End Of Days

End Of Days

By BBC Radio 5 Live

The story of David Koresh: the prophet whose cult in Waco, Texas preached an apocalypse – and the 30 Britons taken in by his message.

This is how they got to Waco, and how they lived and died for him.


Introducing …A Very British Cult

In November 2021 investigative journalist Catrin Nye got a call from Dawn. She said her boyfriend Jeff was trying to leave a cult. But this cult was also a life coaching company. Dawn said Jeff had handed over more than £100,000 to them and wasted years of his life. And what Dawn is really worried about is that the group are still active; they’re recruiting new members and she needs to raise the alarm. Jeff had simply signed up for a life coach, so how did it all go so wrong for him? What happens when a life coach takes over your life? Catrin Nye and her team expose control, intimidation and fear at a sinister life coaching company. Reporter: Catrin Nye Written by: Jamie Bartlett and Catrin Nye Producers: Osman Iqbal, Natalie Truswell, Ed Main and Jo Adnitt Researcher: Aisha Doherty Executive Producer: Ravin Sampat Sound engineer: James Bradshaw Original music by: Phil Channell Commissioner: Rhian Roberts Archive clips from: Stephen Covey Video on Choosing Success (Success Television)
06/04/2329m 13s

Episode Eight: Judgement

Returning to charred ground at Waco - and a fatal, final recording.
01/11/1839m 55s

Episode Seven: Better Call Kirk

After the tragedy at Waco two larger than life characters enter the story to fight the Britons' memory.
01/11/1830m 42s

Episode Six: Blind Faith

Koresh leads his followers to their deaths.
01/11/1832m 19s

Episode Five: Under Siege

The cult is surrounded by the FBI - and tensions fray
01/11/1834m 10s

Episode Four: The Sinful Messiah

The Prophet's darkness is revealed.
01/11/1840m 3s

Episode Three: Rock 'n' Roll Jesus

In the city of Waco, Texas, hard rockers encounter the Prophet - and a British dad confronts him
01/11/1841m 8s

Episode Two: Crowded House

The cult spreads to Manchester - a bizarre house meeting and phone calls from 'God'.
01/11/1833m 2s

Episode One: A Prophet On Campus

David Koresh comes to an English college - and the seeds of the cult are sewn.
01/11/1831m 58s

End Of Days: preview

A Texas cult, thirty Britons, their path to Waco – and into the hands of David Koresh.
31/10/182m 18s
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