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Apple rolls out Apple Pay Later — a buy now, pay later service

NPR's A Martinez talks to Lauren Saunders of the National Consumer Law Center, about Apple allowing some iPhone users to pay for purchases up to $1,000 in installments using Apple Pay Later.
30/03/23·3m 37s

Senate panel to ask Starbucks' Howard Schultz how he handled moves to unionize

Billionaire Howard Schultz, who just stepped down as Starbucks CEO, faces questions on Capitol Hill today from Sen. Bernie Sanders and others about his response to the wave of unionizing at Starbucks.
29/03/23·3m 24s

A Senate panel explores the current crisis in the banking industry

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank will be the focus of a Senate hearing Tuesday. Senators want to know why it and a second bank failed this month, and how to prevent similar meltdowns in the future.
28/03/23·3m 29s

Federal officials are promising aid to storm-ravaged communities in Mississippi

Mississippi surveys the wreckage and cleans up after a devastating tornado that killed more than two dozen people
27/03/23·3m 37s

Google's 'ghost workers' are asking for labor rights

People who work to assure the quality of Google search results are asking for labor rights.
25/03/23·3m 57s

Still trying to quit that gym membership? The FTC is proposing a rule that could help

The Federal Trade Commission gets thousands of complaints a year from customers trapped in memberships they don't want. Its "Click to Cancel" proposal aims to change that, Chair Lina Khan tells NPR.
23/03/23·4m 4s

Learning from 2008, the Biden administration avoids the unpopular word: bailout

The last time the government stepped in and rescued banks to save the economy, the politics were toxic. That's why Biden is branding the latest banking aid as a lifeline for small businesses and jobs.
22/03/23·4m 30s

The Federal Reserve tries to limit any further damage to the banking system

The Federal Reserve is facing a decision this week on whether to raise interest rates again to fight inflation or take a breather to avoid putting more stress on the banking system.
21/03/23·3m 25s

Swiss bank UBS will take over its competitor Credit Suisse for more than $3 billion

The deal was brokered by the Swiss government to try to contain a crisis of confidence in global financial markets.
20/03/23·3m 34s

Bank fail: How rising interest rates paved the way for Silicon Valley Bank's collapse

Silicon Valley Bank invested billions of dollars in super safe U.S. government bonds. But that choice exposed to the bank to a whole other set of risks.
19/03/23·4m 50s

Two more drug companies joined Eli Lilly in lowering the cost of insulin

More drug companies lowered list prices for insulin this week. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Kaiser Health News reporter Bram Sable-Smith about what that means for patients.
18/03/23·4m 10s

The biggest banks in the U.S. are stepping in to save First Republic Bank

Eleven big banks are offering a lifeline to First Republic Bank, a smaller lender that's been under pressure since Silicon Valley Bank collapsed a week ago.
17/03/23·3m 49s

Policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic aim to shore up banking confidence

Financial markets are on edge, after problems at a big Swiss bank triggered fresh worries about the safety of the banking industry. This follows the collapse of two regional U.S. banks.
16/03/23·3m 39s

2 bank failures are making smaller banks nervous about losing customers

After the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, some customers have been moving their money from smaller, regional banks to larger lenders. And that could reshape the banking landscape.
15/03/23·3m 27s

How will 2 bank failures affect the Federal Reserve's approach to inflation?

The Fed was watching closely Tuesday when the new report card on inflation was released. The Fed's efforts to combat inflation have been complicated by recent stresses in the banking industry.
14/03/23·3m 21s
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