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Ladies of Liverpool, hosted by Radio City Breakfast presenter Leanne Campbell, is fun, friendly and crammed with info that means something to all you ladies! Hear jaw dropping, hilarious and inspirational stories from ladies of all walks of life and stay in the Liverpool loop if you have moved away from your beloved city! #LadiesOfLiverpool


S3 Ep12: Carol Vorderman

Let’s check ourselves this week. No more apologies for doing well. No more wasting energy on people who may drain us. Life is all about the laughs and loves we choose for ourselves.  Hear this incredible lady’s thoughts, stories and experiences. From family to business. The circus to Countdown. What a finale to this season! I'm taking a short break over the summer but I leave you with the wonderful Carol Vorderman 💖
10/06/2124m 46s

S3 Ep11: Suzanne Williamson: Living with cancer

Podcasting with strangers is easy. Chatting to your mate about her fight with cancer.. not so much.  Many will tune into this week's episode and know first hand just how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be and so listen please to my beautiful friend who is kicking cancers arse every single day. Talking about treatment, experience and the total truth about the big C.  My Wonder Woman holds nothing back and reveals her story with metastatic breast cancer, the uninvited guest. Living with cancer with Suzanne Williamson.
03/06/2135m 34s

S3 Ep10: Sam Quek

Sam Quek has given birth to a baby girl with her husband Tom Mairs. The Olympic gold medallist has achieved so much and somehow stays totally grounded and genuine as you are about to hear for yourself! Everything from bugs in her ear, leaky boobs and Prince Charles finger! This will put a spring in your step today! Enjoy x
27/05/2128m 1s

S3 Ep9: Andy Grant

This week on Ladies of Liverpool meet Honorary Col Dr Andy Grant. Fastest single leg amputee in the world over 10km, Motivational speaker and author of his autobiography, You’ll never walk. Take in his incredible story and hear how he lives by the phrase, ‘as one door closes, another opens.’ He has turned, what some may say, is a negative into a positive and now spends his time traveling around the country talking about his experiences, a life beyond injury.  I challenge you to not feel completely inspired by the end of this weeks episode!
13/05/2126m 57s

S3 Ep8: Natalie Reeves Billing

Set in 17 acres, the 21-room double-fronted house was built in the 1840s, and for Natalie, it was the ideal ‘forever’ house for her husband and two children. She didn’t expect to share it with a group of ghosts!  Hear for yourself about her experiences. Things don’t just go bump in the night!
06/05/2127m 42s

S3 Ep7: Danielle Lloyd

From beauty queen to Big Brother bully, what’s really gone on behind the scenes? With no questions dismissed or avoided, hear Danielle Lloyd's story in her own words.  Drugs, tabloids, phone hacking, that interview with The Scum, and dating celebs - it’s all in this week's podcast. Enjoy x
29/04/2130m 26s

S3 Ep6: Kim Lyon / Prinnys Fitness

This week let’s get to the bottom of weight loss! Hear from an ex-international British gymnast who represented her country all over Europe from age 6 - 18. Now an online coach, She goes LIVE every morning on her Instagram page, Helping all Prinnys reach their goals! Including me! Time to level up ladies it’s all about feeling fit & fab! Please follow her Instagram page @prinnysfitness
22/04/2120m 20s

S3 Ep5: Hayley Doyle

Hayley Doyle hails from Litherland. After starring in the West End and setting up a theatre school in Dubai, she is now the author of two books. Hayley’s writing is rooted in scouse humour and filled with real scouse characters, not stereotypes, and the stories take you all over the world in a search for love, happiness and purpose.
15/04/2120m 44s

S3 Ep4: Layla Flaherty - Urban Paws

Former model and reality TV star Layla Flaherty has switched the celebrity spotlight to her four-legged clients, running one of the UK’s most in-demand animal agencies.   Five years ago, fed up of the fake party lifestyle, she decided to combine the three things she knew and loved best – modelling, TV and animals - to launch her own business.   Urban Paws UK is now the go-to animal agency for luxury brands and leading high street names wanting to add anything from cats to camels to their campaigns.   Retailers including John Lewis, IKEA and Aldi have all featured Urban Paws animals in commercials and her pet supermodels have ‘walked’ for high fashion labels like Tom Ford, Burberry, Gucci and Stella McCartney.   They’ve appeared in videos for chart megastars Rihanna and Little Mix, as well as in theatre and films where they’re given their own chill-out green room to relax in between takes.   Layla also has a roster of social media influencers who can command five-figure sums to post a photo of themselves posing with the latest product or living a dream lifestyle by the pool of a new luxury hotel.   And, armed with their pet passports, her A-list clients jet off across Europe on assignments, with their lucky owners as chaperones. Time to get my naughty pup Diego got to work!
08/04/2116m 0s

S3 Ep3: Molly McCann

At just 30 years old this weeks guest Molly McCann, an English mixed martial artist is a one-time Cage Warriors Fighting Championship Flyweight Champion and currently competes in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Her struggle just to get through the doors of a gym to train and achieve her dream was the first fight she had to win but you’ll hear from the lady herself how determined she was.  Love, laughs and Spanish pink gin coming up just hit play! In association with Virtue Water find them on Instagram today.
01/04/2126m 3s

S3 Ep2: Scouse Ma

Who is scouse ma? What’s her name? Is she anything like her account? With over a million Instagram followers the queen of the meme chats exclusively to Ladies of Liverpool about life, loons, stalkers and karaoke! We talk about real friendships and what really grinds her gears. Mariah Carey? Pack it in. Don’t mess with our scouse ma! You are gonna love this episode. Subscribe now and listen back to Series 1 & 2 of Ladies of Liverpool on your podcast app, in association with Prinnys Fitness find and follow on Instagram today!
26/03/2118m 23s

S3 Ep1: Claire Sweeney

Back with a bang for series 3 meet Claire Sweeney as you’ve never heard her before.  Proud of her roots and happy to discuss life as a single working mum, you will relate to her story in so many ways.  Chatting family life, lessons learnt and the one and only Patrick Swayze I dare you not to fall in love with this hard working lady of Liverpool. Settle down and hear all the gossip then give me your thoughts love Leanne x
19/03/2121m 15s

S3: Season 3 - Coming Soon!

Happy International Women's Day 2021!    I am delighted to announce that Ladies of Liverpool, Series 3 is on its way launching March 18th with the fabulous Claire Sweeney.    The mic live sign is officially back on so tell me do you know a woman who should be heard sound and proud on my podcast? Get in touch please so I can get them on.   Tune in now to hear where my head is at. Today we don’t have to prove ourselves. We do that every day. Today spread the love to as many women as you can and most importantly yourself. Take a  moment to remind yourself that you are incredible. Share this podcast with all of your friends and let's catch up on March 18th! X
08/03/218m 17s

S2 Ep12: Dr Yusra

Fancy a nose job on your lunch break? Struggling with symptoms of menopause? Like a holistic approach when it comes to treatments? The solution could lie in a single super clinic here in Liverpool.  Clinic owner and Medical director Dr Yusra is well known for her ability to rejuvenate the face beautifully whilst remaining elegant and natural looking, always avoiding and advising against the overdone look. Her and her extensively trained medical team have treated thousands of patients in their years of clinical practice and has built her practice on word of mouth.  They take a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation and makes a comprehensive assessment of each patient including lifestyle, skin type and facial features before advising on the best bespoke treatments, skin care, nutrition and mind health in order to create a tailor made enjoyable treatment journey and experience.
27/08/2015m 3s

S2 Ep11: Linsey Read - Cricket Fashion

Designer store Cricket based in the Metquarter, after 28 years Cavern Walks is no doubt the most successful fashion house in Liverpool! Justine Mills opened the store when she was just 18 and went on to experience huge success in the city and soon welcomed celebs, from all over the world through its glamorous doors. Hear from local lady lindsey today as she laughs her way through our past fashion disasters, today’s most stylish designers and why you should be following her and the Cricket store on Instagram. The store became well known for attracting some of the biggest celebrities, including Coleen Rooney, Alex Gerrard and actress Michelle Keegan, who were all spotted shopping there and carrying a famous Cricket bag. From Greaty to Gucci you’ll relate to this episode no matter where you shop x
02/07/2023m 39s

S2 Ep10: Heidi Range

Heidi India Partakis is living her best lockdown life. Best known for being a former member of the group Sugababes did you know was actually an original member of girl group Atomic Kitten? Hear about her amazing journey both as a singer, mother and all round fabulous lady of Liverpool! Tears and laughter for you this week, enjoy.
25/06/2023m 29s

S2 Ep9: Kath Jones - ThinK Wine Group

Let’s talk fizz!!!!   ThinK is the brain child of scouser Kath Jones, launched in August 2019 after 2 years of research. Against the odds ThinK has flown to success in the midst of Covid 19 as everyone refuses to stop drinking bubbles  🥂 Hear Kathy inspiring story and the journey behind this fabulous low cal Prosecco.
18/06/2016m 8s

S2 Ep8: CBD Stacey

A Liverpool girl with a passion for CBD Stacey created Planthaya committed to bringing balance to life through CBD. Ending misconceptions, sharing honest advice and making sure her products from seed to bottle are of THE highest quality. Hear her thoughts on her new products launching very soon, slow grown in the Scandinavian sunshine. Claiming they are easy to choose and simple to use. Wellness you can trust. Let’s see what all the fuss is about when it comes to CBD oil.
11/06/2015m 18s

S2 Ep7: Marcus Collins

As the world protests in the name of George Floyd we meet Marcus Collins this week. Our lad represented Liverpool and smashed The X Factor! He finished second to girl band Little Mix and he was mentored by Take That frontman Gary Barlow, who continued to work with Collins on his debut album. With the world at his feet, he quietly battled against racism and prejudice as he had most of his life. Listen to his story and learn. Change must happen. Black lives a matter.
04/06/2020m 49s

S2 Ep6: Crissy Rock

Since lockdown began, calls to domestic violence helplines have risen dramaticly. Shocking but sadly this happening all around us and could be affecting you. You are not alone.  Married at just 16, the television star, who appeared in Benidorm,I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and is about to appear on our screens again on Masterchef, spent more than eight years with a violent partner. Since fleeing her abuser with “nothing more than the clothes I was standing in”,  Crissy has devoted much of her life to campaigning against domestic violence. Hear her story and words of wisdom today.
28/05/2019m 29s

S2 Ep5: Sally Lindsay

Sally Lindsay is a proper northern gem! A tremendous actress and presenter known for her roles as Shelley Unwin in the long-running ITV soap opera Coronation Street and Kath Agnew in the BBC sitcom Still Open All Hours. More to the point tho a total ‘girls girl!’ I know you will agree after hearing this episode! Listen in to the award-winning tv star and hard working mama to hear her thoughts on lockdown and turning 30!
21/05/2026m 23s

S2 Ep4: Tracey Bell

Wait until you hear what Tracey Bell has to say this week! It might make you question your choices when it comes to botox and fillers.  The Tracey Bell Dental and Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Liverpool established in 2007 and is a well-renowned clinic for its dentistry, aesthetic skin treatments and body shaping devices. Hear some interesting facts about injectable and educate yourself with the cold hard facts!
14/05/2023m 9s

S2 Ep3: Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington is currently running her own business ‘Zerofat’ from Harvey Nichols but most know her from a tv show Liverpool loved to hate! Hear her story in her own words. This reality star and model who rose to fame as the center of British series Desperate Scousewives, an E4 series based in Liverpool doesn’t pull any punches. From her television appearances on the BBC3 series Glamour Girls in 2007 to her new low key life and obsession with cleaning get it all now in my new episode. Don’t forget to rate and review on the podcast app!
07/05/2021m 46s

S2 Ep2: Liz McClarnon

Absolutely loved catching up with this gorgeous lady of Liverpool! I spoke to Liz McClarnon singer, songwriter, dancer and television presenter. She is of course a member of the girl group Atomic Kitten She has scored three number-one singles and also two number-one albums. In 2006 she went solo and the group reformed in 2012 as part of The Big Reunion, scoring a hit with a cover of Wizzard's "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday". McClarnon co-wrote several Atomic Kitten songs, including the UK Top 10 hits "See Ya", "I Want Your Love" and "Someone like Me".  Hear her honest thoughts about becoming a star at such a young age, touring the world and life under lockdown in her dads house!
01/05/2026m 18s

S2 Ep1: Eunice Huthart - The Scouse Gladiator

We are back! Series 2 Ladies of Liverpool Locked Down! Are you ready for a listen that will leave you gobsmacked, make you laugh out loud and wanting to invite this amazing lady round to yours for a Gin! Eunice Huthart is best known for winning Gladiators and then being invited to return to the show as a Gladiator herself, under the name "Blaze". She remains the only UK contender to ever become a Gladiator.  From Maccies to megastar you can her jaw dropping journey in her own words now! Quick press play!
23/04/2017m 49s

S1 Ep59: Holly Ellis - The Scouse Scientist

Holly is a young girl from Liverpool with a passion to inspire others. Growing up in Tuebrook with her Mum and Nan, Holly worked hard at school and managed to gain a place at Oxford University to study Biological Sciences.  She now works as a Clinical Scientist in Genetics at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and has recently started her own YouTube channel and social media platforms as “The Scouse Scientist”. She wants to inspire young people to pursue a career in science and show that girls from working-class backgrounds can achieve anything if they put their mind to it!
20/12/1920m 5s

S1 Ep58: CR Lab - Hair Loss Specialist

Meet Hayley owner of CR Lab. Its is a unique hair loss clinic as they provide the most advanced 3D printing second scalp prosthetic.  Hayley understands hair loss as she suffered herself and staff have all been through hair loss all wear CNC hair systems. This is what makes their clients comfortable from the min they step in the clinic.
13/12/1916m 32s

S1 Ep57: Jay Hynd - The Guide Liverpool

Jay Hynd launched The Guide Liverpool, a new digital news platform for the city after finding a thirst in the region's market for news delivered differently. It started as a simple website and has grown to reach over 2.2 million users every single month. As well as shouting about all that is good in Liverpool, The Guide recently teamed up with Ladies of Liverpool to go behind the scenes at swinging club Townhouse!  Don’t miss what Liverpool has to offer this Christmas press play and tune in.
06/12/1917m 26s

S1 Ep56: Bippo - M&S Bank Arena

For almost twenty years Gareth Ellis (Bippo) has been entertaining audiences young and old! Since his first visit to a circus at the tender age of four Gareth was hooked.  With the support of his parents Gareth slowly started to carve his own path in show business. After buying a small caravan Gareth and his parents used to join Zippos Circus during school holidays. It was during one of these holidays Gareth was taking part in publicity for the circus with Zippo himself. When asked by a reporter what his clown name was Martin (Zippo) Burton replied - "He is a baby Zippo therefore his name is Bippo!” The rest was history! Hear his story on Ladies of Liverpool this week.
29/11/1916m 2s

S1 Ep55: Rebeckah Vaughan

Rebeckah Vaughan is best known for appearing in Big Brother in 2011. Rebeckah has made many appearances on daytime television, local and national radio and writes for glossy magazines. Although she still attends star studded bashes in her hometown of Liverpool she has become better known as an award winning business woman. Rebeckah owns No More Kennels Luxury Dog Hotel which is rated 5 stars by WB Council. Rebeckah is committed to raising awareness for local animal rescue centres and works tirelessly to make a difference for as many animals as possible. 
22/11/1929m 39s

S1 Ep54: This Is Me!

Happy birthday to us!  We are 1 today and what a year it has been for Ladies of Liverpool! We discovered Townhouse, met those Brookside legends we love, laughed with Crissie Rock and cried with Colin Mguintys sister Laura. You’ve heard from my mum and my mates so this week it’s time for you to interview me!  Thanks for your questions and I really hope you enjoy  this special episode! Please keep reviewing and sharing these links and remember to get your inspirational stories to me via  Thank you so much for helping me give others a voice. Each listen makes a difference. Love Leanne x
15/11/1919m 53s

S1 Ep53: Sarah White

Remember our Bev?  Sarah White played Bev McLoughlin in Brookside from 1993 until the show ended in 2003. She married Ron Dixon and later became known as Bev Dixon. Of course you Remember!  After Brookside, Sarah White spent time in the theatre, with her most notable role being in the production Mum's the Word and also Liverpool comedy The Salon alongside me!  She couldn’t be more different than the mouthy Bev Dixon as you will hear now so press play!
08/11/1921m 12s

S1 Ep52: Derek Acorah

Derek Acorah needs no introduction. Being the pioneer for spiritualism and mediumship on television, he is arguably the world’s most renowned spirit medium having demonstrated to many hundreds of thousands of people in theatres throughout the UK. Derek’s television career dates back over fifteen years when he became the first medium ever to demonstrate live on air and without the benefit of an edit suite on a weekly basis bringing hope and comfort to the viewing public. Wanna know what happens when we pass over? The most haunted places in Liverpool? How it feels to channel a spirit? Press play!
01/11/1933m 27s

S1 Ep51: Philip Olivier

I love introducing you to my mates and this one you probably know better as Tin Head? Brookside fans you will love this episode. Since leaving Brookside Olivier has performed in two dozen audio plays based on the Doctor Who television series by Big Finish Productions as a companion of the Seventh Doctor by the name of Hex. Philip has also appeared as one of the guest regulars in the Channel 4 comedy sketch show Bo Selecta. Find out what his day job his these days and life with 3 baby boys!
24/10/1920m 18s

S1 Ep50: Jess Ellis

After being squashed by a tree in Hollyoaks, Jess faced a dilemma… What should she do with her life next? Well, she has entered the podcast world! Her brand new podcast where she sits in her house, usually a few gin and tonics deep, and talks to her friends about your problems. Today I ask her a few questions of my own. How do you move on after soap life? Her life has been flipped upside down and she was up for a frank and honest convo with us. 
17/10/1917m 50s

S1 Ep49: Pete Price Is Dead

Have you heard the news? Pete Price is dead!  Well... he will be when my brand new show opens at the Royal Court on Friday 13th March 2002. I'm sure you've got questions, so tune in now and hear all about it.  As you can imagine, Pete's having a wobble! 
11/10/1925m 33s

S1 Ep48: Lydfit

Meet Lydia, ‘The past year I have completely change my outlook after what I believe was a spiritual awakening and now I am in the best place I have ever been in. I have learnt so many tools to help with my personal growth and self-development and I make a conscious effort to be kind to myself every day. For me life is a beautiful, precious thing and I hate the thought of people wasting it worrying about their body or Instagram followers so I decided to spread my message and set up my ‘Self Love Masterclasses’.  My vision and my aim is to educate people on self-love and help them understand its much deeper that our physical appearance – it’s a process of self-acceptance, emotional awareness, growth, vulnerability and celebrating who we are.’
03/10/1927m 47s

S1 Ep47: Claire House

Fancy a night out that will change people’s lives? Meet Sandra Kirkham - MD of Progress to Excellence Group.  P2E Group is made up of a group of education and training providers. She is sponsoring this years Claire House Ball and is very passionate about supporting local communities. Also Jan Sutherland-Oaks – Director of Clinical Services at Claire House Children’s Hospice. In 2012 Jan was appointed as Director of Clinical Services at the hospice and leads a talented and dedicated care team supporting seriously and terminally ill children and their families. They need us! So tune in and step up!
26/09/1915m 57s

S1 Ep46: Irene Afful

Irene Afful is the CEO of Ametrine Enterprise Solutions, a coaching and consultancy service in Liverpool. She has a wealth of experience under her belt; she has over 30 years of experience within Public Sector organizations and over 20 of those in management roles. Each one as inspiring as the next.  For example, Irene was the first black female inspector in the Merseyside Police. Hear how she battled discrimination on many levels and made history!
19/09/1933m 42s

S1 Ep45: Underground Wellbeing Society

Jenny Mac is passionate about food. So much so she has recently launched a plant based meal delivery service. She is not your stereotypical vegan, walking round in kale shoes and carrying a 'Pigs are People' banner but she knows the benefits that come with plant-based diet. She wants people to reconnect with food and fuel themselves with everything their bodies need, to help reduce inflammation and disease by stepping away from the sometimes toxic western diet. Jenny knows people are short on time and that wellbeing is the first thing to be neglected when you're busy, on top of this the mainstream information does not always have the answer to poor health and so the Underground Wellbeing Society was launched.
12/09/1923m 23s

S1 Ep44: Sean's Place

This week we’re joined by Debbie Rodgers, brother of Sean Maloney who sadly passed away after committing suicide.    Debbie has set up Sean’s Place after her concerns of the lack of support and services available for men who are suffering with mental health in Merseyside. The mental health and wellbeing center will provide a place for men to access free sessions and courses to improve mental wellbeing and simply be a safe haven for them to relax amongst like minded people in a supportive, non judgemental environment whilst removing the barrier of costs.    The hope is that there will be opportunities to access sessions such as mindfulness and fitness classes due to medical research highlighting the benefits of this to mental wellbeing, there will also be skills sessions to promote confidence in the community and employability to those who may benefit from it.   Listen to her story this week and help Sean’s Place if you can.
05/09/1920m 18s

S1 Ep43: Sahir House - Whats Your HIV Status?

National HIV Testing Week (NHTW) is an annual campaign which seeks to promote regular testing among key populations. It aims to reduce the numbers of undiagnosed people and those diagnosed late.   Serena Cavanagh, Health Promotion Lead for Merseyside’s HIV prevention has been working for Sahir House for nearly 20 years and have seen the many changing faces of HIV on Merseyside. The campaign is about normalising having a HIV test and dispelling the myths, and is encouraging people to ‘Know their HIV status’ and be open about talking about this whether HIV positive, negative or untested.   If you would like to support Sahir House and the testing campaign, visit
29/08/1925m 30s

S1 Ep42: Tina Malone

Never scared to speak her truth its Tina Malone. Born in Toxteth Tina is well known for playing larger than life characters on TV from Mo McGee in Brookside to  Mimi Maguire on Shameless from 2005 until 2013. Other television roles include playing a nurse called Bobbie in Victoria Wood’s Dinnerladies but on 2nd January 2009, Malone entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. She was the seventh person to enter and was immediately picked up on her loudness. On 16 January, Malone was the second person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House. Tina appeared on Celebrity Four Weddings in December 2010, which she won. More recently  she played Elaine McDermott in the 5Star prison drama Clink. Despite her success in May 2012, Tina was declared bankrupt. Aged 50 she gave birth to a second daughter named Flame Chase and recently pleaded guilty to Contempt of court, having shared a social media post which purported to reveal the identity of a killer, contrary to a court order. She was given an eight month prison sentence which was suspended for two years. We have so much to talk about! This is not to be missed x
22/08/1944m 14s

S1 Ep41: EPISODE 41 - Grace Vella - 'Miss Kick'

Grace is a 22 year old entrepreneur who launched her business, MissKick, in response to her experiences of being a female footballer. As a young girl, Grace spent her football career playing for Liverpool before making the move to Manchester City when she was 17.  Although a professional career in football wasn’t pursued, it’s still a big part of Grace’s life, and she continues to play now for Chorley FC Women. Through the MissKick brand, Grace hopes to challenge the perception that football is just a ‘boys’ sport and inspire more girls to get involved in the game. Also, for every tshirt or hoodie they sell, they donate £1 back into girls grassroots football and help to support local initiatives by funding kit or training equipment.  Although she has been juggling her business alongside her Psychology degree, Grace has already began to make an impact with girls going crazy all over the country for MissKick. She talks all about her football career, her MissKick journey so far
15/08/1918m 22s

S1 Ep40: Diary Of An Oncology Mum - Rachel Daley

Meet Rachel Daley! In 2014 her son Jack was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. He was 3 years old. He successfully completed a year of treatment & rang the end of treatment bell. In January 2018 the disease returned and he had to begin a second treatment protocol involving two years of chemotherapy.  As his mother she found that the best way for them to cope was to create a positive force-field around their family. They called on mentors & coaches to help them develop their mindset. They worked hard to focus on how to make good of their situation and pledged to use their experience to positively impact the lives of others.  Hear her story now on Ladies of Liverpool 
08/08/1931m 44s

S1 Ep39: East Liverpool Riding Charity

East Liverpool Riding for the Disabled is a Merseyside based charity that works in the local community to provide Horse riding therapy sessions for children and adults with disabilities across our city. We provide scheduled therapy sessions on a weekly basis to those recovering from illness or injury and those with long term disabilities such as autism, strokes, heart defects and Down’s syndrome to name a few.  We are lead by volunteers, and funded by kind hearted people who make donations and provide funding. We rely solely on donations in order to run therapy sessions.    East Liverpool brings together individuals, carers and families from all different backgrounds and allows them escape the struggles and hardships they have to face. Our sessions give our riders social and interactive skills but most importantly it brings enjoyment and fulfillment to their lives.
01/08/1919m 38s

S1 Ep38: SKCIN

With the weather getting hot this week, it’s never been more important to know the right way to look after your skin.  This week, we’re joined by Skcin who are proud to announce a collaboration with Liverpool based melanoma charity, the Clare Daly Foundation who have pledged £10,000 support to offer free training to hair, health and beauty professionals across Merseyside via Skcin’s national MASCED accreditation programme. Hear how they’re planning to train as many professionals as they can to help raise the awareness of Melanoma, and the many way in which it can be detected early. 
25/07/1923m 11s

S1 Ep37: Reiki Jane

The truth about Reiki! After years of travelling Reiki Jane had recognised that she had started a journey she could not turn back on. Jane had started to heal myself from within through holistic practices. Inner healing is still on going and Jane believes there is always room to grow spiritually and emotionally. After spending many years practising therapies on herself and others and studying and changing her whole life, She knew she had something to share with others.  Now a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual, well being and meditation/ mindfulness teacher Jane has opened her own well being practise, Wirral Reiki Rooms LTD 17 Church Road,  Bebington Village  CH63 7PG. Hear how I got on when I experienced my first session.
18/07/1930m 32s

S1 Ep36: Billy Moore

Have you heard about Billy Moore? Well his story is now a movie! He his currently promoting the amazing work taking place at The Rotunda Boxing Club where he takes his autistic Brother Joe! This Liverpool man had a difficult upbringing, which culminated in him getting involved in drugs. His addiction led to crimes like burglary, dangerous driving and theft, landing him in prison sentences in the UK. So in 2005, wanting to make a fresh start, Moore decided to leave for Thailand. But going to Asia did not mean that he could throw off the shackles of the addiction which had gripped him. Though initially he did not use drugs, he relapsed and was arrested and charged with possessing stolen goods and a firearm. He spoke a little Thai, but it was not enough to ensure that when he landed in the infamous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ prison that he could understand everything that was going on. While there, he witnessed some terrible scenes, like violence and sexual assault. He slept in a row alongside tens of other prisoners in a sweatbox of a cell, and had to fight to get his allocation of fresh water. His story will blow your mind so don’t miss a second listen now!
11/07/1924m 55s

S1 Ep35: Yasmin Todd - Vincentius

You can find Yasmin at Vincentius in Liverpool working on her newest womenswear collection. She recently launched a soft tailored womenswear brand, mixing power dressing with a feminine twist. The range consists of tailored blazer dresses, flared jumpsuits and midi dresses. Her price ranges from £59-£90 and the quality is impeccable, fully lined with a highly finish on all garments. After leaving sixth form Yasmin began her journey with fashion. She first embarked on her studies at Liverpool John Moore’s as Fashion BA student and was thrilled to gain a part scholarship at Domus Academy in Milan. Here she obtained an MA in fashion then later moved back to Liverpool to start her working career. She has been working in fashion for over 12 years now, starting as a junior designer and climbing the ranks to head of design.    Hear her thoughts on today’s fashion, past fashion mistakes and those celebrities she’d love to dress! 
04/07/1921m 23s

S1 Ep34: Layla Wright

Layla Wright is a journalist in Liverpool, specialising in documentaries & investigations. Following her documentary “Gangs, Guns & Grassing” for Radio City last year which explored Liverpool’s code of silence & the fear of being a snitch – BBC Radio 4 asked her to investigate knife crime in Liverpool.    For Radio 4’s “Beyond Today” podcast she got together a group of teenagers to find out why people are prepared to carry a knife.    The 3-month long investigation came out last week & revealed that older gang members across Merseyside are paying young people hundreds of pounds to stab each other, to avoid carrying out the attack themselves.     The particular kids Layla spoke to for the podcast said their best mate was the target of a £1,000 bounty.    The claims made directly linked to one recent Merseyside stabbing but after weeks of research following the interviews, it was confirmed by young people & gang members that this was happening across the region.  
27/06/1926m 43s

S1 Ep33: Zoë's Place

Let’s help save Zoë’s Place! It’s as simple as that this week.  Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice is 1 of only 3 baby specific hospices in the UK who provide respite, palliative and end of life care to babies and children age 0-5 with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. Zoë’s Place Liverpool has been here for nearly 25 years based in West Derby, but needs the support of the community and companies around them like never before. With many children requiring their specialist nursing care and respite, and having to close 2 of their 6 beds through the week due to lack of funding, they are looking to continue & build their support even more.  Hear the fun ways you can get involved and meet the ladies behind this wonderful hospice.
20/06/1925m 33s

S1 Ep32: Pete Price

Happy Father’s Day weekend!chatting dad drama with Pete Price this week. Trust him to have not one but three dads to talk about. You might be surprised to hear this opinionated, strong willed talk radio host open up about life with a father that beat his mum, his search for his birth father and the random place they first met. Plus dad number 3 from Italy who he met on tv! Get it in your ears.
13/06/1926m 8s

S1 Ep31: The Brook

This week we hear from local sexperts Imogen and Lucy. They dispel those hilarious sex myths that we used to believe, discuss porn and how this is effecting today’s young people and we even mention those two words..... blue waffle! Brook is a nationwide organisation that offers sexual health advice, contraception and lifestyle advice to young people under 25. They have been around since 1964 and through out that time have grown to provide not only clinics but education and outreach clinics in schools, colleges and anywhere else we are needed!  Dealing with vulnerable young people the brook staff help enable them to live healthy lives and have healthy sex lives with all the information they need. Its free, confidential and  can help you with most life problems not just sexual health!
06/06/1929m 59s

S1 Ep30: Crissy Rock

Everyone loves Crissy Rock! Scouse award-winning actress, stand-up comedian, and best-selling author; most notable for her role as Maggie Conlan in the 1994 film Ladybird, Ladybird and as Janey York in Benidorm, She also appeared in I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!  Hear the ups and downs of her love life and career including her role in Achy Breaky Bride at St Helens Theatre Royal!
29/05/1925m 52s

S1 Ep29: Rebecca McCann - Pro Blo

I wanted to introduce you to the CEO/ Founder at Pro Blo Group Rebecca McCann. Rebecca is from the Wirral and is flying the flag for female entrepreneurs. Rebecca has been awarded Merseyside Woman Of The Year Entrepreneur along with National business awards, and took her idea from her mums kitchen to a business turning over 1 millions year on year. Hear how Coleen Rooney helped put this ppi sales girl on the map and how hard work and belief in herself and her product led to her reaping the rewards she so deserves.
23/05/1932m 0s

S1 Ep28: Katie Jane- Sleeptight Maternity

Let’s talk about sleep deprivation. Hear from a private baby & Infant sleep consultant who has words of wisdom for us all. She believes if parents were educated in those early days post birth on small things to put in place to prevent erratic sleep patterns, we could avoid those long endless nights stressing about sleep. Sleep deprivation affects all parts of a family, relationships, child’s & parents mental health.  Are you aware of the shocking number of parents told they have PND rather than being offered support on tackling the routine of the sleep deprivation? Well parents who have been there and those going through it today tune in and join the conversation!
16/05/1932m 36s

S1 Ep27: Anthony Russell

Bootle lad Anthony Russell has had not one but two shots at xfactor stardom and today he talks to me about the stories behind the tabloid headlines.  In his own words check out his version of events and the impact those moments have had on both him and his family.  Ahead of his Liverpool gig this month he talks us through his journey from childhood to present day and what I think you’ll find quite refreshing is Anthony’s honesty.  He is the first to admit that he’s made huge mistakes and is not afraid to open up about his life and addictions, how he is desperately trying to change the ending of his xfactor story and the stars who reached out to help him. Find out who the ladies of Liverpool are helping him daily to keep moving forward.  Wishing you lots of love and luck Anthony x
09/05/1926m 52s

S1 Ep26: Kathy Higgins

Let’s put this ‘women can’t drive’ nonsense to bed! Meet Kathy Higgins an award winning business woman and an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). After she passed the IAM Advanced driving Test in 1995 she has amassed an array of driving, business and coaching qualifications. If fact she has taken all of the advanced driving tests and is an examiner for the DIAmond Advanced Driving Test as well as the RoSPA RoadTest. She is now the secretary and a Fellolw of the IMTD, Institute of Master Tutors of Driving.    Kathy progressed from being a franchisee of a national driving school to running her own multi car driving school Insight 2 Drive Ltd, who have just won a national award called The Golden L Award for the Best Local Franchised Driving School, Insight 2 Drive have manual and automatic instructors covering Merseyside and North Wales.  She has won the EVA award (Enterprise Vision Award) in the Training and Coaching Category, she has a certificate in Coahcing for Driver Education from The University of East London and is constantly developing her skills and is an NLP Practitioner. More about Kathy can be found at
02/05/1925m 9s

S1 Ep25: Red Box Project

Are you aware of period poverty in our city?  The Department for Education has pledged to fully fund the supply of sanitary products in secondary and primary schools in an effort to eradicate period poverty, which results in girls from low-income families missing school because they cannot afford sanitary protection, according to campaigners. Two local ladies have been providing these products for a long time to our city’s children and will continue to do so until next year. Their story and actions will warm your heart! In this weeks podcast we discuss the severity of period poverty, how to talk to young girls about periods, address the need for men to acknowledge that periods are not something to be ashamed of and how we should bring dads into the conversation! Hear all about pads for dads and let’s stop hiding our period products and embrace our time of the month!
25/04/1924m 58s

S1 Ep24: Billie Clements

When you hear how Billie earns her wages, you will want to swap jobs in a heart beat! This Scouse firecracker is a highly acclaimed international DJ with her own hugely successful brand.  More than 40,000 people attend her SIN events with parties being held in Liverpool, Dubai, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Marbella, Thailand and more.  Hear about her crazy life djing around the globe, her thoughts on Liverpool’s night life and how it’s changed, living a Scouse life in Dubai and her Soap Award!
18/04/1929m 39s

S1 Ep23: Linda Lusardi

This week its all about the lady who doesn’t age! IT’S a family affair at St Helens Theatre Royal this Easter as actress Linda Lusardi takes to the stage with her real-life daughter Lucy Kane in The Wizard of Oz. So I grabbed them both for a chat and they were just gorgeous in every way! You can see them in action until April 22nd and on this week’s podcast hear how they cope working together and get all the backstage gossip.  Brookside and Emmerdale's Linda Lusardi is playing The Wicked Witch but it’s not been easy for her transforming from a successful glamour model to an acclaimed actress. Listen to her journey from glamour shots to tv fame. Plus the truth about marrying the love of her life scouse actor Sam Kane and find out which member of her family is about to become a huge movie star!
11/04/1922m 8s

S1 Ep22: Support Your Local Girl Gang

Four fab schoolmates from Kirkby have revealed plans to expand their salon into a nationwide beauty brand, bringing Scouse glamour to women across the UK. Toni Kenny, Laura Tippler, Rebecca Smith and Alex Haake launched Girl Gang XO in October, realising a life-long dream to run a business together. Now the four friends are intending to spread their Girl Power message, creating a brand which they say is inspired by and aimed at real women rather than unattainable social media images. Find out what made they stand strong against internet trolls and why they believe all young Liverpool ladies should think big when it comes to building an empire!
04/04/1924m 56s

S1 Ep21: Katie Walker

An estimated 2 million adults aged 16-59 experienced domestic violence last year.  Katie’s partner beat her so savagely that he broke every bone in her face. She spent three months in hospital having her face reconstructed and on one occasion when her face collapsed, she had to have emergency surgery.  Katie’s partner was sent to prison but the damage had been done and she shut herself off from the world, suffering from depression and refusing to see people. Hear her story and how we can help others trapped in abusive relationships.
29/03/1943m 5s

S1 Ep20: Saliha Patel

Meet Saliha a local Muslim lady who feels passionate about changing the misconceptions people hold in regards to Islam.  Clothing is always a good place to start! “Modesty” has received bad press in that in can be associated with “oppression” but her boutique is helping her to break these stereotypes. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg!   Empowering women is important to Sal and a big passion of hers alongside the clothing is working with trauma release through energy healing techniques. Can we heal ourselves if we put our minds to it? Are we that powerful?  Hear her story this week on ladies of Liverpool.
22/03/1938m 39s

S1 Ep19: The Deli Girls

Imagine binning your job and setting up a business with your best mate! That’s exactly what the Deli Girls did. Hear the highs, lows and comedy moments they have experienced so far and the undeniable chemistry between them both which makes The Little Deli, Crosby such a huge success. Plus the science behind super foods, why the best ideas happen after a bottle of Prosecco and the trials working mothers face every day.
15/03/1931m 41s

S1 Ep18: Jorgie Porter

She’s gorgeous, honest and totally bonkers. Tune in to hear my mate Jorgie chatting to me about life on tour, men in stockings and those spot cream commercials. Non stop laughs from start to finish. Join our ladies of Liverpool squad NOW just press play!
13/03/1922m 6s

S1 Ep17: Frances Molloy

This is going to be an emotional yet truly inspiring listen for you whoever is about to press play on this podcast today on international women’s day. Proving a mother’s love sees no boundaries, a Liverpool mum campaigned tirelessly for stricter laws over tyres has finally won her battle. Frances Molloy lost her 18-year-old son Michael in a coach crash in 2012. Somehow she has found the strength and courage to force changes to the law and make it illegal for buses and coaches to use tyres that are more than 10 years old. Hear her story, from ultimate lady of Liverpool herself, Francis Molloy.
08/03/1935m 12s

S1 Ep16: Keto Diet - Jo Palmer

Hi I’m Leanne. I diet. Often! I lose a few lbs then gain it back plus a little more then diet again. Can you relate?  Today hear how we can make small changes to our diet that will make a difference! Are you struggling to get motivated or need to try something new? Well it’s early days but I’ve started following the Keto Diet !  The ketogenic diet is a high-fat and very low-carb eating plan so I want to talk to you about the highs, lows and honest effects of Keto alongside nutritionist Jo Palmer from Pioneer Fitness. It’s all in this episode Keto transformations, family diet truths and even Keto Crotch!!!  Enjoy!
06/03/1922m 9s

S1 Ep14: Ladies of San Fransisco

Meet the ladies of San Fransisco Maxine and Michaela. You will love them! Do you spend thousands of pounds to sit around a pool with a ‘kids club’ and ‘mini disco’ in Spain? Are your holidays are becoming a bit monotonous maybe its time to think outside the box. Let me take you through our latest adventure and you can decide if its time you experienced San Fransisco for the same price.
27/02/1918m 23s

S1 Ep13: Tanya Leary - Time For Bed Baby

Local lady Tanya, mum of 2 has experienced anxiety and depression since her early twenties. Medication, counselling and self care as well as MASSIVE support from her family, have all helped her through. As a new mum she desperately wanted to create a resource to show other new mum's some love and support.  To make them aware that bad days happen to us all and don't need to become any more than that. The book is in recognition that mumming is really bloody hard. It is 24/7 and it lasts a life time. In order to sustain ourselves for the journey we need to look after ourselves her book helps mums to do just that. Hear how you can WIN it just take a listen now!
22/02/1924m 51s

S1 Ep12: The Curvy Girl Campaigner: Marissa Rooney

Valentines week means we have to focus on love, passion and weddings? Meet Marissa Rooney ladies! Born and bred in Liverpool, this LOL is making waves when it comes to dressing brides for 2019 and beyond. She is loud, proud and huge influencer in the curvy world of fashion.  Hear how Beautiful Brides Liverpool is the first exclusively curvy bridal shop in Liverpool, Caryn Franklin MBE, British Fashion Commentator and Professor of Diversity in Fashion has praised the venture and how owner Marisa Rooney is planning on changing how we shop forever! Guaranteed to get you thinking about sizing, speaking up and making change!
15/02/1922m 35s

S1 Ep11: Jennifer Ellison

Local ‘triple threat’ Jennifer Ellison can do it all! Sing, dance and act, but just like the rest of us it only took one comment from a stranger to leave her full of self doubt. Jennifer is best known for playing Emily Shadwick in Brookside , Meg Giry in the 2004 film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera and also starred on the reality TV show Dance Mums the UK. After setting up her own school and college right here in her home town she is delighted to be cheering on her pupils every Saturday as they compete on TVs the greatest dancer! Tune in to another episode of Ladies of Liverpool as we discuss growing up in the limelight, losing the baby weight, working mum highs, lows and so much more.
08/02/1928m 30s

S1 Ep10: Dionne & Lee Butler

Lee is one of the most charming, genuine and hard working men I’ve ever worked with. Although hidden behind the dj glitz and glamour things haven’t always been as great as they are now for him and his wife Dionne. Lee Butler has decided its time to talk openly about his past and how drink and drugs almost ended his career and marriage. Behind every great man there’s a great woman. Hear how Dionne coped, Lee finally turned his life around and where he went for help. Recovery, the brutal truth.
01/02/1929m 20s

S1 Ep9: Queen of the Court - Lindzi Germain

Local actress and star of the royal court Lindzi Germain opens up about her life, love and loss. From her first gig to her new tv role settle down for 20 minutes of laughs and real talk. Chatting kids, big boobs, cancer and dildos!
25/01/1921m 49s

S1 Ep8: The Town House - The Swingers Club

I feel like Snow White after this podcast! What do you know about the sex club here in Merseyside? I’ve heard so many rumours I needed to speak to the boss. The lady who owns, manages and attends these parties, Vicky. Hear about her dungeons, milf Monday events, human pup afternoons and learn what dollification is all about! It’s not all swinging parties and orgies.. but there is a fair bit of that! Settle down and get your head around this!
18/01/1931m 53s

S1 Ep7: Colin McGinty - Laura Hughes

Can you bare to take a second to put yourself in the shoes of Laura Hughes. Fighting for change in Liverpool and beyond after her brother was stabbed to death on a night out. Hear how her family have struggled to cope, she was inspired to try and make a difference and her big plans for 2019. This podcast is dedicated to Colin McGinty.
11/01/1918m 29s

S1 Ep6: This Year, Do You - Gemma Ray

It’s new year so what’s your plan? Lose weight, new house, leave your job or your partner? We are talking about The Secret, journaling, yo yo dieting, living without your father and clearing out your life. Hear from Gemma Ray, local author and motivator and maybe this podcast will change your life?
04/01/1923m 46s

S1 Ep5: Me, Mr T & A Panto Party - Chantelle Nolan

As new year approaches most of us will have sat through a Christmas pantomime and if you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes... meet Chantelle Nolan. Producer, casting director and theatre manager at The Theatre Royal!  Hear how she hosted an impromptu Xmas dinner for the towie cast, why the legend Mr T loves scousers socks, her encounter with Michael Jackson’s $50,000 jacket and what our own John Bishop wore under his coat at Anfield!  Take 20 mins to chill and smile with us.
28/12/1822m 28s

S1 Ep4: Holly, Olly and Scrambled Eggs - Holly Ellison

This week get the inside story. The reality of reality TV from Walton Songbird Holly Ellison! Hear how it really goes down behind the scenes, why she knocked back Will I Am and why she’s a single Pringle dodging Tinder! We talk fashion, crap gigs, weeing in sinks and scrambled eggs. Get the goss about our Peter Pan show at the Arena too, don’t miss this one.
21/12/1824m 40s

S1 Ep3: Double, Double, Coil and Trouble? - Tracie Brockett

When your guest tells the taxi driver they are taking part in this podcast and he opens up and talks about his balls... that’s when you know your topic is important! From our teenage trips to The brook Clinic, tricks for an easy smear test and 2 very different experiences with the coil contraceptive, it’s all in this 20 minute podcast! Speaking with my friend Tracie Brockett we also ask the question, after years of taking the pill ‘would you ask your fella step up and get the snip?’
14/12/1821m 49s

S1 Ep2: Mother Knows Best - Linda Campbell

Hear from the lady who's opinion matters most to me! Introducing my mum Linda Campbell. Get our thoughts on the pressure us ladies face today, the effects of  stopping your mum hosting Christmas dinner and More magazines position of the fortnight! We even get deep discussing our Children's Centre cuts. Honest and frank mum and daughter chat this week on Ladies of Liverpool.
07/12/1823m 27s

S1 Ep1: Let's Get Crackin' - Tracy McMahon

Would you ever donate your eggs to help someone you love become a parent? Jumping straight in at the deep end with guest Tracy McMahon Owner of holistic health clinic Buddha Therapies, laugh with us as we get personal. The answer to your fertility problems could lie within this podcast!
30/11/1822m 25s

Coming Soon - Ladies of Liverpool Podcast

It looks like it's finally happening!  The Ladies of Liverpool Podcast launches on Friday 30th November. Subscribe now via iTunes or on the website Each week I'll be talking to the most inspirational women in this city exclusvily on the Ladies of Liverpool Podcast.
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