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Business Story of the Day

Business Story of the Day


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Some 75,000 health care workers at Kaiser Permanente near a nationwide walkout

There's one more round of in-person bargaining on Friday — the last chance to avoid a strike before the contract expires Saturday. Workers are represented by 12 local unions, from coast to coast.
29/09/23·3m 28s

Examining what it's like for some of the sellers who market their goods on Amazon

The federal government sued Amazon this week saying it's abusing its monopoly power. One key allegation is Amazon puts the squeeze on sellers.
28/09/23·3m 48s

The U.S. government files an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon

In a monopoly lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission and 17 states accuse Amazon of suffocating rivals and raising costs for both sellers and shoppers.
27/09/23·3m 31s

Economists wonder what impact a government shutdown would have on the economy

Without a deal on Capitol Hill, current spending laws expire on Sept. 30. Ahead of a potential government shutdown, Wall Street is gaming out what it could mean for the U.S. economy.
25/09/23·3m 31s

A new bill could reduce the fees shop owners are charged when customers swipe a card

Retailers have long complained about so-called "swipe fees" on credit cards. And now there's a showdown in Congress that pits retailers against the credit card industry. What's at stake for shoppers?
24/09/23·3m 56s

Here's one potential winner from the UAW strike: Non-union auto workers in the South

If the UAW strike leads to a win for the union, southern auto workers believe that will lead to a pay up at plants like Nissan and Mercedes.
22/09/23·3m 49s

UAW strike may be pivotal to raise workers' living standards, Sen. Sanders says

NPR's A Martinez talks to Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who supports the UAW's strike as a fight for fair wages, but also against growing inequality and corporate greed.
21/09/23·5m 24s

As the Fed prepares to meet, many economists say another rate hike is unlikely

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to hold interest rates steady on Wednesday. But investors will be on the lookout for any signals about what comes next.
20/09/23·3m 37s

Working from home is so 2020. The next big trend may be working from the gym

Some people now want work to come with a workout. A man in Fairfax, Va., works two days a week at a co-working space in a rock climbing gym. The gym's marking director says it promotes productivity.
19/09/23·2m 33s

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu to meet Elon Musk amid antisemitism controversy

NPR's A Martinez speaks with Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt about Israel's prime minister meeting with Elon Musk to talk about antisemitism on X, which is formerly known as Twitter.
18/09/23·3m 35s
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