new tracks!
12/11/194m 6s

Casey Stoney, Head Coach of Manchester United W.F.C, Chats to Conor!

If you're passionate about football, you'll love Casey's new book: 'Changing The Game: Fantastic Female Footballers' - Conor hears all about it!
12/11/195m 32s

Andy Day Is Here To Tell You About Odd Socks Day!

Andy Day popped into the studio to chat to Dan about Odd Socks Day and how you (yes, you!) can get involved!
11/11/195m 39s

Boyband 5WEST Are Over From The US To Chat To Conor!

5WEST join Conor in the studio to tell him all about their new music, tour with Boyzone and what's next for them!
08/11/195m 20s

Kaye Umansky, Author Of 'Witch In Winter', Chats To Bex!

Bex is joined in the studio by author Kaye Umansky - she's here to tell us about her brand new book 'Witch In Winter'!
07/11/199m 24s

Eoin Colfer Chats To Bex About 'The Fowl Twins'!

If you love Artemis Fowl, you'll love the latest book from Eoin Colfer! Bex hears all about it, and Eoin takes her on for her signiture quickfire quiz.
05/11/195m 38s

New Rules Chatted To George!

New Rules are currently on tour supporting Little Mix! They gave George a ring from tour to tell him all about their new single, upcoming tour and what really happens behind-the-scenes on tour!
01/11/193m 50s

Calum Jones Is Conor's Next Big Thing!

'Ready Or Not' is Calum Jones' new single - plus, it's Conor's Next Big Thing! Conor gave him a call to tell him the news, and hear all about him.
29/10/194m 32s

Andy Stanton Chats to Anna Louise About 'The Paninis Of Pompeii'!

Andy Stanton has a brand new book out - Anna Louise hears all about it, PLUS his tips on writing your own book!
29/10/196m 0s

Stephen Mulhern speaks to Bex!

Did you know your school play could be recorded and broadcast the telly? Stephen Mulhern chats to Bex all about it!
24/10/198m 7s

Briar and Myles from The Next Step chat to Bex!

The Next Step is on tour! Bex chatted to the group about what to expect from the show, plus who will they get in The Next Step quiz?
23/10/197m 13s

Dylan, Berkeley and Isaiah from The Next Step talk to Bex

The Next Step is on tour! Bex chatted to the group about what to expect from the show, plus who will they get in The Next Step quiz?
23/10/198m 59s

Samuel Parker chats to Bex!

Samuel Parker takes us behind-the-scenes of the London-based stage production, War Horse. As the puppeteer for the show's main stars, Joey and Copthorne, Samuel Parker talks us through just about everything we need to know; from the inner workings of the stage horses to their contrasting personalities!
22/10/197m 57s

The Founder of 'Swop It Up' Chats To Anna Louise!

This is climate action for teenagers! Join this scheme to swap clothes at your school to target fast fashion
20/10/197m 0s

Sophy Henn, Author Of 'Bad Nana', Chats To Bex!

Sophy Henn has a brand new book out featuring 'Bad Nana'! Bex hears all about 'That's Snow Business'!
17/10/1910m 50s

Harry Hill Is In The Studio!

Harry Hill caught up with Bex about his brand new book 'Matt Millz On Tour', plus how will he do in her Edinburgh Festival quiz?
15/10/199m 44s

Dove Cameron, Star of 'Descendants 3', Chats To Dan!

Dove Cameron stars in the brand new 'Descendants 3' - she chats to Dan all about it, plus they celebrate their 4-year reunion since their last meeting!
11/10/196m 12s

Jamie Littler talks to Bex all about his Brand New Book!

'Frostheart' is the brand new book from illustrator and now author Jamie Littler! Bex had a chat with him to hear all about it, his process for writing and a quick fire question round!
08/10/1910m 28s

Dermot O'Leary Chats To Bex About His Brand New Book!

Dermot chatted to Bex about the brand new book in the 'Toto The Ninja Cat' series: 'the Superstar Catastrophe'.
27/09/196m 56s

Michael Rosen Chats To Conor About 'The Lollies'!

'The Lollies' are a competition for the funniest children's books! Conor chats to Michael Rosen, author and judge, all about them!
26/09/193m 28s

Stephen Saved A Life With First Aid!

You might find that First Aid lessons will be coming to your school very very soon! Bex chatted to eight-year-old Stephen who saved someone's life by using the First Aid he learnt at school.
25/09/193m 28s

Denis Coleman Chats To Conor!

Denis Coleman was Conor's Next Big Thing a few weeks ago, with his track 'Imperfect'. Conor gave him a call to catch up with him - he's certainly been busy!
24/09/197m 2s

JB Gill, Of JLS, Tells Dan About Bring The Noise!

Bring The Noise is a brand new campaign all about encouraging you to enjoy music at school! Dan chats to JB Gill, an ambassador for the campaign, all about it!
17/09/195m 4s

Kate Wiseman Releases A New Book In The 'Gangster School' Series!

'Gangster School: Gruffles and the Killer Sheep' is the brand new book from Kate Wiseman! Bex had a chat with her to hear all about it, and to find out about 'Crimicon'!
12/09/197m 51s

Chelcee Grimes In The Studio!

Chelcee, professional footballer AND songwriter, chatted to Conor about being the new ambassador for Barclays football!
12/09/195m 7s

Sam Copeland Has A Brand New Book Out!

You'll probably know Sam from his last visit in February to tell Bex all about 'Charlie Changes Into A Chicken'. He's back! This time to tell us about his brand new book 'Charlie Turns Into A T-Rex'!
10/09/198m 28s

Kellimarie Chats To Sean!

Kellimarie was Conor's Next Big Thing a few weeks ago - that means her song 'Look At Me' was played every night in a week! Sean gave her a call to find out what she'd been up to since!
30/08/192m 45s

Helen Peters, Author of 'Anna at War', Chats To Bex!

Bex gave Helen Peters a call to hear about her brand new book, 'Anna at War'. Plus, how will Helen do in Bex's signiture quickfire quiz?
29/08/198m 13s

Carlie Sorosiak Is The Author Of 'I, Cosmo'!

'I, Cosmo' follows the story of Cosmo (a Golden Retriever) but you see the world through his eyes! Bex chats to Carlie all about the book!
27/08/198m 25s

Ruby Barnhill, The Voice Of Princess Emmy, Chats To Sean!

You might know Ruby from The BFG and she's back as the voice in a brand new animation! Sean chats to her all about it.
25/08/195m 18s

Robin Stevens Has A Brand New Book Out!

Robin joined Bex in the studio to chat all about her brand new book in the 'Murder Most Unladylike' series: 'Top Marks For Murder'! Plus, she takes Bex's 'Friend Of The Show' quiz!
23/08/198m 9s

Sam & Mark Chat To Dan!

TV stars Sam & Mark are taking to the road this summer! Dan hears about their show, jam-packed with entertainment and sketches. Plus, how well do they actually know each other?
21/08/196m 59s

Andy Stanton's 'Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear - The Musical' at The National Theatre!

Anna Louise caught up with author, and now playwright, Andy Stanton to hear about his musical! 'Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear - The Musical' is at The National Theatre until the end of August!
20/08/195m 37s

'Dora and the Lost City of Gold' Stars Eva Longoria & Michael Peña!

Bex recently went on an adventure to Los Angeles! She met two stars from the brand new 'Dora The Explorer' film - Eva Longoria and Michael Peña are Dora's parents!
16/08/194m 39s

John Dougherty, Author Of 'Mark and Shark: Detectiving and Stuff', Chats To Bex!

What better pair to do some 'detectiving' than Mark and his friend Shark? Bex chats to John all about his brand new book, plus - ice cream!
15/08/199m 28s

Konnie Huq In The Fun Kids Studio!

This is an exciting time for Konnie Huq fans - she has a brand new book out called 'Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World'! She chatted to Dan all about the experience of illustrating, plus how she wrote the whole book on her phone!
14/08/198m 46s

'Level Headers' Author Natalie Costa On Finding Your Power!

Natalie Costa joined Dan in the studio to chat all about you finding your power, stretching that self-esteem, and everything in between!
13/08/198m 59s

Lara Williamson, Author Of 'The Girl With Space In Her Heart', Chats To Bex!

Lara Williamson is back with a brand new book - Bex hears all about 'The Girl With Space In Her Heart'.
08/08/198m 44s

Rosie McClelland is The Next Big Thing!

Rosie McClelland's new song, 'LaLa', is our Next Big Thing on Fun Kids! Sean, looking after the Pop 7 at 7, gave her a call to give her the news!
02/08/192m 9s

Matt Haig Has A Brand New Book Out!

Bex chats to Matt Haig about the lastest release in 'The Truth Pixie' series - 'The Truth Pixie Goes To School'!
01/08/199m 13s

'Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans' Stars Nick Frost & Sebastian Croft Chat To Dan!

'Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans' is a brand new film out in cinemas! Dan chats to its stars!
26/07/192m 11s

'Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans' Star Craig Roberts Chats To Dan!

'Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans' is a brand new film out in cinemas! Dan chats to its stars!
26/07/192m 7s

'Lion King' Stars Chiwetel Ejiofor & Florence Kasumba Chat To Bex!

Bex chats to the stars of the brand new 'Lion King' film!
19/07/195m 57s

'Lion King' Stars Seth Rogen & Billy Eichner Chat To Bex!

Bex chats to the stars of the brand new 'Lion King' film!
19/07/194m 41s

Cressida Cowell Is The New Children's Laureate!

Bex caught up with Cressida at The Globe, just after the announcement was made, to hear all about it!
16/07/196m 49s

Jo Simmons, Author of 'My Parents Cancelled My Birthday', Chats To Bex!

Imagine if your birthday was cancelled - by your parents! And your luckiest birthday! Jo Simmons's brand new book features just that - Bex chats to her all about it!
09/07/199m 35s

Backstage With 'The Illusionists' Stars!

Seven of the most incredible illusionists on Earth have come together to put on a London show! 'The Illusionists' is at the Shaftesbury Theatre - Bex popped backstage to hear from its stars!
02/07/199m 45s

David Solomons Has A Brand New Book Out!

'My Cousin Is A Time Traveller' is the brand new book from David Solomons! He joined Bex in the studio to tell her all about it, plus a sneak peak of what's coming next for him!
27/06/198m 2s

BAFTA Young Game Designers Finalists on Fun Kids!

Dan speaks to the finalists of the BAFTA Young Game Designers about their original games; Anish, Abigail, James and Lizzie!
25/06/1913m 30s

Toy Story 4 Producers, Mark Nielson & Jonas Rivera, Chat To Dan!

There's a brand new Toy Story film out in cinemas this weekend - Dan chats to the film's Producers to hear more!
21/06/197m 59s

Christopher Edge, 'The Longest Night Of Charlie Noon', Chats To Bex!

Author Christopher Edge has released another mind-bending novel which follows Charlie who tries to solve the problems and quizzes the woods throw at him!
18/06/198m 41s

A.M. Howell, Author of 'The Garden of Lost Secrets', Chats To Bex!

There's a brand new book out called 'The Garden of Lost Secrets' - full of secrets, mystery and pineapples! Bex chats to author A.M. Howell to hear all about it.
13/06/197m 29s

Jeff Norton, Author of 'Dino Knights', Chats To Bex!

Imagine a world where dinosaurs never became extinct ... And knights ride them to battle! That's the world that Jeff Norton has created and Bex hears all about it. Plus, how will be do in her dino-quiz?
11/06/197m 24s

'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World'!

Bex flew to Norway to hear from the stars behind the third 'How To Train Your Dragon'!
10/06/197m 34s

Comic Book Extraordinaire Kristyna Baczynski Chats To Dan!

Kristyna Baczynski is an illustrator and comic book artist, and she has released a brand new, do-it-yourself book called 'Read All About It'.
07/06/197m 58s

Derek Landy, Author of 'Skulduggery Pleasant' Series, Chats To Dan!

'Bedlam' is the brand new book in the 'Skulduggery Pleasant' series! Author Derek Landy joined Dan in the studio to chat all about it, including how his characters are constantly surprising him!
06/06/198m 27s

Eurovision Star SuRie In The Studio!

The star of Eurovision 2018, SuRie, catches up with Conor all about what she's up to now and about the whole Eurovision experience!
04/06/197m 35s

Abi Elphinstone Returns To The Studio!

Abi Elphinstone is back with her brand new book 'Rumblestar' - she tells Bex all about it!
04/06/1910m 47s

Thunderbirds Are Go In The Studio!

Joining Dan in the studio is none other than Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, and even The Hood! Hear about the brand new episodes on ITV and CITV.
31/05/1913m 57s

Mermaid Grace Chats To Sean!

You may know Mermaid Grace from YouTube or Tik Tok (where she's fast approaching 1 million followers)! She popped into the studio to talk to Sean about life as a mermaid and about staying safe on Tik Tok.
31/05/199m 29s

Ed Clarke, Author of 'The Secret Dragon', Chats To Bex!

Ed Clarke has a brand new book out! It's called the 'The Secret Dragon' and he chats to Bex all about it, plus how will he do in her signiture quickfire quiz?
30/05/198m 55s

The Entertainers Squad at Fun Kids!

Jake and Frankie from The Entertainers Squad joined Conor in the studio! They talked about their favourite toys from slime to robots, plus there's the opportunity for you to join them!
29/05/196m 35s

Keelie Walker Is Conor's Next Big Thing!

Every week, Conor chooses an artist or band who he thinks will be making it big over the coming months! This week, it's Keelie Walker! Conor called Keelie, who's currently on tour supporting Westlife, to give her the news!
28/05/196m 13s

Stars of 'The Secret Life Of Pets 2', Kevin Hart & Eric Stonestreet, Chat To Sean!

To celebrate the release of 'The Secret Life Of Pets 2', Kevin Hart & Eric Stonestreet saw pictures of your pets and guessed what their secret lives were - who could predict what they would come up with?!
24/05/194m 23s

Danny Wallace & Jamie Littler Talk 'Hamish And The Monster Patrol'!

What kind of monster would you be? Danny and Jamie find out from Quizmaster Bex, plus you can hear all about their brand new book 'Hamish And The Monster Patrol'!
07/05/1912m 11s

YolanDA Joins Dan In The Studio!

You probably know all about YolanDA and her Band Jam from CBeebies! Dan chats to her about making all sorts of music - who knew you didn't need instruments?!
02/05/197m 8s

JAYS Is Conor's Next Big Thing!

Conor has chosen JAYS and his track 'Misfits' feat. JDP to be his Next Big Thing! He called in the help of Bex to give JAYS a call to tell him the news.
30/04/196m 28s

John Boyne, Author of 'My Brother's Name Is Jessica', Chats To Bex!

John Boyne joined Bex in the studio to tell her all about his brand new book, 'My Brother's Name Is Jessica'.
30/04/199m 43s

Nadine Wild-Palmer - Her Brand New Book Is Out Today!

Today is the day you can get 'The Tunnels Below', written by Nadine Wild-Palmer! Bex spoke to Nadine to hear all about it.
25/04/198m 47s

Olympic Gold Medallist Greg Rutherford Chats To Dan!

What does it mean to be a hero? One of Dan's own heroes, Olympic superstar Greg Rutherford, called him to discuss just that!
24/04/197m 40s

NXTGEN Are Conor's Next Big Thing!

Cian, Sonny and Joel are NXTGEN - they are Conor's Next Big Thing for this week! Listen to them chat through their experience on The Voice, working with Will.I.Am and what's next for them.
18/04/197m 59s

Andy Griffiths on The Treehouse Series!

Author of The Treehouse Series, Andy Griffiths comes into the studio to chat to Bex all about the newest installment of 'The 104-Storey Treehouse'!
12/04/1912m 54s

P.G. Bell

P.G Bell joins Bex in the studio to chat all about his book 'The Train To Impossible Places'! We find out all about Suzy and the adventure that ensues once The Impossible Postal Express crashes into her hallway! Plus, he takes Bex's quickfire quiz!
12/04/1910m 0s

Shazam! Star, Zachary Levi, Chats To George!

George met the cast and team behind 'Shazam!'
07/04/192m 41s

Shazam! Producer, Peter Safran, Chats To George!

George met the cast and team behind 'Shazam!'
07/04/192m 52s

Shazam! Director, David Sandberg, Chats To George!

George met the cast and team behind 'Shazam!'
07/04/193m 30s

Shazam! Actress, Andi Osho, Chats To George!

George met the cast and team behind 'Shazam!'
07/04/192m 22s

Cathy Cassidy, Abigail Conway & Into Film Award Winner!

George is joined by author Cathy Cassidy, designer of Atomic 50 (listen to find out more!) Abigail Conway, and Into Film Award Winner - Ruby!
07/04/1924m 53s

Into Film Award Winner, Ruby!

Young filmmakers across the UK have been recognised by the 2019 Into Film Awards! These are just for 5 - 19 year olds who have demonstrated amazing acheivements in filmmaking and film reviewing! Anna Louise chatted to one of the award winners, Ruby, about her project and meeting the stars!
04/04/195m 56s

Time Travelling at Waltham Forest!

Bex chatted to Abigail Conway who has designed a brand new, immersive experience that's running over the Easter holidays in Waltham Forest! You will be clocking in as a factory workers and be on a shift, as if it was real life!
03/04/196m 9s

Cathy Cassidy, Author of 'Sami's Silver Lining', Speaks To Bex!

'Sami's Silver Lining' is a brand new book out which follows the story of Sami - the refugee trying to make a new life in a new place. Bex gave the author, Cathy Cassidy, a call to hear all about it!
02/04/197m 13s

'Dumbo' Stars, Nico and Finley!

Bex caught up with the stars of 'Dumbo', which included Nico and Finley!
29/03/194m 27s

Star of 'Dumbo', Colin Farrell, Chats To Bex!

Bex catches up with Colin Farrell who is starring in the brand new film, 'Dumbo'!
29/03/194m 10s

Steven Butler Has A Brand New Book Out!

'The Nothing To See Here Hotel' series has a brand new book out! Steven popped into the studio to tell Dan all about 'Sea-ing Is Believing!'
28/03/198m 17s

Greg James & Chris Smith Chat To Bex!

The third in the 'Kid Normal' series is out! Greg and Chris popped by the studio to tell Bex all about 'Kid Normal and the Shadow Machine'!
26/03/1910m 48s

Dr Susan Rennie Chats To Bex About Roald Dahl's Hilarious Words!

Dr Susan Rennie has put together a collection of Roal Dahl's most rotsome and repulsant words! It's full of Dahl's rude words, colourful insults and creative putdowns, and Bex hears all about them!
20/03/198m 11s

Author Hannah Dias Chats To Dan!

Dan catches up with Hannah all about her brand new book 'Dazzling Travis'.
19/03/196m 16s

Authors of 'Football School', Alex Bellos & Ben Lyttleton, In The Studio!

Imagine if your entire school revolved around football? All the lessons, from history to maths, are about football? Alex and Ben created this fantastic world, and they tell Bex all about it!
14/03/198m 38s

Olaf Falafel Chats To Bex!

Olaf Falafel has a brand new book out! 'It's One Giant Leek For Mankind' is set in space and follows the story of the moon landing (with a few twists in the original story!) He chats to Bex all about it, and for the first time Bex is challenged to her own Quickfire Quiz!
12/03/199m 15s

'Summer Camp Island' Animator Julia Pott Chats To Dan!

'Summer Camp Island' is a new, exciting show on Cartoon Network! To hear all about it, Dan spoke to its talented animator - Julia Pott!
08/03/198m 18s

Lashana Lynch Is Maria Rambeau in 'Captain Marvel'!

The brand new 'Captain Marvel' is in cinemas today, so Sean caught up with one of its stars! Lashana Lynch is Maria Rambeau, the best friend of Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) - Sean spoke to her about the role, working with Samuel L. Jackson and of course about the cat actors that play Goose!
08/03/198m 20s

Sibeal Pounder Chats To Bex!

You probably know Sibeal Pounder from 'Bad Mermaids' and 'Witch Wars', but did you know she has a book that combines the two! 'Bad Mermaids Meet The Witches' is a World Book Day Book! Sibeal chats to Bex all about it.
06/03/197m 12s

REYNA Are Conor's Next Big Thing!

Conor has chosen REYNA to be his Next Big Thing on Fun Kids! This means they'll have their song played out every weeknight this week - Conor called Gab to tell her the news!
05/03/197m 59s

Abi Elphinstone Is In The Studio Before World Book Day!

Bex was joined in the Fun Kids studio by Abi Elphinstone! Abi's World Book Day book 'Everdark' is a magical tale of Smudge and Bartholomew - you can get your voucher for your copy today!
05/03/198m 28s

Magicians, Ehrlich Brothers, Chat To Bex!

The Ehrlich Brothers, Andreas and Christian, are magicians! But not just ordinary magicians, the Ehrlich Brothers combine magic and rock music to put on an incredible show! They're coming to the Wembley Arena on Saturday 6th April, so they caught up with Bex to tell her all about it (including the time a trick has gone wrong!)
27/02/197m 37s

Author of 'The Night Zookeeper', Joshua Davidson, Is In The Studio!

There is a brand new 'Night Zookeeper' book out, so Bex invited its author Joshua Davidson into the studio, to tell us all about it! As well as learning about invisible giraffes and time-travelling elephants, Bex pitches her own magical animals to Joshua!
26/02/1910m 35s

Hear About The Young ARIAS!

There is a very exciting, brand new audio and radio award for those aged between 8 and 18! The prizes include a studio for your school, and even a national radio show! George chats to Sean all about it. If you are involved in radio at school or at home, this is the award for you!
21/02/195m 21s

Lucy Strange Joins Bex In The Club!

Lucy Strange has written a brand new book - 'Our Castle By The Sea'! It is also the Independant Booksellers' Children's Book of the Month! Lucy joins Bex in the Club to tell her all about it!
20/02/198m 51s

Harriet Muncaster, Author of the 'Isadora Moon' Series, Joins Bex In The Studio!

The 'Isadora Moon' series has a brand new book in it, all about Isadora's first human sleepover (which can be very confusing for a half-vampire, half-fairy girl!) Harriet, author of the series, chatted to Bex all about it.
19/02/196m 9s

Sam Copeland, Author of 'Charlie Changes Into A Chicken', Chats To Bex!

Sam has a brand new book out - 'Charlie Changes Into A Chicken'! Sam joins Bex in the studio to tell her all about it, and to take part in her signiture Quickfire Quiz!
14/02/197m 32s

Michelle Harrison, Author of 'A Pinch Of Magic', Chats To Bex!

With brand new book 'A Pinch Of Magic' out now (and Waterstones' Children's Book of the Month!), author Michelle Harrison tells Bex all about it.
13/02/195m 48s

Jack Bruley Is Conor's Next Big Thing!

Conor has chosen the artist and song he thinks is going to be big over the coming months! Congratulations to Jack Bruley who is Conor's Next Big Thing! You may know Jack from 'The Voice', but he's released his own original track: 'Sink Or Swim'.
12/02/197m 25s

'Waitress' Stars Fifi & Arabella Chat to Bex Backstage!

Fifi and Arabella are Lulu in the brand new, very exciting musical - 'Waitres'! 'Waitress' is all about Jenna who tries to make her dreams come true by baking pies! Fifi and Arabella tell Bex all about their audition, what it's like in the play, and their favourite pies of course!
12/02/193m 11s

Batman, Will Arnett In 'The Lego Movie 2', Answers Dan's Questions!

Dan gets to speak to the one and only Lego Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, and asks the questions he's always wanted to. Such as, what would Batman do on his first day in the White House? And what's his favourite colour apart from black?
08/02/198m 49s

Author Alex Milway Joins Bex In The Studio!

Alex Milway has written (and illustrated) the hilarious book 'Hotel Flamingo', which follows the story of Anna who rennovates a once-grand hotel left to her by her Great Aunt Mathilde. But all the guests are staff are animals, which will surely make things a bit more difficult - Bex chats to Alex all about it.
07/02/198m 28s

'The Winter's Tale' Cast Wreh-Asha Walton & Joseph Adelakun at Fun Kids!

Wreh-Asha Walton and Joseph Adelakun are Hermine and King Leontes in 'The Winter's Tale' at The National Theatre! The Shakespeare play has been adapted and revamped with music and puppets! Dan hears from Wreh-Asha and Joseph all about it!
06/02/198m 36s

'The Comedy About A Bank Robbery': Chris & Jenna At Fun Kids!

Chris Leask & Jenna Augen star in 'The Comedy About A Bank Robbery' which is at the Criterion Theatre in Picadilly Circus! They joined Conor in the studio to tell him all about the play (the slapsticks and all) and what it's like for Chris to play 14 characters!
05/02/197m 42s

Dean DeBlois, Director of 'How To Train Your Dragon 3', Catches Up With Sean!

With 'How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World' hitting cinemas today, Dean DeBlois called into Sean & Robot's breakfast show to tell him all about it (and the four years it took to make it!) Sean also tests Dean's dragon knowledge with "Dragon or Dragoff!"
01/02/197m 3s

Nathan Medina is the Friar in 'Romeo and Juliet'!

Conor caught up with Nathan Medina about his role as the friar / narrator in this brand new adapatation of Shakespeare's timeless classic 'Romeo and Juliet' which is going on tour! Nathan talks about what makes this production special, and his advice to anyone listening who wants to be on the stage one day!
31/01/195m 22s

Carina Axelsson, Author of 'Royal Rebel, Chats To Bex!

Carina Axelsson has a brand new book out! 'Royal Rebel' stars Princess Lily who is secretly a fashion vlogger! The only problem is she is also heir to the throne of Waldenburg, her Queendom! Carina chats to Bex all about the story, the Queendom's inspiration, plus answers Bex's signiture Quickfire Quiz!
29/01/198m 2s

The Wonderland from 'Almost Never' Are Conor's Next Big Thing!

The Wonderland are the starring boyband of the brand new CBBC show, 'Almost Never'! Harry, Nate & Oakley's song 'Almost Never Did' is Conor's Next Big Thing this week! Conor calls them to catch up and hear all about the song. Hear it every night this week during the Pop 7 at 7!
22/01/194m 30s

Amber Lee Dodd, Author of 'Lightning Chase Me Home', Joins Bex In The Studio!

Amber Lee Dodd popped into the studio to chat to Bex all about her brand new book - 'Lightning Chase Me Home'. It follows the story of Amelia Hester McLeod, whose namesake is not one, but two famous explorers! Amelia soon has an adventure of her own in the wild, magical sea!
17/01/198m 19s

Hilary McKay, Costa Children's Book Award Winner, Chats To Bex!

Hilary McKay's 'The Skylarks' War' is 2018's Winner of the Costa Children's Book Award! The story’s about Clarry and her older brother Peter. They love spending summer in Cornwall, staying with their grandparents. But like you, they have to go back to school each September. Then the war comes, and Clarry feels their summers are slipping away from them… Against the backdrop of the First World War, Clarry, Peter and their cousin Rupert tackle life’s ups and downs. But can their family survive this war and its terrible consequences? Hilary McKay calls in to Fun Kids to tell Bex all about it!
16/01/198m 0s

Kimberly Wyatt on CBBC's 'Almost Never!'

'Almost Never' is a brand new CBBC series all about a TV talent compeition, where a boy band is set against a girl group. Kimberly is is the boyband's manager, Sasha Small! Kimberly’s got loads of experience of what it used to be like in bands because she was a Pussycat Doll! She’s also been a judge on The Next Step. Find out more about Almost Never on the Fun Kids website at
15/01/197m 38s

'Bumblebee' Star Hailee Steinfield & Director Travis Knight Sit Down with Sean!

Sean chatted to Hailee Steinfield and Travis Knight all about the brand new Bumblebee film!
26/12/187m 11s

Emily Burns Is Conor's Next Big Thing!

Conor gave Emily a Christmas call to give her the news! Her song, 'Damn Good Liar', is Conor's Next Big Thing and will be played every single day this week! They chat about its Scandinavian pop inspiration and how she first got her foot in the door.
25/12/187m 55s

'Mary Poppins' Cast Chat To Anna Louise!

Anna Louise chatted to Rob Marshall (Director), Lin Manuel-Miranda ('Jack'), Ben Whishaw 'Michael Banks' and Emily Mortimer 'Jane Banks' all about the brand new Mary Poppins film!
22/12/1812m 7s

Kidz Bop Has A New Member!

It's an exciting time for Kidz Bop! They have a new albumn, headline UK show and a brand new member! They join Sean on the breakfast show to tell him all about it ...
18/12/184m 38s

Elias Harger, Star of 'Fuller House' Chats To Dan

Elias is the star of the of the Netflix series Fuller House! With Season 4 premiering on 14th December, Dan catches up with Elias to hear what the next season holds.
14/12/187m 27s

Katrina Bryan is Thumbelina!

The CBeebies Christmas Show is back! Bex speaks to its star, Katrina Bryan, all about the production and its co-stars, including Andy Day, Justin Fletcher, Phil Gallagher among others!
13/12/186m 0s

'Elf on The Shelf' Author, Chanda Bell, Chats To Bex!

Chanda talks Bex through the Elf on the Shelf - the scout of Santa Claus that sits in your house and sends reports back to the North Pole! Plus, when he flies back after the nightly report ... You will find he's changed position!
11/12/186m 25s

'Billionaire Boy' Stage Star Ryan Heenan!

David Walliam's novel, Billionaire Boy, is hitting the stage! The story of Joe Spud, the overnight billionaire, is at Nuffield Southampton Theatres before going on its UK tour! Sean chatted to its star, Ryan Heenan, to hear about the production!
07/12/185m 8s

Danny Wallace Becomes A Member of Fun Kids Staff!

Danny Wallace is back in the studio again to chat to Bex about his brand new book, 'Hamish And The Terrible Terrible Christmas'. As he's become such a regular visitor to Fun Kids, Bex decided to sign him up as a member of staff - but there's a a quiz to get through first ...
06/12/1810m 10s

Molly Rainford Is Conor's Next Big Thing!

Molly Rainford's 'I Like You' has been selected by Conor as his Next Big Thing! Conor called Molly to tell her the news and find out what the song is all about.
27/11/183m 58s

Steven Butler, Author of 'Dog Diaries', Joins Bex!

'Dog Diaries' has a brand new book! It's called 'Happy Howlidays' and it's all about Junior discovering Christmas in his household, and how very weird all our holiday traditions can look to a dog ... Steven chats all about it, reads an extract and tries to pass Bex's tricky Christmas quiz!
27/11/188m 27s

Santa Claus on Fun Kids!

Santa Claus popped in on Sean & Robot's Breakfast Show to give them an update on how the Christmas preparations are coming! Plus, he reminds you of the address where you can send your Christmas letters! But the big question was, is Sean on the nice or naughty list? Stay updated on all things Santa with his daily podcast here!
27/11/186m 1s

'Coop & Cami Ask The World' Star Olivia Sanabia!

Conor caught up with Olivia Sanabia; Olivia stars as Charlotte in Disney's 'Coop & Cami Ask The World'! Olivia tells Conor all about the brand-new family sitcom, how she got into acting as a child, and more!
24/11/188m 1s

Simon Lipkin of 'Nativity Rocks!' Chats to Bex

'Nativity Rocks!' is the next film in the Nativity film series, so we invited the star Simon Lipkin into the studio to hear all about it!
23/11/188m 11s

'Fantastic Beasts' Stars Dan Fogler & Alison Sudol

Bex caught up with Alison & Dan, who are Jacob Kowalski & Queenie Goldstein in 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald'; they chat about whether Jacob and Queenie will be reunited, and what's to come over the next couple of films!
22/11/186m 42s

Have Your School Play Broadcast on Television!

Stephen Mulhern joined Sean on the breakfast show to tell him all about Virgin TV's exciting competition; the Virgin TV Christmas Stars competition means your primary school could perform its Christmas play to millions of people! Also, Stephen will be joining you on stage as the narrator! Listen to find out more ... Click here to enter!
21/11/184m 56s

Jeff Norton Joins Bex in the Studio!

Imagine what it would be like to attend an alien school, but as a human?! Jeff Norton tells Bex all about his brand new book 'Alienated' where there is no one quite like Sherman Capote at his school!
20/11/188m 12s

The Children's Charity, Dreamflight, Has Released A Single!

Dreamflight is a charity that changes lives; every year, it flies children with serious illnesses or disabilities for a holiday of a lifetime in Florida! Dan heard from Ollie Wade, singer-wongwriter and volunteer for Dreamflight, all about the charity and their new single! Learn more about the charity Dreamflight here. You can download Dreamflight's song 'Fly Away' to support the charity here.
18/11/189m 2s

'Nutcracker & The Four Realms' - Mackenzie Foy & Misty Copeland

We caught up with the two stars of 'Nutcracker and the Four Realms'! Mackenzie is the lead Clara and Misty is the Princess Ballerina - hear what they had to say about the secrets of the Four Realms, and whether Mother Ginger is really that scary?!
17/11/185m 3s

Ben Miller Joined Bex In The Studio

Ben Miller has written a Christmas book! 'The Night I Met Father Christmas' is all about a boy who discovers the secrets of how Father Christmas got to where he is today ... Plus, Ben gives Bex a telling off about her favourite crip flavour!
15/11/189m 23s

David Solomons Has Written A Doctor Who Book!

Author David Solomons joins Bex in the Club because he's written a brand new book with the new Doctor Who as its star! Hear all about 'The Secret In Vault 13!'
13/11/188m 33s

Benedict Cumberbatch is The Grinch!

Bex caught up with superstar actor Benedict Cumberbatch all about his brand new film! Bex finds out whether there's a little bit of the Grinch-ness in him and who the secret hero of the film is...
09/11/187m 31s

Anita Frost, of the Green Bean Collection, is in the studio!

The Green Bean collection are a series of books which follow the adventures of ... A green bean! The green bean goes on learning adventures so its reader can learn with it, from colours to bedtime to the swimming pool!
08/11/185m 11s

Matt Haig Joins Bex In The Studio!

Matt caught up with Bex all about his new book, 'The Truth Pixie'; plus, with Christmas round the corner, it marks the return of his famous Christmas book selection! Bex hears all about this little pixie who simply cannot tell a lie, plus Matt is tested on his pixie knowledge!
06/11/188m 32s

Celia Rees Chats To Bex!

Celia Rees joined Bex in the studio to chat all about her new book! 'Glass Town Wars' is inspired by the early writings of the Brontë siblings, who the protagonist gets to meet in the book!
01/11/189m 17s

Jacqueline Wilson in The Club!

Jacqueline caught up with Bex in the Club all about her brand new book: 'My Mum Tracy Beaker'. Jacqueline tells Bex all about bringing back her beloved character, what Tracy is like now, plus gives Bex's Name Game quiz a go!
30/10/1811m 21s

Ringmaster David Williamson chats to Bex!

Bex went to meet renowned ringmaster, David Williamson to hear all about the Circus 1903, currently running at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall until January.
25/10/188m 16s

BBC Radio 5 Live’s Young Commentator of the Year!

The Young Commentator of the Year competition is back! Do you have the quick chat and sport savvy needed? The competition closes on Monday 29th October at 9am. Give yourself the best chance by catching Anna Louise’s chat to last year’s winner, 9 year old Braydon, and commentator Conor McNamara.
25/10/187m 0s

Laura Ellen Anderson on Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief!

The creator of ‘Amelia Fang’ books will be joining Bex in The Club to talk about Amelia’s latest adventures in ‘Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief’
25/10/1811m 4s

Andy & The Odd Socks Chats to Conor!

Andy & The Odd Socks are going on tour! Conor hears all about it, plus 'Odd Socks Day' is round the corner and Andy introduces their brand new song!
21/10/186m 7s

Fireman Sam Chats To Bex About His New Film!

Fireman Sam is starring in a new film 'Set For Action'! Sam catches Bex up on his venture and about all at Pontypandy, from his rival Flex Dexter to Norman! You can catch 'Set For Action' on Monday 22nd October on Cartoonito at 8am.
17/10/186m 34s

Blue Peter Is Celebrating Its Big 60th Birthday!

It's a big day for Blue Peter! It's not everyday you turn 60! Bex caught up with Lindsey and Radzi to hear all about what they've got up their sleeve for the birthday celebrations!
16/10/189m 32s

Raven-Symoné Chats To Anna Louise!

Raven-Symoné is back for Series 2 of 'Raven's Home' on the Disney Channel; she chats about the new series, what it's like growing up as a child star, and Anna Louise quizzes her on her 'That's So Raven' knowledge!
12/10/188m 55s

Vashti Harrison, Author of 'Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History', Joins Bex!

October is Black History Month in the UK and to celebrate, Vashti Harrison joined Bex in the studio to tell us all about her new book which features 40 black women who shaped history; 'Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History'.
10/10/189m 15s

'Johnny English Strikes Again' Stars Rowan Atkinson & Ben Miller!

Bex caught up with the stars of the brand new Johnny English film! Rowan Atkinson and Ben Miller answered all of your questions (no matter how whacky they were!) 'Johnny English Strikes Again' is in cinemas on Friday 5th October!
05/10/1810m 22s

'A Murder Most Unladylike' Author Robin Stevens Is Back at Fun Kids!

Robin Stevens is publishing a new book in her 'A Murder Most Unladylike' Series: 'Death In The Spotlight'! Robin is back in the studio with Bex, the day before the book is published, to chat about the inspiration (the theatre that 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' is performed in!) and, most importantly, the Afternoon Tea Quiz!
03/10/189m 13s

Cornelia Funke Tells Dan All About 'The Glass of Lead & Gold'!

Our favourite 'Inkheart' author is back with her new book and Dan was so excited, he just had to jump in to interview her! Cornelia Funke gave Dan a call from sunny Malibu to talk over the book's inspiration, its main character and (of course) take on the signiture Quickfire Quiz!
26/09/188m 40s

'Gangster School' Author Kate Wiseman Chats To Bex

After being back to school for a few weeks now, your routine could need a shake up! What would it be like to go to a school where they teach you to be bad? With classes in thievery, deception and more, Kate Wiseman created Gangster School! She chats to Bex about Book 2: 'The Brothers of Brimstone'!
25/09/188m 5s

Young Film Star Owen Vaccaro Chats To Conor About 'The House With A Clock In Its Walls'

Conor caught up with Owen about his new film, 'The House With A Clock In Its Walls', working with stars such as Jack Black and Cate Blanchett, and how he got to where he is today.
21/09/186m 33s

Bex Meets 'The Legend of Kevin' Creators!

Meet Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve! Together, they created Kevin - a flying, talking pony who flies into Max's bedroom and turns his life upside down! Sarah and Philip tell Bex all about it, and even read a small extract from 'The Legend of Kevin'.
18/09/188m 20s

Singer-Songwriter Nina Nesbitt chats to Conor

Nina Nesbitt has released a new track - 'Loyal To Me' - so we sent Conor, from the Pop 7 at 7 on weekends, to go investigate what it was all about! Conor not only heard all about how she got to where she is now, but also put her Taylor Swift knowledge to the test! ... Can you get as many songs right as she did? Nina also gave valuable advice for anyone looking to write music.
15/09/184m 31s

Alesha Dixon's 'Lightning Girl' - Dan Hears About It All!

'Lightning Girl' is back with 'Superhero Squad'! Alesha tells Dan all about the inspiration, whether there's a Lightning Girl movie on the cards, what's guaranteed for her to use her golden buzzer in Britain's Got Talent and David Walliam's little habit you may have already noticed ...
14/09/186m 20s

Bex Chats To 'What Lexie Did' Author Emma Shevah!

Lexie is part of a big, loud Greek-Cypriot family and lives in London; in 'What Lexie Did', Lexie gets caught up in a lie which grows bigger and bigger - what will she do next?! Emma and Bex talk through Greek-Cypriot family culture, the other books Emma has written, plus Bex's signiture quickfire round!
12/09/189m 48s

Star Of CBBC's 'So Awkward', Cleo Demetriou, Chats To Dan

Cleo, who plays 'So Awkward's' Lily, joined Dan on his afternoon show to chat all about what it's like to film the show, her move from stage to TV and her embarrassing moments on set! So Awkward is back on CBBC for Series 4!
07/09/185m 36s

Sean Is Pranked By The 'Find Me In Paris' Cast!

'The Find Me In Paris' cast thought they had just a regular interivew booked ... Until Sean turned up and gave them total control of his Twitter! Listen to the chaous unfold! Catch 'Find Me In Paris' on Nickelodeon UK on Monday 17th September!
05/09/185m 37s

Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith Joins Anna Louise!

Louis Smith, the renowned Olympic gymnast, caught up with Anna Louise all about staying active this summer, his partnership with the Fitbit Ace and how to do a worm?!
25/08/186m 47s

"How To Spot An Alien" Writer Georgia Christou Catches Up With Anna Louise

Georgia Christou's play, "How To Spot An Alien", is going on tour! Anna Louise jumped in on Bex's show to chat all about how Georgia made her break in playwrighting, her advice to young writers and (most importantly!) how you really spot aliens. Book your tickets to see "How To Spot An Alien" on its tour here.
24/08/188m 6s

Justin Timberlake Protégées The Shadowboxers Chat To Sean

Sean welcomes The Shadowboxers onto the breakfast show! This hot new act from America have caught the attention of the one and only Justin Timberlake. Listen to them chat all about the other names they thought about before settling on Shadowboxers, plus their three BIG pieces of advice for budding, young musicians!
22/08/187m 48s

Dan Chats to The Denim Juniors at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

In between their own Epic Roadshow Adventure, Dan and Bex have been getting to know their fellow performers. Dan caught up with The Denim Juniors: the pop stars from the drag concert for kids which features incredible costumes and your favourite songs! Learn more about The Denim Juniors here.
21/08/185m 51s

Winnie the Pooh chats Christopher Robin!

The actual Winnie the Pooh talks to Sean all about the new Christopher Robin movie.
17/08/183m 24s

Hayley Atwell on Christopher Robin

Hayley Atwell who plays Christopher Robin's wife in the new Christopher Robin movie chats to Sean all about it!
17/08/183m 51s

Jim Cummings chats about the new Christopher Robin movie!

The voice of Pooh bear and Tigger from the brand new Christoper Robin movie is catching up with Sean, to tell us all about the film and how he does all the voices!
17/08/184m 16s

The Showstoppers at the Edinburgh Fringe

Bex caught up with the Showstoppers whilst up at Edinburgh Festival Fringe to find out all about their incredible musical show! You can also check out Bex in the Fun Kids Epic Roadshow Adventure, daily at 1.15pm at the Underbelly Bristo Square.
16/08/186m 4s

Olaf Falafel Chatted to Bex About "Old MacDonald Heard A Parp From The Past"

Olaf Falafel popped into the studio to catch up with Bex all about his latest book in the Parp series! We all enjoyed 'Father Christmas Heard A Parp' and 'Old MacDonald Heard A Parp', so are excited for the new release - which is out today! Olaf chats all about his new book, comedy shows and Bex puts his Parp knowledge to the ultimate test ...
09/08/188m 19s

Anna Louise Chats to Princess Fiona Actress Amelia Lily!

Amelia Lily has the extremely difficult task of playing both a Princess and an ogre - how does she do it? Anna Louise chats to Amelia about the incredible production of Shrek The Musical!
08/08/186m 48s

Will Arnett On "Teen Titans Go! To The Movies"

Will Arnett is the voice of Slade, the nemesis of the Teen Titans. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is latest film from these child superheroes. You'll know Arnett's famous voice from Ice Age, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and as Batman in the Lego Movies!
31/07/183m 25s

Max George Joins Sean To Chat About His New Single "Barcelona"

Max George, formerly of The Wanted, popped into the studio to join Sean & Robot on the breakfast show and chat all about his new music! He also joined forces with Sean on FIFA (Barcelona's team of course!) "Barcelona" is out now!
25/07/184m 23s

Tom McLaughlin, Author of 'The Accidental President', Caught Up With Bex

What would you do if you were the first kid President of the United States? Ajay certainly has some bright ideas! On a visit to the US, he's taken by complete surprise as he's sworn in as the new President! Author Tom McLaughlin catches up with Bex about his new book, the follow-up to 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. 'The Accidental President' is out now!
17/07/189m 17s

Author Matt Brown ('Aliens Invaded My Talent Show!') Chats To Bex

Can Eric Doomsday perform magic well enough in the talent show to save the world?! Matt tells Bex all about Eric Doomsday and his friends, and also teaches you a REAL magic trick you can use on your friends and family! Click here to find out where Elton Gweek and Mrs. Flange get their names from, and of course, for Bex's quick fire round! 'Aliens Invaded My Talent Show!' by Matt Brown is out now.
12/07/189m 38s

Martin Roberts (TV Presenter & Author) Has Released New Books and Bex Hears All About It!

What do Sadsville, Tiredsville and Hotsville all have in common? They all have problems that you, with the help of Herman, have to solve! Bex catches up with author, Martin, about his Villes series and the important lessons in them. The Villes are out now! You can buy your book, or audiobook, by clicking here.
10/07/189m 28s

David Solomons Caught Up With Bex About "My Arch-Enemy Is A Brain In A Jar"

Imagine if you swapped bodies with your brother? Imagine if you swapped bodies with your brother and HE was the one who got superpowers? Imagine if you and your brother had to fight against your arch-enemy, who happened to be a brain in a jar? David Solomons' 'My Arch-Enemy Is A Brain In A Jar' is out now!
05/07/188m 25s

Adrian Edmondson Caught Up With Bex on 'Junkyard Jack and the Horse That Talked'

After the huge success of 'Tilly and the Time Machine', Adrian Edmondson has a new release! 'Junkyard Jack and the Horse That Talked' is out now, and Bex has the down-low on what it's all about!
03/07/187m 41s

Lucy & Lydia Join Sean on the Breakfast Show!

YouTubers Lucy & Lydia joined Sean on the breakfast show to chat all things Instagram, their trip to New York, their new book 'Find The Girl' and their competition where YOU could go see The Vamps, with Lucy & Lydia! 'Find The Girl' by Lucy and Lydia Connell is released on 26th July 2018.
03/07/189m 3s

Stagecoach Are Attempting To Break A Guiness World Record!

Bex caught up with Sarah Kelly of Stagecoach Performing Arts about the amazing feat that they are undertaking; to break a Guiness World Record on Sunday 1st July at 6pm, for the "largest simultaneous performance of one show"! There will be 144 performances of Beauty & Beast across the UK, Germany, Canda and Malta! We wish them luck!
01/07/185m 46s

Now United took over Sean's Breakfast Show!

Sean was joined on the breakfast show by Now United; a pop group with 14 members from 14 different countries! Now United did your shout-ats, birthday shout-outs and even asked Robot some questions ...  Now United have released 'Summer in the City'! Watch it here.
29/06/1815m 49s

Bex Meets Author of 'Riddle of the Runes' Dr. Janina Ramirez

Dr. Janina Ramirez joined Bex in the studio to chat all things Vikings, including her new viking novel following the story of shield maiden Alva and her sniffer wolf, as well as doing some good old myth busting. Did you know Vikings didn't actually have horns on their helmets?! 'Riddle of the Runes' is out on 5th July but can be pre-ordered today!
28/06/1810m 13s

Bex Chats to Author of 'The Last Chance Hotel', Nicki Thornton

Nicki Thornton's 'The Last Chance Hotel' is a magical, murder mystery, following Seth who is accused of poisoning Dr Thallomius with his special dessert! Can he clear his name by solving the mystery of the magic? 'The Last Chance Hotel' is currently available online and in bookshops.
26/06/1814m 13s

Alesha Dixon & the Powerpuff Girls

Alesha chatted to Sean about returning as the newest member of the Powerpuff Girls - Bliss! You can catch Powerpuff Girls on Friday 22nd June at 8pm on Cartoon Network.
21/06/186m 11s

YouTubers Jo & Britt Join Dan in the Studio!

Jo & Britt paid Dan a visit whilst on their UK tour; they gave their first impressions of London (including their best British acccents!) and Dan organised a little quiz to test how well they really knew each other...
19/06/1814m 44s

Frankie Chats to Levi: "Finding My Family" on CBBC

Levi has been on quite the adventure! He talks to Frankie about how a CBBC documentary, "Finding My Family" took him to Jamaica for the very first time to discover the country his grandparents are from. Levi chats about his experiences there, including visiting his Grandfather's old school. Levi is currently fundraising for the school's first ICT equipment: you can donate to this worthwhile cause at: 'Finding My Family: Windrush a Newsround Special' airs on CBBC at 5.30pm on Monday 18th June.
17/06/187m 9s

Bex Chats to Author John and Illustrator Lauren of 'There's A Pig Up My Nose!'

John Dougherty and Lauren Hughes stopped by the Fun Kids studio to chat to Bex about 'There's A Pig Up My Nose'; the hilarious story of... Well... A pig up someone's nose, which also happens to be the winner at the Oscar's Book Prize 2018. You can buy your copy today!
14/06/189m 42s

Steven Butler on Dog Diaries

Steven Butler chats to Bex about his new book ‘Dog Diaries’!
14/06/186m 17s

Kate Wakeling

Poet Kate Wakeling comes into the studio to chat to Frankie all about the Poetry and Lyrics Festival in London, plus where she gets her inspiration for poems, how she started writing poems and how her musical background helps with her poetry.
09/06/188m 55s

Maz Evans on Beyond the Odyssey

Chat with Maz about her popular ongoing book series about a 12 year old carer who goes on adventures with Greek gods, how she finds traveling to schools across the country and what she thinks should happen to people who like cheese and onion crisps.
23/05/1812m 15s

Mina Sundwall on Lost in Space

Bex chats to Mina Sundwell about the new Netflix show Lost in Space. They chat about filming the action-packed show and finally promoting it around the world!
27/04/185m 16s

Laura Bassett

Lioness Laura Bassett chats to Dan about Girls' Football Week, what it was like to play for England for the first time and how the women's game is evolving.
25/04/186m 48s

Joshua Rush on Andi Mack

Bex chats to Joshua Rush, who plays Cyrus in the Disney channel show Andi Mack. They chat about the success of the show and Cyrus playing the first gay character on American Disney Channel! Catch episodes of Andi Mack weekdays on Disney Channel. Watch out for new episodes from season 2 this summer!
19/04/186m 1s

Julian Clary & David Roberts chat The Bolds

Bex chats to Julian Clary and David Roberts, the authors of the Bolds books, a series about a family of hyenas disguised as humans. They chat about the newest book in the series, and how they come up with their adventurous ideas.
18/04/1811m 50s

Union J

Dan's chatting to popstars Union J all about CBBC’s Summer Social – the BBC’s biggest ever kids event taking place in August.  Find out more about CBBC's Summer Social and who's performing here:
13/04/188m 19s


Bex chats to KIDZ Bop all about their brand new album and touring with the Harlem Globetrotters!
10/04/187m 58s


Bex chats to singer and actor MAX, discussing his new tour with Fallout Boy with his new song Lights Down Low. Inspired by his wife, Bex discovers his journey that lead him to create this song.
06/04/186m 15s

Christopher Edge on The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day

Bex chats to Christopher Edge, Author of The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day all about the new book – plus poses her quick-fire questions!
05/04/188m 49s

Samantha Lane on Junk

Bex chats to director Samantha Lane, director of a brand-new show called Junk. Created under her theatre company Little Angles Recycling, Bex finds out how the show takes an audience on a journey about the creative uses of Junk!
03/04/188m 33s

Helena Duggan on A Place Called Perfect

Bex chats to author of A Place Called Perfect – Helena Duggan. The book has been shortlisted for the 2018 Waterstones Children's Book Prize. Bex finds out all about the book and what it’s like being shortlisted for such a big prize!
27/03/188m 31s

Meghan Trainor

Superstar singer Meghan Trainor has a brand new single and Sean finds out all about it and what Meghan has been getting up to!
20/03/188m 24s

Danny Wallace on Hamish and the Baby Boom

Comedian and Writer Danny Wallace presents the latest book in his Hamish Ellerby series with his new book Hamish and the Baby Boom! It’s the fourth book in the series which follows Hamish on his adventures with his friends.
13/03/1811m 17s

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo on Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Writers of the best-selling book ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’ join Bex in the studio to chat all about the second book in the series, where the idea for the books came from, what makes a rebel girl and their favourite women from the books!
06/03/188m 50s

Chris Hoy on Flying Fergus

Dan chats to Chris Hoy, Joanna Nadin and Clare Elsom who created the Flying Fergus books to find out all about Fergus and the parallel universe of Nevermore! Find out more about the book at:
27/02/189m 6s


HRVY joins Sean on the Fun Kids Breakfast Show! HRVY reveals his most embarrassing moment ever, whether his fans are actually called 'Harvstars' and discusses the "deep chats" going down on The Vamps Night & Day tour!
23/02/189m 32s

Harriet Muncaster on Isadora Moon

Bex chats to author of Isadora Moon series, Harriet Muncaster. They chat all about the creation of the series about half vampire, half fairy – Isadora, and Harriet’s passion for all things miniature!
20/02/185m 53s

Tony de Saulles

Author and Illustrator Tony de Saulles comes in to chat to Bex all about his brand new book Bee Boy! He also tells Bex all about keeping bees and plays Bex’s quick fire quiz.
15/02/188m 32s

M G Leonard

Bex chats to award-winning, best selling, beetle loving children’s author Maya Leonard all about the last in her Beetle boy trilogy – Battle of the Beetles. Plus Maya brings in the biggest beetle in the world to show Bex and she tells us all about how she used to be super scared of them!
13/02/1814m 58s

Kiran Milwood Hargrave on The Island at the End of Everything

Author of The Island at the End of Everything, Kiran Millwood Hargrave chats to Bex about the book, her childhood travels and Bex uses her quick fire questions on Kiran!
08/02/187m 57s

Emma Carroll on Sky Chasers

Bex chats to author of Sky Chasers, Emma Carroll all about where the idea for the book came from, and the history of the hot air balloon!
06/02/1810m 1s

Christian O'Connell on Radio Boy and the Revenge of Grandad

Bex chats radio star and author of Radio Boy, Christian O’Connell to find out all about Radio Boy and the Revenge of Grandad.
30/01/1810m 13s

Eddie Redmayne on Early man

Bex chats to actor Eddie Redmayne who voices the character ‘Dug’ in the movie ‘Early Man’, all about his character and the film and they play a game of football or foot-lol
26/01/184m 23s

Nick Park on Early Man

Bex chats to Nick Park- the director of the new Early Man film to find out all what it’s like to make a stop-motion film and Bex quizzes Nick on football.
25/01/184m 38s

New Hope Club on Early man

Bex chats to band New Hope Club about their new track ‘Good Day’ that features in the new Early Man film.
25/01/184m 56s

Darla Anderson on Coco

Bex chats to the producer of the new animated film ‘Coco’, to find out all about the movie, what it's like as a producer and who Darla's favourite characters are.
18/01/185m 28s

Charlie McDonnell

YouTube star Charlie McDonnell a.k.a charlieissocoollike joins us to talk about his love for all things science! Charlie was the first YouTuber in the world to reach 1 million subscribers and his latest videos answer science questions, like why do we find stuff cute? He's written a book called Fun Science too, which explores "the best and most interesting things that science has to offer" (a bit like us!)
18/01/1810m 56s

Lissa Evans on Wed Wabbit

Bex chats to author Lissa Evans about her book Wed Wabbit. Bex finds out all about the book and The Land of Wimbley Woos, where everyone speaks in rhyme and its inhabitants looks like colourful dustbins!
09/01/187m 24s

Nadiya Hussain on Bake Me a Festive Story

Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain comes into the studio to chat to Bex all about her new book 'Bake Me a Festive Story'.
22/12/1712m 21s

Katherine Rundell on 'The Explorer'

Author Katharine Rundell chats to Bex about her book ‘The Explorer’, in which a group crash land in the Amazon rainforest! Plus Katherina talks about what it was like being shortlisted in the Costa Book Awards for the Children’s Book Award.
21/12/177m 40s

Olaf Falafel on Father Christmas Heard a Parp!

Author, comedian and illustrator Olaf Falafel comes into the studio to chat to Bex all about his new book ‘Father Christmas Heard a Parp’. He tells us about how his daughters helped him come up with the parp noises and teaches us how to make different parp noises ourselves!
20/12/179m 20s

Zach King on his book 'My Magical Life'

Youtube magic sensation Zach King joins Sean to chat all about his book ‘Zach King: My Magical Life’, its amazing augmented reality feature and how he started on Youtube!
19/12/177m 57s

Carlos Saldanha on Ferdinand

Sean chats to director Carlos Saldanha all about the new Ferdinand movie!
15/12/174m 43s


The guys from Showstoppers, the incredible improvised musical, join Bex in the studio to tell her all about the Showstoppers Christmas Kids Show that’s showing this December! Plus they sing your suggestions!
14/12/1712m 29s


KIDZ BOP UK Kids come into the studio to chat to Dan all about their new album, their new Christmas song, and what it was like to film the video in Hamleys! Plus the group give us a sneak peak into the new music!
13/12/1710m 8s

Matt Haig on Father Christmas and Me

Author Matt Haig comes into the Fun Kids Studio to chat to Bex all about the newest and last book in the series… Father Christmas and Me! We find out about what Amelia is up to in the next book, Matt’s ideas for the future and Bex challenges him to a Christmas quiz!
06/12/179m 44s

Caleb Femi and Dan Freedman

Dan chats to Caleb & Dan about the Premier League’s Writing Stars Competition, encouraging young people to write poetry around the theme of resilience.
10/11/178m 15s

Sasha Banks & Finn Bálor

Sean from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show went down KidZania London and joined WWE Superstars Sasha Banks and Finn Bálor for the launch of the WWE Academy. It’s a new activity at KidZania where you can transform into your favourite WWE Superstar. You can choose from a range of WWE props and ring gear, practice your own catchphrases, develop a persona, and even create a promo video. Sean chatted to Sasha and Finn about the WWE Tour, the characters they imagined themselves being when they were younger and what it's like when fans dress up as them now they're WWE Superstars! Watch the full video at:
06/11/174m 11s

Sarah Close

Jamie chats to singer-songwriter, Sarah Close about her new single, Only you!
02/11/176m 0s


YouTube star Ali-A joins Sean in the studio to chat all about his brand new book Ali-A Adventures - Game On!.
26/10/175m 50s

Niki and Sammy on HelloWorld

Youtube stars Niki and Sammy chat to Sean about HelloWorld - an incredible event where the biggest digital stars on the planet come together!
25/10/175m 52s

Andy from Andy and the Odd Socks

Anna Louise chats to Andy from Andy and the Odd Socks all about the new album and his upcoming Richmond launch shows!
23/10/175m 55s

Matt Edmondson

Frankie chats to Author, Magician and Radio star Matt Edmondson about his new interactive book ‘The Greatest Magician in the World’. Frankie finds out Matt’s favourite magic trick from the book and how he got into magic!
21/10/178m 57s

Booboo Stewart and Thomas Doherty on Descendants 2

Dan chats to Thomas Doherty and Booboo Stewart from the cast of the new Descendants 2 movie, all about what happens in the second film, what it’s like playing the villain, what it’s like working with Kenny Ortega and more!
19/10/177m 52s

Jacob Sartorius

Sean catches up with Jacob Sartorius from backstage at his London gig!  They chat about what it's like on tour with your mates, and what's next for Jacob.
17/10/176m 14s

Nigel Clarke on Ben 10 Challenge

Nigel Clarke, the host of brand new Ben 10 Challenge, chats to Sean all about the show, the best challenges, the sets and more! You can catch Ben 10 Challenge every Friday at 4pm on Cartoon Network.
13/10/175m 9s

Tom Fletcher on his WHSmith Book Club

Bex chats to author, vlogger and McFly member, Tom Fletcher all about his new W H Smith Book Club!
10/10/1716m 34s

Laura Ellen Anderson on Amelia Fang

Bex chats to author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson about her new fiction series ‘Amelia Fang’, and in particular the first in the series ‘Amelia Fancy and the Barbaric Ball’.
05/10/178m 37s

Andy Riley on King Flashypants

Bex chats to author and incredible illustrator Andy Riley all about the latest instalment of the King Flashypants books – The Toys of Terror!  What are King Edwin and Emperor Nurbison up to this time? Plus, Andy answers your questions from Popjam and Bex's quick fire author questions!
03/10/1710m 7s

Cressida Cowell on The Wizards of Once

Bex chats to author Cressida Cowell all about her brand new book ‘The Wizards of Once’. Bex finds out the magical fantasy adventure, plus asks her quick fire questions!
29/09/178m 28s

Simon and Santa Montefiore on The Royal Rabbits of London

Dan chats to best-selling authors Santa and Simon Montefiore about their new book ‘Escape from the Tower’ – the second in the Royal Rabbits series. Dan finds out what it’s like bringing animals to life and all about the horrible ‘ratzis’ plotting to cause chaos in London.
28/09/178m 11s

Richard Graham on The Cranky Caterpillar

Author and artist Richard Graham joins Dan in the studio to chat about his new book The Cranky Caterpillar. Plus Richard gives us tips on how to better our drawing!
27/09/175m 33s

Ashley Banjo on Fit To Dance

Bex chats to dancer and TV personality Ashley Banjo about the Fit To Dance programme, which combines dance and Disney to get kids moving! Bex also quizzes Ashley on his Disney song knowledge!
26/09/176m 14s

Jon Burgerman on Rhyme Crime

Doodler, drawer and all round brilliant artist Jon Burgerman comes into the FunKids studio to chat to Bex all about his new book Rhyme Crime!
21/09/178m 37s

Harry Hill talks Matt Millz

Comedian and Author Harry Hill joins Bex in the studio to chat all about his brand new children’s book, Matt Millz – The youngest stand up comedian in the world, plus Harry answers Bex’s quick fire questions!
19/09/179m 32s

Laura Dockrill

Laura Dockrill is an author, illustrator and performance poet from London. Her debut children’s poetry collection My Mum’s Growing Down is out now! She’s also the judge of RSPB’s Wildverse Poetry Competition, encouraging kids to write poems about nature. To enter visit now!
07/09/177m 50s

Scarlett Thomas

Dragons Green is Scarlett’s first children’s book and the first in the Worldquake sequence. Bex finds out about the new book, the exciting world they live in and where the name comes from!
07/09/174m 28s

Peyton Lee from Disney's Andi Mack

Peyton plays Andi Mack in new show Andi Mack and Dan is on hand to find out all the gossip about the new show when he chats to Peyton all the way from America! Dan also wants to find out what life is like for the star of a huge Disney show!
05/09/177m 23s

Bonus: The Fun Kids Book Club

We have a brand new podcast called The Fun Kids Book Club so we thought you'd like a taster! In this edition we hear from two of the biggest female authors right now, Robin Stevens and the legend Dame Jaqueline Wilson. We also explore some of the best books to go back to school with and hear a special reading from Max Brooks' new book "Minecraft: The Island". Find out more about everything featured on the podcast on our website at
01/09/1727m 59s


Popstar HRVY comes into the studio to talk to Frankie all about his brand new single Holiday, what he’s been up to in America recently, shooting the video in LA and his upcoming London gig!
25/08/175m 11s

Max Brooks

Award-winning author Max Brooks comes in to talk to Sean all about his brand new book – ‘Minecraft The Island’. How would Sean and Max survive a zombie apocalypse in the FunKids studio and they chat about first getting into Minecraft!
23/08/1717m 23s

Robin Stevens

Author Robin Stevens joins Bex in the studio to tell her all about her brand new book ‘The Guggenheim Mystery’. She explains what it’s like taking over such a revered story from the late, great Siobhan Dowd plus how her family experiences helped come up with the perfect theft for the book!
22/08/178m 19s

Armie Hammer from Cars 3

Armie Hammer A.K.A Jackson Storm in the new Disney Pixar film Cars 3, tells Dan all about the new generation of cars facing Lightning McQueen in the latest movie, and what it was like recording his parts!  They also play a Pixar version of would you rather!
08/08/175m 27s

Ruby Rube

YouTube star Ruby Rube joins Sean in the studio to chat about Miraculous' Friendship Day, what makes her stand out on YouTube and she gives her top 3 tips for YouTube success!
04/08/173m 38s

Jo Franklin

Bex is joined in the studio by author Jo Franklin to chat all about her brand new book Help! I’m a Genius. Plus Bex fires her quick questions at Jo!
01/08/175m 20s

Amy from Shepherd

Dan chats to Amy from Shepherd the Aussie pop group, about their new single ‘Edge of the Night’ after being on tour with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Little Mix! They discuss how the songs are written within a band, and how the music video was filmed and about tour life with the stars!
27/07/175m 18s

Dick and Dom

TV legends Dick and Dom chat with Frankie about everyone's favourite thing...ICE CREAM! Basically, the telly tag-team have teamed up with Merlin Entertainments who run loads of iconic London attractions, including the London Eye, The London Dungeon, and SEA LIFE. They’ve made a whole loads of yummy ice-creams inspired by these landmarks and they want you to know all about it.
26/07/175m 22s

Zach Clayton

Dan is joined by youtuber and now popstar, Zach Clayton to talk about his new debut single ‘Kick it with Me’. They discuss how Zach became famous, and they talk about his music video, his YouTube posts and his life between tour concerts.
25/07/175m 50s

Jim Smith - Future Ratboy Author

Bex chats to author Jim Smith about his book ‘Future Rat Boy and Quest for the missing thingy’, his main book series ‘Barry Loser’, why he chose a rat for the book, the difficulties of writing, illustrating, and how all humans have an inner animal!
20/07/176m 29s

Andy Seed - The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor things to Do

Bex is joined in the studio by Children’s Non-Fiction Star and Blue Peter Book Award winner, Andy Seed to talk about his new book ‘The Anti-Boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor things to Do’. They discuss Andy’s passion to get children outdoors and enjoy the natural world again, as well as giving us loads of ideas of things to do this summer!
18/07/174m 56s

Mister Maker

Anna-Louise chats to Mister Maker from CBeebies all about the Mister Maker and the Shapes tour! What can we expect from the tour and how can we go?!
17/07/175m 14s

Greg James & Chris Smith talk Kid Normal

Radio stars and now Authors, Greg James and Chris Smith join Dan in the Fun Kids studio to chat all about their new book Kid Normal.
13/07/1717m 5s

Samantha Harvey

Dan chats to singer-songwriter and YouTuber Samantha Harvey to find out all about her brand new single Forgive Forget, how far she’s come over the last few years, and her top tip for cleaning (before she was a popstar she was a cleaner!)
11/07/178m 8s

Jamie and Sarah from Fossils Galore

Dan chats to paleontologists Jamie and Sarah about the dinosaur they've found! We find out where they found it, all about their interactive fossil museum Fossils Galore and how we can become paleontologists too!
08/07/174m 2s

Jon Watts

Dan chats to the director of the brand new Spiderman movie – Homecoming, to find out all about the movie, what Jon would do if he were a super hero and they play a game of spider-man who would you rather!
04/07/175m 17s

Boaty McBoatface

Dan finds out all about the yellow submarine that's helping marine scientists find out all about what's going on in the parts of the ocean it's super hard to get to!  Find out where Boaty has been, where he's off to next and what Professor Wynn thinks about the name Boaty McBoatface!
01/07/175m 4s

Alex Galatis and Mark Evestaff

Frankie talks with Alex Galatis and Mark Evestaff – creators of the all-new Cartoon Network series Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Frankie finds out all about it and what Flint Lockwood is up to!
01/07/174m 47s

The Shades

The Shades join Sean in the studio to chat all about their new single ’24 Hours a Day’, plus how they met and they play a game guessed it...'24 Hours a Day'!
29/06/176m 52s

Hyper Chariot - the new fast transport system?

Dan chats to Joanna and Nick about an amazing new mode of transport! The "Hyper Chariot" uses rollercoaster-type technology to catapult car-sized capsules through airless concrete tubes at five times the speed of sound! Dan just had to find out more...
26/06/1710m 25s

Laura Haddock from Transformers

Bex chats with Laura Haddock who plays 'Vivian' in the brand new Transformers Movie: The Last Knight. They chat about Fun Kids, what it was like coming into the Transformers family, and play Transformers Trivia!
22/06/175m 0s

Jerrod Carmichael from Transformers

Bex chats with Jerrod Carmichael who plays 'Jimmy' in the brand new Transformers Movie: The Last Knight. They chat about what it's like being in a huge movie, celebrity friends and they play Transformers Trivia!
22/06/174m 0s

Isabela Moner from Transformers

Bex chats with Isabela Moner who plays 'Izabella' in the brand new Transformers Movie: The Last Knight. They chat about what it was like coming into the Transformers family, stunts and they play Transformers Trivia!
22/06/173m 36s

JP Cooper

Sean meets singer JP Cooper to find out about his new single ‘Passport Home’. Sean chats to JP about what it’s like to work in music, he also got advice about how to make it in the music business. Sean also plays a game titled ‘Passport or Home’ with JP – who will he take on holiday with him?!
21/06/178m 32s

Kelly from Dog's Trust

This week Kelly from Dog’s Trust came into the Fun Kids studio to chat to Bex about all things dog related. Kelly had some great tips about how to introduce yourself to a dog and stay safe around our furry friends.
21/06/178m 37s

Brothers build a Mars rover concept car for Nasa

Parker Brothers Concepts in Florida have built a new Mars rover concept car for Nasa! It was unveiled to the public at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, and could one day be used to get around the Red Planet. Dan chats to brothers Shannon and Marc to find out how they built it.
16/06/175m 22s

What do we know about KELT-9b - the hottest planet ever discovered?

Scientists have found a new exoplanet... that's the hottest ever discovered! Temperatures on the surface of KELT-9b reach over over 4300°C, making it almost as hot as our Sun!  Dan chats to Josh Barker from the National Space Centre to find out all about it.
14/06/175m 35s

Jess Butterworth

Jess Butterworth comes into the studio to chat to Bex all about her new book ‘Running on the Roof of the World’! Bex finds out what goes on in the book, and what it’s like meeting the Dalai Lama! Plus Jess answers Bex’s quick fire questions!
12/06/175m 27s

Jacqueline Wilson

Bex chats to the legendary author Jacqueline Wilson about her new book called ‘Wave Me Goodbye’, which is set during the Second World War. She’ll be telling us her favourite character in the book, and answering your questions!
01/06/178m 42s

Jeff Kinney

Dan chats to author Jeff Kinney about his new film, ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul’. Jeff is the author of the ‘Wimpy Kid’ series. They chat about all the silliness in the film and how Jeff comes up with his stories! The film is out now.
30/05/178m 35s

Chris Bradford

Bex chats to author Chris Bradford about the new book in the Bodyguard series, ‘Assassin’! Chris chats to Bex about Russia, where the book is set, his method writing and Chris answers Bex’s quick fire questions.
25/05/175m 28s

Peter Bunzl

Bex chats to author Peter Bunzl all about his new book Moonlocket! Peter also answers some questions from listeners and we find out how he names his characters!
16/05/178m 15s

Kimberley Wyatt

Sean chats to dancer, singer, TV personality and author Kimberly Wyatt to find out all about her brand new book series, the World Elite Dance Academy and the next series of Taking The Next Step!
09/05/174m 57s

Stacey Gordon from Sesame Street

Anna Louise chats to the voice behind the new autistic muppet Julia, Stacey Gordon, all about what to expect from the new character, why it’s so important to have an autistic muppet and what it’s like working on sesame street! Catch the all-new muppet Julia in season 47 of Sesame Street airing every day at 3:30pm on Cartoonito.
20/04/177m 49s

Yes Lad

Sean chats to band Yes Lad to find out what they’ve been up to since the X Factor and their new single.
19/04/177m 26s

Tom McGrath

Bex chats to the director of the new movie ‘The Boss Baby’, Tom McGrath, to find out all about the film, plus which baby in the film is his favourite and Bex asks the big question: Which is cuter, babies or puppies?
14/04/175m 26s

Ben and Dad Ian from First Class Chefs : Family Style

Ben and his Dad Ian from the Disney’s First Class Chefs: Family Style talk to Anna Louise all about the brand new series. Plus, Anna-Louise finds out what it’s like to be filmed whilst you’re cooking and why Ben picked his dad to come on the show with him.
13/04/177m 48s

Sooty, Sweep & Richard Cadell

Sean speaks to stars of the Sooty Show, Richard Cadell, Sooty and Sweep, to find out all about their brand new tour, and Sooty and Sweep’s many talents!
07/04/175m 10s

Lenna Gunning Williams from CBBC's Jamie Johnson

Dan chats to Lenna Gunning Williams, who plays Jack in CBBC's footie show Jamie Johnson, to find out all about the brand new series. Plus What came first, acting or football?
06/04/175m 18s

Jordan and Perri from Diversity

Jordan and Perri from Diversity talk to Sean all about their brand new arena tour Genesis. Plus Sean finds out about Jordan’s fear of snakes on I’m a Celebrity, Perri’s TV dating and what it’s like being on tour with your best mates.
05/04/175m 18s

Dan Povenmire & Jeff "Swampy" Marsh

Sean speaks to creators of Disney’s brand new show Milo Murphy’s Law to find out all about what to expect from the show, their experience with Murphy’s law plus what the guys love about the UK!
31/03/175m 16s

Rachel Riley

TV’s Rachel Riley chats to Dan about the Bright Ideas Challenge, which is all about getting kids to use their imaginations and use maths, science and engineering to create ideas to help the cities of the future! Rachel also chats about cycling on a tight rope and plays a quick fire quiz!
29/03/178m 25s

Naomi Wilkinson

TV Star Naomi Wilkinson is going on her Wild and Scary tour with lots of creepy crawlies and incredible creatures! She chats to Sean all about what to expect from the tour, and how she overcame her fear of sharks and spiders!
28/03/175m 22s

Dan Fogler from Fantastic Beasts

Dan speaks to star of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Dan Fogler, ahead of the DVD/Blu-ray release on 27th March.
24/03/175m 27s

Lara Williamson

Lara Williamson, author of ‘Just Call Me Spaghetti Hoop Boy’ talks to Bex all about her brand new book, World Book Day, how to get into writing and her previous life writing magazines!
22/03/179m 43s

Christian O'Connell

Radio Star Christian O’Connell chats to Sean about his brand new book ‘Radio Boy’. Plus the breakfast radio boys chat Breakfast shows and the radio shows that they both used to make as kids!
19/03/177m 47s

Despicable Me 3's Kristin Wiig and Steve Carell

Kristin Wiig and Steve Carell, aka Lucy and Gru tell Dan all about what to expect from the gadgets in the up and coming Despicable Me 3 film. And we play some of the trailer for the movie, in cinemas at the end of June! Find the trailer in full at!
16/03/171m 42s

Louisa Johnson

X Factor winner Louisa Johnson speaks to Sean about filming the video for her new single ‘Bad Behaviour’ in LA, Pancake Day, and being a bit naughty.
16/03/175m 7s

Max and Harvey

Max and Harvey are the new teen twin sensations storming and YouTube. Anna-Louise wanted to find out more about how they started just 9 months ago, the Shorty award they’ve been nominated for and what they are going to be getting up to now they've hit 3 million followers on!
08/03/178m 32s


Sean chats to Dan TDM about his competition with the Big Music Project and about his secret new project.
22/02/172m 44s

Lego Batman

Bex interviews Dan Lin and Chris McKay, the Producer and Director of The Lego Batman Movie, where they talk about their favourite Batman weapon and personal lego collection.
09/02/174m 23s

My Knight and Me

Dan interviews the creator of My Knight and Me, Joeri Christiaen, about what inspired him to create the show and what to look out for in the series.
06/02/174m 24s

Louis Hynes

Frankie spoke to Louis Hynes from the brand new Netflix show Series of Unfortunate Events, where they spoke about pranks, spooky happenings and working withNeil Patrick Harris.
04/02/174m 31s

Honey G

The Honey G Show is the debut single from Honey G and Sean went to find out more about the X Factor star, her single, where the name came from and they even playing a spelling G to the A to the M to the E!
22/12/165m 30s

Big Bird

Sean heard that Big Bird had been in town visiting The Furchester Hotel so gave him a call to ask him about his visit. He also wanted to find out about Christmas on Seasame Street.
15/12/164m 33s

Peter Bunzl

Author of Cogheart Peter Buznl popped into Fun Kids to cha to Bex about his brand new book. He reveals a few secrets about the writing as well as playing our Fun Kids Author Quickfire Round!
07/12/164m 12s

Matt Haig Interview

Matt Haig has a new book out called The Girl That Saved Christmas, a follow up to A Boy Called Christmas. He chats to Bex about the book, why he loves writing Christmas books set in the past and takes part in the author quick fire round too!
30/11/164m 51s

CBBC's The Next Step and Lost & Found

Bex wanted to find out about CBBC's The Next Step and trying to work her way into the hit show! If all is lost on the dance front though she also chats to some of the cast from Lost & Found, the music studio spin-off show also found on CBBC!
25/11/1610m 28s

Ruby Barnhill from The BFG

Ruby Barnhill plays Sophie in The BFG which is out on digital download, Blu-Ray and DVD now! Bex finds out some behind the scenes gossip about how they filmed the movie, which bits Ruby enjoyed the most and she even passes on some advice from Dame Helen Mirren too!
24/11/164m 42s

Dan Fogler - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Sean talks to Dan Fogler, star of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them - the newest film by Harry Potter author JK Rowling. Dan and Sean create some magical creatures of their own and Dan's life might have just sparked a new Hollywood movie idea and Sean is on board!
23/11/165m 11s


Daya's features on TCS's song Don't Let Me Down and now has her own single Sit Still, Look Pretty which is sounding so good on Fun Kids! She came onto the Fun Kids Breakfast Show with Sean and Robot to chat about the new single, her rise to fame and how things have changed!
18/11/164m 9s

Catie Munnings - Tolerance Day 2016

Tolerance Day 2016 is on 16th November and is all about exploring tolerance – what it means, what issues does intolerance cause, and how we can be more tolerant of each other. As a teenager making her way in the rally driving world, Catie has experience of busting stereotypes and is an inspirational figure! She spoke to Bex about her rally experience and why Tolerance Day is so important.
16/11/164m 36s

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is back in a brand new season of Seasame Street and Sean got invited to hang out with him! Of course Sean took along some treats for Cookie Monster including some biscuits he'd never had before! You can catch Seasame Street on Cartoonito every day at 4pm
16/11/164m 41s

The Brownlee Brothers - CN Buddy Network

The Brownlee Brothers, Jonny and Alistair have done it all, competed and won at the Olympics and on the World Circuit but now they get to rise to the very top by chatting to Sean on the Fun Kids Breakfast show! They’re ambassadors for the CN Buddy Network which is an anti-bullying campaign from Cartoon Network so Sean finds out more about that and Jonny’s love for Leeds United and Fifa!
11/11/164m 26s

Kendra Timmins from Ride!

Star of Nickelodeon’s Ride Kendra Timmins spoke to Sean on the phone about the series premiere. It starts on Nick at Nite on 7th November so Sean wanted to find out all about the upcoming episodes and they played Sean's new game Horse or No Horse!
04/11/164m 47s

Robin Stevens

Author Robin Stevens was back in Fun Kids to tell all about her new book Misteltoe and Murder – the fifth book in the Murder Most Unladylike series. We fire quickfire questions her way to find out more about her as an author while also delving deeper into the mystery of the Christmas book!
31/10/164m 46s


Charlie McDonnell, a.k.a. CharlieIsSoCoolLike has a brand new book called Fun Science so Sean invited him into the Fun Kids studios to chat about the book and what interesting and fun science awaits inside it!
28/10/164m 21s

Little Mix on Fun Kids

The lovely girls from Little Mix have a new single out called Shout Out To My Ex but it was a Shout Out For Sean as he met the girls once again to talk about the new single and that incredible X Factor performance!
21/10/164m 58s

Marty from Little Screen

LITTLE SCREEN is a brand new interactive cinema experience for young children and families and Dan caught up with the host and creator Marty about the whole thing!
20/10/164m 34s

David O'Doherty and Chris Judge

Danger Really Is Everywhere: School of Danger is the new book from author David O'Doherty and illustrator Chris Judge. They came into Fun Kids to chat to Bex about the new book, answers questions from listeners and try to beat Bex's quiz, all in a safe manner of course!
14/10/1612m 52s

Astonaut Commander Chris Hadfield

Commander Chris Hadfield joined Dan to talk all about his trips into space and his brand new kids book The Darkest Dark! Dan put some of your questions about space to him and just had to ask him about that super famous music video he filmed while on the International Space Station!
14/10/169m 26s

Jude - The Winner of Cartoon Network's Imagination Studios 2015

Bex spoke to Jude who won last year's Imagination Studios competition! Cartoon Network Imagination Studios offers kids a unique insight into how some of their favourite cartoons are created and offers them an opportunity to enter their own creations and win the chance to see their work animated and shown on air!   Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios competition is now open to all kids aged 6-13, to enter visit and find out more.
05/10/165m 2s

Imani Williams

Imani chats to Sean about her new single Don't Need No Money and life on the road with Sigala! Sean also challenges Imani to play a prank on the Fun Kids bosses - will she able to convince them to give her a show on Fun Kids?
30/09/168m 43s

The Thundermans' Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo

Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo from hit Nickelodeon show The Thundermans caught up with Bex to chat about the new series and play Bex's game of Superhero or Superher-no!
21/09/164m 13s

Ga Ga Theatre Company

Rachael and Katie from Ga Ga Theatre Company popped in to see Dan and spill the beans on their adaptation of Quentin Blake's Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave. They also help Dan to make one of his boring life stories into an exciting play!
21/09/165m 12s

Jamillah and Aladdin's Genie!

Dan talked to the Genie from Jamillah and Aladdin, the CBeebies show returning for a 2nd series. Dan finds out some gossip about the show, what wishes Leroy would want to grant and would definitely not grant and more!
14/09/164m 15s

Travis Knight - Director of Kubo and the Two Strings

The brand new movie Kubo and the Two Strings is out now and Dan went to chat to Travis Knight, the director, about the movie, how the idea came about and even asked him one of the weirdest questions he'll get!
09/09/164m 41s

Megan Rix

Megan Rix pops into the Fun Kids studio to chat to Dan about her new book and how it ties in The Great Fire of London! The Great Fire Dogs by Megan Rix is the new book and she tells Dan all about it as well as testing her dog knowledge in Dan's quiz.
07/09/164m 42s

Sean Szeles - Long Live The Royals

Sean Szeles spoke to our very own Sean about his new mini-series on Cartoon Network - Long Live The Royals! The show premiered on 6th September on Cartoon Network so Sean wanted to learn more about the show and get some tips for any budding animators out there.
07/09/164m 18s


Joe Jonas and the guys from DNCE chat to Sean about their follow up to Cake By The Ocean, Toothbrush! Sean also fires them some questions from listeners, finds out how they're enjoying the UK and more
05/09/164m 39s

Henry Gallagher

Danny chats to Britain's Got Talent star Henry Gallagher to find out about life after the ITV competition! Henry's been getting loads of hits on YouTube for his covers but is there new music to come?
02/09/164m 41s

Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose came into see Sean on the Fun Kids Breakfast Show and tell all about her new single For Me! She talks about Wayne Rooney's Testimonial, singing at Wembley and plays Sean's game For Me Or Not For Me!
26/08/164m 39s

Ruth B

Ruth B has a new single called Lost Boy which is based all around the Peter Pan story! She tells Sean how the song came about and plays the Vine Game too - find out if she knows her song loops including Troye Sivan, Disney and a Fun Kids favourite!
19/08/168m 43s

Philip Womack

Bex interviewed childrens author Philip Womack on his two exciting new books.
17/08/164m 59s

Liz Pichon

Liz Pichon, author and illustrator of the Tom Gates series spoke to Anna-Louise about her involvement in a brand new Bayeux Tapestry! English Heritage and Liz Pichon have celebrated the top 10 moments in history, as voted for by kids, in a new drawn tapestry and Anna-Louise wanted to find out more!
10/08/164m 29s

The Voice Kids

New family TV show The Voice Kids is coming to ITV and Oli, the Producer of the show, comes into the studio to tell us all about it (and explain exactly what a producer does!). He even reveals whether our favourite Will.I.Am is involved!
03/08/164m 29s
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