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World Cafe Words and Music Podcast

World Cafe Words and Music Podcast

By WXPN Listener Supported Radio

WXPN's live performance and interview program featuring music and conversation from a variety of important musicians


Margaret Glaspy calls off the search on 'Echo The Diamond'

Glaspy talks about the influences behind her fourth record, from Alanis Morissette to Bruce Lee.
21/09/23·32m 3s

On 'Sidharth,' Sid Sriram zeroes in on his true path

The Indian star talks about his playback career and creating his first full-length album in English.
19/09/23·27m 46s

Alt.Latino shares 4 Latinx artists you should have on your radar

Alt.Latino's Felix Contreras and Anamaria Sayre help us ring in Hispanic Heritage Month with new music picks.
18/09/23·11m 54s

Enter Mitski's cinematic universe

From Ennio Morricone to sonic "jump scares," Mitski digs into the inspirations and making of The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We.
15/09/23·30m 4s

Shamir turns grief into gold on 'Homo Anxietatem'

Philly-based Shamir talks about his latest album and exploring an alternative pop rock sound on Homo Anxietatem.
11/09/23·30m 57s

Hannah Jadagu delivers a jagged, yet warm, performance on 'Aperture'

The Texas musician talks about signing to Sub Pop and making her debut album.
05/09/23·31m 23s

Splitting up only made the Jonas Brothers' reunion even sweeter

Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas make their World Cafe debut to talk about The Album, their second record since reuniting in 2019.
01/09/23·32m 59s

Tune in to a mini-concert with Wilder Woods

The NEEDTOBREATHE frontman performs songs off his latest album, FEVER / SKY.
31/08/23·19m 28s

Under the heavy guitars, there's Speedy Ortiz returns with

The Philadelphia band returns with their fourth LP, Rabbit Rabbit.
30/08/23·30m 43s

How a chance encounter kickstarted Abraham Alexander's music career

The musician from Fort Worth, Texas, talks about his debut album, SEA/SONS.
29/08/23·39m 58s

The Culture Corner: Philadelphia's place in hip-hop history

As we celebrate 50 years of hip-hop, World Cafe takes a look at the history of the genre in Philly.
23/08/23·28m 29s

Blondshell is Sabrina Teitelbaum at her most honest and vulnerable

Los Angeles musician Sabrina Teitelbaum talks about the making of her self-titled debut album, Blondshell.
22/08/23·28m 54s

Genesis Owusu's 'Struggler' takes you on a Kafkaesque journey

The Australian musician Genesis Owusu talks about making his sophomore album, Struggler.
21/08/23·25m 55s

Brandy Clark teams up with Brandi Carlile on her latest, self-titled album

One of country music's go-to songwriters leaned into a more personal, Americana sound with the help of Carlile.
18/08/23·33m 30s

Bethany Cosentino looked to '90s heartland rock on her solo debut

The vocalist and guitarist for Best Coast strikes out on her own with Natural Disaster.
16/08/23·32m 3s

The Milk Carton Kids wanted to go back to the start

The Los Angeles-based duo talk about their latest album, I Only See The Moon.
14/08/23·38m 1s

'She did everything with me': Bully's beloved dog is at the heart of her new album

Bully's Alicia Bognanno talks about how losing her longtime companion influenced the making of Lucky For You.
09/08/23·30m 43s

Low Cut Connie is in search of the true self

Frontman Adam Weiner talks about the Philly-based band's new album, Art Dealers.
07/08/23·43m 19s

De La Soul want to uphold the legacy of 'this 50-year-old culture called hip-hop'

The legendary hip-hop group's back catalog is finally available on digital platforms. They look back on their genre-shaping career and remember their bandmate Trugoy the Dove.
04/08/23·37m 42s

Artist To Watch: Denitia

In this bonus episode of WXPN's Artist To Watch, we meet Denitia, a soulful singer-songwriter whose poetic lyrics and retrospective music exhibit elements of country and folk.
03/08/23·30m 36s

Mountain Stage celebrates 40 years on the air

The live music program celebrates 40 years on air this year, and to celebrate, host Kathy Mattea shares some of her favorite performances and memories from her time as a listener, guest and now host.
02/08/23·29m 27s

Tune in to a mini-concert with Cut Worms

The Brooklyn-band explores what they call "pop essentialism" on their latest self-titled album.
27/07/23·17m 50s

Artist To Watch: The Kentucky Gentleman

In this bonus episode of WXPN's Artist To Watch, we meet Nashville-based twin brothers Brandon and Derek Campbell, who harmonize, write and perform as The Kentucky Gentlemen.
27/07/23·25m 53s

The Culture Corner: Celebrating 25 years of Beastie Boys' 'Hello Nasty'

We dig into a genre-defying album that captured the feel of the final years of the 20th century.
26/07/23·16m 25s

David Wax Museum re-examines things on 'You Must Change Your Life'

The leader of the folk band talks about their latest album, plus the band performs live for World Cafe.
25/07/23·34m 9s

Tune into a mini-concert with Little Moon

Plus, Emma Hardyman talks about how her Utah band wrote the song that won them 2023's Tiny Desk Contest.
24/07/23·25m 55s

The long road to becoming Killer Mike

The Atlanta rapper dives into Michael, his autobiographical new album and his first in a decade.
21/07/23·39m 25s

Artist To Watch: Grace Givertz

In this bonus episode of WXPN's Artist To Watch, we meet Grace Givertz, a Boston-based folk artist and multi-instrumentalist whose witty and honest lyrics bring a refreshing energy and sound to folk music.
20/07/23·25m 34s

Tianna Esperanza wields strength and humor to process trauma on 'Terror'

The singer-songwriter talks about her debut album, plus she performs live for World Cafe.
19/07/23·32m 18s

Sense of Place: Ginebras explains why Madrid is the best place to form a band

The four-piece rock outfit formed in 2019, weathered the pandemic together and came out an even stronger band.
18/07/23·35m 48s

Sense of Place: Ralphie Choo merges Madrid's past, present and future

The songwriter and producer melds elements of contemporary electronic music and hip-hop with traditional Spanish sounds.
17/07/23·13m 7s

Sense of Place: How a wild boom of creativity took hold of post-Franco Madrid

Following Francisco Franco's death in the 1975, a counterculture movement known as La Movida Madrileña took root in the Spanish capital.
14/07/23·15m 44s

Tune in to a mini-concert with Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul

The duo bring vibrant and incisive dance tracks off of their debut album, Topical Dancer, to World Cafe.
11/07/23·13m 22s

On 'Weathervanes,' Jason Isbell's storytelling turns everyday lives into magic

Jason Isbell talks about his latest album, recorded with his backing band The 400 Unit.
07/07/23·52m 13s

Tune in to a mini-concert with Wednesday

The North Carolina band Wednesday performs songs off their critically acclaimed record, Rat Saw God.
06/07/23·18m 49s

Melba Moore is taking a well-deserved victory lap

The singer and actress says her nearly 60 years in show biz is thanks to a series of chance encounters, but her talent is undeniable.
05/07/23·26m 14s

Lucinda Williams shares the stories behind her songs in new memoir

Her autobiography, Don't Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You, coincides with the release of a new album, Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart.
30/06/23·40m 12s

A look back at Public Enemy's 'It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back'

World Cafe celebrates 35 years of one of the most influential albums of all time: Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.
28/06/23·18m 4s

On 'Time Ain't Accidental,' Jess Williamson sounds as open as the West Texas sky

The musician talks about her new record, and shares exclusive live performances for World Cafe.
26/06/23·39m 24s

The Watson Twins take center stage on 'Holler'

Highly sought after as backing vocalists, the Nashville duo chat about making their latest album, "Holler."
21/06/23·31m 41s

The exclusive 'World Cafe' Father's Day interview with ... my dad

Raina's dad, Matt Douris, talks about his days playing in Toronto's rock scene.
16/06/23·22m 59s

Artist To Watch: Samantha Rise

In this week's bonus episode from WXPN's Artist To Watch podcast, we meet Samantha Rise, a Philadelphia singer-songwriter who was selected for the Black Opry Residency project.
15/06/23·28m 29s
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