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Doing It! with Hannah Witton

Get ready for an education – Hannah Witton is here to teach you about all things sex, relationships, dating, and modern-day love. Every week join a range of guests for a well-informed debate to share personal experiences and discuss topics that you’ve always wanted to talk about, but never had the chance. From periods and pregnancy to sexuality to STDS, Hannah is here to guide you through. It’s time to have an open and honest conversation, so get comfortable and let’s do it!
01/10/19·5m 33s

ITV Flats and Shanks Rugby podcast

David Flatman and Tom Shanklin are not just best mates, but they are also former England and Wales international players who know how to talk. They even lived together while both playing at Saracens great banter is guaranteed! In collaboration with ITV, the Flats and Shanks podcast will guide you through the ITV Rugby World Cup with thoughts, jokes, and discussion from the dynamic duo. Each episode features a special guest who will join the lads to discuss all things World Cup with plenty of laughter along the way.
01/10/19·4m 39s

Here We Go Again with Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon has just had a baby... several years after her last baby! What's changed, how are things different, what's acceptable, what new stuff is there to make the process less daunting? In each episode Stacey sparks debate around all subjects surrounding childbirth and what it means to be a new mum in 2019. From friends popping in, to famous faces and even the possible inclusion of the man who got her into this mess (Joe Swash), the conversation will flow and the topics will be covered in a similar way to Loose Women, but with parenthood at the centre of the show.
01/10/19·5m 7s

The Birthday Game – Richard Osman (Endemol shine)

Richard Osman has a brand-new podcast and he wants you to play a game. Join him and three friends every week to compete for the ultimate prize; a caterpillar cake! What’s the game I hear you ask? It’s the Birthday Game of course! Take on the challenge of guessing the ages of celebs who are celebrating this week to prove who has the best birthday trivia. Everyone has a birthday, but do you know how old Bruce Willis or Serena Williams are? Guests include Nish Kumar, David O’Doherty, and Lou Sanders, and many more. Come for the caterpillar cake, and stay for the laughs.
01/10/19·4m 55s

James O’Brien (most listened) – Global commissioned

Award-winning and best-selling LBC legend James O’Brien sits down with the biggest names in politics, entertainment, sport, and popular culture for exclusive interviews and remarkable insight into their life and career. Previous candid conversations have included guests such as Tony Blair, Ricky Gervais, Deborah Meaden. Full Disclosure is special because it’s a rare chance to get close to some of the most important but private people in society from the comfort of your headphones.
01/10/19·5m 3s
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