Fall of the Shah

Fall of the Shah

By BBC World Service

The revolution that shook the world. A drama based on real events in Iran 40 years ago. Starring Dame Diana Rigg.


Ep 9. God’s government

Enemies are put on trial as Ayatollah Khomeini consolidates his power, in the final episode of the drama. But is this justice, or a desire for revenge? #FalloftheShah
25/03/19·27m 50s

Ep 8. The collapse

Protesters surround the US Embassy. Meanwhile, in episode eight, there’s a power clash in the race to become Iran’s new prime minister. #FalloftheShah
18/03/19·28m 27s

Ep 7. The return of the hidden imam

Millions gather in Iran’s streets to welcome the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini. In the seventh episode of the drama, can the new prime minister maintain order? #FalloftheShah
11/03/19·28m 15s

Ep 6. Shah raft

The Shah is forced to quit Iran to make way for the new prime minister. Sharpour Bakhtiar is a liberal – and a former prisoner of the Shah. In episode six of the drama, the revolution is moving forward. #FalloftheShah
04/03/19·28m 9s

Ep 5. A passion play

The Americans are arguing with themselves. Should President Carter support the Shah? Meanwhile, in episode five of the drama, there’s more violence on the Iranian streets. #FalloftheShah
25/02/19·28m 16s

Ep 4. No instructions

The Shah asks for help from the US, but they have problems of their own. In the fourth part of the drama, protesters are taking over large parts of Tehran. #FalloftheShah
18/02/19·28m 3s

Ep 3. An audience with the Ayatollah

The man behind the protests. In episode three of the drama, a young journalist goes to France to meet the Ayatollah. #FalloftheShah
11/02/19·28m 1s

Ep 2. Black Friday

Protesters take to the streets, inspired by exiled religious leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. The Shah mobilises his army. Episode two of the drama. #FalloftheShah
04/02/19·28m 10s

Ep1. An island of stability

Something is coming. Can America's friendship with Iran survive? In the first episode of the nine-part drama, US President Jimmy Carter visits Tehran in December 1977. #FalloftheShah
28/01/19·27m 46s

The trailer

A tale of power, betrayal and fear. Taking you back to the 1970s, when the Iranian Revolution would change the world forever. With Game of Thrones star Dame Diana Rigg. The nine-part drama is coming soon.
21/01/19·2m 27s
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