Eurovision Calling 2019

Eurovision Calling 2019

By BBC Sounds

Scott Mills hosts your weekly Eurovision backstage pass to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.


18. Goodnight Europe!

In this special last episode Scott had a chat with the man who was victorious in 2019, Duncan Laurence! Plus, we heard from our Prince Michael Rice and gave San Marino's Serhat a call. After 18 episodes we’re all Eurovision’ed out! Thank you so much to everyone to who emailed us and downloaded the podcast!
24/05/19·24m 58s

17. Eurovision 2019 Final!

NB – Contains spoilers! It’s been Eurovision Christmas with the final and here’s our Boxing Day equivalent debrief! What. A. Show. We whizzed you through our personal highlights and moments of the four hour epic and who we predicted would win against what actually happened. We chatted to Rylan after his turn as representative of the British Jury (and he doesn’t agree with all of their choices), plus Daniel ‘wizard’ Radcliffe shared his Eurovision love and brought us our penultimate lyric of the week. We got reassurance from Jayde about how our Prince was doing (all are agreed he did an amazing performance) and guys, we really needed to talk about Madonna.
19/05/19·33m 17s

16. It’s Eurovision Eve!

We gave Netta a call right after her epic performance at Semi-Final 1 and we also had a visit from the Godfather of Eurovision, Graham Norton! And, there’s no denying the fact that they became the brother and sister duo of Eurovision 2019, so Jayde chatted to our Prince Michael Rice and gave him some last minute big-sisterly advice ahead of his jury performance.
17/05/19·32m 55s

15. Semi-Final 1!

Jayde and Scott were in Tel Aviv and gave their FULL analysis of Semi-Final 1, including all the backstage gossip from the UK’s commentary booth. But that’s not all we had in store for you, Scott had a catch-up with Mel Giedroyc and Jayde was reunited with our Prince Michael Rice and, well, our honorary Prince, seeing as he was born in Croydon and wrote our song - Sweden’s John Lundvik!
15/05/19·30m 23s

14. Rylan, Michael Rice, Kate Miller-Heidke and Richard Osman!

We made it! This episode was just ONE WEEK away from the first 2019 semi final and to celebrate, we talked to Scott’s other Eurovision partner in crime, Rylan! Montenegro’s D-Mol went ‘Under the Spotlight’ and we had a final catch up with our Prince, Michael Rice, before Tel Aviv! Jayde also chatted to one of her favourite acts of the competition, Australia’s Kate Miller Heidke! And finally, Eurovision Lyric of the Week was recited by none other than Richard Osman from Pointless!
07/05/19·32m 24s

13. Euphoria

We spoke to the woman responsible for possibly the greatest Eurovision song of all time, 2012’s Eurovision Champion - Loreen! We also had the host of Radio 1’s Drag Queens' Den podcast and Eurovision superfan Glyn Fussell in the studio with us! And at the end of the show just to top all of this Eurovision goodness off, we heard from the absolute Godfather of Eurovision, Graham Norton read our Eurovision Lyric of the Week!
30/04/19·30m 17s

12. Conchita Wurst, Duncan Laurence and Idris Elba!

This episode we spoke to Eurovision royalty, they’re arguably the most iconic Eurovision winner in recent history and were serving us bearded lady realness WAY before The Greatest Showman came along, it’s 2014’s Eurovision winner - CONCHITA! Scott also talked to the man tipped to win the entire 2019 contest, Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands. At your request, we put Iceland's Hatari 'Under The Spotlight' and we also heard from Eurovision Hero, Dina. Plus, the ACTUAL Idris Elba read our Eurovision Lyric of The Week.
23/04/19·34m 5s

11. The London Eurovision Party!

We spilled all the piping hot tea from behind the scenes of The London Eurovision Party 2019! Italy's Mahmood talked opera with Jayde, Spain's Miki Núñez took a siesta, Norway's KEiiNO taught us some Sámi and Finland's Darude & Sebastian Rejman shared some of their Tel Aviv staging secrets. Plus, Jayde and Scott were given a very special job and got to announce The UK's Michael Rice to the stage! But for those of you who don’t like change, or in fact, parties, we also heard from another Eurovision Hero and 2014’s champion Conchita read our Eurovision Lyric of the Week.
16/04/19·30m 41s

10. The Hero of ALL our Times

In this episode, he’s 2015’s Eurovision champion and the hero of all our times - Måns Zelmerlöw was in the studio! Plus, we chatted to Laurell Barker, a lady who wrote not one, not two, but THREE of 2019's Eurovision songs! Jayde also had a long overdue catch up with our boy, Michael Rice and in our last episode, Anne-Marie described her music video as ‘extra’ and since A LOT of you emailed in asking, we put Cyprus's entry Tamta ‘Under The Spotlight.’
09/04/19·33m 0s

9. "Why are your melodies so good?"

In this episode we talked to John Lundvik, Swedish representative for Tel Aviv 2019, and he also co-wrote our song, Bigger Than Us. Talk about a competitive streak, he’s the first person in Eurovision history to be competing against himself. Plus, Scott called Essex chart-topper Anne-Marie and she explained why Scandinavians are so good at Eurovision. We also chatted to another Eurovision Hero, Bristol University's Eurovision Society co-founder, Luke Hardwick. And finally, it all got a bit 'rowdy, rowdy,' as we put Switzerland's Luca Hanni 'Under the Spotlight.'
02/04/19·34m 5s

8. Our Graham, Saara Aalto and Jonny Woo!

In episode we chatted to Finland's biggest overachiever- she can sing, she can dance, she can act, she can even ice-skate, it’s their 2018 representative Saara Aalto! Plus, Jayde spoke to Lake Malawi, the Czech Republic’s act for 2019 and we put their song, Friend of a Friend Under The Spotlight. Now... Come on guys, we did all know this time come eventually….Yes, sadly in this episode was the FINAL instalment of The Unofficial Eurovision Chart Show. In a bid to cheer themselves up and spread Eurovision fever, Scott and Jayde did a good Eurovision deed for one of our American listeners with a little help from the man himself, Graham Norton. And seeing as Jayde’s mentioned drag queens in every episode so far, we thought it was about time we heard from one! Reading our Eurovision Lyric of the Week is the comedian and drag icon - Jonny Woo!
26/03/19·33m 44s

7. Badness Knows No Nation

Scott had a catch-up with Scissor Sisters legend Ana Matronic and guys, she came PREPPED. We’re talking detailed notes on 2019's songs, complete with flag emojis for each country. At your request, we also put Portugal's entry Under The Spotlight and we had yet another instalment of The Unofficial Eurovision Chart Show. Plus, Saara Aalto recited some intergalactic (and rather saucy) poetry in our Eurovision Lyric of the Week.
19/03/19·30m 11s

6. National Selection Season Is Over!

In this episode, we have all 41 songs for Tel Aviv 2019 at our fingertips! We discussed all the latest news, which of course was SONGS. Plus, Scott had a catch-up with Czech Republic’s act from last year, Mikoláš Josef - the only man to rock braces and a backpack in the grand final. Jayde made a transatlantic call to this week’s Eurovision Hero, Alesia Michelle and we put Finland's entry, Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman 'Under the Spotlight.' Once again we were inspired by the UK's Michael Rice's anthem Bigger Than Us, with the much demanded – well, no one actually demanded - return of the Bigger than Us game and we finished off the episode with our Eurovision Lyric of the Week Scissor Sisters legend Ana Matronic.
12/03/19·31m 30s

5. We Need A Doctor!

Tel Aviv 2019 faced a major casualty when the 42 participating countries became 41, due to Ukraine dropping out of the competition! So, we did what any sane people would do when faced with a Eurovision emergency – we called a doctor. Dr Eurovision aka Paul Jordan, delivered a full autopsy on the events leading up to Maruv’s departure from the contest. Meanwhile, Italy’s act Mahmood stormed the streaming charts with his song Soldi and Eurovision Hero Kris Boswell gave us the lowdown on the selection show to end all selection shows, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen. We of course also had another instalment of The Unofficial Eurovision Chart Show and this episode, Estonia and Albania’s entries went ‘Under the Spotlight.’ Plus, Jayde called the UK's Michael Rice for a catch-up and Rag’n’Bone Man recited our Eurovision Lyric of the Week – it’s a classic!
05/03/19·34m 22s

4. How To Be A Good Sport 101

In this episode we talked to Bilal Hassani, who was the French representative at Eurovision 2019 and also the owner of some truly outstanding wigs. Jayde spoke to Icelandic comedian and Eurovision fan Ari Eldjárn, to discuss what it’s like be from a country that’s never won Eurovision. Scott and Jayde delivered an extremely heartfelt tribute to all of the countries that have never won the Eurovision Song Contest and we had another instalment of The Unofficial Eurovision Chart Show. Plus, Oliver Lewis from was in the studio and Will Young read our Eurovision Lyric of the Week.
26/02/19·33m 13s

3. The Lad From Hartlepool

Your winner aka the Prince of Hartlepool, Michael Rice, joined us in the studio with his Nana Carol. We also FaceTime the brilliant Lindsay Dracass, who represented the UK in 2001 when she was just 16. Jayde learned who really is ‘Bigger than Us' and Scott hosted the first instalment of the Unofficial Eurovision Chart Show. We chatted to Ireland’s most enthusiastic Eurovision fan, Martin Jones, and Måns Zelmerlöw recited our Eurovision Lyric of the Week.
19/02/19·25m 22s

2. You Decided

Michael Rice was picked to represent the UK in Tel Aviv and Scott FaceTimed him fresh from the stage. We heard from Eurovision All-stars Netta, Måns Zelmerlöw and Rylan Clark-Neal, plus 2018’s You Decide winner SuRie came into the studio. Plus, William Lee Adams and Deban Aderemi from explain what other Eurovision National selections happened that weekend.
09/02/19·19m 56s

1. Mollie King, Rehearsals and... Chips

Go backstage with Scott Mills and Jayde Adams at the 2019 Eurovision You Decide rehearsals! Meet the acts and find out who actually picked our songs. We also got some Eurovision advice from the one and only Ken Bruce. Plus, You Decide judge Mollie King shared her favourite and most bootylicious Eurovision lyric.
08/02/19·27m 16s

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Scott Mills and special guests discuss the latest gossip and spill the secrets from behind the scenes of The Eurovision Song Contest 2019.
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