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Environment : NPR


Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.


You've likely seen this ranch on-screen — burned by wildfire, it awaits its next act

The Woolsey wildfire devastated most of Paramount Ranch's Hollywood heritage in 2018. Human-driven climate change is demanding difficult decisions about what to preserve in the rebuilding process.
20/09/23·4m 43s

A Northern California tribe works to protect traditions in a warming world

The Oak Fire last year threatened the Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation's way of life. Now the tribe is restoring ancient heritage sites and cultural practices in collaboration with local agencies.
19/09/23·5m 12s

With about1,500 ghost orchids left in Florida, groups sue to list it as endangered

Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit because they want the federal government to list a rare orchid, found mainly in Florida, as an endangered species.
18/09/23·3m 18s

The environmental analysis of Utah oil railroad is inadequate, federal judge rules

The company proposing a new railroad beside the Colorado River for Utah oil says it will persist, after a federal judge ruled their environmental analysis inadequate. Climate activists watch closely.
18/09/23·3m 50s

California's big oil lawsuit is a 'huge deal,' Center for Climate Integrity head says

NPR's Juana Summers talks with Richard Wiles, president of the Center for Climate Integrity, about California's lawsuit against fossil fuel companies for worsening climate change.
18/09/23·6m 55s

Why people are skeptical of green initiatives — like water-saving washing machines

A laundromat owner in Aurora, Colo., installed washing machines that conserve water. His customers abandoned him, but he was able to win them back after learning why they might be skeptical.
18/09/23·3m 54s

Poet Laureate Ada Limón hopes to help people commune with nature in new project

U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón has announced her signature project titled " You Are Here," which hopes to engage people with poetry and nature.
18/09/23·2m 30s

Young people think climate change is a top issue but when they vote, it's complicated

Climate change is a major issue for young voters, but so far, it has not been a major mobilizing force in U.S. elections. Some environmental action groups see that changing.
18/09/23·4m 14s

Environmentalists want to protect a rare 'ghost' orchid as an endangered species

Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit because they want the federal government to list a rare orchid, found mainly in Florida, as an endangered species.
17/09/23·3m 9s

Poison ivy is poised to be one of the big winners of a warming world

Rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels give the toxic vine the oomph it needs to grow earlier, bigger and itchier, scientists say.

California's lawsuit says oil giants downplayed climate change. Here's what to know

California accuses oil companies of misleading the public on the dangers of fossil fuels for decades. The state demands they help fund recovery efforts after climate change-fueled disasters.
16/09/23·4m 12s

Preparing homes for wildfires is big business that's only getting started

Climate change, technological leaps, panicked insurers, the shifting sense of responsibility: All are powering the still-nascent, but fast-growing industry of preparing homes for wildfires.
15/09/23·4m 24s

Most of the 177 environmental activists killed last year were in Latin America

Global Witness says 177 environmental activists were killed in 2022, and the majority were murdered in Latin America.
13/09/23·2m 27s

Homeowners in Vermont weigh whether to repair or take a buyout after floods

After summer storms flooded many Vermont communities, homeowners are deciding whether to repair their buildings or accept a buyout.
12/09/23·3m 31s

A traffic jam in the drought-stricken Panama Canal may affect global supply chains

A drought is causing a slowdown in shipping traffic at the Panama Canal. It's introducing new problems for the global supply chain.
08/09/23·3m 1s
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