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TheTimTracker Podcast

TheTimTracker Podcast

By TheTimTracker Podcast

A podcast with TheTimTracker and TheJennTracker. We talk about the most random stuff we can think of. This is our first venture into the land of podcasts, we already have a YouTube channel where we show our adventures around Orlando Florida.


Theme Park News Podcast! | Disneyland Reopening, HHN 30 & Raya The Last Dragon Review!

In this podcast we talk about recent theme park news! Disneyland is finally reopening! We talk about the new rules/procedures, park capacity and more! Then we talk about Halloween Horror Nights 30! We talk houses, what we think the anniversary event will look like this year and more! Lastly we talk about Raya and the Last Dragon! We purchased this new movie on Disney+ and talk about our thoughts on the movie and give a little review. Haven you seen it, what did you think? Let us know in the comments down below! We'd also like to know if you'll be going to Disneyland when it reopens and will you be attending HHN 2021? We can't wait to see what you all have to say in the comments down below! Thank you for watching and listening and we hope to have another podcast for you soon! Let us know what you want to hear from us!  Vids we mentioned in this podcast! Our D23 vlog!- Our D23 vlog with all of the upcoming park changes!-
23/03/21·52m 40s

Is There A Parallel Universe Where Time Runs In Reverse?

In today's podcast we talk about a recent story that postulated a parallel universe where time is running backwards. What does that mean? Are people growing young? Are people reabsorbed back into their mothers? What about gravity, how does that work? We ask these questions and more... but we definitely do not answer those questions. We may be really confused most of this podcast, but we had fun recording it!  The video tribute to Bandit:
25/05/20·57m 23s

The Tale Haunted Fireplace Screen! (Featuring The Chris and Jen Show)

In today's podcast we are joined by our friends Chris and Jen from The Chris and Jen Show Podcast! We talk about all sorts of stuff from how they met to how sometimes people can visit a place not knowing that later in life that place would play such an important roll in their lives. We hope you enjoy this fun filled trip through a range of topics! Also, is Chris adequate enough to be on The Bachelor? Be sure to check out The Chris and Jen Show -
13/05/20·1h 12m

After A Long Break We Are Finally Back

We are finally back recording new podcasts! We hope you enjoy this one as we get back into the swing of things!
02/05/20·1h 10m

What TV Shows Did We Watch When We Were Younger?

In this podcast we have invited our very good friend Bart Scott on to talk about what television shows we all watched as kids. Of course we end up talking about all sorts of things from the first CDs we bought to the after life. All in all it was a pretty interesting podcast and we had a blast recording it! Please check out Bart's podcast at: for iTunes or You can get Bart's books on amazon Cats of the Castle: Marrow: Bart's YouTube channel:
30/07/19·1h 27m

What Happens When People Are Just Sad They Don't Have A Kangaroo.

In today's podcast we dive into the subject of Cryptids such as Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil, and The Florida Skunk Ape. We don't know much about them so we had fun learning all new facts and their origin stories. Some of which are super weird! Here are a few links to things we talk about in this podcast: Yeti footprints: Living Fossil Coelacanth: The list of Cryptids we were looking at: Sasquatch Lounge Podcast: We got a few comments asking what equipment we use for this podcast, here are the affiliate links. Microphones: Mixer: Digital Recorder:
13/05/19·1h 19m

The Tale of The Not So Haunted Shed And The Never Ending Game of Hide And Seek.

In the last episode we talked about our time growing up in the 90s and everyone told us they felt like they wanted to hear more. So this episode is a continuation of the last one where we talk about our experiences, toys, cars, and fashion of the 1990s.
27/04/19·1h 20m

A Like Totally Tubular Episode About The 90s

In this episode we talk all about the 90s! We start off reading a few comments from the last episode before jumping into our experiences in the 1990s. Hear tales of what we were like growing up, the slang terms we used, and what movies/tv shows we watched. For reference we used this website: The list of slang terms:  
11/03/19·1h 17m

The Call Was Coming From Inside The House | Tim and Jenn Talk About Urban Legends.

In this podcast we discuss various urban legends from our youth. Ranging from Bloody Mary all the way to newer urban legends like Slenderman. Do you remember any urban legends they missed? There are also a few tangents here and there about various stories from our childhoods.   Bloody Mary True Story: Eminem's Slim Shady website for some reason: Top 10 Urban Legends: A List of Grimm's Brothers Fairy Tales:  
26/02/19·1h 15m

Reincarnated Baby Detectives

In this episode Tim and Jenn discuss their thoughts on ghosts and the afterlife. Are ghosts real, or is it just that people want ghosts to be real because they don't want to let go of that certain loved one or is it that the thought of an afterlife gives them hope? One correction that we found out after recording the podcast is that Gene Roddenberry did not see a UFO, but he was a pilot.   Gene Roddenberry UFO: Kid Reincarnated Pilot: The Haunting of Hannah Williams: Elon Musk and Neuralink: Uploading a mind to a new body: My fake ghost video:  
16/02/19·1h 18m

What do Tim and Jenn think about aliens?

Here it is! Our first podcast! We are excited to go on this journey with you guys, hopefully you like it! This first podcast is all about aliens and what we think about them. We go through some interesting conspiracies and a little history. It was sort of all over the place though.    Nasa blocking something out in a photo: Toxic waste island with a dome: Horseshoe crab blood:   Jerusalem UFO:
02/02/19·1h 18m
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