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Max B is a Harlem rapper on the brink of stardom. One night he gets wind of a bag full of cash that’s sitting in an empty hotel room, and he starts scheming. It would be an easy score – in and out, no one gets hurt. But it doesn’t go down like that. It all ends in chaos, kidnapping and a dead body. This is the story of a rapper who risked it all for a bag full of money, a robbery where everything went wrong, a messy trial, and a sentence that makes you question who the justice system works for... and who it works against. Conviction is a podcast anthology series about crime and justice. Each story examines a new case and asks: Who does the justice system work for, and who does it work against?


Episode 2: Bring the Money

Max cooked up an easy score — in and out, no one gets hurt. But it doesn’t go down that way. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/02/23·40m 11s

Episode 1: Who’s 40 Grand Not Tempting To?

Max B is a famous rapper in Harlem. Until one night changes his life. Note: An earlier version of this episode misstated where Charly Wingate and Gina Conway first met. This version has been corrected to reflect that Gina was living in North Carolina and met Charly in South Carolina. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/02/23·40m 20s

Conviction: Season 1 Trailer

Manny Gomez is a detective straight out of a detective novel. He carries a pen that’s really a knife, wears a watch that’s really a camera, adores Sherlock Holmes and Miami Vice. But the cases Manny takes on are all too real: cases of young men in New York City who say they’ve been arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. In the first season of Conviction, reporter Saki Knafo follows Manny as he tackles the biggest case of his career—and along the way, Saki explores big questions about criminal justice in America. This story is the first in Gimlet Media’s Conviction series, which will feature a new piece of investigative reporting each season. Hear all the episodes on February 4th.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/01/19·2m 29s
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