The FujiCast: Photography Podcast

The FujiCast: Photography Podcast

By Neale James & Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins and Neale James present The FujiCast Photography Show, a podcast for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Featuring special photographer guests, gear reviews, Fujifilm camera tips and your questions.


#141 You can't shoot landscapes with a Fuji? Can you?

The brilliant personal portrait work of Alain Laboile discussed and Chris Orange, our we ask, can you shoot landscape work with a Fujifilm camera? Website design, iPad Pro v using a laptop, the Tourbox competition winner, what is street legal to shoot and would you let your clients decide what is deleted? Make sure you keep sending in your questions to: 
10/08/201h 18m

#140 Build a commercial photo business from scratch

Martin Parr discussed following his role in a book now recognised to have a racist undercurrent. Guest Chris Orange talks of the benefit of being a real all-rounder in the first of a two parter; today commercial and PR work. We also talk about writing business letters and ask for the second time; “Is wedding photography dead, and what next for destination weddings?" Facebook advertising, does it work for your genre? Some more on macro and loss of images through card corruption. Send your questions to: 
03/08/201h 11m

#139 Are you still working for free?

Today Scott Shillum from The Photography Movement talks about mental health and well being, and introduces how the movement helps photographers. Also, now that lockdown has effectively ended, why are we still working for free? What is the best Fujifilm camera for making large wall art images and is the iPad Pro a good picture editing machine? Neale and Kev ponder their destination wedding work and whether it will return and is the camera industry losing ever more customers to the smart phone companies? Send your questions to
27/07/201h 14m

#138 Need inspiration? LEAP and the net will appear!

Today special guest, international award winning wedding photographer Adam Johnson talks about the day he quit his job with just two bookings in an otherwise empty calendar, particularly pertinent in our year where clear diaries have been a theme for many a professional. Also, the chance to win a Tourbox, talk of self publishing, best practises for twin card set ups, and are you cheating - if you use presets? That and more in this week’s show.   Send your questions to: 
20/07/201h 12m

#137 War on your wall? Or pictures of mindfulness?

Today the graphic and important photographs of war and protests. Essential documents of history, but would you hang them on your wall as art? Also we hear the second part of an interview with landscape photographer Paul Sanders who embraces his work as a part of mindfulness. And moving Lightroom catalogues between computers, organising your Instagram grid with a book of the week from the Hoxton Mini Press. Write in to the show:
13/07/201h 8m

#136 'Find your still' and results to win an XF10 and X-T100

We talk with Paul Sanders, the Fujifilm X-Photographer behind ‘Discover Still,’ in one of the most candid conversations with a guest yet. Paul completely changed his life’s direction to become one of the UK’s most respected landscape photographers, but it’s not been all plain sailing! Also the draw to win an X-T100 and XF10 with FujiFund and questions on ideal cameras for a startup and how to improve your website copy, plus Jane Bown’s book on cats!   Send your questions to: 
06/07/201h 15m

#135 Making stories hosting exhibitions

Today documentary photographer Jim Grover on photographing the stories in your community and creating exhibitions from them. Also, what happened to the X-70, should I have a Covid clause in my photo contract as we begin to mix again, how many galleries SHOULD my website have? Book of the week features Martin Parr and there’s another of your photo disaster stories.  Send your questions into the show:
29/06/201h 5m

#134 A black and white business in 2020? Is that possible? YES!

This week Helen Bartlett, shares how she built her portrait business from scratch to become one of the UK’s leading social photographers and a Canon ambassador, and how she photographs entirely in the medium she loves; black and white. Also this week what the boys do if they ran Fujifilm for a day, book of the week and kit/project advice for a bed bound listener. And Photo Disasters are back! More info on the  Keep your questions coming in for the show to 
22/06/201h 9m

#133 Fujifilm or Sony ambassador? Hmmm, decision time!

Kevin takes to the streets for lockdown portraits with his brand new Fujifilm X100V. Palle Schultz, Nordic X-Photographer drops by to share his influences and why he shoots Fujifilm. What to say when someone doesn’t want their photograph taken at an event, a kit shopping list for going mirrorless, books that make you money and what it’s like to be back out shooting portraits for clients. And could Kev be tempted to the dark side?   Send thoughts and questions:
15/06/201h 13m

#132 Moving to America to set up again! Oh, and chickens?

Photographing cars with guest James Lipman. Is this the best time to buy mentoring? Kev family plans to start a small holding and Neale ponders whether an exhibition could be a great way to build local interest in your work. The Android OS cuddles up to camera manufacturers and does your storage need back up power to stop a spike taking your archive down? All links to guests at and make sure to keep sending in your questions to
08/06/201h 6m

#131 Mullins and James have left the building! SPECIAL

The end of the dailies. As life starts to return to a state less locked down, the boys are returning to their offices. The FujiCast community is beginning to emerge too it seems, and so we've done our job. We're back to Mondays from 8th June, but we wanted to end with something a little special in honour of not just our family, but families everywhere, families together, families separated by distance or those who have made connections that have felt like a new family emerging. Stay safe. Neale and Kev x
31/05/2040m 7s

#130 Bert Stephani on finding photography again

Kevin talks today to special guest, Fujifilm X-Photographer and Kage Collective member Bert Stephani, who during these unique times has changed his professional photographic outlook. Once full time, he is now able to look at photography through the lens of someone no longer earning from it. Also today, why have a website and should I buy second hand lenses? The regular Monday show is back on the 8th June. Send your questions to
30/05/2042m 39s

#129 The sky is the limit and are you ready to work again?

Nine weeks of lockdown has softened our feet and, for some folk aided a little weight gain. So are we fit enough to return to work? Shhh, a little more F versus V. Duplicating web content on Facebook or Instagram; good or bad practise? If you have a business page, listen to this. Kev has an idea how to find who is blatantly copying your hard work on their website. And what stops us from achieving our ambitions?
29/05/2028m 46s

#128 Just how tough ARE my Fujifilm cameras?

Some photographers it seems, think every scratch tells a story so today we ask, just how tough are our Fuji cameras? And does Kev need to invest in new dividers? Printing at home. It's not for the faint hearted, or is it? And the new software that makes your X body the best webcam ever! Send your questions as ever to 
28/05/2026m 56s

#127 Books, worms and weddings

Today, Kev's 'Book you can buy when it's safe to go out and spend money again' feature and this week it's one of his all time favourites. The question of worms comes up and we think we have a very basic workaround, well, sort of. And the wedding cancellation 'game,' perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Get your questions on the show: 
27/05/2026m 40s

#126 TECH FREE TUESDAY bush tucker challenge & more!

The last Tech Free Tuesday, for the moment. Could Kev complete a bush tucker trial, what’s the biggest faux pas the boys have made professionally, which photographer would you choose to dine with? It’s been a lot of fun answering your lighter questions each Tuesday and it’s probably a feature we’ll continue with on the show’s YouTube channel so feel free to keep sending the ones with a photography theme in as we’ll probably dip into them with the new weekly shows starting again on the 8th June.
26/05/2027m 16s

#125 An X100 battle and some podcast news from Neale

Entering the last week of dailies, Kev and Neale contemplate their feelings nine weeks into lockdown as measures start to lift. The X100, F or V? Which is the one to buy? Cookie notifications also under the spotlight and Kev isn’t too keen on pop-up-tastic sites it would seem. What makes a good photo? Well, where do we even start? And then Neale has news of his new photography podcast starting Monday 1st June. It’s all in today’s daily.
25/05/2028m 27s

#124 ASK ANDREAS RETURNS - ask any Fujifilm question

You sent your questions in and today Andreas Georghiades, Fujifilm UK's Marketing Manager returns for another no holds barred 'Ask Andreas.' Even if you don't shoot Fuji, this is an episode that may help you understand how the company works with and for its photographers. Also, Mullins is asked why he swapped over to Fujifilm in the first place and Neale starts to reveal a little about a new podcast project he has. It's all in today's bumper edition show. Send your photo questions in to 
24/05/2053m 43s

#123 Observing the ordinary with Leonard Neumann

Leonard 'Lennie' Neumann has been photographing life in The States, South Africa, England and France. A candid photographer, he works the streets with a short focal length lens and generous spirit. He is today's special guest on the daily show. Also today, when can we start to advertise our services again? And what happened at midnight last night in sleepy Malmesbury? All the links to today's special will be on the show's website page: 
23/05/2037m 50s

#122 Photographic fame. And money to burn!

Today, what's more important, photographic fame, or are solid business? Do photographers focus on the wrong thing? Tripods, search engines and buying too much gear. The money we've just burned! Just some of the subjects discussed on today's FujiCast Daily. 
22/05/2031m 56s

#121Can my camera swim? And a surprise for Neale

Water and cameras, not a well known bed partner - today we hear why. We also talk Google tricks and where to go if you want great photography without the Insta-hype. And then, just as you thought it was all over, Kev reveals a question to silence Neale, for once. All the links for this show and others: 
21/05/2029m 56s

#120 Daily cast NEWS and socially distanced street

An announcement today on when the daily shows will make way for every Monday again. Today we talk street photography and ask if there is a good lens for social distanced shooting, plus lights, keeping it simple and sound for that video work. As always, complete links to all we talk about on 
20/05/2027m 4s

#119 It's TECH FREE TUESDAY - the most eclectic yet!

Eclectic is a word we've use a bit of late, but today's Tech Free Tuesday is certainly that. Tuesday's have become the 'let yer hair down day' where we get personal and conversational about life outside photography as much as in. Thank you to those who pose the stranger and more amusing questions. Just some light relief between all the photography questions we get to. Tomorrow back to books and photography.
19/05/2032m 22s

#118 Martin Parr talks to The FujiCast

Martin Parr is our guest on The FujiCast today, internationally admired and acclaimed for his important contribution to documentary photography. His wry observational work champions his subjects whilst gently satirising culture. A true Magnum great.
18/05/2029m 45s

#117 Are we photographers or computer wranglers?

It's most certainly an eclectic experience today on the Sunday Service edition of the show. We talk music, we talk websites again, there's some more Platon chat and we attempt, attempt, to answer that question about whether photography is our life's mission? Email the show of course with your thoughts, questions and feedback: 
17/05/2021m 54s

#116 Sharks, waves and photography, meet Russell Ord

It's Saturday, so it's interview time! Today, Russell Ord, a Fujifilm X-Photographer who is one of the world's best loved surf photographers. He's fearless and shares his tips for making pictures in the harshest of environments. Also, black and white, can you make a living from it? Send your questions to See Russell's work:
16/05/2034m 14s

#115 THE WEBSITE SPECIAL make the best performing site out there

You sent us your how to questions on making websites and how to have them perform best! Squarespace, Wordpress, Adobe, we talk about the players out there. Search engine optimisation and how to track your progress using tools such as Google console. All the handy links will be on our website:  Remember too that this is a daily show and lives on your photography questions. Send to 
15/05/2035m 38s

#114 Kevin's getting married AGAIN! And what can we photograph professionally now?

We're hoping that Gemma (Kev's wife) gives this episode a miss, as Kev seems set on some pretty big next wedding plans. Also today and on a more sobering note, what are we going to do with the extended break from earning professionally? And there's more on the forthcoming Martin Parr interview.   Send your questions to
14/05/2027m 36s

#113 We’re opening a GALLERY COFFEE SHOP and a Martin Parr announcement.

Of all the crazy ideas, Kev and Neale discuss opening their own photographic coffee shop. We talk about the lesser discussed Fujifilm camera bodies, alternative lenses and books. Kev’s book of the week is Martin Parr’s, Only Human. And incidentally there is some Parr news on the show too, as Kev will reveal. Make sure to send your questions in to the show:    All links to the show are available on the episodes page at 
13/05/2027m 35s

#112 Pre-release camera horror stories and attack of the vegan kebabs!

Tech Free Tuesday has become one of our favourites on the daily show and today’s eclectic collection of questions offers up a real hotch pot (vegan clearly) of quick fire challenges. From war to cameras being trashed to next career decisions. Make sure you send in your Tech Free Tuesday questions to and for links to the stuff we talk about, check out the website: 
12/05/2027m 2s

#111 NEW B&W presets, better video conferencing and Wordpress woes answered

Today, some useful hints for video conferencing with prospective clients, back button focusing, plus designing a new Wordpress website. Later this week on Friday we’ll be having a website special. So whether it’s a professional shop window or hobbyist site to show off your fantastic photography, if you need advice, contact us by email with your questions in time for a special episode later this week: Mullins new BW presets:
11/05/2022m 27s

#110 YOUR photo stories and projects from around the world!

Today’s show is about lockdown projects and we visit and revisit in one case, listeners and friends of the show from north, east, south and west to hear about what they’ve seen, recorded and photographed over the last few months. We also talk about blogs and if they’re still important for your business. All links to the photographers featured today are on the #110 show notes at 
10/05/2045m 2s

#109 The dog whisperer, how to be a photographic humorist and more street portrait tips

Neale admits to being a keen fan of today’s Saturday interviewee, Elke Vogelsang, certainly one of Europe’s most celebrated dog photographers. It’s niche, but there is so much to learn from Elke, a humorist when it comes to photographing her subject. She shares some life lesson thoughts and observations about her journey. Also the boys start to discuss a particular street portrait project.   Keep sending your thoughts and questions to the daily show: 
09/05/2037m 48s

#108 Desert Island Lens? And a love of Platon

What is that perfect lens if you were cast away on a desert island with one piece of glass to document your travels? We talk Platon, books, even posing chairs and the perfect wedding band. It’s an eclectic episode today. Remember to email the show with any questions and thoughts about photography during the time of lockdown: 
08/05/2023m 33s

The FujiCast - a photography show for everyone

The FujiCast is a daily show during lockdown for photographers of all genres and all abilities. Send your questions to the show and make sure you visit the show's website for episode updates and reference material including films, books and links to topics discussed. 

#107 Meet and shoot the sea, ahhh some calm

We talk about, your chance to purchase fine art pictures for Covid relief. Also today, we talk about the man who apparently inspired Photoshop, give some advice about shooting the sea, try to find a cheaper alternative to Photo Mechanic, deal with back button focusing and talk about Wordpress for your photography websites. All that in half an hour? Surely not.     Write to the show
07/05/2027m 0s

#106 When do I start to charge good money for my photography?

Today on the show, DPI. What does it mean and how important is it? Do I choose 72 or 300? Help? What happens if an over zealous creative director adds unreal instagram filters to your photographic work? Kev’s on a ’no booze’ week, how is it going? And when do you know if you’re ready to start charging people money for your photography? Maybe it’s time to think about turning pro? There’s also the results to last Wednesday’s Daily Photo Challenge and the book of the week comes from Angus O’Callaghan. Email us:
06/05/2028m 18s

#105 Tech Free Tuesday and Kev hits the roof about bogus workshops!

It’s Tech Free Tuesday - ask what you like of the boys photographically or otherwise!  Kevin has a thing or two to say about the training and workshop industry. Are there good events to attend? Are there too many? Are the facilitators experienced enough? Also, is that look of concentration grumpy, or a photographer’s ‘resting face.’ Our favourites from last Monday’s Daily Photo Challenge and a new competition hits the show; the Daily Caption Competition. The pictures are printed on our FujiCast Facebook group and we vote for our favourite two days later. Winning captions and the photo will be displayed on 
05/05/2029m 3s

#104 So how about an X-H2 then? A cinema camera!

Your questions answered from the mail bag and one of those is all about a new cinema camera to complete the X series line. Is it on the horizon and what could it have? Also today, school photography during lockdown and the new caption competition launched.  Send your questions in to 
04/05/2027m 16s

#103 Bought the teeshirt, worn it, and shot it too! Commercial and day in the life work

Our Sunday guest is established commercial shooter Stuart Bingham, who has not just bought and worn the teeshirt, but shot it too. He talks about the tentacle like nature of commercial work where one commission can lead to so many others. ALSO, how to shoot Day in the Life sessions with Kev. Remember to keep sending your tech and non tech photography questions in so that we can chat about your passions and businesses. Send to:  Find all links to Stuart's work and the topics we talk about by going to
03/05/2040m 54s

#102 Gang life and presidents, meet Donna Svennevik

It's Saturday so we have a guest on the daily show. A gentle weekend meander with Donna Svennevik, a New York based photographer who has photographed presidents, gang leaders and showbiz personalities. Equally Donna is a personal project story maker, so we touch on the subject of making the everyday your canvas.  Donna's site: Full details of all topics:
02/05/2035m 34s

#101 Superyachts, weddings and finding the extraordinarily ordinary!

A superyachts photographer who shoots weddings by the weekend? Intriguing combination and proof that our listeners are a varied collective. Also today, vintage lenses, how long SHOULD my camera batteries last, the Daily Photo Challenge and finding extraordinary in the ordinary on the street.    The new site:  Send your photos for the caption comp to: 
01/05/2026m 42s

#100 GRATITUDE! The one hundredth SPECIAL! And a new website

One hundred shows! And still climbing. The weekly podcast about photography went daily as lockdown stopped our commercial photographic activity and so today we've reached, earlier than planned, one hundred episodes. Today a special, a different kind of show from the usual photographic Q&A. We talk GRATITUDE and get personal. Also today NEWS... the launch of the NEW website. 
30/04/2038m 59s

#99 Is your camera merely a tool?

Today, black and white presets, a new Daily Photo Challenge, Kev's affordable photography book you should buy when it's safe to start spending money again, how will we eat at weddings wearing masks and that question; is your camera merely a tool? Oh and the complaints phone is ringing off the hook following Kev's loose talk. ;-) AND we launch next week's new challenge. Send your questions and caption pictures to:
29/04/2035m 30s

#98 Fuji Canon Fuji Sony Fuji Nikon - JUST STOP CHANGIN'

It's Tuesday, so for the second week it's Tech Free Tuesday, anything you like, as personal as you like. This week Kev admits to missing the start of a wedding, people with GAS, folk who click their fingers for portraits, the Bokeh Chicken makes an appearance, and sort of, sort of, news of the next conference, or gathering, or whatever it's going to be called! ;-)  Send your questions for next week's TFT: 
28/04/2029m 51s

#97 SANITY, face masks, and we've given up... on calibration

Start of a new week, so Kev and Neale have the results to last Friday's penultimate Bar Nuts Quiz, there's a new Daily Photo Challenge and questions on sanity, face masks and calibrating your screen for all monitors everywhere. Is that really possible? Artlist music for creatives: Write to the boys with your questions, tech and non tech: 
27/04/2022m 50s

#96 Leaps of faith and BEING a photojournalist in 2020

The UK based photojournalist Ian Forsyth joins us on the show today to talk about the freedom to shoot, the ethics of shooting news, press freedom and being a stringer in the competitive field of photojournalism. Also today, making a leap of faith, and finding your confidence to ask strangers for a portrait. Ian Forsyth:
26/04/2039m 4s

#95 A show in America? Shooting homes, BIG ADVICE show

The weekend has arrived and with it an interview. So prep a coffee and get some strong working advice on what you need from start to finish to go shoot real estate. Sincere thanks to Jon Buscall for his amazing help and time in making this episode and providing a Dropbox link to images you can practise on and sites to visit plus complete breakdown of focal lengths and kit required. Oh, and an invite to take the show to America. One day. PDF and files: Jon's site:
25/04/2046m 10s

#94 Infrared pictures, complaints and a BIG photo challenge

What? A complaint? Seriously? What two? Double seriously? Today we talk infrared, Lightroom, X-T3 v X-Pro3, there's a studio invasion Kevin's side and we introduce a thumpingly good photo challenge that you may want to take into the weekend. Thanks to Gabrielle Motola today for solving the IR question. Gabrielle's IR page: FujiCast site: 
24/04/2027m 26s

#93 Black and white heaven & collecting camera bags!

A real mixed bag today. Get it? Bag. Camera bags. Oh suit yourself. So, we talk camera bags, how to set up your X100 flavoured camera, winners in the World Press Awards and invite you to submit your best black and whites to the Ministry of Shadows. There's also a new Daily Photo Challenge. Submit to Ministry of Shadows: Send your questions: 
23/04/2029m 25s

#92 Let your ears tell your photographic story

Back to a smidge of tech talk today. We talk batteries, street work, and audio to make your stories sing! Also it being a Wednesday, Kev has another book to tell you about from his BOOKS YOU NEED TO BUY WHEN IT'S SAFE TO START SPENDING MONEY AGAIN feature, though we think you'll need to save a few pennies for this particular one - and of course there's another Daily Photo Challenge. Send your questions to  
22/04/2025m 43s

#91 No Tech Tuesday - personal questions instead!

First of our No Tech Tuesdays where you get to ask Neale and Kevin anything that comes to mind as long as it's tech free. A real mixed bag and the boys almost come unstuck immediately with the question; have you ever fallen out? There'll be a new Daily Photo Challenge too. Send in your questions about photography to 
21/04/2027m 28s

#90 In NYC photographing the Covid-19 fight with Adam Gray

Today, the multi award winning photojournalist Adam Gray on his access to hospitals and the streets of NYC during Covid-19. This interview is also in vision. We'll have the answers to last week's Friday quiz and a new Daily Photo Challenge plus your questions on macro lenses and fights at weddings! Adam Gray: Adam in vision:  Artlist: The hosts:
20/04/2038m 6s

#89 The QUARTER MILLION CLUB! And Kev's cookery

There are various milestones on the Podcastsphere. And this episode is one of them. Getting past just seven episodes is often cited as the first achievement. 75% of podcasts are no longer in production. Reaching your first 10K downloads is another. Today, with your help and that brick by brick approach, we reach our quarter millionth download. Who that actual person will be, we just don't know, but maybe, just maybe it's you. It's not a pomp and ceremony show today, but we might just mention it, along with the perfect first mirrorless and a recipe from Chef Kev!
19/04/2023m 17s

#88 Non league to THE BIG LEAGUE! Making photo dreams come true

Today's Saturday guest on the daily show is proof that if you have a passion for a genre, anything really is possible. Football or soccer photography is one of the most competitive genres of sport shooting to engage in, so within a matter of a few years, how has Martyn Haworth gone from shooting non league to THE BIG LEAGUE? Also today a slight hint, only slight, of things to come. Martyn's website:
18/04/2023m 18s

#87 Will Kev and Neale be throwing in the photography towel?!?!

Well the questions get personal today. We also talk GAS and whether it's really necessary to have every piece of new kit plus it's the Friday Bar Nuts Quiz to test your photo knowledge. Answers Monday plus Kev brings the final Daily Photo Challenge of the week. Don't forget to keep emailing your questions and what you're doing during lockdown to 
17/04/2027m 52s

#86 Larger sensor cameras, hoarding kit and real estate snapping

Today a more general Q&A after the mammoth episode of yesterday. Is the GFX a good wedding camera? What kit do you wish you'd never sold? Real estate photography, do I have the right glass for it? There's a new Daily Photo Challenge too set by Kev. Contact the show with your lockdown questions and comments 
16/04/2024m 10s

#85 Want to work in 'Hollywood?' Keith Bernstein Q&A

Well maybe not Hollywood per sae, but on film sets around the globe (when we reopen for business). Today Keith Bernstein reappears to answer the questions you've sent in about being a television and films set and stills photographer. And Kevin sets the most daring DAILY PHOTO CHALLENGE yet! A monster sized episode. Keith's work:
15/04/2048m 50s

#84 Our studio gets invaded!!!!!

This lockdown thing. It's hard to record a podcast when you're studio is constantly invaded? Also today, probably one of the best photo disaster stories we've received, an invite to submit to The Ministry of Shadows and why Neale shouldn't be allowed any more Easter Eggs!  MOS:
14/04/2031m 37s

#83 Seriously, how are you feeling right now? AND a Kevin ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today's show features Tim Johnston, a minimalist Brand and Editorial Photographer based in London. He talks about how photography has helped his anxiety, particularly helpful during lockdown. We also have the answers and winners to last week's photo challenge and Friday's Bar Nuts Quiz. That Mullins has an important announcement too about a new website. Tim Johnston: MOS:
13/04/2032m 7s

#82 BEST tip EVER for street photography and Gary Tyson in Manila!

Hong Kong Fujifilm X-Photographer Gary Tyson features on the Easter Sunday version of The FujiCast Daily. Life in Manila is quite hardline lockdown and Gary lets us know how the photography business in Asia has been affected. You'll hear a super tip too on how to interact with subjects on the street. Keep sending your questions, thoughts and interactions to  Gary Tyson:
12/04/2042m 50s

#81 ASK ANDREAS - a special edition

The daily photo podcast goes a little more on brand today although we think it's a great listen for all flavours, in terms of understanding what the camera companies are doing at this time for their customers. Andreas Georghiades the Marketing Manager for Fujifilm UK takes questions that you wrote in with. Also a throw forward to a second special tomorrow as we speak to 'our man' in Manila, photographer Gary Tyson. Write to the show: 
11/04/2036m 13s

#80 Pictures you shouldn't show your client & QUIZ TIME

You've been particularly great with your questions of late and today, one for Kevin he wasn't quite expecting; pictures that should never leave the edit suite. There's another Daily Photo Challenge and it being a Friday, the new photography quiz. Keep your questions, thoughts and lockdown stories coming in to 
10/04/2032m 1s

#79 "Feeling first, technique second." Making the perfect picture.

Today on the show, probably the hardest challenge we have ever set plus a question on what floats our boat, spiritually and artistically in a picture. Kev gets some Instagram lessons and Neale reveals what he's holding out for once lock in is done and we tentatively all return to that place called work. Daily Photo Challenge page to visit: Write in to 
09/04/2028m 43s

#78 Tips for a fledgling photo business

In today's episode we answer the five 'big' questions posed by a new photographer two years into his business. We have Kev's 'Book you should buy when it's safe to spend money again' and there's another Daily Photo Challenge. Send your questions for the show to 
08/04/2030m 18s

#77 Fujifilm's possible Corona cure? Surely not? Plus personal projects

No it's not clickbait, it's actually a question received in the last few days about news doing the rounds on a drug to battle Covid-19 developed by another division within the Fujifilm corporation. Also today personal projects and some advice from American photographer Tony Reidsma. Plus the launch of a new daily photo competition. Tony's site: Contact the show: 
07/04/2037m 10s

#76 Working as a film set photographer

A revisit today to a segment from an earlier episode before Christmas when we talked about working as a film set photographer. Kev reveals how he almost launched a boy band. We even talk stoic logic and street photography. Real mixed bag today. Keith Bernstein: Markus Andersen: Contact the show:
06/04/2032m 9s

#75 Photographic Sunday Service with Kev and Neale

A round up episode really of what you've been up to photographically and personally during shutdown, lockdown or just well, downtime. Can we at last solve the Capture 1 full screen problem for Kev? And other ideas/questions. A kind of hangout episode really, short, sweet and not very religious.  Get in touch with the show: 
05/04/2018m 47s

#74 Probably about as honest and personal as we've ever got!

Today's show is unlike any of those we've recently recorded. It's an honest account of how this pandemic is affecting us as photographers, professionals, husbands and dads. No sugar coating. Promise. Neale speaks with co-host Kevin Mullins' wife Gemma about photography, family and business.
04/04/2032m 34s

#73 Magnum legend Martin Parr second shoots a wedding!

"Would you like to second shoot a wedding for me?" The question UK wedding and commercial photographer Rebecca Faith posed to Magnum legend shooter Martin Parr. Hear what happened after he agreed. Also today, should you be photographing on the street during lockdown?  Rebecca Faith's site: Send your questions to 
03/04/2036m 43s

#72 Start making a video diary TODAY!

Today's guest, portrait and wedding photographer Fran Corbett had never pressed the video record button on her camera before Covid-19 had us all documenting our every move at home during lockdown. Her short honest family films of life in France during this time had us captivated on the show, so we wanted to learn more of her experience and what she uses technically. Fran Corbett:  Send your thoughts about photography, Fujifilm questions and comments to
02/04/2028m 39s

#71 From the Sun Newspaper to shooting wedding PJ - Brad Wakefield

Today's show features Brad Wakefield who talks about shooting press work and how in many respects it's similar to photographing a wedding in terms of story capture. Why don't we talk about micro two thirds? And other questions, all in The FujiCast Daily. Remember the show lives by your questions and thoughts on photography, so keep sending them in to  Brad Wakefield:  Brian Shul's spy plane photography: 
01/04/2036m 48s

#70 I have something to admit about my photography contract!?!?!!?

The incredibly patient Bryan Caporicci is back for the last part of his three parter on business advice during lockdown. Today we talk contracts and Neale has something to admit about his own contract! Also how DO you say the word Nikon, our strangest photo commissions and photographing pots 'n' pans. Bryan's Sprout Studio link: Send your stories, thoughts and photo questions to 
31/03/2033m 36s

#69 Mentored by Bill Brandt, the incredible documentarian Fran May

MAIN SHOW MONDAY as we've been calling it talks today to respected British documentary photographer Fran May. Her honest pictures of Britain during the power strikes and financially turbulent times of the 70s are now the subject of a book featuring pictures that Bill Brandt, her mentor, commented would one day form a precious and important portfolio. As always your questions to and Kev's photo book review. Fran May:
30/03/201h 10m

#68 Beirut hostage John McCarthy part 2, hope, freedom and new horizons for us all

In part 2 of our weekend daily show, John McCarthy talks of his release after 1,943 days captive in Lebanon. As we encounter our own isolation and think of what lies ahead, John shares how his hopes for freedom led to new horizons. Today is about embracing our futures. We'll also hear more of your photographic daily stories of what you've been doing at this time. John McCarthy:  Contact the show: 
29/03/2026m 36s

#67 Former Beirut hostage John McCarthy defeating isolation - special guest part 1

A very special guest joins us this weekend on The FujiCast Daily. John McCarthy was held hostage in Beirut for 1,943 days, so knows a deal about isolation. Today a story of hope and tackling the effects of being isolated from an outside world. Part one of a two parter this weekend. Also your positive stories of what you've been doing photographically during this extraordinary time. John McCarthy speaking engagements: The book: 'Some other rainbow,' Jill Morrell and John McCarthy
28/03/2036m 0s

#66 When this is all done, how to flourish as a photographer

Today, a list of stuff to do daily, should I posting my wedding pics right now and Bryan Caporicci on what happens when the doors open again for business? Who will prosper and how can you flourish. And Kev talks of the days he used to walk 22 miles as a street photographer. Sprout Studios business for photographers: Send your thoughts, questions and stories into 
27/03/2032m 31s

#65 Things to photograph in lockdown and ever thought about snapping pets?

Today, Neale and Kev answer more of your questions from the e-mail bag, there's an invite to be a part of Snapshot's BIG docu-story, Kev wonders why the police are outside his front window and what to do about imposter syndrome!  Shotkit:  Nizar Birch:  Send your questions:
26/03/2025m 26s

#64 Alright, let's get serious about getting our business through this

In today's daily photography show, we talk with Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studios about his new FREE marketing series for photographers who want to successfully come out the other side of this. All the normal chat, some of your questions and what IS Kev doing with this free time he has? Sprout studios: Sprout YouTube:  Send questions to 
25/03/2030m 19s

#63 Photographers uniting against the C word!

The FujiCast Daily, Kev's back with Neale and we have a photographer/teacher on to tell us how to cope and deal with the kids being at home during lockdown. Your photo questions as ever to 
24/03/2027m 51s

#62 Photographing your big personal project with Mick Yates

It's MAIN SHOW MONDAY... alongside our daily shows of course during this rather strange period in united international history. Today the incredible personal project work of documentary photographer and photographic tutor, Mick Yates. We also talk about having your own exhibition, how many images IS enough when presenting to a client and a word about social media. Mick Yates:  Remember to email the show: 
23/03/201h 6m

#61 Time to serve, some hope and what Mum said...

In the UK it's Mothering Sunday and the UK's PM is suggesting the best gift you can give your mother, is distance this year. These are sobering messages, but we'd like to serve up a little hope in today's daily FujiCast. Also some thoughts about being able to serve, even if your daily job may not right now be considered 'key.' Send your thoughts and questions into the show 
22/03/2023m 45s

#60 A way to REALLY tackle this isolation thing!

The FujiCast daily today talks with Steve Vaughan, one of The FujiCast Facebook group admins. Have you joined yet? Steve is using to stay in touch with customers, friends, family AND photographers, plus some heartening news. Stoicism film:  BBC Eyam film:  Beijing good news:  Zoom conferencing: 
21/03/2026m 56s

#59 You will not believe what happened? Plus how to work from home

It's a very strange episode today as you're about to find out. It all starts normally, in this anything but normal world right now, but then... well, listen on to find out. We also have some ideas about how to handle working from home. Pat Flynn's brilliant video:
20/03/2039m 3s

#58 THE FUJICAST goes DAILY! Photographers against Covid-19!

Of course it'll be different for every country, but here in the UK and much of the world, measures taken by our governments mean that normality is on hold. So we want to throw our closed sign round to read open. We'll be doing a five day a week daily photo show, with the occasional weekender I'm sure. We'll start by addressing the elephant in the room, but from then on, we want to hear from photographers of all kinds and makes of camera. Photographers against Covid-19. Email in to: 
19/03/2020m 30s

#57 Launch your own photo podcast? And X-T3 or X-T4?

This week's special guest on The FujiCast is Andrew Hellmich, whose PhotoBiz X podcast was one of the first photography podcasts to focus on the business side of making pictures. He shares how he got started and some gems of advice given on the show to him. Also this week, finding your photography confidence, making a choice between the X-T3 and X-T4, the focal length you shouldn't be without and another photo disaster story. Andrew Hellmich PhotoBix X: Contact Neale and Kevin: 
16/03/201h 1m

#56 The incredible portraits of Luis Garvan

Luis Garvan is talked of often on the show and today Kevin talks with him via link to Mexico City. We believe Garvan's work to be 'quiet genius,' whether it's his exquisite study of still life flora, commercial portraits or abstract form and today Kevin asks him how he works and why. Also today, how photography helped one listener in his battle for sobriety plus Kev's book of the week features Bailey's study of human form. Luis Garvan:  Keith Vaughton:  Kevin and Neale: 
09/03/201h 13m

#55 Camera launch special - the X-T4 has arrived and Portugal X-Photographer Andrew Mumford

Fujifilm's X-T4 is now out and this week is the first week we can officially talk about it, so we travel to London to make some test shots and mull over our thoughts in the smoke's famous Oily F Stop pub. Is this a camera for still shooters, movie makers or both? Is it finally the perfect combination? Also, we hear from Andrew Mumford; X-Photographer in Portugal about landscapes, YouTube and workshopping as a career. Andrew's website:  Our personal links:  Contact the show particularly if you'd like to join in with our personal project and mental health specials upcoming.
02/03/201h 23m

#54 How to approach strangers for street portraits with Gabrielle Motola

Today on the show, the super talented Gabrielle Motola shares how she approaches strangers for street portraits. It's been a life skill she's had to learn and develop and today she lays bare her secrets. Also hear about Gabrielle's new book made on location in Iceland and how she started life at Annie Leibovitz's studio. Also on the show, tripods, the book of the week, more on the X-T4 and Kev's bought a GFX!  More on our work: Gabrielle's website: 
24/02/201h 22m

#53 Photographing landscapes for YouTube Thomas Heaton

This week we talk to Thomas Heaton about the launch, growth and popularity of his landscape photography YouTube channel, his switch to Fujifilm and how his recent trip to Nepal was his biggest physical challenge yet. Also, is the D Pad to be taken from all cameras? Kevin gets to grips with 'that' film, the one Fujifilm 'banned,' and the book of the week is Jane Bown's Exposures. Find Neale and Kev's sites: Thomas Heaton: 
17/02/201h 25m

#52 LIVE from the House of Photography - first birthday show

Recorded LIVE at London's Fujifilm House of Photography, Neale and Kevin are joined by Fujifilm's Marketing Manager Andreas Georghiades to face questions from the audience. Will there be new cameras? What's happening with film simulations? And a host of other questions too as always about books, and experiences in the photography business. It's all in the first birthday show. Send your questions to 
10/02/201h 7m

#51 Do you want to shoot sport? And a new 2020 photo challenge!

Fujifilm X-Photographer Jeff Carter joins us on the show today. Respected for his industry leading motorsport pictures, Jeff is equally a talented landscape shooter and he shares his advice for working in these genres. Also this week a new photo challenge for any listeners in the FujiCast Facebook group, Kev's book of the week, your photo disaster stories and we'll attempt to succinctly answer a tax question too. You can't get more varied! Jeff Carter:  Connect with us:  Send questions to: 
03/02/201h 18m

#50 Pulitzer prize winner Cathal McNaughton

Reuters photographer Cathal McNaughton talks about winning a Pulitzer for his work in Myanmar and Bangladesh. The book review is back featuring Nan Goldin, we talk personal projects and share more plans for 2020. Cathal McNaughton: Nan Goldin: The boys: Support the show:
27/01/201h 20m

#49 A travel photography special in Switzerland

This week Neale and Kevin take you in their suitcases to beautiful Switzerland and ponder over your questions about travel and photography. Also meet one of Europes most respected wedding and commercial film makers; Emma Wilson. The boys answer more of your questions and share their ideas about the best kit to travel with when filming and photographing overseas. Emma Wilson:
20/01/201h 35m

#48 Success, is it hard work or just plain luck? Make 2020 your year!

In 2020, book less but charge double. Is that as simple as it sounds though? How can you achieve success? Is it hard work or luck? Also this week we talk with James Lawrence who has the job of training clergy at the Church of England. Finally a man who can help us as photographers when it comes to that frosty welcome we sometimes find when entering church as a professional. And, should you hire a retoucher? James Lawrence: Kevin and Neale's sites:
13/01/201h 19m

#47 Best of the guests pt2; why do we love photography?

It's the second of the two part series as we see off 2019 and welcome in 2020. This week Nick Turpin on street law, Ian MacDonald on mental wellbeing, Jason Florio on being human, Jo-Anne McArthur protecting animals, John Swannell on photographing the royals, Cam Neville fighting fires in Australia, Soraya Cortaville on new horizons, and Patrick LaRoque with Tom Stoddart musing over why we make pictures in the first place.
06/01/2057m 46s

#46 Behind the scenes and best of the guests pt 1

The first of two parts where we take you behind the scenes and play back some of our favourite moments and guests. And if publishing a photography book is a new year resolution, then you'll want to hear the whole show!
30/12/1952m 18s

#45 The Xmas Nativity Special + IMPORTANT SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!

Neale and Kevin attempt to find a room in which to record their Christmas special. It's the nativity pantoesque irreverent special, all wrapped up in one show. PLUS, there is a very important announcement in the cast AND hang around for the bloopers. Happy holidays! Write to the show with all your questions: and we'll have a brand new mailbag in the new year.
23/12/191h 8m

#44 Is wedding photography dead? Help is at hand!

This week three special guests; Ian Weldon, Cat Ekkelboom-White and Nick Church join Kevin and Neale to sort out what's happening in wedding and social photography world. We also ask if Fuji may produce a black and white only camera one day and talk about the importance of personal projects. Ian Weldon: Cat Ekkelboom-White: Nick Church: Neale and Kevin: 
16/12/191h 11m

#43 Meet Nelson Mandela's personal photographer

Imagine this. Your first professional gig is shooting The Clash at the launch of punk music. Next you're with Elton John. Then you're on assignment in lawless Mogadishu followed by an invitation to be Nelson Mandela's personal photographer. Clint Eastwood chooses you to photograph on set. This is the stuff of dreams surely? Meet Keith Bernstein, the man behind the stories above. Also today, dealing with low light, how to start in street photography and X-T2 or X-T3, what should I buy? Keith Bernstein: Neale and Kevin's websites: 
09/12/191h 14m

#42 Photographing the migrant crisis!

Today's guest is photojournalist and humanitarian Jason Florio who spent 18 months photographing the work of search and rescue boats off the coast of Libya, with an unexpected personal twist of fate. Also, protecting our kit from thieves, where has all the wedding work gone, can mirrorless work for sport shooters and other questions.  Jason Florio:  Fishers of Men:  Neale and Kevin:
02/12/191h 10m

#41 Switching cameras to the X-Pro3? Best prime lenses

Will you be switching to the X-Pro3? What will your photo legacy be? How do I set my pricing? What settings are best for YouTube vlogging? And why does Kev have a black eye? So many questions answered today. And then there's the playback of the Q and A from the X-Weddings conference in Bath where Scott Johnson, Vojta Hurych, Chris Parkinson, Saraya Cortaville, Matt Thompson and Mullins of course, answer live questions from the audience! The panel tackle gear shopping lists, personal products, Insta filters, motivation and wedding disasters.  X-Weddings speaker lineup:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James: 
25/11/191h 10m

#40 Become a published photo book author, FOR FREE?!

Today's guest Joe Houghton has just fulfilled his dream of having a photo book published. Streets of Dublin is proof that if you have a great idea, in 2020/21, there really isn't a barrier to seeing your book grace the shelves of Amazon and book stores. Also we talk X-Pro3 design, how to shoot small weddings and what Fuji kit to pack if you're filming overseas and need a carry on bag weighing less than 10kg! Streets of Dublin:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James:  F16: 
18/11/191h 8m

#39 Robert Capa, the best war photographer ever?

For those listening November 11, this is of timely importance, since it's Armistice Day. So with a respectful nod to photographers who paid the ultimate personal price whilst making pictures in war zones, special guest Giles Penfound, former army photographer discusses the reality of working in those places that most of us would not dare tread - and he talks about the life and work of Robert Capa. Also this week, has Mullins turned into a flash user, hear Neale's most embarrassing photo moment and what happened when Kev got stuck in a lift on a photoshoot. X-Weddings last chance to book! Mullins weddings: Neale's weddings:  Giles Penfound: 
11/11/191h 19m

#38 Being a press photographer with guest Paul Rogers

This week special guest Paul Rogers talks about becoming a press photographer and his transition to wedding photography as Fleet Street started to close the photo desks. Favourite photo books revealed, and Mullins talks about his new favourite film emulation. Paul Rogers:  Simplr Straps:  Mullins online:  X-Pro3 review:  Neale James:  Last tickets remaining for X-Weddings! 
04/11/191h 1m

#37 X-Pro3 first thoughts and photo projects in print!

This week's special guest is Chris Waddell. His book 'End of the Pier Show' is proof that investing your time and money into a photo project can be a rewarding and cathartic experience. If you've ever thought of self publishing your own book, this episode is for you. ALSO... it's X-Pro3 release week and Mullins gives us his first thoughts on this exciting new retro looking camera. End of the Pier Show book:  Kev's X-Pro3 review film:  Neale's X-Pro 3 short preview film:  X-Weddings 2019:  Simplr straps: 
28/10/191h 7m

#36 I trained to be a war photographer! Ondrej Vachek

This week on the show, Ondrej Vachek talks about funding his own trips and training to photograph in The Ukraine. A fascinating insight into a photographer's mind who pays to go to places most of us wouldn't dare. We also talk about the name of the show! What's new on the Fujifilm lens roadmap and hear Mullins fall apart, just for a moment when faced with that, shhh, B word! Ondrej's website:  That anniversary link we talk about:  Neale James:  Kevin Mullins:  X-Weddings:  Simplr straps: 
21/10/191h 6m

#35 Supermodels and war! With Amelia Troubridge

This week our special guest is the incredible Amelia Troubridge who has photographed some of the world's biggest celebrities, but equally photographs some of the hardest and most moving photo stories on the planet. Second week of taking the show out on the road to Chez Kev's before we return to the studio next week. Amelia Troubridge:  Simplr Straps:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James: X-Weddings conference 2019: 
14/10/191h 8m

#34 Why do my pics look c$@p? And shhh, some XP3 talk!

This week the show comes from Chez Kev, or Studio Mullins if you will, as we go on the road for a couple of weeks during Kevin's busy speaking season. Neale tackles Kev with a below the belt XP3 question or two and you ask Jeremy Daalder, owner of Image Science a clutch of questions about colour calibration, monitors, printing and whether we really need to worry about all that stuff anyway in a segment we could have called 'Why do my pics look so c$@p.'  Simplr straps:  Image Science:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James:  X-Weddings: 
07/10/191h 12m

#33 Someone stole my picture! And meet the Facebook moderators

This week the mail bag raises the question of what you should do when your pictures are used commercially without your permission. A chance to meet the moderators of our FujiCast Facebook group and more on how to successfully make pictures of people on the street. Steve Vaughan:  Peter Kasbergen:  Simplr Straps: Kevin Mullins:  Neale James: 
30/09/191h 10m

#32 Clearing your mortgage! Photo business chat with Bryan Caporicci

We promised last week following the episode recorded in Brighton that this week's guest would be business focused. Bryan Caporicci talks about setting up a photo business, establishing it and then living on the proceeds. We talk video, we talk strategy and we talk branding. Sprout Studio:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James:  X Weddings in Bath:  Simplr Straps: 
23/09/1946m 54s

#31 Sean Tucker, Nick Turpin, Laura Ross - BRIGHTON MEET UP SPECIAL!

The Brighton listener meet up recorded live on location in the south's most vibrant seaside town on the Palace Pier. The show features interviews with one of the UK's most well known street photographers Nick Turpin, photographer and You Tuber Sean Tucker plus Fujifilm's Exec helping to head up the X-Photographer ambassador scheme; Laura Ross. Those who came to the live show also get a chance to ask questions from the floor and we find out just what the law really is about photographing in public. Sean Tucker:  Nick Turpin:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James: 
16/09/191h 7m

#30 Canadian X-Photographer Ian MacDonald on PTSD!

Former paramedic now Canadian FujiFilm X-Photographer talks about how photography helped him treat and overcome PTSD in a very frank discussion about the condition. More of your questions about photography and final details about the Brighton meet up. Oh, and Kevin gets irate at the start about politics. Grab a safety helmet! Ian MacDonald:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James:  Simplr Straps:  X-Weddings Conference 2019: 
09/09/191h 18m

#29 Featuring celebrity photographer and film maker Chris Floyd

Kevin is back from Spain, normal service is resumed and we have a great special guest as our first one of the Autumn season. Portrait photographer to the stars and a film maker. He's shot advertising campaigns for Apple, Sony and British Airways; we welcome Chris Floyd. As always more of your questions and a chance to win a Simplr camera strap. Chris Floyd:  Simplr camera straps:  Neale James:  Kevin Mullins: 
02/09/191h 20m

#28 Holiday special finalé featuring FujiCast friends

It only seems yesterday that we were packing Kev off for his annual month in Spain and now here we are; the final week of Mullins in Spain with Neale back in a somewhat cooler UK. Your questions on overcoming nerves plus some more details on our Brighton meet up and X-Weddings Conference 2019. We also meet more of our FujiCast friends. Emily Renier:  Joe Josland:  Tuomas Mikkolainen:  John Middleton:  X-Weddings conference: 
26/08/191h 7m

#27 Holiday special week 2 from Spain and the UK!

Kevin is in Spain, Neale is in the UK, but it doesn't stop our weekly roll. This week, more about curry, fish and chips and photographing in Brighton, making creative slideshows, and cancellation policies if you're a wedding photographer. Also we hear more listener stories from Europe, America and Canada. Rivki Locker:  Tim Bindner:  Brad Wakefield:  Anna McCarthy:  Bryan Caporicci:  X-Weddings: 
19/08/191h 4m

#26 Holiday special week 1 and YOU on the show!

Whilst Kev sips cerveza on his extended vacation in Spain, Neale is left in Auld Blighty (the UK) to piece together this week's first of three holiday specials. There's no break from the questions of course as we answer more tech and arty questions from the show's mailbag. And there are five extra 'mini' guests this week as Neale enjoys the chance to meet some of our FujiCast friends. Clive Blair:  Janet Broughton:  Ruven Gotz:  Stephanie Baxter at FujiLove:  X-Weddings: 
12/08/191h 5m

#25 Fujifilm X-Photographer Saraya Courtaville, expedition photographer

This week guest Saraya Courtaville shares her experience of working as an expedition photographer with NGOs in Africa. She'll be talking at the upcoming X-Weddings Conference in Bath, England as the 'wild card' entry. More camera straps to give away and news of the up coming Brighton walk about. Simplr Straps: Saraya Courtaville:  Saraya's travel Instagram:  X-Weddings: 
05/08/191h 20m

#24 Making a successful photo project with Mandy Burton

Be serious with yourself now. How long has that photo project you've been meaning to make for a while, just existed within that area of consciousness we call; The Back Burner? This week we're delighted to introduce Mandy Burton, Nikon and now Fujifilm shooter, with a story about making her very first photo project. Hopefully it'll inspire you, pros and amateurs alike to do the same thing. 100 Strangers and their Dogs project:  Simplr Straps:  X Weddings Conference:  Kevin Mullins F16 site:  Neale James: 
29/07/191h 19m

#23 Featuring animal photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur

Animal rights activist and photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur talks about fifteen years of work photographing across all seven continents, telling difficult and rewarding stories about the plight of animals. Also this week, radioactive lenses that you may just have in your home, and what settings to use if your youngest wants to start borrowing your prized pro camera. Lots more questions and Simplr camera straps to give away. Jo-Anne McArthur:  We Animals:  Simplr straps:  Neale James: Kevin Mullins:  
22/07/191h 24m

#22 Fujifilm ambassador Scott Johnson and X-Pro v X-T!

This week we talk to Scott Johnson, Fujifilm X-Photographer and learn about what he's planning for this year's X-Weddings Conference in Bath. Neale challenges Kevin on the subject of X-Pro v X-T and asks if there's a new camera on the way? Scott Johnson: X-Weddings 2 Conference:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James: 
15/07/1955m 42s

#21 Featuring Italian, now Mexican storyteller Dennis Berti

This week on the show, how to organise your website, gear chat, the new Facebook group launch and special guest Dennis Berti, the Italian photo storyteller now living and shooting in Mexico, where his wedding business is thriving. Dennis Berti: Paul Sanders: Neale James:  Kevin Mullins: The new Facebook group for the show:
08/07/191h 12m

#20 Part 2 of 'The other half.' Working all hours in photography

In the second part of 'The other half,' we introduce Sam, Neale's wife. If you missed part one, it's worth visiting that episode from last week, when Neale interviewed Kevin's wife Gemma. If that episode dealt with how our partners view starting a photographic business, this one talks a little more about how long hours and a strong work ethic can affect family time. Also this week, advice you would give your 'younger self' prior to business start up and what value photo workshops provide. X-Weddings conference:  Neale James:  Kevin Mullins:
01/07/191h 7m

#19 Part 1 of 'The other half.' Starting a photographic business.

This week on The FujiCast we introduce Gemma, Kevin's wife. Why? Because in this episode we hear about starting a photographic business from the perspective of a partner. The 'other half' witnesses the start up process in an entirely different fashion. A revealing insight into what they think. We also talk first cameras, social media, ambassadorships and how much photography takes out of you physically. Packed episode.  X-Weddings 2: Simplr straps:  Neale James: Kevin Mullins:
24/06/191h 15m

#18 Photographing Princess Diana by John Swannell, special guest

This week on the FujiCast, as well as your Q&As about Fujifilm gear and photography business questions, back for the second part of his two parter, John Swannell talks about the famous Princess Diana Christmas card shoot, as well as how he tackles nerves when photographing famous portraits clients. An episode not to be missed for those looking to work in the business of celebrity. There's more news too of this year's upcoming X-Weddings Conference in Bath. X-Weddings: Simplr Straps: John Swannell:
17/06/191h 11m

#17 Photographer to the royal family; John Swannell

A very special guest is featured in today's FujiCast. John Swannell trained under David Bailey as his assistant and eventually became one of Britain's most loved photographers. Today he is known for his work with the royal family. Hear part one of a two parter with fashion, beauty and royal photographer, John Swannell and listen for the day he saved legendary colleague David Bailey's life! Also we talk about the upcoming X-Weddings Conference and answer more of your questions about photography. John Swannell's website:  X-Weddings Conference: Simplr straps: 
10/06/191h 23m

#16 From Nikon's D750 to Fujifilm's X-T3 with Reggie B

This week we chat about business, shooting alone, street law plus San Francisco wedding and portrait photographer Reggie Ballasteros talks about his move from the Nikon D750 to FujiFilm X-T3, how it's changed his photography and why he made the swap. Presets:
03/06/191h 14m

#15 Personal projects and special guest Allister Freeman

All manner of subjects today as we co-present once more with a live studio guest, this time; long time friend and peer Allister Freeman. Known as one of the leading documentary shooters in the UK, Al also introduces us to personal projects and why they're important. Your questions and more Simplr straps to give away. Join us on The FujiCast. 
27/05/191h 10m

#14 Ralu Chase gets to ask the questions

We recently ran a competition to co-present The FujiCast, turn the tables and ask any questions of the hosts! Today is that show. We welcome Ralu Chase, a London based family photographer who started her photography business in Boston America and Romania! Check out Ralu's website as we learn a little more about Kevin and Neale as photographers.
20/05/191h 10m

#13 Welcoming Canon ambassador Sanjay Jogia!

It may be a FujiCast, but one thing we've wanted to do from day one is welcome listeners to the podcast from all flavours of brand. Today's special guest on the interview part of the cast is Canon ambassador Sanjay Jogia. We also talk photo books, introduce the work of Sara Lando, answer more questions about cameras and photography and give away some Simplr camera straps. Sanjay Jogia: Sara Lando: Simplr Camera straps: 
13/05/191h 8m

#12 Don McCullin exhibition special

A different kind of exhibition this week as during the second part we go on location at the McCullin retrospective exhibition. Hear Neale and Kevin with guest photographers Sanjay Jogia and Michael Shilling discuss and experience one of the most important photographic exhibitions the Tate Britain has hosted. Fujicast website:  McCullin website:
06/05/1946m 50s

#11 Too much gear! Also featuring photojournalist Jim Mortram

The FujiCast as always features answers to your questions about the cameras and photography as a whole. This week, how to deal with drunken revellers as you make pictures, why people amass so much gear and there's an insight into the incredible work of Jim Mortram. Jim Mortram: Simplr Straps: 
29/04/191h 16m

#10 Photojournalist Tom Stoddart and getting in close!

This week's special guest is the celebrated photo story teller Tom Stoddart. His advice is gold for anyone wishing to be a photojournalist. We also talk about getting in close with wider angled lenses to tell a story. Tom Stoddart:    The film:    Magnum/Fujifilm Home book reviewed:   Simplr Straps:
22/04/191h 2m

#9 YouTuber Sean Tucker and social media

Sean Tucker, rising YouTuber in the photo community is our guest this week on The FujiCast. Your questions as always and Kevin and Neale deal with how to tackle the more negative side of social media. Email your questions to the studio  Sean Tucker: Breathe Pictures: Kevin Mullins: F16 site: Neale James:  Simplr Straps: 
08/04/1959m 31s

#8 Social Media for Photographers and James Ravilious

This week, Mullins under the spotlight, twice. He shares his real working knowledge of social media and how to use it well in photography and takes a trip to Devon to talk to Robin Ravilious, widow of the late great James, social documenter, lauded by Cartier-Bresson for his authentic storytelling of life in the south west of England. James Ravilious main site:  Archive:  Simplr camera straps: 
01/04/191h 10m

#7 Street photography and 9/11 remembered with Jason Florio

Street photography is a theme we return to and today's episode takes on a potent tone as we hear photojournalist Jason Florio's account of working on the streets of New York on the day of 9/11. Your Fujifilm questions and an opportunity to win Simplr straps. Show notes and competition annos:  Jason Florio:  Florio Instagram:  Simplr Straps:  Artlist music:  Blue Wednesday:  iN-PUBLiC:  Kevin Mullins:  Neale James: 
25/03/191h 0m

#6 The Fire fighting Photographer and Wedding Week

Fighting Australia's wild bush fires would seem like a challenge enough, but photojournalist Cam Neville decided to fight and photograph at the same time. We also talk wedding photography and answer your Fujifilm questions. Cameron Neville:  Full Cam Neville Podcast: Kevin Mullins Photography:  F16 website:  Neale James:  FujiCast homepage for quiz answers: 
18/03/191h 19m

#5 Kit Week featuring Shotkit and your questions

Busy busy week this week. What's in our kit bags and an interview with Mark Condon from Shotkit, the website featuring camera gear of the world's best photographers. There's a chance to win album product from QT Albums and we talk to Dave McKeegan about the 'Is ISO fake?' debate. Shotkit:  QT Albums:  The FujiCast homepage:  F16 website:  Breathe Pictures podcast:  Kevin Mullins Photography:  Neale James: 
11/03/191h 9m

#4 Finding your photo mojo part 2, street shooting law and Fujifilm Q&A

This week on the show Kevin and Neale play part 2 of special guest Patrick la Roque's story on finding your photo mojo. Kevin talks about the legality of street photography and there are Q&As on destination weddings. Contact the show: See more of Kevin's work:  The resource for Fujifilm photographers: See more of Neale's work: 
25/02/1946m 49s

#3 Finding your photo mojo with guest Patrick La Roque, zooms, primes and your questions

This week Kevin and Neale's special guest Patrick La Roque takes to the road to reignite his passion for photography in part one of a two part mini series. The lads cover everything from Victorian death pictures, to zooms versus primes and a surprise contact from one of the subjects in Darcy Padilla's seminal work; Family Love.
18/02/1948m 6s

#2 State of the photo industry, and Sydney street photographer Markus Andersen

In the second episode, Neale and Kevin discuss how the photography industry has changed. There's the second of a two part interview with Markus Andersen on a street walk around Sydney and your questions are answered about kit.
12/02/1956m 6s

#1 Meet Kevin and Neale, with special guest Markus Andersen

The first FujiCast. Meet Kevin and Neale as they review Bob Mazzer's potent photobook about London's iconic underground culture. Neale goes on a Sydney photowalk with Fujifilm X-Photographer Markus Andersen and the new mailbag feature answers your questions about all things Fujifilm. Contact the show 
18/01/191h 2m
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