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The Frisky & Mannish Podcast

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In Season 1 we drank dry martinis with an olive and discussed the hot socio-political topics of the day, then sang ridiculous songs that made fun, but also hopefully some kind of sense, of those topics. In Season 2 we took inspiration from the great Calvin Harris and analyzed what was really acceptable in the ‘80s… and the ‘70s, and the ‘90s, and the naughties, etc. And then sang more ridiculous songs.


Episode 205 - Acceptable in the... 10s

So we're all caught up - but what was acceptable up until last year? Don't answer that. Join Frisky & Mannish as they appreciate Rihanna (again),talk in depth about Ed Sheeran's astrology chart and figure out where it all went wrong for Jessie J. Features the songs 'Kooky Girl', 'Dannii vs Gotye' and 'Lana Del rey Meets Her Mentor', all of which are available to download at YOU CAN BUY A TICKET TO OUR LIVE TV (YouTube) SPECIAL - 'A VERY FRISKY & MANNISH CHRISTMAS' by heading to the website, and you will also find 'PopLab: The Movie: available to stream as well. Thank you
12/11/201h 20m

Episode 204 - Acceptable in the... 00s

Ah, the Noughties. Simpler times. But what was acceptable? Denim, duck singing and desktop computers all saw a boom in sales, but how much harm was done? Join Frisky & Mannish as they reminisce (mostly) about the video for Lady Marmalade. Features the songs 'Noel vs Lily' and 'Wheels On The Bus', both of which are available to buy on REMINDER - STREAM 'POPLAB: THE MOVIE' - details on the website.
01/10/201h 3m

Episode 203 - Acceptable in the... 90s

POP QUIZ: What was acceptable in the 90s? a) Madonna? b) Midriffs? c) Mooning Michael Jackson? Of course, the correct answer is: GERI HALLIWELL! Join Frisky & Mannish as they analyse the bizzare last gasps of the 20th century. Features the songs 'Saturday Night' and 'Creep', both of which are available to buy as part of 'Pop Education' at - Remember to stream 'Poplab: The Movie' while you're there.
19/09/2055m 43s

Episode 202 - Acceptable in the... 80s

What actually WAS accepted in the 80s? Well, Charity Concerts, men wearing make-up and Madonna to name but three. It was a different time. Listen as Frisky & Mannish struggle to make sense of the decade that spawned them. Features the songs "Kate Bash" and "Papa Don't Preach", both of which are available to buy at Also, do check out "Poplab: The Movie", streaming on that very same website.
11/09/2056m 16s

Episode 201 - Acceptable in the... 70s

It was acceptable in the 70s. A lot of things were - big moustaches, cultural appropriation and Dana. Join Frisky & Mannish as they meander through the Decade of Disco and Donny Osmond. Featuring the songs 'Rude Boy (Original Bee Gees Version)' and 'Carpenters Grime', which are available to buy on It's also worth noting that 'Poplab: The Movie' is now streaming on that very same website.
04/09/2057m 15s

Episode 108 - Feminism

In the final episode of this series, Frisky & Mannish discuss Feminism, including, but not limited to the pros and cons of Beyoncé. Features the a live version of the song 'Feminism' recorded in Brighton in 2015. And also a wonderful bonus treat for all those who listen right to the end. Please come see us on tour, follow us on soashy meedz and if you have enjoyed this series, let us know - we might just do another....
31/03/1933m 57s

Episode 107 - Shout

In this week's episode, Frisky & Mannish discuss making music and what goes into performing live, as well as the Angelina Jolie/James McAvoy masterpiece 'Wanted'. Features the song Shout, which for reasons obvious to copyright aficionados, will only be available to stream from our soundcloud. Other songs from the series are available on iTunes and Spotify. Also, the PopLab Tour is coming to a (UK) town near you in September and October 2019, and Sydney in July 2019. Check out for details.
24/03/1934m 18s

Episode 106 - Down Under

In thishis episode, Frisky & Mannish discuss equal marriage (eeky maz) and emigrating to New Zealand post-Brexit. Contains many offensive accents. Features the songs 'Think Of The Child' and 'New Zuzland'. To buy tickets for Frisky & Mannish at Sydney Cabaret Festival in July, visit
17/03/1930m 48s

Episode 105 - That's Not My Name

In this episode, Frisky & Mannish discuss labels, and why you shouldn't judge a book by it's make-up. They also talk about why on earth they gave their double act this ridiculous name. Due to the unique way in which we rip people off, we can't get the track onto Spotify and iTunes at this time, but go to to hear songs and watch videos and buy tickets to our upcoming live shows. Check out all the previous songs on your favourite music stores and streaming services. Even that weird YouTube Music one. What's that about?
10/03/1937m 25s

Episode 104 - Nobody Loves You When You're Fat

In this episode, Frisky & Mannish discuss body image and the stigma associated with being overweight, as well as how they navigated the valley of bad taste with their song 'Nobody Loves You When You're Fat', which you can find on iTunes & Spotify and all the streaming places. If you want to learn more about obesity visit Frisky & Mannish will be previewing their new show PopLab in July 2019 in Oxford & London and then doing it properly at the Edinburgh Fringe in August. Go to to buy tickets.
03/03/1925m 20s

Episode 103 - We Are The Stars

In this episode, Frisky & Mannish dissect the weird phenomenon that is The Charity Single, and then release the ultimate charity single - We Are The Stars, which you can find on Spotify & iTunes and many other online music places. If you need to talk about how this episode affected you, call The Samaritans on 116 123. They are also there to listen to you when you need them, any time of day or night. Also, head to to grab tickets for PopLab at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019. And here's a picture of Cardi B we found
24/02/1922m 52s

Episode 102 - Do You Wanna Build A Landlord?

In this episode, Frisky & Mannish discuss housing, social inequality and Disney's Frozen. Features the song 'Do You Want To Build A Landlord?' which you can find on iTunes and Spotify. For more information on housing and homelessness, visit Also, head to to grab tickets for PopLab at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019.
17/02/1931m 16s

Episode 101 - LGBTQIA...

In this episode, Frisky & Mannish discuss the ever-lengthening initialism that helpfully categorises the sexual preferences of those pesky non-hetero people. Features the song LGBTQIA which you can find on iTunes and Spotify. Also, head to to grab tickets for PopLab at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019.
04/02/1932m 35s
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