Beauty Full Lives

Beauty Full Lives

By Madeleine Spencer

Journalist Madeleine Spencer is joined by a guest to reflect on the challenges and triumphs they've faced throughout their lives, and to touch on the beauty memories and rituals - if any - that have played a role or had resonance.

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Alicia Silverstone

In this episode, actress and activist Alicia Silverstone talks about how she came to be a household name, some of her experiences with expectations and the attitudes of the time in which she found fame, why she'd much rather be on a sofa or with her dogs than grooming herself, and how she plans to approach the signs of advancing age.The website Alicia mentions in the episode is mykind.This episode is powered by Amly Botanicals. For 22% off your order, use the code BEAUTY22 at checkout at episode was produced by Rich Jarman, with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/12/23·34m 31s

Giselle La Pompe-Moore

Author, artist, and slow-living advocate Giselle La Pompe-Moore believes that everything you need to be content lies within, and that there are no barriers to spirituality - you just have to take a moment to take it in (which, incidentally is the name of her book, Take It In). She joins me in this episode to discuss how she entered through the frenzy of modern life and found that doing less helped her to find her inner core self - and use it to help others do the same. There's a guided meditation at the end of the episode, if you'd like to partake. This episode is powered by Amly Botanicals. For 22% off your order, use the code BEAUTY22 at checkout at episode was produced by Rich Jarman, with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/12/23·1h 19m

Lisa Eldridge

In this episode, the make-up artist, author, and YouTuber, Lisa Eldridge, talks about her life story, how she parlayed a passion for make-up into a hugely successful career, the eras she finds most inspiring, and which products from her bestselling range she' match up to some of her A-List clients...This episode is powered by Amly Botanicals. For 22% off your order, use the code BEAUTY22 at checkout at episode was produced by Rich Jarman, with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/12/23·55m 27s

Tova Leigh

I first met Tova Leigh at the launch of her first book, Fucked at 40, which as the title suggests is a rather no holds barred look at some of the things Tova had experienced in her then 40 years.I liked how forthright, fun, and funny she was, and put her on my wish list of guests to come on the podcast. The pandemic slightly thwarted our efforts to have a chat, so in the end, we recorded this episode over zoom.In it, Tova explains how she went from a studious married woman living in Jerusalem to a divorcee in London, before meeting her husband Mike and going on to have three children. Does that sound like a neat and rounded off happy ending after which our heroine rides off into the sunset? Probably, but Tova, being the boldly honest woman she is, adds nuance, talking about the mental and physical trauma of having children, the need to travel away from them sometimes to reconnect with herself, and the desire that, despite loving them, they’d on occasion, in Tova’s words, ‘just fuck off.’We also talk about enjoying rather than performing sex, how she navigates representing her relationship online, and how Tova has used the very same face cream since she was 20. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
17/08/22·34m 54s

Aimee Connolly

I first came across Irish make-up artist Aimee Connolly a couple of years ago, when I picked up a lipstick by her brand, Sculpted by Aimee, and was blown away by the quality married with clever design. That lipstick, by the way, is the Lip Duo in Pink Pair and it is a lipstick with a liner on the other end - very handy - and it is now a staple in my make-up bag.After that find, I started to try more and more by Aimee’s brand and continued to be impressed. Aimee came over to mine to record this episode, and I found that the woman behind Sculpted by Aimee is no less impressive; she is a savvy entrepreneur who was brought up as an only child solely by her mum, from whom she draws inspiration. She never took a loan or investors in her business, and she started saving money in uni to fund it.Aimee’s grit and a clear vision has served her really well - Sculpted by Aimee is now in its 6th year, and has over 40 products in the range.In this episode, we talk about how she has taken a small brand and grown it across the UK, how she now finds balance as a very involved business owner, and just how she achieves that signature glow.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/08/22·37m 28s

Carrie Reichardt

Carrie is an artist who works in a variety of media creating her designs on items as varied as car bonnets, plates and paint cans made of ceramic. She has worked in film, performance and sculpture. Carrie's website describes her output as “anarchic artworks where vintage floral, kitsch, royal and religious crockery is given a new twist by refiring with layers of new ceramic decals." Carrie is perhaps best known for her mosaic home which has become so well known over the twenty years that she has been decorating it, that it has become a recommended stop for tourists making the trip to Chiswick where Carrie lives.To record this episode of the podcast I visited Carrie's home, which as you can imagine doesn't really need a door number because the house is immediately recognisable, standing out from the red bricked buildings on the street thanks to its multi coloured mosaics of all sorts including a cheshire cat, flying eyeballs, dancing skeletons and palm trees covering the front of the house. The legend "I'm an artist, your rules don't apply” is displayed prominently. A bumper detail on the taxi parked in front of the house, also covered in mosaic, reads ‘beware artists, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous.’I first became aware of Carrie's work when I received one of her pieces as a Christmas gift - a plate which said ‘buy less, fuck (excuse the expletive) more.’ It was kitsch, and yet anarchic. I was curious, so went to take a look at her mosaic house. Here’s a woman with a story, I thought, so I asked her on the podcast. Carrie’s answer to being invited on a podcast focussing on beauty was ‘I hardly have a ritual - I just wash off grout.’ That sealed it - I had to have her come on to tell her story, and to explain how a woman with such a keen eye for adorning had never been seduced by beauty.We sat in her garden to record this, which is why you can hear cars, wind, her dog scratching around, and the general bustle of London. I hope to you that adds to the picture, fleshing out what it’s like to have a very frank conversation with a very frank woman. We talk about all sorts from Dolly Parton to art as therapy to how Princess Diana helped to destigmatise self harm to her friendship with a death row inmate. I loved this having this conversation, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.(A little warning before you listen, as you may have guessed, Carrie isn’t one for holding back, and you might find some of the topics we discuss triggering.) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
28/07/22·36m 54s

Hyram Yarbro

Internet sensation Hyram grew up on a cattle ranch in what he describes as a ’toxic’ environment, leaving the country life behind to move to tropical Hawaii at the age of just 18 in the hope of finding a new life. He found it, amassing millions of followers for his forensic and refreshing reviews of products, brands, and skincare routines.Hyram is also now the founder of his own brand, Selfless by Hyram, in partnership with The Inkey List. Every single product purchased will help to contribute to organisations including The Rainforest Trust, who protect tropical forests from deforestation through buying land, and the charity Thirst Project, to provide clean drinking water.In this episode he recounts his journey from a rather challenging start in Arizona, to his flourishing career today, as well as touching on the products he can't get by without - and why he isn't afraid to take on the big players in the industry. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
19/07/22·29m 38s

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell believes, in her own words, 'in moderation with everything.' In today's episode, she talks about how this relates to her attitude towards food, make-up, and her career, as well as running through the products which mean which she simply can't get by without.This episode is sponsored by Scandi brand Mantle, who are kindly offering 20% off their face and body products with the code MADELEINE - but only to the first 50 buyers, so get in there quickly if you'd like to take advantage of the discount to try their CBD-powered wellness products. You can check out their products at or @hellomantle on Instagram.To browse Hello Bello products, head to episode was produced by Rich Jarman, with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/07/22·31m 27s

At The Movies with George Driver: Christmas Films

Join me and journalist George Driver for a very rambling meander through the beauty highlights and themes in some of our favourite Christmas films including Home Alone (HELLO Kate McAllister), While Your Were Sleeping (the jumpers! Elsie's soft cashmere skin!), The Holiday (Jude Law's absurd tan and Diaz's very expensive-looking hair occur), and Love, Actually ('would we call her chubby?'). Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/12/21·54m 31s

On IPL and Braun's Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL, with Dr Anita Sturnham

In this bonus episode in the Innovator's Series, in which I'm shining a light on some of the brands doing excellent things within the industry, I'm joined by GP specialising in dermatology Dr Anita Sturnham to discuss EVERYTHING you need to know about IPL, and about the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL device.We cover how it works, who it is suitable for, why it's safe to use at home, and little details around using an IPL device like the shaving before and - a question I was desperate to have answered - what on earth happens to the hair once it's given up the ghost?This episode is powered by Braun. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
08/12/21·23m 44s

Danessa Myricks

In today's episode I’m joined by brand founder and make-up artist extraordinaire, Danessa Myricks. Her story is quite something - she grew up with busy parents in Queens as one of 10 siblings, worked alongside her dad cleaning funeral homes, then did a stint at Burger King at 14, before working in nursing homes and hospitals and becoming the director of a nursing school 19.She then moved into make-up, where she taught herself, and grafted hard. Fast forward to today, and Danessa is one of the most influential people in beauty, with an award-winning brand that’s lauded by make-up artists and beauty fans the world over. I can’t wait for you to hear her story. Ad info: this episode is powered by Parfumado, the perfume subscription service, who offer a smorgasbord of scent options from curated sets to personalised room sprays, to gift cards - so if you’ve got a fragrance lover in your life, check them out.A monthly subscription where you - or they - will receive an 8ml scent a month is £12.95, but if you use the code MADDIE50 at check out, you’ll get 50% off your first subscription.You can of course buy the gift cards right up to Christmas Day (phew), but if you want a physical Parfumado gift box of three fragrances in your hands beforehand, you’ll have to get your order in by the 13th of December. The gift box costs £49.95, but you can use the code MADDIE15 to get 15% off it and across the entire gift shop over at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/12/21·37m 27s

Georgia Toffolo

In this episode, I’m joined by the TV personality and author Georgia Toffolo. We spend some time discussing the acneic skin that has affected her confidence deeply throughout her life to the extent where she was allowed special dispensation to apply a layer of foundation during her stint on I’m A Celebrity, as well as lots of joyous things: dogs, Abba, her top beauty essentials, and politics which, for Georgia, is a topic that arouses great passion. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
11/11/21·38m 1s

Hannah Martin

Today, I’m joined by the make-up artist Hannah Martin. She’s far too discreet to divulge her client list, but let’s just say there are a fair few royals on there, and she’s created some of the most dreamy ‘them but better’, so to speak, make-up looks that you’ll be well acquainted with.This episode is a bit about how Hannah embarked on that journey - I especially loved hearing about how a counsellor changed the trajectory of her life, and found her tips towards the end handy - but it’s also a lot about her life, about how Hannah navigated the grief of losing her mum, and about the secret to her long marriage to Simon. I was very moved by a lot of what Hannah said, particularly so during those sections. AD Info / This episode is brought to you by TEMPLESPA; one of my favourite luxury british skincare brands. Using only the finest ingredients, TEMPLESPA are all about creating exceptional results-driven skincare and experiences that make a real difference to your skin and soul health. If the SPA TO GO experience appeals to you and you'd like to host a class as I did, here's a link to book:, if you'd like to become a SPA TO GO Lifestyle Consultant, here's a link for that: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/11/21·51m 41s

Alice Temperley MBE

English fashion designer Alice Temperley MBE founded her eponymous brand in 2000 after stints at the Royal College of Art and Central St Martins, and her designs have since been worn by Kate Middleton, Madonna, Beyonce, and Halle Berry, among many, many others.Today, Alice and I discuss that ascent and some of the challenges that have come with running a brand alongside being a mum, how being a creative at the helm of a business can at times pull you away from the very thing that put your name on the map, her signature red lipstick, the origin of that inimitable Temperley aesthetic, and her collaboration with Oskia London, for whom she created the 'LOVE' massage candle*.*10% of the RRP is donated to Women to Women International, for whom Alice is an ambassador, when purchased directly from either Temperley London outlets or Oskia online. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
28/10/21·31m 1s

At The Movies with George Driver: Dirty Dancing

In this bonus episode, beauty journalist George Driver and I discuss all things beauty - and beyond - in Dirty Dancing. Did Baby steal her sister's beige iridescent lipstick? Is Johnny's silver bracelet the Connell's chain of Dirty Dancing or is it terrible? Can a Danish pastry ever be pure protein, as Max Kellerman suggests? Is Dr. Jake Houseman the scene stealing fox of the film and why does he judge Baby so harshly when Lisa clearly wears make-up daily? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/09/21·46m 20s

On Dreaming Big and Sticking To Your Vision, with HiSmile founders Alex and Nik

I’m joined in this bonus Innovators episode by Alex Tomic and Nik Mirkovic, who founded the Australian oral care brand HiSmile, and who continue to run it today.We talk about how they came to found the brand and how they made the most of a business idea - both are very keen on working with the best minds and on constantly trying to improve on what’s currently on the market.They are big believers in the North Star idea of reaching towards a huge goal which is, for HiSmile, to create the ultimate whitening products that don’t damage teeth.If you'd like to buy anything from HiSmile with a 15% discount, please enter MADELEINE at check out.Ad info: I work with HiSmile on my platforms regularly. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
15/07/21·14m 50s

Liv Purvis

In this episode, I’m joined by blogger, author, and founder of the Insecure Girls Club, Liv Purvis, to talk about how she came to find success online, on the joys and pitfalls of that job, how her experiences lead her to found the Insecure Girls Club, and how she finds balance. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
13/07/21·45m 44s

On Sustainable Beauty, with Face Halo Founder Lizzy Pike

In today's second bonus episode in this series in which I’m highlighting some incredible brand stories and talking to the people behind it all to find out just how they did it, I’m joined by Lizzie Pike, the co-founder of Face Halo. Since launching in 2017, Face Halo has replaced around 370 million wipes in the UK, saving over a billion makeup wipes from ending up in landfill sites globally. Now, Face Halo want to close the loop, and are asking those who’ve got Face Halos which have reached the end of their life (which is after around 200 wash cycles, FYI) to send them back in so they can be upcycled to make clothing, which you can buy on the Face Halo website. This range, called Modern Merch, comprises buttery soft tracksuits, cleverly-designed t-shirts, and some other bits.In today’s episode Lizzie explains how she went from air stewardess to mum to being at the helm of a global beauty business, and how she prioritises her time and energy, as well as sharing some wisdom which might hit home if you’re listening with a fantastic business idea jotted down on a napkin somewhere.This episode is sponsored by Face Halo. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
01/07/21·22m 40s

Sandy Linter

In this episode, I’m joined by celebrity make-up artist Sandy Linter. Sandy’s career exploded in the mid ‘70s, when Vogue wrote a feature on her make-up style, after which she was highly in demand, regularly making up all the top models of the day.She frequented Studio 54, and was part of the hedonistic lifestyle that characterised that era. She also famously had a love affair with the supermodel Gia Carangi, which started after Sandy posed nude alongside Gia for Chris von Wagenheim. Their relationship was written about in Thing of Beauty by Stephen Fried and was immortalised in the HBO film Gia, starring Angelina Jolie.Today, Sandy is a working make-up artist living in New York, and in this episode we talk about her career, and of her memories of that extraordinary period in the beauty and fashion world.We touch on some topics which might be considered sensitive so do please be aware of that before listening. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
24/06/21·34m 6s

On Female Pleasure, with Rebecca Reid

In this episode, I’m joined by journalist and novelist Rebecca Reid to discuss female pleasure in association with Smile Makers, who offered up points from their Smile Makers Report to prompt our conversation, and who are celebrating the launch of The Poet.We discuss our sex lives along with general themes including masturbation and different facets of sex, so please be aware that the content is explicit before listening.If you like the sound of The Poet and would like to buy one and receive a free bottle of Smile Makers Generous Gel lubricant, enter the code POETGG at check out.This episode is sponsored by Smile Makers. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/06/21·25m 40s

Alice du Parcq

In honour of National Fragrance Week, I'm joined by the sublimely talented beauty journalist and fragrance expert Alice du Parcq. She’s won an army of fans on instagram for her lyrical descriptions of scents and for her series, Desert Island Spritz, in which she invites a guest to share the scents they most love and which have a special place in their hearts.In this episode, we discuss how Alice ended up writing about fragrance, her views on scents expensive and less so, how she feels about ingredients derived from nature and those created in a test tube and she shares some of her all time favourite perfumes. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
27/05/21·55m 39s

Alex Light

In today's episode, I’m joined by Alex Light, a woman who is on a mission to promote body confidence and to discuss eating disorder recovery on her platforms.As a former sufferer, Alex wants to challenge the narrative of thinness equalling happiness, and to raise awareness of the fact that the idea of single ideal perceived body shape is just that - an idea, held by some people, at some moment in time, in some cultures, in some areas of the world.Alex and I discuss where those messages became internalised for her, and how she weeded them out. We also talk about her favourite beauty products, and, of course, meander off on a few tangents - I’m sure you regular listeners will be expecting that.Please be aware that the topics touched on are sensitive and as such there may be some triggering content in this episode. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
13/05/21·56m 5s

Clarissa Ward

In this episode, Chief International Correspondent for CNN, Clarissa Ward, talks about how 9/11 changed her career and how she now balances said career with motherhood (Clarissa is a firm believer that, in her words ‘you can have it all - but not at the same time!’).We also run through what Clarissa packs to go to a war zone from tampons to make-up, how simple grooming moments provide a much-needed semblance of normalcy and an anchor of comfort when in those areas of conflict, and how she reconciles doing a job in which she sees suffering and violence on a daily basis with periods at home where her life is one filled with love and privilege. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
06/05/21·39m 39s

Nicola Benedetti

One of the most sought-after violinists of her generation, Nicola has been showered with awards and accolades, including a grammy, a classical Brit award, and an MBE and then a CBE. She has played in some of the most prestigious venues across the world, including The Royal Albert Hall, Wigmore Hall, and Westminster Abbey, and has released 11 albums. Today, well as playing concerts, Nicola is on a mission to share the joy of classical music and to challenge the idea of it being an elitist career path with her Benedetti Foundation, which went from strength to strength during lockdown thanks to virtual sessions.In this episode, Nicola and I talk about her extraordinary career but also the woman who has navigated that experience and how she has kept such a cool head in the face of her success. She’s refreshingly candid - and I especially loved her admissions that she arrived at music boarding school without some of the classical music knowledge of her peers and that owning a Stradivarius is the source of both joy but a little bit of nervousness about how enormously precious it is.On beauty, Nicola is also an open book, and she relays stories in this episode about how her mum’s more avant grade style didn’t quite work for her in classical music circles, why she sticks to two beauty brands, and how perfume just doesn’t do it for her.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
29/04/21·54m 5s

Wendy Rowe

Make-up artist and author Wendy Rowe joins me in this episode to talk candidly about having been an ambitious child who wanted to mingle with the greats - and how she made that happen, to explain how grief and losing her parents affected her, to discuss why she reveres eating healthily, and to share a fair few beauty tips - including the one Sienna Miller taught her.P.s. Wendy also brings up Elvis of her own volition. I didn't prompt or bride her in any way to do so, FYI.P.p.s. Do let me know if you too find the idea of meeting someone you fancy on a plane rather off-putting. Wendy and I were of one mind on the matter.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/05/20·1h 15m

Inside The Beauty Industry

In this episode, I'm joined by beauty editors George Driver and Perdita Nouril, and PR Holly Hope Harper to discuss their career paths, how the beauty industry works (along with some of the pitfalls and perks), how bloggers and journalist's jobs intersect and where they diverge, and whether posts or pages in a magazine containing adverts can still have integrity. We also have a bit of a rant about anonymous websites which allow trolls to flourish, and discuss what we would change about the industry as a whole.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
15/05/20·1h 2m

Deepica Mutyala

'I would see not just in American media, but in Indian media, which actually hurts me more, that fair was considered beautiful. And it was the only thing considered beautiful. I felt like I had to look like that to ever be accepted or thought of as beautiful or to find friendship or love. I love my skin colour so much now that I really, really want girls, men, anyone growing up today to recognise that.'Deepica Mutyala knew from a young age that she would shrug off the expectations place on her and instead forge her own path. That vision - combined with a steely determination and courage to follow her gut instinct - propelled her up the career ladder which started in Ohio working at Victoria's Secret, and sees her currently at the helm of the community and cosmetics company, Live Tinted.In today's episode, we talk about how she has achieved so much so quickly, what the cost of working at that intensity is, how her parents responded to her not taking the route they'd hoped she might when younger, and why she decided she had to leave New York.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
30/04/20·40m 59s

Sam McKnight

‘These days everyone wants to put cameras everywhere. I refuse to have them in the dressing room, because that is sacrosanct. Those are the two hours where the person in the chair becomes the person that’s going to be in front of the camera that day. Sometimes that’s themselves, sometimes it’s somebody very different. It’s not just about the physical act of doing the hair and the make-up, it’s the psychological act of becoming.’ I’m joined by the legendary hair stylist Sam McKnight. Sam’s career has taken him all over the world and seen him work with every noteworthy publication, transforming the most high profile people going, including Princess Diana, with whom Sam worked for 7 years, during which time he famously created that iconic shorter, slicked back ‘do.In this episode, we talk about his journey from cleaning windows as a boy to being the most in demand hairdresser in the business, his enduring love of gardening (including how the scents of said garden have influenced his Hair by Sam McKnightrange), and how his job is as much about being a grounding confidante as it is about doing the hair itself.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/04/20·38m 18s

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

'I just feel a bit like "why do I think I'm entitled to look younger than I am?" I am 40. I don't actually want to look younger than I am, I just want to look like a good version of where I'm at. For me, botox would not be the path to looking like a good version of me now. I don't really mind if my friends or people I meet think "oh she looks her age." That doesn't freak me out. I just think "well, yeah, that's as it should be."'Singer-songwriter Sophie Ellis Bextor joins me on this episode to discuss her work and home life, including how she balances having five children with performing, realising that fake tan just didn't suit her, how she approached that huge burst of fame in her early 20s, and the joys of Julie Andrews, Grease, Elvis, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
16/04/20·42m 46s

Leanne Pero

Leanne Pero founded her award-winning The Movement Factory in 2001 at the age of 15, which has to date impacted over 500,000 young people through its programmes. The catalyst for Leanne learning to dance was a period of abuse suffered while at the home she ended up fleeing at 13.In 2016, Leanne was diagnosed with cancer. During her treatment, she realised how underrepresented the BAME community were in the dialogue surrounding cancer - and how many misconceptions abounded. Her response was to found Black Women Rising UK, a lottery-funded project designed to raise awareness.Today, as well as working on those projects, Leanne is an author, the CEO of Pineapple Dance Studio’s charity, Pineapple Community, and has won scores of awards for her work.In this episode, Leanne discusses turning adversity into positive action, focussing on how she found inner resilience through tough times, the importance of processing trauma, and the power of beauty rituals when challenged.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
09/04/20·53m 46s

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a woman so synonymous with the eponymous make-up brand she started in the early '90s, that it was somewhat surreal to be sitting with the real, human Bobbi Brown. In this episode she teases the two Bobbi's apart, talking about both how she made hers a household name for make-up before leaving the company three years ago, and the human endeavour behind it.We also talk about Bobbi’s life today, from her pared back approach to beauty (towards the end we look through her travel beauty stash and I was astonished at how minimal it was), why she decided her new company, Evolution 18, should focus on beauty from the inside out, and how she harbours a little crush on Lenny Kravitz.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/04/20·25m 22s

Trinny Woodall

Author, presenter, and founder of TRINNY LONDON joins me in this episode to talk about everything from growing up with acne while her older sister breezed through adolescence with spot-free skin, learning to loathe fake tan, managing an addiction to sugar, handling her mental health during challenges like IVF, tackling money issues, and the thrill of not knowing 'what's behind the closed door.'‘Your make-up can age you, and define the decade in which you felt your most beautiful. Taking away that protective thing is the hardest thing to do, but once you say “look, you can make yourself ageless by giving yourself a glowing skin, giving yourself that energy from within. Begin that process of exfoliation if you never do it, consider an acid, look at a retinol, protect your face from the sun, wear a white trainer with everything - you will look ageless suddenly, and then you will not be judged by decades in which you felt your happiest. Make this the happiest decade.’Products, and places, mentioned:Eve Lom CleanserNo 7 LipstickClinique 3 Step skincare routineErno LaszloShannon at Nicola Clarke's branch of John FriedaEvolve Gel Balm Cleanser Santa Maria Novella Pot PourriForeo LunaBiologique Recherche P50Julia Hunter Maximal Strength Night RegenerationAmeliorate Body LotionFaceGym ProNuFACE Microcurrent Facial Toning DeviceHeliocare SPFAllies of Skin Vitamin C 35%Colbert, Sloane SquareScott's, MayfairThe Wolseley, Picadilly Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
26/03/20·48m 21s

Alexandra Shulman

'I feel uncomfortable with doing something interventionist to my body that means that it's somehow kind of disguising what I really am. I have a sort of Dorian Gray feeling about it, that you know somewhere this person, this old crone will be there underneath it all and you're wearing a kind of mask.'Journalist and former editor-in-chief of Vogue, Alexandra Shulman, joins me in this episode to discuss her life, and her 25 years at Vogue, candidly, touching on everything from the expectation to look a certain way, to panic attacks, maternity leave, fear of failure, and sizeism in magazines.She also talks about her renewed passion for make-up, her views on ageing, and how she came to curate a collection with No 7, which is currently available in shops.Products, and places, mentioned:- Molton Browners- No7 x Alexandra Shulman- Vaishaly Patel- Wildsmith Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm- No7 Airbrush Away Primer- By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer- Clinique Airbrush Concealer- Golbourne Road- Regent's Canal- Ida RestaurantBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.This episode is sponsored by HiSmile. To receive 20% off HiSmile products, enter 'BEAUTYFULL' at check out at HISMILETEETH.COM Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
19/12/19·47m 42s

Rose Gallagher

‘As soon as you feel great, however that is presenting yourself - for me it’d be just having something on to feel a bit more polished in terms of my make-up - that impacts the way you present yourself. Yes, it’s kind of a shame that you feel “I need to have this make-up on to feel great”, but I think that’s overridden by the positives that would come from any interactions you’d have when you feel great.’Blogger and make-up artist Rose Gallagher is a much-loved figure in the beauty industry for both her candid approach to make-up and honesty about her battles with rosacea, and because she welcomes people in, encouraging them to find quick and easy beauty solutions under her tutelage.In this episode, we talk about the Irish roots that schooled her in the art of community, how interning and trying to get a job in magazines was financially challenging, the power of saying no, and how rosacea affects Rose's confidence.Products, and places, mentioned:- Peaches and Cream Liverpool- Talonted Lex - Hunsnet- Beauty From The Heart with Rose Gallagher- It Cosmetics Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.This episode is sponsored by HiSmile. To receive 20% off HiSmile products, enter 'BEAUTYFULL' at check out at HISMILETEETH.COM Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/12/19·40m 23s

Dani Rowe MBE

When road and track cyclist Dani Rowe and I first met, I was really struck by her candid nature and fascinated by her anecdotes about her extraordinary career as a thrice world champion and Olympic gold medallist, so felt she'd be a perfect fit for the show.Happily, she agreed to come on and in this episode talks openly about everything from meeting the Queen (the rules: no selfies, no questions), how she geared herself up to cycle in the Olympics (music played a role), the pay gap between men and women in cycling, and how working hard played a much bigger role in her success than native talent.Products, and places, mentioned:- Clinique Moisture Surge Sheertint Hydrator- Clinique Super City Block SPF 40- Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation- Lucas Papaw - Professor Steve Peters, The Chimp Paradox- Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes Mascara- Blink Brow Bar- BBB London Clear Brow Gloss- Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy - Urban Decay Naked palettes- Bobbi Brown skincare- Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir- Jo Malone Poppy and Barley- MAC Velvet Teddy LipstickBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/12/19·45m 27s

Nikki Tibbles

As a budding (ahem) florist, Nikki Tibbles was often required to wake up very early in the morning and had little time and even less inclination to put on make-up.Fast forward 23 years, and Nikki's time is even more stretched; her Wild at Heart business is flourishing, and she's also at the helm of the Wild At Heart Foundation, which she founded in 2016, with the mission to bring an end to the world's 600 million stray dog problem by organising rescue projects, sterilising as many as possible, and educating people worldwide.(To date, the Wild At Heart Foundation has rehomed 1,175 dogs - one of whom is my rescue beagle/pointer, Monty, who hails from Cyprus and is utterly delightful - and sterilised a further 16,000.)In today's episode, Nikki discusses the childhood that set her up to be very driven, how she's harboured a love for animals throughout her life (she has throughout her life always owned at least one rescue dog, and has six today), which skincare she finds effective, how she'd choose David Gandy to come to her ideal dinner party, and her 35 piercings...Products, and places, mentioned:- Guerlain Mitsouko perfume- Timothy Han fragrances- Chanel Crystal Eau de Parfum- Miller Harris perfume- Barbara Sturm skincare- Apogii Notting hill- Drunk Elephant skincare- Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, and Chic-to-Cheek blush- Maria Tash PiercingsBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
28/11/19·42m 30s

Sadie Frost

Between straddling the roles of producer, mother, and designer of FROST yoga wear, it's little wonder that Sadie Frost has had to make an effort to prioritise creative and family time and therefore has a very streamlined and efficient routine.In today's episode, Sadie and I discuss that routine, along with how she balanced having a career with motherhood ('I’d get myself to a situation where things would be going really well and then I’d get pregnant again. But I’ve always been driven and I’ve never wanted to give up'), the challenges surrounding divorcing when you have children ('I think it’s just better to be friends with your ex and to be loving and wish them well even when you’re going through difficult times'), and letting the wrong people in ('I trusted people who were actually quite jealous and just wanted what I had so they screwed me over, and that hurt').We also discuss amongst other things her postnatal depression, how subsequent weight fluctuations affected her approach to food, and how her height was a double-edged sword.Products, and places, mentioned:- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser- FaceGym- Lucas Paw Paw- Benefit Gimme Brow- Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation- Chanel No 5- Guerlain l’Heure Bleue- Triyoga- Everyman Belsize Park and Hampstead- Limonia RestaurantBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/11/19·35m 6s

Sam Silver & Gemma Rose Breger on Motherhood & This Is Mothership

In the first of this season's bonus episodes, I’m joined by the award-winning beauty journalist Sam Silverand the fashion and celebrity stylist Gemma Rose Breger who jointly founded This Is Mothership, an online platform designed to share practical tips and tricks on beauty and fashion for busy mums.In today’s episode, we talk about how - and why - Sam and Gemma came to found This Is Mothership, their own pregnancy challenges, how having babies affected their careers, and they of course impart some wisdom on the best products around to tackle everything from lacklustre skin to bags under eyes.Products mentioned:NioxinThis Works In Transit No TracesSt Tropez Purity Face MistTan-Luxe Sleep OilBecca Under Eye Brightening CorrectorEstee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in EnviousSmashbox Always On LipstickEstee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick Poppy SauvageVictoria Beckham for Estee Lauder Morning AuraChanel Les Beiges Eau de TeintGiorgio Armani Power Fabric ConcealerBecca Ultimate Coverage Longwear ConcealerClinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner PenBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/11/19·38m 33s

Ruby Hammer

Make-up artist and beauty industry maverick Ruby Hammer MBE's story speaks of her innate chutzpah and inner conviction, and includes ditching plans to work for the UN n favour of make-up artistry after a chance encounter, hard graft while growing her career as a mum to a young daughter, and launching a huge brand while going through a divorce.Her advice to her younger self? ‘When I was young, I was always an optimist and I was pretty naive, and I think now I realise is that life is not all singalong and happy and you’re going not to be giddy and happy forever. Is it full of ups and down and let downs, whether they’re commercial, financial, emotional. I’ve lost my parents now, I’ve gone through a divorce so I would say to [a younger] me, “just be prepared, Ruby. And don’t lose sight of who you are; integrity means a lot.”'In this episode, we discuss the role of beauty and it's emotional impact on Ruby's life, her move from Nigeria to London, how she ended up going from helping at her mum's restaurant to a make-up artist creating looks for Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire among others, and what having an MBE means to her. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/11/19·44m 32s

Tashi Dawa

Yoga teacher Tashi Dawa (@tashi_dawa_yoga) believes that beauty has nothing to do with exterior but rather is about one's experience of life: ‘This is the oldest we’ve ever been and the youngest we’ll ever be again so this moment is passing. Feel your feelings, explore the adventures; life’s short and it would be terrible to live your last couple of breaths going “I was really scared of being judged.” That deep respect for the miracle that we are - not so concerned with what it looks like as a miracle, but what it feels like - that is beauty, I think.’This theme carries through her entire life: all Tashi's possessions fit in a single rucksack, she spends her money on travel and training, eschewing treatments and products in favour of time spent pursuing her goals.In this episode, Tashi explains how she came to work as a yoga teacher, details some of her views on what can be done to combat stress diseases and which philosophies might engender a fresh perspective. She also chants, something I'll never fail to find relaxing after having heard her do it daily at Vale de Moses (the yoga retreat on which we met), so I'd encourage you to bookmark the episode and return to that chanting if you want something soothing to listen to at the end of the day... Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
31/10/19·45m 28s

Alison Young

Over her 30 plus years in the beauty industry, Alison Young has noticed a seismic shift in the attitudes of beauty customers. Where once she found herself advising people merely on what to buy, she now more often than not has to tell people to scale their efforts back, buy fewer products, use the things they already have to get the best result. She is unreserved on the topic, claiming many of us are over-egging the pudding.Her views on the role beauty should play are equally as sensible, with her saying to those who have found what works for them: “well done - you’re in control of your beauty, beauty’s not in control of you, and if you don’t want anti-wrinkling and anti-ageing and to try to keep up with the insta image, good on you”.In this episode, Alison and I chart her journey from young girl with chronic eczema and a fondness for horses and dogs who didn't consider herself to be very academic to beauty therapist administering treatments to 80s models at Grayshott to presenter at QVC and award-winning beauty expert.Alison also explains why she doesn't condone cosmetic surgery, which products she uses, and how her appetite to learn has not yet been sated: ‘Everyone thinks when they’ve come out with a qualification that that’s it, they’re great. No - you’ve started. I’m 35 years in the industry and I’m still starting. You never stop learning.’Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
24/10/19·38m 52s

Joy Crookes

Singer-songwriter Joy Crookesmade the transition from extracurricular singing at school to artist over many years, or, as she puts it 'it was so gradual - my life has been so gradual.'And despite Vogue calling her 'one of the most exciting artists to emerge on the music scene this year,' her approach is still steady and careful, dodging people who 'blow smoke up your a***,' and with a healthy dose of wariness when it comes to social media.Her attitude towards make-up similarly started with some sensible contemplation: ‘I hated make-up, I hated it! I thought it was the devil. And that sounds so granny of me but I just told myself “just don’t get into it.” You see these girls who are 13/14 who have to powder themselves up in make-up every morning, and fair enough if they don’t feel like they’re comfortable - but I don’t want to get to a point where I’m uncomfortable in my own skin.’In this episode, Joy and I discuss all the above along with her approach towards looking after herself both physically and mentally, how having a Bangladeshi mother and Irish father has affected her, and the influence of Elephant and Castle on her appearance.Joy is an ambassador for, and recommends, the Black, African, and Asian therapy network.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
17/10/19·34m 37s

Sophia Money Coutts

Writer and author Sophia Money Coutts doesn't remember seeing any make-up during her young life because ’the posh old school thing is that women aren’t supposed to wear a lot of make-up - or if they do they’re certainly not supposed to look like they’re wearing a lot of make-up.'Aged 11, vitiligo started to leach pigment from her skin, and when Sophia eventually started to use make-up, some of her efforts were directed at the white patches.In today's episode, we talk about how make-up has never been a big feature despite it inching its way into her life, Sophia's fascination with silky hair, and how a bath is her preferred way to end a day.We also discuss botox, break ups, navigating uni life, being judged for having a 'posh' name, and how Sophia went about crafting characters for her two books, The Plus One, and What Happens Now? (The latter of which I read in a satisfying gulp over the summer and very much enjoyed so would encourage you to buy.)Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
10/10/19·57m 14s

Gucci Westman

By the age of 30, make-up artist Gucci Westmanhad already had a hugely successful career, working on films like John Malkovich and with a client list which included Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz.Ever after a new challenge, Gucci decided to leave the film industry to try her hand at editorial work. She initially hit a bump in the road with Creative Director Grace Coddington, but once given the opportunity to show what she could do, Grace declared Gucci to be one of the greatest talents she'd discovered.From there, Gucci worked solidly, making up huge celebrities for campaigns and covers of magazines.Gucci's make-up trademark: beautiful, luminous skin. It therefore came as no surprise to anyone who's followed her work that her make-up line, Westman Atelier, homes in on creating juicy, luscious skin. (Side note: I use the Vital Skin Foundation Stick regularly and recommend it heartily.)In this episode, Gucci talks about how she achieved all that while managing to remain balanced and healthy, and also delves into her childhood memories, painting a picture of a girl who grew up with spiritual parents who lived slightly unconventional lives - and for whom make-up was a mere glimmer of excitement on the horizon.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
03/10/19·49m 5s

Ayda Williams

Ayda Williams didn't stick to her plan in life. She wanted the reliable, to have a job that was dependable. She was fixed on that course, studying to become a tax attorney, and was, in her words, 'super square - I was a super student.'The death of her beloved grandmother changed that: 'I always wanted to be an actor, but I was too afraid. Everyone [in LA] was an actor slash model slash singer and I thought "I can do better than that, I'm good at school, I can do something with myself, by golly."'When I was studying abroad in Paris, my grandma has just passed away and it was very weird being in her city without her. I remember walking the streets of Paris, and there was this weird thing that happened where I thought 'wow, she'd be so sad that I was so afraid of my dreams that before I even begun, I stopped. She'd be the one person in my corner really pushing me to go for my dreams and here I was so afraid of them that I wasn't even going to try. And I felt this overwhelming sense of regret and disappointment, and at that moment, I just decided I was going to try.'After landing a job fairly quickly in Days of Our Lives and then going on to work steadily as an actress in LA, Ayda met British singer Robbie Williams and decamped to the UK to be with him.Today, Ayda primarily lives in the UK with Robbie and their three children, a family set up she talks about in today's episode as being her biggest triumph: 'I never thought I was going to have this amazing life where I got to be in love and be a mummy. There were definitely times and horrid relationships where I thought I'd be alone.'We discuss all the above, including the products Ayda loves, how she looks after her physical and mental health, and how the passage of time - and having those children - has affected her perspective.Ayda Mentions:YSL Paree Scent, Kevyn Aucoin Face Forward book, Stila Lip Glaze, Lancome Juicy Tubes, MAC Lip Glass, MAC Spice lip liner, Omorovicza Blue Diamond Super Cream, Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, B683 Marc Antoine Barrois Cologne, Le Labo Santal 33, Rose 31, and AnOther 13, Dr Sebagh Rose Serum, Charlotte Tilbury nude lipstick, John Masters Organics, STRIIIKE in LA, Cowshed massages, Sarah Chapman's facial, Josh Wood for hair colour, Perfect 10 for waxes and tan by Fake Bake or Sienna XBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
26/09/19·50m 42s

Katie Jane Hughes

Katie's first big beauty memory is unsurprisingly related to her mum. But rather than it being simply a memory of her mum's face or beauty rituals, Katie rememberers her singer mum's microphone, coated in lipstick. That symbol of glamour remained with her, and after a stint working as a manicurist, both in salons and latterly on shoots, Katie pivoted her career to work as a make-up artist.Today, her skills are in demand, working on shoots with hugely famous models (think Ashley Graham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), and sharing tips with her following on instagram. She also works with brands, helping to show how versatile their products are, which is how she went on to become ELEMIS' resident glow expert - and how this episode came about as Katie flew to London for some masterclasses and events with ELEMIS and found an hour to sit down and record with me.ELEMIS have kindly offered a discount to my listeners: just use the code BFL15 for 15% off your order on*Also, it would be remiss of me not to thank this episode's sponsors Hairstory. Their hero product, New Wash, is pretty innovative because rather than grab all oils from your hair to be washed away with the water, it leaves your natural barrier intact, so that you can skip conditioner altogether. I’ve been trialling a bottle for the past month and am hugely impressed as I highlight my hair regularly and it usually needs a fair amount of conditioner plus oils pulled through the ends to stop it from looking parched but I noticed it was smoother and less frizzy from the off and after a month is definitely in better condition than before, so I’d encourage you to give it a whirl if you find your hair seems brittle and you’d like to try something new. Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.*Terms & conditions: Offer not valid on gift vouchers, travel sizes, collections or reduced items. One use per customer only. Offer ends 31.12.19 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/06/19·43m 32s

Caroline Hirons

Beauty industry insider, facialist, and brand expert Caroline Hirons commands a huge audience across her various platforms thanks to her reputation as a forthright, honest, and reliable skincare expert.To give you an idea of scale, at the time of the episode going live, Caroline has 270 thousand instagram followers, 180 thousand youtube subscribers, and 76 thousand twitter followers.In this episode, we talk about Caroline’s childhood, her work ethic and experiences in the beauty industry, the mindsets that have steered her safely through internet fame, and, of course, we talk skincare.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/05/19·55m 22s

On Vedic Meditation: Jillian Lavender

Jillian Lavender's work came to my attention around five years ago after a few friends learned Vedic meditation at the London branch of the Meditation Centre she co-founded. After the course, they were more focussed, calmer, happier - and all from twenty minutes of meditation morning and noon.Keen to learn more, I went to interview Jillian a few years ago for a feature and found her approach to be extremely sound. After leaving, I was quite astonished while researching by how many studies there were that suggested that meditation has a hugely positive impact on those who practise it. In this episode of the podcast, Jillian explains how she came to find out about meditation in the first place, who might benefit from it, how Vedic meditation charms the mind, and some of the effects you might be able to expect should you choose to learn it.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/05/19·29m 37s

Poorna Bell

Award-winning journalist and author Poorna Bell's family features heavily in her new book, In Search of Silence, in which she muses on and explores the new landscape of her life following her husband Rob's death by suicide. They are also a big part of her beauty identity, with Poorna talking in this episode about her grandma who always looked pristine despite her messy bedroom, and how her mum's dressing table held allure.We also discuss how appearance and beauty have had an impact on Poorna's life as an adult, and topics we cover include her tattoos, colorism, intuitive eating, and the appeal of power lifting (which, as Poorna explains, extends beyond just being able to lift your own furniture).Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/05/19·1h 10m

On Chinese Medicine for Every Day Life: Katie Brindle

After being in a car crash, Katie Brindle went from expert to expert trying to find relief from pain to no avail. Finally, Chinese Medicine provided it, and so convinced was she that its principles were founded in good sense, that she went on to train as a practitioner. That was in 2002, and Katie's since become something of a go-to for those in the know for both treatments and advice.Katie is now at the helm of several projects, including having founded the Ha'you Method range of Beauty Restorer Gua Sha products (aka tools designed to help increase circulation and release tension - I am a firm fan of the original jade restorer as well as the comb), as well as having written a book, Yang Sheng: The Art Of Chinese Self Healing, in which she distils some of her abundant knowledge and offers guidance on how to safeguard health and wellbeing through the practises.In this episode, Katie explains some of the ways in which Chinese Medicine principles can be incorporated into every day life, and explains why it's more important now than ever to safeguard health.Link to the breath ritual mentioned: Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/04/19·17m 1s

Natalie Lee

Blogger Natalie Lee was incentivised to discuss things that really mattered to her after she returned to blogging following a break to raise her children. Since then, Natalie's efforts - particularly on instagram and through her Warrior Women campaign - have propelled her into the limelight, and her account is now a hub of her own thoughts and experiences as well as a place for others to share their stories and frank images in order to empower others.In this episode, she tells her story of going from teen who wasn't overly ambitious, to midwife, to passionate about various causes. We also talk about some of the issues she's highlighted from body positivity for all sizes, championing masturbation for women, too, and the joys of ditching one's bra.Natalie mentions:- Body Positive Power: How to stop dieting, make peace with your body and live, by Megan Jayne Crabbe- Cantu Beauty hair range- Radox Feel Relaxed Bath Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
09/04/19·59m 21s

Alessandra Steinherr

As the erstwhile Beauty Director of Glamour turned freelance beauty journalist and influencer, Alessandra Steinherr's knowledge of beauty products is encyclopaedic.Her Alex Steinherr x Primark skincare collaboration was unsurprisingly therefore hugely successful, with the affordable products selling out repeatedly nationwide, while over on her instagram, her #SundayFacial and #AskAlex hashtags are hubs for skincare conversations.In this episode, Alex talks about her top products, how she came to have such a diverse career, and the lifestyle measures and philosophies that have set her in good stead.Here are the products and places Alessandra mentions:- Clinique 3-Step- Beautiful by Estee Lauder- L’Oreal Elnett- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex and Eye Serum-La Mer The Moisturizing Cream- Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation- Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat High Cover Radiance Concealer- Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel- Color WOW Root Cover Up- Amy at Larry King- Yves Saint LaurentBlack Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara- Vita Liberata pHenomenal Mousse- Tax Luxe Sleep Oil- Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow- MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy- Nars Eyeliner Pencil in Mambo- Elizabeth Arden High Drama Eyeliner in Espresso- Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in 02- Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer- Alex Steinherr x Primark range- The Light Salon- VivaMayr Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/04/19·1h 5m

On Enhancing Your Smile: Dr Uchenna Okoye

As a cosmetic dentist and Clinical Director of London Smiling, Dr Uchenna Okoye has overhauled hundreds of smiles - mine included. What struck me as remarkable about Uchenna's work is not only that she's conservative, only making changes where necessary, but also that she's got an excellent eye for what looks 'right,' making her taste as important a part of her renown as her technical ability. In this Expert Slot episode, we talk about ideal home care for teeth, and Uchenna breaks down the elements of a better smile, explaining best practise for whitening, straightening, and tidying up teeth.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
29/03/19·25m 23s

Bryony Gordon

Journalist and author Bryony Gordon has made it her mission to help remove the stigma surrounding talking about mental illness, and to promote having a positive body image. Both are the result of Bryony's struggles, and in this episode she explains how she has challenged mental illness, addiction, and self-loathing, and which tools and habits have been helpful to her, as well as talking about how she protects her health (both mental and physical) now, and which beauty products she enjoys using. Link to Mental Health Mates: to Bryony Gordon Mad World podcast: to Bryony Gordon's books: are the products and places Bryony mentions:- Epsom salts- Daniel Galvin Jr for hair- Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum- Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil- 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream- 111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Serum- Pixi x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse- Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara- Erborian CC Cream- Becca Undereye Concealer- Laura Mercier Translucent Powder- Nars Orgasm BlushBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
26/03/19·47m 54s

Estee Lalonde

Lifestyle and beauty blogger Estee Lalonde is something of an internet sensation, with over 3.5 million followers across her platforms, as well as a bestselling book Bloom: Navigating Life and Style, and podcast On The Line under her belt.Despite her huge success and some of the pitfalls that come with sharing stories online, Estee is disarmingly honest and easy-going, and turned up to record at my house willing to talk about anything and everything.Our conversation about Estee's life accordingly covers many different things from how she's learned to love her body to her fear of snakes to her attitude towards break ups to her periods of anxiety to the joys of owning a dog. We also talk extensively about beauty, with Estee sharing many of her recommendations.Here are the products and places Estee mentions:- Blink Brow Bar- Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - Larry King hair salon - cuts by Elle, colour by Harriet- Weleda Skin Food- Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow- Nars Complete Matte Concealer- Waterpik Water Flosser- Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 - Chantecaille Just Skin- Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium- YSL Contour Brow Gel- Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel- Troy Surratt Eyelash Curlers- Troy Surratt Lipslique- Tom Ford Lipstick in First Time- RMS Beauty Living Luminizing- Lancome Grandiose Extreme Mascara- Benefit Roller Lash Mascara- Oskia Renaissance Mask- Pai Cleanser- Susanne Kaufmann Body products- Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask- NYDG facials- Facial Acupuncture with John Tsagaris- Sarah Chapman Signature Bespoke Facial - Acupuncture with Ross Barr- Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils- Normal People by Sally Rooney- Circe by Madeline MillerBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
19/03/19·48m 42s

Daniel Sandler

Daniel Sandler's appreciation of the transformative power of beauty began early in his life through watching his hairdresser dad and his interior designer mum at work. But rather than following in either of their footsteps, he instead alighted on make-up.Success quickly found Daniel, and over his 30+ years in the industry he's made up everyone from A-list actresses to pop stars to models (Daniel is exceedingly discrete, but a couple of names pop up during the episode, if you're curious about that sort of thing).He went on to found Daniel Sandler Makeup, a brand which is a go-to for make-up artists and I've seen his products - particularly the famous Watercolour Blush - backstage at MANY a show and on shoots.In Daniel's episode, he talks about the dawning realisation that he wanted to become a make-up artist, his defiance of his dad's wish for him to join him in hairdressing, and how he got his career off the ground. He also offers some make-up tips, explains how he goes about enhancing a face, and decodes precisely how to use Watercolour Blush.Here are the products Daniel mentions:- Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer- Mary Quant Make-Up- Clinique Superbalanced Make-Up- Estee Lauder More Than Mascara- Daniel Sandler Pressed Powder- Daniel Sandler Watercolour BlushBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/03/19·41m 24s

Pam Marshall Answers Your Skincare Questions

After the acne episode with Clinical Aesthetician Pam Marshall went live, skincare questions flew my way, so I thought the best recourse would be to invite Pam back as a guest on the show to offer her wisdom.We cover a huge range of topics, including dryness, pigmentation, scarring, ageing, and skin-friendly make-up. As those of you who listened to Pam's thoughts on treating acneic skin will know, she doesn't mince her words and her advice is extremely sound.Some of the products she mentions include:- Neostrata Pigment Control- Chantecaille make-up- It Cosmetics CC Cream- Clinisept (NOTE: after going live, I was advised by Pam and her team that Clinisept doesn't contain Chlorhexidine as is stated in the episode).- Exuviance Night Renewal Hydrogel- Retinols by Exuviance, Medik 8, Neostrata, Murad, Skinceuticals, CosMedix- Exuviance Hydrating Eye Complex, CosMedix Eye GeniusBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
08/03/19·20m 54s

Daisy Buchanan

Fans of Daisy Buchanan's writing will know that her work walks the delicate line between frank and funny, insightful and warm.She brings that trademark heart-wrenching and hilarious touch to her musings in this episode on the relationship between her internal and external self, throwing in some excellent anecdotes including the time she met Tim Westwood surrounded by Ferrero Rochers and how Sun In turned her hair orange.Daisy's book, The Sisterhood, is out on the 7th of March - click here to pre-order. Here are the products Daisy mentions:- Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer- MAC Dame blush - Chanel Coromandel- Rhodes Fool Around- Chantecaille Petales- Chantecaille Le Wild- Dianna Vreeland Simply Divine- Dior Forever and Ever- Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter- CYO Bronzer- Sunday Riley CEO Serum- Rapidlash - Maybelline Brow Drama CrayonBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/03/19·48m 3s

On Food And Anxiety: Rosemary Ferguson

Erstwhile model turned nutritional therapist, and Tuesday's main episode guest, Rosemary Ferguson returns for an expert episode. In it, she explores the interplay between anxiety and food, as well as suggesting some foods to steer clear of, and those to eat to help reduce anxiety. Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
01/03/19·9m 1s

Rosemary Ferguson

Rosemary Ferguson's career started in the rather inauspicious setting of McDonald's on Oxford Street, where she was spotted by Corinne Day (yep, the very same Corinne Day who took those famous early photos of Kate Moss, so clearly she had a very good eye).She went on to become part of the famous wave of British models living in New York who carved out a new, more pared back look following the excesses of the '80s. After having three children and deciding to live back in the UK, Rosemary went to the College of Naturopathic Medicine to train as a naturopath and nutritionist. Now, she runs a clinic on Harley Street, is the co-founder along with Gizzi Erskine of the food brand Filth, and founded the 5 Day Plan. In this episode, Rosemary talks us through her story, as well as mentioning the products she loves and has used over the years. Here are the products Rosemary mentions:- Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers- Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser- Filth- 5 Day Plan - Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream- Orveda Sincare- RMS Living Luminizer- Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara- Votary Super Seed Facial Oil - Romilly Wilde Skincare- Creme de la Mer- Viviscal- John Masters HaircareBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
26/02/19·38m 18s

Freya Ridings

Singer-songwriter Freya Ridings has has a huge year. Her haunting single Lost Without You went platinum, and she recently performed it on the Late Late Show with James Corden, as well as on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, and on The Greatest Dancer.In this episode, Freya offers an insight into how she has thrived in a famously competitive industry, and is frank about the challenges that accompany her success - including building the stamina for her schedule, and how being filmed on HD cameras has fostered an interest in skincare.Also under the microscope are Freya's product discoveries, which she's endearingly frank and enthusiastic about as a self-confessed beauty fan.Here are the products Freya mentions:- Heliocare Color Gelcream Light SPF 50- Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm- Alpha H Liquid Gold - Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum- Patchology Flashmasque Illuminate Sheet Mask- 111 Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask- Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers- Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo- RMS Living Luminizer - Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam- Ardell Demi Wispies- Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade- Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips- MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick - Glossier You Eau de Parfum- Byredo Biblioteque CandleBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
19/02/19·38m 42s

On Our Relationship with Food: Eve Kalinik

Eve Kalinik is a Nutritional Therapist and the author of Be Good To Your Gut.In this expert slot episode, Eve talks about how a relationship with food can be improved through simple measures - and explains how the gut and mind communicate.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
15/02/19·22m 36s

Zanna Roberts Rassi

Zanna Roberts Rassi is nothing if not a renaissance woman. In her capacity as beauty and fashion journalist, she contributes to Marie Claire, the Today show, and E! News. For the latter, she often finds herself in front of the camera, interviewing attendees of the Met Gala, the Golden Globes, and the Oscars.Her other job: co-founder of Milk Makeup, the hugely successful make-up and skincare brand that flew off counters in America and has just launched into the UK at Cult Beauty. Milk is a triumph of both function and form, with the sticks offering innovative on-the-go skincare and make-up, while each of the cruelty-free, paraben-free, and 100% vegan products are designed to reflect the spirit of self-expression and to offer something new.In this episode, Zanna explains how she went from a young girl living in Manchester and dreaming of working in beauty to being an entrepreneur, presenter, and journalist - and details how she manages her busy life and maintains her energy levels today, including the beauty products that she simply can't be without. Here are the products Zanna mentions:- Boots 17 Twilight Teaser- Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream- Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara- Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer- Milk Makeup Highlighter in Lit- Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam(The Milk Makeup products I've used and would recommend include: the star Tattoo Stamp, the KUSH Lip Balm, the KUSH clear brow gel, and the Cooling Water Undereye Patches.)Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/02/19·32m 25s

Meg Mathews

When Meg Mathews found herself unable to leave her house due to anxiety, she had no idea that the root cause might be the menopause. Once she realised that the anxiety-related agoraphobia she was suffering from was one of the many menopause symptoms that she'd never heard about, she decided to take action.Today, she's one of the more outspoken voices on the impact of the menopause, campaigning for awareness of how it can affect a woman and striving to arm them with information as to how to combat the more negative elements.She talks about her experience of the menopause and offers tips in this episode, as well as talking us though her life story, including growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid, enjoying London's punk scene, working as a music manager, and, of course, being part of that hugely famous Primrose Hill set, and how she found her experience at the Lanserhof to be hugely positive in fostering a good self-care routine.Here are the products Meg mentions and some shots of her stash:- Noxzema- Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream- Shannon at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda- Lion Mane Mushrooms 4 Life- Susanne Kaufmann Body Lotion- Lumie Vitamin L Slim SAD Light- Rhythm Health Organic Coconut Kefir- Udo’s Choice Super 8 Gold- KIKI Health Nature’s Living Superfood Organic Blend- Viridian Magnesium- The M Blend CBD Oil- Bamford Pillow Spray- Aveda Chakra Spray- Kat Burki Goji Essence- Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten- Nars Multiple in South Beach- Salt of the Earth deodorant- Sukin- Frederic Malle Portrait of a LadyBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/02/19·48m 5s

On Back Pain: Ben Lombard

I started seeing physiotherapist Ben Lombard towards the end of last year.After enjoying what I now realise was the extremely good fortune of having a comfortable back throughout my life, I pulled a muscle in my neck over the summer and then progressively found my back becoming more and more riddled with knots, culminating in my standing in the park mid-Monty walk, unable to lift my foot because my lower back had seized up.Enter Ben.After he assessed what was going on and administered a massage, he sent me on my way with lots of tips on how to look after my back better and thereby avoid the complete agony I was suffering when I went to see him that first time, and has added more advice with each subsequent visit.As the things he has told me to do have been very practical and really quite easy to incorporate into my everyday life, I asked him to come on the show as a guest to talk through them. I hope you find this episode useful if you are suffering or have suffered from back pain and want to take measures to reduce future occurrences.(By the by, in case you're wondering, my back is now a much, much less painful place.)Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
01/02/19·11m 53s

Mary Greenwell

Make-up artist Mary Greenwell is a beauty industry legend who's made up some quite extraordinary people, including Cate Blanchett, Diana, Princess of Wales, Jessica Chastain, Cindy Crawford, Meghan Markle, Amanda Seyfried, Christy Turlington, and Margaret Thatcher.But the thing that really distinguishes Mary's work from that of other make-up artists is not who she's made up, but rather how very memorable the end effect is. Think of those '80s supermodels sporting smoky eyes and honeyed skin, and you're invariably thinking of Greenwell's work. She famously transformed Princess Diana in the '90s, when she and Sam McKnight modernised Diana's look. And who could forget Meghan Markle's cover turn on Vanity Fair, freckles out, eyes rimmed with softly-smudged kohl?Mary's influence doesn't stop with the people she's made up, though - she was assisted by and was therefore integral in developing the skills of make-up artists like Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury, and has advised countless brands on how their products should look and feel.On this episode, I was very keen for Mary to tell us some of her stories from both from her stellar career and perhaps one or two that might offer some insight into how a young girl from West Sussex who, by her own admission, was a 'little hippy' came to be one of the most revered women in the beauty industry. Mary kindly indulged my curiosity, and I hope you'll find the tale of her journey to being a working make-up artist as riveting as I did, as well as, of course, enjoying her recollections of working with some of the most celebrated people in the world, and paying heed to her tips on make-up (those of you who aren't fans of brushes will no doubt delight in her views on them).Here are the products Mary mentions:- Lanvin Arpege Eau de Parfum- Iles Formula Luxury Haircare- Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat- Yves Saint Laurent Number 19 Lipstick- Calvin Klein Original Fragrance- Sisley Eau de Soir Eau de Parfum- MAC Face & Body- Elizabeth Arden Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil- Nicola Clarke at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda- Joel Goncalves at Nicola Clarke at John FriedaBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
29/01/19·49m 45s

On Acne: Pam Marshall

When I decided to add an extra slot to the podcast to offer up wisdom from some of the experts I am fortunate enough to work with in my capacity as beauty journalist, I immediately thought of Clinical Aesthetician Pam Marshall.Pam is renowned for her ability to calm ruffled skin, with her clients, of which I am one, eulogising her multi-faceted approach - and straight-talking advice.Happily, she agreed to come on the show, and I found myself in her treatment room at her Fulham clinic Mortar and Milk recording an episode all about acne and how to reduce it's dominion over skin. In it, she offers up advice on everything from practical measures like washing your sheets and cleaning your phone, to which skincare would be ideal on acneic skin. I hope you enjoy the episode and, as ever, if you want me to cover anything in particular, please do get in touch with suggestions.Pam mentions Clinisept, Skinceuticals, Exuviance, Neostrata, CosMedix, and Heliocare. Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
25/01/19·22m 36s

Kylie Minogue

The word legendary is bandied around a lot, but I think it's safe to say that Kylie Minogue absolutely warrants legendary status. And Glastonbury clearly agrees: at this year's festival, she'll be headlining the 'legends' slot.It comes after a particularly successful year in the pop star's career: her fourteenth studio album, Golden, received critical acclaim, and Kylie's ever-ardent fans loved the personal, Nashville-recorded songs.Which brings me to, well, me. I am a Kylie fan. Of epic proportions - she has provided the soundtrack to my life and has inspired me with her quiet grace and inner determination to remain resilient after many of life's wobbles.I was therefore extremely excited/nervous when she agreed to this interview but I quite genuinely couldn't have hoped for more - Kylie was funny, bursting with character, and extremely considered and kind.I know it's generally considered to be poor form for an interviewer to insert themselves into the narrative, but I just wanted to offer an insight into my fandom as I think it's important to mention given that I'm clearly a bit giddy throughout and ask Kylie a fair amount of questions my friend Oliver and I have been desperate to ask her for years as an audience with Kylie is a rare thing and the opportunity may never again present itself.We talk about perms, work ethic, holding onto sanity when living a busy life, where Kylie likes to eat in London, how she kicks back on a Sunday, and the look she'd choose to inhabit from her archive. I hope you enjoy the episode.Products Kylie mentions include:- The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Face Cream- Bose Noise-Cancelling EarphonesBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/01/19·20m 2s

The Christmas Special with Esther Coren & Rebecca Reid

MANY of you asked for more Rebecca Reid and Esther Coren, so this week I invited them on the show for a natter about Christmases past and their more intriguing Christmas memories and traditions. Crucial topics covered include our top Christmas films, what constitutes a good Christmas (no turkey and a curated crowd in Esther's case, much booze and being surrounded by family in Rebecca's, and my eclectic bunch plus the waifs and strays from Dad's restaurant for me), how much is too much when it comes to gifts, and which Christmases we remember for all the wrong reasons (romantic woes for all of us on this one, with Rebecca telling the tale of being stuck in the country with no electricity or means to contact her boyfriend, Esther hopelessly in love with a man who didn't reciprocate, and me trying to seduce someone with 24 M & S brie and cranberry bites).You've got the gist: it's a Christmas feast. Enjoy.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
18/12/18·37m 15s

Madeleine Spencer

Twelve guests have now shared the stories of their lives and how beauty products, memories, and practises have had an impact on them, and now we're nearing the end of season one, I thought it about time I shared mine.Last week's guest, the writer Rebecca Reid, agreed to host the episode, and we have a good old natter and touch on acne, anxiety, and my struggle with finding balance and contentment within my body.Places & People I mention /- Tiroler Hut Restaurant- Pam Marshall at Mortar & Milk- Nichola Joss - VivaMayr Austria - Hersheson’s / George Northwood / Mark Smith at John Frieda- Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds / Caroline O’Brien at John Frieda- Uchenna Okoye at London Smiling- Amy Jean Keratin Lash LiftsProducts I mention /- E45- Guerlain Meteorites Pearl Powders- Spectacular nail polish - Rimmel Conceal the spot- Nars Multiple in Copacabana and South Beach- Rimmel Eyeliner- Max Factor 2000 Calorie- Stila Kitten Eyeshadow- Eve Lom Kiss Mix- Carmex- GHDs- Ghost Perfume- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - Nars Orgasm Blush- Exuviance skincare- Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes Mascara- Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Eyeshadow Quad- L’Oreal Infallible Longwear Pro Glow Foundation- Symprove- Hayo'u Gua Sha Tools- Body Brushing- Sisley Izia- Trish McEvoy 100- Tilbury Scent of a Dream- Ex Idolo Love & Crime- Serge Lutens Veilleur De NuitBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
11/12/18·1h 16m

Rebecca Reid

It is almost impossible for Rebecca Reid to talk about anything without being completely compelling and extremely candid. Ask her about going from a Catholic boarding school to a polyamorous relationship in the space of a year, and she'll tell you precisely you how it happened and how it felt. Talk to her about the obsession with being a Victorian that lead her to rag her hair and go to school on a dressing up day as Millicent Fawcett, and she'll also divulge how it affected her at home and in the playground. Her experience of the woman looking back at her in the mirror is complex, as it is for everybody, but Rebecca has a way of looking through the looking glass with disarming honesty and extraordinary perceptiveness, and she does so on the episode on a range of topics including her developing breasts and developing unwanted and inappropriate admirers in her early teens, her dream (eventually realised) of being a blonde, how her weight has influenced her self-esteem.She also reflects on some of the times her appearance and perception of it has impacted her work as a writer, journalist and commentator on platforms including the Telegraph, Grazia, This Morning and and Good Morning Britain. Products Rebecca mentions include:- Lancome Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser- GHD Hair Straightener- St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse- Calvin Klein CK One- Tommy Girl Cologne Eau de Toilette- Jennifer Lopez Glow Eau de Toilette- Givenchy Very Irresistible Eau de Toilette- Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette- Tocca Eau de Touch- Dolce Gabbana L'Imperatrice no 21- Cartier De Lune- Dolce & Gabbana Sunset in Salina- Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling- Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de ParfumBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
04/12/18·1h 18m

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is an internet sensation, racking up over a billion YouTube views, with 12 million subscribers, and a further 10 million on Instagram and 13 million on twitter. Her fans are famously loyal - and they recognise Zoe wherever she goes.In this episode of Beauty Full Lives, I was keen to discuss the human element of living with the enormous fame and scrutiny that comes with being the most famous girl online (which, but the way, happens to be the title of Zoe's bestselling book).Zoe was a good sport and obliged me, touching on some of the more normal elements of her life, from finding QVC a bit addictive, to putting up Christmas Trees while listening to Shakin' Stevens, and choosing a bath over wine to wind down. But we also chat about the less usual elements of Zoe's life, too, including her stint of singing with Ed Sheeran, balancing having a huge profile with being a woman who struggles with anxiety, and how said panic ramped up a notch when her career exploded.We, of course, also talk about Zoe's childhood and the products and famous people she remembers from along the way (hair mascara comes up, as does Rachel Stevens) - and Zoe discusses her episode of adult acne and how she beat it, along with detailing her favourite products today. Products Zoe mentions include:- Barry M Holographic Glitter Dust - Barry M Green Glitter - bareMinerals Original Foundation - Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo- Tata Harper Regenerative Moisturiser- Zoella Planner - - Zoella Hot Chocolate Candle- Zoella Wish Upon A Spa- Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray - Korean Sheet Masks- Amika Dry Shampoo - NuMe Classic Curling TongBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
27/11/18·42m 44s

Esther Coren

Esther Coren didn't grow up thinking her currency would be her looks. She describes herself as having a 'round face, lots and lots of very pronounced freckles, and very, very red hair. I wasn't chubby, but I wasn't one of the pretty girls at school at all.'Fortunately, she grew up in a household where the way she looked wasn't valued above other attributes - particularly speedy wit, and in a bid to make their mum laugh, Esther would develop a dexterity with words that would set her in good stead as a journalist.Today, she's found a look that works for her and on her website, The Spike, shares the tricks and finds that have helped her along the way, as well as other nuggets of wisdom on anything from children's clothes to excellent books.Esther's product mentions include:- Rimmel Conceal the Blemish- Clinique Eyeshadow in Aubergine- GHDs- John Frieda Air Drying Mousse- Alpha H Vitamin Serums- Bobbi Brown Longwear EyelinerGrooming spots:- Nadia at John FriedaBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
20/11/18·1h 16m

Tina Earnshaw

Tina Earnshaw is a make-up veteran, having either designed the make-up or worked on principal actors on - wait for it - Titanic, Emma, Mama Mia, Shakespeare In Love, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Hamlet, and many, many others.She's been nominated twice for an Oscar, and is revered within the industry for her ability to create a classically beautiful face: think perfected skin, enhanced eyes, and full, pouty lips. Her work makes the individual features of an actor pop without applying what appears to be an awful lot of make-up. It's quite the feat.In this episode, Tina talks about her early make-up influences, how she came to work initially in Max Factor and then for the BBC, before deciding to try her hand at films.She also tells anecdotes about some of the people she's worked with, detailing Kate Winslet's eyelash curling meditative moment, and Pierce Brosnan's despair at his dog dying. Her stories are all told with Tina's trademark warmth, which I suspect may be part of the reason actors are said to find her company such a tonic when on set.Tina last year launched Tina Earnshaw Brushes, and hers are truly brushes of very high quality that have clearly been designed with a make-up artist's meticulous attention to detail. The No6 eyeliner brush, No4 slanted brush, and No2 blush brush are particularly stand out.Tina's product mentions include:- Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner- Fracas by Robert Piguet- Le Dix by Balenciaga- La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation in Honey Glow- La Prairie Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening Eye Treatment in Shade 10- Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara- Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Pencil in Basic Brown- Kevyn Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in MediumBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
13/11/18·45m 43s

Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh's first foray into beauty was with a sparkly lilac toy nail polish - and the experience was a disappointment of epic proportions. Enter a granny with a stash of Chanel polishes, who gave Millie a pillar box red varnish, and in so doing spark an appreciation of beautifully-executed beauty products.A slightly bumpy time at school thanks to acne honed Millie's love of make-up and its transformative powers, and after leaving, she went to work at MAC in Bath and then at Space NK, where Millie was working when she became one of the original members of the Made in Chelsea cast. During her time on the show, an interest in fitness started to kindle, and she put her mind to finding a way to stay fit and lead a salubrious life.Today, she's there. Her routine includes meditation, exercise classes, and a nutritious diet - and Millie's much happier for it. In this episode, Millie talks about what she's implemented and why, as well as her beauty journey and the products that she has loved and currently uses.Millie's product mentions include:- Chanel Pillar Box Red Nail Polish- GHD Hair Straighteners- Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation- St Ives Apricot Scrub- Kerastase Resistance Bain Extentioniste range- Kerastase FusioDose shine treatment- Sam McKnight Dry Shampoo- Chantecaille Just Skin- Lancome Skin Feels Good (used at her wedding to Hugo Taylor)- Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer Pot (covered tattoo with it in Julian McDonald dress).- Millie Mackintosh Luxe Glow Face Illuminator- Lancome Hypnose MascaraMillie’s Address Book:- High Definition Beauty for Brows- James at Daniel Galvin for hair cuts- Headspace Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
06/11/18·38m 7s

Ateh Jewel

Ateh Jewel found beauty to be a source of comfort in a turbulent childhood, enjoying scent and glitter and then graduating to a love of colour and glamour.But there was a fly in the ointment: as a woman of colour, Ateh was constantly being told that certain products didn't apply to her, that pink or blush or even experimenting was not for her.Resilient to the core, Ateh continued in her quest to find a place for herself in the beauty world and, after a stint at InStyle, started to write pieces for a host of titles including Sunday Times Style, Vogue, Tatler, Marie Claire UK, and The Telegraph.Now, Ateh is a freelance journalist, producer, director, blogger, and mum to two twin girls who is determined to make beauty a more inclusive place, in part so that they never have to feel 'other' or as if beauty wouldn't cater to them.Ateh's blog: Jewel Tones BeautyAteh's Instagram: @AtehJewelAteh's product mentions include:- Lip Smacker Lip Gloss from 80s - Nars lipstick Viva Las Vegas (out in 1994) - MAC Face and Body in N9 - Shu Uemura Pink Eyeshadow- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry - Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
30/10/18·57m 33s

Trish McEvoy

When Trish McEvoy founded Trish McEvoy beauty back in 1975, how women used make-up and what might be missing from their bags was at the forefront of her mind.She started with brushes, after which she continued to add to the range, but always with the view that products should be hardworking to deserve a place in a busy woman's mirror time.In this episode, she tells her compelling story, and explains how a dash of chutzpah and her innate ability to see things through has helped her enormously in business.She also touches on working as a make-up artist in 1970s New York and her hugely famous clients (Jackie Kennedy and Madonna feature), her thoughts on ageing, and how beauty can act as a mask in the best possible sense.Trish's mentions include:- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara- The Nakeds from the Ultima II range- Trish McEvoy Correct and Even Full-Face Corrector- Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Concealer- Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara in Jet Black- Trish McEvoy Ultra-Wear Lipgloss in Pink- Jillian Michaels exercise- Dr. Michael Prager- Indochine in New YorkTrish will be in the UK at the end of the month to give masterclasses. Book now to see her on the 30th of October at 12, 3:30, or 6pm at Selfridges, or on the 31st of October at 12, 3:30, or 6pm at Harvey Nichols.Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/10/18·24m 18s

Sinéad Burke

Irish writer, academic, and activist Sinéad Burke had a rather unlikely introduction to beauty as a child: her father worked as an actor and therefore had a huge make-up kit, from which he'd pull gems like Max Factor's Pan Stick before offering his daughters make-up advice.Sinéad's Dad also served as a role model for her in another significant way because he too was disabled as a result of achondroplasia (a genetic disorder that results in dwarfism), with Sinéad crediting him and her family for fostering an attitude that allowed her to grow up with ‘the understanding that if people were cruel to me, it said more about them than it did about me, because if somebody had to go out their way to make me feel small - metaphorically and literally - then they weren’t the kind of people that I wanted to associate with.'In this episode, Sinéad talks about carving out her space on the internet, the joy of make-up (and of learning how to do it from her sister), and how she thinks selfies can be a positive thing.Our conversation was arranged by Molton Brown, who have launched an #OwnYourBold campaign which is designed to nurture conversation around female empowerment by encouraging women to embrace their individuality and help to build confidence among others. The associated scent is the Jasmine & Sun Rose collection.Products Sinead mentions include:- Max Factor Pan Stick - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - Roads Afrikaans- Vaseline- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Balm- Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette- Maybelline Infallible Foundation- L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream- Benefit Browsings- Benefit Gimme Brow- ELF Compact Powder- Nars x Erdem Blush- Fenty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter- Max Factor 2000 Calories MascaraBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
16/10/18·49m 24s

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby turned up to record her Beauty Full Lives interview with a piece of paper in her hand on which she’d written a list of products she wanted to mention. ‘That’s the sign of a busy lady,’ Holly explained. And busy she is: between presenting This Morning and I’m A Celebrity… and appearing on Celebrity Juice, Holly works with Garnier (more on which below), Diet Coke GB, and M & S - and is also a mum of three.To Holly, beauty therefore has to be highly functioning and, ideally, not contain ‘loads of chemicals.’ Her product choices reflect this and include a cruelty-free lipstick that offers hydration and rosy colour in one and an eyeshadow stick that doubles up as a liner and comes with a smudging brush attached.In this episode. Holly talks about her first impressions of beauty, how starting her career so young helped her to gain confidence, and, of course, runs through her list of must-haves.Products Holly mentions include:Caudalie Beauty ElixirVita Liberata Body Blur HD Skin FinishEyeko Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liner in BronzeLily Lolo Brow Duo Pencil LightBurt’s Bees Lipstick in Blush BasinGarnier’s initiative with Unicef to #CommitToCare promises to deliver emergency kits including those providing emergency education, recreation, and hygiene to vulnerable children affected by conflicts and disasters worldwide. Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Sam & Nic Chapman

Siblings Sam and Nic Chapman started their career working as make-up artists before uploading videos to YouTube showing how to achieve different make-up looks. Within two years, Pixiwoo had amassed 30,000 subscribers. From there, they launched Real Techniques, a brand designed to demystify the process of applying make-up.In this episode of Beauty Full Lives, they discuss everything from the products that they remember from their teen years to how they got started in the industry to their feelings about ageing, and how they stay sane while under such scrutiny.Products Sam mentions include:Rimmel Foundation in Pale BiscuitRimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heather ShimmerThe Body Shop White Musk Eau de ToiletteAramis Tuscany Per Donna Eau de ToiletteDior J'Adore L'OrPrescriptives Make-UpAvon Ginger Freeze LipstickMAC Cosmetics VivaGlam LipstickReal Techniques Setting BrushMaybelline Great Lash MascaraProducts Nic mentions include:The Body Shop Dewberry Eau de ToiletteImpulse O2 SprayMAC Cosmetics Aquadisiac EyeshadowMAC Cosmetics Minted Eye Liner PencilMAC Cosmetics Boston Fern MascaraMAC Cosmetics Crystal Avalanche EyeshadowMax Factor PanstikMAC Cosmetics Face & BodyCalvin Klein CK One Eau de ToiletteYves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils MascaraShu Uemura Eyebrow PencilBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Davina McCall

Davina McCall is a woman divided when it comes to beauty. On the one hand, she’s been influenced by her mother, a woman who would ‘ walk into a room and magnetise everybody - she was always looking amazing, always made up, always moisturised.’ And then there’s the grandmother she lived with for nine years, a woman who ‘never wore a jot of make-up - stuff and nonsense.’It’s easy to see the influence of both these women when contemplating Davina, and some of her success as a presenter and broadcaster can surely be attributed to the combination of her granny’s down to earth persona that’s sprinkled with a little of the star quality her mum clearly passed down to her.In this episode of Beauty Full Lives, Davina discusses those women who shaped her youth, the products that she remembers from different periods of her life, and also some of the things she thinks are brilliant now, from tubing mascara to therapy.Products Davina mentions include:Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de ToiletteYves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Eau de ToiletteEstee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturiser SPF15Kevyn Aucoin The Volume MascaraGarnier Summer Body Gradual Tan MoisturiserDiptyque Revilitalizing Shower GelChanel No 19 Eau de ParfumEscentric Molecules Molecule 01Beauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton was, by her own admission, not terribly comfortable with her looks as a teen. Yearning for adulthood, when she expected she’d find a life to suit the grown up aesthetic she’d come to love, she suffered taunts at school and was roundly ignored (or, worse, insulted) by boys. This didn’t stop Dolly from realising any of her ambitions, and she is now revered and held in great affection for her body of work as a writer, podcaster, and journalist. In this episode of Beauty Full Lives, Dolly discusses navigating that journey from teen to thirty-year-old in command of her life, touching on the beauty products that have had significance along the way.Products Dolly mentions include: - L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray - Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil in Jet Black- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara- Floris Rose and Geranium Bath Essence- REN Rose Otto Bath Oil - Loreal Lash Architect - Eylure Full Set False Lashes- Nars Duo in Isolde- Chanel Mystic Eyes Palette- Penhaligon’s Cornubia - Do Son by Diptyque- Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady - Dolly does her hair at Myla and Davis in Brixton and recommends SamBeauty Full Lives is hosted by Madeleine Spencer, produced by Charlie Jones, and with artwork by Sung Lee.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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