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Drew and Drew's Grandma

Drew and Drew's Grandma

By Drew Monson

Drew Monson and his 89 year old Grandma talk about life and some other things too.


Episode 4 - Drew and Drew's Grandpa and Drew's Grandma

Drew and Grandma interview their first guest - Drew's grandPA! 
03/04/19·51m 55s

Episode 3 - Where in the World

Drew and Grandma discuss childhood and traveling experiences! 
23/03/19·54m 47s

Episode 2 - Grandma Hit her Head

Drew and Grandma talk about her recent accident, the response so far to the Podcast, read listener tweets, and more! 
30/01/19·47m 5s

Episode 1

The first episode! Drew and his Grandma talk about their old YouTube videos together, Drew's weight, movies, politics, divorce, and more!
21/01/19·52m 19s
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