World Cafe Words and Music Podcast

World Cafe Words and Music Podcast

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Hear live performances from Nickel Creek's first album in nearly a decade

Plus, Chris Thile and Sara Watkins join World Cafe to talk about the making of and meaning behind Celebrants.
24/03/23·31m 1s

Dionne Warwick has never been afraid to say what's on her mind

One of the greatest artists of all time, Warwick joins World Cafe to recount stories from throughout her career.
23/03/23·19m 41s

Say She She's sweet harmonies make the band's 'discodelic soul' music shine

Vocalist Piya Malik talks about how the Brooklyn band formed and their debut album, Prism.
22/03/23·30m 59s

The Culture Corner: How Todd Rundgren shaped a generation of bedroom musicians

World Cafe correspondent John Morrison dives into Rundren's 1973 album, A Wizard, a True Star.
21/03/23·15m 32s

U2 turns their rock anthems into intimate affairs on 'Songs of Surrender'

World Cafe sits down with guitarist The Edge, who produced and curated the band's new collection of re-recordings.
17/03/23·29m 49s

Robyn Hitchcock's latest work is a party with a little melancholy

Enjoy this mini-concert featuring songs from Shufflemania!, Hitchcock's latest album of surrealistic rock.
15/03/23·15m 2s

Adeem The Artist wants to expand what's possible in country music

Country music belongs to anyone with a story. Adeem The Artist asks big questions about privilege, race and toxic masculinity on their new album White Trash Revelry.
13/03/23·42m 0s

Will Sheff strikes out on his own on 'Nothing Special'

The Okkervil River frontman plays songs from his debut solo album in this mini-concert recorded live for World Cafe.
09/03/23·20m 2s

For Omar Apollo, making music should feel like falling in love

The R&B singer talks about striving for musical perfection on his debut album, Ivory.
07/03/23·28m 3s

Ron Gallo dances through his anxieties on 'Foreground Music'

The Philadelphia musician shares his fears and observations on an increasingly anxiety-inducing world.
06/03/23·29m 3s

zzzahara charts the constant change of their native LA on 'liminal spaces'

The musician explores the ways their hometown has grown and changed over the years.
02/03/23·21m 52s

Michigander charts the long journey to 'It Will Never Be The Same'

Jason Singer's mix of optimism and vulnerability has been one of indie rock's most exciting stories in the last few years.
01/03/23·31m 53s

The Culture Corner: R&B in the '00s and today

World Cafe caps off its exploration of the Black roots of R&B with a look at the genre in the 2000s, forward.
27/02/23·19m 46s

Tegan and Sara are still growing as artists and sisters on 'Crybaby'

The duo talk to World Cafe about their first album of all-new music since 2016.
24/02/23·44m 35s

St. Paul & The Broken Bones take a psychedelic trip on 'The Alien Coast'

The Birmingham, Ala.-based eight-piece band play songs from their entire catalog in this mini-concert for World Cafe.
21/02/23·20m 6s

The Culture Corner: R&B in the '90s

The '90s saw the continued rise of powerhouse vocal groups in R&B music.
20/02/23·13m 47s

The Backseat Lovers chronicle young adulthood on 'Waiting to Spill'

The Utah band talks about how they grew closer during the making of their second album, Waiting to Spill.
16/02/23·16m 59s

Jean Dawson's 'CHAOS NOW*' is an exercise in empathy and self-reflection

The genre-defying artist talks about his latest album, CHAOS NOW*.
15/02/23·22m 22s

The Culture Corner: R&B music in the '80s

From Prince to Whitney Houston, the '80s was a pivotal decade for R&B music in the mainstream.
13/02/23·19m 0s

How 'Weird Al' Yankovic turned the parody song into an art form

With six platinum records and a career going on its fifth decade, "Weird Al" went from parodying the biggest artist to becoming one.
10/02/23·41m 57s

Silversun Pickups let go of expectations on 'Physical Thrills'

Brian Aubert and Nikki Monninger talk about the indie rock band's sixth studio album, Physical Thrills.
07/02/23·36m 21s

The Culture Corner: R&B music in the '70s

To celebrate Black History Month, World Cafe is exploring the Black roots of R&B through the decades, beginning with the '70s.
06/02/23·18m 52s

Is there an album

World Cafe asked veteran music journalists Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot of Sound Opinions to choose the definitive Chicago album.
03/02/23·25m 23s

Step inside the 'birthplace of gospel music'

Chicago's Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church played a pivotal role in the evolution of gospel.
03/02/23·13m 33s

Chicago's jazz scene was the perfect place for Makaya McCraven to break the rules

The "beat scientist" and composer chats about his musical upbringing and his approach to remixing live music.
01/02/23·32m 16s

Here are 5 Chicago soul records you should know

Ayana Contreras, host of WBEZ's Reclaimed Soul, talks about what makes Chicago soul special.
30/01/23·18m 37s

This Chicago store is a must if you're on the hunt for rare, vintage guitars

The city's Chicago Music Exchange boasts a massive showroom that looks more like a museum of musical instruments.
30/01/23·7m 48s

Chicago's indie music scene is thriving inside this college student's apartment

DePaul University student Eli Schmitt hosts live performances from local bands as part of his New Now series.
27/01/23·15m 56s

Chicago rapper Pinqy Ring knows you can't have a music scene without community

The Puerto Rican rapper and educator travels all over the city and the world using hip hop as a way to connect.
27/01/23·16m 48s

The Culture Corner: How Curtis Mayfield left an indelible mark on Chicago

Born in Chicago, Mayfield was responsible for so much music over the course of his career, from soundtracks to his work with The Impressions.
26/01/23·15m 6s

A 'product child of Chicago,' KAINA is learning to savor the home she's made here

The musician talks about her latest album, It Was A Home, and the creative community she's fostered in Chicago.
25/01/23·12m 21s

Legendary audio engineer Steve Albini built his Chicago studio brick by brick

The man behind albums by Nirvana, the Pixies and more opens the doors to Electrical Audio and details his egalitarian approach to working with musicians.
20/01/23·20m 42s

Pigface to Reznor: Here's what you'll find in Chicago's new industrial rock museum

Industrial music heavyweight Martin Atkins pulled from his personal collection of memorabilia to create Chicago's new Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music.
20/01/23·12m 19s

Demi Lovato unleashes her anger on 'HOLY F***'

Demi Lovato reflects on the limitations of the "hyper-feminine pop star" and embracing a hard rock sound on her latest album, HOLY F***.
17/01/23·31m 6s

Danielle Ponder found her own voice after years of giving a voice to others

For a long time, singing was something Danielle Ponder did on the side, but with the release of her debut album, Some of Us Are Brave, last fall, it's become her main focus.
16/01/23·40m 13s

Captain Kirk Douglas dives into a 'New Unknown'

Captain Kirk Douglas, the guitarist and vocalist for The Roots, talks about his second solo album, New Unknown.
12/01/23·22m 27s

Alvvays hopes a sip of 'Blue Rev' will transport you to a different time

Alvvays frontwoman Molly Rankin talks about the stolen demos and recording experiments that led to the Canadian band's latest album, Blue Rev.
10/01/23·24m 30s

Shemekia Copeland wants to sow understanding on 'Done Come Too Far'

Copeland, widely considered one of the greatest blues singers of her generation, talks about the third installment in a trilogy of albums.
04/01/23·32m 35s

Honey Harper makes country music for everyone

Hear Honey Harper's blend of cosmic country and southern rock in this mini-concert recorded live for World Cafe.
03/01/23·15m 29s

Here's why Amos Lee crafted a full album tribute to jazz legend Chet Baker

The Philadelphia-based musician performs covers from Baker's classic record, Chet Baker Sings.
19/12/22·25m 10s

10 albums in, Nickelback is no longer bothered by their haters

Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake talk about the band's 10th record, Get Rollin', and how the public perception of Nickelback has changed in recent years.
16/12/22·34m 6s

The Smile is a weirder version of Radiohead, if that's even possible

Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood formed a new band, and they share this exclusive mini-concert, recorded at the 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival.
14/12/22·35m 25s
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