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Fun Kids Meets

By Fun Kids

Here at Fun Kids we have some of the best guests popping by to have a bit of a chat. 

We do know that you can’t ALWAYS be listening to Fun Kids so we’ve made this podcast so you can get all the latest interviews downloaded automatically to your phone or tablet!


HOW THE NEWS WORKS: Jane Marlow & Lisa Campbell take us behind the scenes of News Bulletins

Bex got chatting to the Jane Marlow & Lisa Campbell to chat all about their new release Inside Story: How The News Works all about how the news we get is made, the importance of impartiality & what different roles there are behind the scenes.Remember to tune in to Bex on the Book Worms Podcast every other Wednesday via the Fun Kids AppSee for privacy information.
21/02/24·16m 33s

CHASING FINS: Jules Bernstein on the California Newborn Great White Discovery

Dan got chatting to the University of California Riverside's Jules Bernstein on the BIGGER and BETTER Fun Kids Science Weekly all about the amazing discovery of the newborn great white shark and why it's such a big deal?Remember to tune in to Dan on the Fun Kids Science Weekly every Saturday wherever you get your podcastsSee for privacy information.
13/02/24·4m 56s

The CLOCKWORK CONSPIRACY & the importance of TIME with Sam Sedgeman

Bex got chatting to the amazing author Sam Sedgeman all about his brand new book The Clockwork Conspiracy and why it's important we don't forget the importance of time.Remember to tune in to Bex on the Book Worms Podcast every other Wednesday via the Fun Kids AppSee for privacy information.
01/02/24·16m 32s

Minnie's Mission of Maximum Mischief with the team at BEANO MAG

Bex got chatting to Craig, Mike & Laura from Beano all about their latest Boomic Minnie's Mission of Maximum MischiefRemember to tune in to Bex weekdays on Fun Kids from 4pm, as well as on the Book Worms Podcast every other Wednesday via the Fun Kids AppSee for privacy information.
24/01/24·13m 57s

Chatting with WONKA's Jim Carter

George got chatting to famous actor Jim Carter about his part in the brand new blockbuster Wonka, and even got his chocolate 5-aside team.Remember to tune in to George on Fun Kids Breakfast weekdays from 6.30am.See for privacy information.
17/01/24·7m 10s

Release of Kung Fu Panda 4 Trailer!

Hebe got chatting to the director and producer of Kung Fu Panda 4 about the release of the new trailer!See for privacy information.
02/01/24·9m 21s

Huw from CBBC's Quentin Blake's Box of Treasures!

Dan got chatting to Huw who plays Jack in Jack and Nancy, one of the amazing animations in Quentin Blake's Box of Treasures on CBBC!See for privacy information.
26/12/23·8m 52s

The genius's behind Disney's Wish!

Conor got chatting to Chris and Fawn, the genius directors behind Disney's Wish, to find out all the secrets of Disney's 100 years of animation!See for privacy information.
23/12/23·11m 8s

Chatting about Young Eurovision with Lauren Layfield!

George got chatting to Lauren Layfield about what its like hosting Young Eurovision and all the behind the scenes gossip of the contest!See for privacy information.
13/12/23·7m 24s

Peter Bunzl on his new book GLASSBORN!

Peter Bunzl paid Bex a visit at the Fun Kids studio to talk all about his new book, Glassborn! Set in a 19th century fantasy land, this book has all the things you'll need to sink into a new world with the Belle siblings and the magical adventures they get up to! Peter's here to tell us more. See for privacy information.
29/11/23·9m 21s

Dragon's Den Deborah Meaden!

Dan recently caught up with Dragon's Den's Deborah Meaden to chat about the Everyday Engineering Competition! Deborah teamed up with The Royal Academy of Engineering to get everyone in the UK inventing, and she chats to Dan about what a difference young engineers can make to helping the climate and building a better future!See for privacy information.
28/11/23·10m 57s

Aardman geniuses behind Chicken Run Dawn of the Nugget!

To celebrate the new movie, Chicken Run, Dawn of the Nugget, Hebe was on the red carpet of the premier chatting to all the creative geniuses behind the new film!See for privacy information.
21/11/23·15m 30s

Who are the Serjeant at Arms and the Clerk of Parliaments?

To celebrate Parliament week, Bex is introducing us to some of the strangest job roles in Parliament. She got chatting to the Sergeant at Arms who is a key figure in the House of Commons and the Clerk of Parliaments who looks after the House of Lords!See for privacy information.
14/11/23·27m 37s

Trolls Madness with Walt Dohrn!

We've got an AWESOME episode of Meets for you this week! Conor caught up with the director of Trolls Band Together to talk about the behind-the-scenes of the movie and all of the sing a longs during filming!See for privacy information.
07/11/23·9m 36s

Brett Iwan the voice behind Mickey Mouse!

This week the voice of Mickey Mouse tells us what it’s like being one of the most famous cartoon voices on the planet and 100 years of Disney.See for privacy information.
01/11/23·7m 23s

Carrie Hope Fletcher on Halloween birthdays and bat powers!

Carrie Hope Fletcher paid a visit to Fun Kids to chat to Bex all about her new book, Double Trouble Society and the Worst Curse! A spooky read for the upcoming spooky season, Carrie is here to tell us about this new adventure for the Double Trouble Society and some of her favourite parts of Halloween - turns out it's very close to her birthday! See for privacy information.
17/10/23·10m 58s

Judith Eagle on STOLEN SONGBIRD, a thrilling mystery!

Judith Eagle came by the Fun Kids studio to talk to Bex all about her new book, Stolen Songbird! The story takes place in 1950s London. After finding a picture in the lining of her suitcase, Caro has become part of a dangerous art heist! Can she uncover the mystery of the stolen songbird painting? Find out how British history inspired this heartwarming tale. See for privacy information.
10/10/23·9m 4s

All aboard! AM Howell talks Mysteries at Sea: Peril on the Atlantic!

Bex recently caught up with AM Howell to chat about her new book, Mysteries at Sea: Peril on the Atlantic! There are so many historic details that went into this mystery novel. Ann-Marie is here to talk about all the things to look out for, including references to the Titanic and tons of 1930s worldbuilding!See for privacy information.
03/10/23·8m 20s

George chats to Phoebe, Blue Peter's Amazing Author's Writing winner!

George has been chatting to Phoebe, the 10 year old winner of the Blue Peter Amazing Author's Writing competition on CBBC! Find out what Phoebe loves most about writing, her pet inspiration for the wolf in her story, and what it was like to meet author Tom Fletcher. See for privacy information.
03/10/23·6m 28s

Dermot O'Leary talks furry friends and history in Wings of Glory!

This week, Bex caught up with Dermot O'Leary! You may know him from his years of presenting on TV and his Toto the Ninja Cat series, but today he's here with a brand new release! Wings of Glory follows the lives of animals caught up in the midst of World War 2 and how they try to survive. Dermot chats his own love of history and the things that inspired his story! See for privacy information.
26/09/23·14m 8s

YouTube star Maddie Moate prepares to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

Bex has been chatting to Maddie Moate about her trip to Mount Kilimanjaro! This is Africa's highest mountain, and no easy feat to climb! Maddie chats about how she's preparing for this adventure and her plans for the climb, including questions such as what happens to your body at high altitudes?  Maddie is trekking in partnership with Rafiki Thabo Foundation, a charity which enables education for children living in poverty across East Africa.See for privacy information.
19/09/23·10m 4s

Fred and Pete's Treasure Tales!

Bex got chatting to Fred and Pete from Fred and Pete's Treasure Tales on Cbeebies! Find out all about the amazing treasure found on the beaches of Cornwall.See for privacy information.
12/09/23·4m 6s

Haunted Mansion director Justin Simien! 👻

George recently got chatting to Justin Simien, director of Disney's Haunted Mansion! Find out how Walt Disney, the Imagineers, and the Haunted Mansion ride all came together to inspire Justin to make this film. See for privacy information.
29/08/23·11m 0s

Edward Foster on making The Rubbish World of Dave Spud!

This week Fun Kids is chatting to Edward Foster, creator of the TV series The Rubbish World of Dave Spud! What inspired Edward to create such a grumpy character, and what is it like to direct a cartoon TV show anyway? Listen to find out! See for privacy information.
22/08/23·6m 6s

8 year old Aneeshwar on his brand new show with Steve Backshall!

In this week's episode of Meets, Dan is chatting to young animal expert Aneeshwar Kunchala! Aneeshwar is also the star of a brand new show all about wildlife with Steve Backshall, CBeebies' 'Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild'! Find out what Aneeshwar loves about the show and working alongside Steve, how he became interested in animals, and how many pets he has! See for privacy information.
15/08/23·10m 40s

Blackpool Tower goes MISSING in Frank Cottrell-Boyce's NEW Adventure!

Welcome to Meets, the podcast where we meet a whole bunch of lovely people! This week, Bex has been chatting to Frank Cottrell-Boyce about his new book, The Wonder Brothers! Frank's eager to chat all things magic, naming his favourite magicians and telling Bex all about his love for Blackpool! See for privacy information.
15/08/23·13m 48s

The Sooty and Sweep Show Cause HAVOC in the Studio!

Bex is joined by childrens television royalty, Sooty and Sweep as we hear about some of their many talents and their brand new tour!See for privacy information.
08/08/23·8m 6s

BONUS: The Space Programme

Have you heard our series, The Space Programme?  Life on the Isle of Lune is about to get out-of-this-world! It's a radio drama all about a brand new UK spaceport and the story of a soon-to-be child-astronaut. Hear The Space Programme every Friday from 4pm on Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, and as a podcast too.  Plus, Fun Kids Podcasts+ subscribers get all 20 episodes right now, ad-free! Listen to the whole series before anyone else. Get a 30-day free trial of Fun Kids Podcasts+ by tapping 'Try Free' in Apple Podcasts or by heading to for privacy information.
06/08/23·8m 47s

Is this the MOST IMAGINITE AUTHOR yet? Bex chats with Nazneen Pathak

Author of the City of Stolen Magic Nazneen Pathak shares her inspirations and some exclusive secrets behind her newest book!See for privacy information.
01/08/23·10m 52s

Bex chats to FOOTBALL LEGEND Beth Mead! ⚽

BBC Sports Personality of the year Beth Mead has been chatting to Bex all about her new book, Roar! She chats playing for Arsenal, writing the book, and encouraging others to follow their sports ambitions.See for privacy information.
18/07/23·10m 3s

Mamoudou Athie and Leah Lewis from Disney's Elemental answer your questions!

Bex has been catching up with the cast of Disney's Elemental! Mamoudou Athie plays Wade and Leah Lewis plays Ember, and they're here to talk all about their time making the film, what they think you'll love, and even answered some of your burning questions!See for privacy information.
11/07/23·10m 26s

George chats to the cast of Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken! 🌊

George recently caught up with the cast of Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken, including Lana Condor, Annie Murphy, and director Kirk DeMicco! Find out what Annie and Lana love about their characters Ruby and Chelsea, and what the director Kirk thinks about working with DreamWorks Studios. Get ready to dive into this episode! See for privacy information.
04/07/23·10m 10s

Bex chats dragons and how to train them with Cressida Cowell!

Bex recently caught up with Cressida Cowell, author of How To Train Your Dragon and the new How To Train Your Hogfly, to see how Cressida is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her iconic series! See for privacy information.
27/06/23·15m 30s

Monster Hunting with Ian Mark!

Welcome to Meets, where the Fun Kids presenters hang out with your heroes! Bex spoke to Ian Mark, author of the Monster Hunting series and Monsters Bite Back all about how he gets inspiration for these monsters. Ian even admits to having his own BOOK OF MONSTERS! Yikes! How spooky...See for privacy information.
20/06/23·12m 38s

Unveiling the Secrets of the Skandar Series: A Captivating Conversation with A.F. Steadman

A.F Steadman joins Bex to uncover the secrets of the newest book in the Skandar series - Skandar and the Phantom rider! Join us as we discuss their inspirations, some secrets to look out for and what we can expect next!See for privacy information.
13/06/23·11m 4s

LD Lapinski on how to embrace who you are!

Bex recently caught up with the brilliant author LD Lapinski to chat about their new book, Jamie! LD teaches us how to stand up for what we believe in, and that people are around to help us if we only ask! See for privacy information.
06/06/23·7m 38s

Stephen Mulhern teaches Bex how to become a magician!!!

Hello and welcome to Fun Kids Meets, the podcast where we meet your heroes! Stephen Mulhern, presenter, magician and now author, is here to tell Bex about Max Magic: The Greatest Show on Earth! If you're a budding magician or even just curious as to how magicians pull off those insane magic tricks, this is a must-read. See for privacy information.
30/05/23·12m 45s

Horrible Histories' Martin Brown is here with a tale about a bear!

Welcome to Meets! If you're a fan of the Horrible Histories series, you'll love this episode. Their comic artist Martin Brown is here to chat to Bex about his new book  Nell and the Cave Bear: The Journey Home! How will Nell and Cave Bear navigate their way back home, and what inspired Martin to write this beautiful tale of friendship and survival? See for privacy information.
23/05/23·14m 40s

Katie Piper and a very special mouse!

Bex recently caught up with Katie Piper to chat all about her new heart-warming book, All You Need! Hear all about Katie's inspiration behind Teeny Mouse, and why she thinks there's a lot to be happy about. See for privacy information.
22/05/23·7m 39s

Mark Thompson says cast your eyes to the skies!

Dan recently caught up with astronomy expert Mark Thompson! Why is the universe expanding, why do we need sleep, and is there life out there...? These and other incredible questions all to come in this week's episode!See for privacy information.
09/05/23·9m 53s

Bringing the sun's energy to Earth with Annie Kritcher

Annie Kritcher from the National Ignition Facility is here this week to talk to Dan about a huge breakthrough in nuclear energy! Find out what this breakthrough in energy production means for the planet and what role Annie played in this scientific marvel. See for privacy information.
08/05/23·12m 15s

A very Mecha Meets with Mecha Elmo!

Mecha Elmo has been solving all kinds of problems in Mecha Builders! Bex recently chatted to him about what life is like in Pretty Big City, and what science adventures he and his friends get up to! See for privacy information.
02/05/23·5m 44s

Jacqueline Wilson on her new book, The Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure!

Hey there, welcome to Fun Kids Meets! Bex recently caught up with a very notable book hero - Jacqueline Wilson! She's here today to chat to Bex all about her new book, set in an Enid Blyton classic, The Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure! Jacqueline also ranks her top five favourite characters across all of her books! See for privacy information.
25/04/23·10m 30s

Anya Taylor-Joy on being Princess Peach!

Welcome to Fun Kids Meets, and do we have a Meets Treat for you this week! George recently caught up with Princess Peach herself, Anya Taylor-Joy, to chat about her role in the new The Super Mario Bros. Movie. George is asking all the real questions, such as who among the cast is the best at Mario Kart? See for privacy information.
18/04/23·7m 7s

Ben Miller is STILL STUCK in the studio! Could this be his triumphant escape?

A special feature written by Fun Kids super fan Lauren, who won the Ben Miller story competition for The Night We Got Stuck In A Story! Ben Miller has been stuck in the Fun Kids studio, and he's been trying hard to get out. Bex interviewed him, but was a bit puzzled by his behaviour...See for privacy information.
11/04/23·3m 41s

Rhian Tracey on Bletchley Park and the mysteries that surround it...

This week on Meets, Bex is chatting to Rhian Tracey all about her new book I Spy, A Bletchley Park Mystery! Some very nifty code-breaking took place at Bletchley Park. This event, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, inspired Rhian's story!See for privacy information.
04/04/23·11m 29s

JB Gill talks farm life in Ace and the Animal Heroes!

Welcome to Fun Kids Meets where we meet your heroes! Chatting with Bex this week is JB Gill from JLS and Down on the Farm. He's got a new book out, Ace and the Animal Heroes, and he's talking about some real-life inspiration he had for the story! Are his kids in the book, or have any of the events in Ace and the Animal Heroes actually happened to JB? Listen to find out! See for privacy information.
28/03/23·11m 11s

Alasdair Beckett-King and Claire Powell chat all things mysterious with Bex!

Welcome to Meets, where the Fun Kids crew meet your favourite stars! Bex recently spoke to author Alasdair Beckett-King and illustrator Claire Powell about an amazing new mystery novel, Montgomery Bonbon: Murder at the Museum. Find out how the pair worked together to create this book and which famous detectives inspired Alasdair. See for privacy information.
21/03/23·13m 34s

Alesha Dixon on loving animals and Luna Wolf: Animal Wizard!!

George has been chatting to Alesha Dixon about her new book, Luna Wolf: AnimalWizard! Find out what you'll love about this story and hear all about Alesha's own pets, her love for writing, and extra gossip about what she's up to this year! See for privacy information.
14/03/23·17m 35s

Katie and Kevin Tsang teach us all about SPACE!

Author duo Katie and Kevin Tsang are chatting to Bex all about their latest book Suzie and the Moonbugs, the second book in their Space Blasters series! How many moons does Jupiter have? Katie and Kevin know! See for privacy information.
07/03/23·9m 17s

Bex teaches Jenny Slate British slang!

Bex has been chatting to the star of Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Jenny Slate! She even had time to teach her a VERY British phrase...See for privacy information.
28/02/23·8m 43s

Surprising Jacob Tremblay for his Birthday!

Recently Bex spoke to the incredible actor Jacob Tremblay about the brand-new Netflix movie, My Father's Dragon. But Bex realised it was his birthday a few days before the interview, and decided to surprise him...See for privacy information.
21/02/23·5m 16s

Matilda The Musical star Alisha Weir teaches us how to be Naughty!

Dan recently caught up with the star of Matilda The Musical, Alisha Weir, in her first ever solo interview to find out all about the smash-hit musical!See for privacy information.
14/02/23·10m 36s

Antonio Banderas tells us all about Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots himself, Antonio Banderas, popped by the Fun Kids studio to have a chat with Conor about the epic new Puss in Boots adventure, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.See for privacy information.
07/02/23·7m 55s

Ben Miller chats The Night We Got Stuck in a Story

Awesome author and Bex's BFF Ben Miller popped by the Fun Kids studio to chat about his wicked new book, The Night We Got Stuck in a Story.See for privacy information.
31/01/23·10m 43s

Bex Meets David Walliams for his New Book - SPACEBOY!

See for privacy information.
29/09/22·10m 18s

Bex Meets Fearne Cotton!

See for privacy information.
26/09/22·9m 53s

The OUT OF THIS WORLD cast of Star Trek Prodigy!

Sean is blasting off to chat to Robyn about her recent chat with the cast and creators of the astronomical new Star Trek Prodigy!See for privacy information.
18/05/22·14m 46s

Iconic Children's Author Michael Rosen!

Sean is joined by Bex to chat about her interview with the awesome, iconic, author Michael Rosen! Michael is talking about his brand-new book, Rigatoni The Pasta Cat!See for privacy information.
10/05/22·12m 57s

LEGENDARY Comedian Jim Carrey chats Dr. Robotnik and Sonic 2!

Sean is chatting about his interview with genuine comedy royalty and all-round hilarious guy, Jim Carrey, about his role as Dr. Robotnik in Sonic 2! Jim reveals how much he loves the robots in the film, and stick around until the end of the podcast to hear Sean share some super Sonic secrets (now that's a tongue twister!).See for privacy information.
26/04/22·7m 17s

Amazing authors Sean Thorne and Luke Franks

It's a very special episode of Fun Kids Meets, as today's guest is... Sean himself! Sean, and his friend Luke Franks, are chatting to Bex about their brand new book, Jamie McFlair vs The Ultimate Brain Hack! See for privacy information.
19/04/22·13m 36s

Super Brainy Legend Dr. Ranj

Sean chats to Dan about his recent chat with presenter, NHS Doctor and Best Selling Author Dr. Ranj all about the Brain and his new book Brain Power! Dan and Sean are both so impressed with how knowledgable Dr. Ranj is, and how brilliant he is at explaining complex ideas in an understandable and educational way! Plus, Dan is a huge fan of Dr. Ranj's hair!  See for privacy information.
12/04/22·13m 47s

SONIC 2 SPECIAL! Ben Schwartz, James Marsden AND the actual Sonic and Tails

It's a Sonic 2 special in Fun Kids Meets this week! Bex is chatting to Sean about her awesome interviews with the stars of the new Sonic movie, Ben Schwartz (Sonic) and James Marsden (Tom). The pair even play Bex's excellent new game - In The SO-NICK of Time (trademark pending). Listen until the end to hear Bex' chat to the ACTUAL Sonic and Tails too!See for privacy information.
05/04/22·13m 15s

Awesome Multi-Talented Explorer Steve Backshall!

Sean is joined by Dan to chat about his interview the awesome multi-talented explorer, Steve Backshall! Tune in to hear about Steve's new underwater show! Plus, find out how you can become an adventurer.See for privacy information.
29/03/22·18m 16s

Omari McQueen is the youngest vegan chef

Omari boasts the title of the youngest award-winning vegan chef in the UK, as well as the CEO and founder of vegan restaurant Dipalicious! See for privacy information.
29/03/22·10m 4s

The Ghost and Molly McGee stars Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder!

Conor joins Sean to chat about his interview with the stars of the Disney+ series The Ghost and Molly McGee, Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder! Find out WHO has the BEST voice ever to grace Fun Kids well as the lowdown on the spooky spectacular Disney+ show, The Ghost and Molly McGee!See for privacy information.
15/03/22·14m 41s

'SING 2' Director Garth Jennings!

Sean is joined by George to discuss his chat with the director of the awesome movie 'Sing 2', Garth Jennings! Find out if Garth realises just how popular the film is on social media, how he deals with directing superstars and hear about George's borderline obsession with the band U2 (ask your parents!)See for privacy information.
08/03/22·14m 44s

Fun Kids Favourite Danny Wallace

Bex is back with Sean this week to chat about her interview with Fun Kids favourite, comedian and author, Danny Wallace! Danny is chatting about his brand new children's book, The Luckiest Kid in the World, plus some hidden gems to look out for!See for privacy information.
01/03/22·16m 44s

Hilarious Comedian and Author Adam Hills

Bex chats to Sean about her interview with the brilliant comedian and broadcaster Adam Hills about his debut children's book, Rockstar Detectives! Find out how Adam's own children influenced the main characters and stick around until the end of the interview to discover Adam's answer to the MOST important question in the world...SALT AND VINEGAR or CHEESE AND ONION crisps?!See for privacy information.
22/02/22·13m 48s

Awesome Astronaut Tim Peake!

Dan joins Sean to lift the lid on his out-of-this-world interview with intergalactic legend, astronaut Tim Peake! Tim is joining us live at the Royal Observatory Greenwich to launch Mission Transmission, our record-breaking broadcast to space, on the 21st February 2022. Tim spoke to Dan about his brand-new fiction book, Swarm Rising!See for privacy information.
15/02/22·17m 48s

Wicked wordsmith MC Grammar

Sean is joined by Bex to chat about her interview with one of her celeb BFF's, MC Grammar! MC Grammar is a former teacher turned rapper who aims to educate children through his awesome rhymes. Listen until the end to hear a very special space rap for Mission Transmission, featuring lyrical support from the one and only Bex!See for privacy information.
08/02/22·10m 56s

Andy from Andy and The Odd Socks!

Conor reveals all about his chat with frontman of Andy and the Odd Socks, Andy Day! Andy's chatting about Series 2 of Andy and The Band on CBBC! This season features from very special guests, including ROCK ROYALTY!See for privacy information.
01/02/22·12m 21s

Voyager Golden Record Artist Jon Lomberg!

Dan chats to Sean about his interview with the Voyager Golden Record artist, Jon Lomberg! The Golden Record was a recording that was launched into space - a bit like Mission Transmission, our record-breaking, history-making radio broadcast to space. Jon gives us some tips on what to include on our broadcast that might be listened to by aliens! Head to to submit your message for Mission Transmission.See for privacy information.
27/01/22·17m 0s

NASA Astronaut Candidate Jack Hathaway!

This week Sean is joined by George as finds out what it’s like to train to be an astronaut from NASA Astronaut Candidate Jack Hathaway. George and Jack also talk about our record-breaking, history-making broadcast where you can send your voice to space - Mission Transmission!See for privacy information.
21/01/22·14m 10s

KIDZ BOP and Dr Emily from the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Sean finds out what it’s like to be a KIDZ BOP from the band behind the official anthem to our record-breaking Mission to space... KIDZ BOP recorded a very special version of 'My Universe' for our radio broadcast to space, Mission Transmission: On February 14th 2022, we On February 14th 2022, we are sending a message to space. Broadcast live from the Royal Observatory Greenwich with some music from the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the 30-minute transmission will feature voices of Fun Kids listeners telling us about their hopes, dreams and desires. Billed as a 'love letter from Earth', the broadcast will go out nationwide and will simultaneously be sent to the stars where it'll hurtle through the universe for literally trillions of years. If you want to be a part of Mission Transmission head to for privacy information.
13/01/22·16m 48s

Gillian Anderson chats Robin Robin with Robyn!

In this week's Fun Kids Meets, Sean is joined by Robyn fresh from her chat with star of the brand new Netflix Movie 'Robin Robin', Gillian Anderson. Gillian chats about acting for Aardman (the makers of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit), cat allergies and what Christmas dinner food she could live without... You can hear Robyn's on Fun Kids every weekend from 8-10am!See for privacy information.
28/12/21·9m 43s

George Meets A Boy Called Christmas

George is popping by to see Sean-ta Claus for a festive episode of Fun Kids Meets. A Boy Called Christmas is a brand new Christmas film based on the best-selling Matt Haig books A Boy Called Christmas, The Truth Pixie and A Mouse Called Miika! The director, Gil Kenan, and star, Henry Lawfull, joined George to chat about the movie, their favourite Christmas films, behind the scenes memories and even played a festive game... You can hear George on Fun Kids, the UK's only national children's radio station, on weekends from 1-4pm and during the holiday's 10am-1pm!See for privacy information.
21/12/21·24m 53s

MinaLima talks Potter

It’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out! But, how do you create all the things Harry Potter uses?  It’s a fantastic question and one we’re putting to the creators of some of the Harry Potter film graphic props! They’re a duo called MinaLima and they worked on all the Harry Potter films! They’re joining Dan to talk all about the art of graphic prop work. How do props look realistic? How do they work? Why might graphic props be a good thing in movies? And most importantly… do any graphic props have magical properties?See for privacy information.
14/12/21·16m 24s

Sophie Dahl's Worst Sleepover EVER!

Bex joins Sean to chat about her interview with children's author Sophie Dahl - granddaughter of Roald Dahl and inspiration behind the character Sophie in the BFG! Sophie's chatting about her new picture book, The Worst Sleepover in the World. Can Sean guess what questions Bex asked Sophie in Fun Kids Meets Bingo? What would you ask Sophie? And did you know...Sophie is a FUN KIDS LISTENER?! (we don't blame her).See for privacy information.
07/12/21·17m 4s

James Marsden chats Boss Baby 2!

Sean is joined by George after his interview with MEGA-famous Hollywood movie star James Marsden, star of Boss Baby 2! Find out why, and how, George MAY have wasted half the interview....See for privacy information.
30/11/21·14m 58s

PRIME MINISTER Boris Johnson answers YOUR questions!

Sean is joined by Dan to chat about his meeting with the UK's PRIME MINISTER, Boris Johnson! The PM chats COP26, answers YOUR climate questions, and even takes Dan on in the Yes/No Game!See for privacy information.
23/11/21·15m 40s

Michael Morpurgo's First Book in 2 Years!

In this week's Fun Kids Meets, Sean is joined by Bex to chat about her interview with legendary author, Michael Morpurgo. He’s talking about his brand new book, When Fishes Flew! This first new novel in two years from the nation’s favourite storyteller is a sweeping story of love and rescue – an unforgettable journey to the Greek island of Ithaca, and back in time to World War Two…See for privacy information.
16/11/21·19m 47s

Nick Kroll chats The Addams Family 2!

Nick Kroll is the voice of Uncle Fester in The Addams Family 2, a whacky and gruesome family film adventure!See for privacy information.
09/11/21·10m 21s

Ben Miller chats How I Became a Dog Called Midnight

Author, comedian and friend of the show Ben Miller joins Bex. He’s chatting about his new book, How I Became a Dog Called Midnight. George has always wondered what it’s like to be a dog. One night, a magical mix-up with an enchanted fountain means he swaps places with Midnight, a huge and loveable hound! Becoming a dog is an amazing adventure, until George uncovers a plan that could threaten Midnight’s home…See for privacy information.
02/11/21·16m 29s

Rugby legend Danny Care surprises superstar fundraiser William Priddy!

In this week's Fun Kids Meets, Sean catches up with Dan after he surprised William Priddy with his rugby idol Danny Care! William is a massive rugby fan, particularly Harlequins and Danny Care, and he ran the London marathon in his BACK GARDEN to raise money for Brain Tumour Research! So Dan thought he'd surprise William with a zoom call with his hero to say well done!See for privacy information.
26/10/21·15m 44s

Dermot O'Leary talks Toto

Dermot O'Leary talks to Bex all about the latest instalment of Toto the Ninja Cat, his book series!  The latest is called The Legend of the Wildcat! Toto’s brothers, Silver and Socks, and their best friend Catface have just been made Deputy Ninja Cats! But while celebrating, they accidentally break a boat belonging to a very important cat and find themselves heading north to a bootcamp for naughty animals. Deep in the Scottish Highlands, they must climb mountains, paddle leaky canoes and prove that they can work as a team. But something isn’t quite right at the bootcamp, and Toto’s ninja senses are on high alert … There is a local legend of a super-strong wildcat, destined to raise an army and take over all of Scotland. Toto knows she must find out more, but danger is lurking at every turn. Can she find the mysterious wildcat, before it’s too late?See for privacy information.
19/10/21·22m 0s

Molly Rainford chats CBBC show Nova Jones

Actress and singer, Molly Rainford, joins Robyn LIVE in the Fun Kids studio to chat all about her brand new CBBC show, Nova Jones – watch the video above to hear the FULL interview! Nova Jones is a BRAND NEW CBBC show all about the adventures of intergalactic pop star, Nova Jones! Nova is the biggest star in the galaxy. She’s the hottest thing since the sun, and when Nova drops a new track, the Universe stops to dance!See for privacy information.
12/10/21·16m 19s

Greg James and Chris Smith

Radio DJ and authors Greg James and Chris Smith join Bex They’re chatting about their new book, The Great Dream Robbery! Unlike most 12 year-olds, Maya Clayton is desperate to go to bed early. Falling asleep is the only chance she has to save her dad – the brilliant but slightly odd Professor Dexter. The Professor invented a device that allows you to visit other people’s dreams. But the devious Lilith Delamere has trapped him inside a nightmare and Maya and the mysterious Dream Bandits must find a way to rescue him before it’s too late! Maya will face a dangerous journey and some difficult choices. But sometimes all you need is a dream, and a bit of courage.See for privacy information.
06/10/21·14m 36s

Amazing Astronaut Tim Peake!

An out-of-this guest joins Fun Kids Meets this week, as Dan chats to British Astronaut Time Peake!See for privacy information.
28/09/21·23m 16s

Konnie Huq chats Cookie

Konnie's got a new book! It's from the Cookie Series, The Most Mysterious Mystery in the World. Mysterious! Hurray, Cookie’s Nani is coming to stay from Bangladesh! But she doesn’t speak English and Cookie is the only one in the family who doesn’t speak Bengali. Luckily, science-mad Cookie realises that her coding lessons at school might help her crack the language code and help her bond with Nani. Other mysteries are harder to solve, though – like, why is Jake’s mum acting so weird? Who is the mystery gamer who keeps levelling-up in Cookie’s computer game? And who is the Woodburn Hacker, who keeps posting teachers’ secrets on the school website? Why does it look like it might be Cookie herself? Can Cookie solve these mysteries, clear her name and save the science show?See for privacy information.
21/09/21·20m 1s

Jacqueline Wilson chats The Primrose Railway Children

Jacqueline Wilson is chatting about her new book, The Primrose Railway Children, which is a fresh reimagining of the classic The Railway Children as a brand new adventure! Phoebe Robinson loves making up stories – just like her wonderful, imaginative Dad. When he mysteriously disappears, Phoebe, Perry, Becks and their mum must leave everything behind and move to a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. Struggling to feel at home and missing her Dad terribly, Phoebe’s only distraction is her guinea pig Daisy. Until the family discover the thrilling steam trains at the railway station and suddenly, every day is filled with adventure. But Phoebe still can’t help wondering, what is Mum hiding and more worryingly is Dad okay?See for privacy information.
15/09/21·26m 39s

Bex chats to Rob Biddulph

Bestselling award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Rob Biddulph joins Bex! He’s chatting all about his new book, Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City! Drawing feels like magic to Peanut Jones. But art can’t fix her problems. Her dad has gone missing, and she’s stuck in a boring new school. Until the day she finds a unique pencil turbo-charged with special powers. Suddenly she’s pulled into a world packed with more colour, creativity, excitement and danger than she could ever have imagined. And maybe, just maybe, she might find out what happened to her dad.See for privacy information.
07/09/21·18m 28s

Sean Meets Rockstar Ricky Wilson

Sean is joined by Robot to discuss how his chat with Kaiser Chiefs' frontman, Ricky Wilson, went!See for privacy information.
31/08/21·10m 17s

Bex chats to legendary author Lemony Snicket about his brand new book!

Sean catches up with Bex to chat about how her chat with legendary author of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Lemony Snicket - or his... 'representative,' Daniel Handler - all about his/their brand new book, 'Poison for Breakfast'.See for privacy information.
24/08/21·23m 45s

Sean meets the cast of CBBC's brand new show Lagging!

Sean chats to the cast of CBBC's brand new show all about gaming, Lagging!See for privacy information.
17/08/21·12m 12s

Eastenders Star and Author Jack Ryder chats Pants On Fire

Sean catches up with Bex to find out how how her chat with Eastenders star and author Jack Ryder went!See for privacy information.
10/08/21·16m 12s

Joel Crawford chats The Croods: A New Age

Conor talks to Joel Crawford from A New Age – the new Croods movie! Searching for a safer habitat, the prehistoric Crood family discovers an idyllic, walled-in paradise that meets all of its needs. Unfortunately, they must also learn to live with the Bettermans -- a family that's a couple of steps above the Croods on the evolutionary ladder. As tensions between the new neighbors start to rise, a new threat soon propels both clans on an epic adventure that forces them to embrace their differences, draw strength from one another, and survive together.See for privacy information.
03/08/21·18m 32s

Eric Bauza chats new Space Jam with Robyn

Robyn is joined by Eric Bauza, voice actor, comedian and animation artist to chat all about the new Space Jam film, Space Jam: A New Legacy. Superstar LeBron James and his young son, Dom, get trapped in digital space by a rogue AI. To get home safely, LeBron teams up with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang for a high-stakes basketball game against the AI’s digitized champions of the court – a powered-up roster called the Goon Squad!See for privacy information.
27/07/21·15m 20s

Cast of CBBC's Almost Never chat to Conor

The stars of CBBC's Almost Never – and the members of band The Wonderland – spoke to Conor recently. Sean catches up with him to find out how it went... See for privacy information.
20/07/21·15m 15s

Harry Enfield chats Old Man in The Boat

Harry Enfield is a comedian, actor, writer, and director. He's also the voice of the Old Man in a brand new Fun Kids podcast series, The Old Man in The Boat! See for privacy information.
13/07/21·14m 5s
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