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Ordnance Survey GetOutside inspires everyone to do more outdoors. From a walk with the children around your local park to expeditions or adventures with family and friends, you’ll find guides to get you started, routes to try and inspiration from outdoors enthusiasts.


Get fit, stay fit

It’s that time of year when lots of us make New Year fitness resolutions, but life just gets in the way. So how can we get started and keep going so it becomes a fitness habit? This edition of Ordnance Survey's GetOutside podcast includes the expert who trains celebrities for Comic Relief, a Paralympian, a community motivator and the woman who founded RED January. It’s packed with realistic aims and practical tips to get you started and keep you motivated to stay fit.
17/12/2028m 40s

Mental Health and the Outdoors

More and more of us are realising how important the outdoors is to our mental health. The latest edition of the GetOutside podcast investigates why being outside makes such a difference to how we feel. It shares powerful stories of those who've seen time outside transform their lives, and explores the daily steps we can all take, wherever we live, to let the outdoors boost our mental health. So listen in to GetOutside the Mental Health edition for interviews with Trail Magazine on their Mountains for the Mind campaign, Black Dog Outdoors, the charity Dorset Mind and GetOutside Champion, Eli Bishop.
08/10/2028m 30s

Love where you live

Did lockdown see you ditching the car and walking, running or cycling instead? Did you enjoy the sense of a smaller, slower, quieter world? Then get ready for a wealth of tips on how to keep those local explorations going - in the GetOutside podcast Love Where You Live edition.
17/09/2027m 9s

Explore responsibly

More and more of us are exploring local places outdoors. But do we always know the best things to do - and not do? The GetOutside, Countryside Code podcast is packed with tips on how we can all help look after our natural places for future generations.
31/08/2021m 38s

Urban Edition

Prepare to see our built-up areas in a new light. GetOutside the Urban Edition has tips on hunting out secret green spaces, enjoying our urban canyons and turning your commute into a walk. This podcast can’t take you to the moors, mountains or shores. But it can help you be happier and healthier in our city streets.
22/07/2022m 54s

Will you go out with me?

Thousands are asking that for National GetOutside Day on Sunday 29 September 2019. It sees events, offers and regional teams that'll help you invite family and friends into the great outdoors. So listen in to our latest GetOutside Podcast with GetOutside Champions Fi Darby and Belinda Dixon, for inspiring stories and top tips on how to show someone just how good it feels to be outside.
12/09/1926m 38s

Take back your lunch break

Are you a desk-bound GetOutside dreamer? Do you long to be under the sky when you’re stuck in a traffic jam? Well it’s time you start plotting adventures in your lunch hour and using guerrilla geography to transform your commute. Listen in for some ideas to get you started.
01/05/1927m 23s

Winter Family Adventures

GetOutside Champions Jen and Sim Benson are experts at awesome family adventures. Along with seven-year-old daughter Eva they share tips on time-savvy, low-cost, close-to-home family winter outdoors experiences that harness creativity, imagination, dark nights and great tech
06/12/1827m 53s

Extreme Sleeps with Phoebe Smith & Bel Dixon

GetOutside Champion Phoebe Smith is an extreme sleeping, wild camping adventurer, having kipped in Britain’s most remote locations. Phoebe shares how she got started, why wild spaces matter, plus gives us some tips on how to have our own extreme sleeping adventures.
15/11/1825m 58s

Survival with David Love & Bel Dixon

GetOutside Champion and adventurer David Love took wild camping newbie Lesley and fellow Champion Bel Dixon on a Dartmoor wilderness sleepover. Experience pitching tents beside ancient woods, filtering water, eating bugs and demystifying the tricky issue of going to the loo outdoors.
15/11/1830m 8s
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