Stephen Tries:

Stephen Tries:

By Stephen Tries

Stephen Tries and friends discuss different topics in each podcast. It mainly involves the battle to out-tragic each other through anecdotes.


Stephen Tries: Festivals

This week we're talking trips, bigger trips and tours!
16/06/19·49m 47s

Stephen Tries: Dating

This week, four casanovas discuss love, dating and marriage. We also talk about the Oscars and pilonidal sinus. 
07/03/19·55m 33s

Stephen Tries: Comedy

This week, we're talking all things comedy. From stand-up to plays to sketches we've failed at them all.
27/01/19·1h 10m

Stephen Tries: Clubbing

This week, 3 alphas are talking about clubbing, uni and Christmas
24/12/18·52m 52s
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