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Homeschooling during Covid-19

Expert advice about teaching your kids at home during the coronavirus lockdown. Mercy and Linda discuss practical ways to juggle work, educate your children, and avoid parental burnout with two experts: Dr Amelia Roberts, deputy director of University College London’s Centre for Inclusive Education in the UK, and Dr Maria Elena Brianda from University of Louvain in Belgium. Want to join in the conversation and share your tips and experience? Join the Parentland Facebook group:
23/04/2036m 6s

Parenting in a pandemic

How do you keep your family healthy and happy in the coronavirus lockdown? Mercy and Linda put your questions – from giving birth in a pandemic to how to explain Covid-19 to kids - to two experts: Dr Pia Rebello Britto, UNICEF’s Chief of Early Childhood Development, and Dr Steve Wall, Senior Director of Newborn Health at Save the Children. Want to join in the conversation? Join the Parentland Facebook group:
16/04/2037m 34s

Bonus: My pregnant life

“I’m pregnant!” A special episode with the Bollywood actor and the presenter of the My Indian Life podcast, Kalki Koechlin. Attitudes to unmarried mothers, the feeling that “I don't belong to myself”, caesarean births - Kalki has lots of questions. Welcome to this mash-up with My Indian Life, with Iko-Ojo Mercy Haruna and Kalki Koechlin. Join the conversations: Listen to My Indian Life: #Parentland #MyIndianLife
13/12/1918m 18s

So many questions, so little time

It’s the final episode of the first season, so Mercy and Linda are trying to answer as many of your questions as possible. How do you deal with sleepwalking? Maria, who lives in Portugal, wants to know how to stop her middle child from telling lies. And Ralf Henkel, from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, weighs in on male fertility and how to prepare for conceiving. Talk about these and other topics in the #Parentland Facebook community:
20/05/1945m 7s

Avoiding parental burnout

'Never feel guilty for taking time for you.' How do you care for yourself while you’re also caring for kids? Mercy and Linda talk to Moira Mikolajczak, an expert in parental burnout, about how taking a break for self-care is really important. And the team visit Sweaty Mama, in the north of England, where mums can meet up, exercise and improve their mental health. Want to join in the conversation? Join the Parentland Facebook group: #Parentland
13/05/1950m 41s

Should screen time be limited?

'I don’t want to raise cyborgs.' When it comes to screen time, how much is too much? And is there such a thing as 'good' screen time? Mercy and Linda are joined by Sonia Livingstone, a professor of social psychology who studies internet use in childhood, and Parentland takes to the streets of London to ask teenagers what they think about their use of technology. #Parentland
06/05/1947m 36s

Starting school and homework

'I hate homework' might be a common phrase in your house – but does it actually serve a purpose? And how much is too much? This episode is all about education, and our Parentlanders are asking whether there’s a right age for your child to start school. Joining the team to help tackle these questions are Professor Dominic Wyse and Professor David Whitebread. Plus, get advice on what to do if your child is struggling to read and write. If you’ve got a question, email us at or join in the Facebook conversation at #Parentland
29/04/1947m 57s

Handling conflict healthily

'Conflict is inevitable – violence is not.' How do you make sure your kids have healthy disagreements, rather than fighting or bullying? Expert advice from author and educator Barbara Coloroso on managing sibling rivalry in this special episode. If you haven’t already, listen to the previous episode, Sibling Rivalry, to hear from our Parentlanders. You can join in the conversation on the Facebook group:
22/04/1921m 1s

Sibling rivalry

'You’re my best friend - I hate you.' Sometimes siblings can go from laughing to fighting in seconds – but how do you deal with it? The Parentland team hear how you can encourage your children to get along with each other, and learn how environment and culture may play a part in whether one child is favoured over another. Featuring Laurie Kramer, a professor of psychology and clinical psychologist who specialises in sibling relationships. Want to get involved in the conversation? Join the Parentland Facebook group - #Parentland
15/04/1947m 37s

Discipline and multilingualism continued

Toddler tantrums and learning languages: they’re the issues Parentlanders can’t stop talking about, so we’re dedicating another episode to answering more questions. With Dr Nandini Singh Chatterjee, a cognitive neuroscientist who studies language recognition in children. Ask your questions via our website: Join the conversations at #Parentland
08/04/1942m 52s

Questions, questions, questions

How do you talk to your kids about sex? How much exercise do toddlers really need? And pacifiers: good or bad? Three questions in one jam-packed episode. Join the conversations: Ask your questions via our website: #Parentland
01/04/1942m 30s

Getting them to eat

Introducing foods and flavours. Malnutrition is a big issue for weaning babies. With taste and nutrition experts Julie Mennella, Homero Martinez and Lucy Cooke. Ask your questions via our website: Join the conversations: #Parentland
25/03/1946m 55s

The bedwetting taboo

What can you do about bedwetting? Around 12% of seven to nine-year-olds still regularly wet the bed. How to keep them dry. With children’s bladder experts Patrina Caldwell and Darcie Kiddoo. Ask your questions via our website: Join the conversations: #Parentland
18/03/1946m 47s

Speaking in many tongues?

Raising children multilingual. How many languages can they speak all at once? More of you have asked about this than any other question! With cognitive neurologist Thomas Bak, who speaks four languages and teaches another seven. Ask your questions via our website: Join the conversations at #Parentland
11/03/1946m 7s

Born clever?

Can your child’s brain power be boosted? Investigating nature and nurture. Are clever children just born that way? Or is fantastic parenting helping them to thrive? We discover diet can be important too. Ask your questions via our website: Join the conversations: #ParentlandImage: Illustration of a human brain (Credit: Zephyr/Science Photo Library)
04/03/1945m 21s

Getting them to listen

Is bedtime a battleground? Is homework hell? Parentland tackles positive parenting, sport, the controversial issue of smacking and how discipline is perceived around the world. Ask your questions via our website: Join the conversations:
25/02/1941m 25s

Preview - the journey begins!

Your questions answered. Getting ready to solve the world’s parenting dilemmas... well, we’ll try. Ask your questions via our website: Help start the conversations:
15/02/192m 51s
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