End Of Days

End Of Days

By BBC Radio 5 live

The story of David Koresh: the prophet whose cult in Waco, Texas preached an apocalypse – and the 30 Britons taken in by his message.


Episode Eight: Judgement

Returning to charred ground at Waco - and a fatal, final recording.
01/11/18·39m 55s

Episode Seven: Better Call Kirk

After the tragedy at Waco two larger than life characters enter the story to fight the Britons' memory.
01/11/18·30m 42s

Episode Six: Blind Faith

Koresh leads his followers to their deaths.
01/11/18·32m 19s

Episode Five: Under Siege

The cult is surrounded by the FBI - and tensions fray
01/11/18·34m 10s

Episode Four: The Sinful Messiah

The Prophet's darkness is revealed.
01/11/18·40m 3s

Episode Three: Rock 'n' Roll Jesus

In the city of Waco, Texas, hard rockers encounter the Prophet - and a British dad confronts him
01/11/18·41m 8s

Episode Two: Crowded House

The cult spreads to Manchester - a bizarre house meeting and phone calls from 'God'.
01/11/18·33m 2s

Episode One: A Prophet On Campus

David Koresh comes to an English college - and the seeds of the cult are sewn.
01/11/18·31m 58s

End Of Days: preview

A Texas cult, thirty Britons, their path to Waco – and into the hands of David Koresh.
31/10/18·2m 18s
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