The Mourning DJ - A Radio Dramedy

The Mourning DJ - A Radio Dramedy

By Neal Veglio & Citrus Wang

Described as "witty and addictive", this humorous show pokes fun at the fake-smile-filled, and back-stabby world of the British media industry. Follow along with the often amusing and occasionally heart-breaking story of Nick Bellamy - a young British media hopeful - as his path steers him around egomaniacal bosses, slutty and manipulative co-workers, and accusations of chair-sniffing, all in the hope of one day becoming a successful radio DJ; perhaps, even, The Mourning DJ. (The first two seasons have now been archived. Thanks to better equipment and knowledge obtained since the beginning of this series, they're being remastered. They'll be available to listen to again, soon.) If you enjoyed the Ricky Gervais hit "Extras", you'll probably enjoy this.


The Inner Circle - Episode 21 - The Mourning DJ: A Radio Dramedy

The meeting with Nick's radio idol Bryan Brookstein ends on something of a positive note. Meanwhile. a familiar character from a past episode makes a timely return, and it's not the one you're thinking. Please remember to subscribe to the show on your favourite podcast app. Music used -  Knight Rider Theme Bootleg Remix (Enzo Margaglio Remix) Knight Rider on 8 Cellos -
20/06/2011m 19s

A Storm From A C Cup - Episode 20 - The Mourning DJ: A Radio Dramedy

Nick Bellamy has a meeting with his radio hero - a quite impressive and eccentric gentleman who has something interesting in mind for our young 'hero'. This episode has it all.  Sports cars, contracts, and even some impressive lung disease generation. Please remember to subscribe to the show on your favourite podcast app.
30/05/2011m 37s

The Breaks - Episode 19 - The Mourning DJ: A Radio Dramedy

Nick recalls the time he serenaded the lead singer of a well-known Oxford indie band. His flirtation with girl band member Keri Facinelli comes to a head - but not in the way you are probably thinking. His well-intentioned but roughly executed creativity lands him in the middle of yet more drama.
23/05/2013m 30s

Willyabe My Beau? - Episode 18 - The Mourning DJ: A Radio Dramedy

Nick is handed a gift from the radio gods. Persistence leads to a hugely creative on air moment, and the possibility of a massive upturn in Nick's romantic prospects...  
16/05/2012m 27s

Strawberry Blonde Season - Episode 17 - The Mourning DJ

We continue our journey with Nick Bellamy as he struggles on at troubled radio station Air fm. In the previous season finale, we learned that the object of his college affections - Linda Applewhite - was hired as his co host and producer. We find out how that's going. Another live on air call poses something of an opportunity for a content idea...
09/05/2024m 38s

The Mourning DJ 'Season 3' Teaser Trailer

It's here. The highly anticipated (by my mum and three distant cousins) return of my highly acclaimed (by a small handful of Apple Podcast reviewers) media industry dramedy. We'll rejoin Nick, now deep into his working relationship with Linda Applewhite, as he tackles dating drama with a huge celebrity, a trashy columnist and someone new coming into his life that could change everything. Catch up on all previous episodes now, at
03/04/201m 0s
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