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WHOA That's Good Podcast

WHOA That's Good Podcast

By Sadie Robertson Huff

The "WHOA That's Good" podcast welcomes you into meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television in search of the answer to just one question: What is the best advice you have ever been given? Hosted by Sadie Robertson, best-selling author, founder of Live Original, and star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" & season 19 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," this fun and lighthearted podcast is sure to leave you saying, "WHOA That's Good!"


A Bag of Cash & What 1,000 Women Just Did at LO Sister Conference 2023 | Sadie Rob Huff

Midnight runs to the airport to a bag of cash in a lost & found, 1,000 women answering an altar call and 300 baptisms — Sadie and Korie are sharing ALL the stories of what they thought, felt, witnessed and heard during LO Conference 2023! Sadie relives one of the craziest moments when a woman she'd never met came up to her and reaffirmed a word from God that Sadie had been pondering hours earlier. And a phrase kept coming up all through the weekend: "Doesn't this feel like summer camp?" The Lord moved in some amazing and mighty ways and you'll be blessed hearing about a truly memorable 2023 LO conference! — Get 30% OFF your first delivery and FREE veggies for life! — Get 50% off your first month plus FREE shipping with code SADIEROB! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/09/23·49m 35s

How to See Beauty in the Church — Even After You've Been Hurt | Sadie Robertson Huff & Anna Golden

Songwriter and worship leader Anna Golden and Sadie Robertson Huff are new friends, and throughout this conversation, they discover how much they have in common: growing up in the entertainment industry, handling fame, serving overseas in ministry with their families, struggles with anxiety, and experiencing hurtful situations by church people in their lives. So how do you stay faithful to the Lord and keep attending church when you've been wounded? Anna shares some of the journey that took her from leading worship in one church to where she is now: leading worship and serving at Shoreline Church in Dallas. She also challenges anyone involved in doing anything on a platform — and especially in front of a congregation — that your ministry is so much MORE than just what you do on stage. — Get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix! — Get your application fee WAIVED when you start your future with Liberty University today! or text HUFF to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift! -- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/09/23·59m 10s

Our Best College Advice | Sadie Robertson Huff & Christian Huff

Are you in college right now? Do you feel like you've already "messed it up" and gained a reputation for something that isn't true to who you are? Christian and Sadie are here to say it's never too late to make a change, pivot, and head in the opposite direction. Your past mistakes don't automatically dictate who you will become and no one is too far gone to be out of reach of God's grace! Christian shares the mistakes he made and wants to encourage anyone that living for the "fun" isn't a long-range plan. He also gets candid about how comfortable we can get in our confessions — it's not enough to keep confessing our sins if we're not actively working to stop them in the future. And remember, if we give our longings and desires to the Lord and let HIM fill up our cup, that is TRULY the only thing that will satisfy. Listen to Christian’s "The 4:8 Men Podcast:" — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! For a limited time, new customers can get 18 free meals from Home Chef. Just go to — Get 8 single serving packets FREE with any LMNT order! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/09/23·1h 1m

Q&A: Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You | Sadie Robertson Huff & Korie Robertson

Join Sadie and Korie as they answer questions for a live audience just before the opening session of LO Conference 2023! How do you determine what the Lord is calling you to do in your life — your "calling?" And how do you trust that calling, even when it feels like what you're doing isn't coming together as it should? Sadie remembers a time in the Disney offices when she had a clear answer on what her future would look like. Plus, how can we live in a way that what others think about us doesn't dictate how we feel or how we operate day-to-day? Korie shares some good reminders about people-pleasing. And how can teens today grow closer to God with so much distraction around them in our culture? Sadie also reminds us that social media is what we make it, who we follow, what we subscribe to — and it's what we post! Your social accounts are YOURS so post what YOU want! Book your tickets now for LO Sister Conference on September 6-7, 2024!: — Get up to 20% OFF AND 2 free pillows! or text HUFF to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/09/23·49m 47s

You Don't Have to Look to Anyone Else for Validation | Sadie Robertson Huff & Donna Stuart

Donna Stuart is a good friend and mentor of Sadie's, and when they're together, they go deep FAST. (Isn't that the way it is with good friends?) Donna is married to Ben Stuart, the pastor of Passion City Church D.C., and she kicks things off by sharing that even though she first started working in ministry as a musician, the Lord had other plans for how He would ultimately use her life — and that started by her being fired from ministry! Donna and Sadie discuss how they've both learned they can't look to anyone else for validation when God has already justified us! While it's a normal, even natural thing to do — we've ALL been there! — that doesn't mean it's right or life-giving! Sadie shares the biggest lessons she's learned from social media and paying attention to the negative or positive engagement. And Donna relays an early-morning encounter she had with the Lord, which has Sadie forgetting she's still interviewing her! or text HUFF to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift! Get 25% OFF your Abide premium subscription! But ONLY if you text WHOA to 22433. — Become part of this community TODAY! Join 80,000 Christian households across the nation sharing $30 million in medical needs every month. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/09/23·1h 6m

Sadie Robertson Huff's Counselor Stops Her Mid-Interview to Start a Session

Sadie is excited to introduce you to her real-life counselor and the mother of two of her very good friends, Terra Tucker! Discernment vs. intuition, making decisions, going through a dark night of the soul — they cover SO much in this conversation and you won't want to miss a second! Terra explains why she starts every counseling session by praying and asking the "Real Counselor" to lead. Sadie and Terra then get into decision-making and why it's okay to delay making big decisions if you're not in a good place, but there may be times you might need to force yourself to make the choice to get yourself unstuck. And no, you CAN'T always trust your feelings when you're making decisions! Plus, Terra shares her "little questions" that will be a valuable tool for you as you navigate changing seasons and big choices! And have you ever felt mad at God for something that's happened? Sadie has and she reveals a moment not too long ago where that was true. Don't miss when Terra then begins an impromptu counseling session to prompt Sadie to go deeper and explore WHY she was mad and what made her resolve it. — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get access to discounts up to 70% off on the biggest name brands. Save 20% off your membership when you join as a NEW seasonal member! — Get 50% off your first month plus FREE shipping with code SADIEROB! -- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/09/23·1h 7m

How to Stay in Control During a Panic Attack | Sadie Robertson Huff & Lauren Daigle

Sadie is SO happy to be talking with her friend — and someone who truly lives original — Lauren Daigle! The two friends chat about everything from why Lauren chose to take 5 years off, how we can discover more about ourselves and who we are in Christ, and how Lauren is able to live life as she preaches and sings. Sadie remembers a moment in a late-night drive thru with Lauren where they really did see Jesus everywhere! Lauren shares some tips for taking a purposeful approach to breathing through panic attacks that she learned after a particularly dark season in her life and how the kindness of a stranger on a plane completely changed how she pursued joy in the midst of feeling powerless. And don't miss Sadie sharing how Honey has started incorporating Scripture into her own life when she feels afraid — it's a good lesson for ALL of us! Lauren's self-titled album is available for pre-order: — Get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get 8 single serving packets FREE with any LMNT order! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/08/23·1h 4m

How To Know if They Are ‘The One' | Sadie Robertson Huff | Louie & Shelley Giglio

Louie and Shelley Giglio from Passion City Church join Sadie to give some of their BEST marriage and spiritual advice. How do you know you've met "the one?" And why it IS important to marry the right person! Shelley encourages us to not focus on the ways we're not like our spouse, but think of the differences as complementing each other! Sadie wants to hear about how Louie and Shelley first met and fell in love, which then leads to them detailing how they started working in college ministry together at Baylor University. Louie remembers the exact moment he saw a picture of "Passion" but both he and Shelley acknowledge that their annual conference — which has grown exponentially since it first began — is nothing without God! And is there a better way to encounter the Lord than with a group of peers? The Giglios, Sadie and Christian can't wait to see you ALL at Passion 2024 at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Get $20 off your ticket with code WHOA when you register at or text HUFF to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift! — Get $5 off right now with code WHOA! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/08/23·1h 4m

How to Experience God's Holiness | Sadie Robertson Huff | LO Worship

Sadie is SO excited to announce that LO Worship's new EP will be available September 1! She's joined by her brother Will Robertson, and her cousin Laela Dasher, to talk about all the songs on the new album, which ones they're excited to sing and lead live, what the songwriting, composing and recording process was like, and a few great challenges to all of us as we live our everyday lives. You CAN lead worship with the words of your life - it's not just something that happens in a crowded room with a bunch of other people. And when is the last time you really considered the holiness of God — and that He makes Himself available to each of us and wants a relationship with us! We can't wait to hear what you think of the new album when it's released September 1st! You can pre-order LO Worship's new EP here: — Get access to discounts up to 70% off on the biggest name brands. Save 20% off your membership when you join as a NEW seasonal member! — Get 8 single serving packets FREE with any LMNT order! Get 25% OFF your Abide premium subscription! But ONLY if you text WHOA to 22433. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/08/23·57m 34s

The Part of My Family's Story You Haven't Heard | Sadie Robertson Huff & Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson joins Sadie to talk about the upcoming movie, "The Blind," which follows the story of Sadie's grandparents — Phil & Kay Robertson — in the early years of their marriage and when their lives were transformed by the Gospel. Sadie asks Willie about that early part of his childhood, when his dad wasn't a believer yet, and how Phil and Miss Kay's decision to follow the Lord quite literally changed their family's trajectory. Willie and Sadie challenge us to find ourselves in the film's story: Are you the person praying for someone in your life who's not in a good place? Is your marriage in trouble? Are you sharing the Gospel with someone in your life again and again but not seeing them change their mind? Ministry is everywhere and can be anything, big or small! For some it means writing books, speaking all over the world to large audiences, but for others, it can be simple acts of kindness and grace for anyone we encounter throughout the day. And remember NO ONE is outside of God's love — never give up on anyone and let the Holy Spirit work on their hearts! Watch "The Blind" in theaters starting September 28. Get your tickets early at — Get 50% off your first month plus FREE shipping with code SADIEROB! or text HUFF to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/08/23·59m 3s

Our C-Section Birth Story | Sadie, Christian & Haven

Skunks, boogers, a midnight dash to her parents' house and lots of laughter — Sadie and Christian are recounting the hours leading up to their second daughter Haven's birth — and what happened in the days and weeks after. Sadie gets honest about the differences in recovery from her C-section this time around, her postpartum lows, and the unexpected — and hilarious — surprise that really helped alleviate her stress and anxiety just before meeting Haven. Christian and Sadie are SO grateful for the outpouring of love and support they've received for their growing family and share some encouragement for any new or about-to-be parents out there too! — Get up to 20% OFF AND 2 free pillows! — Get your application fee WAIVED when you start your future with Liberty University today! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/08/23·52m 33s

Will Robertson’s Birth & Adoption Story | Korie Robertson & Emily Kemp

Korie Robertson and her son Will’s birth mom, Emily Kemp, reveal the full scope of God’s grace in the story of his birth, adoption, and life. Emily acknowledges the difficult circumstances that led to choosing adoption for Will and the impact her choices have had on her life’s path. Korie and Emily talk about the incredible and divine ways God brought their families together to form a foundation of hope for Will throughout his life. Emily encourages girls and women who may be in a difficult situation to find hope all around them and to trust that they are never alone in their journeys. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/08/23·49m 25s

How to Forgive Yourself & Be Free From Shame | Korie Robertson & 'Auntie' Anne Beiler

Everyone has seen "Auntie Anne's" — and probably even tried one or two pretzels at some point — but today Korie is pleased to introduce you to the woman who created it all, Anne Beiler! Anne recalls her beginnings in the business world in the Amish community where she grew up and why she eventually started the first "Auntie Anne's" pretzel shop. Anne shares about her many years of darkness after she lost her daughter in a horrific accident, then suffered abuse at the hands of a trusted pastor. Anne encourages anyone going through a dark time that telling someone who is trustworthy about it is the first step to freedom and releasing the tight grip of shame and despair. Don't stay too long in the world of secrets! Anne asks us all to consider what it is that keeps us where we are, stuck in darkness and shame and once we've identified it, change it! God sees us in our struggle, He has a purpose and a plan for us, and He wants us to live in the light! A phrase she repeats to herself — and repeats for us is: Life is hard. God is good. Don't confuse the two! Anne's cookbook, "Come to the Table," is available now! — Get 20% off plus FREE shipping with code WHOA! — Get 50% off your first month plus FREE shipping with code SADIEROB! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Our Best Relationship Advice: Living on a Budget, Conflict Resolution & Parenting Wins

Sadie is sharing some GREAT relationship advice she's received from her mom, Korie, her husband, Christian, and her good friends, Parker and Freddie! In this episode we're covering a wide-range of topics such as how to restore trust after it's been broken in a relationship, how you can resolve conflict well while respecting how your spouse will be best served in the process, making new friends as a couple, and why living on a budget can be stressful but can also be some of the most memorable moments you'll ever have in your marriage. And don't forget to have FUN in your relationship! – Get a free gift with purchase for new customers and free shipping on orders of $29 or more right now! Get 25% OFF your Abide premium subscription! But ONLY if you text WHOA to 22433. — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/07/23·52m 52s

A Messy Conversation About Anxiety | Sadie Robertson Huff & Korie Robertson

It's not wrong to have fears — that's normal! But you don't have to bow to it and let it control your life! Sadie and Korie are sharing stories of when they were the most fearful, anxious and worried and how they've learned to stop those dangerous loops and how to keep moving forward, doing it afraid! Korie remembers a time when little Sadie was overcome with anxiety at camp, but how that one moment was a pivot for how Sadie confronted anxiety later in her life ... and why you sometimes need to feel the fear to push you! Plus what are some practical ways we can stop anxiety and worry in its tracks? Sadie and Korie share their strategies that include everything from washing your hands in warm water to making a gratitude list. But ultimately, knowing and trusting God and relying on His promises is the best way to prepare for trials and getting through difficult moments that can come seemingly out of nowhere. The storm can seem much scarier when we know more about IT than we do about the Lord and His power! — Get up to 20% OFF AND 2 free pillows! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get your application fee WAIVED when you start your future with Liberty University today! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/07/23·1h 9m

Your Season of Sorrow Has a Beginning, Middle & End! | Korie Robertson & Beth Redman

Beth Redman has a gentle, godly and wise spirit and is here to share some incredible truths with Korie and the rest of us! Right away, her "best piece of advice" will have you thinking about who's on your enemy prayer list! Korie remembers a time when she and Willie stopped by the Redman house and witnessed one of their family traditions — and it might be one you want to incorporate for your family and friends! Iron sharpens iron, as Beth says, and this is why we ALL need friends who aren't afraid to tell us the tough things. Beth explains why she chooses to live without a smartphone and off social media, plus she shares how she and her (eventual) husband, Matt, started dating when he was a worship leader in their youth group. She also takes us through an immense season of loss that she and Matt experienced, which was followed by an immense season of abundance — and she's encouraging anyone going through a tough time that there is a beginning, middle and end! Korie challenges us to resist the desire to want to know everything now since we really should be trusting God and His plan for us. — Get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/07/23·48m 1s

God's Plan For You Doesn't End If You Take a Wrong Turn | Korie Robertson & Erin Napier

Korie is delighted to speak to mom, wife, artist and star of HGTV's "Home Town," Erin Napier in this episode. Erin and her husband, Ben, never set out to have a TV show, but Erin recalls how her blog that she started where she ONLY documented the best things that happened to her each day set the whole thing in motion. Korie and Erin both share why they love living in their hometowns and Erin talks about her latest passion project which is uniting parents who all agree their young kids shouldn't be on social media until they're grown. — Get 20% off plus FREE shipping with code WHOA! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get tickets to the LO Sister Conference in Monroe, LA on September 8-9 – Get over 40% off Naturmetic’s Starter Kit & save an extra 20% off your order with code WHOA at checkout! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/06/23·56m 41s

Family You Choose Is as Important as the One You’re Born Into | Korie Robertson & Rebecca Loflin

Sadie's big sister, Rebecca, is on the podcast for the first time, y'all! Korie and Rebecca are talking all about how Rebecca joined the Robertson family when she was 16 years old as an exchange student from Taiwan. Rebecca says she felt very welcome in her new family, but very out of her comfort zone and shares how she adjusted to the big changes in the USA: from language to school and church and being at LSU when "Duck Dynasty" first began. Rebecca reveals how difficult it was to lose her dad at a young age, but why she now chooses to be positive with whatever she encounters in her life. And how did 2Mama play a role in Rebecca meeting her husband, John Reed? As a wife and mother of two, Rebecca admits some days are easier than others and the thoughts of, "Is this my life now?" can be overwhelming, but Korie's encouragement for anyone feeling like they're barely making it is to remember that you CAN do it all — everything God has placed on your heart — just not all at once! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get 50% off your first month plus FREE shipping with code SADIEROB! – Get a free gift with purchase for new customers and free shipping on orders of $29 or more right now! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/06/23·57m 11s

Our Birthdays: Gratitude for the Peaks & Pits | Sadie Robertson Huff & Christian Huff

Sadie and Christian both just celebrated their birthdays and they're taking a minute to look back at the year that was. Sadie and Christian are getting vulnerable and sharing each other's peaks and pits from the past year, plus what they want to take with them moving forward, and what they're choosing to leave behind. And for the first time, Sadie and Christian share publicly their big pit that had them each questioning their core beliefs, how they worked through it, and what they learned in the process. And look, we know birthdays aren't always fun and quite often we may NOT feel like celebrating, but Sadie has some great advice for anyone who chooses to avoid marking their next year and how you, as a friend, can still celebrate them in a way that's honoring their wishes. You never know how life-changing it could be! — Get up to 20% OFF AND 2 free pillows! — Get your application fee WAIVED when you start your future with Liberty University today! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Here's What To Do When Your Anxiety Spirals | Korie Robertson & Rebekah Lyons

Rebekah Lyons is a speaker, author, mother of four, and a podcast host with her husband, Gabe. Rebekah joins Korie to share her five rules for not just overcoming anxiety but why steering INTO anxiety helps us build up resilience in our lives. Don't RUN from anything that makes you afraid, rather learn how to not let it control and override your entire life. Korie shares how she worked with Sadie on knowing when she was having an anxiety attack and how to work through it. Rebekah talks about why she started focusing on becoming resilient in her life and pursuing a journey of emotional health with the Lord. Plus, why do we feel the instinct to pull away when relationships get too intimate or too personal? And how can we encourage each other to be ourselves and be human, even though we want to show only the best versions of ourselves? Rebekah shares one moment and one phrase uttered to her husband that changed her life — and she encourages us ALL to not be afraid to name our pain! We can't begin healing if we haven't named the pain in our hearts and minds! And how can we retrain our brain and be more aware of what — and Who — we're agreeing with in our darker moments? Rebekah's book "Building a Resilient Life" is available now!  Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at — Get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix! — Get 20% OFF your first order with code WHOA! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/06/23·51m 50s

Be the HELP to Others That You So Desperately Need! | Korie Robertson & Paula Faris

Sadie's mom, Korie Robertson, is joined by newscaster & journalist, Paula Faris and they want to encourage ANYONE who feels exhausted in life right now. Paula reminds us we do NOT have to carry it all and why we all need to ditch any feelings of guilt we may have and go ahead and ask for help! Korie shares a moment during "Duck Dynasty" filming where she realized she couldn't keep going without some extra assistance and why she loves Sadie's message about being truthful about life. It's so easy to only show the "perfect" parts of our lives, but wouldn't it be freeing to post the moments that are real, whether it's a good moment or not? You can be a help to someone else who desperately needs exactly what you're needing! Paula and Korie talk about how they both intentionally say "yes" to the things that bring them joy, instead of making excuses out of busy-ness. And always remember: NO ONE is perfect. Stop trying to put on a front of perfectionism — it's not healthy for anyone! It's healthy to ask for help. Paula's book, "You Don't Have to Carry It All" is available now! — Get 20% off plus FREE shipping with code WHOA! — Get 30% off your entire order RIGHT NOW with code WHOA! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/05/23·50m 55s

When Friendships Change, It's OK to Let It Go | Sadie Robertson Huff & Laney Rene

Sadie's best friend and former roommate, Laney Rene, has some real-life experience with difficult friendships — from fear of making one to the unbearable thought of losing one, Laney can relate! Sadie and Laney first met while they were both grieving friendships that had ended badly, and they talk about their own shifting friendship as they were both single at the same time, then met and married their husbands, had children, and moved to different states. Laney describes her past difficulties with letting go of failing friendships, and why that ability was necessary for her personal growth. Laney describes how you should not place your happiness in the hands of others, especially ones who talk about you behind your back. Sadie encourages us to always remember: No matter how much hurt you've experienced, sisterhood and friendship is ALWAYS worth pursuing and fighting for — they're gifts from the Lord! Don't be afraid to start new friendships! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/05/23·44m 7s

How to Ask God for a Promise In Your Season of Waiting & Believing | Sadie Rob Huff & Mia Fieldes

Mia Fieldes is living her miracle right now — she's about to give birth to her baby girl after being told by multiple specialists that pregnancy wasn't likely, but she'd be the first one to tell you that trusting in a promise from God doesn't guarantee an easy path. Sadie and Mia quickly get deep talking about navigating seasons of waiting and why the holding pattern might feel like a huge delay, but it's ultimately going to get you to your destination quicker! Mia encourages us to be sure our filter and outlook on our life isn't disappointment — or you won't be able to see all that God IS giving you, regardless of the season of your life. Mia challenges us all to actively be asking God for a promise, especially if you're in a time of waiting on Him. Sadie remembers one particular dance on "Dancing with the Stars" where a split-second decision surprised her and her dance partner with the result, but was a great lesson too! Plus, why we need to treat God like a friend — choose to spend time with Him and expect Him to show up!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/05/23·1h 5m

How to Stop Bringing Past Hurts Into New Relationships | Sadie Robertson Huff & Christine Caine

Christine Caine and Sadie get into a passionate discussion about why dwelling on the past — the good and the bad — is the wrong way to keep moving forward into your future. Christine talks about her early childhood years filled with abuse, abandonment, neglect, and betrayal — and how she's had to deal with all of it at different times in her life as she got married, had two girls, and started her life of ministry, speaking, and writing. Christine shares a lesson she overheard in motorcycle driving lessons: Wherever you look, your body will follow — and she expands on the truth of that idea not only when driving her Vespa and making a turn, but how focusing on Christ should be the ONLY thing Christians focus on as they navigate life. If we linger somewhere else, we'll eventually go there, so fight off the distractions and make Jesus the focus! If you don't learn to fix your eyes on Jesus, you're going to get stuck! And if you don't deal with the past, the past will deal with you. Christine's book, "Don't Look Back," is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/05/23·48m 21s

Has Your Heart's Desire Become an Idol? | Sadie Robertson Huff & April Rodgers

Sadie has known April Rodgers for a long time and is so excited to welcome her into the studio for a tough, but encouraging conversation about trusting God through the difficult times in life, and taking what the enemy meant for evil, and turning it for good. April is a former financial planner and now hosts a podcast and has written a devotional book. April talks about the phone call she received that changed her and her family's life, when her brother was in a horrible car accident that took his life. But through hearing from others about how much her brother had meant to them, especially those who heard about Jesus from him, she was convicted to more quickly share Christ with those she encountered every day. April encourages us all that when we're tempted to ask if God is REALLY good, or if God is really for us in the dark times, we need to recall and rely on what we know to be true about who God is, and that should get us into God's Word! Sadie and April talk about the call of ministry and how it doesn't matter how "big" or "small" the platform might be, ministry is always important! And for anyone going through a terribly painful time right now, know this: If there's a shadow, there's light! You can trust in your Savior who is with you every step of the way until you're on the other side! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/05/23·45m 19s

Be a 'There You Are' Person, Not a 'Here I Am' Person | Sadie Rob Huff | Earl & Oneka McClellan

If you're needing an extra dose of encouragement, this is THE conversation you need today! Sadie is thrilled to speak with her new friends, Earl and Oneka McClellan who co-pastor Shoreline Church in Dallas, TX. Earl and Oneka share an incredible amount of wisdom on marriage, working in ministry as a family, parenting, even fashion advice, and much more. Oneka and Sadie discuss why our priorities are so important when it comes to fashion, social media, or influencer posts — what is your WHY on why you're doing what you do? Earl remembers when he first met Oneka and how he was "too saved" to begin pursuing her initially, but that changed after a missions trip! Plus, Oneka recalls Earl's incredible gift to her when their relationship was getting serious, which has Sadie remembering a particular snowy blessing shared with her and Christian. And how did a "simple" prayer request text message change the McClellan family? Finally, Earl and Oneka are passionate about being in ministry WITH their children and explain why it's so important to invite your kids into the call God has on your life!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/05/23·1h 1m

How to Find Your Passion & Let Go of Fear | Sadie Rob Huff & Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is DONE with letting fear hold her back. Sadie and Bethany talk about many moments of fear in their lives and how claiming God's promises, replacing mental patterns with Scripture and things that are TRUE is one of the best ways they've found to fight it. Bethany's had to overcome a lot of fear in her life — from a terrifying shark attack that cost her an arm, to choosing to get back in the water, to being catapulted into the spotlight and suddenly becoming a public person where the world could see her life, and even when she first found she was expecting her first child — but she overcame and didn't let the fear win! Bethany encourages us all to find practical ways of being an unstoppable force in our own lives: Find a passion that gets you off social media and gets you pumped for life! Plus, Bethany and Sadie talk about the importance of family and how intentional parenting and loving your family is its own gift and reward and why prioritizing your family is the best way to navigate all the uncertainties, stresses, and unknowns we'll face in our lives.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/05/23·55m 1s

How to Know God MORE | Sadie Robertson Huff & Emma Mae McDaniel

Sadie remembers the first time she noticed Emma Mae McDaniel radiating joy — and it hasn't stopped radiating for 10 years! Emma is the host of the "Have You Heard?" podcast, she's a wife, an expectant mother, and she says her biggest goal for anyone in her audience, or whomever she meets day to day, is to help them personally know God. Emma recalls a life-changing moment — and her pursuit of God, loving Him and knowing more about Him every day in His Word has revolutionized her whole life! Emma says that there are some days when she doesn't always "feel like" reading her Bible and showing happiness to others, but it's because she WANTS to obey the Lord and her love for Him isn't dependent on how she feels day to day. Sadie and Emma have both struggled with feeling the need to be perfect, and how exhausting that can be — but isn't it freeing to know that God isn't interested in our attempt at perfection? Plus, Sadie and Emma talk about the very real fear parents have about bringing children into a dark world, but don't let the worry stop you, rather, take a closer look at what your child is receiving, learning, and observing in your home. That's the best counter to anything they might see in the world!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/05/23·46m 59s

How to Set ATTAINABLE Goals & Make a Difference | Sadie Robertson Huff & Housefires' Nate Moore

Nate Moore is a writer and artist with Housefires, plus he's a worship leader, a songwriter, and a pastor and today he's talking with Sadie about making music and making moments with people that you love, why doing a FEW things well is one of the best pieces of advice he's ever received, and how to turn "have-to" into "get-to" in your faith walk. Nate admits his early years as a Christian were a "check-the-box" version: read your Bible - check, go to church - check, pray - check  — but an experience in college changed all that and his outlook transformed to a "get-to" attitude in his walk with God. Sadie and Nate share different ways they experienced the call of God on their lives and reiterate that when God's calling you, it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else! Nate remembers the early days in Atlanta where Housefires began and the moment he says was "the most special moment in worship he's ever seen" when "Good Good Father" was first spoken — and he has Sadie saying, "That's SO good" many times when he explains the origin of his first tattoo and how a two-degree shift can change EVERYTHING for you in your life!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/04/23·57m 48s

How to Maintain Your Faith Even When Your Hope Is Shaken | Sadie Rob Huff | Danny & Leyicet Gokey

Y'all, singer-songwriter Danny Gokey and his wife, Leyicet Gokey, are a DELIGHT to talk with! Not only do these two have an incredible ministry together, but they have four adorable children, love each other so well, and have Chuck Norris to thank for getting them together! Danny tells Sadie about the loss of his first wife and how staying in the Word and clinging to God's truth is what helped him during that heartbreaking tragedy. Leyicet encourages us to always share how we met God and started following Him — you never know who will be impacted by your story, regardless of how "unimportant" you think it is! And remember, believers have what SO many people want: a friend like Jesus! Plus, a reminder to take active control of your thoughts — because how you FEEL is a direct result of how you THINK. If you're feeling stuck and unsure of your next step, as Danny tells us, don't be a parked car — start moving, and God will direct you! Wherever you are: Do your best, obey God, & it WILL be OK!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/04/23·51m 42s

You Don't Have to Be Scared of the Thing That Sounds Impossible | Sadie Robertson Huff

Courtney Leatherwood took a big chance and a big leap of faith when she said "yes" to Sadie asking her to start working with her years ago — but that decision wasn't an easy one. What started as doodling and designing in her spare time has morphed into her role as LO's Brand & Creative Marketing Manager! Sadie and Courtney look back on those moments that will encourage others to take a big leap, and they encourage you not to be so quick to say "no" if something sounds too "far out." First, ask, "Am I willing to try?" Plus, how do we know when the voice of God speaks to us after we've sought His guidance? Saying "yes" even when you don't feel qualified might be the most freeing thing you could do! Sadie and Court remember some big "failures" in the early days of LO, but is it really a failure if they were growing, learning, and finding new ways to reach people? Sadie drops in a Lionel Richie quote that stuck with her: "If you win, you win; if you lose, you learn!" And don't miss the story about beignets!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/04/23·44m 5s

How to Know When It's Safe to TRUST Somebody | Sadie Robertson Huff & Dr. Henry Cloud

"Is it safe to trust this person?" is a question we ALL need to ask of the people we bring into our lives. Sadie is talking with bestselling author and clinical expert, Dr. Henry Cloud about all things to do with trust: earning it, fixing it when it's broken, how to give it and even when to withhold it. Sadie shares a very recent example of why trust is such an important factor when bringing new people into our worlds and why trust and boundaries are SO important to her — she's been hurt by these things in the past! Dr. Cloud encourages us in how we can truly restore trust from past relationships and not bring that into new relationships. Plus, why it's important to give yourself space to evaluate if a person really IS trustworthy. Sadie and Dr. Cloud also speak about the wisdom of Scripture and how it's backed up and aligned with so much of neuroscience, which isn't surprising at all and more proof that our Creator knows everything about us and how we're wired. And don't miss Sadie's story about why she recoiled when Christian tried calling her "Pumpkin" one time.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/04/23·54m 17s

God Loves Us BEFORE We 'Do' Anything! | Sadie Robertson Huff & Alicia Britt Chole

Sadie has been waiting for this conversation since she was 18 years old and was given a copy of Dr. Alicia Britt Chole's "Anonymous" — a book which Sadie says is the BEST book on social media. Alicia is a wife, mother, author, and former atheist who had an "unbelievable encounter with God" when she attended her first church service with a friend and says her beginning in Christ came from Him pursuing and finding her. Alicia encourages any singles out there to look for a man much like her own husband who has the fruit of the Spirit in his life, plus why we should value the "unseen" people in our lives just as much as others — don't mistake "unseen" for "unimportant!" Sadie and Alicia discuss what it means to "practice the presence of God" and how the truth that God is near to us is worth repeating to ourselves and others throughout our day. God IS near — He's not behind a curtain, He's not paused somewhere waiting for a certain thing, and He loves us before we "do" anything for Him! Plus, how differently would we live out our faith if we regularly confronted the weight of our sin and how we WILLFULLY sin against the Lord? And why we ALL need a mentor — but if you can find someone you can regularly meet with, that's an incredible blessing, so go after it!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

How to Love Friends Well While They're in a Toxic Relationship | Sadie Rob Huff & Bella Rob Mayo

Bella is BACK for a fun chat with Sadie answering YOUR questions about helping friends in toxic relationships, how to love well but not micro-manage, when honesty is best and most loving, and why not expecting all your happiness to be provided by others is so important. Plus, Bella talks about being married at a young age, how she knew Jacob was the one for her right away, and when she turned her life around and began her relationship with the Lord. And do you feel like your testimony is a bit "boring?" Sadie and Bella encourage us that there really is no such thing!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/04/23·44m 27s

NAME DROP! Our Baby's Name Is ... | Sadie Robertson Huff & Christian Huff

It's here, y'all! Sadie and Christian are announcing the name they've chosen for their second baby girl! And you will not BELIEVE the incredible story confirming God's incredible love and care in the choosing of their daughter's name. Sadie and Christian talk about the upcoming birth and if there is a plan for the delivery room. After the traumatic birth of Honey and how scary that was in the first few minutes after she'd been born, how are they feeling about this upcoming delivery? Plus, they honestly share how they've both learned so much in trusting God and truly partnering WITH God on what the future holds. And isn't that the best place to be? — Get 40% off + 3 FREE towels with code WHOA at checkout! or text WHOA to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/03/23·41m 36s

How to Stay Above Your Fears & Remember God's Got You! | Sadie Robertson Huff & Katie Davis Majors

What if we could keep a God's-eye view of our lives — that no matter how scary or painful a situation might be, coming up ahead of us is a break and some peace? Sadie's guest, Katie Davis Majors, was reminded of this truth in a particularly harrowing experience she had while swimming in the Nile River. Katie was 18 when she first traveled to Uganda for a mission trip, and she ended up staying for many years, starting a charity, meeting her husband, and adopting 13 girls! Katie and her family — including 2 boys now! — just recently moved back to the United States, a decision that wasn't easy and one that Katie didn't initially understand. Katie encourages anyone wondering what they're going to do with their life that God is way more concerned with who you'll BE than what you'll DO. Start focusing on who God's called you to be! And don't discount the experiences you're having right now, wherever you are in your life — you have no idea what God is preparing you for! Sadie and Katie talk about the importance of sisterhood and how, whether they're biological, adopted, or even best friends, the blessings of sisters are an amazing picture of God's love for us. Katie's book "Safe All Along" is available for preorder now.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/03/23·51m 28s

SINGLES: Don’t Listen to the Enemy’s Lies that ‘You’ll Never Be Loved’ | Sadie Robertson Huff

Gracie Tucker was Sadie's housemate for a while, and y'all, they ate SO much watermelon and played so much basketball during that season as they became great friends. Gracie's life has been full of adventures, MANY jobs (she compares herself to Kirk from "Gilmore Girls") including recently writing a country song and opening a very popular milkshake bar in Franklin, TN, but only recently has her current single state been something she's thought about more. She even got herself into a bit of a funk for a time. Gracie says the enemy takes easy jabs, especially at anyone in a waiting season, with lies of "you'll never be loved" or "this will never happen," but isn't that in direct contradiction to what God has promised? Gracie shares about her modeling career and what finally made her walk away to start new adventures. Sadie asks Gracie about her bucket list and encourages us to keep a list of things we're working toward, regardless of what season you're in. Try new things! Meet new people! And for anyone currently in a season of waiting, take heart and remember: God has NEVER been late for anyone, so why would He start with you?  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/03/23·46m 22s

Are You Carrying Around What's Actually Killing You? | Sadie Robertson Huff & Jonathan "JP" Pokluda

Are you carrying around what's killing you? Pastor and author JP Pokluda tells Sadie it really can be that "simple" to take a step back and pinpoint what you're allowing to have control over you and how to take control back. But the good news is that owning those mistakes — those vulnerabilities — is a way to reclaim your own life, and when you can, share those struggles with others! Sadie has a good method for determining if you're oversharing on social media. JP encourages us to turn our struggles into our story and turn our messes into our messages. You're not alone in whatever it is that looms large in your life, whether in secret or not. Sadie and JP share how their anxieties physically manifested in each of their lives and how far they've come to be able to talk freely and encourage others. Plus, can some forms of anxiety actually be a product of pride? And JP has a new definition for "success": FAITHFULNESS.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/03/23·52m 28s

How to Trust & Obey God's Call — Even When It's Scary | Sadie Robertson Huff & KB

Are you feeling a bit down? Is your world extra heavy right now? You need this encouraging conversation with Sadie and hip-hop artist and author KB. Y'all, he brings a WORD in this episode! KB reveals how he came to follow the Lord after someone loaned him a Christian hip-hop CD and why his new book is his prayer for recovery and revival in our world today. Just listen to how he speaks about the Lord and you'll feel a revived spirit! KB encourages us to have godly people around us REGULARLY and shares the best antidote for a heaviness of spirit. Plus, he recalls when his faith was truly put to the test on a dangerous mission trip and his "aha" moment that there is more joy in following Jesus into the scary place than there is staying cooped up in rebellion and disobedience. Sadie describes her trip to Somalia where her fear and anxiety hit its peak and how her faith being put to the test was the ultimate show of trust in God's mercy and grace. Since then, fear and anxiety haven't ruled her heart like they once did. If God is calling you to dangerous situations and dangerous faith, remember you serve a dangerous God! KB's book, "Dangerous Jesus," is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/03/23·56m 9s

Our BEST Couples Advice: Restoring Broken Trust & Should You Have Friends of the Opposite Sex?

Sadie, Christian, Parker, and Freddie tackle your questions about couples! Is it wise to have friends of the opposite sex once you're married? What about texting a married friend of the opposite sex? How do you regain trust after it's been broken? And who farted first in your relationship — and when? Plus, how to build community when you've moved to a new place and finding peace with changing friendships. And don't EVER underestimate the power of freshly baked cookies.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/03/23·47m 4s

There’s a Way Out of Your Toxic Thought Loop | Sadie Robertson Huff & Dr. Amen

When's the last time you seriously thought about the health of your brain? Sadie is excited to speak with Dr. Daniel Amen about all things related to the brain: how to conquer mental health struggles, how to stop the loop of toxic thoughts, and how not to feel like a slave to your brain — there are ways out! Think about this: Your brain is involved in EVERYTHING you do and EVERYTHING you are! Dr. Amen also has tips for parents who deal with feelings of guilt, but he cautions that parenting from a place of guilt is never the answer. Instead, a firm and loving stance is always the best course. Plus, Dr. Amen reveals how discovering your purpose can benefit many areas of your physical and mental well-being. Sadie shares about her own brain scan by Dr. Amen and encourages anyone feeling trapped by toxic thoughts that there ARE ways to stop them from taking control. Dr. Amen's book "Change Your Brain Every Day" is available for pre-order now!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/03/23·46m 5s

How I Found Freedom After the Trauma of Abuse | Sadie Robertson Huff & Beth Moore

"Home was not safe." Author, evangelist, and president of Living Proof Ministries Beth Moore joins Sadie to talk about some very traumatic events in her life, how lost and unsafe she felt at home with her dad as a young girl, and how God's love and grace transformed EVERYTHING for her. Beth reminds anyone who has been abused or experienced trauma: You did not ruin your life. You are NOT rotten! There is NOTHING that you can do — or have had done TO you — that would make you unworthy of God's love and grace. Sadie shares her own story of a situation where she suddenly felt paralyzed, full of fear, and unsure of what to do. Beth talks about how through prayer, counseling, and her relationship with God, her abuse no longer forms her decisions — and how breaking the cycle of trauma is possible for anyone! Plus, Sadie asks Beth about her very famous hairbrush story. And how do you know if you've had a "calling"? Beth's book, "All My Knotted-Up Life," is available now! - Get tickets for the 2023 LO Sister Conference, Sept. 8-9 in Monroe, LA - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/02/23·58m 6s

An Honest Conversation About Sex — What the Church Gets Wrong About Purity and Shame

Everyone talks about it, and yet it's not talked about enough! Sadie recalls the first time she learned about sex (after hearing the word "sexy" during an episode of SYTYCD!) and the many hours of follow-up questions she had for her mom, Korie. They discuss the beauty of sex, and they reject the lies in our culture that sex can be meaningless or destroy your purity. Sadie takes a closer look at all *those* analogies you might have heard in church, youth group, or even in Christian school. Wherever you are and whatever you've done in your past — or whatever has been done to you — Sadie and Korie encourage us that we are all made clean before God when we repent and trust in Him and accept His love and grace. God's design for sex is possible for ANYONE in a loving covenant marriage.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/02/23·50m 56s

What Do People Need MOST In Our Love For Them? | Sadie Robertson Huff & David Platt

Sadie couldn't wait to speak with her guest, pastor and author David Platt, after his incredible preaching at Passion. David encourages anyone in a relationship — romantic or otherwise — how to keep learning how to love the other person well. Sadie shares how her love languages have switched since she started dating Christian and encourages us to keep asking our person how we can love them best in this moment. Plus, it IS possible to have a potentially divisive conversation with other believers as long as the spirit of the discussion is humility, openness, and hearing each other. You can still agree to disagree, and actually mean it! As David reiterates, if it's not what UNITES us (Jesus, the authority of the Bible, the Gospel), then it shouldn't be what DIVIDES us. And what would happen if all believers were truly meditating on God's Word? Forget the excuses about why you can't memorize Scripture and start today! David's newest book is "Don't Hold Back: Leaving Behind the American Gospel to Follow Jesus Fully." - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/02/23·59m 56s

The Prosperity Gospel Is NOT the Answer to an Abundant Life | Sadie Robertson Huff & Jimmy Darts

Holy buckets, y'all are going to love this conversation! Jimmy Darts is a self-described "CRAZY PERSON." He's full of joy, well-known for his generosity with strangers, and he loves Jesus so much. Sadie and Jimmy talk about the true test of integrity and how one of the best compliments they receive is that they're the same in their videos as in real life. Jimmy recounts one of the best stories of his "random" act of generosity, and Sadie talks about how his videos have inspired her and Christian to be more generous. Sadie encourages Jimmy that his heart for people — not just video views — is what makes what he's doing so engaging and powerful. Plus, Jimmy reveals the moment he gave his life to the Lord, why he feels complete freedom in following Christ, and how that informs all of his interactions with strangers when he's looking to be generous. Don't just build a platform — love people! -- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/02/23·46m 15s

How to Surrender to God, Even When You Don't Know What That Means | Sadie Robertson Huff

Anna Miriam Brown is a singer-songwriter — and one of 15 children in her family. She joins Sadie to talk about writing a musical when she was just 16 years old and what it's like preparing for the "His Story: The Musical" premiere with a full Broadway cast! Sadie and Anna discover many similarities in their stories, including how they overcame dyslexia and how they both surrendered to God, asking Him to use them mightily — when He did, it wasn't the way they thought it would be at all! Sadie also encourages us to work in the waiting. Even if we've surrendered to God and asked Him to use us, we still need to be busy while we wait for His guidance! And don't miss Sadie's skydiving story! — Find out more about "His Story: The Musical" - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/02/23·43m 23s

Are You in Denial About the Red Flags in Your Relationship? | Sadie Robertson Huff & Lysa TerKeurst

Is God OK with healthy boundaries? Bestselling author and founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries Lysa TerKeurst shares what she discovered after in-depth study of goodbyes and boundaries. Sadie and Lysa discuss why the motivation BEHIND our boundaries is important and how you can tell the difference between a mistake and a pattern. Sadie shares personal stories of her past relationship red flags. Lysa gets intensely personal and honest about her current circumstance. Even though she never thought she'd be in this place, she knows God is good, God is good to us, and He is good at being God. This mindset helps her — and it can help you! — snap into focus what is true, despite how tough our realities are at any given time. Plus, what is the first step of seeking help when you understand and realize you're in a bad relationship? And encouragement to not confuse "difficult" with "destructive" in ANY of your relationships.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/02/23·49m 41s

Wait for the Man Who Will Be INTENTIONAL in Pursuing You! | Sadie Rob Huff | Jason & Lauren Kennedy

Sadie loves her new friends Jason and Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, who are nothing if not REAL. As a couple, they are so much fun! Not only do they have a great story of how they started dating, but they keep each other laughing every day, through the good times and bad. Lauren opens up about the devastating accident where she lost her arm and eye and how God has redeemed, healed, and made beautiful what she was so scared to show the world. She shares a particularly vulnerable moment she had with Jason when they were dating, and, well, you'll need some tissues! Lauren and Sadie talk about facing their fears when it comes to outward beauty, encouraging us to live OUT those fears and then be amazed at how much more freedom you'll experience on the other side. Plus, Jason has the secret for not caring what other people think of you. And Lauren wants every girl to wait for a man who will intentionally pursue her — what a difference it makes! And they all agree: Do NOT rush the process!   - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/01/23·52m 49s

Our Best Advice on BANGS, Being Suddenly Single & College | Sadie Robertson Huff & Korie Robertson

Sadie & Korie are back, and y'all, they have BANGS! Korie is back to share a TON of advice on all the things — whether it's starting college and you don't vibe with your roommate yet (or at all), being broke with no plan as a married couple, finding yourself suddenly single, and the blessings of hospitality, not just for those who attend, but for the host too! Sadie shares a story about her childhood and encourages us to not be too quick to complain about not feeling settled or having community if you're not taking the time to plant roots — you'll never get the tree unless you stay and nourish the ground! Plus, how are you stewarding your friendships, even as seasons change? Sadie reiterates that not every friend in your life will be your best friend, but that doesn't mean they can't be good friends! And don't miss Korie's tale of a train trip through Europe and Willie chasing down a thief on the train, jumping from car to car.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/01/23·57m 43s

True Change Isn't Possible Through a Self-Help Book | Sadie Robertson Huff & Ann Voskamp

Are you ready to change your life? Sadie's guest, author Ann Voskamp, says we should start practicing gratitude. You can't be fearful and grateful at the same time! You are not alone in your hard story! Ann shares how she came to be the first Christian in her family, how she met her husband, and how her blog with about 800 subscribers paved the way for her to then write the bestselling book "One Thousand Gifts." Ann encourages us that if we're TRULY looking for transforming change in our lives, we need to look to the cross, NOT self-help books! Sadie reminds us that God doesn't need us to position ourselves in such a way that He can use us — He can do it without us! Not sure of where to start? Ann's advice: Do what you love, where you are, and see what can happen! Plus, what is "cruciformation?" And Ann tells her family's story as an encouragement for any parents considering adoption. Pre-order Ann's new children's book, "Your Brave Song": Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/01/23·48m 33s

How to Not Tap Out When Things Get Hard | Sadie Robertson Huff & Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic, known as the man without limbs, is living proof that God can use a man born without arms and legs to be His hands & feet in the world. Sadie and Nick talk about staying humble and how an attitude of gratitude is one of the best ways to pull yourself out of a dark, even depressed season. Nick shares his struggles with depression and loneliness and how being bullied when he was a kid led to believing the lie that he should take his own life. Thankfully, he wasn't successful and his mission now through his organization, Life Without Limbs, is to share the Gospel with as many people as possible. The next time you want to tap out because it's too hard, start counting your blessings, naming them one by one, and remember that Christ didn't call us to an easy life, but to love God, love others, and share the good news to everyone!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/01/23·53m 51s

The BEST Encouragement for Your Spiritual Life | Sadie Robertson Huff & Christian Huff

Sadie and Christian share some of the most amazing advice that was shared on the podcast this past year. You'll hear nuggets of wisdom from Lisa Bevere, David Platt, Bob Goff, for KING & COUNTRY, Louie Giglio, Ben Stuart, Chad Veach, Cody Carnes, Heather Thompson Day, and many more! Plus, don't miss Christian's movie analogy after reading advice Annie Downs shared about not comparing your lane to anyone else's lane in life! Check out the best encouragement on not surrendering to "intrusive thoughts," not sacrificing our marriages and families for ministry, and why a joyful, peaceful home and family life is the KEY to keeping things on solid ground in every part of your life. Wishing you & your family all the best in the new year! XO Sadie Rob Huff  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/12/22·52m 51s

Knowing When to Ask for Help with Your Anxiety | Sadie Robertson Huff & Tay Dome Lautner

Sadie welcomes newlywed, mental health advocate, and entrepreneur Tay Dome Lautner. Tay speaks candidly about her time working as a nurse in recent years, how she realized she'd become so anxious and depressed that she needed to stop, and how she turned that experience, and subsequent PTSD, into a passion for helping other people with their mental health by starting Lemons by Tay. Sadie and Tay both share the moments they realized they were in a bad place and needed help and how to summon courage to ASK for help. Tay encourages us to celebrate small victories in BIG ways, and Sadie challenges us to choose to find joy in whatever situation you're in and, when possible, make bad things good!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/12/22·51m 16s

How You Can Be More Intentional With Your Words | Sadie Robertson Huff & Heather Thompson Day

What do words mean? What does it mean when we say, "I'm a Christian"? Communications professor, author, and podcast host Heather Thompson Day joins Sadie to talk all things communication: how important it is in EVERY facet of our lives, why it's so important to define our terms when we're in conversation, and how we can live EACH day with purpose. Sadie and Heather share advice for anyone who knows they need to end a bad relationship. Plus, they dive in to intention with social media — what are you REALLY wanting? A relationship or adoration? And are you training yourself in narcissism? They also get into why Michael Jordan is a great example for how we should be living each day. Show up! You'll want to take notes for this one! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/12/22·50m 3s

Don't Overthink Your Christmas Family Traditions! | Sadie Robertson Huff & Chrys Howard (2Mama)

Sadie & her grandmother, 2Mama, are talking ALL the fun traditions that are a part of their Christmas season, including a talent show on Christmas Eve, cookie decorating, and enjoying Christmas lights. Sadie shares advice for newlyweds or anyone wanting to start their own traditions. 2Mama has tips and ideas for how to host a fun-filled and memorable get-together — at the holidays or anytime. Plus, Sadie reveals a hilarious (and could-have-been awful!) moment from Bella's wedding, the scoop about her brother's marriage proposal, and how Honey is basically a professional flower girl! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/12/22·51m 0s

One Mistake Doesn't Need to Define the Rest of Your Life | Sadie Robertson Huff & Danielle Kartes

Danielle Kartes describes herself as a goofy, funny cook who loves the Lord — and she proves exactly that in her conversation with Sadie! Danielle has always had a gift for cooking but tells Sadie it almost cost her everything when the restaurant she and her husband started ended up tearing them apart. They chose to stay together, and it's why she says one mistake doesn't need to define the rest of your life. Danielle's cookbooks have opened some incredible doors, including segments on "The Kelly Clarkson Show." Sadie and Danielle want to encourage everyone that life is good TODAY, and just because you are where God wants you doesn't mean it will be an easy road. Never forget, we need to show up exactly as we are with what we have, and be ready for the Lord to use us! Plus, don't miss Danielle's tips for hosting on a budget. "You Were Always There: Notes and Recipes for Living a Life You Love" by Danielle Kartes is available now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/12/22·47m 23s

Our Best Relationship Advice: First Dates, Long-Distance Relationships & How to Forgive & Move On

Sadie and Christian give their best advice in response to your DMs: How do you navigate trust in a long-distance relationship? What about conflict resolution in marriage? Can anyone find perfect "balance" in their day? Are we able to glorify God while working out? Sadie reveals her most embarrassing moment with Christian over the 'Find My Friends' app. Christian talks about a ministry moment that started at the gym. Sadie cautions against taking Bible verses intended for marriage and applying them to a dating relationship. Christian offers his best first date advice. Sadie shares an important lesson she learned at 18 when her dad challenged her to be confident in what she felt God was leading her to do and why it's okay to sleep on it when you need a bit more time to work through a conflict with your spouse. Never forget to invite God into the conflict resolution and keep talking to each other! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/11/22·49m 16s

The Most Important Thing You Can Do When You Start a Fitness Journey | Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie sits down with her personal trainers, Tribe31 founders Taylor Jopling & Jo Ellen Gilliland. They discuss how they got started as personal trainers, how they became friends and started Tribe31, and what personal struggles they faced. Sadie reinforces the importance of surrendering to God — what is He asking of you? And just because God calls you to something doesn't mean it will be easy! The women talk about why different seasons require different decisions, so listen to your body and your mental health as you start a fitness journey! Plus, don't underestimate the value and importance of community — if you're doing something bigger than yourself and doing something to glorify God, you need God's people alongside you with the gifts God has given them. We can all complement each other! You can find Taylor and Jo Ellen sharing workout routines and tips on the LO Sister app with a premium subscription. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/11/22·47m 48s

What Is God's Best for Your Life? | Sadie Robertson Huff & Jenn Johnson

Sadie is so happy to chat with author, songwriter, worship leader, President of Bethel Music, mom of 5, and incredible friend Jenn Johnson. Are you trying to determine God's call on your life? Jenn outlines some very practical steps for doing exactly that. Sadie and Jenn talk about the beautiful simplicity of the Gospel, and why it's dangerous to stray too far from its stripped-down, plain, but powerful message. Jenn loves celebrating the simple things in life: good food, nature, and family moments. She reminds us to never forget the goodness of God and how good life can be for you! Always remember that people around you desperately need Jesus, so how can we show Jesus to them? It can be something as simple as a genuine smile. And Sadie shares Honey's latest obsession around the house. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/11/22·47m 28s

You CAN Have Joy — Right Where You Are | Sadie Robertson Huff & Ellie Holcomb

Sadie is so excited to welcome singer-songwriter and children's book author Ellie Holcomb. Ellie shares about her humble beginnings and the big lesson she learned through it all: to view every interaction as an opportunity to bless someone. Ellie & Sadie remind us that every day is a gift and that we don't take one step alone as believers, so we need to resist feeling frazzled as much as we can — the pressure is off. God has us! Plus, what does joy sound like? Sadie challenges us to see that joy isn't necessarily about what's to come, but what's already been done for us, on our behalf. Joy is for you, right where you are. And Ellie and Sadie reveal some of their family Christmas traditions. Ellie's book "Sounding Joy" is available everywhere. — Get up to $200 OFF AND 2 free pillows! — get your application fee WAIVED if you decide Liberty is the place for you! — get your application fee WAIVED if you decide Liberty is the place for you! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/11/22·58m 10s

Our BEST Couples Advice: Jealousy, Honesty, Arguments & Intentionality

Sadie and Christian sit down with Freddie and Parker Amos, a couple they love doing life with, to talk all things relationships, dating, marriage, and friendship. Sadie and Christian bring up an argument they JUST had and what they've learned about healthy communication. Freddie and Sadie share advice on how to prepare your heart for a relationship, sin in marriage, jealousy, intentionality, and why comparing your husband to other men is such a dangerous path. Sadie also reveals what she thinks of the show "Love Is Blind" and why it serves as a cautionary tale about relationships. Friends, follow the way the Lord leads, and you will be blessed beyond belief. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/11/22·53m 3s

Courage & Faith to Do What No One Else Has Done Before | Sadie Robertson Huff & Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone

It's not every day Sadie gets to speak with a world record holder and Sydney McLaughlin just set the world record for the 400-meter hurdles in 50.68 seconds. Sydney reflects on the race, saying it was only with courage and faith in God that she was able to accomplish what no one else had before her. Sydney and Sadie both talk about how no one can do it all alone and why community is so important for every single person. Sydney is also a newlywed and shares how she met her husband, their love for their local church, and how he was a specific answer to her prayers during the COVID lockdowns. Plus, how does Sydney manage to stay genuine, humble, and God-glorifying on social media? Sadie also asks for any how-to-run advice Sydney would give to the not-yet-running folks ... like Sadie. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/11/22·45m 25s

How You Can Avoid Asking THIS Question About God | Sadie Robertson Huff + Kathie Lee Gifford

Sadie is delighted to speak with TV talk show veteran, author, and actress Kathie Lee Gifford. Kathie Lee is passionate about what she's learned from so many years in the entertainment industry, how her faith has kept her grounded, and why she considers Hollywood to be her mission field. She shares encouragement for anyone feeling discouraged about unrealized dreams and talks about why asking how a loving God could allow something bad to happen is the wrong question. Plus, for the first time, Sadie gets lost in thought during the interview and it yields an incredible moment of revelation for both women. — Visit the link OR text SADIE to 500-500. New members try Audible FREE for 30 days! — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get 20% OFF your first order with code WHOA! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/11/22·40m 51s

A Messy Conversation About Modesty | Sadie Robertson Huff & Korie Robertson

Sadie & Korie dive into the tricky topic of modesty. But first, what does "modesty" even mean? Is it a strict set of rules that must be followed about what you wear? Does it only refer to your outward appearance? Sadie shares three questions we should ask ourselves as we get ready for the day or to go out for the evening — but these questions can apply to EVERY part of our lives, not just how we dress. And "modesty" isn't just about ourselves but about how we treat others. Sadie talks about how hurtful it was to receive so much backlash from other Christians regarding what she wore on "Duck Dynasty" and "Dancing with the Stars." It ALL comes back to the heart! — Get $50 off your Lomi with code WHOA! — Get 20% off your first order! See your hair’s full potential with Vegamour — Get 40% off + 3 FREE towels with code WHOA at checkout! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/10/22·48m 29s

Our BEST Relationship Advice: Dating Boundaries, Should You Wait for Marriage & Is He the One?

This is the very best of Sadie & Christian's relationship advice! Is he the one? How important is it to wait for marriage? If someone is ghosting you, how should you respond? How do you get past awkward moments when you're dating — or even newly married? Sadie and Christian share a bunch of encouragement for dating couples as you're tempted to cross physical boundaries, how to wisely respond when your significant other's social media feeds aren't full of good things, and how to encourage each other as you draw closer to the Lord and get to know each other better. Plus, what if you disagree on which movies to watch? How do you help your partner guard his heart without nagging him or even becoming hostile? Christian also drops some great advice for how to get past the first ... farts in a relationship. No shame! And they talk about why a 24-hour rule is a clear, kind, honest way to address conflict in a relationship.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/10/22·53m 22s

God Can't Bless Who You're *Trying* To Be | Sadie Robertson Huff & Taya Gaukrodger

Songwriter and worship leader Taya Gaukrodger joins Sadie to talk about why it makes no sense to be someone else in this world, fake humility, and why we all need to stop doubting God's ability. Plus, Taya and Sadie reminisce about their favorite LO Sister Conference moments. Taya encourages us to always remember this: If you can't be fully who you are in front of the Lord, then where CAN you be yourself in this world? Taya challenges us to live not just for the mountaintop moments but to honor God even in the mundane, everyday moments of our lives. And Sadie and Taya both reveal why "honey" is such an important word to them. Taya's debut album, "TAYA," is available now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/10/22·52m 42s

Is It Really OK for Christians to Get Tattoos? | Sadie Robertson Huff & Korie Robertson

Sadie and her mom, Korie Robertson, tackle one of the top questions they get: "Should Christians get tattoos?" Korie shares why she was initially surprised when Sadie wanted to get her first tattoo, and Sadie explains the reason why she wanted "fearless" on her inner wrist. They reveal the significance of their matching wave tattoos — and why Denmark was the best place to get them. Sadie encourages anyone who — like her — has struggled with legalistic tendencies, and they dive into the Word to really examine what the Lord said about tattoos in the Old and New Testaments. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/10/22·54m 49s

What You Want to Hear vs. What You NEED to Hear | Sadie Robertson Huff & Cody Carnes

Sadie is delighted to welcome worship leader and songwriter of some of her all-time favorite worship songs, Cody Carnes, to the podcast. Cody shares how he and his wife — worship leader & songwriter, Kari Jobe — first started dating, and Sadie agrees that when you're finding the person you'll marry, it's so important that your people in your life love them too. Cody talks about he and Kari writing "The Blessing" which was released just as the world was going into lockdown, and how he's still amazed at the amount of blessings that have resulted from that song. Cody also talks about coming out of a time of chaos, where seemingly all truth is questioned, that Christians have a special privilege in knowing they can trust the Lord at His Word, when He says who He is, what He did, and what He's promised. Cody and Sadie share encouragement that God IS good and that He's the only constant and consistent thing we can count on in this world.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/10/22·47m 58s

Here's Why You Need to Stop 'Manifesting' ANYTHING in Your Life | Sadie Robertson Huff & Chad Veach

Sadie welcomes author and pastor of Zoe Church Chad Veach to the podcast. Chad shares why worrying is never the answer and why you need to stop "manifesting" — instead of looking to "the universe" for answers, why not focus on the One who created the universe? Sadie and Chad outline practical steps for how to start praying if that's not part of your daily life and remind us that the point of prayer is to connect with God. Prayer is an invitation into intimacy, so we can talk to Him like a friend! Chad also walks us through what he's learned about the physical ways your brain is transformed when you regularly pray. Prayer helps us get a new perspective. And remember: God doesn't want anything from you, He wants YOU. Your relationship with God is exactly that — a relationship! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/10/22·51m 30s

Are Your Friends Pushing You Closer to Christ? | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie is so excited to chat with her sister AND friend, Mary Kate Robertson! Mary Kate talks about getting married young to John Luke and encourages anyone struggling to form good friendships. Sadie reminds us you'll never regret inviting someone to do something — don't overthink it, an invite can go a long way! They both talk about the worry that can come after you finish college and why comparison is the enemy in any area or season of your life. And how do you know when you're ready to have kids? Plus, Mary Kate drops some wisdom for young moms who might be feeling particularly anxious right now. She also highlights why kids can illuminate how much we need God and how powerful prayer can be, not just in your life, but as you cover your family in prayer every day. — Get 20% OFF your first order with code WHOA! or text SADIE to 71326 — Get a free copy of Sadie's book "Live on Purpose" with your gift! Message and data rates may apply. Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy: — Get unlimited access & 15% OFF your annual membership! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/10/22·50m 36s

Don't Let Comparison Rob You of the Reason You Were Created | Sadie Robertson Huff & Nona Jones

Many people were born an original, but they'll die a duplicate. Sadie and Nona Jones, Meta executive and author, are here to remind us that we were created originals. God doesn't make duplicates, so don't live your life as someone else! Can't escape the cycle of toxic comparison? Nona reveals how you can break free. She also helps us understand where insecurity really comes from. Don't believe lies that counter the truth of God's Word and who He says we are. That's toxic! Nona's book "Killing Comparison" is available now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/09/22·51m 24s

God Is Not Finished With You Yet | Sadie Robertson Huff | Katy Nichole

Sadie is so excited to chat with singer-songwriter Katy Nichole who recently won her first K-LOVE Fan Award for Worship Song of the Year. She shares the yearslong battle she's had with scoliosis, depression, and anxiety and how keeping a prayer journal has literally changed her life. Katy recounts the day her video singing the chorus of "In Jesus Name" blew up on TikTok and how she maintains a heart of worship in every situation. Katy and Sadie share encouragement that we are ALL the same. Our jobs might be different, but we're all the same! And finally, a reminder that being famous — being TikTok famous — will NOT give you the desires of your soul!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/09/22·40m 33s

You Are Loved in the Middle of Your Mess | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie's good friend — and doppelgänger — Lydia Dozier has some solid advice for us about how her good friend started pursuing a relationship with her and how her heart changed about him. She also talks about how she went from a no-party girl to a never-miss-the-party girl and when she finally encountered the Lord and had her life transformed. Sadie and Lydia share hope for anyone who hates the cycle they find themselves in but can't find a way to stop. And Lydia describes how surrendering her life to the Lord led her to a role at Fellowship for Christian Athletes working with high school students. May the Lord give us eyes to see and ears to hear, the good and faithful way He cares for us every day. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/09/22·48m 53s

If God Leads You to Do Something, He'll Shape the Space Around It | Sadie Robertson Huff & Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin has recorded 31 albums, and it cannot be overstated just how much influence he's had on the world of worship music. Sadie and Chris talk about the friend they have in common who encouraged them both when they were first starting out. Chris reminds us that our faith isn't 30 minutes old — Christians from ALL generations will join together to sing the song of heaven. They also discuss how important your inner circle is and share a good reminder that even though you might have plans, it's ultimately the Lord who determines your steps. Plus, Chris describes his very first worship-leading experience and his epic proposal to his wife, Lauren. Chris Tomlin's new album, "Always," is available now.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/09/22·50m 7s

It's Never Too Late To Reset & Turn Your Life Back to God | Sadie Robertson Huff & Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel, founder and lead pastor of Life Church, talks with Sadie about leadership, pursuing your spouse, how you can attract the right people to you wherever you are, and why he's hesitant to try Christian's cold-plunge tub. He also reminds us that we can't be part-time followers of Christ and that everyone connects with the Lord in different ways, so stop worrying about what everyone else does! And Sadie serves up a challenge: Are you talking ABOUT God as much as you talk TO God? - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/09/22·50m 23s

You Can't Idolize Your Success OR Your Brokenness | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie flips the script and sits down to be interviewed by her best friend, Live Original president Stephanie Vander Molen. Sadie reveals a fun hidden talent, describes what it takes to keep up her spiritual walk when life is so busy, and shares what she's learned about fighting for friendships, how to bounce back from low points, and why you can't be consumed by your success OR your brokenness. Sadie and Steph offer so much encouragement to help you to maintain a soft heart, let go of resentments, and realize that even in seasons of anxiety and stress, God is closer than you think. Friends, living authentically in each moment is the greatest blessing in your life. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/09/22·43m 46s

You Can Find Hope in the Midst of Hardships + Live Q&A | Sadie Robertson Huff & Makayla Noble

Makayla Noble, a champion cheerleader and influencer, shares her incredible story of courage and faith with Sadie exactly 11 months after her tumbling accident led to a severe spinal cord injury. Makayla's encouraging message is to remember that God is not done with you yet! He can use your story right now — right where you are. Friends, amid all the trials, hardships, and anxieties you face, know that you always have someone you can trust. Credits: “Cheerleading Injury Not Slowing Down Makayla Noble”: Spectrum News Original video: Permission to republish granted to WHOA That’s Good Podcast by Spectrum News. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/08/22·38m 11s

The Way You Do Something Is As Important As the End Goal | Sadie Robertson Huff & Naomi Raine

Sadie is thrilled to welcome Maverick City Music vocalist and solo artist Naomi Raine to talk about how we can find God's goodness in difficult seasons, how God uses us in different ways throughout our lives, and what culinary school taught her about walking in obedience to the Lord. Naomi shares the incredible story of her diagnosis with vocal cord polyps, how it tested her faith, and the miraculous way she was healed. And they offer advice on what it takes to embrace who you really are and who God made you to be. Naomi's solo album, "Journey," is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/08/22·53m 2s

Our Best Advice on Toxic Relationships, Anxiety & Depression | Sadie Rob Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie and one of her best friends, LO counselor Freddie Amos, open up about anxiety, depression, and escaping unhealthy relationships. Freddie shines a light on how she reclaimed her life from depression and talks about using her story to help other girls heal. Sadie and Freddie also share their personal experiences with toxic, manipulative relationships, including how to know you're in one, how to get out, and how you can find the courage to stay away. Friends, learn to listen to the Lord. At our lowest points, He is there to hold us by the hand, pick us back up, and make us stronger than we were before. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/08/22·44m 53s

Behind the Scenes of Our LO Worship EP | Sadie Robertson Huff, Reeves Walker & Kaylea Coates

The LO Worship EP, "Steady Light," is here! Sadie sits down with Kaylea Coates and Reeves Walker to go behind the scenes of their songwriting process and reveal the heart behind each song. Sadie talks about her part in writing "Promise to the End" and "Jesus Over All" and confesses which lyrics she was initially unsure about that turned into some of her favorites. Kaylea also shares some incredible wisdom and encouragement for anyone not feeling like they have anything to offer the Lord. LO Worship's "Steady Light" is available now: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/08/22·49m 40s

Whatever You're Going Through Has an Expiration Date | Sadie Robertson Huff & Tauren Wells

Grammy-nominated artist Tauren Wells brings some incredible truths about how to make relationships work, when to seek counseling, handling unexpected feelings of emptiness, and the very best thing you can do for someone else. Sadie and Tauren also talk about how to live your life without leaving your potential untapped and how to use your influence well — everybody has the ability to move someone! Tauren shares tips for starting a career in music. And Sadie sparks a deep conversation about something that's been keeping her up at night: What will eternity with God look like? Tauren's album “Joy In The Morning” is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/08/22·58m 4s

Why It's OK Not Knowing What Your Future Holds | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Intense breakups, hard setbacks, and dark seasons — Olivia Telano and Elizabeth Mercer have been through a lot together, and today they sit down with Sadie to share encouragement for anyone who needs an extra dose of support and love. They offer some extra advice to help take the pressure off you about what comes next in your life. It's okay to simply trust the Lord, follow His voice, and obey. They also reveal some exciting Live Original news about what could be coming to your college campus very soon!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/08/22·41m 28s

When Self-Doubt Keeps You from Saying 'YES' to God | Sadie Robertson Huff & Annie F. Downs

This heartening conversation with Queen of Fun Annie F. Downs leads Sadie to share a deeply personal story about hearing God's voice and the amazing thing that happened when she obeyed. Annie and Sadie talk about how having fun can attract people to Jesus, how to start telling ourselves the truth about why we do what we do, and the key to being brave. Sadie reveals a recent epiphany about God's purpose for her, and Annie offers advice on how to let go of insecurity and be confident in what God is doing through you. Plus, Annie's story about a visit to Dairy Queen will have you thinking about your own God moments. "Chase the Fun: 100 Days to Discover Fun Right Where You Are" by Annie F. Downs is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/08/22·53m 45s

What to Do When You Struggle with Being Single | Sadie Robertson Huff & John + Korey Cooper

John and Korey Cooper of Skillet join Sadie to drop some serious encouragement on how to navigate anxiety about singleness, marriage, and raising kids. They offer their unapologetic response to today's watered-down, "safe" Gospel and talk about why sexual freedom isn't true freedom. They also get into what it looks like to be in the world but not of the world, why the Gospel is the opposite of shame, and why we, as believers, are called to go into the darkness. "Awake & Alive to Truth: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World" by John Cooper is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/07/22·50m 11s

Crazy Love Stories + Seeing Signs from God | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Elyse Albritton, Sadie’s first new friend after moving back from Nashville, speaks into our lives about dating, relationships, and what to do when you're in a season of unknowns. Elyse tells Sadie all the details of her mind-blowing pregnancy story, and they talk about what to do when you're waiting on God, what you might miss if you rush or listen to naysayers, and how you can choose joy and hope over darkness and sorrow, knowing that the Lord always has a plan. Friends, God is intentional ALL the time. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/07/22·45m 22s

How God Will Use Your Brokenness | Sadie Robertson Huff & Anne Wilson

Chart-topping Christian artist Anne Wilson opens up to Sadie about the tragic death of her brother and the incredible ways God used her pain to impact others. Anne talks about the unexpected way she launched her music career, finding her purpose, the heart behind her hit song "My Jesus," and discovering that God truly can use anything and anyone for good. Friends, even in seasons of pain and brokenness, God is with you and working through you. Anne's album, "My Jesus," is available now on all streaming platforms. — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! — Get your application fee WAIVED when you start your future with Liberty University today! — Get 20% off plus FREE shipping with code WHOA! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/07/22·36m 34s

What Every Girl Needs to Hear About Fear, Embarrassment & Rejection | Sadie Rob Huff & Lisa Bevere

Best-selling author and speaker Lisa Bevere brings out a side of Sadie we rarely see in this conversation full of raw emotion and incredible encouragement. Sadie gets extremely personal about the feelings of fear, embarrassment, and rejection she's faced. Lisa drops wisdom every girl needs to hear about God's deep attachment to you, how to face what you fear, how to move forward when you're afraid to make mistakes, and how to know the difference between what your fear tells you and what God tells you. Friends, God loves you fiercely and always has your back. Lisa Bevere’s new book “Fiercely Loved: God’s Wild Thoughts About You” is available now. — Get up to $200 OFF AND 2 free pillows! — Get a 4-week free trial + free postage + a digital scale with promo code WHOA — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/07/22·46m 40s

How to Guard Your Heart Without Damaging Relationships | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie's grandma and great-grandma, 2Mama, 69, and Mamaw Jo, 91, are so fun and full of life that you'll be excited to grow older! Sadie kicks it off with a game of This or That, and then Mamaw Jo and 2Mama bring their wisdom on relationships, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. They get deep into how social media, mobile devices, and even AC have made life easier AND disconnected us from authentic relationships. And they share such good advice about respect, community, and how to guard your heart and value the things that are truly valuable. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/07/22·50m 35s

Our Best Relationship Advice: Modesty, Ghosting & Should You Spend Time Alone with Other Guys?

Sadie and Christian answer your DMs about whether it's OK to be alone with other guys when you're dating or married, how to balance looking cute and staying modest, and what to do if you feel like you'll never find the one. Sadie talks about the best way to start your own ministry. And they drop tons of advice on being engaged, dating someone who hides his true self, how to coexist with people in your life who have different beliefs, and what to do when you're ghosted.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/07/22·41m 41s

When Insecurity & Jealousy Strain Your Relationships | Sadie Robertson Huff & Demi Tebow

Demi Tebow is so full of light, love, and encouragement. The former Miss Universe joins Sadie to share the heart behind her mission to end the unimaginable child exploitation in the Philippines. Demi and Sadie also drop tons of advice on how to overcome peer pressure (even as an adult!), how to have an everlasting impact, and how to genuinely encourage sisters and friends without giving into comparison and jealousy. Friends, you are not a copy. God created you to be the best version of you. To help Demi bring healing and hope to 80 exploited children, visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/06/22·45m 14s

Our Funniest TMI Stories + Saying What No One Else Says | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

There's never a dull second with Laney Rene and Sadie Robertson Huff, and you'll see right away why they're best friends! They hold nothing back as they relive some of their funniest and most embarrassing moments. Sadie reveals how she treated her acne and what she thinks about drinking and conforming to the world. They also dive into how to get past embarrassment, finding freedom from body image issues, fighting with friends, and what to do if you're in a verbally abusive relationship.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/06/22·55m 39s

Your Fear & Hardest Moments Don't Own You | Sadie Robertson Huff & HunterGirl

"American Idol" star HunterGirl opens up to Sadie about the hard moments in her life and how she pushed past them and learned to own her fears. Sadie shares a life-changing message about fear and courage from her mom, Korie Robertson. And HunterGirl talks about all the "American Idol" season 20 craziness, the adorable first song she wrote as a kid, and how her genuine passion for working with veterans changed her songwriting. HunterGirl's hit single, “Red Bird,” is available now on all audio streaming platforms. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/06/22·39m 11s

Overcoming Your Eating Disorder & Fighting Through Anxiety | Sadie Robertson Huff & Alexa PenaVega

Alexa PenaVega is so full of raw honesty, encouragement, and wisdom. The “Spy Kids” star, Broadway performer, and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant joins Sadie to open up about her struggles with an eating disorder and how she broke free and conquered the thoughts and fears that led her down that path. They discuss the ways social media can make everything harder and the pivotal advice Alexa gave Sadie about raising her daughter and living life as a Christian family in the public eye. And Sadie shares a spiritual moment she discovered in a “Wonder Woman” scene. “What If Love Is the Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World” by Alexa and Carlos PenaVega is available for pre-order and will be released on June 28, 2022. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/06/22·48m 43s

Your Insecurity & Doubts Don't Define You + LO Sister Conference! | Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie's longtime friend Kaylea Coates stops by to laugh, encourage, tell embarrassing childhood stories, and reveal new details about LO Worship and the LO Sister Conference coming up on August 19 and 20! They talk about how to live beyond the bounds of fear, the ways God uses unlikely people in the most unlikely places, and what we can do as we wait on the Lord’s calling. Friends, trust in God to write your story, and use what's in your hands to fulfill what's in your heart. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/06/22·37m 52s

How to Survive Unthinkable Heartbreak, Loss & Tragedy | Sadie Robertson Huff & Mattie Jackson Selecman

Author Mattie Jackson Selecman joins Sadie to talk about the tragic death of her husband less than a year after their wedding. Mattie speaks with raw honesty about allowing herself to experience grief and how to love someone well through tragedy. She also offers heartfelt encouragement about learning to hold on to hope and how questioning God in hard times can truly deepen your faith. When you feel like God is silent, keep asking questions, and allow him full access to your heart. “Lemons on Friday: Trusting God Through My Greatest Heartbreak” is available now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/06/22·47m 52s

Messy Breakups & Relationship Rebound Mistakes | Sadie Robertson Huff & Sazan Hendrix

Sazan Hendrix drops so many "WHOA!" moments in this conversation with Sadie about her journey from a hard breakup and rebound pitfalls to getting to know Jesus and becoming a wife, mom, content creator, influencer, and entrepreneur. Sazan drops some serious wisdom about the "you do you, boo" culture, how to navigate the chaos of social media, why being vulnerable and honest on Instagram is so vital, and how to press past fears about sharing your faith. She also shares advice on how to love where you are every day, finding the confidence only God can give you, and how to listen to what God wants you to hear. Friends, remember, living the good life doesn't mean you won't hit rough patches, but God is with you every step of the way. Listen to "The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan" anywhere you get podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/06/22·54m 12s

The Biggest Body Image Mistake You Can Make | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie, her mom, Korie Robertson, and her sister Bella Mayo offer rock solid advice on defeating an unhealthy body image. Sadie opens up about her personal body image struggles and the tools she uses to overcome them. They discuss whether having a puppy really prepares you for a baby, the value of pre-marriage counseling, how honesty can produce good fruit in relationships, and one VERY important key to a successful relationship.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/05/22·54m 14s

Don't Worry About Things That Haven't Happened Yet | Sadie & Christian Huff + Aodhan King

Aodhan King, singer, songwriter, and member of the Hillsong Young & Free team, joins Sadie and Christian to talk about stretching yourself to your maximum potential, how to be open and vulnerable in relationships, and the great things that happen when you decide to say "YES." They dive into people's confusion about what ministry is meant to be and discuss the time, commitment, and consistency required to achieve the outcomes you really want. Challenging yourself will increase your faith and grow your self-confidence. Tickets are on sale now for the Worship Nights Tour. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/05/22·45m 0s

How to Push Past Your Lowest Moments | Sadie Robertson Huff & Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel Acho, former NFL linebacker and creator of "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man," is so full of encouragement in this conversation with Sadie about how to say "YES" to a life of infinite possibility. Emmanuel talks about the problem with conventional wisdom, how to push past moments that feel like failure, what to do when advice and logic interfere with your calling, and how he started his series and connected with Oprah and Matthew McConaughey. He also urges you not to let the enemy steal your "it" factor. Instead, find your thing, develop your thing, and use your thing! Friends, embrace those "I might be crazy" ideas — falling doesn't mean failing, and if you stumble and get back up, you win! "Illogical: Saying Yes to a Life Without Limits" by Emmanuel Acho is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/05/22·48m 57s

How to Stop Self-Doubt from Holding You Back | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie and LO team members Hallie Dye and Emma Brownawell offer so much encouragement to anyone who struggles with self-doubt, perfectionism, mom guilt, or feelings of inadequacy. They share relatable stories about cross-country moves, new jobs, and learning to be where God wants you to be — even when it means stepping outside your comfort zone. Friends, God's timing is always right. Never doubt what he can do through you! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/05/22·47m 39s

Our Best Relationship Advice: Waiting for Marriage & Is He the One? | Sadie Rob & Christian Huff

Sadie and Christian answer your DMs about setting healthy physical boundaries while dating, what to do if you mess up, and how to know you're with the right person. They also open up about whether women should pursue men, what it looks like to guard your heart, how to decide it's time to walk away from a toxic relationship, what they believe about near-death experiences, and what roles women should play in the church. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/05/22·45m 9s

Don’t Let Culture Silence Your Voice | Sadie Robertson Huff & Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers, author of "Redeeming Love," shares her heart behind this novel that gave Sadie literal chills at the end. Francine opens up to Sadie about why she stands behind every scene in the film "Redeeming Love" film and why she chose to write a redemptive story that portrays the redeeming love of Christ in a lost world. She also talks about what God revealed to her as she was writing and what she learned from her encounter with cancel culture. You can change the culture instead of letting it change you. Be a light wherever you are! "The Lady's Mine" by Francine Rivers is available now. Visit to learn more about how Francine's foundation supports survivors. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/05/22·56m 19s

Epic Dates & Intentionality in Relationships | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Sadie sits down with her amazing mother-in-law, Cheri Huff, and her talented soon-to-be sister-in-law, MM Designs founder Maia Mae Billman, to talk relationships: what it means to date well, how to take care of your heart, and what intentionality looks like in dating, marriage, friendship, and motherhood. Friends, trust God with your relationships, and know that his timing is always perfect. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/05/22·40m 59s

How to Have a Thick Skin & a Soft Heart | Sadie Robertson Huff & Mariah McManus Goss

Mosaic MSC singer Mariah McManus Goss opens up to Sadie in a powerful, vulnerable conversation about being confident in who you are, embracing the unexpected, and finding the strength to keep going when life is hard. Mariah shares advice on how you can have both a thick skin and a soft heart, how to choose gratitude, and how to be confident in yourself and Jesus without copying anyone else. Be confident on this journey — you are an original! Mariah's encouraging new album, "This Is How I Thank the Lord," is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/04/22·48m 21s

How to Fight for Your Relationship & Sisters | Miss Kay and Lisa Robertson & Sadie Rob Huff

Sadie, her Mamaw Kay, and her Aunt Lisa share the legacy of sisterhood in the Robertson family and what it means to fight for your relationship, your sisters, and Jesus. Miss Kay opens her heart to Sadie about the redemption that took place after many difficult years of marriage, and Lisa shares the heartrending personal testimony that prepared her to do women's ministry. They also give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the wild and crazy Robertson family, including a few stories Sadie had never heard before! Their new book is full of the encouragement women need to get through good times and bad. "Sister Roar" by Kay and Lisa Robertson (with a foreword by Sadie Robertson Huff) is available now: - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/04/22·54m 58s

Let's Get Real with Each Other | Sadie Robertson Huff | Sisters & Friends

Friends, I'm so excited for you to join us for something new called Sisters & Friends — real, relatable conversations about all the things we go through in life. Stephanie Vander Molen and Courtney Leatherwood started LO with me 5 years ago, and you will definitely laugh at one of our funniest memories. We also talk about the things that make us nervous, seasons of self-doubt and loneliness, deciding not to rush a relationship, and how we reached the moments where we learned to fight for ourselves. Sisters & Friends takeaway: In a world of spray tans, be the girl with the translucent legs! -XO Sadie - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/04/22·39m 34s

Why I Believe There's a God | Sadie Robertson Huff & Louie Giglio

Passion City Church pastor Louie Giglio joins Sadie to look at the awe and wonder of God's creation and why you don't ever have to choose between God and science. They also talk about their shared love for the latest season of "American Idol," what it means to truly know God, why social media steers us wrong about hard work, and why science will never undermine God. Louie also marvels at the miracles it took for a striking letter to reach Sadie. “At The Table with Jesus” and “Indescribable: 100 More Devotions about God and Science” are available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/04/22·50m 32s

You Don't Have to Be Who Others Say You Are | Sadie Robertson Huff & for KING & COUNTRY

Hit Christian music duo for KING & COUNTRY tell Sadie their story of going from humble beginnings in Australia to record labels in Nashville. Joel and Luke Smallbone discuss not discounting the way your past shapes you, when to give to those in need, and the miracle behind creating something personal. They also reveal the secret that's kept them grounded throughout their music careers and offer advice on how to avoid becoming the person everyone says you are when that's not who God says you are. Their hope-filled album “What Are We Waiting For?” is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/04/22·52m 6s

Don't Play the Comparison Game | Sadie Rob Huff & Bob Goff

Author Bob Goff speaks to the most difficult issues we face with such joy and encouragement. He joins Sadie to talk about how to turn letdowns into lessons and disappointment into determination. They share heart-driven stories to illustrate how we can conquer the distractions that lead to comparison, how to be more kind in our assumptions about people, and how to cultivate a 24/7 thirst for the Lord. Friends, don't be distracted by what's going on around you. Take a moment to look at what God's doing within you. Bob Goff's "Undistracted: Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy." is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/03/22·43m 35s

When God Repeats Himself, Start Listening | Sadie Robertson Huff & Levi Lusko

Author, pastor, and NASA enthusiast Levi Lusko elaborates on how outer space can help us to see how God's love is greater than the deepest, darkest parts of our inner space. Sadie and Levi discuss the true meaning of communion, whether it's OK for believers to drink, and why we have to start with crawling if we want to fly. You may never see the moon the same way again! "The Last Supper on the Moon" by Levi Lusko is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/03/22·45m 5s

Single, Dating, Married — You Have Purpose in Every Moment | Sadie Robertson Huff & Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is officially a relationship advice rock star. Whether you're single, dating, engaged, or married, you will find so much encouragement in Sadie and Tim's conversation about how to find purpose exactly where you are in exactly who God created you to be. Sadie and Tim each share their marriage mission statements and talk about what you need to know if you're longing for a relationship, how our emotions can trick us, and what it means to live a "mission possible" life in any season. “Mission Possible: Go Create a Life That Counts” by Tim Tebow is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/03/22·50m 44s

How Millennial & Gen Z Christians Can Live the Way We're Called To | Sadie Rob Huff & David Platt

Pastor and author David Platt joins Sadie to show us how we can be the light of the world during a dark time. They discuss the best conversation you could ever possibly have, how to live for eternity when everyone is so focused on the here and now, and how to make sure we're not living a self-centered Christianity. David also shares the frightening experience of being successful in the American church when he wasn't truly walking with God. We will always find ourselves stagnating until we commit to serve the world and share, show, and teach the Word. Be the light to someone this week, friends! Check out David's Secret Church livestream event at - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/03/22·57m 4s

Relationship Fears, Hard Conversations + a BIG Announcement | Sadie Robertson Huff & Jennie Allen

Sadie has a HUGE announcement at the end of this episode. But first, best-selling author Jennie Allen joins Sadie to discuss how to find your people, build meaningful connections, and surround yourself with community. They break down how to lean in and bring your full self into relationships (and why that can mean being the Queen of Awkwardness). They also hit on relationship fears, the freedom that comes with vulnerability, and how hard conversations can build deeper friendships. Jennie’s book, “Find Your People,” is available NOW! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/03/22·52m 33s

How You Can Be Happier: Practical Tips & Advice | Sadie Robertson Huff & Dr. Daniel Amen

Leading psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen says Americans haven't been this unhappy in 50 years, but there's hope. He joins Sadie to share what he's learned from hundreds of thousands of brain scans, including the neuroscience secrets that can make you happier, how your brain type can influence your happiness, and what practical steps we can take to build happier lives. He also makes the case that happiness is a moral obligation, and being happy can lead us to a better relationship with God. Dr. Amen's new book, "You, Happier," is available NOW! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/02/22·43m 24s

Our Best Relationship Advice: Finding Love & Getting Past Fights | Sadie Robertson & Christian Huff

Sadie and Christian answer your personal DMs about love, relationships, and more. They tackle how to find love, bouncing back after an argument, how to be intentional before marriage, how to break bad habits, and what advice they'd give their younger selves about waiting. Sadie also talks about how God can speak to you in dreams, and Christian's awkward secret to getting comfortable during dating has Sadie in tears. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/02/22·45m 25s

Don't Let Insecurity & Doubt Steal Your Peace | Sadie Robertson Huff & Morgan Harper Nichols

Artist and writer Morgan Harper Nichols and Sadie take an in-depth look at navigating painful seasons, connecting with people by sharing our insecurities and uncertainty, and finding our way to true peace in the wilderness. Morgan shares how an autism diagnosis helped her explore what it means to be worthy of peace. They also explore how to find community, develop confidence, and give yourself permission to slow down and wait for God's timing. Morgan's new book, “Peace Is a Practice,” is available now!  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/02/22·45m 19s

Who Are You Following? | Sadie Robertson Huff, Demi Tebow & Bella Robertson Mayo

Bella Robertson Mayo and Demi Tebow join Sadie to kick off the launch of her new book, “Who Are You Following?” In a deeply personal conversation, they reveal the highs and lows of social media in their lives and discuss toxic Instagram and Snapchat culture, intentionality about what you share, the lies social media can tell you, why you are the ultimate influencer, and how social media can give you a powerful platform to be the light of the world. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/02/22·53m 28s

You Don't Have to Be a Victim of Your Struggles | Sadie Robertson Huff and Ben Stuart

Ben Stuart joins Sadie to discuss his new book, “Rest & War,” a field guide for spiritual life. Listen in for encouragement on how to shut down shame, stop beating yourself up, and learn to struggle well through the challenges of this life. Friends, you are not doomed by your most negative thoughts and difficult struggles. Know that God has a purpose for you, and there is a path forward.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/01/22·41m 3s

Let Truth Be the Basis of Your Originality

Sadie is joined by Hillsong singer-songwriter Brooke Ligertwood to discuss the beauty and significance of Brooke's new upcoming album, "SEVEN." Brooke shares with us why being a solo artist was never her intention. She also shines a light on how to be truly, authentically original and how that plays a role in songwriting. Cast your cares before the Lord, friends.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/01/22·42m 7s

Don’t Compare Yourself To Past Versions of Yourself

Sadie and her husband, Christian Huff, dive headfirst into how Christian recovered from an unhealthy relationship with fitness and learned to reject negativity. Sadie warns against unhealthy comparisons to other versions of ourselves, and the Huffs talk about how to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle, the lost art of commitment, ways to avoid toxic self-obsession, Christian's new show, "The 4:8 Men Podcast," and how often Sadie says "Whoa, that's good!" You can find joy and fulfillment wherever you are in your journey. Happy New Year! XO, Sadie Rob Huff - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/01/22·38m 19s

Epic Relationship Advice + the Best Encouragement You'll Hear This Year

Sadie shares the amazing advice that's impacted her life in significant ways in 2021. You'll hear so much encouragement and wisdom from Demi-Leigh Tebow, Dana Perino, Lindsay Arnold, Uncle Si Robertson, Crowder, Dante Bowe, and many more about how to love and be loved, how to find a spouse who will be good to you, developing the most important kind of confidence, getting through difficult seasons, and remembering to experience laughter and joy. No matter how challenging life is for you right now, God is with you, and he will use you. Happy New Year to you and your family! XO, Sadie Rob Huff - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/12/21·36m 56s

The REAL Reason We Signed Up for 'The Bachelor'

Sadie is joined by "Bachelor" alums Sean and Catherine Lowe to talk about how they first caught each other's attention, the real reason they signed up to be reality TV stars, how they create a fun-filled home for their kids, and why God, humor, laughter, and fun are so important in their lives. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/12/21·42m 47s

What’s on Sadie’s Bucket List?

Sadie goes behind the screens with popular travel vloggers The Bucket List Family to get to know their hearts and their backstory. Garrett and Jessica Gee tell Sadie about their love story, what they learned while traveling to 89 countries, what they originally thought they would do with their lives, and how they overcome fear in new places. They describe some of their favorite destinations on their journey, and Sadie shares what's at the top of her bucket list. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/12/21·45m 53s

The Genius of Jesus

Sadie speaks with Erwin McManus, author and lead pastor at Los Angeles-based church Mosaic, about what to do with purpose anxiety driven by fear, how the genius of Jesus could have an impact on our lives 2,000 years later, and the reason he started to attend church before he knew Jesus. Erwin's latest book, “The Genius of Jesus,” is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/12/21·50m 39s

Do You Have a Past?

Sadie celebrates her 100th episode of "WHOA That's Good" by announcing her new book, "Who Are You Following?" With her special, in-person guests, she speaks about pressing past your past, how to become who you are when everyone knows who you used to be, and choosing a word to declare over your mistakes. The enemy tries to make you feel defined by your past mistakes, but the Word of God says differently. Sadie's new book, "Who Are You Following?," is available NOW! — Buy Sadie's new book "Who Are You Following?" - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/12/21·41m 13s

How to Have Courage in Any Situation

Sadie speaks with author and TV personality Madison Prewett about her new book, "Made For This Moment," how she decided to audition for "The Bachelor," and how she dealt with the pressure of being on the show. They talk about how to find courage in any situation and how God often uses the hard seasons to refine and prepare us. Discovering God’s purpose for us means learning to be content with who God has made us to be. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/11/21·52m 46s

Your Past Mistakes Are Never Greater Than God's Love

YouTubers Cole and Savannah LaBrant join Sadie and Christian to discuss how to lean into God's grace when your past mistakes are blinding, how to forgive the people who've hurt you the most, and what it takes to start a family vlog or podcast. Christian and Cole compare notes on their "judgmental Christian" phases, and they talk about how to make your relationship with Jesus about more than dos and don'ts. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/11/21·48m 10s

How I Opened My Heart to God's Big Dreams

Matthew West, renowned singer and songwriter, joins Sadie in studio to discuss fully trusting the Lord amid trials and tribulations, how skydiving gave Sadie a new perspective on life, and the story behind "Gobble Gobble," Matthew's hit Thanksgiving song. Matthew also drops some serious wisdom about why we should stop striving and learn the importance of silence, stillness, solitude, and prayer. We say in prayer and song that we love and trust God, but when it comes down to it, do we fully believe that? - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/11/21·41m 49s

Standing Up for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves | Sadie Robertson Huff & Bindi Irwin

Wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin joins Sadie to talk about facing your fears, getting outside your comfort zone, and carrying on the legacy of her father, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. They also dive into why "Dancing with the Stars" is way more terrifying than a crocodile, Bindi's love story with her husband, why they named their daughter Grace Warrior, and how to find the good in any day. Check out more about Bindi's conservation work at - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/11/21·52m 55s

Your Personal Calling, Marriage, and Kids

Sadie speaks with author, singer, and songwriter Lauren Chandler about cultivating your character, overcoming purpose anxiety, and not rushing the process. They also get into navigating difficult times in marriage, overcoming misunderstandings and disagreements, and how to just have fun.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/10/21·54m 32s

You Are Never Too Far Gone

Sadie speaks with singer and author Kelsey Grimm about the dangers of looking for your identity in another person and the one place you will find your true identity. Making small concessions for other people can quickly change who you are, and not dealing with your past can wreck your future. No matter what, you are never too far from God, and you are always loved by him. Kelsey's book, "Over It," is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/10/21·56m 17s

Our Most Embarrassing Moments

Sadie and Christian answer your DMs about how to deal with jealousy, being canceled, your truth vs. God’s truth, and getting through breakups. Christian has a quite terrifying bucket list item, and things get VERY personal when Sadie and Christian each tell the most embarrassing moment of their life. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/10/21·37m 51s

How to Celebrate Through Jealousy

Sadie speaks with DawnCheré Wilkerson about fighting jealousy with celebration and the importance of knowing your worth. They also get into things to look for when dating, leading yourself first, and the importance of community. God never wastes a waiting season and his ultimate calling on your life is much more simple than you might think. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/10/21·48m 45s

Dare to Choose Faith Over Fear

Sadie chats with pastor and author Charlotte Gambill about incredible God moments, the secret to turning big dreams into reality, and the grownup "height restrictions" that could help you go from dreamer to doer. They also talk about how to lead a generous life, how to keep friendships alive, why winning may not be what you think it is, and how to choose faith over fear. Charlotte is the author of "Dare to Be: God Is Able. Are You Willing?" and many other books. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/09/21·47m 37s

Relationship Red Flags

Sadie speaks with her sister Bella Robertson Mayo about her new book of poetry, "My Greenhouse." Bella talks about how her journaling turned into poetry and why she decided to write the book. They discuss the good and the bad of relationships, warning signs to watch for, and how to be intentional when looking for a spouse. They also give advice on moving on after a relationship has ended and share the most important thing to know about closure. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/09/21·1h 3m

How to Trust God With Our Brokenness

Sadie speaks with Ellie Holcomb about how God often uses our brokenness to show us we are truly loved by Him. They also talk about being changed through the prayer and the power of being in God’s presence. Because of Jesus, our suffering never gets the final word, and you will never regret trusting Him. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/09/21·50m 4s

How I Conquered Trauma & Became Unbreakable

Korie Robertson speaks with Demi-Leigh Tebow at the LO Sister Conference about keeping your relationships from becoming idols and getting to know your love language. Demi talks about being carjacked at gunpoint, how she broke free from the trauma of that harrowing experience, and how one girl's help that day inspired her fight against human trafficking. She also explains how Miss Universe created a platform for a greater purpose and the hard work that took place behind the scenes.   - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/09/21·41m 20s

How to Go From Sexual Brokenness to Love, Joy & Trust

Jackie Hill Perry, best-selling author of "Gay Girl, Good God" and "Holier Than Thou," joins Sadie to share her journey from sexual brokeness, abuse, and same-sex attraction to meeting God, meeting her husband, and falling in love. Jackie drops some serious wisdom about being afraid to pray, the addictiveness of social media, what God's holiness really means, why we choose idols over God, celebrity Christianity, and how she intentionally keeps others from placing her on a pedestal. She also addresses how the church can do better on the topic of homosexuality and engage in honest, kind, and Spirit-led conversations.  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/08/21·36m 4s

How to Overcome Haters & Put Yourself Out There

Paralympic athlete Dee Kisser joins Sadie to share the trials she faced on her journey to the Paralympic Games and how she learned to trust in God’s timing. Sadie and Dee also discuss how disappointment is often a learning moment and that God doesn’t make accidents, so YOU are NOT an accident but a child of God with a purpose! Dee also talks about some of the struggles she’s faced with dwarfism and why stepping out of her comfort zone is what ultimately began to heal her. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/08/21·49m 8s

Our Best Relationship Advice: Dating Boundaries & the 24-Hour Rule

Sadie and Christian share the best relationship advice they've ever been given and answer your DMs about how to set boundaries while dating, how to talk about purity, how to let go of toxic people in your life without hurting them, and how to be a good friend to a roommate who's driving you crazy. They also tackle finding a church, how to handle conflict in relationships, and the age-old question: Does pineapple belong on pizza? - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/08/21·34m 32s

How to Be a Little Easier on Yourself

Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE joins Sadie this week to discuss their new album, Into the Mystery. Listen in as they discuss how to step into your calling, overcoming anxiety, and how Bear met his wife. Bear also shares the intimate details of his songwriting process and how their new album was birthed during the pandemic. NEEDTOBREATHE’s new album is available now wherever you get your music. — Get your application fee WAIVED when you start your future with Liberty University today! — Get up to $200 OFF AND 2 free pillows! — Find out how to get involved with this awesome ministry! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/08/21·36m 26s

How to Stop Perfectionism From Holding You Back

Sadie speaks with singer-songwriter Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping at Last about how having a child shifts your perspective, the dangers of perfectionism, and the ins and outs of the Enneagram. They also get into Ryan’s creative process, letting go, and how writing songs helps him work out questions about faith. John Luke joins the conversation to do a deep dive into all things Enneagram. Ryan has composed music for "The Twilight Saga" and many popular TV shows, and you can check out his work at - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/07/21·52m 41s

Don’t Believe Everything You Think — Battling Anxiety

Dr. Daniel Amen, one of America’s leading psychiatrists, joins Sadie to discuss the importance of brain health. Dr. Amen also discusses the difference between "mental health" and "brain health," how to stop automatic negative thoughts, and how to control the "what ifs." Plus, Sadie and Dr. Amen touch on the importance of a healthy church and the effects of social media on your brain's health. You can learn more about Dr. Amen, his books, and his clinic at - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/07/21·47m 38s

My Postpartum Journey

Today I’m sharing my postpartum struggles with body image, physical pain, "what ifs," anxiety, the battle between fear and joy, and so many other emotions that have flooded over me in the past several weeks. I want to share my story, but I also hope it’s inspiring to you in your own journey no matter if it’s postpartum or something else you’re walking through. And remember, the same God that was with us in the hospital room during Honey’s miraculous birth is the same God who is sitting with you right now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/07/21·34m 45s

Our Birth Story

When I gave birth to sweet and strong Honey James, nothing I planned for happened, but everything I prayed for did. This is the beautiful, funny, scary, painful, and incredibly joyful story of my labor and Honey's miraculous birth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/07/21·50m 6s

Willie Robertson and Crowder Are So Alike It's Scary

Willie Robertson and Grammy-nominated artist Crowder will crack you up and inspire you in this fun conversation about male grooming (or lack thereof), memorable Uber trips, corndogs and cheese sticks, Olivia Newton-John, hip-hop, and their shared heart for evangelism. Willie talks about the art of spreading the Gospel, Crowder reveals what drives him crazy about religion, and they discuss cooking, the time Crowder made a bouncer named Dirty Dave cry, and how Crowder convinced his dad Queen was a Christian band. Crowder's new album, Milk & Honey, is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/06/21·43m 3s

How to Turn Your Biggest Fails Into Something Amazing

Christian music artist Chris McClarney joins Sadie's brother, John Luke Robertson, to share his advice on not taking yourself too seriously, failure and redemption, and how to be OK with taking risks and making mistakes. They also discuss having zero shame about listening to fun pop music, the superpower of an Enneagram 7, the secret to faking an expensive-looking watch, Chris' songwriting process, and how he plans to use unreleased "orphan songs" to help actual orphans. This conversation is full of laughs and great advice! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/06/21·45m 23s

How Candace Cameron Bure Tackles Business, Fitness, Motherhood & Faith in Hollywood

Candace Cameron Bure joins Korie Robertson to share an honest, intimate look at her struggles and joys as a wife, mom, actress, producer, director, entrepreneur, author, and Christian woman in the entertainment industry. Korie reveals how they first met and why Sadie might have skipped "Dancing with the Stars" if not for a phone call with Candace. Then, Candace talks about how she makes business decisions without compromising her beliefs, what motivates her to speak boldly about her faith, how she approaches the entertainment industry as a mission field, what she loves about growing older, the blessings of young motherhood, her recovery from an eating disorder, and how she motivates herself to stay fit. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/06/21·40m 50s

The Biggest Lies About Dating and How to Find Love That Lasts

Pastor and "Welcome to Adulting" author JP Pokluda shares his incredible insights into how to approach dating and commitment in the 21st century. He and guest host Christian Huff talk about the biggest lies people believe about dating and attraction, finding the right someone to marry, whether to lower your standards, and what should disqualify someone as boyfriend or girlfriend material. JP's latest book is "Outdated: Find Love That Lasts When Dating Has Changed."  - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/06/21·46m 44s

How I Changed the Way I Think About My Body

Sadie and "Dancing with the Stars" cast member Lindsay Arnold get candid about relationships, how to approach struggles with body image when your body is changing, the best way to handle the weight of comparison, and how to find confidence in the place where your confidence was shaken most. They also talk about the difference between being liked and being loved, long-distance dating, how you can be a good sister and friend, how to overcome jealousy, motherhood, Lindsay's YouTube channel, and why Sadie can't wait to try Lindsay's workout. Lindsay's unguarded advice will lift your heart and inspire you no matter what season you're in. Then, Sadie and Christian offer a listener in Northern Ireland advice on dealing with loneliness and how to dive into the opportunities it can present.   - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/05/21·46m 36s

How Jesus Changed Everything During an INTENSE Childbirth

Sadie and her best friend, Laney Rene, chat about motherhood, marriage, diapers, pregnancy brain, fear, and embracing their weirdness. Laney kicks it off with brilliant biblical advice that will become an anthem for your life. She spills the details on why Sadie and Christian had a double wardrobe change when she visited with her baby, and she describes the harrowing 55-hour labor that ended up building her faith and teaching her more about God's love. Laney's book, "Speak Your Name: Devotions and Declarations on the Reality of Jesus," is available now. - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/05/21·35m 49s

Korie and Willie Robertson's Arguments Are a Love Language

Sadie is joined by her mom, Korie Robertson, to share an inside look at what it's really like to raise kids in the Robertson household. Check out the fun stories, raw honesty, and timeless advice, including why kids don't need perfect parents, how to keep comparison from creeping in, why you shouldn't treat every kid the same, how to stay on the same team with your spouse even when you disagree, and how to be intentional about parenthood long before you ever become a mom or dad. Then, Sadie and Christian offer advice on how you can weather a breakup without being consumed by bitterness. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/04/21·32m 55s

How to Replace Anxiety with Joy

Billboard-charting singer and songwriter Dante Bowe joins Sadie to share his inspiring faith journey and how he overcame struggles with dyslexia, depression, and homelessness. Dante drops a whole lot of truth about gaining perspective when you feel like things aren't going your way and how you can always find joy — even when times are hard. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/04/21·26m 59s

Body Image and Relationships: How God Redeems Our Imperfections

Sadie is joined by gospel and Christian music icon Natalie Grant for a raw, honest, and deeply personal conversation about body image, eating disorders, emotional manipulation, and the alarm bells that sound when you're in an unhealthy relationship.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/04/21·45m 57s

My Miracle Moment

Sadie's conversation with Emma, 17, and Stella, 14, will give you chills in this powerful episode about choosing a relationship with Jesus and the radical transformations that happen when we open our hearts to the Gospel — whether or not we've ever stepped foot in a church building. Emma and Stella relive the dramatic change they experienced last Easter, and Sadie and Christian share the story of Jesus, how Jesus changed their lives, what baptism means, and why they wouldn't have the relationship they have without Jesus.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/03/21·39m 26s

Leave Uncle Si Alone | Si and Willie Robertson

The laughs don't stop when the legendary Si Robertson makes his WHOA That's Good debut alongside Sadie's dad, Willie Robertson. Get ready for wild Robertson family stories, hilarious one-liners, and advice on marriage, faith, family, and laughter from a man who embodies the phrase "live original." Si shares why he refused to do "Dancing With the Stars" and why he should have done time in the pen. Willie reveals the life-changing advice he was given about Uncle Si and how Si stuck him with a $32,000 bill. Then, Sadie and Christian give a caller practical advice for reminding yourself of God's faithfulness. Check out Uncle Si's podcast on YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/03/21·51m 2s

How to Walk Away When You Have To

Author and television host Dana Perino is no stranger to controversy, and the advice she's picked up along the way about love, confidence, and integrity is pure fire. Dana tells Sadie about her movie-worthy love story that started on an airplane, how she almost let him get away, how she learned to embrace God's plan even when it's not her plan, and how she protects her integrity at all costs and walks away from anything that could compromise it. Check out more in her book, "Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman)." Sadie and Christian close it out by answering a caller's question on where to begin if you want to read Scripture. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/03/21·48m 22s

Who I Really Am

Tim and Demi-Leigh Tebow get candid with Sadie about life after pro sports and Miss Universe. Tim talks about one of the greatest tragedies that can happen in our lives and how to be relentless about avoiding it. He also shares a powerful story about his friendship with a "cursed" boy in the Philippines. Demi talks about how she stopped washing her confidence off with her makeup. And they discuss their relentless fight against human trafficking and the work they do with Night to Shine. Tim's new children's book is called "Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember." Sadie and Christian close it out with encouragement for a young believer who didn't grow up in the church. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/03/21·51m 22s

You Are an Unrepeatable Miracle

Taya Smith of Hillsong United joins Sadie with her relatable and powerful story, and it's impossible not to see Jesus in everything she says. The "Oceans" singer talks about her decision to move to Sydney to be a recording artist, living paycheck to paycheck while working in retail, her tryout for "The Voice," and the best lunch of her life. Sadie and Taya also discuss God's behind-the-scenes work, why we're not supposed to be "adults of God," finding the confidence to freely live out who you are, the times we struggle to worship, and what the Holy Spirit told Taya about shaving her head. Then, a caller asks Sadie and Christian a question about overcoming insecurity. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/03/21·1h 1m

Proof That God Exists

Sadie shares her prophetic dream and what she learned from Uncle Si as she introduces Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, best known for Alpha Course, Bible in One Year, and their brilliant accents and advice. Nicky describes how he went from atheist to believer and talks about overcoming his negative view of Christianity, how to accept God's love and approval, and why belief in Jesus isn't a blind leap of faith. Pippa describes what she learned about faith and fear in the face of cancer. Nicky has a mic drop when he lists 5 things everyone should do while preparing for a talk. And Sadie and Christian answer a question about what makes someone marriage material. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/02/21·49m 43s

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: How to Navigate Relationships Pt 2

Sadie and Ben Stuart get REAL as he joins her to share even more "WHOA" moments about love and relationships. The "Single, Dating, Engaged, Married" author unpacks how infatuation can blind you, the danger of approaching dating with a consumer mentality, and holding people to impossible standards. They go into the right time to confess the good, the bad, and the ugly of past relationships and sins, how to cultivate clear, honest communication, and how to "grip hands and run into God's future together." Then, Sadie and Christian take a call from a listener who wants advice on what to do when trust is broken in a relationship. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/02/21·35m 22s

Finding the Right Someone: How to Navigate Relationships Pt 1

Author and pastor Ben Stuart wrote the book on how to have a successful relationship — literally! Sadie and Christian started their relationship off on the right foot thanks to Ben’s book, "Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age." Ben talks through a few signs that your relationship may be heading in the wrong direction, not looking to other people for what you can only get from God, and the purpose of singleness and how it can be a gift. Ben and Sadie also discuss finding the right someone the right way and why sex is like a fire. Then, Sadie and Christian take a call from a listener to give her some advice on staying positive in a negative world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/02/21·37m 36s

Who I Want to Be

After "The Bachelor" star Ben Higgins first slid into fiancée Jessica Clarke's DMs, they talked every day, and Sadie has a sweet "sliding into her DMs" story of her own. Ben and Jess tell Sadie the crazy story of how they met and fell in love, how he knew he could commit to her, the unrealistic dating expectations created by "The Bachelor," how they found their identity in Christ, and why their relationship has gotten so real. Jess also shares her past struggle with an eating disorder, Ben offers advice on making your life bigger than any one experience, and they preview his honest, relatable new book, "Alone in Plain Sight." Then, Sadie and Christian do Good and Bad Advice, Chocolate Chip Pancakes Edition. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/02/21·45m 6s

Answering Your DMs w/ Tauren Wells: Superficial Love, Trust, and Being Known

Sadie welcomes Grammy-nominated artist Tauren Wells and reveals how he provided a distraction during an awkward but beautiful moment at her wedding. Tauren answers your DMs and offers advice on launching a music career, being well known vs. being known well, how he pursues God through hills and valleys, why good things take time, and the best encapsulation of the Gospel he's ever seen. He also shares the story of how his wife and Tim Tebow inspired him to write "All God's Children," a song about human trafficking. And Christian and Sadie respond to a questionable recommendation about stress in Good and Bad Advice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/01/21·41m 47s

Awkward Amateur

Sadie's good friend Annie F. Downs literally wrote the book on fun. Listen in as she and Sadie talk about how we can have more fun, Bible-reading plans, Enneagram types, the joys of being an amateur, how cancel culture limits our fun, and allowing people the grace to learn. Annie's encouraging message from her new book, "That Sounds Fun," will inspire you to love the way God made you and help you use your strengths and the things you love for God's glory. Sadie and Christian close it out with another edition of Good and Bad Advice on the WHOA That's Good Podcast.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/01/21·45m 15s

Sadie Robertson's Great-Grandmother is an Absolute Legend

Sadie's Mamaw Jo is 89 years old, and everything she has to say is gold. She'll head out on a hike and become famous in China, she'll teach you to be a total savage at UNO, and she'll drop advice so brilliant it inspires a whole podcast. And that's just before breakfast. Check out her wisdom on love, dating, marriage, motherhood, aging well, faith, getting through difficult times, and what people who've lost someone need to hear. Bonus: Good and bad advice with Sadie's mom, Korie Robertson, on the WHOA That's Good Podcast.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/01/21·41m 26s

The Best Advice of 2020

Sadie shares the amazing advice that brought the house down in 2020, featuring Christine Caine, Kari Jobe, Max Lucado, Lauren Daigle, Mike and Natalie Todd, Jennie Allen, Miles Fidell, and some familiar faces from Sadie's family: John Luke Robertson, Bella Robertson, Willie Robertson, and Chrys Howard (aka 2-mama). These quotes are so quotable you'll be repeating them for years to come.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/12/20·26m 26s

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Songwriter and producer Nate Butler doesn't take himself too seriously, but he's dropping some serious wisdom as he and Sadie take on the tough issues of 2020. Nate reveals what God taught him during his intense experience with COVID-19, and he shares the advice he gave Sadie about never allowing the enemy to stoke racial fear and division. They discuss how to fight the good fight of faith — one that's not mixed with unforgiveness and hatred — and the difference between putting on your armor and putting on God's armor.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/12/20·44m 20s

The Call of God

Christine Caine joins Sadie with wisdom and encouragement so quotable you'll want to rewind to listen again. They dive into the "call of God" and what it truly means to pick up your cross and be an influencer for Jesus. Sadie and Christine also tackle how to live a life that's not driven by likes and shares, why there's something more important than authenticity, how we can live out the truth that "not all information is wisdom," and why younger generations are poised to become the most powerful voice for Christ. Christine Caine is an Australian-born, Greek-blooded lover of Jesus, activist, author and international speaker. She and her husband, Nick, founded global anti-human trafficking organization The A21 Campaign. She is the author of several books, including her most recent updated and expanded release, "Undaunted: Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do."   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/12/20·48m 38s

Good News

Louie Giglio, joins Sadie on this weeks episode. Listen in as they share a very special announcement with listeners and of course, discuss the best piece of advice Louie has ever received. Louie Giglio is the pastor of Passion City Church and Original Visionary of the Passion Movement. He is a best-selling author of multiple books including Goliath Must Fall, Not Forsaken, and How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions about God and Science.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/11/20·40m 10s

The Blessing

Kari Jobe joins Sadie to share about her new album, The Blessing. Listen in as they have a heartfelt and honest conversation about overcoming fear and tormenting thoughts, parenthood, and the stories behind some of the songs on The Blessing. Kari Jobe is a Grammy-nominated worship leader, who has lead people into the presence of God all across the globe. Kari’s latest album, The Blessing, released October 23rd and is available now.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/11/20·42m 45s

Forgiving What You Can't Forget

Lysa TerKeurst joins Sadie on this weeks episode to discuss her new book, Forgiving What You Can't Forget. Listen in as they discuss how to move on and make peace with painful memories as well as how to overcome bound-up resentment. Lysa TerKeurst is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, Uninvited, The Best Yes, Unglued, Made to Crave and 18 other books. Her newest book, Forgiving What You Can't Forget, is available November 17th.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/11/20·44m 37s

Our COVID-19 Story

Sadie invites her Mom, Korie Robertson and sister, Bella Robertson to discuss their health journey with COIVD-19. Listen in as they share how it impacted them physically and mentally and advice on how to support friends and family who may be wrestling with this illness. Also, be sure to tune in to our next episode, November 11 with Lysa TerKeurst, where she shares her best piece of advice and talks about her upcoming book, Forgiving What You Can't Forget: Discover How to Move On, Make Peace with Painful Memories, and Create a Life That's Beautiful Again.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/10/20·44m 13s

Exclusive Episode: Answering YOUR Questions on Baby Huff

Sadie and Christian are having a baby! On this weeks exclusive episode, The Huff’s dive into your questions about Baby Huff. Listen in as they discuss when and how they found out they were expecting, what they are most excited about, and of course, the best piece of parenting advice they have ever received. **Be sure to check out Sadie’s YouTube page for additional bonus footage of their pregnancy story! **   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/10/20·29m 8s

Answering Your DM's: Boundaries, Love, and Redemption

Team LO's Morgan Krueger and her husband Ryan, join Sadie and Christian as they answer your relationship DM's. Listen to their advice on how to cultivate Godly physical boundaries while dating, showng love to one another in a relationship, and letting God redeem areas of brokenness in relationships. Morgan and Ryan Krueger live in West Monroe, LA. Ryan serves as the Young Adult Pastor at Christ Church while Morgan serves on Team Live Original.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/10/20·40m 32s

You Are Never Alone

Max Lucado joins Sadie this week to discuss his new book, You Are Never Alone. Listen in as Max addresses the unprecedented isolation in our culture with a pastor’s heart of compassion. Lucado dives into the miracles of Jesus found in John’s gospel and explains how God’s loving character offers hope and respite for society’s loneliness. You can learn more about Max Lucado and his ministry at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/09/20·33m 56s

The Next Right Step

Lisa Harper, a hilarious storyteller and theological scholar, joins Sadie on this weeks episode. Their lighthearted yet meaningful conversation touches on Lisa's extraordinary story of adoption, perseverance, and redemption. Lisa is the author of 13 books, including the recent children’s book, Who’s Your Daddy?l and 5 best-selling Bible study curriculums, including Job:A Story of Unlikely Joy.  You can learn more about Lisa Harper at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/09/20·42m 54s

Faith in God's Plan

This week, Sadie welcomes Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Luke Bryan onto the podcast. Listen in as they discuss grief, Luke's journey to Nashville, and the greatest piece of advice he has ever received. Luke Bryan's latest album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here released August 7th. You can learn more about Luke Bryan at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/09/20·27m 47s

Answering Your DM’s w/ Jennie Allen: Toxic Relationships, Intrusive Thoughts, and End Times

This week, Sadie welcomes her friend, author and speaker, Jennie Allen. Listen in as they discuss your questions on how to deal with toxic relationships, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety over the end times. Be sure to join the LO Sister Book Club which kicks off September 1, 2020, as thousands of women study Jennie's Book,Get Out Of Your Head alongside of each other.  Check out to join or learn more. You can learn more about Jennie Allen and her ministry, IF:Gathering by visiting  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/08/20·55m 20s

Live From Love

This week, Sadie welcomes Franni Cash Cain of the band, We The Kingdom, which recently released their debut album, Holy Water. Listen in as Sadie and Franni discuss marriage and the quest to find "the one", how to overcome gossip, and how to navigate friendships while in a season of dating. You can learn more about We The Kingdom at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/08/20·40m 23s

Jesus: The Main Character

This week Sadie welcomes Pastor Judah Smith to the podcast. Listen in as they discuss how Judah came to know Jesus, the idea of Jesus being love and how to share your faith wherever you are. Judah Smith is the Lead Pastor of Churchome, formerly called The City Church. Noted for its cultural relevance, commitment to biblical integrity, and love for Jesus, Churchome is a thriving community with multiple locations and a global app. Judah is known around the world for his preaching ministry. His fresh, anointed, humorous messages demystify the Bible and make Christianity real. Judah is also the author of the New York Times best-selling book Jesus Is ____.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/08/20·38m 52s

Answering Your DM’s w/ Team LO: Sex, Singleness, and Isolation

Sadie and Team Live Original dive into the Whoa That's Good DMs and answer your questions. Listen in as they discuss physical boundaries in relationships, how to support friends walking through depression, and how to cultivate time with Jesus in seasons where it feels difficult.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/07/20·32m 38s

You Say I Am...

Sadie kicks off Season 4 with two-time Grammy Award winner, Lauren Daigle. Listen in as they discuss the importance of knowing what your identity is rooted in, navigating the highs and lows of 2020, and why the song "You Say” is personally meaningful to Lauren. You can catch more of Lauren on her own podcast, Daigle Bites or tune into LDTV for live, one night only performances. Tune in for the next one on July 23rd at 8/7PM CT. You can read more about Lauren at Be sure to check out Sadie’s custom worship playlist that she mentioned during the episode by visiting:!Podcast  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/07/20·46m 53s

Dream Big

Sadie welcomes her friend, Bob Goff to the podcast. Listen in as they discuss ambition, dreaming big, and how to arrive at your purpose. Bob is the author of the New York Times bestselling Love Does and Everybody, Always and his latest book, Dream Big, released June 23, 2020. He is the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Uganda, an attorney, and the founder of Love Does—a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India, Nepal, Iraq, and Somalia. He's a lover of balloons, cake pops, and helping people pursue their big dreams.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/06/20·39m 1s

Answering Your DM’s w/ John Luke & Mary Kate: Forgiveness, Laughter, and Parenthood

Sadie welcomes her brother and sister-in-law, John Luke & Mary-Kate Robertson, to answer listeners DM’s. Listen in as they share the story of how they began dating, discuss forgiveness & laughter in marriage, and their new season as a parents.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/06/20·29m 31s

God Made You with Purpose in Mind

Listen to Sadie’s conversation with pastor and author, Alex Seeley, as they dialogue on what it means to be created in the image of Christ and how to silence the noise and labels the world has placed on us. Alex is the author of “Tailor Made” and the “The Opposite Life” and serves with her husband, Henry, as the pastors of The Belonging Co. in Nashville, TN.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/06/20·36m 14s

Find Your Roar

Sadie welcomes her sister, a recent high school graduate and poet, Bella Robertson to the podcast. Listen in as they dig deep into the topics of finding confidence, accountability, and seeking God in your relationships.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/05/20·36m 4s

Answering Your DMs: Searching Scripture & Long-Distance Relationships

Join Sadie as she dives into her DMs and answers listeners questions! Her husband, Christian Huff, joins her as they discuss how to search and read Scripture, tips for managing long-distance relationships, and how to handle changing friendships.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/05/20·23m 21s

Young and Scrappy

Join Sadie Robertson Huff as she welcomes her Live Original Team. Listen in as they share the incredible story of how Live Original has been shaped behind the scenes. Be encouraged as team members discuss how their paths connected, how God has used four different women to join together as one united team, and how they have found the unexpected gift of friendship and sisterhood along the way. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/05/20·51m 56s

Relationship Goals: Part 2

Sadie welcomes Michael Todd, Lead Pastor of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, OK for a bonus episode, part two of their conversation, Relationship Goals. Listen in as they welcome their spouses and discuss trust, forgiveness, and vulnerability within relationships. Pastor Todd also discusses his new book, Relationship Goals —based on the viral sermon series about dating, marriage, and sex.  . Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/05/20·41m 23s

Relationship Goals: Part 1

Sadie welcomes Michael Todd, Lead Pastor of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, OK. Listen in as they have a candid and inspiring conversation on finding lasting love. Pastor Todd also discusses his new book, Relationship Goals —based on the viral sermon series about dating, marriage, and sex.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/04/20·39m 11s

Answering Your DM’s: Eating Disorders, Friendship & Forgiveness

Join Sadie as she dives into her DMs and answers listener questions! Her husband, Christian Huff, joins her as they discuss eating disorders, lifelong friendships and forgiveness.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/04/20·25m 28s

I Still Believe

Sadie welcomes GRAMMY®-nominated singer and songwriter Jeremy Camp and his wife, Adrienne Camp, to the podcast. They found love after Jeremy lost his first wife when he was just 23 years old, as seen in the hit film, I Still Believe. Listen as they give an honest look into who they are and what their marriage is like as they try to follow God’s will in often unusual circumstances.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/04/20·41m 52s

Answering Your DMs: Dating & Relationships

Host of the ‘Whoa That’s Good’ Podcast Sadie Robertson shares a bonus episode, tackling some of listeners' most popular questions that have hit her DMs.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/04/20·23m 35s

Get Out of Your Head

Sadie welcomes bible teacher, author, and founder, of the IF:GATHERING, Jennie Allen, to the podcast. Listen in as they discuss Jennie’s latest book, Get Out of Your Head, as well as share advice on mentorship, authenticity, and overcoming toxic thoughts.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
01/04/20·40m 5s

Willie Robertson: Boss Hog, Husband, Dad

Sadie Robertson welcomes her Dad, WIllie Roberson, onto the podcast. Willie Robertson is best known for his appearances on the reality TV series Duck Dynasty on A&E. Willie shares advice on a variety of topics including marriage, business, and faith, which will inspire you and be sure to make you laugh. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/03/20·57m 28s

Chasing Vines

In this week's episode, Sadie Robertson welcomes guest, Beth Moore, onto the podcast. Beth is an evangelist, best-selling author, Bible teacher and the founder of Living Proof Ministries. Listen as the two discuss stories of Beth's early days in ministry, how to hear the voice of God, and Beth's new book, Chasing Vines,  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/02/20·38m 1s

Looking For More

Sadie Robertson welcomes guest Levi Lusko, the founder and lead pastor of Fresh Life Church, located in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Utah. He is the bestselling author of Through the Eyes of a Lion, Swipe Right, and I Declare War. Listen in as they discuss God's ideas on sex and relationships and the battle of the mind.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/02/20·41m 14s

Find Your Voice

Join Sadie Robertson as she interviews Miles Fidell, Lead Pastor of Auburn Community Church in Auburn, AL. Miles Fidell currently serves in his thriving, multi-generational church reaching thousands of college students and families with the Gospel. Listen as they discuss college ministry, finding your own voice, and the hidden blessing of discomfort and uncertainty.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/01/20·32m 7s

The World is a Lesson

Sadie Robertson welcomes her rockstar grandmother Chrys Howard ("2Mama") to the podcast. Listen as she shares generational wisdom and how God has orchestrated her life through the years to impact many. Learn more about author, speaker, and radio host, Chrys Howard and her ministry at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/01/20·31m 17s

How To Have Your Life Not Suck

Sadie interviews author and speaker Bianca Olthoff to discuss her new book, How To Have Your Life Not Suck. This lighthearted but practical interview with Bianca will motivate and encourage you.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25/12/19·38m 9s

Limitless God

Join Sadie Robertson and special guest Shelley Giglio as they discuss the limitless power of God, Passion 2020, and preparing our hearts for ringing in a new decade.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/12/19·29m 28s

Awake My Soul

Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong Worship joins Sadie Robertson to discuss her new album, Awake. Listen in as they discuss the power of prayer & hearing the voice of God, with a few laughs along the way.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/11/19·31m 8s

Intentionality Protects the Heart

Sadie Robertson kicks off Season 3 with a very special guest, her future husband, Christian Huff! Join them as Christian shares his testimony with listeners and the couple gives an inside peek into their relationship. Hear how Christian’s intentionality during their dating season impacted Sadie and set the tone for the future of their relationship.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/11/19·39m 54s

Fear Of Letting People Down

Sadie is joined on the podcast by television personality and author Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth is known from her roles on Survivor, The View, and FOX & Friends. She shares advice her dad gave her about the fear of letting people down and how her father’s love helped her understand how God sees her. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/03/19·44m 34s

100% Transparency

Sadie interviews Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and her husband and former NFL player, Andrew East. Join them as they discuss how they learned to cultivate 100% transparency in their marriage and on social media, their story of falling in love, and why they keep their relationship full of laughter!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/03/19·32m 57s

Bullies and Beauty

Sadie welcomes Emma Jenkins to the podcast. Emma is a speaker and writer, who shares her advice from her mom about how fearing people will keep you from God's purpose for your life. She also shares her amazing passion for the Bible and how to dance with Jesus in your everyday life.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/03/19·33m 29s

Strong and Kind

Sadie welcomes her mom, Korie Robertson to the podcast for her first full-length conversation. Korie shares advice her dad gave her about the blessings of family, faith and relationships and how these are the things no one can take away from you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/03/19·36m 34s

Fear, You Don't Own Me

Sadie welcomes artist Francesca Battistelli to the podcast. Francesca shares advice she received from her mom, on being willing to try new things while being afraid. She shares stories about the insecurities and fear she felt early on in her career as a guitar player and how she was able to overcome them. Her latest project is called Own it.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/02/19·36m 51s

The Power of Purpose and Positivity

Sadie welcomes Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson on the NBC drama This Is Us, to the podcast. They discuss her struggle to make it in Hollywood as an actress, why it is important to believe in other people until they are able to do it for themselves, and her new movie, Breakthrough, which releases on Easter 2019. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/02/19·32m 37s

The Beauty of Flaws and Imperfections

Sadie welcomes Caitlin Crosby to the podcast. Caitlin is an actress, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and founder of The Giving Keys. They discuss the beauty of flaws and imperfections, and how those can lead to your unique calling and vision. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/02/19·29m 25s

Everything Is A Gift

Sadie welcomes her best friend, Laney Redmon, to the podcast. They discuss the idea of striving to keep something that was never earned and how everything in life should be viewed as a gift. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/02/19·32m 38s

Follow Your Heart While Being 100% You

Sadie welcomes Amy Purdy to the podcast. They discuss how to follow your heart, while being 100% you, and of course sharing the best piece of advice they have ever received! Amy is an actress, model, para-snowboarder, motivational speaker, clothing designer and author. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/01/19·32m 33s

Gratitude and Celebration

Sadie kicks off Season 2 by welcoming Pastor Rich & DawnChere Wilkerson Jr. to the podcast. They discuss how to stay focused in the chaos of life, the importance of gratitude and celebration, and of course, share the best piece of advice they have ever received! Pastor Rich & DawnChere Wilkerson Jr. planted and pastor VOUS Church in Miami. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/01/19·34m 49s

John Luke Robertson on The Power of Love

Sadie Robertson wraps season 1 of her podcast with a special visit from her brother John Luke Robertson. He shares the best piece of advice he has ever received and how the power of love and his thirst for learning has impacted his life.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31/10/18·36m 53s

Brian & Jenn Johnson on Hearing The Voice of The Lord

Sadie visits with Brian and Jenn Johnson, the founders of Bethel Music. Jenn shares dating advice from her mom and talks about the value of focusing on developing friendships in relationships and listening to the Holy Spirit. Brian talks about getting a word from God and sticking to it until you get another one.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/10/18·26m 15s

Nastia Liukin on Wanting to Quit on the Way to a Gold Medal

Sadie visits with Olympic Gold medalist, Nastia Liukin. Nastia talks about pursuing her dreams without breaking her spirit, life after the Olympics and building an empowering global community for the next generation of women at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/10/18·37m 5s

Annie F. Downs on Why You Shouldn't Give Up

Sadie welcomes her good friend Annie F. Downs to the show, and Annie talks about why we should never give up and even what to do when you want to give up on God. Annie F. Downs is an author, speaker and host of the "That Sounds Fun" podcast. Her brand new book, Remember God, is now available! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/10/18·30m 46s

Rebekah Lyons on the Importance of Authenticity

Sadie welcomes one of her mentors, author and speaker Rebekah Lyons to the podcast. Rebekah talks about the difference between transparency and vulnerability and the value in stepping away for a season from social media. Learn more about Rebekah at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/10/18·31m 45s

Ben Higgins and Preparing for Reality TV

Sadie visits with Ben Higgins, star of season 20 of ABC's The Bachelor. Ben dishes on the reaction he received from being on the show and how he is now using his love of coffee to invest in hope-filled, life-changing stories. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/09/18·31m 53s

Cory Asbury and the Reckless Love of God

Sadie visits with Cory Asbury, who is a worship leader, songwriter and a pastor. He joined the Bethel Music Collective in 2015. Cory serves at Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his wife Anna. He exploded on the scene in 2018 with his massive hit song, Reckless Love, going to #1 at radio in only seven weeks. This is a song the church will be singing for years to come! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/09/18·31m 37s

The Premiere Episode - Bestselling author and speaker, Bob Goff

Bob Goff is one of the most inspiring authors and speakers in the world today.  His latest book, Everybody Always!, is already on the New York Times Bestseller list.  Bob gives away the profits from his books to help change the lives of children around the world. To learn more about this effort and Bob go to       Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/09/18·34m 10s


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