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It takes a few dollars and 8 minutes to create a deepfake. And that's only the start

Powerful artificial intelligence tools that can create video, audio, text and pictures are raising fears the technology will supercharge disinformation and propaganda by bad actors.
23/03/23·6m 43s

Lawmakers are gearing up for a fight over a key intelligence gathering tool

Should Congress extend a law that lets U.S. intelligence spy on communications involving Americans? The law expires at the end of the year unless Congress renews it.
22/03/23·3m 56s

Biden vetoes his first bill. The White House said it would have been bad for retirees

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to Jeffrey Sonnenfield, professor of management at Yale University, about investment decisions taking into consideration environmental, social and corporate governance factors.
21/03/23·3m 24s

4 people recall the invasion of Iraq and say the consequences live on

Twenty years have passed since the U.S. invaded Iraq. Four people who witnessed it firsthand share their impressions.
20/03/23·7m 16s

Putin has made a surprise visit to the occupied city of Mariupol in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a surprise visit to Russian-occupied Mariupol in Ukraine. He also visited Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014.
19/03/23·4m 7s

Opioids are devastating Cherokee families. The tribe has a $100 million plan to heal

The fentanyl crisis is hitting young people hard, and the highest death rates are in Native American communities. The Cherokee Nation is working to help young families recover.
19/03/23·6m 46s

These two sisters fled the Taliban and found a new dream — acting

Two Afghan sisters flee the Taliban, leaving their dreams behind, only to find a new dream acting in a movie that's making headlines at several film festivals.
18/03/23·7m 49s

Florida teachers union sues over state law that may have led to book banning

A teachers' union in Florida has challenged the state's Department of Education over a law that teachers say led to book bans in schools.
17/03/23·2m 21s

The truth is there's little the government can do about lies on cable

Tucker Carlson trying to rewrite history on the Jan. 6 riots is exposing the government's limited ability to regulate distortions on cable news.
16/03/23·7m 1s

Methamphetamine contamination forces some Colorado libraries to close for cleaning

Cleanup is expected to cost the libraries hundreds of thousands of dollars. The American Library Association says it is not seeing similar meth-related closings in other states.
15/03/23·4m 48s

It's Equal Pay Day. The gender pay gap has hardly budged in 20 years. What gives?

Women have to work nearly 15 months to earn what a man earns in 12. And that's been true for decades.
14/03/23·3m 19s

A Texas man sues ex-wife's friends for allegedly helping her get abortion pills

A civil lawsuit against three Texans accused of helping a woman get abortion pills may lay the groundwork for prosecutors to seek criminal charges in such cases.
13/03/23·4m 1s

How Pennsylvania House Speaker Joanna McClinton made history

Black women have broken new ground in state capitols. A record-setting six Black women now lead legislative chambers in their states, including Pennsylvania House Speaker Joanna McClinton.
11/03/23·3m 58s

If daylight saving time seems tricky, try figuring out the time on the moon

Scientists are pondering how to tell time on other celestial bodies. It's a lot harder than you might think.
11/03/23·4m 36s

New York City says it has too many migrants and plans to send some elsewhere

Months after arriving in New York by bus, migrants without work permits struggle to carve out new lives as they wait for their asylum cases to be heard.
10/03/23·6m 44s
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