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By Ed Mylett

The Ed Mylett Show showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership. With Ed Mylett and featured guests in almost every industry including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, you'll find motivation, inspiration and practical steps to help you become the best version of you!


Busting Myths About Sex & Reproductive Health w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

🚨 Parental Advisory - This episode dives deep into mature topics around sexual health. Parents, please use discretion when young ears are present!Get ready to DEBUNK myths and Unlock the Hidden Treasures about the female body that can lead to BETTER sexual, mental, emotional, and physical HEALTH.Today, we’re diving in to a topic that for far too long has been misunderstood and misinformed - the intricate tapestry of WOMEN'S HEALTH with none other than my friend, the phenomenal DR. JOLENE BRIGHTEN.Dr Brighten is a beacon in women's medicine, a tireless advocate for patients, a board-certified naturopathic endocrinologist, clinical sexologist, international speaker, clinical educator, and acclaimed author!What sets her apart? Her visionary approach zeroes in on the ROOT CAUSES OF ILLNESS, providing solutions that are holistic and deeply transformative.And hey, all the men tuned in, LEAN IN CLOSER. This isn’t just for the ladies; this is vital information you can use to support the incredible women in your life on their journey towards peak health and joy!👉Get ready to debunk myths and illuminate truths about women's sexual health, understanding the dynamics of orgasms, clitoracy, and unraveling the secrets that enhance sexual experiences for both partners!You’ll discover:The link between INSULIN SENSITIVITY and sexual healthThe power of regular exercise and exhilarating sexUnpacking the complex relationship between TESTOSTERONE, hormones, body image, and a satisfying sex lifeDecoding SPONTANEOUS vs RESPONSIVE DESIREThe multifaceted role of ADRENAL GLANDSMastering STRESS MANAGEMENT for a fulfilling lifeUnraveling the mysteries of PROGESTERONENavigating through HORMONE REPLACEMENT therapiesThe silent impacts of BIRTH CONTROL PILLSEach minute with Dr. Brighten is a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and actionable steps for women to reclaim their sexual, mental, emotional, and physical vitality!BUCKLE UP!
03/10/23·1h 6m

How To Get Unstuck And Back To Your Dreams

This episode puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your questions! Today’s episode is just me and YOU 1:1.This week’s question is…”What can I do RIGHT NOW, TODAY to get UNSTUCK and get back to chasing my dreams?”Everything about the answer to this flows from a simple but profound thought.Simply put…WHEN YOU HELP OTHERS, YOU HELP YOURSELF.And that’s where the CHANGE IN YOU takes place.How can you help others? There's a common thread between all human beings so this applies to EVERYONE…Everybody is born with a DREAM.  Every person you meet has a DREAM, including YOU.And all of them are looking for a LEADER in their lives to acknowledge and help fulfill those dreams.  YOU can be that person when you start working on your ability to bring VISION to other people’s dreams.And don't discount the fact that you are a leader! If you are a parent, you're a leader. If you are a friend, you're a leader. If you have one person working with you or for you, you're a leader. At minimum, you lead yourself every single day. WE ARE ALL LEADERS in one way shape or form.“IT TAKES LEADERS WITH VISION TO HELP PEOPLE WITH DREAMS.”  Let that sink in, because it unlocks everything you need to know about changing your life now and every day going forward.In this episode, I'm breaking down the steps you need to take to execute on this starting today!There is no better way to create immediate change that will last a lifetime than harnessing these steps to become a great LEADER. 
28/09/23·27m 44s

How To Live Longer & Grow Rich With A.I. w/ Peter Diamandis

This is how we will ALL LIVE Longer and BETTER lives!Science and AI are busting down the door and father-time better watch out!On today’s episode of The Ed Mylett Show, I’m bringing on PETER DIAMANDIS to explain how technological advances in science, AI, and entrepreneurship will be able to extend the average life span by DECADES.Buckle up for a remarkable and wide-ranging discussion about WELLNESS, LONGEVITY, HEALTH, SCIENCE, and more.In a world that often focuses on bad news, negativity and so much that brings us down, Peter is a contrarian because he is GENUINELY EXCITED by where we’re headed in the FUTURE.His vision is backed by his actions, because Peter has started over 20 companies and invested $250 million in the areas of longevity, space, venture capital, and education. His track record is unrivaled, validated by the fact that he has also been named by Fortune as one of the WORLD’S 50 GREAT LEADERS and is a 3x New York Times Bestselling author.Peter shares hiss extraordinary insights about:HOW, WHY and WHEN we will expand the average life-span by decades3 SECRETS to living your best lifeAdvancements in GENETICS, HORMONES, and TOTAL PLASMA EXCHANGEThe shifting role of AI in HealthcareGroundbreaking advancements in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEHow to shape your MINDSET and define your PURPOSE?Identifying the world’s BIGGEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESThis is a mind-blowing conversation the entire world needs to hear! This is cutting-edge research and insights that can help you reshape the trajectory of your life.Watch NOW to dig into the SCIENCE OF ABUNDANCE AND LONGEVITY. 
26/09/23·1h 3m

The Raw Reality: Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One

In today's episode, I'm peeling back the layers and exposing the raw GRIEF I’m currently going through AND how I’m dealing with it, trying to learn from it and somehow find purpose in it.This week is not a 1:1 like others you’ve heard from me, but it’s something I need to talk about. And it’s something you need to hear and reflect upon because, sooner or later, the finality of death touches us all.My dear friend, Jessie Lee Ward passed away earlier this week from cancer.She was 34 years old. Only 34 years old.If you follow me here, you know how special she was to me. Whether you are grieving her death as I am or if you are grieving for any other loss in your life, take comfort in knowing grief is a sign that LOVE is greater than death.Grief and death are experiences that every single person on this planet will go through and so is THIS EPISODE is for EVERYONE. I’m sharing my experience with grief IN REAL TIME and sharing how to find comfort even in moments of despair.Let this also serve as a reminder that nothing is promised.The truth is, you have less time on this Earth than you think. So live your life with a sense of urgency, and honor those who are no longer in your life by continuing to grow until your last day comes……because eventually, it will.Live your life with a focus on what really matters. And what matters the most is PEOPLE…your family, loved ones, friends, and YOU.Yes, YOU.Be kind to yourself. Take time for yourself.It’s okay to say “no” even when everyone else wants a “yes” out of you.Jessie Lee Ward… I will never forget the impact you had on my life and the lives of so many others. Rest in peace. Rest in heaven. You are home. My prayers are with you and your family.Like so many others who feel the same way… Jessie Lee, I love you and will miss you dearly. 
21/09/23·28m 43s

How To 10X Your Life w/ Dr. Benjamin Hardy

10X your TIME. 10X your MONEY. 10X your RELATIONSHIPS. 10X your PURPOSE!!!If you're seeing this, odds are you are dedicated to GROWTH in all areas of your life… and on this week's episode, we're going to kick up the intensity and deliver mind-bending strategies on how to 10X your life and grow EXPONENTIALLY with my brilliant friend, DR. BENJAMIN HARDY.Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST and BEST-SELLING AUTHOR and is sharing his REVOLUTIONARY methods on how to 10X your TIME, 10X your MONEY, 10X your RELATIONSHIPS and 10X your PURPOSE including:How Mastering your PAST can shape your legacy.The art of FRAMING: Viewing events and people through a transformative lens.How to harness your superpower of adaptability.Turning every stumble into a stepping stone.Crafting a compelling future with REVERSE ENGINEERING.The magic behind setting seemingly IMPOSSIBLE GOALS.Digging deep into the SELF-DETERMINATION THEORY.Deciphering your genuine WHY.How to master timeOperating to a 10X level is fundamentally about QUALITY VS. QUANTITY because the quality of your freedoms determines the results you achieve.Listen closely this week as Dr. Hardy gives you the EXPONENTIAL EQUATIONS you need to 10X every area of your life.
19/09/23·1h 1m

Millionaire Money Habits

This week I want to talk to you about something that’s near and dear to everyone’s heart.MONEY.I can’t give you specific advice or a great stock tip, but I can talk to you about some FINANCIAL SECURITY PRINCIPLES I’ve used over the years to build a significant amount of wealth.Let’s start with some basics…First, you must create a SAVER’S MINDSET.LOCK THIS IN.If you can’t save money when you don’t have much, you won’t save money when you have a lot of it. Saving money is a HABIT. So, the The very first thing you must decide is if you are A SAVER OR A SPENDER?Part of this includes AUDITING how you spend your money. Do you know how much you spend on Starbucks, Amazon, DoorDash, streaming services, and other discretionary things each month?Next, what is your attitude toward DEBT?The cost to borrow money on a depreciating asset is EXPENSIVE. It can make sense to LEVERAGE MONEY on an appreciating asset, but you’ve also got to pay really close attention to how much and how often you do that as well.Also ask yourself HOW LONG COULD YOU SURVIVE if all your income immediately stopped? Six months? Six years? At some point, you won’t work anymore, and NOW is when you make plans for when that happens, because at some point that will be a reality for all of us.The BOTTOM LINE on your bottom line is this.YOU DON’T BECOME WEALTHY BY MISTAKE.You become wealthy through the right habits COMPOUNDED over time.Become disciplined and zealous about how you handle your DOLLARS AND CENTS.It’s the only thing that makes SENSE if you want to become wealthy over time.
14/09/23·24m 57s

Stop Hiding From Yourself w/ Dr. G

🔥Are you NEGLECTING the MOST VALUABLE asset you have?Your Physical and Mental HEALTH is the FIREPOWER behind every dream you chase! Yet, many of us play DANGEROUS games with it, not realizing its immense VALUE until the alarm bells ring🚨.Time to get REAL!That’s why I’m interviewing DR. CHRISTIAN GONZALEZ, the MASTER of HOLISTIC HEALING and a leading voice in the health revolution! Dr. G is redefining the landscape of WELLNESS, revealing SECRETS that may be EXACTLY what you need to HEAL.Your HEALTH and WELLNESS is no JOKE. Don’t wait until it’s too late to try and take control. This week, Dr. G is lighting a fire under you with GAME-CHANGING insights like:⏳ How STRESS may be causing silent DESTRUCTION.🧠 How PAST WOUNDS can be harming your PRESENT HEALTH.💔 How the unseen SCARS of emotional turmoil can cause physical damage🌱 Unlocking your body's SUPERPOWER to heal itself!🍏 Connecting what you EAT, your GUT, and your overall health.❤️ How SEX can be GOOD for your health🙏 The link between to healing EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLYMany of us walk around with invisible CHAINS, shutting our eyes to our own health issues… THIS EPISODE with Dr. G is your KEY to these chains!This isn't just another health talk. This is YOUR TICKET to a HEALTHIER LIFE!🔥 
12/09/23·1h 3m

How To Let Go Of Toxic Relationships

This episode puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your questions! Today’s episode is just me and YOU 1:1.This week’s question is…”Ed, can you help me change the behavior of someone I have a relationship with?”Sorry to disappoint you, but YOU CAN’T change ANYONE.AND you must STOP trying to change people. They’re not going to change just because you want them to. ALL CHANGE COMES FROM WITHIN.And here’s the truth. when you try to change others, it’s exhausting and DOES NOT WORK! You are wasting TIME, ENERGY, and EFFORT. They will not do it for you. In fact, they will RESIST, REBEL, and RESENT you.Instead, you have two choices…ACCEPT WHO THEY ARE, complete with their flaws and shortcomings …or…WALK AWAY.If you are struggling in any kind of relationship, romantic, professional, or a friendship…❗️THIS EPISODE will make you face the tough questions you’ve been avoiding and help you get on track to creating better relationships.
07/09/23·18m 34s

How To Laugh More w/ Tom Papa

🔥 WARNING: This episode might cause EXCESSIVE happiness🔥Ever felt the world is just too SERIOUS? Meet TOM PAPA, the MASTERMIND who'll change that! Being the KING of COMEDY for three decades, he’s rocked the worlds of film, radio, TV, and even podcasting.But he’s not just another comedian – Tom sees the WORLD like few others can. And this week, he’s joining us for the MUCH NEEDED lessons on how to SMILE MORE.Dive in with us as we uncover:How comedy is connected with life's big questions.Why feeling ALONE is just an illusion.The twisty roads of SOCIAL MEDIA and politics.How to ditch the gloom and LAUGH more!The tightrope walk between CONFIDENCE, EGO, and HUMILITY.Get ready for a REFRESHING take on life with Tom Papa’s unique insights into who we are and how each of us is connected in our big and beautiful world.
05/09/23·54m 16s

How To Go From Average To Extraordinary

The difference between WINNING and LOSING is so SMALL it’s SCARY!This episode puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your questions! Today’s episode is just me and YOU 1:1.This week’s question is…”How do I not let my dream fizzle out?”Here’s the truth…Your dreams are MUCH CLOSER than you think they are!Listen to me!!! The difference between winning and losing is so small it’s almost too scary to talk about! It’s ONE ACTION.What if you could live life and be in anticipation of that ONE thing changing everything?You’d be hustling a lot harder wouldn't you?You’d have a bit more FIRE in your step wouldn’t you?Most People have vision issues, BIG TIME...And not the type of issue where they lack vision. That’s an overplayed topic.This issue is DEPTH PERCEPTION.Most People think attainment of that dream is much further away than it really is. And it causes them to behave in such a way that keeps that vision at a distance all of their life.You are MUCH CLOSER than you think you are.Believe it or not, you are only ONE decision away from completely CHANGING your LIFE!You are ONE MEETING, ONE CLIENT, ONE CALL, ONE STEP, ONE MENTOR, ONE THOUGHT, ONE BREAKTHROUGH away from changing everything!Your goals are CLOSE AT HAND! Get FIRED UP! Get your ADRENALINE flowing and CHARGE forward!Close your eyes… SEE and FEEL the results just on the other side of that nearby finish line.Expect it. Anticipate it. Know it!This episode will teach you how to cross the finish line!
31/08/23·22m 12s

How To Live Your Dream / Jason Derulo

Superstar JASON DERULO is revealing his SECRETS on how to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!This man needs no introduction! You know him well as a musical icon, selling over 250 MILLION singles worldwide and writing songs for Diddy, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne and other HUGE names in the industry. He’s been dropping HITS and topping the music charts consistently since 2009…And like I always tell you, SUCCESS is no accident!This week, Jason Derulo is getting REAL, pulling back the curtain, and sharing his formula to turning your DREAMS into REALITY. He's sharing his real life GRIND on how he became a GLOBAL SENSATION, and how he continuing his journey to becoming one of the BEST EVER.You’ll learn:How to bridge the gap between PASSION and PROFESSIONHow to harness SOCIAL MEDIAHow to find the path of least resistanceWhy success is always on LEASE and how to always make your RENT on timeHow to stick to NON-NEGOTIABLE ROUTINES (Jason's secret weapon!)How to know if it’s all WORTH ITAnd how to SILENCE the HATERS!This isn't just another interview; it's a playbook, a masterclass, and a rare peek into the mindset of a global sensation!
29/08/23·56m 18s

How To Win At Anything

The average do what they’re supposed to do; the GREATS do ONE MORE! This episode puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your questions! Today’s episode is just me and YOU 1:1.The average person works hard, but the greats WORK and THINK on a different level! THIS is how you KNOCK DOWN the wall between YOU and YOUR DREAM! ⁣⁣My mantra has always been “ONE MORE!” Why? Because I want to find ways to separate myself.Separate myself from the packSeparate myself from my current situationSeparate myself from my current levelThis episode will teach you how to knock down any barrier standing in between your goals and WIN!When everyone else is finished, YOU will do ONE MORE!Do one more rep in the gym.Make one more phone call.Read one more chapter.Give one more hug.Close one more deal. ⁣⁣GET ADDICTED to ONE MORE!⁣⁣It's the one thing EVERYONE can do but what MOST won't. Each "ONE MORE" you do, chisels away that wall between you and your dreams. ⁣⁣The wall is literally about to crumble. KEEP POUNDING! ⁣⁣Other people are going to flinch. Other people are going to lose faith. Other people will get weak. BUT NOT YOU! Because you have "ONE MORE" in your arsenal! ⁣
24/08/23·15m 32s

Rediscover Your Joy w/ Alexis Jones

Prepare to redefine love, purpose, and resilience and discover profound truths that promise to shake your very core and elevate your journey to the next level…She lost a baby, found out her dad wasn't her real dad, focus on stories and not so much on her accolades and whats in the book.ALEXIS JONES is the epitome of inspiration, joy, kindness, love, and audacity. She is a celebrated AUTHOR, ACTIVIST, TV ICON, and MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and has been honored with many accolades, including the 2018 JEFFERSON AWARD, joining the ranks of past recipients that have included Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey.Her latest book, JOY HUNTER, lays the foundation for this heart-to-heart conversation, unraveling the most intimate lessons she's uncovered in her journey as we cover many of the things she’s learned about herself that you can apply to your life too, including…Performance-Based Love: The truth behind seeking love through achievements.Adversity as a Reset Button: Transforming challenges into new beginnings.Freeing Your Authentic Self: Letting go of society's expectations and perceptions.Mastering Emotional Responses: Understanding and processing intense life reactions.Braving New Dreams: The courage to evolve when your vision for life shifts.The Pursuit of Purpose: Unearthing the profound 'why' of our existence.Embracing Heartaches: Deciphering the deeper meaning behind life's pain.Avoiding Tragedy Traps: Navigating life without lingering on the 'what ifs'.Alexis's soul-searching questions might just be the ones you've been yearning to ask in your life.SELF-DISCOVERY is not always easy, but as you will hear from Alexis, the answers you find make all those struggles worthwhile.
22/08/23·55m 23s

How To Read People

How often are you MISLED or LET DOWN by people? THIS ONE SKILL will help you eliminate this problem! This episode puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your questions! Today’s episode is just me and YOU 1:1.This week’s question is…”How do you protect yourself and make sure you have the right people surrounding you in your life?”In a world where we're constantly bombarded by words, it's easy to lose sight of one of the MOST CRUCIAL abilities - deciphering the true intent behind those words… AKA telling the REAL from the Fake!This week, I'm about to reveal to you a game-changing skill that's transformed my personal and professional life and teach you how to become a better judge of people.🔥Inside this episode, you’ll unlock secrets including:Action Over Words: Uncover why observing actions trumps listening to words every single time.Silent Movie Perspective: The revolutionary approach to human interactions that'll shift your perspective forever.Social Media's Facade: Dive deep into the world of online influence and how to see past the smoke and mirrors.Deciphering Genuine from Fake: Tools to instantly identify genuine intent versus deceptive charades.The Power of Observation: How enhancing your observation skills can elevate your discernment.Understanding Non-Verbal Cues: Tap into the unspoken language that reveals more than words ever could.Translating Patterns into Insights: Recognizing and understanding behavioral patterns to predict future actions.Remember this:Everyone is revealed by WHAT THEY DO……and NOT BY WHAT THEY SAY.Follow these simple steps and the TRUTH will show itself to you!
17/08/23·17m 11s

Winning It All: Building Champions w/ Coach Dan Hurley

So, what does it take to WIN at the absolute HIGHEST LEVEL?It’s a complex question with anything but simple answers. But this week, you’ll hear from somebody who knows EXACTLY what it takes from one of the best coaches on the planet.DAN HURLEY is the head coach at the UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, where he guided the team to the 2023 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP, reaching the top ranks of college basketball after more than 20 years of paying hard-earned dues.If Dan’s name sounds familiar, it may also be because he comes from one of the game's most famous basketball coaching families. His father is NAISMITH HALL OF FAMER BOB HURLEY SR., and his older brother, Bobby, was one of DUKE’S greatest point guards who played several seasons in the NBA and is currently the head coach at Arizona State.I wanted to know what it takes to build a program from the ground up, which Dan has done at WAGNER, RHODE ISLAND, AND UCONN. The best part of hearing Dan’s approach for each of these programs is that we cover skills and strategies you can use to win the big games in your life, too.Dan and I go into a full-court press with game notes on:Why DEFINING CULTURE is the most important thing you can doThe importance of PACING yourselfHow to COMMUNICATION during pressure-filled situations.Building RELATIONSHIPS based on TRUST and BELIEFWhy WINNING is not the ultimate EMOTIONThe role of FAITH, MEDITATION, MORNING ROUTINE, MARRIAGE, and FAMILY play in Dan’s lifeThe secret to being able to COMPETE at the highest levelsDan Hurley is a coach who plays ABOVE THE RIM.You rarely get such a candid take on the PRESSURE, GRIT, and MINDSET of what goes on behind the scenes of building a top-level program and championship teams, and Dan will tell you precisely how to use his blueprint to elevate your own game as well! 
15/08/23·1h 12m

How Leaders Solve Problems

85% of your problems should be solved IMMEDIATELY!Do you have a system, strategy or process for solving problems?Do you want one? I’m revealing mine in my new video/Audio release today 👊🏽The reason people have SO MANY problems and obstacles in their path is that most people are INDECISIVE. Instead of taking MASSIVE ACTION, they become stagnant and frozen in their problems and NEVER make a decision.Being DECISIVE, Being CERTAIN and taking MASSIVE ACTION is the #1 habit you must build to eliminate your problems!This will help obliterate most of them immediately.Think about the biggest problem you have right now. What effect is it having on your entire life? Is it affecting your family life? Is it affecting your work? Your faith? Your Finances? Your happiness? Your health? Now imagine what your life would be like if you were able to ELIMINATE that problem!In this new release, I’m going to teach you my 3 steps process on how to become a MASTER PROBLEM SOLVER and eliminate 85% of the problems you are dealing with!The most successful and happy people are DECISIVE. LEADERS ARE DECISIVE! I'm so excited to share these strategies with you. This time to build this habit right NOW!BE DECISIVE. Make the decision and LISTEN/WATCH NOW!
10/08/23·25m 8s

How A.I. Will Destroy Or Save Humanity w/ Mo Gawdat

The former Chief Business Officer of GOOGLE X has a WARNING for us about AI and you NEED to hear it! THIS is the turning point for humanity…While many people are touting AI’s incredible benefits, others are striking a more cautionary tone about the future of AI, including this week’s guest, MO GAWDAT.As the former Chief Business Officer of GOOGLE X, Mo and his team were constantly on the cutting edge of INNOVATION in the tech industry, diving as deep as anyone into AI development. Since leaving Google, Mo has become a three-time best-selling author and hosts the #1 mental health podcast, SLO MO.This week, I’m on a mission with Mo to dispel speculation, wild conjectures, and misinformation as we reveal the TRUTH ABOUT AI, GOOD and BAD.Listen closely to Mo’s incredible insights on…The future of the world with AIThe looming DANGEROUS of AI and what we can do about itWhy people working in AI is deeply concerned about the IMMEDIATE and LONG-TERM RISKSAI GENERATED relationships between people and machinesHow AI is impacting JOBS and CAREERS, including those in the TECH INDUSTRY.Can you teach AI to be ETHICAL?Does AI have EMOTIONS?How AI will affect jobsWhy AI is our new OPPENHEIMER MOMENTMy interview with Mo is honest and insightful. It answers a lot of the questions I’ve had about AI, but it also raises so many more. Every one of us should start asking those questions to better understand how we can incorporate AI for the GREATER GOOD OF HUMANITY.If you want to LEARN MORE ABOUT AI…and you should… you need to listen to this episode.Or you could ASK ChatGPT and see what it tells you.
08/08/23·1h 8m

Secrets To A New Life

Are you ready for the key to EXTRAORDINARY living? This episode that puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your burning questions! Today’s episode is just me and YOU 1:1.This week’s question is…”What do you do on the days you just want to pull the covers back over your head and cancel your day? Other people I follow say this is self-care. Do you agree?🙋🙋‍♀️Want to submit your question to be answered on my show? COMMENT your question on this post! I’ll be reviewing them all!Watch/Listen to this full episode to learn how to master the art of BALANCE and CONSISTENCY, where REST becomes a powerful ally, and COMMITMENT transforms into an unshakable force.Burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm are all SYMPTOMS of a MUCH BIGGER problem that needs to be addressed. And pulling the covers back over your head and breaking all of the commitments you made that day will only EXACERBATE the underlying issue.Spend 20 minutes with me and I’ll reveal the DISEASE that is causing these symptoms AND give you the practical steps on how to get back on track!Before you give up on today, WATCH/LISTEN to this!
03/08/23·21m 42s

Master The Art Of Communication w/ John Maxwell

WORDS have POWER. This episode will teach you how to HARNESS that power by becoming a master communicator.Simply put, JOHN MAXWELL is one of the GREATEST COMMUNICATORS who has ever lived. He is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has sold over 24 million books and trained more than 5 million leaders in 180 countries. He has trained High-Achieving Leaders across the globe and has dominated the business leadership industry. He has transformed individuals, communities, corporations, and countries all around the world and was named #1 leadership expert of all time by Inc. Magazine. It is my honor to welcome JOHN MAXWELL back on the show.In this interview, you’ll get a sneak peek into his new book, 16 UNDENIABLE LAWS OF COMMUNICATION: APPLY THEM AND MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MESSAGE. It's packed with valuable strategies that will up your leadership game by leaps and bounds, just like this interview.We’re bringing you an hour of practical and actionable communication skills including insights on:The 3 Stages of CommunicationWINGING IT vs. WORKING AT ITThe LAW OF CONNECTINGThe power of telling a GREAT STORYHow to Tell “ME” STORIES with a “YOU” MEANINGKey Lessons from 13,000 Speaking EngagementsThe difference between talking about FAILURES vs. SUCCESSESThe power and anticipation of THE PAUSEHearing THE WHISPER of THE HIGHER VOICEThe 4 Fs of connecting with your audienceHere’s one of John’s best pieces of advice on communication:Just like in football, GOOD coaches always have a plan. GREAT coaches make half-time adjustments.Grab a pen and paper and dive into this communication MASTERCLASS!
01/08/23·54m 14s

How To Put You First

How you live your life and, ultimately, how it turns out are all about ONE THING…YOU.What I’m about to tell you this week may seem counter to what you’re been led to believe, but THE #1 PRIORITY IN YOUR LIFE NEEDS TO BE YOU.Here’s why…The people in your life need the BEST VERSION of you and when you don’t take time to RECHARGE, RENEW, and live in a state of GRACE and BALANCE, you’re going to fall short…guaranteed.Often you don’t even know you’re falling short, which is why you must pay attention to your MIND, SPIRIT, and ENERGY so that you can clearly understand your PURPOSE and PLACE in the world.If you don’t, you’ll get stuck in the same job, relationships, and mindset while PRECIOUS TIME slowly slips away……and that’s a sad way to live.Ask yourself these questions.Who do you really think you are?Are you the STORIES AND EVENTS of your past, or are these the foundations and lessons you can use to CREATE A BETTER LIFE still to come?Do you use those stories against yourself as a way to settle and make peace with a lesser life than what you and your loved ones deserve?MAKE YOURSELF THE HIGHEST PRIORITY, and you’ll get the right answers to these questions to lead your BIGGEST AND BEST life.
27/07/23·14m 23s

Stage 4 Cancer: Fighting For Your Life w/ Jessie Lee Ward

Imagine being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and minimal chance of survival… the most important things come into CLEAR focus when you’re FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE.JESSIE LEE WARD is a social media and marketing guru and one of the top NETWORK MARKETERS IN THE WORLD. In 10 short years, she’s gone from not having enough money to cover her rent to a multiple seven-figure earner who coaches thousands of people on being more successful in their businesses.Jessie has gone from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs in her business life, but all that pales in comparison to her story of fighting STAGE 4 COLON CANCER…an INTENSE PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL BATTLE she’s still waging today.And that’s where we’re going to spend a lot of time this week. JESSIE is going to walk you through what it’s like to be on the inside of a life-changing cancer diagnosis, including…The moment she got her diagnosis at age 34Being told she only had MONTHS TO LIVECoping with bad moments and dealing with the question of “WHY ME?”FORGIVENESS, ANGER, and the EXTREME FEELINGS Jessie deals with dailyHer complicated relationship with her mother before and after her diagnosisHow to not become your diagnosis and extending your quality of lifeJessie’s NUTRITION SHIFT and other experimental routinesWhat really MATTERS MOST when you’re faced with a cancer diagnosisMy interview with Jessie is one of the most moving conversations I’ve ever had. You’ll be inspired by how much HEART, COURAGE and PRACTICAL POSITIVITY she continues to display as she battles her diagnosis.By the end of the hour, like me, you’ll be rooting hard for Jessie Lee Ward to BEAT CANCER and praying for her every step of the way.
25/07/23·1h 3m

Diversity Empowers You

There is a pathway to RICHNESS that I haven’t talked about before…There’s been a huge shift in the world over the last few years. Daily living has become difficult. Our routines have become stale and the connections with our communities have been drastically reduced.As a result, we are experiencing less and less diversity in our day to day lives than ever before. And this is a MAJOR problem because believe it or not, humans NEED diversity to grow!On top of that, there is a direct correlation between how much variety you experience and the amount of happiness, success, and wealth you acquire.That means we MUST surround ourselves with diverse people AND diverse experiences if we ever want to reach our full potential!DIVERSITY is the pathway to richness… spiritually, emotionally, and financially.We are NOT all the same and that’s the point! All of our differences combined creates the most beautiful thing on this planet… DIVERSITY.And I’m not just talking about skin color. I’m talking about embracing diversity in every area of life including experiences, family life, spirituality, education, and business!In this episode, I’m breaking down why it’s so DANGEROUS to keep hanging out with the same types of people and having the same types of experiences, and revealing how you can bring some spice back to your life… even with NO budget!I’m sharing how you can use the POWER of diversity to make your business better, your family better, your faith better, your relationships better, and make YOU better!We all have a comeback we need to make. You can CHANGE your life by EMBRACING DIVERSITY and this video will teach you how. 
20/07/23·26m 14s

102 Year-Old Doctor Reveals Secrets To A Successful Life w/ Dr. Gladys McGarey

What can you learn from 102 years on this earth? You’re about to find out!My guest this week will leave you STUCK in amazement! At 102 YEARS YOUNG, Dr. Gladys McGarey's wisdom, experienced and accomplishments are unparalleled and clearly solidify her status as the revered MOTHER OF HOLISTIC MEDICINE. Her extraordinary book, THE WELL LIVED LIFE: A 102-YEAR OLD DOCTOR'S SIX SECRETS TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS AT EVERY AGE, unveils the timeless insights she has gathered over the years and I’m so honored to welcome her to the show.Prepare for an episode brimming with profound yet straightforward guidance that will leave you yearning for more, just as I did.Get ready to take notes as we discuss:How to maintain vitality.How to live in your PASSION.Dr. McGarey's advice to her YOUNGER SELF—a perspective that holds timeless wisdom.The power of AWARENESS and attentiveness to the things that truly move you.The harmonious interplay of the five foundational "Ls" (LIFE, LOVE, LAUGHTER, LABOR, LISTENING).How to create a life of HARMONY.Her inspiring journey of overcoming severe dyslexia at an early age.How to find your authentic voiceHow to be a life-long learnerContemplating the significance of the end of life and the wisdom it imparts.While books, television, movies, and podcasts offer valuable insights, there is nothing quite like learning the lessons of the world IN REAL LIFE. And with over a century of profound experiences, Dr. Gladys McGarey stands as an eloquent and practical teacher like no other.This is an episode that will leave an indelible mark on your path to a fulfilled and purpose-driven life. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to learn from this jewel! 
18/07/23·53m 9s

Step Into Your Worthiness

WHAT ARE YOUR FEARS COSTING YOU?Are your fears holding you back from reaching your true potential? It's time to confront them head-on and unlock a world of possibilities.In this electrifying episode of just ME talking to YOU 1:1, I delve deep into the power of fear.I have said it many times before…YOU WERE BORN TO DO SOMETHING GREAT IN YOUR LIFE! But you will never achieve that greatness until you MASTER your FEARS.Join me as I reveal 6 TRANSFORMATIVE STRATEGIES to reframe your relationship with fear and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.It's time to shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, release the anchors of your past, rewrite the stories that hold you back, and summon the courage to unleash the real you.Imagine the life that awaits you once you conquer your fears. No more blame, no more settling for a mediocre existence – it's time to face your fears, conquer them, and embrace the exhilarating new version of yourself that awaits.Get ready to experience a life-altering transformation.
13/07/23·18m 23s

The Secrets to Greatness w/ Troy Aikman

Learn how to become a VISIONARY LEADER and CULTIVATE SUCCESS in this electrifying episode with one of the ALL-TIME GREATS…Troy Aikman’s journey from UCLA to the Dallas Cowboys, where he became a 3-time Super Bowl champion and a member of the Hall of Fame, is an inspiring testament to his unparalleled work ethic. But his impact extends far beyond the football field. As a Fox Sports and Monday Night Football analyst, as well as a successful entrepreneur with his own beer brand, Troy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.During our conversation, Troy shares invaluable insights on leadership, teamwork, and personal growth that can propel you to victory in the most important games of your life. Get ready for a thrilling discussion where we cover:The essential qualities that make coaches truly great and the trait players seek in their mentors.Overcoming criticism and adversity to rise to greatness.Unveiling the true essence of success and what it feels like to achieve your biggest triumphs.Sustaining the hunger for greatness even after achieving monumental victories.Unlocking the secrets of Troy's daily routines and rituals that keep him at the top of his game.Exploring the power of cold plunges, red light therapy, meditation, and breath work.Creating a harmonious home life and fostering meaningful family experiences.AND you’ll get exclusive insights into a pivotal moment in Troy’s broadcasting career, when he was faced with a life-or-death situation on the field. This gripping story will leave you in awe of his resilience and the depth of his perspective.Get ready for a high-impact episode that will elevate your understanding of leadership, excellence, and the pursuit of greatness.

Build Your Business Empire w/ Tom Patterson

This week we get very DETAILED on how to build and scale your business and your life.This week, I'm thrilled to bring you a captivating conversation with a true business visionary, TOM PATTERSON, co-founder of the renowned clothing brand TOMMY JOHN.Tom and his wife Erin embarked on an extraordinary journey, transforming men's undergarments through their sheer determination and passion. Their story remains one of the PUREST EXAMPLES of what it means to be an ENTREPRENEUR, and their journey has become one of the GREAT AMERICAN BUSINESS SUCCESS STORIES in recent years.During this episode, Tom and I dive deep into the secrets of being an entrepreneur, running a business, and unlocking your full potential including:The art of salesmanshipEffective marketing strategies that propel your business forwardUnleashing the transformative power of humility, resilience, and gratitudeThe hidden trait of competitiveness and how it can fuel your drive to excel.A game-changing encounter with HOWARD STERN that shifted the trajectory of Tommy John.The sacrifices Tom and Erin made to build their business and the ultimate worth of their efforts.The role of faith as a calming and stabilizing force in the face of challenges.Navigating rejection and transforming it into a catalyst for growth.PLUS we delve into the age-old question that has fueled endless debates: Does everyone possess the inherent qualities to be an entrepreneur? And more importantly, do YOU have what it takes?Join us for this powerful masterclass in entrepreneurship, business, and personal growth. Discover the possibilities that lie within you and unleash your full potential. This is an episode you won't want to miss.
05/07/23·59m 15s

X-Factor For Success

How did I go from having no running water in a small apartment, car repo’d, struggling day to day… to living in my oceanfront dream home?I’m re-releasing this POWERFUL episode because this is still one of the MOST asked questions from the MAXOUT community… and a HUGE piece of my journey was figuring out how do you surround yourself with the RIGHT people!The right people can propel you to NEW and EXCITING outcomes…but the wrong people will doom you to an average and ordinary existence.I finally figured this out after deciding I wanted more out of life. Like many of you, I knew I wanted to change so I read books, took courses, attended events and soaked up everything I could.But it wasn’t until I realized my ENVIRONMENT and the PEOPLE I allowed in, held the keys to the changes I wanted to make.Prepare yourself for a transformative episode as we delve into the secret behind going from humble beginnings to living a life of extraordinary abundance. The answer lies in this crucial element: the people who surround you.Watch this episode to learn how to curate your environment and carefully select the individuals who play a significant role in your journey towards success. It's not just about the physical space you inhabit, but the energy and influence of the people you allow into your world.I’m guiding you through the 10 essential questions you need to ask yourself that will guide you in creating the right environment for success and building your INNER CIRCLE including:What power do those closest to us hold in your life?How can you politely reshuffle and reprioritize your relationships?Are the people in our lives focused on your past or your future?Which triggers are activated by the people you surround ourselves with?Are our relationships energy givers or energy takers?and more…This is your opportunity to learn the secrets of crafting a supportive and empowering environment that will propel you towards the extraordinary life you deserve. Don't miss out on this episode that holds the key to unlocking your full potential.
29/06/23·18m 16s

Managing Your Mental Health w/ Dr. Caroline Leaf

Gain practical strategies for PERSONAL GROWTH and MENTAL RESILIENCE as we unlock the mysteries of the BRAIN and MENTAL HEALTH with this INSIDER look into the forefront of NEUROSCIENCE!Get ready for an extraordinary episode as we dive into the fascinating world of cognitive neuroscience and mental health with the incredible Dr. Caroline Leaf. She is not only a leading COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENTIST and brilliant MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT, but her work has helped me personally for many years.She also has a new book titled HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD CLEAN UP THEIR MENTAL MESS: A GUIDE TO BUILDING RESILIENCE AND MANAGING MENTAL HEALTH, available for pre-order right now.Dr. Leaf's groundbreaking work has resulted in powerful insights and practical strategies that can transform your mental well-being.In today’s episode, we're just scratching the surface, but the depth of our conversation will leave you mind-blown (literally).We’re discussing:Discovering the neuro-cycle and unlocking its transformative powerUnveiling the intricate connection between mental health and the physical aspects of our brainUnderstanding the profound unity of mind, spirit, and soulIdentifying warning signals for mental health conditions and fostering resilienceExploring the brain's remarkable immune system and its role in protectionUnraveling the mysteries of trauma healing and the brain's capacity for changeTactical strategies to empower children and build their mental healthEmbracing the crucial role of quality sleep in promoting well-beingUnveiling the transformative 5 steps to rewiring your brainThe power of physical movement and the appropriate use of medicationPrepare to be captivated as we journey into the depths of neuroscience and gain insights that have the potential to transform your life. This episode is a testament to the profound impact of Dr. Leaf's work and her unwavering commitment to improving mental well-being. 
27/06/23·55m 2s

The Secret To Fulfillment

Get ready for a game-changing episode that puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your burning questions! This week it’s just me and YOU 1:1.This week’s question is: Do you have any strategies I can use to IMPROVE THE OVERALL QUALITY OF MY LIFE?Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and experience the sweetest moments of gratitude and fulfillment. I’m sharing powerful strategies that will transform the way you experience and appreciate every moment including:How to unleashing the incredible power of observationThe art of practicing respect for others and its profound impactRecognizing and embracing the influence of a higher power in your journeyFinding joy and gratitude in life's smallest and often overlooked detailsHarnessing the transformative power of conscious breathingThe art of people watching and gaining valuable insights from those around youImmersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature's wondersEmbracing the profound connection found in physical touchThese may seem like simple actions, but they hold the potential to create a seismic shift in your life!Don't miss this episode that has the power to revolutionize the way you perceive and engage with the world around you and witness the remarkable transformation that unfolds!
22/06/23·23m 45s

THIS Will Change Your Life w/ Jamie Kern Lima + HUGE Announcement!!!

I've never done this before! Want to join ME and Jamie Kern Lima for a LIVE coaching session?! All you have to do is go to and pre-order Jamie's new book, "Worthy" and you'll get FREE ACCESS! This week is particularly special for me because I’m welcoming back one of my DEAREST AND CLOSEST friends, Jamie Kern Lima to the show and she’s dropping a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT + sharing an opportunity that I’ve NEVER done before… YOU are invited to a FREE LIVE COACHING CALL with me and Jamie!Get ready for an extraordinary episode that holds the key to unlocking your self-worth and achieving true fulfillment. Jamie is a self-made billionaire, New York Times Bestselling author, Co-Founder of IT Cosmetics, speaker, and one of my BEST friends.This remarkable interview will leave you inspired and empowered as we discuss:Exploring the crucial distinction between self-confidence and self-worthHow your childhood shapes your sense of self-worthThe link between self-worth and fulfillmentJamie's incredible story of meeting the iconic OPRAHActionable steps to nurture and expand your own worthinessEmbracing the powerful truth that rejection is often divine protectionUnderstanding the profound impact of serving others on our self-worthConfronting the detrimental consequences of hiding in plain sightGet ready for an hour of vulnerability, revelation, and invaluable lessons as Jamie shares her journey of overcoming countless rejections and her own perceived shortcomings. It's a dialogue you won't want to miss—a conversation that will guide you toward embracing your own self-worth and unlocking your limitless potential.Join us on this incredible journey of self-discovery and growth. Get ready to embrace your worthiness and rewrite the narrative of your life.
20/06/23·57m 37s

Achieve The Impossible

Get ready for an extraordinary episode that puts YOU in the spotlight as I answer your burning questions! This week it’s just me and YOU 1:1.After I started these solo episodes, I asked all of you to submit questions on things you want to know. This week’s question is one that many of you asked, and it’s a great one…WHAT IS ONE OF THE SECRETS I’VE USED TO HELP ME BE SUCCESSFUL?Today, I am thrilled to unveil the #1 SECRET that has propelled me to success over the years. Brace yourself for a strategy that is both simple and profound, for it holds the power to transform your life.Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover:The #1 SECRET that has propelled me to successThe astonishing impact of TOUCHING YOUR DREAMSHow to cultivate unwavering BELIEF in your dreamsUnleashing the power of your mind's familiarityCreating powerful INCENTIVES for yourselfA story that will change your perspective on deservingnessBreaking free from your current environment and shifting your vibrationsThe cost-free way to mentally rehearse your futureThe significance of embracing inspiration and taking actionPrepare to be inspired and propelled into action. This episode holds the key to unlocking your potential and propelling you toward the life you've always envisioned. Don't miss this opportunity to learn the secrets of touching your dreams and unleashing your true potential.
15/06/23·24m 13s

Starting A Spiritual Revolution w/ Rainn Wilson

This week we’re going to make it RAINN! Dive into uncharted territory and unlock the secrets to a spiritual revolution in this mind-bending interview!Buckle up, my friends, because we have a truly remarkable guest on the show this week—none other than the extraordinary RAINN WILSON! While Rainn is widely recognized for his brilliant portrayal of DWIGHT SCHRUTE in the iconic series, The Office, his real-life thoughts and beliefs may catch you off guard. Brace yourselves as we embark on an extraordinary journey that goes beyond our preconceived notions.We kick off our conversation with a topic that often goes unspoken in our culture—DEATH and the transformative SPIRITUAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL implications of this inevitable phenomenon. As we share our personal experiences of losing our fathers, you'll gain invaluable insights including: The significance of a SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION in our current timesThe harmonious coexistence of SCIENCE and SPIRITUALITYRainn's personal battles with ADDICTION and ANXIETYLeveraging pain as a catalyst for personal successThe profound impact of RELIGION on our livesCultivating our capacity to LOVE betterThe transformative power of being OTHER CENTEREDExploring the realm of TRANSCENDENCERainn also provides thought-provoking answers to some of the most timeless and profound spiritual questions:Why do BAD THINGS happen to GOOD PEOPLE?What is the PURPOSE behind SUFFERING?I won't spoil Rainn's answers for you, but rest assured, they will leave you pondering deeply.This powerful episode will be a catalyst for you to embark on a profound introspection of your own SPIRITUAL PLACE AND PATH in this world.Get ready to experience a mind-opening journey that will shape your perspective and leave an indelible mark on your soul. 
13/06/23·55m 24s

Master The Art of Communication

Get ready for a game-changing episode that tackles one of the most prevalent challenges of our time: engaging in CONVERSATIONS with those who hold different viewpoints. Whether it's POLITICS, RELATIONSHIPS, or MONEY, we've witnessed a decline in CIVILITY, leading to heightened stress, anger, and violence.That’s why this week, I've invited a true expert to the show—a master in the art of fostering RESPECT in our dialogues. Join me in welcoming the phenomenal CHUCK WISNER, author of the groundbreaking book, THE ART OF CONSCIOUS CONVERSATIONS: TRANSFORMING HOW WE TALK, LISTEN, AND INTERACT.Thursdays are typically SOLO episodes but this week’s topic about the art of communication is so important that I’ve enlisted the help of Chuck. It’s still a brief episode packed with transformative skills!Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.The key to exceptional conversations lies in our willingness to embrace TRUTH based on our unique PERSPECTIVES. As we dive into the depths of this subject, we’ll cover: Falling in love with the power of ASKING QUESTIONS driven by genuine CURIOSITYLiberating ourselves from the need for answers and instead fostering a sense of explorationExploring the four types of conversations: STORYTELLING, COLLABORATIVE, CREATIVE, and COMMITMENTEvaluating our TRIGGERS and PATTERNS and their profound influence on our communicationDifferentiating between FACTS and TRUTHS, and the impact it has on our judgmentsUnraveling the connection between our STANDARDS and the judgments we makeCultivating a genuine sense of CARE for others and making them feel heardPaying heed to the powerful language of BODY LANGUAGE Get ready to embark on a transformative journey as we unravel the secrets of conscious communication. 
08/06/23·29m 45s

How To Experience Deep Inner Peace w/ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I think the number one thing most people TRULY want is MORE LOVE and LESS STRESS… but the burning question remains: How do you actually make it happen?Get ready to meet my exceptional guest this week, the remarkable GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR. I've been a fan and follower of his work for a long time, and I'm genuinely thrilled to have him on the show.Gurudev is a true champion of humanity, a spiritual leader, and a peace ambassador. Through his incredible organizations, he has touched the lives of an astounding 500 MILLION people in over 180 countries. His messages couldn't be more timely as he empowers and transforms individuals to tackle personal, local, and global challenges.Our conversation is an absolute rollercoaster, covering an array of mind-blowing topics, including:The role of DOUBT and how it impacts our livesHow to let go of things that no longer serve you and break free from unnecessary baggageGurudev's insights from negotiating peace in global conflictsHow the power of MEDITATION and BREATHING can reshape your daily existenceHow to cultivate and nurture your identityHow to unlocking your hidden potentialHow to find CLARITYHow to have more JOY in lifePeering into the mysteries that lie beyond this life's horizonA thought-provoking discussion on the potential of PSYCHEDELICSLet me tell you, Gurudev is one of the most awe-inspiring individuals I've ever encountered. As you listen closely, get ready to discover powerful insights that will guide you towards greater PEACE and BLISS in your own life.These are the answers we all need in times like these—a compass that will help us navigate the stormy seas and find the serenity we seek. So, join me in this incredible episode and get ready to be transformed!
06/06/23·54m 59s

How To Defeat Fear & Live Free

In this week’s episode of Ed Mylett 2.0 of JUST ME speaking to YOU, I’m going to answer one of the questions I’m asked most often…“How do I begin to ATTRACT WHAT I WANT the GET RID OF THE THINGS I DON’T WANT?”After years of deep study and implementation into my own life, I’m revealing what I’ve learned so YOU can get results.Fist step: You must believe YOU WERE MEANT TO DO SOMETHING GREAT!Next…INTENT, DESIRE and CLARITY matter.When you learn how to focus and master those parts of your life, you will be well on your way to ATTRACTING the things you want and getting rid of the things that do not serve you well, and that’'s what I’m teaching you how to do in this transformative master class.Plus you’ll learn:The powerful role of emotions in shaping your desired outcomesUnveiling the key belief that propels you towards greatnessThe art of living beyond your physical world and controlling your thoughtsCreating a vision infused with urgency and pursuing your dreams fearlesslyExamining the impact of conditioning and environment on your path to successExploring the three integral parts of your being: physical, intellectual, and spiritualJoin me on this episode as we unravel the secrets to attracting what you truly want and shedding the elements that no longer serve you. Get ready for an enlightening journey of self-discovery and transformation!that’s
01/06/23·24m 52s

Eat Your Way To Health w/ Dr. William Li

Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey that will revolutionize your relationship with food and health!In this mind-blowing episode, you’ll learn how to “Eat your way to better health." And who better to guide us than the extraordinary DR. WILLIAM LI—the world's foremost authority on the incredible power of food.Oh and yea , we’re discussing Ozempic and similar injections AND Groundbreaking work on Cancer cells! This is something you have NEVER heard before!Dr. Li is about to unveil the secrets that will rock your understanding of nutrition and well-being. With over 40 FDA-approved breakthroughs under his belt, revolutionizing cancer treatment, cardiovascular health, wound healing, vision restoration, and NYT Bestselling book, his expertise is unparalleled.Brace yourself for this groundbreaking exploration of FOOD AS MEDICINE packed with game-changing insights that will directly impact your health—no matter where you are on your health journey!Prepare to take notes as we uncover:How to EAT your way to healthThe profound effects of EXTREME and FAD DIETING, both the good and the badThe dangers of relying on PRESCRIPTION DRUGS for weight lossA comprehensive exploration of ANGIOGENESIS and its implications for overall healthUnderstanding the critical role of HEALTHY BLOOD VESSELS in maintaining well-beingUncovering how food influences INFLAMMATION within the bodyAn eye-opening discussion on the daily formation of CANCER CELLS in our bodiesThe significance of embracing WHOLE FOODS to optimize healthThe impact of WHITE FAT AND BROWN FAT on our bodiesAND Dr. Li shares his cutting-edge research that will forever reshape your understanding of your body's metabolic processes and the connection between SLEEP, INTERMITTENT FASTING, and your body's ability to unleash its fat-burning superpowers.Dr. Li's groundbreaking insights on HARNESSING THE POWER OF EVERYDAY FOODS will activate your body's hidden potential, unleashing a new era of vitality and long-term health and revolutionize your well-being!
30/05/23·1h 3m

Develop Unbreakable Self-Discipline

Get ready for an epic episode of Ed Mylett 2.0 of JUST ME speaking to YOU! This week, I’m giving you a masterclass in the ultimate secret to DOMINATING in any endeavor: mastering SELF-DISCIPLINE.In my journey, I've encountered and coached countless individuals who possess incredible talent and natural abilities. And the individuals I admire most are the ones who have harnessed the power of self-discipline. They possess an innate drive to MAXIMIZE their potential and an unwavering commitment to continual improvement.You’re not alone if you struggle with self-discipline. We live in a world filled with constant distractions (Netflix, SportsCenter, social media, etc.) that divert our attention from activities that could make a monumental difference in our lives and creating HABITS that EXPAND our CAPACITY.This week, I’m sharing the ACTIONABLE STEPS on how to overcome these distractions, and master the art of SELF-Discipline.Plus, I'm excited to share one of the most impactful articles I've ever read—something I've carried with me for 25 years.LEARN THE HABITS that will enrich your life!
25/05/23·33m 56s

Strategies To Completely Transform Your Life w/ Garrain Jones

You can COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your LIFE and it all begins in your MIND! Ready to learn how?Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary life journey of GARRAIN JONES—a man who has experienced exhilarating HIGHS and devastating LOWS like few others.The incredible stories behind his triumphs and tribulations make him one of the most fascinating individuals I've had the pleasure of interviewing. This week, GARRAIN and I are here to share how you can draw invaluable lessons from the adversity he has conquered.From surviving attempted murders to making a name in the modeling industry with Wilhelmina and Ford, serving prison time for drug smuggling, and signing a record deal with the legendary LUDACRIS at DPT/Def Jam, Garrain has experienced a truly remarkable life.But it didn't end there—after living in his car for two years, he found inspiration to publish his bestselling book, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and become a highly sought-after personal development coach.Get ready to be riveted as Garrain reveals:The life-changing encounter with a homeless manThe importance of embracing STILLNESS and QUIET to reconnect with your inner selfEmbracing a childlike approach to discover true blissHarnessing the power of stored emotions in your body for growthThe transformative effects of pursuing VOLUNTARY DISCOMFORTThe liberation that comes from releasing hate and resentmentExploring the concept of energy transmutationUnveiling the significance of the most vital 5 MINUTES of your dayWe also dive deep into the realm of HEART POWER, exploring how to understand, leverage, and fully embrace your unique GIFTS AND TALENTS.This episode offers a simple yet profound way to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, aligning your physical and spiritual self to manifest the joy you genuinely deserve.
23/05/23·55m 29s

Innovative Strategies To Build Self-Confidence

This week, I'm diving deep into the topic of developing greater SELF-CONFIDENCE—the number one challenge I observe so many people struggling with in their lives and the number 1 requested topic.In just 20 minutes, I will equip you with powerful strategies to OVERCOME DOUBT and CRUSH those destructive negative voices that hold you back.During our time together, we cover a lot of ground, including:The significance of KEEPING PROMISES to yourselfHow even the smallest actions can stack up and elevate your self-worthShifting your focus towards PROCESSES and STANDARDS for lasting confidenceCelebrating your BEST EFFORTS and INTENTIONS rather than solely focusing on outcomesThe impact of VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES and rhythms on your self-confidenceEmbracing self-confidence as an EMOTIONI also delve into the profound role that FAITH plays in building self-confidence. Few things are as empowering as knowing that you have God on your side. When you prioritize serving others based on faith-based principles, you'll discover a deep sense of PEACE and self-confidence.The key to unlocking greater self-confidence lies in transforming your self-perception.Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of tactical strategies that will help you make those necessary changes and become a more confident individual in all areas of your life!
18/05/23·27m 40s

Habits of Highly Resilient People w/ Dr. Taryn Marie

If there's ever been a time when we needed a boost in RESILIENCY, it's now.Let's face it—divorce, health issues, financial crises, and other major challenges can really knock us down, both emotionally and physically. We can't avoid the punches, setbacks, and unexpected losses that leave us feeling devastated for what seems like forever.But here's the smart move: learn how to manage these curveballs with an OPTIMAL RESILIENCE MINDSET.This week, I have the privilege of speaking with the incredible resilience expert, DR. TARYN MARIE. Dr. Marie discovered that resilience was the key to healing and minimizing ongoing trauma. Her work as the founder of the RESILIENCE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE and author of the NY TIMES best-selling book, THE FIVE PRACTICES OF HIGHLY RESILIENT PEOPLE, has made her a sought-after keynote speaker and a favorite among podcast listeners.Get ready to soak up some wisdom as we explore:Unveiling the true essence of resiliencyHow CHALLENGE, CHANGE, and COMPLEXITY are intertwined with resilienceDebunking the 5 Myths of Resilient PeopleThe power of creating a REVERSE BUCKET LISTNavigating the tricky terrain of vulnerability and overcoming SHAME BIASHarnessing the strength of PRODUCTIVE PERSEVERANCEA deep dive into the world of GRITUncovering the habits and characteristics of resilient individualsRituals that cultivate a RESILIENT LIFEBut that's not all—we also delve into crucial conversations about equipping parents with the tools to raise resilient children and reflecting on the messages our older selves should have imparted to our younger selves.Here's the bottom line: When we embrace vulnerability, thoughtfulness, and perseverance, we equip ourselves with the essential tools to lead resilient lives. Get ready to transform your mindset and unleash your resilience!  
16/05/23·1h 1m

Overcome Your Hidden Addiction To Achievement

his week I’m going to talk to you about an addiction you’ve probably not spent much time thinking about…ACHIEVEMENT ADDICTION.Just like anything else pushed to an UNHEALTHY EXCESS, achievement addiction has a dark side most people don’t stop to think about in their relentless grind to success.I’ve gone through periods where I’ve become so addicted to success that I’ve forgotten to enjoy my life, delaying my happiness until that “ONE DAY” in the future when I’ve made it…I’ve learned that if you’re not careful, the price of success can suck the life out of all the other BEAUTIFUL PARTS OF YOUR LIFE if you are focused on the WRONG THINGS.In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to EMBRACE your journey to SUCCESS while at the same time experience an abundance of BLISS and HAPPINESS. You CAN achieve both!If you’re like me, you WANT to achieve SUCCESS. And that’s a beautiful thing! Now let me guide you on how to ENJOY THE RIDE as we take the road less traveled.This episode will literally change your life!
11/05/23·13m 50s

Access Your Unlimited Potential w/ Matt Higgins

On this powerful episode of The Ed Mylett Show, we dive deep into the extraordinary journey of MATT HIGGINS—a true embodiment of the RAGS to RICHES story. Growing up in poverty, Matt defied all odds to become one of America's most brilliant and accomplished businesspeople.Prepare to be inspired as Matt shares the pivotal experiences that shaped his life, humbly positioning himself to impart invaluable wisdom for your own journey. Join us as we uncover the remarkable lessons he's learned and how you can apply them to unleash your full potential.Matt is not only the co-founder and CEO of RSE VENTURES, a highly successful private investment firm he established alongside Stephen M. Ross, the visionary owner of the MIAMI DOLPHINS, but also served as Vice Chairman of the team for an impressive nine years. His groundbreaking book, BURN THE BOATS: TOSS PLAN B OVERBOARD AND UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, is now available and serves as a master class in conquering life's challenges with tactical strategies.During our engaging conversation, we delve into:The transformative power of TAKING CUSTODY of your own life.The vital questions to consider when embarking on significant life changes.How to stop living in the pastHow to harness your DEEPEST FLAWS and transform them into ASTONISHING TRIUMPHS.The importance of embracing discomfortThe true measure of a meaningful lifeAnd unveiling the wisdom of Warren Buffet and the compounding effect of success.And that's not all! We'll also dig deep into Matt's personal journey, including his battle with cancer that you probably haven't heard about. Plus, we'll wrap things up with a raw discussion on mortality and why it's important to remember our limited time on this planet.This conversation with MATT HIGGINS is gonna make you think, challenge your assumptions, and leave you fired up! Trust me, spending an hour on this episode will be one of the best decisions you make. 
09/05/23·59m 10s

How To Build A Strong Identity

Is your IDENTITY strong enough to ACHIEVE your BIG DREAMS?And what is your BIG DREAM? Have you DARED TO IMAGINE how your life would be different after you reached it? GOD puts thoughts like this in your head for a reason, and I’m here to tell you, that dream is a lot closer than you think.In fact, that BIG DREAM is often only one more TRY, one more RELATIONSHIP, one more HABIT, or one more DECISION that separates you from the life you are dreaming of.In this week's episode, I’m teaching you how to:👉🏽 Build a strong identity👉🏽 DECIDE what kind of person you will be👉🏽 Believe in your WORTHINESS👉🏽 Reprogram your mind to seek out your dreams👉🏽 BECOME THE ONE!Will you be THE ONE who changes your family tree for generations to come?It all starts with a single thought. Your BIG DREAM.And this week on The Ed Mylett Show 2.0, I want to help you find that dream so you can start living in more BLISS.Don’t miss this episode!
04/05/23·16m 42s

Have Better Sex w/ Dr. Emily Morse

🚨 Adults Only - I’ve got a great show for you this week, but we’re getting into ADULT TALK on this episode, so if you’ve got young ears/eyes in the room, parental discretion is advised.That’s because, for the first time, we’re talking about SEX and how to have BETTER SEX! I’m sitting down with THE leading doctor of human sexuality, host of the #1 rated podcast SEX WITH EMILY and the author of the upcoming book SMART SEX. Welcome to the show, DR. EMILY MORSE!Everyone wants to have better sex! But if that's the case, why is it so difficult to talk about?! Even for me in this interview I started out with great hesitation on whether or not I should do this podcast. And then I realized this is a conversation we all NEED to have and that it shouldn't be uncomfortable.WE ALL DESERVE TO HAVE PLEASURE IN OUR LIVES and this interview is going to help you get more of it!You’ll learn…👉🏽 How to talk about your deepest desires with your partner👉🏽 How to 🔥 FIRE UP your sex life👉🏽 The shocking truth about orgasms👉🏽 What to do if you’re in a sex slump👉🏽 If self-pleasure helps or harms your sex life👉🏽 And how to make SEX a priorityAnd because I want all of you to start experiencing more pleasure in your lives here's a sneak peek inside the interview: According to the KINSEY INSTITUTE, women are 80% MORE LIKELY to have an ORGASM when they use lube in any kind of sexual situation.🤯Talking about sex isn’t always an easy thing to do, but I hope Emily and I removed several TABOOS so you can communicate better with your partner and find GREATER INTIMACY in your sex life.
02/05/23·58m 43s

The Lonely Road To Success

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED That feeling of loneliness you're experiencing, is likely a sign that you're on the right path. This is also your sign that you are NOT alone. Let me tell you why!On this week's episode, I’m going to share my secrets of how to find the COURAGE and ENDURANCE to take THE ROAD TO YOUR BEST LIFE.To paraphrase the great poet Robert Frost, if you want that special life most people only dream about, you must journey down “THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.”You hear me say all the time that your WILL TO WIN should never be for sale. But living that reality can seem much harder when you’re experiencing loneliness, burnout and failure.So what’s the secret? In this episode I’m bearing it all. You’ll learn how toForget the naysayers…Properly place those who mean well but still doubt you...Fight through fear, rejection, and anxiety…And turn loneliness into FUEL…This journey you are on should excite you, but it’s also a road with A LOT of curves, hazards, and potholes. It can be fearful, intimidating, and lonely at times, but I AM HERE TO GUIDE YOU.Choosing the ROAD LESS TRAVELED was not a mistake.  Although there are no maps or guardrails, it’s an AWESOME experience and it’s about time you started ENJOYING it!
27/04/23·26m 41s

How to Thrive in a Recession w/ Mauricio Umansky

Are you ready to SHARPEN YOUR DEALMAKING SKILLS?This week, you’re going to learn what it takes to achieve more success in closing your deals from a man who is easily the most high-profile and SUCCESSFUL BROKER in the luxury real estate market today.My good friend MAURICIO UMANSKY is the founder of THE AGENCY, a billion-dollar real estate brokerage, and stars in THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS and BUYING BEVERLY HILLS.  His new book, THE DEALMAKER, is a master class in doing business and how you can find success at work and at home.Mauricio has remained GROUNDED through it all, rising from humble beginnings to become the TRUSTED real estate expert for the richest and most famous celebrities in the world.  His stories are fascinating accounts of what it takes to NAVIGATE those challenging and cutthroat waters.In this interview, Mauricio shares his insights on:👉🏽 BALANCE, dividing your time between WORK, FAMILY, and SLEEP👉🏽 His number 1 secret to CLOSING the DEAL👉🏽 How to take advantage of a recession👉🏽 What it takes to be a successful ENTREPRENEUR👉🏽 The good and bad parts of achieving CELEBRITY status👉🏽 The essential need for SELF-ANALYSIS and playing to your strengths👉🏽 Whether being RICH and SUCCESSFUL is really worth itMAURICIO UMANSKY brings a grounded, NO BS dose of COMMON SENSE to this week’s episode.  Not only is he the REAL DEAL in his real estate ventures, but MAURICIO is also the real deal in all parts of his life, too.
25/04/23·1h 1m

How To Master Success

Listen to the FULL EPISODE of The Ed Mylett Show 2.0 with just me SOLO speaking directly to you! This week I’m answering a burning question I get asked ALL the time.“How do I MASTER a new skill?”Here’s a secret, there are NO FANCY STRATEGIES or long-winded answers. In fact, achieving MASTERY is exactly the opposite or complicated. You don’t need to be exceptionally talented, smart or anything special to become a NATURAL at anything…I’m an average guy with an average IQ and I’ve STILL been able to MASTER new skills throughout my life and in THIS EPISODE I’m sharing my exact process.I’ll make it easy so you too can keep GROWING and adding NEW EXPERIENCES and JOY to your life!In fact, if you’ve seen me learning how to RIDE A HORSE recently, you’re seeing me trying to master something new in real time. (Check out my stories!)All the candy you desire out of life is A LOT CLOSER THAN YOU THINK, and this week I’m taking you through the process of mastery.
20/04/23·13m 31s

Start Livin' Again w/ Matthew McConaughey

If you think you’ve heard everything, Matthew McConaughey has to say… think again! Matthew himself has labeled this THE BEST interview he’s done yet!“Finding your identity is more about a process of elimination so that you end up with more room for the things that feed you…”If you only know him from his work as an actor, you are about to be blown away by the DEPTH and the THOUGHTFULNESS of this week's guest, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY. @‌officiallymcconaugheyThis is a fascinating MASTERCLASS IN MINDSET with one of the best-known, most loved, and often quoted actors in the world. This interview with  Matthew is simultaneously FUNNY, EASYGOING and also INTENSE and DEEPLY PHILOSOPHICAL. He is a student and a teacher of the human condition, and after our hour together, you’ll have a new appreciation for him as a person way beyond what you’ve seen on the big screen.Matthew’s journey has been remarkable, with EXCLAMATION POINT STORIES you won’t hear anywhere else.  He has spent a lot of time thinking about how his life has unfolded and is genuinely excited to SHARE HIS SECRETS to success and happier life with all of you including:👉🏽 How the science of SATISFACTION leads to the art of LIVING👉🏽 The story of how he got his start in Hollywood with less than a thousand dollars in his pocket👉🏽 The distinction between JOY and HAPPINESS.👉🏽 How to get BETTER RESULTS out of everything you do👉🏽 The difference between being a NICE GUY and a GOOD MAN.You’re going to walk away from this week’s show with a ton of practical advice from one of the all time greats!And I promise you, although Matthew McConaughey is known for many great characters in his acting career, when he speaks the TRUTH as he does here, this may be his most insightful role yet.And if you haven’t already heard, Matthew McConaughey is putting on a LIVE virtual event, THE ART OF LIVIN' on April 24th! Join him and other special guests LIVE for this intimate one time event to create a future you can look forward to. CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to reserve your FREE seat or visit NOW!
18/04/23·1h 6m

You Are Qualified For Greatness

You were BORN TO DO SOMETHING GREAT, and I’m going to let you in on THE BIG SECRET of how you can make that happen.Everyone has HOPES & DREAMS. But too often, we think our PAST, our SHORTCOMINGS, and our IMPERFECTIONS disqualify us from chasing those dreams and from helping others.Nothing could be further from the TRUTH!In fact, it is those imperfections that make you RELATABLE, HUMAN, and SUPREMELY QUALIFIED to do great things in your life and in the lives of others.YOU HAVE IT WITHIN YOU to use your imperfections as a FORCE FOR GOOD in the world.I know what it’s like to live with failure, to be scared, angry, broke, and broken. But after witnessing the miracle of how another person’s imperfections saved my father and changed his life…I know that my imperfections are what QUALIFY ME TO HELP OTHERS…And to help you, too.AND THE SAME HOLDS TRUE FOR YOU!
13/04/23·13m 59s

Find Your Purpose w/ Sam Acho

From the moment you meet him, it is clear that this week’s guest, SAM ACHO, is a force for POSITIVITY and JUSTICE in the world.He is a former NFL player, ESPN analyst, and author, but that doesn’t even begin to describe who Sam is. As you’ll hear, Sam is using his considerable GIFTS and TALENTS to BUILD PEOPLE who can also contribute to making the world a better place.This Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nominee who was also named by Sporting News as one of the 20 SMARTEST athletes in all of sports, now oversees ATHLETES FOR JUSTICE, an organization he founded that unites athletes to fight injustices around the world while also bringing his Christian messages to audiences at churches, concerts, colleges, and companies all around the world.Sam brings fresh perspectives on people he calls the ARCHITECTS of building others. These architects help others put their lives back together by confronting their insecurities, ultimately leading to the BEST CHOICES that result in the BEST OUTCOMES.This interview will teach you:👉🏽 Why you are the answer to someone’s PRAYERS👉🏽 A hack to IMPROVE your life👉🏽 Why your loneliness may be a good sign👉🏽 The value of constructive criticism👉🏽 How to deal with DISCOURAGEMENT👉🏽 And why there must be more to life than only pursuing the AMERICAN DREAMIt’s been said the greatest thing you can do is to lift up another human being when they are down.Sam Acho is the personification of that sentiment, leading a BLESSED LIFE by helping LIFT UP OTHERS in the most incredible ways.
11/04/23·1h 13m

How To Attain Total Freedom

Welcome to the first episode of The Ed Mylett Show 2.0!I’m excited to spend more time with all of you EVERY THURSDAY. Give me 15 minutes of your time, and I guarantee you’ll walk away with ACTIONABLE tips and strategies to live a life of BLISS and PRODUCTIVITY.This week, we are going BIG right out of the gate.So many of you are SUFFERING in COMFORT and finding more and more ways to simply FEEL better within your current circumstance. In this episode, I’m teaching you how to UNLOCK your MIND from that prison you’re living in and stop SUFFERING all together!YOU HOLD THE KEYS to your FREEDOM. You get there by pursuing your true PURPOSE, PASSION, FAITH, AND ABILITIES.The only question you need to answer is whether you are willing to give the TOTAL COMMITMENT it takes to make the change and CREATE the life you were meant to live.My challenge to you this week is to THROW THE DOORS WIDE OPEN and explore what life has in store for you.CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO and watch today’s episode to learn how or Comment “FREEDOM” and I’ll DM you the direct link!YOU WERE BORN TO DO SOMETHING GREAT.Now go do it…
06/04/23·17m 9s

Mental Health, Addiction & Anxiety w/ Dr. Drew Pinsky

Are you ready for an epic MENTAL WELLNESS check?I hope so because DR. DREW PINSKY is making a HOUSE CALL this week, and he’s going to dispense some powerful prescriptions on dealing with ailments such as narcissism, addiction, and a lot more.You’re also hear a lot of strategies you can use to help heal yourself so you can lead a more BLISSFUL AND FULFILLING LIFE.Chances are you already know Dr. Drew through his work as an addiction specialist who hosted LOVELINE for more than 30 years. He has also been a regular fixture on television with shows such as DR. DREW ON CALL, LIFECHANGERS, CELEBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW, and many others.During this interview, we spend a lot of time talking about NARCISSISM and how to better RECOGNIZE, MANAGE, and LIMIT its IMPACT on your life plus we dive deep into ADDICTION including:👉🏽 Spotting addictive behaviors👉🏽 understanding your addiction to certain types of people (including celebrities)👉🏽 the dangers of LIGHTNING BOLT ATTRACTION👉🏽 how to HEAL from addiction👉🏽 and the GENETICS of addictionWe’re also going to spend time on the HEART AND BRAIN connection and physical things you can do to HEAL EVERY PART OF YOU.This week’s show is all about AWARENESS, which is the first and perhaps most critical part of achieving a higher degree of mental health.Dr. Drew gives you the ANSWERS you need so that you can begin or continue your own HEALING JOURNEY in earnest.
04/04/23·1h 8m

How To Master An Empire w/ Master P/Percy Miller

This week’s guest is the legendary MASTER P, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest who has dispensed more WISDOM on so many topics in such a short amount of time.Grab a pen and paper before you listen, and get ready to be repeatedly blown away because this episode is easily one of the most quote-worthy shows I’ve ever done.“You don’t learn from wins; you learn from losses.  You’ve got to start at the bottom, go be the janitor or start in the mail room.  Don’t cheat your way to anything…and don’t make excuses.”Percy Miller grew up in poverty before rising to fame as rapper Master P and the owner of NO LIMIT RECORDS, which he started when he was only 19 YEARS OLD. His fascinating life is about OVERCOMING THE ODDS to impact millions of people with his music, entrepreneurial ventures, and as an activist focusing on economic empowerment through business ownership and an emphasis on family and education.His story has so many chapters filled with POSITIVE LESSONS, and he wastes no time dropping great advice for young people about LOVING WHAT YOU DO as a path to becoming an entrepreneur.Here’s another incredible quotable insight for you…“The great thing about Snoop Dogg is that he was willing to LISTEN and BE A SPONGE…and look at him now.”We also get into……RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL and Master P’s advice on how to treat people…finding ongoing JOY in your WORK and PURPOSE…MAINTAINING YOUR EFFORT LEVEL after you find some degree of SUCCESS…his RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD and how that impacts everything he does…the essential need to SURROUND YOURSELF with the RIGHT PEOPLE.  Pay close to this part…it’s absolute gold.…the generational curse of poverty and how to break it…the eye-opening revelation of why TALENT is only 10% OF SUCCESS in the music industryThere is so much WISDOM you need to hear from Master P this week.I’ll leave you with two more gems…“Don’t be afraid to start from humble beginnings…”“If you want to be successful, just show up…”GOLD…PURE GOLD.
28/03/23·1h 9m

The Secret To A Happy Life w/ Dr. Robert Waldinger

This is the most REMARKABLE study on HAPPINESS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! AN 85-YEAR DETAILED STUDY!This week's show is easily one of the most fascinating of my lifetime!I doubt anyone has studied the subject of HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING more than this week’s guest, DR. ROBERT WALDINGER. He is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the founder and Executive Director of the Lifespan Research Foundation.But perhaps his most important work is as the current director of the HARVARD STUDY OF ADULT DEVELOPMENT. This groundbreaking project started in 1938 and is the longest-running study of the same people over time ever conducted.What Dr. Waldinger shares with you this week about the study and the nature of relationships will blow you away.We start with answers to fundamental questions we’ve all wanted to know for a long time.🤔HOW DO YOU MEASURE HAPPINESS?🤔 WHAT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY?Wealth, achievement, fame, and religion matter, but not in the ways you might think. Having a PURPOSE, working on that purpose, and enjoying HIGH QUALITY, WARM, AND LOVING RELATIONSHIPS matter more…not only to your mental well-being, but your physical well-being, too.We also answer the question of the most common REGRET mega-successful people have. You can probably guess what it is, but Dr. Waldinger drives this point home in no uncertain terms.Our discussion also touches on several other relationship issues, including…🤯 How SOCIAL MEDIA affects the amount and depth of our relationships🤯 ALCOHOLISM, DEPRESSION, and DIVORCE🤯 Why BAD MARRIAGES are worse than breaking up🤯 The WISER (Watch, Interpret, Select, Engage, Reflect) Model of Reaction🤯 Cultural trends and the impact of wealth in nations on happinessOne of the most important things you’ll learn are strategies for STRENGTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS and how to make them a priority.We wrap up with an extended exchange about our most INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS, how they change over time, and what we can do to keep them STRONG AND HEALTHY.
21/03/23·54m 13s

The Power Of Persuasion w/ Stephen A. Smith

This is an absolutely astonishing conversation with Stephen A. Smith.Stephen A. Smith is the most influential force at ESPN and has built a massive brand and makes a huge impact on sports and culture every day.So how did he do it?This week, Stephen A. reveals what it takes to get to the TOP of your career… in his case its the sports entertainment world as a producer, podcaster, radio show host, and a New York Times Best Selling author AND one of the most influential voices in sports entertainment.Stephen A. reveals his strategies for building confidence and shares how he overcame obstacles such as dyslexia and childhood bullying. He also discusses the importance of mastering every part of your business, combining it with humility, and how to impact social change.But that's not all! Stephen A. shares his take on:👉🏽 What it takes to maintain confidence👉🏽 The power of practice and preparation👉🏽 The key to persuasion👉🏽 Why he believes in the "I DON'T CARE" factor👉🏽 And navigating the challenges of ethnicity and equity in sports🚨 PLUS HE REVEALS HIS PICK ON WHO’S THE GOAT: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?!? 🚨As a bonus, you'll get to hear about Stephen A.'s experiences working with some of the most genuine and talented people in the world.With his unparalleled insight and infectious energy, Stephen A. will keep you engaged from start to finish.Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the greatest sports media icons of our time!
14/03/23·1h 2m

How To Unlock Your Greatness Mindset w/ Lewis Howes

The journey to GREATNESS begins with believing YOU ARE ENOUGH. LEWIS HOWES is talking to you this week on the Ed Mylett Show about overcoming challenges and tapping into your own GREATNESS. Nothing could have prepared him for what he faced after his father’s near-fatal car accident and an injury that ended his pro football career after one season. Lewis has a remarkable story about OVERCOMING ADVERSITY and finding a NEW PURPOSE in life.We cover a lot of things this week, including…🏆 Subconscious blocks rooted in FEAR, SUCCESS, and JUDGMENT🏆 STRATEGIES to process the “I AM NOT ENOUGH” mentality🏆 The difference between SUCCESS VS. GREATNESS🏆 What are the COURAGEOUS questions to ask ourselves🏆 METHODS for inner child healing and SELF-LOVELewis ends with an emotional story about how his relationship with his dad changed over the years and how it has impacted him to this day, which really touches me as you know my father means the world to me! From start to finish, this is a POWERFUL hour about how you can take Lewis’s learnings around how he has overcome INTERNAL and EXTERNAL challenges and APPLY THEM TO YOUR LIFE. This episode will help you develop YOUR GREATNESS MINDSET.
07/03/23·1h 11m

Become Wealthy In Love w/ Humble the Poet

“The walls we put up to protect ourselves often turn into prisons instead…”This week, I’m genuinely excited to share with you the thoughts of a man I’ve wanted to talk to for a long time. He is KANWER SINGH, but those of you who are familiar with his work know him as HUMBLE THE POET.Humble is a modern-day RENAISSANCE MAN who has gained a large following as a spoken word performer, author, hip-hop artist, speaker, and designer. His work is embodied in an ongoing message of LOVE, and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this week’s episode, including excerpts from Humble’s new book, “HOW TO BE LOVE(D).”Our goal is to help you gain greater capacity to GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE as we explore…👉🏽 how to increase your ability to LOVE👉🏽 How to use NEGATIVE EMOTIONS to HEAL👉🏽 The difference between BIG love and SMALL love👉🏽 How to overcome your addiction to APPROVAL👉🏽 How LOVE is the ULTIMATE emotion and ACTIONLOVE is UNIVERSAL. LOVE means EVERYTHING.But it’s not always easy to LOVE YOURSELF OR OTHERS the right way.Listen to HUMBLE’S WISDOM, and you’ll find a greater capacity to LOVE and enrich your SOUL.
28/02/23·1h 7m

Navigate Adversity With Gratitude w/ Tim Tebow

“There are so many of us who need to know we have PURPOSE. As long as we have BREATH…with GOD’S help…we have PURPOSE.” - TIM TEBOWTim Tebow needs no introduction! He is a two-time national champion, Heisman Trophy winner, first-round NFL draft pick, former professional baseball player, bestselling author, and philanthropist on a mission to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.You know him as a man deeply committed to his FAITH who gained notoriety after kneeling to pray while he was one of the top quarterbacks in the league.This interview will leave you feeling INSPIRED, with more FAITH in GOD, and MOTIVATED to #MAXOUT Your Life in EVERY way.You’ll learn so many life-CHANGING lessons including;🙏🏽 The true POWER of your mindset🙏🏽 The ONE THING greater than achieving your GOALS🙏🏽 Why WINNING can leave you HOLLOW inside🙏🏽 And the KEY to unlocking REAL success…You’ll also hear Tim tell a touching story about the fan who changed his LIFE forever.This is a LIFE LESSON every single one of you needs to hear.From start to finish, Tim delivers POWER and INSPIRATION that will affect your HEART AND SOUL… guaranteed.It’s an UPLIFTING hour you won’t want to miss.
21/02/23·1h 5m

8 Secrets To Real Love w/ Jay Shetty

LOVE is the most POWERFUL EMOTION in the world.Today I'm talking about it with the one and only, JAY SHETTY. Who says LOVE is a CHOICE.This week, Jay DEFINES LOVE, explaining why the best way to love someone involves liking their PERSONALITY, mutually RESPECTING each other's VALUES, and helping them achieve their GOALS.You'll learn how to love OTHERS better, but more importantly how YOU CAN LET MORE LOVE IN!Jay also has deep insights on…❤️ Overcoming the ongoing challenges of COMPARING, COMPLAINING, and CRITICIZING your partner.❤️ Why people sometimes GROW APART over time.❤️ The 4 QUESTIONS you should ask to maintain a loving relationship.❤️ The difference between an INTIMATE LOVING relationship and a FRIENDLY LOVING relationship.❤️ The right way to think about “THE ONE” that comes into your life.❤️ 3 WAYS to meet the right people when you’re LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE.❤️ Your GIFT and GAP EXPECTATIONS in a loving relationship.❤️ The difference between LUST and LOVE and how you’re impacted by each one.❤️ Losing SEXUAL ATTRACTION and how that affects the ways you love someone.❤️ Defining the 4 LEVELS OF INTIMACY.❤️ Why LOVE NEVER DIES, but what happens when other parts of your relationship do.❤️ What you can do to salvage a relationship that’s on LIFE SUPPORT.Be sure to listen with your HEAD and your HEART as Jay unlocks answers to questions about your most important relationships.I guarantee you… You’re going to LOVE this week’s episode.Make sure to WATCH/LISTEN to it and SHARE it with someone YOU LOVE ❤️If you want to go even deeper on the nature of love, pick up Jay’s new book, 8 RULES OF LOVE, HOW TO FIND IT, KEEP IT, AND LET IT GO…an insightful read that demystifies what love is and what you can do to love others in RICHER and more NURTURING ways.
14/02/23·52m 18s

Groundbreaking Science Between Your Mind & Gut Health w/ Dr. Amy Shah

THIS is a REVOLUTIONARY conversation about the INTERSECTION of YOUR BRAIN, GUT microbiome and FOOD!This podcast with Dr. Amy Shah is going to BLOW you away with her CUTTING-EDGE insights about YOUR HEALTH and the connection between your GUT BIOME and YOUR MIND. DR. SHAH has written two books and is beyond qualified as a double board-certified doctor and nutritional expert show has studied at Cornell, Harvard, AND Columbia University. In a fast-moving hour, DR. SHAH unlocks more mysteries about gut health, your immune system, the brain-gut-bacteria connection, and several other critical things you should know to help you feel and live better, including…💪🏽 Fermented food and the link to bacterial DOPAMINE💪🏽 How FOOD CRAVINGS are linked to our memories💪🏽 Six SUPERFOODS you should eat every day💪🏽 How processed foods affect your MOOD💪🏽 Why you need to eat MORE PROTEIN for peak health💪🏽 The right way and wrong way to fast, and the link to CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS💪🏽 Food and female HORMONE health💪🏽 What are PREBIOTICS and PSYCHOBIOTICS, and how they interact with your body💪🏽 The science behind FECAL TRANSPLANTS💪🏽 The link between gut health and EXERCISE💪🏽 Things you can do to SLEEP BETTER and should you take CBD or melatonin supplements to help you sleep better💪🏽 The truth about how much WATER and COFFEE you should drinkDr. Shah does an incredible job of SETTING THE TABLE with a commonsense approach to FOOD and GUT HEALTH.That's why you’re going to EAT UP THIS EPISODE if you’re looking for ways to live a more HEALTHY, HAPPY, and LONGER LIFE.Make sure you have a notepad open you're going to want to apply these STRATEGIES in your life TODAY so you can be HEALTHIER & HAPPIER tomorrow! 

Higher State of Mind w/ Jon Gordon

If you’ve ever felt like there’s something missing in your life, THIS is for YOU.This is all about MINDSET.JON GORDON is more than just my friend, he’s my brother and we often share our innermost thoughts with each other.  This week, we’re both going to share some of those thoughts with you.Privately, he is an ADVISER and a CONFIDANTE. Publicly you know him as one of the most sought-after public speakers in the world who has written 27 BOOKS and sold over 5 MILLION COPIES!This INSPIRATIONAL and FAITH-BASED chat between two great friends will guide you to living a more COMPLETE and FULFILLED life, without feeling like you constantly have to prove yourself.You’ll learn the keys to adjusting your focus so that you can experience an abundance of LOVE, CLARITY, COURAGE, and CONFIDENCE that will seep into all areas of your life, from being a better friend, spouse, or parent to enhancing your leadership skills, understanding your mind and soul connection, and deepening your faith.I consider Jon Gordon family. By the time you finish listening to this episode, you’ll feel a new level of ONENESS with him as well.
31/01/23·1h 3m

Change Your Reality w/ Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Life and death are not opposites. Birth and death are opposites.”This week's episode with DR. DEEPAK CHOPRA is going CHANGE the way you think about EVERYTHING in life.It's an HONOR to have DR. CHOPRA join me for a wide-ranging chat about the MIND & BODY relationship. We discussed how you can INTEGRATE all of these things to help you live a better life.Dr. Chopra’s work has had a PROFOUND IMPACT on my life, and although I’ve followed his work for a long time, I still had so many questions I wanted him to answer...We cover…🙏🏽 TRANSCENDENCE and the source of all story experiences🙏🏽 MINDFULNESS and HOW SENSORY EXPERIENCES impact our lives🙏🏽 IDEOLOGICAL CONFLICTS, the best use of HUMAN IMAGINATION, LEARNING FROM CHILDREN, and CREATIVITY🙏🏽 Dr. Chopra’s experiments with PSYCHEDELICS🙏🏽 the nature of the relationship between your MIND / BODY and why it matters🙏🏽 a PRACTICAL EXERCISE you can use to CALM your HEART and your BRAIN🙏🏽 how LANGUAGE CONSTRUCTS EXPERIENCE and the 4 QUESTIONS you should ask before you speak🙏🏽 a frank discussion about BIRTH, DEATH, and why we FEAR DEATHI TOLD YOU THIS WEEK WAS DEEP!It was also one of the GREATEST CONVERSATIONS of my life!Like me, you’ll need to go back and listen to this episode two or three times. There are dozens of thought-provoking ideas you should not only hear but take time to think about.I guarantee you’ll find greater PEACE and CHALLENGE YOUR BELIEFS about the world and yourself as you listen. DR. CHOPRA will make you think about the relationship between your mind and body for weeks to come. 
24/01/23·54m 0s

Overcome Fear & Build Confidence w/ Tony Robbins

I know many of you are dealing with unprecedented levels of FEAR in your life & are worried about this coming year. You're concerned about how to best SURVIVE in the short term until the economy recovers.That's why I've invited TONY ROBBINS back for the THIRD time on my show. He has helped more people lead HAPPIER & SUCCESSFUL lives than any other person in this world… including ME.🚨 You don’t want to miss this!! Tony Robbins has an upcoming FREE total immersion event, UNSHAKABLE, taking place over five days on January 24-28, 2023 which teaches you these EXACT STRATEGIES you need to become confident in uncertainty. Get your spot NOW at🚨Tony has got a lot of wisdom on how to use FAITH to overcome the crippling emotion of FEAR. In this episode, he explains why downtimes may be the BEST TIMES to invest in yourself & start something new that ADDS VALUE to other people’s lives.Tony and I are big proponents of society’s seasons, and we’re sharing our thoughts on the challenges of being in an UNCERTAIN, LONG, & COLD WINTER.In this episode you’ll learn:💢 how to master PATTERN RECOGNITION & how to use those patterns to create a MORE COMPELLING FUTURE for yourself.💢 the importance of BIO-CHEMICAL CHANGES & how you can use PEAK PHYSIOLOGY to deal with depression & negative thinking as you go💢 how GRATITUDE destroys the destructive emotions of fear💢 how to create perceived value in YOURSELFI tell people to take notes, but this week, don’t bother because EVERYTHING is worth writing down.My hour with Tony Robbins is that damn good!
17/01/23·1h 1m

How To Have A Life You Don't Need A Vacation From w/ Amy Porterfield

👉🏽 Do you want to put MORE MONEY in your pocket this year?👉🏽 Do you want to BE HAPPIER doing the kind of work that brings you JOY?👉🏽 Do you want MORE FREEDOM in life? Of course, you do! That’s exactly why I invited AMY PORTERFIELD on my show this week. We’re going to learn how to UNBOSS YOURSELF & the STRATEGIES needed to build a life you don’t want to vacation. Amy transformed herself from being a successful corporate executive WORKING FOR TONY ROBBINS to one of the top coaches for ENTREPRENEURS who are ready to take it to the next level.She’s got a top-ranked business podcast, best-selling online marketing courses, a new book coming out, and more than 250,000 loyal subscribers who are living Amy’s philosophy by moving away from “step-by-step” and into “ACTION-BY-ACTION.”Amy and I are going to help you do that in this jam-packed hour-long exchange.Listen up as we talk about…👉🏽 Amy’s struggle of transforming from an EMPLOYEE MINDSET to a BUSINESS OWNER MINDSET…👉🏽 The importance and the REALITIES of starting a SIDE HUSTLE, including the “PATHS OF POSSIBILITIES” and your “CAPACITY FOR ZERO”…👉🏽 The importance of CHOOSING A DATE CERTAIN EXIT DATE from your life as an employee…👉🏽 How you can succeed by developing a 10% EDGE and GIVING YOUR ROADMAP AWAY…👉🏽 The keys to setting up your business, including being crystal clear on the “WHY” and where your “SWEET SPOT” is…👉🏽 How to CRAFT YOUR OFFER and the importance of building a killer EMAIL LIST.  This, more than any other strategy, can spell the difference between failure and success.  Big money or pocket change.  Confidence and happiness, or not…👉🏽 The pros and cons of using SOCIAL MEDIA…👉🏽 The right reasons for LEVERAGING other people’s content…Finally, the biggest question of all …was it worth it? Listen to the end to find out why Amy says all the moments of being uncomfortable, all the pain, doubt, and struggles were WORTH IT.

Secrets To Chasing Your Dreams with Rob Riggle

What are the SKILLS and ATTRIBUTES you NEED in order to LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS? Rob Riggle is going to teach you by sharing his story of chasing after his dreams and SUCCESSFULLY changing careers, from serving in Kosovo and Afghanistan as a highly decorated lieutenant colonel to becoming one of the most recognizable and successful comedians today.You know him as an actor who’s appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, including SNL, Dumb and Dumber, the Daily Show, Modern Family, Holey Moley, and many others.  But what you may not know is that he retired after 23 years in the MARINES to launch into a full-time comedy career.I’ve never met somebody with such a unique career path as Rob’s.You're going to learn what it takes, Rob explains how any success comes from doing these things…➡️ Doing the HARD things➡️ Pushing PAST your perceived limits ➡️ Not being afraid to LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND and go after something NEW➡️ Having a RELENTLESS work ethic➡️ CULTIVATING your NATURAL talents➡️ Being good to work with, HONEST, KIND, and it doesn't hurt if you have some HUMOR➡️ Rob’s unique take on ABD… ALWAYS BE DEVELOPING. He applies this to his entertainment career, but it’s a STRATEGY you can add to ANY ASPECT OF LIFE. ➡️ We also talk about attaching EMOTIONAL MEANING to your goals, which we both use to GENERATE MOMENTUM and accomplish the most important things in our lives.➡️ You’re also going to hear about Rob using improv to create characters that ultimately landed him a gig on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.  It’s a cool story of how a creative mind, under pressure, responded to an in-your-face challenge when there was a lot on the line.➡️ Rob can teach you a lot about PUNCHLINES.... Punchlines of your life by TAKING CHANCES and BELIEVING IN WHO YOU ARE.You’ll be blown away by Rob’s story about how doing hard things in the military created the CONFIDENCE he needed to give acting a try, including how he traded in one BIG DREAM of becoming a naval aviator for an even BIGGER DREAM of becoming a comedian.You're not going to want to miss this episode, it's a FUNNY and ENTERTAINING hour. Hearing the UNBELIEVABLE and 100% TRUE story of how Rob chased his dreams. 
03/01/23·1h 5m

No BS Health & Fitness Guide w/ Dr. Layne Norton

This week, Dr. Layne Norton is giving you a NO BS FIT GUIDE for you to take into 2023.Think you have heard it all? Know everything there is to know? Think again!I’ve been training in the gym for 30 years, and had so many experts on my show… And I was blown away by what I learned in this interview!You’re going to learn how to do that as we strip away the guesswork and focus on FACTS, PROVEN STRATEGIES, and SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH to OPTIMIZE how your body works best.Your body is a COMPLEX AND FINELY TUNED MACHINE that makes all other parts of your life possible.That means if you want to live your BEST LIFE, you must also live your HEALTHIEST LIFE.My guest, DR. LAYNE NORTON, is one of the world’s leading authorities on NUTRITION AND EXERCISE science. He is a bestselling author, powerlifting champion, professional bodybuilder, and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to creating peak human health by applying state-of-the-art research to his work.You’ve never heard an approach to taking care of yourself quite like what you’re about to hear from Dr. Layne Norton even if you already take great care of yourself.This week, no matter how much you already know, you’re going to LEARN how to TAKE YOUR EFFORTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL as we get into…... The truth about diet fads and DIETS like KETOGENIC SYSTEMS and INTERMITTENT FASTING.... How the PLACEBO effect actually produces benefits for you.... The role that TESTOSTERONE and HORMONES play in your health.... The importance of CONSISTENCY, HABITS, and how your individual PSYCHOLOGY and SOCIOLOGY affects how you reach your fitness goals and impacts your APPETITE.... Food and EATING DISORDERS, and fat storage vs. burning fat.RESISTANCE TRAINING, going to near failure, and CARDIO exercise facts and myths.... PLATEAUS and why you look the same even though you keep high-level intensity workouts.... What STEPS you can take if you haven’t done much to take care of your physical health before now.My conversation with Layne is easily the most dense and fact-filled scientific episodes I’ve ever done. There’s a lot to take away, but the biggest one is this.Where there is OPTIMAL HEALTH, there is OPTIMAL LIFE.
20/12/22·1h 2m

How To Respect & Protect Your Time w/ Rob Dyrdek

“Life is about the pursuit of the PERFECT VERSION of yourself…but what happens when you reach that version?”We all DREAM about what we think our lives should be, and some of us are fortunate enough to realize those dreams. But what’s that JOURNEY like? And what happens when you get there?This week, my good friend ROB DYRDEK and I are going to give you answers to those questions and a lot more.Rob has grown far beyond the initial fame he enjoyed as a professional skateboarder.  Since that time, he’s become a SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR, ACTOR, and PRODUCER who has been involved in dozens of projects over the years.You’ll learn how he has continually reinvented himself over the years using a unique philosophy that combines the VALUE of optimizing intentional TIME MANAGEMENT, finding JOY in every part of your life, and what he calls the RHYTHM OF EXISTENCE.We’re going to reveal a single tip on how to MANAGE MEETINGS that will save you hundreds of hours over a year…creating time better spent doing MORE IMPORTANT and LUCRATIVE things. Also, listen to Rob’s take on how everything you do is INTERCONNECTED and why that matters so much. His insights on how to BUILD A BUSINESS using a system based on HARMONY are some of the best advice you’ll ever hear. You’ll gain a better understanding of why it’s sometimes better to pass on deals when they don’t fit the life you’ve designed for yourself.Rob also offers some great ideas for building a BETTER RELATIONSHIP with your spouse and family members. It’s BRILLIANT. It’s EASY and it can improve the quality of your home life immeasurably.There’s so much to unpack in this hour that flies by.Trust me, you won’t want to skate past this one…
13/12/22·59m 14s

The Success Blueprint w/ Bethenny Frankel

What does it take to be one of the SHARPEST ENTREPRENEURS in the world?How can you apply proven PRACTICAL and TACTICAL business lessons from a person like this to your own start-up ventures?  This week, you’re going to get answers to these questions and more from my guest BETHENNY FRANKEL.  You probably already know Bethanny through her work as a serial entrepreneur, reality television star, podcaster, and best-selling author.  Bethenny is going to give you an insider’s take on how she applied insights and knowledge to grow several businesses, including the phenomenally successful SKINNY GIRL MARGARITA.One of her foundational beliefs is that success is the interaction of INTENTION and LUCK at the same time.  Bethenny explains why that involves WORKING SMART instead of just WORKING HARD, and why EMOTIONAL CONTROL is one of the most important keys to business success.You’ll learn how SOCIAL MEDIA plays a key role in building an IDENTITY and a BRAND that adds value to your business.  Bethanny also explains why paying attention to the SMALLEST DETAILS, and having CONFIDENCE, DECISIVENESS, and PREPARATION are important elements to business success.Our conversation is an INTENSE hour based on the REALITY of what it takes to win in business. Pay attention and PREPARE TO PROSPER. 
06/12/22·46m 44s

How To Shift From Victim to Victor w/ John O'Leary

“John, do you want to die? It’s your choice, not mine.”I thought for a moment and answered, “Mom, I don’t want to die. I WANT TO LIVE!”That was the first conversation JOHN O’LEARY had with his mother after a horrific fire burned him across 100% of his body at 9 years old.That's right. He was literally burned alive. But what is truly remarkable is what he did next. In this episode, John is going to tell you how he OVERCAME IMPOSSIBLE ODDS and how you can use the things he’s learned to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, even in the midst of TRAGEDY.John  O’Leary is a sought-after inspirational speaker, and podcaster and has published two bestsellers.  His mission and his messages are simple. He wants to TEACH YOU how to find ways to awaken you to your life’s POTENTIAL and ENERGIZE you to live more THOUGHTFULLY, BOLDLY and INSPIRED.John also gets into how important PERSPECTIVE is in our lives.  Instead of focusing on the things he no longer had, John learned a valuable lesson about being called to use the GIFTS and TALENTS he was given and still had despite his physical limitations.If you want to know what it takes to go from VICTIM TO VICTOR, listen closely to John’s story.It will change the way you think.And hopefully, change the way you live. 
29/11/22·59m 9s

How To Turn Failure Into Fuel w/ Sean Casey

The MENTAL GAME, with an all-time GREAT mindset Athlete!It’s time to get into the mind of an ELITE Performer. Imagine going from not even starting on your Freshman High School team to a few years later, being considered the #1 athlete in the WORLD in your sport!This week we’re going to spend an hour talking with one of the most talented hitters ever to play baseball.However, this show is about MINDSET, not baseball.SEAN CASEY is in the studio, and I couldn’t be happier to talk to the guy they call THE MAYOR.Most people know Sean from his playing days as a first baseman in Major League Baseball during a career that spanned 12 SEASONS.  He finished with more than 1,500 HITS, a .302 LIFETIME BATTING AVERAGE, and as a 3-TIME ALL-STAR.You’re getting a master class on THE MENTAL TOUGHNESS it takes to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE on those big fields thousands of times over and over AND how you can apply what Sean knows to YOUR life.You’ll recognize many of the things Sean talks about because I also believe they’re critical to SUCCESS in any game you play. That means applying STANDARDS, a POSITIVE MINDSET, GRATITUDE, and being INTENTIONAL at all times. There are NO SHORTCUTS.Sean also has a great lesson you must hear about what happened when he started playing OFFENSE instead of DEFENSE when he wanted to set a goal of playing college ball. It’s GOLD GLOVE stuff.Sean is also quick to point out that GREATNESS DOESN’T COME NATURALLY.  Although it may look that way on the field, what you’re seeing is the result of DEDICATION, PASSION, CONSISTENCY, RESILIENCE, DEALING WITH PRESSURE, and THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.We’ll wrap up with Sean explaining why you should build GAPS into your life and why GRATITUDE, ACCOUNTABILITY, PERSPECTIVE, AND SERVICE are critical to making you a better person and the world a better place.You’ll enjoy listening to the MAYOR for great insights on how to take your LIFE GAME to the highest level!
22/11/22·1h 5m

Suicide Prevention w/ Kevin Hines

This is going to be DIFFICULT for some of you to hear. And that’s all the more reason to LISTEN.Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world EVERY year… and the number continues to rise.That means 800k+ of families and friends are impacted and left wondering, “WHY?”Odds are, you or someone you love has been impacted by suicide. And so I am URGING you to SHARE this week’s episode with as many people as you can.My guest, KEVIN HINES, knows more about suicide than most.‌He tried to end his life by jumping off the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE when he was only 19 years old.A jump like that kills virtually everybody who attempts it.  But miraculously, Kevin survived.  And today, YOU’LL GET TO HEAR HIS TRUTH.Kevin’s story and his message will SAVE LIVES and this may be THE MOST meaningful discussions I’ve ever had. I can’t think of a more important topic to talk about than this one.We’re going delve into the PAIN AND FEELINGS that surround suicide, how that pain leads to ACTION, suicide PREVENTION tips, GENETICS, and dealing with OUTSIDE NEGATIVE FORCES.You’ll also hear Kevin’s THREE QUESTIONS you MUST ask if you think someone is NOT okay and may be thinking about suicide.*If you are having a mental health emergency call 911 or reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988.Protect yourself and your loved ones. 
15/11/22·51m 41s

High Performance Habits for Guaranteed Growth w/ Brendon Burchard

“DID I LIVE?” “DID I LOVE?” “DID I MATTER?”Those are the questions BRENDON BURCHARD asked himself after surviving a horrific car accident when he was 19.  He has spent the last 26 years searching for those ANSWERS.  Those are also a few of the questions we’ll try to answer on this week’s show.  Brendon’s been on before, and so many of you made it one of the most watched episodes ever that I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to have him back.  Since the accident, Brendon has become a 3-time New York Times best-selling author and a thriving online teaching pioneer with videos that have racked up 400 MILLION VIEWS and earned hundreds of well-deserved accolades.To CHANGE means to GROW!In this episode we’re going to dive deep into the NATURE OF CHANGE and how factors like AMBITION, DESIRE, NECESSITY, and ESTEEM can drive YOU to change… or not.  He reveals the single GREATEST integrated personal development environment I’ve ever seen…AND no conversation with Brendon would be complete unless we talk about HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS and EFFORTS OF IMPACT.  It’s GREAT WISDOM…simply great wisdom.Here’s a huge takeaway from this week’s episode.The QUALITY OF THE QUESTIONS we ask ourselves determines the quality of the LIFE we end up living.Start by seeking answers to the questions Brendon asks, and then KEEP ASKING other questions that matter most to you.
08/11/22·1h 4m

Ordinary Steps For An Extraordinary Wealthy Life w/ Candy Valentino

Remember who you are. Remember that you survived 100% of your worst days because you’re still here…”This week, my guest, CANDY VALENTINO, and I will talk about a subject near and dear to everyone’s heart.That subject is MONEY.How to MAKE IT. How to KEEP IT.The kind of MINDSET you’ll need.And whether the accumulation of wealth is WORTH IT or not.I want you to hear Candy’s story because she started out like most people…with little more than GRIT, DETERMINATION, and unwavering CONFIDENCE.Candy is the REAL DEAL. She’s been successfully building businesses since she was 19. And doing so with NO DEGREE, NO CORPORATE BACKGROUND, NO MONEY, and NO INTERNET ACCESS! Since then, she’s built and sold businesses in service, retail, e-commerce, and product manufacturing, creating a vast real estate portfolio as a flipper and investor.Pay close attention because in the hour we spend together, you will get a TACTICAL MASTER CLASS in creating wealth and using it for GOOD CAUSES from a woman who has become an important author, investor, philanthropist, and more.Much of what we talk about is how to position yourself mentally for financial success. You’re going to hear why Candy advocates for thinking of yourself as a business owner instead of being self-employed.That leads us to the psychology behind LIVING BELOW YOUR MEANS, why RELATIONSHIPS are critical and need to be nurtured as much as possible, GOOD DEBT vs. BAD DEBT, INVESTING LEVERAGE, and why SIDE HUSTLES should be an essential part of your success formula.Many of you also wonder if PLAYING THE LONG GAME and all the SACRIFICE is worth it. It’s no secret I think that’s the case. You’ll want to hear Candy, and I discuss what that sacrifice means, the problems money solves, and more importantly, the problems money does not solve.You rarely get an insider’s education like this, and the best part is the only cost to you is to PAY ATTENTIONIt’s an INVESTMENT you won’t regret.
01/11/22·1h 1m

God’s Work in Progress w/ LeAnn Rimes

“The greatest piece of who we are is our vulnerability…our open-heartedness is our genius…”LEANN RIMES is an American treasure and one of my all-time favorite recording artists.I am so excited to welcome her to my show this week for an incredibly deep conversation about life, emotions, mental health, God and much much more.This conversation will MOVE you and when I say it’s DEEP, I mean it . We are both very open and vulnerable in this conversation and it won’t soon be forgotten.Trust me, we are both incredibly open in ways maybe neither one of us have been beforeLeAnn is REMARKABLE in her CREATIVITY, TALENT, and PERSEVERANCE.Think about this as you listen.That’s not to say it has always been easy for LeAnn, because it hasn’t.She makes no secret of her love of GOD and the role how PRESENCE has played in her life. You’re going to hear what that presence means and the important role this plays in her singing.That FAITH has also been instrumental in guiding her career and her personal life.LeAnn is going to tell you how she handles ANXIETY, being PLUGGED IN all the time, and finding ways to take good care of herself through it all.  We’re also going to dig into why it’s dangerous to TIE YOUR IDENTITY TO EXTERNAL ACHIEVEMENTS and how LeAnn’s thinking about that has evolved over time.Like any highly creative person, she’s also prone to CREATIVE HIGHS and the crashes that often come after. Those ups and downs are real, not only for her but for everyone. You’ll want to hear how she manages those types of emotions so you can use that wisdom in your own life.We’re going to close with two things LeAnn knows a lot about…Working on getting LOVE from other people…And advice for making your DREAMS come true.I think she’s well “VERSED” to talk about these things, and after you hear her, you’ll think so too. 
25/10/22·1h 6m

Rise Above It All w/ Dane Cook

“There is a fine line between Anxiety and Excitement“This interview will rock you.How is it that some people can tell a story in a way that not only holds your ATTENTION but that makes you LAUGH uncontrollably?If anyone has the answers, it’s DANE COOK.Because DANE has been doing just that for more than 30 years now through his albums, television appearances and specials, as an actor, and especially as a prolific stand-up comedian.This week, we’re going to pull back that curtain, and Dane is going to reveal his PERSONAL JOURNEY and tell you things you’d never thought you would hear from one of America’s funniest men.One of Dane’s greatest strengths is as a storyteller, and in my opinion, he’s one of the most COMPELLING STORYTELLERS I’ve ever heard.  It’s one thing to tell jokes that get a reaction, but quite another to go deep about some part of the human condition and connect with people on a completely different level.The best comedy also rises from PAIN AND ADVERSITY.  Dane is no stranger to that either, dealing with a half-brother who defrauded him for almost everything he had.  And that only scratches the surface of the hardships that Dane has been through.In fact, so many things piled up in his life that, at one point, Dane almost quit the business.  You need to hear how he used that time and those experiences to RETHINK his life and REDEFINE his expectations going forward.Great comedians like Dane also carry around a certain amount of ANXIETY as well.  In fact, the fine line between anxiety and EXCITEMENT is where they find the best and most relatable material.We’re also going to talk about the public side of Dane as well.  He’s got a lot to say about building a social media brand (he’s an original and one of the best) and how he deals with CRITICISM and HATE.  Listen to Dane’s take on the fine line between locking out those haters and taking in enough so that you can REFLECT and INTERPRET things is gem-mint thinking.  We’re also going to talk about the right and wrong ways of TYING IDENTITY TO SUCCESS.You’re going to love a GREAT INTERVIEW with the GREAT DANE this week.  It’s not what you’d expect, and that’s no joke…

The Power of Self-Control w/ Ryan Holiday

Are you ready for a history lesson that has more meaning than ever today?This week you’ll learn about a PHILOSOPHY that originated more than 2000 years ago and flourished during the Roman and Greek empires.  I’ve invited RYAN HOLIDAY for a fascinating discussion about STOICISM.  He is one of the foremost experts on this way of thinking that teaches ETHICS, VIRTUE, SELF-CONTROL, and FORTITUDE as a way of overcoming destructive emotions.What you’re about to hear will blow your mind and open you up to IDEAS you’ve never heard before. Ryan has been studying stoicism all his adult life. He is going to give you straight answers to the questions…Why is it that nobody has more pain than the LAZY?What makes COURAGE, SELF-DISCIPLINE, JUSTICE, and WISDOM so important to stoicism?What makes AMBITION a double-edged sword and PERFECTIONISM a vice?Stoicism is also predicated on finding an optimal relationship with DISCOMFORT.  Ryan will help you FRAME YOUR THINKING to succeed the best way possible by taking on tough challenges.  Part of that also relates to how you structure your MORNING ROUTINES which are critical to how successful the rest of your day is.We’re also going to get into an extended discussion of DISCIPLINE VS. TEMPTATION.  If you want to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to cultivate discipline.  Part of that also involves how you deal with losing control over your EMOTIONS and why SILENCE is often an essential form of STRENGTH.Although STOICISM dates back more than two millennia, the ideas are timeless, and I think the principles Ryan espouses may be a perfect way forward in a world that feels like it has frequently lost its way.Open your mind, listen, and I think at the end of the hour, you’ll agree… 
11/10/22·57m 44s

The Science of Amazing Friendships w/ Dr. Marisa Franco

This week is a fascinating show about FRIENDSHIP.This one is so so IMPORTANT.I’ll be HONEST with you…one of the people this week’s show may HELP the most is me!As I’ve mentioned many times before, although I put myself out there all the time, deep inside, I’m still very much an INTROVERT.  I’ve always felt I could do better in smoothing out the AWKWARD MOMENTS, and I feel sometimes when connecting with people.  I know a lot of you are the same way.  That’s why I’m fascinated by DR. MARISA FRANCO, who has spent years studying FRIENDSHIP in incredible detail.There’s so much good stuff to unpack this week…FRIENDSHIPS TAKE WORK, and even people who make friends easily can make regrettable mistakes.  No matter who you are, listen to what Dr. Franco has to say about CHARACTERISTICS of what makes a great friendship, then ask yourself how many of those boxes you check.If you don’t check enough of them, you may find people you thought were your friends starting to GHOST YOU, which Dr. Franco also gets into.We’re also going to talk about the PHYSICAL NEED FOR FRIENDS as well.  You may not realize it, but friendship has a lot more benefits than simply improving your EMOTIONAL health.  This is part of Dr. Franco’s larger overall look at the science of friendships and how they affect your work, sense of self, and many other parts of who you are.Want to know how to make friends as an ADULT?How to be friends with people you DISAGREE with?Or how SELF-LOVE affects friendships?And one of my favorite parts of this week’s show…How can you deal with “value-based” friends versus adding authentic friendships to your life?  My FRIENDLY ADVICE to you this week is to pay close attention to Dr. Franco’s wisdom on a subject that we sometimes take for granted.And let me leave you with this… PROVERBS 27 says, in part, “Do not forsake your friend and the friend of your father, and do not go to your brother's house when disaster strikes you-- better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away.”
04/10/22·48m 44s

Conquer Your Everest & Unlock Your Best Life w/ Colin O’Brady

If you want to know what it’s like to CHALLENGE yourself under the most EXTREME conditions, you’re in for a treat this week.This episode will flat out HELP you with mental toughness, peace and resiliency. While simultaneously challenging your perspective on life.Colin is an American adventurer and one of the top professional endurance athletes in the world. He’s repeatedly proven it, setting a SEVEN SUMMITS speed record by climbing the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. He also set the speed record for the EXPLORERS GRAND SLAM CHALLENGE, which adds reaching the North and South Poles to the Seven Summits challenge. He’s one of only about 50 people ever to complete this challenge. And he also set the speed record for the 50 US HIGH POINTS, completing that grind in just 21 days.What drives a person to test themselves like this?How can you take Colin’s bad-ass mindset and apply it to conquer the mountains in your life?Colin is going to tell you how he did it. You’ll learn a lot about what it takes to overcome MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY what many people think impossible. Listen to Colin’s take on the nature of discomfort and why people get stuck in a ZONE OF COMFORTABLE COMPLACENCY.   His story about climbing K2, the second tallest peak in the world, is RIVETING, especially knowing that many people die trying, including climbers Colin knows.You’ll also hang on every word about how Colin walked across hundreds of miles of ANTARCTICA over 54 days in sub-zero weather while hauling a 375-pound sled.For Colin, much of his success comes from trusting his GUT INSTINCTS and why it’s critical to focus on the story we tell ourselves. That AWARENESS OF SELF makes all things possible only when you make them the RIGHT STORIES.Some extreme challenges we look for, and others find us, like it or not.  After trying to jump a kerosine-soaked rope in Thailand, Colin burned his legs horribly and was told he might never walk again. Hear how he FOUGHT through the mental fear and physical pain on a long road to recovery.What mountains do you want to climb?Listen to how Colin has done it repeatedly and use his lessons to reach your own PEAK PERFORMANCE.
27/09/22·1h 4m

Walking Miracle: Mindset That Overcame Paralysis w/ Ryan Shazier

here are NO GUARANTEES in life.  There are only TRIUMPHS and SETBACKS.  My guest this week, RYAN SHAZIER, knows this all too well.  His story is EXTRAORDINARY.  In a single moment, he went from living his best life as an NFL linebacker to the challenge of simply trying to walk again.If you’ve ever had sudden and traumatic challenges turn your life upside down, you must hear Ryan’s story.  Because this week, you’re going to learn how one man turned a potential tragedy into a NEW BEGINNING.  Ryan was an Ohio State Buckeye who was a first-round draft pick at linebacker by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2014.  He quickly starred in the league, earning a trip to the PRO BOWL in 2016.  But during the 2017 season, he made a headfirst tackle that left him unable to move his legs.  Ryan underwent spinal stabilization surgery giving him the tools he needed to heal.His new book, WALKING MIRACLE, goes into detail about what he went through and was a must read for me as soon as I got a copy.Ryan spares no details in what he had to deal with after hearing news that he was paralyzed.  But along with his mom and dad, Ryan worked hard to create the POSITIVE MINDSET he would need to start healing.The GOOD NEWS is that surgery worked, and eventually Ryan did walk again.  In fact, 17 months after the injury he danced at his own wedding.But his NFL career was over.  His identity was stripped away.  And while he experienced the SUPREME TRIUMPH OF WALKING AGAIN, the setback of no longer playing the game he loved meant he had to pivot.  Ryan’s account of how he went from a pro athlete to a businessman is full of lessons you can use in your own life.  He’ll tell you how he was NEVER RESENTFUL and why that was so critical to MOVE FORWARD, instead of living in a past that no longer existed.  There are so many great nuggets of WISDOM in his words that you must hear, especially Ryan’s advice for making a COMEBACK after a traumatic life experience.Ryan Shazier embodies what it takes to OVERCOME tragic events in your life.His story will move you, and for those of you who need it, also help HEAL you too.
20/09/22·48m 32s

Start Living Life On Your Terms w/ Eric Thomas

I think the internet might just break this week. The energy and inspiration level on this week's show is unprecedented, on any podcast ever!Because this week, my guest is none other than my dear friend, DR. ERIC THOMAS.The last time he was on my show, it became one of the MOST DOWNLOADED episodes ever.If you’ve ever been down in life, and thought that the odds were stacked so high against you that you’d never pull through, you need to hear Eric’s story.It will INSPIRE you. Give you HOPE. And help LEAD you out of your own challenges to a better life that’s waiting for you on the other side.Eric is known as the HIP-HOP PREACHER, and his talks are legendary. He works with Fortune 500 companies and pro sports teams, and has a new book, YOU OWE YOU, Igniting Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why. Eric dropped out of high school and spent time even living on the streets before meeting a minister who changed his life completely, eventually leading him to earn his Ph.D. a few years later.We’re also going to talk about something I believe in a lot…discovering and using your UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS. As you’ll hear, it’s not enough to figure out what those superpowers are, you must go out and WORK AT THEM to live the life you were meant to live.Eric also has great insights about finding the EXTRINSIC and INTRINSIC fuel you need to create electric ENERGY in your life.I also couldn’t have my friend on and not have him talk about PRAYING, LISTENING TO THE LORD, and connecting to your CONFIDENCE as part of your FAITH JOURNEY.Eric also has got great insights on putting yourself in MIRACLE territories, why YOU OWE YOU everything, and how people wrestle with overcoming IMPOSTER SYNDROME.Listen to this SERMON from start to finish.
13/09/22·1h 10m

Finding The Strength Within To Never Give Up w/ David A. Arnold

💙IN LOVING MEMORY OF DAVID A. ARNOLD So what is “That Thing“ you gotta have about you in order to be successful? To separate from the pack? To make a dream a reality?This week you are gonna hear from someone who knows.BECAUSE HE'S LIVED IT!My guest this week is David A. Arnold.Not only is he a brilliant standup comedian, David channels his life’s observations as a SITCOM  WRITER, PRODUCER, and ACTOR as well.After I watched his Netflix special, IT AIN’T FOR THE WEAK, and laughed my ass off, I made it a big priority to get him on the show. When you hear his takes on life, parenting, hard knocks, and more, you’ll understand why.  This is a man with a lot of takes you’re going to love hearing about.Part of what I love about him is that David struggled in the backwaters of comedy for a long time before he broke through. He’s used the TRAGEDY and PATHOS in his life to fuel a brand of comedy that is INSPIRATIONAL for everyone going through stuff right now… which is basically all of us.He’s blowing up now after working in the business for more than 25 YEARS, building an impressive resume as one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL people in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment business. When you hear David talk about his WORK ETHIC, you’ll know there were no shortcuts to him earning everything he’s achieved.David’s source of strength through it all has been his connection to his family. Not only are they sources for a lot of his material, they’re also what drives him to keep working at “THAT THING” as he likes to refer to it.David gets into why it’s important to REFUSING TO LIVE WITH EXCUSES or challenges you faced growing up. It’s a fascinating look at someone who’s overcome unusual family dynamics, addiction, and being incarcerated (for a fix-it ticket!). As you’ll hear, BREAKING THROUGH is not for the weak.We’re also going to talk about David’s creative process for generating material, how he deals with imposter syndrome, and having A WILL TO SUCCEED that’s not for sale. The bottom line is that making people laugh is HARD WORK.You can’t talk to David for an hour and not touch on KIDS and MARRIAGE.  David’s down-to-earth take on both is filled with spot on insights that will make your life and your family relationships better.We are going to wrap up with advice on other parts of your life David wants you to know about too.You’re gonna LAUGH this week.You’re gonna THINK about what you hear too.David A. Arnold has got the goods.So listen up…This is a FASCINATING hour with a man who has used a lifetime of paying his dues to create a universal WISDOM that’s perfect advice for us all.

Blueprint For Better Relationships w/ John Kim

I hope you’re ready to have your eyes opened to some INTENSE AND UNCONVENTIONAL relationship advice because THE ANGRY THERAPIST is in the house this week.JOHN KIM is my guest, and for the next hour, we’re not just talking about relationships with other people.  We’re going to peel back what makes you tick and talk about THE RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE WITH YOURSELF.You can tell John’s approach to therapy and relationships is different just on the titles of the best sellers he’s published…I USED TO BE A MISERABLE F*CK and SINGLE. ON PURPOSE.  And he’s got a new title coming out called IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU, which may be his best work yet.Tell me those don’t make you CURIOUS about what John’s got to say.I love John’s work because he makes people turn relationship analysis INWARD, where most people refuse to spend enough time.  It’s so easy to point blame at others when relationships go bad, but often the worst enemy is THE PERSON WE SEE IN THE MIRROR every morning.Pay attention to what John has to say about his concept of SELF vs Self.  It’s the key to how you can change your life to live INSIDE OUT instead of OUTSIDE IN.  You’re also going to learn more about the internal dialogs you have with your SOLID SELF vs your PSEUDO SELF.LOVE is amazing, but love isn’t perfect.  John is going to tell you how we’re challenged because we're taught that love looks like CODEPENDENCY ... and we all know the pitfalls of codependency in all parts of our lives.As part of his contrarian thinking, John also doesn’t believe in THE ONE.  Instead, he explains why THE ONE IN FRONT OF YOU is the most important relationship you can possibly have.That leads us to talk about different ATTACHMENT STYLES, finding beauty in each other’s CONTRASTS, and loving your partner like IT’S GOING TO END AT ANY TIME.And no discussion about relationships would be complete without John’s takes of RED FLAGS vs. DEAL BREAKERS and how you should deal with DISHONESTY and COMPARISONS in a relationship.  You’re also going to get an education on what to do if you’re not feeling “IT” anymore.  After you listen to John’s wisdom, spend some time thinking more about what you can do to IMPROVE THE RELATIONSHIPS in your life, especially the relationship you have with YOURSELF.
30/08/22·55m 26s

How To Live Life Without Limits w/ Tom McCarthy

The BIGGEST BATTLES we fight on our way to SUCCESS are often the ones inside our own heads.  This week, I’m going to ask you to LOOK INWARD and FACE THOSE LIMITATIONS with the help of my guest, TOM MCCARTHY.  You are the product of the STORIES YOU TELL YOURSELF.  As you’ll hear Tom explain, don’t underestimate the impact of those stories and how they affect you.  If you’re not careful, the wrong stories lead to CONFORMITY and BEING AVERAGE which are your enemies if you want to lead an extraordinary life.In addition to those stories, you must learn how ENERGY and EMOTIONS impact you as well.  They live in your conscious and your subconscious mind.  Or as Tom calls it, your SUPER CONSCIOUS MIND because of how fast this part of your brain processes incoming information.  Here’s the cool part.  Tom is going to teach you how to PROGRAM your super conscious mind so you can start living better TODAY!We also get into FOCUS and how you can use your own ENERGY and ELECTRICITY to turn your THOUGHTS into ACTIONABLE RESULTS. When you apply these things properly, you’ll learn how to CHANGE YOUR STORY.  And that’s where we go next.   You’re going to get a great download on how to change the NARRATIVE OF YOUR LIFE.  Tom and I also go deep on CONFIDENCE and IDENTITY, which are common problems that lots of people struggle with.  You’ll get some great info on those areas that you can use as well.This week is all about giving you the tools you need for your personal brand of PEAK PERFORMANCE.   Tom and I spend a lot of our lives in this space, so get ready for our PEAK ADVICE over the next hour. 
23/08/22·57m 0s

Christina P: Beyond Comedy

This week you will LAUGH, LEARN, and be incredibly INSPIRED.My guest had an insanely difficult childhood and still went on to have tremendous success in so many areas of life.How do you overcome pain? A difficult childhood or relationship?How do you navigate career and family? Etc etc This week I’m honored to share with you the truly incredible Christina Pazsitzky.At the end of the show I think you’ll feel like you went through one of the most enjoyable therapy sessions you could possibly ever imagine.I have followed her work for a couple of years now, and I think she is one of the MOST TALENTED ARTISTS in any field I’ve ever seen.She is married to stand-up comedian TOM SEGURA and has two boys, so you can guess how crazy that house is most times.  Although you’ll crack up at what she’s got to say, much of Christina’s humor is rooted in some pretty HEAVY ISSUES. Much of the world’s great humor starts from places of pain, and as you’ll hear, Christina is no exception.Christina has taken those DARK, EDGY PLACES with no safe place that scared her as a child and turned them into EMOTIONAL INSIGHTS that can’t be faked. Try growing up with a mom who was borderline schizophrenic and a dad who’s been married five times! She was able to take those extremes and turn them into INCREDIBLY RELATABLE OBSERVATIONS.Pay particular attention to Christina’s KETAMINE TRIP after breaking her ankle in four places. It’s one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard, especially after tying it into the story she tells on her Mom Genes special.You’ll also hear Christina’s take on going to THERAPY for 12 years. Spoiler alert! In a completely sane answer, she’s a big fan of it.Expect to LAUGH.But also be prepared to DROP A TEAR or two…That’s the essence of comedy.And the essence of Christina P.Enjoy!
16/08/22·1h 17m

Unlocking Secrets to Business Growth w/ Alex Hormozi

It’s one thing to START A BUSINESS.It’s quite another to SCALE IT FOR LONG-TERM SUCCESS.This week I’ve invited serial entrepreneur and investor ALEX HORMOZI to share expert advice on how to MONETIZE AND GROW your business.  I hope you’re ready for a show with some of the most UNIQUE and INTELLIGENT business insights I’ve heard in a long time and all from a guy who’s only 32 years old!Alex is the CEO of ACQUISITION.COM, and he and his wife Leila have built a portfolio of companies that generate more than $85 million annually in sales.  They are active PHILANTHROPISTS, donating millions to advancing equal access to education in underprivileged communities.  Alex is also active on social media and a frequent guest contributor to FORBES and ENTREPRENEUR, where he shares good and bad lessons with ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS to help them avoid mistakes he’s made along the way. Today, he’s going to do that for our #MAXOUT audience.Even if you’re not in business, Alex will also cover many things you can use in your personal life.  We’re going to dig into the concept of LEVERAGE which is exactly what you’re going to need for your business and personal growth.  Alex explains the FOUR TYPES OF LEVERAGE--LABOR, CAPITAL, SOFTWARE, AND MEDIA--and how you can get LEVERAGE ON YOURSELF.One of the keys to success is always operating with a sense of URGENCY.  Alex has an EVERYDAY URGENCY BLUEPRINT you’ll want to hear and apply to your life.We’re also going to spend a lot of time talking about Alex’s takes on SCARCITY STACK and the TRIM AND STACK HACK to maximize your business’s growth.  They’re simple and powerful strategies that work in every type of business.Alex has also got important advice on how and why you should be PRODUCT and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ORIENTED if you want your business to really take off.There’s a ton of stuff to unpack this week…My advice on where to start?By LEVERAGING YOUR LISTENING to what Alex has to say. 
09/08/22·56m 14s

Growing Up "A Mylett" w/ Bella & Max Mylett

I've had lots of interesting and important people on my show over the past few years.  But this week is EXTRA SPECIAL for me because my children, MAX AND BELLA, agreed to sit down for a chat with their dad.Part of the reason I asked Max and Bella to join me this week is that I know lots of you are curious about what it's like living in our home. As you'll hear, it's probably not that much different than yours.My success has allowed us to do some cool things over the years, and it has changed our lives for the better.  But Max and Bella will also tell you how being a part of a public family and my accomplishments have affected them and their relationships with others. It can be complicated at times.I ask lots of questions. More importantly, I also listen. Sometimes Max and Bella don't need answers, they just need to know that you hear them. There's extreme value in letting your kids figure things out for themselves.Like my father, I've tried to instill that it's not the size of your bank account that matters. Your CHARACTER and HOW YOU TREAT OTHER PEOPLE determine how rich you really are. The greatest thing you can do as a parent is to prepare your kids for the world. TEACH them, let them EXPLORE, LEARN from their failures, and let them CARVE OUT their own lives.You two are my GREATEST JOYS in life.Love…Dad

Building A Powerful Personal Brand w/ Rory Vaden

Ask yourself this question…WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF WHEN THEY THINK OF YOU?Like it or not, that answer is your PERSONAL BRAND.The rules have changed, and it's no longer an option not to have a personal brand.More than ever, your BUSINESS BRAND and your PERSONAL BRAND are becoming the same. With the explosion of options on how to promote yourself and your business, you need to be SMARTER THAN EVER to get the attention you need to succeed.If you're success-driven, chances are you've already figured out that you need to grow your brand and use it for maximum effect.THE BIG QUESTION IS "HOW?"My guest and friend, RORY VADEN, will give you those answers this week.He is also a New York Times bestselling author of TAKE THE STAIRS and PROCRASTINATE ON PURPOSE, a Hall of Fame speaker, and co-founder of the BRAND BUILDERS GROUP, where he and his team teach and implement personal brand development. He's helped several people, including me, LEWIS HOWES, ERIC THOMAS, TOM AND LISA BILYEU, LUVVIE AJAYI JONES, and many others take huge leaps forward with building our personal brands.Some of you may not fully understand personal branding, and that's where we start, digging into why TRUST is closely linked to personal branding, no matter how big you are or how big you want to be.Rory also explains how to start personal branding with practical advice you can easily implement almost immediately built around this KEY TAKEAWAY…THE GOAL IS TO FIND YOUR UNIQUENESS AND EXPLOIT IT IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS.Many of you want to find ways to monetize your personal brand, and Rory gives you some insights using his D.A.R.E.S. (Digital, Automated, Recurring, Evergreen, Scalable) strategy.Rory will also explain what a BRAND DNA HELIX is with 6 QUESTIONS every brand builder should ask themselves.One of the most important keys to a personal brand is figuring out how you can monetize it. Rory lays out those avenues by getting you to think about P.A.I.D.S. (Products, Ads and Affiliates, Information, Deals, and Services).We'll also spend a lot of time discussing how to find your UNIQUENESS. Nobody talks about this enough, yet it's so critical to your personal branding success.We'll wrap up by talking about the three forms of PROCRASTINATION, multiplying your time, and why our brains aren't wired for success.You owe it to yourself to start THINKING about and ACTIVATING your personal brand.And Rory Vaden is the guy to help you do that. 
26/07/22·1h 6m

How To Thrive In An Economic Winter w/ Dean Graziosi

This week I’ve invited DEAN GRAZIOSI back to talk about a different kind of HEALTH PROBLEM facing every single person in this country right now.There’s UNCERTAINTY with the ECONOMY right now and we are in a RECESSION, what should you be thinking and doing?I’ve had a ton of people reach out to me about this in recent months, and it’s time to DIG DEEPER, get some ANSWERS, and give you STRATEGIES you can put into action to lessen the impacts of what’s happening now and what’s to come.Every news outlet is stoking fears about inflation, a looming recession, and a global economy fighting to maintain strength during serious worldwide issues and so many polarized camps in America.WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?You’re about to find out…Dean has been through times like these before. He is in constant contact with some of the other BRIGHTEST MINDS on these subjects, and that’s why you need to listen to what he’s got to say.You’ll get a download about how to PROTECT yourself and SURVIVE through what’s to come and how you can go on offense and THRIVE amidst all the chaos.Dean is also going to give you real ACTIONABLE ADVICE about how to INVEST IN YOURSELF and level up on your MENTAL TOUGHNESS by shifting to an OPPORTUNITY MINDSET.Dean pulls no punches by telling you how you can UNFREEZE YOURSELF, overcome fears and feelings that you’re not worthy of success, and how you can USE YOUR PAIN to change your story.You’ll hear some important thoughts about POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ENERGY and how you should channel each of them. I can’t stress enough how important our discussion is about this.To wrap things up, Dean talks about the differences between his first and second marriage and what he’s done to improve THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP in his life.We cover a lot of ground this week, and every minute of it will HELP YOU, no matter what’s to come…Go to to sign up for the Time To Thrive Challenge! 
19/07/22·55m 44s

Transcend Flawed Healthcare Systems w/ Dr. Amy Doneen

This week we’re going to go straight to the HEART of the matter.LITERALLY.I have been searching for answers about HEART HEALTH for a long time now.  Those of you who follow me on a regular basis know I have some heart issues.  So not only is this going to be a great download about heart health for you, but it’s also an especially personal episode for me as well.That’s because this week’s guest saved my life.Let me repeat that…SHE SAVED MY LIFE!Just as important, since HEART DISEASE is a leading cause of death worldwide, what you hear this week will impact you and many people you know.And what you’ll learn could SAVE YOUR LIFE too.My guest, DR. AMY DONEEN, is an internationally recognized leader in the prevention of HEART ATTACKS, STROKES, AND DIABETES and is the owner and medical director of The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center (HASPC) in Spokane, Washington.  Dr. Doneen is also the co-founder and a principal instructor in the BaleDoneen Method, a genetically guided, precision-medicine approach to preventing, detecting, and treating cardiovascular disease.  And she has written a must-read book, HEALTHY HEART, HEALTHY BRAIN.I GUARANTEE you’ll think differently about your heart health after listening to this week’s episode.Dr. Doneen wastes no time in giving you practical information about life-threatening symptoms you should watch for.  We spend time talking about……the RED FLAGS for a heart attack…why the right BLOOD PRESSURE is critical for long-term health…the role of CHOLESTEROL and LIPOPROTEINS in your body…what FAT DEPOSITS in the eyes mean…and the connection between ORAL and ARTERIAL HEALTHYou’re going to get an important BIOLOGY LESSON on how all your vital organs and body systems work in concert with each other.  Dr. Doneen is going to teach you about your ARTERIAL HIGHWAY SYSTEM, how PSYCHOSOCIAL HEALTH AND BRAIN HEALTH are linked, and why it's important for those systems to function well so that you can improve your heart health.Is there a DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE this week?ABSOLUTELY!And her message is simple…If you want to LIVE LONGER, learn about your heart, and take care of it like your life depends on it.Because…it does.
12/07/22·57m 23s

Fully Live Life with Happiness and Sorrow w/ Susan Cain

I think one of the hardest things to do in life is to connect with ALL OF OUR EMOTIONS.Many of us work hard to deny or block out what we perceive to be BAD emotions.  What people don’t realize is that EVERY EMOTION serves a purpose, whether SADNESS and SUFFERING or JOY and BLISS.  Emotions are often paired…UP AND DOWN are two sides of the same mental makeup.If you struggle and sometimes, you’re OVERWHELMED trying to deal with melancholy feelings or depression, pay close attention to what you’re about to hear.That’s because my guest this week, SUSAN CAIN, is an expert at understanding these intense negative feelings and learning how to better manage emotions, especially those that can undermine our happiness. She is the #1 bestselling author of “Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole” and “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” which has been translated into 40 LANGUAGES, spent EIGHT YEARS on The New York Times best-seller list, and was named the #1 best book of the year by Fast Company magazine.Susan’s TED TALKS have been viewed over 40 MILLION TIMES and LinkedIn named her the TOP 6th INFLUENCER IN THE WORLD, just behind Richard Branson and Melinda French Gates, among many other well-deserved accolades.Susan is going to teach you why you should embrace negative emotions and answer an important question of imagining what the world would be like with NO SUFFERING OR SADNESS.She’s also going to help you figure out why the way you MEET THE PAIN in your life defines who you are.We’re also going to explore the role of being MELANCHOLY in our lives and dig into the fine line between being melancholy and DEPRESSED.  Those of you who are INTROVERTS (including me!) will be especially interested in what Susan has to say about connecting with others when you’re wired that way.  This week is all about making PEACE with yourself.  Once you understand how all emotions can best serve you, you’ll clear a lot of the mental junk out of your life so you can find BALANCE and HAPPINESS.And Susan Cain is absolutely the right person to help you do that.
05/07/22·48m 35s

Greatest Life Transformation Behind Bars w/ Damon West

This week's show is quite possibly the most incredible story I’ve ever heard. You are going to be riveted and you will never forget this conversation!13 years ago to the day that we recorded this interview, my guest was sentenced to life in prison! Yes, life in prison for my guest Damon West.Damon’s story will make you uncomfortable at times. But ultimately, his story is all about OVERCOMING EXTREME ADVERSITY, TRANSFORMATION, and REDEMPTION.Do you want to learn how to turn your life around? This interview Is a master class!At 20, Damon was the starting quarterback at the University of North Texas when he suffered a career-ending injury. A few years later while training to be a stockbroker, Damon got hooked on methamphetamines, and he became the mastermind of a burglary ring to support his addiction.  Eventually, he was arrested and sentenced to 65 years in a Texas maximum security prison.In prison, Damon got SOBER, went through a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, and started down his true life’s calling which he continued to build on after his parole more than 7 years later.Today he is a much sought-after speaker and best-selling author including co-writing “The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change.” with JON GORDON.Damon pulls no punches in a series of brutally HONEST stories when sharing his life and the mistakes he’s made.You’ll hear first-hand exactly what it feels like to be found guilty of major crimes, how he fought to survive and eventually THRIVE in prison, and how Damon turned his time in prison into an OPPORTUNITY.Be sure to listen to how he used the analogy of being like a COFFEE BEAN (yes, a coffee bean) as a critical part in changing his victim mindset to one of HOPE and redemption.In one of my favorite parts of this episode, Damon reveals his thoughts about GRATITUDE, his mission to HELP OTHERS, and why RESILIENCE is essential to living your best life.This week, pay attention to a man who has lived life on the edge in many ways, good and bad.   Damon’s past and present are filled with LESSONS that will make you STOP, THINK, and help you FIGURE OUT how you can lead a better life, too. 
28/06/22·1h 12m

How Are You, Really? w/ Jenna Kutcher

This week we talk about life. This episode is going to cause you to really evaluate what’s IMPORTANT to YOU, WHO and WHAT MATTERS and maybe a few of your priorities will shift.I invited one of my best friends into the studio for a wide-ranging talk about important parts of YOUR LIFE that you may not usually pay much attention to.Jenna is special, dispensing life advice through her enormously successful podcast, as an acclaimed author, educator, and thought leader. She’s got a new book out, HOW ARE YOU, REALLY? LIVING YOUR TRUTH ONE ANSWER AT A TIME, which is all about what it means to live a life that doesn’t just LOOK GOOD, it FEELS GOOD, too.For those of you who are feeling your life is off track now, Jenna is going to help you right your ship and get back to living your best life.It’s okay to be a HARD CHARGER, but as Jenna explains, never underestimate the need and the importance of REST. Rest is counter to what many success-driven people are programmed to do, but you need to find it or run the risk of crashing hard.Jenna also delves into why it’s important to know yourself better and what questions you need to ask to make that happen.  Am I HAPPY?What does SUCCESS look like for me?Am I FAKING enjoying life?How CONFIDENT am I?We also get into SEASONS of your life and TIPPING POINT MOMENTS where what used to make you happy may not be the case as much anymore.  We’re also going to ask you to think about BURN OUT. Are you a person who can function even when you’re burned out? What are you doing to RECHARGE your mind and body because sooner or later, burnout will catch up to you.Some of you also don’t have the best relationship with your bodies. Pay attention to what Jenna has to say about the relationship between your soul and your body.How many of you fear losing MOMENTUM? Jenna’s got some great insights if that’s one of the things you’re worried about, too.We also spend a lot of time talking about your VISION about what you want for your life. When was the last time you thought about...How do you block out DISTRACTIONS?  How do you handle OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEAS about what you should do?  Does your vision vibe with your VALUES and YOUR IDEA OF SUCCESS?And most important, when was the last time you CHECKED IN WITH YOUR VISION and asked HOW SHOULD IT FEEL?So many BIG QUESTIONS to think about this week!Don’t just listen to what Jenna has to say. Absorb it. Process it. And then take the actions you need to give a great answer when somebody asks you, “How are you, really?”For more on Jenna's book: 
21/06/22·55m 3s

How To Achieve & Sustain Peak Performance w/ Alan Stein Jr.

This week’s guest, ALAN STEIN JR., is all about what it takes to MAX OUT.If you’ve often thought you need more MENTAL TOUGHNESS in your life to give you added discipline, cohesion, and accountability, pay close attention and take a lot of notes.This is the NEXT-LEVEL episode you’ve been waiting for.We’re going to spend an hour talking about what it takes to be more than the best…we’re going to talk about what it takes to be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, no matter what you do.  There’s a GOAT mentality, and Alan will REVEAL all the things it takes to turn you into a fire-breathing COMPETITIVE WINNER.Alan has been all about PRODUCING RESULTS for two decades now.For more than 15 years, he worked with some of the highest performing basketball players on the planet, including KOBE BRYANT, STEPH CURRY, KEVIN DURANT, and a lot of other household names. He is also one of the world’s foremost authorities on what it takes to improve individual and organizational performance and leadership. He has also authored two highly successful books, RAISE YOUR GAME and his newly released SUSTAIN YOUR GAME.Are you ready for an insider’s take on Kobe’s MASTERY OF THE BASICS? You’re going to be blown away by Alan’s “Kobe at 4 am” story.Do you want to be the ABSOLUTE BEST while still avoiding burnout?Want some world-class advice on how to FOCUS better?Alan will also get into the critical skill of developing PROCESSES AND STANDARDS as a key part of being a high achiever.  He also talks about using STRESS and managing ENERGY to YOUR ADVANTAGE instead of falling into traps in those areas like so many people do.We’re also going to spend time talking about VISUALIZATION, which I practice regularly.  You’ll also get practical advice in the form of THREE STEPS you must take to effect change in your life. Alan is all about how vital the proper MINDSET is in helping you achieve a MAXXED OUT life.  When you can practice several of the things you’ll hear this week, you’ll soon be on your own GOAT journey as well.
14/06/22·55m 45s

From Waiting Tables To Influencing Billions w/ Tank Sinatra

I’ve made some of you cry in recent weeks.  This week, my goal is to make all of you LAUGH and really help you LEARN. Wanna truly know how to GROW your social media? Like really?Or maybe you really wanna know how to get from where you are to where you DREAM of going?What is a real strategy and the real thoughts of somebody who transforms their life?Whether you wanna transform your life or explode your social media I have a full-blown expert this week.And you’re gonna laugh your ass off.My guest is TANK SINATRA, aka George Resch, and he’s been lighting up Instagram for the past few years with a sharp-witted combination of the best of the best memes he finds online and a good dose of his own commentary and original content.Tank is the self-described Michael Jordan of memes (who has more than 11 MILLION FOLLOWERS on his various platforms, banking 4 BILLION IMPRESSIONS A YEAR and making him the #1 MEME CREATOR in the history of social media!  On the surface, Tank just THINKS FUNNY. It’s not what he does, it’s who he is. But as you’ll find out, a lot is going on underneath the surface of a guy who is 20 YEARS SOBER and leads an otherwise normal life in a New York City suburb with three kids, a great wife, and a day job he loves.Tank’s life hasn’t always been FUN AND MEMES.He’s forever been drawn to the funny parts of life but started out waiting tables and tried a lot of funny stuff (and failed) before he found his place and Tank Sinatra was born.Tank freely shares some of the reasons he’s been so successful and the unique nature of how the online world works.  We also get into HIGHLIGHTING HAPPINESS. Many people equate money with happiness, but TANK keeps it real, with advice so SIMPLE and spot-on that you may have overlooked it in your life before now.  Here’s a hint…it’s an inside job, and I can tell you this…HAPPINESS IS THE NEW RICH.Then we get into a new game you’re gonna want to play…Tank and his partner created INFLUENCERS IN THE WILD. The premise will BLOW YOU AWAY. Instead of playing the game and racking up money for the win, you travel around the world and add influencers. I’ll let Tank explain more, but suffice to say, this game is HILARIOUS.   You’re also going to get a hefty dose of Tank’s take on SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-AWARENESS. Pay attention to what we talk about because a lot of people really need to work on these parts of their lives.We wrap things up with Tank offering wise advice by POLLUTING YOUR BRAIN WITH POSITIVITY as a way to overcome the constant bombardment of negativity that we all deal with every day.Thanks to Tank!   And have a HAPPY DAY.Hope we made you laugh this week…You’ve EARNED it.And you DESERVE it.
07/06/22·59m 14s

The Speech That Changed Thousands Of Lives! -MaxOut Live: Ed Mylett

Last Friday, for the first time ever, I shared in detail how my father overcame the challenges of alcohol addiction to become the living embodiment of what it means to live a ONE MORE LIFE.I dedicated my new book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, to him to honor his memory and say thank you for all the life lessons he taught me.HUMILITY.COMPASSION.KINDNESS.SERVICE TO OTHERS.LOVE OF FAMILY.…and so many more.He understood the FRAGILE NATURE OF LIFE, as we all do a lot more this week after the recent events in Texas. My father lived his life filled with GRATITUDE, always seeking ways to help ONE MORE PERSON, and in doing so, set an example for me that I try to live up to every day.Remember this…Your world becomes more precious and magnified when you live your life according to THE POWER OF ONE MORE.Because you never know when those ONE MORES will end.Do not live your life with regrets.  Do not live your life with “what ifs.”Live a ONE MORE LIFE…
02/06/22·57m 48s

From Trauma To Freedom & Inner Peace w/ Gabby Bernstein

TRAUMA and PAIN takes on many forms and is an extraordinary CHALLENGE many of us face daily.  This week, my guest GABBY BERNSTEIN and I are going to talk about PAIN and TRAUMA, digging deep into a subject that’s affected a lot of us. In fact, I talk to a lot of people, and I’ve seen how we’re collectively reeling from trauma more than ever.   That’s why I asked Gabby to sit down and shed light on a topic that remains elusive and damaging for many people.We’re going to unmask the nature of trauma, and Gabby will help you TAKE MORE CONTROL of your life and HEAL from the traumas that are hurting you.Gabby is well qualified because she's no stranger to trauma. She’s overcome extreme challenges in her life, including the difficult battle of beating addiction and getting sober several years ago.Since then, she’s published several NEW YORK TIMES bestselling books on spirituality, personal growth, and radical life change, including her new book HAPPY DAYS, THE GUIDED PATH FROM TRAUMA TO PROFOUND FREEDOM AND INNER PEACE.Gabby explores the disconnect between outward success and difficulties you face trying to reconcile how the world sees you vs. how you see yourself. That CONFLICT is a breeding ground for trauma, and shedding light on it can help ease mental stressors that can easily descend into trauma.One of the most important things we talk about are TRIGGERS AND PATTERNS. Reacting to things that have happened in our past creates triggers like disassociation, shame, or denial, and Gabby does a great job of breaking things down to help you recognize these things in you.She also reveals how we can heal ourselves from trauma by connecting with our INNER CHILD and PROTECTORS. Childhood trauma often carries forward to adulthood, and we develop protectors to do just that, protect us from long-standing traumas.There’s also a physical price to pay for trauma. Gabby has got important insights on THE TOLL TRAUMA TAKES ON OUR BODY.And she also shares exercises we can do to lessen physical trauma, including the “heart hold” and “tapping,” which is a technique I’ve been a fan of for a long time.This week is a HEALING week.Gabby helped me during our talk, and when you listen, I have no doubt SHE’S GOING TO HELP YOU TOO.
31/05/22·1h 1m

My Most Powerful Episode Ever - Ed Mylett in the Hot Seat, Interviewed by Jamie Kern Lima

This is THE most emotional conversation of my lifetime...We have flipped the script this week. I’ve asked one of my truly dearest friends, Jamie Kern Lima, to GUEST HOST the show and interview ME about my highly anticipated new book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, coming out June 1. (You can pre-order now).As you might guess, Jamie knows me really well, so not only am I fielding some questions that only Jamie knows to ask, I’m also going to REVEAL things I’ve never told anyone before, publicly or privately.Nothing was off the table!Jamie and I are going to give you a big sneak peek on some of the things you’ll read in my new book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, coming out of June 1.I WROTE THIS BOOK TO HONOR MY DAD. He was a KIND AND LOVING MAN who battled alcohol addiction early in my life. Throughout the years, my dad became the person who had the most profound influence on my life. After he beat his addiction, for 35 years, HE TAUGHT ME LESSONS, many of which are in the book… lessons that I still use to this day.I wasn’t expecting her to ask me about what I struggled with the most growing up. I had to think about it and like a lot of people I know, I had to fight through so many kinds of CONSTANT FEAR.Fear I wouldn’t fit in. Fear that I wasn’t good enough. Fear that I’d be found out as an imposter. Fear my dad would get hurt while he was drinking, or God forbid, he would accidentally hurt someone else.  I’m also going to tell you how I’ve leveraged a life full of ONE MORES to become successful.I’m especially grateful to Jamie for asking me about HOW MY DAD SPENT HIS LAST DAYS and what I learned after he passed that had a huge impact on me.  I hope there are no rules about shedding a few tears on your own show because I definitely broke them...Let’s just say when I get to the end of my life, I’m praying that I turn out to be half the man my father was.This week’s guest host unpacked a lot in the 90 minutes we spent together. THANK YOU, JAMIE… my friend who got me to say things I never thought I would.
24/05/22·1h 38m

Overcoming Stress And Anxiety To Produce Beautiful Music In Your Life w/ Brett Eldredge

This week I’m honored to release a truly life changing conversation with my friend and country music superstar Brett Eldredge.We go incredibly deep… I mean incredibly deep!On mental health, anxiety, imposter syndrome and so many other things that I know many of us struggle with. As a bonus, we discuss his peak performance strategies as well.A remarkable REVEALING PEEK behind what it's like to bare the deepest parts of your SOUL while constantly living in that public eye.Brett had the courage in this interview to be as open as anybody who has ever been on my show. I know his strategies will help you and his vulnerability  will inspire you.You're going to hear some straight talk about Brett's struggles with PRESSURE AND ANXIETY and the enormous ongoing responsibilities of having to write songs that the record company, his fans, and he likes as well.  Like many other talented entertainers, Brett has also dealt with IMPOSTOR SYNDROME and handling CRITICISM. You'll also be especially interested in hearing his battles with DYSLEXIA and how he fought to overcome that unique challenge.He also talks about the time he almost walked away from it all and whether all the SACRIFICES have been worth it.  Despite his battles, Brett has maintained an even-tempered approach to his career. He is a role model for people trying to break into the business and wraps up our talk with some GREAT ADVICE FOR CHASING YOUR DREAMS, whether you want to be a country music superstar or anything else you want to pursue in life.So… kick back and relax for a spell.  Brett’s got some great stories to tell, and you're gonna want to give them a listen.

No BS Guide To Self Confidence

The question I'm asked most frequently is how to build more SELF CONFIDENCE.  People recognize that this tool, above all others, is ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS in all parts of your life.This week's guest, LISA BILYEU, is a self-confidence expert, and she's got a lot of valuable tips and strategies on how to build this CRITICAL MINDSET into your own life. Many of those thoughts are captured in her upcoming book RADICAL CONFIDENCE: 10 NO-BS LESSONS ON BECOMING THE HERO IN YOUR OWN LIFE.   As you'll quickly discover, Lisa's brand of self-confidence is RAW and DOWN TO EARTH.Like many people, she's overcome a lot of challenges. Instead of hiding, Lisa details how she CONSCIOUSLY chose to develop a STRONG SENSE OF SELF that changed her life forever. That radical transformation led to a complete overhaul of how she approached those challenges. In fact, changing her mindset was one of the driving forces that she and her husband used to grow Quest Nutrition by 57,000% in 3 years, ranking it as INC. Magazine’s #2 Fasting Growing Company in North America in 2014. Lisa reveals several practical strategies you’ll want to hear.One of those is "KILLING THE SQUIRREL," a metaphor for doing away with distractions in your life. She also explains why using GRATITUDE the wrong way can be a dangerous pitfall in your life.I've often said the toughest battles are the ones you fight between your ears which is why Lisa's story about battling the MEAN GIRL VOICES in her head resonated with me, just like they will for you.Lisa also talks about the importance of pushing forward and doing your best by focusing more on HOW YOU DO THINGS instead of worrying about the outcome. Stripping away that need for VALIDATION is one of Lisa's primary keys to RADICAL CONFIDENCE and a lesson you'll want to hear.The bottom line is that Lisa preaches a pragmatic brand of COMMON-SENSE THINKING.If you're looking for EFFECTIVE SELF-CONFIDENCE STRATEGIES that will not only make you THINK but that you can put into ACTION, my interview with Lisa Bilyeu an hour well spent.
10/05/22·1h 1m

Gut Health for Mental Health w/ Dr. Amy Shah

I’ve got a GUT FEELING you’re going to really like this week’s episode.That’s because this week’s episode is all about GUT HEALTH featuring one of the TOP EXPERTS in the field, DR. AMY SHAH.DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!If you want to take your health and wellness to an even higher level, you need to listen to this episode…Or if you’ve got some unexplained issues like fatigue, brain fogginess, discomfort of any type, aches and pains… You gotta listen to this!!After a serious car accident that jolted her into thinking about her life differently.  Dr. Shah realized while she didn’t sustain any physical injuries in the accident, mentally she wasn’t happy.  Against the backdrop of a busy schedule of studying for her medical boards and building a practice from scratch, her health was suffering.  She began struggling with WEIGHT GAIN, LOW ENERGY, and UNEVEN MOODS before coming to the realization she needed a complete mental, hormonal, and inflammatory reset. That led her to her life’s work, WELLNESS, and the strong MIND AND BODY connection necessary to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH. Dr. Shah has become obsessed with creating methods and tools to help people move forward in their lives.  She has authored an incredible must-read book, “I’M SO EFFING TIRED:  A PROVEN PLAN TO BEAT BURNOUT, BOOST YOUR ENERGY, AND RECLAIM YOUR LIFE” named one of the five best business books of 2021 by FORTUNE MAGAZINE.  Using cutting-edge science, she has helped thousands of people tap into their powerful energy trifecta: the complex relationship between your GUT, your IMMUNE SYSTEM, and your HORMONES. Based on years of research Dr. Shah explains how your GUT and your BRAIN are connected.  You’re going to hear how your gut impacts your mental health, and how we think impacts our gut.We also cover why being exposed to BACTERIA is better for your immune system, how INFLAMMATION is linked to your gut bacteria, and what you can do to FIX YOUR GUT.You’re also going to get deep insights into Dr. Shah’s NUTRITIONAL RESEARCH, including what foods we should and should not be eating, and HOW WHAT TIME WE EAT AFFECTS OUR GUT.If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll also want to hear what Dr. Shah has to say about those dreaded SUGAR CRAVINGS and how they’re connected to our DOPAMINE PATHWAYS.  Make no mistake, your gut health does affect your LIFESPAN.  So, if you haven’t been doing a good job of taking care of it before now, what you learn on this week’s episode from Dr. Shah should be more than enough to get you thinking about gut health with a degree of urgency.
03/05/22·58m 13s

The Brain Behind the Brawn w/ Phil Heath

I hope you’re ready to do some HEAVY LIFTING for this week’s podcast.You are going to hear one of the most INSPIRING stories about DEDICATION and creating the highest possible STANDARDS from one of the most accomplished bodybuilders and athletes in the world.PHIL HEATH is a SEVEN-TIME MR. OLYMPIA WINNER, going undefeated in the competition every year from 2011 to 2017.  He is tied with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER for the second-highest number of wins, just behind LEE HANEY and RONNIE COLMAN who have eight wins each.He has applied the same incredible WORK ETHIC and FOCUS as an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Phil Heath Labs and the founder of Gifted Athletics, among others.  All of Phil’s ventures have the same purpose of helping you HONE YOUR STRENGTHS and ACTIVATE YOUR BEST SELF.As an avid bodybuilder myself, I was especially curious to know what it takes to get to the next level.  There are a lot of OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME, and Phil touches on many of them.If you want to know more about what it takes to be HEALTHIER, whether it’s at Phil’s level, or if you’ve got more modest goals, you’re going to want to hear what he has to say about……the right COMPETITIVE MINDSET…dealing with TEMPTATIONS…the challenges of TRAINING ALONE…MENTAL and EMOTIONAL AWARENESS…using VISUALIZATION to help you achieve your goals…and dealing with PAIN (a subject that is often overlooked in my opinion)Bodybuilding is as much a MENTAL game as it is a physical pursuit, and Phil also gets into EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS, what drives him to be the best, and how he continues to create challenging EXPECTATIONS to feed those high-level outcomes.One other important area Phil talks about is his FAITH, and how it has helped him maintain a positive and steady course throughout the years.When you look at Phil, his accomplishments are chiseled into his physique.  But what you don’t see is what it took to get him there.This week, you’ll learn what it took for Phil, and how you can apply to your own life what he learned along the way.
26/04/22·1h 7m

The Science of Brain & Heart Coherence w/ Dr Joe Dispenza

Your BRAIN is the most powerful organ in your body.  Brain function is the most studied and, in some ways, least understood part about us.  It continues to AMAZE, MYSTIFY, CHALLENGE, and ASTONISH us every day.Knowing all this, it’s surprising we don’t spend a lot more time on our BRAIN HEALTH, taking every step we can to better understand how our brain works and how it impacts every part of our life.This week, I’m welcoming back a bonafide EXPERT on how our BRAINS FUNCTION for another engaging exchange.  DR. JOE DISPENZA has traveled to more than 33 countries to give lectures on discovering the full potential of the human brain and has three New York Times bestselling books to his name.He has devoted much of his life to studying neuroscience and neuroplasticity, quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) measurements, epigenetics, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence.  Don’t let those words intimidate you.  It all boils down to Dr. Dispenza digging into the INNER WORKINGS OF WHAT GOES ON INSIDE YOUR HEAD.Do you want to know how STRESS affects the relationship between your HEART AND BRAIN?Or why you cling on to the SUFFERING in your life instead of EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN?Are you curious how athletes gain a MENTAL EDGE to compete at the highest levels?What are the benefits to having all parts of your brain on the same “wavelengths” so that BRAIN COHERENCE works in your favor?Dr. Dispenza has powerful INSIGHTS to help you shed unwanted thoughts and mental roadblocks using proven science-based research.  You will discover how to replace what’s holding you back with CLARITY, INTENTIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and POSITIVE EMOTIONS.This isn’t an hour spent talking about theories.  It’s an hour of DOWNLOADABLE AND TEACHABLE STRATEGIES that will fortify how you think so you can change your life for the better.Get ready because Dr. Joe is about to “DISPENZA” a lot of practical advice……and give your brain a lot of important things to think about.
19/04/22·54m 28s

Success Requires No Apologies, Failure Permits No Alibis

This week, I’m honored to welcome to the show one of the most dynamic peak performance speakers in America today.  He’s a man who has done pretty well for himself.  He’s got one of the TOP PODCASTS on social media, is a bestselling author, and has got a new book coming out JUNE 1 called THE POWER OF ONE MORE.That’s right, this week’s guest is ME!I’m FLYING SOLO like what I used to do a lot when I first started online.All kidding aside, I thought it was time to share with you some of my thoughts about a variety of things that have been on my mind lately.I hear from a lot of you daily.  I try to respond to everyone but sometimes I don’t get a chance to go as deep as I want to.  So consider this week’s podcast as a way to answer as many of your concerns, questions, and issues as possible.The most important overriding message I have for you is one of HOPE.  If you’re going through tough times now, it’s critical to remain hopeful.  Be GRATEFUL for what you have.  If you take a few moments to look at your life, you’ll see just how BLESSED you are.  Add what I’m about to tell you and combine these two to find new ways to energize your life.  I’m going to touch upon several things today, including……OUTLASTING temporary circumstances…Framing SUCCESS the right way…What it means to live in your EMOTIONAL HOME…The 6 basic fears we all share…The 4 STAGES OF LIFE and the 4 CHARACTERS you could end up being in 20 years…And, why you need to SWIM IN THE DEEP END OF THE POOLI can’t say it enough, I’m GRATEFUL for every one of you and I want to do whatever I can to help you live your best life.I hope what I tell you today resonates with you.KEEP WORKING HARD!KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING. And do your best, ONE MORE day at a time…
12/04/22·38m 57s

The Man Behind The Mic w/ Jeff Foxworthy

JEFF FOXWORTHY has been telling JOKES and making people LAUGH for a long time.   Which is why it’s so incredible that this week show is one of the DEEPEST and most MEANINGFUL programs I’ve ever done We go deep on  LIFEFAITH SUCCESS CANCEL CULTURE THE GOOD OLD DAYS  And it’s truly an INCREDIBLE CONVERSATION.One I’m truly GRATEFUL to have participated in and I think you’ll be grateful that you listen to it or watched it You know Jeff best from his BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOURS with Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White as well as THE JEFF FOXWORTHY SHOW, and the quiz show ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER.  He’s authored several books and recorded six comedy albums, including two that were certified 3x PLATINUM. But there’s a lot more to Jeff than just being a guy who tells “you might be a redneck” one-liners. This week’s podcast peels back the funny to reveal a DIFFERENT SIDE OF JEFF, from many years of struggles during his early years, to how the BIBLE has shaped and guided his daily life.   One of the gifts of being a comedian is that not only are you a great storyteller, but you’re also a great observer of the HUMAN CONDITION.  In fact, that’s where your humor often springs from.  Jeff has also channeled those observational powers into watching how people deal or don’t deal with their problems. He’s also got great advice about LETTING GO of what you can't control, WHY FAILING A LOT is a key to success, and not putting yourself in situations that will ruin your life.   We also get into how comedy has changed in recent years, especially as it relates to comedians and CANCEL CULTURE.  Despite these kinds of challenges, Jeff talks openly about the JOYS OF BEING A COMEDIAN and how he remains RELEVANT and MOTIVATED while balancing the ongoing demands of being a celebrity.   You’re going to like the hour we all spend together with Jeff.  He’s got great stories to tell and great takes to download.   And that, my friends, is no joke.
05/04/22·55m 50s

How To Eat Like A Genius w/ Max Lugavere

WHAT YOU EAT AND HOW YOU EAT, MATTERS.The sad part is that there are too many people who pay little or no attention to their DIETS as part of a plan to LIVE HEALTHY.  It’s an epidemic in America and unhealthy lifestyles kill millions of us each year.That’s why this week’s guest, MAX LUGAVERE, is back for another must-listen podcast.He is a health and science journalist, TV personality, and the author of the newly released GENIUS KITCHEN as well as the NEW YORK TIMES best-sellers THE GENIUS LIFE, and GENIUS FOODS which has been published in 8 languages around the globe. Max is also the host of the #1 iTunes health podcast THE GENIUS LIFE and appears regularly on the Dr. Oz Show, the Rachael Ray Show, and The Doctors as well as a contributor to Vice, Fast Company, CNN, and The Daily Beast, and many other media outlets.I hope you’re literally ready to MAX OUT in a fast-moving hour that covers A LOT OF IMPORTANT FOOD AND HEALTH TOPICS like:Our obsession with PROTEIN intakeIs there a downside to eating too many PLANTS?The importance of FISH in our dietUsing EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILMisconceptions about SALT and SUGAR-SWEETENED DRINKSHEART and BRAIN foods to EAT AND AVOIDThe importance of eating SLOWPORTION control Why FUNGI is good for youMax and I also get into how to DINE OUT HEALTHY, which is a huge concern for all of us.  Even more important, MAX downloads valuable information about consuming food that is exposed to environmental toxins and steps you can take to minimize any threats to your health.You can’t live your best life unless you are intentional about what you put into your body.  Take time to study Max’s work, and the work of others, on this important topic. Think of it less like homework, and more as LIFEWORK.Because that’s exactly what eating the RIGHT THINGS in the RIGHT WAY is…
29/03/22·1h 2m

Look Back To Move Forward w/ Daniel Pink

If you’re a human being, then you’re familiar with the emotion of REGRET.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to go through life and not experience regret.  Those are the FACTS.The good news is that regret, when managed properly, is HEALTHY. It serves as a COUNTERBALANCE and as a TEACHER. You LEARN more from the things you don’t do and second guess later, than those things you undertake in life.This week, you’re not going to have any regrets when you hear what DANIEL PINK has to say about the topic of regret.Dan’s new book, THE POWER OF REGRET is a deep exploration of how looking backward moves us forward. By the time you’re done listening to Dan’s insights, you’ll know exactly why regret is an often MISUNDERSTOOD EMOTION, and how you use insights into your own regrets to flip the script and lead your BEST LIFE.This is one of seven books Dan has written, including FIVE that are NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS.  His work is so universal that those books have been translated into 42 LANGUAGES and sold millions of copies around the world.  He is noted for delving into several parts of the human condition, ranging from CREATIVITY and BEHAVIOR to MOTIVATION, good TIMING, and how to enjoy more CAREER SUCCESS.However, this week, we’re focusing exclusively on regret, and we cover a lot of ground, including:- Four primary human regrets (foundational, boldness, moral, and connection/relationships)- What counterfactual thinking is- How to anticipate and minimize regret- Options for responding to regret- The five sins of regret…and why people get stuck living in regret and how to break out of negative traps so you can start moving forward again.Dan also discusses how to adopt a JOURNEY MINDSET and how to avoid creating a circle of regret validation.It’s not a question of whether or not regret will strike, it’s a matter of HOW YOU’RE GOING TO RESPOND when it does.Daniel Pink has got essential answers you’ll need to navigate those times when regret comes into your life.
22/03/22·48m 7s

Reebok's Billion Dollar Pivot w/ Joseph William Foster

You’ve all heard of REEBOK.  Many of you own one or more pairs of Reeboks.  But how many of you know the fascinating story behind the brand?  Reebok’s history and how the company evolved over the past several decades has both been a MARATHON and a HUNDRED-YARD DASH at times.  Through it all, there is one man who has been there from the beginning.  This week’s guest, the legendary JOE FOSTER, has got 60 YEARS of experience he’s going to share, so step up to the starting line and get ready for a run like you’ve never heard before.Running shoes and running companies are both in the Foster family genes.  Joe’s grandfather, also Joseph W. Foster, pioneered the spiked running shoe and gained worldwide notoriety making those shoes under the brand J. W. Foster & Sons Ltd.  The best athletes of the early 20th century used them to set numerous WORLD RECORDS and earn a slew of OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS.  From those successes, Joe and his late brother Jeff launched Reebok in the UK in 1958.  It took another 20 years to crack the U.S. market, but Reebok did at the height of a fitness craze.  The results were ASTOUNDING.  In five years, Reebok grew ONE HUNDRED TIMES OVER, from a £9m to a £900m business.  When Joe left the day-to-day operations in 1990, Reebok and Reebok International were worth a combined $3 BILLION.Joe remains an ambassador and speaker, and recently published an autobiography of his journey launching Reebok, called "Shoe Maker: The untold story of the British family firm that became a global brand".You’re going to enjoy hearing a lot of INSIDER STORIES about how Reebok grew EXPONENTIALLY but you’ll also hear how Joe and his brother dealt with years and years of REJECTIONS before breaking through.  Reebok understood the importance of INFLUENCERS early on, and Joe reveals how Reebok leveraged those relationships as a key element of the company’s GROWTH STRATEGY.One of the most important things Joe talks about is how to FIND BALANCE as a family man and an entrepreneur.  If you’ve struggled with this, pay close attention to how Joe has managed to find that DELICATE SWEET SPOT that’s a common problem for lots of success-driven people.Joe wraps up things with some FUN advice for entrepreneurs.Just like wearing the best shoes on the planet is an important part of WINNING THE RACE, you need to download the best advice on the planet if you want to win whatever race you’re in.  And an hour spent listening to Joe Foster will definitely give you the COMPETITIVE EDGE you need. 
15/03/22·49m 33s

Use Science To Control Your Habits w/ Charles Duhigg

How often are you exhausted by being busy all the time, but not ever feeling very productive?  Do you get frustrated that you’re not closer to living the life you dreamed of?If so, get ready to download some KNOWLEDGE that’s going to CHANGE how you live. One of the ways your brain is REMARKABLE is that it is always searching for ways to conserve energy by being more EFFICIENT.  And one of the most important ways it does this is by steering you toward what you already know.And what you already know are your HABITS.The science behind HABITS and PRODUCTIVITY is a fascinating topic.  Once you understand how habits are formed, you can apply this knowledge to your life and create MASSIVE POSITIVE CHANGES.This week, I’m excited to discuss exactly how you can do that with one of the TOP EXPERTS in this field.  CHARLES DUHIGG is a Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter and the author of “Smarter Faster Better,” about the science of productivity, and “The Power of Habit,” about the science of habit formation in our lives, companies, and societies.  He’s also a veteran journalist who has written for the New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine and is a frequent contributor the shows such as This American Life, N.P.R., The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and Frontline.He’s spent years studying the NEUROLOGICAL UNDERPINNINGS of habits and productivity, looking closely at HOW HABITS ARE FORMED, the importance of CUES, the psychology of NEAR MISSES (Hint: pay close attention to what Charles has to say about gambling in Las Vegas), and why it’s important to create and enjoy REWARDS when you engage in positive habits.If you’re a business owner, top executive, or leader of any kind, you’ll want to hear Charles’s take on how KEYSTONE HABITS can change an organization.  As you can already figure out, the right organizational habits can not only lead to huge increases in positive work culture and your BOTTOM LINE, but they can often spell the difference between whether a business ultimately succeeds or fails as well.In practical terms, Charles will also tell you HOW TO CREATE NEW HABITS, engage in the practice of DIRECTED FOCUS, and why STARTING SMALL is one of the keys to making sure new habits stay locked in.If you’re concerned about efficiency in your life (as you should be!), Charles Duhigg is going to teach you how to SAVE TIME AND MONEY, be more PRODUCTIVE, and GAIN CONTROL so you can lead a HAPPIER and more BLISSFUL life.And that’s a HABIT we should all strive for…
08/03/22·54m 48s

Lead Like A 14-Time Champion w/ Monica Aldama

This week, you’re going to hear some incredible lessons on how to build a WINNING TEAM, LEADERSHIP, CULTURE, and DISCIPLINE from one of the legends in her chosen profession. I consider my guest one of the ALL TIME GREATEST coaches in the history of college sports! Period. Her chosen sport is COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING. Cheerleading has changed in recent years.  For many participants, long gone are the days of standing on the sidelines encouraging fans to show their spirit.  Competitive cheerleading at a high level requires as much PERSEVERANCE, PRACTICE, and DEDICATION as much as any other athletic undertaking. Nobody understands this better than MONICA ALDAMA who has set the STANDARD for two decades.  She coaches the Navarro College team, located south of Dallas and considered one of the best programs in the country.   During her tenure, the Bulldogs have won 14 Junior College Division National Championships and five Grand National Titles.  Yes 14 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS! In 2020, Monica was featured in "Cheer," a Netflix docuseries that focused on the 2019 Navarro College coed cheerleading team.  It captivated viewers and was a huge boost in introducing the sport to a wide audience.  Since that time, she has made several TV appearances including a turn on "Dancing with the Stars," and written FULL OUT, an inspirational guide on LEADERSHIP and developing a CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET.  So, what lessons can a competitive cheerleading coach teach you? The answer is A LOT! No matter what you do in life, Monica is going to download actionable advice on a wide range of topics, including… …the importance of COMPASSIONATE DISCIPLINE. …what to look for in RECRUITS when you’re building a team. …giving DIRECT FEEDBACK. …building a great culture by leading with RESPECT and INSTILLING BELIEF in people. …avoiding burnout and dealing with PRESSURE. …the RIGHT WAY TO PRACTICE. This week’s episode really “sticks the landing” with tons of great advice you can use. Monica Aldama is on the mat and practice is about to begin.
01/03/22·1h 1m

Become An Everyday Hero w/ Robin Sharma

Does it feel to you that there aren’t enough HEROES in the world today? At times, it seems like many of us have lost our way.  We’ve become so burdened by the size and number of problems in our own lives and in the rest of the world that we’re overwhelmed on how to move forward.  We feel victimized and WE WANT HELP.   We’re looking for heroes and role models to ENERGIZE us and give us the COURAGE and MENTAL TOUGHNESS we need to fight our best fight. But what if I told you the HERO you need is already INSIDE OF YOU? I’m truly thrilled to share with you one of the more special and remarkable conversations I’ve ever had on the show ,with my guest Robin Sharma  Many of you may already know about Robin through his work over the past 25 years.  He’s a globally renowned LEADERSHIP EXPERT who has sold 20 MILLION BOOKS in more than 90 COUNTRIES, including his latest effort, THE EVERYDAY HERO MANIFESTO.   His client roster reads like a Who’s Who of BLUE CHIP organizations that include Microsoft, Nike, Unilever, General Electric, FedEx, HP, Starbucks, Oracle, Yale, NASA, and many others.  Robin is also a deeply passionate HUMANITARIAN, helping children in need live happier, healthier lives through The Robin Sharma Foundation for Children. As Robin points out, the world needs EVERYDAY HEROES, just like you.  But before you can transform into the hero you were meant to be, you’ve got to make sure your HEART, MIND, HEALTH, AND SPIRITUALITY are in sync and ready to work on your behalf to complete your PERSONAL HEROISM EQUATION. Once you’ve achieved this, there are victim-to-hero leaps--such as dealing with your SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS--you must make that will help lead you to your own heroism. Robin and I get into how to deal with your EGO and TRAUMA as part of this process and why connecting with your MORTALITY is critical to your heroic journey.  It’s one of many obstacles Robin reveals that can rob you of your PEACE if you’re not fully prepared to deal with them. We also talk about the importance of MENTORS and how their INFLUENCE as heroes can make all the difference is other people’s lives.  You’ll want to hear what Steve Wozniak, Robin’s 5th grade teacher, and his father have in common and how they made a huge impact on Robin’s life.    Robin is also going to give you a big dose of how to think differently about WEALTH.  You’re going to reflect long and hard about how you measure wealth after you hear Robin’s thoughts on the EIGHT FORMS OF WEALTH.   If you want to become a hero, you must also learn how to overcome your FEARS.   Robin calls this HUGGING YOUR MONSTERS, and it’s a fitting way to end a REMARKABLE and REVEALING road map on how you can take steps to become an EVERYDAY HERO.
22/02/22·1h 10m

Influence: Your Greatest Super Power w/ Zoe Chance

I am a BIG BELIEVER in SUPERPOWERS.   INFLUENCE is at the top of my list  Superpowers are your small set of unique SKILLS, TALENTS, AND ABILITIES that give you a natural advantage you can tap into to lead your best life. WHAT WOULD IT TAKE to get you to LISTEN to somebody who could introduce you to another superpower that would make your life even better? What would it take for you to LEARN a superpower that could be a VALUABLE ADDITION to your life you could use several times every day? Would you be interested? Of course, you would! So, as you can imagine, when I heard about ZOE CHANCE, and that she had written a book called “INFLUENCE IS YOUR SUPERPOWER: THE SCIENCE OF WINNING HEARTS, SPARKING CHANGE, AND MAKING GOOD THINGS HAPPEN” I was excited to invite her on as this week’s guest. Zoe is a writer, teacher, researcher, climate philanthropist, and obsessed with the topic of INTERPERSONAL INFLUENCE.  She earned her doctorate from HARVARD and now as a behavioral scientist, she teaches “Mastering Influence and Persuasion,” the most popular course at YALE School of Management.  Her framework for behavior change is the foundation for GOOGLE’S global food policy that helps 70,000 people make healthier choices every day.   And, before focusing on academic pursuits, she also managed a $200 million segment of the Barbie brand for Mattel Toys. Here’s why what she has to say should matter to you… Zoe teaches smart, kind people to use what they learn to RAISE MONEY for charity, GET ELECTED to political office, FUND startups, START movements, SAVE LIVES, FIND LOVE, and NEGOTIATE great deals and job offers. In other words, she teaches people to use the SUPERPOWER OF INFLUENCE as a POSITIVE FORCE for good in the world. We cover a lot of ground in this week’s podcast, digging into topics such as… How to CHANGE BEHAVIORS, not minds. What being CHARISMATIC really means. MISCONCEPTIONS about being influential. What is BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS. How Zoe’s time at Mattel Toys impacted her work. How the left and right spheres of our BRAINS react to influence. Dealing with “No!” and why rejection is important to your growth. And last but not least, the MAGIC QUESTION to ask if you want to be more influential. Influence can be a mighty superpower when you learn to use it the right way. And Zoe Chance is the person you need to listen to if you’re ready to continue that journey.
15/02/22·1h 5m

Build Unbreakable Mental Health w/ Jay Glazer

This week, we’re going to talk a lot about an important subject that demands much more attention in times like these.   That subject is Mental health and depression They are definitely varying degrees of the spectrum of depression.   And if you’ve ever suffered from it, or know someone who has, you know just how misunderstood and difficult that MENTAL HEALTH JOURNEY is. My guest, JAY GLAZER, has been a fixture on Fox Network National Football League broadcasts for almost two decades now.  He’s also appeared on several TV shows, including HBO’s Ballers, The League on FX and as an announcer for UFC and Bellator broadcasts. He’s also been very public about his overwhelming battles with anxiety and depression, SHARING HIS STRUGGLES OF “LIVING IN THE GRAY” for all the world to see. I wanted to share his story with you because instead of letting painful depression consume him, JAY FOUGHT BACK.   He crawled out from underneath those dark shadows and CHANNELED HIS ENERGY into productive and positive projects, including opening the Unbreakable Performance Center in West Hollywood a few years ago.It has become a training home to many ELITE ATHLETES AND PERFORMERS including Sylvester Stallone, Michael Strahan, Chuck Liddell, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Pratt, Demi Lovato, and many others.  An offshoot of that, Jay has also trained more than 1,000 NFL players in mixed martial arts during their off-seasons. But his most IMPORTANT LIFE’S WORK was the creation of a non-profit called MVP, MERGING VETS & PLAYERS, which matches former combat veterans and former pro athletes to help each other through the difficult transition into their new lives away from the battlefields and playing fields.   While Jay goes into detail about his heavy battles with depression, he also gives you UNBREAKABLE MINDSET STRATEGIES he used to fight that battle that you can apply in your life as well. I know there are many of you out there struggling with depression on your own, afraid or unable to reach out because you’re wallowing in mental quicksand. You’d be surprised at how many stories I hear that are just like that. If you’re one of those people or know somebody fighting that battle right now, listen to Jay’s story and how he’s BEAT THOSE DEMONS. There are people who care about you, and by listening to this week’s podcast, I hope you’ll realize that YOU ARE LOVED and you are WORTHY of getting the help you need.
08/02/22·51m 26s

Defy The Process Of Aging w/ David Sinclair

Most of us want to live as long as possible.   It’s a SURVIVAL INSTINCT that’s hard-wired into our DNA. BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO LIVE A LONG LIFE. OUR QUALITY OF LIFE MATTERS, TOO. Unlocking the secrets to a long, healthy life has CHALLENGED MANKIND since the dawn of medical science.  Those of you who know me, also know I’ve been fascinated by this subject for quite a while, too. That’s why it’s a great privilege to welcome back this week’s guest, DR. DAVID SINCLAIR. He is a LEADING SCHOLAR and Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL where he has been teaching aging biology and translational medicine for aging for the past 16 years.  More than that, he is also a foremost researcher best known for his work on UNDERSTANDING WHY WE AGE and HOW TO SLOW ITS EFFECTS.  Contemporary BLEEDING EDGE RESEARCH and scientific advancements have propelled us forward and not only UNLOCKED SECRETS TO LONGEVITY but have also created new questions and curiosities that continue to excite our BEST AND BRIGHTEST MINDS.  And few people on planet earth are as well versed or as educated on this subject as Dr. Sinclair. He lives in a world filled with deep examinations of hormesis, sirtuins, energy metabolism, biosynthesis, mTOR levels, reprogramming genes, mitochondria, learning and memory, time-restricted feeding and caloric restrictions, neurodegeneration, and cancer.   While many of you may AWESTRUCK by this area of science, you should also be EXCITED by Dr. Sinclair’s research, because one day it will have a DIRECT IMPACT on you. This week, we’re going to translate what that research means to you in practical terms…and it’s coming sooner than you think! Dr. Sinclair covers a wide range of topics from red light therapy, to the effects of glucose on our bodies, hormone replacement, and the importance of being physically active, fasting, and not eating meat. We also touch on ALTERING DNA which holds the possibility of significantly extending life, and CURING HORRIFIC DISEASES like cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, and many others.Our discussion isn’t just about theories and research though. Dr. Sinclair has also got some HANDS-ON TIPS on what you can do to start to start feeling and looking younger right now. So, sit back, relax, and LEARN.   CLASS IS ABOUT TO BEGIN, and I guarantee, you won’t want to miss it.
01/02/22·1h 8m

Strategies To Achieve Peace w/ Trent Shelton

Today, more than ever, PEACE is elusive for many people. We need to have more discussions about PROTECTING YOUR INNER PEACE so that you can CONTRIBUTE part of that peace to the rest of the world. That’s why this week’s guest, TRENT SHELTON, has a lot of things you’ll want to hear.  It’s rare that I ask people back on my show but Trent is one of those people you can LISTEN to and LEARN from over and over again. Trent is a former Baylor University wide receiver who also played for the Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, and the Washington Redskins.  He built quite a following with a series of two-minute videos to track his efforts of seeking a better life which eventually led to him founding the Christian-based non-profit organization, REHAB TIME.  Growing up as a preacher’s son, Trent is well-rounded in SCRIPTURE and often draws on those experiences in his speaking engagements, podcasts, philanthropy, and other outreach projects  While football was his PASSION early in life, helping others has turned out to be his LIFE’S CALLING. Much of our chat is about combining inner peace and marrying it to YOUR CALLING.  So many people are still searching for those ANSWERS, and Trent is going to give you a lot to THINK about to help you bring clarity to your FUTURE. A big part of this is learning how to PROTECT YOUR PEACE.  And as Trent explains, the way you do that is by paying attention to and maximizing your AUTOMATIC and PURPOSEFUL minutes and REMOVING TOXIC PEOPLE from your life. Trent and I also get into how you can change your way of thinking when you can’t change your situation.  As you’ll also hear, PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING. Both of us have also seen many people suffering from DEPRESSION.  If that’s not you, chances are you may know someone who is depressed.  One of the most important things you’ll want to TAKE NOTES on is how to overcome depression and what red flags to look for before those feelings overwhelm you or someone you know. UNDERSTAND THIS. Trent and I both believe you can have more peace in your life.  You can find it by sharpening your purpose, practicing more GRATITUDE, and being MINDFUL of the things you need to do. Finding peace starts with the INNER YOU. When you achieve that state of mind, all other things become possible.
25/01/22·48m 9s

Breakthrough For A Compelling Future w/ Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an icon  He’s an icon for a very good reason , which is that he has helped millions of people improve or change their lives I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Tony and I have been FRIENDS for many years.  He was one of my earliest SUPPORTERS when I decided to get into performance coaching. We’ve spent a lot of time exchanging thoughts and ideas about how to IMPROVE the human condition, and without a doubt, those are some of the most IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS of my life. I’m grateful for that friendship and I’m grateful to share one of those conversations with you in this interview   We know how hard all the disruptions have been for many people, from losing loved ones to COVID, job upheavals, economic ups and downs, political turmoil, and trying to face what the future holds for us. Because our time was at a premium, we wanted to use it where it would do the most GOOD.  That’s why we focused on the fear, anger, and uncertainty so many people are dealing with right now, and how we could START A DIALOG that might provide you with some badly needed ANSWERS.  TONY wastes no time offering simple and practical advice…turn off the TV, FOCUS ON YOURSELF, and what you want out of life for 2022.  He also explains why fear is more than just psychological, it’s physical too, and how that fear negatively impacts your health. As Tony explains, the most difficult thing to do right now is CREATE MOMENTUM to overcome all the obstacles we’re facing.  But that’s exactly what you need to do as part of TAKING CONTROL of your life. Tony reveals the best way to do this is to develop the SKILLS you’re going to need to be successful in the future.  Listen closely for what those skills are. You’re also going to hear some master-class wisdom about the difference between success and FULFILLMENT, and the importance of PATTERNS and SEASONS and their impact on your life. We can’t solve all the world’s problems in one hour, but what we wanted to do is talk about them, how those of us who are hurting can start to CHANGE some of the ways we think and to help you rediscover HOPE that’s maybe been in short supply in your lives.
18/01/22·1h 1m

Achieve More Bliss By Monotasking w/ Thatcher Wine

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your to-do list?   Do you approach each day a certain amount of angst because of stress that's gnawing at you? This week’s guest is going to UNLOCK some important insights for you.  My guest, THATCHER WINE, is going to dig into many of the things I’ve been talking about and marry it to a proven strategy that will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE what you can accomplish this year. That strategy is MONOTASKING. As you can guess, it’s a complete departure from MULTITASKING which you're already well aware of. You’ll get stuff done by multitasking, but the TRUTH is… Multitasking teaches you how to be BUSY. Monotasking teaches you how to be PRODUCTIVE.  Understand the difference? Thatcher Wine is a successful entrepreneur, author, and founder/CEO of JUNIPER BOOKS that specializes in custom curated libraries and designing special edition book sets.  Since launching it 20 years ago, he’s developed a devoted Instagram following and has customers in 60 countries, including GWENETH PALTROW, who hired him to curate her book collection in 2019. Thatcher’s new book, THE TWELVE MONOTASKS, lays out a STEP-BY-STEP PLAN OF ATTACK in areas of your life where you can develop laser focus to help you get stuff done. We also get into why he has been an advocate for READING AS MONOTASK AND A FORM OF SELF-CARE, and how you can use it as a means to BUILD FOCUS in the digital age. As a cancer survivor, he reveals why that diagnosis changed his PERSPECTIVE on how he approaches living.  We’ve all faced situations like this, so you’ll readily identify with why you need a list of VALUES and PRACTICES in place now to help you get the most out of each day you’re alive. Thatcher Wine’s take on how to use MONOTASKING to better live your life WITH INTENTION and IN THE PRESENT MOMENT will open your eyes in many ways.
11/01/22·49m 44s

The Dirty Truth About Passion w/ Mike Rowe

Should you chase your PASSION or should you SOLVE a PROBLEM? Fill a NEED? Are you ready for the REAL DIRT with one of the SMARTEST and MOST PRACTICAL thinkers today about work in America? MIKE ROWE has been slogging it out in trenches, coal mines, sewers, and garbage dumps for a long time now as the host of DIRTY JOBS. There’s a RUGGED, DOWN-TO-EARTH and TRUSTWORTHY quality about Mike.  Coupled with the fact he can take any dirty job, tell a great story, add some humor, and hook you from the start, makes him one of the more unusual and compelling people in television for the past several years.   A self-described chronic freelancer, Mike has worked in more than 350 JOBS on his hit show.  But he’s also an in-demand Fortune 500 speaker, podcaster, executive producer, and author as well as a vocal advocate and CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation that debunks myths and promotes the value of skilled trades in the workforce. Mike’s got some CAPTIVATING STORIES and SAGE ADVICE about THE NATURE OF WORK you’re going to want to hear.  Mike redefines why and how PASSION should be a part of what you do but probably not in a way you’ve thought of before. He has a great take on the value of HARD WORK and MASTERING SKILLS that leads you to a path to success, whether you work with your HANDS, your HEAD, or some combination of both. There’s also a big disconnect going on right now about the nature of EDUCATION and matching it up with meaningful work. Mike talks a lot about changing how we should REFRAME our thinking about both areas, and why we should always approach our work with a sense of HUMILITY AND CURIOSITY.  You, your children, and pretty much everyone you know are going to spend the better part of your lives working.  Doesn’t it make sense that you should give a lot of THOUGHT about what it’s going to take to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL in whatever you choose to do? This week’s show with Mike Rowe will start that important conversation you need to have with yourself. This one is really gonna get you thinking!
04/01/22·1h 2m

Expert Psychiatrist's Guide To Transcend Trauma w/ Dr. Frank Anderson

I KNOW A LOT OF YOU ARE HURTING RIGHT NOW. I SEE it in your messages.  I HEAR it when I talk to people.  And SOCIAL MEDIA and the NEWS are filled with stories every day of people struggling to stay afloat.  So often, we find ways to compromise as a means of living with our psychological pain and deep-seeded trauma.  Many of us have been doing it for years. But collectively, I don’t think we’re doing enough HEALING.   Especially lately, as the pandemic has turned our entire world upside down.  We’ve done our best to cope amid loved ones getting sick or dying, losing our jobs and identity, battling isolation, and an all-consuming fear of the future. This week’s guest, DR. FRANK ANDERSON is a psychiatrist who has extensively studied pain and trauma.  He has made it his lifelong quest to help others heal by integrating his knowledge of neuroscience and trauma treatment with Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. His new book, TRANSCENDING TRAUMA, explores a unique, compassionate, and evidence-based approach to resolving dissociative trauma.  ARE YOU READY TO HEAL? Do you want to regain the ability to CONNECT WITH and LOVE OTHERS on a deeper level? Are you ready to help others UNDERSTAND why they’re traumatized and what you can do to help them? Aside from the obvious BENEFITS of why it’s important to heal, until you learn to do so and take active steps to heal from trauma, there’s no way you can be the BEST POSSIBLE spouse, parent, friend, co-worker, or achieve the HIGHEST DEGREE OF SUCCESS in your career or personal life. TIME SPENT HEALING IS TIME WELL SPENT.  And as Dr. Anderson reveals to us, it’s a WORTHY INVESTMENT in ourselves.
28/12/21·54m 56s

The American Underdog w/ Kurt Warner

Hollywood could not imagine a better UNDERDOG story than the one Kurt Warner has lived.  So, they went straight to the source and made a movie about Kurt’s incredible journey.   “AMERICAN UNDERDOG: THE KURT WARNER STORY” opens in theaters soon, and I’m thrilled to welcome Kurt this week so you can hear firsthand how he OVERCAME INCREDIBLE ODDS to live one of the most INSPIRATIONAL stories I’ve heard in a long time. After playing college football at Northern Iowa for four years, Kurt was undrafted and stocked shelves in a grocery store.  He eventually landed a spot on the Iowa Barnstormers in the Arena Football League before signing with the St. Louis Rams as a backup quarterback in 1998.  A year later, everything changed. Not only did he become a starter, during his first season, Kurt also led the Rams to a title in SUPER BOWL XXXIV and earned league and Super Bowl MVP honors.  He won another league MVP when the Rams returned to Super Bowl XXXVI.  After signing with the Cardinals, he led the team to their first Super Bowl appearance as well, making him the second quarterback in history to start the Super Bowl with two different teams.   When he retired, Kurt finished his career owning a dozen NFL RECORDS. With all the challenges he faced, if anyone had a right to have self-doubt, it was Kurt.   Did he have self-doubt?   ABSOLUTELY NOT!   As he explains, Kurt always believed in his talent, but how he approached that talent had to CHANGE before he found success. You’re also going to hear how stocking grocery store shelves helped Kurt create a path to the NFL.  It’s a story of how doing COMMON THINGS the right way can produce decidedly UNCOMMON RESULTS that you can use in your life as well. Kurt also gives you a masterclass on the importance of CONFIDENCE as an element of success, especially when you encounter inevitable setbacks. FAITH has always been a part of Kurt’s life, and we spend a good deal of time talking about how Kurt’s RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD has grown and changed over the years to become one of the things that define who he is.  We touch on how he has actively applied faith in good times and the bad and how he has STAYED TRUE TO HIS FAITH despite setbacks after his incredible accomplishments.  At this time of year, and in times like these, we need UPLIFTING stories to help us find JOY and PEACE. That’s why spending time listening to Kurt Warner’s story is a PERFECT GIFT you’ll want to give yourself and SHARE WITH OTHERS.
21/12/21·1h 10m

Transform Your Identity w/ Bob Harper

He hosted The Biggest Loser on television, but BOB HARPER is a BIG WINNER when it comes to being one of the most recognizable fitness experts today. In this week’s episode, you’re going to get a big dose of TRUTH from Bob about battling obesity and LEADING A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.  We’re going to talk about how you can make changes in your life, both mentally and physically, so you can better PROTECT YOURSELF and find your peak state, especially when it comes to CARDIAC HEALTH. Bob is a successful author who has written three New York Times bestsellers.  He has also educated countless people through his series of DVDs on working out and staying healthy and is a personal trainer to the stars, with clients such as ELLEN DEGENERES and JENNIFER JASON LEIGH. But one of the most fascinating and unexpected chapters in Bob’s life was his well-publicized heart attack in 2017 at age 52.  Despite outwardly being the picture of perfect health, Bob goes into detail about how he almost succumbed to that near-fatal attack.   In fact, HE FLATLINED FOR NINE MINUTES and spent two days in a coma before eventually recovering. As you might imagine, that traumatic event deeply affected his psyche and his CORE IDENTITY. That led to a lot of SOUL SEARCHING and some dramatic changes in Bob’s life. Bob talks about dealing with PTSD, EMOTIONAL TURMOIL, and PIVOTING to find a NEW SENSE OF SELF. Every one of us has faced life-changing moments like this or will soon enough.  That’s what makes our conversation PERSONAL, ESSENTIAL, AND COMPELLING.  I want you to listen and reflect on how something like this applies to you. We also talk about practical ways to think about and achieve meaningful weight loss.  Hint…it all starts in your HEAD before you see results in your WAIST!  Bob and I also get into building GOOD HABITS, the RIGHT ENVIRONMENT, and SUPPORT TEAM, which are critical elements to losing and keeping weight off.   The bottom line is, BOB HARPER knows a lot about HEALING.   Listen closely, because he can TEACH you a lot about it, too.
14/12/21·50m 2s

You're Stronger Than You Think w/ Joel Osteen

 Like many of you, I’m a person of STRONG FAITH AND CONVICTION.  My LOVE of my GOD means everything to me and has brought me PEACE, PURPOSE, and STRENGTH throughout my entire life. Before I tell you about this week’s guest, PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN, I want to make it clear that I RESPECT and ENCOURAGE you to practice your faith and spirituality in any way you see fit. That said, I wanted to share this UPLIFTING interview with Joel because it goes way beyond any single religious persuasion, exposes you to NEW IDEAS, and most of all, GIVES YOU A LOT TO THINK ABOUT. For more than 20 years, Joel has combined his love of the ministry with a savvy approach to media and business to build one of the LARGEST FOLLOWINGS in the world.  The Lakewood Church has become one of the most popular visitor destinations in Houston and currently draws more than 45,000 WEEKLY ATTENDEES.  Joel’s international broadcast following has expanded into more than 200 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS in the United States alone. And his dedicated SIRIUSXM channel (Channel 128) and NIGHT OF HOPE events worldwide continue to amplify his messages to millions of more people. Incredibly, Joel never set out to do the work he does today.  The story of how he reluctantly filled in to deliver a sermon for his ailing father that turned out to be the FULFILLMENT of his DESTINY is a powerful example of God’s hand at work that you need to hear, along with the importance of CONQUERING YOUR FEARS to live the life you were meant to lead. We talk about facing dark seasons in our lives, and how we can OVERCOME CHALLENGES and by holding onto our faith.   Joel also reveals how he prays, why GRATITUDE is a big part of his conversations with God, and the role of DESTINY in our lives. If you struggle with CONFIDENCE (and most of us do), Joel offers advice on overcoming your fears and doubts by mastering self-defeating limitations. We also touch on LETTING GO of things that add nothing to our lives and FOCUSING ON WHAT MATTERS MOST, a lesson all of us NEED TO LEARN. JOEL OSTEEN is a tremendous force for GOOD IN THE WORLD, and after you listen to this week’s episode, you’ll know exactly why. 
07/12/21·57m 20s

The Making Of Real Journalism w/ Megyn Kelly

Few people are more qualified to talk about POLITICS and NEWS MEDIA in America than this week’s guest, MEGYN KELLY. For the past several years, most of us have watched the stunning transformation of these parts of our society from the comfort of our living rooms.  But this week, Megyn gives us a NEWS INSIDER’S VIEW on some of the most high-profile political events and personalities in recent history. It’s part of a larger look inside who Megyn Kelly is and how she has dealt with being a CHARISMATIC media figure over the past two decades, including dozen years spent at Fox News and later, on NBC’s The Today Show.  She remains in the public eye through her current daily podcast on SiriusXM. During her broadcasting tenure, politics and the news game became FULL CONTACT SPORTS, and Megyn often climbed in the ring to take on heavyweights in bouts that gained her the reputation of asking tough questions and demanding HONEST answers.  Perhaps the best known of these was her ongoing back and forth tussles with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.   Megyn’s CANDID take on the CURRENT STATE OF JOURNALISM will confirm what many of you already suspect.  You’ll want to hear what she says about BIAS and how it rapidly accelerated during the Trump era. You’ll also appreciate her insights about President Trump, the nature of identity politics, and how the public reacts to manipulative news media in and out of their own echo chambers. On a personal level, Megyn talks about her SUPERPOWER and what she attributes to much of her success.  She also offers advice about HOW TO RAISE WELL-ADJUSTED KIDS and what’s worked best for her as a mother of three children. We spend a fair amount of time on a couple of essential but often overlooked questions in our lives.   Is Megyn happy? She is. And what does it take to make her happy? It’s a simple answer, but much like the rest of who she is, Megyn’s answer is SMART and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. As it should be for all of us. I hope you’ll enjoy listening and learning from Megyn as much as I did. She remains an INTELLIGENT voice in a lot of important discussions going on right now.   
30/11/21·42m 1s

Small Habits, Big Results w/ James Clear

Whether you realize it or not, most of the THOUGHTS and ACTIONS you take daily are based on HABITS you’ve developed over time. Your brain is wired to CONSERVE ENERGY whenever possible, and one of the ways it does this is by falling back to what it already knows. AND WHAT YOUR BRAIN KNOWS ARE HABITS. For the past 10 years, JAMES CLEAR has sought the answer to a single question we’ve all asked at one time or another…HOW CAN WE LIVE BETTER?  As you’ll discover, much of the answer lies in our HABITS.   In fact, through his ongoing research, James has become a groundbreaking EXPERT this subject. His book, ATOMIC HABITS, has sold more than 5 MILLION COPIES worldwide and been translated into more than 50 LANGUAGES. Developing the right habits is an ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCK of my success and something I still work on daily, so I was pumped up for this week’s episode. You will be, too. Like any other way to improve your life, there’s a right way to develop good habits, and James lays out a detailed 4-STEP STRATEGY for doing so.   From my experience, I’ve learned you don’t need to make massive changes in your habits.  Often you just need to change ONE MORE HABIT to propel you to new and much higher levels of success.  When you stack up small improvements by executing the right habits, you create a COMPOUNDING EFFECT that produces tremendous results. We also get into how your habits are affected by your physical and social environments, James’ 4 Laws of Behavior Change, and why “NO” is the ultimate productivity hack.  Let’s face it, saying NO is a problem we often struggle with (including me!), so this is a part of our exchange you’ll really want to FOCUS on. If you have problems breaking bad habits, lack the motivation to change your habits, or struggle with life in general, it’s time to hear what James has to say so you can change your habits and start CHANGING YOUR LIFE.  
23/11/21·52m 24s

Ferocity Of A Female Shark w/ Barbara Corcoran

I hope you’re ready to swim with one of the most famous SHARKS in America. You probably know BARBARA CORCORAN best from hanging out on SHARK TANK with the likes of Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and others for the past 11 seasons.  This week, you’re going to learn about what it takes to run with those powerhouses as an  EQUAL on television and in the real world. Barbara’s journey is packed full of lessons you need to hear and that you can use in your own life. She came from very modest beginnings and was a poor student who battled dyslexia and failed at 20 jobs before she was 23. But after borrowing $1,000 from a boyfriend, Barbara eventually formed the Corcoran Group, and in time, turned it into a $5 BILLION REAL ESTATE BUSINESS. You’ll love the story of how Barbara tapped into her ENTREPRENEURIAL SUPERPOWERS to become one of the WEALTHIEST and most INFLUENTIAL businesswomen in the world today. Her rags-to-riches story is beyond INSPIRING.  More than that, it’s a BLUEPRINT you can learn from when you tap into a FREEDOM MINDSET, GRIT, AND DETERMINATION to create your best life, even in the most difficult circumstances. As you’ll hear, it’s no surprise that many women look to Barbara as a ROLE MODEL to overcome challenges they face in the business world.  She offers specific advice to women, but there are also UNIVERSAL LESSONS anyone can take from her experiences and wisdom. Barbara shares the MUST-HAVE TRAITS any entrepreneur should have (starting with COMPETITIVENESS and RESILIENCE), how she EVALUATES Shark Tank opportunities, and why SELF-AWARENESS is critical when you work for yourself. Barbara wraps up our interview with an interesting and SURPRISING insight into how WEALTH DOES AND DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE.   She is an endless bundle of ENERGY and mixes that with HUMILITY and a NO-NONSENSE approach in her work, making Barbara Corcoran one of the most uniquely ENDEARING people I’ve had on my show.  
16/11/21·51m 17s

Building The Starbucks Empire w/ Howard Behar

Despite Starbucks employees seeking to unionize, the company prides itself on being a place that deeply cares about the workers. In today's episode, you will meet the man that helped make that happen. How often do you get the chance to tap into the mind of one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL CONSUMER-ORIENTED BUSINESS LEADERS for more than 50 years? Do you want to learn first-hand what it was like to grow STARBUCKS COFFEE from only 28 STORES TO MORE THAN 15,000 stores spanning five continents? This week’s guest, HOWARD BEHAR, has done that and a lot more. He is best known for guiding the Starbucks brand for 21 years as President of North America and as the founding President of Starbucks International.  His philosophy of SERVANT LEADERSHIP is memorable for introducing lessons such as “The Person Who Sweeps the Floor Should Choose the Broom” and “Only the Truth Sounds Like the Truth.” If you want to LEAD OTHERS MORE EFFECTIVELY and EXPERT ADVICE on what it takes to grow your current business exponentially, you must listen to how Howard did it using servant leadership and how you can too. Howard and I also discuss why and how the right business CULTURE is a primary driving force of any company’s growth.  He reveals some of the policies he implemented to EMPOWER employees to make decisions that put customers first.  Part of this culture also involved recognizing employees, making sure they’re paid well, and that their voices were heard daily. Let me leave you with two final (and INCREDIBLE) facts. The systems and practices Howard and others put in place continue to breed success to this day.  Although he retired when Starbucks had 15,000 stores, today, there are almost 33,000 STORES IN 83 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE. Finally, and perhaps the most amazing thing of all, HOWARD SHARED HIS PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL and encourages YOU to reach out and contact him because it brings him joy and purpose.   That’s only happened one other time in all the shows I’ve taped, and quite simply one of the most impressive displays of servant leadership I’ve ever seen. If you want to know what success is all about, grab a hot cup of coffee and get ready to enjoy a great hour filled with valuable lessons you can use in your own business and personal life.
09/11/21·48m 9s

Strahan Success Secrets w/ Michael Strahan

So how do you overcome self doubt? How is it that one man has dominated in multiple areas of his life over such a long and sustained period of time ? Are you curious to know the type of MINDSET it takes to succeed in all different areas of life all at one time?  How to literally become one of the most successful people on planet earth today? Do you want to know how to better manage your TIME AND ENERGY so that you can bring tremendous FOCUS to your work? When you find out about some of his accomplishments, you’ll understand why I’m so excited to hear what Michael Strahan has to say. He starred as a defensive end for the New York Giants for 15 years, setting the single-season sack record of 22.5 sacks in 2001, helping the Giants win a SUPER BOWL in 2007 leading to his induction into the Football Hall of Fame in 2014.  With his natural CHARISMA, he made the jump into television, first co-hosting a pair of shows with Kelly Ripa before joining Good Morning, America full-time in 2016.   And that only scratches the surface of all that Michael has done. You’re going to learn about the value of a GREAT WORK ETHIC and why that is what makes all other things possible.  Michael made up his mind early this would be one of the cornerstones to becoming the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION of himself.   Like many of you, believe it or not Michael has also struggled with self-doubt.  He offers simple but EFFECTIVE ways he continues to push through it, and how you can, too.  You’ll also learn about ways to combat imposter syndrome that many of us fight through as well. We also touch on how to be NATURAL, grow your CONFIDENCE, generate POSITIVE ENERGY, and LEAVE JEALOUSY BEHIND to achieve success.  Not easy skills to master, but so essential if you want to follow the same path as Michael. One of Michael’s greatest pieces of WISDOM is simple, but so powerful. “SUCCESS IS MEANT TO BE SHARED.” Let that sink in because it’s great advice every one of us can use and put into practice. Michael Strahan is one of the most HUMBLE people I’ve ever interviewed. You will enjoy this week’s show as much as I enjoyed taping it.
02/11/21·54m 49s

The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness w/ Dr. Amishi Jha

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know the INNER WORKINGS OF THE MIND are a particularly fascinating subject for me. I hope you’re ready for a BRAINY conversation this week because that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about with my guest DR. AMISHI JHA. There are so many questions when it comes to optimizing how your brain functions. Are you curious about how you can do a better job of paying ATTENTION? Are you curious why you get DISTRACTED so easily? Dr. Jha has got some revealing insights you’re going to want to hear. Dr. Jha is the Director of Contemplative Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology at the University of Miami where she is one of the leading experts in the world on the study of COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE. Dr. Jha is also the author of the newly published book, PEAK MIND Even though they’re critical success skills, many of us fall short when it comes to mindfulness and maintaining focus. As part of our discussion, Dr. Jha also weighs in with THREE SYSTEMS you can put into practice to help you improve these essential skills. We also talk about how you can DO AWAY WITH BIASES that are influencing your actions and what you focus on. As Dr. Jha explains, learning how to step back from your preconceived narratives gives you CLARITY going forward. Dr. JHA ties a lot of these ideas together when we talk about MENTAL TOUGHNESS through GREATER SELF-AWARENESS of your mind. We even get into how powerful your brain is through its ability to TIME TRAVEL and MIND TRAVEL. There’s so much we’ve learned about the brain, but so much that we don’t understand. Here’s one last thing to think about. What we do know, and as Dr. Jha proves, is that you can achieve BETTER LIVING through a BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BRAIN.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
26/10/21·1h 6m

Protecting Ourselves From Predators w/ Chris Hansen

How do you distinguish between good people in your life and predatory or bad people? I’m talking about in every area of your life. This week’s guest, Chris Hansen, strikes an incredibly emotional chord with me. You may or may not know that right after I got out of college, the first place I worked at was in a group home for abused and neglected boys. The time I spent with those boys had a PROFOUND effect on me, and as a result, I’m FIERCELY PROTECTIVE when it comes to SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN against all kinds of hurtful behaviors they may encounter. Chris is an eight-time EMMY AWARD-WINNING veteran investigative reporter, best known for his Dateline NBC segments, TO CATCH A PREDATOR. He has also hosted several other criminal investigations shows and currently produces a podcast and content on a YouTube channel that draws huge audiences each week. Sexual abuse of minors is particularly evil, and it happens far too often. That’s why it’s essential to listen to what Chris has to say. In fact, I believe Chris is the single MOST QUALIFIED PERSON there is to speak about dealing with sexual predators and steps you can take to PROTECT yourself and your children from these types of people. In addition to talking about his work on To Catch a Predator, Chris and I spend a lot of time on PRACTICAL AND VALUABLE INFORMATION you need to know about different types of predators. We get into how to spot an online predator, whether you’re a parent, a teen, or a young single adult engaging in chat rooms and DATING apps. How about in business? How do you know if someone’s got your best interest in mind or if they are setting you up for some predatory behavior to take advantage of you? Chris also goes into detail about what GROOMING is and how widespread it is in the online world. We cover the first steps a predator will take, recognizing this behavior and stopping it before it leads to other dangerous predatory practices. REMEMBER THIS. PREDATORS ALWAYS PURSUE THE MOST VULNERABLE TARGETS. As Chris explains, you must PROTECT your children and others by having AGE-APPROPRIATE DISCUSSIONS, DRAWING BOUNDARIES, and CREATING SAFER MEET-UPS especially when using dating apps. Online grooming extends to financial predators as well. Chris and I have both seen it many times. Stealing and bleeding money from vulnerable people online is a lot more prevalent than you might think, especially for older people. This isn’t always an easy subject to talk about, but through his work, Chris Hansen continues to RAISE AWARENESS and keep it in the public’s eye. It’s IMPORTANT to listen this week and hear what Chris has to say. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
19/10/21·50m 40s

Succeed With Happiness & Confidence w/ Dean Graziosi

THE BIGGEST BARRIERS TO SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS ARE OFTEN FOUND IN YOUR OWN MIND. This week’s guest, my good friend, DEAN GRAZIOSI, is going to share what it takes to OVERCOME those mental roadblocks keeping you from fast-tracking your way to a BLISSFUL and PROSPEROUS life. Dean is one of my favorite people on the planet and frankly I just called him and said “Brother I think it’s time for people to hear you and I together again!” This interview is essentially about how to become more successful and happier to put it bluntly! If either of those are of interest to you- Then you need to listen to or watch this It’s detailed, it’s deep and it’s loaded with things you’ve probably never heard before. It’s a master class of personal development and entrepreneurship, and I mean that You will thoroughly enjoy this and gain tremendous insight/value from it. Not to mention you’re gonna want to run through a wall you’ll be so motivated! Dean and I explore why people have struggled with mental barriers, including why many people are unhappy, how to find your PASSION AND PURPOSE, and why blaming others for your behaviors is a game that only losers play. UNDERSTAND THIS. The only way to GROW is by owning your limitations and actions before you can discover ways to become a better version of who you are meant to be. With a greater understanding of overcoming your limitations, we then discuss how you can BUILD SELF-CONFIDENCE by spending less time overcoming your weaknesses and instead focusing everything on your STRENGTHS. Dean also reveals how you can become MORE INFLUENTIAL with others while working toward your goals. No conversation with Dean would be complete if we didn’t touch upon some other key success strategies for entrepreneurs. Dean’s advice on how to REFRAME your thoughts about SELLING is pure GOLD and will fundamentally shift how you think about selling forever. Enough said! It’s time for you to watch this or listen to it!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
12/10/21·1h 2m

Start Aging In Reverse w/ Sergey Young

Is it possible to live for 150 HEALTHY years? How about 200 years? My guest on the show this week, SERGEY YOUNG believes you can! He backs it up with the keys and strategies to doing so. He gives a detailed look into brand new breakthroughs in science and technology that can help you do it now and gives you a vision of the emerging strategies coming the next 10 to 20 years! Sergey is easily one of the most UNIQUE guests I’ve ever had on my show. It’s impossible to not be CURIOUS about what he thinks and how he plans to reach those goals. Sergey is a longevity investor and visionary who founded the $100 MILLION LONGEVITY VISION FUND to accelerate life extension technological breakthroughs and to make longevity affordable and accessible to all. He looks for cutting edge investments that are exploring ways to make it possible to reverse aging and treat previously incurable diseases. He also recently published “THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF GROWING YOUNG” that explores a lot of the exciting breakthroughs taking place and how these may impact you sooner rather than later. Although we touch on the science of aging, Sergey and I spend a lot of time on PRACTICAL steps you can take NOW to LIVE LONGER. Do you want to know what MEDICAL SCREENINGS you should do to let you live longer? Do you want to know the right way to EAT to live longer? How about gaining a better understanding of the importance of SLEEP and why it should become your SUPERPOWER? I know a lot of you enjoy WINE and COFFEE. Would you like to know about how those two beverages affect your health? You don’t have to give them up, but there is an optimal amount for good health. Sergey also gets into an explanation of the science behind the aging process and how it’s possible to more effectively treat diseases than ever before. You need to hear what he has to say about GENETIC EDITING, CRISPR, HORMONE, and OXYGEN therapy. This is not a just discussion about living longer. It’s a discussion about IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE so you can live longer… A LOT LONGER!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
05/10/21·1h 1m

The Motivational Power Of A High Five w/ Mel Robbins

Some people you meet, you instantly CONNECT with them. MEL ROBBINS is one of those people for me. Ask anybody who knows me, and they will tell you that she is simply one of my favorite human beings I’ve ever met. When you listen to this week’s episode, you’ll see why one of Mel’s superpowers is to connect with people wherever she goes. In a smart, earthy, funny, and candid talk, Mel is a LIVE WIRE who’s going to win you over from the start. A former criminal defense attorney, she is now one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in America. You may know her from her appearances on CNN as a legal analyst, or as the host Cox Media Group's _The Mel Robbins Show, A&E's Monster In-Laws, and Fox's Someone's Gotta Go._ You may think that something as simple as giving a HIGH FIVE doesn’t amount to much, but as Mel explains, one HIGH FIVE can make all the difference in the world. Think about it. You have a lifetime of positive programming from giving others high fives. It’s impossible to say something negative a then give someone a high five. The two actions are INCONGRUENT. You’ve never given it any thought, have you? But Mel has. She’s figured it out and applied the NEUROSCIENCE to back it up. Like many great actions, it’s the simple ones like HIGH FIVES that carry the most weight for me and you. That includes the importance of learning how to properly HIGH FIVE YOURSELF to start your day. Yes…it’s important to HIGH FIVE other people but it’s ESSENTIAL that you validate your self-worth by generously giving yourself HIGH FIVES. It’s even more CRITICAL when you haven’t accomplished anything big than when you do. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? But when Mel goes into the physiological details, it makes perfect sense. If that isn’t enough, Mel shares some eye-opening insights on how to cope with gossip and jealously. Here’s a hint. Learn to EMBRACE JEALOUSY. And if you’d like to know how 5 SECONDS can change your life several times a day, Mel gives an awesome tutorial about the power of a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown. There’s so much to impact behind the psychology of a HIGH FIVE. BOTTOM LINE… A HIGH FIVE is an amazing gift you can give others. More important, a HIGH FIVE is an AMAZING gift you can give YOURSELF.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
28/09/21·1h 24m

The Mask of Masculinity w/ Jason Wilson

This week we’re going to explore one of the great mysteries of our time…THE HEALTH OF THE MALE PSYCHE. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you may think you know and understand modern day MASCULINITY. But we’re at a crossroads between what a traditional definition is and finding new ways to help boys and men CREATE HEALTHIER EMOTIONAL OUTCOMES. My guest, JASON WILSON, is an expert on the subject and someone you may already recognize. He is a sought-after speaker and frequently appears in a variety of news media, but perhaps is best known for a VIRAL VIDEO of him working with one of his martial arts students as that 9-year-old boy fought back tears trying to break a board during belt test. It has been viewed more than 100 million times. If you haven’t seen it, FIND IT ON YOUTUBE AND WATCH IT! Jason is the founder and CEO of Yunion (pronounced union) and has spent close to 15 years training and developing more than 10,000 young adults in Metro Detroit. His IMPACT on IMPROVING the lives of young boys and men have earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award. This is an important discussion about a topic that’s frequently overlooked, and the goal of this episode is to make you STOP AND THINK about what we can all do to IMPROVE the mental health of young men everywhere. Jason downloads TRUTH about what masculinity really is and how men need to make peace with and EMBRACE ALL OF THEIR EMOTIONS. Not only is it okay to cry and release past trauma, but it’s also one of the best paths to HEALING and POSITIVE GROWTH in men of all ages. He also reveals what EMOTIONAL INCARCERATION is and how to break through suppressing feelings that can create internal conflict if left unresolved. One of the biggest CHALLENGES single moms face is trying to raise a young man when a father is no longer around. In his work, Jason has seen this time and again and that’s why we spend a lot of time discussing PRACTICAL STRATEGIES that can help BUILD BRIDGES for mothers who face this reality. Listening to Jason, you will gain greater INSIGHTS to all human relationships. He will help you adjust your thinking so you can find greater LOVE and PEACE in your own life through better interactions with others.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
21/09/21·1h 8m

Navy SEAL Insights On Taliban Takeover w/ Rob O'Neill & Rich Diviney

Like you, I've been STUNNED and HEARTBROKEN over how events in Afghanistan have unfolded during the past several weeks. Our pullout remains an open wound, especially after 13 of our brave service members were killed in a suicide bombing on August 26 outside the Abbey gate of Kabul’s airport.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE   Like you, I WANT ANSWERS! So, I asked two men I respect and admire to help us make sense of what happened and what comes next. In a world that sometimes throws the HERO and PATRIOT label around too much, these men have not only earned those distinctions, they’ve also set the standard. I am honored to welcome Robert O’Neill and Rich Diviney to this week’s show. Rob was a Navy SEAL from 1996 to 2012, went on 400 missions (that he can admit to), and is the man who killed Osama bin Laden during Operation Neptune Spear in 2011. Rich is a retired Navy SEAL commander who served more than 20 years, including 13 overseas deployments—including 11 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Without a doubt, both men are UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to talk about current Middle East events. They are not armchair experts. They LIVED it, and they have a lot to SHARE with us. In a sweeping, honest, and often unsettling talk, Rob and Rich PULL NO PUNCHES about their impressions on the current state of affairs in the Middle East and how poorly the evacuation was handled. We also get into our military’s long-term STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP direction over the past 20 years and how past and current decisions have impacted our troops on the ground. You’re going to hear how the CHAIN OF COMMAND works, and you may not be happy with the “why and how” involving our policy decisions. Many of us have also struggled to understand how and why we left behind so much equipment and weapons of war for the Taliban’s benefit. Of all the UNANSWERED QUESTIONS that remain, this could have the most far-reaching and negative implications for the entire world. Rob and Rich offer insights into GLOBAL POLITICS, including how China, Russia, and other actors will redefine their roles as military and economic powers in the near term and why that could impact how next conflicts will be waged in the future. I’ve heard from many of you about your concerns over the potential of increased terrorism threats in the United States with the fall of Afghanistan. Rob and Rich also discuss the role of the Taliban and other terror groups and speculate on what to be to watch for in the coming months and years. This is a FRANK interview by two men who are UNFILTERED in their honesty, insights, and opinions. If you want ANSWERS about what happened in Afghanistan and what comes next in the Middle East and in the United States, this is an hour of your time well spent. Finally, to Rob, Rich, and all the BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN who now serve or who have served our country in the armed forces, THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIGILANCE AND YOUR SERVICE.
14/09/21·1h 13m

Cancel The Culture Of Abuse w/ Sarah Klein

SARAH KLEIN’S STORY IS DIFFICULT AND UNSETTLING to listen to, but if ever there was an episode of my podcast you need to hear, it’s this one. You may not know who Sarah is yet, but there's a good chance YOU KNOW HER STORY. Sarah was a competitive gymnast who became the first known survivor of sexual abuse by former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. SHE WAS 8 WHEN NASSAR BEGAN MOLESTING HER IN 1988. Eventually, Sarah was among more than 150 women who confronted Nassar at his trial. With the help of her testimony and many others, Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison in January 2018. Sarah was also sexually abused by John Geddert, best known at one time as the head coach for the 2012 U.S. Women's Olympic gymnastics team, which featured the Fierce Five, who took home the gold medal in London that year. Geddert worked closely with Nassar, but unlike Nassar, he escaped justice by committing suicide after being charged with two dozen crimes, including human trafficking, forced labor, and sexually assaulting a teenage girl. Sarah, now 40, is an attorney who has helped hundreds of other survivors of Nassar's abuse and has become a STAUNCH ADVOCATE for abuse survivors everywhere. Sarah's horrific experiences are painful, but they are not without PURPOSE. As a survivor, Sarah has FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHTS about protecting your children from becoming victims. She shares how your children can SPOT AN ABUSER’S RED FLAGS and what PARENTS AND CONCERNED ADULTS can do to help FIGHT against abuse. We also talk about the long-term effects of abuse on women's lives and how to help someone heal after they’ve gone through this kind of ordeal. Sexual abuse against girls, and boys for that matter, are hideous crimes. It’s difficult to talk about, which means too often it's easy to pass it along as not your problem or my problem. BUT JUST THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE! If you suspect somebody is being abused, you have a DUTY to SPEAK UP and TAKE ACTION to protect those who can’t defend themselves. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
07/09/21·42m 48s

Unleash Your Superhuman Health w/ Jason Tebeau

Are you ready for a world-class download on the SCIENCE OF WELLNESS? Do you want to know how you can OPTIMIZE your body and learn how to live a LONGER and HEALTHIER life? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about this week, and you’re going to be SURPRISED at what you’re about to hear. Let’s start with a basic TRUTH. THE WORLD IS MOVING FASTER THAN EVER. Most of us get caught up in day-to-day living at WARP SPEED just trying to keep up with everyone else. It's one thing to be AMBITIOUS and lead a FULL LIFE, but quite another to do so at the expense of your HEALTH. Unfortunately, a lot of people are doing just that. INCLUDING ME! It’s no secret, and I’ve shared with you recently that I’ve been going through some health issues. That’s why today’s episode is particularly meaningful for me. It’s time to talk about the importance of SELF-CARE, PERSONAL HEALTH, and WELLNESS. And my guest, JASON TEBEAU, is going to reveal some fascinating approaches to these topics that you’ve probably never heard before. Jason is the CEO of Da Vinci Medical and creator of the SUPERHUMAN PROTOCOL. He and his brilliant team have developed GROUNDBREAKING solutions that are helping people HEAL by attacking the root causes of many kinds of ailments. The Superhuman Protocol combines what we know about our bodies and the NATURAL ENERGIES OF EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE, and combines those things with state-of-the-art SCIENTIFIC WELLNESS PRACTICES including pulsed-electromagnetic therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, and photobiomodulation. You’ll want to hear what Jason has to say about body MAGNETISM, EARTHING, and the importance of making sure you have enough SUNLIGHT in your life. Connecting with each of these things is critical for OPTIMAL health. And, all are backed by PEER-REVIEWED scientific studies. Jason does a great job of breaking these things down into bite-size bits of information, along with PRACTICAL TIPS you can use to fire up your immune system and your overall health. In fact, one of those is as simple as taking time to walk around BAREFOOT, put your feet into some grass and earth, and directly connect with MOTHER EARTH. You’ll also learn why it’s important for you to stop DRINKING WATER two hours before you go to bed. We even talk about something as basic as how to BREATHE the right way, including how proper breathing can actually help cure a hangover. Jason has a lot more to say about changes you can make right now that will have you feeling better almost immediately. Let me be clear…I’m not here to push a product or service on you. All I want to do is let you know I’m following the Superhuman Protocol, and I can tell you, it’s WORKING FOR ME.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
31/08/21·53m 50s

Find The Burn Within You w/ Ben Newman

You will never meet a more PASSIONATE and ENTHUSIASTIC man than this week’s guest, BEN NEWMAN. Ben is one of the most sought-after PERFORMANCE coaches in America. He’s worked with a lot of people and companies you'll know, and a few that will be new to you. We’ve known each other for so long that in many ways, this feels a lot like a FIRESIDE CHAT between two old friends. Ben released his new book, UNCOMMON LEADERSHIP, earlier this month. It immediately jumped to the top of the WALLSTREET JOURNAL LIST, and several other bestseller lists as well. This is an UPLIFTING book you’re going to want to read. Ben doesn’t just talk about different theoretical paths to leadership, he talks firsthand about the people he’s worked with over the years including JERRY RICE, JON GORDON, and several Olympic and MMA athletes. As Ben explains, there is NO SINGLE WAY TO LEAD. He peels back these uncommon journeys to success and helps readers understand why and how they can be great leaders, too. For example, Ben has been blessed to be the mental performance coach for the ALABAMA FOOTBALL TEAM over the past several seasons. You’ll want to hear what he has to say about working closely with COACH NICK SABAN, and one of the coach’s beliefs about how to change your MINDSET when you practice that YOU CAN APPLY to any challenge in your life. If you want to know what makes Coach Saban uncommon, this strategy alone will convince you. We also spend a lot of time comparing NOTES, sharing STRATEGIES, and trading DETAILS on things every one of you can apply to your own lives. One of these is his signature strategy called THE BURN. THE BURN is the underlying motivation that resides in each one of us and Ben reveals how to DIG DEEP and TRANSFORM your Burn into real-life actionable items to help you do great things. You’ll also want to hear what Ben has to say about how FAITH often plays a central role in some of the great leaders he’s worked with. We exchange some FRANK and HUMBLE thoughts on the subject. Ben has a simple but insightful take on one of the differences between great and not-so-great leaders. Pay attention to what Ben has to say about MY vs. OUR. It’s GOLD. Finally, I want you all the know the kind of man Ben Newman is. In honor of his mother who was a teacher, Ben is donating ALL PROCEEDS from Uncommon Leadership to a CHARITY that helps teachers’ pay for classroom supplies and activities. To date, he’s DONATED $50,000 to this cause. And that, my friends, is what an UNCOMMON LEADER does.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
24/08/21·47m 58s

Slay Every Negotiation w/ Rebecca Zung

  DO YOU HAVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE WHO REGULARLY DROP ONE OR MORE OF THESE PHRASES ON YOU? “You interrupted me.” “Just because I didn’t…” “What about your issues?” “What more do you want from me?” “You’re the only one who thinks that way.” “You made me…..” If so, you may be dealing with a NARCISSIST. This week, I’m welcoming Rebecca Zung to my show for a revealing discussion on how to deal with narcissists, negotiating better, uncovering the differences between how men and women think, and much more. Rebecca started out with HUMBLE beginnings and has since transformed herself into one a TOP 1% ATTORNEY in the nation, and AUTHOR OF MANY BEST-SELLING BOOKS. While you're reading those be sure to check out her YouTube channel as well! As Rebecca explains, narcissism is beyond UNHEALTHY, and often DIFFICULT TO SPOT. Narcissists have a fragile sense of self and that turns them into expert MANIPULATORS who prey upon certain kinds of people close to them to get what they want. But narcissism is a lot more INSIDIOUS than that. Rebecca has a “SLAY” strategy and a “MANIPULATE THE MANIPULATOR” strategy you can use to ethically negotiate and deal with these kinds of toxic people at work and in your personal relationships. These strategies are easy to understand and put into practice. Narcissists are also fond of FLIPPING THE SCRIPT and putting the blame back on their accusers. Rebecca has will tell you the best way to respond when you’re confronted with people and situations like that as well. If you’re looking for ways to NEGOTIATE your way to a BETTER LIFE, Rebecca’s got some great advice in that area, too. I won’t give it away here, but you MUST listen to one particular nugget of PURE WISDOM Rebecca offers up, in addition to several other tips on how to get the upper hand in all types of negotiations. And if you’re looking for some tips on how MEN AND WOMEN can negotiate better with each other, Rebecca’s got great insights on that as well, including one divorce story involving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that will blow your mind. You’re going to find Rebecca Zung highly relatable on a lot of levels.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
17/08/21·53m 53s

Baseball Legend's UNSHAKEABLE Faith w/ Rod Carew

ROD CAREW will be the first person to tell you that he has led a BLESSED LIFE, though it has been anything but an easy life. For five years, when I was a young man pursuing my dream of playing baseball, Rod was my HITTING COACH, MENTOR, FRIEND, and a man I looked up to and ADMIRED deeply. I am not overstating things when I tell you Rod Carew is directly responsible for TRANSFORMING me into the man I am today. Not only are you about to hear an INSPIRING interview with tons of BASE HITS you can apply to your own life, but you’re also about to hear an INTENSELY PERSONAL AND EMOTIONAL interview for me as well. MY DEAR FRIEND HAS LED TWO LIVES. Millions of baseball fans know Rod Carew as one of the PUREST hitters and best hitters ever in baseball. His stats and approach to the game are LEGENDARY. During his 19-year career… --Rod won 7 batting titles, including hitting for a mind-blowing .388 AVERAGE one season and winning another title without hitting a single home run in another. --He batted .328 for his career, including hitting above .300 for 15 CONSECUTIVE SEASONS while racking up 3,053 CAREER HITS. --In 2016, in recognition of his prowess at the plate, the MLB American League Batting Champion award was renamed the Rod Carew Award. Fewer people know about the private side of Rod Carew. It’s there where you’ll find the INSPIRATIONAL and HEARTBREAKING chapters of his LIFE. You will draw STRENGTH as you listen to Rod describe his early life in Panama with an abusive father, creating emotional scars he would carry with him well into his adult life. Here’s a HUGE TAKEAWAY for every one of you… Rod never took for granted the GIFTS and OPPORTUNITIES he was given. You’ll be more than a little surprised to learn he took extra batting practice throughout his entire career, including on the day he RETIRED! And the story of how he got the best of NOLAN RYAN is pure gold. No parent should ever go through the pain of losing a child, but when Rod lost his daughter, Michelle, to leukemia, it took his life in a completely NEW DIRECTION. I will forever ADMIRE him for how he took such a tragic event and turned it into something POSITIVE to help so many others. You will also not believe how GOD INTERVENED when Rod had a massive heart attack, flatlining multiple times, and the REMARKABLE story that followed of how his heart transplant was a GIFT FROM GOD as well. After all his achievements and adversity, Rod will tell you that what has seen him through is his FAITH IN GOD. This faith has brought him immeasurable PEACE. And by hearing my friend’s story, I hope you can also OPEN YOUR MIND and discover what it takes to find GREATER PEACE IN YOUR OWN LIFE, too.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
10/08/21·48m 56s

Pink CEO Reveals Billion Dollar Company Secret w/ Cindy Eckert

IT’S TIME TO “THINK PINK” ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE! Cindy Eckert is a DEAR FRIEND, and has become an important ANGEL INVESTOR, SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR, WOMEN’S HEALTH ADVOCATE, AND A VISIONARY HEALTH TECH CEO. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’ve ever had even the faintest glimmer of walking away from your current job and starting your own company, you’re going to absolutely LOVE Cindy Eckert’s story and what you can LEARN from her. You’re all familiar with what Viagra does for men, but I’ll bet not too many of you know Cindy is the one who got FDA approval for Addyi, the first drug designed to enhance female libido. After FDA approval, she sold her company, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, to Valeant for a cool $1 BILLION. It wasn’t her first company sale either, having previously sold another start-up for $500 MILLION. Here's the fascinating part of Cindy’s story. As part of a lawsuit settlement against Valeant, she reacquired Sprout and the rights to Addyi for next to nothing after Valeant’s stock collapsed by 80% due to insider trading and price manipulation allegations. People like Cindy can’t sit still for very long. So, she launched a “PINKUBATOR” and a VC/consulting firm called the PINK CEILING as a way of leveling the start-up and entrepreneurial environment for women. Cindy has a wealth of KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE you're going to want to tap into. In our ENERGETIC interview, Cindy and I talk quite a bit about the DNA required to be an entrepreneur, how to overcome INEVITABLE SETBACKS, and the MINDSET you need to have in a start-up company, Most important of all, Cindy stresses that to be successful as an entrepreneur, everyone in your company has to have “SKIN IN THE GAME.” We also get into the need for establishing the right CORPORATE CULTURE and why treating customers like GOLD is one of the foundational keys to SUCCESS. If you’re an owner, CEO, or you have management responsibilities where you work, Cindy’s INSIGHTS on finding, hiring, and managing people is something you must hear. Those of you who are ENTREPRENEURS searching for more CAPITAL for your business need to pay particular attention to what Cindy looks for when she's investing in someone's business. Cindy may be well known for the PINK outfits she wears every day, but her advice is TRUE BLUE, and you owe it to yourself to hear what she has to say. Be sure to grab pen and a notepad and take a lot of notes for this one.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
03/08/21·56m 26s

The Diamond's Journey To #1 w/ Dustin Poirier

Did you see “THE FIGHT” a few weeks ago? For all my podcast followers, I’ve got a SPECIAL INTERVIEW for you this week! In his first big interview since beating CONOR MCGREGOR, I caught up with DUSTIN POIRIER for a revealing talk about the controversial fight and a whole lot more. First, you will LEARN a ton about MENTAL Preparation, PERFORMANCE TRIGGERS, HOW to EXECUTE under PRESSURE etc etc On July 10, Dustin THE DIAMOND Poirier (28-6) and THE NOTORIOUS Conor McGregor (22-6) went toe-to-toe and elbow-to-elbow for the third time in their MMA careers. It was one of the most highly anticipated trilogy rematches ever after each man knocked out the other in their previous bouts. The fight racked up more than 1.8 MILLION PAY-PER-VIEWS worldwide, making it one of the most-watched MMA events ever. It was stopped on a TKO after McGregor suffered a nasty broken leg at the end of the first round, leaving open the possibility of another mega rematch. That’s a fight every MMA fan wants to see, INCLUDING ME! Like they have different styles in the ring, Poirier and McGregor have completely different styles outside the ring. Dustin is not brash and outspoken. Instead, he QUIETLY AND CONFIDENTLY takes care of business. Widely known for his CLASS and HUMILITY, Dustin is also a dedicated HUSBAND, FATHER, and PHILANTHROPIST who the UFC recognized in 2020 for his charity work. Dustin is TOUGH …PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY. And, as the #1 ranked lightweight in the UFC, THE DIAMOND SHINES BRIGHTER than anyone else in the MMA universe right now. As a HUGE FAN OF DUSTIN AND MMA, I was excited to get to know him better during this latest podcast episode. Even if you're not into mixed martial arts, you’ll find this interview FASCINATING. Although we dig into the McGregor fight, we also go deep on several other topics, including MENTAL TOUGHNESS, SELF-AWARENESS, and EMBRACING a heightened state of EMOTIONS every time Dustin prepares to fight. We also get into the need for continued PERSONAL GROWTH and what it means to be a ROLE MODEL as a highly visible public figure. And, in one of the most HONEST answers ever, Dustin reveals what he likes best and hates most about the current MMA fight game. LISTEN CLOSELY, and you can take what Dustin has to say about all of these things and use it to your advantage in your own daily battles.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
27/07/21·40m 47s

Ask! & Fulfill Your Destiny w/ Mark & Crystal Hansen

DO YOU WANT THE RIGHT ANSWERS IN LIFE? IT ALL STARTS WITH ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Are you ready for this ? MY GUEST HAS SOLD 500 MILLION BOOKS! Yep… 500,000,000 Mark is a legend and an icon In this interview he and his incredible wife Crystal are going to teach you how to ask the right questions and HOW to ASK for what you want! Best known as the co-author of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL book series, Mark is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who has helped untold numbers of people achieve massive success through his teachings and wisdom. As an author, he has written 59 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS. Mark is a prolific audio and video producer who has also spoken to 6,000 audiences and continues to share his compelling knowledge and wisdom along with his soul-mate and wife, Crystal Dwyer Hansen, to gatherings throughout the world. It was an honor to share time with Mark and Crystal in this latest episode. We cover how simple but also how difficult it is for people to ASK FOR HELP in their lives. Mark and Crystal explore this topic in great detail in their latest book, “Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny,” which I read in two days and HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Our talk also touches upon the power of asking GOD for help and asking your SUBCONSCIOUS to help you solve whatever challenges you're facing. These are the types of things that EVERY ONE OF YOU can do to improve your life. Mark and Crystal also get into the ROADBLOCKS that keep us from asking questions that can help us lead RICHER lives. UNDERSTAND THIS! We all have the ability to ask questions. As Mark and Crystal reveal, it’s the QUALITY of the questions we ask ourselves and how they relate to our feelings and emotions that determine the types of answers we get.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
20/07/21·47m 39s

100 IRONMAN TRIATHLONS IN 100 DAYS! w/ James Lawrence

What is it that drives a man to the outer boundaries of physical and mental endurance? Is it possible to push past the human body’s PERCEIVED LIMITATIONS and do what no person has ever done before? In a word, YES! And James Lawrence, the IRON COWBOY, is the man who has done just that. I think we can all agree that completing a single IRON MAN TRIATHLON by itself is an INCREDIBLE athletic feat. However, lots of people have accomplished it, so James set a much loftier goal: 50 Ironmans, 50 states, and on 50 consecutive days. Impressive, right? Of course, it is. But that wasn’t enough for James. So earlier this year, he embarked on Conquer One Hundred -- 100 FULL-DISTANCE TRIATHLONS IN 100 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. That’s 140.6 miles a day for 14 weeks, totaling 14,060 miles. Absolutely MIIND-BOGGLING! Obviously, you need to be in PEAK PHYSICAL CONDITION to do this. Just as important, you have to have an unparalleled degree of MENTAL TOUGHNESS as well. In this episode, James and I talk about the importance of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, how to OVERCOME ADVERSITY, and why setbacks and hitting rock bottom are so important as you make the journey toward your goal. James also reveals his number one SECRET to mental toughness and SETTING GOALS, and how these things can apply to you. And believe it or not, the first 20 of the Ironmans were harder than the rest. That’s because James understood the need to ADAPT AND EVOLVE as he approached each day, especially after he learned he had developed a STRESS FRACTURE early on in the Conquer One Hundred project. Learning to adapt and evolve is an incredibly IMPORTANT LESSON for you to embrace as well. We also have an extended discussion about being PRESENT IN THE MOMENT and breaking large tasks down into small and focused efforts. PRO TIP: The secret to taking on 100 triathlons (or any task for that matter) is one step and one mile at a time. James also reveals why it’s essential to have COMPELLING reasons before you can succeed. He touches upon using internal motivation and channeling that into your external efforts. This is a jam-packed and EMOTIONAL discussion about how to push yourself to new limits. And as you’ll see, James Lawrence is a REMARKABLE human being on many levels.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
13/07/21·1h 4m

Behind The Viral Videos w/ Ryan & Jen Hamilton

This is one of the most INSPIRING and DETAILED episodes of all time. Imagine coming home suffering from severe depression, anxiety And PTSD after your deployment in Iraq. To the point where you can’t even leave your house. And turning that into a social media empire, massive worldwide business and iconic status as an influencer couple?! That’s what Ryan and Jennifer Hamilton have done! Wanna know how they did it and the details? They tell you in this interview! SOCIAL MEDIA HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING. And one of the greatest social media influencer success stories I’ve ever come across is this couple. They have more than 10 million followers on TikTok in one year, 6 million followers on Instagram at their @hammy_tv page and rack up hundreds of millions of views on all platforms . The numbers are compelling, but their back story is even more so. At 19, Ryan joined the military deployed to Iraq, came back with crippling anxiety and PTSD which he suffered through for years. Always a joker, he turned to making videos, met Jen, and that’s when things started to really “click.” You’ll learn why they’re having such great SUCCESS and what you can do to tap into some of those things. Here are a few hints…be relatable, stay in your niche, and offer up value. However, things really exploded when Ryan and Jen began to create content together! (their humor is definitely for adults btw, nothing too over the top… But certainly for adults) Ryan and Jen share other deep INSIGHTS on how to create COMPELLING content, the psychology of viewers, and why you need to pay attention to the technical aspects of each post, too. If you’ve ever wanted to truly grow your social media, it’s a FASCINATING discussion by two people who are doing it better than everyone else. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan a little bit over the last couple years as a bit of a mentor to him, and I can tell you that he’s a special person and Jennifer is even better! Although their content is for adults, their message in the show is for everyone!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
06/07/21·1h 11m

Creating Her Own Legacy w/ Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver is one of the most intelligent, well-known, and beloved women in America. I’m honored to call her my friend and im so grateful to have her on my show for a wide-ranging exchange about: Incredible life lessons, personal growth and development, reflections on family, self awareness, why we often behave the way we do... and an extended discussion about her work as an advocate for advancing research and a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Maria has accomplished so much in her life. She has maintained a high public profile as a member of the Kennedy family, a producer, network television journalist, and as the former first lady of California. She is also a multiple Emmy award winner, best-selling author, philanthropist, and women’s rights activist, among many other notable achievements. You’ll want to hear what Maria has to say about creating self-confidence and identity, and how you can apply the lessons she has learned to your own life. Maria also reveals some unique insights about what it’s like to live in a famous family, and the dynamics of what it’s like when every one of your relatives is a high achiever. If you’re a woman, Maria speaks directly to you on the need for feminine empowerment and strength, balanced by kindness, compassion, sexuality, and overcoming stereotypes that have challenged women in the workplace for decades. We also have a thought-provoking discussion about who we want to be in life, and how our perceptions and what we value changes as we get older. It’s a question all of us should ask ourselves frequently. Perhaps the most important part of our talk centers around Maria’s work with the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, a group she founded to raise awareness about women’s increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease. If you or somebody you know suffers from Alzheimer’s, you must listen Maria has to say on this subject. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
29/06/21·1h 5m

Supernanny's Parenting Secrets w/ Jo Frost

FAMILY IS EVERYTHING! Raising kids isn't easy Even if you don’t have children, having a strong relationship is not easy… We cover both of these things in the interview… Obviously we talk a great deal about raising children. But we also discussed relationships in general, including those that don’t involve children As parent, building a STRONG and HEALTHY family is the most rewarding thing we’ll ever do in our lives. This weeks guest Jo Frost is the worlds top expert in this department! She became a fixture in England where she was the central figure in the popular television show Supernanny UK. In fact, spinoffs were created in almost 50 countries, cementing Mary Jo’s reputation as a family, relationships, and parenting expert. Since that time, she has done other television work and authored several books on improving family dynamics and raising children as well. In our interview, Jo lays out the challenges of how the world has become and a pressure-filled place to raise a family, especially in a post-pandemic era. Technology and social media have also further complicated and impacted our lives as well. Despite these changes, Jo has takeaways on how family dynamics have not changed in many ways. The need to create a STABLE and LOVING home is as timeless as ever. That provides children with the courage they need to go out and live their best lives, knowing they will always have a SAFE SANCTUARY waiting for them. We also dig into the proper way to DISCIPLINE children, how to create family goals, and navigate through difficult issues in families where dysfunction exists, or a divorce has taken place. You’ll also want to hear Jo’s best practices on being a better parent. She is on point when we talk about CONFIDENCE, having a plan, why it’s important to let children fail, and how parents should react when failure does take place. If you're looking to improve your FAMILY DYNAMICS and RELATIONSHIPS, you must listen to this podcast.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
22/06/21·55m 59s

Unrivaled Clemson Culture w/ Coach Dabo Swinney

First , let me just tell you upfront…THIS IS A TRULY INCREDIBLE CONVERSATION! This is a Master Class on LEADERSHIP, FAITH , CULTURE and LIFE Even if you are only a casual follower of college football, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney. Over the past three decades few coaches can rival the SUCCESS Coach Swinney has enjoyed. You learn a lot about LIFE and what it takes to succeed as a player and a coach in college football. And Coach Swinney learned a long time ago about what it takes to be a WINNER. He became Clemson's head coach in 2009 and has built an ASTONISHING legacy since that time. Coach Swinney’s teams have won 81% of their games going 140-33. He also led the Tigers to national championships in 2016 in 2018. And for the past three seasons, he’s coached Trevor Lawrence, who many consider the finest quarterback coming out of college football in quite a long time. To enjoy such a high level of success for an extended period you must have STANDARDS and a CULTURE in place that let's players EXCEL to their HIGHEST CAPACITY. Coach Sweeney talks about what that culture is and how Clemson’s culture actually turned into a brand that has made it easier to continue to RECRUIT THE BEST TALENT in the nation. Coach Swinney is also a man of FAITH. And he has infused his coaching style and his relationship with his players with faith-based principles that have also significantly contributed to the positive culture at Clemson. One of the best ways you can learn to be SUCCESSFUL in your own life is to learn from others who have enjoyed the highest levels of success in their life and in the teams they coach. Coach Swinney goes way beyond the Xs and Os to deliver an INSPIRING and INSIGHTFUL exchange of ideas that you will not want to miss. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
15/06/21·1h 6m

Hollywood Unmasked w/Vivica A. Fox

Few actresses in Hollywood can rival the duration, diversity, or level of success that Vivica A. Fox has had over the past three-plus decades. This interview is LOADED with SUCCESS PRINCIPLES that apply in any industry Many people know Vivica from her work on the popular show, Empire, but she’s equally adept as an actress on the big screen, as a producer, director, author, entrepreneur, and television host. She started out as a dancer on Soul Train, moved to daytime soaps, then starred as Will Smith’s girlfriend in Independence Day, and in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. She’s also worked extensively in prime-time television and as a producer/co-star in the Lifetime crime drama Missing for which she received an NAACP Image Award. Most recently, she refocused her energy on hosting the podcast, Hustling with Vivica A. Fox. These credits barely scratch the surface of my multi-talented guest who has been blessed with charismatic energy, wisdom, and drive to sustain her long and storied career. Listen to Vivica explain why versatility is one of the secrets to her longevity which is more important than ever since crossover is now the norm in the industry. Vivica also has some great Patti LaBelle stories, too. Without giving anything away, you will never think about shoes the same way again after hearing what Patti told her one day on set. We go into how Independence Day changed her life. How could it not with Will Smith as your acting coach? After that film, Vivica’s phone rang off the hook with one offer after another, including the groundbreaking film Set It Off. You’ll also hear what Vivica has to say about being a woman of color and the difference between being famous and having a career in today’s Hollywood. It’s fascinating. The best way to gain insights on what it takes to be successful is to listen to what someone who has been successful for a long time has to say about it. In that regard, very few people can match what Vivica A. Fox has to say. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
08/06/21·37m 44s

Understand The True Nature Of Life w/ Sadhguru

Please stop and listen to me! This conversation is absolutely truly astonishing. I can tell you it altered my life personally, and I have not been the same since it took place This week, I wanted to explore the teachings and spiritual insights from One of the most sought after souls on the planet who helps us understand our existence in this life and how to live in a more blissful state today People from all over the world seek out his wisdom, and everybody from Tom Brady to Will Smith, myself and many others This is not a religious conversation at all! I’m honored to share with you my interview with one of the world’s leading enlightened spiritualists, Indian yogi Sadhguru. Sadhguru’s perceptions transcend time and culture. They are universal and simple, yet they are also profound in their clarity. You will hear KARMA defined in a way you’ve never heard before. Sadhguru challenges the fundamental concept of karma found in the identity and memory of our human condition, and the role karma plays in defining our personal being. One of Sadhguru’s important insights touches upon the right way to contemplate our limited time on earth and how doing so can add more bliss by living in the moment. Part of this is connected to letting go of the things that can weigh us down when we take life too seriously and learning to also live with more energy each day. We dig into the idea that we’re all creators, and how understanding our role in the world is what enables us to better create the destiny in each of us. This destiny is critical as we balance our pursuit of material things that so many of us chase while trying to create our idea of personal happiness. You’ll find yourself stopping to think about a lot of what we cover. You’ll also want to go back and listen to this episode more than once because it’s so densely packed with answers to the big questions we all ask at one point or another. I encourage you to open your mind and think about Sadhguru’s words and thoughts. I’m confident you’ll find yourself challenging some of the ways you think about your search for a more peaceful and blissful life.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
01/06/21·59m 41s

Mindset That Conquered Paralysis w/Chris Norton

When you’re 18, you’re in the prime of your life. Your best years are ahead of you. You’re filled with ENERGY and EXCITEMENT as you finally reach adulthood. Your prospects are bright and you feel like nothing can stop you now. But in a flash, your life can change forever. Chris Norton was a college freshman defensive back until he sustained a devastating injury while making a tackle during a game in 2010, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. After years of hard work, he DEFIED THE ODDS and regained limited mobility in some parts of his body. He didn’t know it at the time, but his life was about to change dramatically again. Chris captured hearts everywhere when he walked across the stage to accept his college diploma in 2015. The video from that day racked up more than 300 MILLION views. Three years later, People magazine created another viral moment when they filmed Chris’s walk of 7 yards down the aisle at his marriage. He used his notoriety to start the Chris Norton Foundation and has become a leading advocate in helping people with neuromuscular injuries and disabilities. His story was chronicled in the book The Seven Longest Yards and captured in the Netflix documentary 7 Yards. It was an honor for me to talk with Chris and tell share the story about a man who refused to give up and relied on his FAITH to overcome one of the most crushing challenges I can think of. Chris pulls no punches talking about how he was injured and how difficult those early days of his injury were. As he tried to HEAL both his body and mind, Chris reveals how people close to him, including his parents, nurse, and his wife Emily, helped him get through the tears and the daily demands he placed on himself. I was also struck by how SELFLESS Chris is because he made it his calling was to OVERCOME his pain and his struggles for a greater purpose by INSPIRING others to face their challenges as well. His story reminds us that have so much to be THANKFUL for in our lives, no matter what has happened in our past. If you’re down or feeling you can’t overcome the obstacles life has thrown at you, Chris’s story will help you find inspiration and RESILIENCE as you face your own challenges.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
25/05/21·49m 39s

Winning is EVERYTHING w/ Tim Grover

When the BEST ATHLETES in the world want to train with the BEST TRAINER in the world, they work out with Tim Grover. You want to know what it’s like to train MICHAEL JORDAN and KOBE BRYANT? You want to know what sets them and other next-level performers apart from high achievers with just as many gifts and talents? Tim Grover has the ANSWERS. Tim founded ATTACK Athletics, Inc. in 1989 and since that time, he has worked with hundreds of NFL, MLB, NBA, and Olympic athletes including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He is also the best-selling author of RELENTLESS: From Good to Great to Unstoppable, JUMP ATTACK, and his newly released book, W1NNING. Widely considered the preeminent authority on the science and art of physical and mental dominance, Tim is a highly sought-after keynote speaker around the world and a consultant to top business leaders, athletes, and elite achievers in every area. Tim is one of my oldest and dearest friends so it was easy to get him to talk about the nature of FAME, what it takes to be the absolute best, GRIT VS. GLAMOUR, and why it’s not necessarily easy when you do reach the top. Tim is also uniquely qualified to tell stories about how Kobe lived his life and what you can take from his MAMBA MENTALITY. We had a lot of good laughs but we also covered some tough things too. Tim shares how he felt when he found out Kobe was gone, why it’s lonely when you’re ultra-successful, and how to CONQUER your doubts, fears, and flaws and turn them into mentally DOMINANT advantages. Straight up, this is HONEST talk from the best in the business. Tim Grover has been there and he’s got WISDOM and STORIES you won’t want to miss. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
18/05/21·1h 8m

Building A Brand In 2021 w/ Donny Deutsch

When marketing guru Donny Deutsch talks, you should listen. Whether you’re trying to build a business or simply grow your personal brand, Donny’s got tons of insights you need to hear. I’ve been fascinated by Donny and followed him for many, many years. He’s one of the SMARTEST people I’ve ever talked with. Donny built Deutsch Inc. into a multi-billion dollar marketing communications company with a roster of blue-chip clients like Johnson & Johnson, Mitsubishi, Revlon, Expedia, and many others. Donny also hosted the CNBC talk show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” and wrote the best sellers, “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt” and “THE BIG IDEA: How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True from the AHA Moment to Your First Million.” In this episode, Donny will blow you away with why social media has to be a part of your game plan and why focusing on MILLENIALS should figure heavily into your outreach. He shares what motivates them and how you can leverage this info to get them to ENGAGE with your business. We also jump into why having a driving hunger, passionate CURIOSITY, and a “Why not me?” attitude is essential if you want to succeed in life. And I think you’ll be surprised at what we both have to say about what money can and can’t do for you. Hint…it’s good to be wealthy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be HAPPIER unless you learn how to USE YOUR MONEY THE RIGHT WAY. You owe it to yourself to listen to what Donny has to say. You’ll walk away with a boatload of new ideas that will make you think for days to come. Be sure to share this one with your friends and family. They’ll definitely want to hear what Donny has to say, too. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
11/05/21·33m 9s

My Most Personal Stories To Inspire You

This weeks show is special I was blessed to celebrate my 50th birthday last week with several close friends and family members. THANK YOU to every one of you in my extended family who sent me kind wishes as well. This was a big one for me and got me thinking back to the people and events that have shaped my life and INSPIRED me over the years. I’ve told stories about these things before, but I wanted to share some of them with you again, not only because they mean a lot to me, but because I think you’ll get a lot out of them too. On the show this week, Im honored to share some of my favorites with you . I hope they inspire you, and make a huge impact on your life as they did on mine I love telling the funny story about a little kid named Ray Ray and what he taught me about standing up for myself. I also want you to hear how my first job after college taking care of a bunch of boys in a group foster home changed my life forever. I’ve also pulled out a couple of stories that will tell you why HELPING YOU is so important to me and why I want you to break through the things that limit you so that you can lead a BLISSFUL life, too. Most of all, I want you to know my dad better and the example he set by quietly SERVING and HELPING others after conquering alcoholism. Even though he passed earlier this year, the impacts he had on me and everyone he reached out to are going to echo for ETERNITY. I miss him every day. ENJOY this weeks episode! 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
04/05/21·20m 35s

Cultivate Your Faith & Unlock Your Potential w/ Erwin McManus

I think about the big questions in life a lot... What is love? How do I find truth? Is there a better way to have a more intimate relationship with God? You’ve got questions like these of your own and if you’re like me, you look for those answers all the time. That’s why I was particularly excited to sit down with my friend Erwin McManus. Erwin has searched for answers to the big questions in life by studying the great religions of the world. That quest has combined his curiosity, spirituality, and creativity, turning him into one of the most important thought leaders in the world. He founded MOSAIC, one of the most influential and innovative churches in America and has written more than a dozen books that dig deep into our beliefs about religion, consciousness and the essence of life. Erwin is also an entrepreneur and an incredible designer. I’ve never met a man like Erwin who can effortlessly move from profound subject to another with such ease. And rarely have I walked away with so many things to think about. In this episode, we touch on spirituality, faith, and how a deeper understanding of spirituality will lead to a better understanding of who YOU are. But we also talked a great deal about business and human giftedness Erwin’s take on the gift of imagination is unlike any I’ve ever heard before. And his thoughts on why Jesus was a genius may give you one of the biggest “A-ha!” moments of your life. Are you ready to challenge yourself with new ideas that will intensify your personal search for the truth in your life? Do you want to know how you can have a closer relationship with God? Are you looking for compassion, mercy, love, and forgiveness… If you are ready to uncover deep and compelling meaning in your own personal search for the truth… Then you must listen to Erwin’s revealing thoughts that will help lead you to the answers you seek... to the great questions in life.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
28/04/21·1h 8m

Life, Death, and Energy w/ John Edward

Discover how your inner energy works! John Edward is one of the country’s most renowned psychic mediums. For three decades, he has helped thousands of people with his uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the Other Side. He is the author of several critically-acclaimed New York Times Best Sellers, AND the star of the hit TV show - Crossing Over with John Edward. You don't have to believe that certain people may have a greater power of intuition or discernment, in order to benefit from this interview. Bluntly, you don’t have to believe in psychics to benefit from this conversation In fact, I consulted with some of my dearest Christian pastor friends before I even had John on the show to get their opinion, and each of them encouraged me strongly to have this conversation. And I’m glad that I did I’ll tell you this… You’re going to be riveted! At some point, every single one of us will experience the loss of a loved one and the grief that comes along with it. It is an inevitable fact of life. My conversation with John will offer a new perspective on life, death, and the energy that surrounds us. In this wide-ranging interview, John and I get into a detailed explanation of the vibrational energy we use to create perceptions that guide us in the world, how we can inventory the energy we have and need, and how we use this same energy to manifest our futures. We delve into why people are so fascinated with death as the great unknown and why John believes the real grieving over the loss of a loved one takes place the second year after they’ve passed. John's profession comes with a great deal of skepticism and criticism... similar to the naysayers your encounter in your own life. John and I get real about how he deals with the negativity AND how you can block out the noise and find success NO MATTER WHAT the haters say!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
20/04/21·1h 13m

Championship Mindset of a UFC Fighter w/ Michael Chandler

Somebody’s got to be the best… why not YOU? Michael Chandler is a UFC Top Competitor, and a person you can aspire to be like both in and out of the Octagon. He’s a 3x Bellator Lightweight Champion and is on his way to holding the UFC Lightweight title. He is a rising star, a good friend of mine, and truly one of the greats! When you are locked in a cage staring in the face of an opponent that wants to rip your head off, it becomes just as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. In this episode, Michael shares his secrets to preparing his mind for a WIN, eliminating the fear of failure, embracing failure, and being able to step fully into his purpose and his greatness! No matter where you came from or how much of a slump you might be in, it’s time for you to THINK DIFFERENTLY! Michael went 688 days in between wins before he became an “overnight success.” It was all about his mental ability to overcome imposter syndrome, and embrace his past while FIGHTING for his future… for who he was destined to become! The strategies you’ll learn in this interview will help you to accept your God-given imperfections and break free from the jail of self-doubt, how to create a mental highlight reel, and prepare your mind to win your next BIG FIGHT! This is NOT just a SPORTS interview! It’s a master class on mental preparation, visualization and changing your mindset… I’m not exaggerating when I called a master class! Don’t miss Michael’s next BIG FIGHT. It’s the main event on PPV May 15th against Charles Oliveira.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
13/04/21·47m 30s

Secrets to Change Your World w/ John Maxwell

Anyone anywhere can make a difference and change your world… Whether you are someone who wants to make a difference in the world but has been too afraid to step out of the closet or you are someone who wants to take your life and the lives of others to the next level, you MUST watch/listen to this interview! It is not often that when you meet your heroes, they EXCEED your expectations. But that is exactly what John Maxwell has done! A man I have admired for many years turned close friend is back on The Ed Mylett Show for a 2nd time with even more mind-blowing content! John Maxwell is a MULTIPLE time bestselling author, writing over 100 books. He has trained High-Achieving Leaders in EVERY COUNTRY on earth and has dominated the business leadership industry, selling over 30 MILLION books throughout his lifetime. He had transformed individuals, communities, corporations, and countries all around the world and was named #1 leadership expert in the world by Inc. Magazine. It is my honor to have John back on the show. This interview is overflowing with REAL strategies that will help ANYONE, no matter what your circumstance, to change your world. You’ll learn the foundation to building a dream, influencing people, and becoming a powerful leader. Change is HARD! John offers real-world solutions that don’t ignore reality but rather teach you how to balance the REAL with the hope and OPTIMISM of what is possible. John says, “Most people accept their life instead of lead their life.” This interview will teach you how to find hope even in your darkest hour and how to build a community around you that will walk WITH you through the fire. We’re talking about changing lives! It is time to open your mind and truly transform your world. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
06/04/21·52m 49s

Manage Your Mental Mess w/ Dr. Caroline Leaf

Manage your mind… Control your mess! We all have a mess in our brains. How we are able to manage that mess is the difference between a healthy mind and body and a mind and body riddled with anxiety and depression. And there is no one better on the planet to explain brain science than Dr. Caroline Leaf. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist with a Masters and Ph.D. in Communication Pathology, specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. She’s a bestselling author, international speaker, and worldwide educator. She was one of the first in her field to study how the brain can change with directed mind input and has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD), autism, dementia and mental ill-health issues like anxiety and depression. In this interview, Dr. Leaf is breaking down the inner-workings of your mind in a way you’ve NEVER heard before. She is revealing the science behind how to recognize negative patterns and turn destructive thoughts into healthy thoughts that SERVE YOU! Whether you are a person of science, a person of faith, or somewhere in between, this interview will open your eyes to the TRUE POWER you have inside to control your mental AND give you practical steps on how to do it. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
30/03/21·45m 54s

Resilience of a 3-Time Paralympic Medalist w/ Amy Purdy

Your story can change lives! Amy Purdy is by far, one of the most inspirational people on the planet. She’s a 3x Paralympic Medalist, currently the most Medaled Paralympic snowboarders in the US, author, model, actress, soul-inspiring global motivational speaker, entrepreneur, Dancing With The Stars runner-up and so much more. Not to mention she has accomplished these amazing feats after having both legs amputated below the knee and undergoing a kidney transplant. How does someone who’s endured so much go on to achieve greatness? In this interview, you’ll get an inside look at Amy’s enduring spirit and her incredible journey as she shares how she overcame her most difficult struggles of the past to move on to embrace her future possibilities. You’ll find the REAL WORLD solution to how to find fulfillment beyond all odds, and how to find the courage to let go of the past and step faithfully into the next best version of yourself. We share the secret behind turning your dreams into a reality and how to turn the things you really WANT into the things you actually HAVE! No matter what you’ve gone through, Amy is proof that your story CAN make an impact on the entire world. It’s time to own it!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
23/03/21·48m 21s

Billionaire CEO Leadership Philosophy w/ David Rubenstein

Nobody ever won a Nobel prize hating what they did! David Rubenstein is a BILLIONAIRE businessman, author, show host, and has accomplished more things in his life so far than I could possibly mention! With a net worth of over $3 Billion, he’s the Co-Founder of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms, Chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Duke University and the Smithsonian Institution.. just to name a few! I have admired David from afar for many many years and it is an absolute honor to have him on The Ed Mylett Show to share his knowledge with all of us. It’s hard to make money… but even harder to hold on to it! In this interview, David shares insider money management tips and shares his philosophy on how to build sustainable wealth, PLUS he’s revealing the most important thing you can do to hold to your money! We discuss the changing economy, forecast what you should expect in the immediate future, and share our predictions about the next recession. You’ll learn practical methods you can implement to become a great leader in times of crisis in your business, family, and your faith, how to use your potential to create personal happiness, AND David is sharing the top attributes that the greatest leaders of all time have in common. If you want to find financial success, become a great leader, learn how to gain influence, and overall make a HUGE impact on the world, you MUST watch this interview! Please SHARE the Podcast /YouTube channel With as many people as you possibly can. ⁣ ⁣⁣ 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
16/03/21·37m 20s

Secrets To Perform Like A Navy Seal w/ Rich Diviney

Learn how to ELEVATE YOUR LIFE from one of the toughest men on the planet! Rich Diviney is an author, leadership expert, and former Navy SEAL Commanding Officer serving over 20 years as a Navy SEAL with more than 13 overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. If you want the secrets to strengthening your mental fortitude and becoming an overall badass, THIS is the interview to watch. Life comes at us a million miles a minute so being able to adapt and perform under pressure can be the difference between success and failure, or for a Navy SEAL, life and death. In this interview, Rich is sharing training tactics on how to go from ordinary to performing like a Navy SEAL. You’ll learn how to train your brain to build resilience, and how to embrace and conquer FEAR. These are the same techniques SEALS uses to keep moving forward in the most fearful scenarios! Straight from the mouth of the Mann who selected and led the biggest group of badasses on the planet, you’ll learn what it takes to become a peak performer, build a dream team, and the number one requirement to building a strong team culture. Don’t miss out on this exclusive interview with one of the TOUGHEST men on the planet!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
09/03/21·43m 45s

Founder of NETFLIX: Embrace Your Struggles w/ Marc Randolph

Grow like NETFLIX - The Business MASTERCLASS! You may not know his name but I can guarantee you’ve used his platform… Marc Randolph is the co-founder and founding CEO of NETFLIX. With over 200 MILLION global subscribers and his company valued at over $250 BILLION, there is no one better to teach you how to GROW and SCALE your business. Marc is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, and investor and has completely revolutionized the media industry. This interview is literally more like a business masterclass that you CAN’T afford to miss! Marc shares his insider tips on business, leadership, and life as an entrepreneur and shares his inspiring journey to finding success beyond his own comprehension. As an entrepreneur, you’ve inevitably faced rejection and people telling you how crazy your ideas are. And Marc is no different. When he began pitching NETFLIX, everyone said it would never work! Blockbuster even laughed him out of the boardroom! But in this interview, Marc shares how he turned rejection into a multi-billion dollar comeback, knocking Blockbuster out of the competition and changing the way the entire world experiences media. And this is not just about storytelling… Marc is giving away ACTIONABLE tips and sustainable strategies you can implement no matter what stage of business you are in. Marc shares the SECRET to creating a repeatable and scalable business model, how to deal with the “emotional load” of an entrepreneur, and how to find out if your business can be successful WITHOUT raising or borrowing money! PLUS Marc shares the #1 advantage small businesses have over the big guys AND how to take advantage of it. Entrepreneurship is a game of inches and we are giving you the cheat code on how to play the game to win… and it's absolutely FREE!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE    
02/03/21·46m 31s

Billion Dollar Authenticity w/ Jamie Kern Lima

“Champions aren’t made when the game is easy!” If inspiration was a person, Jamie would be it! Jamie Kern Lima started a makeup company in her living room and eventually sold it for over $1.2 BILLION! She’s on the Forbes Richest Self-Made Women's List and is an active investor in more than 15 companies. She’s a self-made BILLIONAIRE, champion of women, philanthropist, keynote speaker, and co-founder of IT Cosmetics! The number one quality that makes a successful entrepreneur is their ability to persevere in the face of rejection! You MUST develop a healthy relationship with this gut-wrenching experience. And Jamie will be the first one to tell you, “rejection is like serendipitous grace.” Down to her last $1k in the bank and over 3 years of ongoing rejection, Jamie leaned even harder into her calling. Even though others couldn’t perceive her vision, she remained steadfast and let her FAITH grow stronger than the rejection. In this interview, Jamie shares her INCREDIBLE story of how she turned her biggest setBACK into her biggest step UP, not letting external voices of doubt drown out her internal voice of knowing she was meant to do something great with her life. 99.9% of dreams die because of rejection. The gems Jamie and I share in this interview will prepare you for your next inevitable encounter with rejection and teach the tools you need to be able to lean into your insecurities, embrace your vulnerability and go from DOUBTING you are enough to KNOWING you are enough! Flaws and all, success is waiting for you! And this is just the beginning. Click the link below to order Jamie's new book "Believe It" to go from underestimated to unstoppable! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
23/02/21·1h 6m

Big Money Energy w/ Ryan Serhant

"YOU have the power to create your own magic!" Ryan Serhant is the man behind THE biggest real estate brand of all time! He’s a real estate broker, entrepreneur, a bestselling author AND not to mention, he’s the STAR of Bravo’s hit tv shows, ‘Million Dollar Listing’ AND ‘Sell it Like Serhant’. 🤯 With everything he’s accomplished, you might assume that he had his success handed to him or he just somehow “got lucky.” You’d be wrong! Like many of you reading this right now, Ryan used to believe that success wasn’t written in the stars for him. He thought this kind of achievement was only reserved for a select few and he was not one of them. In this explosive interview, Ryan shares how he was able to transform his life by first transforming his ENERGY! With the powerful combination of confidence, energy, and the art of persuasion, EVERYTHING CHANGED. It wasn’t a fluke! There is a strategy to success and Ryan is breaking down the steps YOU can take to cultivate and attract that same energy. Ryan didn’t let his CIRCUMSTANCES nor his PAST define him! It was literally in the midst of the storm when he was broke, worried about how he was going to survive that led him to real estate. And it was this same “Big Money Energy” that landed him his life-changing role on ‘Million Dollar Listing’ beating out over 80,000 other real estate agents in New York. The confidence blueprint to take back control over your life is RIGHT HERE! You’ll learn how to develop “Big Money Energy” WITHOUT being the best at what you do! Isn’t it time for you to start getting MORE out of life and creating a better YOU?! Your future is depending on it…   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
16/02/21·46m 1s

A More Just Nation - w/ Martin Luther King III

Today I’m as honored as I have ever been to host my show. Topics like poverty, racism, and violence are rarely discussed at a level as deep as we go in this conversation Martin Luther King III is an American human rights advocate and the oldest son of my hero and civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King. Throughout his life, Martin Luther King, III has worked with individuals deeply committed to the struggle for human rights and a nonviolent society. Martin's dedication to creating and implementing strategic nonviolent action to rid the world of social, political, and economic injustice has propelled him to the forefront as one of the nation's most ardent advocates for the poor, the oppressed, and the disillusioned. It is truly my honor to have Martin Luther King III as my guest on The Ed Mylett Show! In this interview, Martin and I get REAL about the state of our country in regards to poverty, racism, and violence. With the saturation of these issues in the media, the world can no longer pretend injustices don’t exist, but now that we know it exists, how do we take action and course correct? 
 We discuss our views on how we, as a nation, can eradicate poverty and create a culture of non-violence - a dream we know the great Dr. Martin Luther King fought so hard for. And while we strive to create a more just nation, we should also strive to become the next best version of OURSELVES. Martin shares how his father was able to remain relentless in the pursuit of his dreams in the midst of unthinkable harassment and death threats… and what YOU can do to embody that same drive to reaching your dreams. This much-needed conversation will touch your heart and motivate you to TAKE ACTION for yourself and for others! 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
09/02/21·55m 36s

When Your Dream Ends w/ Eric Wood

Every ending is the beginning of something great… First-round draft pick, 9 years in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills, Pro Bowler, and an amazing athlete I am so excited to have my friend, Eric Wood on The Ed Mylett Show! Not only is this man a peak performer, but he has also mastered the art of pivoting and found great success in life after football. Most collegiate and professional athletes have an extremely difficult time transitioning from life in the game to a life after sports because, by nature, we often define WHO we are by WHAT WE DO! And this is NOT THE CASE! And I’m sure some of you can relate to this. Over the last year, MANY of us have found ourselves in a position where we were forced to PIVOT. Whether we lost a loved one, lost a job, had to figure out homeschooling, working from home, had to shift your entire business model, or even shut down a business. While it may feel like your dreams are on hold or you feel cheated out of your dreams, this is a time to rely on your FAITH that God’s got your back! What do some of the most successful people in many areas have in common? Their ability to CONSTANTLY pivot, their ability to STACK GOOD HABITS, and their FAITH that things are happening for them and not to them. In this interview, Eric breaks down KEY STRATEGIES on how to shift your identity from being defined by what you do to being defined by WHO YOU ARE. We break down the key qualities and habits that all the GOATS practice on a daily basis that fuel them to greatness. AND you’ll learn how Eric was able to identify and use his natural gifts to pivot his life and find success after football. Whether you’re an athlete, a teacher, entrepreneur, parent, business person, or anything in between, you MUST learn this lesson of PIVOTING! 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE
02/02/21·51m 40s

Life After Trauma - with Elizabeth Frazier

“My intention is to give others hope that life can still be amazing, no matter what we've gone through.”   Life After Trauma  - w/ Elizabeth Frazier   This is perhaps one of the most important interviews on one of the most important yet too often silenced, overlooked, ignored, and normalized crises in the world.   And it is happening in our own backyards. The US is the number 1 consumer of child trafficking in the world and the Super Bowl (just 11 days away) is historically the biggest trafficking event.   My courageous guest today has held a special place in my heart since the first time I heard her speak. And as much as I want to believe that her story is a rare occurrence, unfortunately, it is not.   Elizabeth Frazier is a sex trafficking survivor, hero, and inspiration for anyone who is struggling to cope with trauma or pain.   From being groomed for trafficking at just 4 years old and enduring over 20 years of abuse, Elizabeth did not let it destroy her. As a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, she is STILL a believer that even through your worst experiences, everything in life happens FOR you and not TO you.   In this interview, Elizabeth shares her story, her journey to healing and warning signs that someone you know may be a victim of sex trafficking.   No matter what you are going through, this interview will teach you practical skills to no let trauma become your emotional home.   We can all relate to each other through our pain. You are not alone. You can come back from the darkest of places.   If you see or suspect someone is a victim of sex trafficking call the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 (888) 373-7888 or Text “HELP” or “INFO” to 233733.
27/01/21·51m 1s

The World’s Toughest Mom! - w/ Michelle Waterson

Even when you feel like you are so far from your dreams, they are MUCH CLOSER than you think! Michelle Waterson AKA the Karate Hottie is an MMA and UFC Championship fighter. Formerly ranked the No. 1 women’s atomweight fighter IN THE WORLD, she’s honestly one of my FAVORITE athletes and I am honored to have her as my guest on The Ed Mylett Show! Picture this… Michelle went from being one of the ring card girls holding up the UFC cards between rounds to becoming a UFC SENSATION! And her journey has been very similar to the path many of you are facing right now. At one point she was lost…. She found herself in a “grey area” of her life. She was unclear about her purpose and seemed to just be aimlessly moving through life. But God works in mysterious ways and even when we can’t see the path in front of us… the things we experience in our lives are happening FOR us and not TO us! Little did Michelle know that her odd job as a ring card girl would lead to the biggest career breakthrough of her life! In this interview, Michelle gets REAL about her journey, the battle of balancing staying humble while embracing your own greatness, and how YOU can identify your own superpowers! This is an interview we can ALL relate to and be inspired by. We are all on a journey to become the next best version of ourselves and this interview will help you get there!   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
19/01/21·46m 50s

Grow Your Social Media: Secrets Revealed! w/ Josh Richards

What can you learn from an 18-year-old? This will blow your mind! Josh Richards is one of the top content creators in the world with over 30 MILLION followers across all platforms. But not only is this young man social media savvy, he’s also a successful entrepreneur working with big names like Ellen DeGeneres and Snoop Dogg! He is the youngest person I’ve ever had on the show at just 18 years old and he’s got a wealth of knowledge you NEED to hear! The only way to get ahead in the social media game AND EVERY OTHER AREA OF YOUR LIFE is to outwork everyone else… but how? In this interview, Josh is sharing his unfiltered and authentic secrets about how to build a massive following on social media and revealing the HUSTLE behind the success. He wasn’t just waiting around to get insta-famous. Josh went out and HUSTLED follower by follower to grow his reach. Building a social empire isn’t just about clout. It’s a REAL BUSINESS strategy that requires WORK, DEDICATION, and a RELENTLESS will to win! Don’t miss out on these never-before shared strategies on how to grow your following and stand out online. PLUS Josh reveals the worst decision any content creator can make! Social media is a business and this interview is your blueprint. 👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE  
12/01/21·42m 16s

Eat Smarter w/ Shawn Stevenson

Food is NOT just fuel… it’s who you are! Shawn Stevenson is literally one of my FAVORITE people walking this earth and is THE BEST in the world at what he does. His show, The Model Health Show is the #1 health podcast in the country and he’s a bestselling author and world-class entrepreneur. With over 20 years in the health industry, I am thrilled to welcome Shawn Stevenson, for a second time, to The Ed Mylett Show! In case you’ve been under a rock, Shawn just dropped his new book, “Eat Smarter” last week and in this interview, you’re getting an intensive overview of the ultimate guide to upgrading your mind and body through food. After all, EVERY single part of your being is tied to the food you eat! You’ll learn Shawn’s groundbreaking data on how food affects your body that will inspire you to make quality food choices that will lead you to a longer attention span, increased productivity, and better focus! Learn the TRUTH about calories and why you need to rethink your calorie counting diet and Shawn drops his 5 secrets to TRULY controlling your food intake instead of letting calories control you! Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, if you want to blast through fat, reach your fitness goals, and upgrade your mind and body, you can’t miss this revolutionary episode! There is so much value packed into this interview, be prepared to take notes, and watch/listen to it twice!
05/01/21·1h 6m

Blueprint to a Better You w/ Brian Dawkins

“The majority of the success I’ve had has been on the back of pain” He’s an NFL Hall of Famer playing 16 seasons and one of the GREATEST safeties of all time! Now he spends his time teaching people how to improve their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is my pleasure to have Brian Dawkins as my guest on The Ed Mylett Show. As we get closer and closer to 2021, it is time to leave the old version of yourself behind and step into the enhanced 2021 vision of yourself with confidence! This interview will show you the blueprint to turning your pain, failures, and doubts into victory. Brian shares how his most difficult circumstances helped shape his mind and spirit to realize his greatest achievements. See, the things we go through in life are seasonal unless we TRAIN our minds to live in pain or unhappiness. The things we have gone through and may still be going through now are just a season. Brian’s story will give you the motivation and action plan you need to get through the harsh winters of your life AND be prepared to handle the next one. The possibilities for your life are endless. All you have to do is put in the work to make it come true. “If nothing was preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself and you knew you couldn’t fail at anything, how big would your dreams be?” Brian and I both believe that we are all blessed with natural gifts and when you are able to stop taking them for granted and USE them to help and serve others, you WILL reach your true potential regardless of the circumstance you find yourself in. If you want a better life in 2021, the blueprint is here…
29/12/20·50m 32s

Rise and Grind w/ Daymond John

THIS is what you've been waiting for! Daymond John turned $40 into a $6 BILLION fashion movement, FUBU. He’s s a 5-time bestselling author. He’s a shark investor on the 4-time Emmy Award-winning show Shark Tank AND one of the greatest motivational and business speakers in the world. He’s also my respected colleague and friend and one of the GREATEST entrepreneurs of all time! The entrepreneur’s path to success isn’t always pretty and Daymond and I are the REAL DEAL. In this interview, we are pulling back the veil of glamor as Daymond shares the STRUGGLE and GRIND he went through to build his empire. From learning how to turn your flaws into your winning assets and building up self-confidence to the skill of creating your personal presence and learning the fine art of negotiation, This interview will leave you equipped to compete with the best of the best. AND Daymond is giving the inside scoop on the #1 invested product on Shark Tank history! He reveals the secrets behind a successful pitch and the diffidence between entrepreneurs who take advantage of great opportunities vs the ones who drown in it. EXPERIENCE is life’s greatest teacher and there is SO MUCH of it in this interview you can’t afford to miss it! Get in on these MILLION DOLLAR business lessons the will put you ahead of 99% of the game!
22/12/20·51m 54s

Total Human Optimization with Aubrey Marcus

You Deserve MORE out of Life! Aubrey Marcus is an experimentalist, unconventional fitness junkie, successful entrepreneur, New York Times Bestselling Author, and human optimizer. With over 50 MILLION podcast downloads, it’s time to optimize your life with Aubrey Marcus! Aubrey and I get REAL about how he has challenged social norms and lived life on his own terms. He opens up about being in an open relationship and how polygamy challenged him to combat his own need for validation and supercharge his monogamous marriage with his wife today. We dive deep into the POWER of CHOICE and unlocking your FREEDOM to live life on your own terms. By practicing your awareness of choice and stop doing things because you “should” do them or because you “have to” do them, you’ll be able to do things because you WANT to do them and open up an entire new world of possibilities and freedom. The number one wish people make on their deathbed is - “I wish I would have let myself be happier.” This interview will give you the skills to start living happier NOW, before it’s too late. CLICK HERE to check out this interview on YouTube. CLICK HERE to follow me on Instagram for daily motivation! CLICK HERE to visit my website andsign up for my weekly newsletter!
15/12/20·48m 14s

It's Separation Season - with Ed Mylett

It’s a game of inches! It’s separation season! THIS IS THE TIME to create distance between your competitors AND the old version of you! Now is the time most people take their foot off the gas. They get relaxed during the holiday season. They take time off. And THAT is exactly when you can catch them! Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year's are holiDAYS, not holiMONTHS! Let everyone else get lazy. Even the current version of yourself wants to take it easy, but the MAXOUT version of you is ready to run laps around those people and take advantage of the separation season. I haven’t released an original content piece with just me speaking for a while so this is a TREAT! This episode will teach you how to get your MIND prepared for winning season and give you REAL solutions on how to not just talk about it… but to also TAKE ACTION! You CAN become a new you in 2021 WITHOUT giving up the fun of the holidays! In fact, I am going to help you have the BEST and most BLISSFUL separation season of all time by making just small adjustments. Separate yourself from the competition AND from the old version of you, your finances, your relationships, your fitness, and your faith! → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ YOUTUBE | ▶︎ INSTAGRAM | ▶︎ FACEBOOK | ▶︎ LINKEDIN | ▶︎ TWITTER | ▶︎ WEBSITE |
08/12/20·25m 54s

From Stress to Freedom with Peter Crone

“The most successful people are the ones who find TRUE PEACE” by living in complete harmony with your current circumstance. This may be one of my favorite and most timely interviews of all time! Peter Crone, AKA The Mind Architect, is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in human awakening and potential. He works with everyone from world-class athletes to stay-at-home parents to redesign the subconscious mind so you can reach your full potential. I believe he is the BEST IN THE WORLD at what he does and has a unique approach that will change your life… and you’re getting it right here FOR FREE! In this mind-blowing interview, we are breaking the barriers of time and space to help you manage stress, anxiety, and fear. No matter where you came from, no matter how your past has shaped you, Peter is challenging the so common disease of not being “enough,” and teaching you how to reconcile your past so that you can find freedom! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! This interview is packed with actionable steps to help remove yourself from a state of fear and suffering and enter into a state of relaxation, calm, compassion, and joy. Whether you are rich, poor, young, old, a stay at home parent, entrepreneur, or professional athlete, THIS INTERVIEW WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
01/12/20·43m 44s

Elevate Your Leadership w/ Jon Gordon

Leadership is the KEY to success. I’ve got one of the world’s greatest leadership experts here with me on The Ed Mylett show and he’s revealing million-dollar secrets of being a GREAT LEADER! Jon Gordon is a bestselling author and keynote speaker. He has inspired readers and audiences around the world and his principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sports teams, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits. His clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, Campbell’s Soup, Dell, Southwest Airlines, Miami Heat, The Los Angeles Rams, Snapchat, Clemson Football, West Point Academy, and more! We all know it takes a great leader to run a great business, coach a great team, or lead a great family. I could think of no better person to help you become the leader you were born to be than my good friend, Jon Gordon. In this interview, Jon is revealing his leadership framework with ACTIONABLE STEPS you can implement day by day to shape your mind to become a successful leader in your business, in your faith, in your family, in your fitness… in EVERY area of your life! You’ll learn how to alleviate thoughts of fear and stress that drain you and replace those thoughts with those of positivity that uplift and SERVE YOU. You have the power to transform your environment instead of letting your environment change you. BECOME THE LEADER YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!
24/11/20·51m 21s

Upgrade Yourself w/ Max Lugavere

Protect your brain and enhance your body with these life-changing strategies! The body is a complex machine and we’re breaking down how your brain and your body works so you can TAKE ACTION to become a healthier, longer living version of yourself! Max Lugavere is a health and science journalist, a New York Times best-selling author, filmmaker, and he is also the host of the #1 iTunes health podcast The Genius Life. As well as an international speaker, Max appears regularly on the Dr. Oz Show, the Rachael Ray Show, and The Doctors. He has contributed to Medscape, Vice, Fast Company, CNN, and The Daily Beast, he's been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and in The New York Times and People Magazine. I am thrilled to have him as my next guest on The Ed Mylett Show as he delivers THE MOST detailed advice on how to be more WELL in your mind and your body. If you want to live longer, healthier, and understand how the food you eat can make all the difference, get ready to take notes! After watching his mother’s battle with a neurodegenerative disease, Max dedicated his life to helping others fight back against some of the most common diseases that plague us including dementia, high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. You will learn how the food you eat and your predetermined genetics can affect your body and what you can do to live longer and healthier AND how you may be preventing your body from burning more fat on a daily basis! Max exposes the real dangers of indulging in hyper-processed foods, the benefits of intermittent fasting, and a mind-blowing strategy on how to get your brain performing 10 years younger! This is an interview your body and your mind CANNOT afford to miss!

Emotional Agility with Dr. Susan David

Pain is not weakness! As anxiety, fear, loneliness, depression, and uncertainty is at an all-time high, this interview Is EXACTLY what you need to hear right now! Hands down she has given one of THE BEST Ted Talks I have EVER heard and in perfect timing, welcome Dr. Susan David to The Ed Mylett Show! Susan David, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading management thinkers and an award-winning Harvard Medical School psychologist. She is a #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author AND a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and regular guest on national radio and television. No matter who you are, parent, entrepreneur, friend, spouse, coworker, student, teacher… this interview will transform your relationship with your emotions and teach you how to persevere and even be MORE productive during difficult times. Instead of hiding from and being ashamed about negative emotions, you will learn TACTICAL STRATEGIES on how to bring yourself into alignment with ALL of your thoughts and feelings in order to become a healthier, more productive, and effective person. Dr. Susan David breaks down the vital link between your emotions and your values, and how to embrace difficult situations and failure to become a better leader. We dive deep into parenting and business struggles that parents and entrepreneurs are facing and REAL WORLD techniques on how to deal with and overcome difficult situations surrounding valid fears and anxieties. There is so much value in this interview it is practically mind-blowing! It is time to STOP pushing aside difficult emotions and learn how to let your emotions be a teacher instead of a dictator in your life!
10/11/20·54m 37s

Life After Death w/ David Ditchfield

Is there life after death? This is life’s greatest question. I hope to give you hope in this interview and perhaps comfort that there is good news. This week on The Ed Mylett show, my next guest is the awe-inspiring David Ditchfield. Whether you are a person of faith, a person of science, or somewhere in between, every single one of us has wondered, “what will happen to me after I die?” David Ditchfield was tragically dragged under a speeding train which left him in a critical fight for his life. While doctors fought to save him, David had a vivid near-death-experience and a rare glimpse of what happens to us when our lives are coming to an end. In this interview, David describes his miraculous experience from start to finish in vivid details laying on a huge rock surrounded by beings (I believe angels ) as he gets a momentary glimpse at God. My favorite part of the story is that it leaves mystery and leaves room for anybody of faith to continue to believe what they hold to be true… That’s the beautiful part of this conversation As a Christian, it’s just reaffirmed many of the things that I believe to be true. Regardless of your religion, there is enough to let you know that there is a God and not enough to get so specific that it would violate any religious traditions. The only reason we get to hear this story is because David lived! He returned from the afterlife with unbelievable new talents, and a new perspective on his once, out-of-place life. David is living proof that although our bodies may be finite, our spirit is eternal. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this interview will move you to your core. You can’t afford to miss this soul-shaking interview!
27/10/20·44m 32s

Unleash Your Inner Spartan w/ Joe De Sena

What does it take to build a Spartan legacy? We’ve created a culture that celebrates comfort and avoids pain at all costs! So many people are unhappy because of it. Our children are suffering because of it! Doing the hard things doesn’t FEEL GOOD while you’re doing them! They HURT. They’re PAINFUL and forces us to get UNCOMFORTABLE.  But they’re also the things that turn you into the man or woman you’ve always wanted to become! That’s why I’m so excited to bring you my next guest on The Ed Mylett Show, Joe De Sena! Joe is is the CEO and founder of Spartan Race (the world’s leading obstacle race) and the Death Race. He is also a 3x New Your Times Bestselling author and entrepreneur. He’s already helped over 7 MILLION people get healthy and off the couch and now he’s here sharing his wisdom with the MaxOut community! Fitness is the one area of you life you have control over and is one of the greatest catalysts to transform every other area of your life! In this interview, Joe and I share the secrets to mental toughness and the skills we both use to embrace pain now for a greater payoff later. Whether you are 9 years old or 99, this is for you! Parents, Joe is revealing THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION you need to ask yourself if you don’t want to let comfort destroy your child’s future! It is time to do the hard work and learn from the master how to build mental and physical toughness. Transform you life. Do the hard things. Create lasting change. BUILD A SPARTAN LEGACY!
20/10/20·46m 29s

Rise in the Face of Adversity w/ Les Brown

“Rise above your past!” ⁣ ⁣ If you’ve ever wondered who inspired me to become the man I am today, look no further than today’s guest! It Is truly an honor to have Les Brown joining me on The Ed Mylett Show! ⁣ ⁣ He is BY FAR the greatest motivational speaker I’ve ever seen. He’s an author, former radio DJ, television Jost and former member of the House of Representatives. I have literally listened to HUNDREDS of hours of Les Brown’s content and he has 100% changed my entire life starting from when I started listening to him when I had just got out of college. ⁣ ⁣ This interview is so powerful and so moving I KNOW it will change your life forever! ⁣ ⁣ How does a man labeled mentally retarded at a young age, who was only allowed to drink from segregated water fountains and ride in the back of the bus go on to literally change the world? By BELIEVING that someone else’s opinion about you does NOT have to become your reality! (Although he didn’t start out believing that) ⁣ ⁣ In this interview, we dive deep into how to win this battle we call life and how to keep yourself motivated to stay in the fight. We talk about the keys to THRIVING during these difficult times and how to unleash your story of greatness that already lives within you to become the ultimate version of yourself.⁣ ⁣ We get tactical about the superpowers of communication and how you can use the very circumstances that you think disqualify you from winning to achieve unimaginable business and personal success.⁣ ⁣ Les even shares a never before heard tear-jerking testament to the power of love and forgiveness. ⁣ ⁣ If you want to “live a life that will outlive YOU” this interview is for you! ⁣
13/10/20·50m 46s

Protect Your Peace. Overcome Your Past. - W/ Whitney Cummings

Believe it or not, most of us are addicts and don’t even know it! Drugs and alcohol are not the only sources of addiction. Many of us go our entire lives addicted to approval from others, addicted to chaos, addicted to stress, addicted to material things, addicted to our own habits that don’t serve us. And the effects can be just as disastrous as substance abuse. My next guest this week is one of the most interesting, complex, and brilliant people I’ve ever had on the show I enjoyed this conversation so so much and I know it’s going to make a difference in your life She is one of the funniest comedians on the planet. She’s an actress, producer, writer, director, podcaster and so much more! Featured on Comedy Central, HBO, and Netflix, (a self-identified “Love Addict as well ) After months of chasing, I am THRILLED to have Whitney Cummings on the Ed Mylett Show! How does someone so human go on to achieve at such a high level of success? In this interview, Whitney breaks down the struggle with her addiction to chaos and reveals how you can use self-observation to identify and overcome your own toxic patterns. The older we become, the more we operate based on our past memories and experiences instead of operating from our imagination… of what is POSSIBLE in the future version of ourselves. This interview will help you identify and overcome destructive patterns that are holding you back from achieving fulfillment. Whitney is revealing her strategy on how to LOVE and LIVE more authentically and still create lasting relationships and friendships. It is time to EMBRACE what you truly want out of life, shatter your self-destructive patterns, and protect your PEACE. This is an EXPLOSIVE episode YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Whitney even shares her secret identifier of how to know if you are a true Alpha… and it is probably NOT what you expect!
06/10/20·1h 13m

The Mindset Blueprint- W/ David Nurse

Build UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE and PERFORM like an NBA player! This episode is LOADED with SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES and STRATEGIES My next guest on The Ed Mylett Show is a unique Life Optimization Coach and has helped over 150 NBA players with their personal and professional development both on and off the court. I admire his teachings and insight on personal development, confidence building, leadership, and motivational growth. I'm thrilled to have my new friend, David Nurse on the show! There is no denying we ALL struggle with self-confidence. Even the most successful people fight this battle. But the ones who reach their optimum potential have more often than not, been trained by elite performance coaches like David and me... Professional athletes, politicians, entertainers - they all have this in common! And CONFIDENCE is the MOST IMPORTANT catalyst that will propel you to achieve! In this episode, David reveals his confidence-building blueprint, and possibly the NBA's best-kept secret, to building UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE in yourself and your abilities. He explains the principles AND provides ACTIONABLE steps you can take starting today. This is truly NEXT-LEVEL training! There are concepts revealed in this interview that have long been reserved for professional athletes and those in high-power positions. Now I'm bringing them to you, absolutely free! Doubt and uncertainty are at an all-time high. It's time to grab the reigns and build from within!
29/09/20·42m 54s

A Fight for America Part 2: The Biden Campaign w/ Andrew Yang

The debate continues! PART 2: A Fight for America is NOW STREAMING! Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent, or none of the above, you have a right to be INFORMED and a responsibility to make your voice heard!   Last week I sat down one-on-one with Donald Trump Jr. and had an intense and spirited conversation about the Trump campaign and the future of America if Trump were to win the 2020 election. THIS WEEK I'm sitting down with former presidential candidate, lawyer, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang to get his perspective on the future of American under the Biden/Harris campaign. I SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN... I'M NOT POLITICAL. I HAVE NO AGENDA. MY JOB IN BOTH INTERVIEWS IS TO ASK HARD QUESTIONS! I ASK DIFFICULT QUESTIONS ABOUT BIDEN (and his track record) AND LAST WEEK I DID DO THE SAME W TRUMP! This interview or the last one may be difficult to watch/listen to if you already have strong opinions about these things but, REMEMBER THIS... We cannot GROW as individuals if we are unwilling to do things that make us uncomfortable, push our boundaries, and expand our thought processes. Living life in your bubble breeds division, lack of compassion, and hate. The truth becomes a one-sided conversation. And therefore, it's no truth at all! I encourage you to watch BOTH interviews. Take advantage of this UNFILTERED information and use it so YOU can be fully equipped to VOTE based on the FACTS and make the BEST decision not just for you, but for your family and for the United States. From Joe Biden's cognitive state, the economy, and tax reform to the debate on immigration and the handling of COVID, this interview gets REAL, remains HONEST, and DELIVERS the facts. Oh and a detailed and DEEP conversation about Andrew's proposal for “Guaranteed Minimum Income” for all Americans. (This part is going to get everybody in the country talking and thinking about it whether they are on the left or the right)
22/09/20·1h 1m

A Fight for America Part 1: The Trump Campaign w/ Donald Trump Jr.

This race for the presidency is one of the MOST polarized elections in modern American history... and as voters, WE get to be "in the room where it happens!" And as with all huge decisions comes GREAT responsibility. Over the next few weeks, as Trump and Biden go head to head, I'm sitting down with the top 2 rising stars from each side of the political spectrum, Donald Trump Jr. (R) and Andrew Yang (D). MY JOB IN BOTH INTERVIEWS IS TO ASK HARD QUESTIONS! IM NOT POLITICAL, I HAVE NO AGENDA. I ASK DIFFICULT QUESTIONS ABOUT TRUMP (and his philosophies )AND NEXT WEEK I WILL DO THE SAME W BIDEN! Too often we put blinders on and don't ever hear the story from the other side of the room. We watch only our favorite new stations, get fed social media content that the algorithm knows we want to see, and the truth becomes a one-sided conversation. The Maxout Community is better than that! We are independent thinkers. We value diversity and encourage insight from those who think differently. We allow ourselves to be CHALLENGED... which allows us to GROW! I do myself no favors by releasing these interviews but it's not about ME... it's about delivering unfiltered information so YOU can be fully equipped to VOTE based on the FACTS and make the BEST decision not just for you, but for your family and for the United States. My first guest, Donald Trump Jr. is the eldest son of President Trump. He currently serves as a trustee and executive vice president of the Trump Organization and is an active member of the Trump campaign. From President Trump's controversial tweets to their stance on Black Lives Matter and police brutality, we're covering it all!
15/09/20·35m 54s

Protect Your Purpose - W/ Jay Shetty

The happiness you are seeking is ALREADY inside you. You just have to know where to look. This man truly needs no introduction. With over 34 Million followers and 7 BILLION YouTube views, this bestselling author, podcast host, purpose coach, and former monk is FINALLY here and I am truly honored to bring Jay Shetty to the Ed Mylett Show! We all have a desire to experience more happiness and more success in our lives and this interview will open your eyes to all of the power and purpose that already lives inside you. Your life will be transformed by this powerful conversation and I can honestly say this is one of THE BEST and MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL episodes of all time. Jay Shetty is dropping gems on how to navigate these unprecedented times and find CALM IN THE CHAOS. You’ll learn how his teachings as a monk guided him to be able to create peace and calm from within, REGARDLESS of the circumstances that surrounded him. We get REAL about the difference between believing you can be anything you want in life VS being GREAT at EVERYTHING you ALREADY ARE… and the difference between your TRUE CALLING and the dreams we’ve fabricated by playing the comparison game. Jay even reveals the morning routine that ANYONE ANYWHERE can do that will prepare you and protect you from the battles life will throw at you. From being able to identify your TRUE purpose in life, to unleashing the hidden greatness within you, the energy from this interview can be felt by anyone who watches or listens to it. If you are looking for the pathway to happiness and fulfillment, you MUST watch/listen!
08/09/20·45m 42s

Ultimate Come Back - with Bob Menery

**Explicit Language is used in this episode** Imagine waking up to 10k new followers and your phone buzzing non-stop! Do you need to make a comeback? This conversation will leave you breathless and give you hope that you absolutely can! Overnight success is the Cinderella story so many of you are hoping for and my next guest knows exactly what it’s like to go from 0 to 10,000 followers overnight and then go on to become an international sensation! Bob Menery, or as many of you know him as the "man with the golden voice” is an Instagram STAR and comedian that went viral after his natural gift, his sportscasting voice, was revealed to the masses. What you’re going to hear in this interview is unlike anything you’ve heard from this man before! His story is so powerful that even if you are on the brink of giving up, this will give you HOPE. Bob is sharing an in-depth look at his journey from being a golf caddy, broke, homeless, strung out on drugs, and suffering from hallucinations to becoming one of the biggest influencers on IG… so much so that he crashed the PGA Tour website! This interview is giving you the step-by-step guide to how Bob was able to make his GREATEST COMEBACK and it’s filled with PRACTICAL tips on how YOU CAN DO THE SAME. Overnight success is a fallacy. Even during some of the most difficult times in his life, Bob relied on one thing; his natural gifts… his voice! That alone was the one thing that was a catalyst into what many would call “overnight success.” We are ALL born with a God-given gift. It’s that passion that just won’t go away. It’s that one thing you do REALLY well. It’s the one thing everyone always come to you for! Bob and I are diving deep into what it REALLY takes to tap into your natural gifts to create your ultimate comeback AND how to MAINTAIN that success. He’s also sharing some of his NEXT-LEVEL social media strategies on how to build a massively engaged audience while staying true to your beliefs. ** SPOILER ALERT!!!** Bob even reveals his next big venture that will revolutionize the way you watched sports television!!! This interview is life-changing! **PARENTS this interview uses strong language!
01/09/20·50m 27s

Diversity: The Key to Wealth- w/ Ed Mylett

There is a pathway to RICHNESS that I haven’t talked about before… COVID-19 has sucked the life, liberty, and happiness from so many of us around the world. Daily living has become difficult. Our routines have become stale and the connections with our communities have been drastically reduced as we social distance. As a result, we are experiencing less and less diversity in our day to day lives than ever before. And this is a MAJOR problem because believe it or not, humans NEED diversity to grow! On top of that, there is a direct correlation between how much variety you experience and the amount of happiness, success, and wealth you acquire. That means we MUST surround ourselves with diverse people AND diverse experiences if we ever want to reach our full potential! DIVERSITY is the pathway to richness… spiritually, emotionally, and financially. We are NOT all the same and that’s the point! All of our differences combined creates the most beautiful thing on this planet… DIVERSITY. And I’m not just talking about skin color. I’m talking about embracing diversity in every area of life including experiences, family life, spirituality, education, and business! In this episode, I’m breaking down why it’s so DANGEROUS to keep hanging out with the same types of people and having the same types of experiences, and revealing how you can bring some spice back to your life… even with NO budget! I’m sharing how you can use the POWER of diversity to make your business better, your family better, your faith better, your relationships better, and make YOU better! 2020 has been difficult for EVERYONE. We all have a comeback we need to make. You can CHANGE your life by EMBRACING DIVERSITY and this video will teach you how.
26/08/20·34m 39s

Embrace the Pain - w/ Dave Sparks

One day you will regret NOT doing the things that made you uncomfortable! How does a young guy who grew up living in a van end up flying around in his backyard in a helicopter? Well, SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES and my next guest is telling it all… from inside his helicopter! You probably know him from his hit show, Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Channel. Dave Sparks aka Heavy D, is an unbelievably successful entrepreneur, TV personality, monster truck driver world record holder, custom vehicle builder, and social media influencer! He’s also a dear friend of mine and he has an AMAZING story I am so excited to share with you. This interview is packed with so much value. Dave is dropping knowledge bombs throughout the ENTIRE episode! No matter where you are, whatever circumstance you are dealing with, whatever doubt and uncertainty are standing in your way, take this lesson from Dave… “If a guy as untalented and as dumb as me can be flying around in a helicopter in my backyard, then literally every single one of you has hope!” THERE IS HOPE! Dave and I break down the importance and POWER of getting UNCOMFORTABLE, how to focus on the RESULTS over the RISK, and how SELF CONFIDENCE is all you need to achieve greatness! We talk about how we have both used uncertainty as a catalyst to accomplish our greatest feats and how falling in love with SERVING OTHERS and HARD WORK is the key to happiness. Dave also shares his secrets behind being a BEAST on social media and building a multi-million dollar following AND reveals his newest venture Nikola Motors creating hydrogen fuel-powered trucks with 900 - 1000 HP. This man is literally on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly technology! This is an interview you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Do the hard things. Make yourself uncomfortable. CARE about people and there is no way you can be unhappy! Dave was able to turn his life into something miraculous and I TRULY believe you can too! After all, Dave was just a dumb kid who believed he could do anything.
18/08/20·46m 2s

Elite Brain Training - w/ Dr. Andrew Huberman

Program Your Mind to Win!⁣ ⁣ If you’ve ever wanted to increase your CONFIDENCE, experience more HAPPINESS, and fall in love with PROGRESS, this interview is exactly what you need!⁣ ⁣ I teach A LOT about developing habits and rituals that serve you, sustaining momentum, stacking small wins, and expressing gratitude. My goal is to FIRE YOU UP and keep you on track through the day, month, and year but these things I teach are NOT just theories I randomly came up with! They are BACKED BY SCIENCE and when implemented, will have a HUGE impact on the quality of your life. ⁣ ⁣ That’s why I am SO enthusiastic about my next guest, Dr. Andrew Huberman! Dr. Huberman is an American neuroscientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. ⁣ ⁣ As a well-respected and influential thought leader, he has made numerous contributions to the fields of brain development, and he is here NOW on The Ed Mylett Show breaking down the BRAIN SCIENCE behind the #MAXOUT movement! ⁣ ⁣ Motivational messages are great for a quick spurt of energy but it’s SCIENCE and your ability to understand and optimize how your brain works that bring ultimate lasting change without the guesswork! ⁣ ⁣ Does our brain really have a choice in how we perceive the world around us or are we pre-conditioned to think, feel, and behave a certain way?⁣ ⁣ Is there a way to actually train your brain to follow through with the commitments you make to yourself? ⁣ ⁣ Is it possible to train your brain to prevent burn out and execute with URGENCY and FOCUS?⁣ ⁣ Dr. Huberman is answering ALL of these questions and so much more! We dive deep into how to establish a growth mindset and BLAST THROUGH LIMITATIONS your brain has told you before were not possible. ⁣ ⁣ You’ll learn PRACTICAL and EASY tips you can implement RIGHT NOW to increase your mental AND physical health, and reduce stress and anxiety.⁣ ⁣ Are you ready to tap into the powers of your brain? Happiness does not need to be delayed. And I’m not just talking theory... I’m talking SCIENCE!⁣ ⁣
11/08/20·1h 16m

A Second Chance at Life - w/ Maria Menounos

Stress kills and life is going to keep on hitting… so what do you do? This interview is going to change lives! Life is hard… especially right now. And as so many people across the globe are staring pain and tragedy in the face, this interview couldn’t come at a better time. Everyone’s struggle is unique. But the skills you’ll learn from this amazing guest can be universally applied to almost any circumstance to help you SMILE through the PAIN. Positive energy literally radiates from this woman and I am so excited and honored to have Maria Menounos on this episode of The Ed Mylett Show. Maria is an Emmy winning reporter, TV personality, pro wrestler, actress, and businesswoman. And even with all of her life’s achievements, she is NOT immune to the battles that life throws our way. But her ability to use the power of a smile to change her own state of mind and the state of others around her is truly transformational. In this interview, Maria takes us on her life-changing journey from learning that her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer to finding out that she ALSO had a brain tumor and would need an operation. Instead of allowing STRESS, FEAR, and DEPRESSION to paralyze her, Maria shares how she made a conscious decision to face her brain tumor head-on with HUMOR and how something as simple as a SMILE can make all the difference! Stress levels around the world are at an all-time high. Maria and I dive deep into the effects of STRESS on the body and reveal secrets on how to REDUCE the STRESS in your life RIGHT NOW. Life’s most difficult battles often open our eyes to what is really important in life and help us redefine the true definition of success. It’s almost like getting a second chance at life. Most of us are in the thick of a mess right now. But no matter what battle you’re fighting, this interview will enrich you, enlighten you and fill you with positivity.
04/08/20·58m 51s

Love, Drugs, and Hollywood - w/ Eric & Eliza Roberts

Addiction, marriage, success, sex, Hollywood… this interview has it all! Eric Roberts is one of the greatest American actors in the last 40 years and one of the all-time leading working actors in Hollywood with over 500 appearances! He’s a 3-time Golden Globe nominee, an Academy Award nominee, and one of my favorite actors of all time. I am a HUGE fan and I’m so excited to bring you Eric Roberts and his wife, manager, and hero, Eliza Roberts! This dynamic and energetic duo keep it REAL in this week’s episode of The Ed Mylett Show. “We all want to be rescued…” Eric says as he explains how he recovered from his addiction to cocaine and marijuana. He reveals the secret weapons he used during his process which can be used to recover from any kind of addiction you or a loved one may be facing; drugs, alcohol, sex, other people’s approval, negative thoughts, and more! Eliza shares her insight and tips on how to navigate being affected by someone with an addiction and how she was able to stay supportive and committed through Eric’s recovery. And you don’t want to miss their heartwarming story about how vulnerability and the hit TV Show Celebrity Rehab, led to the ultimate recovery for Eric and their entire family. Experience the excitement of Hollywood and film making through the eyes of a legendary actor and how he has been able to never work a day in his life! This power couple is sharing all of their secrets! They built a family, a business, and an empire together. They found JOY in recovery and “even on bad days, things are okay.”
28/07/20·1h 1m

Define Your Own Success w/ Gabrielle Reece

Your ability to change, grow, and adapt in every area of your life will determine your measure of success! Author, athlete, mom, wife, and Nike’s first-ever spokeswoman is here with us on The Ed Mylett Show to share how she has been able to define success on her own terms! She is a New York Times bestselling author, professional volleyball legend, Co-Founder of XPT - Extreme Performance Training, and the host of the Gabby Reece show. She has been able to achieve success in so many areas of her life by chasing fulfillment over happiness. I’m so excited to bring you the knowledgeable and beautiful powerhouse, Gabrielle Reece! Juggling family, business, fitness, and friends isn’t for the faint of heart! So what's her secret to success? With her father passing away when she was only 5 years old, and the instability bouncing between living with family friends, Gabby breaks down how she used her childhood experiences to fuel her ability to be a great mother, wife, businesswoman, and friend. In this electric interview, Gabby shares her secrets from how she, and husband Laird Hamilton, show up to WIN in both their family and business and how that translates into wealth, wellness, and successful relationships. She even reveals why she tells her husband, “Don’t treat me like a wife!” We also get REAL about business. We discuss how to know if it’s time to pull the plug on your business idea and how to leverage recurring revenue. Gabby even breaks down her military-grade underwater weight training workout and how she uses her training to develop muscles that help her succeed in EVERY area of life! “I don’t have the balls to go against the universe,” Gabby says. “I’m just a good steward of opportunity.”
21/07/20·1h 16m

The Business of Changing Lives - w/ Blake Mycoskie

86 MILLION shoes given to children in need, from one man's vision!! The Business of Changing Lives - w/ @BlakeMycoskie Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard about Toms; the shoes with a cause that took the world by storm. Every time a pair is purchased, another pair is given to a child in need. Reaching over $500 MILLION in sales, this business model is PROOF that capitalism can be GREAT when used for GOOD! I am so honored to have the founder of Toms, Blake Mycoskie, joining me on The Ed Mylett Show! Blake has sent over 86 MILLION pairs of shoes to children around the world AND has provided clean water to over 600k people. He’s doing ALL of this through entrepreneurship driven by his passion to serve others. In this interview, Blake shares his awe-inspiring journey building Toms from the ground up and how he turned his passion into a half-BILLION dollar company while simultaneously making a conscious impact for GOOD around the world. We are expanding the boundaries of what it means to be an entrepreneur and how building a business you are PASSIONATE about will ultimately lead you to exponential success both financially and personally. This is arguably the MOST important business lesson of all time! As you’ve heard me say before, fulfillment does NOT come from external accolades. Blake seemingly had it all… but he soon realized he DIDN’T have it all as he was diagnosed with depression and struggling in an unhappy marriage. We dive deep into his incredible journey, backed by science and research, on what it really takes for people to live their best lives, fueled by purpose and fulfillment. We’re sharing ACTIONABLE STEPS you can start taking TODAY to live and feel better! There is so much value packed into this one episode you will need to watch/listen more than once! If you want to turn your passion into a Million Dollar company, this interview is for you! If you want to use your business as a force for GOOD in the world, this interview is for you! If you want to go from a FIXED mindset to a GROWTH mindset and unlock your ability to EXECUTE and follow through with the commitments you make to yourself, THIS INTERVIEW IS FOR YOU! There is so much value packed into this episode I can hardly do it justice in this caption…
15/07/20·1h 1m

Turn Dreams Into $3 Billion - w/ Beau Flynn

How do you MAXOUT at the highest level? #MAXOUT is a MOVEMENT! It is a LIFESTYLE, a WORK ETHIC, a MORAL CODE that can be found at the core of some of the most successful people in the world. Today’s guest on The Ed Mylett Show is the epitome of what it means to MAXOUT. I have one of the TOP MOVIE PRODUCERS in the world here to share his story. This man is behind some of the most epic movies of our time including, Skyscraper, Rampage, San Andreas, Hercules, and Journey 2! He has produced over 32 films, grossing more than $3 BILLION at the box office. On top of that, he’s a critically acclaimed producer of multiple independent films, a world-class entrepreneur, AND produced the very first 3D movie. It is my honor to bring you, BEAU Flynn! It doesn’t matter where you came from or what difficult circumstance is in your way, we ALL have the ability to MAXOUT. Having to fend for himself and take care of his sister starting at a young age, Beau was able to use his PAIN as a motivator for success and WIN! You’ll learn what it takes to thrive in arguably the MOST COMPETITIVE industry in the world. You’ll learn how to balance humility with ambition and drive so that you can stay at the top of your game and outlast the one-hit wonders. Beau even shares the inspiring story behind how he began working with The Rock and how their relationship produced 8 movies with one more on the way and a booming partnership. This interview is all about overcoming rejection, conquering fears, sustaining momentum, taking risks, resilience after failure, and what it truly looks like to MAXOUT at the highest level. This is a MUST WATCH!
07/07/20·1h 16m

The Spiritual Healing - w/ JP Sears

Start living a more MEANINGFUL Life! This is a truly special conversation! You are gonna learn, laugh, and be liberated! Are you sacrificing your emotional well being for the advancement of others to the point you don’t have enough left in the tank for yourself? Have you mastered the art of masking your feelings for the sake of your own sanity, your ability to function, or even just to appear stable? The gift of reclaiming your heart is PRICELESS. If you are able to connect with your PAIN, then you will ALSO be able to connect with your JOY, FULFILLMENT, and HAPPINESS! This is the BIGGEST emotion we ALL chase! With over 300 Million video views, this emotional healing coach, comedian, author, speaker, and world traveler is about to open your mind and unlock your ability to lead a more meaningful life. He is one of my favorite people to listen to and one of the ONLY life coaches I know that can use humor to help others become the next best version of themselves. I’m happy to bring JP Sears to The Ed Mylett Show! In this LIFE-CHANGING interview, JP and I dive deep into trauma and life experiences that can cause emotional numbness and the havoc the effects of that numbness can have on your life. Your greatest accomplishments will often come at the moment you OFFEND your MIND and let your HEART guide your actions. It is the single greatest separator between humans and animals! We have the ABILITY to analyze our actions and make a CHOICE. You’ll learn how to better understand your own mind so you can become the MASTER of it instead of becoming a SERVANT to it. This episode is full of actionable tips that you can implement with the very next choice you make today. If you are ready to step into your greatness and master your emotions and your mind, you MUST watch this interview!
30/06/20·1h 2m

It Starts with Family w/ The Gronkowski Men

If you don’t come from a successful family, a successful family can come from you! The odds of having ALL of your 5 children grow up to play professional sports are 1 in 5 MILLION! Add on top of that, all 5 going on to find success in business and entrepreneurship is MIND-BLOWING! 🤯 As crazy as it sounds, it happened and they are here to share their story! I’ve never interviewed this many people at once before and especially not on Zoom but to do this story justice we needed all 6 of these family members to join me. I’ve got one of the greatest American and business life stories of all time RIGHT HERE on the Ed Mylett Show! It is with great pleasure to have the men of the Gronkowski family, Gordon (the dad), Gordie Jr., Dan, Chris, Rob, and Glenn all here to share their amazing story of success. They’ve ALL played professional sports in the NFL or MLB and have gone on to become successful multimillion-dollar entrepreneurs and even a New York Times bestselling author! If you want to become a better entrepreneur, a better parent, a better leader, be more fit, this interview is for you! You’ll learn from the family who has the receipts to back up their talk! It’s undeniable that this type of perpetual success MUST have A LOT to do with how these men were raised. Gordon senior reveals what he did to prepare his sons to excel mentally and physically. Gordon didn’t come from the traditional definition of success. From having the lights turned off in his family home and an abusive father, Gordon is PROOF that you don’t have to come from success to CREATE success! Every athlete will come to a point when their sports career on the field ends and the transition to the next phase in their lives is staring them in the face. This is a move so many athletes struggle to make. The brothers share their experience making this transition and key strategies that helped them make it successful. Find out straight from the source which childhood lessons learned during their upbringing were most essential to the Gronkowski brothers being able to dominate in sports AND in business. This interview is filled with REAL ADVICE and REAL STRATEGIES from the REAL DEAL!
23/06/20·56m 48s

Evolve Your Brain w/ John Assaraf

Your mind is the greatest weapon of all! Do you want to ACCOMPLISH MORE and BECOME MORE? Your BRAIN has the potential to do all of that and much more. You just have to learn how to unlock it. PROGRESS is the EVOLUTION of ourselves into the next best version of ourselves and it all begins with the most powerful part of our body, our brains. Today’s guest on The Ed Mylett Show is one of the leading mindset and behavior experts in the WORLD! He is PROOF that mastering your MIND can completely alter the trajectory of your life. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s built not 1… but 5 multimillion-dollar companies. He’s written 2 New York Times Bestsellers, and been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, AND been featured in movies alongside Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. He is simply the best in the industry, John Assaraf! This man’s track record speaks for itself! In this interview, John is teaching you his proven methods of how to take control of your mind and unlock its inner power so that you can achieve your God-sized dreams. You’ll learn how to conquer fear, doubt, shame, and channel that energy into ACTION! Get ready to take notes! This interview is filled with so many actionable tips you can implement starting TODAY. You’ll learn the secrets behind DEACTIVATING your negative habits and resetting your mind to ACTIVATE new habits, rituals, and routines that will SERVE you! “It’s like a software upgrade for your brain!” - John Assaraf This interview gets DEEP as John shares his final moments with his mother just before her passing from Coronavirus, a virtual goodbye, and how his mental conditioning allowed him to continue to be filled with gratitude during a time of extreme grief. Every strategy you’ll learn in this episode is REAL! THEY WORK! They are the exact same strategies John and I have used on a DAILY basis to achieve our greatest successes. I would go as far as to say I’m addicted to them! This is one episode you DO NOT want to miss! Its time to REPROGRAM YOUR MIND!
16/06/20·56m 55s

Loyal to the Vision w/ The Undertaker

How do you stay at the top of your game for 30+ years? If you want to WIN, you must BECOME your definition of success even before you’ve made it! When you’re building a business or climbing the corporate ladder, as the years go on, there is a physical and mental toll that you must learn how to deal with if you’re going to last! My next guest is the world’s most well-known and longest-tenured WWE superstar in the history of the organization! He is a seven-time WWE world heavyweight champion and one of the greatest superstars of all time! With a streak of over 21 straight victories and a multiple times headliner for Wrestle Mania I know you’ve heard of him! I am so excited to bring you, Mark Calaway, AKA The Undertaker! In this interview, Mark shares his habits, rituals, and routines that empowered him to remain at the top of his game and the top of the WWE for over 30 years AND we dive deep into how YOU can implement them into your life to achieve your greatest successes. You’ve got to have all the right pieces to become great! “I lived this thing…” Mark actually BECAME the Undertaker. His words embody the passion and commitment and dedication you must have to accomplish greatness. It’s not just about your performance in the ring. What you do, how you live, and what’s in your heart OUTSIDE of the ring is just as, if not MORE important. You’ll learn the key elements to becoming a LEADER and the number one core value you MUST have. You’ll learn how to build trust within your organization and how you can make a comeback DESPITE the effects of COVID-19! With a surprise appearance from Mark’s wife, Michelle McCool, an acclaimed WWE superstar herself, together they share their story on how they cope with having experienced 3 miscarriages. This interview gets DEEP, it gets EMOTIONAL and it will help you get the RESULTS you’re fighting for. Living your dream is by far the GREATEST feeling you will ever experience. Mark shares what it was like for him at the moment he realized he made it and how that energy transformed his entire life. If you are on a journey to achieve your GOD-SIZED dreams, this interview is for you!  
10/06/20·47m 51s

You Can Create Change w/ Christine Simmons

SOLUTIONS, JUSTICE, and BUSINESS... “You can make a ridiculous impact without having to be in politics. Your business can make a ridiculous social impact without having to be a 501c3.” These words spoken by my dear friend, business tycoon, social justice advocate, and inspirational leader, Christine Simmons, could not be more TRUE and more NEEDED than right now in history. Yesterday, I called the Maxout Community to action. We need a shift in the world right now and this call for justice shouldn’t just start at your front door… It should be a part of your business! Whether you’re an employee or a CEO this applies to you. In this interview, I sat down with Christine Simmons, COO of the Oscars, The Academy, and former President and COO of the WNBA, LA Sparks as she reveals how she redefined an entire sports franchise by focusing on community development