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Evil Genius with Russell Kane

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It’s good, bad, ugly - and very very funny. Changing the way we see heroes and villains in history.


Karl Marx

Olga Koch, Eshaan Akbar and Geoff Norcott give the political thinker Marx out of ten.
17/06/2049m 49s

Charlie Chaplin

Jon Richardson, Catherine Bohart & Shappi Khorsandi look at the film star in close-up.
11/06/2040m 11s

Introducing You'll Do

Comedians and real-life couple Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth bring highlights from their podcast that asks what makes relationships work. Forget the idealised romance of Hollywood movies, relationships are complex and unpredictable. And someone they're just really, really hard. You'll Do celebrates the nitty gritty, the ups and the downs, and the peculiarities of building a life with other people. Subscribe now and discover how the likes of Nish Kumar, Deborah Frances-White, Joe Lycett and Jayde Adams continue to say yeah... you'll do. A Whistledown Production for BBC Radio 4.
09/06/209m 31s

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Freddie Mercury

Tom Allen, Evelyn Mok and Isma Almas share what Queen's singing superstar means to them.
16/04/2044m 7s

Emmeline Pankhurst

Will Sarah Keyworth, Athena Kugblenu and Luisa Omielan use their votes wisely?
09/04/2039m 53s


Will Colin Murray,Johnny Cochrane and Neil Delamere have suspicious minds about The King?
02/04/2042m 22s


Tom Allen, Suzi Ruffell and Harriet Braine paint a wonky picture of the great artist.
26/03/2043m 32s

Nina Simone

Are Athena Kugblenu, Njambi McGrath and Harriet Dyer feeling good about Nina Simone?
19/03/2042m 5s

WG Grace: the greatest cricketer and his dark legacy

Ivo Graham and Aatif Nawaz bowl over non-cricket fans Russell Kane and Joanne McNally.
12/03/2043m 4s

Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas

Darren Harriott, Nathan Caton and Joanne McNally put the boot in to the sportswear giant.
05/03/2043m 14s

George Best

Colin Murray, Chloe Petts and Neil Delamere give the greatest footballer a good kicking.
27/02/2043m 56s

Evil Genius is back on 27 February

Starting with three sport episodes - two sports megastars and one king of sportswear

Oscar Wilde

Jen Brister, Larry Dean & Esther Manito consign Oscar Wilde to the gutter or the stars.
07/11/1940m 4s

Lou Reed

Sophie Duker, Laura Lexx & Neil Delamere take a walk on the wild side with the rock star
31/10/1935m 25s

Whitney Houston

Dane Baptiste, Jodie Mitchell and Athena Kugblenu decide, will they always love Whitney?
24/10/1936m 39s

Bernard Manning

Jessica Fostekew, Marlon Davis and Leo Kearse ask if the popular comedian is still funny.
17/10/1941m 34s

Salvador Dali

Jen Brister, Esther Manito and Larry Dean wax their moustaches ready to talk Salvador Dali
10/10/1932m 23s

Winston Churchill

Daliso Chaponda, Ivo Graham & Jessica Fostekew discuss the man voted the Greatest Briton.
03/10/1937m 5s

Fidel Castro

Comrades Heidi Regan, Konstantin Kisin and Eleanor Morton consider Fidel Castro.
26/09/1939m 26s

Muhammad Ali

Darren Harriott, Laura Davis, Christopher Macarthur-Boyd on the boxer called The Greatest
19/09/1943m 50s

Queen Victoria

Dane Baptiste, Jodie Mitchell and Athena Kugblenu weigh up Queen Victoria.
12/09/1934m 14s

Amy Winehouse

Suzi Ruffell Joanne McNally and Maisie Adam take on Amy at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
05/09/1938m 43s

Evil Genius is back on 5 Sept! Watch out, dead famous people

Evil Genius is good, bad, ugly and funny. And it's returning to your lucky earholes.
29/08/191m 36s

James Brown

Lou Sanders, Johnny Cochrane and Tom Lucy find out how James Brown Got On Up to no good.
14/02/1930m 0s

Walt Disney

Fern Brady, Tiff Stevenson and Kae Kurd have an animated chat, about animator Walt Disney
07/02/1926m 17s

Enid Blyton

Danielle Ward, Rachel Fairburn & Danny McLoughlin have a jolly old time with Enid Blyton
31/01/1928m 28s

Joan Crawford

Amy Annette, Marcus Bronzy and Inel Tomlinson find the upsides in having an arch-nemesis
24/01/1927m 50s

Bill Hicks

Tiff Stevenson, Fern Brady and Kae Kurd weigh up the comedian Bill Hicks
19/01/1928m 49s

Coco Chanel

Elf Lyons, Ken Cheng and Sadie Harrison debate Coco Chanel and lying about your age.
10/01/1932m 41s

Frank Sinatra

Lou Sanders, Johnny Cochrane and Tom Lucy bandy words about singing and civil rights.
03/01/1939m 6s

Joan Rivers

Desiree Burch, Catherine Bohart and Alan Carr chat being outrageous and having no limits.
27/12/1844m 47s

Father Christmas

Sindhu Vee, Grainne Maguire and Dane Baptiste mull over the magic of Santa himself
21/12/1829m 8s

Charles Dickens

Amy Annette, Marcus Bronzy and Inel Tomlinson read up on author Charles Dickens
13/12/1837m 13s

Darth Vader

James Acaster, Jayde Adams and Romesh Ranganathan ask if he's just misunderstood.
06/12/1821m 17s

Pablo Escobar

Danielle Ward, Rachel Fairburn and Danny McLoughlin weigh up drug lord Pablo Escobar.
29/11/1829m 18s

Sid Vicious at Latitude Festival

Grainne Maguire, Jen Brister and Shappi Khorsandi talk about what comedy owes to punk.
22/11/1831m 13s


Elf Lyons, Ken Cheng and Sadie Harrison poke around JFK: John F. Kennedy, US President.
15/11/1834m 4s

Tupac Shakur

Romesh Ranganathan, James Acaster and Jayde Adams judge hip hop artist Tupac Shakur.
07/11/1830m 47s

Mother Teresa

Alan Carr, Desiree Burch and Catherine Bohart talk about goodness, badness and bin babies.
01/11/1839m 25s

Evil Genius is coming back!

A new series of Evil Genius is on its way..

Margaret Thatcher

Russell and his panellists Grainne Maguire, Sindhu Vee and Omar Hamdi weigh up the Iron Lady. It's a hard hitting political debate involving hairspray, Judi Dench and ninjas.
09/05/1832m 10s

Steve Jobs

Russell and his panelists Simon Evans, Bec Hill and Stephen Bailey try and decide whether Steve Jobs is evil or a genius. Without him this podcast may not have existed. Will that affect their decision?
02/05/1829m 54s

Hugh Hefner

Russell Kane gets into his dressing gown to talk about Hugh Hefner while his panel Stephen Bailey, Bec Hill and Simon Evans look the other way.
25/04/1831m 45s


Surely not Gandhi? Russell Kane reveals there might be an evil side to the father of modern India. With panelists Grainne Maguire, Sindhu Vee and Omar Hamdi.
18/04/1834m 55s

Roald Dahl

Will Russell Kane’s revelations about Roald Dahl stop you from reading The BFG ever again? Panellists Judi Love, Kelly Convey and Imran Yusuf have their childhood memories tainted forever.
11/04/1828m 45s

Albert Einstein

Kindly favourite-uncle genius with comedy hair, or controlling egomanic? Russell Kane attempts to explain the theory of relativity to Caz Frear, Sean McLoughlin and Rachel Parris.
04/04/1826m 5s

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor may be the comedian’s comedian, but there is plenty in his life story that isn’t so funny. Russell Kane discusses whether his genius outweighs his evil, with panellists Judi Love, Kelly Convey and Imran Yusuf.
28/03/1831m 38s

Evelyn Waugh

Writing Brideshead Revisited? Genius. Naming his son Auberon? Evil. And it gets worse... Russell weighs it all up with Jolyon Rubinstein, Ellie White and Sadie Harrison.
21/03/1826m 37s

Marie Stopes: birth control pioneer

Russell Kane asks whether birth control pioneer Marie Stopes had a more sinister motive.. with Dane Baptiste, Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Iszi Lawrence.
14/03/1836m 9s

John Lennon

Peace, love and an intolerance of laughter. Was the music worth it all? Depends who you ask. With Rachel Parris, Caz Frear and Sean McLoughlin.
07/03/1830m 26s

Welcome to Evil Genius with Russell Kane

The show where we ask: Where do you draw the line?
05/03/181m 5s
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