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Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.


Deforestation of tropical rainforests is causing droughts

The world's tropical rainforests are still getting hit hard by deforestation. Now, scientists are finding that's having an expected impact: causing droughts.
27/03/23·2m 43s

3 reasons why California's drought isn't really over, despite all the rain

California has been deluged by storms this winter, but fixing the state's severe drought will take more than rain. The state had deeper problems in how it uses water.
23/03/23·3m 23s

New UN report paints a grim picture for the future of the world's water

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Richard Connor of UNESCO about Wednesday's report on the state of the world's water supply.
22/03/23·4m 43s

The Supreme Court hears a case with implications for the shrinking Colorado River

The Navajo Nation says the federal government isn't delivering water it's owed from the Colorado River. The case could affect how much water is available for non-tribal uses.
20/03/23·3m 54s

Supreme Court cases could reshape Navajo Nation water rights

NPR's Pien Huang speaks with Gregory Ablavsky, professor at Stanford Law School, about a set of cases the Supreme Court will hear on Monday involving the water rights of the Navajo Nation.
19/03/23·5m 22s

Denver's local indigenous groups are helping manage its bison herds

In Denver, local indigenous groups are helping the city manage its bison herds.
18/03/23·3m 46s

Activists spread misleading information to fight solar

Citizens for Responsible Solar is part of a growing backlash against renewable energy in rural communities across the United States.
16/03/23·5m 48s

Markey calls Biden's decision to back the Willow Project 'an environmental injustice'

The Biden administration approved a major oil extraction project in Alaska, a decision that has divided Democrats. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Sen. Ed Markey, who opposes the project.
16/03/23·5m 8s

Meet the sargassum belt, a 5,000-mile-long snake of seaweed circling Florida

Since 2011, a fleet of seaweed patches double the size of the contiguous U.S. has cycled from West Africa to Florida, threatening beaches from Martinique to Miami. This year, it could grow bigger.
15/03/23·2m 29s

New EPA regulations target PFAs in drinking water

The EPA proposed new regulations for PFAS and PFOA in the nation's drinking water. The chemicals are part of a class of so-called forever chemicals associated with a variety of health problems.
14/03/23·4m 15s

Indigenous groups lash out after an oil drilling project is approved in Alaska

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to Jade Begay of the group NDN Collective, which advocates for indigenous communities, about the White House approving the controversial Willow drilling project in Alaska.
14/03/23·3m 41s

In Florida, an invasive snail is helping save an endangered bird

The population of an endangered bird, the Everglade snail kite, has rebounded recently. Scientists it's all thanks to an invasive snail that has provided kites with a new abundant food source.
14/03/23·4m 27s

Alaska oil project gets the green light

ConocoPhillip's $8 billion Willow project in the Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve will move ahead. Biden put millions of acres off-limits to future oil drilling; environment groups aren't thrilled.
13/03/23·3m 53s

Climate is changing too quickly for the Sierra Nevada's 'zombie forests'

One in five Sierra Nevada conifers are no longer compatible with the environmental conditions around them, raising questions about how to manage the land. Researchers say it may get worse.
13/03/23·2m 3s

A months-long landfill fire in Alabama reveals waste regulation gaps

An unregulated landfill that accepts vegetative waste has burned underground for months. Neighbors were inundated with smoke and left wondering why the site wasn't regulated in the first place.
12/03/23·4m 57s
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